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DATED 20-11-2014








Name of the Equipment Fork Lift (Heavy)
The fork lift truck will be used for lofting heavy UN
Machinery/Equipment/Cargo at different rough areas of
United Nations Mission in South Sudan
Two (2) in number
Name and full address to be mentioned
Year of Manufacture
Country of Origin
USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, EU countries (name of
the country to be mentioned)
Manufacturing Country USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, EU countries (name of
the country to be mentioned)
Certificate/Document of The local supplier must provide following original
certificate(s)/ document(s) with the offer/ quotation of
items as regard to the genuinity of source and item(s) in
order to establish chain of links from the original source
to supply items:
(a) One certificate/ document by the manufacturer in
favour of the supplier (in case of manufacturer as direct
(b) Two certificates/ documents, one by the manufacturer
to authorized agent and other by the authorized agent to
supplier (in case of authorized agent as immediate
(c) Three certificate/ documents, first one by
manufacturer to authorized agent, second one by
authorized agent to sub-agent and third one by subagent to supplier (in case sub-agent as immediate
source). If the supplier is unable to obtain the first
certificate (by manufacturer to authorized agent), then it
has to produce relevant document to prove agency-ship
of its claimed agent of the recognized manufacturer.
The Forklift is to be design and constructed fulfilling the
requirement of International standard. The standard to
which the quoted fork lift complies with is to be specified
in details.
Safety Rules.
The safety rules to which the fork lift conforms are to be
clearly specified in details. The safety devices fitted with
the offered fork lift are to be mentioned separately
showing technical details.
Ambient Condition
5 C to 50C
Relative humidity
Upto 98%
Close to the sea shore
Scope of Supply
The scope of supply is to include the followings:
(a) Main item (two Fork Lift), complete with all items
necessary for immediate operation without the


requirement of any other items (attachments,

accessories, consumables, etc) (as per paragraph 13 to
(b) Optional items (as per paragraph 16).
(c) Tools (as per paragraph 17).
(d) Spare parts and consumables (as per paragraph 18).
(e)Test/Trial/Commissioning and Acceptance services
(as per paragraph 19 and 20).
(f)Documents (instruction manual, workshop level repair
manual, parts catalogue, factory test certificate etc; as
applicable) (as per paragraph 21).
(g)Warranty services and Guarantee (as per paragraph
22 and 23).
(h)Any other issue relevant (if any).

Technical Specification
a. General
(1) Type
(2) Model
(3) Maker
(4) Lifting capacity
(5) Outside turning radius
(6) Inside turning radius
(7) Front turning radius
(8) Load centre
(9) Tilt angle (lift angle)
(10) Operator position
(11) Material
(12) Clutch
(13) Operators room
(14) Operating pressure
for attachment
b. Mast
(1) Type
(2) Height of lift
(3) Free lift
(4) Closed/Lowered
(5) Extended height
c. Transmission
(1) Type/Model/Make
(2) Type of Gear Shifting
(3) Number of Gears
d. Drive Axle
(1) Type
(2) Max Loading
e. Suspension
(1) Front/Rear

f. Brake System
(1) Main Brake

Diesel engine driven fork lift with fabricated steel chassis

To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Not less than 10 tons
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Forward: 60, Backward: 120. Details to be specified.
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Torque converter. Details to be specified.
Open type with head guard for safety and with all around
visibility. Details to be specified.
To be mentioned

To be mentioned
About 4000-4500. Details to b specified
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned

To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Aries, frame, dampers and anti roll mechanism for
assured softy turning and operation. Details to be
Hydraulic, service brake with foot brake. Details to be

(2) Parking Brake

(3) Emergency Brake
g. Steering
h. Chassis
(1) Height
(2) Construction/Material
j. Fork and Fork Size
(1) Operation
(2) Fork rotation
(3) Side shift (Left/ right)
of fork
(4) Length
(5) Width
(6) Thickness
(7) Fork spread (open
(8) Expended forward
k. Engine
(1) Type
(2) Model
(3) Maker
(4) Maximum Power
(5) Continuous
(6) Compression ratio
(7) Maximum RPM
(8) Stroke/Bore
(9) Number of Cylinder
(10) Fuel Grade
(11)Fuel Tank Capacity
(12) Fuel Consumption
(13) Cooling system
(14) Displacement (cc)
(15) Overhauling
(16) Lub Oil

(17) Starting System

l. Control System
m. Hydraulic equipment
n. Instrument/ Control

To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Power steering. Details to be specified
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned

4 stroke diesel engine

To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned (Should meet the requirement of lifting
capacity 10 tons)
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Diesel oil
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned (preferable water cooled
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Commercial and equivalent grade (if any) should be
easily available in local market of Bangladesh. Grade
and consumption rate to be mentioned.
Engine is to be started by battery. The engine is to be
fitted with self-starter and dynamo for battery charging.
Required number of batteries with appropriate capacity is
to be provided.
Single lever hydraulic controls integral with engine.
Details to be specified
Detailed to be specified
All necessary control/ monitoring instruments are to be
supplied and details to be specified including following.
(1) Hour Meter
(2) Oil Temperature Gauge
(3) Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge


p. Driver Cab
q. Tyre
r. Drive Wheels
s. Painting
t. Overall Dimension
(1) Length (without Fork)
(2) Length (with Fork)
(3) Width
(4) Overhead Guard
(5) Max fork Height
(6) Wheel Base
(7) Under clearance
(8) Turning Radius
u. Performance
(1) Driving Speed
(2) Travel Speed
(with/without load)
(3) Lifting Speed
(with/without load)
(4) Lowering Speed
(with/without load)
(5) Climbing
y (with/without load
(6) Max Drawbar pull
(with/without load)
v. Fork Lift Weight
w. Fork Lift
x. Towing hook

(4) Fuel Gauge

(5) Change Light
(6) Oil Pressure Light
(7) Parking Brake Light
(8) Fuel Warning Light
(9) Battery Electrolyte Level Warning Light
(10) Radiator Coolant Warning Light
Details to be specified
Pneumatic. Size and life to be specified
To be mentioned
Standard colour. Details to be specified.
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned
To be mentioned

To be mentioned
To be mentioned
Fork lift can be accommodated inside 20ft container
Towing hooks is to be provided with the fork
All necessary fittings/attachment including the following
are to be provided
a. Common light fitting for front, rear, side indication,
parking and back gear.
b. Buzzer for back gear.
c. Drawbar pin for rear towing arrangement.
d. Easy engine view/inspection arrangement and
dashboard engine gauges.
e. Rear view mirrors.
f. Driving horn.
g. Easy tyre replacement arrangement.
h. Battery (specification to be mentioned in the offer)
j. Sideways fork shifting arrangement.
k. One extra seat for drivers assistant.
l. Extra tyre and wheel.


Standard Accessories


Optional Items




Spare Parts


Test, Trial and








m. Cyclopak air cleaner with dust indicator

n. Load check valve.
p. Glow plug indicator.
q. Starter switch.
r. Overhead guard.
s. Retaining rollers.
t. Full wide carriage.
u. Water temperature gauge
v. Suspension seat
w. Tilt adjustable handle
Standard accessories must include all items and
accessories, which are essential to operate the fork lift
whether those are mentioned in this specification or not.
A list of such items/ accessories is to be provided with
item wise price.
A list of optional items (if any) is to be mentioned
indicating item wise price. Technical details of these
items should be given in the offer.
One (01) set of standard tools for maintenance of the
fork lift is to be provided indicating item wise price.
Quantity and size of the tools are to be mentioned in
details in the quotation.
A list of recommended spare parts required for 3 years of
satisfactory operation is to be provided indicating item
wise price in details.
Test, trial and commissioning will be carried out in
buyers premises by the buyer in presence of suppliers
representative and if found satisfactory a test/trial
certificate will be signed jointly by the representative
supplier and the representative of buyer and to be
forwarded to Chief Inspectorate of Naval Store (CINS)
Acceptance will be considered on completion of joint
test, trial certificate duly endorsed (as per paragraph 19).
Two (02) sets of following documents (in English) for the
fork lift are to be supplied:
a. Instruction Manual. It should contain the
(1) Detailed particulars and specifications of the
fork lift and their components.
(2) Operation and safety instruction.
maintenance schedule for the fork lift & their
b. Workshop level repair manual.
c. Parts catalogue.
d. Factory test certificate.
Warranty for trouble free operation is to be given by the
supplier/ manufacturer for all the supplied items for a
period of 12 months from the date of acceptance by the
buyer. During the warranty period, if the fork lift remains
non-operational for any action pending by the supplier,








Validity of Offer
Terms of Payment


Condition for
Acceptance of

the warranty period will be extended for the same period.

The warranty covers all parts and labour cost (including
service engineers cost) throughout the warranty period.
For warranty repair/ replacement, the supplier will collect
the defective item from NSD Chittagong/NSSD Dhaka
(as applicable) and re-supply the same to collecting
place after warranty repair or for replacement.
The Principal/ Manufacturer will guarantee to supply the
spare parts for at least 10 years with reasonable price.
Yearly increase of price of spares should not be more
than 5% of the price list for spares to be supplied with
the quotation.
a. The supplier will arrange shipment of all items by sea
to Chittagong port, Bangladesh.
b. All items are to be delivered in sea-worthy packing to
ensure safe transportation by sea.
c. All packages are to have packing notes showing their
contents in details and all packages shall be marked with
the name and address of the consignee and gross
d. The supplier will arrange transportation of all supplied
items from Chittagong port to the NSD Chittagong.
e. Port of Shipment. Any port of the manufacturing
a. The items are to be delivered with 09 months from the
date of shipping the contract to the following consignee:
The Commanding Officer
Naval Stores Depot Chittagong
New Mooring, Chittagong
b. Place of delivery: NSD Chittagong/NSSD Dhaka (as
c. In case of CFR, the supplier will carry the items from
Chittagong sea port/ air ports (as applicable) to NSD
Chittagong/NSSD Dhaka (as applicable) at the cost and
risk of supplier.
The offer will remain valid until 30 June 2015
L/C for full purchase amount will be opened in favour of
the principal supplier under the following payment terms:
a. 80% of total CFR value will be paid on delivery of the
items described under the scope of supply and on
production of necessary shipping documents
b. Remaining 20% CFR value will be paid on producing
Acceptance Certificate after satisfactory test and trial
jointly carried out by the buyers and suppliers
Quotation has to have supporting documents (booklets,
leaflet, catalogue, brochure etc) having detailed
particulars of the offered fork lift. If detailed information
regarding specifications, makers books and catalogue



about the same model of the fork lift quoted, spare parts,
accessories, scope of supply, etc are not provided; the
quotation will not be accepted.
A compliance statement fulfilling all the requirement of
the tender is to be submitted for evaluation of the
quotations. Stating mere Yes or No will not suffice and
detailed description/ information as required is to be
given. An incomplete compliance statement may attribute
to cancellation of the offer. If any clause of this
specification does not commensurate with offered the
fork lift, the deviation has to be spelt out clearly.