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Residential and Small Commercial

Project Handbook

2004 edition

Published for homeowners and small business owners


This book is available to download or as a searchable directory online at www.architects.org/project_handbook.

This is a public service of the Boston Society of Architects.
2004 Boston Society of Architects/AIA

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Hiring an architect for a residential or small commercial project may be a process that is
unfamiliar to you. You may know an architect but be unclear about what one can do for
you, or you may not know where to find design professionals and how to select the one
that best fits your needs. This handbook should answer many of your questions and clarify
the process of design and construction.
Many individuals and organizations find this guide to be a valuable resource as they begin
to plan for renovation, addition, or new construction projects. It will help you understand
the role of the architect and the value he or she can bring to your effort. There is advice on
choosing the right architect and structuring the working relationship. The section on the
design and construction process can help you outline a project approach that is suitable to
A series of worksheets forms that you complete before you begin design will be
invaluable tools as you work through your project. A budget worksheet assists you in estimating project costs and fees to be paid for the professional services of architects, engineers,
and other consultants. There are 20 questions to ask yourself to define expectations for you
and your architect and 20 questions to ask your architect about her/his philosophy and
The last section, the Directory of Architects, is an extensive list of architects in
Massachusetts who are experienced in working with clients to design and build residential
and small commercial projects.
We hope you find this Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook useful. You are
invited to reproduce all or any part of it and to call the Boston Society of Architects with
your questions, comments, or suggestions on how to make it more helpful to you.

Throughout this handbook, the wording of the text focuses on homeowners but the advice
throughout is also intended for business owners and others considering commercial projects.

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Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Working with an architect

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

American Institute of Architects members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

What architects do . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
Value of working with an architect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
Projects that benefit from an architects leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
How to be a good client . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
The role of the builder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Selecting an architect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
Selection criteria . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
21 questions to ask your architect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Structuring the relationship with your architect

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

15 recommendations from people whove done it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Compensation for architectural services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
The contract . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Budgeting the project

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Contingencies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Budget worksheet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

The design and construction process

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Six typical project steps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Project schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
20 questions to answer before you get started . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

Additional resources

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Using the Boston Society of Architects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Books and publications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Websites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Directory of architects

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Working with an architect

The architect is the professional who guides you through the
design and construction process. Licensed by the state to practice architecture, the architect is the only professional specially
trained to design the places in which people live and work and
to manage all aspects of potentially complex projects from
design through construction.
An architect listens to you and serves as your advocate
throughout your project. Your architect translates your wishes into built form, addresses compliance with state and town
regulations, oversees the work of the builder, and coordinates
all technical and aesthetic aspects of your project. Your architect solves space problems, manages your budget, protects
your project from unreasonable extra costs, and resolves disputes that may arise with your town, other consultants or
your builder.
Licensure as an architect is the result of a special educational
process, rigorous training, and completion of a complex series
of exams. An architect usually has a minimum of five years of
professional schooling and three years experience in the
workplace before becoming eligible to take the licensing
examination. Only licensed architects may use the title
architect and their project drawings should bear the architects seal before construction may begin. To check on the
status of an architects license in Massachusetts, contact the
Board of Registration of Architects at 617-727-3072 or check
that agencys Web site at www.state.ma.us/reg.

American Institute of Architects members

Most architects are members of the American Institute of
Architects (AIA), the national professional association that
oversees the professional practice of architecture. (Architects
in Massachusetts who are members of the AIA constitute the
Boston Society of Architects and two other local AIA branches in Massachusetts.) Over 90% of architect-designed construction in the United States is handled by AIA members.
Architects who are members of the AIA have numerous
opportunities to continue professional training, timely access
to information on new building materials and technologies
and, perhaps most important, ongoing, collegial relationships
with other AIA members who include the most skilled practitioners in the nation.

AIA member architects are required to comply with the AIA

Code of Ethics, which dictates guidelines for the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence. The
Code addresses architects responsibilities to the public, which
the profession serves and enriches; to the clients and users of
architecture, who help shape the built environment; and to
the art and science of architecture, the body of knowledge
and creativity that supports the profession.
Many types of people are available today to work on design
and construction projects designers (including unregistered
architects-to-be, decorators, and interior designers),
design/build companies, engineers, and other consultants. It
is important to note that these professionals are not substitutes for architects their education and training are quite
different but often are hired by or otherwise work with or
for architects.

What architects do
The architect is the skilled professional who listens to you,
interprets your wishes, and helps realize your building dreams.
The architect is a counselor, planner, designer, mediator, work
coordinator, and business administrator. Architects add value
at every stage of the project, from initial conceptual design
through construction completion. Your architect:

Translates your wishes into plans for construction

Your hopes and dreams for your project may be vague and
abstract and are usually expressed in words. The architects
job is to work with you to translate them into a visual and
technical prescription for construction that is very detailed.
The goal is for you, your architect, and your builder to
share the same, very specific expectations about materials,
quality, workmanship, and other outcomes. This is usually
an educational process for everyone, during which all decisions should be recorded on paper and all construction
details and instructions carefully documented.

Designs custom work and installations

Each building has a special history, every site has unusual
conditions, and every client has unique goals, desires, and
requirements. The architect seeks a design solution that
unites all of these and reflects your unique personality and
style of living or working.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Prepares drawings and specifications

Drawings and specifications are the graphic and verbal
descriptions of the project. They describe your preferences
and wishes for the project you are building and are used to
document decisions about the projects size, function, organization, and aesthetics. They prescribe the engineers requirements for structural stability, climate control, drainage, and
electrical service. These documents are submitted to your
town in order to obtain a building permit so construction
can begin; they are used by the town building inspector to
determine that the project will meet local requirements.
Drawings and specifications prepared by the architect also
are the basis for the relationship between you as the
owner/client and your contractor (builder). They can be
used for competitive bidding among contractors, so you
can compare several builders estimated project costs, construction schedules, and logistics plans. Once you choose
a builder, plans and specifications are used as contract
documents (instructions to your contractor) and the basis
of your agreement with him about exactly what work is to
be done and at what cost.
Many architects, particularly in larger firms, prepare their
drawings on computer using CADD (computer-aided
drafting and design) software. Computer-generated drawings may take less time to prepare than those that are
hand-drawn, can be revised easily, and are especially useful
for repetitive design elements often found on larger commercial or institutional projects. However, computer-aided
design drawings are not necessary for most residential and
small commercial projects. Computer-aided drawings are
simply one of many tools an architect uses.

Helps you address building codes and regulations

Both the town and state in which the project is located
have regulations that govern building projects. An architect should be aware of them. Zoning regulations, which
are published by each town and vary from one town to
another, concern the buildings use, size, relationship to the
site, and parking. Building codes are published by the state
and address how buildings are to be constructed, dictating,
for example, door sizes and materials, window sizes and
locations, structural lumber sizes, and stair and hallway
dimensions. A special section of the code ensures access to

public buildings for people with disabilities; it dictates

requirements for bathrooms, kitchens, ramps, and other
building elements.

Coordinates the work of consultants

The architect coordinates the work of specialty consultants
your project may require, including structural, electrical
and mechanical (heating, plumbing, air conditioning) and
civil (drainage and site utilities) engineers.

Helps you secure a builder

The architect can help you through the process of selecting
a contractor through competitive bidding. About half the
cost of any construction is labor and the other half materials. Since labor costs vary according to skill, experience,
and the contractors overhead, competitive bidding allows
you to select a contractor on the basis of cost and schedule
as well as reputation and approach.

Administers the construction contract

The architect brings an experienced and balanced perspective to the project during construction. The architect serves
as your advocate, working to determine if the project is built
as it was designed and specified. The architect analyzes and
helps you make decisions about change orders, which
could affect your projects costs. Change orders are any
changes proposed by the client or the contractor or changes
required to address conditions that could not have been
foreseen. Some clients prefer not to involve the architect
during the construction phase (perhaps to save money);
however, by keeping the architect involved through construction, you will have an important advocate and an
important perspective on the progress of the job.

Manages your money

Working with an architect on your project can save you
money in a number of ways. Having a single, complete set
of architectural drawings to present to a number of prospective contractors allows you to choose among comparable
bids. When the contractor knows at the start what will be
built and when the client has taken time to plan carefully,
costly delays and changes during construction are minimized. During construction, the architect helps determine if
proposed changes are responsibly priced and in keeping with
local costs and methods of construction. Finally, the archi-

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

tect authorizes payment to your builder, giving you added

assurance that both you and your architect are satisfied with
the builders performance and product.

Value of working with an architect

Architects provide a broad range of services and can provide
value at every stage of the design and construction process.
By working directly with you and assessing your requirements
in great depth, the architect tailors the design to suit your
personality, needs, budget, and lifestyle. The architects extensive study of design alternatives (some of which you may not
have considered) allows you to choose the design most appropriate to your needs. An architects knowledge of site-planning and natural energy processes (the influence of wind and
sun on the building, groundwater flow, etc.) helps accommodate your project to the site characteristics and neighborhood
context. By overseeing construction, your architect helps to
make sure that your project is built according to design.
The architect also saves you money and time. By keeping
abreast of the latest construction materials and technologies,
architects can recommend materials and systems that fit your
budget. Your architect provides documents for the contractor
bidding process, which should result in a fair contractor price.
Construction is expedited through an architects careful planning and complete drawings and specifications. The architect
serves as your agent with the contractor, resolving disputes that
may arise and analyzing additional costs the contractor proposes.
The design aesthetic of the project is perhaps the most obvious area in which an architect makes a unique and valuable
contribution, creating a visually appealing place with pleasing
character and style. Ultimately, your propertys value is
increased through appropriate design, improved functionality,
and high-quality detailing.

Projects that benefit

from an architects leadership
A wide range of projects can benefit from the involvement of
an architect. Most architects are both general practitioners
and specialists that is, while many have special expertise or
preference for one or more types of projects, most can (and
do) work on many types of buildings.

Each of the firms listed in the Directory of Architects (the last

section of this handbook) works for a variety of clients on all
types of projects. The lists below illustrate the range of most
architects capabilities and includes new construction, renovations, and additions.

Residential projects

Single-family homes
Townhouses and apartments
Building re-use
Condo conversion
Multi-family and institutional housing
Historic renovation and preservation
Outbuildings and other structures
Landscaping and related site design
Accessible (barrier-free) design
Consulting-only services

Small commercial projects

Retail stores
Food and entertainment facilities
Recreational facilities
Institutional facilities
(educational, religious, medical, cultural)
Hotels and motels
Historic renovation and preservation
Landscaping and related site design
Accessible (barrier-free) design
Consulting-only services

How to be a good client

As the owner and client, you must take responsibility for a
good working relationship with your architect and the success
of your project.

Good communication is a key to success in any endeavor.

Be clear about your needs so your architect understands
your preferences, lifestyle, and intended use of the space to
be designed. Ask a lot of questions and be sure to get
answers in language that you understand.

Decide on your budget at the outset both the ideal and

the maximum you are willing to spend and communicate it clearly.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Make decisions in a timely manner. Try not to revisit or

reverse decisions you already have made, because it is likely
your architect has already acted on them. If you do change
your mind, tell the architect immediately.

Review promptly the drawings and materials the architect

gives you, and return them quickly with questions, comments, and changes.

Be flexible about achieving the design solution sometimes the best solution is arrived at through a process of
sketching, discussions, and revisions, which take time.

The role of the builder

Historically, the architect functioned as master builder, providing both design and building services. Today the architectural and construction parts of the building industry have
evolved into separate disciplines. Architects provide designs
and drawings, identify necessary engineering, and create
design schemes that satisfy your needs related to use, views,
materials, size, as well as environmental opportunities and
constraints. Builders (general contractors) provide construction services based on architects designs and are best suited to
define construction methods and sequences, estimate costs,
and coordinate the work of subcontractors.
In a typical scenario, the builder is hired through a competitive bidding process in which you request bids from a number
of contractors who outline their credentials and approaches to
cost, schedule, and logistics for the project construction. The

bidders all use the same design drawings to develop their bids
so you receive comparable estimates. A variant to competitive
bidding is a negotiated contract in which your architect helps
you develop cost, schedule, and scope of work through discussions with a single contractor.
An alternative to hiring the architect and the builder separately is hiring a design/build company. Provided that the
design/build company actually works with an architect registered in Massachusetts, you can obtain both design and building services from a single source. Advantages of this method
may include more accurate cost estimates right from the initial design stage and faster start-up, because the period for
bidding and, if needed to reduce costs, redesign is minimized. Potential disadvantages of working with a
design/build firm are the absence of competitive bidding by
general contractors and the loss of an objective advocate in
your dealings with the contractor over cost.
Your contract with the builder may be based on a lump-sum
price or be billed on a time and materials (T&M) basis, with
or without a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) determined
at the start.
As the client, you are ultimately responsible for selecting and
paying your contractor. If you would like, your architect can
assist you in finding builders to consider and may help you
review their credentials. To determine whether a contractor is
registered to do business in Massachusetts, call the Home
Improvement Contractor Registration Office at 617-7278598. To check for complaints filed against a contractor, call
the Attorney Generals Consumer Hotline at 617-727-8400.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Selecting an architect
You will benefit by involving an architect in your project as
early in the process as possible and by making an intelligent
selection among the multitude of licensed professionals available to you. The most popular (and usually the best) way to
select an architect is by interviewing several candidates. You
can assemble a list (such as the one provided in this handbook) by asking friends for recommendations. You can also
learn about reputations and abilities of architects in your
community by visiting completed projects, talking with
clients and users, and checking design awards programs and
professional design publications.
A brief call to an architect can help determine if his or her
expertise is appropriate to your project. When you find a few
with related experience (we recommend you consider at least
four), set up interviews with them to discuss your project and
review photographs and other samples of their work. You will
then be able to narrow the list and, after more meetings, it
will become obvious to you which architect is best for you.
Check the architects education, training, experience, and references. Most important, however, is good chemistry
between you and your architect you will need to feel comfortable with each other and will get to know each other well.
Your architect should be a good listener, responsive to your
phone calls, clearly interested in your needs, and able to communicate with you in clear, every-day language. Be patient:
This process will take some time and it is one of the most
important decisions you will make.

Selection criteria
Use the following criteria to choose among the architects you


The architect should be licensed in Massachusetts.

To check on the status of an architects license in
Massachusetts, call the Board of Registration of Architects
at 617-727-3072 or check that agencys website at


The architect should have a track record of

work similar to yours in size, complexity, type, and/or cost.


You should be convinced that the architect will

listen to you and you should be comfortable sharing details

of your lifestyle, needs, and budget as well as your hopes

for and concerns about the project.


Other people for whom the architect has

worked should be satisfied customers and should attest to
the architects ability to respect agreements about services,
fees, and schedule.

Firm structure:

Be sure that your project will be a priority

for the architect and will not get lost in the shuffle of a
busy office. Insist that the person with whom you have
developed a rapport continues to work on your project.
The architecture firm should be committed to projects such
as yours. If you choose an architect who is moonlighting,
he or she may be less available for day-to-day constructionphase work.

Firm size:

At one end of the spectrum are large firms that

employ hundreds of people and have branch offices nationally or even worldwide. Most firms, however, consist of
fewer than ten people and many architects practice in oneor two-person offices. These smaller firms are more likely
to design houses and small commercial projects and are
usually better positioned to handle your needs. With a
smaller firm, a senior-level professional is likely to work
with you.

Design Philosophy:

You and your architect should be

philosophically, aesthetically, and ethically compatible.
Whatever the architects goals and stylistic preferences, you
should have confidence that your project will be specially
designed for you.

Level of Service:

Architects services vary. Some will carry

your project through construction while others may leave
the responsibility for overseeing construction to you or the
contractor. Match your preferences with the architects.

Design Fees:

Fees should not be the determining factor in

selecting your architect. Variations in cost generally reflect
variances in service; thus, you should define the scope of
service carefully, including possible cost-savings and extras,
the use of consulting engineers, and work by others such as
landscape, security, sound system and interior design

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


to ask your architect

1. What does the architect see as important issues or considerations in your project? What are the challenges of
the project?
2. How will the architect gather information about your
needs, goals, etc.?
3. How will the architect establish priorities and make
4. Who from the architecture firm will you be dealing
with directly? Is it the same person who will be
designing the project? If not, who will be designing it?
5. How interested is the architect in this project?
6. How busy is the architect?
7. What sets this architect apart from the rest?
8. How does the architect establish fees? When will fee
payments be expected?
9. How will you be able to relate fee payments to milestones in the architects scope of work?
10. What would the architect expect the fee to be for this
11. What are the steps in the design process?

12. How does the architect organize the process?

13. What does the architect expect you to provide?
14. Does the architect have a specific design style? Can
he/she show examples of past design work?
15. What is the architects experience/track record with
16. What will the architect show you along the way to
explain the project? Will you see models, drawings, or
17. If the scope of the project changes later in the project,
will there be additional fees? How will these fees be
18. If the contractors bids exceed your budget, will the
architect revise the design? Is there an additional fee
for such re-design?
19. What services does the architect provide during
20. How disruptive will construction be? How long does
the architect expect it to take to complete your
21. Can the architect provide a list of past clients with
whom he or she has worked?

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Structuring the relationship with your architect


from people whove done it

You can avoid common pitfalls during design and construction projects. If you have recommendations to add
to this list, please call the BSA with your suggestions.
1. Remember that you get what you pay for be sure
to hire a qualified architect, not the least expensive
2. Do not expect to save money by hiring non-professionals.
3. Execute a contract or letter of agreement detailing
fees, schedules, budgets, and tasks, and monitor the
process outlined in the agreement every step of the
way. (A contract is essential.)
4. Take time to plan for your project and allow your
architect and contractor the time needed to properly
design and build.
5. Do not allow your architect or builder to rush you
to decisions (about detailing, materials, etc.).
6. Make all design decisions before construction begins
it gets very expensive to change your mind later.
7. Resist revisiting decisions once you make them.
Every decision affects work done after it; changes can
be costly.
8. Carefully conduct necessary surveys, title searches,
and similar research.
9. It is not reasonable to expect that a building project
will heal a marriage, friendship, or company; it wont.
10. It is unwise to try to fit your needs into a beloved
design. Instead, allow a design to grow from a thorough understanding of your needs.
11. Ask many questions until you get the answers you
need in language you can understand.
12. Monitor construction and ask questions about anything you dont understand.
13. Do not substitute bargain materials for good materials.
14. Allow budget contingencies for both design and
15. Observe construction so you will be more likely to
catch errors early.

Compensation for architectural services

Architects are paid in one of three ways. One method is a
percentage of the total construction costs, which varies in proportion to the size and complexity of the project. A second
option is payment on an hourly-fee basis plus expenses. The
third is a lump sum fee. You and your architect should
agree in the written contract on fee method, conditions, and
pricing parameters before any design work begins.
It is customary for the architect to be paid in several stages (or
monthly) rather than with full payment at the end of the job.
A down-payment or retainer may be required prior to startup. In most cases, the architects fee includes compensation
for structural, mechanical (heating, ventilation, plumbing and
air conditioning), and electrical engineering consultants the
architect may need to hire for your project.

The contract
You and your architect should begin your relationship with a
written agreement or contract that details your expectations;
the architects services, fees, and schedule; and all other
parameters you and your architect consider important. A
thorough, clear, written agreement will help prevent later misunderstandings or disappointments.
The American Institute of Architects has developed sample
contracts, which you can obtain from the Boston Society of
Architects (ask for the AIA Documents List and Order Form).
You may also find helpful the brochure Owner, Architect,
and Contractor Relationships: A Project Guide, which is
available for $5.00. Write/call the BSA at bsa@architects.org/
Do not allow any work of any kind to begin before you and
the architect have signed a contract or detailed letter of


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Budgeting the project

Before beginning any design, work with your architect to
think through your project carefully. Budgeting the costs of
design and construction is an important first step to help you
avoid surprises and frustration. Resist the tendency to withhold budget information from your architect. Only with full
knowledge of your ideal budget and absolute limit can your
architect design within your budget and allocate your project
money wisely. However, your architect cannot guarantee construction costs; you and your architect must work with the
contractor to determine if the actual construction is within

Although much is done to research the site of your project or
to predict conditions in an existing building before renovation,
there are sometimes surprises revealed during demolition or
construction that could not have been known in advance.
These hidden conditions can include poor soils, underground
tanks or piping, plumbing leaks or inadequacies, asbestos,
structural deficiencies, or insect damage. Provide an extra
amount in your budget (a construction contingency) to cover

the cost of fixing these problems. Depending on the size and

complexity of the project, a reasonable contingency is between
10 percent to 15 percent of the total cost of construction.
Another type of contingency you should budget is called the
client contingency. Reversing or remaking decisions about
the design after construction begins is very costly because the
builder must reschedule his subcontractors, remove and
rebuild areas already completed, and quickly obtain materials
or components not currently on site. You may decide that
you want bigger windows, different wall configurations, or
larger closets. You may want to renovate areas of your building not previously included in the project scope. New home
furnishings, housewares, or appliances may need to be added
to residential buildings. The client contingency should cover
these costs and the additional design and construction costs
they imply. Taking time to plan carefully during the design
stage minimizes these kinds of expenses.
The sample budget worksheet on the opposite page will help
you outline costs and fees for your project. Your architect can
help you complete it.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Budget worksheet
This budget worksheet will help you outline costs and fees for your project.
Your architect can help you complete it.
Land and
and financing

Land cost
Building cost
Title report
Real-estate appraisal
Financing costs, loan fees
Bonds and assessments
Legal fees (re-zoning, variances, etc.)
Topographic and boundary survey
Soils/geotechnical analysis/report


Subtotal $
Architects fee
Engineering fees
Landscape architecture fees
Interior design and color consultation fees
Special engineering fees (solar, acoustical, security, communications)
3D models
Subtotal $


Site work (grading and utilities)
Building construction
Landscaping, planting, irrigation
Recreational features ( e.g., swimming pool, tennis court)
Permit fees/construction taxes required by various public agencies
Insurance (builders or owners risk) and bonds (commercial projects only)
Materials testing and inspection
Built-in furniture and cabinets


Subtotal $
Interior finishes and flooring
Interior furnishings, wall/window coverings, and upholstery


Subtotal $
Construction contingency for estimating errors and unforeseen expenses
Client contingency to cover design changes you make
Adjustment for inflation
Cost of temporary lodging (if appropriate)
Cost of delays
Subtotal $



Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

The design and construction process

Before you get started,you should define your desires, your
expectations, and other details of your project and communicate them to your architect. The more detailed information
you provide to your architect, the easier it will be for the
architect to get started and the better the architect will be able
to address your needs.

Six typical project steps

Design and construction projects involve several steps.
Typically projects go through the following six phases; however, on some projects several steps may be combined or others
1. Programming (deciding what to build): You and your
architect will begin by defining the requirements for your
project (how many rooms, the function of the spaces, etc.),
determining how your desires fit within your budget.
Programming is often done with the help of site and economic studies.
2. Schematic design (developing the concept): During this
phase the architect prepares a series of rough sketches that
show a conceptual approach to the design, general arrangement of the rooms, and general organization of the site.
You approve these sketches before proceeding to the next
3. Design development (refining the design): The architect
prepares more refined drawings, which communicate and
document more detailed aspects of the proposed design.
Floor plans show proportions, shapes, and dimensions of
all the rooms. Outline specifications are prepared listing
the major materials and room finishes.
4. Preparation of construction documents: Once you
approve the design, the architect prepares detailed drawings
and specifications, which the contractor can use to establish
actual construction costs, obtain permits to begin construction, and build the project.

5. Hiring the contractor: As the client, you select and hire

the contractor. Three or four contractors are usually asked
to submit proposals or bids for the project, which include
total construction cost predictions. The architect may be
willing to make some recommendations of contractors to
consider and the architect can help you prepare bidding
documents, invitations to bid, and instructors to bidders.
Usually (but not always) the responsible contractor with
the lowest price is hired.
6. Construction: The contractor physically builds the project
and is solely responsible for construction methods, techniques, schedules, and procedures. During construction,
the architect can provide construction administration
(not inspection or supervision), helping to be sure the
project is built according to plans and specifications. Your
architect may visit the site periodically to observe construction, review and approve the contractors requests for payment, and keep you informed of the projects progress.

Project schedule
Some residential and small commercial projects can be
designed within a few weeks; however, its very important to
have adequate time to think through the options, do research,
and talk to people about what you are planning. Therefore,
we recommend you allow between three and six months for
the design phase. This can include selecting an architect at
the outset of your project and, later, selecting a builder.
Most small projects take between three and six months to
build; larger projects can certainly take longer. Interior construction can be done in any season; outdoor construction
must be carefully timed. If you plan outdoor construction for
the warm weather months, you are less likely to be delayed by
storms or freezing weather, which make outdoor work difficult. Summer construction finds many contractors busy; be
sure to let your contractor know long in advance of when you
want to begin construction so he or she can reserve the time
and resources.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


to answer before you get started

(Although geared to homeowners, these questions can be

adapted easily for small commercial projects.)

10. What do you think the addition/renovation/new home

should look like?

1. Describe your current home.

What do you like about it?
Whats missing?
What dont you like?

11. If planning a new home, what do you envision in this

home that you dont have now?

2. Do you want to change the space you have?

3. Do you want to build a new home?
4. Why do you want to build a house or add to or renovate your current home?
Do you need more room?
Are children grown and moving on?
Is your lifestyle changing?
5. What is your lifestyle?
Are you at home a great deal?
Do you work at home?
Do you entertain often?
How much time do you spend in the living areas,
bedrooms, kitchen, den or office, utility space, etc.?
6. How much time and energy are you willing to invest
to maintain your home?
7. If you are thinking of adding on, what functions/activities will be housed in a new space?
8. What kind of spaces do you need (bedrooms, expanded kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)?
9. How many of those spaces do you think you need?

12. How much can you realistically afford to spend?

13. How soon would you like to be settled into your new
home or addition? Are there rigid time constraints?
14. If you are contemplating building a home, do you
have a site selected?
15. Do you have strong ideas about design styles? What
are your design preferences?
16. Which family member will be the primary contact
with the architect, contractor, and others involved in
designing and building your project? (It is important
to have one point of contact to prevent confusion and
mixed messages.)
17. What qualities are you looking for in an architect?
18. How much time do you have to be involved in the
design and construction process?
19. Do you plan to do any of the construction work yourself?
20. How much disruption in your life can you tolerate to
add on to or renovate your home?



Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Additional resources
Using the Boston Society of Architects
The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) administers programs
and provides resources that enhance public and professional
understanding of design and the practice of architecture.
Since its establishment in 1867, this nonprofit professional
service organization has been a committed advocate of excellence in the built environment and increased service of the
profession to society.
The BSA is the eastern Massachusetts regional association of
over 2,000 architects and 1,000 affiliated members and is the
largest branch of the American Institute of Architects.
Affiliated members include engineers, contractors, owners/
clients, public officials, other allied professionals, homeowners, business owners, students, and others interested in design
and the built environment.
Membership in the BSA is available to all, as are its programs
and resources. Members enjoy benefits such as Currents (a
weekly electronic newsletter), the ChapterLetter (a monthly
newsletter) and ArchitectureBoston (a bimonthly magazine).
Members also receive discounts on a variety of programs,
publications, and career and educational services.
For more information about Boston Society of Architects
membership, programs, and resources, please visit our website
(www.architects.org), email us (bsa@architects.org) or call us

Books and publications

The following books and other publications on residential
home design are available through the Boston Society of
Architects online book store at store.architects.org (search for
keyword residential). Other publications can be downloaded for free at www.architects.org/project_handbook. If you
do not have internet access, you can request a book store catalogue by calling/writing the BSA 617-951-1433x221/
bsa@architects.org Prices listed below are subject to change.

You and Your Architect a free download at


Beginners Guide to Selecting an Architect a free download at www.architects.org/project_handbook

Currents; a weekly electronic newsletter. Free subscriprions

available at www.architects.org/currents

Owner, Architect, Contractor Relationships: A Project

Guide; 18 pp. Available at store.architects.org (item #006);

Client Advisor; 57 pp. Available at store.architects.org (item

#176); $26.00

Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and

Architect with Standard Form of Architects Services;
40 pp. Available at store.architects.org (item #B141); $8.00

What every owner needs to know about Fast Track; 4 pp.

Available at store.architects.org (item #153); $5.00

What every owner needs to know about Value

Engineering; 4 pp. Available at store.architects.org (item
#154); $5.00

What every owner needs to know about RFIs; 4 pp.

Available at store.architects.org (item #155); $5.00

Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA/AIA; resources, programs and networks for everyone interested in the built environment): www.architects.org and store.architects.org (scores
of design resources)
American Institute of Architects (AIA; find an architect,
learn about architecture as a profession): www.aia.org
American Society of Interior Designers (ASID; learn about
new ideas for building interiors): www.asid.org
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA; find a
landscape architect, learn about trends in landscape architecture): www.asla.org
International Interior Design Association (IIDA; learn about
interior designer qualifications and licensure): www.iida.org
National Association of Homebuilders (find a
builder/remodeler, resources for construction); www.nahb.org

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Builders Association of Greater Boston (resources for selecting a builder); www.bagb.org

ServiceMagic (find a contractor, real estate agent or lender):


Building Online (resources, information and thousands of

links to web pages about building and home improvement):

ImproveNet (find a contractor): www.improvenet.com

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of

Registration (complaint and licensing information to verify licenses, disciplinary action taken within the last five years,
and findings of closed complaints): www.state.ma.us/reg
HouseNet (compilation of ideas and sources for home
improvement, decoration and organization):
The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka AIA (the author
invites clients to realize that there is no direct proportion
between square footage and a lovable, functional, comfortable
home): www.notsobighouse.com
Old House Journal and The Old House Web (devoted
entirely to homeowners who live in and restore old homes):
www.oldhousejournal.com and www.oldhouseweb.com

Contractor.com (find a contractor, resources for home

improvement): www.contractor.com
Imandi (product and service resources for home owners):
Wall Street Journal Guide to Property (a guide to buying,
selling and improving your residential property with opinion
articles): www.realestatejournal.com/homeimprove
Home Contractors and Home Builders Online (find a contractor, resources for home owners):
Contractors Web Guide (find a contractor, resources for
home improvement): www.contractorswebguide.com


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Directory of architects
Shelly W. Ziegelman AIA
Shelly Wood Ziegelman Architects
1 Edgehill Road
Winchester MA 01890
781-721-4766 !" 781-756-0039 (fax)

SWZ, Architects specializes in innovative and thoughtful residential additions, renovations and new construction. Our client-focused firm brings creative design solutions that fit specific programmatic needs, priorities, budgets
and aspirations. Through teamwork, our design solutions are realized from a
strong collaboration with the owner and the contractor. We love our work
and value each professional relationship.

Beth A. Worell AIA

Beth A. Worell Architects
164 Arborway
Boston MA 02130
617-522-9155 !" 617-522-9350 (fax)

We design beautiful, efficient, light-filled spaces that meet your needs and satisfy your imagination. We work closely with you to solve the challenges of
your project with inspiration. Great attention and creativity are given to all
projects large and small. Complete architectural services for additions, renovations, and new construction.

Joan Wood AIA

Joan Wood and Son Associates-Architects
24 Rutland Square
Boston MA 02118-3106
617-266-5526 !" 617-266-5520 (fax)

Joan Wood and Son is a full service architectural firm based in Boston's
South End. We have had extensive experience working with old and historic
buildings, new construction, community groups and boards, and with private
and public clients. The firm maintains a diverse practice with an emphasis on
residential projects.

Bruce R. Wood AIA

Bruce R. Wood, Architect
30 North Street
Hingham MA 02043
781-740-8812 !" 781-740-8694 (fax)

Residential and light commercial design and consulting. Expert in wood

framing and construction. Expert in handicap accessible design. Hingham,
Hull, Weymouth and South. Additions and renovations, a specialty.

Gary Wolf AIA

Gary Wolf Architects, Inc.
7 Marshall Street
Boston MA 02108
617-742-7557 !" 617-742-7656 (fax)

GWA provides award-winning design services for residential, commercial, and

institutional clients. Our projects range from contemporary design to historic
preservation, including new construction, additions, renovations, and restorations. We work successfully in urban, suburban, and rural settings, often
with complex public approvals. Our clients share our commitment to high
quality design.

Richard Wills AIA

Royal Barry Wills Associates, Inc.
8 Newbury Street, 8th floor
Boston MA 02116-3203
617-266-5225 !" 617-266-5228 (fax)

Royal Barry Wills Associates concentrates its practice in the residential field
and has designed over six hundred houses for clients throughout the United
States. Also the firm has designed multi-family projects, churches and a corporate headquarters building. The most current book, Houses for Good
Living, illustrates the firms work.

David J. Wildnauer AIA

David J. Wildnauer AIA - Architect
42 Plimpton Street
Walpole MA 02081-3723
508-641-0108 !" 508-546-1292 (fax)

General architectural practice consulting and design. Sole practitioner with

26 years experience. Residential, small commercial and industrial projects.
Thoughtful, creative and appropriate solutions for residential projects new
construction, additions, renovations and conversions. Prudent and imaginative design for unique and/or historic properties. Services tailored for each
client, project and budget.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Philip S. Wheelock, Jr. AIA

Wheelock Associates Architects
19 Carrington Lane
Uxbridge MA 01569
508-278-8092 !" 508-278-8092 (fax)

Wheelock Associates Architects brings an inventive, visually exciting design

presence to the Blackstone Valley region between Worcester, MA and
Providence, RI. Our mission: advance architectural design, theory and the
built environment via rigorous standards of practice, attention to community
needs and sensitivity to local character and sense of place.

Irving M. Weiner NCARB, AIA

Irving M. Weiner AIA
PO Box 582
Canton MA 02021-0582
781-828-5727 !" 781-828-0344 (fax)

This firm specializes in custom homes, renovations, and handicap modifications. Irving M. Weiner AIA, CSI offers one-to-one client relationships with
sensitivity to scheduling, costs, and aesthetic desires. Work has been highlighted in the Boston Sunday Globe.

Lisa W. Cunningham AIA

Warner & Cunningham, Inc.
397 Newton Street
Chestnut Hill MA 02467
617-566-1644 !" 617-566-2720 (fax)

We work closely with our clients to create spaces that are warm, open, welldetailed, and relate to the surrounding environment and the existing architecture. Our residential work ranges in size from small renovations to larger
vacation homes. We have completed projects throughout the New England
area and in Florida.

Olaf M. Vollertsen AIA

Vollertsen Architecture
99 Washington Street
Melrose MA 02176-6024
781-662-7100 !" 781-662-7105 (fax)

Vollersten Architecture is a full service residential architecture and interior

design firm. Our process is to collaborate with clients to satisfy contemporary
and traditional lifestyles and aesthetics. We are not style dictators.We work to
balance program, design and technology, while finding innovative solutions to
functional problems.

James T. Mayeux AIA

Upland Studio
5 Upland Road Suite 4
Cambridge MA 02140

Our tiny international firm designs award-winning, low-environmentalimpact, energy-efficient architecture and landscape. Our projects are featured
on the cover of Architecture magazine and other publications. We weave
together your ideas with context, climate, and technology to create unforgettable places: warm (or cool), beautiful, functional, and interesting.

Henry P. MacLean AIA

Timeless Architecture
147 School Street
Milton MA 02186
617-696-6448 !" 617-696-4071 (fax)

Since 1987, Timeless Architecture has been designing buildings that unite
ecological concerns with historical preservation. Our clients enjoy an integrative design process with our team, which insures a highly efficient and healthy
product. Unique buildings emerge from this process full of life and in harmony with the larger community.

Tim Ian Mitchell AIA

T.I.M. Architecture
20 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston MA 02116-3104
617-266-5955 !" 617-266-0285 (fax)

Architect & project manager specialized in historic renovation and new building for property development, retail, and residences. We analyze function,
determine feasibility, predict user requirements and invent circulation patterns
that work. We understand the influence of decorative detail on behavior.
Clients achieve an increased return-on-investment through our orchestration
of the design process.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Maryann Thompson AIA

Maryann Thompson Architects
14 Hillside Avenue
Cambridge MA 02140
617-491-4144 !" 617-491-3844 (fax)

Our architecture embodies an interest in natural phenomena and our designs

attempt to heighten the awareness of the site whether visceral or temporal.
We are allied with a poetic reading of early modernism employing a sense
of craft and natural materials. Our work has won numerous design awards.

Katy Flammia AIA

THEREdesign Ltd.
119 Braintree #311
Boston MA 02134
617-782-0833 !" 617-782-2285 (fax)

We design very thoughtful modern and contemporary residential + commercial buildings, renovations, additions and interiors. Our design sensibility is
simple, elegant and comfortable. Our strengths are: our relationship with our
clients (many with repeat work), our relentless attention to detail, and our
strong design vision from structure to furnishings.

Timothy J. Techler AIA

Techler Design Group Inc.
11 Boyd Street
Watertown MA 02472
617-926-1630 !" 617-926-1631 (fax)

20 years experience in residential design, serving clients from Maine to

Aruba. Collaborative design process, dedicated to craft and detail. Single family homes ranging from 1,500 to 15,000 square feet. Associated with consulting professionals and quality builders. Award-winning projects featured in
many design publications.

Robert J. Taylor AIA

Taylor & Burns Architects
58 Winter Street
Boston MA 02108
617-357-5335 !" 617-357-5654 (fax)

Collaborating creatively with clients, builders, assistants and other professionals, Robert Taylor and Carol Burns have designed award-winning residential
and small-scale architecture since 1983. Agile, responsive, and resourceful,
Taylor & Burns excels at designing buildings that connect to their place and
purpose, each a unique balance of economy and beauty. Let's talk.

Toshihiko Taketomo AIA

LaFreniere/Taketomo Architects
130 Bishop Allen Drive
Cambridge MA 02139
617-661-4222 !" 617-661-4244 (fax)

Full architectural services which apply the highest standards of design quality
within a determined budget and scope. Clients receive the complete attention
and creativity of the principal. Over twenty years of experience, ranging from
prominent institutional and commercial commissions to fine residential work
optimizing transformative design potential at every scale.

Richard M. Sweitzer AIA

Richard Merrill Sweitzer, AIA, Architect
3 Longwood Drive - Unit 5
Andover MA 01810-1515
978-470-0235 !" 978-475-8964 (fax)

With 40+ years experience in architectural design, Dick Sweitzer, as a sole

practitioner, provides a complete range of professional services. Producing and
managing one project at a time, his practice is limited to custom residential
work, renovations and additions, historic restorations, vacation houses and
small corporate office interiors.

Dennis J. Swart AIA

Dennis J. Swart Architecture
151Crescent Street
Bridgewater MA 02324

Specializing in fine residential architecture. We emphasize the use of traditional building materials to create spaces, which value quality over quantity
and truly make a house a home. By listening to your desires and ideas, we
work with you to create affordable designs that match both your lifestyle and

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


John P. Lynch AIA

Studio J2
136 Lincoln Road
Lincoln MA 01773
781-259-0700 !" 781-259-0700 (fax)

We believe art in architecture is achieved with a consistent narrative that carries through to all levels of design. Beauty and joy in everyday life are
enhanced by poetically conceived spaces. Our guiding principle is that good
design is related more to an attitude of innovation and creativity than to cost.

Peter P. Stuart AIA

Stuart Associates, Architects
474 School Street
Carlisle MA 01741-1707

Stuart Associates for over 20 years has provided custom design services utilizing New England forms and contemporary elements to meet today's living
requirements. We have extensive experience in new homes, renovations, additions and design/build. The firm has completed projects in the Greater
Boston Area, on Cape Cod and in Vermont.

Theodore Paul Streibert AIA

Streibert Associates - Architects
15 Linden Tree Lane
Chatham MA 02633
508-945-1459 !" 508-945-1734 (fax)

We specialize in residential work. New homes receive special treatment

because of the unique opportunity to marry the assets of a particular site with
the clients specific life style requirements. Our renovations and additions seek
ways to complete the existing house and make it work for today's informal

Thomas J. Stohlman, Jr. AIA

Thomas J. Stohlman, Jr. AIA Architect
19 Channing Street
Cambridge MA 02138

Residential and small scale design, new construction and renovations, site
design, schematic design, construction documents, construction review, energy-conscious design, accessibility for special needs.

David W. Stirling AIA

Stirling/Brown Architects, Inc.
One Mount Vernon Street
Winchester MA 01890-2703
781-721-1310 !" 781-721-0233 (fax)

Stirling/Brown Architects, Inc. offers professional services in architecture,

interior architecture, space planning, historic restoration and preservation.
Small projects deserve the same care and quality of design as projects with
greater scope and budget. All of our clients, large and small, receive highquality service and value.

Daniel J. Wezniak AIA

Silver Street Architects LLC
300 West Main Street
Building B, Suite 102
Northborough MA 01532
508-393-3990 !" 508-519-0401(fax)

Because not all streets are paved in gold. We provide residential, commercial
and municipal design and consulting services to builders, architects and
homeowners. Our goal is to provide responsive, practical, and cost effective
solutions for our clients.

Thaddeus S Siemasko AIA

Siemasko + Verbridge, Inc.
126 Dodge Street
Beverly MA 01915
978-927-3745 !" 978-927-6365 (fax)

Siemasko + Verbridge specialize in highly refined residential, corporate, and

commercial projects. The firms hallmark is the seamless integration of architecture, interior design, and landscape design. Thaddeus Siemasko, AIA and
Jean Verbridge, ASID, IIDA offer concentrated attention to each project, thus
assuring continuity of design. Their work has been widely published in books
and national magazines.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Andrew M. Sidford AIA

Andrew M. Sidford Architects PC
44 Merrimac Street
Newburyport MA 01950-2574
978-462-1657 !" 978-462-8258 (fax)

We offer creative and unique solutions to clients' specific needs through an

interactive and collaborative design process. Our award-winning designs
combine open flowing spaces with abundant natural light and strong connections to their sites, and have been featured on HGTV and in the Boston
Globe Magazine.

Bradley L. Shotola AIA

Bradley L. Shotola, AIA (BLSA)
96 Winchester Street
Medford MA 02155
781-395-4546 !" 781-306-0591 (fax)

I listen. Your home or business represents your largest investment, both in

dollars and as a reflection of your personal lifestyle. My portfolio of projects
ranging from $50,000 to $5 million offers you a wealth of contacts and
expertise. I am accustomed to tailoring my services for your needs. Please
consider BLSArchitects for your next residential or commercial project.

Frank W. Shirley AIA

Frank Shirley Architects
75 Henry Street
Cambridge MA 02139
617-547-3355 !" 617-547-2385 (fax)

We embrace the future while honoring the past. We know beauty in architecture springs from an imaginative spirit, dedication to craft, and attention to
detail, but can only be realized through exceptional management. We listen to
our clients and are committed to excellence. The result: elegant designs, satisfied clients.

Shannon T. Scarlett AIA

Shannon Taylor Scarlett, Architects
11 Pine Tree Road
Wellesley Hills MA 02482-4711
781-431-1690 !" 781-431-1695 (fax)

In our attempts to obscure the line between buildings and landscape, we utilize porches, balconies, terraces and trellises to overlook, frame, extend, and
merge with your surrounding environment. From new homes, to kitchens
with herb gardens, to master bedrooms with intimate balconies; we will help
you expand the important places of your life.

Kenneth J. Savoie AIA

SAVOIE Architecture
4 South Main Street Suite 1
Ipswich MA 01938-2345
978-356-7786 !" 978-356-0999 (fax)

I enjoy working with residential clients to design custom homes, additions

and renovation projects of all sizes. I respond to your needs, preferences, and
budget. Over twenty years of professional experience have sharpened my
design instincts, knowledge of construction and the regulatory process, and
provided a long list of satisfied clients.

Leslie S. Saul, AIA IIDA

Leslie Saul & Associates, Inc.
1972 Massachusetts Avenue, 4th Floor
Cambridge MA 02140-1503
617-234-5300 !" 617-234-5301 (fax)

Our mission is to make the world a better place...in which to live, learn, work
and pray! We do domestic, educational, corporate and sacred architecture
and interiors. Our work has been widely published in print and on cable television both locally and nationally.

Peter Sachs AIA

Peter Sachs Architect
24 Stoneleigh Road
Newton MA 02465

Peters firm incorporates a rare combination of contemporary and eclectic sensibilities in order to express the unique quality of each design situation.
Specializing in residential design, Peter possesses 25 years of planning and
construction experience that ensures adherence to budgets, schedules and
above all the clear expression of aesthetic goals.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Russell Swinton-Oatman R.A., AIA

Russell Swinton-Oatman
Design Associates, Inc.
132 Mirick Road
Princeton MA 01541-1111
978-464-2360 !" 978-464-2360 (fax)

We are a full service firm, specializing in residential design for over thirty
years, with emphasis on investigation, preservation and period reproductions.
We designed the first museum-authorized reproduction houses in the United
States. We also provide site and environmental design for contemporary houses, including passive and active solar houses.

William T. Ruhl AIA

Ruhl Walker Architects, Inc.
60 K Street, 3rd Floor
South Boston MA 02127
617-268-5479 !" 617-268-6281 (fax)

Innovation. Optimism. Honesty. Durability. Openness. Luminosity.

Serenity. Mystery. Please visit us online @ www.ruhlwalker.com

D. Christopher Royer AIA

Royer Architects
237 Tremont Street
Newton MA 02458
617-244-4477 !" 617-965-6691 (fax)

Residential work in the New England region is our specialty. Of particular

interest is the integration of houses and the surrounding landscape. We enjoy
collaborating with the client and their contractor to bring ideas to fruition.
Our projects have ranged from room renovations to substantial new singlefamily and multi-family residences.

H. Paul Rovinelli AIA

H.P. Rovinelli Architects
1167 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite No. 5
Arlington MA 02476
781-643-1707 !" 781-643-3359 (fax)

H.P. Rovinelli Architects provides full architectural services from programming and site selection through project design and construction administration. We undertake each project with an acute appreciation for the parameters
of program, context and budget. Our approach is highly individualized and
open to the exceptional in each design problem.

Michael Rosenfeld AIA

The Office of Michael Rosenfeld, Inc.,
543 Massachusetts Avenue
West Acton MA 01720-2901
978-264-0160 !" 978-266-1650 (fax)

OMR is a full-service architectural firm. We specialize in residential, commercial, and institutional facilities and are comfortable working with different
materials, contexts, and styles. We help our clients by listening, analyzing
needs, setting priorities, controlling costs, and comparing options to create
innovative practical designs characterized by their simplicity, efficiency, creative day lighting and site integration.

Robert S. Rose AIA

Robert S. Rose & Associates
349 Lincoln St.
Hingham MA 02043
781-749-0060 !" 781-335-6533 (fax)

Established firm from our South Shore and Boston offices, we have developed
a fine reputation for our expertise in waterfront development. Services
include: new/summer homes, additions/renovations, pool houses, outdoor
showers, penthouses, condos, historic preservation, renderings, post & beam
design/guild member and other commercial projects. Consultation free. IN
NANTUCKET. 508-228-5081.

Donald Ritz AIA

Don RitzArchitect
21 Q Street
Hull MA 02045
781-925-2881 !" 781-925-2881 (fax)

Houses, villas, townhouses and apartments. Coastal sites a specialty. Featured

in recent book Waterfront Homes: Castles to Cottages. Accurate historical
design and renovation for new houses or additions. 25+ years of experience.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Frank Warner Riepe AIA

Frank Warner Riepe / Architect
54 New Bridge Road
Sudbury MA 01776
978-443-4775 !" 978-440-9974 (fax)

Frank Riepe has 29 years of professional experience with 18 years devoted to

award-winning custom homes, remodeling and additions as well as progressive community design. His work is characterized by a high level of client
service, artistic design, technical excellence as well as continual attention to
the construction process.

Richard E. Ness AIA

Richard Ness Architectural Design
15 Knights Hill Road
Marblehead MA 01945
781-631-4642 !" 781-631-3665 (fax)

Richard Ness AIA specializes in quality residential design for new homes,
additions, historic renovations, great rooms, master suites, kitchens, more.
Solid knowledge of design and construction issues translates into cost savings
for clients, while increasing the value of the residence. Strong reputation as
reliable, quick, and enjoyable to work with.

Karle Packard AIA

Red Hawk Studio Architects, Inc.
18 Main Street
Concord MA 01742
978-369-2340 !" 978-369-2101 (fax)

With full scope services at the core of our capabilities, Red Hawk Studio also
provides customized services including master planning and feasibility studies
for commercial, institutional, and multi-family and single-family residential
projects, with flexible and imaginative problem-solving resulting in lively and
appropriate responses to our clients' needs, context, and budget.

Richard D. Fanning AIA

R. D. Fanning Architect
21 Cornelius Way
Cambridge MA 02141-1439
617-354-2546 !" 617-876-7624 (fax)

Renovation, Rehabilitation, and Restoration. Since 1970, relying on extensive

experience in construction and architecture and a thorough understanding of
contemporary and traditional structural systems, we have solved complex aesthetic problems within limited spaces while receiving awards including for
historic preservation. May we help solve yours?

Deborah A. Pierce AIA

Pierce Lamb Architects
1075 Washington Street
West Newton MA 02465
617-964-1311 !" 617-630-9374 (fax)

Relaxed design. Homes for living. Additions and renovations of all types and
styles. Historic and new buildings, public and private ownership. Enduring
design, commitment to service and empowering the client. Small firm,
woman-owned. Since 1980.

John E. Perry, Jr. AIA

John E. Perry Architect
PO Box 392
Westport Point MA 02791
508-636-5537 !" 508-636-6308 (fax)

JPA Associates helps building owners manage real estate assets efficiently and
economically. Our trademark is knowledgeable advice and aggressive management at a reasonable cost. We provide owners with unbiased counsel and represent them exclusively. Our services range from providing day to day management of design and construction projects, to specific tasks such as designer
or contractor selection, or to resolution of problems during a project. Our
services are tailored to each project, and we adjust our work quickly as client
needs change.

David J. Chilinski AIA

PCA (Prellwitz/Chilinski Associates, Inc.)
221 Hampshire Street
Cambridge MA 02139-1306
617-547-8120 !" 617-661-4986 (fax)

Design is a process, not just a product. It's a stimulating collaboration

between clients and project teams. Our staff's expertise ranges from architecture, urban design, and interiors to graphics and marketing. The way we work
addresses the needs of our clients, the space, as well as the building owners.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Sheldon K. Pennoyer
O'Neil Pennoyer Architects
6 Hollis Street
Groton MA 01450
978-448-5320 !" 978-448-5321 (fax)

Since 1985 OPA has designed residential and institutional projects characterized by a determined integration of landscape design and architecture. Our
buildings are well-grounded, carefully scaled, and regional. On each project
we collaborate closely with our clients to develop the architectural character
that best represents their values.

Arthur L. Dioli, Jr. AIA

Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor
Architects & Planners, Inc.
17 Elm Street
Manchester-by-the-Sea MA 01944-1314
978-526-4386 !" 978-526-8375 (fax)

Olson Lewis Dioli & Koktor Architects offer 20+ years of comprehensive
design experience servicing clients in Residential, Institutional, Biotech and
Hospitality. We listen to you and work with you, in a process where dreams
are contained by reality and grounded with creative matching of program,
budget, schedule and design.

Timothy J. Oldfield AIA

Timothy J. Oldfield Architect
207 Sandy Pond Road
Lincoln MA 01773-1802
781-259-3700 !" 781-259-8781 (fax)

Timothy J. Oldfield Architect provides award-winning architectural, interiors,

and planning services to residential clients throughout the Northeast. Twentythree years of client-centered, quality-driven residential design includes new
construction, renovations, kitchens, and additions. Fifteen years with previous
affiliations has produced award-winning design of over $70 million of office
buildings and interiors.

Carl C. Oldenburg AIA

Oldenburg Architecture
16 Burlington Street
Lexington MA 02420
781-862-2275 !" 781-863-7231 (fax)

We specialize in custom homes and additions, private schools, and retail facilities. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each project, and we
work collaboratively with clients to identify needs-and dreams-and to achieve
creative design solutions which are functional, cost-effective, contextually sensitive, and beautiful.

Frederick Noyes FAIA

Frederick Noyes Architects
129 Kingston Street 6th Floor
Boston MA 02111-2202
617-451-1962 !" 617-451-1995 (fax)

30 years experience. Large and small projects, including 34 on Martha's

Vineyard. Renovations, additions, new construction. Understated elegance
with thorough detailing. Careful integration of buildings to specific sites.
Attention to environment and energy. Soup to nuts service from exploring
sites to arranging furniture. In-depth client discussions.

Richard T. Nilsson AIA

Nilsson Associates, Ltd
51 Russell Road
Somerville MA 02144
617-623-1266 !" 617-623-6066 (fax)

Accommodating, delightful, environments & artifacts.

Doreve Nicholaeff AIA

Doreve Nicholaeff Architect, Inc.
812 Main St.
Osterville MA 02655-1034
508-420-5298 !" 508-420-2240 (fax)

Our firms work is characterized by sensitivity to the environment and attention to the client, rather than by a particular style. Each project synthesizes to
the last detail that which makes a site and its inhabitants unique; the resulting
houses thus offer both outstanding quality of design and enduring value.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Richard Ames AIA

Next Phase Studios
179 Green Street
Jamaica Plain MA 02130
617-522-9808 !" 617-522-9812 (fax)

The Studio team works in a collaborative manner with clients, consultants,

builders and construction managers to create cost-effective, innovative, and
environmentally responsive buildings, independent of size. This inconclusive
design process empowers clients to take an active role in shaping their environments with the support of traditional and innovative building technologies.

Eric Nelson AIA

Eric Nelson Architects, Inc.
50 Terminal Street
Boston MA 02129
617-242-7711 !" 617-242-5355 (fax)

ENA creates clean, elegant spaces for better living and working. Our team
will guide you through the design process, and help you make smart decisions
during construction. We enjoy working relationships with clients downtown,
in the suburbs and throughout New England. Please contact us with questions about your project.

Holly B. Cratsley AIA

Nashawtuc Architects, Inc.
2 Lexington Road
The Wright Tavern
Concord MA 01742
978-371-0344 !" 978-371-0348 (fax)

Nashawtuc Architects is a woman-owned firm that has been creating personalized spaces for residential and small commercial clients since 1988. We
work closely with our clients to meet their needs and enhance their quality of
life. Thoughtful details and harmony with the built and natural environment
are integral elements of our design.

Andrew T. Zalewski AIA

The MZO Group
92 Montvale Avenue Suite 2400
Stoneham MA 02180-3628
781-279-4446 !" 781-279-4448 (fax)

The MZO GROUP has vast experience in providing high-quality, practical

and award-winning design solutions to both the custom home and renovation/addition client. Our team approach reflects a blend of experience in the
affordable, moderate, and luxury markets that has led to high quality design
to fit within any clients budget.

David Mullen AIA

David M. Mullen Architect
39 Bow Street
Lexington MA 02420
781-402-1791 !" 781-402-1762 (fax)

Experienced residential architect. Passionate about integrating new work

within the aesthetics of the existing structures while maintaining a sense of
innovation. Focused on listening to the clients requirements and integrating
them into the design process. Additions and renovations a specialty with new
homes of particular interest.

Marc S. Hershman AIA

MSH Architectural Associates
162 Cynthia Road
Newton MA 02459
617-964-9812 !" 617-964-9884 (fax)

Our goal is to provide clients with high-quality design solutions, while keeping the process affordable and enjoyable. We specialize in new homes, and
renovations-additions, including family rooms, kitchens, master bedroom/
bathroom suites, and home offices. Our designs focus on the effective use of
space and light and integration with existing spaces. Our commercial work
focuses on retail store design, restaurant design and office remodeling.

John S. MacDonald AIA

Morehouse MacDonald and Associates, Inc.
18 Muzzey Street Suite 1
Lexington MA 02421-5210
781-861-9500 !" 781-861-8156 (fax)

Morehouse MacDonald and Associates, Inc. is a small firm specializing in all

aspects of custom residential architecture. The practice has been located in
Lexington, Massachusetts for more than 45 years. Current projects include an
English Country house, a Shingle-style house, a period Georgian house and
an Arts & Crafts house in Concord.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Mollie Blundell Moran AIA

Moran and Associates
18 School Street
Dedham MA 02026
781-461-8000 !" 781-461-8037 (fax)

Moran and Associates has specialized in custom residential architecture and

interiors since 1980. Current projects include new homes and additions,
contemporary and traditional design; restoration and additions to antique
homesteads; and custom cabinetwork and interiors. Office locations are maintained in Massachusetts and Vermont.

Linda A. Moody AIA

Linda Moody & Associates, Architects, Inc.
93A Groton Street
Pepperell MA 01463-1524
978-433-6593 !" 978-433-2792 (fax)

Our firm offers professional services in architectural design and construction,

restoration, and rehabilitation. We have strong expertise in sustainable design
and in the development of site-enriched, energy-conscious buildings.
Featured in 1994 Houses/Fine Homebuilding, Country Houses 1995,
Healthy Home Designs, and Energy Efficient Building.

Nina J. Monastero AIA

Monastero & Associates, Inc.
131 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge MA 02138-5752
617-661-7607 !" 617-661-0800 (fax)

Monastero & Associates provides innovative solutions for retail, restaurant

and corporate interiors projects. Through thoughtful analysis, we study your
business and your customers to create unique designs that enhance your company's image. Our clients include: LEGO, Au Bon Pain, the Preservation
Society of Newport County, Barefoot Books and Stride Rite.

Michael F. Gebhart AIA, NCARB

Michael F. Gebhart Architect AIA, NCARB
221 Mt. Auburn Street Unit 203
Cambridge MA 02138-4850
617-547-9445 !" 617-864-2005 (fax)

Michael F. Gebhart AIA, with 40 years of experience, provides a full range of

architectural design/planning services for all building categories. Mr. Gebhart
believes that design is a creative process of discovery: by understanding the
clients vision/program, sites context/opportunities, a unique design will
evolve through this dialogue.

Lynne Spencer
Claude Emanuel Menders Architects, Inc.
59 Commercial Wharf
Boston MA 02110-3807
617-227-1477 !" 617-227-2654 (fax)

CEMA is an architecture and planning firm celebrating 25 years of service.

We specialize in the sensitive renovation and adaptation of residences, religious, and institutional buildings, with an emphasis on historic preservation.
We invite you to visit our website and Boston waterfront office to familiarize
yourself with our extensive portfolio.

James McNeely AIA

James McNeely Architects, Inc.
66 Beacon Street
Boston MA 02108-3530
617-367-3655 !" 617-367-1980 (fax)

The firm has been practicing architecture on Beacon Hill since 1974. We
have enlarged and renovated over 200 houses and condominiums in metropolitan Boston, most of them built in the 19th century and virtually all of
them in historic districts. We value fine craftsmanship and work with several
of New England's most reputable contractors. For additional information,
visit our website.

C. Richard McCullough AIA

C. Richard McCullough, Inc.
5 North Meadows Road
Medfield MA 02052
508-359-5549 !" 508-359-5733 (fax)

Established in 1985, this office provides a full range of architectural services.

We respond to the client's requirements by involving the client in all aspects
of the decision-making process including the design, budgeting, and construction-related issues. Our designs reflect our clients' good taste.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Marc A. Maxwell AIA

Planning / Programming / Design
20 Windom Street
Somerville MA 02144-3119
617-666-9222 !" 617-666-4557 (fax)

Specializing in renovation projects and additions to homes, commercial facilities and accessibility issues. Experienced in facility programming, project
planning and management, collaborating with owners and contractors on
important building projects within existing structures. Many repeat clients
who have successfully navigated difficult projects. Great care taken with small

Mark T. Forth AIA

Mark Forth Architect, Inc.
423 Main Street
Melrose MA 02176-3721
781-662-7070 !" 781-662-7870 (fax)

Mark Forth Architect, Inc. provides architectural design and consulting services for Hospitality, Museum, Residential and Commercial clients. We consult and collaborate with Owners, Architects and other design professionals.
Mark Forth Architect, Inc. in affiliation with MFA Builders Inc. provides a
Design/Build approach for residential and commercial projects throughout
New England.

John Prince Margolis AIA

Margolis Inc.
719 Hale Street
Beverly Farms MA 01915
978-922-4440 !" 978-922-9783 (fax)

Margolis, Incorporated is an architectural practice specializing in new homes,

renovations, and additions. Featured in the Boston Globe, 25 Beautiful
Homes, and Real Homes, our work balances classically proportioned designs
with the individual expressions of our clients. Integrating the clients personal
vision into a collaborative and unified villa-garden concept is the fundamental
charge of our firm.

Edward L. Dusek AIA

Manitou Architects
61A Chandler Street
Boston MA 02116-6206
617-451-9160 !" 617-451-6773 (fax)

For the past 24 years, MANITOU ARCHITECTS have focused primarily on

the design of custom new homes, and alterations or additions to existing
homes. Most of our 200 plus projects are located on the coast of
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine, and many are located within New
Englands historic districts.

Ralph K. Cappola AIA

Main Street Architects
15 Winter Court
Weymouth MA 02188-3306
781-331-4458 !" 781-331-4997 (fax)

Main Street Architects, Inc. provides architectural design, interior design, and
space planning for residential and commercial projects. Established in 1982
we provide in depth design knowledge for our clients in Restaurant, Hotel,
Banking, Light Industrial, office and residential design. Successful architecture built on solid client teamwork.

Joseph L. Luna AIA

Luna Design Group
50 Salem Street, Building A
Lynnfield MA 01940
781-245-6530 !" 781-245-6508 (fax)

Luna Design Group provides highly detailed designs specializing in quality

residential and commercial architecture. Accolades include eight design
awards from Remodeling/NAHB, appearances in Custom Home, Boston
Globe, Boston Herald, Boston magazine, US News & World Report, on
HGTV, and a feature story in HGTV host Joan Kohns newest book.

Paul Lukez AIA

Paul Lukez Architecture
7 Davis Square
Somerville MA 02144
617-628-9160 !" 617-628-9860 (fax)

Paul Lukez Architecture is a design intensive studio committed to creating

timeless yet contemporary architecture. Tremendous effort is placed on craft
and detail. Each project is the result of a unique collaboration between the
client, builder and architect. Our award-winning work has been recognized
by editors of (inter)national journals.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Lindsay Boutros-Ghali AIA

Lindsay Architecture Associates Inc.
33 Healey Street
Cambridge MA 02138
617-576-1511 !" 617-576-3865 (fax)

Lindsay Architecture Associates is a design oriented firm, experienced in both

residential renovation and new construction. Bridging the worlds of design,
craftsmanship and technology we have an outstanding reputation for client
service and exacting project delivery.

Robin Levy AIA

Robin Levy AIA
48 Cotton Street
Newton MA 02458
617-244-5863 !" 617-244-5863 (fax)

I am a sole practitioner concerned with design quality, attention to detail and

an excellent working relationship with clients. I believe that the most successful projects occur when a collaborative partnership between the architect and
client extends to include the contractor.

Richard Leaf AIA

Leaf Design Associates
5 Winslow Road
Winchester MA 01890
781-721-6541 !" 781-721-2690 (fax)

Leaf Design specializes in residential architecture, with an emphasis on additions and renovations to older New England homes. As a husband and wife
team, we combine practical ideas with creative solutions. We design every
project uniquely, complement the style of existing houses, and balance the
needs of our clients, their wishes, tastes and budgets.

Ralph Louis LeBlanc AIA

Ralph Louis LeBlanc AIA
476 Green Street
Weymouth MA 02189

After 50 years of designing everything from private bathrooms to 14 story

hotels, I will now design a home for you that is intimately yours or an addition that enhances and beautifies your present residence. French Provincial,
contemporary or anything between. Registered: all New England, New York
and New Jersey.

Treff LaFleche AIA

LDA Architects, LLP
222 Third Street, Suite 0222
Cambridge MA 02142-1188
617-621-1455x202 !"617-621-1477 (fax)

The design of homes in New England requires an appreciation of traditional

residential architecture and an understanding of how we live in the new century. Combining the traditional and contemporary creates livable spaces of a
timeless quality, fulfilling our functional requirements while sustaining our
sense of home.

Paul H. Krueger AIA, ASLA

Krueger Associates
147 Sherman Street
Cambridge MA 02140-3206
617-491-8200 !"617-491-2408 (fax)

I create fine homes and gardens. The home I create for you will be a reflection of your preferences and memories a place where you feel comfortable.
It will be a beloved, welcoming place well-integrated into the landscape.
My mission: a commitment to a thoughtful, extraordinary vision of your
DREAM house.

David L. King AIA

David L. King Architects
36 Bromfield Street, Suite 409
Boston MA 02108
617-542-7420 !"617-357-0137 (fax)

David L. King Architects is a small firm which offers innovative design for
public and private projects, including historical buildings that require skilled

Janos Keseru AIA

Janos Keseru Architects
210 Division Street
Great Barrington MA 01230-1119
413-528-9425 !"413-528-9425 (fax)

20 years in the Berkshires with Italian and French experience.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Peter M. Blaisdell AIA

Kendall, Taylor & Co., Inc.
381 Boston Road
Billerica MA 01821
978-667-2900 !"978-667-2960 (fax)

Kendall, Taylor & Co., Inc. was established in 1890 and incorporated in
Mass. in 1943. Peter Blaisdell has been registered in Mass. since 1972, and is
registered in all New England states. KTC is experienced in all phases of
commercial and residential additions, renovations, new structures and permitting.

Stephen L. Kelleher AIA

Stephen Kelleher Architects
57 Alden Road
Fairhaven MA 02719
508-992-2007 !"508-992-2021 (fax)

Our projects include single family, multifamily, and adaptive re-use of historic
structures into residential use. We are experienced with sensitive sites. We are
committed to design of thoroughly modern dwellings with a New England
character that respond to their architectural context, existing historic fabric
and natural beauty of a site.

Joseph G. Genduso AIA

JSG Architecture and Interior Design
93 Squantum Street
Milton MA 02186

Providing 26 years of experience to the homeowner and small projects developer. Creative and practical designs to accommodate the clients desires, goals
and budget. Flexible schedule. All inquiries answered within 24 hours. Initial
meeting always a courtesy.

Joseph E. Tatone AIA

Joseph Tatone & Associates, LLC
2 Kings Row
North Reading MA 01864
978-276-1960 !"978-276-1961 (fax)

Joseph Tatone & Associates, LLC specializes in single-family homes new

construction, renovation and additions. With 20 years experience we also
design other project types including multi family residential projects both
gut-rehab work and new construction as well as light commercial projects
such as corporate offices and restaurants.

Joseph F. Fournier, Jr. AIA

JFF Design Architects
24 Warwick Avenue
Waltham MA 02452
781-899-6908 !"781-899-3050 (fax)

JFF Design has been responding to the needs of clients throughout New
England and beyond for over twenty years. We focus on providing creative
solutions for your existing or newly created home or place of business. Our
knowledge of construction allows us to provide practical solutions without
compromising style.

George Alfred Jessop, Jr. AIA

George Jessop Architect
PO Box 1277
Centerville MA 02632-1277
508-428-8952 !"508-428-8962 (fax)

Bring your fishing tackle, bicycle or kayak for a couple of hours use while we
discuss your architectural needs for residential, mixed use, commercial, office
or retail. Our forty years of design and construction experience are available
to make your dream project a reality on Cape Cod and the Islands.

Susan J. Israel AIA

in situ
111 Dane Hill Road
Newton MA 02461
617-244-8483 !"617-964-4533 (fax)

In situ offers single session consultations for homes and commercial spaces, as
well as full services. In situ will come to your home/office, discuss your needs,
and present design solutions on the spot. Susan Israel, the principal, has a
design background, yet understands limitations of space, time and budget.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Remmert W. Huygens FAIA

R. W. Huygens Architect Inc.
2 Ray Avenue
Burlington MA 01803
508-358-2843 !"508-358-4417 (fax)

We help clarify your needs, analyze your options and work with you towards
optimal results. Our full service architectural practice specializes in high
quality private residential projects, including interior and landscape design.
Our houses have been widely published, and received numerous national and
international design awards.

Mark A. Hutker AIA

Mark Hutker & Associates Architects, Inc.
Box 2347
Vineyard Haven MA 02568-2347
508-693-3344 !"508-693-4863 (fax)

Mark Hutker & Associates Architects, Inc. is a widely published architectural

and interior design firm with over 15 years experience. With offices on
Martha's Vineyard and in Falmouth, our staff of over 20 creatively responds
to each project by focusing on the individual opportunities of the site, functional, and client requirements.

Paul R. Marshall AIA

Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.
50 Depot Street
Dalton MA 01226
413-684-0925 !"413-684-0267 (fax)

A full service 40 person firm offering complete architectural capability:

Code/zoning analysis, Feasibility studies, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents, Contract administration. Since 1952
complete engineering services available in-house: Architects, Engineers,
Surveyors, Site design, Landscape design, Civil, Structural, Electrical,
Mechanical, Lighting, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Plumbing.

Allen C. Hill AIA

The Office of Allen Charles Hill AIA,
Historic Preservation and Architecture
2 Lisa Drive
Woburn MA 01801-3550

We help you understand and deal with your old or antique building: Building
assessments, technical assistance, troubleshooting, planning, historical
research, historic structures reports, and consultation for you and your architect or contractor. Design and full services for restoration, rehabilitations,
conservation, and replication. Specializing in residences, historic-museum
buildings, and churches.

Martha Lindell Taylor AIA

High Road Design
159 High Road
Newbury MA 01951
978-465-8990 !"978-465-8990 (fax)

Our work consists primarily of additions and renovations to existing residences, with particular focus on older and historic structures. Our goal is to
design context-sensitive, creative architectural solutions which respect the
character and integrity of the original building and support and enhance the
lives of our clients.

Gregory F. Heppner AIA

Gregory F. Heppner, Architect
19 Monument Street
Wenham MA 01984
978-750-4499 !"978-750-9799 (fax)

We provide architectural design services for quality residential projects of all

sizes and budgets. Greg Heppner, AIA has practiced architecture for 16 years
and has been involved in numerous renovations, additions and new home
projects in which homeowner's building needs are enhanced with a contemporary or traditional design style.

Terrence G. Heinlein AIA

Terrence G. Heinlein AIA Architect
1R Aberdeen Road
Weston MA 02493
781-894-2380 !"781-899-7965 (fax)

Residential/institutional design. Single and multi-family homes in Boston,

Brookline, Concord, Dover, Newton , Wellesley, and Weston. Planning,
design, and construction administration for both additions/renovations to
historic homes and for new residences. Coordination of landscape, structural, mechanical, and electrical consultants; recommendations for general and
sub-contractors. Design/build availibility.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Thomas David Hecht AIA

Hecht & Associates Architects Inc.
130 Trapelo Road
Belmont MA 02478
617-484-9100 !"617-484-9444 (fax)

HAA, founded in 1998, specializes in design services for homeowners and

universities. Our residential projects include renovations/additions in the
Boston area and vacation homes on Martha's Vineyard. We enjoy working
closely with clients who are excited about participating in the design process.
We have established relationships with many fine builders.

Stephen K. Hart AIA

Hart Associates Architects, Inc.
50 Church Street
Belmont MA 02478
617-489-0030 !"617-489-0091 (fax)

Hart Associates is an eight-person office located in Waverly Square, Belmont.

We provide thoughtful and thorough design for projects ranging from renovations to new residences. We have a strong appreciation for the architectural
tradition of this region, and this is reflected in our work from urban to seaside dwellings.

Anthony Hars AIA

Anthony Hars, Architect
PO Box 531
Groton MA 01450-0531
978-448-2007 !"978-448-2007 (fax)

Residential work, including alterations and additions.

Thomas M. Harden AIA

Tom Harden & Associates
32 Hill Street
Lexington MA 02421
781-652-8297 !"781-862-7933 (fax)

Specializing in additions and renovations to single- and small multi-family

residential properties, we offer a full range of architectural services from feasibility studies to construction administration. Our design approach is collaborative and flexible, guided by our clients' priorities and aspirations, and by
site opportunities and constraints.

David Handlin AIA

Handlin, Garraghan, Zachos and Associates
104 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge MA 02138-5051
617-576-1496 !"617-576-1346 (fax)

There are 50 million houses in the United States. Through our intense
involvement with our clients and their sites, we design houses unlike anything
you have ever seen. Our current residential projects range from $15,000 to
$5,000,000. We also design buildings for educational and cultural

Mary Jane Haesche AIA

M.J. Haesche, Architect
21 Old Warren Road
West Brookfield MA 01585-2708
508-867-3553 !"508-867-3993 (fax)

Small project specialist serving clients in Massachusetts and Connecticut since

1987. M.J. Haesche, Architect is a sole proprietor whose projects include:
Residential additions, renovations, and historic restorations, Commercial
additions and renovations, Accessibility modifications

James W. Hadley AIA

Hadley Crow Studio
PO Box 1917
186 Skaket Beach Road
Orleans MA 02653
508-255-5687 !"508-255-5687 (fax)

Hadley Crow Studio, located on Cape Cod, provides design and project management in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, including historic
preservation services in both fields. The firm's work examines contemporary
design in an historic context. Firm principals have won awards in design, sustainable planning and preservation.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Umberto Guarracino AIA

GDA Architects
P.O. Box 650
Norwell MA 02061-0650

Designing additions, renovations, new homes. Processes develop always

through careful evaluation of needs, aspirations, dreams, by actively engaging
our clients. Tangible outcomes go beyond the simple box, not for statements'
sake, but eliciting clients' wonderment when discovering innovation and
ingenuity within reach, becoming alive, developed, implemented through the
right process.

Gary M. Moyer AIA

Gary Moyer, Architect
PO Box 235
Linwood MA 01525

25 years experience in residential and commercial design serving clients in

Central MA, New England and beyond. Residential, singe family and multi
family homes, additions, renovations and new construction, commercial,
offices, retail, medical, educational, manufacturing, additions, renovations
and new construction.

Catharine A. Verhulst, Assoc. AIA

Four Architecture
36 Bromfield Street Suite 507
Boston MA 02108
617-423-0275 !"617-423-0386 (fax)

Four Architecture Inc. was formed in 1994 among Daniel Anderson, Daniel
Broggi, Catharine Verhulst, and William Porter. Together and individually we
have provided architectural services for large and small residential and retail
projects, as well as institutional organizations such as The Boston Symphony
Orchestra at Tanglewood, MIT and Harvard University.

Paul S. Fiore AIA

Foley Fiore Architecture
534 Cambridge Street
Cambridge MA 02141
617-547-8002 !"617-547-8011 (fax)

Foley Fiore Architecture strives to create environments that enrich the spirit,
in a manner that is highly specific to each client. We value the process of
learning how our clients live and work, tailoring each project to their needs in
an architecturally innovative manner.

Edrick vanBeuzekom AIA

EvB Design
35 Medford Street, Suite 211
Somerville MA 02143
617-623-2222 !"617-629-2971 (fax)

Our specialty is highly individualized, custom design services for a wide range
of projects, from residential (kitchens, additions, new homes) and non-profit
(accessibility, renovations) to commercial projects (restaurants, offices, labs),
from furniture design to site planning. Our sensitivity to issues of context,
environment, sustainability, accessibility, individual client needs and overall
quality and craftsmanship is reflected in our work.

Joseph L. Eldredge FAIA

Joseph L. Eldredge FAIA
Box 1833
Vineyard Haven MA 02568-1833
508-693-2861 !"508-693-2690 (fax)

Architecture for Marthas Vineyard demands, in addition to a thorough

preparation (Harvard under Gropius and Pei) a deep understanding of its historic styles and environmental constraints. Most projects undergo several levels of permitting requiring local expertise. Sound, economical designs will
earn the respect of our capable island construction firms.

Jeremiah Eck FAIA

Jeremiah Eck Architects, Inc.
560 Harrison Avenue Suite 403
Boston MA 02118
617-367-9696 !"617-367-9253 (fax)

25 years experience. 15-member firm. Over 300 residential projects in 13

states, from 650 sq. to 20,000 sq. feet. Published in 150 magazines, newspapers, and books. Author of The Distinctive Home: A Vision of Timeless
Design, Taunton Press, 2003. Examples: www.jearch.com. Project brochure
by request.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Christopher R. Gillespie AIA, NCARB

Dyer/Brown & Associates, Inc. Architects
65 William Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
508-999-6220 !"508-990-1265 (fax)

Dyer Brown is an International Architectural practice with offices in Boston,

London, and New Bedford providing professional services in architecture,
planning, and interior design. Specialties include workplace design, custom
residential homes, adaptive re-use and resoration of historic structures, multifamily housing, police/public safety facilities and other public sector project

Roger D. Shepley AIA

Dyer/Brown & Associates, Inc. Architects
75 Broad Street
Boston MA 02109
617-468-1680 !"617-468-2187 (fax)

Dyer Brown is an International Architectural practice with offices in Boston,

London, and New Bedford providing professional services in architecture,
planning, and interior design. Specialties include workplace design, custom
residential homes, adaptive re-use and resoration of historic structures, multifamily housing, police/public safety facilities and other public sector project

Douglas Shoop AIA

DSA Architects
Douglas Shoop & Associates
One Shipyard Way
Medford MA 02155
781-391-1939 !"781-391-7293 (fax)

DSA Architects brings over 25 years of residential experience to the table. If

you desire a new home, an addition, or an interior renovation, we can help.
Developing an enjoyable relationship with your architect is vital to a projects
success. Thats why we put the FUN back into residential construction.

Denis J. Doyle AIA

Denis J. Doyle, AIA
693 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill MA 02467
617-738-5623 !"617-738-5623 (fax)

With over 15 years experience in commercial office fit-outs, our firm specializes in providing ADA consulting, space planning, design and project management services for tenants, landlords and brokers.

D. Michael Hicks AIA

Domenech Hicks & Krockmalnic Architects
155 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor
Boston MA 02115-3025
617-267-6408 !"617-267-1990 (fax)

Domenech Hicks & Krockmalnic, an award-winning, architectural design

and planning firm, has been a national leader in the design of residential projects for twenty-five years. The firm is well-recognized for its thoughtful, costeffective designs, and its ability to create built environments which function
well, and fit comfortably into their surroundings.

Thomas Dolle AIA

Thomas Peter Dolle Associates
33 Chestnut Street, Suite A
Brookline MA 02445
617-734-7947 !"617-734-2727 (fax)

Our work includes renovations, additions, and new homes as well as retail
and office projects. We listen to and work closely with our clients through all
phases, combining creativity, vision, and excitement with practicality, to produce the high quality results your project deserves. Our top priority: you and
your project.

Robert R. Dion AIA

Dion & Sokol, Inc.
329-C Boston Post Road
Sudbury MA 01776
978-443-8650 !"978-443-3562 (fax)

The firm was established in 1965 and provides a full range of architectural
services for commercial and residential projects. Our work is both innovative
and creative using both contemporary and traditional designs, with special
emphasis on historic structure and renovation.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Jamie Devol AIA

Jamie Devol Architect
7 Dix Terrace
Winchester MA 01890-1851

Additions to and renovations of older homes that preserve the character of

the original house and the integrity of the neighborhood; passive solar design
and energy conservation; thoughtful, context-sensitive designs for new

Christopher Lee Dallmus AIA

Design Associates, Inc.
432 Columbia Street
Cambridge MA 02141-1000
617-661-9082 !"617-661-2550 (fax)

From the cobblestones of Nantucket to the mining towns of Colorado,

Design Associates has brought its traditional-based design approach to hundreds of new renovation and restoration projects, maintaining timeless design
in concert with the modern necessities of today. Design Associates has provided architectural services for over twelve This Old House projects since 1980,
seen on the This Old House series and in This Old House Magazine. The
firm's signature projects have been published in many national magazines,
including House & Garden, Home, Preservation, Elle Dcor, Nantucket
Journal, Martha's Vineyard Magazine and Cape Cod Life and have been aired
on HGTV.

Charles A. DeMarco AIA

DeMarco & Associates
16 Front Street
Salem MA 01970
978-744-4141 !"978-741-1253 (fax)

Founded in 1983, our firm is known most notably in Residential, Healthcare,

Institutional, and Commercial markets. Our clients can attest, when hiring
us, you get more than an architect; youre getting experienced professionals
who have the ability to create, imagination to differentiate, perseverance to
accomplish, and the reputation to succeed.

Dell Mitchell AIA

Dell Mitchell Architects, Inc.
37 Newbury Street
6th Floor
Boston MA 02116
617-266-0201 !"617-266-2111 (fax)

Dell Mitchell Architects is a small group of richly talented professionals who

create residential architecture and interiors inspired by the best examples of
American and European homes, and who provide experienced advocacy and
guidance to clients involved in the complex process of building significant
personal residences.

Paul L. Davies AIA

Paul L. Davies & Associates, Inc.
635 Rogers Street, Unit 4
Lowell MA 01852-3852

Over 35 years experience in the Greater Lowell area in a variety of projects.

Our work ranges from single and multi-family residences to light commercial,
retail, office and industrial projects. The majority of our work derives from
repeat clients and referrals.

David E. Sharff AIA

David Sharff Architect, PC
67 West Street
Medfield MA 02052-1319
508-359-5737 !"508-359-5628 (fax)

Our focus: Architectural excellence and sensible design based on how you live
in and use your home; Client-focused, relationship-driven approach to working with you; Sensitive integration with your existing property. We work
extensively in the Eastern MA areas. Please call us for a complimentary

Peter G. Darlow AIA

Darlow Christ Architects
2326 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02140
617-497-9191 !"617-497-9090 (fax)

Darlow Christ Architects has compiled a portfolio of varied experience in corporate, higher education and restaurant work during the past ten years. We
view each project as an opportunity to express our client's distinctive qualities
in architecture that is equally distinctive. Our designs function as marketing
tools, telegraphing who the client is as instantly and unmistakably as a brand
name or logo.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

John Donahoe, Jr. AIA

Dakota DesignStaff
66 Blue Jay Drive
Concord MA 01742
978-371-0530 !"978-371-0226 (fax)

From measuring existing conditions using laser devices all the way to the final
AutoCAD construction drawings we are technologically advaced. Specializing
in alternatives and save you money. Our design philosophy is to simply listen
to you needs and integrate the new with the old.

Christopher Hussey AIA

CYMA 2 Inc.
318 Harvard Street Suite 24/25
Brookline MA 02446
617-232-1041 !"617-232-0547 (fax)

On 1 January 1997 Christopher Hussey, formerly of Freeman/Brigham/

Hussey Ltd., joined Mark Nielsen to form CYMA 2 Inc, a new firm devoted
to innovative architectural and planning solutions while maintaining the
experience of an established architectural team. We provide services for single
and multi-family residential, institutional, municipal, and commercial clients.

Mathew D. Cummings AIA

Cummings Architects
87 Central Street
Ipswich MA 01938
978-356-5026 !"978-356-5026 (fax)

Our small, personal, firm creates thoughtful intelligent architecture. We work

intimately with clients to create architecture that consistently surpasses expectations. The relationship we will build will assures that the end result is quality, craftmanship and value.

James Cullion AIA

James Cullion Architects
4 Claremont Park
Boston MA 02118-3002
617-266-9356 !"617-267-0648 (fax)

James Cullion Architects creates forms and spaces that evoke a sense of wonder and joy. This distinguishes our work. Our ability to listen and guide is the
source of our success. We value the gifts each person brings to the project and
truly believe that this makes the difference.

James H. Crissman FAIA

James Hudson Crissman FAIA,
Consulting Architect
3 Brigham Street
Watertown MA 02472-4928
617-923-3010 !"617-923-0307

Youre building or renovating your dream house, but aren't sure where to
start. You know that finding the right architect is crucial, but don't know
whom to interview. Your life is busy, but you don't know where to turn for
advice. I can help. I can answer your questions and get you started. I will
identify a pool of architects who will be sensitive to your needs and desires,
and then help you select the candidate with the right mix of creativity, personal chemistry, and professionalism the right architect for you. Having
successfully offered this service since 1993 to institutional and non-profit
clients, I understand clients hopes and fears. After many years as the former
principal of a respected firm with a substantial residential practice, I understand potential pitfalls and how to avoid problems. And as a past president of
the Boston Society of Architects, I offer broad knowledge of the local architectural community. Building or renovating a house can be a daunting experience. If youve ever wished you could find someone to give you independent,
professional advice before you get started, we should talk.

Courtney Miller AIA

Courtney Miller Architects
5 Jean Road
Arlington MA 02474-2954
781-646-6165 !"781-646-6188 (fax)

Architects that specialize in high end contemporary, energy self-reliant, naturally day-lit homes with superb architectural styling to complement both
urban and rural settings. Whether renovation or new construction, we search
for opportunities to add spirit and artistic expression to your house project,
no matter the size or scope.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Peter A. Nottonson AIA

Concepts for Construction
171 Marlborough Street, #5
Boston MA 02116-1678
617-262-7776 !"617-262-1678 (fax)

Concepts specializes in residential additions and alterations. Concepts' architect has been designing homes for 30 years. We listen carefully. Our creative
designs always reflect our client's vision. Concepts' process ensures the client
a thorough understanding of the project. The client pays fees for just what is
needed and no more.

Kevin M. Vician AIA

The Classic Group, Inc.
420 Bedford Street, Suite 200
Lexington MA 02420-1506
781-761-1200 !"781-761-1299 (fax)

The Classic Group unifies traditional residential design and high-end construction services within one company. Whether your project is a renovation
of a vintage residence or a new home in a traditional style, our collaborative
approach will assist you from concept to completion.

Chris Chu AIA

Harriet Christina Chu, AIA
113 Chestnut Street
West Newton MA 02465
617-965-8094 !"617-965-5431 (fax)

Specializing in residential designs which bring more space and light into
homeowners lives. Open kitchens, family rooms, master bedroom suites,
baths, etc. Designs which are problem-solving, creative and efficient and
which maximize potential views, space and light. Indoor/outdoor relationships are an integral part of the design process.

Christopher Vlcek AIA

Christopher Vlcek Architect
32 Mahaiwe Street
Great Barrington MA 01230
413-528-5571 !"413-528-5571 (fax)

Your new home has got to have spirit, built of a process that engages you.
The flow of space & light, materials and details inspired by the land/site and
how you live. Bringing the experience of a craftsman/builder to the creation
of your efficient, comfortable home. Berkshires, Western MA & beyond.

Charles B. Rose AIA

Charles Rose Architects, Inc.
115 Willow Avenue
Somerville MA 02144
617-628-5033 !"617-628-7033 (fax)

The firm, established in 1987, creates significant work that varies in scope,
style and complexity but is linked by a core of set ideas: a careful response to
the surrounding site; consideration for natural light and exterior space; innovative forms and spaces inspired by the context; and crafted construction.

Edmund W. Chang AIA

Chang + Sylligardos Architects
374 Congress Street, Suite 505
Boston MA 02210
617-338-4094 !"617-338-4095 (fax)

We design contemporary architecture that, in the context of established and

historic buildings and sites, yields surprise, innovation and poetic contrast.
CSA is a husband and wife directed firm with extensive residential, institutional and civic experience. Our projects are concentrated in the Metro-west
area, especially Newton, and in coastal Maine.

Cindy Larson AIA

Centrepoint Architects
1 Fitchburg Street C308
Somerville MA 02143
617-718-9707 !"617-718-9708 (fax)

Centrepoint is a full service architectural firm focusing on small commercial,

retail and residential projects. The firms contemporary style stands out in the
unique solutions created for each client. Centrepoint handles projects requiring a more traditional style with the same ease, striving to give each project its
own special identity.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

Christopher Doonan AIA

CDA/Christopher Doonan Architect
3 Talus Way
Westford MA 01886
978-692-5742 !"978-692-5742 (fax)

CDA/Christopher Doonan Architect strives to create beautiful, timeless

designs that are uniquely specific to each client's needs, vision, site and program. To that end, we give each project personalized attention so the design
process becomes a truly collaborative effort between architect and client.

Richard J. Bertman FAIA

CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares Inc.
110 Canal Street
Boston MA 02114
617-262-4354 !"617-236-0378 (fax)

CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares Inc. is a professional design firm providing

services in architecture, interior architecture, site planning, and urban design.
Founded in Boston in 1967, CBT employs 158 professional and support personnel. The practice includes the design of office, residential, academic, civic,
and hospitality buildings, and a variety of interior spaces.

Andrew Jerome Cannata AIA

Andrew Jerome Cannata, Architect
12 Yarmouth Street
Boston MA 02116-5810
617-859-7054 !"617-859-7054 (fax)

The goal of Andrew J. Cannata, Architect is to provide a design solution that

fulfills his Clients wants and needs, both in function and style. This is
learned and achieved through a thoughtful two-way communication process.
Urban, suburban and rural projects are welcome.

John Polk Campbell AIA

Campbell Associates Architects
74 Judy Farm Road
Carlisle MA 01741
978-369-4220 !"978-369-4220 (fax)

John Campbell is a sole practitioner with extensive experience in all aspects of

architectural practice. Services include project consulting and full architectural services for residential and small commercial projects; condition assessment
and construction observation for the real estate and financial community.
Registered Maine & Massachusetts.

Joseph M. Welch AIA

C/W Design Group, Inc.
4 Militia Drive Suite 17
Lexington MA 02421

C/W Design Group prides itself on a collaborative approach to planning and

architecture. With a diverse market focus of residential, ranging from
kitchens and baths to additions and new construction, small commercial and
healthcare facilities, we tailor our services to your needs. We listen.

Peter James Breese AIA

Breese Architects, Inc.
PO Box 2726
4 State Road Suite 201
Vineyard Haven MA 02568-2726
508-693-8272 !"508-696-9956 (fax)

Breese Architects, Inc. specializes in innovative residential architecture and the

planning of unique properties. Examples of our work can be viewed on-line
at breesearchitects.com. Our primary office is on Martha's Vineyard island
with a satellite office in Boston.

Robert A. Bramhall AIA

Rob Bramhall Architects, Inc.
38 Main Street
Andover MA 01810-3119
978-749-3663 !"978-749-9659 (fax)

Fine custom homes and estates in waterfront, woodland, urban and suburban
settings. Townhouses, country houses, guesthouses, barns, outbuildings, golf
clubhouses and other select resort, commercial and institutional projects.
Small, full service architectural and interior design practice serving clients
from New York, New England, Cape Cod and Islands since 1991.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


Arch Horst AIA

Black River Architects, Inc.
1640 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02138-2798
617-661-3007 !"617-661-2445 (fax)

For 25 years we have assisted individuals and organizations to achieve their

goals with practical, creative design services. Our client's financial and functional constraints are the foundation for well-built projects that are pleasing
to experience, resource-efficient and site-sensitive. Typical clients include
homeowners, conservation organizations, museums, retailers, restaurants and
national parks.

Edward Bing AIA

Edward Bing Architects Inc.
18 Brattle Street
Cambridge MA 02138-3728
617-354-7978 !"617-354-0163 (fax)

Imaginative, often subtle, architecture that reconciles the physical setting with
the way you live. In practice since 1975, we have a history of guiding our
clients through the design and construction process to a satisfying outcome.
Contact us to set up an initial consultation.

Gerard D. Frank AIA

Bechtel Frank Erickson Architects, Inc.
1840 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington MA 02420
781-862-3313 !"781-862-7733 (fax)

Bechtel Frank Erickson Architects was formed with its missions to bring creative design solutions that adhere to the Client's vision including: image,
budget and schedule. Sample projects include: DeCordova Museum Addition
in Lincoln, Jewish Community Day School in Watertown, Gibbet Hill
Restaurant and Function Hall in Groton, and numerous residences.

James M. Kelliher AIA

AXIOM Architects
2048 Washington Street
Hanover MA 02339
781-871-2101 !"781-871-7509 (fax)

Our work often involves the careful interweaving of old and new into a cohesive architectural statement. AXIOM has recently completed the renovation
of a number of nineteenth-century waterfront summer houses into homes
which reflect the unique lifestyle of their owners; homes which fit into the
historic context of coastal New England.

Olaf M. Vollertsen AIA

99 Washington Street
Melrose MA 02176-6024
781-662-7100 !"781-662-7105 (fax)

tired of traditional! challenge convention with cutting edge design. find

functional solutions to aesthetic problems, utilize space efficiently yet dramatically. distill contemporary interpretations in traditional renovations. harness
difficult sites requiring alternate thinking. study materials and details rigorously. no project too small or too big. Architecture with Attitude.

Jay R. Mason AIA

Architectural Consulting Services
77 Tyler Park
Lowell MA 01851

Commercial, Residential, and Institutional Architecture, Renovation and

Planning. Adaptive re-use and environmental considerations a specialty. 20
years experience serving a diverse and demanding cliental with creative solutions and diligent service. Staff (2.5) Registered (1)

Cynthia L. Solarz AIA, IIDA

Archiments, Inc.
157 Boylston Street
Boston MA 02130-4543
617-522-7447 !"617 522 1647 (fax)

Archiments Inc. is a design studio specializing in institutional, commercial

and residential architecture and interiors, and dedicated to the delivery of a
complete package of architectural services. The company distinguishes itself
with a design philosophy that integrates exterior and interior architecture, creating a unified whole.


Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook

David Linzee Amory AIA

Amory Architects
7 Harvard Square Suite 200
Brookline MA 02445-7645
617-277-4111 !"617-277-2876 (fax)

We create new spaces that bring the outdoors in, serve clients well, and feel
good to walk in, work in, play in. Recent work includes 145 residential projects; Harvard Events & Information Center; Hayden Building, Boston;
Roslindale Substation; annex to historic Christ Church, Cambridge; veterans
housing in the Worcester and Brockton.

Franziska R. Amacher AIA

Amacher and Associates
237 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge MA 02138-4843
617-354-8707 !"617-354-3411 (fax)

Innovative and practical contemporary designs to maximize light, spaciousness, and functionality. Socially and environmentally responsible design.
Design on every scale from doorknob to district. Interactive client involvement to ensure perfect fulfillment of clients' needs. Over 20 years of experience. Recent projects in house renovation, adaptive reuse, artist live-work
spaces, community buildings and mixed use commercial developments.

Mark Almeda AIA

Mark Almeda Architects
1281 Washington Street
Walpole MA 02081-3134
508-668-6221 !"508-668-2844 (fax)

Mark Almeda has 25 years architectural experience with licences in

Massachusetts and New Hampshire. MAA provides architectural services for
new and historic residences. We specialize in nineteenth century residential
architecture, addressing issues through research, analysis, design and 3D modeling. We encourage collaboration and consult with a wide range of

Diana Abrashkin AIA

Architectural Design + Consulting
181 South Great Road
Lincoln MA 01773-4112

My clients want fresh, simple imaginative solutions to problems that would

otherwise be solved laboriously, expensively and 'in the same old
way'...whether they need a new home or light-filled renovation/addition a
harmonious landscape or wonderful kitchen greater accessibility for those
with handicaps or just some good, sound advice.

Richard O. Abbott AIA

Richard Owen Abbott Architect
103 Bay Street
Hull MA 02045
781-925-7040 !"781-925-7040 (fax)

Since 1965, providing architectural services all building types & expert witness. No competition with other architects unless architect is on jury. Client
references can be provided. Lump sum fees for drawings 5-20% of cost. All
other services on hourly rate. South shore projects, spatial design, tough
sites/programs preferred.

Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook




Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook


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