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Pisleag Daniel

Working in the small studio that he built in Roxbury, Connecticut, Miller wrote the
first act of Death of Salesman in less than a day. It opened on February 10, 1949 at
the Morosco Theatre, and was adored by nearly everyone. Salesman won him the
triple crown of theatrical artistry: the Pulitzer Prize, the New York Drama Critics'
Circle Award and a Tony.
Oros Luisa
In 1966, Miller's third wife Inge Morath gave birth to their son Daniel, who was born
with Down Syndrome. The couple placed the boy in an institution. Miller never
publicly acknowledged his disabled son (even in his autobiography), and Daniel was
not present at any of Miller's memorial services
Iarto Iulia - The Man Who Had All the Luck
By the close he seems to at last accept that this is in part by his own diligence,
which allows him to finally enjoy the fruits of his work (in an earlier novelisation of
this story Miller had Beeves commit suicide at the close, but in the play he just has
Beeves consider the possibility, but decide against it).
Bistrae Anamaria-Death of a Salesman
The main characters of the play: Willy Loman - An insecure, self-deluded traveling
salesman. Biff Loman - Willys thirty-four-year-old elder son. Linda Loman - Willys
loyal, loving wifeHappy Loman - Willys thirty-two-year-old younger son. Charley Willys next-door neighbor.
The main themes of Death of a Salesman are considered to be: The American
Dream,Abandonment and Betrayal sustained by the following motifs : Mythic
Figures,The American West,Alaska and The African Jungle.
Didu Mihaela - The Crucible
According to Miller's autobiography, when the character of John Proctor was
executed at one 1953 performance of The Crucible, the audience "stood up and
remained silent for a couple of minutes, with heads bowed," for at that same
moment Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were being electrocuted for espionage, related
to passing information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.
Mirauta Ioana - All My Sons won the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award as the
best play of 1947, launching Miller into theatrical stardom. All My Sons, a drama
about a manufacturer of faulty war materials, was strongly influenced by the
naturalist drama of Henrik Ibsen. All My Sons and The Man Who Had All the Luck
form a thematic trilogy of plays about love triangles involving fathers and sons.
Tulbure Madalina - A Memory of Two Mondays (1955)

A one-act play which glances back upon the Depression, Miller's A Memory of Two
Mondays is based largely upon his experiences in an automobile parts warehouse in
Brooklyn, where he worked to save money for college. The play takes a look at his
co-workers and the various people he met who stumbled through life in a haze of
hopelessness and despondency .
Matei Denisa
When Miller and Marilyn Monroe married in 1956, the acerbic writer Norman Mailer
described their marriage as the joining of "the Great American Brain" and "the Great
American Body.