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1. According to its verbal meaning value signifies that quality
of an individual or thing which makes that individual or
thing important and useful. This quality may be internal or
external or both.
2. What is Value Value is the entity, which satisfies human
3. Education Meaning Education is the creation of a sound
mind, in a Sound body.
4. Meaning of Educational Value Educational values are
related to those activities, which are good, useful, and
valuable from the educational point of view and as
explained by Adams, it is a bipolar process, which
comprises of two parts, as;
i. The Teacherii. The child1. The teacher modifies behavior of the child.
2. The teacher uses those methods to achieve the desired
behavioral change in the child.
Platos Views about the Activities of Man
1. Intellectual Means : Language, Literature, History,
Geography, Maths & Science.
2. Aesthetic Means : Arts & Poetry
3. Moral means : Religion, Meta-Physics & Ethics
3Rs of Education are mandatory:

Reading, writing, Arithmetic

4H s :Development in Education
H - FOR- Head- Mental Development
H FOR Hand Perfection in hand -work
H F1or Heart - Emotion Development
H FOR Health Physical Exercise
According to Bhagwad Geeta : Personality is developed by
three Guns(1) Sato Gun(2) Rajo Gun
(3) Tamo Gun
Areas Of Education :
1. Physical Development
2. Mental Development
3. Emotional Development
4. Social Development
5. Cultural Development
6. Human values & Ethics Development
7. Language Development
8. Aesthetic Development
9. Professional Development
Plato s views About the activities of man :
1. Intellectual: Language, Literature, History, Geography,
Maths & Science.
2. Aesthetic:
Arts & poetry
3. Moral:
Religion Meta- physics & Ethics
1. Value is a faith, according to faith he does his work and
gets success.
2. Value is that solution in which the importance is given to
behavior, beauty & perfection and the people agree with
them and follow.
Two Forms of the world:
1. Spiritual world

2. Material world
Idealists give more importance to the spiritual world in
comparison to material world.
Realists believed that: Teaching through mother tongue is
the foundation of all developmental and vocational subjects.
Humanists think: Whatever fulfills ones purpose, satisfies
ones desire, develop ones life, is true.
Nature of Value:
1. Necessity
(Food, Clothing & Shelter)
2. Obligation
(Education is valuable)
3. It is based on the likings of the decision maker.
1. Physical value
2. Economic value
3. Spiritual value
In Indian Philosophy:

(Body is a medium of value)

(economy is more important than
( Truth , Beauty & Goodness )
Dharam, Arth, Kaam, Moksh.

Moksh is related to Parlaukik Values.

List of Value:
2. Goodness
3. Courage
4. Devotion
5. Beauty 6. Cooperation 7. Citizenship 8. Discipli
9. Duty
10. Tolerance
Individual 13.Friendship

14. Freedom

12.Dignity of

16. Honesty 17.Good Behaviour 17. Simple Living

18. Justice 19.National Conciousness
20. Peace 21.
Respect for Others 22. Non-Violence
23. Couriosity for

Knowledge 24.Obedient 25. Self Respect 26. Simpathy

27.National Integration 28. Leadership