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Mobile (+91) 74 171 25 755,

Email - mail2fahad@gmail.com

Competent & result oriented Petrochemical Engineering professional with

demonstrated success in Process Design , HYSY, HTRI, HAZOP & Process
improvement. 10 years of exp. Fluent in English




M/s. India Glycols Limited as a Deputy Manager

From 10/2007 to Present (Total Experience ~ 7.0 Years)
India Glycols holds the distinction of being the only green petrochemical company of its kind. It is one of
the leading manufacturers of Mono Ethylene glycols, Glycol Ether, Acetates, Ethoxylates and PEGs,
performance chemicals, Natural gums and potable alcohol with turnover of nearly 4000 crores.
Ennature Biopharma (subsidiary of India Glycols) specialises in the development and manufacture of
natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), nutraceuticals, natural food colours, standardised
herbal extracts and spice extracts for the beverage, dietary supplement, functional food,
pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

M/s. MVS Engineering Limited as a Project Engineer

From 07/2006 to 09/2007 (Total Experience ~ 1.0 Year)
A premier organization engaged in manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning of skid
mounted units like Oxygen (PSA/VPSA/VSA), Nitrogen (PSA), Hydrogen gas Plants, Ammonia crackers
and dealing with national and international turnkey projects.

M/s. Bharat Oil Company as a Production Engineer:

From 05/2005 to 06/2006 (Total Experience ~ 1.0 Year)
BOC is authorized by UPSPCB and CPCB to lift, transport from all over the continent of India to treat and
recycle used oils and waste oils at its facility in Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, UP, India .




Mono Ethylene Glycol Plant

Ethoxylate & Surfactants Plant
API (Active Pharma Ingredients) Unit
Lignocellulosic Alcohol Unit
Boiler , Steam Turbine, Cooling Tower, DM Plant, Chilling Unit, Instrument Air Unit





Expertise in Feasibility Studies and Plant scale up based on Pilot & Lab trials.
Basic engineering package comprises of HMB, PFD, PID, Line List, EPDS, IPDS, and Interlock List

Expertise in sizing of Lines, Control valve, Safety & Breather valve, Pump NPSHA, Vessel, Tanks,

Separators etc.
Modelling and optimization using HYSYS & HTRI on routine basis.
Extensive use of simulations in cross checking vendor technical details of Columns, Exchangers &

other equipment.

Expertise in Designing of process Safety systems & Headers.

Package review submitted by Basic engineering & detailed engineering Consultant.
Conversant and designing systems under the guidelines of with International Codes like ASME, API,

& IS codes.
Layout discussions, Equipment Inspection, Preparation of SOPs, Participation in pre-commissioning,

commissioning activities and start-up of the plant.





Petrochemical Plant Inhouse Ethoxylation capacity Expansion by 1500 MT/Month: Basic engineering, vendor offer
evaluation, HAZOP & Detailed engg discussions. Major equipment involved are Batch Reactor,
Melters, Pretreatment vessels, Raw material & Product Tanks, EO Facilities, Scrubber, Heat
Exchangers, PHE, Vacuum ejectors, pumps, , Control valve & safety valves etc.
Freezes the future requirement of Steam & Power by recommending 52 TPH Steam Boiler with 8.6
MW Steam turbine : Sizing of the HP & LP Headers, Finalization of the hook-up points, Vendors
offer evaluation, participation in vendor meetings & kick off meetings, MOC & HAZOP participation.
Actively participation in pre-commissioning, commissioning activities and start-up.
Thermosyphon Reboiler revamps Calculation: This was a revamp job to check whether the existing
Alcohol column reboiler is capable of handling increased process flow. The Simulation was
performed on HTRI and found suitable with small recommendation.
Lignocellulose Alcoholic Plant installation to meet the better profitability of one of the product.
Review of vendors package, comments on offers, Utilities headers sizing, layout discussions &
HAZOP. Major Equipment involved are CSTR & Plug flow reactors, Ammonia water separation
column, vent Scrubbers, Mixers, Decanters, membranes, Pumps, Heat exchangers, Tanks vessels

API Plant

Basic engineering & HAZOP of 12 tons Curcumin extraction plant.

Sizing of the aqueous Ethanol/Acetone Distillation column using HYSYS simulation.
Finalizes the Ethanol Dryer Unit by reviewing the offer technically & within the budgetary cost.
Provided technical assistance in installing 3*300 L Super critical fluid extraction plant.
Basic engineering of 5 KL Fermenter, Sizing calculations of Equipment & Instruments.
Overall mass & Energy balance of Solvent, suggested minimizing the losses with some
4 TPH Boiler installations considering futuristic steam demand, sizes all Utilities Headers.
Finalizes the cooling capacity & installed 2* 600 M3/Hr. Cooling Towers: Did Tech. evaluation of the
Design whole plant Steam, cooling water & Instrument air headers.
Enhanced the capacity of Chilled water by revamping Chilled water system.
Changes the provision of heating source in GLR from steam to return hot water.

Effluent & Pollution Reductions Schemes:

Atmospheric pollution reduction by proposing Electrostatic Precipitator in Distillery waste fired

Effluent reductions and savings of Oil by proposing Oil skimmers in multi locations of the plant.

Energy Savings & Reutilization:

Heat recovery proposal by generating flash steam from Blow down hot water of the 9 Boilers
thereby energy savings of nearly 8 Million INR Per annum.
High pressure steam header steam trap Condensate recovery and utilization in nearby boilers
Currently working on replacing steam ejector with vacuum pump in one of condensing turbine.
Proposal prepared for the re utilization of strong acid and base in weak acid Cation and anion in
DM Plant.


Participated in HAZOP for New Propylene oxide derivative plant to identify potential hazards and
operability problems associated with the deviations.
Participated in HAZOP of Solvent extraction plant. Identified the possible ways in which hazards
and related operating problems may arise & investigated provisions in the design for safe

Others Activities:
An active member
An active member
An active member
formulation plant.
An active member

of internal audit team

of 5S Audit team.
of KAIZEN team, floated ideas regarding material waste reductions in
of PSM activity team.





MVS Engineering Co.

Accountabilities Preparation of P&ID, Hydraulic calculation, datasheets & interlock table.
Erection and commissioning of pressure adsorption based Oxygen and Nitrogen gas skid mounted

Major Projects-

Successfully Commissioned 80 NM3/hr. PSA Nitrogen units in Carotech Bhd in Sitiawan Malaysia.
Successfully Commissioned 80 NM3/hr. PSA Nitrogen units in Surya Limited Gwalior India.

Bharat Oil Company

Accountabilities Monitoring day to day production
Troubleshooting of routine plant problems.



Attended & passed 3 days workshop on ISO 50001 conducted by DNV.

Attended 3 days training in HAZOP Studies and workshop.
Attended 2 days Programme on Energy efficiency optimization and Corrosion monitoring and
Attended 2 days Armstrong Steam Seminar covering Applications, Selection, Installation of Steam

--------------------------------- ACADEMIA & PERSONAL DOSSIER

------------------------ Pursuing National Certification course for Energy Manager from Bureau of Energy Efficiency
conducted by Government of India.

Bachelor of Technology in Petro Chemical Engineering from Aligarh Muslim

University (http://www.amu.ac.in/) in 2004 with 62 % Marks.

Marital Status Married ,

Nationality - Indian ,
Date of Birth 22/12/1981
Passport L3234095 (Validity up to 2023)
Permanent Address Mohalla Hussingunj (Kamraha) Near Rahmania Inter College, Town -Maudaha,
Distt.-Hamirpur, U.P-210507 India,