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Wakra Tower, 2nd Floor, Old Slata Road, Corniche,

P.O.Box: 37388, Doha, State of Qatar.
Tel: 1878 4443 974+ Fax: 5634 4443 974+
E-Mail: sarli@yuksel.net, bagdatli2004@yahoo.com

Members directory 2014


Mr. Yusuf Harbiyeli

(TEM-AC Trading & Contracting W.L.L)


Mr. Turgay Ceylan

(Hawar Group)


Mr. Cihan Koseoglu

(Koleksiyon Qatar W.L.L)

Nurol Gulf W.L.L


Mr. Namik Kemal Tuna

(Qatar Beton L.L.C)


Aga-Mep Contracting &

Engineering Co. L.L.C


Mr. Izzet Ataol

(RMD Kwikform)


TAV Tepe Akfen Investment

Construction & Operation Co.


Mr. Murad Taymaskhanov

(Inter Taym Co W.L.L)


Troy Engineering W.L.L


Ms. Dilek Kahraman

(Al-Abdul Ghani Law Firm)


Samko International Co W.L.L


Mr. Ozgur Aytan

(Qatar Solar Energy W.L.L)


Mr. M. Kursad Caymaz

(Turkish Airlines)


Mr. Harun Topcu

(Pioneer Metal Company W.L.L)


Mr. Mr. Safak Guvenc

(W Hotel & Residences)


Mr. Erol Egeran

(Consulting Engineer)


Mr. Kayihan Bagdatli

(Alce Engineering Qatar W.L.L)


Mr. Suleyman Gulmen

(Al-Arz Group)


Mr. Levent Akarsu

(Al Masaood Bergum)


Yuksel Construction Co. Inc.


Tekfen Construction & Installation

Co. Inc.


Transtas Qatar W.L.L


Gama Qatar Co W.L.L


STFA Marine Construction

Anel Electrical Projects

Contracting & Trading Co


Dorce Qatar W.L.L


REC Qatar L.L.C


Makyol-GAP-Kalyon J.V.


Mapa-Gunal Construction &

Trade L.L.C


Dogus Construction L.L.C


Bahadir Construction
Engineering Trading & Contracting Co

Handar Engineering & Contracting

Polimeks Construction L.L.C


Nurol Construction & Trading Co. Inc.


Limak Contracting L.L.C

Ms. Aynur Babir Mirzayeva

Mr. Adem Pektas

(Coral Hotel)


Mr. Levent Ozdemir

(TMS Formwork)


Table of content

About TBA Qatar


Message of the Ambassador of the

Republic Turkey


Message of the Chairman


About Qatar

Turkey Embassy in Qatar and the

Turkey at a Glance


Usefull Address in Turkey


Middle East Mission in Turkey


Corporate Member List


Individual Member List


How to Become a Member


Member Corporate Profile


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Turkish Businessmen
Qatar (TBA-Qatar) have been
established in May 2008 in
Doha, State of Qatar.
As a non-governmental, non-profit
organization, TBA-Qatar represents more
than 45 Turkish companies currently active in
the State of Qatar and Turkish professionals
serving to non-Turkish companies/

The Associations principal objectives are:

To promote economic, trade and cultural relations
between the Republic of Turkey and the State of Qatar.
To carry out activities with a view to enhance mutual
understanding between the Turkish and Qatari people.
To represent the commercial interests of Turkish
businessmen in the State of Qatar.
To promote Turkish companies, their goods and services
in the State of Qatar.
To strengthen trade relations between Turkish
companies, Turkish businessmen and other companies
in the State of Qatar.
To contribute to increase the trade volume between
Turkey and the State of Qatar.
To improve business and social relations among our
members, the Board organizes social events, business
meetings/presentations throughout the year.
We also organize and encourage joint meetings between
Turkish Business community and other countries business
Sezai Arli

Message of the
Ambassador of the
Republic of Turkey

Turkish economy has managed to continue its remarkable

performance over the last decade. Sound macroeconomic
framework and confident fiscal policies have played the
greatest role. Turkey thus, has become one of the emerging
economies with an exceptional growth rate and placed itself
as the 16th largest economy in the world.

Economic policies under stable political conditions have

paved the way for a greater role of private sector in Turkish
economy by creating predictability for fiscal balances,
enhancing the efficiency of financial sector, encouring
research and development and reforming the social security
system. These major achievements have strengthened
the macroeconomic standing of the country, lowered
unemployment, boosted foreign trade and built up global
trust to Turkish economy that was reflected in rising FDI
The economic policy framework has also been reinforced
by a principled foreign policy. Turkish foreign policy has
served to regional peace and stability by enhancing
regional economic cooperation and strenghtening
economic interdependency among neighbouring countries.
Moreover, to intensify relations at the economic and grassroots level, Turkey established regional economic platforms
and bilaterally lifted visas with many countries.


Qatar has also accomplished a similar breakthrough in the

economic field over the last decade. Today, it is one of the
richest countries in the world and shining like a star in the
region. Turkey as mentioned, is a leading country in its region
with a competitive, robust and liberal economy, young and
skilled population and functioning institutions.

What we achieved in our economic cooperation so

There are more than 60 Turkish companies registered in

far is impressive, yet I believe there is still more to do.

Qatar and we are proud that they are making a remarkable

Particularly in the construction sector, Turkish firms have

contribution to the economic and social development of the

been undertaking important projects. Qatari investments

country. Furthermore, relations between Turkish and Qatari

in Turkey are also on the rise, in energy, banking, tourism

firms are intesifying. The II. Business Forum which was held

sectors. Relations at the grass-roots level is also expanding.

in April 2014 with the participation of more than 200

Turkish culture attracts a growing deal of attention in Qatar

Turkish and Qatari companies was a clear proof of it. There

and more Qataris are visiting Turkey every year. We are

is a high economic potential between the two countries and

keen to extend this cooperation by establishing educational

there is still much to do to reach the peak of this potential.

and cultural institutions. In this framework, Turkish school in

Turkish companies are ready to undertake more projects

Doha will hopefully be operational in September 2015.

particularly in the vibrant construction sector under 2022

vAbove all, political relations continue its dynamic progress.

FIFA World Cup and 2030 Qatar National Vision.

Frequent reciprocal visits by the leaders and high level

officials invigorate this process. Close friendship between

Owing to this highly positive cooperation atmosphere, I

our leaders plays an important role in developing our ties

am confident that relations between Turkey and Qatar will

along with fraternal and deep-rooted historical ties between

further develop and reach its potential in the years to come.

Turkey and Qatar.


Message of the Chairman

Since the inception of TBA-Qatar in May 2008, it has become a

center of business, social, cultural activities among the Turkish
people in Qatar which is estimated to be more than 7500 strong

TBA-Qatar represents over 45 Turkish companies doing

meet other members, other business councils which is very

business in Qatar and Turkish professionals working for

helpful for them to widen their business relations.

non-Turkish companies/institutions including contractors,

MEP companies, steel manufacturers and erectors, logistics,

Turkish and Qatari markets are growing rapidly and there

equipment and materials suppliers and service providers of

are a lot of opportunities for the businessmen from both

large and medium size companies.

sides. TBA-Qatar will do its best to increase and improve

these relations in many ways and aspects, in parallel to the

Through the numerous networking events, seminars, social-

close relations between Turkey and Qatar.

cultural gatherings, business forums and publications, TBAQatar contributes to strengthen and promote its members

On behalf of Board of TBA-Qatar, I would like to

business volume and growth. We maintain strong relations

express our appreciation to all of our members for their

with Turkish Embassy and the Office of the Commercial

dedication and support. We would like to thank all

Counsellor in Qatar. TBA-Qatar also acts as an advisory

Turkish Ambassadors past and present and Commercial

body to help Turkish businesses interested to enter the

Counsellors for their support to TBA-Qatar.

Qatari market.
By being part of TBA-Qatar, the members have a chance

Sezai Arli

to enhance their knowledge about doing business in Qatar,



Map of State of QATAR




composed by Abdul Aziz Nasser Obaidan.

So1vereign and independent Arab State

Capital City

State holiday
December 18, Day of independence

Doha, 998000 inhabitants

National flag
Maroon colour with a broad vertical white stripe at the
two colours being separated with a nine-point serrated line

Emirate since 1971
Gained independence from the UK in 1971

Time Zone

Meaning of the flag

Local time is GMT +3

A- The white colour reflects the internationally recognised

symbol of peace


B- The maroon colour symbolises the bloodshed during the

several wars Qatar had undergone, particularly in the
second half of the 19th Century.
C- The nine-point serrated line indicates that Qatar is the
9th member of the reconciled Emirates of the Arabian
Gulf in the wake of concluding the Qatari-British treaty
in 1916.

As Salam al Amiri is the Qatar national anthem. Sheikh
Mubarak bin Saf al-Thani wrote the song and music was

The official currency is the Qatari Riyal (QR), QR 1 = 100


Phone dial code


Internet TLD

Official Language
Arabic is the official language, but English is widely used

Location: Middle East, Gulf Coast
Size: 11,521 sq-km
Borders: 60 km
Coastline: 563 km

Largest Cities
Doha, Al Rayyan, Al Khor, Mesaieed, Al Wakra, Dukhan,
Al-Zubarah, Madinat Ash-Shamal


Population density

Predominant desert

123 inhabitants per square kilometer



Qatar has a moderate desert climate with long hot summers

On average 2.4 children per woman

and short mild winters and little rain in winter


Population growth
0.81 %

Inhabitants: 1,699,435; males 1,284,739 (75.6%);

females 414,696 (24.4%) (Qatar Statistics Authority
(QSA ),Census 2010)

Age Structure

Ethnic groups: Qatari (Arab) 20%; other Arab 20%;

0-14: 21.8%

Indian 20%; Filipino 10%; Nepali 13%; Pakistani 7%;

15-64: 76.7%

Sri Lankan 5%; other

65+: 1.5%

Life expectancy
Male: 75 years
Female: 77 years

Qatar has Islam as its official religion. Majority of
inhabitants in Qatar practice the Sunni Islam religion.

Political System
Emirate Qatar
- Form of government in the
State of Qatar is hereditary in
the family of Al Thani
- The rule is inherited by the son named as Heir Apparent
by the Emir after consultation with members of the Ruling
Family and the people of wisdom (Ahal Alhal wal agd) in
the State. In case there is no such son, the prerogatives of
rule is passed to the member of the family named by the
Emir as Heir Apparent. In this case, his male descendants
shall inherit the rule.

The Emir
- On the 27th of June 2013 His
Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin
Khalifa Al-Thani transferred
the power to His Highness
Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al
Thani as the Emir of the State
of Qatar.
- The Emir is the Head of State. His person shall be
inviolable and he must be respected by all. The Emir is the
Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. He shall supervise
the same with the assistance of the Defense Council, which
is set under his direct authority. The Emir shall represent
the State internally and externally and in all international

- Qatar was once controlled
by the sheikhs of Bahrain,
but in 1867, a war broke out
between the people and their
absentee rulers. To keep the
peace in the Persian Gulf, the

British installed Muhammad

bin Thani al-Thani, head of
a leading Qatari family, as
the regions ruler. In 1916,
the emir agreed to allow
Qatar to become a British
- Oil was discovered in the 1940s, bringing wealth to the
country in the 1950s and 1960s. About 85% of Qatars
income from exports comes from oil. Its people have one
of the highest per capita incomes in the world. In 1971,
Qatar was to join the other emirates of the Trucial Coast to
become part of the United Arab Emirates. But both Qatar
and Bahrain decided against the merger and instead
formed independent nations until today.

- 25 % of the inhabitants in
Qatar are originally from
Qatar. Most of the Qataris
are Najdi (central Arabian),
though many are of Persian
descent as well.
- Qatar is more liberal than Saudi Arabia but is still not
liberal by western standards. Women are veiled - most
take the veil when they are around seven years old, and
by adolescence they cover their body entirely with an aldarraa, a long black dress. They also wear a black mask,
called al-battoulah, which covers all of the face except the
eyes, nose and mouth. Qatari men wear a thobe, a long
white shirt over loose pants. They also wear that symbol of
the Arab world, a loose headdress called a gutra, held on
with a black rope known as the agal.
- More and more women are seeking university degrees
and gradually moving away from the hearth to the
boardroom. They are allowed to vote and stand as
candidates for the municipal elections.
- Most Qataris belong to a rigid sect of Islam (Wahhabi),
which is also prevalent in Saudi Arabia. But the Qatari
Islamic practice is less strict in comparison to a lot of Islamic

Qatar Chamber of Commerce and

Industry (QCCI)
- QCCI was established in 1963
as a government body in
accordance with Law No
(4) issued in the same year. In
1990 Law No (11) was issued
to reorganize the QCCIs
organizational structure
and transform it into an
independent and public
utility body, representing
the collective commercial,
industrial and agricultural
interests of its members.
The members of its board of
directors are chosen from
the general assembly by direct

- The responsibilities of the QCCI include collecting

information and data of interest to the commercial,
industrial and agricultural community; supplying the
government departments with their requirements
for data, information and advice on commercial,
industrial and agricultural matters; providing advice
on establishing bourses, markets and commercial,
industrial and agricultural fairs; issuing certificates
that indicate the origin of goods and

Economy and Investment

The Qatari economy underwent many adjustments to bring
it in harmony with the changing world economy. These
adjustments were also meant to consolidate and diversify the
economic base to obviate the risk of depending on a single
source, viz. oil and gas.
Thus the Qatari economy is now one of the strongest in the
region and has recorded genuine growth over the last 5
Qatars economy recorded noticeable real growth over the
last five years. This growth has also led to an improvement
in keeping inflation under control and ensuring stability
of the exchange rate. Qatars friendly relations with other
countries have helped to a great extent its foreign trade
exchanges, especially in the Asian markets.
Oil and fuel account more than 93% of Qatars exports,
followed by petrochemicals and manufactured goods.
Japan is the biggest single importer of crude oil from Qatar
while China and India are the biggest importers of fertilisers
and petrochemicals.
Qatar enjoys unique investment environment thanks to its
attractive Investment Legislations and Investment Incentives,
its social and political stability, strong and balanced ties
with all states in the region and its strategic geographical
Qatar has one of the highest per capita in the world
which is 93,204 US D according to a report by IMF
World Economic Outlook Database. In order to keep the
momentum of economic development, Qatar adopts flexible
economic policies designed to encourage local and foreign
investment. This includes a well-developed infrastructure,
nominal land- and lease prices in the industrial areas and
exemption from duties on imported machinery.
Qatari legislation relevant to business was designed
to create an attractive environment attractive to foreign
capital,conducive to economic integration with neighboring
countries and ultimately capable of safeguarding the
national economy against any harmful impact.
A Qatari Law (No.13) issued in the year 2000 organises
foreign capital investment in various economic sectors. The
law determines investments by foreigners in cash or kind or
equities have financial value.
It also determines the scope of assets imported for
investment purposes, profits, yields, and reserves accrued
from foreign investment in a certain field and other noncorporal rights such as licenses, patents and trademarks
registered in the country.
The Law allows foreigners to invest in all sectors of the
national economy provided they have Qatari partners
holding a share of not less than 51% of the capital.

However the Law authorises the Minister of Economy

and Commerce to allow foreign investors to own 100%
of projects in the fields of agriculture, industry, health,
education, tourism, energy, mining and development
of natural resources as long as all these activities are
compatible with the countrys development plans. The law
prohibits foreign investment in the national banks, insurance
companies, commercial agencies and real estate. As
an incentive it also allows foreigners to lease land for
investment purposes for a renewable period of 50 years.
The Law exempts invested foreign capital from income
tax for a period not exceeding 10 years from the date
of commissioning the project. It also grants custom duty
exemptions on imported basic machinery and equipment.
Industrial projects are granted similar treatment on primary
or semi-manufactured materials necessary for production
and not available in the market.
Qatar organises a large number of international exhibitions
and business conferences with the aim of boosting its
commercial ties with other states. The Qatar Central Bank
was established in 1993 to replace the Qatari Monetary
Authority, which was formed in 1973. Among the banks
main tasks is to organise, control and ensure stability of the
financial market.
Since 1995 QCB has liberalised interest rates, thus giving
commercial banks the freedom to determine their interest
rate ceilings. There are more than 37 banks in Qatar, some
owned by Qataris others are commercial, two are Islamic,
and many Arab and foreign banks.

Qatars indigenous pool
of labour is small. In 1999,
Qataris represented only 44%
of total people employed in
the country.
Since 1998, the government has promoted a
policy of Qatarisation to encourage priority
recruitment for Qataris, especially
in the public sector.
The recruitment of expatriate labour is regulated
by the Ministry of Interior and the Department of
Labour of the Ministry of
Civil Service Affairs. All expatriate workers are
required to be sponsored by their employer,
and any transfers of sponsorship must be
approved by the Ministry of Interior. An annual
residency fee of QR 1,000 is levied for each
expatriate worker, plus QR 500 for each
spouse and QR 300 for each child.
In May 2004, Qatar passed a new labour

law which allows Qatari workers the right

to strike, to form workers committees and to
join international labour organisations with
ministerial approval. Strikes are forbidden in
vital industries including
oil and gas, water and power, transport,
communications and hospitals. Under the new
law, all workers have the right to conduct
collective negotiations over all work-related
issues through the formation of joint committees
with employers.
Where workers committees exist, they
will represent the interest of all employees;
in other cases, provided there are 30 or
more employees, they may directly elect
Under the Labour Law, the normal working
week consists of 48 hours (six eight-hour days),
reduced to 36 hours during Ramadan. Beyond
these hours, overtime is payable at a minimum
rate of time and a quarter, rising to time and a
half on
Fridays and public holidays.

and Finance

In 1973 the Qatar Riyal was introduced as the national

currency. As befits a modern and dynamic economy, Qatar
possesses a sophisticated and well-regulated banking system.
Qatari banks have a strong capital base, offering a wide range
of services to corporate and private clients and operate under
the regulation of the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) which acts
as the governments agent to control monetary policy and
monitor the commercial banking system, financial institutions
and exchange houses.

The QCB was established in 1985, when it replaced

the Qatar Monetary Agency. The banking sector consists
of 15 commercial banks, of which 8 are Qatari owned
including 2 Islamic banks and the QIDB (Qatar Industrial
Development Bank), 2 are Arab owned and 5 are
branches of foreign banks. The oldest and largest bank is
the Qatar National Bank, jointly owned by the government
(50%) and the private sector. Banks are required to maintain
a minimum capital adequacy level of 10% and a legal
reserve of 2.75% of total deposits.
A bank may not lend more than 7% of its capital to a
single borrower. Established in 1997, state-owned QIDB
encourages industrial and economic development and
diversification of the State of Qatar through financing small
to medium sized joint venture industrial projects. In addition
to financing, QIDB provides assistance with project
development, including project assessments and feasibility
studies, obtaining legal documentation and government
approvals etc. The Qatar Riyal is fixed to the US Dollar
at US $ 1.00 = QR 3.64. Qatar has no restrictions
on foreign exchange and money transfer. However,
some restrictions exist when transferring in excess of QR
100,000, as well as in cases where suspicion of money
laundering calls for official intervention. In the absence of
governmental finance programs for exports, banks in Qatar
continue to be the main source of finance. In Qatar, the
Government is usually the end-user of the banking sector
credit facilities. The GOQs ratio of banking sector credit
facilities to total credit was 46.4% in 2002. The GOQ
is expected to continue to be the leading borrower in the
local market. Other borrowers are merchants, housing

sector, industry and individuals.

Firms interested in seeking finance for products or projects
in Qatar should inquire with leading banks in Qatar.
Standard Letters of Credit processed by local banks and
corresponding banks in the exporting countries control
almost all import transactions. In accordance with QCB
policy, merchants in Qatar make use of the overdraft
facilities provided by banks to process their import
operations. Most banks in Qatar provide short-term credit
facilities of up to 75% of letter of credit values. The current
interest rates charged by the banking system on general
credit facilities are in line with interest rates prevailing in
the international markets. In addition to the usual insurance,
foreign firms operating in Qatar may be required to provide
guarantees signed by their Qatari agents/sponsors to have
access to credit facilities from the local banks.

Turkish Embassy in Qatar and

the Regions
Embassy of the Republic of

Office of the Commercial

Address: Embassys Area,

Address: Al Khalifiya Zone 66,

W59-02/1 ADNEC, Abu Dhabi - UAE

Al Rabwa St Diplomatic Area

P.O.Box: 3204 Abu Dhabi - UAE

PO Box: 1977 Doha, State of Qatar

Tel: +971 2 441 77 02

Tel: +974 4495 1300

Fax: +971 2 441 77 22

Fax: +974 4495 1320

E-Mail : abudhabi@ekonomi.gov.tr

E-mail: embassy.doha@mfa.gov.tr

Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

Web site: www.doha.be.mfa.gov.tr

Consulate General in Dubai

Office of the Commercial

Address: World Trade Center Building 8th Floor,

Address: Al Khalifiya Zone 66,

Tel: +971 4 331 47 88

Al Rabwa St Diplomatic Area

Fax: +971 4 331 73 17

PO Box: 1977 Doha, State of Qatar

E-mail: consulate.dubai@mfa.gov.tr

Tel: +974 4434 2130

Web site: www.dubai.bk.mfa.gov.tr

P.O.Box:9221 Dubai-U.A.E.

Fax: +974 4434 2128

E-mail: doha@ekonomi.gov.tr

Office of Commercial Attache

Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

Address: World Trade Center Tower, 8th Floor

Sheikh Zayed Road P.O. Box: 9221 Dubai


Tel : +971 4 / 332 79 33

Fax : +971 4 / 332 53 43

Embassy of the Republic of


E-Mail : dubai@ekonomi.gov.tr
Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

Address: Hayy Al Sefaraat/Embassys Area,

W59-02 /1 ADNEC Villa No:1


P.O.Box: 3204 Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

+971 410 99 27 (Consular Section)

Embassy of the Republic of


Fax: +971 2 410 99 05 ,

Address: Suhail Center, Bldg. 81. Rd. 1702 Diplomatic

+971 2 441 71 68 (Consular Section)

Area, 317

E-mail: embassy.abudhabi@mfa.gov.tr

P.O. Box: 10821 Manama - Bahrain

Web site: www.abudhabi.be.mfa.gov.tr

Tel: +973 17 533 448

Tel: +971 2 410 99 99 or 00

Fax: +973 17 536 557


E-mail: embassy.manama@mfa.gov.tr
Web site: www.manama.be.mfa.gov.tr

Office of the Commercial


Embassy of the Republic of

Address: Way No: 3042 Building No:3270
Shati Al Qurum, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Address: Office of the Commercial Counsellor Al Hasan

P.O. Box:47, P.C.115 MSQ

Building No.668, 3rd Floor, Flat No.34 Shaikh Hamad

Tel: +968 24 697050 or 51

Causeway Highway Diplomatic Area 317

Fax: + 968 24 697053

P.O. Box: 10062 Manama - Bahrain

E-mail: embassy.muscat@mfa.gov.tr

Tel: +973-17 530 908

Web site: http://www.muskat.be.mfa.gov.tr

Fax: +973-17 530 814

E-Mail: manama@ekonomi.gov.tr
Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

Embassy of the Republic of

Office of the Commercial

Address: South Al Ghubra, Near Grand Mosque, Way
No: 3709, Building No: 1129, Flat No:1, Muscat,
Sultanate of Oman
P.O. Box. 3408, P.C. 111, Central Post Office
Tel: +968 24 595 544 or 502

Address: Embassies Area, Plot 16, Istiqlal Street,

Fax: +968 24 590 055

Daiyah 5, Safat 13067

E-mail: muskat@ekonomi.gov.tr

P.O. Box: 20627, Kuwait

Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

Tel: +965 222 77 400 or 402

Fax: +965 225 60 653 or 403


E-mail: embassy.kuwait@mfa.gov.tr
Web site: www.kuwait.be.mfa.gov.tr

Office of the Commercial


Embassy of the Republic of

Address: Diplomatic Quarter, Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah As
Sahmi St., No:8604

Address: P.O.Box: 24517, Safat 13106 Kuwait

P.O.Box: 94390, Riyadh 11693, Kingdom of Saudi

Tel: +965 2256 0658


Fax: +965 2256 0673

Tel: +966 11 482 01 01

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Fax: +966 11 488 78 23

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E-mail: embassy.riyadh@mfa.gov.tr
Web site: http://www.riyad.be.mfa.gov.tr

Fax: +98 21 33 11 79 28

Office of the Commercial

P.O. 94390, Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh 11693,

E-mail: embassy.tehran@mfa.gov.tr
Web site: http://www.tahran.be.mfa.gov.tr

Tel: +966 11 288 5886

Office of the Commercial


Fax: +966 11 288-5883

Address: Ferdowsi Avenue No:337 Tehran IRAN

E-mail: riyad@ekonomi.gov.tr

Tel:+98 21 33 91 35 92

Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

Fax:+98 21 33 92 49 52

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

E-mail: tahran@ekonomi.gov.tr

General Consulate in Jeddah

Address: Medinah Road, Al-Arafat Street, Al-Hamra

Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

P.O. Box:70 Jeddah 21411, Saudi Arabia

General Consulate in Tebriz

Tel: +966 12 660 16 07, +966 12 665 48 73

Address: Kuye Vale Asr, Khiyabani Forughi Falakai

Fax: +966 12 665 22 80,

Homafar, Kue-i Farhangian

+966 12 667 51 44 (Consular Section)

No:8 Tabriz, Iran

E-mail: consulate.jeddah@mfa.gov.tr

Tel: +98 411 300 10 70 or 71

Web site: www.cidde.bk.mfa.gov.tr

Fax: +98 411 332 49 07

E-mail: consulate.tebriz@mfa.gov.tr

Office of the Commercial


Web site: www.tebriz.bk.mfa.gov.tr

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Office of the Commercial


Tel: +966 12 610 60 11 or 22

Address: Kuye Vale Asr, Khiyabane Forughi Falakai

Fax: +966 12 610 60 33

Homafar, Kue-i Farhangian No:8 Tabriz, Iran

E-mail: cidde@ekonomi.gov.tr

Tel: +98 411 329 75 82

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Fax: +98 411 329 75 83

Address: P.O. 2338, Jeddah 21451,

E-mail: tebriz@ekonomi.gov.tr


Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

Embassy of the Republic of


General Consulate in

Address: Ferdowsi Ave. No. 337 Tehran, Iran

Address: Khayabane Shehid Dr. Beheshti No:30 Orumieh,

P.O.Box: 11365-8758


Tel: +98 21 35 95 11 00

Tel: +98-441 347 87 70

Fax: +98-441 346 95 95


E-mail: consulate.urmia@mfa.gov.tr

Address: Rue Du Caire 234 Muhafazat Aleppo, Syrie

Web site: www.urumiye.bk.mfa.gov.tr

Tel : +963 21 264 54 11

Embassy of the Republic of

Fax: +963 21 264 54 1

E-Mail : halep@ekonomi.gov.tr
Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr


Address: Chare Ziad Ben Abi Soufian

56-58 B.P. 3738 Damascus, Syria
Tel: +963 11 33 50 19 30 or 40

Embassy of the Republic of


Fax: +963 11 33 39 243

Address: 25, El-Falaky Str. Bab El-Louk, Cairo, Egypt

E-mail: embassy.damascus@mfa.gov.tr

Tel: +20 2 279 784 00 or 10

Web site: http://www.sam.be.mfa.gov.tr

Fax: +20 2 279 784 77 or 44 (Consular Section)

Office of the Commercial

Address : Chare Ziad Ben Abi Soufian
56-58 B.P. 3738

E-mail: embassy.cairo@mfa.gov.tr
Web site: http://www.kahire.be.mfa.gov.tr

Office of the Commercial


Damascus, Syria

Address: Al Shahed Abd El Hady Salah Abd Allah St.

Tel : +963 11 33 50 19 56

Corner of El Nile St. Apt.No:7, Flat No:2, Giza, Egypt

Fax : +963 11 21 10 103

Tel: +20 2 376 268 02

E-Mail : sam@ekonomi.gov.tr

Fax: +20 2 376 268 03

Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

E-mail: kahire@ekonomi.gov.tr

General Consulate in Aleppo

Address: Rue Du Caire
234 Muhafazat

Web site: www.counsellors.gov.tr

General Consulate in

P.O.Box: 293 Aleppo, Syrie

Address: 11 Kamel El Kilani Street Alexandria, Egypt

Tel: +963 21 264 99 670 or 680

Tel: +20 3 494 63 35 or 36

Fax: +963 21 266 10 50

Fax: +20 3 494 41 11

E-mail: consulate.aleppo@mfa.gov.tr

E-mail: consulate.alexandria@mfa.gov.tr

Web site: www.halep.bk.mfa.gov.tr

Web site: www.iskenderiye.bk.mfa.gov.tr

Office of the Commercial

Turkey at a Glance
Republic of Turkey
783,562.38 sqms - 39 55
North, 32 50 East
76.7 million (2013)
Capital : Ankara
Language : Turkish
Religion : 99% Muslim
1% Orthodox Christians, Catholics,

Protestans and other. Turkey is a
secular state where religious

and state affairs are separated.
National Anthem
Istiklal Marsi (The Independence Hymn)
National Flag
White crescent moon and a star on a red
Historical Outline
1299: Establishment of the Ottoman Empire

1922: Fall of the Ottoman Empire

1923: Proclamation of the Republic of
Turkey on October 29

(First President: Mustafa Kemal ATATURK)

Form of Government

(Established on October 29, 1923, by

Mustafa Kemal ATATRK, founder of modern

Turkey has been holding freely contested
multi-party elections since 1946.
Head of State
President Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN

(seven year term, 28 August 2014)
Unicameral system (550 seats)

Last general elections held on June, 12,
Justice and Development Party, absolute
majority government

Prime Minister:Prof. Dr. Ahmet DAVUTOGLU

Minister of Foreign Affairs:Mevlut

Gross National Product
Per Capita Annual Income
Number of tourists


820 billion USD (2013)

Turkish Lira (TL)
10.782 USD
151.8 billion USD (2013)
251.7 billion USD (2013)
39.2 million (2013)


In terms of population, Turkey is the second largest country
in Europe (after Germany), with 76.7 million people. In 2020, it is
projected to be the most populous European country, with a
population of 83 million.

Four million Turks live abroad. Of that number, almost 2.5

million live in Germany.
Geographically, Turkey straddles two continents, Europe
in the west and Asia in the east.

She is a member of almost all European/Europe-related

institutions, such as the Council of Europe, OSCE,
NATO, OECD. Turkey has been an associate member
of the European Union since 1963 and a negotiating
candidate for full membership to the Union since 2005.

The two continents are divided by the Bosphorus and

Dardanelles straits, which are located in Turkey.

Turkey has the second biggest Army in NATO after the

United States.

Turkey is unique in being on the one hand Balkan and

European, and on the other Middle Eastern, Caucasian
and Asian. It is also as much a Black Sea country as it is
an Aegean and Mediterranean one.

Turkey also entertains relations of strategic cooperation

with the United States.

Another unique aspect of Turkey is the fact that it is the

only democratic, secular country among the Muslim
nations of the Middle East.
In addition to being a pioneering country in the Islamic
world, Turkey has also become fully integrated into
Europe since 1923, when the Republic was established.

Turkey lies in close proximity to 70 percent of the worlds

proven energy resources and is a prospective regional
centre for storage and distribution of oil and natural gas.
Turkey is the 16th largest economy in the world. She is a
member of G20.
The Turkish economy has been identified as being one of
the 10 significant emerging markets by U.S. sources.

Useful Addresses in
The Union of Chambers and
Commodity Exchanges of
Turkey (TOBB)
Address: Dumlupnar Bulvar No:252 (Eskisehir Yolu 9.
Km.) 06530 Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 218 20 00 (PBX)
Fax: +90 312 219 40 90 - 91 - 92 - 93
E-mail: info@tobb.org.tr
Web address: www.tobb.org.tr

Turkish Exporters Assembly

Address: DIS Ticaret Kompleksi Cobancesme Mevkii
Sanayi Cad. B Blok Kat:9 Yenibosna-Istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 454 04 71 / 454 04 90
Fax: +90 212 454 04 13 / 454 04 83
E-mail: tim@tim.org.tr
Web address: www.tim.org.tr

Ankara Chamber of
Commerce (ATO)
Address: Sgtz Mah. 2180 Cad. (Eski 2. Cadde)
No:5/A Sgtz - ankaya,
Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 201 81 00 - 201 81 01
Web address: www.atonet.org.tr

Ankara Chamber of Industry

Address: Atatrk Bulvar No: 193 Kavakldere,
Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 417 12 00
Fax: +90 312 417 52 05
Web address: www.aso.org.tr

Istanbul Chamber of
Commerce (ITO)

Fax: +90 212 249 50 84 293 43 98

E-mail: info@iso.org.tr
Web address: www.iso.org.tr

Address: Resadiye Cad. 34112 Eminn,

Istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 455 60 00

Bursa Chamber of Commerce

and Industry (BTSO)

Fax: +90 212 513 15 65 / 0212.520 16 56

E-mail: ito@ito.org.tr

Address: Organize Sanayi Blgesi Mavi Cadde 2. Sokak

Web address: www.ito.org.tr

No: 2 16159 Nilfer,

Bursa / TURKEY

Istanbul Chamber of Industry


Tel: +90 224 275 16 00

Fax: +90 224 275 16 09
E-mail: btso@btso.org.tr

Address: Mesrutiyet Cad. No:62 34430 TepebasIstanbul / TURKEY

Tel: +90 212 252 29 00 (Pbx)

Web address: www.btso.org.tr

Middle East
Missions in Turkey
Embassy of the State of Qatar
Address: Bak Sokak, No: 6, Diplomatik Site, 06450,
Oran, Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 490 72 74 490 45 85 490 47 87
Fax: +90 312 490 67 57 490 41 64
E-mail: qeank@yahoo.com

General Consulate in Istanbul

Address: Yeniky Mah. istinye Mevkii Balbandere Cad.
Hilpark Evleri Yolu Hilpark Suites Sitesi No:2, Saryer,
34464 istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 229 99 55- 323 47 31-32 -33
Fax: +90 212 323 47 29
E-mail: istanbul@mofa.gov.qa


Embassy of the United Arab

Address: Fahrettin Kerim Gkay Cad.,

No:34, Altunizade / ISTANBUL
Tel: +90 (216) 544 2462
Fax: +90 (216) 544 2418
E-mail: abdullah@eksim.com

Embassy of Kuwait

Address: Resit Galip Caddesi No: 110 G.O.P., Ankara /

Tel: +90 312 445 05 76
Fax: +90 312 446 68 39- 446 28 26
E-mail: Kuwait@ada.net.tr, kuwait@ttmail.com

General Consulate in IStanbul

Address: Cebeci Cad. No:22 Akatlar Etiler,
istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 351 18 88
Fax: +90 212 352 76 60
E-mail: consulatekuwaitistanbul@yahoo.com


Address: Turan Gnes Bulvar, Galip Erdem Cad. 613. Sk.

No: 13 Ilkbahar Mah.
ankaya-Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 490 14 14 490 14 68
Fax: +90 312 491 23 33
E-mail: uaeemb@superonline.com, uaeemb@uaeemb.net
Web address: www.uaeemb.net

Embassy of Oman

General Consulate in ISTAnbul

Honorary Consulate in

Address: Konaklar mah., Meseli Sok. No:11, 34330 4.

Levent, istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 317 92 57-58
Fax: +90 212 278 05 70
E-mail: istanbul@mofa.gov.ae
Web address: www.uaeconsulate.com.tr

Embassy of Bahrain
Address: Ilkbahar Mahallesi 612. Sokak,
Oran-ankaya / ANKARA
Tel: +90 312 491 26 56 - 58
Fax: +90 312 491 26 76
E-mail: ankara.mission@mofa.gov.bh

Honorary Consulate in

Address: Ilkbahar Mah. 606. Sok. No: 19 Yldz,

Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 491 09 40 or 41 or 44
Fax: +90 312 490 06 82
E-mail: omanembassy@yahoo.com

Address: Rumeli Cad., No:16/6, 80220, Nisantas /

Tel: +90 (212) 230 8384
Fax: +90 (212) 231 2732
E-mail: dmagripli@national.com.tr,

Embassy of the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia
Address: Turan Emeksiz Sok No:6, 06700 G.O.P.,
Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 468 55 40 - 468 55 41 - 468 55 42
Fax: +90 312 427 48 86
E-mail: tremb@mofa.gov.sa

General Consulate in IStanbul

Address: Konaklar Mah. amlk Cad. Akasyal Sok. No.

6, 4. Levent, istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 281 91 40
Fax: +90 212 281 91 41
E-mail: trconist@hotmail.com

Embassy of the Islamic
Republic of Iran
Address: Tahran Cad. No: 10, 06700 Kavakldere,
Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 468 28 20 - 21 (pbx)
Fax: +90 312 468 28 23 427 35 41
E-mail: iranemb.ank@mfa.gov.ir

General Consulate in Erzurum

Address: Alparslan Bulvar, Osman Gazi mah., 201. sok.,
Eres Yap Kooperatifi, D Blok,
Yldzkent, Erzurum / TURKEY
Tel: +90 442 315 99 83
Fax: +90 442 316 11 82
E-mail: irankonsoloslugu@mynet.com

General Consulate in ISTanbul

Address: Ankara Cad. No.1, Cagaloglu,
istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 513 82 30
Fax: +90 212 511 52 19
E-mail: iranconsulateist@ircgi.org

General Consulate in Trabzon

Address: Taksim Caddesi Kzltoprak Sokak No: 3,
Trabzon / TURKEY
Tel: (462) 326 76 51
Fax: (462) 326 76 52-53
E-mail: consulitrabzonir@yahoo.com

Embassy of Syrian Arap
Address: Sedat Simavi Sok. No:40, 06550,
ankaya, Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 440 96 57 58, 440 17 21, 440 31 74,
440 31 43
Fax: +90 312 438 56 09

General Consulate in

Address: Kemal Kker Cad. Alleben Mah. No:16,

Gaziantep / TURKEY
Tel: +90 342 232 60 47 232 39 37
Fax: +90 342 232 39 38

General Consulate in ISTanbul

Address: Maka Cad., Ralli Apt. No: 59 Kat:3, Tesvikiye,
istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 232 71 10, 232 67 21, 225 48 41
Fax: +90 212 230 22 15
E-mail: sar_c_ist@yahoo.com

Embassy of Arab Republic of
Address: Atatrk Bulvar. 126, 06680 Kavakldere,
Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 426 10 26- 468 22 40- 426 61 32
Fax: +90 312 427 00 99t
E-mail: embassy_egypt@yahoo.com, ecg_istanbul@yahoo.

General Consulate in IStanbul

Address: Cevdetpasa Caddesi No. 12 Bebek Besiktas /
Tel: +90 212 324 21 60 - 324 21 33
Fax: +90 212 324 22 04
E-mail: ecg_istanbul@yahoo.com, egypt.consulate.


Sezai Arli

Yusuf Akcayoglu
Vice Chairman

Turgut K.Dizdaroglu

Muammer Arikan

Kayihan Bagdatli
Secretary General

Murat Yurdal

Ahmet Basar

Murat Doyran

Erol Egeran

Turgay Ceylan

Yalcin Eskikurt

Corporate Members List


Yuksel Construction Co. Inc.


Tekfen Construction &

Installation Co. Inc.


Transtas Qatar W.L.L


Gama Qatar Co W.L.L


Nurol Gulf W.L.L


Aga-Mep Contracting &

Engineering Co. L.L.C


TAV Tepe Akfen Investment

Construction & Operation Co.


Troy Engineering W.L.L


Samko International Co W.L.L

STFA Marine Construction

Anel Electrical Projects

Contracting & Trading Co


Dorce Qatar W.L.L


REC Qatar L.L.C


Makyol-GAP-Kalyon J.V.


Mapa-Gunal Construction &

Trade L.L.C


Dogus Construction L.L.C


Bahadir Construction
Engineering Trading & Contracting Co


Handar Engineering &

Contracting W.L.L


Polimeks Construction L.L.C


Nurol Construction & Trading Co. Inc.


Limak Contracting L.L.C

Individual Members List


Mr. Yusuf Harbiyeli

(TEM-AC Trading & Contracting W.L.L)


Mr. Turgay Ceylan

(Hawar Group)


Mr. Cihan Koseoglu

(Koleksiyon Qatar W.L.L)


Mr. Namik Kemal Tuna

(Qatar Beton L.L.C)


Mr. Izzet Ataol

(RMD Kwikform)


Mr. Murad Taymaskhanov

(Inter Taym Co W.L.L)


Ms. Dilek Kahraman

(Al-Abdul Ghani Law Firm)


Mr. Ozgur Aytan

(Qatar Solar Energy W.L.L)


Mr. M. Kursad Caymaz

(Turkish Airlines)


Mr. Harun Topcu

(Pioneer Metal Company W.L.L)


Mr. Mr. Safak Guvenc

(W Hotel & Residences)


Mr. Erol Egeran

(Consulting Engineer)


Mr. Kayihan Bagdatli

(Alce Engineering Qatar W.L.L)


Mr. Suleyman Gulmen

(Al-Arz Group)


Mr. Levent Akarsu

(Al Masaood Bergum)

Ms. Aynur Babir Mirzayeva

Mr. Adem Pektas

(Coral Hotel)


Mr. Levent Ozdemir

(TMS Formwork)

How to Become A Member

Download Membership Application Form from http://tbaqatar.com. Return it back to Secretary General together with
copy of voucher of payment of relevant fees.
There are four categories of membership:
a) Corporate Member:
Companies conducting
business in the State of Qatar
with at least one partner
being a Turkish citizen or
Turkish entity.

Membership, indicating in
a letter to the Executive
Committee their commercial
interest in the State of Qatar.
The Executive Committee shall be entitled to approve/
reject overseas membership applications. Once approved,
Overseas Members similar to Corporate Members- shall

- Local branches of Turkish companies.

nominate up to two individuals as their Representatives to

the Secretary General.

- Companies which are based in Turkey and conducting

regular business activities in the State of Qatar.

Overseas Members shall have no Voting Rights at the

General Assembly. However, they shall be notified of

Corporate members shall be represented by maximum two

and their Representatives shall have the right to attend all

individuals appointed and authorized by their respective

meetings, including the General Assembly and enjoy the

companies. Each individual has got the right of one vote at

same rights and privileges as other Members.

meetings of the General Assembly.

b) Individual Member:

Turkish citizens
employed as professionals in
the State of Qatar subject to
the stipulations of Article 3.1
of Constitution can apply to
be an Individual Member. An
Individual Member has got the
right of one vote at meetings
of the General Assembly.

d) Honorary Member

Honorary Chairman
of TBA-QATAR shall always be
H.E the Ambassador of the
Republic of Turkey accredited
to the State of Qatar.
Honorary Membership, upon the directives of Honorary
Chairman, shall include members of diplomatic and
consular missions of Republic of Turkey as well as
Commercial and Tourism Attaches in the State of Qatar.

An Individual Member must not be an employee of

Individuals who have the capacity to play significant roles

the corporate members referred in Article 3.1 of the

and contribute to promote the stated objectives of TBA-


QATAR may be invited to become Honorary Members by


Overseas Member

Turkish companies
which are not registered in
the State of Qatar -subject
to the stipulations of Article
3.1- may apply for Overseas

the Executive Committee.

Honorary Members shall be entitled to the same rights and
privileges as other members, but they shall not have voting
Honorary Members shall not pay any membership fee.

Members Corporate profiles


Yuksel Construction Co. Inc.


Tekfen Construction &

Installation Co. Inc.


Transtas Qatar W.L.L


Gama Qatar Co W.L.L


Nurol Gulf W.L.L


Aga-Mep Contracting &

Engineering Co. L.L.C


TAV Tepe Akfen Investment

Construction & Operation Co.


Troy Engineering W.L.L


Samko International Co W.L.L

STFA Marine Construction

Anel Electrical Projects

Contracting & Trading Co


Dorce Qatar W.L.L


REC Qatar L.L.C


Makyol-GAP-Kalyon J.V.


Mapa-Gunal Construction &

Trade L.L.C


Dogus Construction L.L.C


Bahadir Construction
Engineering Trading & Contracting Co


Handar Engineering &

Contracting W.L.L


Polimeks Construction L.L.C


Nurol Construction & Trading Co. Inc.


Limak Contracting L.L.C

Eng. Sezai Arli

Country Manager

Yuksel Insaat A.S. has been established in Ankara, Turkey in

1963, and actively participated in development of Turkeys
infrastructure as a general contractor for transportation
projects, industrial plants, marine structures, dams,
environmental projects, as well as prestigious superstructure
projects like public buildings, shopping malls, hotels, residential
and commercial buildings.

Since 1983 Yuksel expanded its activities to the

international level by handling projects in S. Arabia,
Jordan, Libya, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,
Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Romania.
Yuksel has been ranked among the Top 225 International
Contractors consistently in last 8 years by ENR.
Projects in Qatar:
1. New Doha Intl Airport (NDIA) CP-14: Bridges
Construction Works. (Completed)
2. North/South Extension To Ras Abu Abboud Road (in JV
with M/S Midmac Contracting Co WLL) (Completed)
3. Doha Expressway Package 7 (Salwa Road Phase 2) (in
JV with M/S Midmac Contracting Co WLL) (Completed)
4. Construction of Turkish Embassy Compound (Completed)
5. Lusail Development for Primary Infrastructure, CP-4: Road
A1, A6, Southern & Marina Interchanges (in JV with
M/S Midmac Contracting Co WLL) (Ongoing)
6. Construction of PMS Viaduct for Qatar Foundation
Education City (Ongoing)
7. Doha Metro Project, Design-Build Red Line South
Elevated & At Grade Section (in JV with M/S FCC,
Archirodon, Petroserv) (Ongoing)

We build:
Roads, bridges, highways, railroads, rail transit systems
Water supply and treatment, waste water treatment
Infrastructure works
Power plants, industrial facilities
Commercial and public buildings

51 Years in Construction Industry

Established in 1963 in Ankara, Turkey
Registered in Qatar since May 2006
In GCC since 1983
Ranked constantly among the Top
225 International Contractors by
ENR in last 9 years.
Handling prestigious projects in
Qatar, Turkey, UAE, KSA, Jordan, Libya,
Salwa Road Phase 2, Doha, Qatar

Iraq, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,


Ankara Light Rail Trausit

System, Ankara, Turkey

New Doha Intl. Airport Bridge

Doha, Qatar

Head Office:
Yuksel Insaat A.S.

Sogutozu Caddesi 14/A-B, Bestepeler,
06560 Ankara, Turkey

Tel: +90 312 284 2545, Fax: +90 312 286 1737
E-mail: yuksel@yuksel.net
Qatar Branch:
Yuksel Construction Co. Inc.

Wakra Tower, 2nd Floor, Old Slata Road, Corniche,

P.O.Box: 37388, Doha, Qatar

Tel: +974 4443 1878, Fax: +974 4443 5634
E-mail: qatar@yuksel.net

Metrocity Mixed use

Development, Istanbul, Turkey

Ahmet Basar

We are Building the Future...

On the threshold of new
millennium and in an extremely
dynamic period where the concept of
globalization is propagating rapidly,
Tekfen Construction is proud of being one
of the major internationally active Turkish
Tekfen Group is widely recognized and publicly
traded group of companies that operates in four
main areas; contracting, agri-industry, real estate
development and other. The Group consists of 39
companies and ten subsidiaries drawing together
companies that each figure amongst the most
respected names in their sectors. Since its foundation
in 1956, the group has distinguished itself with its
meticulous approach to quality and ethical values.
Tekfen Contracting Group, a global representative
of the Turkish Contracting sector, is Tekfen Holdings
flagship in terms of revenues. The Groups principle
company, Tekfen Construction and Installation,
specializes in petroleum, gas & petrochemical
facilities, pipelines, land & marine terminals, offshore platforms, tank farms, oil refineries, pumping
stations, power plants and highway, subway, bridge
& tunnel construction, electrical & instrumentation
projects, infrastructure projects, production facilities,
commercial & technical buildings and major sports
Tekfen Construction provides its clients with turnkey
solutions encompassing engineering, procurement
and construction (EPC) in most of these areas.
Alongside Tekfen Construction, Tekfen Contracting
Group includes Tekfen Engineering, which provides
engineering design, project management and
consultancy services and Tekfen Manufacturing,
which specializes in the manufacture of process
equipment and storage tanks. The Tekfen Contracting
Group also has various investments and partnerships
in Germany and Azerbaycan.

Tekfen Construction was ranked 85th for international

business portfolio on the Engineering News Record
(ENR) 2012 list of the worlds Top 225 International
Tekfen Contracting Group operated in eight countries
on two continents in 2013. By the end of the year, it
had an active baclog of US$ 3 billion. The Groups
portfolio is concentrated on three main regions the
Caspian, the Middle East and North Africa and it
encompasses Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan,
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Morocco,
besides Turkey.
Tekfen Construction is a reliable partner with a
sense of social responsibility. It strives to minimize
the risk of harm to its personnel, third parties, the
environment and property while maintaining quality
performance. It places a priority on social benefits
and emphasizes health, safety, environment and
the quality (HSE-Q) in its operations, which meet
international standards. The Companys goal is to
be worthy of the confidence of its clients to have
influence in the international contracting market with
its effective HSE-Q Policy.
Madina Building, Entrance B,
First Floor, Office No:2
Al-Gharaffa Doha Qatar
: +974 4498 7634
: +974 4498 7322
Vice President: Ayhan SARIOGLU
Operations Qatar
e-mail :asarioglu@tekfen.com.tr
Mobile :+974 5584 2145
Finance & Admin. Manager: Ahmet
Qatar Region
e-mail :abasar@tekfen.com.tr
Mobile :+974 7048 2500

tekfen adv

Managing Director


Transtas Global Logistics was founded in 1977 by Kamil
Topaloglu. Having started offering services in road
transportation, it has expanded its role in the logistics world by
operating sea freight, air freight and railroad freight shipments.

Specialized in construction project logistics, Transtas

has completed15 Airport project logistics and numerous
construction projects as well as many domestic and
overseas construction projects in the last years. The
accomplishments it has gained through these projects
have made Transtas one of the most preferred logistics
companies around the world.
Through its expertise in oversize and heavy lift
transportations, Transtas offers Service in the Far East,
Middle East, North Africa, and Europe with its own
Berna Akyldz network. It also has agencies in USA, South
Africa, Scandinavia, and Managing Director Canada,
where it has performed business activities for a long time.
As a company which aim improving itself depending on
the needs of the globalizing world, Transtas will always
maintain its well-deserved position in the logistics field.
Transtas is providing logistics services (air, sea, road
transportation, bulk shipments, partial, full transportation,
cross shipments, multimodal shipments and customs
clearance service) based on the customer needs all over
the world. There are Transtas offices in Doha, Cairo,
Dusseldorf, Shangai, Tripoli, Erbil & Jeddah ,we have
competent agencies in places where we do not have
offices. Transtas main office is in Turkey. Transtas has
own37 trucks fleet.
Transtas has1.000.000 USD worth freight forwarder
liability insurance and has R2 certificate approved by

Ministry of Transportation / Turkey.

Transtas Qatar W.L.L has been established in 2006.
Transtas Qatar is acting as logistics department of many
companies in Qatar. Transtas Qatar Express is the first
partial trucking service from Turkey to Doha. Transtas Qatar
is also providing service from all over the world to Qatar by
air & sea and providing customs clearance service.
Transtas will be proud of providing good quality door to
door service to all our valuable customers.
Transtas Qatar W.L.L
K.J Group Building Office No. 216 B
Al Najma Aera C-Ring Road
Opposite Gulf Times
Mobil : +974-55359515
Mail : doha@transtas.com , info@transtas.com
Web : www.transtas.com.tr
Business Development Manager
Mobile : +974 330948, +90 555 2070333

General Manager

The Industrial plant construction and installation activities of

the GAMA Group are developed and extended worldwide under
the GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection, Inc.,
which was established in 1970. Gama Industry Inc., is specialized
in the turnkey construction and installation of

thermal and hydroelectric power plants,

petroleum refineries, gas plants, petrochemical
iron and steel plants,
cement plants,
high-rise buildings, business and shopping centers,
residential compounds, tourism, social, cultural and
health facilities,
underground transportation systems,
infra-structure utilities;
extended its operations beyond Turkey in early
1970s, and completed more than 200 important
projects in Iran, Iraq, Jordan, the United Arab
Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Russia,
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Libya,
Qatar, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Bulgaria and Yemen;
participated in the construction of totally
45 power plants with 24,000 MW capacity,
12 cement plants with 55,000 million ton/day
clinker production capacity,
5 iron and steel plants with 8.1 million ton/year
production capacity,
Gas and petroleum facilities with 25 million ton/
year capacity (10 each refineries, 15 each gas
plants,10each petrochemical plants);
and has become one of the leading contractors in
the industrial plant construction worldwide.

Since May 2000, Gama Qatar W.L. L. is active in

Qatar together with its partner ALMANA Group.
1. Qatar National Cement Umm Bab New
Cement Production Line Erection Works. (as
subcontractor of FCB France)
2. RasGas Co. Ltd. Ras Laffan RasGas
Expansion Project Phase-2 Site Preparation Works.
(as subcontractor of Chiyoda- Technip JV)
3. Qatar Liquified Gas Co. Ltd. Ras Laffan Qatar
Gas II Development Project Site Preparation
Works (executed by GAMA Qatar Co. WLL. as a
subcontractor to Chiyoda- Technip JV)
4. DEL Dolphine Energy Ltd. Ras Laffan Dolphin
Gas Project Site Preparation Works (executed
by GAMA Qatar Co. WLL. as a subcontractor to
5. Qatar Shell Pearl GTL Project - Construction
of Air Separators (as a subcontractor to Linde
6. QatarGas Co. Ltd. Ras Laffan Construction of
Qatargas 3-4 Onshore Utilities (as a subcontractor
to Chiyoda- Technip JV)
GAMA Qatar W.L.L.
Old Airport Road Almana Building, 6th Floor,
P.O. Box 22825 Doha QATAR
Tel: +974 4462 6690
Fax: +974 4462 6691
Email: gamaqatar@qatar.net.qa

Kemal Murat DOYRAN

General Manager

Established in 2007, Nurol Gulf W.L.L has a

very good reputation in the market and the
company is known for its expertise in the
design, fabrication and erection of heavy
structural steel works such as mega hangars,
airport terminal buildings, stadium and sport
facilities, warehouses, architectural faade
steel works, bridges, car parks, pipe-racks
as well as industrial steel works such as
boilers, heat exchanger, carbon steel and
stainless steel piping, spools, pressure vessels,
tanks conforming to API standards, turn key
industrial plants, cement factory equipment,
cranes and material handling systems.
Nurol Gulf fabrication plant, which is located in the New
Industrial Area in Qatar-Doha, is built on a 46,500 square
meter plot. 19,000 square meters of covered production
facility, houses CNC plasma & oxy cutting machines, CNC
pipe cutting machines, CNC band saw lines, CNC drilling
line, automated built-up section welding lines, inlet and
outlet shot blasting lines, plate bending machines, hydraulic
presses and planting facilities.
The important features that set Nurol Gulf apart are the
commitment to sound engineering practices, quality, health
& safety, and due respect for the environment and on time
delivery to achieve client satisfaction.
Nurol gulf takes pride in completion of three Qatar
Foundation Keystone facilities in education city, namely Al
Shaqab Academy Project, the structural steel works for the
atriums of Sidra Medical and Research Center and Qatar
National Librarys steel fabrications and erections. These
three projects structural steel weight is 21,000 tons in total.
In addition to these, our establishment has done a good
job in Sidra Medical and Research Center which has been
completed as additional extra works is the fabrication and
erection of 3 Canopies in the form of leaf, weighing 450
tons in 2013. One of the most prestigious projects under
construction in Qatar is New Doha International Airport
(NDIA) where we have fabricated and erected some
structure buildings and steel frames to support faade and
ceiling cladding in the Midfield Tunnel. Those projects are
the prestigious milestones of the Qatar States 2030 Vision
Strategy. On the other hand, Nurol Gulf has exported
steel structures its goods of fabrication to KSA and Iraq
Suleymaniyah based on the projects requirements. These

have been the first structural steel exportation from Qatar.

Nurol Gulf Factory has reached to a fabrication capacity
of 2,000 tons/month. Number of our employees has
increased uo to 900 people at the end of 2013. Nurol
Gulf will continue to increase its turnovers and production
capabilities by being involved in new stadium and sports
halls projects with structural steel fabrication and erection
capabilities in 2014 and next years.
Nurol Gulf has been awarded a contract on December of
2012 from Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) as the main
contractor for design, fabrication, erection of structural steel
and cladding works of Lusail Multi-Purpose Sports Hall
where The Handball Championship which is constructed
by AKTOR S.A., one of the main contractors of QOC
awarded to Nurol Gulf the structural steel works for the
main Arena Roof and Warm up Halls of Ai SADD Sports
Club recently, in the meantime Nurol Gulf has signed the
contract with the Main Contractor of Lusail Development
CP-4 project developed by Qatari Diar Real Estate
Company, which is developing Lusail City for hosting 2022
FIFA World Football Cup, to supply, fabricate and erect a
structural steel arch.
Nurol Gulf aimed to be involved in structural steel works for
stadiums, sport Halls and infrastructure works which have
been planned to be implemented in Qatar starting from
the year 2013 resulting with an increase in fabrication
volume and turnover. Our steel construction factory in Qatar
has achieved a workload to run in full capacity thanks
to the existing projects that continue and we are getting
prepared for the new projects through many interviews and
quotations with potential clients not only in Qatar, but also
in GCC countries.
Nurol Gulfs goal is to make maximum contribution to the
infrastructure and industrial Development of the State of
Qatar, and to export products and services to other GCC
countries, with the satisfaction of all clients, employees and
the company partners.
Experts in Structural Steelwork

Aydemir Kinali
General Manager

K.Mustafa Aslan
Commercial Manager

AGA-MEP has been established by AK Muhendislik and GEMTAS, of

Turkey, in Qatar, as a specialist MEP Contractor, to serve the
Qatari and the Gulf market by delivering world-class integrated
engineering for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) services
for Residential, Commercial, Leisure Buildings, Industrial Plants
and for Water & Power Infrastructure Projects.

The parent companies AK Muhendislik and GEMTAS

have gained vast and varied experience over the
years through successful completion and handover
of various prestigious projects, such as commercial
and residential buildings, education facilities, hotels,
hospitals, embassies, sports facilities, stadia and
industrial buildings in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan,
Azerbaijan, Romania, Jordan, Egypt and Yemen.

Representatives of AGA-MEP;
Aydemir Kinali
General Manager
E-mail: aydemir.kinali@agamep.com

With this vast experience and support of the parent

companies and with a dedicated professional
workforce of well engineering background, based
in Qatar since 2005 AGA-MEP has built strong
reputation through successful completion of various
projects such as the MEP Works for Al Handassa
1 & 2 Commercial and Residential Complexes, Al
Reem Residential Tower, Qatar Organization for
Standards and Metrologys Administration Building,
Doha Domestic Solid Waste Management Center
(HVAC, Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems),
Doha North Sewerage and Treatment Plant (Building
Services, HVAC and TDP packages), New Ashghal
Tower (Fit-Out Works) etc.

Address :

Today, AGA-MEP is ready to deliver the design,

procurement, installation, commissioning and
handover of the complete mechanical, electrical,
HVAC services, fire fighting services as well as
specialist ELV, security, lighting and IT services for the
most complex construction projects in Qatar and the

K. Mustafa Aslan
Commercial Manager
E-mail: mustafa.aslan@agamep.com

AGA-MEP Contracting & Engineering Co.

C Ring Road, Al Emadi Business Center
3rd Floor No: 44
P.O. Box: 22392, Doha-Qatar
Tel: (+974) 44 56 98 07 / 44 56 92 91
/ 44 65 33 40
Fax: (+974) 44 56 91 38
Web: www.agamep.com

Yusuf Akcayoglu
Middle-East Director

TAV Tepe Akfen Investment Construction and Operation Company

or TAV Construction in short, is a leading Turkish contractor
specialized in the construction of iconic buildings. Reinforced
by TAV Groups global reputation for airport, TAV Construction
has undertaken significant role in the development of the MENA
Regions Airports. The company is also an expert contractor for
high-rise building and super-tall towers and holding a portfolio
of more than USD 16 Billion with projects in 11 different
countries, TAV Construction is among the Engineers news
Records (ENR) magazines Top 250 International Contractors.
For airport projects in particular, TAV Construction is a global
TAV Construction is an Istanbul-based company supported
by offices in Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Muscat
and Libya. TAV has been a pioneer in developing
Turkish airports in the last decade having signed under 4
international airports which are still being operated by the
group. TAV has also applied this know-how to build airport
in Tunisia, Egypt, Georgia and Macedonia.
GCC Region in particular, remains as TAV Constructions
major business hub where the company has so far worked
on projects worth USD 11 Billion including the state-ofthe-art Hamad International Airport in Qatar. Some of the
noteworthy GCC projects TAV Construction is working
on, are the celebrated Midfield Terminal Building of Abu
Dhabi International Airport; the 425 meters tall 101-storey
Marina-101 Hotels & Residences Tower in Dubai; the
multi-billion dollar MC-1 Airside and Landside Infrastructure
Works package of the Muscat International Airport in
Oman; the design and build expansion project at the
Medinah Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International
Airport which is being developed by the Tibah Consortium
led by TAV Airports Holding; the Terminal 5 at the King
Khaled International Airports in Riyadh and the Damac
Towers by Paramount project in Business Bay, Dubai.
TAV Constructions branch office in Qatar was established

in 2006 following the winning of the Passenger terminal

Complex package of Hamad International Airport. Being
considered as one of the most important infrastructure
projects at a a global scale, the Hamad International
Airport, the gateway of the State of Qatar to the World,
is now complete and TAV Construction is proud to have
taken a major role in building this state-of-the-art facility.
TAV Construction, with its fully operational branch office,
is exploring opportunities to capitalize on its reputation for
delivery of this mega project to expand its operations in the
Mr. Yusuf Akcayoglu, who is the Vice President of the
Turkish Businessmen Association in Qatar, represents TAV
Group in Qatar as Middle-East Director.
TAV Construction Qatar
C-Ring Road, Gulf Cinema Signal,
Al-Emadi Business Centre,
Office No:25, PO Box : 30214 Doha,
State of Qatar
Tel : +974 4466 0553 / 4466 0293,
Fax : +974 4466 0293
E-mail : tav_construction@tav.aero
www.tavconstruction.com | www.tav.aero

Mr. Nihat Ekin


Mr. Nihat Ekin (MSc Civil Engineering) is the chairman of

the board of Troy, founded the company in 1993. Since its
establishment Troy has held its unique position, in both the
public and private job sectors, as a trustworthy company.
This has been achieved through its solid grounding and
achievement in providing an elite service and expert vision.

Whilst displaying consistent growth, Troy has also increased

the capacity of its technical adequacy with every new
project that it has undertaken. This has been paralleled by
an increase in the number of business managers, engineers
and workers employed by Troy.
New technology investments are upheld in order that
construction durations and costs may be reduced. This
allows Troy to sustain working relationships with leading
global companies without compromising on safety or
cost. Troys management approach is shaped by its focus
to provide human quality with modern technology. It
understands that that the construction sector should
respect the environment and the natural surroundings in
which it is set. Thus, Troy consistently improves its business
nature in cooperation with international and worldwide
The groundwork of specialism that Troy works within,
include experience and success with geo synthetics, pipes,
solid waste areas, mine leach pads, ponds and many
more. All projects have been held in accordance with
the legislations and regulations of international quality,
environment and safety. Troy possesses the ISO 9001
Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental

Management and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety

As Troy approaches its 20th year, it is preparing itself for
a restructuring of its process. The company is looking to
institutionalize improved systematic methods. It is the aim
that these changes will strengthen Troys future and in our
100th year (2093) Troy will be regarded as a dominating
figure in the construction industry.
Troy Doha office has the responsibility of preserving the
companys steady growth in the Middle East Region.
TROY Engineering W.L.L
C-Ring Road, Al Emadi Financial Square
2nd Building Office No:8
P.O. Box: 37784 Doha, QATAR
Tel: +974 4441 3060, Fax: +974 4441 3050
troy@troyas.com, www.troyas.com
Evre SENOCAK - Regional Manager

General Manager

SAMKO is a leading Specialist Engineering, Contracting and

Fabrication Group operating in international markets, in the
Electrical, Mechanical and Automation Systems Contracting.

SAMKO Group of Companies are currently

operating in Turkey, Romania, Qatar & U.A.E.

Here below are details of SAMKO in the State of


The name SAMKO is synonymous with quality,

productivity and performance and environmental
awareness is a leading criterion in forming SAMKO
business strategies. Knowledge in SAMKO has been
earned through time and experience.

Sami GUREL General Manager

Mob. No.: +974 5586 8590

SAMKO has successfully completed and handed

over many design and build contracting projects
in different geographies in conformity with the local
standards and regulations and with international
quality, speed, competitiveness and technical


Abu Hamour Road, cor. Messaimeer Road,
Abu Hamour area.
P.O. Box 24576 | Doha, State of Qatar
Tel. No.: +974 4456 9505 / 06
Fax No.: +974 4467 3580

SAMKO has been established by Mr. Sami GUREL

in 1989 in Ankara, Turkey and the international
operations have started in 1993 in Romania and
Russia at the same time. SAMKO Group companies
have been existing in Romania since then.
SAMKO have expanded to Gulf area in 2004 with
a specific focus in Qatar market. With this rigid
entry in the market, SAMKO has been awarded
several prestigious projects, where most of these
are already handed over and currently operational.
SAMKO is continuously targeting reputable Industrial,
Residential, Commercial and Infrastructure projects.

Mehmet Buyukdura
Country Manager

The founders of STFA, Mr. Sezai Trkesv and

Mr. Feyzi Akkaya, became the doyens of
the Turkish Contractors, since they first got
together in 1938. STFA Construction companies
are one of the oldest and leading Turkish
international contractors. STFA is proud to have
contributed to the development of the countries
in the MENA region for over 46 years;
touching the social and economic lives of all
companies it operates. Today 80 % of STFA
Holdings business is in construction and 80
percent of that business is in the Gulf countries
of Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and
STFA Construction Group constitute an important reference
to other Turkish contractors, having earned a well-deserved
respect before the public, both in Turkey and in other
countries having paved the way for others to follow. STFA
has been the first Turkish contracting company, to win
projects in Libya (1969), Saudi Arabia (1978), Pakistan
(1992), Iran (1983), Tunisia (1984), Egypt (1981), Qatar
and Oman (2000).
STFA, has an active role in the design and construction of
infrastructure works, roads and highways, bridges, tunnels
and dams, marine structures such as but not limited to
jetties, quay walls, breakwaters, intake and outfalls, as an
EPC Contractor, including engineering and construction
management services through ECAP, the engineering
company of the group.

Turgut K. Dizdaroglu
Finance Manager

items of tunnel segment will be used along the Line.

Six tunnel boring machines (Mole / TBM) will be used
simultaneously in the construction of the tunnels and etc.
Improvement of Existing Khasab to Tibat
Coastal Road in Oman. 109 M USD. The project
covers the 12 km road, slope stabilization, rock fill and
shore protection fill, as well as the construction of one
bridge and six culverts.
Small Boat Harbours Project in Kuwait, 490
M USD. Project in progress. The project covers marine
works (dredging, breakwaters, quaywalls, pontoons,
ship lift system), buildings, electrical works, mechanical
works, ICT systems (marine and building management
systems, telecommunication systems).
Dualization of Bid Bid Sur Section 1, Package
1B in Oman, 305 M USD. Project in progress The
contract includes construction of 75 km 2 x 2 highway, 9
crossings with bridges, underpasses, overpasses, service
road and the lighting works for the whole route. Bridge
structures involve precast deck beams, numerous multi-cell
culverts, service roads.
Taqah Fishery Harbour in Oman: The project
covers the breakwater, dredging and filling works,
pontoon design and construction works.
Repair of wharves and jetties at Mesaieed
Port in Qatar (progress)

STFA maintains its leading role in the construction industry,

with operations primarily in the Middle East, North Africa,
Turkey and Central Asia. STFA has developed an excellent
track record, successfully completing large and complex
projects in 24 countries. STFA Construction Group is
currently active in Libya, Oman, Qatar, U.A.E., India,
Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco,
Kuwait, Pakistan and Turkey.

Sewage Treatment Plant at Wilayat

Musannah in Oman (mobilization stage)

STFA has earned a well deserved respect from its clients

solution partners and the does tic community where it
operates. Some of the on going projects of significant
importance are such as;

Recently completed projects in the Gulf

Qatar Integrated Railway Project Design &

Build Golden Line underground in Qatar. 4.4
Billion USD. The project covers the 32 km of tunnels
will be dug with a diameter of 7.15 meters. 128.000

Fishery Harbour at Mussanah in Oman

(mobilization stage)
Dareen Port Expansion Project in Saudi
Arabia (progress)

Duqm Port Project, Oman

Quriyat-Sur Road Project, Oman
EPIC for Container Terminal (Berth 7) at Mesaieed Port,
EPIC for Gabbro Berth Expansion (Package 1) at
Mesaieed Port, Qatar
Manifa Causeway Project, Saudi Arabia

Tolga Tutum
Country Manager

Anel Group; established in 1986, is one of the leading

engineering platforms, having operations mainly in the areas
of electromechanical contracting, operation & maintenance
services, low voltage panel production, renewable energy, ship
electrics & electronics systems and recycling.

Its headquarter is located in istanbul, Turkey. The group has

registered companies, branches, subsidiaries in State of
Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,
Russian Federation, Bulgaria, and Azerbaijan.
The Group gives service with its 2.350 employees. 60 %
of our engineers have experience of 10 or more years.
Anel has experience in electromechanical design and
construction works at prestigious and large scale national
and international projects. Anel Contracting Group realizes
turn-key electrical and mechanical contracting projects in
Turkey and abroad ranging from airports, rail systems,
and industrial facilities to hotels, shopping malls, business
centers, hospitals and similar large scale projects. Examples
include: Hamad, Tbilisi, Batum and Cairo International
Airports; Qatar Convention Center abroad; Istanbul Atatrk,
Ankara Esenboga and Izmir Adnan Menderes International
Airports; Marmaray Rail Tube Tunnel Project; Turkcell
Operation Centers; Istanbul Goldsmiths Center; Forum
Istanbul Shopping Mall (one of Turkeys largest shopping
center); and Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel in Turkey.
Combining over 28 years of experience, the Companys
quality-focused service concept and the sustainable
relations it establishes with its customers are striking. Anels
contracting services are not limited to customers in Turkey,
but also include customers in Russia, Azerbaijan, Saudi
Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
AnelSis was established as a manufacturer of lowvoltage panels in 1990. Within the framework of its panel

production and assembly activities, AnelSis manufactures

LV main distribution and MCC panels, compensation and
automation panels.
AnelEnerji offers turnkey projects in renewable energy
with advanced project management providing installation
and consultancy services, feasibility studies, material and
equipment decisions, start-up and operating services with
experienced teams.
AnelMarin provides services for ship electric and
electronic systems.
AnelDoga is a full integrated recycling company in
the fields of Automobile, Metal, Tyre, CRT and ElectricalElectronic wastes.
Anel Group companies have specialized and experienced
engineering teams capable of
providing high quality solutions on time and on budget.
Representative of Anel Group in Qatar
Tolga Tutum
Country Manager-Qatar
Qatar Financial House Building, 2nd floor, C-ring road PO
Box: 21346 Doha, Qatar
Tel: 44988507 Fax: 44363629


Hospitals & Clinics, Military Camps, Refugee Camps, Workers
Residential Cities, Emergency Accommodation Camps, Industrial
Buildings, Aircraft Hangars, Gymnasiums & Sporting Halls,
Housing and Residence Units, Hotels & Holiday Villages, Schools
& Students Dormitory Buildings, Police Stations & GSM Shelters

DORCE Prefabricated Building & Construction Industry

Trade Inc., founded in 1989, is a Turkish General
Contractor with a vast worldwide experience, which
provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
services for projects requiring high quality services in
extreme environments.
DORCE undertakes the following General Contracting
Projects for Construction and EPC Services to the clients in
Oil, Gas and Energy Industry, Mining Industry, Construction
Industry, Government Authorities (Ministries, Governorates
etc.), International and non-profit Organizations, etc. in
Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and South
DORCE has the capability to quickly mobilize and start
construction works in all conditions including extreme and
harsh environments.
In addition, Dorce owns one of the largest steel
structure manufacturing facilities in the world.
The manufacturing facility located in Ankara Turkey,
has 100,000 m. total area (55,000 m. workshop area)
supporting its own construction projects and providing
services to other clients all over the world with a
manufacturing capacity;
160,000 m. Panelized Prefabricated Building Production
per Month or,
3,600 ea Modular Units (Accommodation Containers)
per Month or,

1,900 tons production of Heavy Industrial Steel Buildings

per Month
Architectural and Engineering Design, Site Survey, Building
Supply, HVAC Systems, Furnishing, Transportation,
Assembling and Dismantling, Operation and Maintenance
Infrastructure Works And Utilities (Site Preparation, Ground
and Foundation Works, Site Connection Ways &Parking
Areas, Site Electrical & Mechanical Installation Works,
Water Treatment Systems, Fire Detection, Fighting &
Controlling Systems, Generators, Waste Water and Clean
Water Tanks, Landscaping, Security Fencing)
Head Office:
Asag Ovecler Mah. 1325. Sok. No: 6,
06460 Cankaya Ankara Turkey
Phone: +90 312 472 82 10 (Pbx)
Mobile: +90 533 746 52 71/ +974 501 203 13 Fax :
+90 312 472 82 18 19
e-mail: dorce@dorce.com.tr; yselcuk@dorce.com.tr

Rifat Isil - CEO,

REC Qatar LLC Country Manager

Renaissance Construction founded in 1993 in St Petersburg,

is the leading company of Renaissance Holding,. Renaissance
specializes in design and construction of shopping centers,
offices, hotels, multifunctional complexes, high-rise buildings,
heavy industrial facilities (cement plants, automotive and
construction machinery plants, chemical and petrochemical
plants, fertilizer plants, metallurgical plants etc.), infrastructure
(airports, tunnels, marinas, etc.), energy facilities,
pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage processing plants,
public buildings, residential buildings, etc.

Renaissances competitive advantage is based on its high

engineering capability, extensive experience, high-quality
services and outstanding solutions, which have made the
company the preferred general contractor for many local
and international investors.
The three main segments Renaissance operates
in are:
General Building;
Heavy Industry;
The segments are represented by divisions operating in
Russia, Turkey, Austria, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Iraq, Qatar,
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Gabon, Switzerland, and in some
other countries. With its largest markets, Russia, Turkey,
Turkmenistan, and Iraq, Renaissance continues to diversify
its portfolio by expanding its activities into new countries
and segments and exploring new markets.
Since 1993 Renaissance has successfully completed over
500 projects with a total built-up area of 15 million square
meters. Renaissance aims to keep a well-balanced and
diversified order backlog, which is currently approximately
seven billion dollars. Today Renaissance is one of the
largest employers providing jobs for over 35,000
people in more than ten countries. The Commonwealth of
Independent States, the Middle East and African countries
are our main regions of operation.
Renaissance establishes strategic partnerships with

distinguished and well-known international companies

around the world: A. PORR AG, the Sojitz Corporation
of Tokyo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kawasaki
Heavy Industries Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Mitsui
Engineering & Shipbuilding, Hitachi Plant Technologies, the
Sumitomo Corporation, Larsen & Toubro, Siemens Metals
Technologies, ThyssenKrupp Uhde, Acbadem Project
Management, PSG International of the Czech Republic,
Renaissance ranked 86th on the ENR Top 225 International
Contractors list in 2006, 61st in 2007, 68th in 2008,
85th in 2009, 75th in 2010, 69th in 2011, 81st in
2012, 64th in 2013 and ranked 53rd in the 2014 ENR
Top International Contractors list,.
In Qatar , Renaissance is acting with an operation division
REC Qatar LLC and active since 2010.
Al Hitmi Village, Global Business Center, Building No 7 PO Box 30 928
Tel : + 974 4402 3062
Fax: + 974 4443 5463
Company Representative :
Rifat Isil - CEO,
REC Qatar LLC Country Manager

JV profile

Hasan Urgan
Regional Manager

Makyol Construction Co. Inc., Gap Construction Inc., and

Kalyon Construction Inc. have been established in Turkey
in 1966 ,1965 and 1974 respectively. All three Companies have
successfully completed a number of major construction
projects in Turkey and abroad, namely, Albania, Algeria,
Azerbaijan, Iraq, Morocco, Oman and Turkmenistan. They have
always established long-lasting relationship with both Clients
and suppliers based on professionalism and mutual trust.

Makyol Gap Kaylon (M-G-K) JV has been

established in Qatar in 2009, to participate in
the Tenders issued by the Local Authorities, with a
vision to grow and create more employment as a
Company that delivers service at world standards of
quality in international markets.
Main Line of Business:
Highways and roads,
Viaducts and Bridges,
Undergrounds and tunnels (highway and metro)
Irrigation systems and hydraulic structures,
Ports and sea structures,
Industrial, Commercial and Residential construction

Qatar Office :
Makyol Gap Kalyon JV
Corniche, Museum of Islamic Art Intersection
Regency Business Center, Unit : 1102
P.O.Box 23726
Doha, Qatar
Phone : +974 4432 4402
Fax : +974 4432 3846
e-mail : hasanurgun@mak-yol.com.tr

Yalcin Eskikurt
Authorised Representative

Founded in 1978, MAPA Insaat ve Ticaret AS became the flagship

company of MNG Group of Companies with remarkable
completed and on going projects in 3 continents and 9
countries, especially specialized in road and infrastructure
projects. Gunal Insaat Ticaret ve Sanayi AS is founded in 1976
and specialized in major building and superstructure projects.

Both firms provide construction services

at highest standards in the following
construction fields:

Group in the fields of architectural design services,

geotechnical and piling works, and mechanical and
electrical works.

Roads, motorways, and railways, including all

kinds of infrastructure

Shopping and commercial centers

MAPA and GUNAL has representative offices in

Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe. Being
the Headquarters in Ankara/Turkey, worldwide
offices present in Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Muscat,
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Oran, Tripoli, Moscow,
Ashgabat, Baku, Tbilisi, Warsaw, Tirana and Sofia.

Industrial plants

Qatar Office:

Dams, hydroelectric power plants, and irrigation


Palm Tower B 2005, West Bay,

PO Box 536, Doha, Qatar
+974 4427 1122
+974 4427 2211
E-mail: info.qatar@mng.com.tr
Web: www.mng.com.tr

High-rise buildings, hotels and resort villages

Reinforced concrete silos

Water reservoirs, water systems and transmission
Waste and potable water treatment plants
MAPA and GUNAL benefits the full support
of specialized contracting companies of MNG

Muammer ARIKAN
Qatar Representative

With its mega projects perspective, Dogus

Construction and Trade Inc. is one of the
leading companies of its sector. It undertakes
infrastructure and superstructure projects not
only in Turkey but also in the international
market. Dogus Construction ranks among the
most reputable construction companies since
its establishment in 1950 by completing 170
projects with a total value of more than USD
12 billion up to this day

of 10 basic principal, Dogus Construction has proved

how sensitive it is towards the issues of human rights,
labour, environment and corruption. Its purpose is to
increase employee motivation and loyalty, to realize
risk management more effectively and to raise sense of
responsibility among its activities and projects.

Today, total amount of the projects Dogus is involved

values at approximately USD 3,7 billion. Dogus also takes
part in the execution of various rail mass transportation
projects in Turkey, Middle Ease Eastern Europe and
Russia region either within joint ventures or consortiums
that are established with the participation of international

As a result of the benchmark research by Great Place

to Work Institute , Dogus Construction is qualified as
one of the Best Place to Work 2014 of Turkey among 10
companies in the category of 50-500 employees by means
of its superior Human resources Practices. Considering
the human as its greatest asset and priority, Dogus
Construction is awarded Occupational Health
Safety Special Category Prize in virtue of its
policies and practices in Occupational Health and Safety
with the drive of ensuring a risk free, safe and healthy
working environment for its employees.

Various projects that are implemented by Dogus

Construction since its establishment may be outlined as 20
dams and hydroelectric power plants with a total capacity
to produce 3000 MW electricity, 1235 km of road
construction, 2.000.000m2 of building construction, 35
km of bridges, Viaducts and crossings, more than 116km of
metro, tunnels as well as ports, marinas, irrigation projects,
sewage systems, office buildings, shopping and leisure
centers, residential and industrial buildings.

Dogus Construction is audited by the Lloyds Register

Quality Assurance that furnishes services on the subjects
of safeguarding life. Property and environment and risk
management, and is qualified to receive the following
certificates; ISP 9001:2008 Quality Management
System, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational
Health and Safety Management System, and
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Managements

Dogus aims to expand its field of activities in the

international market. Therefore, it continues to explore
new business opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa, Eastern
Europe, Russia, Ukraine as well as India, Vietnam and Gulf

Dogus Construction L.L.C

Regency Business Centre,
Office No: 1101, Corniche,
P.O.Box : 23864, Doha- Qatar,
Phone : +974 441 72495/441 72748
Fax : +974 441 72505

The preservation of the environment and natural resources

is of critical importance to Dogus Construction. In
consideration of the needs of next generations, Dogus
Construction takes necessary and cautions actions not to
endanger the existing ecological balance. All the activities
implemented by Dogus are voluntary with the mission of
constructing a sustainable future and sustainable world.
Dogus Construction, within the context of transparency,
equity, Liability and accountability, supports every work
that may contribute to economic and social development.
Therefore, it is a member of TEID (Ethics and
Reputation Society), Also, by signing the United
Nations Global Compact on October 8,2012 that
is slowly based on volunteerism and than is compose

Dogus Oman L.L.C

Ghoubra Plaza, Third Floor,
Office No : 32C
Ghoubra, P.O.Box:306, PC:111,
Phone : +968 244 94503 / 244 92881
Fax : +968 244 94424



Providing Engineering-Contracting services since 1935

through three generations.
Our branch has been established in Qatar in 2012.

BHDR, with its global and local solution partners and

professional teams, has focused on high standard
turnkey residential, industrial, and commercial and
buildings, hospital and hotel projects and contracting
For the last three generations, it has integrated its
commitment with its trustworthy values, and in all
projects; BHDR, a leader and model company in the
showed high performance in strength, quality,
aesthetics and speed in the light of mission
BHDR performs all integrated services from the
pre-design, design, preuconstruction, construction,
project planning to postconstruction activities.
Our future vision is delivering high-tech innovative
projects which make a difference.
Sustainable growth, LEED certificates, green
buildings, smart buildings, nanotechnology use are
the main future perspectives of the company.

Current Projects :

Al Udeid Airbase Project Buildings (Qatar Armed

Al Batteel Bakery Factory Building (Hisham Saleh
Almana Group)

Bahadir Construction Engineering Contracting &

Trading Inc. Co / Qatar Branch
Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Area Al Nasr Street 39
Al Mirqab Complex Office No:6 Doha Qatar,
PO Box 207229
T:+974 44 81 81 49
F:+974 44 81 82 90
W: www.bimcompany.com
E: info@bimcompany.com

MBA - Regional Director

Located in Doha-Qatar, Handar Engineering WLL is an established

subsidiary of his headquartered base in Ankara-Turkey. Handar is
capable of industrial processing plants structural installation
works especially;

Any type of complex-heavy structural steel erection

and process piping installation works.
All type of CCPP, HRSG, GT, ST and BOP
installation works.
Petroleum refinery`s processing units like
hydrocracker furnaces, storage tanks fabrications,
polymerization processing units installation works.
Petrochemical complex units, like LDPEs and
Polypropylene plants, hydrogen plants installations
Fertilizer plant processing unit installation works
like ammonium plants, urea plants, reformers,
steam hydrogen plants installation works.
Iron and steel Plant installations like Melt Shop,
Rolling Mill equipment installations
Cement plant complete installation solutions which
starts from crushers up to the packing units.
Handars some of the completed and on going
installation works back in the last a few years in the
Middle East Region are as follows:
Qatar / Doha - Hamad Intl. Airport Terminal
Building Structural Steel Installations. (15.000t)
Qatar / Ras Laffan - Pearl GTL Project ACC Units
Mechanical Installations. (6500t)
Qatar / RasLaffan - WWTP 9pcs. Storage Tank
Fabrication and installations. (1750t)

Qatar / Doha - National Library Structural Steel

Erection (6500t)
UAE / Dubai A380 Aircraft Hangar Steel
Erection Works (12000t)
KSA / Riyadh 10.000 tpd Cement Plant
Preheater Unit Installation Works. ( 14000t)
Sophisticated projects and tight time schedules are
our highly challenging notes of expertise for process
plants and structural works. Within the above
summarized background and highlighted scale of
works, Handar Engineering WLL, shares his expertise
by applying all his international management
viewpoints with ISO 9001 QA/QC and OHSAS
18001 HSE values.
Head Office:
Mustafa Kemal Mh. 2125 Sk. N:6/A-2
Cankaya Ankara-TURKEY
Phone: +90 312 354 7910
Fax: +90 312 354 7912
Web: www.handar.com.tr
Doha Subsidiary:
C Ring Road Ezdan Commercial Center
Building-6 Office-3 Doha / QATAR
Phone / Fax: +974 4467 4966
Cell: +974 3310 2161
Web: www.handar.com.tr

Taner Ava
Country Manager

Distinguished by integrity, quality, teamwork and years of

hands-on building experience, Polimeks Construction Company
is a full service general contractor, specialized in all facets of
residential, commercial and industrial construction as well as
infrastructure, incorporating new construction techniques
and renovation mostly in design & build terms.

Established in 1995, laying a strong foundation

for a diversified general contractor, Polimeks now
employs a workforce of nearly 25.000 employees in
7 countries; Turkey, Turkmenistan, China, Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russian Federation and Libya.
The Company is among the top general contractors
in Turkey and ranked 56th of Top 225 International
Contractors of 2012, published by the Engineering
News-Record Magazine (ENR).
The project teams at Polimeks thrive on challenging
projects of unique character, offering a full range of
pre-construction, design and construction services.
Renowned with outstanding projects both at home
and abroad, Polimeks currently holds an exclusive
portfolio of completed and on going projects in
Turkmenistan, Turkey. These projects range from
monumental public buildings with artistic emphasis
to commercial complexes, and from technically
intensive projects such as airports, hospitals and
water treatment plants to housing developments.
Established in 2012, Polimekss branch office in
Qatar, is represented by Mr.Taner Avc, as Country

Head Office:
Polimeks Construction Co.
Elmadag, Asker Ocagi Caddesi
Suzer Plaza No: 6 / O1 34367 Sisli / Istanbul
Tel +90 212 249 3737
Fax +90 212 293 4550
Polimeks Construction L.L.C.
Al.Aqaria Tower 10th floor, Museum Street,
P.O. Box 21479 Old Salata - Doha
Tel +974 4417 24 68
Fax +974 4417 24 62
Mail : info@polimeksinsaat.com
Web : http://www.polimeks.com

Guner Kuruoglu
Company Manager

NUROL Construction Co. has been established as the first and

pioneering company of NUROL Group of Companies in 1966 and
is active in the international markets for the last thirty years as

The activities abroad which were started through the works

undertaken in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in 80s,
have been expanded through the Russian Federation and
CIS countries established after the fall of Soviet Union in the
early 90s. With the 2000s Middle East and North Africa
was included within the interest area once more. During this
period, the domestic activities were also progressed and
major industrial complexes and infrastructure investments
of Turkey have been added to references. As per 2014,
the activity range of NUROL Construction Co., being the
flagship of NUROL Holding Group of Companies including
more than 40 companies active in different sectors from
construction and trade, machinery and defence to baking
and finance, hotel management and tourism, includes 15
countries over a wide geography from UAE, Saudi Arabia,
Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Qatar to Georgia, Poland,
Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Being included in the Worlds Biggest International
Contractors List issued by the Engineering News Record
of McGraw Hill (USA), the activity areas of NUROL
Construction Co., include infrastructural projects, highways,
motorways, railroad and metro systems, tunnels, gas/
oil pipelines and auxiliary facilities, irrigation/drainage
systems, dams and hydroelectric power plants, water
supply and sewerage networks, urban/industrial treatment
plants and solid waste facilities, turnkey manufacturing
facilities and industrial complex projects, industrial districts,
business and commercial centre projects, luxury/mass
housing and social centre projects, hotel, holiday resort
and tourism facility projects, as per the reference project
portfolio. The trend reached with this successful background
is also proceeding throughout the current projects in Turkey
and abroad.

Head Office
Bugday Sk.9, Kavaklidere 06700
Tel.:+90312 455 1500
Fax:+90312 455 1563
Qatar Office (Nurol Construction LLC)
PO Box : 55521 Doha Qatar
Al Mana Towers Floor. 10
Suhaim Bin Hamad Street
Tel : +974 4471 9474
Fax : +974 4471 5473
Mob: +974 33 69 20 16
Email: guner.kuruoglu@nurol.com.tr
Contact: Mr.Guner Kuruoglu-Company Manager

Anouar Benmansour
General Manager

Established in 1976 with Limak Construction, Limak Group of

Companies has added tourism, cement, energy, infrastructure,
airport management and operations, port management,
to its operations by growing sustainably over time. Limak
Construction which has successfully completed several
projects including airports, ports, dams, hydroelectric power
plants, irrigation systems, highways, motorways, tunnels,
viaducts, bridges, industrial plants, oil and gas pipelines,
building complexes, hotels and resorts, is listed among the
worlds largest international construction companies
within Engineering News Record Magazine Top 225. Limak
Construction has completed and ongoing projects in various
countries including; Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, India, Pakistan,
Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia.

5 electricity distribution and retail companies

Numerous highway, airport, port, pipeline,

treatment plant, dam, irrigation plant, and turn-key
projects since 1976 in Turkey and abroad

1 electricity trading and sales company


1 container port

Owner and operator of 8 hotels in Turkey

*3rd Airport asset of Limak Group is the new Istanbul

Grand Airport which is in the construction stage

Total capacity of more than 5,000 beds

1 hotel under construction and 2 hotels at the
planning stage
10 electricity generation assets; 6 HEPPs in
operation, 1 HEPP under construction, 1 CCGT
in operation, 1 hydropower and 1 geothermal
project in design phase

3 airports*

Limak Contracting L.L.C.

Office 204, Al Hashemi Building, Rawdat Alkhil, Al
Muntazah, Doha, State of Qatar
Tel: +974 4436 3327/+974 70 504 504.
Fax: +974 4435 3855.
Email: bmansour@limak.com.tr

individual members

2) Koleksiyon

Qatar Beton W.L.L

4) RMD

Dilek Kahraman
Easy Business Management LLC.


Turkish Airline


Pioneer Metal


W Doha Hotel & Residences


Erol Egeran


Kayilhan Bagdatli Consultant


Al-Arz Group


Al Masaood Bergum


Human Power Global


Coral Hotel Doha

15) TMS

STFA Construction Group

Yusuf Harbiyeli

Kemal Harbiyeli

Our Company TEM-AC has been strengthening its position in

the Qatari acclimatization, cooling and ventilation market
by providing rapid, reliable and high-quality services since its
foundation. We are developing and diversifying our services
and keeping our competitiveness high by closely following
thedevelopments in the construction sector. We are
rendering customer oriented services in order to ensure your
satisfaction. Within the framework of our profound beleif to
institutionalization, we finalized our corporational structure
and changed our company name to TEM-AC TRADING and AC
CONTRACTING W.L.L in 2008. We undertake to continue our
works with the same philosophy.

We are thankful for your strong support since our




Projects & contracting Services are TEM-AC expertise

T +974 44421551
F +974 44361505
E info@tem-ac.com
Salwa Road, opposite to Midmac Round About
P.O.Box 45154 Doha, Qatar

Turgay Ceylan


member of HAWAR GROUP. TECH LAB is an
ISO 17025: 2005 accredited independent
Material Testing Laboratory & Geotechnical
(Soil) Investigation duly certified by Ministry
of Environment of State of Qatar, Laboratories
& Standardization Affairs since 1996. TECH
LAB is rendering various Physical, Chemical
& Mechanical sampling, testing &reporting
services on construction materials, namely,
Soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Water, Asphalt,
Reinforcement, etc maintaining with a total
high quality control system..
TECH LAB is fully equipped with state of art equipments &
instruments and relevant infrastructure providing following
but not limited to specialized services to cater Clientele
Material Testing Services
Geotechnical Engineering Services
Geophysical Engineering Services
Pressure Grouting Works
Dewatering Works (ASHGHAL Approved)
Contract & Engineering Drilling Services
Slope Stability Analysis & Execution
Groundwater Monitoring & Wells Design and
Contracting Services
Further, Seismic Survey, GPR, EM & Electrical Resistivity
Survey (ERT) are some other services in Geophysical
Engineering Scope.
TECHLABs major clientele are Local Ministries, Qatar
Petroleum [QP], ASHGHAL [PWA], Kahramaa [QGWE],
Drainage Affairs, Local & International Consultancy &
Construction Companies.
Following companies are also in HAWAR GROUP
rendering specialized services in various fields of
Construction as:
SURTEQA SPC - www.surteqa.com Email:
info@techlabqatar.com Tel:+(974) 4450 7274
Surteqa S.P.C., formerly Surtech International Limited
Qatar, is a registered Class A Surveying Consultancy
by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning
Professional Engineering Committee. It is operative since
2006. Our Senior Surveyors are MMUP Registered
Class 1 Survey Engineers. We provide Specialized
Surveying Solutions to Clients primarily in the Real Estate,
Construction, Oil & Gas and Mining industries. Our
Surveying services include:
Topographic Survey including underground services
Engineering and Construction
GPS Geodetic Control Audit of Project Survey Systems
Bathymetric (Hydrographic)
3D Laser Scanning (3DLS)
Dimension Control
hawarpowerminerals.com - Email: admin@

hawarpowerminerals.com - Tel :+(974) 4019

Hawar Power Minerals (HPM) brings industrial minerals
mainly fly ash from coal-fired power stations, silica fumes
and ground slag from steel plants (so called cementitious
materials) from overseas sources to clients in GCC countries
with a strong focus on the construction material sector.
The main technical benefits of using Cementitious materials
with concrete are higher long term strength (e.g. for high
rise construction), resistance to aggressive media (e.g.
salt water or sulfates) and lower risk of cracking during
hardening (especially in hot climates and mass pours) and
better workability due to increased fluidity. Last not least,
using cementitious materials significantly reduces the carbon
www.gulfcqs.com Email: ademetriades@
(GCQS) offers a wide spectrum of consultancy services
including but not limited to:
Cost Estimate including Feasibility estimates from the
early stages of a project
Cost Planning Estimating including Feasibility estimates
from the early stages
Preparation of financial statements and cash flow forecast
Pricing and agreeing variations and final accounts
EPC tender preparation Front End Engineering Design
basis (FEED)
Procuring and tender documents preparation including
bills of quantities or other forms of procurement, e.g. BOT
Project & Risk Management
Value Engineering
Claims assessment
Procuring and tender
Interim valuations
UNIROOF QATAR WLL www.uniroofqatar.com
Email: tony@uniroofqatar.com Tel: +(974)
4416 4478
UNIROOF is basically specialized in ROOFING &
The company has been formed for a number of years
involved in Roofing and Civil waterproofing, using
bituminous felts, liquid applied products, Single Ply products
including TPO membrane and asphalt.
The company is dedicated to training staff to high
levels of expertise and awareness of Health and Safety.
Qualifications range from competent worker with, NVQ
level 2, CSCS cards and various other awards to a Fellow
of the Institute of Roofing and where civils works are
concerned, Member of the Institute of Mastic Asphalt.
Our staff has been involved with the training of roofing
membrane installers and hold level 3 NVQs in training
and assessing, they have contributed to one of the most
respected technical and installation manuals, and this has
been published and used as the standard throughout the
UK, Europe & whole World.

Cihan Koseoglu
General Manager

Koleksiyon is a group of companies that combines ideas,

standards, design concepts to create the architecture of
furnishing in a wide spread reputation through forty years of
experience. Koleksiyon has kept its existence in Turkish furniture
sector since the early 70s, as a brand which converts simple
lines to design pieces, creates the design of the quality, and
presents design to the service of industry.
It is a brand that set off in order to look at history,

upholstered furniture.

geography and culture again, to touch the colours,

One hundred designers in the Koleksiyon family

sounds, shapes, objects all past away; to claim

including 550 employees create the quickest, most

the past, to refer the past, to challenge the day, to

accommodating and economic, most modern and

question the future, to address virtue and sense, to

permanent solutions for their customers.

pursue brilliance, to discover excellence again. As a

part of prosperous history, believes that the future is

Koleksiyons designs encompass various types of

constructed by the past and geography; local values

furniture and accessories for both home and office

constitutes universal values; accepting that art and

environments, whether in city life or while dining or

craft is the geography of design in which the essence

drinking, or for cultural or intellectual activities, to

and value lies.

satisfy the tastes of every consumer.

Today Koleksiyon integrates design with industry,


producing furniture and products for cultural and

business centers, accommodation and recreational

Address : Almana Galleria.

facilities, and home or office environmetnts, with

an ever-widening design capacity in its production

Tel : +974 4029 2728

facilities. Koleksiyon, combining design, technology,

Fax : +974 4450 6473

technical quality, and competent workmanship, is

E-mail : cihan.koseoglu@almanagalleria.com.qa

among the leading furniture companies in Turkey,

Website : www.koleksiyon.com.tr

with an annual production capacity of 400,000

m2 of wooden furniture and 54,000 pieces of

P.O.Box 91 Doha / Qatar

We are pleased to introduce our self as one of the leading

Ready Mix Concrete supplier in Qatar. Currently, we are
operating 3 batching plants strategically located in Umm Slal
and Mesaieed areas. Our current infrastructure can allow us
to supply over 300 m3 per hour and giving coverage to most
locations in and around Doha.

Our attributes introduce include pumping concrete

through a height above 250 meters at Al Fardan
Residence near City Centre-Doha, supplied concrete
in a single day at St. Regis Hotel at West Bay more
than 3,000 m3, single largest pour of 4,800 m3,
consistent supply of Grade 75 MPa of over 10,000
m3, and with many traits we stand as the best
choice for ready mix supply in Qatar.
We are producing concrete strength ranging from 5
MPa and up above 80 MPa with combinations to
produce durable concrete. Qatar Beton is the leader
of Premixed Wet Plaster in the Market with 500 m3
per day capacity.
We request you to enlist our company as your
certified supplier of concrete and plaster in your
upcoming projects and favor us with your regular
For further details, feel free to communicate with Ms.
Khuzam A. Obeidat - Marketing Manager at 5550
0728 for pricing and contract review.

RMD profile

Izzet Ataol
Sales Manager

RMD Kwikform was founded in the United Kingdom in 1948

and has been supporting the world wide construction
market for over 60 years, we have now been involved in the
Middle East Construction Market for over 30 years, providing
tailored formwork and falsework solutions to enable
the construction of some of the regions most impressive
structures. Operating throughout the Middle East & North
Africa with its Middle East Head Office in Sharjah, with regional
offices and distribution operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar,
Bahrain, Oman and Jeddah, Riyadh and Al Khobar in Saudi
Arabia, RMDs local presence ensures we are on hand to support
you wherever and whenever we are needed.
Ongoing product development in consultation with our
customers has ensured our range of standard products will
provide tailored, safe, cost effective solutions to exceed
customer requirements whatever the scale, time frame or
complexity of their project. From project planning and
design services to onsite support, RMD Kwikform offers
a range of added value services, designed to ensure the
smooth running of the project from start to finish. RMD
Kwikform works to OHSAS18001 certification to guarantee
high quality delivery and safe operations at all times.
Our office and operational facilities in Doha have been
servicing the Qatar construction market for over 13 years,
and we have built up an enviable reputation as being the
most respectable formwork supplier in the market place,
with safe, fast, efficient and purpose made falsework
and formwork solutions to meet our customers need.
RMDKwikform has played a very important role in the
construction of many important and prestigious projects in
Qatar including, The NDIA Taxiway and Tunnels project
(CCIC), Gabro Berth Expansion Project (STFA), Sidra
Medical Center (OHL-Contrack JV), Mid Mac Flyover (J&P),
STP Project (Contrack International), Lusail Development
Utility Tunnels (Redco) and Light Rail Tunnels(QDVC), The
Pearl La Plage Villas & Infrastructure Works (J&P), Wakrah
Hospital (J&P), Qatalum Project in Mesaieed (CCIC, QBC)

Ras Laffan Safety College (SEG) and many others.

With over 10,000 m2 of warehouse and storage facilities,
and a combines Sales, Accounts and Engineering Design
department located centrally in Doha RMDKwikform are
ready and able to work with you, not just as your preferred
supplier but as your strategic partner to ensure the smooth
cost effective completion of your project, whatever the size
or complexity.
General Manager Les Ridsdale
Tel: Office +974 44653034
Tel: Mobile +974 55863743
Email: les.ridsdale@rmdkwikform.com
Izzet Ataol
Mobile: +974 55873601
E-mail: izzet.ataol@rmdkwikform.com

Dilek Kahraman profile

Dilek Kahrama

Dilek Kahraman is a registered qualified solicitor in England

& Wales with her own practice in Cambridge, UK and works
together with a Qatari lawyer in Doha, Qatar. Dilek is also
the owner of Easy Business Management LLC and she is an
entrepreneur owning businesses in different sectors. Dilek is
also an active member of community and environment related
projects in UK.

Dilek has been in the legal field for more than 14 years
working for number of years for two of the world-renowned
law firms, Simmons & Simmons and Squire Patton Boggs.
Dilek is an international lawyer with vast amount of
experience on international law including arbitration
matters, big energy projects such as Nabucco International
Pipeline, commercial contracts and transactions, contract
management, construction contracts including FIDIC,
corporate matters including mergers and acquisitions.
Dilek has been in Qatar for nearly seven years and has vast
knowledge on Qatari laws and the local market. Dilek is
the owner of Easy Business Management LLC where she
provides advice and assistance on establishing and setting
up in Qatar and general business related matters.
Below is a list of some of the matters Dilek has
acted on:
drafting and negotiating the general conditions of
contract for the Marriott Hotel to be built in Qatar and
acting for Qatar Petroleum on various energy related

acting for QPM regarding their set up, corporate

governance, general conditions of contracts and project
specific negotiations;
acting for an Italy-based arms manufacturer in a US$400
million dispute with a US arms manufacturer. The dispute
was the subject off ICC arbitration in Paris;
advising the operator of a large number of power
stations in relation to a US$165 million claim against
one of its suppliers arising out of a steam turbine failure
at one of its power stations. The dispute was the subject
of an ad hoc arbitration in London. Dr. Robert Gaitskell
QC was the sole arbitrator;
advising the sponsors on Nabucco Gas Pipeline project
to carry gas from Turkey, through Bulgaria, Romania,
Hungary and Austria to supply to Europe as a whole;
advising MOD on its ground breaking UKMFTS tri-service
PPP training programme
advising WPP on various tax related matter and putting
together their annual reports on yearly basis.
Dilek Kahraman
Easy Business Management LLC.
Doha, Qatar

Best Airline in Europe

Mehmed Kursad Caymaz

General Manager, Qatar

Established in 1933 with a fleet of five aircraft, Star Alliance

member Turkish Airlines is a 4-star airline today with a fleet of
256 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to 260 destinations
worldwide with 216 international and 44 domestic.

According to Skytrax survey of 2014, Turkish Airlines was

chosen Europes Best Airline for
the fourth and Best Airline in Southern Europe for the sixth
consecutive time The awards mark a continued period of
success for the airline which has seen passenger numbers
rise by 16.8% so far in 2014 compared to the same
period last year. This follows the airline being ranked as a
4-star airline in 2007 and joining Star Alliance in 2008.
While keeping its 4-star airline title again in 2008, Turkish
Airlines was named Best Airline in Southern Europe.

Turkish Airlines continues to consolidate its position as one
of the worlds leading airlines by significant investments
made in recent years, the awards received, impressive
growth figures, large-scale aircraft orders, continuously
expanding route network and innovative approaches that
constantly improved by its huge family consisting of 40,000
employees. They all demonstrate its continued popularity
amongst airline passengers.
Turkish Airlines is a member of the airline alliance, Star
Alliance which was established in 1997 as the first
truly global airline alliance to offer worldwide reach,
recognition and seamless service to the international
traveller. Its acceptance by the market has been recognized
by numerous awards, including the Air Transport World
Market Leadership Award and Best Airline Alliance by both
Business Traveller Magazine and Skytrax.

Turkish Airlines has started Istanbul Doha flights on 26

March 2006 and offering 12 flights a
week from Doha to Istanbul. Through Istanbul Turkish Airlines
is offering good connections to Europe, Russia, North and
South America and Africa.
Turkish Airlines Doha Office information:
General Manager, Qatar : Mehmed Kursad CAYMAZ
Address : Turkish Airlines Inc.,
P.O Box 93, Airport Road,
Crowne Plaza-The Business Park,
Building E, 1st Floor
Tel: (+974) 444 30571 Fax: (+974) 444 32 952
E-mail : publicrelations@dohtk.com
website : www.turkishairlines.com

Harun Tapcu
GCC Regional Manager

Ther First Volume Cable Tray Manufacturer in Doha, Qatar

Pioneer Metal Company WLL is a Joint Venture company between
Qatar based Almana Group of Companies (www.almanagroup.
com) and Turkey based Kirac Group (www.kiracggroup), the
leading manufacturer of Total Cable Management Systems,
Enclosures, IT Cabinets.

Pioneer Metal Company WLL have its manufacturing plant

in New Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar and engaged to
manufacture cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Floor and U/F
Trunking Systems, Support Systems, and other related
metal works required in all types of industrial platforms,
Commercial / Residential Buildings.
Pioneer Metal, PMC and Cable lane are brand
names used by the company to promote its products and
services across the GCC Region.
The new production facility in Qatar is part of companys
global business strategy to supply all customers locally in
growing regions of world.
Our Quality assurance system is approved according to
ISO 9001:2008 and the products comply with BS 61537,
BS 1461, BS 10142, and NEMA Standards.
Our references are the satisfaction and loyalty of our
costumers. Over 30 years we have been exporting our
products to Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle-East and North
America always with a great success.
Projects references (selected) in Qatar :
JGC-BARZAN Onshore Projects-RASGAS
QD-SBG-Development of ISF Camp- Al Duhail CPCO7aISF

CTCI New Furnaces and Ethylene Tank Project

AEC Chiyoda- CDR project QAFAC
Hyosung Corporation Qatar Transmission System
Expansion Phase 10 Stage 2 Substations
ROOTS Energy Headworks RPS (GTC-233)
Structural Qatar Lekhwiya Sports Stadium ISF
CDC Marsa Malaz Kempinsky Hotel The Pearl Qatar
ITCC-School Projects ASHGAL
ITCC MEP Works At commercial Plaza, Childrens Mall
& Stone Cladding Works - Katara
How United New Fitness Centre Aspire Logistics
How United NAKILAT Shipyard phase 5-QP
Siemens The Pearl Qatar UDC
QCON- Dolphin Energy Project Dolphin Energy
Al Jaber Electro Mechanical Co. WLL-Ford ShowroomAlMANA Group
For more details please visit our website at

Safak Guvenc
Area Manager Qatar

The W Doha Hotel & Residences, the first lifestyle hotel in Doha,
brings all the buzz of New York City to vibrant Doha.

Located in the heart of Doha, where majesty meets

metropolitan style, arts meet archaeology and history meets
haute couture, each room is filled with iconic design, tech
savvy amenities and a stylish ambiance allowing guests to
fully escape the day-to-day into the trend- setting W brand.
Savour award-winning cuisine, at Market by Jean-Georges
for an international culinary journey, or Spice Market, for
a modern take on Southeast Asian street food, both by
3-star Michelin Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten or indulge
in Italian cuisine at the newly open La Spiga by Paper
Moon. Soak up the atmosphere in the W signature Living
Room experience or linger over coffee before grabbing a
cupcake to go in the W Caf. Play the night away during
memorable evenings listening to the latest world beats from
international and up and coming DJs in Crystal, or mingle
with the hippest crowd at Wahm, the indoor lounge and
poolside retreat.

whatever they want whenever they want it (as long as its


Elsewhere the choice for guests is endless, from the Bliss

Spa experience, the first and only in the region, for
indulgent spa days, to the Fit Fitness Centre and the WET
pool area for private open-air swims. Guests also have
access to W Dohas Happenings, reveling whats new/
next in the world of fashion, music and design. All of
these experiences are supported by the brands signature
Whatever/Whenever concierge service, providing guests

Safak Guvenc
Area Manager Qatar
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
W Doha Hotel & Residences
West Bay, P O Box 19573, Doha, Qatar
T. +974 4453 5053
F. +974 4453 5054
e. safak.guvenc@whotels.com

With nearly 1,000 square metres of ultra-modern meeting

and event space, W Doha is able to host business and
social gatherings of up to 600 people. WiFi internet access
and state-of-the-art AV equipment are available for use at
the click of a button.
Welcome to where amplified entertainment and innovative
cuisine are within reach of W Doha.
W Doha Hotel & Residences
West Bay - Doha Qatar
T. +974 4453 5000
F. +974 4453 5354

Erol Egeran


Erol Egeran is a mechanical engineer with over 45 years

of experience in international projects who has worked in
different parts of the globe, assuming integral roles in the
successful coordination and completion of multi-million dollar

He is a highly accomplished and experienced

Engineering Executive with international experience,
specifically in Qatar, as a Country Manager and
Project Manager, in mechanical operations, business
development, contract management and strategic
planning for international contractors or developers.
A graduate of Boshorous University in Istanbul and
the holder of a Masters degree in Engineering from
UCLA, Erol Egeran is a result-oriented leader with
proven success in project management, new business
development, strategic thinking and problem solving
with a track record in effective project management
as well as in operations management.
Since 2006, he took active part in the successful
completion of highly prestigious projects in
Qatar such Al Shaqab Equestrian the New Doha
International Airport, Qatar Convention Center in
Education City and the Museum of Islamic Art Museum Park.

Consultancy services include, but are not limited

to contracts management, claims and cost
control, review and evaluation of tenders and
recommendations to the bidding parties, ensuring
compliance with specifications and legislations,
setting up of new business in the field of construction
and consultancy, business development and
investment guidance.

Kayihan bagdatli profile

Kayihan Bagdatli

Kayihan Bagdatli is a mechanical engineer with demonstrated

success in a career spanning +31 years on an international
scale; devising improvements, planning executable strategy,
building teams and leading cultural / competence change.
Accustomed to project management and coordinating time,
people and resources effectively; assuming an integral role in
the successful coordination of multi-million dollar projects
within time, quality and budgetary constraints.

Since 2006, he took active part in the successful

establishment of one of the leading structural plants in
Qatar as well as realization of prestigious projects such Al
Shaqab Equestrian Academy, Sidra Hospital and Medical
Centre, Qatar National Library and parts of New Doha
International Airport.
Since 2012 he has been working closely with a number
of leading construction and manufacturing companies, as
consultant, on projects such as Qatar National Museum, Al
Udeid Air Base, Meeza Data Centre, Houbara Breeding
Station, QSE Investment project and Supreme Education
Council Headquarter.
Consultancy services include, but not limited to
contracts management, claims and cost control, review
and improvement of basic design, monitoring the
preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders
and recommendations on the bidding parties, ensuring
compliance with specifications and legislations, setting
up the project specific quality plans / procedures,
establishing administration procedures between all parties

to the contract, chairing the meetings between the parties,

monitoring design, fabrication, QC controls and shipment
activities, conducting extensive feasibility studies for
investment projects, designing factory
work flows and selection of machines.

Al Arz Group is a company which has been operating in the

food, rental and agricultural plantation industries more than
10 years in Qatar. In food field we have about 90% market share
in Qatar. There are the biggest companies among our partners
like Teyseer Services, Lulu Hypermarket, Al meera, Carrefour, Yuksel
Insaat A.S, Amwaj Catering, Sunshine Catering and a lot of big
shopmarkets in Qatar.

Our catering company which has been with a significant

growth in last two year, with a new product range has
been opened to a wider audience. Also we assist to our
Turkish partners who came to Qatar for business with our
rental services.
Our companies:

Al Arz Automatic Bakery

Salwa Automatic Bakery

Rentco Company

Turkish Borek Catering

Damas Trade Company

Moda Banana

Batul Darrah

DMS Accessory

Head Office:
Al Wakra/Doha
Tel: 4475 9264
Fax: 4485 0204
E-mail: sales.arzbakeqatar@hotmail.com
Al Wakra/Industrial Area/Doha
Tel: 4415 1500
Fax: 4415 1533
E-mail: sales.arzbakeqatar@hotmail.com

Mr. Levent Akarsu

Business Development Director

Part of the Masaood Group of Companies , Al Masaood Bergum

has pioneered the modular building industry setting a global
benchmark for modular building solutions worldwide.

Al Masaood Bergum (AMB) has been operational

globally since 1978 delivering high quality Modular
Building Solutions whilst successful maintaining a record
for providing a cost effective and efficient solution. AMB
are specialists in providing universally accepted building
systems to suit fast tracks projects within a multitude of
industries including Oil , Gas & Energy , Defence ,
Construction & Infrastructure and Residential & Industrial
Developments . AMB has successfully completed over
6200 projects within the UAE , Qatar , Iraq , Saudi Arabia
, Oman , Kuwait , Libya , Sudan , Papau & New Guinea ,
Azerbaijan and many more.
Over the years the business has grown into one of the
largest commercial organizations in the United Arab
AMB have a series of tailor engineered products and
services to serve several industries, these include;
Modular Camp Buildings
Master Rig Camp Series ( Drill & Fly Camps)
M Range Modular Flatpack Buildings ( RLBs)
Containerised Housing Units
Affordable housing
Modular Permanent Building Solutions

Cold Formed Steel Buildings

Telecom / E Shelters
AMB modular construction systems have been designed
and developed with certification that will ensure
manufacturing output complies with international standards.
Our experienced team of managers , engineers , project
teams , architects and designers will give our clients the
confidence to focus their attention on their business growth.
AMB boasts innovative machinery and product facilities in
key locations within the Middle East with a constant focus
on expansions within the MENA region.
Address :
Abu Dhabi , P.O Box 322 , U.A.E ,
Tel: +9715500499 ,
Email : adoffice@amb.ae
Dubai P.O Box 24089 , Dubai , U.A.E ,
Tel : +97143382055 ,
Email :dxboffice@amb.ae
Doha , P.O Box 22210 , Qatar ,
Tel : +9744659028,
Email : qtroffice@amb.ae

Aynur Mirzayeva
Business Development Manager:

HPG is a professional HR & recruitment consultancy company

providing executive search, talent management and general
recruitment services through HR & recruitment solutions to
various industries and disciplines.

HPG provides expertise HR & Recruitment services to our

clients at a realistic cost, and on a time-efficient basis, and
to build long lasting partnerships with our clients. For job
seekers, Focus is committed to offer a stable and secure
work atmosphere, thus ensuring rewarding careers. We
develop and maintain strategic partnerships through our
commitment towards excellence, integrity, and exceptional
HR services with dedication and responsiveness.
Through our owned offices & counter partners across the
globe, HPG provides wide range of manpower services
that covers overseas recruitment for skilled, unskilled &
semiskilled manpower as well as local hire & manpower
supply. The company supplies manpower from the old
world continents: Europe, Asia and Africa including but
limited to Turkey & the former USSR countries, India,
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Sri
Lanka, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda,
Sierra Leone, Liberia & Togo.
To meet the increasing demands of clients in Qatar &
GCC on the African Manpower, HPG opened branches in
Ghana and Sierra Leone with an experienced resourcing
team working in the core areas of manpower deployment
in Construction, Automotive / Automobiles, Technology,
Healthcare, Hospitality and Oil & Gas selecting the right

resources. The diversity of services opens new horizons for

operations in different sector of the world
Business Development Manager: Aynur Mirzayeva
Human Power Global
Al Sadd Road, Opposite to Royal Plaza
Jaham Al Kuwari Complex, Entrance# C, 4th floor
P.O. Box: 30583 Doha, Qatar
Mobile: 74410114
Email: cam1@hpg.com.qa, notify.hpg@gmail.com

Coral Hotel Profile

Adem Pektas
Sales Manager

Coral Hotel Doha is located in the heart of Doha city,

600 meters from Al Corniche street, 10 minutes away
from the Hamad International Airport and just 5 minutes
from the citys commercial district, exhibition center and
government offices.

Coral Hotel Doha offers spacious and luxurious state of

the art guest rooms and suites along with a wide range
& variety of new outlets, highly equipped Meeting & Ball
rooms, indoor swimming pool, spa and fitness center.
Popular nearby attractions include Doha museum, the lively
Souq Waqif and the panoramic Doha Corniche, all within
10 minutes walk from Coral Hotel Doha.
WIFI access is free, and complimentary parking is
Hotel Rooms: 227
Coral Hotel Doha
Tel: +974 4424 0000, 4424 0010
Fax: +974 4424 0001
E-mail: salesmanager1@coraldoha.com

Managing Director

TMS, has been found at 1973 as one

of the first local Modular Scaffolding
manufacturers in Turkey. After 1980thies
System Formwork production has
been initiated and improved with great
TMS can form the concrete without limiting the
creative imagination of the architects and still being
cost effective against all engineering challenges.
Complicated, state of the art structures, extreme
heights and loads are being welcomed by the TMS
Formwork Design Team in order to provide you the
most time saving, economical and safest way of
forming with high quality products and customer
service. TMS engineers team up with the contractor
s project staff even at their bidding stage for
evaluating the best possible formwork solutions and
effective planning.
Having an engineering background , focused on
simplified and economical solutions, has lead us to
supply formwork systems to various reference projects
undertaken by significant multinational contractors
-i.e. Bechtel , Cadell, Campenon Bernard , SAE,
Balfour Beatty , IHI, Taisei, Aktor joint ventures with
Turkish contractors etc.- With reference to road/
transportation projects we can proudly quote to
Gama/lreland , Tekfen/Morocco, Bechtel-Enka/
Romania , Gunal Construction/Dubai RTA 8422. US Embassy projects for Cameroon, Sierra
Leonne, Mali, Guinea, Algeria, Nepal , Sarajevo,
Afghanistan , Djibouti, Papua New Guinea and
Mauritania undertaken by Enka have benefited from
our complete system solutions.
With reference to recent projects in the middle
east in Qatar we can proudly quote to Doha
International Airport Ramps Project undertaken by
Takenaka, in Sultanate of Oman we can proudly
quote to Blue City Project at Muscat undertaken
by AECO and in United Arab Emirates we can
proudly refer to Palm Jumeriah Shoreline Housing
Project at Dubai U.A.E undertaken by Nakheel / Bin

Belaila Baytur and Gold & Silver Towers at Dubai

U.A.E undertaken by Nakheel / Bin Belaila Baytur,
Bechtel&ENKA&Bahwan J.V. - Muscat Airport Project
Package MC3 / OMAN, STFA & HLG J.V. - Bidbid
Sur Road Package 1B / OMAN, Samsung & CCE
J.V. - Al Rajhi Bank HQ Tower Project / KSA, Saudi
Arabian Baytur Construction- King Khalid University
/ KSA, Al Khodari Group- B21 Taibah University ,
Jazan University, Dammam Training Center Project
and Ulm Amelh Airport Project in KSA have benefited
from our complete system solutions.
We have been also working with Ozkar & Astaldi
J.V.- Bidbid Sur Road Package 1A / OMAN , STFAIzmit Bay Bridge Project / TURKEY , Sera Cons.Emaar Square Project / TURKEY, Aljaber Engineering
LLC- Mesaiedd Reservoir Project / QATAR , Aktor
& Aljaber J.V.- Development of ISF Camp Project /
QATAR, Al Nahdha & Al-Omaniah- Quraiyat Police
Station Complex / OMAN .
TMS is the distributor for UPM/Schauman, SAH and
KAUFMANN, for plywood, tie-rod, rebar couplers
and timber beams respectively. All other steel items
have been manufactured at our facilities based on
Izmit under the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance
system. For further information you can easily refer to
our web-pages at www.tms.tc or www.tms-formwork.
com .
Managing Director

Building # 210, D-Ring Road

Block # 41 Nuaija, opposite KAHRAMAA
Bldg. P.O. Box 55289 Doha - Qatar
Office: +974-4421 3636
Fax: +974-4421 3737
Email: tms@tms.tc





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Turkish Businessmen Association Qatar (TBA Qatar)

P. O. Box: 37388, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4443 1878, Fax: +974 4443 5634


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