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Essay topic: "Role of the government in curbing crimes

against women and children"

Though times have changed, but there are many who still consider women
as considered minority and children as easy prey because of which crimes
against them continues. In todays scenario, the numbers of crimes
against women and children have increased a lot, not only in urban area
but rural areas as well. Government has one of the most important roles
to play in curbing these crimes not only in India, but in the world as well.
Its the responsibility of the government to make laws, policies and see to
it that these laws are implemented. If not implemented then to pass these
cases to Judiciary to give punishment. The Judiciary gives necessary
punishments on the basis of laws given in the constitution and these laws
are governed by the government. The government has the authority to
enact laws as required. We need not consider only the Government of a
democratic country, but monarch or governments ruled by military also.
Taking example of Delhis bus gang rape case or child sexual exploitation
cases in India, there are officials, representing the government who would
accuse the victims as they were the ones who invited these situations.
The government needs to understand the grave danger such crimes pose
to the society. Even after so many policies there is a high number of
female infanticides, cases of sexual exploitation , marital abuse, dowry
cases. There is some flaw in the system because of which these crimes
have not been curbed. And as I understand , the government has not
implemented strict measures for this purpose. Even after the Verma
Committees recommendation, marital rape has not been considered a
crime. It shows how the uppermost authority themselves are not taking
these issues seriously.
Also, there is the case of Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani school girl and
education activist who was shot by Taliban militants. Such is the situation
in some countries that in the name of religion one causes children to
suffer, denying them education, rights.
Government is at a position where it has all the resources and power to
make laws and decisions for its people. It should use this power to make
strich laws if not extreme for curbing crimes against women and children.
Just passing such cases to fast track courts wont help when the police
working are not efficient, the technology for evidence gathering is not at
par. The laws wont help if with time the structure of the system is not
changed. Technology should be used in every sector. Women should be

trained and educated about their rights. Children and their parents should
be made aware to be more careful. The most important is to change the
mind-set of people about women and children, respecting them. If this
cannot be done in every section of the society, then the most necessary
thing is to create fear, that no crime will go unpunished and the
punishment be severe, setting example for people.