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We are so glad you have joined us today! Our desire is that God
would bless and direct this time together. Worship is an
interactive, participatory experience and our prayer is that the
service today would strengthen and encourage you on your
spiritual journey. Whether you are new to faith, just coming back
to church, or a long-time follower of Jesus, we hope you find your
time with us engaging and meaningful.

Worship: a time to connect with God through song and prayer.
Feel free to stand and sing with us as we praise God through
singing by following the on-screen lyrics. A typical service lasts
about 65 minutes.
Offering: We give tithes and offerings as a part of worship in
obedience, celebration, and thanksgiving to the Lord. Its also just
our way of saying, We love our church and we want to support
it! If you are a guest, you are not expected or obligated to give.
Children: We have a fully-staffed Nursery for ages three and
below. Kids ages 4-12 will be dismissed during the service to the
childrens chapel to be taught by Pastor Linda and her staff.
Message: The teaching time seeks to communicate biblical truth
in compelling, relevant ways. All of our messages are available
as podcast on our website www.estillnaz.org or through iTunes.
Response: When God is speaking, we take time to respond.
Most of the time this is after the message, but at other times it
may be in the middle of the service. An invitation is never needed
if you want to pray at the altar.
Communion: We take time monthly to celebrate Communion
and welcome all followers of Jesus Christ to participate in this act
of worship and remembrance regardless of membership or


TODAY-Sunday, January 25th
Renewal Weekend with Susie Shellenberger:: 8:30am; 10:45am
Sunday School: 9:45am
No PM Service / Activities



Wednesday, January 28th

Bible Study: 11:00am
Adult Bible Study: 6:30pm
Ladies Bible Study: 6:30pm
Youth Ministries: 6:30pm
Childrens Ministries: 6:30pm
Sunday, February 1st
Worship Service: 8:30am; 10:45am
Sunday School: 9:45am
Super Bowl Fellowship: 5:30pm
*See inside for details and locations

TODAY: January 25th
1st Service: Lori & Megan Ayres
2nd Service: Stacie & Mindi Reed
PM Service: No Service

NEXT SUNDAY: February 1st

1st Service: Cassie Creson, Taylor Chandler

January 18 2015

105 Flower Lane Drive

Estill Springs, TN 37330
Phone: 649-3867 Fax: 649-3410
Emails: office@estillnaz.org

Tithes & Offerings:

Received: $10,162.75
Received: $260
WEF Paid:

To know more about The Church of the Nazarene and what we

believe, check out our website at www.estillnaz.org.


Fiscal Year is 5/1/14 to 4/30/15

2nd Service: Cindy Kilpatrick, Bailee Hastings

PM Service: Linda Guess

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday,
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Friday, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Micah 6:8 Office Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Our Ministry Team

Matt Hastings
Lead Pastor

Thomas Crummer
Youth Pastor

Linda Crummer
Childrens Pastor

Geron Brown
Worship Pastor

Congratulations to our Youth Pastor
We are excited to celebrate with Pastor Thomas & Traci in the
upcoming birth of their second son, Owen. He is due to arrive midFebruary. There will be a table in the foyer where you may leave a
card/gift to share in this joyous occasion with them.
Super Bowl Sunday - TODAY
No evening services or activities held at the church, INSTEAD there
will be several homes open for you to fellowship/worship in. There will
be a time to watch the game and also a DVD with testimonies from
NFL players. It will be a great time to share with each other & invite
your neighbors. Guests are asked to bring finger foods and the host
family will provide drinks. The following homes will be open for you to
Barry & Kim Bishop
203 George Lane, Tullahoma
Brad & Kim Pendergraff
43 Blairmont Court, Winchester

No Choir Practice Tonight

Game Starts at 5:30pm

Membership Class
Join Pastor Matt during the Sunday School hour on February 15th &
22nd for a class on becoming a member of Estill Springs Nazarene.
FX LIVE- February 27th thru March 1st
Mark your calendars!!

Bowling League
Our Bowling League will start again January 29th. Cost is $7.50 per
week for 10 weeks. If you are interested in joining, please see Cathy
Frame today. Even if you have played before, please let Cathy know
you wish to continue.



Valentines For Jesus
This years offering goes to The Jesus Film Project. The Jesus Film
Project team goes into foreign countries and rural areas and presents
The Jesus Film to people in their own language. It has been a great
outreach tool on our mission fields. Your offering will go toward the
logistics and purchasing of equipment and supplies to show the Jesus
Come on Sunday night, February 15th at 6:00pm and learn all about
this project and how your donation can make a difference. We will be
showing some of the film. Everyone bring finger foods to share.
Popcorn and drinks will be provided.

The Fredericks and The Turners

3175 Rock Creek Road, Estill Springs
John & Lori Ayres
2076 Eastbrook Road, Estill Springs



MICAH 6:8 MINISTRY from Sandy Schefcik

Did You Know... that when Lana Rusev fled Ukraine, where she was
trying to avoid religious persecution, she's now experiencing in
Florida? For more than two decades, Lana has been adjusting to her
life in the U.S. -- but she never dreamed that adjustment would include
an assault to the very freedoms she came here seeking. She started
her business, Simply Elegant Wedding Planning, coordinating the
smallest of details for weddings. So when a lesbian couple approached
the Christian consultant, the thought of being intimately involved in
every stage of planning for a ceremony that conflicted with her faith was
a non-starter. In a polite letter to the couple, Rusev explained that not
only was there a conflict with the dates -- but with her conscience. That
enraged the couple, who took revenge by launching a full-scale social
media assault against the company. Within hours, Lana was inundated
with threats and negative business reviews. Being bullied for her faith
isn't exactly what she envisioned when she immigrated to the "free