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"Angels Can Be Sexually Aroused - So Says the Bible"





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Angels Can Be Sexually

Aroused - So Says the
Paul the Apostle infers angelic sexuality in Corinthians:


Ancient Christian
holy texts
espouse that
angels mingled with
the daughters of
Genesis 6:1-4

A woman should have a covering over her head for this

reason: because of the angels.[1]

What Paul meant is explicitly confirmed by the comments of

Tertullian, who said,
Next, we turn to the reasons for why the apostle said
that the female ought to be veiled for if it is on
account of the angels, those, to wit, we have read about,
who fell from God and from heaven because of their
desire for the females.[2]

Tertullian was a high ranking church official in the late 100's

and early 200's AD. Here, he identifies the meaning of Paul's
statement. This all relates back to the fact that the Biblical
book of Enoch tells us that evolution happened by means of
fallen angels, or aliens, who bred with animals.

Notice that Paul took for granted the fact that angels are
sexually attracted to human women, and therefore women
THIS SECTION: should cover themselves during worship, so that they do not
EVOLUTION IN arouse the angels when they pray. Paul mentions this in
mere passing, as if everyone knew what it meant, agreed with
the interpretation, and did not need any further explanation.
Thus, not only that Paul said it, but also the way he said,
attests quite strongly for a very wide knowledge and
acceptance of Enoch and related apocrypha in the early
Christian community.

Other voices from the New Testament also quote the book of
Enoch as if it were a scriptural authority, including Jesus,
Jude, Paul, John, and Peter. The book of Enoch should be in
the Bible.



"Angels Can Be Sexually Aroused - So Says the Bible"

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Click here to learn more about Evolution in the Bible.

The creationist narrative in Genesis 1 is contradicted by

many ancient Christian texts. Instead of an Almighty
Creator God, ancient Christian texts espouse that the
universe is born from blind arrogance and stupidity.
The angels caused evolution to occur from species to
species. There are many gods, (or aliens?), and the
Christian God is just one among them. Satan the Devil
writes scripture, and thus the Bible was polluted with
Genesis 1. Archaeology and modern scholarship
demonstrate that Genesis is indeed corrupted.
Cavemen walk with Adam and Eve. Esoteric
prophecies reveal the coming of Christ, and also reveal
the dark forces that govern the cosmos. Such are the
ancient Christian writings.

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Science vindicates the truth of these ideas. Evolution often

happens too fast for Darwins theory. Gaps in the fossil
record indicate that some kind of unnatural force acts
together with natural selection. Astrobiology reveals that
intelligent life probably evolved long before us. The fossil
record reveals strange clues that aliens abducted species and
transported them across oceans, and that DNA from diverse
lineages was combined to spawn hybrid species. Evidently,
aliens influence evolution, and they are the gods of the
worlds religions.
This is not fiction. All these facts are thoroughly documented
in the links above.


1st Corinthians 11:10


Tertullian. On the Veiling of Virgins 7



"Angels Can Be Sexually Aroused - So Says the Bible"


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