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DropBox Confirmation Letter

Applicant Name: Tue Tran

Passport Number: B1923178


Receipt Number: 73015761487900



Please bring two copies of this Confirmation Letter, as well as the required documents below for your visa type, to
your nearest EMS location.

Important Notice:

Your application must include a copy of this Confirmation Letter, or it will not be processed. Please bring
two copies of the Confirmation Letter: one copy must be included with your visa application and one copy
must be submitted at the EMS location.
Please remove plastic or leather covers from your passport.

Please address your visa renewal package to:


U.S. Embassy Consular Section

Attn: Non-Immigrant Visa Unit - GSS
7 Lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Sent via:
VNPost Express Joint Stock Company
No. 1, Tan Xuan, Xuan Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi (Dropbox document)

If you submit your renewal by mail application without including the required documents for your visa class below,
your visa processing will be delayed.

All Applicants Must Provide:

One copy of this Visa Renewal by Mail Confirmation Letter

Passport: Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United
DS-160 application form confirmation page

One Photograph: Two inches square (51mm x 51mm) color photograph, less than 6 months old, against a
white background. The image must contain the full face, neck, and shoulders of the applicant in frontal view
with a neutral, non-smiling expression.
Previous U.S. visas and expired passports: If your previous visa is in an expired passport, you must include
that passport.

Additional Required Documents for:

Children under 14 years old:

A copy of the child's birth certificate.
Copies of the parents passport biographic information pages OR national ID cards.
Copies of the parents' current and/or previous U.S. visas, if available.

F-1 and J-1 visa holders:

An original form I-20 (for F visa applicants) or DS-2019 (for J visa applicants). For returning students, this
form must include an updated endorsement (signature) by your school/institution within the last 12 months.
Official transcripts covering coursework at U.S. institutions.

C-1/D applicants:
Provide a current joining letter (original copy preferred) and photocopies of the following documents
o If you have a Vietnamese Seafarers Passport, copies of pages 1 (biopage and observations) and 32
o If you have a Vietnamese Seafarers Identity Document, copies of pages 1-3 (biopage and
observations) and all used pages
from beginning to present.

H1B and L visa holders:

Copy of most recent W-2 form and last 3 months of pay stubs.

Official/Diplomatic passport holders must also submit:

The original diplomatic note that clearly states the nature and purpose of travel, the intended
travel/departure dates, and the sponsoring organization or entity. If more than one applicant is listed on the
diplomatic note, the first applicant must submit the original and others can submit a copy of the diplomatic
Decision letter(s) from the sponsoring Vietnamese ministry.
Letters of invitation from the U.S. government or other sponsoring agency.

Please review the requirements for your visa category to determine other essential and recommended