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Control home electric

equipment using IT

Industrial information technology
Department of computer science and technology
Uva Wellassa University

Control home electric equipment using IT

Electricity is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. As a matter of fact, it can even kill
you. The most vital part of electricity is called electric energy. This is what we commonly think
of when we hear the word electricity. Electricity is one thing we waste most. Lights, fans, radios
and other appliances are kept on even when no one is using them. I make it a point to switch them
off when I do not need them. It takes less than a second to throw a switch but to some people even
this seems a difficult task. Anyhow, not wasting electricity reduces the bill appreciably. Thus we
do not have to pay for the electricity we do not use.

Most of the people forgot to turn off home electronic device, when they go out from home. Then
it make electric power wastage and risk for property. Sometime user face some unconfutable with
device on and off. Because he want to go for switch in wall and also he must know the correct
switch for light. But it has some solution, some are not more effective. Current system has to
control within limited area. It cant generate report. It is use specific remote for each device. Not
only that, it has many weakness. Then I try to give best solution for control device.

Then this system will plan to solve this problems. I hope to design, this project to say switch as
devise name, user can control all device in every place in country.it provide more security for
home and safety for home.

The system can turn on light without in home in home for remotely.

Provide user friendly electricity control system for save power

Control electrical equipment efficient way.

Save electricity power

Provide safety for equipment
Provide user friendly system

Proposed Methodology
Main system place in home it has personal computer and special electronic circuit .that circuit
connect with home electrical system. It control all home electrical equipment using main system

There is web site, that web site has account for every user. Then user can login it and check what
equipment are on and off. Then he can control all device using web site. The web site and main
system communication using sms.

There is an app. This app has main two states.one for control main system in home. It connect with
main system using Wi-Fi and give command directly. Other for control main system outside in
home.it connect with web site and give command using internet.

This system will plane to design to control using normal mobile phone. This devices also can watch
equipment statue. This device communication with main system using sms.

Expected Out Come

User friendly electronic equipment control system for save electrical power.

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Project Plan











Find best idea for

research and present it
Find data read,
analyze and
understand them
Make main control
Make web site for
control system
Make app for control
Test system

Present project for