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RungePincockMinarco (RPM) is the undisputed market leader of open cut coal scheduling having
implemented scheduling systems in coal mines all over the world. Our success is underpinned by
over four decades of industry experience and our users benefit from our expertise.
Developed with one of the worlds leading coal producers and coupled with the industry
renowned XPAC scheduling engine and database, Open Cut Coal has a streamlined
interface with easy to use wizard-style workflow. Its simple to master and opens up
mine planning to users of all levels of proficiency.
Open Cut Coal has advanced logic that provides ultimate control while adapting to the
unique characteristics of your operation. You can now make informed decisions, decrease
risk and maximise the value of your deposit.
As a result of the standardised set of processes and configuration, you can implement Open
Cut Coal in less than half the time of conventional scheduling tools on the market, which
means you can start getting results sooner and with a predictable set-up cost.
Spend less time learning the software and more time planning the mine with Open Cut Coal.

The power of XPAC

Harnessing the power of our advanced XPAC scheduling engine, Open Cut Coal
generates schedules that have credibility at all levels of the business. Featuring
in-built intelligence that eliminates the need for custom-written scripts, you can
spend more time engineering and less time scripting an outcome.
Producing a schedule is quick, meaning you can rapidly run
many scenarios and analyse extra options, leading to less
operational risk and more confidence.
Explore these various scenarios and answer what if?
questions by modifying the rules at various steps of
the scheduling process. Deliver consistent production
schedules by easily creating mining rules that
intelligently cope with the unique realties of open cut
coal mines.
The specialised database gives the inbuilt XPAC
scheduling engine the advantage by allowing you
to handle large data sets with unrivalled stability.
Gain the visibility, confidence and
transparency to swiftly assist in producing
JORC and NI 43-101 compliance statements.

Scrutinise, evaluate and clearly relay production forecasting information with Open Cut Coals advanced
reporting features.
Open Cut Coal produces high quality 3D graphics combined with detailed spatial data to visually
represent the progress of your mine over time. Keep all stakeholders up to date with production forecasts
that can be confidently relied upon.
Combined with in-depth tables, graphs and data, Open Cut Coal allows you to quickly produce and
customise reports. Open Cut Coal makes it easy to generate reports, freeing you up to dedicate time to
analysing schedules.
Reports produced by Open Cut Coal can support downstream financial planning and provide inputs for
modelling tools such as XERAS.

Open Cut Coal features

The scheduling power of the latest XPAC engine, built on

decades of practical operational and technical expertise.

A script and macro-free environment.
A small learning curve making the software ideal for
advanced as well as novice users.
Flexibility to adapt your schedule to unique
Functionality to accept mine design data from major
geological packages.
A robust database that allows you to store, interrogate
and analyse large amounts of mining information.
Clear reporting on overlapping activities to allow you
to easily determine the priorities.

Open Cut Coal benefits

Achieve better operational outcomes from working with a solution that is purpose built for
your specialised commodity and mining method.

No trade-off for ease of use with auditability, accuracy and practicality of results.
Get up and running rapidly, with software implementation completed in half the time of
other systems on the market.

Quickly make changes, perform sensitivity analysis and run multiple scenarios to see how
output results will be affected.

RPMs inbuilt mining intelligence guides users through the scheduling process, making it

easy to learn. Your whole planning workforce can be involved reducing reliance on external
consultants or niche skills.
Using best practice standardised calculation methodologies for your data you can expect
consistent outputs, reducing variability between plan versus actuals.
A uniform framework assists in consistently stating Reserves for compliance reports
meaning you are able to compare apples with apples.

About XPAC Solutions

RungePincockMinarco developed XPAC Solutions to open traditionally complicated mine planning software to a larger and wider
audience of mine planners without compromising on power and flexibility. Each XPAC Solution focuses on a specific business-critical
mine planning function.
Our XPAC Solutions guide users through best practice mine planning by following in-built intelligence developed over four decades of
expertise and are purpose built to suit specific commodity and mining method combinations.
XPAC Solutions provide users with a smaller learning curve allowing for rapid upskilling of planning personnel while continuing to deliver
dependable, consistent mine plans. They reduce your projects reliance on niche technical skills, reduce the risks of human capital
shortfall and free up your senior planners from learning software.

Software Support
RungePincockMinarcos international network gives our customers multiple support options across multiple time zones. Our skilled
professionals provide both technical software support and extended implementation support, covering any model or customisation.
Access RungePincockMinarcos comprehensive support service by telephone or email, or get online and talk with our experts on the
RPM Forums. No matter where you are globally, no matter how remote, we can help.

About RungePincockMinarco
RungePincockMinarco is the worlds largest publicly listed independent group of mining technical experts, with history stretching back
to 1968. We have local expertise in all mining regions and are experienced across all commodities and mining methods.
Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 27 May 2008 (ASX: RUL), RungePincockMinarco is a global leader in the provision of
advisory consulting, technology and professional development solutions to the mining industry. We have global expertise achieved
through our work in over 118 countries and our approach to the business of mining is strongly grounded in economic principles.
We operate offices in 18 locations across 12 countries.

For more information visit rpmglobal.com or email info@rpmglobal.com.