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1) Carrie is twice as old as Jean. Five years ago, Carrie was three times as old as Jean.
How old is Carrie today?
a) 5 years
b) 10 years
c) 20 years
d) 12 years
e) 8 years

2) A snack food manufacturer uses 2,000 kg of peanuts to make two different snack
products. Product A contains 30% peanuts (i.e. 30% of total mass of product A is
peanuts) and product B contains 70% peanuts. If the mass of product A is 3 times the
mass of product B, what is the mass of product B?
a) 600 kg
b) 1,400 kg
c) 3, 750 kg
d) 1,250 kg
e) None of the above

3) A cycle has a head start of 75 m in a race and is moving with constant speed of
10m/s. You accelerate from rest at 2m/s2. How long will it take for you to catch the lead
a) 5 s
b) 10 s
c) 15 s
d) 20 s
e) none of the above

4) You drop a ball from the top of a building, and it takes the ball 8 seconds to hit the
ground. From what height did you drop the ball?
a) 32 m
b) 4 m
c) 40 m
d) 640 m
e) 320 m

5) From the edge of a cliff overlooking a large flat valley, you fire a cannonball over the
valley, aiming the cannon at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizontal. The height of
the cliff is 100 m, and the cannonball lands a distance of 2000 m away from the bottom
of the cliff. What was the speed of the cannonball at the moment it left the cannon?
a) 95 m/s
b) 125 m/s
c) 145 m/s
d) 175 m/s
e) 138 m/s

6) Standing on a bridge 20 m above a river, you reach over the side and throw a
stone straight upward so that when it falls back downward it will fall into the river.
Just before the stone hits the water, its downward speed is 25 m/s. How fast did you
throw the stone upwards?
a) 5 m/s
b) 10 m/s
c) 15 m/s
d) 20 m/s
e) Not enough information to solve this problem

7) You and your friend are setting tiles on a large floor. Working together you can tile
the floor of a 3- meter by 3-meter room in 60 minutes. If your friend works alone,
she can tile the same floor in 100 minutes. How long would it take you to tile the
floor if you were working alone?
a) 40 min
b) 67 min
c) 100 min
d) 140 min
e) 150 min

8) Consider two vectors: A=-12i -4j, B=7i-3j. What is the angle between these two
vectors to the nearest degree:
a) 139
b) 37
c) 41
d) 60
e) 121

9) Find a dot product of two vectors: A=(1,-5), B=(2,1)

a) -3
b) 3
c) 0
d) 8
e) -8
10) Find magnitude and polar angle of the difference A-B from the previous problem:

6, 45
(37)0.5, 81
6, 81
(37)0.5, 261
6, 189

Questions 11-13 reffer to the following graph, which d

describes th
he velocity o
of a particle
e as
n of time for motion in one dimens
a function

11) Wha
at is the parrticle's acce
eleration at t=10 s?
a) -12
2 m/s

-6 m/s
m 2
-2 m/s
m 2
0 m/s
m 2
-1 m/s
m 2


at is the partticle's displa
acement be
etween t=6 s and t=15
5 s in meterrs?

13) If the
e particle is located at x=7
x m at tim
me t=6 s, w
where was th
he particle located at
a) -7 m
b) -6 m
c) -3 m
d) 0 m
e) 7 m

14) Starting from home, you walk for 1.2 miles in a direction 30 degrees east of north.
Then, you turn and walk another 3.1 miles in a direction 20 degrees north of west.
At the end of this journey, what is the distance between you and your home?
a) 1.9 miles
b) 3.1 miles
c) 4.3 miles
d) 1.0 miles
e) 3.3 miles

15) You are driving on the highway at a constant speed of 20 m/s. Then, at time t=0,
you hit the brakes and slow down at a constant deceleration of 2 m/s2 for the next 4
seconds. How far did you travel between t=0 and t=4 seconds?
a) 80 m
b) 64 m
c) 16 m
d) 48 m
e) 4 m
16) What is the value of the derivative of the function y = 3x3 -21x + 53 with respect
to x, evaluated at x=3?
a) 60
b) -12
c) 18
d) 71
c) 6