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These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of

the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.

Research, Policy and Planning Department,
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The LAC management has said the cost of the damage is unknown and insist
that currently it is only interested in the health condition of the victims.

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Liberians weigh on Hash
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Corruption Probe Likely For Speaker,

Oil Company, Finance Ministry
Officials, 90 Days After Ultimatum

Punishments for Rapists

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Monday, January 26, 2015

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r. Henry Costa, host of the highly-rated

Henry Costa Morning Show is reportedly
the subject of an ongoing investigation by
the National Security Agency(NSA) in the
recent deportation saga of Mr. Sam Fawaz, a Lebanese
national whose mysterious deportation sparked a political
Fawazs surprising return to Monrovia on January 11, 2015
after he was reported to have died in a prison in Lebanon
last year raised questions about the nature of his purported
Sources at the NSA confirmed to FrontPageAfrica late
Sunday night the interest in Costa is based on a complaint
filed by Mr. Sam Fawaz. That is true. There is an active
joint criminal investigation that is ongoing with police and
immigration on how the young man was illegal deported
from Liberia without court proceedings. The basis of this
is a complaint that was filed by Mr. Fawaz. Mr. Fawaz
alleges that Mr. Costa played a central role in his illegal
deportation, a senior NSA official speaking on condition
of anonymity told FrontPageAfrica.
The source said a joint investigative team is looking into
kidnapping and criminal conspiracy charges against Mr.
Costa and soon-to-be identified immigration officers.
Costa told FrontPageAfrica Sunday that he will not submit
to the probe. I will not submit myself to an NSA-led
politically motivated witch hunt under the guise of a
human trafficking investigation. They will have to use force
or other means to compel me. Its up to them.
Following Mr. Sam Fawazs return to Liberia earlier this
month, Mr. Lemuel Reeves, the relieved Commissioner
of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization said the
return meant that the investigation would resume in the
Fawaz reportedly arrived on January 11, 2015 via Royal

Air Maroc using his Lebanese passport. Fawaz who had

earlier claimed that he was a Liberian, reportedly arrived
in Liberia using a Lebanese passport with a Liberian visa
reportedly issued in Morocco. He had reportedly used the
same passport to depart Liberia last June.
It is unclear whether BIN commissioner Reeves and
other BIN officials who had been accused of forcing the
deportation of Sam Fawaz will also form part of the NSA
probe. But NSA sources say many have already been called
in for questioning under the supervision of the Ministry of
But Reeves did tell FPA after Fawazs return that he felt
vindicated after numerous reports had suggested that the
BIN had kidnapped and deported Mr. Fawaz from Liberia.
We will continue with our investigation, but this will clear
my name. It is now clear that I did not deport Mr. Fawaz as
was reported. The fact that they said he was deported and
even died in Lebanon speaks volume. So I am glad that he
is alive and we can continue with our investigation and all
the facts and allegations surrounding his case can be laid to
rest, Reeves said.
Sam Fawaz had alleged that BIN officers handcuffed him
and took all his money away while en route to the airport.
When I got to the airport in Lebanon and they have written
a paper in Arabic that I was deported from Liberia. I am
scared of my safety here; I feel they could jail me at any
time for whatever reason that my uncle could make up to
keep me away from Liberia and SSF..
Sam Fawaz claimed that his uncle Shawki Fawaz of SSF
had denied him (Sam Fawaz) his legitimate share of the
company. He said the company (SSF) was registered in
his name because his uncle wanted the company to be a
Liberian-owned. Sam said he is a Liberian by birth, because
his mother is a Liberian and his father who is now deceased,
was a Lebanese and the senior brother to Shawki Fawaz.
Sam had complained that his Uncle Shawki Fawaz robbed

him of carrying his biological father's name when he was

a child. "My uncle got me a Liberian passport when I was
under aged following the death of my father. He gave me
his full names, making me to be his son and his junior boy.
My biological name was changed, I did not carry my dad's
name, I was compared to carry Shawki Fawaz full name
because he wanted to benefit from my God's given birth
rights as a Liberian".
Sam said when he reached the age of maturity and decided
to engage his uncle on the matter and demanded that he
be given his share of the company, his uncle refused and
threatened to use his money and contact in Liberia to
deport him. "My uncle, Shawki and his media agent Costa
arranged for my deportation; they bribe the immigration
commissioner, my poor Liberian mother and deported me
midnight on Air Maroc. The BIN officers used a weapon to
threaten me while they were taking me to the airport," he
The issue of Human Trafficking has of late been a major
international issue for Liberia.
According to the 2014 U.S. Department of State Trafficking
in Person (TIP) report on Liberia, GoL was taken to task for
not fully complying with the minimum standards for the
elimination of trafficking but that it is making significant
efforts to do so as it pointed out that Liberia remains a
source, transit and destination country for men, women, and
children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.
The report said most trafficking victims originate from
and are exploited within the countrys borders, where
they are subjected to domestic servitude, forced begging,
sex trafficking, or forced labor in street vending, rubber
plantations, and alluvial diamond/gold mines.
In the wake of that report eyebrows were raised over
the sudden release from the Monrovia Central Prison of
Anthony Kassabli, 44, and his father Edmund Dib Kassabli,
81. The older Kassabli is reportedly back in Lebanon.

Monday, January 26, 2015



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Martin K. N. Kollie Youth Activist,, Contributing Writer

Politics Should Not Get In

The WayLiberia


done a remarkable job in recent time, investigating and
making recommendations for individuals to face prosecution
for their alleged role played in acts of corruption and other
related offenses.
the Speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Alex Tyler
regarding a payment through the National Oil Company of
Liberia was recently used as a basis by some lawmakers to
push for the removal of the speaker.
MORE THAN TWO regular sessions of the House of
Representatives were disrupted by lawmakers calling
for Speaker Tyler to clear his name from the LACC
investigation before presiding over the deliberations by the
first branch of government.
TRULY THE CONCERNS by these lawmakers were
legitimate as the allegations involving the speaker has
bearing on the integrity of the National Legislature and not
Tyler as an individual.
WITHIN FEW DAYS the LACC again invited Deputy
Speaker Hans Barchue and Representative Edwin
Snowewho are believed to have received an amount of
US$1,200,000 from NOCAL on behalf of the Legislature
for the nationwide consultations on oil laws for reform in
the countrys emerging oil sector.
THE LATEST SERIES of LACC investigations come
after the Commission recently released a long list of
individuals including Speaker Alex Tyler, Mr. Clemenceau
Urey, J. Milton Teahjay, David Kortee, amongst others
and forwarded the names to the Ministry of Justice for
SINCE THE LACC made the recommendations last
October, the rubber stamped Ministry of Justice
is yet to act; supporting the culture of impunity in the fight
against corruption as some of those named for prosecution
including, former Superintendent Teahjay has won as
senator of Sinoe County.
her letter of resignation boldly stated that the Ministry was
not getting the needed resources and cooperation to do its
work and she could not hold on.
THE PERVASIVE TREND now in Liberia is awarding
individuals accused of corruption with elective and other
high profile appointed positions, a slap in the face of the
fight against the age- old menace.
INACTION BY THE Ministry of Justice on
recommendations by the LACC is reducing the entity to a
mere paper tiger entity but we believe that the commission
must not waiver in its fight against corruption, whether its
recommendations are implemented or not.
THE LACC MUST push further with more investigations,
making public its finding as the Liberian public and the
world at large will have the opportunity to judge the
commission based on its work and not what the Ministry of
Justice fails to do with the Commissions recommendations.
IN THE SAME vein, while we call on the commission to

etreat for cabinet members and heads of public

agencies is a regular phenomenon in almost every
country. During this time, key stakeholders within
the Executive Branch of government meet to
review governments overall performance with specific focus
on sectorial successes and challenges. In addition, forecasting
of achievable development targets and operational goals
is done. Unfortunately in Liberia, our cabinet ministers and
heads of agencies are best known for setting undoable targets
and projecting unrealistic plans. False impression is taking us
nowhere. Deception only creates more harm for those who are
at the very bottom of the economic ladder.
Liberia is a country of pseudo dreamers whose vision is
driven by unfruitful promises and pretense. Every time they
congregate at such meeting, most of them give fake progress
reports that do not even reflect existing realities. The major
concern of some of them is how they will be retained after the
"Step Up or Step Down" policy is applied by the President.
Instead of giving more attention to the essence of the retreat,
they are found searching for unmerited favor by creating false
impression about who they are and what they intend to do. This
is really sad and our leaders must graduate from this stage!
During each cabinet retreat, a marriage between promise and
pretense does exist. Everyone becomes concern about who
stays or goes. What good does it make for Senior Ministers,
Deputy, Assistant Ministers, and heads of agencies to attend
retreat every year when they make no big difference or impact
after such an event is held? I thought occasion like this is
intended to critically review the past and advance realistic
strategies to improve the present and prepare for the future.
It makes no sense to misuse taxpayers money to conduct an
annual retreat that continues to bring fruitless outcome. It is
just unwise to do one thing over and over without reaping any
positive result.
Where are the socio-economic dividends as a result of this
retreat? What can Liberians show from past retreats? Nothing
new for Liberians has come out of this occasion since its
inception. This gathering in my mind is only meant to satisfy
the socio-economic appetite of top government officials and
deceive those who are unaware about their sinister agenda.
Liberia does not need bunch of copy and paste theories, but a
genuine recovery plan that reflects a total semblance of public
participation and grassroot identity.
The people need action and not empty promises. They are
weary with sweet words and accurate pronunciations. Good
governance goes beyond education and until those who call
themselves leaders can recognize this fact, our countrys
development agenda will forever shift downward. It is no
longer about what you have learnt, but it is about what people
can benefit from what you have learnt.
The first precondition to national leadership is Patriotism. An
unpatriotic educated President is the most dangerous citizen
of any country. An unnationalistic educated Minister or
Lawmaker is the most terrible steward any nation can have. I
careless about how many degrees a person has, but care more

about what impact those degrees can make to elevate ordinary

lives out of acute poverty and abject adversity.
The real meaning of cabinet retreat has lost its taste in Liberia
as key State actors within the Executive Branch continue to
misuse this medium to merry-make and exhibit self-seeking
characters. Even though there has been series of such
assembly, but nothing has changed substantively. Almost
every sector of government remains weak today as a result of
non-implementation and non-adherence to public policy. The
development objective of Liberia is far from realization due to
policy failure and fiscal indiscipline.
The two-day retreat that was held in Julijuah Town, Bomi
County on January 20, 2015 was not only a mere bluff, but
another means for this regime to further expose its real image
of dishonesty, deception, and insincerity to its people. Nothing
new was said that we have not heard since 2006. The same old
story was told by those same unreliable voices, but this time
around in different location. Solution to any national problem
cannot come through rhetoric, but genuine deed.
Liberians are anxiously waiting to benefit from the Poverty
Reduction Strategy, Lift Liberia, Agenda for Transformation,
Vision 2030, and other socio-economic plans of this
government, but to no avail. Poverty is increasing daily as
access to basic social services remains a serious challenge. The
purchasing power, life-expectancy, and food security of our
people remain very low while the rate of unemployment, social
insecurity, and illiteracy remains high. I need not to mention
health and sanitation! Our concern now is, why must they
continue to attend cabinet retreats when nothing is changing?
Are they not aware that Liberia is one of the four poorest
countries on earth? We are tired about too many meetings and
plenty talks that are not germinating into concrete deliverables.
The creation of more policies without implementation is not
helping us. Policies can only become good when policy-makers
ensure they are fully implemented. What good does it make to
develop an excellent framework without achieving its targets?
It is time for our leaders to rethink their strategy in order to
liberate Liberia from its current status. The accomplishment
of people-driven initiatives will help promote economic
expansion, political sustainability, and social coherence. The
paradigm needs to change if our nation must make genuine
It is time to end a longstanding marriage between promise and
pretense. The period to finally divorce deceit and falsehood
is now. The primitive relationship between deprivation and
discrimination must cease to exist. It is time to bury greed and
unpatriotism forever. For too long hypocrisy and conspiracy
have slept in the same bed. For more than nine (9) years now,
corruption and nepotism are still dinning together. After two
successive democratic elections, elitism and sectarianism are
marching hand in hand. We must do all we can to put a halt
to bad governance. The chain of poverty and unemployment
must be broken if Liberia must once more be seen as sweet
land of liberty.
Above all interests, Liberia is Supreme!

continue its good work, we also caution the LACC to remain

above the fray and not allow its work to turn political where
the commission will be used by politicians to go at each
others throat.
IN LIBERIA, POLITICS stands in the way of every good
thing as politicians use their power and wealth to manipulate
and change the course of everything, even making a credible
and independent entity to revert to politics.
THE PRESIDENCY OF Liberia is so powerful that the
interest of the president is always protected at all levels, and
we caution the LACC to not allow its work get contaminated
by politics, its investigation must be based on necessity and
not otherwise.

THE STRINGS OF investigations currently being done by

the LACC are welcoming but must not in any way become a
tool for lawmakers to begin in house fighting using the work
of the LACC as a tool. The Commission must work to ensure
that its work is not wrongly used to feud internal wrangling
but rather one that is necessary.
ADDITIONALLY THE LACC must avoid commissioning
investigation based on the wishes of people; politicians must
not use the LACC to conduct investigations to suit their quest
for something.
ON THIS NOTE, we are calling on the LACC to continue its
work and at the same time avoiding politics from influencing
its fiduciary responsibilities to the Liberian people.

Monday, January 26, 2015

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The Reader's Page

Send your letters and comments to:

s a parent, can you Imagine witnessing your
child bleed to death and the aftermath of such
Noise ? What noise ? Sometime ago , the President nominated someone
to head a ministry . But it took one Senator to question or so to speak
( make noise in the Senate ) concerning the integrity of the nominee ,
who was named in the audit report of the GAC about some corrupt deals
, and his nomination was put on hold by the Liberian Senate waiting
clarification from him about those deals . A few good men still exist in
the unrighteous political house of the Liberian Legislature . The Speaker
still maintained that his corrupt actions was in the best interest of the
country and the people . Calling for the Speaker to account for his corrupt
deal by few good men , joined by strange political bed fellows as Rep.
Snowe and other political voices , should not be ssen as noise making ,
but rather , all should join in support against this kind of corruption where
one sees himself well above the law ! Sometimes some do get away with
their corrupt deals , but that should not deter the rest of the people from
pushing forward against corruption . With 2017 just around the corner ,
support the few good men standing up in the unrighteous house of the
Liberian Legislature .
Why are these crocks making noise, when were they informed about
Speaker Tyler's situation and why such action was not taken against Hon.
Edward Ford? If these seven representatives are really serious about the
integrity and the image of the Hon. House, I suggest they should call for
a complete audit of the Hon. House of Representative. The integrity and
the image of Senate and House of Representative, was long compromised
before Speaker Tyler's incident came to light. Most Liberian, know about
the all powerful brown envelopes going around in the senate and in the
house of representative. So why are these seven representatives pulling
rope, when they clearly know that rope will pull bush?
Noise for attraction; you guess what is unfolding behind the scene tonight.
Why are these crocks making unnecessary noise now? Is it because 2017
approaching? Well, let me remind you Honorable Crocks that it is very
late now to change our hearts. We (voters) have cleaned up the House of
Senate and we strongly believed that the clean up process will continue
in the Lower House in 2017. It is very late for some of you so-called
lawmakers to make it right with us now. The "Die Is Cast " crocks! If you
like you can sit over the roof of the Capitol Building and shout, we the
voters will make our decisions on who stays or leaves the House come
2017. We will clean up the Lower House like we did in the Upper House
few weeks ago.
Let the Members sign and resolve the matter before the Silent majority
takes it under control for the people. In the main time, the speaker could
not possibly preside until the public hears the outcome.
Tell the Liberian people. I am gone in silence.
These so called legislators are demanding a probe of Tyler only because
they did not get their share of the bribes.
The louder the noise, the thicker the "brown" envelop....Like we say in
Liberia "so so technique"
Tyler owner wahala begin


One should welcome the statements made by the ..... Gender Ministry,
we are not kicking against the practice of FGM; our approach is to
modernize it. We know that our traditional people have come a long way
with our culture and there is no way you can just wipe it off. But creating
skills training that the women can get involved in, will gradually take
them away from the practice of FGM. And I think it is the best way to
give them an alternative rather than take everything away from them,
Pointed out Rosaline Browne. " The key to ending this old aged pratice
is through education and training , which is the much better approach .
Through education , those involved in the old practice will come to see
and understand the reasons why the new way is not only better , but is
helping to improve their old culture .


The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and
bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

horrific experience? Rape is a crime that doesn't

only affect the victim but also affects an entire
generation; most especially, those who hailed from deep
religious and traditional backgrounds. I applaud the Liberian
Justice Ministry for launching an investigation to gather all
the facts that led to the death of twelve (12) year old, Ma
It's my hope that the perpetrator (s) will be brought to justice!
The recent rape incident in Liberia has created serious sense
of insecurity for many parents and their children. Recently, a
twelve (12) years old by the name of Ma MusuFofana , was
raped , neglected , and died as a result of physical assault by a
rapist According Ma Musu's family , The Liberian
Police refused to put Ma Musu in a government vehicle to
transport her to bseek immediately medical attention . As you
may be aware that Liberia is one of the many countries in West
Africa that is known to have tough rape laws. However, with
all the punishments that are laid out for a rapist, rape cases are
still on the increase with over 150 men currently languishing
in jails. Last year, over 500 cases of rape were reported to the
Liberian National Police; rape remains a non-billable crime in
Jail sentence for rape cases ranges of ten (10) years to life in
prison depending on the gravity and circumstances that led to
the crime. International non- governmental organizations and
the government of Liberia have and continue to invest millions
of dollars in the quest to minimize the cases of rape in the
country. Despite the fact that Liberia's laws and
punishment on rape is tough, many Liberian parents are
wondering; why rape cases are on the rise in Liberia? .
Historically, the issue of rape was the norm during the
fourteen (14) years of civil conflict in Liberia. Many victims
of rape would testify today as to how the most powerful
rebels or soldiers slept with women of their choice and in
many instances, most female victims didn't resist because
they were afraid of getting killed. Infact, Gang rape was like
a game of sport to rebel groups. Additionally, many soldiers
during the civil war were child soldiers who were recruited
by means of force and drugs influence. Today, many of those
recruited child soldiers are now adults who are integrated into
the communities without adequate rehabilitation programs
like a psycho social counseling, treatment for behaviors'
modification, etc.Interestingly, the police noted that Ma Musu
Attacker was an ex-combatant.
The questions then become , how can we adequately address
the issue of rape and how do we prevent rape from occurring
or increasing in Liberia ?

I asked these question because the government agencies

charged with the responsibility for promoting the fight against
rape in Liberia have focused lots of energy and resources in
advocating for tougher laws and pursuing legal actions against
the perpetrators of rape crimes . While it true that punishment
helps to deter crime; there is a greater need for a proactive
measure to be adapted . The Gender Ministry, the Ministry of
Health , and civil society organizations in the country need to
invest more time and resources in the following areas ; massive
awareness , education , empowerment , Increase security and
social services in isolated communities, setup rehabilitation
centers to provide free psycho-social counseling and treatment
for behaviors modification , setup a central information
command to collect and distribute data on suspected and
confirmed cases of rape , train and deploy mobile counselors
in various school districts , prosecute parents who indirectly
expose their children to rape crime , and implement the child
custody laws .
Musa Willie



The Editor,

t is an undeniable fact that many students in Liberia have

sat for months without going to school due to the scourge
of the deadly Ebola Virus. Quite recently the government
of Liberia announced the resumption of schools on
February 2, 2015. While it is true that Liberian students have
a right to Education, I have a serious reservation on this hasty
decision by the government of Liberia to resume schools,
when there are still cases of Ebola, though low as they may
be, been reported. More besides, my observation during the
last few weeks reveals that the government of Liberia, through
the Ministry of Education hasn't put into place any robust or
streamlined system aimed to preventing the Spread of Ebola
in the mist of schools been re-opened and the health safety of
students. I personally think the government of Liberia needs
to rethink her decision or better still defer the resumption of
schools until Liberia has been declared Ebola Free by the
World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control
(CDC). Let us not make an error to allow us to revert to the
bitter past experienced months ago. This is my candid opinion.
You may not necessarily agree with me, but that's my view.
By: Arthur R.M. Becker, Sr.


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

Wade C. L. Williams, News Desk Chief, wade.; 0880664793
Danesius Marteh, Sports Editor, danesius.marteh@, 0886236528
James-Emmanuel D. Cole, Jr, Graphics Designer
& Layout Editor,;
0886 211 390, 0777 027 030
Henry Karmo, henry.karmo@frontpageafricaonline.
Al-varney Rogers
com, 0886-304498

Sports Reporter, A. Macaulay Sombai,macaulay.sombai@, 077217428
Grand Bassa, Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, 0777432042
selma.lomax@, 0886-484666
Sinoe County, Leroy N.S Kanmoh, leroy.kanmoh@
Kadi Coleman Porte, 0886-304-178/ 0777832753, advertise@

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monrovia he
Commission (LACC)
is poised to undertake
the prosecution of all those
indicted for corruption by the
Commission if the Justice
Ministry fails to do so. This,
according to the Chairman of the
Anti- Corruption Commission,
Attorney James Verdier Jr. in
an exclusive interview with our
staff writer. This could mean that
Speaker Tyler, Representative
Adoph Lawrence, newly-elected
Sinoe County Senator Milton
Teahjay and others could get
booted from the legislature
to face trial. The prosecution
dragnet could also include
the Managing Director of the
Liberia Petroleum Refining
Company (LPRC) executives
of the National Oil Company
(NOCAL), and officials at the
Ministry of Finance.
carried out, could shake up the
government and breathe a new
breath of life in the publics
quest for corrupt officials to
be brought to justice and for
the problem of widespread
corruption in government to
be addressed. Corruption has
remained a serious problem in
government and continues to
undermine the countrys post
war recovery and reconstruction.
The countrys infrastructure and
social services remain in ruins
as government officials continue
to amass personal wealth, amid
government failure to hold
anyone accountable. Many
commentators even blame the
failure of the countrys health
care system to address the recent
Ebola outbreak on corruption
that has siphoned resources away
from building a robust health
care system.
It has been about 90 days
findings to the Ministry of
Justice with recommendations
for prosecution. And, as has
happened in the past, the Ministry
has taken no action towards
charging and prosecuting the
indicted in the past, either by the
Anti-Corruption Commission or
the Auditing Commission and
presented to the Justice Ministry,
escaped prosecution due to the
Ministrys failure to prosecute.
pursue prosecutions in spite of
the Justice Ministrys decision
aims to change this situation
and may lead to a major shakeup in government, including
the removal of House Speaker
Alex Tyler and several other
legislators and government
officials including the Managing
Director of the Liberia Petroleum
Refining Company (LPRC) and
executives of the National Oil
Company (NOCAL). It could
also force the hand of a reluctant
Ministry of Justice to actually
Citing the law that established
his commission Verdier noted
that the LACC Act of 2008
(Sections 11.3 & 11.4)gives
the LACC the authority to take
seize of the cases submitted
to the Ministry of Justice after
the expiration of 90 days if the
Ministry, for whatever reasons
fails, neglects or reneges on
prosecution. So, the LACC can
on its own prosecute these cases.
And we are determined to do
so, we are prepared to proceed
with all of the cases presented to



Page 5




Corruption Probe Likely For Speaker, Oil Company, Finance Ministry Officials, 90 Days After Ultimatum

the MoJ after three (3) months

of non- action on them by
the Justice Ministry, Verdier
It can be recalled that in a press
conference on October 23, the
Chairman of the Liberia AntiCorruption Commission, Mr.
Verdier revealed the names of
House Speaker Alex Tyler and
Representative Adolf Lawrence
for their role in a questionable
contract and payment deal to
private contractors amounting
to $125,000.00. The LACC boss
also revealed an alleged bribery
scheme involving members of
the Legislature and officials of
the National Oil Company of
Liberia (NOCAL) and named
several government officials,
including the Managing Director
of the Liberia Petroleum
Refining Company, Nelson
Williams II, and former Sinoe
County Superintendent and
recently elected Senator Milton
Teahjay. Teahjay was indicted
involving the Sinoe County
development funds while he
served as Superintendent of that


In the contract deal involving

Speaker Tyler, the House of
Representatives reportedly hired
three lawyers, one Ghanaian (for
$75,000.00) and two Liberian
lawyers for (25,000.00 each) to
review the Petroleum law that
was passed by the Senate and sent
to the House of Representatives
for concurrence. According to
Speaker Tyler, the National Oil
Company (NOCAL) should
have paid the contractors but
when NOCAL said it was not
prepared to pay, Speaker Tyler
said he paid the three contractors
from his personal finances.
According to chairman Verdier
of the LACC the purported
contracts with the three lawyers
were entered into without
going through the public
bidding process as required by
law, to ensure transparency,
equal opportunity and that the
government got the best services
for the least amount. The LACC
also questioned why Speaker
Tyler allegedly used his personal
money to pay the contractors.
It is a violation of the Financial
Management Law of Liberia for
anyone to use his or her personal
money to finance public activities,
if that is what was actually done.
Additionally, the contract was
not opened to a public bidding
process, as required by the

Cllr. Verdier

Public Procurement Law. As

you may know, the amount in
question (125,000.00) exceeds
the threshold at which a public
bidding process is required.
In fact the decision to pay the
contractors before any work was
performed is also in violation
of government contracting rules
that payments be made only after
Responding to the LACCs
indictment, Speaker Tylers office
issued a statement noting that
the decision of the Chairperson
of the LACC to select the court
of public opinion as opposed
to following the powers and
functions as enshrined in the Act
is inappropriate and outside the
spirit of good governance.
But in an interview with our staff
writer LACC Chairman Verdier
rejected those claims by Speaker
Lawrence that they were not
contacted by the LACC and that
the Commission chose the court
of public opinion. All of those
accused by us and recommended
for prosecution are people we've
interrogated including the case
involving Speaker Alex Tyler and
Rep. Adolf Lawrence. Verdier
emphasized that the LACC under
his leadership will not engage in
the business of making back door
deals and covering up corrupt
acts. Corruption is a matter that
affects the public therefore acts
of corruption will be brought to
the public, not handled through
back-door dealings.
Meanwhile, according to a
source with knowledge of the
LACC'S case against Speaker
Tyler, the corrupt deal was
exposed in a tip- off to the
LACC. The source who asked
not to be named because of his
relationship with the legislators
involved said Representative
Adolf Lawrence was arrested by
officers of the LACC at a local
bank where he had gone along
with one of the contractors to in
cash one of the checks involved
in the deal. I dont know what
they are arguing about but the
man was caught red-handed right
in the bank", our source said.

of the House of Representatives

when Speaker Tyler refused to
recognize them and to include
the corruption allegations on
the Houses agenda. Several
community and social justice
activists have hailed the efforts
of the legislators to bring their
colleagues to account for their
corrupt actions.



Recently several legislators
including former Speaker Edwin
Snowe, Montserrado County
representative Henry Fahnbulleh,
among others called for the
Speaker to step aside and to
make himself available to answer
to the allegations by the LACC.
They also disrupted the session

Recently elected Sinoe County

as Superintendent of that
Misapplication of Entrusted
Property; Misuse of Public
money, property or Record; Theft
and/or Illegal Disbursement
and Expenditure of Public
Money for un-authorizingly
using, disbursing and expending
without any evidence and or

The LACC also recommended

the prosecution of Hon.
Sekou Kanneh on the charge
of FORGERY (Subchapter E
subsection 15.70 of the Liberian
Penal Code relating to Forgery or
Counterfeiting, and Amos Kun,
Director of Compliance/ASU/
at the Ministry of Finance for
Criminal Facilitation in keeping
with 10.2: Criminal facilitation
for his failure to properly advise
the Comptroller General on the
deficiency of the voucher despite
the fact that he was aware that

Addressing what appeared to
be a bribery syndicate between
some lawmakers and officials
of the National Oil Company
(NOCAL) that could also
Verdier said the case involves
about $168,000.00 allegedly paid
to legislators by the National Oil
Company to get the lawmakers
to ratify oil contracts, describing
the payments as bribes.
According to the LACC
Chairman former NOCAL Board
Chairman Clemenceau Urey and
Counselor Stephen Dumbar are
to be charged and prosecuted
for bribery, misapplication of
entrusted properties, criminal
facilitation, criminal conspiracy
and economic sabotage for the
amount of $50,000.00, while
Dr. Foday Kromah and Mrs.
Marie Parker, all members
of the NOCAL Board, are
recommended for prosecution
for bribery, criminal facilitation,
economic sabotage for the
amount of $118,400.00 also paid
out to lawmakers. The report
also recommends that former
representative Alomiza Ennos
Barr be charged for criminal
facilitation and misapplication
and bribery for the amount of
Urey admitted to paying
US$50,000.00 to un-named
members of the legislature
and revealed that other oil
company executives also paid
U.S$118,000.00 to legislators to
vote for oil contracts.

documentation relating to the

usage of the following amounts
while serving as Superintendent
of Sinoe.
RENTAL fees paid by Forestry
concessionaire for development
(b) US$12,000 representing part
of proceeds realized from sales
of rubber seized from illegal
tappers from the SRC plantation;
Teahjah, according to the
LACC also violated the Public
procurement Act of 2005 and its
Regulation #003 of the Schedule
of Threshold by awarding
contract without going through
the legally required public
bidding process. Some of the
(a)Greenville City Electrification
Contract, (b)James E. Greene
Sports Stadium (c)Diyankpo
Administration Building (d)
Kunwiah Clinic (e)Pyne Town
Administration Building (f)
Administration Building.


The LACC also recommended

that the Managing Director
of the Liberia Petroleum
Refining Company Mr. T.
Nelson Williams, II be charged
and prosecuted for violating
Section 138 of the PPCC Act
for awarding a 13,000,000.00
(thirteen Million U.S. Dollars)
contract to Aminata & Sons for
the sale of petroleum products
under a Japanese Oil Grant
without public bidding, as
required by law. In March
2014 the Government of Japan
provided a grant of one billion,
one hundred million Japanese
Yen (1,100,000,000), to the
Government of Liberia as part of
its contribution to the economic
and social development of

the voucher was fraudulent.

Mr. Boom Wilson, former
Comptroller General was also
recommended for prosecution
for Gross Negligence of Duty
for his failure to exercise due
diligence in the performance of
his duty relating to the payment
of a fake voucher.
The Commission is also
recommending Mr. David Kortee
for prosecution for allegedly
receiving money from the
Government of Liberia through
the Ministry of Public Works to
carryout public relations work
the LACC says was never
According to Mr. Verdier his
commission is also investigating
among other cases, a.) Contract
and payment for alleged dredging
of Liberia Sea Port by the
NPA; as well as circumstances
surrounding transportation of
US$30,000 by an official of the
Verdier said his Commission is
also pushing to amend the anticorruption law so as to give
his commission the authority
to initiate prosecution without
having to wait for 90 days for
the Ministry of Justice to act
or not act. This provision is a
bad law because within 90 days
all kinds of things can happen
that can undermine effective
and successful prosecution;
besides this is an unnecessary
bureaucracy that undermines
the fight against corruption
and creates duplication in the
functions of the LACC and
the Ministry of Justice, with
unnecessary costs to taxpayers.
observers have expressed doubts
that Verdiers efforts to amend
the law will succeed. They
expressed doubts that President
Sirleaf or the Legislature
will move to change the law.
Changing the law requires the
support of President Sirleaf and
she or her administration has not
demonstrated that commitment to
fighting corruption. It mostly has
been lip service; said Alphonso
Nyenuh, a Liberian human
rights activist based in the US.
Mr. Nyenuh noted that though
there is separation of powers
between the Executive and the
Legislature, the Executive sets
the tone and if the Executive
shows, as it has done, that it
is not committed to fighting
and the other branches will
follow suit. Remember, it is the
Executive that must prosecute so
if people find that they will not
get prosecuted for corruption
then they can go ahead and
commit corrupt acts. If President
Sirleaf wants to change the law
and give the LACC more teeth
she can do what she has done in
the past to pass laws she favored.
She can get legislators from her
party and others she has used in
the past, to pass the amendment.
Nyenuh noted that this case is a
major test to the government's
corruption. He praised President

see page 6

Monday, January 26, 2015

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at the Justice Ministry about
said what the Liberian people
need now is prosecutions; the
President needs to ask her
Minister of Justice to bring
charges against and to vigorously
prosecute these people.
Nyenuh also lamented what he
called the absence of the civil
society in this fight. "This is the
time when students, women,
teachers, children and families
affected by EBOLA, etc. those who are the victims of
corruption- must be mobilized
to pressure the President and the
legislature to have these people
charged and presented to court
for prosecution. Where are the
demonstrations, the calls and the
letter writing campaigns, etc., to
pressure the President, the Justice
Ministry and the legislators to
take action? Nyenuh said.
corruption, particularly public
sector corruption, as Public
Enemy Number One, her
prosecuting corruption has been
dismal and many in government
integrity agencies who sought
accountability had their efforts
frustrated by lack of support from
the Executive. Several officials
accused of corruption through
audits and investigations by the
corruption agency are never


removed or at the very least,

suspended, by the President to
face prosecution.
Government officials have used
the contracting and procurement
processes to extract bribes and
kick-backs from contractors.
The Director of the Public
Procurement Commission Peggy
Meres resigned the Sirleaf

state of the countrys health

care infrastructure and thus its
failure to address the Ebola
outbreak; leading to thousands
of deaths. Experts also cite the
poor health infrastructure for the
death of thousands to treatable
conditions such as malaria, and
to infant mortality and the death
of mothers in child birth.

administration in May last

year for lack of support from
the President to enforce the
guidelines of the Commission,
awarding of contracts , the
public bidding process, and
transparency in government
Corruption in the Sirleaf
administration has affected
every facet of social services
and society in general- from
undermining the rehabilitation
of water and electricity supply,
to education and healthcare.
Corruption is said to be a major
contributing factor to the poor

is committed to
officials and others
the use of Ebola
related resources.
Chairman Verdier
noted that the LACC

investigations into the use of
funds and resources related to
the fight against Ebola. We are
aware of the reports of alleged
mismanagement of the first
contribution from the Liberian
government in the amount of 5
million; we have not commenced
an investigation because we
are engulfed with monitoring
and investigating other matters
but we are committed to and
will investigate the flow,
disbursement and application of
funds and resource related to the
fight against Ebola.

Eta Epsilon Lambda Chapter

Monrovia, Liberia
West Africa
Phone: 077600-1906

T. Nelson Williams, II
President & Area Director, West Africa

Emmett Walker
Vice President

Alpha Phi Alpha Press Release

A National call Against Rape & Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV)
MONROVIA, January 26, 2015, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Eta Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Liberia, is
deeply saddened by the news of the brutal and violent rape of a little 12 year old female, resulting in her death
on January 18, 2015 and all other rape victims and survivors. Alpha Phi Alpha condemns this brutal and
inhumane act predicated upon the most vulnerable among us.
The alleged perpetrator is reported to be a man in his 40s. He must be exposed and dealt with to the fullest
extent of the law.
While the nation slowly struggles to defeat the deadly Ebola virus which has taken all our energy, resources and
time, wicked persons have seized the moments to perpetrate senseless and violent crimes against women and
girls, including toddlers and infants. As a nation experiencing 11 years of peace, we cannot and must not allow
this to continue and will must and act loudly against it.
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. re-echoes its message of NO MEANS NO and emphatically declares yet
again, that there is no place in our society for rape and other sexual and gender based violence. Rape and sexual
abuse are unacceptable and intolerable at all times and must remain so in Liberia!
We will work to see that justice is carried out to the full extent of the law against the perpetrator(s) of this
heinous crime and will not stop until we see justice is carried out. We will employ all measures legally available
to see that justice is served, including tapping the available legal minded Brothers of our noble Fraternity to
ensure that due process of law in protecting the rights of victims and their families are adhered to. Alpha will
also make recommendations to the government of Liberia which will focus on sex education and prevention.
Today, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. has decided to reach out to support victims and families of sexual
gender based violence in Liberia through partnerships with other members of the National SGBV Taskforce.
For the violent rape and death of children of Liberia, our Fraternity says loudly and clearly, "NO to sexual
gender based violence", "NO MEANS NO, and Leave Our Innocent Children Alone or face the full force
and weight of the law!

Alpha World Policy Council

Charles H. Chapman

Ebola Handshake New Sensation

Tecee Boley,



Henry A. Callis


Eugene K. Jones

George B. Kelley

Nathaniel A. Murray

Robert H. Ogle

Vertner W. Tandy

n exceptional way
of handshake in
Liberia is being
replaced by new
forms of salutation dubbed
Ebola Handshakes. These
new handshakes are becoming
popular even as Ebola cases
reported daily appear to be
on the decrease.
adopted a social distance form of
greetings when the World Health
recommendation for people in
Ebola-hit countries to avoid
any body contact including
handshakes to contain the spared
of the virus that has claimed the
lives of over 6,000 persons in the
worst Ebola outbreak in recorded
human history.
knocking the shoes and
hitting the arms while they
are covered with garments are
spreading like wildfire amongst
young people especially men.
The popularity of the Ebola
handshake can be traced to
October when Liberian President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was seen
knocking elbows with visiting
United States Ambassador to the
United Nations Samantha Power.
But as the West African Nation
looks forward to being declared
Ebola free, it seems the Liberian
handshake may be consigned to
the dustbin of history.
The fact that we still see Ebola
around in our corridors, I have
thought to adapt the new form of
greeting by just hitting the shoes
together and going my way. By
doing that, in my mind, I will
not get Ebola, says Jeremiah
Behaviors such as the Ebola
handshake, regular hand washing
with soap and clean water,
keeping a distance from sick
people, and not touching anyone
who has died - all help to lower
the risk of infectious diseases.
During this Ebola epidemic in
West Africa -- the largest in
history -- the combination of
behaviors among a large part
of the population are helping
raise and maintain awareness of
Ebola, and reduce the spread of
the disease, says the Center for
Disease Control (CDC).
When Ebola was really killing
people I was doing nothing like
that [handshaking] but now I
can hit the elbows when I am
wearing a long sleeves shirt or
coat to greet my friends. I feel
safe that way. Body contact in
the form of handshake is a part
of our culture, says Andrew T.

In Liberia the way of shaking
hands often shocks and amazes
visitors to the West African
nation. It is done by shaking the
hand as normally done but when
releasing the hand; the middle
finger robs against that of the
partners to click at the same
time using the thumbs to make a
snapping noise. This simple and
exciting trick of greeting carries
more significance in Liberian
In our towns and villages if you
do not shake hands with that
click sound it means you are not
welcoming. They will call you
to ask what they have done to
you. Some people will even take
you to the council of elders and
say this person did not shake my
hand properly. It looks like he
has something against me, says
former Liberian Information
Emmanuel Bowier.
The history of this unique
handshake predicts any written
history in Liberia. Even its
top powerful secret societies
such as the freemason and
for indigenous males of
northwestern and central regions]
use this handshake as a form of
greeting, a consummation of an
agreement and a ritual to show
personal level of achievement
called degree.
Those free slaves came and met
this clicking handshake and they
adapted it, Bowier emphasizes.
You can see how this common
act of handshake is important
in Liberia even at the top our
body politics today. During
the certification of victorious
candidate of the 2011 polls by
National Election Commission
Chambers refused to shake hands
with President Sirleaf; signifying
unfriendliness, Bowier stressed.
But the Liberian handshake is at
risk of being wiped away for fear
of contracting the deadly Ebola
virus disease. This is having huge
impacts on the society as whole.

Most Liberians are Christians

and the Liberian handshake
forms huge part of worship. In
compliance with Ebola safety
measures, there is omission of
certain parts of Christian worship
service. For example the Roman
Catholic Church in Liberia used
this handshake in the Sign of
peace a particular part of the
mass celebration intended to
greet fellow parishioners.
We are trying to follow the
advice of the health workers.
We also do not give Holy
Communion on the tongue or in
the mouth
because while doing

so, your hand may touch their
saliva and then you could become
a medium of transmission, says
the Administrator of the Sacred
Heart Cathedral on Broad Street,
Rev Father Alphonsus Momo.
He said for traditional Catholics,
this is a big change. Imagine
doing something since you were
a baby until you are old and
one day you can no longer do
it. When we come together to
celebrate the mass we are one
family that handshake is to tell
your brother that you love him,
Father Momo stressed.
Young Catholic Thomas S.
Norris is one of few among his
peers who are critical of the
In our Liberian setting that
handshake was used to build
relationship with people but now
it is gone and nothing can replace
it. I dont think hitting the
elbows or the arms is safe at all
so I just avoid it. What do they
call Ebola handshake? We are
still in this crisis so lets avoid all
those things, Norris advised.
However the CDC says the act
of knocking elbows is a better
way to buttress good hand
CDC does not have an
official position on this "Ebola
handshake," but it is consistent
with good practice of avoiding
skin-to-skin contact during the
Ebola outbreak. The practice
of bumping elbows in Liberia
is done to reinforce good hand
hygiene behavior. This is a wellestablished way for preventing
the spread of germs from person
to person, the CDC Liberian
Office told this paper.
Restraining from body contacts
is just one of several forms the
outbreak has affected the way
of life of the Liberian people.
With the disease on the brink
of complete elimination, doubts
hang over whether or not the
people of Liberia will restore
their culture of handshake, or
allow this era sweep it into

Monday, January 26, 2015


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P.O. Box 10-0090
1000 Monrovia 10
Liberia, West Africa
Tel: 077-859-002

Invitation for Bids


(IFB. No. LPRC/NCB/001/2015)

1.) The Liberia Petroleum Refining Company intends to apply portion of funds
allotted in its 2015 Fiscal Budget toward the procurement of Stationery;
2.) The Liberia Petroleum Refining Company now invites sealed bids from eligible
registered bidders for the supply of Stationery for Fiscal Year 2015;
3.) Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding Process as
enshrined in the PPCA
4.) The quantity and minimum specifications of the assorted stationery items are
contained in the Bidding Document:
5.) Qualification Requirements include:
I. Valid Business Registration Certificate
II. Valid Tax Clarence
III. Article of Incorporation
IV. Past performance records including names, addresses and contact numbers
6.) All interested eligible bidders may obtain copy of the bidding document from the
LPRC Procurement Unit for a non-refundable fee of US$100.00 beginning Monday


The Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) is a grant making and advocacy
foundation that is part of the global Open Society Foundations Network. OSIWA
works to support the creation of open societies in West Africa marked by functioning
democracy, good governance, the rule of law, basic freedoms, and widespread civic
participation. Its headquarters is in Dakar and it has offices in Abuja, Monrovia,
Freetown and Conakry.
OSIWA seeks proposals aimed at achieving the following specific objectives:
Strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of civil society
* Advance the inclusion and legal empowerment of women, youth and people with
* Strengthen regional economic integration processes as well as tax, investment
and trade justice
* Promote the use of transitional justice mechanisms
* Improve Criminal justice and the Administration of justice
* Strengthening the health system's capacity to respond to emergencies
* Reforming the governance of health care systems: improving access and quality
of health services
* Enhance citizens' social demands for accountability and effectiveness in public
service delivery, especially in the health and education sectors
* Support alternative, ICT and arts-based means for anti-corruption enforcement
* Increase the effectiveness of natural resource management frameworks
* Reduce the impact of drug trafficking on governance
* Strengthen prevention and early warning information systems to reduce militancy
and violence; and
* Ensure inclusive constitutional review processes.
* The detailed OSIWA strategy is available here<>.

January 21, 2015 from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm daily.


7.) All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security of US$5,000.00 from a reputable

OSIWA primarily awards grants to local organizations based in West Africa. In rare
and limited circumstances, it provides support to West Africa-based international
organizations with a strong commitment to transfer knowledge to local groups they
partner with. It provides grants to government institutions as well as regional and
sub-regional organizations working in its core priorities areas. OSIWA requires all
organizations seeking funding to submit a two page concept paper using the template
available on the OSIWA website.

8.) Sealed Bids must be delivered to the LPRC Procurement Unit not later than
February 23, 2015 at 1:00pm. Late bids will be rejected and returned unopened
to bidders unopened. Bids received will be opened in the presence of bidders who
choose to attend or their representatives on February 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm. In the
LPRC Training Hall. Bids must be submit in six sets. One Original and five copies.
9.) Bids must be clearly marked Bid for LPRC Stationery Supply, (IFB No. LPRC/
NCB/001/2015) and delivered to the below address:

The address referred to is:

Procurement Unit

If this concept is in line with OSIWA's strategic objectives, applicants will be

asked to submit a detailed proposal, budget, work plan monitoring and evaluation
framework and other relevant documents including leadership information (list of
Board members, trustees and management), staff who will be involved in the project,
proof of registration and banking details. Applications that are not submitted with all
the relevant documentation will be delayed. A request to submit a detailed proposal
does NOT necessarily mean the project will be approved and funded by the Board.

Liberia Petroleum Refining Company

Product Storage Terminal
Bushrod Island
Monrovia, Liberia
Mobile#: 231886523397

Signed: __________________________________
T. Nelson Williams, II
Managing Director


The concept must be received by March 30th 2015. Detailed proposals will NOT
be accepted after May 30th 2015. The concept and the detailed proposal should be
sent to:<>. OSIWA encourages
the early submission of proposals. Submitted proposals will be reviewed on a firstcome, first-served basis.
The time required to review a proposal varies according to the complexity of the
proposal, the problem being addressed, and the number of proposals being reviewed.
Generally, it can take up to three to six months from the time a proposal is received
to the dates a final decision is made. OSIWA strives to be as expeditious as possible
in its review of inquiries and proposals. Please keep this in mind when planning.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

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Actionaid Liberia (AAL), a charitable INGO, promotes the
enhancement and protection of women, girls, and other vulnerable
cases in Liberia. The organization focuses on skills training and
empowerment of beneficiaries and duty bearers in Liberia. The
organization also builds the capacity of its local partners in the areas
of womens rights, rights of young people, children and vulnerable
cases, advocacy, program, administration, finance, etc. It is based on
this approach that AAL and its partners continue to provide capacity
building initiatives and support for women at community levels
throughout the counties in which the NGO operates.

losing everything; survivors were discharged from the ETUs to face

grim circumstances (stigmatization, loss of livelihood, etc) as they
returned home. That is why, during the festive period, ActionAid
Liberia continued to carry out vital emergency relief to support
people facing dire circumstances.

During the Christmas holiday ActionAid Liberia contributes to

1. ActionAid Liberia empowers young people to take control
of their health

One of the survivors, Patience told ActionAid that she had lost
her mother and a friend to the virus. She said when she began to
show symptoms of the illness, she was taken to the ELWA II ETU.
She recounted the horrible experience pf watching people die and
she expressed joy and gratitude that she survived. She thanked
ActionAid Liberia for the items she received and she said that it was
much needed at the time as she did not know what she was going
home to.
The items donated to the survivors in the survivor packs were:
one 25kg bag of rice, one three gallons container of cooking oil,
two large bottles of Clorox, hand sanitizers, bath gel, toothpaste,
washing soap one hand washing bucket and clothing.
AAL is now conducting a weekly donation of food, and sanitary
materials to families under quarantine and survivors. Through this
effort, AAL is making a significant impacted in the lives of over
hundreds affected households and survivors. Considering the
importance of the work carry out by the nurses and doctors at the
ETU, AAL has donated several items to the County health Team, in
support of the work at the various ETUs in the County and Rural
Women Association
3. Actionaid Liberia celebrates 16 Days of Gender-Based
Violence Against Women
Between November 25 (International Day for the Elimination
of Violence against Women) and December 10 (International
Human Rights Day), ActionAid Liberia joined other ActionAid
organizations and other NGOs (focused on the rights of women)
around the world to celebrate 16 Days of Activism against GenderBased Violence. The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based
Violence Campaign was a time to galvanize action to end violence
against women and girls around the world.

ActionAid Liberia established Boys and Girls Forums in the counties

where it works to empower young people to take control of matters
concerning their lives and welfare. Through the forums, young
people are given a safe forum to discuss and advocate for issues
impacting their lives. Last year, ActionAid Liberia invited members
of its Boys and Girls Forums around the country to develop a policy
document which called for access to family planning solutions.
One of the issues highlighted by the Boys and Girls Forum in Bong
County was the issue of access to free family planning solutions.
It was noted that young people have to purchase family planning
solutions, such as birth control pills and many cannot afford to do
so. The result of this is young girls are seeking out illegal abortions
which are cheaper and unsafe. This has led to loss of lives. The
young people also raised the issue of lack of access to free HIV/
AIDs treatment in the county.

In early December, we donated food (one three gallon container

of oil, one 25kg bag of rice, one 50kg bag of cornmeal, and one
pack of seasoning cubes) and sanitary items (one carton of clorox,
one hand washing bucket, powdered soap, and sanitary pads) to two
affected families in Clara Town.

Following the formulation of the policy document, ActionAid

Liberia held a meeting with the Bong County Health Team to present
the document. In response, an official of the County Heath Team
said that family planning solutions and HIV and AIDS treatments
should be free of charge at all the health facilities in the county,
including Phebe Hospital and local clinics.
The Bong County Boys and Girls Forum will be monitoring the
dispensation of free family planning solutions and HIV/AIDS
treatment and will be feeding back to AAL if the situation remains
The Boys and Girls Forum has now embarked on an Ebola
prevention and awareness campaign on Ebola in their various
communities throughout Bong County.
2. Providing emergency relief to people affected by Ebola
during the holiday.

One of the families, the Kabah family, lost their daughter Wokie
Kabah to Ebola at the ELWA hospital in October. She left four
children ages 7 to 16. The items were donated to for the children
who are being cared for by their maternal aunty, Siata. While
she received the items on behalf of the children, Siata thanked
ActionAid Liberia for the donation. She said that Actionaid Liberia
has made the difference in the community. She stated her hope that,
the gesture will continue towards all affected children, and families.

While it was Christmas for the rest of the world, for many around
Liberia, the Ebola outbreak remained a scary and horrifying reality.
Many lives have been lost or destroyed by the virus. Peoples
livelihoods have been affected: families of Ebola patients and
contacts were under placed quarantine to minimize the spread of
the virus, meaning that they risked not being able to get food and

ActionAid Liberia also supported four survivors who were

discharged from the ELWA II ETU on December 9. According to
Dr. Ian Pabs-Garnon, the survivors had been successfully treated
and were now being sent home Ebola free. He thanks ActionAid
Liberia for the support to survivors from the ETU.

In Liberia, ActionAid Liberia and partners including its Womens

Forum members (under the Safe Cities initiative banner), partnered
with the Ministry of Gender and Development and other national
womens rights organizations to create awareness on gender sensitive
issues in the work place, public spaces, and in communities.

~ Advertiser Supplement ~
Monday, January 26, 2015

The 16 Days campaign kicked off with a parade from the Zone
III Police Station in Congo Town, Monrovia. Participants, carrying
banners and placards walked to the populated ELWA junction
where the public space was used as a platform to engage pedestrians,
market sellers and buyers, commuters and a wide range of audiences
trafficking through the area with fliers and messages highlighting the
rights of women, girls as well as stats on violence against women.
During the event, the women used the time to promote womens
rights issues. Because Ebola has impacted more women than men,
the team also used the opportunity to carry out Ebola awareness and
distribute sanitary materials.


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The 16 Days of Activism was also marked by a policy dialogue with

the mayors of two major cities (Monrovia and Gbarnga) and two
counties (Gbarpolu and Grand Gedeh) where ActionAid Liberia has
its full local rights program in operation. In addition to the mayors and
AAL Womens Rights team, other participants included members of
ActionAid Womens Forum (Safe Cities campaign participants) and
members of the Activista youth group. During the session, topics
discussed included issues of violence against women occurring in
each mayors constituency, how the cases were investigated and
resolved; and how the handling of cases of violence against women
could be improved. The mayors spoke about the constraints and
challenges they faced in their various areas of responsibilities. One
key issue shared was the lack of adequate support to facilitate their
work on women sensitive issues.

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Monday, January 26, 2015


Liberians weigh on Hash Punishments for Rapists


Monrovian recent months Liberia has witnessed

prevalent number of rape cases resulting
in the deaths of minors, with the latest
in Brewerville, a suburb of Monrovia
involving a 12 year old girl who died, after being
allegedly raped by a 45 year old man and another
11 year old girl who was brutally sodomized by
a 40 year old man angering many Liberians.
Cross sections of Liberians have expressed their
dissatisfaction over the incidents, and are asking
the government to take drastic actions in dealing
with rapists.
Several women are demanding that rapists be
harsh punishments including death, life

imprisonment and castration. Out of five women
who spoke with FrontPageAfrica, three are
calling for death sentence; one of them wants
life imprisonment while another is calling for
rapists to be left with God to face punishment.
Men are also not in favor of the action of their
fellowmen and are also suggesting similar harsh
punishments including death, life imprisonment
and hard labor. In separate interviews with three
men, two are suggesting that rapists be killed
while another one is requesting hard labor.

when they rape. It looks like women in other

communities are not together, so the men are
raping their children, but if any man try to rape
in Mamba Point, they will kill him before Ellen
or the police can come in, because it will already
be late.
She is blaming President Sirleaf whom she
believes is doing nothing to come down hard on
Ellen does not have time for the women problem
because she does not have a girl child and all of
her grandchildren are in the US. I voted for Ellen
for nothing because she is not doing anything
for us, so my vote went in vain. Because right
now, we dont have any good government on the
ground, because Ma Ellen is not protecting us,
if she was protecting us, these things will not be
happening to us, Oretha continued.
The char coal seller says Liberians made a
mistake by electing President Sirleaf.
She said God please forgive us, because we
made mistake to put a woman in the seat. So, I
just want to tell the Liberian people to look up to
God, until Ellen time can finish, because we are
just hanging and anybody can do anything to us
and nothing will come from it. I want to tell the

Oretha Flomo, a char coal seller in Mamba Point

Monrovia wants the penis of men who rape to
be cut off.
I want government to lay men who rape penis
over a stick and beat it fifty lashes because it is
the penis that can do the raping. If we beat their
penis fifty lashes, it wont function to rape any
child again, Oretha says.
She believes the acquittal of Hans Williams who
was accused of rape but tried and set free by the
court is one of the reasons for the increase in the
number of rape cases.
Said Oretha The reason why this rape is
happening is because Ma Ellen freed Hans
Williams from prison, so men are saying if Hans
Williams can be freed, they can also be freed

mothers to mind their girls and not send them to

sell, if you want to sell, put the market in front of
your house where you can monitor your child.
A Nigerian is in sympathy with Liberians over
the widespread rape case describing it as painful.
Mrs. MonyeiFranasca says it is a painful
experience for a parent to see their child get
This is a very painful case to see your child
raped, in Nigeria, it is not like this. A case of
rape is taken more seriously. In this case, where
there is no capital punishment in Liberia, the
men would keep on doing this, and the poor
people will be affected. If the government does
not protect the people who these things happen
to, the people will take the law into their hands

and deal with the rapists, she said.

Mrs. Franasca vowed that she would take matter
in her own hands whenever she sees her child
being raped.
She vowed As a mother, I will not look at my
child suffering or dying in pain and just stand, I
will take anything that I can grab at that moment
and deal with that person. I will retaliate and call
others to help me also and deal with the rapist.
Mrs. Franascais calling on the Government of
Liberia to rethink the decision to ratify the treaty
against capital punishment.
At least the government should rethink and
cancel the capital punishment treaty and begin
imposing capital punishment on these men.
And mothers lets try to be mothers and keep
our children out of the streets and out of danger.
Lets educate them and open up to them, so
that they can tell us things affecting them, she
Audrey Dunbar,a resident of Mamba Point
wants rapists killed.
I want these men who rape to be killed, because
this will continue to go on if action is not taken.
I do not want government to take these rapists
to jail, because when they break jail, they will
will do it and be
willing to go to
jail and rest, he
the Government
of Liberia to
revisit the law
The government
punishment, and
have these men
killed. Because
when rapists are
killed, it will
serve as a lesson
to other men not
to do the same,
and rapes will
President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf,
we are asking her
to take real action
and kill these
men and forget
punishment treaty, so that this act can cease in
our country. My advice to mothers who sent
their children out to sell, or buy during late hours
is they should stop because it is risky for girls.
Hawa Abu, owner of a food kiosk popularly
known as Ma, Hawa wants rapists to be taken
to the infamous BellehYallah prison and put to
jail for life.
The government should take these men who
rape to BellehYallah prison and jail them for
life so that they cannot be able to run away,
because these kinds of men are killers and are
not supposed to be among good people Ma
Hawa said.
Despite being owner of a food kiosk she says she
does not send her children to sell on the street.

Monday, January 26, 2015

She asserted As for me, my children
cannot sell, but I can sell for them, because
I only want them to go to school. So, I
want to tell mothers to stop sending their
children to sell, but they should sell for
them. Let the mothers struggle for the
children before the men spoil them for us
because they are our future. I am feeling
bad for my friends who children were

raped. I want for the women to come

together and stand so the government can
take action against rape.
Mrs. Sarah Doteh also describes rape as
something that was rare during the 1960s
and said she is surprise with the recent
trend in rape.
During the sixty, I never heard about men
raping children because men were lover of
children, but I do not know what kind of
desire these men who rape have, to engage
in such evil act. Nobody has to tell us how
to protect our girl children because we are
seeing and hearing it for ourselves, so we
have to keep our children in the house to
prevent this devilish act. I do not know
if these men are raping the little girls for
position or they do not have women or
what? Mrs. Doteh averred.
She believes that killing the men, who
rape, wont help due to a verse in the Holy
Bible that speaks against taking away life.
Mrs. Doteh said killing these people wont
help because the Bible says thou shall not
kill, but we should leave them so that God
can deal with them. God knows what to do
with them or what kind of punishment to
give them. I think these men are possessed,
because the devil is going around, because
this is the time the bible talked about.
Mens take on rape
With majority of the rape cases in Liberia
committed by men, other men are against
the actions of their fellowmen.
Mathias Young, of Monrovia wants death
punishment for men who rape.
These rapists should be punished by death,
if the President says we signed the UN
treaty not to partake in capital punishment,
but even according to the same UN treaty,
when someone is found guilty of rape and
send to prison, they should serve their term
in jail. But what we see around here, is
convicted rapists who are sent to jail,
are out after few months and are raping
another person. I think we need to revisit
that law and call for death penalty, said
Young recounted several instances in
which rapists get out of prison and commit
the same offense.
Said Young I will not say it is the war
that is making men to rape children, but I
would say it is the governments inability
to strengthen the judicial system in dealing
with rape cases, because rapists always get
out of jail. Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe spoke
about a rape case involving a man who
raped a girl in Bong and when he was
sentenced to jail, during a prison break,
the man fled and raped another nine year
old boy. So I think if the death penalty
was issued on rapists, this would not be



He is also blaming the widespread rape
cases on street selling by young girls.
Another thing I see in my district, little
girls are just all on the streets selling little
things which is risky for them. If these little
girls are not sent on the streets to sell, it
will help reduce rape. If parents are saying

it is due to hardship that they are sending

their children to sell, they should be the
ones selling and not the little child because
the child cannot protect him or herself. We
need to take serious action against these
rapists he observed.
In his community Young said a community
meeting is being organized to sensitize
people about rape.
Young disclosed We are organizing a
community meeting in my district to
sensitize our community on the issue of
rape. If a rapist is caught in my district, the
police have to be there one minute after
you are caught, because the angry mob
will kill you, and you will become history
by the time police gets there.
Another issue Young frowned on is the
alleged refusal rape victims by some
medical institutions.
One thing I want to speak to is that
when these rape victims are taken to the
hospitals, they are refused. I have learnt
that the Senate has summoned the chief
medical officer at Redemption Hospital
who refused little Musu who died of rape,
for questioning, he disclosed.
Young wants the Redemption Hospital
official to be relieved off his post.
I think he should be removed from his
post. We have past the stage where Doctors
and Nurses should run away from patients
who are bleeding for the fear of Ebola,
because there are enough PPEs provided.
The doctors who refuse these patients are
doing it on purpose, because they have
not been punished, for doing so, but if
the Legislature can set an example on
the Chief medical officer of Redemption
Hospital, other hospitals and clinics would
be mindful. People who are charged with
the responsibilities to save lives are not
doing their jobs. So we hope that the
government will take this thing seriously,

Young appealed.
Oliver Nelson believes that punishments
against rapists are not holding.
The punishment for the rape cases is not
holding because many of the perpetrators,
who go to jail, are out in no time, while
others still continue to carry on this act.
As for me, I think the punishment for
these rapists should be death penalty,
because raping has intensified. When one
or two persons are killed, it will serve as
deterrence to other rapists and the act will
reduce, Nelson intimated.
He wants the government to reinforce
the rape law by adding death penalty for
Said Nelson My advice to the government
is to reinforce the rape law by adding death
penalty and forget about this UN treaty
signed by Liberia, because our children are
dying. And Parents, who are in the habit of
sending their children on the streets to sell,
should stop it because harm is coming to
the children.
Musa Konnehis calling for rapists to be
sentenced to life in jail.
These rapists should be sentenced to jail
for life instead of the previous five years
imprisonment. But if these rapists are
sentenced to jail for life with hard labor;
this will serve as a lesson to many people
out there. While they are in jail, they
should be subjected to hard labor to the
extent that they will regret doing what they
did, Konneh said.
Konneh is cautioning parents to avoid teen
age marriages especially people from his
Mandingo tribe.
And my advice to our parents, they should
stop encouraging teen marriages because it
is also rape. Because I am from a Muslim
background, and we the Mandingo people,
always give our little 13, 14, 15 and 16
year old daughters and sisters to a very
potential man. So, I believe little
Musu Fofana who was raped, was given
to Musa as wife because by 12 midnight,
what was she doing outside at that hour
if she did not go to sleep with him, but
unfortunately she died? While we all
regret the situation of the childs death,
the family knows about their daughters
rape, so they should be investigated also,
Konneh stated.
Few months ago, Gender and Development
Planning Minister Julia Duncan Cassel,
suggested that rapists be castrated as
punishment for the act, which she believes
would serve as a deterrent to others not to
Minister Cassel insists that men are
exploiting the weak rape law, and still
raping young children.
Liberia is a signatory to the international
convention against capital punishment
such as death sentence, which would make
it difficult for the punishments suggested
by several Liberians to be implemented.
But with the wave of murder and rape
in the country, citizens are calling on
the government to hand murderers and
rapistsdeath sentence in order to serve
as deterrence to would be murderers and


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Buchanan, Grand Bassa County
he workers union
Agricultural Company
and the management
have completed talks for the
remaining victims of the recent
LAC rubber factory explosion to
be flown to Ghana, where they
are expected to get extended
medical care.
The request to fly the remaining
13 victims to Ghana became
critical after four of the 17
victims died in succession
less than two days following
the incident on Monday night,
January 19.
The management of LAC had
earlier announced that they were
considering all options to ensure
that the victims get intensive
medical care including the hiring
of a specialist from France into
the country. But after the first
death on Wednesday, January
21, demands to refer the patients
heighten while family members
and the workers union insisted
that flying the victims out of the
country is the best option.
According to hospital sources,
two of the victims died at the
LAC hospital while the other
two died at the Firestone run DuSide hospital in Margibi County.
Following two separate meetings
on Thursday and Saturday, the
management of LAC agreed to
the Union demand and according
to sources have already started
making preparations for the
victims to travel.
The Monday night explosion
at the LAC plantation has
prompted many government
and county officials including
the county legislative caucus to
assess the impact of the incident
on Wednesday, January 21.
Headed by the caucus Chair, Sen.
the others included Senator
Jonathan Kaipay and District #3



Monday, January 26, 2015





representative, Hon. Jeh Byron

Browne. They held a meeting
with the management of the
company, assessed the scene of
the blast at the factory, and later
visited victims at the companys
hospital as well as chatted with
families of the victims who had
earlier gathered at the hospital.
described the incident as
#3 representative, Jeh Byron
Browne said the situation is
Up to now, the cause of
the explosion of the rubber

processing factory is unknown

and the caucus has demanded
that the company launched an
investigation into the incident.
On Sunday, January 25, the
county caucus held discussions
with families of the victims to
decide several issues surrounding
their wellbeing.


Meanwhile, the President ProTemp emeritus and former Grand

Bassa senator, Gbehzongar
Findley has expressed concerns


over the incident. In a press

release, Findley described the
incident as horrific and called
for a swift medical care the
victims of the explosion.
He also extended condolences
to the families of those who
lost their lives as the result of
the injury. The former Grand
Bassa Senator asserted that it is
imperative that LAC goes a step
further beyond what is currently
obtaining by getting the proper
medical care for the remaining
victims. The former Pro-Tem has
also called on concessions and
the government to work along


in putting in place the necessary

safety measures to prevent the
reoccurrence of such accidents
and assure the safety for all
employees across the country.


The LAC management has

said the cost of the damage is
unknown and insist that currently
it is only interested in the health
condition of the victims.
Harry Attoh, the companys


Despite His Transformation From Rebel General Transformed To A Man Of God, Joshua Milton
Blaiye, Famously Known As General Butt Naked Still Looking for relevance, Forgiveness

Henry Karmo (0886522495)

Monroviaiberias almost two

decades of civil war
ended ten years ago
but the scars still
remain and victims of the war
are reminded of the horrors
they experienced through the
eyes of the many warlords and
ex-combatants who inflicted
Some of the most feared
warlords and rebel generals
have relatively transformed
themselves into good citizens.
Some have become men of
God now spreading the good
news of Jesus Christ to the lost
flock of humanity.
famously known as General
Butt Naked is now a preacher
of the gospel. In an interview
with FrontPageAfrica, Blaiye
explains that besides being
a Preacher, he now runs an
organization that teaches
formers combatants against

violence. He said his aim is to

create in them skills to enable
them to earn a living.

Blaiye says despite his

transformation, there are still
people who do not trust him

because of his past.

They still see me as that man
who once took off his trousers

on the streets of Monrovia,

killing people in the name of
defending his people, the

described the cause of the

accident as complex and
disclosed that it will be difficult to
know the cause of the explosion
unless the investigation is done
professionally and technically.
17 persons, on Monday night
became victims of an explosion
at a rubber processing plant own
by the Liberian Agricultural
Company (LAC) based in
District #3, Grand Bassa County.
Company is Liberias second
established in 1959 and operates
a land space of 13,699 hectares.

former fighter says.

Adds Blaye: Sometimes when
I enter a supermarket and am
recognized by one person, I see
people standing, looking at me
because of my past, he said.
Blaiye says the US Embassy in
Monrovia has denied him visa
twice because of his past. He
said he had wanted to attend a
seminar in the US but he could
not because, he did not have a
The former fighter still sends
shivers down the spines of
many who remember the
dark days when he used to be
butt naked raining terror on
Monrovia, thus the name he
But today, Blaiye says he is
transformed, evidenced by
his actions. He runs a factory
making blocks out of clay soil
used to construct special kind
of buildings with brick walls.
He says he holds nothing
against the people who still
have not forgiven him of his
past transgressions.
The truth is that lot of people
are not convinced yet; even if it
was me, I will still doubt such
a person, until I am personally
convinced, he said. I think
the delay in receiving support
for my project is because of my

Monday, January 26, 2015


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OVER BABY Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption tale
Monrovia -


Bettie Johnson /

Grand Gedehhe Liberia National

Police says parents
of a one year old
baby have been
arrested for questioning in
Grand Gedeh County.
Suspect Mohammed Jalloh and
wife Jallatu Jallah was arrested
upon a complaint filed by them
to the police station in that
The parents told that police
that their child Isatu Jalloh,
one year nine months old was
found hung in their yard with
a yellow rope around her neck.
The parents said their child was
taken to the Tubman memorial
hospital but was pronounced
dead on arrival hospital.
At the same time, three suspects
have been arrested by the LNP
for allegedly burning the feet
of an eight month old baby.
Suspect Miatta Jones, Weedor
Massaquoi, and Maima Fayiah
are currently facing police
investigation at the Zone five
police depot in Paynesville
According to the victims
mother Victoria Teah she went
to suspects who claim to be
herbalists to make medicine for
her eight year old baby to walk.
They told me they were
herbalist and I took my baby
there so that they could help
her walk; but they were so
wicked to put her feet in hot
water. She laments
She averred that her baby was
taken in the so-called medicine
room while she was sitting
outside. They asked me to
wait outside while they were
preparing the medicine to be
used on her; I was only asked
to leave the baby in the room.
Madam Teah told the police
that she later heard her baby
crying in the room that
prompted her baby crying in
the room that prompted her
to enter the room and she saw
her baby feet placed in the hot
I heard my baby crying when
I entered I saw her feet in the
water, the water was exactly
like boiling water that myself
could not bath with, I forcibly
removed my baby from the
She added that she took the
baby and the three suspects
escaped and were later arrested
by the Liberia National Police.

Foundation Africa
(GPFA) founded
by Nobel Peace
Laureate Leymah Gbowee has
reaffirmed its commitment
to fighting the Ebola virus
out of Liberia by providing
direct community support to
those affected by Ebola as
they continues to seek outside
assistance in ending the war
against Ebola.
Despite its direct support to
affected people in various
Piso Saydee Tarr says the
funding for community-based
organizations' health awareness
campaigns, contact tracing and
Tarr noted that the fight
against Ebola was everyones
responsibility and added that
the foundation will not concede
in providing support to those
most vulnerable.
Tarr urge Liberians not to be
carried away by the reduction
of Ebola cases but rather remain
more focused especially at the
time schools were reopening.
Since its inauguration in
2012, the Gbowee Foundation
has partnered with several
organizations to promote
holistic transformation in
Africa by facilitating equal
access to opportunities in all
spheres of influence.
It can be recalled in October
2014, GPFA partnered with
STARZ College of Science

& Technology to distribute

$1000 USD worth of bags of
rice and cooking oil to families
in the Airfield community in
Over 20 families received food
emergency packages. Families
patiently lined up to receive
food allowance to help offset
the challenges the health crisis
has placed on marginalized
families as STARZ facilitated
the disbursement process.
In December the same GPFA
ramped up its food drive
to focus on two vulnerable
groups: Survivors of Ebola
(particularly children) and

female-headed households of
young children.
GPFA partnered with Mr.
Amos Sawboh of Orphan
Concern Liberia, a Liberian
survivors of Ebola identify
several persons in need of
aid in the Banjor area in the
Virginia Community outside
GPFA distributed $4,000 USD
worth of care packages of rice,
cooking oil, beans, Quaker
oats, sugar, canned milk,
seasoning cubes and health
kits of chloride, soap and hand
sanitizers to over 30 families

who had survived Ebola.

An additional 20 families
of elderly female-headed
dependent children received
care packages and health kits in
the Clara Town, Topoe Village
on Gardnersville Highway,
Communities in Monrovia.
As caretakers, girls and
women are particularly at risk
during the current health crisis
according to a Dec. 14, 2014
Voice of America article.
To ensure that care packages
and health kits went to the
most vulnerable, GPFA hand-

delivered supplies to families.

Over 70 families received
care packages and health
Project that provided books
and educational materials to
children at home when schools
were closed, while Orphan
Concern monitoring their
As GPFA continues to seek
for oversea support outside, it
remains committed in support
local Liberian efforts to end
Ebola and keep children
healthy, safe and engaged in
this year.

the family of the Liberian Bank

for Development & Investment to
begin a professional carrier.
In retrospect, I remembered when
we started dating at your tender
age of 17, while I was just 20;
we shared many good memories

because we had similar hobbies
and tastes in our lives. We were

very compatible because we did

things together. The both of us
loved music, dancing, and shared
many social hobbies. You were
not just my wife and mother of
my children, but you were my
best friend- my soul mate. Your
passing away had definitely left a
vacuum in my life that will never
be refilled; my only hope is in
our Lord whom I look forward
to strengthen me physically and
spiritually for the remaining of
my life.
Darling, you were not just a
devoted and faithful wife, but you
were a loving and caring mother.
I remembered you devoted most
of your life for the caring of our
children. You did not forsake them
at the expense of a professional
life that was your primary
reason of conducting a business
right around our residence for the
proper caring and upbringing of
our children.
When you travelled to the USA
in 2001 to join me, you came
along with our children. You
worked so hard to ensure that they
continued their studies. Now,
they have completed their studies;
they are married, and had just
begun to work and reward you
for the great sacrifices you have
made for them and you suddenly
left them. Even though youve
gone and left me alone, I have
no regret that you have replicated
the both of us as evidenced by the
children you left on earth. Our

son Foday S. Kamara, Jr. is my

carbon copy while our daughter
FonessaSalimartu Knuckles is
exactly your carbon copy as she
reminds me of you each time I
interact with her. Your memories
in their lives will be with them
I remembered at your last hours
you asked your children to join
you at 3:00 A.M. local time into
prayer and you prayed with
them and blessed them. I also
remembered you asked me to
kneel flat on the ground and told
me these words: If you had done
anything wrong to me over the
years; I forgive you, and I bless
you because you are a good-manyour desire will be fulfilled. Im
grateful that the prayer for your
daughter at your last hours had
been answered because she is
expecting a baby girl this February
whom has been named after you
were commonly called by your
friends, relatives, and loved ones.
Unfortunately, you did not live
long to enjoy your grandchildren
(Lillian, Maila and Darling who is
expected in February 2015.
May the Great Lord received your
soul in his cherish arms- may he
bless and keep you and make
his face to shine and be gracious
unto you. We want you to know
that we still love you and think
about you greatly. Rest in Peace
Darling. From your Husband,
Children and Grand-children.



It is exactly one year on Saturday,

January 25, 2014 at the precise
hour of 13:15 G.M.T., the Lord
took unto its hands the life he
gives to my beloved wife, a
devoted mother, and a caring
grandmother, sister, aunty, and
cousin on October 1, 1957.
It is very difficult and painful for
me and my children to overcome
the vacuum that has been created
as a result of the demise of our
loved one. We cannot question the
work of our Lord because he gives
and takes away life. We are very
confident that my wife- the mother
of my children had fought a good
fight; she had finished the race;
had kept the faith, and her death
symbolizes the accomplishment
of her earthly mission.
Darling, you had been my strength
throughout our 40 years of
relationship. You were there with
me from the humble beginning
of 1974 when I graduated from
High School. Throughout my
struggling years while a student
at the University of Liberia, you
gave me hope to continue and
complete my studies. This was the
reason that immediately following
the taken of my last examination,
and being confident of completing
the requirement for graduation,
I engaged you to be my beloved
wife on October 1, 1980- on

your 23rd birth anniversary.

On Sunday, May 31, 1981, I
exchanged marital vows with you
at the Geda African Methodist
Episcopal Church in Brewerville
where we committed our lives
to each other until death do us
part. I remembered just the same
month, on May 6, 1981; I joined

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Obama, Modi display bond, cite progress toward nuclear ties

LUSAKA, Zambia (AP)

dgar Lungu was
sworn in as Zambia's
"I am humbled eternally and
indebted to you all, my fellow
citizens," said Lungu at the
inauguration ceremony. "The
bottom line is that we want the
country to go forward and to
banish poverty in our midst."
Zimbabwean President Robert
Mugabe, congratulated Lungu.
Mugabe was attending as
chairman of the 15-nation
Southern Africa Development
Community. Also at the
ceremony was Kenneth Kaunda,
Zambia's first president.



Seoul (AFP) orth Korea Sunday

described US President
Barack Obama as
a "loser" over his
criticism on its regime, accusing
him of being obsessed with
hostility towards Pyongyang.
The comment from the North's
foreign ministry came after Obama
spoke of the eventual collapse of
the regime ruling what he called
"the most isolated, the most
sanctioned, the most cut-off nation
on Earth".
"We will keep on ratcheting
the pressure, but part of what's
happening is... the Internet over
time is going to be penetrating
this country," Obama said in an
interview on YouTube from the
White House last week.



MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters)

repelled an attack
by suspected Boko
Haram militants on
Borno state capital Maiduguri in
the northeast, security sources
said on Sunday, a crucial win as
the insurgents already control a
large territory in the area.
The assault on Maiduguri began
just after midnight, killing at least
eight people and injuring 27,
mostly civilians, sources at two
hospitals said. A raid on the town
of Monguno, 140 km (80 miles)
north, began later in the morning.
The army's inability to quash
the Sunni jihadist group is a
major headache for President
Goodluck Jonathan, who is
seeking re-election in February
and who visited the state capital
on Saturday as part of his
campaign. Opposition candidate
Muhammadu Buhari had been
due to arrive on Monday.

DELHI (Reuters) n a glow of bonhomie, U.S.

President Barack Obama
and Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modi unveiled a
deal aimed at unlocking billions
of dollars in nuclear trade, a step
that both sides hope will help
establish an enduring strategic

The two countries reached an
understanding on two issues
that, despite a groundbreaking
2006 agreement, had stopped
U.S. companies from setting up
reactors in India and became one
of the major irritants in bilateral

"We are committed to moving

towards full implementation,"
Obama told a joint news
conference with Modi after he
arrived in the Indian capital in a
state visit. "This is an important
step that shows how we can
work together to elevate our

differences over the liability
of suppliers to India in the
event of a nuclear accident and
U.S. demands on tracking the
whereabouts of material supplied
to the country, U.S. ambassador
to India Richard Verma told
"Ultimately it's up to the
companies to go forward, but
the two governments came to an
understanding," he added.
Signaling his determination to
take ties to a higher level, Modi
broke with protocol to meet and
bear-hug Obama as he landed in
New Delhi earlier in the day. It
was a remarkable spectacle given
that, just a year ago, Modi was
persona non grata in Washington
and denied a visa to the United
After a working lunch that
included kebabs made with lotus
stem, figs and spices, the two
leaders got down to talks. They
emerged with deals on defense
cooperation that included the
joint production of drone aircraft
and equipment for Lockheed
Martin Corp's C-130 military
transport plane.
They agreed to a number of
financing initiatives aimed at
helping India increase its use of
renewable energy.
But Modi cautioned that work
was still needed to create a solid
partnership between the world's
two largest democracies.

"We have to convert a good

start into lasting progress.
This requires translating our
vision into sustained action and
concrete achievements," he said,
standing next to Obama.
Earlier, the two leaders walked
and talked together in an elegant
garden and sat outside over tea.
Modi, who sold tea on a railway
platform as a child, poured a cup
for Obama.
On Monday, Obama will be the
first U.S. president to attend
India's Republic Day parade, an
annual show of military might
long associated with the antiAmericanism of the Cold War,
and will host a radio show with
His presence at the parade at
Modi's personal invitation is the
latest revival in a roller-coaster
relationship between the two
largest democracies that just a
year ago was in tatters.
Up to 40,000 security personnel
have been deployed for the visit
and 15,000 new closed-circuit
surveillance cameras have been
installed in the capital, according
to media reports.
The United States views India
as a vast market and potential
assertiveness in Asia, but
frequently grows frustrated
with the slow pace of economic
to side with Washington in
international affairs.


minister to ordinary
were shocked Sunday
at a video purportedly showing
one of two Japanese hostages
of the extremist Islamic State
group had been killed.
With attention focused on
efforts to save the other
hostage, some also criticized
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's
drive for a more assertive
Japan as responsible for the
hostage crisis.
A somber Abe appeared on
early Sunday demanding the
militants release 47-yearold journalist Kenji Goto
unharmed. He said the video
was likely authentic, although
he added that the government
was still reviewing it. He
offered condolences to the
family and friends of Haruna
adventurer taken hostage in
Syria last year.
Abe declined to comment on
the message in the video, which
demanded a prisoner exchange
for Goto. He said only that the
government was still working
on the situation and reiterated
that Japan condemns terrorism.
"I am left speechless," he
said. "We strongly and totally
criticize such acts."
Yukawa's father, Shoichi, told
reporters he hoped "deep in his
heart" that the news of his son's

killing was not true.

"If I am ever reunited with him,
I just want to give him a big
hug," he said.
condemned what he called "the
brutal murder" of Yukawa and
offered condolences to Abe.
Obama's statement didn't say
how the U.S. knew Yukawa
was dead.
community has no reason
to doubt the authenticity of
the video," said Brian Hale,
spokesman for the U.S. director

of national intelligence.
On a visit to India, Obama
said the United States will
stand "shoulder to shoulder"
with Japan and called for the
immediate release of Goto.
French President Francois
Hollande also said condemned
the killing and praised Japan's
"determined engagement in
the fight against international
The Associated Press could not
verify the contents of the video
message, which was removed
from websites soon after it

appeared and varied greatly

from previous videos released
by the Islamic State group,
which now holds a third of
both Syria and Iraq.
Criticism of Abe has touched
on his push for an expanded
role for Japan's troops one
that has remained strictly
confined to self-defense under
the pacifist constitution written
after the nation's defeat in
World War II.
About 100 protesters, some
of them holding placards
that read, "I'm Kenji" and

"Free Goto," demonstrated

late Sunday in front of the
prime minister's residence,
demanding Abe save Goto.
Demonstrator Kenji Kunitomi,
66, blamed Abe as bringing the
hostage crisis on himself.
"This happened when Prime
Minister Abe was visiting
Israel," he said. "I think there's
a side to this, where they may
have taken it as a form of
provocation, possibly a big

Monday, January 26, 2015





roup D remains
rounds of matches
thanks to Guineas Ibrahima
Traore, who denied Cameroon
victory with a superb strike on
Saturday night.
Benjamin Moukandjo had put
the Indomitable Lions into an
early lead but Traore rifled a
left-footed effort past Fabrice
Ondoa minutes before halftime and the two sides could
not be separated after the break.
Receiving the ball with his back
to goal and four opposition
players surrounding him, the
winger rode one challenge
and wriggled into space before
dispatching a skidding drive
into the bottom corner.
Guinea can take enormous
credit to remain in contention
for a place in the knockout
stages going into the final
round of group matches.
Michel Dussuyers young team
held Cote d'Ivoires superstars
to a 1-1 draw in their first game.
We have no fear, Traore said
before facing Cameroon. We
knew from the beginning that
we were a team nobody would
count as a favourite, but we are

The Borussia Monchengladbach winger somehow found the space and angle to unleash a
brilliant left-footed shot that flew past Fabrice Ondoa as Cameroon were held to a draw



aniel Sturridge has

returned to training
with his Liverpool
team-mates after
completing his recovery from
The striker has not featured
for the club since August 31,
initially breaking down while
on international duty with
England before suffering a
succession of setbacks and
fresh niggling injuries,
But, after Liverpool's 0-0 draw
with Bolton in the FA Cup
fourth round, Brendan Rodgers
revealed Sturridge was set to
train with the rest of the squad
on Sunday - and the striker
confirmed the news on Twitter.
First day of training today with
the boys. I'm a happy man.



not scared of any opponent,

and we have nothing to lose, so
we can simply play our game.
Cote d'Ivoire drew 1-1 with
Mali on Saturday, and Mali
had already drawn 1-1 with

Cameroon. That means - as

every single match so far has
been a 1-1 draw - that if either
of the last two games in the
group end level, the drawing of
lots will seemingly be required

to decide who progresses to the

next round.
Guinea will look to Traore
once again against Mali. Only
captain Kamil Zayatte and
goalkeeper Naby Yattara have



ogba's agent, Mino

Raiola, this week
ruled out a January
move for the France
midfielder, but Juve will be
braced for big-money bids
from Europe's elite clubs for
the in-form 21-year-old at the
end of the season.

Page 15

United man produced a

moment of class to fire Juve
in front in the second half at
Juventus Stadium and also
had a hand in the second goal,
when his volley was saved by
Albano Bizzarri but Stephan
Lichtsteiner was on hand to
tuck home the rebound.
Massimiliano Allegri's league

leaders have now won eight

of their last 11 Serie A games
and increased their lead over
second-placed Roma ahead
of the capital club's trip to
Fiorentina later in the day.
Chievo, on the other hand,
remain in the relegation
zone and have now lost their
last six games against the

Arturo Vidal replaced Andrea
Pirlo in the Juve starting lineup after the veteran midfielder
was ruled out due to illness,
while Andrea Barzagli was
named on the substitutes
bench for the first time since
September after recovering
from an Achilles injury.
Juve wasted no time in putting
the visitors on the back foot
and Bizzarri kept out Roberto
Pereyra's effort at the near
post after Patrice Evra had
picked out the midfielder,
with Giorgio Chiellini then
heading the resulting corner
just over the crossbar.
Chievo were struggling to live
with the champions and there
was a moment of controversy
20 minutes in, when Vidal
went down in the penalty area
under a challenge from Ervin
Zukanovic but referee

Massa booked the Chile
midfielder for diving.
Chiellini was proving to be
a real threat from set-pieces
and the Italy defender again
rose highest to meet a corner
from the right, but Bizzarri
tipped his header over the bar.
Chievo were forced to make
a change late in the first half

more caps than the 26-yearold, who has mostly featured

from the bench for Gladbach
this year but has impressed in
the Europa League.
after Nicolas Frey came off
worse in a sickening clash of
heads with compatriot Evra
and was carried off following
lengthy treatment.
Juve carried on where they
left off after the break and
Claudio Marchisio tried his
luck from long range but
failed to hit the target.
The home side's frustration
mounted as Rolando Maran's
men worked hard to keep them
at bay, but Pogba produced
the moment of quality that
the game had been lacking to
open the scoring just before
the hour mark.
The France international
showed quick feet to beat
his man and unleashed a leftfooted strike from 25 yards to
beat Bizzarri at his near post.
Vidal cut a frustrated figure
when he was replaced by
Lichtsteiner two minutes later
and the substitute doubled
Juve's lead from close range,
reacting quickly after Pogba's
volley had been kept out by
Bizzarri 17 minutes from
Ezequiel Schelotto almost
set up a nervy finish when he
stole in and struck the near
post four minutes from time,
but Juve never really looked
in danger of surrendering
their advantage as they saw
out yet another victory.

uis Suarez's 28th

birthday present from
Luis Enrique was to
be left on the bench,
but the Barcelona coach was
content with his decision after
a 6-0 Liga thrashing of Elche.
Barca had already beaten
struggling Elche three times
- and scored 12 goals in the
process - this season ahead of
the clash at Estadio Manuel
Martinez Valero and they dished
out more punishment to the
Liga strugglers, though Suarez
was an unused substitute.
In his absence, Gerard Pique
opened the scoring, while
Lionel Messi and Neymar
grabbed two apiece and Pedro
wrapped things up, with Faycal
Fajr sent off tor the hosts.



Edimar has called on
the Spanish football
association (LFP) not
to hand Real Madrid'sCristiano
Ronaldo any further sanctions
following the his red card.
The three-time Ballon dOr
winner was dismissed with
eight minutes remaining of
Saturdays clash in Andalusia
after aiming a kick at Edimar.
The referees report did not
describe the incident as violent
conduct, meaning Ronaldo
will likely receive just a onegame ban, and Edimar has
urged the authorities not to dish
out any further punishment.

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Monday, January 26, 2015


President Sirleaf Assures That This Government Will Not Be Lame Duck Government;
Calls on her Official Family to be Integrated, Vigorous, with a Common Purpose



President Sirleaf Visits Family of Deceased 12-Year Old

Rape Victim, Ma Musu Fofana; Vows That Those Who
Bear Responsibility Will Pay Consistent With Law

resident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf joined by Gender Minister
Julia Duncan Cassell made a special visit to the family of the
late Ma Musu Fofana at their Moulton Corner residence in
Brewerville, outside Monrovia.
Ma Musu Fofana (12 years) died on Sunday, January 18, 2015 as
a result of rape. She was allegedly raped by one Musa Kanneh (49
years) who is currently in police custody.
According to an Executive Mansion release, President expressed
shock over the raping and subsequent death of an innocent child.
I am shocked that someone could be so wicked and devilish to the
extent of raping and killing an innocent child in such brutal manner. I
thought it was very important to come here and see the family myself.
I am truly sorry and extend sympathy to the bereaved family for this
loss, President Sirleaf said during the visit.
She pointed out that government is concern about the roles played by
different actors following the raping of the child and has requested the
Ministry of Justice to probe the situation to facilitate informed actions.
We want to know why she was reportedly rejected by some health
centers, and how it got difficult to get her to the John F. Kennedy
Hospital in time. We want to know if other factors contributed to her
death and who was responsible for those actions, she indicated.
President Sirleaf assured the family that her government takes rape
seriously and will leave no stone unturned in bringing perpetrators
of rape and in particular the individual who raped and killed little
Ma Musu Fofana to justice. I am awaiting the outcome of the
investigation which is ongoing with interest. We will allow the police
and the Justice Ministry to do their job, but let me assure you that the
perpetrator of this wicked act will pay dearly in keeping with law,
she assured family members.
The Liberian President also used the opportunity to sound a strong
warning to would-be rapists that government is fed-up with their
wicked behavior and would come strongly after rapists who are bent
on destroying children young enough to be their own children. She
then encouraged all citizens to see the fight against rape as everyones
business and join in stopping the victimization of the many innocent
children who are being abused and harmed.
Speaking earlier, the aunt of the deceased, Fatu Morris, in tears,
briefed President Sirleaf on the circumstances that led to the raping
and subsequent death of little Ma Musu Fofana and the difficulties
encountered in trying to save her life.
She informed President Sirleaf that both Redemption Hospital and
Faith Clinic turned the patient away when she was taken to the
hospital. She also highlighted the difficulty in getting the raped child
to the JFK Hospital. She is gone and we are now looking up to the
government to give us justice, Fatu Morris stressed.
Dozens of Ma Musu family members including her biological mother,
Massa Morris and stepfather, Emmanuel Morris, were on hand to
receive the Liberian leader during the visit. They thanked President
Sirleaf for the interest and visit and expressed the hope that justice
will be done to the one who took the life of their young daughter.

Johnson Sirleaf is
calling for efficiency,
coordination and a
sense of common purpose
across government as they
embark on the final three-years
of this administration.
According to an Executive
Mansion release, the Liberian
leader made the assertion at
the end of a two-day Cabinet
Retreat held in Julijuah, Bomi
County on Wednesday, January
21, 2015.
The Retreat was intended to
reunite the Official Family of
the Executive Branch, have
a commonness of purpose,
recognize the Governments
successes and to set ambitious
but realistic and achievable
targets for the next three
years. Most of Governments
development activities had been
put on hold due to the Ebola
virus disease that had plagued
the country since March 2014.
Though one of the objectives
of the retreat was to identify
and set realistic and achievable
targets, Cabinet Ministers are
now expected to present their
proposed priority projects to
President Sirleaf next Tuesday,
January 27, 2015.
Speaking at the end of
the Liberian leader urged her
official family to be integrated,
vigorous, with a common
purpose to make the most of
the remaining 35 months of this
For his part, Vice President
Joseph N. Boakai, thanked the
Liberian leader for initiating
the Retreat. He hoped that

government follows up on
the decentralization process,
making sure local officials and
citizens in the rural communities
are involved in the process. I
think we should begin to connect
those people with the different
programs being implemented
because at the end of the day
government has to account for
what was or was not done.
Expressing his concern about
(S-o-Es), Dr. Boakai urged
the Boards of the S-o-Es to be
more assertive because they are
responsible and represent the
ownership of those corporations.
A separate retreat with S-oEs and Cabinet Ministers is
scheduled for next Friday,
January 30 in Julijuah, Bomi
Speaking earlier, the chairman
of the Governance Commission,
Dr. Amos Sawyer, discussing
within the context that this
government has only three years
to end its administration, urged
Cabinet Ministers to identify
proposed priority programs
that will they will be able to
complete to make a significant
impact on the people as
stipulated in the agenda of this
administration. It is important
for this countrys sake that this
government finishes up strong.
It cannot limp to the finish line,
he said.
Dr. Sawyer noted that this will
be the first time since 1944 that
one administration with a living
President is going to be turning
over to another administration
with a living President.
Considering uncertainties along
the way, he indicated that there
will be the dynamics of the

politics as well as programmatic

ideas so it is important that there
is clarity of the agenda and
strength of the implementation.
He predicted that as institutions
are a bit fragile, programs
must be clear and enforcement
strong so that uncertainties
and institutional weakness
are minimized as a result of
The Governance Commission
chairman suggested to the
Liberian leader that government
officials on the team now
should recommit themselves to
finishing the final three years
or very early see some kind of
change. I think its important
that everybody on this team
recommits themselves, he
noted amidst laughter.
Summing up the statement,
President Sirleaf assured that
this government will not be a
lame duck government. We
are going to take it to the finish
line and then turn it over, she
On the first day, nine
including the Cabinet Programs
Update by the Director-General
of the Cabinet, Mr. Jordon
Sulonteh, who set out a process
which Ministries, Agencies and
Corporations need to follow
to agree priorities by February
18. The first quarterly review
of performance against those
priorities is set for April 1,
2015; Review of the Presidents
Top Priorities: Roads, Energy,
Ports by the Head of the
Presidents Program Delivery
Unit, Dr. Clarence Moniba;
Status Update and Execution
Plan for Youth Development
by Youth and Sports Minister,



resident Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf has officially
turned over to the
leadership of the old Ma

Juah market the newly renovated

premises that previously hosted
the Liberia Tractor Company
Ma Juah marketers temporarily

used a spot in Vai Town near

the Gabriel Tucker Bridge that
connects Monrovia to Bushrod
According to an Executive
Mansion release, the Liberian
leader admitted that it took a long
time to secure a new, secure and
long term site but was delighted
that this is finally resolved.
For close to eight years we
had problem finding premises
that would be really suitable to
accommodate the large number
of people and to give them a
place where they could do their

with some comfort,
space and facilities including
water, latrines, she said, adding,
We had to make sure when
we move the marketers, we
move them into a better place,

President Sirleaf said.

She praised the collaboration
of all those who worked the
Ministry of State to make the
relocation a success noting that
as a result of all of them working

together as a team with a very

strong commitment, today she
can say that her promise has
been fulfilled. Im so glad that
we finally did it, she said.
President Sirleaf thanked to

Mr. Lenn Eugene Nagbe; Status

Update on Roads Infrastructural
Development and Post-Ebola
Execution by Public Works
Minister, Mr. W. Gyude
Moore, Sr. and Status Update
on Energy Projects and PostEbola Execution Plan by Lands,
Mines and Energy Minister, Mr.
Patrick Sendolo.
Others were the Status Update
on the new Ministry of Gender,
Children and Social Protection
and Post-Ebola Executive Plan
by Gender, Children and Social
Protection Minister, Mrs. Julia
Duncan Cassell; Status Update
on the current Health Situaltion
and the Execution Plan for a
Normal Healthcare System by
Health Deputy Ministers, Dr.
Bernice Dahn, and Yah Zolia
and Assistant Minister Tolbert
Nyenswah; Status Update on
the Re-opening of Schools
and Education Execution Plan
for Post-Ebola by Education
Deputy Minister, Mr. Anthony
Nimely and Status Update on the
Agricultural Recovery Program
and Post-Ebola Execution
by Agriculture Minister, Dr.
Florence Chenoweth.
On Day Two, Presentation on the
2014/2015 Budget Execution
Report and the Agenda for
Transformation and Economic
Recovery were made by Finance
and Development Planning
Minister, Mr. Amara Konneh;
Liberia Revenue AuthorityRevenue Performance Update
and Execution Plan for Revenue
Growth by CommissionerGeneral, Mrs. Elfreda Tamba;
Driving Inclusive Private Sector
Growth Agenda Ministry
of Commerce and Industry
Execution Plan by Commerce
and Industry Minister Mr.
Axel Addy; The Importance
of Audit in Government and
Post-Ebola Execution Plan was
made by the Auditor-General
Mrs. Yusador Gaye; while
the final presentation on the
Status Update on the Public
Sector Reforms and Post-Ebola
Execution Plan was made by the
Civil Service Agency DirectorGeneral , Mr. George K. Werner.
The next Cabinet Meeting takes
place on February 18, 2015
while the first Cabinet Interactive Forum is scheduled for
March 12, 2015.

owners of the property for

allowing them to rent the
premises on a long term basis.
She promised to make the first
buy as soon as the marketers
have completed their relocation
and begin to use the facilities.
In separate remarks earlier, the
Monrovia city mayor, Mrs. Clara
Doe Mvogo, president of the
Liberia Marketing Association,
Mrs. Lusu Sloan, and the
supervisor of the Ma Juah
Market, Dad Sumo Wonkulah
thanked President Sirleaf for
the sponsoring the initiative and
were very appreciative of the
new premises. They said that
it had been eight years in the
making but was happy that it
finally became a reality.
The building was turned over
to President Sirleaf by the head
of finance and administration of
the Liberia Reconstruction and
Development Company, Albert

Monday, January 26, 2015


Defendant, Foday Kanneh, 39, found Guilty



for the Statutory Rape of a 13yrs old victim

Monrovia olicitor General Betty

Lamin Blamo scored a
major victory last week
when the petit juror sitting
in the case Republic of Liberia V.
FodayKanneh, in Criminal Court
E, at the Temple of Justice, brought
down a unanimous guilty verdict
against 39 yrs. old FodayKanneh,
for the rape of a 13 yrs. old victim. Final judgment and sentence are
expected to be announced next week.
The incident of rape occurred in the Konneh Community, Senjeh
District, Tubmanburg, Bomi County, on December 2nd, 2013, when
the 13yr old victim was sent by her mother to take food to the wife of
the Defendant, but his wife was not home. The Defendant asked the
victim to take the food inside his bedroom but the victim refused to do
so. Whilst the victim was trying to leave, he whisked her, put his hand
over her mouth, and forcibly pulled her into his childrens room, had
sexual intercourse with her, gave her $LD50.00, and told her that if she
told anyone he would kill her.
The victim went home and did not tell anyone for fera that the
defendant would kill her. A few days after when her after went to use
the restroom he realized that there was blood in the commode. When
he asked the mother of the victim she said she did not know how the
blood got there. When her mother asked the victim, she broke down in
tears and told her mother what the Defendant had done to her.
She was taken to the police station and than to the hospital where she
was examined and it was confirmed that her hymen was broken and
torn from the middle in many directions. The victim was treated for
over two weeks because she continued to bleed.
The statutory rape involving Kanneh and the thirteen years old
girl was prosecuted by the Sexual Gender Based Violence Crime
Unit[SGBVCU] of the Ministry of Justice.
Speaking to FrontPage Africa in an interview, the Acting Prosecutor of
the SGBVCU Cllr. Deddeh Jomah Wilson said, the incident occurred
in Bomi adding that the case was transferred to Criminal Court E in
The County Attorney asked for transferred of the case to criminal
court E, because this court was established for rape cases were trails
are held in camera, Cllr. Wilson said.
Cllr. Wilson said, facilities at the court make it easier for survivors and
witnesses to testify without been stigmatize.
Because rape is a case that put stigma on survivors, so when they are
in camera it shields their identity, Cllr. Wilson added.
Narrating the 13yrs old girl ordeal, Cllr. Wilson said, the crime took
place December 2 at the home of the defendant around lunch hour.
It took place on December 2, 2014 around lunch hour this girl mother
cook and send it to the defendant wife who was not there and when she
went at his house the defendant told her to go in his room and she said
no, Im going to put the food on the porch, trying to get out he held her
by the hand and took her in his children room, Cllr. Wilson explained.
Cllr. Wilson continues: He cover her mouth that she could not yell,
he rape her and she bleed, she did not tell someone the day it happen
because he had giving her 50LD and threaten her that if she told
anybody he was going to kill her.
Cllr. Wilson said, the little girl was in fear and did report the incident
to her parents adding that the crime came up after her father suspected
a blood in the commode.
The girl did not tell her parents until the father suspect that there were
some bloods in the commode and called the mother and ask whether
it was her blood in the commode and she said it was not her blood,
when they asked her [13yrs old girl] she said yes it was her blood,
Cllr. Wilson added.
According to the SGBVCU Head, the girl told her parent that she was
rape by her mother friend husband.
Cllr. Wilson said, Defendant Kanneh threaten to kill the survivor if she
reveals his name to
He threaten her and give her fifty dollars, she tied the fifty dollar in a
plastic and bury it, she added.
Cllr. Wilson said, her parent call the police immediately after learning
their daughter was raped.
Cllr. Wilson explaining the court room drama said during the
proceedings the case was centered around alibi adding that the defense
lawyer argued their client was not present during the commission of
the crime.
The defendant lawyer base their argument on alibi, according to them
the time of the commission of the crime the defendant could not have
been on the scene, Cllr. Wilson said: that was the issue they raise but
we were able to defeat that purpose, the law says that you should prove
the physical impossibility of the defendant to have been on the crime
scene the time the crime was committed.
The SGBVCU said, they won the case with unanimous guilty verdict
from all of the juries. We are looking forward to the judge for the final
Cllr. Wilson said it takes time to prosecute a rape case adding it is her
hope more courts are set up to look into rape case.
Cllr. Wilson said, the SGBV Crime Unit is concern about the recent
rape incident in the Brewreville community adding that the unit is
working with the police to get the case to court.
Right now the police is gathering pieces of evidence, we ask them to
do more because the burden is on us to prove it beyond all reasonable
doubt, Cllr. Wilson said.
Cllr. Wilson continues: the stronger your evidence the more you are
able to successfully prosecute a case, the police did some investigation,
they have taken photos, after that we will proceed to have an indictment
for the defendant.



Grand Kru County, Liberia

head of the Feb. 2nd
school resumption
date across Liberia,
Golden Veroleum
Liberia (GVL) on Jan. 21st
donated 20 school desks to
Kaybor Public School of

he director of the
National Bureau of
Employment (NBE)
at the Ministry of
Labor (MOL) has stressed the
need for the establishment of
public and private employment
service institutions throughout
Liberia to help both qualified
and unqualified Liberians to get
gainful jobs for life as it is done
in other parts of the world.
George H. Saah spoke at the
weekend at the opening of a twoday employment service training
for 50 youth and potential
employment officers at the
Gbarnga Youth Center in Bong
Saah said many qualified
Liberians, who are seeking
employment opportunities, dont
often know where to begin and
how to get a job or what kinds of
jobs they need.
He said as part of the
governments plans to provide
job opportunities, the NBE has
decided to extend its services
throughout the country to help
place qualified Liberians on jobs.
Saah added that the ministry,
through its public employment
center, has registered over 3,000
job seekers in Monrovia and
some of those registered have
been gainfully employed through
referral services to public and
private institutions.

Wedabo-Grand Cess District,

Grand Kru County. The
donation is in accordance with
a Dec. 17, 2013 Memorandum
between GVL and the people
of Zoloken.
Making the donation on

behave of Golden Veroleum,

Manager, Hugh Bladee said
the gesture is a manifestation
of GVLs commitment towards
the education of Grand Kru
citizens and Liberians at large.
Bladee went on to say,

Page 8b

according to the social

agreement between us, we
are to provide desks over two
years, however with your
agreement we decided to
provide all at once.
Urging the school authority and
community members to use
the donation for its intended
purpose, Bladee encouraged
them to take proper care of
the school material in order to
ensure its longevity.
Receiving the items on behave
of the community, Kaybor
Public School Principal, J.
Wilfred Jeh expressed gratitude
to Golden Veroleum for filling
such an essential need at the
I am proud as a principle to
have received such modern
equipment, the first since the
school was established, said
Jeh. He assured GVL that
the desks will be used for its
intended purpose and will be
properly taken care of. Also
speaking at the brief donation
ceremony, Kaybor Womens
lauded GVL for fulfilling its
part of the social agreement.


Labor Ministry takes employment service training to Bong County
J. Kortu Nyandibo, MOL director of communications

He further revealed that the

ministry has another center
in Grand Bassa that is also
providing employment services
to job seekers.
Saah said the center provides free
services to all job seekers but
noted that the only requirements
were for them to present a copy
of their curriculum vitae (CV)
and other documents.
He said the training is to motivate
youth of the county on how to
find a job, career awareness,
where to look for a job, job
interviews and preparation as

well as job retention.

participants to set up private
employment institutions as a
means of helping government
carry out its employment policy
and to assist Liberians find jobs.
For his part, John Flomo,
Coordinator of the Gbarnga
Youth Center and participant,
thanked the government for
the opportunity provided them
to understand the employment
services program and how to find
job as a qualified young person
without experience.

Flomo called on the Labor

Ministry to set up a career
awareness center in all high
schools and colleges across the
country to help students make
informed career choices.
Topics presented at the workshop
include: The Role and Function
of an Employment Officer in
Job Creation, Job Interviews and
Preparation, Maintaining Youth
Job (positive work ethics) and
Youth Employment Challenges
among others.




ice President Joseph

presented two forty
foot containers of
Tuna Fish to the Governments
and Peoples of Sierra Leone
and Guinea on behalf of the
Government of Liberia to beef
up the fight against the deadly

ebola virus that has plagued the

Mano River basin since March
of 2014.
The donations were made
possible following an appeal by
Vice President Joseph Boakai to
a British Philanthropist Trevor
Cockings of His Church Charity
based in the United Kingdom.
Vice President Boakai said it was

important to identify with our

closest neighbors in this time of
great need.
A dispatch from the Liberian
Embassy in Freetown has
confirmed one of the forty foot
containers bearing one thousand
three hundred and thirty eight
cases of the highly nutritious
tuna fish was received by the

Government of Sierra Leone

through its national operations
coordinator at the National Ebola
Response Centre of Sierra Leone,
Mr. Steven Gauja who thanked
the Government of Liberia for
the gesture and subsequently
turned the consignment over the
Dr. ShekuSesay who is the donor
coordinator of the National
Ebola Response Centre of Sierra
Leone. The ceremony was also
attended by House Member Saah
and Mrs. Linda Koroma,

Sierra Leones Deputy Secretary
General of the Mano River
Union. The donations were made
possible by the Vice President
of Liberia, Joseph N. Boakai
and a British Churchman and
Philanthropist, Trevor Cockings
of His Church Charity based in
the United Kingdom.



VOL 9 NO.16

hievy Bifouma helped

book Congo's place
in the Africa Cup of
with the opening goal in their 2-1
win over Burkina Faso on Sunday.
For the first time since 1992, Congo
have progressed to the last eight
of the tournament after Claude Le
Roy led them to the top of Group A
with seven points.
A quiet opening 45 minutes saw
Burkina Faso have the better of the
chances, but they were punished
early in the second half.
Thievy put his body on the line to
meet Ferebory Dore's low cross, the
striker sandwiched between Steeve
Yago and goalkeeper Germain
Sanou as he registered his second
goal of the tournament.
Burkina Faso beaten finalists
in 2013 introduced star names
Aristide Bance and Bertrand
Traore from the bench to try and
reignite their campaign, and the
former gave them hope with an
86th-minute strike.
However, Congo substitute Fabrice
N'Guessi Ondama secured their
win, after Sanou had misjudged a
Victory sealed top spot in the group
for Le Roy's side, with host nation
Equatorial Guinea also progressing
after a 2-0 win over Gabon.
Burkina Faso started confidently
and wasted two chances in the
opening 11 minutes to score their
first goal of the tournament.
Jonathan Pitroipa top scorer in
the qualifiers was first to find
space as Prejuce Nakoulma's cross
found him 12 yards from goal, but
he was unable to direct his seventhminute header on target.
Four minutes later, Burkina
Faso had two corners in quick
succession, with the latter seeing
Mohamed Koffi fail to convert at
the back post.
Congo struggled to find their
fluency in the final third in the
opening exchanges, but with 21
minutes played Thievy should have
broken the deadlock.





Fabrice N'Guessi Ondama struck late to secure the win after Aristide Bance had cancelled out Thievy Bifouma's early opener

The striker latched onto a Delvin

N'Dinga throughball inside the
penalty area and held off a defenders
challenge, only to scuff his shot wide
of Sanou's goal.
Late pressure from Burkina Faso saw
Pitroipa presented with another clearcut chance in the penalty area, but the
Al Jazira striker blazed his volley over
to end a disappointing half.

Congo began the second period

with new attacking threat and after
Dore had wasted two clear-cut
chances,Thievy broke the deadlock.
Dore was released behind the Burkina
Faso defence and delivered a low
cross into the six-yard box, where the
Almeria striker converted from close
A 73rd-minute free-kick should have

produced a second Congo goal as a

well-worked routine found N'Dinga
on the edge of the penalty area, but he
shot straight at Sanou.
Bertrand Traore should have levelled
but he first dragged a shot wide, and
then saw an 82nd-minute effort ruled
out for offside.
Burkina Faso did get a goal as Bance,
on as a late substitute, met Issiaka

Ouedraogo's cross, but their fightback

was quickly ended as Ondama
took advantage of Sanou's missed
There was still time for Alain Tarore
to hit the crossbar with a long-range
free kick as Burkina Faso pressed,
but they had not done enough to stave
off their disappointing exit from the



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