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D o yo u l o n g
to e x p e r i e n c e
t r a n s f o r m at i o n

in c o m m u n i t y ?

in this issue

we are gods presence-bringers barth and plantinga as allies?

digital downloads for a buck journey through theology with tom Oden

Hope for Genuine discipleship

Have you joined a church or small group in

hopes of experiencing real life change, only
to be disappointed?
Community may be one of the most overpromised, under-delivered aspects of the
Christian life. Transforming community
does not come just from listening to
sermons or adding another church
program. It emerges as we embrace a shared
commitment to the attitudes and practices
that open us up to Christ.

192 pages, hardcover, 3586, $18.00

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Reflecting on the story of the two disciples

who meet Christ on the Emmaus Road,
Ruth Haley Barton offers this interactive
guide for small groups of spiritual
companions who are ready to encounter
Christ in transforming waysright where
they are on the road of real life.

Ruth Haley Barton (DD, Northern Seminary) is founding president of

the Transforming Center and is a trained spiritual director, teacher and
retreat leader. She has served on the pastoral staff of several churches,
including Willow Creek Community Church, and is the author of
numerous books including Invitation to Solitude and Silence, Sacred Rhythms,
Longing for More and Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership.




Q & A with ruth haley barton

Why is it important to bring
community and spiritual
transformation together?

It is the lack of spiritual transformation within individuals and systems that

causes communities to falter. And it is
the lack of communitya privatized
approach to transformation that fails to
see other people as necessary instruments
of Gods gracethat limits the work of
transformation in our lives. If we can
bring these two dynamics together in
transforming community, a spontaneous
combustion will begin to take place.

Praise for
life together in christ

Life Together in Christ offers a clear challenge:

if sustaining spiritual transformation is to occur we
need rhythms of formation practiced in the midst
of community. This book is a helpful tool for those
serious about journeying on the road with others in
the direction of Jesus together.
J.R. Briggs, author of Fail

How does Life Together in Christ

bring these aspects together?

Ruth did it! She doesnt just talk about the importance of community in our spiritual formation,
but she shows us how to actually practice it. Only
through years of working with others can a book this
helpful, practical and accessible be written.
Nathan Foster, Spring Arbor University

Becoming a transforming community

involves having real guidance in the
attitudes, practices and behaviors that
open us to the transforming presence of
Christ in our midst. And thats where a
book like this comes in.

If a small group of people would use this book to

guide what they discuss and how they discuss it perhaps they would awaken anew to the radical nature
of the gospel and to the depth and wonder of genuine
Christian discipleship.
Mike Lueken, Oak Hills Church

Also by ruth haley barton:

Sacred rhythms

192 pages, hardcover, 3333, $17.00

Club Price: $11.90

strengthening the soul of your

231 pages, hardcover, 3513, $20.00

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to Ground
todays church

The temple has always been a source of

rich scholarship and theological reflection,
but what does it mean for the churchs
ongoing mission in the world? G. K. Beale
and Mitchell Kim take temple theology off
the bookshelf and bring it to our modernday life, where the church is instructed and
exhorted in its purpose.

215 pages, paperback, 4414, $17.00

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From Eden to the new Jerusalem, we are

Gods temple on the earth in our day, the
firstfruits of the new creation. God has
always desired to dwell among us, first
symbolized in the Garden of Eden, then in
the ark of the covenant and the tabernacle
that housed it, then in the temple. Now
the church must follow its missional call to
extend the borders of Gods kingdom and
take his presence to the ends of the earth.

G. K. Beale (PhD, University of Cambridge) holds the J. Gresham Machen

Chair of New Testament and is professor of New Testament and biblical
theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. His books include The Book of
Revelation (New International Greek Testament Commentary), 12 Thessalonians
(The IVP New Testament Commentary Series), Johns Use of the Old Testament in
Revelation, The Temple and the Churchs Mission and We Become What We Worship.




praise for
god dwells among us

from the introduction

The goal of this book is to strengthen

biblical conviction for sacrificial mission.
. . . Persevering mission demands fullorbed conviction that is borne out of careful and prayerful study of Gods Word.
Our conviction grows richer and stronger
when grounded in Gods cosmic mission
from Genesis to Revelation. . . .
Mission does not begin with the Great
Commission of Matthew 28:18-20, but
mission is Gods heartbeat from Genesis 1
until the new heaven and earth become the
dwelling place of the Lord God Almighty
in Revelation 2122. This ultimate picture of the whole earth filled with Gods
presence fulfills Gods original intention
from the sanctuary of Eden. We begin,
therefore, with Eden.

In Scripture, God dwells not only up above the

world but also among us, with us and within us.
. . . In God Dwells Among Us [Beale] and
Mitchell Kim have made these ideas accessible to
working pastors. It is a valuable aid to preaching
and an excellent antidote to the feeling of loneliness
that afflicts many today.
John Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary
God dwelling in the midst of his people: this
staggering vision is the heart of Gods covenantal
purposes from Genesis to Revelation. God Dwells
Among Us brings decades of scholarship on this
topic to a wider audience. More than that, it shows
how this major biblical theme is the engine of mission
in the world today. This clear and compelling study
is a real feast.
Michael Horton, Westminster
California Seminary

Mitchell Kim (PhD, Wheaton College) is lead pastor of Living Water Alliance
Church in the Chicago suburbs. Building on extensive experience in the
immigrant church, he has helped found and guide Joshua Generation to equip
youth workers to reach their generation for Christ. He also teaches Bible in the
graduate school at Wheaton College and participated in the Lausanne Congress
for World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2010.



A Change of Heart
Thomas C. Oden

How did one of the twentieth centurys most celebrated liberals

have such a dramatic change of heart? Thomas Oden journeys
from conservative rural Methodism in Oklahoma to free-spirited
theological innovation in the land of academia and back to the
foundations of ancient Christianity. This fascinating memoir
walks us through not only his personal history but also some of
the most memorable chapters in twentieth-century theology.
384 pages, hardcover, 4035, $40.00

Club Price: $28.00


Confessing Christ for Church

and World
Kimlyn J. Bender

This collection of new and previously published essays by Kimlyn

Bender sheds light on both the task of modern theology and the
witness of the church. Among other topics, the essays discuss
Barths understanding of atheism, Schleiermachers Christology and
the challenges posed to the canon by Bart Ehrman.
391 pages, paperback, 4059, $40.00

Club Price: $28.00


Covenant and Commandment

New Studies in Biblical Theology
Bradley G. Green

From a close study of key Old and New Testament texts and
interaction with historical and contemporary theologians, Bradley
Green shows how different aspects of the Christian life are each
God-elicited, real and necessary. Green provides a biblical theology
of the nature, role and place of works, obedience and faithfulness
in the new covenant.
208 pages, paperback, 2634, $22.00

Club Price: $15.40



Edited by Kelly M. Kapic

The doctrine of sanctification has spent the last few decades

waiting not-so-patiently behind ideas like election and justification by faith alone. In this volume, which comes out of a recent
Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference, twelve theologians address this
issue through biblical, historical, dogmatic and pastoral explorations, discussing the meaning and significance of sanctification
for contemporary evangelical theology and practice.
300 pages, paperback, 4062, $28.00

Club Price: $19.60


Theologys Epistemological Dilemma

Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology
Kevin Diller

Karl Barth and Alvin Plantinga are not thought of as theological

allies. Barth is famous for his opposition to philosophys role in
theology, while Plantinga is famous for his emphasis on warranted
belief. Kevin Diller argues that they actually offer a unified response
to the central epistemological dilemma in theology.
352 pages, paperback, 3906, $30.00

Club Price: $21.00


Building Your Volunteer Team

Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman

Do you find yourself wondering how to get new volunteers

onboard for your ministry? Youth leaders Mark DeVries and Nate
Stratman have heard all the reasons why leaders fail to get and
keep volunteers. Its more than just recruitingit involves changing the culture of your ministry. Thats why they have developed
this 30-day on-ramp to creating a volunteer team, with all of the
needed tools included and a money-back guarantee.
155 pages, paperback, 4121, $16.00

Club Price: $11.20


Lenten Meditations

Prepare your mind and your spirit for

Easter with these contemplative titles.

On the Way to
the Cross

The Kingdom and

the Cross

The Mystery of
the Cross

Edited by Thomas C. Oden

and Joel C. Elowsky

James Bryan Smith

Judith Couchman

What the cross means about who

God is and how were to live.

Forty different images of the

cross taken from life and art from
Christianity before the year 1,000.

Forty devotions from the

church fathers on the
Gospel of John.
130 pages, paperback,
3567, $10.00

59 pages, paperback,
3549, $8.00

Club Price: $5.60


Club Price: $7.00

Walking the Labyrinth

A Violent Grace

Travis Scholl

Michael Card

A prayerful forty-day study of

the Gospel of Mark.

A renewed vision of the cross

found in the Old Testament
prophecies and gospel accounts
of Jesus self-sacrifice.

240 pages, paperback,

3583, $16.00

Club Price: $11.20


182 pages, paperback,

3772, $15.00

Club Price: $10.50



227 pages, paperback,

3539, $17.00

Club Price: $11.90

The Challenge
of Easter
N. T. Wright

Examine Easter from its earliest

beginnings and radical claims.
64 pages, paperback,
3848, $6.00

Club Price: $4.20

dollar downloads for lent

Simplify your study with these instant chapter

downloads from classic LifeGuide Bible studies.

Jesus Final Week


The Cross

Edited by Cindy Bunch

Kristie Berglund

These studies look at the

amazing events of Jesus final
week on earthPalm Sunday,
the Last Supper, the trial, Jesus
death and his resurrection.

This survey of both New and

Old Testament passages on the
resurrection will help you discover your identity as a child
of the risen Lord.

John Stott, with Dale

and Sandy Larsen

8 sessions, 3091, $8.00

10 sessions, 3105, $8.00

13 sessions, 3127, $8.00

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Club Price: $5.60

Club Price: $5.60

Based on The Cross of Christ,

these studies bring us to an
understanding of what was
accomplished on the cross.

Get Your

Dollar Downloads
Try a single session from the above LifeGuide
Bible studies this Easter season! Now you
can download single use, one-chapter studies
complete with leaders notesfor just $1 each!

Available for download only at ivpress.com.

Matthew 21:111 from Jesus

Final Week
31001, $1


Luke 24:13-35
31002, $1

Mark 14:12-26
The Cross
31003, $1

travel back with Tom oden

Tom Oden is one of the most remarkable

Christians of our time.
Timothy George

of Ancient

The African
Memory of

Early Libyan

General editor
Angelo Di
consulting editors
Thomas C. Oden,
Joel C. Elowsky
and James Hoover

Thomas C. Oden

Reaching back to
the earliest days of
Christianity, Thomas
Oden uncovers a fertile
North African community nearly lost to
posterity. Set against
this vibrant scene in
Libya, well-known
figures like Tertullian
and Sabellius are seen
in a new light while
lesser known martyrs
and bishops find
their rightful place in
Christian history.

This three-volume
encyclopedia offers
unparalleled, comprehensive coverage
of the people, places
and ideas of ancient
Christianity, featuring
3,220 articles by an
international team of
266 scholars.
3,057 pages,
hardcover, 2943,

Club Price:


Thomas Oden calls

for a radical reassessment of early church
tradition by directing
our attention to Africa,
where a memory of
St. Mark survives as
the North African
founder of the church
in Alexandria. The
result is an illuminating
portrait that challenges
long-standing assumptions in the West.
279 pages,
paperback, 3933,

Club Price:

Thomas C. Oden

How Africa
Shaped the
Christian Mind
Thomas C. Oden

This survey explores

the decisive role of
African Christians
and theologians in
shaping the doctrines
and practices of the
church of the first five
centuries, making an
impassioned plea for
the rediscovery of that
heritage. Christians
throughout the world
will benefit from
this reclaiming of an
important heritage.

334 pages,
paperback, 3943,

204 pages,
paperback, 3705,

Club Price:

Club Price:


book of the year & more!

Join IVP in celebrating

these Christianity Today Book
Award Winners of 2015.

Teach Us
to Want

Visions of

Jen Pollock Michel

Steven Garber

Christianity Todays
Book of the Year!

Award of Merit in
Christian Living

Isnt desire sinful and

selfish? The story of
each person is a story
of wanthopes dashed,
passions pursued and
ambitions fulfilled. Jen
Pollock Michel reintroduces us to a God who
purifies our longings
and gives us the desires
of our hearts.

Vocation is more than a

job. It is our relationships
and responsibilities woven
into the work of God.
In following our calling
to seek the welfare of
our world, we find that it
flourishes and so do we.
Garber offers here a book
for parents, artists, students, public servants and
business peoplefor all
who want to discover the
virtue of vocation.

Follow Jen on Twitter:

221 pages,
paperback, 4312,

Club Price: $11.20


256 pages,
paperback, 3666,

Club Price: $11.20

The New Parish

Paul Sparks, Tim
Soerens and Dwight
J. Friesen
Award of Merit in
the Church/
Pastoral Leadership

Tucked away in neighborhoods throughout North

America is a profound
work of hope quietly
unfolding as the gospel
takes root in the context
of a place. The future of
the church is local, connected to the struggles of
the people and even to
the land itself.
208 pages,
paperback, 4115,

Club Price: $11.90

Called to
Be Saints
Gordon T. Smith
Award of Merit in

Gordon Smith synthesizes a lifetime of

writing on calling,
conversion, discernment
and spiritual formation
in a comprehensive and
compelling theology of
sanctification. Smith
presents holiness in its
christological, sapiential,
vocational, social and
emotional dimensions.
256 pages,
paperback, 4030,

Club Price: $18.20







60% off
Whi l e supp li e s la st


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of Bible
190 pages,
2452, $45.00


A Theology
of Word &
336 pages,
2751, $25.00


& Verses
234 pages,
5600, $16.00


Power and
415 pages,
3957, $30.00


Clouds of
286 pages,
3834, $25.00



A Hymn
of Christ


1894, $30.00

209 pages,
3928, $22.00

for God

John Calvin:
A Pilgrims


366 pages,
3514, $25.00



Next Month
Rob Moll explores the neuroscience of spirituality, and
Kenneth Bailey takes the theme of Psalm 23 through
1,000 years of biblical history.


287 pages,
2921, $25.00