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1. The phone was Maxs favourite present.

Max likes his phone _______________________ any of his other presents.
2. Max has never had his own phone before.
This is the _______________________ that Max has had his own phone.
3. Maxs phone is very similar to his sisters phone.
Maxs phone is almost the same _______________________ his sisters phone.
4. Max uses his phone for calling his friends and family.
Max uses his phone _______________________ call his friends and family.
5. It costs nothing to attend a state school.
It doesnt cost _______________________ to attend a state school.
6. City schools are usually larger than schools in the country.
Schools in the country are not as _______________________ city schools.
7. I havent been to a concert for a long time.
Its a long time since _______________________ a concert.
8. Why dont you learn a musical instrument?
If I were you, _______________________ learn a musical instrument.
9. If you dont practise the piano every day, you wont improve.
You wont improve unless _______________________ the piano every day.
10. There are only a few concerts this month.
There arent very _______________________ concerts this month.
11. This room mis too small for us to play music in.
This room isnt _______________________ for us to play music in.
12. I prefer playing the guitar to playing the piano.
I like playing the guitar _______________________ playing the piano.
13. It took them a long time to decide which concert to go to.
They spent a long time _______________________ which concert to go to.
14. Passengers mustnt use the toilets during take off.
It is _______________________ use the toilets during take off.
15. Mike phoned me in the middle of a shower.
Mike phoned me _______________________ having a shower.
16. Dr Cameron will give the lecture.
The lecture _______________________ by Dr Cameron.
17. That coat doesnt belong to me.
That coat _______________________.

18. Alberts drawing isnt as good as Geralds.
Geralds drawing is _______________________ Alberts.
19. Why dont we play computer games? said Michael.
Michael suggested _______________________ computer games.
20. She said: Are you coming to the party on Friday?
She asked him _______________________ coming to the party on Friday.
21. They came to live in New York two years ago.
They have _______________________ in New York _________ two years.
22. Smoking is forbidden in hospitals.
You _______________________ to smoke in hospitals.
23. Although the weather was horrible, we went skiing.
In spite of _______________________, we went skiing.
24. They have given us a Roald Dahl novel to read.
We _______________________ a Roald Dahl novel to read.
25. They dont allow smoking in this room.
You _______________________ in this room.
26. If he doesnt phone immediately he wont get any information.
_______________________ immediately, he wont get any information.
27. She needed a job so she sent off an application form.
She sent off an application form _______________________ a job.
28. Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928.
Penicillin _______________________ in 1928.
29. I dont know her addres, so I cant write to her.
If I _______________________, I could write to her.
30. He missed the bus because he got up late.
If he _______________________, he would have not missed the bus.
31. I went to see a French film. It was brilliant.
The French film ____________________________ was brilliant.
32. If he doesnt buy a suit, he wont get the job.
Unless _______________________, he wont get the job.
33. John cant play the guitar very well.
John isnt _______________________ the guitar very well.
34. Susan arrived in Paris three years ago.
Susan has _______________________ in Paris for three years.

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