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Chapter 5: Recommendations and Conclusion

In the beverage market has a lot of soft drinks company in Vietnam
always looking to expand its market reach wherever possible. To gain a
strong foothold, the beverage brands is paid not less costs to invest in
promotion strategy. It is a strategy that Coca-Cola, which was
consumed soft drinks in Vietnam has always taken as the basis for
their development targets. Although there is a lot of experience, but
Coca-Cola also can not avoid certain errors. Therefore, the Coca-Cola
company must improve in order to attract the attention of the people
here. In this essay with some suggestions to improve the promotion
strategy and development plan of Coca-Cola in Vietnam.
5.1. Combine programs to introduce outstanding products
Released a short video introduction of Coca-Cola products. The length
of the video for about 5 minutes for the content emphasizes the
uniqueness of the bottle with the message that Coca-Cola wants to
convey to the people, especially the freshment, cool, younger .
Opening will introduce the image of Coca-Cola products packed in
cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, outside the bright red label with two
uppercase letters Coca-Cola vertical tilt of 45 degrees. Besides, video
also showed positive when using the brand (contributions fund
construction of love, hand to help children with heart disease ...) have
high community characteristics. Combined with a number of channels
as HTV7, HTV9, VTV... with a time slot where people can pay attention
to the most (7am, 12pm, 6pm ...). Moreover, Coca-Cola can advertise
on the Internet through social networking sites, news sites on the
parameters of its quality to attract customers who have regular
contacts to the internet. However, not advertising coca-cola is
constructed in one direction. In case some people do not care to see
advertising, Coca-Cola should pay for appearance in movies, music. For
example, the movie stars, athletes appearance on television wearing a
T-shirt with the logo of Coca-Cola; in one scene, the waiter serves them
two cans of soda with Coca-Cola brand on it. It is also the form to avoid
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Chapter 5: Recommendations and Conclusion

boredom for customers while watching one ad repeats itself every day.
During the current integration, the food services tend to increase. So
Coca-Cola should increase combined with a number of places such as
restaurants, entertainment centers, fast food service, movie theaters
to attract more customers interested in Coca-Cola. At the same time,
the combination with some places which will bring Coca-Cola spread
throughout Vietnam but also necessary when customers want to use
5.2. Stimulate consumption through community spirit
Coca-Cola in Vietnam should regularly organize activities useful and
meaningful to customers, especially the program for young people.
Coca-Cola can invest in a program of exhibitions of photographs that
people using Coca-Cola through taking pictures to express themselves
with Coca-Cola, with prizes for the winner, together with the 1 million
cans of Coca-Cola free for participants. Coca-Cola opened a concert
Soundfest, with the invitation of Korean boy band Super Junior as, T-ara
to participate in the special festival, celebrating the establishment of
Coca-Cola. Through this program, Coca-Cola can PR its new products
by building a marketing team uniforms with the words Coca-Cola
brings the customer experience through the oral test new product
lines. That sentiment was hit by a big fan of the band are also
promoting their products to reach more young people. These activities
created for Coca-Cola a picture innovative, creative, energetic and
optimistic. In addition, Coca-Cola can also organize a program of
humanitarian such as the night convergence through the collection
with the cans of Coca-Cola used to raise funds to help the poor, the
competition do things handmade by the cans, plastic bottles to help
the lonely people, along with the participation of the singer (Dong Nhi,
Hamlet Truong, Ngo Kien Huy, Thuy Tien...). Night convergence will be
launched on threee pages networks (kenh14.vn, ngoisao.net,
tuoitre.com) and the mass media to attract the number of viewers and
through artists the promote their products strongly to influence
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Chapter 5: Recommendations and Conclusion

awareness and behavior of consumers. In particular, all profits received
will establish a fund "Coca-Cola Community".

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