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Jor the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Craig Jessop, Music Director Deep river Dbna Afsican American Spit 2 art. MACK WILBERG SOPRANO ALTO ‘TENOR With expression J =56 aes NS a3 KEYBOARD: Py PO IF — my home is 0 - ver Jor ~ dan, Deep————__ti-ver, Lord, I want to cross o-ver in-to camp ground, nw —=—= _ |¥ a ‘A fall score and set of parts forthe orchestzal accompaniment (32.2.2-4,0.0.0-hp-strings) are available on rental ‘rom the publisher. ‘The Mormon Tabernacle Choir ana Orchestra at Temple Square have recorded Mack Wilberg’s orchestral arrangement ofthis piece on the CD "Peace Like River” (MTC 6188). ‘Copyright ©2007, Oxord Universty Pres, ine. Printed in the USA ‘OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 198 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10016 ‘Photocopying this copyright matrix IELEGAL. x x 4 seers (98 3S 0 ver Jor- dan Das tie ven ‘mp (stagger breathing) ~ nati == [¥-3— aguoak 4k T a a ae — B. ‘mp (stagger breathing) = iva gogo | Ee & T= it Dever in-to camp ground. Boel ree eee