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Work Method Statement


Cutting off Pile

a) Excavation





Project No:


Site supervisor has to make sure the bucket of the excavator (e.g. Hitachi EX 200) does not knock the piles.

Site supervisor has to ensure that the soil around the side of piles has to be cleared out manually by general workers using the hoe.

Transfer the TBM to the side of each R.C. piles by using levelling instrument.

Cut off the pile using the concrete cutter and breaker.

c) Lapping

Pile starter bars lapping should refer to the drawing specification.

Lean Concrete

Site supervisors check the level by using leveling instrument.

Site supervisors check the structure base is fully covered by the lean concrete before the installation of formwork.

Site supervisor transfers all the gridline points from the reference points given by the licensed surveyor to the timber reference pegs
according to the construction drawing.
Formwork shall be installed according to the transferred gridline.

Go through Reinforced Concrete Inspection Form Checklist to ensure compliance with QA/QC requirement.

Site supervisors check the verticality of formwork by using method of spirit level.

Site supervisor ensure the formwork strutting and bracing are adequate.

Internal surface of the formwork to be coated with non-stained form oil.

Site supervisors check the Mill certificate from the supplier according to BS4449 during the material delivery to site.

Prefabricate of structure steel bar according to the construction drawing.

Fix the fabricated steel bar into the formwork according to the construction drawing. Go through Reinforced Concrete Inspection Form

Site supervisors ensure that the rebar are to be free from dirt and rust.

b) Cut off level


Activity: Reinforced Concrete Works

Installing Formwork

Installing Rebar

Work Method Statement




Project No:

Go through Reinforced Concrete Inspection Form Checklist, to ensure compliance with QA/QC requirement.

Ready Mix Concrete Grade shall be according to the Specification which is approved by Consultant Engineer.

Sampling frequency according to the Specification.

Site supervisor check for dispatch time to ensure concrete from the concrete truck can be placed within allowed time frame.

Site supervisor checks that concrete slump in compliance with the Trial Mix design witnessed by Clerk of Works.

Poker Vibrators to be carry out by skilled concreter to ensure proper compaction.

Site supervisors provide sufficient lighting for concreting at night.

Site supervisors provide canvass to cover freshly placed concrete if it rains suddenly.

Site supervisors check M&E pipe penetration positions according to relevant M&E construction drawing. (if any)

Refer to M&E Work Method Statement.

Dismantling of formwork should obtained approval from the consultant.

Site supervisors check for any cracks or honeycombs of the concrete. If any, then apply for approval of method of rectification.

Site supervisor has to ensure that the unsuitable materials (e.g. waste timber, rubbish, cut off piles etc.) cannot be backfilled.

Site supervisors ensure that the fill is compacted by using rammer or plate compactor prior to receive lean concrete.



Installing M&E
sleeves (if any)


Dismantling of Formwork


Activity: Reinforced Concrete Works