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Asslam-o-Alaikum aslam
how are you?
i am fine,how are you?.
i m too fine.
what were you doing?
i was attending a seminar on terrorism.
why are you looking sad today?
i am feeling very sorry for innocent lives. i came to know that
Thousands of innocent lives die a year because of terrorism.
aslam; yes usman,Terrorism has been around for as long as people can
remember, but for the past ten years there's been a dramatic rise in activity.
Terrorists use murder, kidnapping, hijacking and bombings to pursue a political
usman; Terrorism happens all over the world, in every way, shape and form.
We cannot let terrorism prevail.Pakistan is hardly earned country,so we should
be unite against terrorism and stop it.
I think that national unity is the main reason for terrorism,because Pakistani
nation isn't unite.ISLAM has never condonded any terrorist actions, the groups
behind any attack use their religion to justify any kind of attack.
aslam; no,the reason for terrorist acts is because of hate towards nationality
and religion,our enemy foreign countries support these terrorist groups and use
them against us.
usman; As a civilized society we can't resort to terrorism.Everyone has a
responsibility to take action.Everyone in the country needs to unite to combat
terrorism.But unfortunately,we are not unite,our political leaders just want to
secure their position and they are the biggest reason for the division in nation.
aslam; no usman,our nation is unite and the war of 1965 is the best example
of nation's unity.terrorism is very much secretive and our enemies would never
miss this oppourtunity to produce harm for our country.
usman; You are right,but that's not the complete truth.i know the war of 1965
but the situation is different now and we are not so much unite as we were.our
enemies would not miss any opportunity to cause harm but nothing can happen if
there's unity in the nation.
aslam; try to understand what i am saying.i think you are still a child.everything
is clear like water,Terror groups are constantly work on obtaining Nuclear and
Biological weapons to carry out attacks.They want to destroy our country
because our enemies want this.
usman; Unfortunately,the terrorists are our own people.they dont think
themselves as the part of this country and they want their own government.if we
are one nation then they would be helpless and can't produce harm.our nation
consist of many groups,one group is sayong Go Nawaz Go and other group is
saying Ro Imran Ro.but the whole nation should say Go terrorism Go and Ro
terrorist Ro.this is the way which would lead us to the unity against terrorism.if we

are unite then the foreign countries can't do anything in our homeland.
aslam; I think that you are right usman,no one can do anything if we are unite
and we should be one nation.we are not punjabi,sindhi or balochi,we are
Pakistani and we are proud of our homeland.
usman; yes Aslam,We must all unite to help fight terrorism.
aslam; Lets join hands to say Good Bye to terrorism and make our country the
ideal one.
usman; offcourse,i am with you and we shall try our best for the unity of whole
nation and make our homeland a peacefull country.
aslam; i forget to pay my hostel dues.i have to pay my hostel dues right now.i
have to go.see you tomorrow.ALLAH HAFIZ.