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Hello, there!

My name is Shubh Khetan and I am an international 1st

year Mba candidate at wake forest u with a concentration in marketing.
My undergrad is from SMU, dallas in finance and in econ. I speak 2
other languages hindi and French.
Before Wake, I was working in new Delhi in financial services industry
in the business operations department.
My experience made me passionate about marketing.
So here I am looking for a markiteng internshio that will allow me to
gather necessary exp to launch a successful full time career in
At Reynolds American, I will not be a part of a dummy project created
for interens; rather I will be a part of something viable and tangible
that I can later refer to and say that I had contributed in creating that.
Being an international student, I dont have much of support here.
Something I search for in organizations is the cultural fit. At RA, my
colleugues would be my friends and my support system. Affenity
seeking is very important to me.
From the point of view of marketing experience, I think r has theh best
marketing campaigns. EG the 2010 egyptian themed bars and the
different pakets they introduce during the holiday season for camel
were excellent. I would learn a lot by being a part of such campaigns.
My last experience within a team was with my study group at wake. It
was an interesting exp because all of us came from different
backgrounds and we were able to leverage different skills to submit
successful deliverables.
I was the uniter in my team and I was quick to solve conflicts between
people. I was able to use my analytical skills from my previos
experience and also come up with diffent ideas for creative
deliverables given my diverse background.
In the beginning of my previous work exp, I would be very quiet and no
to speak my mind about issues even if I had something that would help
solve a problem. My supervisor caught me on this and encouraged me
to move past my personal barriers. I am really greatful to her cos I
dont think I have looked back since.
As an MBA candidate, we have to work with ambiguity on a weekly
bases. We are given cases that may not have hard questions attached
to them. We disscuss them in the ream and try to figure out what the
case might be driving at and together we arfe able to come up with
answers to ambiguis deliverables.
Markting is the organizational business are that interacts most
frequestly with the public. Eg at rey, marketing conveys to the people

what value its products are creating for them. Marketing is important
for creating competitive environments that lower prices and for
building demand for products.
My marketing plan to market myself is to network with as many people
as possible to find the best possible match from an employment
perspective. The brand that Iw ant to communicate to is that I am a
confident and highly motivated mba candidate who has been trained
and polished to perfection to enter the job market.
As a 1st year candidate, I have not yet had the opportunity to work on
campaigns but I have used marketing elements in giving presentations
in class. I have used incentives such as gift cards and to encourage
engagement in class exercises that were led by me.
Even tho m and s are diff functions in an industry, one cant survive
without the other. They share the similar goal- ie to increase revenue.
Becaue of this shared goal, marketing and sales teams should work
together in attracting new customers.
I come from an extremely conservative indian family and I have had to
oversome my cultural barriers. By that I mean that I come from a
society that does not encourage women education. I am highly
motivated because I have so much to prove to my parents back home
that they have made the right decision by allowing me to persue
higher education and because I want to create a good example for my
sisters who can take inspiration from me and lead more amities lifves.