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Care Sheet Platyceps florulentus

Common Names: Flowered Racer, Egyptian Flowered Whip Snake, Geoffroys Racer,
The flowered racer (Platyceps florulentus) is a moderately sized snake with a slender body and long
snout. The upper surface of its body is greyish-brown, usually patterned along its length with a
series of darker brown bars and spots. The pattern fades towards the tail.
The upper surface of the flowered racers head usually has symmetrical dark markings, sometimes
edged with white, but in some individuals it may be a uniform olive colour. There is a dark band
below each eye, and the scales around the mouth are yellowish, usually with blackish centres.
The underside of the flowered racer is yellowish or red, with a dark spot at the end of each scale
Juvenile flowered racers have more distinct markings than the adults. Some adult flowered racers
can appear uniform brown, with an absence of dark markings

Platyceps florulentus florulentus (Geoffroy, 1827)

Platyceps florulentus keniensis (Parker, 1932)

Platyceps florulentus perreti (Schtti, 1988)

Bibron & Dumril 1854: 693 Coluber florulentus Coluber florulentus florulentus
Loveridge 1955 Coluber florulentus Geoffroy 1827: 146 Coluber florulentus
Loveridge 1936 Coluber florulentus schtti & Wilson 1986 Haemorrhois
florulentus Lebreton 1999 Platyceps florulentus Nagy Et Al. 2004 Platyceps
florulentus Schlter 2005 Zamenis florulentus - Calabresi 1925 Zamenis
florulentus Boulenger 1893: 402 Zamenis florulentus Dumril
Range: Northeast Africa, from Egypt south along the Nile Valley to Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia,
Somalia, Kenya and Uganda. Isolated populations also occur in Nigeria and Cameroon
This species is commonly found in lowland dry savanna , but also occurs in both moist savanna and
the lower levels of montane grassland. Animals have also been recorded from traditionally
cultivated land , rural gardens and sometimes old buildings
Savanna - Dry
Savanna - Moist
Grassland - Subtropical/Tropical High Altitude
Artificial/Terrestrial - Arable Land
Artificial/Terrestrial - Rural Gardens
Size: Total length: up to 109 cm
Life Expectancy: Not known
A suitably sized vivarium or RUB (Plastic storage box)
Dcor: Rocks, caves, drift wood, mopani wood, water bowl at the cool end.
Substrate: Sharp river or desert sand, Beech chips, Aspen news paper.
Temperature: 75-85 F (24 - 29 Cat) at the warm end of the vivarium. At night allow the
temperature to cool down to room temperature 60-79 F15.5 - 26C)
Two thermometers one to monitor the cool area and one for the hotter areas of the terrarium.
Humidity: 60%
Heating: I prefer to use ceramic infra red emitters on a pulse proportionate thermostat. Infra red
heat bulbs can also be used with a dimmer thermostat. Always use a safety cage for all heat sources
this includes spot bulbs.
Lighting: As these snakes are active during the day I would recommend a 2% uvc tube like the
Ecco Terra Reti Glo 2
Feeding: Insects and small vertebrates, including amphibians
Breeding: No Information.
John Gamesby

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