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EFL Lesson Planning
Olga Morozan, MA, PhD candidate,
American Councils Moldova

What is a Lesson Planning?

It is a preview of the whole instructive process before it is
taken up for execution. It involves careful thinking about the
traditional and online tools to be used for its successful
It is a complete preview of the difficulties likely to occur in
the course of the lesson, of introducing new teaching
approaches and strategies, while using various updated

Planning involves the Teachers Skill in:

As EFL teachers,
what do you think about:





Lesson Plan Procedure

Lesson Stages

Lesson Stages
(National Sample)

Formulating Objectives & Tasks???

Blooms Taxonomy!!!


Task 3: Formulate objectives based on

Integrating Blooms Taxonomy into
Daily Lesson Planning presentation:
Irina Pushney: By the end of the
session SWBT:
Analyze the presentation and identify
at least 5 benefits and challenges of
lesson planning;
choose and compare 2 lesson plans
and state 2 similarities and differences
in their structure, resources, stages,
accurately formulate at least 3 lesson
objectives according to Blooms
Taxonomy and create a lesson plan
according to their curriculum and
planning criteria.

Tasks & Questions

Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Comparing different lesson plan samples

Environmental Issues
Sony plans to launch electronic-paper watch
Apple unveils new Apple Watch
Guinness World Records Jigsaw Viewing Activity
Snack facts
Dictionary skills for secondary students
Exploring Careers Using the Internet
Blogging about the American Revolution
Statue of Liberty Civics Lesson Plan
April Fool's Day Lesson Plan

Task 4.
Using Blooms Taxonomy, design a lesson plan for a lesson
content of a Module/Unit you are going to teach on January or
February, which will include at least 3 online resources you
studied from the EFL Blogging School curriculum and:

Teachers Assignment