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October 27, 2014


Cebu City
Dear Mr. Salandron,
We are pleased to offer you employment with CRMWorks ASIA Inc. (the Company)
for the position of BPO Operations Manager commencing October 27, 2014.
This offer is made to you on the following terms and conditions:


a. You shall be on probation for a period of three (3) months commencing on
your first day of work with the Company. During your probationary period, you
will be working with us on a trial basis to determine your fitness for
b. On the 2nd and 3rd month of your employment, a performance appraisal will
conduct by the human resources, your immediate supervisor and the client,
to determine your eligibility for regularization based on the following criterion:
your performance, attitude, skills and other employment related attributes
and characteristic.
c. The Company may terminate your employment, even prior to the expiration
of your probationary period, for any just and authorized causes provided by
existing law, or if you fail to meet reasonable standards of satisfactory
performance. In such event, you will be entitled to collect only your salary up
to the end of working hours of the last day of your actual service.
d. Upon favourable evaluation, on or before the end of the probationary period,
your employment status will be converted to regular. You will be advised of
your regular employment via a written notice.


a. You will receive a monthly base salary of Forty Thousand Pesos (Php
40,000.00), which is equivalent to an annual salary of Four Hundred
Eighty Thousand Pesos (Php 480,000.00), half of which is payable no
later than the last day of each calendar month.
b. In addition to your gross monthly salary, you will receive additional ten
percent (10%) BPO Profit Share.
c. During your Probationary Period you will be entitled to the following:
1. You will also receive the government mandated 13th month pay, which
is one-twelfth (1/12) of the total basic salary earned by an employee
within a calendar year, on a monthly basis at the end of each month.
CRMWorks ASIA Inc. 2/F Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines
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2. You shall be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary travel and
other incidental expenses paid or incurred by you in the performance of
your duties. You shall provide Company with original receipts for such
3. A mobile phone with plan will be provided for business and reasonable
personal use.
4. Statutory benefits like the SSS, Philhealth & Pag-ibig is automatically
given upon joining the company.
5. Paternity Leave/Maternity; and
6. Other benefits and privileges as may be provided for by the Philippine
Labor Law.
d. Upon becoming a regular employee after successful completion of your
probationary period you will be eligible to receive the following benefit in
addition to the above:
1. You will be entitled of an HMO insurance which covers annual physical
exam, medical, dental and hospitalization benefits, including accident
and death providence benefits. And at the discretion of the CEO, this
HMO benefit may be extended to qualified immediate dependents. You
can opt for salary deduction to add dependents upon approval of the
2. A Vacation Leave of 0.5 for every month or 6 days/calendar year.
3. A Sick Leave of 0.5 for every month or 6 days/calendar year.
e. CRMWorks ASIA shall provide training and seminars to its employees that
will equip them with the right knowledge and skills necessary on the job.
These trainings may come in formal or informal setting. Training and learning
is ongoing i.e. Webinars, Videos & Sugar Portal.

a. You agree to sign Companys standard Employee Nondisclosure Agreement
and Proprietary Rights Assignment as a condition of your employment. We
wish to impress upon you that we do not wish you to bring with you any
confidential or proprietary material of any former employer or to violate any
other obligation to your former employers.
b. You understand that any misrepresentation in this regard may give rise to
dismissal for cause from the Company.


a. You will be directly reporting to Mr. David A. Gill, our CEO. During the course
of your employment with the employer as the BPO Operations Manager, you
will learn to carry out such functions but not limited to the following:
Purpose of Position:
You will take responsibility for the day to day running of the department, to
achieve KPIs and SLAs. Through effective management of Team Leader and
agents and to deliver a proactive, flexible, customer-focused and results driven
environment. Building effective working relationships with other departments
providing technical and operational support to the Call Center and to the
business as a whole.
CRMWorks ASIA Inc. 2/F Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines
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Main Responsibilities:

To produce a profitable business unit thru the achievement of KPI's and

Promote a strong customer service and sales culture based on Company
strategy, standards and policies.
Lead, manage, and develop a team, setting and encouraging high
standards of performance and professionalism, in line with SLAs and KPIs
Advising clients on products and services available.
Keep abreast of changes in the Call Center industry and provide
recommendations to the Management, where relevant.
Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry developments and
involvement in networks.
To create and manage a staff development process for operations to
enable the management to deliver effective succession planning.
Audit processes and provide recommendations to the management, to
ensure required adherence and feasibility of potential improvements.
Analyze staffing numbers and workflows to ensure efficient utilization of
Proactively investigate and respond to any instances of potential
fraudulent internal and/or external activities, reporting outcomes to the
To take responsibility for productivity, quality and resourcing which will
assist the Financial Officer to comply with budget and forecasting and
analyzing data against budget figures on a weekly and/or monthly basis.
To work as a team to achieve SLAs and KPIs set.
To hold regular 1-on-1s with direct reports (agents).
To work in partnership with the HR to assist in Call Center recruitment,
endorses applicants for hiring.
To ensure your team manages attendance/quality/productivity/attitude of
Call Center employees, working in partnership with HR, following relevant
company procedures.
To review the performance of staff, identify training needs and plan
training sessions.
To assist Management in carrying out needs assessments, performance
reviews and cost/benefit analyses.
Perform other duties commensurate with the role.
b. You will work forty four (40) hours a week from Monday to Friday, exclusive of
one (1) hour meal break but is inclusive of two (2) fifteen (15)-minute breaks
(part of compensable period).
c. It is also expected that, due to nature of the business, from time to time, you
may be required to work occasional additional hours.
d. You agree to perform the duties and responsibilities assigned to you with
utmost zeal and devotion, under pain of being cited for gross inefficiency,
which is failing to attain work goals and quotas within the allotted reasonable
period, producing unsatisfactory results, resulting in a performance rating of
average or its equivalent under the Companys performance appraisal
system. You hereby recognize that gross inefficiency is a cause analogous to
the just cause for termination from employment.
CRMWorks ASIA Inc. 2/F Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines
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e. Your duties and responsibilities may change from

managements discretion according to business needs.







a. The Company shall provide you with an Employees Handbook and you agree
to abide by all the Company rules and policies during the course of you
employment. In addition, you agree to refrain, during your employment with
the Company, from engaging in any activity which is prejudicial to the
interests of the Company or which will interfere with the performance of your
job, whether during or outside Company hours, without the prior written
consent of the Company. You agree to give immediate notice to the Company
of any possible conflict of interest, which you may have.
b. All employees regardless of position/rank must strictly follow EOP (English
Only Policy) at all times while inside company premises, during company
related activities and including company Skype conversations.
c. A payroll cut-off has been established to enable the payroll staff/officer to
compute payment for the days worked, including overtime, holidays and
other benefits payment. Services rendered from the period 26th of the
previous month up to the 10th of the current month, pay-out will be on the
15th of the month. Services rendered from the 11th up to the 25th, pay-out
will be at the 30th of the month.
d. The company adheres to the policy on waste segregation, to strictly follow the
rule of disposing our waste, separating the biodegradable from nonbiodegradable. Wrap all waste in newspaper before putting it in the bin.
e. The Company constrains its employees to engage in borrowing or lending

It is the responsibility of the employee to keep yo work station neat and

clean, ei. cleaning of tables, pcs, monitors, drawers & etc..

g. You are required to follow the policy on the daily time in and out at the office.
Failure on your part to log in or out w/o valid reason is considered an absent
w/o pay. This is being done in order to have a correct and exact time
recording for payroll preparation and attendance evaluation purposes.
h. You agree that the company reserves the right to browse and check the
company IM Skype account and E-mail account from time to time, whether in
random or scheduled.

Exploring the internet and using personal mobile phones during working
hours for non-business related purposes is strictly prohibited. You can glance
through social networking sites and you can use your personal mobile phone
during your break periods, lunch break or after office hours.


You agree that while employed in the company it is not allowed and
acceptable to write or publish any negative attributes about the company, its
staff, customers & clients.

CRMWorks ASIA Inc. 2/F Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines
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k. In case you intend to resign from the Company, you are required to notify the
Company at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of your
resignation. However, it is within the sole discretion of the Company whether
or not to accept such resignation be effective earlier than the expiration of
said period.



a. You agree to abide by all the Company rules and regulations. You are required
to comply with all the existing and future rules, regulations and policies of the
Company as well as those which may hereafter be issued, including but not
limited to those governing order and discipline, honesty, safety and security,
work assignments and standard operating procedures, use of Company
properties and access to matters of confidentiality, and such other rules
deemed necessary in the conduct of our business.
b. You agree to devote all working hours to the Company and refrain, during
your employment with the Company, from working for another employer in
other business, whether within or outside or your working hours, without the
prior written consent of the Company.
c. You shall not engage in any other business while employed in the Company.
Also you shall not engage in any activity that conflicts with your duties to the
d. You agree and understand that all records and documents of the Company
and all information, including compensation details, whether electronic or
otherwise, pertaining to its business or affairs shall be kept in the strictest
confidence, and that no unauthorized disclosure or reproduction of the same
shall be made at any time during or after your employment with the
Company, unless with prior authority.
e. You agree not to discuss such information with anyone as it will constitute
breach of confidence and trust sufficient ground for immediate termination of
your employment for just cause and/or civil and criminal liability.

You agree that all Company records, documents and property in your custody
or control shall be immediately surrendered to the Company, if requested,
during your employment, and at the termination thereof, whether or not
requested. You agree that should you decide to leave employment with the
Company, you will provide the company with at least 30days notice prior to

g. All systems, computer programs, disks or other storage media, operating

instructions and all other documentation whether in electronic form or
otherwise developed, relating to the business of the Company are strictly
Company property and may not be removed from Company premises,
reproduced or otherwise copied without prior authority from the Company.
h. The Company shall have the maximum and sole discretion permitted by law
to modify, amend, or otherwise change the corporate structure or name of
the company (provided such change does not materially affect your
employment status) and all company policies, plans and benefit programs,
including, but not limited to, the Companys medical plan and provider. You
agree to be bound by all such modifications, amendments and/or changes.
CRMWorks ASIA Inc. 2/F Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines
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You agree that all records, documents & databases of the Company, and all
information pertaining to its business and/or its affairs and that of its
customers are absolutely confidential and unauthorized disclosure or
reproduction of the same will not be made by you at any time during or after
your employment. You agree that any breach of confidentiality will constitute
sufficient ground for immediate termination of your employment for cause
and/or civil and criminal liability. You will hold in confidence this agreement.



a. Any breach of the foregoing covenants, direct or indirect, shall constitute

sufficient grounds for termination for cause, for any and all such breach of the
confidentiality and competition clauses of this agreement without prejudice to
other reliefs, penal or otherwise, available in accordance with law.
b. You may be terminated for any of the sufficient causes as provided for by law
or for violation of Company rules and regulations. In case of resignation, one
(1) month notice in writing must be submitted to the Company. You are
required to return all Company manuals, tools, ID, etc., that were issued to
you by the company upon your separation from employment so that your
final pay can be released.


If any of the provisions of this Agreement are determined to be invalid, illegal, or
unenforceable, such provisions shall be modified to the minimum extent
necessary to make such provisions enforceable, and the remaining provisions
shall continue in full force and effect to the extent the economic benefits
conferred upon the parties by this Agreement remain substantially unimpaired
In witness whereof, each party to this Agreement has caused it to be executed on
the date indicated on the first page of this Agreement.
If you agree with the above terms and conditions, please indicate your conformity
by signing on the space provided below for this purpose.

HR Manager

I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have read and have fully understood the foregoing terms
and conditions of my employment with CRMWORKS ASIA, Inc. and that I accept
the same completely.


CRMWorks ASIA Inc. 2/F Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines
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CRMWorks ASIA Inc. 2/F Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City 6000 Philippines
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