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-Dragons Oath


-P.C. Cast
-Kristin Cast
III. Publication Data:
a) Publisher:
-St. Martins griffin
b) Place of Publication
-175 fifth avenue, new York, N.Y. 10010
c) Date of Publication

-July 12, 2011



In early Nineteenth century England, long before he became

a professor of a house of the night, Dragon Lankford is a
troublesome but talented human teen who think he can get
away with everything he does.... Until hes father a wealthy
nobleman has grown tired of him, banishes him to America with
only a sword with him. He was later marked as a vampire and
he chooses a brand new name and life.
He became a wonderful and very skilful swordsman. He
won every competition he joined. But he was not yet a fully
grown vampire. He was still a fledgling. But one day when he
return to the house of the night after his fight, he saw someone,
a newly appointed professor, Anastasia. She was the most
beautiful creature he has ever seen, a professor of spells and
rituals. The moment he saw Anastasia, he immediately fell in
love with her.
But when a dark power threatens them, will Dragon be
strong enough to save her?

A. Conflict:
-there are two conflicts in this novel. One is the conflict
between dragon and himself, will he choose to accept
Anastasias death or blame himself, focus on revenge and get
swollen up by the dark side. The other conflict is the conflict
between dragon and the evil force that attack Anastasia his
B. Climax:
-dark forces had attacked Anastasia, dragons mate. Dragon
fought with all his might to protect Anastasia. But that was not
enough. When the enemy was about to kill Anastasia in front of
him. Dragon was so angry and determined that he has gone
through his change. From a fledgling he is now a fully fledge
vampire. Dragon fought the creature of the dark and was able
to protect his mate.

C. Resolution:
-dragon was able to save Anastasia and he did not kill the dark
creature cause he said he was not worth it .Since now he is a
fully fledge vampire. He became a sword master and in charge
of the son of Erebus warriors. They are now officially mates.
They lived happily until the day that the dark creature came
back and killed Anastasia and there was nothing he could do.
He was full of sorrow and darkness.


-Nineteenth-century England and house of the night



-Dragon- The vanished child of the earl of Lankford, a skilled

sword master and Anastasias mate.
-Anastasia- Professor of rituals and spells and dragons mate
-Earl of Lankford- Bryan/Dragons Father
-Aileene- daughter of a nobleman. The reason why dragon was
banished. He was caught stealing her maidenhead
-Pandeia- The house of the night priestess.
-Diana- Pandeias mate
-Biddle- the antagonist. He was the one who attacked

Point of view:

-Third persons point of view



Fights are not for hurting someone, Fights is to protect.

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