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Remedies / puja for lord Saturn sade sati

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Almighty planned a phase in our lives to bring us back to the truth of life.......!!

Remedies for Lord Shani Sade Sati or Lord Saturn Sadhe Saati
When the almighty dropped some hurdles on earth he also left some signs telling the way to cross them so that his
children would not stop walking but learn to live truly as well from difficulties and would know the significance and truth
of life. Sade Sati is one of those hurdles to let us know ourselves and the world better but for not letting us fail we have
been shown the right approach to jump them.
Sade Sati is the period of planet Saturn ruled by Lord Shani so on this period is also known as the period in the shadow
of Lord Shani. In this period the life of the native is ruled by Lord Shani on account of which he should be pleased to
defend yourself from his dangerous wrath. It could also be said that during this period Lord Shani either punishes you or rewards you on
account of your deeds before.
Lord Shani is believed to be a devotee of and obedient to Lord Hanuman as he rescued him from the confinement of Ravana for which he
have always been thankful to Lord Hanuman and believes to be in his depth for which he promised him not to harm the true devotees of
the potent Lord. On account of these words of doctrines it has been perceived that those who worship or do puja of Lord Hanuman can
defend themselves from the wrath of Lord Shani. For the same reasons, doing puja of Lord Hanuman has always been believed to be a
remedy to come out of the harms of planet Saturn.
Other than all these, there are some believes and assumptions regarding the remedies and puja for malefic effects of Saturn as mentioned
in Astrology science and in some of doctrines like:

The native should never curse Lord Shani for his or her pain as they themselves are to be blamed for their own problems for
resulting from past doings.

The person should never eat non vegetarian food on Saturdays as its the day of Lord Shani to be worshiped on.

It is believed to be good and beneficial to fast on Saturdays starting from sunrise to ending at sunset.

People are always advised to light sesame oil lamp along with sesame seeds offering to Saturn in front of structure of navagraha or
in altar.

Doing puja of Lord Anjneya along with bestowing tulsi leaves also perceived to be beneficial.

Donating to and fulfilling the requirements of the handicap and needy people also pleases the Lord Shani.

Natives are advised to do puja of Lord Ayyappa and offer Neeranjanam on every Saturdays.

The person should visit Tirunallar near Karaikal of Pondicherry Union Territory and pray Lord Saturn after having bath from the
water of Nala Theertham but should not bring Prasad from the pilgrimage and should not stay their.

The natives are advised to visit Tirumala temple of Andhra Pradesh and it becomes more beneficial if they could walk bare footed
to the temple from Tirupathy as it would please Lord Shani more for his being representing the foot.