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I am expecting to be promoted soon ( BANKING )

~> I'm banking on being promoted soon.
2. I found swimming easy ( NATURALLY )
~> Swimming came naturally to me.
3. organic vegetables are said to be healthy ( WONDERS )
~> Organic vegetables are said to do wonders for one's health.
4. He really disappointed me when breaking the promise to hepl me out
~> He really kicked me in the teeth when breaking the promise to help
me out.
5. That movie star used to have lots of fans , but recently he has becom
unattractive ( TOUCH )
~> That movie star used to have lots of fans, but he has lost (his) touch
6. if you work without the break , you are likely to make an error ( PRONE)
~> Working without the break makes you more prone to error.
7. they were very keen to hear the president s speech ( EARS )
~> They were all ears to the president's speech.
8. the final score in the match between Liverpool and Everton on daturday
was two all ( DREW)
~> Liverpool and Everton drew 2-2 in the match on saturday.
9. the mistake in the accounts had not been noticed until the figure were rechecked ( LIGHT)
~> The mistake in the accounts hadn't come to light until the figure
were rechecked.
10. when Mary was pregnant , all she wanted to eat was jelly ( CRAVING )
~> When Mary was pregnant, she had a craving for jelly.
11. telephone has brought convenience to people all over the world
~> Telephone has been convenient to people all over the world.
12. a man with high ambition will never find leisured time in his life
~> Highly ambitious man will never find leisured time in his life
13. he is becoming quite famous as an interviewer ( NAME )
~> He is making quite a name for himself as an interviewer.
14. David play the main role when the proposal was drafted
~> David was instrumental in drafting the proposal.
15. The house should not be left unlocked for any reason ( ACCOUNT )
~> On no account should the house be left unlocked.

16. Weather may cause various effects on a person s mood ( AFFECTED )

~> A person's mood may be variously affected by weather.
17. for thousands of years , people have highly believed in supernatural
powers ( BELIEF )
~> For thousands of years, people have had high belief in supernatural
18. You look grumpy this morning ( BED )
~> You got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.
19. I am afraid ourv problems are only just beginning ( ICEBERG )
~> I am afraid our problems are only just the tip of the iceberg.
20. she was no anxious while the results were read out ( BREATH )
~> She held her breath while the results were read out.
1. We have no ideas where she went ( trace)
~> We find/have no trace of hers.
~> We vanished without trace.
2. I can nearly remember the word ( tongue )
~> The word is on the tip of my tongue.
3. She was smoking in the bathroom, I went into the bathroom and knew that
( caught )
~> I caught her smoking in the bathroom.
4. he was forced to apologise ( choice )
~> He had no choice but to apologise.
5. If it costs too much , we will have to consider ( event )
~> In the event of high cost, we will have to consider.
6. the explorers disregarded the mosquite ( notice )
~> The explorers took no notice of the mosquite.
7. john inflated the tyres of his bike ( blew )
~> John blew up the tyres of his bike.
8. the first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness ( onset )
~> The onset of the disease is a feeling of faintness.
9. don t tell henry anything about it ( breathe )
~> Don't breathe a word of it to Henry.
10. his ideas are out of date ( behind )
~> His ideas are behind the times.
11. no sooner had I done the test than I knew I had made a mistake
( directly )
~> Directly I had done the test, I knew I had made a mistake.
12. the students lack self-discipline ( shy )
~> The students are shy of self-discipline/are self-discipline shy.
13. the traffic jam extended for four kilometers ( nose )

~> The traffic jam was nose to tail for four kilometres.
14. I certainly will not change my mind about resigning ( question )
~> There is no question of my/me changing my mind about resigning.
15. we should be going home now (went )
~> It's time we went home.
16. I enjoy being the boss of a small company (fish )
~> I enjoy being a big fish in a small pond.
17. smoking damages your health ( good )
~> Smoking is not good for your health/does your health no good.
18. thunder terrifies me ( death )
~> Thunder frightens/scares me to death.
19. we have not sold many cars this month ( demand )
~> There has been a low demand for cars this month.
20. she could not believe that she had finally found her brother ( reaction )
~> Her reaction to having finally found her brother was not believe =.=
21. they have security guards so that people won t try to steal ( discourage )
~> They have security guards to discourage people from trying to steal.
22. it might be better if that paragraph was omitted ( leave )
~> We had better leave out that paragraph
23. a lot of things keep stopping me from working ( way )
~> A lot of things are in my way.
24. his arrival was completely unexpected ( took )
~> His arrival (completely) took us aback/by surprise
25. he never suspected that the money had been stolen ( at no time )
~> At no time did he suspect that the money had been stolen.
26. I found it when I was looking through some old papers ( came )
~> I came across it when I was looking through some old papers.
27. he feels bad about cheating them ( conscience )
~> He has a (terrible) conscience about cheating them.
28. waiting for buses irritates me ( nerves )
~> Waiting for buses gets on my nerves
29. your mistake did not influence the way things turned out ( different )
~> Your mistake did not make the way things turned out different.
30. I am afraid we cant do anything about it ( helped )
~> I am afraid it can't be helped
31. you have been deceived by them (ride)
~> You have been taken for a ride.
32. she complains far too often for my liking ( frequent )
~> Her complaints about my liking are frequent.
33. the fridge is completely empty (left )

~> There is nothing left in the fridge.

34. will you please stay with me for a while ? (company )
~> Will you please keep me company for a while?
35. I dont conceal my loathing for war ( no cecret )
~> I don't make no secret of my loathing for war
1.You made an embarrassing mistake when you asked him where his wife
was ( foot )
~> You put your foot in it when you asked him where his wife was.
2. It was hard to start laughing when she started to sing ( face )
~> It was hard not to keep a straight face when she started to sing.
3. Many husbands often dont appreciate their wives , and vice-versa
( granted )
~> Many husbands often take their wives for granted, and vice-versa.
4. I happen to know the manager of the firm you have applied to for a job. I
can recommend you if you like ( word )
~> I happen to know the manager of the firm you have applied to for a job. I
can put in a good word for you.
5.Many people nowadays find it increasingly difficult to exist on the money
they earn (ends)
~> Many people nowadays find it increasingly difficult to make (both) ends
6. She is always trying to force other people to accept her opinions
( impose )
~> She is always trying to impose her opinions on other people.
7. I can not remember where or when I have met him ( place )
~> I can not place him.
8. There are no need for us to hurry , the play doesnt star until 7.30 ( time )
~> We can take our time, the play doesn't..........
9. My father is observed with football, its the only thing he ever thinks
about (brain )
~> My father has football on the brain, it's................
10. I ve considered the advantages and disadvantages and Ive decided not
to go ( weighed )
~> I've weighed up the pros and cons and...............
11. We agreed that each of us would do the washing-up on alternate days
( turns )
~> We agreed to take turns in doing the.............
12. He makes sure that he isnt associated with policies he disagrees with
( distance )

~> He makes sure that he keeps his distance from policies he.......
13. The new manager blames me for everything that goes wrong ( picking )
~> The new manager is always picking on me for...............
14. Dont panic about something so trivial ( mountain )
~> Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.
15. They have narrowed the many applicants down to three ( short )
~> They have shortlisted three applicants.
16. He likes the new job straight away ( duck )
~> He takes to the new-job like duck to water
Cu ny nu cho t EASE th hnh nh l =.=: He is at ease in the new-job
17 Bruce said that the situation at work was like a family argument
( likened )
~> Bruce likened the situation at work to a family argument.
18. They arrived at their destination alive and kicking ( sound )
~> They arrived at their destination safe and sound (sound and safe 8-})
19. Trade has deteriorated and staff are being laid off ( worse )
~> Trade has become worse and staff are being laid off.
20. Carol pretended that she hadnt understood my request ( made )
~> Carol made a pretence of not having understood my request.
21. You should think about the price before you decide whether to buy it or
not (consideration )
~> You should take the price in consideration before............
22. She is not sure whether she wants to marry him or not now ( second )
~> She has second thoughts about whether........../marrying him. =.= Nh
gp cu ny 1 ln, dng vs t minds m ta :-?
23. You will need the choke out to start the car ( with )
~> You will need the choke out with a view to starting the car LUIIIII
24. Some people always live within the limitations of their own experience
(outside )
~> Some people never go outside their limitations of their own experience.
25. I dont think she is good enough to join m class ( up to )
~> I don't think she feels up to joining my class.
26. Her job is making her miserable (down )
~> Her job is getting her down.
27. When I bought it I thought it was a beautiful color , but I dont like it any
more (gone )
~> When I......................, but I have gone off it.
28. Never mind your previous failures , try to forget them and think of what
your next venture might be (behind )

~> Put your previous failures behind, try to...................

29. Some people say that Tsiolkovsky invented the space rocket ( credited )
~> Tsiolkovsky is credited with inventing/having invented the space rocket.
30. The two young men introduced the virus into a computer system
( allged )
~> The two young men are allged to have introduced the virus......
31. we missed the bus because we had overslept ( consequence )
~> We missed the bus as a consequence of having overslept.
32. They continued to suggest that I was lying ( persisted )
~> They persisted in suggesting that I was lying.
33. Im sorry , I thought you were somebody else ( took )
~> I'm sorry, I took you for sb else.
34. Surely it was dangerous for you to hitchhike all that way alone ( risk )
~> Surely you took a risk in hitchhikinh all that way alone.
35. He didnt take part in the conversation ( contribute )
~> He didn't contribute to the conversation.
36. Let me know as soon as you have any news ( minute )
~> Let me know the minute you have any news.
37. Although he was very tired he agreed to play tennis ( tired )
~> Tired as he was, he agreed..........
38. Their problems are all self-inflicted ( making )
~> Their problems are all of their own making.
39. Nobody is fallible ( mistakes )
~> Everybody makes mistakes.
40. Very little money was raised by the charity appeal ( response )
~> The response to the charity appeal was (very) poor.
41. The minister s popularity suffered as a result of the scandal ( effect )
~> The scandal had a negative effect on the minister's popularity.
42. People dont want to buy cars with large engines any more (call )
~> There is no longer call for cars with large engines.
43. There are several categories of people who do not have to pay the new
tax ( exempt )
~> There are several categories of people who are exempt from paying the
new tax.
44.Nobody could possible believe the story he told us ( beyond )
~> The story which he told us was beyond belief.
45. The project received the unanimous approval of the committee ( favor )
~> The committee was/were in favor of the project.