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January 26, 2015

Saint George



What are we doing this week?

Specials: Art: M; PE: T, F; Music: M, TH; Library: TH;

Weekly Learning Targets:
I can count to 100 by 1s and 10s.
I can tell you two numbers that
make 5.
I can tell you have many groups of
10s are in numbers 11-19.
I can tell you the sounds ch, sh, th,
ph, wh, gh, rh, cl and bl make.
I can read and write words the in,
ay, et, og, an, un word family.
I can write why I am glad to be at
Saint George.

I can tell you one thing that is

special about me.
I can tell you if a book is fiction or
I can tell you my opinion of the
story using evidence from the book.
(I like the book because.... or I
didnt like the book because)
I can read and write the word have.
I can read the poem I Have.

Saint George Kindergarten

January 26, 2015

Weekly Learning Targets (cont):

I can plan, illustrate, write and title my
I can write a story about a snowman.
I can work quietly.
I can tell you one way that God made
the Star of the Week unique and special.
I can be a good listener.
I can make a

Social Studies (ongoing)

I can follow the classroom covenant. *this
is a list of classroom promises(rules) we
have made.
I know what to do if I am at school and
there is an earthquake.
I know what to do if I am at school and
there is a fire.
I know what to do if I am at school when
there is a lockdown. *Parents please talk
to your children about safety at school.
*additional information

Class List:

1. Jayden
2. Ruth
3. Evan
4. Henry
5. Tremar

6. Naomi B.
7. Nio
8. Nolan
9. Lena
10. Nico
11. Germaine
12. Osmond
13. Dale
14. Katelyn
15. Isabella

Whats happening in Kindergarten?

Classroom Special Events & Important Information

16. Justin
17. Micah
18. Miggy
19. Naomi M.

Field Trip on Friday to Seattle Prep

School. We do not need any
chaperones. Please make sure to
turn in the field trip forms ASAP.
Please do not send your child
in Seahawks gear for the field trip
on Friday. Kids need to
be in Saint George shirts
and jeans.

20. Oliver
21. Estella
22. Felicia
23. Joshua
24. Athaniel
25. Kenese
26. Mana
27. Salem
28. Sofia
29. Bathsheba

Saint George Kindergarten

January 26, 2015

Whats happening at Saint George?

School Wide Special Events & Important Information

Wear Seahawks colors on Friday for $1.00.

Catholic Schools Week is this week.
Monday: Wacky Tacky/Parent Appreciation
Tuesday: PJ Day/ Student Appreciation
Wednesday: Character Day/ Teacher
Appreciation Day
Thursday: Ethnic Dress Day
Friday: St. George Spirit Day

Saint George Mission Statement

Saint George Kindergarten

January 26, 2015

Saint George SLEs

(Student Learning Expectations)

St. George graduates will:

Display Their Christian faith by:
1 A - Demonstrating knowledge of Catholic
scripture, tradition, doctrine and moral
1 B - Participating in liturgical celebrations and
school prayer.
1 C - Engaging in acts of Christian service.

Demonstrate personal growth and leadership traits by:

2 A - Solving everyday conflicts respectfully.
2 B - Developing personal goals and evaluating progress.
2 C - Practice healthy habits.
2 D - Accepting responsibility in everyday lives.

Create relationship with the local and global community by:

3 A - Celebrating the unique gifts and talents of
each of God's people.
3 B - Becoming responsible stewards of all the
natural resources with which God has blessed us.
3 C - Maintaining Christian integrity in a changing

Saint George Kindergarten

January 26, 2015

Saint George S.L.E.s Continued

(Student Learning Expectations)

Demonstrate academic proficiency by:

4 A - Taking a disciplined, dedicated approach to
academic excellence.
4 B - Applying analytical, ethical, logical, and
creative skills in problem solving.
4 C - Reading with comprehension, writing with
skill, and communicating effectively and responsibly.
4 D - Knowing and applying the principles of mathematics, the sciences, social
studies, geography, and fine arts.
4 E - Working cooperatively and productively with others.
4 F - Meeting or exceeding state standards.
4 G - Being prepared and meeting deadlines.

School Information
Office Phone Number:
(206) 762.0656
School Address:
Saint George
5117 13th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108

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