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of Speech,
Media, Chx
of Sg)


Response from Public/Government

Defamation Lawsuit against Roy

- Controversial Singaporean
activist and blogger
15 May 2014: wrote an article
accusing PM Lee of criminal
misappropriation of the monies paid
by Singaporeans to the CPF

In a week after lawsuit was filed, successfully

raised $80,000 through crowd-sourcing methods
for his legal defense fund, total amount of
$110,229 by June 2014

19 May 2014: received a Letter of

Demand take down article, apology,
pay damages and legal fees.

es, Ethnic

Took down article but continued to

publish articles related to the CPF
scheme + asked supporters to sign
petition and participate in a protest.
Little India Riot 8 December 2013
- 2nd riot in post-independence
Singapore since 1969 race riots
Sakthivel Kumarvelu, 33 yo Indian
construction orkers, run over by a
private bus and killed.
Angry mobs of passersby attacked
both the bus and emergency vehicles
that subsequently arrived
300 migrant labourers from Tamil
Nadu and Bangladesh
Singapore Police Force dispatched 300
riot police to quell the unrest
Government has taken steps to
improve housing conditions for foreign



Nine purpose-built dorms,

which come with cafeterias
and basketball courts, will be
built over the next two years.
They will add around 100,000
beds to the existing 200,000 in
about 40 big dorms.

The supposed right of intolerance is absurd and

barbaric. It is the right of the tiger; nay, it is far
worse, for tigers do but tear in order to have
food, while we rend each other for paragraphs.
Treatise of Tolerance, Voltaire 1763

Shocked Singaporeans, raised debate regarding

issues of general safety, overcrowding and
increasing numbers of migrant workers in
Highlighted ongoing ethnic tensions within
Singapore, rising income inequality, countrys
heavy reliance on foreign labour.
Poor working conditions and quality of life of
migrant workers
Found out that victim was intoxicated during the
accident. May 2014, total ban of alcohol with the
closing of night spots and restrictions of nightlife
activities in certain areas of Little India
Managing foreign workforce:
Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin
Efforts to raise the quality profile of the foreign
workforce and help businesses reduce their
reliance on low-cost foreign labour.
Government introduced $5.9 billion Quality Growth
Programme in Budget 2014 to help businesses and
industries achieve this
Dedicated recreation centres created for foreign
workers in Soon Lee, Kaki Bukit, Woodlands and
- Provide wider range of amenities, government
can manage these shared spaces, increase
satisfaction level of foreign workers

Singapore continues to implement its mandatory death sentences for 20 drug-related

offenses, has been repeatedly criticized by United Nations human rights bodies and
Singapores Internal Security Act (ISA) and Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act permit
the authorities to arrest and detain suspects for virtually unlimited periods of time without
charge or judicial review. In September 2011, Singapores Home Affairs Ministry said
threats of subversion, espionage, terrorism, and racial and religious extremism keep the
long-criticised ISA relevant
2 corporations dominate the media, Mediacorp (broadcasting) owned by a government
investment company, Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) (Print Media) Private





company but government must approve and can remove SPH shareholders, who in turn
have the authority to hire and fire all directors and staff
Speakers Corner: Only outdoor space where uncensored speech is allowed, people can
demonstrate, perform and hold exhibitions.
28 June 2014, estimated record high of
Corporate contributors for event: Google,
26,000 people turned up at Hong Lim
Barclays, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BP
Park for annual Pink Dot rally and
attendance and sponsorship.
Strongest indication so far of Corporate
Held at Speakers Corner to show
Singapores growing support of an all-inclusive
support for Singapores LGBT
community and to campaign for equal
rights regardless of sexual orientation.
Singaporeans becoming more vocal and
passionate, less apathetic about social issues
Survey of Social Morality released by
- Singapore seeing growing voices over
Institute of Policy Studies in early 2014,
issues like immigration, rising living costs
78.2% said sexual relations between 2
and gay rights, though in a country
adults of the same sex was wrong,
where dissent is actively discouraged
72.9% did not agree with gay marriage.
and political gatherings require a permit
Singapore remains a largely
regardless of how many people involved.
conservative society
In April 2013, petition by 2 gay men to the
WearWhite Movement
Singapore High Court asking for Section 377a to
Launched by Ustaz Noor Deros, Muslim
be repealed was rejected.
teacher, joined by Pastor Lawrence
Khong of Faith Community Baptist
Penal Code section 377a criminalises sexual
Church, LoveSingapore network of
acts between consenting adult men.
- Wear white over the weekend of Pink
Dot to stand against the promotion of
homosexuality as an alternative
lifestyle, and growing normalization of
Passive euthanasia allowed: Advance Medical Directive Act (AMD Act) in May 1996
- Person is allowed to instruct doctors not to take extraordinary measures to prolong
his/her life is he/she is terminally ill and unconscious by signing an Advance
Medical Directive (AMD)
But active euthanasia still illegal
November 2014: Lunchtime robbery in Raffles Place
- Indonesian businessman Kang Tie Tie, 37, carrying a bag with nearly $800,000 in cash
and cash cheques when robbed and stabbed. Passers-by detained the suspect, Arun, a
38-year-old Indonesian, who has been charged.
- Money changer Ali Yousouf Saiboo, 35, was robbed of more than $600,000 in an Aljunied
carpark. Three Malaysian men were charged, but five unidentified suspects remain at


Budget 2014: Pioneer Generation Package

- $8 Billion into Pioneer Generation Fund
- About 450,000 Singaporeans will benefit, born before 1949.
- Additional 50% off already subsidized bills at specialist outpatient clinics and
- All qualify for Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) provide accessible and
affordable medical and dental care.
- Annual Medisave top up of $200-$4800
- Covered under MediShield Life. Subsidies given according to age to ensure
premiums for the scheme are affordable.


Legislation in 2008
Set of guidelines by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices for employers to
follow when recruiting, rewarding and retrenching employees
- Job application forms should not ask for a persons age, gender, race or even
photograph, to alleviate discrimination
Work Development Agency (WDA), who has set up a Singapore Workforce Skills
Qualifications (WSQ) credentialing system.
- Constant knowledge and skills upgrading for the older generation to adapt and
advance skillset so that they can still actively contribute to society, remain
employable, relevant.
- Vital in our ageing population, for lesser dependency on the working population.