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Data Sheet

Informatica AddressDoctor
Validate, Parse, Cleanse, and Standardize
Global Address Data
Improve the effectiveness of
direct marketing campaigns
Enhance customer service
Maximize efficiency, ensure
compliance, and reduce costs

In todays competitive global economy, its never been more important to know where
your customers are and how to reach them. Yet a global customer base presents tough
challenges when it comes to address validation because address data varies widely from
country to country. You need to be able to standardize address data and conduct address
validation on delivery points based on geography.
Informatica AddressDoctor provides address validation as it parses, cleanses,
and standardizes global address data. In addition, it applies geocoordinates for
specific countries.
With AddressDoctor address validation, your company can:
Increase the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns by ensuring that offers reach

customers and prospects at their correct addresses in a timely manner

Enhance customer service by improving the quality of customer address data via

address validation
Maximize IT efficiency while minimizing IT costs by implementing address

standardization and address validation as part of broader data integration initiatives

Ensure compliance with such regulations as Know Your Customer and the USA Patriot Act

AddressDoctor is CASS-certified by the U.S. Postal Service, SERP-certified by Canada

Post, AMAS-certified by Australia Post, SNA-certified by La Poste France, and SendRightcertified by New Zealand Post. Reference data packages are updated monthly, so you can
correct addresses from a single country or the whole world with frequent address validation
updates. A single application programming interface (API) that supports more than 240
countries and seven different writing systems makes integrating address validation into your
environment fast and easy. The library is available with a C and Java interface that handles
40 different character sets.
This high-performance, scalable software is recommended for large volumes of data or
time-critical applications. Even with conventional hardware, it enables processing speeds of
more than 3 million records per hour, making address validation timely and convenient.

Key Features
Character Set Mapping and Transliteration
Informatica AddressDoctor handles 40 different
character sets and maps string data between
them, lending versatility to address validation. It
transliterates strings into the Latin alphabet to simplify
the address validation process.

Address Parsing, Formatting, and

Informatica AddressDoctor parses unstructured
and structured address data. standardizes address
elements, and formats postal addresses, greatly
streamlining address validation.

Address Validation on a Global Scale

For us, the key factors involved in choosing a provider of
address-cleanup services were precision, pricing, and the
scope and level of detail of the reference data. Informatica
AddressDoctor meets our requirements in every respect.

Informatica AddressDoctor validates and corrects

global addresses and assesses their deliverability.
The software corrects single-country or global
addresses with reference data packages updated
monthly, keeping address validation current.

Mark Woodcock, Asia Pacific Regional Director of Data & Analytics,

MRM Hong Kong

Postal Certifications
Informatica AddressDoctor meets the most current
and stringent postal address cleansing and address
validation certification standards, including:
CASS by the U.S. Postal Service
SERP by Canada Post
AMAS by Australia Post
SNA by La Poste France
SendRight by New Zealand Post

Informatica AddressDoctor validates, parses, cleanses, and standardiizes global address data.

Seamless Integration
Informatica AddressDoctor easily integrates the
library into any component of your environment,
Any product of the Informatica Platform
Master data management solutions
CRM, call center, or ERP systems
High-performance Web sites
Direct marketing applications

The software leverages the flexibility of various

interfaces and enhancements for address validation,
An easily integrated interface (C and Java API) for

all countries
XML and legacy interface
Simple file exchange that makes the library easy

to install and update

High-speed processing
Versatile assignment of input data
Scalability for multiprocessor and multiple core

systems (available for Windows, Linux, HP-UX,

Solaris, and AIX and for 32- and 64-bit versions,
including IBM System z)

AddressDoctor is CASS-certified by the U.S. Postal Service, SERP-certified by Canada Post, AMAS-certified by
Australia Post, and SNA-certified by La Poste France.

Key Benefits
Improve the Effectiveness of Direct Marketing Campaigns

About Informatica

Informatica AddressDoctor enhances the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns.

With this software, your company can make sure that cross-sell or up-sell offers reach your
customers and prospects at their correct addresses in a timely manner by implementing an
address check. Address verification ensures that the global addresses in your marketing
database are complete, current, and accurate, avoiding unnecessary costs of
undeliverable mail.

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Enhance Customer Service

With Informatica AddressDoctor, your company can prevent expensive mistakes that
compromise customer service, such as orders sent to the wrong address that must be
resent. Address verification ensures that your address data is complete, accurate, and up
to date. By integrating an address check process early on, you enable timely and accurate
correspondence with your consumers and increase customer satisfaction and
customer retention.

Maximize Efficiency, Ensure Compliance, and Reduce Costs

Informatica AddressDoctor lowers mailing costs. By verifying customer addresses, the
software prevents expensive mistakes that hinder operational efficiency, such as when bills
cant be generated for goods or services delivered. Address verification through Informatica
AddressDoctor helps your company ensure compliance with such regulations as Know Your
Customer and the USA Patriot Act.
With this software, your IT team can identify duplicates and conduct address verification in
real time as part of data entry and avoid wasting time on manual cleansing. Your IT team
can also implement address standardization and address validation as part of extracttransform-load (ETL) processes or broader data integration initiatives to leverage your
existing IT infrastructure and skill sets, helping to keep IT costs in check.

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