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H # 48 Sector: C-II Johar Town, Lahore

Cellular: 0315-4274811
E-mail: sheikh_tayyab@yma il.com

Date of Birth: 10-03-1986

Marital Statuses: Single
Religion: Islam

Desirous of leading my professional life in pursuit of achieving organizational objectives through hard work and commitment t o
the cause of the company.

MBA (Banking & Finance)
Bachelors in Commerce B.COM (IT)
Intermediate F.Sc (Pre-Engineering)

Year of passing
Passed in 2008
Passed in 2006
Passed in 2004
Passed in 2002

1st Division
1st Division
1st Division

School / University
Hailey College of Banking & Finance
Punjab College of Commerce
Government College University
Division Public School

Currently working as Officer Grade-II at Soneri Bank Limited.
Some of my current responsibilities at Centralized Clearing Unit (CCU) as Creator include:

Timely and accurate processing of Inward Clearing Instruments

Submission of Inward Clearing Returns to NIFT within cut-of time
Processing of instruments lodged in Outward Clearing for credit to Customers accounts
Balancing and Settlement of Clearing Proceeds Account with Main Branch Lahore

Besides my above assignment, I have also performed following work related duties during my stay in Branch Banking Operations:

Opening of accounts in local as well as foreign currencies

Dealing in Foreign Remittance (both Inward and Outward)
Preparation of monthly FC statements for onward submission to State Bank of Pakistan
Issuance of Local Currency Remittance Instruments including Pay Order, Banker Cheque, and Demand Draft
Looking after Bank Accounts including Reconciliation matters, Balancing of various GL Heads of Account
ATM Card Issuance and settlement of disputed transactions
Inter-branch Funds Transfer
Customer Dealing

Served as Assistant for about 13 months at Allied Bank Limited for implementation and testing of worlds best banking software
Temenos T-24.
As part of Core Banking team, some of my key duties then included:

Collection of bank customers up-to-date information via diferent channels.

Comparison of such information with data already contained in bank database and updating all missing fields or
changes where required.
Running a mock exercise to determine the success of migration of data from old software to new one and removing any
discrepancy arising out of such test.

Worked as an intern for six weeks at Allied Bank Limited during which I worked in diferent departments to get familiar with
operations of the bank.


During my stay at Soneri Bank Limited, I was invited to attend workshops on:

SAS OpRisk Monitor- SAS being a global leader in providing software solutions even surpassed Google Inc. (which ranked at
4th place) and became the number one employer to work for in the year 2011 according to Fortune 500.
I felt honored to get briefed on how to mitigate various types of risks be it the Liquidity risk, Market risk or Cr edit risk
using solutions from SAS when the banking sector in current era is facing significant number of challenges each day.

SAS AML- This module of SAS solutions points out irregular pattern of transactions in a customers account hence preventing
any chances of Anti Money Laundering by initiating an inquiry into the matter.

Fixed Assets Inventory Module- The seminar was conducted with a view to guide the audience on how to carry out
successfully the step-by-step process of ordering, procurement, acknowledgement and issuance of various types of Fixed
assets like printers, furniture etc through system module.


Came in under top 10 positions out of a total of 29 trainee students at the Training Academy of Soneri Bank Limited.
Successfully cleared 1st three subjects of JAIBP program in frst attempt.
Received Merit Scholarship on the basis of good academic performance at College.


Surfing Internet
Reading Computer Magazines
Participated in Tug of War match at College

Professional references may be furnished on demand.