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1 ) on freedom and on the day Mandela was released

2) was a man who always fought for civil rights and freedom of the black
people of your country

3) oh oh oh oh Mandela day , oh oh oh oh Mandelas free it shows the cry

of happiness of the people to know that Mandela was free

4 ) injustice with black people and the will to show the world about these
issues through music

2 ) Hello my friends, this Saturday we will be meeting up to protest against

the prejudice against fat people. we can not let that prejudice exists, we
have to finish him once and for all. bring food on Saturday and posters to
protest can, because everyone has the right to eat without worrying about
what people think


1) or being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

2) no because women are also able to do the same things as men, including
flying. I think her plane was lost at sea

3) Olga Benrio Prestes (Munich, February 12, 1908 - Bernburg, April 23,
1942) was a young German communist militant, of Jewish origin, deported
to Germany during the government of Getulio Vargas, which came to be
executed by the Nazi regime extermination camp. He came to Brazil in the
1930s, for determination of the Communist International, to support the
Brazilian Communist Party.

4) My name is luiz , I'm 17 years old and live in rio de janeiro. since
childhood I always loved animals. liked to play with them, to cuddle, bathe
and care. yet I tambpem always liked mathematics and arithmetic. a while
back I was torn between which path to choose for my life because I like
them both, but the passion for animals was higher and so I chose what I do
tryout for biology

1) through hugs and kisses

2) words and compliments changed since ancient times. the love that is
shown in the charts is still the same

3) the first, because it uses many old words and I think these beautiful and
sufisticadas words, mainly to be placed in a love letter

4) the third because it is very simple and very small. I do not like small
letters for not fully express my love for the person

5) How could it get? Saying that you are the most perfect girl in the world, I
love you more than anything that exists on earth or that I want to take you
forever in my life? All I said you know and I believe that is tired of hearing,. I
stop and look at you with that beautiful face, those little eyes that ask for
care and attention all hours of the day, the same little eyes that could light
up my life without the sun help or some hidden lamps around. so I love you
very much and want you for life


1) I believe and I think she influence on many aspects of my life,

especially in the mood

2) you will have a good health this year and make many friends and have a
respected position in society

3) to health. the astrologer pays more attention in this regard, especially in

the health of family members. We can see this when he says that the health
of a member of the family will be affected

4) The new astrological transit of Mercury favors Librans. Great time to

invest in research and new interests. The ability to express themselves and
to learn is stimulated. The planet of mind and intelligence, Mercury, enters
the sign of Sagittarius. Time favoring studies and connections with distant
people and places. Thirst for knowledge and search for new meanings to our