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apacious Greedy

epine To Long For

launt To Show Off
ryptic Mysterious
ole Something Given Sparingly
araphernalia Personal Belongings
rbane Refined
erminate To Develop, Sprout
lairvoyant Able To Perceive Something Not Readily Apparent
bnegate To Deny, Denounce
ntoward Unfavorable
usbandry Cultivation And Care Of Plants And Animals
nterstice Space, Interval
elegate To Exile, To Assign To A Lower Position
aunt Display Boastfully
rodigious Wonderous, Enormous
aturate To Soak, Fill Completely
ocose Humorous
ensure To Criticize Sharply
elicitous Appropriate, Pleasant
umptuous Lavish
chelon Formation Of Units Or Troops
narchy Absence Of Government
otorious Widely Known
hagrin Embarrassment
xtant Still Existing
nterminable Endless
oda Ending Section Distinct From The Main Body Of A Work
edolent Fragrant
nnals Historical Accounts
any Fool, Clown
iatus Gap
iscous Sticky, Lacking Easy Movement
ecry To Censure
utocratic Arrogant, Dictatorial
anguid Weak, Dull
rominent Noticeable, Well-Known
Microcosm A Small Unit That Is The Epitome Of A Larger Entity
erspicuous Easily Understood
issimulate To Put On A False Appearance
iped Two-Footed Animal

etort To Get Even

pex Highest Point
orporeal Pertaining To The Body
mbibe To Absorb Or Drink
raduce To Slander
ruition Accomplishment
rimace Expression Of Pain
oax Practical Joke, Trick
oracious Greedy
itular Having A Title Without Performing The Functions Involved
ivid Vigorous, Clear
udacious Bold
ransfuse To Transmit, Imbue
cology Study Of The Relationships In An Environment
ortentous Ominous
ynosure Center Of Attraction
uintessence Perfect Form
iscatorial Pertaining To Fish
onsort Associate, Companion
enuous Unsubstantial, Flimsy
Martinet Very Strict Disciplinarian
Malfeasance Wrongdoing
evity Lightness, Frivolity
ethal Deadly
recipitate Hasty
oxic Pertaining To Poison
nmesh To Entangle
itiate To Debase
ebonair Affable, Jaunty
latant Noisy, Vociferous
eclaration Announcement
oniferous Cone-Bearing
mpunity Freedom Harm
onduce To Lead Toward A Desired End
rgo Therefore
ovet To Desire, Aspire To
efarious Very Wicked
iffuse To Spread Without Restraint
xpound To State In Detail
lethora Overabundance

isibility Laughter
esist To Cease, Stop
onscript To Force Into Service, Draft
ibernal Pertaining To Winter
aleidoscopic Changing
ersification Metrical Structure
onnive Cooperate Secretly
erbosity Wordiness
astoral Of Shepherds, Rural
nsolvent Bankrupt
ragmatic Practical, Relating To Fact
arp To Complain Constantly
actious Producing Dissension
nsinuate To Suggest, Hint At Artfully
ermetic Airtight
ggrandize To Increase In Power
nimosity Enmity, Hatred
randish To Wave Menacingly
inerant Traveling From Place To Place
xtemporary Impromptu
auntlet Glove (Medieval), Ordeal
remeditation Preplanning
ascible Contrary To What Was Expected, Sarcastic
ynopsis Summary
ynthesis Combining Of Elements To Make A Whole
upercilious Haughty, Contemptuous
alutatory Welcoming Address
axonomy Classification (Of Plants And Animals)
actic Means Of Accomplishing A Purpose
lothful Lazy
lagrant Outrageous
issipate To Scatter Or Use Wastefully
ollate To Put Together In Proper Order
pochryphal Of Questionable Authenticity
rognosticate To Predict
nundate To Overflow Overwhelm
esuscitate To Revive
atrimony Property Inherited From Ancestors
aper Frolic, Mischievous Act
xtirpate To Destroy Completely
ecumbent Lying Down

ephyr Mild Breeze

atuous Foolish
yrate To Move In A Circular Fashion
atent Evident
bullient Enthusiastic

uffuse To Overspread
ontrovert To Debate, Dispute
ome Large Book
utelage Guardianship
arrulous Talkative
olorous Mournful
latitude Trite Remark
varice Greed, Cupidity
ertex Highest Point
voke To Call Force, Produce
mply To Indicate By Indirect Statement
hilistine One Governed By Material Rather Than Intellectual Values
ontrivance Plan, Scheme
revaricate To Evade The Truth
ostalgia Sentimental Yearning For The Past
uthoritative Powerful, Commanding
ersonage Important Person
dulation Flattery
xude To Discharge
ozen To Trick
cathing Searing, Blasting
emunerate To Pay For Work Done, Compensate
ubjugate To Force To Submit
enus Class, Group With Similar Characteristics
runcated Shortened, Curtailed
icarious Experienced Through The Activity Of Another Person
adir Lowest Point
iaphanous Extremely Delicate, Insubstantial
dulterate To Corrupt, Contaminate
evile To Abuse Verbally
vow Declare
neffable Unspeakable, Indescribable
iluvial Pertaining To Feeds
orerunner Predecessor, Sign Warning Of Something To Follow
onfiscatory Seized By Authority

estation Development, Pregnancy

anard Hoax
uadrant One-Quarter Of A Plane
onfute To Disprove, Refute
plomb Self-Confidence
mpalpable Not Understood, Vague
ubitable Open To Doubt
ixen Female Fox
harlatan Faker
poplexy Sudden Loss Of Consciousness
licit Unlawful
morphous Shapeless
umbrous Unwieldy
ssify To Change To Bone
audatory Expressing Praise
brade To Scrape Out
ucculent Juicy
nure Habituate
reg Undesirable Leftovers
etrograde To Go Backward
iametric Opposite
hattel Slave
aramount Highest In Rank
Mettle Spirit, Courage
arsimony Stinginess, Thrift
oldrums Low Spirits
allow Unfledged
onstellation Group Of Stars
bominate To Dislike
narticulate Unable To Speak Clearly
nconsiderable Trivial, Small
rass Grossly Stupid
stringent Contracting (Tissues), Severe
nfamy Unrelenting
everberate To Throw Back, Echo
anker Ulcer
alubrious Wholesome
uphemism Substitution Of A Less Offensive Word
mollient Soothing Substance
eposition Removal (From Office), Testimony

issident Disagreeing
arable Short Story Showing A Moral
bfuscate To Obscure
courge Whip, Devastation
ray Fight
uivering Shaking, Trembling Slightly
endetta Extended Bitter Feud
yllogism Conclusion Based On Two Premises
ucid Shining, Readily Understood
umismatic Monetary
quivocal Purposely Deceive
igor Strictness
otage Senility
emesis Formidable Rival, One Who Inflicts Just Punishment
ectitude Integrity
difice Large Building
ampoon Satirical Attack
orrelate To Be In Mutual Relation
esultory Loose, Rambling
antilever Supporting Bracket
nus Burden
ompunction Uneasiness, Remorse
itadel Fortress
nveigh To Complain Bitterly
eripatetic Itinerant
rticulate To Speak Or Write Clearly
rosaic Commonplace, Dull
ncroach Trespass
xult To Rejoice
enial Cordial
amshackle Loosely Made, Dilapidated
epression Stopping By Force
aprice Whim, Fancy
Militate To Work (For Or Against)
mend To Correct Or Alter (As In A Literary Work)
eciduous Shedding (Leaves) Annually
egressive Going Backward
ndigenous Native To
eproach Disgrace, Cause Of Blame
ltercation Quarrel
urtle To Speed

egis Protection
ustere Rigid, Severe
argess Generous Giving
ngainly Awkward, Clumsy
reble To Increase Threefold

nert Without Power To Move Or Resist

onorous Full Of Sound, Resonant
brogate To Abolish
ffable Capable Of Being Expressed
nnuendo Hint, Allusion
icissitude Changeability
taid Sedate
upersede To Replace
ithe Tenth Part Of Something Paid As A Tax To A Church

bort To Be Unsuccessful, Fail To Develop

lchemy Chemistry Of The Middle Ages
ephalic Of The Head
lfactory Pertaining To Smell
stensible Apparent
oterie Group
ntithesis Contrast, Direct Opposite
rchives Place Where Records Are Kept
aragon Model Of Excellence
xhume To Dig Up
Malleable Flexible, Adaptable
ynthetic Man-Made
hobia Persistent Irrational Fear
urpitude Vileness
irility Masculinity
Welter Confusion, Turmoil
pic Long, Narrative Poem
haff Worthless Material
rduous Difficult
agary Eccentric Idea Or Action
omily Sermon
rnate Showy
andemic Widely Spread
ffability Politeness, Courtesy
reech Lower Part Of The Body

nterment Burial
aciturn Tending Toward Silence
uckus Noisy Confusion
ndaunted Determined In Spite Of Adverse Conditions
eplete Well Field

lausible Seemingly Reasonable

sthetic Beautiful
ythonic Monstrous
arass To Torment
iscompose To Upset The Order Of
atification Formal Approval
ape Back Of The Neck
ovine Ox Or Cow

ithy Terse
nervate To Lessen The Vitality Of
epudiate To Refuse, Reject, Disown
rowbeat To Intimidate
uptial Pertaining To Marriage
orrigible Amenable, Tractable
apitulate To Surrender
ower To Cringe In Feat
emperate Moderate
ichotomy Division Into Two Parts
acerate To Mangle, Tear
emblance Appearance
loriculture Care Of Ornamental Plants
alm Something That Soothes
alliance Dawdling
xculpate To Free From Blame
oignant Pungent, Touching The Emotions
cion Descendent
etish An Object Believe To Have Magical Powers
erdition Damnation
ransverse Placed Crosswise
btrude To Push Out
ontiguous Adjacent, Touching
ebase To Degrade, Lower
rdure Excrement
nachronism Something Misplaced In Time

duce To Bring Forth

oalesce To Unite, Join Forces
scarpment Steep Slope Between Level Areas
lusory Deceptive
enigrate To Define, Belittle
lasphemy Profane Abuse Of Anything Sacred
ffluence Wealth
Machination Evil Plot
erverse Deviating From What Is Considered Normal
urtive Stealthy
allacious Tending To Mislead
lorescence Flowering
erdant Green In Color
olace To Comfort, Console
onstituency Voters In A District
xecrate To Curse
rnery Obstinate
eptagon Seven-Sided Polygon
ickle Capricious
exus Link, Connection
ondign Appropriate
xempt To Excuse From Responsibility Others Are Subject To
quable Uniform, Even
Mordant Sarcastic
ropitious Favorable
ccolade Honor, Award
hamble To Walk Clumsily
ngulf To Swallow Up
ocation Style Of Speech
resumptuous Too Bold Or Forward
ndolent Lazy
nfrastructure Basic Framework Of An Organization
artorial Pertaining To Tailoring
aptivate To Charm, Fascinate
apacious Roomy, Ample
ell Dangerous, Cruel
rbiter Arbitrator, Judge
lacate To Appease
ircumlocution Evasion In Speech
nsconce To Conceal, Settle Snugly
lision Omission

diosyncrasy Peculiar Mannerism

pasmodic Intermittent
ovenant Contract
romulgate To Announce Openly
estitution Restoration, Refund
ropound To Present Foe Discussion
efute To Prove Wrong
robity Integrity, Honesty
ulsome Disgusting
rototype Standard Example
olorable Plausible, Ostensible
eprehend To Criticize
pprise To Inform
easible Possible
ropitiate To Appease
oad Spur
ictum Positive Statement
ruciate Cross-Shaped
xorcise To Expel (An Evil Spirit)
ollusion Secret Agreement To Defraud
allous Hard, Obdurate
cabbard Sword Sheath
altry Pretty
omogeneous Uniform In Structure
athartic Purifying
ffinity Relation, Alliance
nimate To Inspire, Encourage
uminary Outstanding Person
awdry Gaudy, Cheap
roselytize To Convert From One Belief To Another
econdite Beyond Ordinary Understanding, Concealed
Mendacious Untruthful
acophony Harsh Sound
Meritorious Deserving Honor
antamount Equal In Value

olocaust Complete Destruction

dvent Coming
ainsay To Contradict
besity Stoutness, Fatness
mbrage Offense

ontusion - Bruise
ngross To Take The Entire Attention Of
ontumely Rudeness
nfinitesimal Immeasurable Small
elerity Rapidity, Velocity
eroration End Of A Speech
ierarchy An Ordering By Rank Of Grade
eclivity Descent, Slop
ccrue To Accumulate
nviolate Sacred
anal Meaningless, Commonplace
stute Shrewd
Wan Pale
aroxysm Sudden Outburst
viary Place Where Birds Are Kept
yperbole Exaggeration
lail Implement For Threshing Grain
nalienable Unable To Be Taken Away
orpid Inactive, Sluggish
iverge To Branch Off, Deviate
recarious Uncertain, Risky
ntecede To Come Before (In Time Or Place)
olophon Inscription In A Book
oerce To Force
orticulture The Art Of Growing Flowers, Plants, Fruits
Morose Gloomy
omnolent Sleepy, Drowsy
eriphrasis Using Long Phrasing Instead Of Shorter Expressions
nternment Confinement (Of Enemies)
dify To Enlighten
Masticate To Chew Up
nterior - Front
dious Disgusting
oach To Trespass
Wragle To Quarrel
lenary Full, Complete
uminate To Meditate, Ponder
dvocate Counsel, Defender
xtenuate To Lessen The Seriousness Of
trophy To Waste Away, Deteriorate
bloquy Widespread Censure

mperceptible Slight, Subtle

esthetic Pertaining To Beauty
our Stern, Gloomy
luice Artificial Water Channel
itany Prayer, Chant
redacious Predatory
cruple Small Quantity, Principle
inder To Thwart, Impede
astigate To Punish
maciate To Make Thin
luster To Swagger, Boast
Maudlin Foolishly Sentimental
inuous Bending, Winding
Macrocosm Entity Representing On A Larger Scale, One Of Its Smaller Units
laccid Soft And Limp
Whet To Arouse, Stimulate
urport To Give An Appearance Of, Intend
sseverate- To State Positively
hrall Slave
actile Perceived By The Sense Of Touch
urgid Swollen
hallop Small, Open Boat
upernal Exalted Celestial
erigee Point Of An Orbit Nearest The Earth
pposite Suitable, Appropriate
etulance Impatience
lazon To Adorn, Proclaim
iffident Lacking Confidence, Reserved
miable Pleasing, Loving
utonomy Self-Government
nneal To Heat Glass, Metal, Etc.
isputation Debase
acillate To Show Indecision
ontemptuous Scornful, Insolent
urfeit Overindulgence
issolute Morally Loose
etid Stinking
ophistry Misleading But Clever Reasoning
malgamate To Combine, Unite
allow Cultivated Land Not In Use
ccord To Grant, Allow

Wanton Reckless, Immoral

ircumvent To Avoid
ententious Given To Moralistic Expression
ortend To Warn, Foreshadow
ith Friends
wry Crooked, Bent
lusive Hard To Grasp
ojourn To Remain Somewhere Temporarily
ontemn To Despise, Scorn
egimen System Of Diet, Ruling System
ongeal To Change To A Solid State
ivacious Spirited, Lively
umus Fertilizer, Organic Part Of Soil
Wraith Ghost, Apparition
isingenuous Without Candor
onpareil Unequaled
estoon Decorative Chain
ariegated Marked With Different Colors
onderous Unwisely, Dull
ognate Related
entrifugal Moving Away From Center
eign To Condescend
eferendum Popular Vote On A Measure Submitted By A Legislative Body

exicon Dictionary
limitable Boundless
ugment To Increase
lacid Calm
enign Gentle, Mild
equital Suitable Repayment
ugur To Predict
oisome Offensive, Harmful To Health
rolix Prolonged Unduly
Modulate To Regulate
colyte Attendant, Helper
atholic Universal
irulent Deadly, Hateful
tolid Showing Little Emotion
phorism Saying, Adage
verse Unwilling
enet Doctrine

avor To Relish, Enjoy

beyance Inactivity
auteur Disdainful Pride
ountenance Facial Expression, Composure
edundant Superfluous, Wordy
xcoriate To Strip The Skin Off
onjure To Summon Solemnly
elid Frozen
ulmination Highest Point, Climax
olitic Prudent, Expedient
crimonious Sharp, Acrid
mpugn To Challenge As False
ilious Bad-Tempered
vince To Show Plainly
edact To Edit
mplicit Implied, Not Appearent
ecorous Proper In Good Taste
austic Sarcastic, Corrosive
epraved Sinful
osterity Future Generations
acsimile Reproduction
lagitious Wicked
sthmus Narrow Strip Of Land
llegory Parable, Fable
oment To Stir Up
anguine Confident, Optimistic
awn To Court Favor, Grovel
Mores Customs
remise Statement Forming The Basis Of An Argument
ccretion Adhesion, Concretion
hespian Actor
esilient Able To Spring Back Into Shape
alumny Slander, Defamation
bdurate Stubborn
ormidable Dreadful, Awesome
ully To Soil, Stain
equisite Requirement
rate To Chatter
rrears In Debt
ecidivist Confirmed Criminal
ealty Intense Faithfulness

mnipotent Having Unlimited Power

ncendiary One Who Excites Or Agitates
estige Trace
ccede - To Consent
ncrement Increase, Addition
phemeral Short-Lived
uggernaut Massive Destructive Force
iscern To Observe, Perceive
nvestiture Installation In Office
Wizened Dried Up, Withered
ervade To Spread Throughout
ecant To Renounce
vidity Eagerness
oluble Able To Be Dissolved
oultice Soft Heated Dressing Applied To Wounds
Wheedle To Coax
ycophant Self-Serving Flatterer
redispose To Make Susceptible
ncipient Beginning To Appear
pecter Ghost
ibation Ceremonial Drinking
epugnant Distasteful, Disliked
utte Hill
arsonage Pastors Dwelling
bate To Remove, Lessen
erse Brief, To The Point
dduce To Give As Proof
ucolic Rustic
acrilege Desecration
alacious Lustful
onversant Familiar With
impid Cleat, Transparent
ynchronous Occurring Simultaneously
urgeon Bud, Sprout
coff Derision
iscountenance Disapproval
omenclature System Of Names
orrid Very Hot
emonstrate To Protest
isdain To Scorn
erisimilitude Truth

ebauch To Corrupt
pecious Deceptively Appealing
stentatious Showy
ppellation Name, Title
redicate To Affirm
anvass To Make A Survey, Solicit
ctuate To Put Into Action
ereft Bereaved, Deprived Of
hafe Fret, Irritate
idactic Instructive
ealot Fanatic
mpeach To Accuse
stracize To Banish

blation Solemn Offering

ote Mechanical Repetition Or Action
lutton One Who Overindulges
ouchsafe To Grant
ntity Something That Exists Independently
uspicious Fortunate, Favorable
orensic Relating To Court Or Public Debate
Magnanimous Generous
ivouac Encampment
arcissism Self-Love
ellicose Warlike
ortuitous By Chance
ntangible Incorporeal, Vague
etribution Just Reward
arish Showy, Gaudy
ordid Dirty, Ignoble
menable Responsible, Liable
erquisite Something In Addition To Regular Pay, Tip, Bonus
otable Suitable For Drinking
bstemious Eating Or Drinking Sparingly
cerbity Sharpness, Bitterness
soteric Limited To A Chosen Few
aconic Concise
awser Strong Rope
surp To Take By Force
isconsolate Sad, Forlorn
Meticulous Careful With Details

enology Study Of Prisons And Prison Reform

tilted Pompous
arity Equality In Value
rray Rank, Order, Finery
ertinent Relevant
ensile Hanging
redatory Tending To Exploit Others For Ones Own Gain
reposterous Absurd, Ridiculous
dyllic Pleasing, Simple, Pastoral
rofligate Recklessly Wasteful
aline Salty
ensorious Fault-Finding
bviate To Prevent
piary Place Where Bees Are Kept
licit To Cause A Response
mperious Domineering
arcenous Thievish
nconspicuous Not Readily Apparent
ertiary Third In Order
landestine Secret, Hidden
udicious Showing Sound Judgment
overt Clandestine, Secret
otch To Ruin
chism Split, Difference Of Opinion
xiguous Scanty, Meager
ongenital Existing From Birth
amification Offshoot, Consequence
Mitigate To Ease
enude To Strip, Divest
nexorable Unrelenting
blique Evasive
aughty Extremely Proud
rusque Abrupt In Manner
scillate To Fluctuate Between Two Points
Waft Odor Or Sound Carried Through The Air
nfamy Bad Reputation
erennial Enduring
epute To Appoint, Entrust
roclaim To Declare Proudly
isparage To Belittle
ransitory Temporary

reeminent Outstanding, High-Ranking

Modicum Small Portion
bstruse Profound, Hidden, Hard To Under-Stand
Macabre Gruesome
ascivious Lustful
rsatz Artificial, Substitute
alliate To Reduce The Intensity Of

isparate Distinct In Quality

roliferate To Increase In Number
upplicate To Ask For Humbly
ratuitous Free Of Charge
ognizant Aware
mpious Lacking Reverence
enre Sort Or Type, Category
missary Messenger
iscursive Rambling
hary Discreetly Cautious
hronic Always Present
xtemporize To Improvise
etroactive Extending To Previous Conditions
pothegm Short, Pithy Statement
ndefatigable Tireless
onsecrate To Sanctify, Dedicate
ivers Various
berration Deviation
olicitous Showing Care Or Concern
efurbish To Renovate
mbroil To Involve In An Argument
ogitate To Think Seriously
Miscreant Villain
pistle Letter
ubservient Inferior, Submissive
ift Opening, Breach
ecrimination Countercharge

ncillary Subordinate
bstreperous Noisy, Unruly
ncyclopedia Compendium Of Knowledge
ilch To Pilfer
orpulent Fat, Stout

Motley Composed Of Many Elements

enescent Growing Old
eady Impetuous
meliorate - To Amend, Improve
xpedite Speed Up
ntedate To Assign A Date Earlier Than The Actual One
nterdict To Prohibit
abricate To Manufacture, Invent
uridical Pertaining To Law
ounty Generosity
xquisite Very Beautiful, Perfected
enegade Deserter, Outcast
cumenical General, Worldwide
autology Needless Repetition Of An Idea
utative Assumed To Exit
aillery Playful Teasing
xacerbate To Aggravate
aundice Yellow Pigmentation Of The Skin
edress To Remedy, Compensate
astidious Hard To Please, Meticulous
scutcheon Shield Containing A Coat Of Arms
oncupiscence Strong Desire
xclude To Bar
urbid Muddy
nception Beginning
Metaphor Figure Of Speech Using One Idea In Place Of Another To Denote A

keness Between The Two

ollocate To Arrange In Position

econnoiter To Survey
ein To Simulate, Pretend
abyrinth Maze
recipitous Steep
ostle - To Elbow, Agitate
bject Degraded, Miserable
ismet Fate
Moot Debatable
aiment Clothing
cclesiastical Pertaining To The Church
oray To Plunder
hastise To Castigate, Correct

Meretricious Falsely Alluring, Gaudy

nscrutable Enigmatic, Mysterious
Moribund Dying
enigrate To Describe
itigation Lawsuit
eterodox Differing From The Accepted Standard
erpetuate Cause To Continue
ithe Flexible
icameral Having Two Legislative Chambers
eference Honor, Respect
loy To Overindulge With An Initially Pleasing Thing
estive Impatient
rchaic No Longer Used
nunciate To Announce, Pronounce Clearly
scapement Notched Device Regulating Movement In A Mechanism
ebacle Complete Failure, Fiasco
nculpate To Incriminate
allible Capable Of Erring
octrinate Impractical Theorist
ustenance Nourishment
ntractable Unruly, Stubborn
droit Skillful, Clever
sperity Acrimony, Harshness
otary Zealous Follower
nherent Belonging By Nature
tratagem Trick, Device
enascent Reborn
bdicate - To Forsake, Give Up
olloquy Conversation, Dialogue
edoubt Temporary Fortification
ortative Exhorting, Pleading
trident Harsh-Sounding
isseminate To Spread Widely
icayune Of Little Value, Petty
rueling Very Tiring
nsidious Treacherous
osit To Postulate
mmutable Unchangeable
emean To Behave Properly
ardonic Scornful
ermutation Change, Alteration

ariah Outcast
ntuition Insight
ransgression Violation
redence Belief, Faith
astard Coward
currilous Coarse, Vulgar
istrait Absentminded, Distracted
uery Inquiry
gregious Flagrant
uphoria Feeling Of Well-Being
inecure Easy Job
ogmatic Arrogant Stating Of Opinion
lout To Mock Or Scoff
enchant Strong Liking
dmonish To Caution, Warn
ethargic Sluggish
otive Expressing A Wish Or Vow
apine Plunder
earth Fireplace Floor
mpasse Deadlock
erate To Repeat Over And Over
ngenious Resourceful, Inventive
pilogue Closed Section Of A Literary Work
retentious Showy, Making Unjustified Claims
ivid Discolored By A Bruise, Enraged
xpeditious Prompt
ubious Uncertain
oxious Harmful
ontravene To Contradict
limentary Supplying Food
perture Opening
grarian Relating To Farming
espicable Contemptible
mpromptu Insolence
spersion Slander, False Accusation
oleful Dismal
upe To Deceive
Meliorate To Make Or Become Better
mbellish To Ornament
umultuous Violently Turbulent
aunty Lively

olt Stupid Person

gression Emergence
ualm Misgiving
ortnight Two Weeks
ntrepid Fearless
bhor To Detest, Hate
ubversive Destructive
laintive Melancholy
ranslucent Permitting The Passage Of Light

ntemperance Excessive Indulgence

ant Tilt, Whining Speech
uave Polite, Urbane
redible Believable
irago Domineering Woman
ssay To Analyze Chemically
mpute To Attribute (Something Bad) To Another
avoc Great Destruction
atiate To Satisfy, Glut
luctuate To Vary
nvective Denunciation
ibe To Scoff, Deride
ungent Sharp Sensation Of Taste And Smell
ebulous Vague
ssuage To Pacify, Calm
menity Pleasantness
onundrum Riddle
estride To Mount
loquent Pleasingly Expressive
ntrinsic Inherent
ubterfuge Deception Used To Evade Something Difficult Or Unpleasant
nadvertence Negligence, Oversight
himerical Imaginary
trategy Careful Plan
ird To Encircle
urid Sensational
uttress Prop, Protuberance
Missive Letter
egicide Killing Of A King
nctuous Oily, Suave
Mete To Allot

ffigy Image, Crud Likeness

esplendent Dazzling
pitome Ideal Example, Embodiment
Millennium 1000 Years
nathema Ban, Curse

ngenuous Frank, Nave

hicanery Deception
bash To Bewilder, Confound
asuistry False Reasoning
eciprocal Complementary, Mutually Responsive
lair Aptitude, Attractive Quality
beisance Gesture Of Respect
nnate Natural, Existing From Birth
uplicity Deception
reen To Dress Up Or Adorn (Oneself)
lib Superficial, Unconvincing
urry To Seek Favor By Flattery
ranquility Calmness, Serenity
ankle To Cause Resentment
lbeit Although
llay To Soothe, Calm
efunct No Longer Existing
endant Ganging Object
ulpable Deserving Blame
actotum General Worker
ettison To Throw Overboard, Discard As Superfluous
redulity Simplicity, Gullibility
xigency Situation Making Extremely Urgent Demands
nane Lacking Sense
doriferous Giving Off A Smell
ilify To Defame
ndurate Hardened
lut To Oversupply
roffer To Present For Approval
ircumspect Watchful, Cautious
abulous Fictitious

imony Buying Or Selling Of Church Pardons

mpertinent Rude
atalyst Agent Of Change

ique To Offend, Provoke

linch To Draw Back
uile Deceitful Behavior
lacrity Willingness, Agility
roscribe To Outlaw, Prohibit
Malefactor Evildoer
ogent Forcible, Convincing
rommet Metal Ring
stival Pertaining To Summer
udiment First Principle, Beginning Of Something
aldron Kettle
illory To Scorn Publicly
renetic Wildly Excited
acetious Lightly Joking
ecuniary Involving Money
Mnemonic Memory Aid
ommensurate - Proportionate
Megalomania Illusions Of Grandeur
onclave Secret Meeting
Mundane Worldly
usillanimous Lacking Courage And Resolve
tint Restriction
ydrophobia Fear Of Water
astronomy Art Of Good Eating
iridity Greenness, Naiveness
Myriad Very Large Number
xpatiate To Speak Or Write At Length, Wander
ruculent Cruel, Belligerent
oible Minor Weakness
olition Act Of Determining
ecalcitrant Disobedient
holeric Irascible, Easily Angered
lterior Lying Beyond What Is Openly Expressed
cintilla Particle, Trace
uress Restraint, Force
crutinize To Examine Closely
gnominious Shameful, Degrading
enunciation Repudiation
ccidental Western
owdy Shabby, Styleless
udicrous Absurd

onsonance Harmony
egale To Entertain
arom Rebound
acit Silent
nsular Narrow-Minded, Limited
anguard Front Part Of A Movement
ross Refuse, Waste
umid Swollen, Inflated
poch Event Or Time That Marks The Start Of A New Period
ilettante One Who Dabbles Superficially
escind To Repeal, Take Back
ermagant Nagging Woman
mbidextrous Using Both Hands Equally Well
lectorate Voting Body
ndulate To Move In Waves
assitude Fatigue
rgot Slang
erret To Search Out
ehement Impassioned
nchorite Hermit
ndigent Poor

aleful Harmful, Evil

mulate To Rival Or Try To Equal
postasy Abandoning Of Faith
ondone To Overlook As Unimportant
xogenous Originating From Outside
voirdupois Weight
nclusive Taking All Factors Into Account
roponent One In Favor Of
esurgent Rising Again
uddle To Crowd Together
pulent Wealthy
mpassioned Ardent, Fervent
urture Train, Rear
enurious Stingy
apient Wise
ractable Easily Managed
ffusive Highly Emotional
ountermand To Cancel With A Contrary Order
xonerate To Clear From Blame

uise False Pretense

uxtapose To Put Side By Side
eracious Honest
ircuitous Roundabout, Tortuous
aradigm Model, Example
rtifice Mastery, Trickery
Minion Favored Person
ncongruous Unconforming, Inconsistent
rurient Lustful, Lewd
nsurgent One Who Revolts Against Established Authority
nfranchise To Give The Right To Vote
land Mild
ccessory Accomplice
rag Steep Projecting Rock
oagulate To Thicken, Clot
ristine Uncorrupted By Society

vanescent Fading From Sight

nigmatic Hard To Understand, Puzzling
raught Laden
Munificent Generous, Lavish
erfidy Treachery
picure One Who Has Discriminating Tastes For Foods And Liquors
xtricate To Set Free
ntimacassar Cover Used To Protect Furniture
ntagonist Opponent
inetic Active
vasion Avoidance
accharine Overly Sweet, Affectedly Agreeable
opious Abundant
ibling Brother Or Sister
ractious Unruly
ermane Fitting
hunt To Turn To One Side
schew To Shun
pogee Farthest Orbit Point From The Earth
theist One Who Denies The Existence Of God
eology Use Of An Established Word In A New Way
ambunctious Boisterous
arnivorous Flesh-Eating
itreous Pertaining To Glass

xtrinsic To Force Out

orroborate To Strengthen, Confirm
oisterous Violent, Furious
ataclysm Violent Change Or Upheaval
olligate To Group Together
eguile To Deceive
xigent Urgent
Mien Manner, Appearance
ank Chilly And Wet
eprisal Act If Retaliation
ttenuate To Weaken
ttrition A Wearing Away, Weakening
ncumbent Officeholder, Obligatory
biquitous Present Everywhere Simultaneously
upple Flexible
ugust Majestic, Noble
aturnine Sullen, Sluggish
orlorn Miserable
inesse Skill
alligraphy Penmanship
anguor Lack Of Vitality
thereal Airy
icentious Morally Unrestrained
aphazard Not Planned, Random
erpetrate Carry Out, Commit
eruse To Read Carefully
molument Salary, Compensation
adger To Harass, Nag
ettle Irritate
eleterious Harmful
avil To Quibble
edant One Who Emphasizes Trivial Points Of Learning
ommute Alter, Exchange
arbinger Forerunner
uiescent Quite, Still
tricture Adverse Criticism
errate Having Sawlike Notches
fficious Meddlesome
renchant Sharp, Clear-Cut
tultify To Appear Foolish, Impair
lumb Straight Down, Vertically

ivest To Deprive, Strip Off

Madrigal Song, Ballad
ert Bold, Cocky
ncredulous Skeptical
xiomatic Principle Accepted As Self-Evident
llude To Insinuate, Refer
ettle Condition, State Of Fitness
pitaph Inscription
lebiscite Poplar Vote
ambaste To Scold, Censure
anctimony Pretended Piety
nmitigated Not Lessened, Absolute
rorate To Divided Proportionately
alutary Curative
mpervious Not Influenced
ncessant Never Ceasing
pprobrious Disgraceful, Infamous
enote To Standard For, Mean
unctilious Very Exact
ntreat To Implore
ly To Use Or Practice Diligently
athos Something Which Arouses Pity
onvivial Joyous, Festal
ineament A Distinctive Feature
otund Rounded
oluble Talkative
imorous Timid
reponderate To Surpass In Weight Or Power
all To Lose Effectiveness
poradic Occasional
ermeable Passable, Penetrable
ilate To Stretch, Widen
uixotic Having High Romantic Or Chivalrous Ideals
xpiate To Make Amends
bscond To Bolt, Decamp, Flee
esecrate To Profane, Abuse
eneficient Liberal, Kind
Windfall Unexpected Gain
ybrid Of Mixed Origin
elabor To Attack Verbally, Drag Out
bsequious Servile

eculate To Embezzle
djudicate To Decide (A Case)
ncredulous Not Readily Apparent
xemplary Serving As A Model
acilitate To Make Easier
istend To Stretch Out
ombast Pompous Speech
ibber To Speak Rapidly, Chatter
necdote Tale, Story
btuse Stupid, Blunt
gocentric Self-Centered
Misnomer Name Wrongly Applied
Mercurial Changeable, Fickle
quanimity Composure
etritus Product Of Disintegration
xpurgate To Remove Passages (From A Book)
aade Front Or Main Face Of A Building
onsternation Sudden Confusion, Panic
ngratiate To Seek Someones Favor
ltruism Unselfish Devotion
pithet Word Or Phrase Characterizing A Person Or Thing
onnote Suggest, Imply
rescience - Foreboding
gnoble Mean, Base
niquitous Unjust
ebility Weakness
licate Folded Lengthwise
erogatory Disparaging
ourmet Expert On Good Food And Drink
ulogy Speech In Praise Of A Dead Person
njoin To Impose By Order, Prohibit
ecular Worldly, Not Religious
cclivity Incline Rising Slope
imilitude Likeness
recursor Forerunner
olatile Quickly Evaporating, Explosive
clectic Made Up Of Elements From A Variety Of Source
mnivorous Eating All Sorts Of Food
aradox Statement That Seems Contradictory But May Be True In Fact
iquant Agreeably Stimulating, Pungent
arangue Long Speech

obust Healthly, Strong

issome Nimble
ccost To Greet Aggressively
nchoative Just Begun, Initial
evious Rambling, Errant, Tricky
edizen To Dress In A Gaudy, Vulgar Manner
uccor To Help
nerous Burdensome
emporize To Compromise
ecluse Hermit
iebald Marked With Splotches Of Color, Heterogeneous
mbue To Permeate
ra Period Of Time Marked By Certain Events
reclude To Shut Out, Prevent
eculent Impure
bony Hard Durable Wood, Black
hilology Study Of Linguistics
nalogy Similarity, Affinity
verweening Arrogant

onstrain To Restrict Movement, Limit

oporific Causing Sleep
ffluence Flowing Out
ynical Sarcastic, Sneering
lait To Braid, Pleat
tigma Mark Of Disgrace
auntless Valiant, Intrepid
ife Widespread, Abounding
pigram Terse, Witty Saying
nobtrusive Not Aggressive
erebration Thought Process
xtraneous Not Pertinent To The Whole
erminus End Point
ejorative Worsening
Malign To Slander
bsolescent Falling Into Disuse
repidation Fear
Menial Servile
ersatile Able To Change Easily
nnocuous Harmless
rerequisite Something Needed For Performing A Function

eproof Rebuke, Criticism

ompendium Abridgment, Abstract
gnostic One Who Doubts The Existence Of God
eclaim Speak, Debate
uminant Meditative
uandary Perplexed State
allow Dull Greenish-Yellow
ocular Playful, Jolly
omologous Corresponding In Structure
Mnage Household
dict Public Announcement, Decree
ontingency Casualty, Occurrence
rdnance Artillery
mpetuous Impulsive
ntrovert To Turn Inward
erturb To Upset, Agitate
alorous Courageous
ache Hiding Place
ontentious Argumentative
ompatible Consistent
rivel Silly Talk
redilection Preconceived Liking
harnel Place Where Corpses Are Deposited
oncomitant Accompanying
arrion Decaying Flesh
urnish To Polish
eprecate To Disapprove Of
eriphery Outside Boundary
manate To Come Out From
uspice Protection
arody Farcical Imitation
ourgeois Middle Class
ackneyed Overused, Trite
sculent Edible
mpale To Pierce Through
ndogenous Originating From Within
efractory Obstinate, Unresponsive
rodigal Spendthrift
ssimilate - To Absorb
acile Easily Done
orona Crown, Luminous Circle

arble To Distort
esiccate To Dry Up
Maladroit Awkward
bjure To Recant, Revoke
Malinger To Feign Illness
lippant Lacking Proper Respect
ssiduity Care, Diligence
emean To Behave Properly
ublimate To Direct Actions Into More Socially Acceptable Forms
epreciate To Lessen The Value Of
ampant Widespread, Without Restraint
istrionic Theatrical
rnithology Study Of Birds
alatable Agreeable To The Senses
enal Open To Corruption
ecund Fertile
ribulation - Misery, Distress
ecreant Cowardly
issuade To Advise Against
Miasma Pervading Corruptive Atmosphere
rogeny Offspring
ypothesis Assumption
indicate To Clear From Blame
adinage Banter
nference Conclusion
ureaucracy Government Of Specialized Functions And Hierarchy Of Officials
equester To Isolate
indred Family Relationship
ntransigent Refusing To Compromise
proarious Boisterous
nerring Without Fault
eticence Silence, Reserve
actitious Artificially Produced
uphony Agreeable Sounds
erambulate To Walk
uaint Unusual, Old-Fashioned
ernacular Native Language Of A Region
nfernal Hellish, Fiendish
bjurgate To Denounce
ecamp To Break Camp, Depart Suddenly
elineate To Describe

ancor Ill Will

xorial Pertaining To A Wife
nterpolate To Change By Inserting New Material
toicism Impassiveness, Indifference
onnoisseur Expert, Critic
ntomology Study Of Insects
rimp To Bend Into Shape, Pinch Together
nveigle To Trick, Entice
eprobate Depraved, Unprincipled
acuous Empty, Stupid
nvidious Offensive
nstigator One Who Incites Action
ociferous Noisy
rolific Producing Abundantly
ncorrigible Not Able To Be Corrected, Delinquent
normity Outrageous Act
uerulous Complaining
ascent Coming Into Being
uffoon Clown
rescribe To Establish As A Means Of Action
lex To Bend
andy To Exchange (Word)
ontrition Remorse, Repentance
ngender To Bring Into Being
rotagonist Main Character In Novel
lamboyant Showy
anguish To Become Weak
ibald Offensive, Vulgar
aucous Rough Sounding, Boisterous
hurlish Ill-Bred
ortitude Courage
regarious Sociable
onflagration Destructive Fire
arrative Story, Account
Mollify To Appease
ranspire To Become Known, Happen
erfunctory Routine, Superficial
allid Pale
ncognito Disguised
ulchritude Beauty
escry To Discover, Make Known

Mellifluous Flowing Sweetly, Smoothly

halanx Massed Group Of Individuals
romontory High Peak That Overlooks Lower Land Or Water
enerate To Show Deep Respect
ervid Ardent
ambol To Frolic
uxiliary Assistant, Helping
rugal Thrifty
nfringe To Encroach Upon
ommodious Spacious
damant Immovable
base To Humiliate, Degrade
ubjoin To Append
avenous Extremely Eager Foe Gratification
ravail Hard Work
ulminate To Explode, Denounce
paque Not Translucent
ursory Hasty, Superficial
mile Figure Of Speech Comparing Two Unlike Things
ligarchy Government By A Small Group Often For Corrupt Purposes
ugnacious Belligerent
mbody To Make Perceptible, Personify
olemic Involving Dispute
tude Musical Composition Used For Practice
cme Summit, Peak
estial Savage
rudite Learned
mpeccable Flawless
igment Fine Thread
eresy Anti-Religious Thought
djunct Auxiliary, Appendage
rdinance Statute
enizen Inhabitant
onplussed Perplexed
utrefy To Rot
octurnal Pertaining To Night
xacting Making Severe Demands
runcheon Club
epast Meal
pothecary Druggist
rovincial Having A Limited Outlook

eophyte Beginner, Convert

Misgiving Doubt
pprobation Approval, Consent
ffulgent Illuminated
eliquary Container For Sacred Objects
uerile Childish, Silly

laudit Expression Of Approval

ilatory Tardy, Lagging
ontificate To Orate, Make Dogmatic Statements
ivility Politeness, Affability
etaliate To Get Even
undit Learned Person
xtol To Laud
fface To Wipe Out, Erase
aptious Touchy, Cross
adence Measured Movement
einous Hateful, Evil
emerity Foolish Boldness
ffrontery Impudence
djure To State On Oath
ratuity Tip
nmity Hostility
nave Credit For An Achievement, Praise
ugubrious Affectedly Mournful
egent One Who Rules
mportune To Urge Persistently
Multifarious Diverse
aucity Scarcity
dventitious Accidental
apid Tasteless, Flat
urrogate Deputy, Substitute
atent Hidden
agacious Shrewdly Discerning
erspicacity Keen Judgment

alpable Obvious, Easily Perceived

nnotator Commentator
Malevolent Arising From An Evil Will
eterogeneous Differing In Structure, Mixed

erate To Scold
arnage Slaughter, Massacre
mbroglio Confused Situation
iggardly Stingy
Mendicant Beggar
egetate To Lead An Inactive Life
issure Cleft Or Crack
ntipathy Aversion, Dislike
iennial - Every Two Years
Mesmerize Hypnotize
onsummate To Complete
iable Capable Of Living Or Functioning
iligent Industrious, Assiduous
efectory Dining Hall
ravesty Ridiculous Representation
rchipelago Chain Of Island
ropensity Natural Tendency
lternation - Recurrence, Succession
onvoke To Assemble
upidity Avarice, Greed

orology Science Of Measuring Time

roclivity Inclination
rigand Robber, Bandit
edulous Diligent
enial Excusable
edition Rebellion
ecrepit Run-Down, Worn-Out
Wroth Angry
omestible Edible
ver Assert
onvulse To Shake Violently, Agitate
randeur Splendor
stral Starry
rux Vital Point
ixilated Amusingly Eccentric
roach To Start A Discussion
nimical Hostile
Weal Well-Being
nveterate Firmly Established
las Indifferent

pawn To Deposit Egg, Bring Forth

erforce Of Necessity
abal Intrigue, Faction
onjecture Guess, Conclusion
ompendious Spacious
ntenable Unable To Be Occupied Or Defended
uppress To Keep From Public Knowledge
iscord Disagreement
istraught Mentally Upset
mpecunious Having No Money, Poor
pbraid To Scold, Reproach
xhort To Entreat, Appeal Urgently
alient Conspicuous
mmolate To Offer In Sacrifice
egemony Dominance Of Authority
ravado Pretense Of Bravery
ernicious Destructive, Fatal
ppall To Terrify, Shock
udgel Club
rofane Irreligious
ermillion Bright Red Pigment
urloin To Steal
pus Work, Composition
bstruct To Stop, Close
ituperate To Berate
ajole To Coax, Flatter
minous Threatening
uild Organization Of Persons With Common Interests
orollary Inference, Result
njunction Court Order, Command
ropinquity Neatness
earth Scarcity
nomaly Abnormality, Deviation
chematic Diagrammatic
indictive Wanting Revenge
purious False, Not Genuine
ncomium Glowing Praise
Myopia Nearsightedness
omatic Physical, Of The Body
olity Political Organization
ongruous Appropriate, In Agreement

wit To Taunt
upervene To Happen Additionally Or Unexpectedly
rbit Revolving Path
nsipid Dull, Tasteless
ncorrigible Not Able To Be Corrected, Delinquent
ohesion A Sticking Together
remulous Trembling
amut Entire Range
Wry Twisted
volve To Develop Gradually
ostulate Hypothesis, Axiom
xecrable Detestable
irade Long, Vehement Speech Or Denunciation
Magistrate Official Who Administers Laws
emission Pardon, Forgiveness, Abatement
xpunge To Erase
enacious Persistent, Tough
enitence Sorrow For Sins
epotism Favoritism Shown Relatives
ecant To Pour
vert Done Openly

tupor Loss Of Sensibility

onstrict To Shrink
fficacious Effective
exapod Something With Six Legs
iasco Complete Failure
otpourri Mixture
erspective Sense Of Proportion
uoyancy Lightness, Animation
hlegmatic Sluggish
hilander To Court With No Intention Of Marriage
urreptitious Acting In A Secret And Stealthy Way
erity Truth
and Cause Of Harm
bsolve To Pardon
ogus Counterfeit
bstract Summary
nclement Stormy
isconcert To Confound, Disturb
onfiguration Shape, Arrangement

issonant Lacking Harmony

llocate To Distribute
Metamorphosis Change Of Form
arrister Court Lawyer
eterrent Constraint, Preventative
ervor Ardor, Zeal
radient Slope
idle To Move Sidewise
efinitive Explicit, Conclusive
roll Funny, Amusing
ndemic Restricted To A Given Locality
anacea Remedy For All Maladies
lucidate To Make Clear
upine Indolent, Prone
ocund Cheerful
hauvinism Fanatical Patriotism
nclave Distinct Unit Surrounded By Foreign Territory
nvincible Unconquerable
oquacious Talkative
enege To Go Back On A Promise