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Annotated Bibliography

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A website with many pictures of ancient artifacts actually made during the Gold Horde reign.
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Book had a primary source account of William Rubruck who was an European who observed
and made extensive accounts about the Mongols.
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This website gave us information about the Xiongnu and allowed us to put context into our
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A website containing a video of the artistic developments that occurred in Iran due to the Mongol
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An encyclopedia that layed out all the major points of Chinggis Khans life and gave us the
direction to take out research.

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Documentary that we incorporated into our website.
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Article detailing the economic changes within Mongolian society today and how it is being
divided between authentic Mongolians and Han Chinese men
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Gave us details over Ilkhanate and its legacy.
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Website describing the impact of the Mongolian rule in Russia.
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Told us about the division split in the Chagatai Khanate.
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An essay that does a really good job at explaining how the Ilkhanate formed and how the
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Gave us insight over the Mongol empire before Chinggis Khan.
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This book was a biography on Chinggis Khan and provided many pictures for us to use in our
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A video giving a basic summary over the beginnings and growth of the Mongol empire and
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This website had a timeline that allowed us to understand the chronology of the time period and
also helped us set up our context page.
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Information over how the Mongols would enact psychological warfare against their enemies.
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Interview we conducted with Tserenchunt Ledgen, a college professor that specializes in
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A pdf of student thesis that gave us information about the Ilkhanate culture.
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This website contained a lot of information heavily focused on the cultural legacy Genghis Khan
left behind not only for the Mongolian people, but for countries such as Iran.


Descriptions of the Mongolian armys soldiers, battle styles and weaponry.
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Gave us information about the cavalry and type of weapons used by the Mongolian army and
also a brief description of Chinggis Khan.
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Gave us good information on the cavalry aspect of the Mongol army and of weapons as well.
This website gives information on how the Mongols ruled the Golden Horde Khanate in the first
section and in the second section of the Golden Horde it talks about the overall impact and
legacy it has had on Russia.
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Gave us information of the types of laws the Mongols enforced.
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Detailed information on the military tactics that was helpful in our understanding of one aspect
in Mongolian leadership.
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This book gave us information about Mongolia before the Mongols and allowed us to learn about
the state of Mongolia before Chinggis Khan and the scattered nomadic tribes running about. We
used this in our context page.

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School textbook that laid out the important aspects of the Mongols but also gave us specific
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A school textbook that gave us a large amount of details surrounding Chinggis, his sons and their
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This website gave us info on the Mongol empire's impact on the world and helped us with our
legacy page. It also had background info on Kublai Khan
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This book was a biography of Chinggis Khan and his descendants and focused on his leadership
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