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Bart Friedman, Jim Peppler, Phil Kamrass

Arm-of-the-Sea proudly
Presented 33 public performances of six
different productions to over 6,500 people.

Created and presented our 14th annual

Esopus Creek Puppet Suite.

Presented 16 arts-in-education
performances at schools in NY, NJ & CT.

Conducted 11 weeks of artist-in-residence

programs involving over 500 young people.

Arm-of-the-Sea is the recipient of a multiyear grant from the NY State Council on the
Arts in support of our artist-in residence
program. School residencies in 2014 tool
place in Saratoga Springs, Pine Plains,
Saugerties, Poughkeepsie, and New
Rochelle. Community-based residencies
were conducted in Red Hook, Ellenville and
on the island of Martha's Vineyard. A grant
from the Catskill Watershed Corp. brought
performances of City That Drinks the
Mountain Sky to eight schools in the Catskill
Mountain region. Arm-of-the-Sea programs
reach outside the box and provide an
antidote for students reeling from the
demands of testing and the new Common
Core curriculum.

Arm-of-the-Sea was
honored twice this year:
Excellence in Arts Award
from Mill Street Loft.
2014 Distinguished
Environmental Achievement
Award from Mohonk

Phil Kamrass

For several evenings in August, twenty-five

artists and community volunteers brought to
life our 2014 Esopus Creek Puppet Suite at
Tina Chorvas Waterfront Park in Saugerties,
NY. This year's production was based on
local events and personalities from the early
2oth century, and included Martine Cantine's
Paper Company, artist Augusta Savage,
street sweeper Pete Campinelli, the
Saugerties Steamboat Line and a large family
of mallard ducks. The spectacle was enjoyed
by hundreds, and then vanished like a dream.
Our 14th annual Puppet Suite was made
possible by grants from the Puffin Foundation
and Klock Kingston Foundation, and support
from a number of local businesses.

Construction is nearly complete on a second

floor within a large storage building adjacent
to our Esopus Creek studio. This will provide
an additional 1100 square feet of clean, dry
space for our ever-expanding menagerie of
paper-mache' characters. Most significantly,
the space is above the reach of future flood
waters. The project is made possible through
a grant from the Hudson River Improvement

Artistic Directors- Marlena Marallo and

Patrick Wadden

Arm-of-the-Sea is dedicated to presenting

live, original theater for audiences of many
ages and walks of life. We sustain ourselves
primarily from performance and workshop
fees. We use our resources judiciously and
solicit contributions to keep our fees
affordable to a broad range of venues.

Administrative Assistant- Dana Schildkraut

Videographer- Bart Friedman
Webmaster- David Radovanovic
Bookkeeper- Deborah Conathan
Touring Company- Dean Jones, Leeanne
Richards, Carl Welden, Zzoe Rowan, Gustavo
Caldas, Patrick Wadden
2014 Puppet Suite Artists- Jean Whelan, Olga
Micinska, LeeAnne Richards, Bob Lavaggi, Bill
Ylitalo, Thomas Workman, Brian Farmer, Sarah
Underhill, Barbara Wild, Bob Blacker, Soyal
Smalls, Jason West, Laura Kopczak, Davey
Hval, Ava Cooper, Hannah Cooper, Allie Joers,
Nickie Joers, Sophia Kamrass, Monika
Berlinska-Glasser , Miles Berlinska-Glasser






Hook, Line & Sinker: Fishing the Hudson

River- This show celebrates the timeless art of
angling while offering the low-down on eating
fish from the Hudson. The project is part of the
Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach.
Tales from the Odyssey- A condensed
version of Homer's epic tale that follows
Odysseus' long journey home from war in a

Michael Nelson

Be sure to check our website for performance

locations and dates.

Individual Donors: Anna Berkheiser, Lynne

Gilson, Joel Schuman, John Wadden, Michaela
Graham, Shelley Wyant, David Wallick, Bonni
Nechemias, Sandra Smiley, Niki Swarthout,
Robin Goss, Jamey Wolff, Jean Whelan, Merle
Cosgrave, Abbey Newton, Kate Shuter,
Lucinda Knaus, Carolyn Mello, Diane Dwyer,
Catherine Puzak.
In-Kind Contributors: Mark Bernard/Ember
Engineering, Tory Ettlinger / Ettlinger Design,
Cantines Island Co-housing Community, Anna
Berkheiser Graphic Design, Bill
Curtis/Curtronics, Carl Welden, Jolanda
Jansen, Esq., Marie Daniels, Jean Whelan,
Olga Micinska, Chris Wangro, Mid Hudson
Drafting & Design, Greenway Environmental,
Deborah Conathan, Josephine Papagni,
Shabazz Jackson, David Radovanovic, Village
of Saugerties, Roy Budnick, Michael Nelson
Businesses & Community Organizations:
Sawyers Savings Bank, Stewarts Shops,
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, Macys,
Saugerties Kiwanis Club, Village of Saugerties,
Sun Porch Baked Goods, Cue , Slices Pizza,
Rae Stang/Lucky Chocolates
Foundations: Catskill Watershed Corp.,
Hudson River Improvement Fund, Klock
Kingston Foundation, TD Charitable
Foundation, Golub Foundation, Puffin
Government Support: New York State
Department of Health, And public funds from
the New York State Council on the Arts, with
the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and
the New York State Legislature.
Arm-of-the-Sea Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 taxexempt organization. All donations are deductible to
the fullest extent of the law. Our most recent financial
statement can be obtained at GUIDESTAR.org, or by
contacting the NY Office of Attorney General,
Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY

Our mission is to create theater that inspires

wonder, provokes thought, gives joy and
enriches the public imagination. We believe
that such theater plays a vital role in
community life, and should be accessible to a
wide range of audiences. To implement this
mission Arm-of-the-Sea tours shows to
cultural centers, festivals and schools,
conducts artist-in-residence programs, and
hosts an annual site-specific eventThe
Esopus Creek Puppet Suitein our
hometown Saugerties, NY.

Albert Nejmeh was a founding member of Armof-the-Sea. His irrepressible energy and
unshakable spirit were essential animating
forces during our initial seasons, 1982- '84.
Toshi Seeger provided our first studio, booked
our earliest shows, and photographed our work.
Those fledgling theatrical experiments would
likely have withered and ceased without her
enthusiastic encouragement.

Carl Welden, a core member of AotS's

performing company since 1997, is hanging up
his mask. Carl played multiple roles in ten
touring productions and six Puppet Suites. He
brought verve and pizzazz to every role. His
most memorable characters include the blue
zooplankton in At the Turning of the Tide, the
coyote smuggler in La Cosecha, Henry
Hudson's son John in Mutual Strangers, the red
tribes musician in Tale of Two Tribes, the duck
in Turtle Island Medicine Show, and the blind
prophet in To Defy the Beast. Behind the
scenes, Carl's wit enlivened many a road trip,
and his attention to detail became
indispensable to company success. We wish
him and his family continued health and

Jim Peppler

2014 Board of Directors- Deborah Conathan,

Marie Daniels, Robin Goss, Beth Humphrey,
Jolanda Jansen, Esq., Shabazz Jackson, Laura
Kopczak, Susan Murphy, Josephine Papagni,
Peter Varner, Patrick Wadden