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B2 Extra Vocabulary Tests

Test 9

1. Choose the word (A, B, C, or D) that best completes the sentence.

1 She said that what she wears helps her who she is.
A respect
B express
C personalise
D appeal
2 She said that she believed clothing was just as good as the more expensive clothes in the shops.
A brand
B ongoing
C mass-market
D fashion
3 Brian says that he would be embarrassed if he were wearing brand name trainers.
A respected
B expressed
C quizzed
D spotted
4 The teacher complained that young people didnt know how to show their . any more.
A lifestyle
B trends
C individuality
D issues
5 Kevin told me that he refused to follow fashion and that he would wear whatever he felt
comfortable in.
A respect
B chains
C trends
D issues
6 He explained that famous like Nescafe, BMW, and Coco sold well because they were so wellknown.
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Activate! B2 Extra Vocabulary Tests

Test 9

A designer labels
B status symbols
C fashion victims
D brand names
7 My brother declared that he was going to change his and become a better person.
A respect
B lifestyle
C trend
D issue
8 My mother asked me when I would stop being a victim and start wearing what made me feel
A fashion
B designer
C status
D brand
9 The manager warned the young boy that if the detective ever caught him stealing again, he
would call the police.
A bargain
B store
C special
D chain
10 Sherry congratulated her daughter on getting the trendy new clothes at such prices.
A bargain
B window
C chain
D store
11 Even though she had no money, Carol begged me to go shopping with her.
A store
B chain
C window
Developed by Pearson Longman Hellas

Activate! B2 Extra Vocabulary Tests

Test 9

D fitting
12 Although I couldnt afford the jeans, my sister persuaded me to go into the rooms and try
them on.
A window
B fitting
C bargain
D special

Marks / 12

2. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

1 The article in The Guardian stated that baggy trousers were going to be very in/over that year
and every woman should own a pair.
2 The shop assistant told me that mini skirts were so over/into and that I would look silly wearing
3 You should always try clothes in/on before buying them.
4 Dont know what to wear to a party? Dont worry, help is off/at hand!
5 We picked off/up some great bargains in the January sales.
6 Buying a car isnt like buying clothes; you should shop around/about before you make your final
7 Grace wants to show on/off how rich she is by wearing her new fur coat.
8 A store detective came up/out to me in the middle of the shop and accused me of stealing!
9 Wide trousers are completely out/away of fashion; throw them away!

Developed by Pearson Longman Hellas


Activate! B2 Extra Vocabulary Tests

Test 9

10 Jake is really over/into heavy metal music; he doesnt listen to anything else.

Marks / 10

3. Complete the sentences with words to do with the fashion industry. All the letters
are given, but they are mixed up.


She put all her shopping into a . bag and left the


I cant afford to buy . labels; I usually buy my clothes in

the high street.


This . bag can only be bought from one store in the UK

and there is a waiting list of five hundred!


Some people like to . their accessories by having their

initials printed on them.


The Birkin Bag which costs thousands of pounds is a .

symbol for many rich and famous women.


I never


The company . is printed on all their bags and receipts.


Mum buys all her beauty . at The Body Shop.


It seems that designer clothes are losing their . amongst

young people.



Fashion designers have a huge amount of . over peoples

tastes and decisions.

Marks / 10

4. Complete each sentence with one word in each space.

1 Fran likes to . off how rich she is by wearing expensive clothes and jewellery.
2 Are hats going to be . fashion this winter?
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Activate! B2 Extra Vocabulary Tests

Test 9

3 Is it ok if I pay by . card?
4 I always . a laugh with my friends when we go out shopping.
5 I always do my Christmas shopping in a big department . because you can find absolutely
everything there.
6 This years .-have is a little black dress from D & G.
7 She always tries to dress in the most fashionable clothes, but sometimes she . it wrong.
8 Do you think I . fat in these jeans?

Marks / 8

Total Marks / 40

Developed by Pearson Longman Hellas


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