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Selection Criteria Uma Rani Turimella

Position Tile: Local Laws Officers
Position No: 1 HS969 and 1HS037

Demonstrated interpersonal, oral and written communication skills including the ability
to communicate effectively, both face to face and by telephone with internal and
external clients and stakeholders. Cert or Equivalent in an investigatory , animal
management, regulatory or Local Government discipline
Demonstrated experience, or the ability to acquire detail knowledge of Council local
laws and other relevant environmental health legislation and their application in an
environment of reactive community engagement, compliance and regulation.
I have the ability to acquire detail knowledge of Council local laws and other relevant
environmental health legislation and their application in an environment of reactive
community , engagement , compliance and regulation. I have gained essential knowledge
within the organisation pertaining to policies and procedures. My Current employment with
the Townsville City Council as has provided me with a knowledge of the standard 40 Record
Keeping Principles. Public authorities must ensure that their recordkeeping systems,
including policies, procedures and business systems that hold records, comply with legal,
administrative, cultural and business recordkeeping requirements. This will assist in ensuring
that full and accurate records of Government business activities are adequately documented,
preserved and made accessible.
I have been working with the Townsville City Council, Knowledge Management for the last
three years as an Information officer was responsible for Administrative services. As an
Information officer, I have been exposed to various roles to act as a Classifier, Courier and as
a Records officer in retrieval.
I worked as an Administrative Assistant with Townsville City Council, Knowledge
Management with Mosiac Recruitment in 2009. I was responsible for auditing the IT
equipment in all the sites of the Townsville City Council.

Advanced level of interpersonal skills including the ability to relate in an authoritative

and diplomatic manner, particularly in dispute and confrontational situation.
I have demonstrated interpersonal skills by considering and responding appropriately to the
needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people with cultural differences and in different
situations in a tactful, compassionate and sensitive manner and treated others with respect.
While I was working as a customer service consultant at Telstra during the process of
resolving faults, the customers are required to check the equipment themselves with
instructions provided by me over the phone. I used to explain to the customer about the
systems and hardware and how it should looks like, mentor the customer on the step by step
processes to unplug everything from the socket and allow them to reset. Mostly the faults
were fixed at the first point of contact when we are able to identify the fault in the equipment.
After that we ran the line test to make sure it was a genuine line fault and log a fault for the
customer and send out the technician to fix the fault. Sometimes if the results were unclear
with the first line test then we would call the service specialists to perform another test.
Depending on the test results we may have send out the technician. Thorough out this
process I would make sure that customer was informed of all the processes from the
beginning of the call to the end of the call giving a customer a positive experience.
Also while working with Telstra on outages and massive service disruption and flood affected
areas customers would be extremely unhappy with the delays in resolving the fault issues. I
have valued the customers feelings, empathised with customers by actively listening to the
customers problems. I stayed in control of the conversation, and satisfied the needs of the
customer by activating free diversion and Interim pips bringing up the appointment
forwarding where ever applicable beyond the customer expectations by giving the customer
a great experience every time. I was been rewarded with many gift vouchers from
opportunity knocks program which proves Telstras commitment to provide exceptional
customer service.

Demonstrated ability to manage priorities and time under pressure in high workflow
and confrontational situations.

Well-developed written communication skills including the ability to draft complex

A written communication skill expresses facts and ideas in writing in a clear, convincing and
organized manner. I have demonstrated high level of written communication skills, including
writing clear and concise reports by gaining credits and above for all university assignments
and previous work experience.

Positive, flexible approach to change and continual improvement.

Demonstrated ability to work both independently and within a team environment to

meet deadlines achieve work commitments and Councils operational objectives.
In the course of my career as positions I have held as an Engineer, Software Programmer, and
customer service consultant and currently as an Information officer, I have demonstrated a
high level of organisational and time management skills.

As a part of the team that implemented projects for the eCRM Labs, Bitra Internet Services
Private Ltd, my role was technical and research based. I used to identify the requirements of
the project, plan and organize my own work according to the deadlines of the project.
Worked as a software Engineer eCRM lab, Administrative officer and a Customer service
consultant I have demonstrated a high level of organisational and time management skills. A
good example of my time management skill is the ability to exceed my current target within
Council. My previous position as an Administrator with in Townsville City Council I audited
the IT assets recorded accurate details & maintained a report with minimum supervision and
completed the scheduled work before the target and managed the responsibilities. Presently,
my current position as an Information officer with Townsville City Council is to process the
variety of documents with different time constraints for example Mail opening by 9:30 AM,
Scanning of Mayor correspondence by 10:00 Am etc. I ensure that all documents are
processed in order of priority to enable other council officers to process these documents as
required to fulfill councils community obligations. Delivering the Prometric & Pearson Vue
Exams independently as a TCC Centre Administrator on time proves my excellent time
management skills.
While working with Telstra as a Customer Service consultant served the customers in a
timely manner in line for residential, business and prepaid customers. I have identified the
faults that obviously lie in customer phones of residential and corporate customers an
appropriate action is taken independently during the late hours or an early hours and as a
team. I provided an accurate and timely advice and assistance to customers at the first point
of contact.

Competent in the use of Microsoft applications such as word , excel, outlook,

particularly on a windows XP operating system.
Throughout my employment; I have used various Microsoft Office suite applications. In my
educational training I am well versed with functional computer skills and information
management. I have worked with Word platforms in my course of study and work
experience. I have developed the expertise through working on various office tasks, thesis
writing and report writing. My current job as an Information officer, I use the MS Office Suite
of Applications on daily basis. As a part of my job in retrieval we need to create a new
physical file as per request of the Planning & Economic Development Department and I use
the MS Word to do this. I use the mail merging feature to create labels for the new files. I use
MS Excel to Store the Information related to the particular new file creation and all the KPIs
are done using Excel. I effectively use Outlook to manage my emails and calendar especially
in retrieving the files from the basement, requests for new file creation and files to be
retrieved from Grace Offsite Storage as required. I use MS Access to generate cheque
reports. My reports and presentations during different project assignments in my academic
studies and in my employment prove that I am competent at using Microsoft Office and good
at taking minutes and preparing documentations and power point presentations.
Currently as an Information officer I have demonstrated my knowledge and experience in the
councils administrative business systems such as ECM, Mosaic and Property and Rating.

Queensland Class C driving licence