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Service TIPs
Ref: 11 - 015


All Distributor Service Managers

K. Snee, GM Area Service
All Distributor Managing Directors
Please pass to all relevant staff within your company
July 22, 2011
Mining machines using manual and wireless VHMS downloading tools.

Dear Sir,
Currently in Europe there are more than 420 mining machines fitted with Komtrax Plus
with VHMS only. These machines were delivered into the European market before
Orbcom technology was installed in Komatsu mining equipment.
As a result these machines have no Satellite communication. Later versions of machines
are fitted with Orbcom and communicate data via satellite to Webcare.
Only 7% of the non Orbcom machines in Europe had manual downloads taken in the
month of May 2011.
The initial target is to increase the download rate per month to 60%. Once the data is
downloaded and sent to the FTP server it becomes visible in Webcare and EQP care.
This provides valuable information for distributors and customers with access to these
Why is it important to download data from mining machines?
Trend data is available for the distributor and customer in Webcare and EQP care
respectively. Using the data enables you to reduce machine downtime, plan repairs
and reduce operating costs.
Following the uploading of the data to the FTP server. The Distributor has visibility
on the machine SMR in EQP care. Overhaul planning can be discussed and
planned with the customer.
KEPO have visibility of the latest machine SMR in EQP care and can use the
information to forecast and make provision of major overhaul components.
The customer can use the fuel consumption and payload data available in EQP
care to monitor and improve running costs.

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Methods to extract VHMS data from mining machines.


Manual downloading using cable method. (cable available from KEPO)

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2. Installation of Wireless Bridge

- PC Laptop
- Wireless bridge kit. Part number XK0765 (Available from KEPO)
Provide short range wireless data download capability from mining machine to
laptop over an open air distance up to 500 meters
Ability to automatically download from multiple mining machines within range
Data can be uploaded to FTP server from the customers site.
Download VHMS and PLM3 at data rates to speeds of 11Mbps.
Wireless modem durable and suitable for mining environment.
No need to stop the machine to obtain a download.

3. Installation of Retro-fit Orbcom conversion kit.

Once this kit has been installed in the machine it will transfer data by satellite
through Orbcom. As the data transfer is automatic. The need to visit site frequently
for downloads will be reduced.

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