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A Student Managed

Investment Fund of IMNU

eRT CAPITAL is a fund managed entirely by the students of Institute of Management,
Nirma University. The primary objective of this fund is to provide students with real-time
experience in investment decision-making. This will enable them to have industry-like
exposure in relation to economy, working of financial industry, equity research, portfolio
management and risk assessment. Since such an activity is highly entrepreneurial in
nature, it will improve understanding of financial concepts, business, leadership skills
and communication of students and make them ready for direct induction into financial

Investment Rationale
eRT CAPITAL will be investing in listed equity space. The main investment objective will
be to out-perform key benchmark indices, such as Nifty and Sensex, net of all fees and
expenses on a consistent basis. The investments will be made strictly upon principles of
fundamental valuation. Equity investments will generally be made across sectors in both
value and growth securities. These sectors include: FMCG, Energy, Health Care,
Financials, IT, Infrastructure etc.

Sources of Money
The Fund can have its capital from certain sources:
1. Fund-raising from students: Like Mutual Fund, the capital can be sourced by
voluntary contributions from students by their participation in the fund. This will
give Investment Team members experience in fund-raising activities similar to
Mutual Funds.

A Student Managed
Investment Fund of IMNU

2. Seed Money: Voluntary contributions by members of the Investment Team or

some individual student or a certain alumnus can also be a source of capital for
the Fund.
3. Donations: Contributions from our vast alumni network and corporate in form of
donations can help us in having a long-term viewpoint and holdings in the
4. Sponsorships: Sponsorships can also help us in raising funds key to our
investment needs.
5. Sale of Research Reports: Once the Investment Team goes on full-steam, a lot
of valuable research reports will be generated. We can scout for clients to whom
these research reports can be sold and additional revenue generated.

Contact Us
eRT CAPITAL team is looking forward to close association with alumni and corporates
in relation to workshops and mentorship.
We are also looking for donations to the fund. The donations will allow eRT CAPITAL
team to have long-term view of the markets and will reduce portfolio churning. Every
donor will be kept strictly abreast about the performance of the fund. Our research will
also be duly shared with them.