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Product Specification

Regupol® Regugym
The ideal multipurpose Indoor Floor
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1. General Most of indoor facilities are designed to be usable for a multitude of

activities, like all ball games as well as gymnastics and/or aerobics and
even as meeting rooms, dancing halls etc.

To meet such a broad range of different requirements the selection of

the right sports floor is of utmost importance.

Not only is it important that all athletes feel comfortable and safe on
such a surface to achieve high performance levels but also must the
floor withstand the constant "abuse" f.e. by street shoes, food and drink
spills, cigarette burns, chair-and table rests, etc.

Granted physical properties, easy maintenance and long service life

are therefore of utmost importance to the athletes, the owners and last
but not least to the maintenance personnel.

2. Regupol Regugym The ideal flooring solution for small basketball facilities therefore are
polyurethane sandwich floors, like BSW's Regupol® Regugym
gymnasium floor. These floors meet all the requirements as mentioned
above, have a very low construction height (depending on the specific
requirements between 7 and 16 mm only) and are relatively

3. Production The composition and installation of this kind of flooring systems is as


The base is a prefabricated Regupol® rubber mat that is made from

selected SBR rubber grains and MDI based polyurethane binders.
Rubber and polyurethane are being blended in big volume, high speed
mixers and compressed in steel logs under dynamic forces of up to 50
metric tonnes until the polyurethane has cured. Off this log the mat is
peeled in thicknesses anywhere from 3 - 32 mm with maximum
deviations of +/- 0.1 mm and in widths of up to 1.5 m following strict
quality standards.The Regupol® mat can also be manufactured in
various densities to determine the physical properties of the floor to
the requirement of the particular use.
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Due to the ability of creating different specific properties like ball

rebound, shock absorbency, elasticity etc., the floors can be "tailor-
made" following the common national and international standards for
sports floors in conjunction with the specific requirements by the

4. Installation The prefabricated Regupol® mat is adhered to the approved substrate

that can consist of concrete, asphalt or wood. Adhesion is carried out
by means of special two-component polyurethanes or other glueing
agents, approved by the manufacturer.

Various layers of self-levelling polyurethane compounds are being

applied over the installed mat to seal the pores in the mat and
permanently connect the joints. The wear coat is applied in a
thickness of about 2 mm using a special two-component polyurethane
compound in a Shore hardness of Shore A 80. Since this process is
being carried out as a "wet-in-wet" installation, the self-levelling wear
coat is applied perfectly flat and creates a seamless, homogeneous
floor from wall to wall.

As a final coat a special two-component polyurethane finish is roller-

applied, leaving a slight "orange-skin"-type texture as a wearing
surface which is available in many different standard colours. Court
markings are applied by using polyurethane line paint and are
permanently painted over the finish according to international

5. Properties The so created Regupol® Regugym sports floor-system is easy to

maintain and is ideal for all indoor sports as well as other activities
such as meetings or exhibitions. The polyurethane coatings are flat
and are resistant to moisture and spills of most kinds of acids, food and
drinks and even cigarette burns. Scuff marks are easily removed by
common cleaning agents.

Because of the resilient prefabricated Regupol® base mat and the very
tough polyurethane wear coating these flooring systems are extremely
long-lasting and require little maintenance other than washing on a
regular basis.

Unlike other flooring systems no buffing or refinishing is required for

many years. A new film of polyurethane wear coating - if required after
a reasonable number of years - will result in a new floor since the
prefabricated Regupol® rubber mat does not change its physical
properties even over many years.