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The Medical Superintendent,

Bolan Medical Complex Hospital.
Subject: Use of Computerized Slips
This is with reference to letter no No.1/Supdtt/4140-66. It is with great
concern that I bring the following to your notice.
1. The ability of the patients/attendants to reach OPD/Consultant rooms
without out computerized OPD slips speaks volumes about the lack of
security/screening staff.
2. Your letter mentions about the sub-ordinate staff being directed, but in
my humble opinion/experience it is the paramedical staff/doctors that
most frequently enter the consultant room/OPD without slips.
3. It is also of great concerns that while the OPD is functional, hordes of
patients are roaming in ward corridors to show their kids to their
favorite doctors. This is again due to lack of ward security.
4. As for the hospital records there is litany to say about. The names on
the slips and the ages of children mentioned therein leave much to be
desired. Talking of ward record is more embarrassing since the data
entered is inadequate and patients carry their charts with them when
discharged/LAMA. This is again due to lack of security.
5. In conclusion, it is the manifestation of lack of security that is
responsible for the record or absence thereof.
Dated: 21/4/13

Copy to : DMS BMCH


Professor Abdul Bari,

Head Department of Pediatrics
Bolan Medical College.

The Medical Superintendent,

Bolan Medical Complex Hospital.
Subject: Irregularities in the Protocol of Fitness for Anesthesia by the Plastic
Surgery Department
This to bring to your notice the following points:
1. The Department of Plastic Surgery invariably and without exception
refers the patients of cleft lip/palate to the Department of Pediatrics.
Throughout the civilized/westernized world the fitness for general
anesthesia or is the discretion and prerogative of the department of
Anesthesia. We have written many letters in this regards over the last
five years but they have apparently fallen over deaf ears. It is
requested that eh Department of Anesthesia may be directed to









redemption refer cases to the Department of Anesthesia for fitness for

all times to come.
2. In all correspondence with our Department, a strange mysterious
personality by the name of DOD initiates the conversation. The file is
handed to the patient and both the pediatrician and the patient are at
their wits ends. The Department of Plastic surgery may be directed
that the correspondence is between equals on parity, and therefore the
DOD should identify himself and write to a similar DOD. The DOD may
not and cannot correspond directly with the consultant. Also here is no
example in the civilized world that the patients carry their call
3. The pediatric OPD has become a comical show with the calls for
fitness arriving every now and then, the attendants fighting for fitness,
the poor doctor explaining to them that this is not his job description.

4. Pediatric



also operated

in ENT, Pediatric


Neurosurgery and Orthopedics but we have never received a call from

them because they perhaps understand that it is not our job but the job
of the Department of Anesthesia.
5. Therefor you are requested to have some pity on the Pediatric
Department and direct the Plastic Surgery Department to direct the
fitness certificate to the Department of Anesthesia and spare the
Department or Pediatrics the periodic ordeal.

Dated: 21/4/13

Professor Abdul Bari,

Head Department of Pediatrics
Bolan Medical College

Copy to:
1. Department of Plastic Surgery
2. Department of Anesthesia