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This DEED OF TRUST is executed this day of August 9, 2005 at Nattamai Complex, JKM Road,
Vilandai- Andimadam (PO), Udayarpalayam (Tk), Perambalur District, PIN 621801 Tamil Nadu. in order to
fulfill the mission and vision of the Patron Thiru. S. SOMASUNDARAM, Andimadam for the betterment of the
society by Mr. J.BALARAMAN S/o S. Jayaveeran, aged 31, residing at

South street, Andimadam (P.O),

Udayarpalaym Taluk, Perambalur (Dt), PIN 621801.Tamil Nadu INDIA. (hereinafter called the Founder of the
Trust and Managing Trustee)
Whereas the Founder & Managing Trustee of the Trust being desirous of Establishment of a Trust for
Public Charitable, Education Purposes and Contribution initial sum of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only)
The Founder Trustee appointed the Trustees and the Constitution of the Trust would be as follows:

1. Mr J. BALARAMAN S/o S. Jayaveeran, Aged 31, South Street, Andimadam- (PO),

Udayarpalayam Taluk, Perambalur District, Pin: 621801
- Founder and Managing Trustee

-22. Mr. K. TAMILSELVAN S/o Kumarasamy, Aged 32, Marungoor, Thular (PO),
Sendurai Taluk, Perambalur District - Pin 621719

- Financial Trustee

3. Mr. D. ANANDHAKRISHNAN S/o Dhanapal, Aged 30, Valakkollai (PO),

Chidambaram (TK), Cuddalore District.

- Trustee

Whereas the Founder Trustee and Trustees of the Trust is interested in promoting and rendering
services to the common public by way of providing socio-economic, educational and medicinal needs
of down trodden people of India in time and space.
The address of the registered office of the Trust is at Nattamai Complex, JKM Road,
Andimadam (PO), Udayarpalayam (Tk), Perambalur Dt, TamilNadu
Now the Deed of Trust witnesseth as follows:


a) To render voluntary service for the welfare and development of common people both in rural and
urban areas, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, language, sex or other discriminating
b) To provide a common platform for social, educational, economic, political, legal and environmental
advancement of people in need
c) To assist poor and disadvantaged people particularly women, disabled and children to understand
their potential and to self develop through their voluntary action
d) To organize people into like-minded groups, like women self help groups, farmers group, Youth
group etc., to exercise collective planning and action
e) To establish, maintain and Manage Colleges, Professional colleges, Schools and Technical and
non technical Institutions of all kinds with hostel and/or boarding facility including Research
Institutions for good education and advancement of knowledge to poor and unaffordable people
with special emphasis to Womens education

To profess and undertake sustainable Agriculture development activities involving Organic farming
methods and specially help small and marginal farmers

g) To develop and undertake herbal cultivation and to importance of alternative herbal Medicines and
nutritional substitutes
h) To assist the people in need to undertake improved animal husbandry, cottage and small scale
industries and cooperative ventures to enhance their economic condition and to effect sustainable

To initiate and promote family welfare, adult literacy, non formal education, general awareness
education specifically on health and hygiene, environmental sanitation, reproductive and child
health etc.,


To assist women and men to form Self help groups with savings and credit activities and to
promote rural banking in villages

k) To establish and run various vocational/skill training centers to help youth to develop their selfemployment skills

To establish and run Special schools and Institutions for physically and mentally challenged people
in the community

m) To establish and run care homes/boarding homes for orphan children, aged people, widows,
destitute and deserted women and children
n) To develop the Languages in Tamil and etc, Agriculture, Computer concept technology and etc
o) To run Meditation & Yoga training centres, Computer training centres and study centres.

To procure and manufacture of herbal medicines, Siddha Medicines, Traditional medicines,

Ayurvedha, Unani, Homeopathy, Allopathic and naturopathy medicines.

q) To establish and run hospitals, health centers, maternity homes, child clinics and specialized
medical care Institutions without profit motive to cater the need of poor and unaffordable people
r) To undertake and promote rural community health programs in deserving villages
s) To undertake programs to protect the environment and to make use of the non-conventional
energy resources to profess sustainable development

To undertake emergency relief works for the victims of flood, fire, famine, earthquake and other
disasters which impede development

u) To identify the hidden human resources among poor, disadvantaged people particularly in the
fields of Sports, Music, fine arts and other creative works and to develop the same for the
respective individuals and the society at large

-5v) To develop, defend public justice and solve problems of the oppressed and to safeguard and
protect the Fundamental rights guaranteed to all Indian citizens in the Constitutio0n of India
w) To develop required infrastructure, buildings and other assets necessary to carryout the objects of
this Trust
x) To print and publish books, pamphlets, leaflets, magazines, periodicals, journals etc. on the
activities, development and other common issues pertaining the objects of the Trust and distribute
them free or at cost to public

The office of the Trust shall be situated now at #5/101F, Nattamai Complex, Near Bus Stand,
JKM Road, Vilandai -Andimadam (PO), Udayarpalayam Taluk, Perambalur District, 621801
Tamil Nadu and in future at such other place or places in India as the Trustees may decide
upon from time to time.


The Managing Trustee has to carry on the objects with co - operation of the Trustees.


The number of Trustees shall not be less than three and not more than five, provided however
that if the number of Trustees become less than three the surviving or the continuing Trustees
shall be entitled to act with a view to appoint Trustees or Trustee so as to bring the number of
Trustees to the minimum as here in provided.


To promote the objects of the Trust the Trustees are entitled to constitute or reconstitute or
dissolve any of the Committees as required to the nature of works from time to time.


The Trustees are empowered to acquire any movable or immovable properties for the benefit
of Trust and also in the name of Trust. Also the Trustees are empowered to dispose any of the
properties, which are best to sell than maintain and the trustees deem fit and proper.


The trustees assume the office from the moment of election/appointment and remain office for
two years and can be re-appointed and also be removed even before the term is over.


Every property of the Trust, movables or immovable to be acquired in future shall be kept in
the name of the Trust.


The tenure of the Founder Trustee Author/ Settler of the Trust Mr. J.BALARAMAN is the
permanent Managing Trustee of the Trust till his lifetime.


Whenever any Trustee resigns, dies or becomes insolvent or insane or so convicted of a

criminal offence involving moral turpitude or desires to be discharged from or refuses or
becomes unfit or incapable of acting, then in every case, the surviving or the continuing
Trustee or the Trustee being for the time shall be entitled to appoint as Trustee or Trustees in
the place of such Trustee or Trustees as the case may be.


The Trust shall be entitled to levy charges, subscription and etc. and collect such fees or
subscription and etc. as they may from time to time decide for the facilities to be provided at
which of its projects and for the use of any occupation of the rooms, auditorium any other part
of the buildings.


The Trust shall be entitled to frame rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, the
administration of the Trust, carrying out its objectives and facilities provided therein and to
alter, amend or any such rules and regulations from time to time as they may deem proper.
Such rules and regulations shall not be contravention of the provisions of the Indian Trust Act,
1882 and Income Tax Act, 1961 in this respect.


The Trustees shall keep proper accounts showing all receipts and disbursements made on
account of the Trust here by constituted and a Chartered Accountant shall duly audit the same
once in every year as Trust appoints.


The Managing Trustee shall have the full power to compromise or compound all actions/suits
and proceedings and all differences and demands and to refer any dispute or difference in
arbitration's and to adjust, settle and approve all accounts relating to the Trust Funds. The
Managing Trustee can sue and be sued on behalf of the Trust.


The Trustees shall be entitled to appoint from time to time Staffs, Professionals, Technical,
Non - Technical, Trainers and etc., with such powers and duties and upon such terms as to

-7duration of office remuneration or otherwise and at any time of suspend, dismiss, terminate, or
discharge any or such of them as the board of Trustees shall think proper, fit and necessary as
employed and to make provisions for the benefits of the Staff.

The Receipts by the Managing Trustee or any other person duly authorised by the Trustees for
the amount paid in respect of Trust fund or in respect of the Trust shall effectively discharge
the persons paying the same there from assessing to the applications thereof.


The Trustees for the time being under these presents shall be respectively chargeable only for
such amount as they shall respectively actually receive not with standing their respectively
signing any receipt or receipts for the sake of conformity and shall be answerable and
accountable for only their own acts, receipts, neglects or default and not for these or the others
or other of them or for any Banker or other person with whom or in whose hands any trust
amount may be deposited or comes or for any loss unless the same shall happen through their
or his own willful default.


The Trustees or Trustee for the time being may reimburse themselves or himself or pay and
discharge out of the Trust fund all expenses properly incurred in or about the execution of the
Trust or powers under these presents.


It is hereby declared that no benefit accrued shall ensure either directly or indirectly at the
Trustees part.


The Trust Fund shall be invested and keep invested and deal with the fund in accordance with
the provisions of section 13(1) (d) read with section 11(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


The Trustees shall authorise the Managing Trustee and Financial Trustee to open a savings
bank account or accounts and jointly operate with any one or more Scheduled Banks or
Nationalised Banks or Co - Operative Banks in the name of the Trust.


Every resolution or decision of the Trustees unless unanimous shall be taken by majority of the
Trustees present and voting and in the case of equality of vote, the Managing Trustee
presiding or chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote. The Trustees may pass any
resolution by circulation if it is unanimous.


For the purpose of carrying out objects of the Trust and for providing the facilities and
undertaking the activities as mentioned above, the Trustees shall be entitled to utilise the
funds of the trust as well as its income in such a manner as they shall be in their prudence and
judicious discretion deem it fir and proper.


To do business only if it is incidental to the attainment of the objectives of the Trust and within
the parameters lay down in section 11(4A) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


This Trust shall be IRREVOCABLE for all time.


The Trust shall be entitled to borrow loans from any state government or Central Government,
Nationalised or Scheduled Banks or any financial institutions or non - government financial
institutions any abroad agencies / Institutions and etc. and disburse of the same to the needy
people and to collect the loans and repay it.


Whereas the Trust shall be in the event of dissolution or winding up the funds shall not be paid
or distributed among its Trustees but shall be given to such other Trust which is having similar
aims and objects of this Trust as may be determined by the Trustees.


The amendments if any made to the Trust Deed will not be extended to alter the basic
character / object of the Trust and no such amendment which may prove to be repugnant to
the provision of section 2(15), 11, 12, 13 and 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


If any amendment is to be made, the same is to be made with the prior approval of
Commissioner of Income Tax.


All the above objects shall be for the benefit of general public without any distinction of caste,
class, colour, creed, sex or religion.


The Trust is not profit motivated.


No activity of the Trust will be carried out outside India.


No portion of the Trust Funds will be utilised for payment to trustees by way of Salary, Profit,
Interest, and Dividend etc.


The Trust may accept any donation, contribution, grant or subscription in cash or in kind from
any person, Institution or Body of Individuals or Association of Persons or Trust or
Organisations, with or without conditions from India or abroad. Incase of receipt of foreign
donations, permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs will have to be obtained and code
number will be obtained.


The Managing Trustee is empowered to execute agreement/ contract with internal and external
funding agencies such as Government Agencies, Financial Institutions and other Donor


The trust found will be deposited in the State bank of India, Varadarajanpettai by opening a
savings bank account.

It witness whereof the Founder Trustee hereto have hereunto seen put his hands, the day,
month and the year first herein above mentioned.

Drafted by:

T. Ganesan, (Document writer) Andimadam

Lic No: C1/2000 AYR