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Nandi Hills
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Nandi Hills is a hill station in Karnataka State, India.

This range of Nandi on the craggy hills (the highest peak being 2004 m) holds the shimmering Amrita Sarovar
Lake and offers walks of sylvan beauty. A popular health resort today, it was also the place Tipu Sultan and
assorted royalty retired when they sought to escape the din of battle and the heat of the plains.
The hills are located about 35 km east of Bangalore and about 9500 ft above sea level. The deviation road at
Oordagere on the Bangalore-Tumkur Road can reach it. On the top of the hill, there are temples dedicated to
Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha. On the lower hill there is a temple dedicated to Sri Bhoga
Narasimha. There is a Traveler's Bungalow and a Kalyana Mantap on the top of the hill and a Forest Lodge
and Taluk Board T.B. at the foot of the hill.
A flight of 1,175 steps leads from the base of the hills to the top. On top was Tipu Sultan's summer retreat and
the remains of Tipu's fort bear this out. Tipu's Drop, a 600 metre high cliff face, where prisoners were hurled
down the precipice, is an awe-inspiring sight.
Sir Mark Cubbon, when he was Commissioner of Bangalore made this his summer residence. Mahatma
Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Queen Elizabeth II were among the other dignitaries who enjoyed their stay
here. More recently, former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and the SAARC delegates chose this spot for a
retreat after their international deliberations.
You can visit this place at any time of the year. In the rainy season it is extremely wet on the hill. A summer
visit will make you spell bound. It's best if you are on top of the hill before sunrise. The wind, fog and clouds
that blow towards you in the morning is just amazing. To be on top of the hill by 5:30AM, you need to leave



Nandi Hills travel guide - Wikitravel

Bangalore at around 4AM. If you are not sure about the route, leave even earlier.

Get in
Fastest and most convenient journey - by car/ bike or Rikshaw There is a motorable road to the top of
the hill.Beware there is only one road to the top. You can expect vehicles coming from the other side as well.
Around 40 curves to be negotiated before you reach check point cum entry gate where entry tickets (Rs. 5/per head) are issued. Two wheelers are not allowed beyond this point as road is not well formed / slippery
while 4 wheelers are allowed to proceed. You can choose to climb up thru steps and be in the midst of natures
lap savouring many different things such as old temple, a very large open tank, Tippus rock, Hanuman Temple
etc.. There are many aggressive monkeys on the way and visitors are advised not carry food or prepackaged
Now with the international airport at Devanhalli, one hardly needs to write directions for this place from
Bangalore. Its on the same route, after Devanhalli, you need to take a left (there is a sign board having a left
arrow for Nandi Hills at that turn) and keep going straight.
Bangalore to Nandi Hills directions-> From Hebbal flyover take NH7 and take a left diversion (about 10km
after passing by BIAL airport flyover) with a signboard in English "Nandi Hills 22 km". There is another left
just before it but that leads to a factory. Around 7 km after the BIAL flyover towards Nandi hill across the
highway, you can see a fort / birth place of Tippu Sultan.
More adventurous but also safe - Bangalore to Nandi Hills by Bus All buses leave from Bangalore's
central bus station "Bangalore Majestic" or "Kempegowda Bus Station (KBS)". As this is a local bus, tickets
(charge around 46/- per head) are sold directly in the bus. You can book the seats from ticket counter at
Majestic with Rs. 200/- per head. That ensures your seat, nothing else.
In the morning and evening there are direct buses. The KSRTC bus to the top leaves at 8:30AM from
platform 13 (it varies, but it will be near to that). Returning direct buses from the Hills to Bangalore leave at
2:30PM, 4:15PM and 5PM. But the timings are not strictly followed. Bus might arrive earlier even.
If you miss the direct bus to the top of Nandi Hills, there is a 2nd possibility to reach the hills by public
transport: Go to Chikballapur(charge around 42/- per head) and from there with a private bus to the Nandi
Hills. The buses leave every half an hour and it takes about 2 hours to reach the hill. Take the bus to
Chikballapur from platform 11. After about 1 hour you will reach Chikballapur (The station is announced by
the bus driver, but it is hard to understand. So better make sure that you check on the right side if you see the
bus station sign for Chikballapur.) From Chikballapur there are frequent mini buses to the top. The journey is
about half an hour.
There are no buses in afternoon (12PM-4 PM) from Bangalore so make sure that you arrive before time.
If you do stay the night, there are no buses from Nandi hills heading directly to Bangalore until the afternoon.
But, there are plenty of buses that run to Chikballapur throughout the morning, and buses leave constantly from
there to Bangalore.

By Taxi
taxiGUIDE.in (Car Rental to Nandi Hills), +91 888 023 4455 (support@taxiguide.in), [1]
(http://www.taxiguide.in/TourPackages/Bangalore_Nandi_Hills_Car_Rental_Car_Hire_Taxi.aspx) .
Enquiry: 7am to 11pm. Car Rental services to Nandi Hills on taxiGUIDE.in - a Chauffeur Driven Car
Rental service in 75 Cities in India. edit



Nandi Hills travel guide - Wikitravel

bookcab.in (Book Taxi to Nandi Hills), 080 3000 3000 (bookings@bookcab.in), [2]
(http://www.bookcab.in/bangalore-to-nandi-hills-car-rental) . Inquiry: 24/7. Cab services to Nandi
Hills on bookcab.in - a Chauffeur Driven Car Rental service in many cities in India. edit

Get around
There is a bus from Bangalore at 7am as well.

Tippu's Drop the place from where Tippu made his prisoners fall. [Now barricades for public safety.]
Tippu's Summer Residence a beautiful palace on top of this hill. This palace is not open to public.
Children's Park Small children's park for children to play.
Restaurants/Food Preferably carry your food, water and other supplies.
Temples There are temples dedicated to Sri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga
Narasimha .
Rivers The rivers Pennar, Palar and Arkavati originate from these hills.Most of the sources have dried
up .
Brahmashram It is said that Sage Ramakrishna Paramhamsa meditated here.Its a cool cave .
Nandi At the foot of Nandi Hills is this place with "Bhoganandishwaraswamy Temple", it is a
Wonderful Place. (A Must visit)
Muddenahalli The home town of Sri M.Visveswaraya, the architect of modern Karnataka.
Muddenahalli is just a few Kilometers from Nandi Hills. The house of this genius is now a museum.(A
Must visit)
Paapagni The Panchanandikshtra. Visit it is Only 3 km from Chikballapur. (A Must visit)
Chikballapur Sri M.Visveswaraya done his school Days in this place. And Also visit SSS Temple (Sri
Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Subramanya, Sri Shanimahaathma Temple), H.S. Garden, Chikballapur.

Check out the vineyards, grapes and cracked mustard seeds if you are lucky you can see them on the roads
where the farmers spread them so that your car can thrash them. Also look out for cracks in the fort wall,
which allow you to go outside and get some spectacular views of the plains below, eagles soaring level to your
eyes. However, be careful as the terrain falls steeply down and a fall will certainly crack most of our body.
Paragliding [3] (http://www.flynandi.com/) . As at any paragliding site, keep the basics in mind and
the time of the year and day and your flying skill in mind. Nandi hills is a fantastic place to fly from.
Plenty of flat land all around the hills. Please look out for power lines when selecting a field for landing.
There is usually a designated landing field.
Cycling Lot of bicycling clubs in Bangalore are into weekend cycling trips. High endurance levels are
required to cycle uphill.

Trekking Plenty of trekking opportunities around the region. You can also go for a wild trek on the
backside of the hill.




Nandi Hills travel guide - Wikitravel

Entry fee is 10 Rs per person (make sure you buy the ticket, where the bus arrives). There's a ticket for Rs
100 for parking car(including entry ticket for all passengers) and Rs 20 for Two wheelers. Grapes on the way.
If you are travelling using a motorized vehicle and get a flat tyre, a Puncture repair shop is at base of
Nandi Hills. His contact number is 98809 27002.

Club Cabana - It is a beautiful resort with water sports and a good bar. From NH7, take a left 2 Km
before the BIAL flyover and drive straight for 1.5 km.
Hotel Sandarshini - in Chikballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Hotel Truptisagar - in Chikballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Hotel Shantisagar - in Chikballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Chats - Visit Pappu's Paanipuri Chat Centre, Basavanagudi Road, Chikballapur. (A must Visit)
Hotel Sowmya - (Lodge & Restaurant)in Chikballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway
NH-7 (B.B.Road),
UP Punjabi Dahba - on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, on the right when traveling from
Bangalore and just before the turning for to Nandi Hills.
Hotel Ranjitha - This hotel is on the top of the hill and the only one present .There is nothing special
about the food.

Hotel Mayura Pine Top. Hotel Mayura Pine Top has a good Bar and Restaurant.It is clean an there
is no need to carry drinking water as you will get mineral water bottles. Lipton vending machines are
also present. edit

For accommodation at the T.B., contact the Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Tumkur.
There are well-furnished bungalows for lodging and good catering establishments. For reservation of
accommodation, the Director of Horticulture, Lalbagh, Bangalore- 2.
Hotel Mayura Pine Top, managed by KSTDC. Tel: 91 - 08156 - 250906. No phone booking,
booking on first come first served basis. Only three rooms. The rooms are not very clean with moldy
walls, hairy pillowcases, stained sheets. There are very bright lights outside each room that shine in all
night. But, the view can not be beat.
Hotel Shantisagar - (Lodge & Restaurant) in Chikballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad
highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Hotel Sowmya - (Lodge & Restaurant)in Chikballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway
NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Silveroak farm[4] (http://www.silveroakfarm.com/) - (Farmhouse near the hills)Near the Nandi



Nandi Hills travel guide - Wikitravel

village itself.
Mayura Deluxe Lodge-B.B.Road Chickballapur Mob:8050327731 Room service is available.
Rooms are average.

Stay safe
Be careful with monkeys on the hill. Avoid keeping eatables in hand. Also, there are many dogs, so be
Avoid feeding monkeys and stray dogs. They will be after you for more food.
Do not leave the windows or doors of your car open, even if you are sitting inside. Monkeys can get
inside and steal your food. Do not keep food in a manner visible to outside.
Bring packaged food since options to eat at the top of the hill are limited.
Try to return before sun set. It gets dark pretty quickly after the sun set and driving in the dark can be
quite risky. There are sharp turns and steep sides without fence.

Get out
The entry and exit times are now limited to 6 am to 6 pm to avoid crimes.

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