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For a classic brick finish and excellent thermal insulation

Sto Brick Slips

Building with Conscience

Sto Brick Slips

Traditional design and innovative insulation

Some regions of the UK
and Ireland are dominated
by brick buildings, the
brick faade being a
traditional and trusted
finish. Planning authorities
dictate that the architectural
design and style of new
buildings should match
the appearance of existing
buildings within the area.
At the same time,
architects, property
developers and contractors
need to ensure that the
materials they use achieve
the increasingly stringent
European building
regulations for
thermal insulation.

Sto brick slips are made from acrylic render

which simulates brickwork. Used in conjunction
with a Sto external wall insulation system such
as StoTherm Classic, Sto brick slips give excellent
thermal insulation without having to forego the
appearance of a characteristic brick faade.
StoTherm Classic is the leading cement-free
and crack-free, synthetic rendered external wall
insulation system. It is a proven system that has
been applied to over 50 million m2 of external
walls worldwide over the last 40 years, which
helps to significantly cut heating bills and
reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

Why use Sto Brick Slips?

Natural brick character through individual
hand finishing, Sto brick slips add charm
and interest to external faades.

Reduced heating costs, when brick

slips are applied to a Sto external wall
insulation system.

Ideal for new build and refurbishment


Increased value of buildings, due to

longer life.

Design freedom through a wide range of

available colours and the support of the
Sto Design studio.

Sto brick slips also add a unique, rustic

atmosphere to internal spaces. They are
particularly good used in combination with
plastered surfaces and woodwork. The loss
of space as a result of applying Sto brick
slips to the walls is negligible.

Long life span and no maintenance costs,

as no need to regularly repaint.

Sto Brick Slips

Sto Brick Slips in colours to suit

Apart from the six standard
brick slip colours, we pride
ourselves in offering special
colour shades to help you
achieve your desired design,
or to match with existing
brick shades.

Truro - Colour reference: 2079 B

Edinburgh - Colour reference: 2078 B

Sutton - Colour reference: 2082 B

Cardiff - Colour reference: 2081 B

Material properties:
Organically bound, cement-free, lightweight
brick slips and corner pieces for interiors
and external faades.

Dublin - Colour reference: 2080 B

Weather-resistant and light-fast.

Permit water vapour diffusion.

Leeds - Colour reference: 2083 B

Resistant to mechanical stress and impacts.

NB: Please note that even the very best print quality
cannot guarantee exact replication of the original colours.
To ensure colour accuracy, please ask to see a sample

Easily cleaned.




StoTherm Classic with Brick Slips

Excellent for new build as well as
refurbishment projects, Sto brick slips
can be used in conjunction with a StoTherm
external wall insulation system on blockwork/
brickwork or steel framed systems.
Here at Roland House, for example, a
lightweight steel framed structure was
matched in bond, colour and size to older
existing brickwork by use of a StoTherm
Classic system finished with Sto brick slips.
1. Blockwork/brickwork.
2. StoLevell Uni Hard setting, cement-based adhesive
mortar for use on all load-bearing mineral substrates.
3. Sto-EPS Insulation Boards SD/FRA. HCFC-free, and
achieve insulation values to meet, or exceed, stringent
requirements of Part L of the building regulations.
Fire classification: Class O.
4. Sto-RFP Cement-free, fibre-reinforced, ready-mixed,
reinforcing render.
5. Sto Glass fibre mesh Stretch-free, highly
stress-resistant, reinforcing mesh.
6. Sto adhesive and joint mortar cement-free
mortar to apply Sto brick slips.
7. Sto brick slips Brick slips to
create the appearance of a
classic brick finish.




Sto adhesive and joint

mortar comes in six
different shades to blend
or add distinctive accents
to buildings allowing a
wide variety of designs to
be achieved.

Sto Brick Slips

Design freedom with Sto Brick Slips

StoTherm Classic with brick
slips allows brick buildings
to be restored to their
former glory.
For improved thermal
insulation and economic
reasons, why not build
commercial and residential
properties using a Sto
rendered external wall
insulation system with
accents of brick slips,
rather than build in brick
and add render later?
With the help of the
Sto Design Studio team,
many interesting and varied
external design effects can
be achieved, using special
colours, unusual surface
finishes and by combining
Sto brick slips with
rendered surfaces.

How its done Ease of application

1. The first step in correct

application of Sto brick slips,
is the careful setting out of
the area to which they are
to be applied.

2. After setting out the

divisions, begin at the top.
Apply Sto adhesive and joint
mortar horizontally with the
6x6 mm Sto toothed trowel
at the external corners.
Take care not to apply so
much material that a skin
can form whilst you work.
Then embed the corner
pieces firmly in the mortar,
ensuring that they are offset.

3. Apply Sto adhesive and

joint mortar at the same
height as the corner
pieces to an area of
approximately 1m2.

4. Stretch a cord at the

application height. Colour
shades of bricks slips vary,
so to ensure a uniform
finished appearance, take
Sto brick slips at random
from different cartons and
press them into the Sto
adhesive mortar in the
desired bond.

5. Smooth joints with a damp

brush or pointing tool.
Ensure that the Sto brick
slips are fully embedded in
the mortar on all sides.

6. Carefully thought out

connections to all
constructional features
such as windows complete
the system. Lintels should be
finished as soldier courses
with corner pieces.

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