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(2012-03-14 10:18) myself:

do you make purchases with the DigitalAlch account?

(2012-03-14 10:19) da:

[] No, not for a while. I had at one point but only to

way out there drop location. States away : )

(2012-03-14 10:19) da:

I use TheKindestDaze genreally.

(2012-03-14 10:19) myself:

That's good. Your name is getting higher profile on

the forums, and we wouldn't want anyone with your
address from past orders to compromise you.

(2012-03-14 10:27) myself:

we might want to construct a new identity for you


(2012-03-14 10:27) da:

Say that I'm quiting

(2012-03-14 10:27) da:


(2012-03-14 10:28) myself:

maybe, or just disappear.

(2012-03-14 10:28) myself:

let's think on it for a few days

(2012-03-14 10:28) da:

IRL or online?

(2012-03-14 10:29) myself:

no, just online. My concern is that LE will see that

DA is a player at Silk Road by your forum presence,
and then track down who you bought from, and sold to
under that name and then find you irl.

(2012-03-14 10:36) da:

Damn. I reallly liked the DigitalAlch moniker. It really

fit me. Oh well, freedom is better than prison : )

(2012-03-14 10:37) myself:

yep. I gotta protect my assets too

(2012-03-14 10:39) da:

Do you mean me? Or outside assets.

(2012-03-14 10:39) myself: