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2013/2014 3rd Term May

English Evaluation Test 6th form

A. Read about Antnios life.

Growing up on a farm
Antnio is now 22 years old. He was born in Bragana and he works on his fathers farm in Trs-os-Montes.
Nowadays, working on a farm is very different from what it was when his father was 22.
When my father John was young, there werent any tractors on the farm. There were horses and donkeys to do the
work. Now donkeys are in danger of extinction and we just have one horse.
In Trs-os-Montes its very hot in summer and very cold in winter. When my father was 22, there wasnt any
electricity. There was only a fireplace, so it was a bit difficult to keep the houses warm.
It was a long and difficult journey to go to town, because there werent any motorways. Now it only takes two hours
to drive to Oporto.
I like being a farmer. I love the animals, but Im really happy I live nowadays and not 20 years ago!
Vocabulary help: journey-viagem

motorway-autoestrada keep-manter

B. Now answer the questions about the text. Write complete sentences.
1. Who is Antnio?
2. Where does he work?
3. Was his fathers work on the farm the same as Antnios work now?
4. Were there any tractors when his father was young?

5. How many horses has Antnio got nowadays?

6. Whats the weather like in Trs -os Montes in winter?

7. Why was the journey to town so difficult?

8. How long does it take to drive to Oporto now?
9. Does Antnio like his job?

C. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

1. The Prime Minister____________________ (visit) our school now.
2. Emma________________ ( not be) in Lisbon last week.
3. ___________ (be ) you in Mexico last summer?
4. He usually

________________ (stay) at home after dinner.

5. I _______________ (study) History for two hours last Saturday.

D. Add the suitable Question tags.

1. Yesterday Joyce was alone at home, __________________________?
2. Her parents werent there, _________________________?
3. There was a fireplace in the living room, ________________________?
4. Now you are writing a letter, _______________________?
5. Antnio lives in the north of Portugal, ____________________________?
6. John worked on his farm, __________________________?
7. They didnt watch TV thirty years ago, __________________________?

E. Write


in the right place.

1. Carl sister is nine years old. _________________________________________________

2. His sister name is Jill. ______________________________________________________
3. Their parents house isnt very big. ____________________________________________
4. Their children rooms are small. ______________________________________________


Choose the best modal verb to complete the sentences.

1. You _________________ chew gum in class.


2. You _________________ play at break time.


3. You __________________ pay attention in class.


4. __________________ I go to the toilet, please?


G. Put in was/were or wasnt/werent.

1. Yesterday, Laura ________________________at school. She was ill.
2. The boys __________________________at the sports field. They were playing a game.
3. We _________________________at the swimming pool because it was cold.
4. Jill _______________________at the cinema and I was with her.
H. Write the verbs in brackets in the past simple.
1. I _________________ (call) yesterday by night.
2. Julia ___________________(wash) her hair after school.
3. Bill ____________________(study) Maths yesterday morning.
4. I ___________________(play) with my dog yesterday afternoon.


Write the sentences in the negative form.

1. ________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________


Write the Past Simple of these irregular verbs.



get up