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Name: Leonel Tupac Arce

Unit 1:
Dear john
I write to bring to your knowledge about the special talent that I have
which is play football.
Which I have been practicing since I was eight years old with my
brothers and neighborhood friends
For the talent I have and because people tell me, I think I have the
talent to take part in the next competition Major Stars
Yours truly:
Leonel Tupac Arce
Unit 2:
Hi Kelly, my name is Leonel, nice to write.
I am from Peru, and in my country programs are the most popular TV
show are reality shows, which are followed by thousands of fans in
different parts of the country.
These programs mostly very young people involved in order to be the
winner in different seasons with have the programs.
Until another chance, Kelly
Unit 3:
Juliaca is the capital of the province of San Romn, located in the
jurisdiction of the Puno region in southeastern Peru, located at 3824
m in the Collao Plateau, northwest of Lake Titicaca. It is the largest
economic center of the Puno region, and one of the largest shopping
areas of Peru. It is in the vicinity of Lake Chacas, Lake Titicaca, the
Wonders river and the ruins known as the Sillustani.
The city hosts every year between February and March, the feast in
honor of the "Pachamama", where participants in colorful costumes
take to the streets to dance highland dances a popular event in the
region; also the feast of San Sebastian on January 20 of each year is
Unit 4:
Where are they?
Hi, I am a student of Technological University of Peru from 2010 2014, after I've graduated, I studied English at Speak Write and I
finally found a job in Arequipa, Peru

A few days ago I stole the cell, where I had all my contacts from my
fellow students, I would like to know something about any of them
especially my close friends that came out to play.
My email is
Unit 5:
Used Personal Computer
I have a computer for two years, which would not sell but my mom
will give me the other week a new so would cease to use this where
I'm writing this post.
It's a good machine, Sony Vaio brand, if you will miss out price $ 1500
Thank you.
Unit 6:
Samantha tells Derek to stay at least a couple of weeks until she
returns to Australia, Derek surprised you do not know why they did
not knew nor had heard of it.
Quickly wonder where Derek knew and she said she was a friend I had
met in college, then in gratitude Derek ordered the visiting room.
Past two weeks Samanta Australia again, so aa Derek promises to go
see her next visit.
Unit 7:
Leonel: Hi how are you
Carlos: Well and you who was your week
Leonel: I am bad
Carlos: What has happened
Leonel: I wanted to become a court and soccer players
Carlos: And what happened
Leonel: I cut the wrong stylist so now my hair looks ugly
Carlos: Patient and will grow
Leonel: I hope so, thanks.
Unit 8:
Dear editor:
I live in a development where neighbors have parties every day and
leaves no sleep the rest of people, so people each day to argue that
this can not continue.

For a good solution I would ask the authorities of the state, every
night is surveillance, especially those neighbors do prohibit parties
Thank you.
Unit 9:
Memories of the past.
Dear Dede:
Last year I had been dating a girl, she was my girlfriend for almost
three years, we had terminated by mutual agreement and that the
relationship was no longer working as before.
Last week we find a moment, so all the beautiful memories that we
came back to me.
Create doctor that I still have not forgotten.
Arribasplata, Carlos.
Unit 10:
On july 14, 2014 was a night of much thunder and lightning, which
caused extensive damage to people's homes and in some places as
faucets, shopping and more.
These storms have lasted almost overnight depositing large amounts
of water across the street, so the next day it was hard to move.
Unit 11:
The electric light bulb
The instrument used to light was invented in 1878 Ingalterra
It was invented by Thomas Edison
It was invented to give light to homes.
Without this invention every household in the world would be without
lighting, so would generate chaos and fear at night.
Unit 12:
A movie out of series
The avant premiere of this movie, you will have the participation of
great stars of the national and world cinema.
So everyone is invited to this great event which will give prominence
to the upcoming premiere of the film "brilliant minds", this movie is
classified as a romantic comedy.
The event was carried live on national channel.

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