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Workshop on SPSS By Prof. D.Israel on 30.08.14 &31.08.14

Welcome Address
Honble Chief Guest of the day- Prof. D.Israel, Associate Prof.,XLRI
Honble Chairman sir Sh. Neeraj Agarwal ji
Honble Vice-chairman sir Sh. Sudhir Gupta ji
Honble Secretory MIT - Sh. Y.P.Gupta ji
Hpnble Joint Secretory, MIT Sh. Anil Kr. Agarwal ji
Honble Treasurer - Sh. Adarsh Kr. Agarwal ji
Honble Past Chairman, MIT Sh. Arvind Kr. Goel ji
Our honble Director general, MIT Prof. S. Mukherjee Sir
Honble Director ,MIT Prof. Vineet Teerth sir
Honble Director, MIT college of Management Prof. Bhavna Agarwal
Faculty members, people from media, students & other invities.
I (Deepti Raj Verma, Asst. Professor, MIT department of Management) on
behalf of whole MIT group of institutions extend my warm welcome to all
of you on this splendid workshop on SPSS by Prof. D.Israel, XLRI,

Lightening of Lamp & Garlanding to Maa Saraswati

So lets start this event with the blessings of Maa Saraswati to make this
event a successful one.
Now I request Prof. Bhawna Agarwal Mam to kindly escort all the
dignitaries for Deep Prajwalan

Thankyou All.
Call for stage --- As per the presence

Buquot Presentation
Chairman Sir to Chief Guest
Prof. Bhavna Agarwal & D.G.Sir to Trustees

Motive of Workshop
As we all know that Statistical methods have become very powerful tools in
the area of scientific research. In practice, these methods are difficult or even
impossible to implement without the aid of appropriate software due to their
technical problems.
So, this workshop on SPSS organized by MIT College of Management
aims at equipping the faculties & Research scholars with the knowledge of
various tools and techniques used in the data analysis using SPSS & to
provide hands-on-experience to the participants in analyzing and interpreting
data using SPSS.
SPSS is a widely used program for Data entry & statistical analysis. It is also
used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies,
government, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners

and others.
So, Today well be getting a wonderful opportunity to learn various
valuable inputs from an eminent personality regarding the working of
SPSS & I hope that this workshop will end with understanding know-how
of using SPSS & resolving major practical problems arise in handling raw
data and interpreting the results.

speech & Introduction of Workshop by

Prof. Bhavna

Now, in the continuation of the event , I would like to invite our Director,
MIT College of Management & Convener of this workshop, Prof. Bhavna
Agarwal for welcoming our honorable guest & to introduce the theme of
Thankyou mam for your Marvelous welcome & Making us aware about this
Release of International Journal of Management by all dignitaries.
Speech by D.G MIT
Now, It will be an immense pleasure for me to invite our honble Director
General Sir, Prof. S.Mukherjee in lecturn to say few words for todays
Thankyou sir for your valuable insight

Speech by Trustees According to their presence

Treasurer, MIT

Sh. Adarsh Kr. Agarwal ji

Joint Secretory, MIT Sh. Anil Kr. Agarwal ji

Honble Secretory MIT - Sh. Y.P.Gupta ji

Honble Vice-chairman sir Sh. Sudhir Gupta ji,
Honble Chairman sir Sh. Neeraj Agarwal ji

Now, I welcome Mr. Kapil Kapoor, Head, Dept. of Management & Coconvener of the workshop to introduce our Honble guest of the day
Prof. D. Israel ji
Thankyou sir, It is really a feel of pride that such a renowned personality is
among us. Thankyou sir for gracing this occasion with your benign presence.

Now, Ladies & Gentlemen We are privileged that we are having the
renowned & intellectual dignitary among us who has devoted his precious
time for making this workshop successful.
May I now request our Speaker of the Day- Prof. D. Israel Ji Associate
Prof. XLRI, Jamshedpur for his valuable words.

Vote of thanks by Ms. Mishika Bhatnagar:

At last, I would like to invite Mrs. Mishika Bhatnagar, co-convener of the
workshop for delivering vote of thanks.

Now I request to all dignitaries to kindly move for High-Tea at trustee

room & Delegates at ground floor.
Thankyou All

Workshop Session 1


Workshop Session 2