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A Compendium

of Fossil Marine Animal Genera



John Sepkoski,


Edited by David Jablonski and Michael Foote




Paleontological Research Institution

1259 Iruniansbiirji Road
Ithaca, New York, 14850 U.S.A.



ISSN 0(K)7-.'i779
ISBN 0-87710-450-6
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ImnHkictiiiM, h\ Mich;icl Footc aiul







RclcrctKcs Cited
Alpluihciical Listing ot










Sri'koski. Jr.'

David Jablonski and Michael Foote

Geophysical Sciences. Llnixeisity of Ciiicago, 5734

S. Ellis

Ave.. Chicago, IL 60637

approximately 37.000 taxonomic genera ot marine animals known from the

fossil record, based on the late
working database, which he last updated July 13 to November 13. 1998. These data are the basis of many
analyses by Sepkoski and others, and are published here with minimal
and surely incomplete clerical corrections to make this
extraordinary compendium widely available. It covers invertebrates, vertebrates, and animal-like protists, gives time intervals of
first and last known occurrence, and provides literature sources for these data. The time intervals are mostly the internationally
recognized stratigraphic stages: many are resolved to substage divisions. Genera are presented in a classification by order, class,
phylum, and kingdom, reflecting current classifications in the published literature.




a listing of

John Sepkoski.



studies to be assessed, but will also facilitate future

research. With a

Michael Fooie and Da\





the form in


Sepkoski Jr. are broad in their scope and profound in
their impact on biology, geology, and paleontology. By
recording the first and last stratigraphic occurrence of
fossil families and genera. Sepkoski was able to carry
ta.\t)ni)mic data




compilations of the

late J.

studies of biodiversity, origina-

and extinction over the Phanerozoic. He also


shared his data generously



others in the profes-

The family compendium has been most extenanah/ed and is already published (Sepkoski,

iyS2. 19921. and he had intended to publish the

Although he (e.i;.. Sepkoski. 1986, 1996, 1997. 1998. 200 h Raup and Sepkoski. 1986: Miller and Sepkoski. 1988: Foote and
Sepkoski. 1999) and numerous others had cairied out
analyses of the genus compendium, this compilation
remained unpublished at the time of his death.

The compendium of genera, like that of families,
was constantly e\ oU ing. \\ ith the addition ot new genrevision of taxonomv. and refinement of strati-

come largelv from the prion systematic paleontology, but .Sep-

graphic ranges. The data



koski had also consulted extensively with specialists

taxonomic groups. The compilation is not
its coverage. We presume that it is also
not exactly in the form in which Sepkoski would have
published it himself. Because much published research
has alread> been based on the genus compendium,







necessary to


the data available.

Publishing these data will not only allow previous


Deceased May



be noted ex-


retained the data essentially in

which Sepkoski

left thein.

higher taxa were the most recent that



we could


on Sepkoski's computer. The dates on these files range
from July 13 to November 13, 1998.
The nature and anangement of the genus compilation are similar to those for family data (Sepkoski,



repeat certain information here for the ben-

of those readers

who do

not have access to the

family compendium.

Ta.xonomic Scope and Conventions


larger genus database as well.


few minor exceptions

we have

The genus compendium covers animals and animallike protoctists

(mainly Foraminiferida and Radiolaria)

with a marine fossil record. Genera are arranged hi-

kingdom, phylum, class, and order.
Note that genera are not assigned to families: thus, the
genus and family compilations cannot be linked to
form a single, comprehensive compendium. The list of
genera, their classification, and their stratigraphic ranges were initially based on a few synoptic sources, principally the Treatise on Iiivertehrate Paleontology,
Romer (1966) for vertebrates, and Loeblich and Tappan (1988) for Foraminiferida. Later modifications to
erarchically by

the classification are explicitly



the section

head for each higher taxonomic group. The classification used is not always the same as that for the family compendium. For example, many changes in trilobite systematics

were reflected

in the

revised family

data (Sepkoski, 1992), but properly assigning




of the

genera would have been a daunting task,

even for a specialist.
Each genus added

after the initial

compilation from

Bulletin 363

synoptic sources


indicated by a " + " to the



name, and bihiiographic references, keyed to the
list at the end ot this compendium, are given on liic
riyht-hand side of each entry. These references serve
both tor taxononiic and stralijzraphic infoimation.
Some new genera are not explicitly keyed to references, but we presimie that they would have been if Sepkoski himself had prepared the compendiimi for publication. Some genera are followed by one t>r more
genus names in parentheses. These names are junior
synonyms. A question mark to the left of a genus name

indicates uncertain as.signment


higher taxononiic



have corrected a few typographical errors in genus names, for example changing the bivalve name
Liiniiilicarcliu to Liinulicardia. We must emphasize.
ht)we\er. that these errors were discovered casually
while using the compendium for our own research. We
have not systematically vetted the wi)rk.
Each genus name is followed by abbreviated stratilast ocgraphic names (Table
) giving the first and
cuiTence of the genus, separated by a hyphen. Where
there is a single stratigraphic name, the genus is confined to that interval. A question mark denotes an uncertain stratigraphic placement. A handful of genera
have a stratigraphic range with two questioned occurrences separated by a comma. An example of such an
entry, from the Bivalvia, is the following;


+ Byssonychia





Boucot, 1998), which describes the new brachiopod
genus CJi'iiiciiligy/xi. is not cited. For Gcniculiiiyiui.
reference 1264 (Rong and Boucol. 1998) was inadvertently cited instead. Wc ha\c also identified se\eral
cases of iluplicate references. Numbers 198 and 350
refer to the same paper, as do numbers 589 and 594,
f<^)^ and
1095. 726 and 1079. and 1028 and 1042.
Numbers 323. 730. and 739 are missing, and were evidently deleted by Sepkoski.
About 50 references were present in the bibliography only in an abbreviated form (f.^t^., "511. Ross,
1969"). By checking bibliographic
GeoRef and Zoological Record, as
libraries, against the list

we have been



Because there



we have followed

these refer-

brackets. Explana-


some of these. Two referBergstrom. 1981") were given in


abbre\'iated form and were not keyed to any genus.

Although we have corrected such clerical errors as
found, we must again stress that we have not
checked the compendium for accuracy.
In addition to the systematic works listed in the bibliography, the Zoological Record has been cited exten-

we have

compendium. References for particular
in the format "ZR89", for example,
Zoological Record for 1989.

sively in the

genera are cited

The Alphabetical Listing
prepared the alphabetized



Sepkoski's genus data are keyed to about


sources from the literature on systematic paleontology.

About 50 references in this list are not cited lor any
genus. In most cases, it is not possible to know with
certainty why the work was not cited. After checking


the likely

confined to one of the

The Bibliography

sample of about



some cases quite iniamsome interpretation in-

tory notes are included for

two stratigraphic intervals, in this case the Caradoc
and the Ashgill. but it is not clear which one.



ences with the original citation


This indicates that the genus

able to narrow

volved here, however,


of genera keyed to the refer-

range of possible works,

sources such as
well as our

of the listed wt)rks,




1997. and intended



naming new organisms, both

and attempting




for separate publi-

cation as a resource for (as he described

"systemand li\ing.



avoid inadvertent introduction of




of zoological




most ot the uncited papers reflect
cases in which a genus entry was modified (for example, because of a range extension or correction),
making the citation obsolete. For example, reference
253 (Kelly and Ausich, 1978), which describes the
new crinoid genus Pof^onipacnnus (as Pogocrinus; see
Kelly and Ausich. 1979 for emendation) and assigns
it to the Upper Tremadoc. is not cited in the version
of the database that Sepkoski left. Instead, reference
1066 (Benton, 1993), assigning this genus to the Lower Arenig, is cited. We have been able to identify (and
correct) a small number of unambiguous typographical
errors. For example, reference 1263 (Blodgett ami


Stratigraphic Coijes

the impression that


stratigraphic subtii\ isions used here (Table













have been


in the faniil\




Sepkoski's papers indicating the zones and

stages that

make up

these sub-intervals.



ber of genera have stratigraphic occurrences
vals that do not nest within those listed as

scheme below. These






pan of


additional intervals are

indicated in brackets, along with the



sub-intervals (indicated

here with an asterisk) are used here than





number of genera







FossiL Marinf.

of siniligraphic iiUci\aK imd eodes used

Stratigraphic interval



Animal Genera: Sepkoski




— Continued.

Bulletin 363 Table 1. . — Conlimied.

A Tabic I. — CoiitinucJ.NDR'M oi Fossii Makinc Animal Genera: Sepkoski . Slratigraphic inleival CoMPF.

10 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 11 .

12 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPENDii'M or Fossil. Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 13 .

14 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPENDii'M oi Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 15 .

Bulletin 363 16 Taxon +Conicarcclla Coxiella Coxliellina Favelloides Hclcnitrichina Hypolricliiiui Paralavella + Praetintiniu)psclla + Pseudarcella + Renianiella Rhabdonelloides Salpingellina + Spinarcella First Last Appearance Appearance T . (Eo-1) -T -R Reference (Apti-u) (Toar) (Ben-u) (Tith-ii) (.1 (Fi)-I) IToarl K (Berr) K (No T (Dani) T (Eol .1 (Tear) Tintinnopsella . (729) J (Tilh-I) +Crassicol]aria CI.11) K J +Lorenziella K +Semichitinoidella J Or.1 (PliO + Titthoci)rys T(Pg) +Ty!thocorys T T (Eo-1) O (Ashg) + Yvonniellina incertae sedis CI.1 (u) J (ruh-iu T (Than) K (Berr-I) K (No K (No T (Eo-in-l) SteniisemellDpsis . J Calpionellites K K Calpioneliopsis + Chitinoidella Colomiellia (Tilh-u) -T (Ol-D? -T (Eo-ii) (729) -R -R -R -T (Eo-rn-u) -K (No -K (Vala-u) -T (Eo-iU -T (Eo-u) (729) (729) K (Barr-ii) -K (Vala-i) •K (Albi-I) K (Berr-ii) K (Vala-I) (Vala-ll (Berr. Or. (Ol-I)' INCERTAE SEDIS CALPIONELLIDA Calpionella Ph.S68) RHIZOPODEA RHIZOPODEA FORAMINIFERIDA (Classitication and liasic stratigrapliic ranges from Lcicblich and Tappan |1987|) + Abadehella (667) Taxon First Last Appearance Appearance Reference .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 17 .

TIN 363 .18 BULLF.

A Compendium of Fossil- Marinl Animal Genera: Sepkoski 19 .

LiTiN 363 .20 Bui.

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 21 .

22 Bulletin 363 .

ndium oi Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 23 .A C(jmi'i.

24 Bulletin 363 .

Animal Genera: Sefkoski 25 .A Compendium of Fossil Marini.

26 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMi'LNDiUM oi- Fossil Marinb Animal Genera. Sepkoski 27 .

28 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium Taxon of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 29 .

30 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium ok Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 31 .


Bulletin 363




FossiL Marini;

Animal Genera: Sepkoski



Bulletin 363





Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski



Bulletin 363

A Compendium





Animal Genera: Sepkoski



BuiXETiN 363

A Compendium


Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski




Bulletin 363


OF Hossii MARINE Animai. Genera: Sepko.ski



Bulletin 363

Animal Genera: Sepkoski 43 .A CoMPENim'M oi Fossil Makini.

44 Blilletin 363 .

ilclasma MicroL'orync ' ' Nabaviella Spirolojihia 'aivlKicocN a of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 45 ..A Compendium First Taxoii Cilcnodictximi Mci.

46 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPENDiiM or Fossil M AKIM-. ANIMAL Genera: Sepkoski 47 .

SCYPHOZOA CARYBDEIDA Aniliracomedusa C Quadrinicdiisina J Or. J (Tith-l) RHIZOSTOMATIDA -l-Essexella Leptobrachites -t-Prothysanostonia -)-Roticiilonicdiisa -FSiniplicibrachia Or. (Trem-u) SEMAEOSTOMATIDA Eulithota J Seinaeostomites J (Tith-l) + '.Bulletin 363 48 Taxon First Last Appearance Appearance Reference + Mclanoslvlus (+ Eichbaumia) O CI.'Lascoa Or. C (Tilh-1) C (Mosc-ii) J (Tith-l) C C T (Step-1) (Mosc-u) (Eo-m-1) 7CONULARIIDA -l-Adesmoconularia Anaconularia Archaeoconularia C O (m) (176) . = ( (Emsi-l) (1025) Cubomedusae) (Mosc-u) (Tith-l) CORONATIDA Cannoslomiles J (Tith-l) Epiphyllina J (Tith-l) + '.'Loren/inia +Octomedusa -I- -D K C -T (Eo) (Mosc-ti) "Caniptoslroma' germanicum O Oi. (Mosc-u) LITHORHIZOSTOMATIDA Rhizostomites Or. Or.

A CoMPiiNDiiM oi Fossil Marinh Animal Genera: Sepkoski 49 .

50 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium ok Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sei'koski 51 .

52 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMi'i Niiii'M or Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 53 .

54 Bulletin 363 .

Marink Animal Genera: Skpkoski 55 .A Compendium of Fossil.

56 Bulletin 363 .


58 Bulletin 363 .

dov) Prototry plasma S (Ldov-u) Protowent/ellia P (Asset Proto/aphrentis O (Bash-l) (711) (163) -S (Wenl) -P(l) (Cara) + Pseudallolr(>piophylluni C (1240) (Step-ul PseudaniplexophylUini D (C.1240) Pseudoamplexus P (I) + Pseudoamygdalophyllum C Pseudoblothrophy (Bash (1240) I lluni D (Gedi-ll Pseudobradyphyllum C (Slep-u) Pseudocampopliyllum D (Give) D D (Sieg) -D (Emsi) -C (Vise) (422) (Fame-u) C (Tour)' -P (u)? 11240) PseudochonDphyllum Pseudoclav iphyllum (680) Pseudocryplophylluni Pseudocysliphyllum S (Wenl) Pseudodigonophyllum PseudodorlixJolia D C (Vise-u) D (Gedi) (1240) (Eite) Pseudogrypophyllum -Pseudohcxagonaria D (Eil'e) Pseudohuangia P (Asse) + Pseudomicrocroplasma S (Prid) Pseudomucophyllum S (Ludl) Pseudopavona C (Serp-u) Pseudophaulactis S (Ldov-u) Pseudopilophyllum S (Wenl-I) Pseudopolylhccalis P (Guad) -D (Give-u) -P (Guad-u) (1240) -C (Mosc-u) .) A Compendium Firsi Lasl Appearance Appearance Taxon Prosniilia DlFame-l) Proterophylluin () iCara)' iKilel Protocarcinopin lluni D C C Prolocyalhaclis () (Cara-u) Prolocyathophylluni C C C (Vise) + Proloaulacoph\ lluni Protocaninia Proliidiirliainina ProIoliMi-MJaleiastraea of Fossil Marini.edi) -D S (Ldo\ Pseudaniplexiis (Enisi) (422.dov-ul Protoramulophyllum S (l. Animal Genera: Slpkoski Reference -P(Guad-u) (680) -O(Aslig) (1240) (1240) (Tour-i) (Vise) S (Ldo\-ni) (Serp-u) -C (Slep) -P (Guad-1) Protomacycea D(Hire) ProtopilophyUuni S (l.Pseudorhabdophy Hum Pseudolimania Pseudoiryplasnia D C D (1240) (Eife) (Mosc-u) -C (Slep-u) (1) Pseudowanncrophy II urn C (Bash-I) Pseudoyalsengia P (Leon) Pscudii/aphrcntoides Psydracophyllum C D Plorophrenlis S (Ldov-I) Ptychiiphylluni 'Puanophyllum Pycnatlis Pycnacloides (Vise-u) -C (Mosc-u) (Emsi-u) -D (Give-I) (163) 59 .

60 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossii Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 61 .

62 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 63 .

64 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 65 .

66 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium oi- Fossii. Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 67 .

68 Bulletin 363 .

Siiie-l) J .' Cml. (883) NEMERTINA Ancalagiin Ph.Meringosoma Raphidiophorus J ( (1101) -0(Treni-l) I -C (1041) 1101) (Tilh-I) (Mosc-u) EUNICEMORPHA Aglaurides (1101) + Palaeocampa) C Or.. C Spacangopsis • Last Appearance (Mosc-u) D CmlinMii. ANNELIDA POLYCHAETA Or. CoMPKNDiiiM (Step) Animal Genera: Sepkoski Taxon 69 First Last Appearance Appearance Reference . AMPHINOMORPHA . Fossu. (375) Cni(mMid-u) Cm(Atda-u) - -C (Mosc-u) PRIAPULIDA Louisella - (623) J (Tith-I) rricocosmia Ph.\Iid-ul 'Lecjthioscpoa Cm(mMid-u) Cm(mMid-u) Oltuia ( C 'Scolecofura Cm(mMid-u) Selkirkia Cm(Tojo) -Cm(uMid-m) (Mosc-u) (782) (375) -Cm(uMid-m) (883) ECHIURIDA C (Mosc-u . (1006) NEMATODA + incertae sedis Ph. (376) CTENOPHORA 'Fasciculus Ph.'Coprinoscolex (1066) POGONOPHORA T T Adekunbiellda Tasselia (Oi-ui (1066) (Plioi (1066) PENTASTOMIDA Boeckelericambria CmlTrep-1) Haffnericambria Cni(Trep-l) Heymonsicambria Cm(Trep-l) CI.A Taxon CI. oi UNCERTAIN -^Escuniasia Ph. Reference Cin(Alila-l> -Eophasnia - First Appeiirance Archcocxdippida Ph.-\tda-u) Fieidia Cm{ni. (782) Maotianshanis) Priapulites Ph.i-1 Palcocienophora D (Enisi-1) C (Serp-l)-. -Cm(niMid-u) (Fnisi-ll i. Marinp.Archisymplectes Ph.

70 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 71 .

1006.^0) (885.^. (N-Da-u) Cm(Alda-u) Cm(Tojo) CHANCELLORIIDA + Aldania 0.951) -Cm(mMid) (1030. Trapezochites) V +Thambetalepis + Wiwaxia Or.10061 -Cm(mMid-u) (809) .1244) (92.Bulletin 363 72 Tiixon First Last Appearance Appearance + Sachites Cm(Tomm-l) + Sinosachiles Cni(Atcia-u) -Cm(Alda-u) Reference (522. 1 + S!phogonuchites (+ Palaeosulcochites.

Marine Animai Genera: Sepkoski 73 .A CoMPKNnii'M oi Fossil.

74 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium oi Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 75 .

76 Bulletin 363 .

lde).A Telamociirnii I'rigyra + ^'iicliclsonia oi FiisI Last Appearance Appearance Taxon • CoMi'KNDii'M Cni(Dres-u) O (I.^l Genera: Sepkoski Taxon 77 First Last Appearance Appearance Reference .' S (u) Cin(Trep) Fossil M ARiNH Reference -Cni(Trep) (1.615) Anim.

78 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium oi Hossil Marinf. Animal Genera: Sepkoski 79 .

80 Bulletin 363 .

a: Sepkoski 81 .al Gener.A Compendium oh Fossil Marine Anim.

82 Bulletin 363 .

1258) (362) -S (Prid) (797) (797) -Tr(Anis) (797. + Aaleniella Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski S (Ludl-u) StraparolUis Oi. (797) Spiriidcnlaliuin Or. oi- Pt and basic stratigraphy moditied from the I [1960].1130) -Tr(Carn)? (115) (Ashg-m) (615) -S (Ludl)' (797) -O (Ashg-m) (797) -O (Llde) -O (Ashg) (797) -O (1084) (Sieg) MACLURITINA Maclurites ( .A C()mpi:ndii'm First Last Appearance Appearance Taxon I'ycnoniphalus S (Ldov-ni) Kaphistoma () (LIde) RaphisloniMia () (Aren-1) -S (Ludl) -S -S Serpulospira O D (Kifc-u) -C (Step-!) Siluripluirus S (WcnI-l) -D (Fife) Scalilc^ +Sinistrospira D Sinutropis O + Spinichar\b(.-\ren-l) (Aren-u) ARCHAEOGASTROPODA (Classification TREATISE.) Taxon 83 First Last Appearance Appearance Reference .iis (Lldc) (Ashg) Cm(Trep) O Streptotrochus S (LudD? +Triassocirrus (Ashg) Tr(Anis) Trochomphalus O Tiirbiichcilus S (WenU? D Tvcliobrachea Reference (797) (137) (797. Fossil.Maclurina) O Palliseria ( (Aren) + Zhuo/ishanospira) O(Aren-u) O + Rousseauspira -l-Teiichispira (LIde) (+ Monitorella) 0(.

S4 Bulletin 363 ..

A Compendium of Fossii Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 85 .

86 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 87 .

8S Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 89 .

90 Bulletin 363 .

Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 91 .A CoNU'HNDiuM or Fossil.

92 Bulletin 363 .

sc) (-362.li) -R - K +Cryptonatica T (OM) +Cryptoptyxis +Ctenocolpus J (Call! - -i-Cubestana T T -R -R +Cupaniclla J I -•-Cuphotifcr J (Bath-Ill -J +Ciiphiisiilciuis J (Bath) -K +CycUinioii>ps K T T T C +Cycloscala +Cyclostremiscus +Cyclothyca +Cyclo/yga (Eo) (Plio) (Albi-ii) Fossil Marink Animal Gfnera: Sepkoski Reference (1211) -l^Dimiinn ula Q (Pleil (548) + Dinaxis -l-Diplocyma T T T (Palel (793.scala -t-Di.lriscala K T -l-Dissostoma Reference (Eo) (Sant-I) -T (Eo-m-l) -R -R -R -C (Step-u) -T (Fo-u) -T (Mi-I-I) -R (Eo-ul -^Dirocerilhiiim -fDircella Pile) (Maes)? + Digitolahriim -i-Diptychochilus ( Last Appearance T (Eo-1) T (Fo-ml -R K First Appearance Taxon -l-Dilatihibrum (614) 93 (Eo-ul -T (Eo-u) -R -R (547) -R -T (Mi) -T (Ol-l) -R (852) (852) (6141 (909) -J (Tith-ul -R -R -Tr(u) -R (909) (700) 1 -R (909) (ZR77) -R -T (Fo-ul (909) (157.'i8) +Cylini.A Taxon -t-Cromniium +Crossata +Crossotrenia + Crucibuliini +Cryptaiila\ CoMPi-.NDii'M oi First Last Appearance Appearance K T K T (u) (Pliol -T (Mil -R (Canip-u) (Mi-1) rr(Lai.1248) (Mi-u) (Than (Mi-u-li (Mi-m) -^Diacrccallus T (Mi-m) + Diala + Dialopsjs + Dialylostoma + Diameza +Diaithema T(Mi-l) + Diastoma + Diasiomclla.1066) (909) (121) (914) -C (Mo.' (1.797.7^)7) Apli-I) (Mil (Eo-I) (Plio) (Toiir-u) ( Cylindritopsis •^Cymaliiirn -•-Cynienorhyii.' -T (Fo-m-l) -T (Plio-u) (914.' T (Ol-u) T (Eo-m-l) T (Plio).S) -l-Douvilletoma (914) -l-Doxander (551) ^-Drepanocheilus (700) -l-Druidwilsonia -fDumasella (121) (121.614) (705) -R (681) (976) -R -K (Camp) -R -T (Fo-ul -R -T (Plio) -R -R -R -K (Apti)? -R (914. + Di/oniopsis T (Eo) -l^Docomphala Q (Pleil -t-Doellocosmia Tr(m) -)-Dolichupis -fEccliseogyra T (Ol-ul T Eo-m-u T (Mi-u) T (Than) T (Mi-u-u) K (Apti-ll T (Than) T (Eo-m-l) T (Mi) K (Camp-u) H-Echinellopsis T(Eo) -l-Echinimathilda K (Maes) K (Apti) T (Eo-m) T (Than) T (Mi) T (Mi-m)'.sco.' (1) -l-Elachorbis (1074) +Elegantiscala (914) -l-Elephantanelkim -T (Mi) -R -R -R -f -'-Dialinostoma J (Bajo) ^Diatrypcsis J (Toar) + Dicrol(ima J (Bajo-I) •Diemplerus J (Bath) ^DienlorrnKhilus K (Coni)' Eligmoloxus (Oxfo-I) ( J (Bath) + Ellatrivia -l-Elliptovermetiis T T -)-Endialaenia J -fEndoptygma -t-Eoatlanla K T T -l-Eocerithium Tr(u) -t-Eocernina T (Than) T (Than) K (Ceno) T (Dani) D (Eife) K (Barr)? K (Camp) T (Fo-ml T (Fo) T (Eo-m-l) T (Dani) T (Than) T (Eo-m-l) T (Mi-u-1) T (Eo-ul -R -R -R -T (Oh -l-Entomope (362J H-Eocymatium -i-Eocypraea (559) -f Eomathilda -i-Eoptychia + EoraneIla -t-Eosolarium -K (Ceno)? -R (Eo-m-u) (-559) (ZR75) -R -T(Mi) -T (Mi) (Than (899) (Eo-m-l) J (Bath-I) -hEchinobathra (121. -R -R -T (Mi) -R -R -R -T (Ol-I) -R +Cypr<iglobiiKi K (Camp) +Cyproplerina T T (Eo-m-l) (Eo-m-l) -T -T -T -T -T -T O (LIde) -S +Cypraeorbis +Cypraeolri\ ia +Cyrbasia Cyrtospira T T (Eo-1) (Ol-n *Cyrtuli>lihia T (Eo-m) -Dalliella T T T T T C T T T -Dallitesla + Dardanula •*-Daronia + Dasyostoma + ?Dembabaspira + Dentiscala + Dcpressiscala + DerMolida (Eo-I) (Mi-u) (Mi-I-I) (Eo-ul (12.797) (1066) -T (Eo-u) (614) -T (Eo-u) -T (Plio) -R -R (121) (614) (700) -R R (121) .8%.909) (Eife) (Eo-m-l) -l-Eatoniella (Mi-m) (I) T(Eo) T T T (Mi-m) (Mi-m) -t-Doliocassis -l-Dolomena (Eo-ul + Deshayesia + Devonozyga D 130) (Ol-ll T(OI-l) T(Eo) T -P (Dora) T T T T T T T T T + Di.soketa 1 +Cyniatiella T(OI-I) -fDispotaea -R (Mosc-u) -l-Discopsis (1074) C (1074) -l-Eotrivia + Eoty mpanotonus (914) -l-Eovolva (1066) -l-Epclrium -K (Apli) -K (Camp-I) -J (Kimm) (1074) -i-Episcynia (1074) -f-Epitonium -R (1066) -t- -i-Epheria Erato (1074) (Maes-I) (1074) T (Mi-u-h (1074) (914) (Eo-m-l) Kiiniiil 12.s +Cyphonia +Cypraea +Cypraecassis +Cypracdia +Cypraeerato +Cypraeogenimula +Cypraeopsis (Eo) (Eo-m-1) (Eo-I) (Mi-l-u) (Danil (Mil (Dani-I) (Mi-I) K (Albi-u) (Ol-l) (1074) -l-Dissochilus (Than-I) (700) -t-Distorsio T T T + Ditretus J (797.1066) -T (Mi) -T (Eo-m) (794) (961 (1074) (681) (559) (530) (Mi-l-ll (Hettl (.109. K (Camp)? T (Than-I) (Eo-m-l) -(-Echinophoria -l-Eclinochilus (Eo-u) (121) H-Eglisia (Mi-m) (557) -l-Eichwaldiella (LudI)-.Sn) (Than) (Dani) -T (Eo-m-l)'.

94 BULLHTIN 363 .

pkoski 95 .A Compendium of Fossil Marinr Animal Genera: Sf.

96 Bulletin 363 .

Animal Genera: Sepkoski 97 .A Compendium of Fossil Marinf.

98 Bulletin 363 .

Animal Gf.nera: Sepkoski 99 .A Compendium of Fossil M arini.

100 Bulletin 363 .

' (681) (Plio-u) (Than) (Eo-1-1) (121) NEOGASTROPODA (Classification and basic siratigraphic ranges (19381.Zeacr\ pta -Zeacunianthus *Zebina +Zebittiuni +Zet'allacia + Zonaria Or.1 +Abretiella from Wenz Taxon 101 First Last Appearance Appearance Reference .A Taxon Firsi Last Appearance Appearance +Willungia T T T T T + Woodsalia K(u) -^Wyatella +Xenogalea + Xenophalium +Xenophora T T T K +Xizangospira Tr(u) + Xuwenospira T (Plio) + Wiilelelia + V\atsnnia +WenJelUi + \Ve\fordia Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski (Eo-ll Reference (1074) (Thanl (Thanl (705) (Plio) (Eo-m-ii) (Eo-m) (Plio) (Eo) (Ceno)? -R -T (Eo-u) -T (Eo-u) -R -R -R (899) (909) (914) (681) (4) (ZR80) (ZR82) + X>strella J (Toar) +Zaclys T (Mi) +Zardinisiylus Tr(Ladi-u) +Zaria -Zegalerus K (Sn) T (Eo-m-u) T (Mi-1) T (Mi-I) T (Than-1) T (Mi-l-u) T (Eo) T (Mi-u) -Zenbinostonia J *Zeradina -Zinolia T T + Zittelia J (Kimm) -J (Tith-uJ ^Zoila (Mi-1) -R -R -T (Mi-u) (794) +Zonarina T T T +Zygopleura Tr(Olen-l) -J (Call) (785.1066) -Zeacolpus . -J (Oxfo-l) -R (976) -R -R -R -R -R -R -T -R (681) (530) (899) (Plio-u) (Bajo) (899) (899) (1066) (Eo-m-u)'.

102 Bulletin 363 .

ni:ra: Si:i'K()ski 103 .A CoMi'bNDiuM oi- Fossil Makinl Animai. Gi.

104 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 105 .

106 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 107 .

108 Bulletin 363 .

Sepkoski 109 .A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera.

10 Taxon Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marinh Animal Glnera: Sli'koski 111 .

112 Bulletin 363 .


i.r-TiN 363 .114 Bui.

Animal Cji.A CoMi'tNDiL'M oi- Fossil Makini.nlra: Slpkoski 115 .

116 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 117 .

118 Bulletin 363 .

Animal Genera: Slfkoski .A CoMPLNUiuM oi l-'ossii. Makini.

120 Bulletin 363 .


122 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 123 .

124 Bulletin 363 .

Miienia MiriH-lynicnia + NodosocIymeni. GONIATITIDA of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 125 .A Compendium Firsl Taxon + Linguai.-lynienia + MesiKl.lymenia + Liss(H.i Ornatoclyinenia Pachyclymenia Parawockluiiieria Pinaclymenia Piriclymenia Platyclymenia Postglai/iella + Pricella Progoniocl\ menia + Protactoclymenia Protoxyclymenia Rectoclymenia + Rhiphaeoclymenia Schi/oclynienia Sellaclymenia Soliclymenia Sphcnoclymenia Sleiioclymenia Sulcoclymenia Synwocklumeria Triaclymenia Trochoclyinenia Uraloclymenia Wocklumeria Or.

126 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPKNi:)iiiM oi- Fossil Marine Animal Glniira: Shpkoski 127 .

128 Bulletin 363 .


130 Bulletin 363 .


132 BL LLETIN 363 .

A Compendium or Fossii. Animal Genera: Sepkoski 133 . Marinf.

134 Bulletin 363 .

ka: Silpkoski 135 . Marine Animal Ghni.A Compendium of Fossil.

136 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 137 .

138 BULLHTIN 363 .

A Compendium oi- Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 139 .

140 Bulletin 363 .

Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 141 .A CoMPCNDiiM oi Fossil.

142 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 143 .

Bulletin 363 144 Taxini First Last Appearance Appearance + Somalibelus J +Tauriconites K (Ben) -K(VaUi-l) +Tetrabelus K K K -K + Vectibeliis + Volgobelus + Youngibelus Oi. J +Palaeoctopus T T T K + Prater(Kti)pus J + Kapal +Obinautilus SEPIIDA +Adygeya Or. Reference TEUTHIDA (Mi) (3(J7) (Mi) (Ol-u) (524. (Kimm-I) (Apti-ll (Apti) (VaUi) (306) (Albi-u) (3()fi) - K (Haul ll (Toar-1) OCTOPIDA +Argonauta Or.1066) .1066) (Coni) (2) (Call) (307.

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 145 .

146 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium ok Fossil Marine Animal Genkka: Sepkoski 147 .

148 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium or Fossil Marinh Animal Genera: Sepkoski 149 .

150 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 151 .

152 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marinl Animal Glnera: Slpkoski 153 .

154 Bulletin 363 .


156 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPKNDiLM OH FossiL Marink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 157 .

158 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marinf. Animal Genera: Sepkoski 159 .

160 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium oi Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 161 .

162 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPENDiLM OK FossiL Makink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 163 .

164 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 165 .

166 BUI.LKTIN 363 .

ni:ka: Sepkoski 167 .A CoMPiNDR'M ()i Fossil M AKiNi. Animal G|'.

168 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marinb Animal Genera: Sepkoski 169 .

'il) Cni(uMid) (Ludi) Pscudoarctolepis Schizodiscus Reference (349) Cni(Tc)n>m-u)? Protiicaris (780) Last Appearance Cm(uMid-l) Pahvantia (7S0) First Appearance TREATISE. MIMETASTERIDA Cm(iiiMid-u) Marrella D O Mimetaster Paramarria Or.'i8().'Parapunctella rin(Bolo) +Pscudartliriin + Nathorsthia rm(niMid-ii) (1019) + Retifacies Cni(Atda-u) (859) -S Cni(mMid-u) Quasicaris O D CI.BuLLtriN 363 170 Taxon Or.] .^49) (Give-I) Shafl'eria . First Last Appearance Appearance Reference INCERTAE SEDIS Cm(Atda-u) +Fuxianhuia Cm(mMicl-u) Helmetia + Kuamaia (+ Rhombicalvarial CnKAtda-u) Taxon + '.9. and basic straligraphic ranges based on the Part O (1959). (Emsi-1) CYCLINA = ( (. MARRELOMORPHA Or. (Ashg-m) ACERCOSTRACA D Vachonisia Or. TRILOBITA [Classification (Knisi-I) CinliiMid-l) (Cara-1) Cm(Tojo) Cm(niMid-u) Serracaris (.Skania Cni(tnMid-u) (350) + Urokodia Cni( Alda-u) (859) +Utahcaris Cni(mMid-l) (809) Cm( Atda-u) (781) Cni(mlVlid-ii) (2) t-Veliilicola Yolniia CI.

A Compendium of Fossil Marinb Animal Genera: Sepkoski 171 .

Spinagnostus) Homagno.Bulletin 363 172 Taxon First Last Appearance Appearance -Cm(Fran-l) Cm(Dres-l) Hypagnostus (+ Cyclopagnostus.stus Reference .

A Compendium of Fossil Makink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 173 .

174 Bulletin 363 .

Animal Genera: Sl:pk()ski 175 .A CoMPHNDiiM oi Fossil Makini.

176 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera. Sepkoski 177 .

178 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marinl Animal Genera: Sepkoski 179 .

180 Taxon Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 181 .

iniN 363 .1X2 BuLi.

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 183 .

184 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 185 .

186 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 187 .

188 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 189 .

190 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossii Makine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 191 .

192 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 193 .

194 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPLNUiL'M t)i I'ossiL Makinh Animal Genhra: Shpkoski 195 .

-hiella + Walossckia CI. BRACHYPODA + ?Dala CI. Cm(I-ian-u) BRANCHIOPODA .'l-'lcniKaris + Rchb:n.Bulletin 363 196 First Taxon + ?Martinssonia + Oelandocaris '.

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 197 .

198 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMHHNUiUM OF FossiL Marinb Animal Genera: Sbpkuski 199 .

200 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 201 .

' Palaeocrangon -R Reference .Bulletin 363 202 Taxon First Last Appearance Appearance Heterospaeroina C T Isopodites Tr Hesslerella (Mosc-u) (Eo-m-l) Palaega (+ Balhynoimis) Tr(Olen-iO'.

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 203 .

204 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium ok Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 205 .

206 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoskj 207 .

208 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 209 .

210 Bulletin 363 .

A COMPENDRIM First Taxon Allocythereis + Alocopocv there Aniboeythere + Amhosiracon AmphicN there Aniphicytherura + Amphileberis + Aniphistegina Anipiiloidcs + Anehistrochelcs + AnehiKythercis + AneiM)hcaldia + Angliaccylhcridea Anisoeyaiiius + Anominatocyther ArmniDCN theridea Antihythocypris AntKvthereis Aparchitocythcre +Apateloschizocy there Apatocythere Aphelocythere + Aphrikanecythere + AratriK'ypris Arcacythere +Archeocosta ( + Rockallia) K (Camp) K (u) C)l- FcXSSIL MARINE ANIMAL GENERA: SEPKO.SKI 211 .


Bulletin 363


Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski



Bulletin 363





Makinh Animal Genera: Sepkoski



Bulletin 363


Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski



Bulletin 363





Makinh Animai. Genera: Sepkoski



Bulletin 363


Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski



Bulletin 363

A Compendium oi- Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 223 .

224 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 225 .

226 Bulletin 363 .

Makini: Animal Genera: Sepkoski 227 .M oi l-'ossu.A CoMPiiNDiii.

228 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 229 .

230 Bulletin 363 .


232 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 233 .

234 Bulletin 363 .

Marinh Animal Genera: Sepkoski 235 .A CoMPiNDH'M OF Fossil.

236 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium op Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 237 .

238 BL LLETIN 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 239 .

240 Bulletin 363 .

Sepkoski 241 .A CoMPi^NDii'M OF Fossil Marine Animal Genera.

242 Bulletin 363 .

Making Animal Genera: Sepkoski 243 .A CoMi'i-:Ni)iiM oi I'ossii.

244 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 245 .

246 Bulletin 363 .


248 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 249 .

250 Bulletin 363 .

MarinI'.A CoMi'i-NDiiM oi Fossil. Animal Genera: Sepkdski 251 .

252 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 253 .

254 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMi'iiNDiuM oi Fossil. Marine Animal Genera: Sei'koski 255 .

256 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium ok Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 257 .

258 Bulletin 363 .

Animal Gi-.nhra: Sij'Koski 259 . Makini.A COMPENDUM <)i l-"().ssii.

260 Bulletin 363 .


262 Bulletin 363 .

Makink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 263 .A CoMi'iiNHU'M oi- Fossil.

264 Bulletin 363 .


266 Bulletin 363 .

A C()Mi'ENi:)R'M OF Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 267 .

268 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 269 .

270 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPENDiiM (11 l-'ossii Marini. Animal Genera: Sepkoski 271 .

272 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 273 .

TiN 363 .274 BuLi.r.


276 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 277 .

BTiN 363 .i.278 Bm.

A Compendium Taxon oh Fossil Marini-: Animal Genera: Sepkoski 279 .

280 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 281 .

282 Bulletin 363 .

Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 283 .A Compendium or Fossil.

Bulletin 363 284 Taxon First Last Appearance Appearance Thalamocrinus S (Wenl-!) Thenarocrinus S (Wenl) Thetidicrinus P (Guad-u) Tholocrinus C Thyridocrinus S (Wenl-I) (Vise-u) Timorechinus P (Guad-u) Trautscholdicrinus C (Mosc) D (Emsi-u) +Treocrinus Triboloporus O Tribrachyocrinus P (Leon) C (Mosc-u) Triceracrinus P(l) Tundracrinus C C C C C C D D C C C C Ulocrinus Ulrichicrinus Ureocrinus Utharocrinus + Vadarocrinus Vasocrinus Vertigocrinus + Wetherbyocrinus Woodocrinus + Worthenocrinus + Yakovlevicriniis Zeacrinites Zeusocrinus Zostiicrinus Zygolocrinus Or. Hemistreptocrinoidea Aicndt. -f O O O O O TAXOCRINIDA Archaetaxocrinus (Llvi) (Llvi) (Llvi) (Llvi) (Aren-u) . 1976) + Hemistreptocrinus -I- Nonparactocrin u s Paractocrinus Parorthocrinus Tetractocrinus Or. -S (Ludl-I) -C (Serp-1) (Cara-1) Trimerocrinus Tyrieocrinus Reference (Mosc-u) (Vise-u) (Mosc-I) (Vise-I) (Vise-u) (Bash-l) -P -P -P -P (Guad-u) (Wc) (Guad-u) (Sakin) -C (Serp-1) -C (Step-1) -C (Mosc-u) -C (Seip-1) -C (Step-ul (257) (257.906) (Sieg-u) (Gedil -D (Give) (Step-1) -C (Step-u) -C (Serp-1) -C (Serp-1) (Serp-1) (Vise-u) (906) (Vise-1) P (Leon-m) C C D C (Vise-u) (Serp-1) (Give-1) (Tour-u) 7HEMISTREPTOCRINIDA (?C1.

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 285 .

286 Bulletin 363 .

A CoMPi-NiML'M (ir Fossil. Marinf. Animal Genera: Sepkoski 287 .

288 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 289 .

290 Bulletin 363 .

Animal Cii:NRRA: Sepkoski 291 .A CoMPHNDiUM OF Fossii. Marinp.

292 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 293 .

294 BuixnxiN 363 .

Animal Genera: Sepkoski 295 .A CoMi'KNDH'M oi- Fossil Marini.

296 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 297 .

298 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 299 .

Blxletin 363 300 First .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 301 .

302 Bulletin 363 .

884) (884) (884) -R -T (884) (Eo-1) (884) TaxDn 303 Firsl Last Appearance Appearance Relerence .1 + PalacorliincinUin T Ginglynuistoma + Hemiscylliuni Mesileia Palaeoscyllium ( Firsl Last Appearance Appearance (Albi) (884) (884) (Ceno-li (884) (Danil (Call) (Eo-I) J + Pr<)loginglymostonia Or.884) (Tith-ll -J (Call) (884.884) -T (Ho.ml (884) J (863. (Kinini-ii) (Albi-ii) (452.ies .1066) (884) -T (Eo-I) (Kimm) T (Eo-I) T (Mi-m) T (Than) LAMNIFORMES Alopias (884) -K Corysodon J + Squatisc_\ Ilium Reference (Than) + Palcobrachselurus J iToar-u) + Paraginglymostnma K (Maes) + Pararhincodon K (C'eno-ll Phorcynis (+ CrossDrhinus) + Rhinci)don of Fossil Marinh Animal Genera: Sepkoski (746.A Compendium Taxon + Ncbriiis K T K T + Oreclolohoii.

304 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 305 .

306 Bulletin 363 .

ssil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski .A Compendium of Fo.^07 .

308 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 309 .

310 Bulletin 363 .

SalMiinops Tharrhias First Last AppearaiiLC Appearance K (Ceiio) T (Ol-l) T (Than) K (Ceno-ll K (Vala-I) K (Ceno) K (Apli) Or. SILURIFORMES Or. STOMIIFORMES -^ Argyripnus of Fossil Marink Animal Genera: Sepkoski -T - K (Ol-ii) (Haut-ii) Reference Taxon 31 First Last Appearance Appearance Reference .A Compendium Taxon + ?Lusitanichthys + Neohalecopsis Ni)loi:oneus + Raniallichthys + Ruhiosichthys + ''. OSMERIFORMES Or.

312 Bulletin 363 .

Ncodopsis • Merlangius Merluccius -Microgadus - Micromcsistius Molva Ne/umia Palaeogadus Palaeomolva - (Mi-u) (Ol-u)? (Eo-u) (Ol-u) -R -R -R -R -R (Mi-u) (Ol-l) (Eo-u) (Plio) (Ol-l) (Mi-u) (Mi-u) (Ol-l) (Ol-l) (Mi-m) (Mi-m) (Ol-l) (Plio) (Eo-u) -R -R -R -R -R? -R -R -R -R -R -R -R -R -R -R -R -R -R -T (Mi-m) -T (Mi-m) (Camp)? -K (Maes) (Ol-l) -R? -R Physiculus (Mi-1) -R Pollachius Q (Plei) Pseudophycis T (Plio) T (Ol-u) T (Than) K (Sant) T (Than) T (Ol-l) T (Plio) T (Ol-D? T (Mi-u-u) T (Than) T (Eo-u) T (Ol-u) T (Eo) T (Mi-1) Pseudoraniceps '. GADIFORMES + Austrophycis T (Mi-1) +Bathygadus (.Azalois.'Paratichthys + Paratri sopterus Ventrifossa Or. Lygisma) (Eo-u) Macruronus T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T Melanogrammus T iPlioi Melanonus T (Than) T (Mi-m) T (Eo-I) T (Plio) T (Ol-u) T (Mi-m) T (Than) T (Than) T (Ol-u) BolbcK-ara Bregmacerinia Bregniaceros + Brosme ?Brosmius Coelorhynchus +Coryphaenoides Eclipes + Eophycis + Eulichlhys ^Gadella + Gadiculus + Gadonius Gadus + Gaidropsarus Hymenocephalus + Laemonema Lepidion Lota 'I.'Lrophycis - (Eo-m) (Mi-u) Raniceps - (Mi-1) K + Phycis • (Mi-u) T T T '.A Compendium First Last Appearance Appearance Taxon Or. ATHERINIFORMES Alherina - Aiherinopsis - Chirostoma Colpichthyes + l^urcsthes of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski T (Eo-m-l) -T (Mi-1) -R -K (Camp) -T -R -R -R (Eo-1) -T (Eo-m) -R -R -R -R Reference Taxon 313 First Last Appearance Appearance Reference .'Rankinian RhiniKephalus + Squalogadus + Thcragra Trachyrhinchus Trichiurichlhys -Trichurides Tripierophycis -Trisoptcrus .

314 Bulletin 363 .

A Compendium oi- Fossil Marinh Animal Genera: Sepkoski 315 .


Bulletin 363

A Compendium

of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski


Bulletin 363



+ Symphurus












+ Alutera

+ Aracana

+ Balistoniorphus




+ Eolactoria
+ Eoplectiis
+ Eospiniis

+ Eotetraodon
+ Indotrigi)nodon
+ Kankatodus





T (Mi-m)

T (Ol-l)
T (Mi-u)
K (Camp-u)'.'. K
T (Ol-l)
T (Eo-1)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-1)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Dani)?
T (Pale)
K (Maes)




T (Mi)
T (Mi-u)
T (Ol-ll
T (Ol-l)
T (Ol-l)
T (Than)
T (Pale)
K (Ceno-I)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Eo-m-l)
T (Mi-m)
T (Eo-m)
T (Mi-m)
T (Eo-1)
T (Eo-m-l)




+ Pisdurodon

+ Plectocrelacicus
+ Proaracana
+ Progymnod<in

+ Proiacanthodes













+ Tupilakosaiirus



T (Mi-u)

T (Eo-u)











P (Leon)



-T (Eo-m)











Fossil Marinp.

Animal Genera: Sepkoski



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A Compendium

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Bulletin 363

A Compendium

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Ar) Acanthocrania (Br.An) (Cd.An.Ga) (Ar.Ce) Abrobairdia (Ar.Ce.De) Acanthopora Acamhoporella Acanthoporidea Acanthoproductus Acanthopygaeus Acanthopyge Acanthopyle Acanthopyrgus Abrocythereis (Ar.Fo) Acanthocrinus (EcCr.Sa) Acanthoplites (Mo.Co) (Cd.Li.Bi.Fo.Ne) Acanthoceratites (Mo.Cl) Acantholytoceras (EcRh.Ar.Co.Co.Cr. Following each generic a set of abbreviations for Phylum.Ce.Ce) Acaciapora (Cn.Os.Pf) Abditolociilina (Ar.Ar.Ne) (Ac.Po) Abrograptus (He.Ce.Os.Cr) Acanthobolbina (Ar.Ce.He.Po) Acanthocythere (Ar.Am) Aaglacrinus (EcCr.Am) (Po.Tr.Li.Ta) Acanthonautilus Abbasites (Mo.Tr.Cr.Am) Aboriginella (Br.Ch.Mo) Acalepha (Cn.Li) (Ac.Ce.Ar.Fo.Ml.Re) AcamptochetLis Acantholenus (Ar.Ne) (Mo.St) (Mo.Ca) Acanthastus (He.Po) Acanthocythereis (Ar.Po) Acanthocosta (Br.Po) Acanthoioechia (Br.Ra..Po) Absalomiclithyes (Cd.Bulletin 363 364 ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF GENERA list includes all genera in the preceeding taxonomically-arranged compendium.Ce.Pt) (Ar.hi) Abrotocrinus (EcCr.Ne) (Ar.Ce.Fo) Acanthactinella (Po.Gy.Ce.Mo) Acanthodiscus (Mo.Po) Acanthochirana (Ar.Ph) AbdoLinia Abdulina.Sp) (Mo.Os.Fo) Acanthechinus Acanthophora (Po. and Order.Ch.Tr.Am) Abadehella ( Acambona (Br.Bi.ln) Acanthoscapha (Ar.Ar) Acadiocaris (Ar.Ce.Ta) Aalenirhynchia (Br.Rh) Abyssocythere (Ar.Ce.Ds) Acanthocyathus (Cn.Cr.Sp) Abursus Abylea (Ar.Trl Acanthohoplites (Mo.Sp) Absondcytheroplcron (Ar.Po) Acanthocystiles (EcEo.Ce. III.Di) Acanthoteuthis Abyssocrinus (EcCr.Ml.Un.Co.Am) Abreliella (Mo.Na) (Mo.St) Abichites (Mo.Fe) Acanthorthis (Br.Os.Am) Acanthomeridium Acanthomelopus Acanthomicmacca Abatus (Ec. This is name Aachenaspis (Cd.Os.Ho.Ga.Ce.Tr) Acabaria (Cn.Ce) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Os.Ra. In) Acanthocordylodus (Mo.An.St) Acanthospirina (Br.Sp) Acan(hahalysiles (Cn.Cr.Os.Gy.Os.Be) (Ec.Tr.Sc) Acanthonotus (Cd.Am) Acanthalosia (Br.Na) Acanthorhynchia (Br.Fo) Acanthocephalus Acanthoceramoporella Fo.Te) Abnormisphaera (Ac.Ve) Acanthopleuroceras (Mo.St) (Cd.Cr.Rh) Abyssocythcreis (Ar.Po) Acanthochitina (Fo.Go) Acanthodiclva (Po.Abad/ekhia (Cd.Mo) Acanthocarpus (Ar.Na) Acanlhocassis (Pr.He.Ar.Ar.An. Class.Go) Acanlhothyris (Br.Ar.Gr) .Cl) Acanthocircus (Mo.Ar.As) Aberia (Br.Cr.Ch) Acanthopleura (Mo.Gr.Os.Or) Abyssothyris (Br.De) AbacDcrinus (Ec.Ta) Abrocythere (Ar.Sl) Acanthoclynienia Acanthoscylliuin (Cd.St.Re) Aalocrinus (EcCr.Os.PO Acanlhoclenia (Bz.Ta) Acanthodina (Cd.Ce.Tr.Ra.Re) Abatocrinus (Ec.Ar.Gr.Ce) Acanthionella (EcEc.Po.Co) Aaleniella (Mo.Cc) Abra (Mo.Ch) Acanthoraphis (Po.Ar.Ch) Abrachiocrinus (EcCr.'\n.Ar.Sp) (Po.Re) Acanthotiophia (Mo.Sp) Acanthogyra (Cn.Rh) Abruptolopha (Mo.Ar.Rh) (Ar.Os.Mo) Acaeniotyle (Ac.Ce) Acanthambonia (Br.Co) Acanthosphacra (Ac.Un (Bz.He.Pf) (Mo.Ga.As) Acanthinucella Acanthoplecta (Br.He.Ca) .Ml.St.Ch.Ch) Acanlhotrigonia (Mo.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Ar) Abderospira (Mo.Rh) Acanthoceras (Mo.Po) Acanlhothyropsis (Br.Pe) (Cd.Ga.Fo.Tr) Abadiella (Ar.Ga.Fo (Ar.De) Acanthopleurus (Cd.Ch) (Br.Li) Acanlhocaudina (EcHo.Un) Acanthomeridion (Ar.Cy) (Bz.Os.Te) Acanthodesia (Bz.Os.Gr) .Ra.Ec.Tr.An.Ga.Pt) Abrekia (Br.Am) Acanlhoclava (Pr.Sc) Abertella (EcEcCl) Acanthinites Acanthophyllum (Cn.Os.Tr.Ph) (Mo.Ch.De.Ar.Bi.Os.Oc) Absidaliconus (Mo."Xcanthochilona Acanthorliina (Cd.Ag) Acanthograptus (He.He.Un) (Cd.Po) Acanthocoryna (Po.Ls) Acanlhospirifer (Br.Ar.Ar.Gy.Ne) Abicyathus (Pr.spis (Ar.Un) (Br.Tr.Cl) Acadagnostus (Ar.Gy.Am) Abscnticosta (Br.Ch) (Bz.Ar.Hy.Od) (Ar.St.Fo.Cr.Un) Abathomphalus (Fo.Gr.St) Acanthophillia (Cn.Ar.Mo) Acacocrinus (Ec.Gy.Ga.Sc) Abactinocrinus (Ec.Tr.Bi.Un) (Bz.Pf) Acantholepis Abakania Abakanoplcura (Ar.Os.Tr.Os.Co) Aacocrinus (Ec.De.Pa) Acanthastrella (Po.Pa) Acanthopleurella (Ar.An.Ga.\canthocardia (Mo.Mo) Acanthaeciles (Mo.Tr.De.Ru) Abdullaevia (Fo.Ce.Un) Acanthoparypha Acanthopecten (Ar.Ne) (Bz.Po.O.Os.Ac) Acanthonema Acanthonemus Abditodentrix (Fo.Ls) Abyssamina (Fo.Ar) Abathocrinus (Ec.Ac) Acanthospongia (Po.Os.Un) Acanthatia (Br.Os.Ce.Sc) Acanthotheelia (Mo.Or) Acanthina Acanthophyllia (Cn.Pt) Acanthocladia (Bz.An.s.An.Am) Abludoglyptocrinus (Ec.Fo.Ve) Acanthocella (B/.Un) Abrardia (Fo.Li.Mo) Acamptogenotia Acandylacanthus Acanothyra Acantaloma (Mo.Fo.Ar.Re.Bi.Ce.Ga.As) (Cd.Sp) Acantholaminatus (Bz.Ar.Tr. Abbreviations are hsted in the table on pages 556-560.St.Fo) Acanthastrea (Cn.Tr.Cr.Cr) Acanthoscaphiles (Mo.Pf) (Ar.Ap) Abyssocypris (Ar.Or) Abrytasiles (Mo.Un.Ce.Cl) Acadoparadoxides Acadoparadoxis Acanthodus Acanthoglypha Acanthognathus (Ar.Gr.Po) Acanthochaeteles (Po.Ru) Abharella (Ar.Pt) Abiesgraptus (He.Ra.Un.Fo.Rh) (Mo.St.Cl) (Ar.Ga.An.Ga.Un) .De.Ag) (Cd.Ar.

Ru) Acobaecardiuni (Mo.Gr) Acareonhis (Br.Po) AclinocoeUa (Po.Ec.Nt) Actaea Acheilus (Ar.TnPh) Aclisina (Mo.Ga.Ar.Ga.Cl) Acrobrochus (Br.Ga.Sc.Pf) Acastellina (Ar.Ga.Po) Aciculella (Fo.Os.St) Aclaeonema Achoroi.Ce.Ce.CI) Acsaspedites (Cn.Ce) Achradocystiles (Ec.Ra.St.Ga.Pt) Acanlholrypina (Bz.Tr.Ph) Acmaea (Mo.Cr.Cr.St.An.Ca.Po) Acrothyris (Br.Ar.Ac) Acevina (Mo.Tr.Br) Acanionodella (Ar.Un) Acrogenia (Bz.Tr) Acila (Mo.Pt) Acrilla (Mo.Ca) Acruliammina (Fo.Od) Acrocidaris (Ec.An.An.Ce.Pt) Acontheus Acorylus Acosarina (Br.Bi.Ce.Am) (Mo.Na) Acroteuthis (Mo.Li.Ho.Un.Fo.Li.Pr) Acrocosmia (Mo.Ga.Tr) Acheilops (Ar.Te) Acelopcltis (Ar.Ta) Acrodelphis (Cd.Se) Acrocephalaspis (Ar.Ds) Acrosphaera (Ac.Pn) Acritosia (Br.Sa) Acculina (Br.Ce) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Li) Acidoliles (Cn.Ph) Acloeodictya (Po.An.Ra.Be) Ak.De.Tr.Gy.Pa) Acid(Kharacus (Pr.An.Orl Acrosterigma (Mo.Os.Nt) Acrogaster (Cd.De.Ga.Os.Tr.Ar.Os.\ alhus (Pr.Fo) Achalella (Ar.Tr.An.Os.Ce.St.Be) (Mo.He.Ag) Acrocrinus (Ec.Pa) Acarinina (Fo.Ce.Tr.Te) Aclaeonina (Ar.Os.Sc) Acariaeocrinus (Ec.Ga.Ph) Acriclymenia (Mo.Tr.Bi.Co) Acrossula (Ar.Py) Acervularia (Cn.Ga.Bi.EcDs) Acaroceras (Mo.Ch.Os.Ce.Li) Acrocephalella (Ar.Os.Ra.Ra.Pf) Acolocrinus (Ec.Na) (Ar.Un) Acrodirotes (Ar.Pt) Actiangulata (Ar.Pt) Actaeopyramis (Mo.Od) Acrocoelum Actinastraea (Cn.Ct) Acamhurus (Cd.Nt) (Mo.An.Pa) Acrotretella (Br.Sc) Acidaspis (Ar.Ar.Po) Acrothele (Br.Os.Tr.Ph) Accurganaxon (Cn.Ac) (Mo.Na) Acominia Acompsoceras (Br.Tr.Ac) AcidnotnelDs (Ac.Pt) Acrilloscala (Mo.Ci) Acidiphoru!^ (Ar.Ph) Acmaturris Acaslopyge (Ar.Ru) Acropora Acropyge Acrosaster (Ec.Tr.Ap) Acrioceras (Mo.Or) Acinophyllum Acrograptus (He.Ga.Os.Or) (Mo.He) Achrochordiella (Po.PI) Actaeopsis (Ar.Ra.Cp) (Cn.Bi.Tr.De) AchrcMogrammus (Cd.Os.Pt) Acrosmiha (Cn.Am) ActaeonelHna Achiurus (Cd.Ga.Ar.Nti Acrochordus (Cd.Ce.An.Sc) Aciculiscala (Mo.Pt) Acratina (Ar.Ru) (Cd.BLSp) (Mo.Od) Acrocolpus Actinobalanus (Ar.Li.Nt) (Mo.Se) Acolosia (Br.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Fo.CcEl) AcUceratia Acronemus (Cd.Re) Acrophyllum (Cn.Nt) (Mo.Sa) Acrocythere (Ar.St) Acrognathus (Cd.Tr) Acidotocarena (Br.Cr.Cn) Acrocephalops (Ar.Tr.Ne) Acrospira (Mo.Am) Acrospirifer Acemaspis Acerocanium Acrospyris (Ac.Pr) Acoscinopleura (Bz.Ce) Acerocarina (Ar.Un) Acerocare (Ar.Nt) Actaeon Achislrulum (Ec.Os.Ec.Ce) Actinacis (Cn.An.Ru ActinochiUna (Ar.Os.Re.Ra.Sp) (Ar.Li.Rh) Acrosphaerorthoceras Acemrotremites (Ec.Un.St) AcrocephaHtes (Ar.Ba) Accordiella (Fo.Nt) Actinastaeopsis Acidaspidina Aclinocamax Acidiscus (Ar.Ph) Acinarhachis (Ar.An.Tr.Cr.Ec.Fo.Ph) Acaste (Ar.Ga.Ga.Tr.Sp) I (Ar.Tr.Hy.Os.Pf) Acratinella (Ar.Ce.Ga.Cr.Fo) Acostina (Fo.Nu) Acrodus (Cd.Ac) Acharax (Mo.So) Acri aster (Ec.Fo) Acratia (Ar.Ap) Acrimeroceras (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Un.Ga.Cr.Tr.cr\ulina (Fo.Pt) Acteosaurus (Mo.Tr.Tr.Un.Tr.Fo.Os.Ga.Ra.St) Acmoniodus Acmophyllum (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Op.Na) Acrocyathus (Cn.•\cirsa Acrohybus (Ar.Tr.Sq) Actinaraea (Cn.Os.Ph) Acrosolarium (Mo.Os.Ru) Acaslella (Ar.Ga.MKDe) (Mo.Os.Ci) Aclis Acronotella (Ar.Tr.Sc) Acdalina (Cn.An.Fo) Acleistoceras Acrolusia (Ec.Ve) Aceropnietus (Ar.Gr.Sc) Acidaspides (Ar.Tr.Be) (Mo.Ch.An.Po) Acrotreta (Br.Ta) AcoeHa (Po.Hm) Aclinaraeopsis (Cn.Nt) Acrolepis (Cd.Os.Ac) AceMa (Mo.Ch.Pt) Actaeus (Ar.Os.Cl) Acirsella (Cn.Crl Acrobolrys (Ac.Ce.Ac) Acestrus (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Pt) Acteocina Achuniiproductus (Br.Ga.Os.Tr.Ga.Ch) Acrostylus (Mo.Bi.Na) Aclaeonidea Achradocrinus (Ec.Au) Acarconhis (Br.Na) (Ac.Sc) (Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 365 Acanthotrypa (Bz.Bi.Ho.Ru) Acotripus (Ac.Ce) (Mo.Ag) (Cn.Pa) Acropoma (Cd.An.Ga.Mo) Aclinoceras (Mo.Tr.Fo.Ve) Acrostemma (Mo.Po) Acrothyra (Br.Ar) Acropeltis (Ec.Ce.Un) Achrix-hordonia (Po.Li) Acrocephalina (Ar.In.Ar) AcenIr^)gobiu^ (Cd.Ar.Pf) (Mo.Ar.Ml.Nt) (Cd.RcSq) Aciconularia (Cn.Ga.Ga.Un) .Ph) Aconeceras (Mo.Un) Acariaiocrinus (Ec.Fo) Acrosalenia (Ec.Od) Acrocoelites (Cn.Ce) (Mo.Ce) Actinoconchus (Br.Cy) Acar (Mo.An.An.Ce) (Cd.Ar.De.Ar.Ma.He) Acervoschwagerina (Fo.Tr.Po) Acastava (Ar.Pr) Acravicula (Ar.Tr.Co) Acrocanites (Mo.Bi.Pt) (Mo.Ga.Sc) Acidaspidella (Ar.Ga.Ga.Tr.On) (Mo.Fo) Acrotemnus (Cd.Pc.Ch) Acipenser Acrohelia (Cn.Os.Sp) Acentrophorus (Cd.Fo.Ph) Acme Acroreia (Mo.Ec.Tr.In) Acravincula (Ar.Ga.Ct) Acasta (Ar.Tr.Ce.Ec.Fo.Sc) Acastoides (Ar.Go) Actaeonella Achislnim (Ec.Pa) AciHa Acimetopus (Ar.Fo) Acrochordiceras (Mo.Nt) Acerahedrina (Ac.Ar) Acinetaster (Ec.Ga.Ga.Os.An.Pr) .Ce.Tr.

Gy.Or.Un.Ne) Adinocrinus (Ec.Tr.Fo) Acvocaria (Ar.De.Os.Ph) Aciilatostroma (Po.Pt) Adelonielon (Mo.Ar.Ga.Cy) Adeonella (Bz.At) Aduncriini (Ec.Cr) Acutitheca (Pr.He) Actumnus 1 1 lini .Sp) Acolopneiistes (Ec.Ce.Ce.Ga.Ch) AcutoMrea (Mo.An.Fo) Adairia (Br.Fo) Aehmospira Aculopileus (Mo.Os.Fo.Po) Adomatipccteii (Mo.St Adrenia (Br.Pt) Adelodonex (Mo.De) Actinotaxia (Bz.Ne) Admete Acuticloudina (Pr.Ga) Acutisclerus (Ec.Rh) Aeolodon (Cd.Sp) Aenigniathyris (Br.Os.Bi.Ax) Adansonella (Mo.Co.Go) Adinodorugosus (Br.Am) (Mo. Adygelloides (Br.Fo.Po) Admirabilinella (Ar.He.Ar.Ga.Ce.Os.An.Ne) (Mo.Am) Adesmoconiilaria (Cn.Ar.Bi.Un.Na) Adyshevitheca (Hy.Ec.Te) Aciipurpura (Mo.Ga.Po) Adversella (Pr.Te) Aculicythereis (Ar.Pt) Actinostromaria (Po.Br) Actinodesma (Mo.Fo.Ar.Ch) Aegironites (Br.St) Adetopora (Cn.Cc.Ch) Aegoceras Actomphalus Actostroma Adeorbis (Mo.Ph) Adekoheastrea (Cn.In.Ne) (Mo.Ne) Aechir)inella (Ar.St.Ta) Advenaster (Ec.Os.Ga.Bulletin 363 366 Actinoconus (Mo.Cc) Adelungia (Fo.Cr.De.Ga.Ar.Pa) Actinosiphon (Fo.Ch) Aegiromena (Br.Pe) Aenigmaslrophia (Br.Os.In.Ra.Ar.Bi.Am) (Mo.Ar.Un) Aechmina (Ar.Pa) Actinostroma (Po.Vo) Admetopsis (Mo.Ch) Aegilops (Mo.Ar.Sp) Adoltispirilcr (Br.Ar.Bi.lc) Aenigniocriniis (Ec.De) Aechminaria (Ar.Cy) Adenus Adeona (Bz.Ga) Acutirostriconus (Mo.Os.Te) Aeoliscoides (Cd.Bi.De.Pa) Aegasteroceras (Mo.Go) Actinodiclyoii (Po.Ec.De) Adcnifera (Bz.Bi.An.Sa) Actincipeltis (Ar.Ch) Adeonellopsis (Bz.Fo Aedulla (Cd.Cl) Adradosia (Cn.Am) Aenigmacaris (Ar.Gr.Gy.Tr) (Br.Bi.Nu) Actinocyclina (Fo.Hc) Adastocephaliim (Ar.Ph) Acuminothyris (Br.St.Ar.Bi.Ac) Aenigniasiricklandia (Br.St) Adelphoeeras (Mo.As.Pt) Adontorhina (Mo.Sp) Actinopterinia (Mo.Po.Os.In) Ademtula (Mo.Os.Ar.Te) Actinocythereis (Ar.Ce.Eu) (Po.St.Fo) Actinocyathus (Cn.Ga.liu Acylocrinus (Ec.Ga.Me) Adinophyllum Adinus (Mo.In.MLDe) (Mo.Te) Adelogoniis (Ar.Or) Actinopteria (Mo.Un.Ph) Acutoria (Br.ln.Fo.Os.Ga.Sp) Admixteila (Br.Sp) Adkinsites Acutichiton (Mo.Pa) Adaptalrvpa (Br.Cr.Sp) Adkinsella (Cn.Ce.Ax) Adelosina (Fo.Na) Aeger (Ar.Ne) Acuticostites (Mo.Ac) Adriatella Actinodonta Adamnestia Adamsoceras Adula (Mo.Ru) (Mo.Ar.Bi.Pt) Adelocythara (Mo.Ne) (Mo.In.St) Aenigmatectus (Pr.Ar.St) (Po.De.Nt) Aegocrioceras Adercotryma (Fo.Ce.In) Adollia (Br.Te) Aclinoplirentis (Cn.Pa) Adrianites (Mo.In) Actinotocarcinus (Ar.Gy.Un) Adrianella (Po.Me.Tr.Os.Ar.Ru) Adriacentrus (Cd.Pa) Actinotheca (Pr.Ma.Ga.Gr.Ap) Actinolites (Po.St) Aeidimylilus (Mo.Sc.Am) Actinostromella (Po.Pt) Acora (Mo.Bi.Bi.Os.Ar) (Mo.Cn) Aegospyris (Ac.Ar.Or) (Ec.On) Adeditia (Ar.Fo.Un) Acuprisma (Ar.Pt) Adamczakia (Ar.Ve) Aeolostreptis (Fo.Sp) (Mo.EcPh) Adeloceras (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ax) (Mo.Un) Acutatheca (Br.St) Actinolrypa (Bz.Fo.Na) Adygellopsis (Br.Ar.Os.De.Gy.St.Gy.Ar.Ne) Aegides (Mo.Gy.Bi.Te) Actinomorpha (AcRa.Ho.De.Ar.Nt) Actinomena (Br.Po) Admiratella (Bz.Os.Ga.Ga.St) Actisecos (Bz.Bi.An. I ) I Acutatognoslus (Ar.Fo.Li) Actinodictya (Po.Bi.Ar.Bi.De.Ce.Sp) Aeolopora (Bz.Na) Acuariceras (Mo.De.An.Ar.Ag) Adkinsia Acutella (Br.An.Ml.Px) Aclinomma Adectorhynchus (Br.Fo) Acutiramus (Ar.Am) Adminiculoria (Br.Fo) Aegicephalichthys (Cd.St) Adelophthaliiius (Ar.Ph) Adusta (Mo.An.Ar.Ar) Aclinotrigonia (Mo.Tr) Aegiria (Br.In) Adiaphragma (Br.An.In) Adnatoceras Aeoliscus (Cd.Ce.Se) Actinopsis (Mo.Co) Aegrotocatellus (Ar.Os.Gy.Ne) Adiozoptyxis Aemula Aemulophyllum (Br.Re) Adamczakites (Ar.Sc) Adygella (Br.Tr.Ve) Aduloniya (Mo.Ga.Ru) Adacrinus (Ec.Ml.Ca.An) Adhaerentia (Fo.Sp) (Cn.Os.Ne) Adytaster (Ec.Po) Aculcochrea (Tr.Rh.Te) Actinophyma (Ec.Ani) Adetognathus (Cd.Mt) Actiiiot'ungia (Po.Ru) Adekunbiellda (Pg.Fo) Aegolytoceras (Mo.Eu) Adnatida (Br.Ch) Actinosepia (Mo.Cr.Pa) Actinostreon (Mo.Ga.Re.Ce) (Mo.Cr.Sc) Adygeya (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ve) .Or) Aenona (Mo.Ar.De.Ru) Actinocrinites (Ec.St) Aeolisaccus (Fo.Cc) Adelocoenia (Cn.Ce.Mo) Acyrena (Mo.An.Ho.Cr.Ce.St.Ce.St) Actinotrypella (Bz.Ve) Adraheutina (Fo.Ar.St) Advenina (Br.Bi.Os.Ga.Ta) Aegyptiana (Ar.Pa) Acnig)iiatoceras (Mo.Ce.Os.Te) Actinopora (Bz.Po) Adamanophy (Cn.Ax) Adelphobolbina (Ar.Ce.De.Ga.Ve) Aciitimitoceras (Mo.Eu) Aedotes (Ar.An.Fo.Sc) Aeneator (Cn.Tr.Me.Ce.Tr.So) Actinoleuca (Mo.Nt) Adelocyrtis (Ac.Bi.Ru) Aellograptus (He.Mo) (Mo.Ml.Ax) (Ar.Ve) Aechrriella (Bz.An.Ra.Ce.Ar.Ce.Tr.Cl) Aelga (Mo.Fo) Adelograptus (He.St) Adaverina (Cn.Ar.Co.Os.Am) (Mo.Ar.Pa) Actinostromarianina (Po.Ce.Mt) Acuininia (Mo.Cl) Ac'utilineolus (Br.Fo.De) Adocctocyslis (Mo.Cl) Adrana (Mo.Bi.Go) Atuticytherctia (Ar.Ga.

Gr.Tr.Cm) (Mo.Cr.Pt) Agelesia (Br.Bi.Ar) A Crops (Ar.Cc) Ainigmacrinus (Ec.Ku) Aethodionide (Ar.Fo) Aglaocrinus (Ec.Sp) Aethiosolen (Mo.Pt) Ahtiella (Br.Va) Agatha (Mo.Ec.Ed) Agaricia (Cn.Po) Alricentrum (Cd.Cr.Fo.Nt) Agaricocrinus (Ec.Ga.Un.Th) Aigoceras (Mo.On) (Cd.Tr) AfrtKardiuni (Mo.Ru) (Mo.As) Agathodonta Agyrekocyathus (Po.Ar) Agrenocythere Agrioceras Aetheloxoceras (Mo.Os.Ve) Aeiheretmon (Cd.Ne) Agniesella (Mo.Ce) (Cd.Pt) Aethalionopsis (Cd.Po) Aglaocetus (Cd.Bi.Ch.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Nt) Aidynkulirhynchia (Br.Ce.Tr.Ne) Ahlintella (Ar.Op.Fo) Agerinella (Br.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 367 Acpyaslcr (Ec.CI) Agetolitella (Cn.Po.Ve) Ahtioconcha (Mo.Ga.Ma.Bi.Os.Tr.Ar) Ajacicyathellus (Po.Sp) Aga.Ph) Agnevvia Ajacicrepida (Ar.Ga.Cy) Agelasina (Mo.Bi.Ga.Be) (Ar.Te) Aelhoceras (Mo.Os.Tr.Sa) Agassizodus (Cd.Cr.Po.Gr) Agraulopsis (Ar.BI.Ar.St.Pa) Agathelia (Cn.Un) Agraulaeva (Ar.Ag) Ajirikina (Ar.Ar) (Ec.Aj) Agabelus Agnocardia (Mo.Ga.Ta) Aimitus Atganodesma Agglutinella (Fo.In) Afilasma (Br.Pa) Afrocypraea (Mo.Hy) (Bz.Fo) Agriopleura (Mo.De.Hi) Acthcolcpis (Cd.Os.Os.Re.Os.Cr.Ga.Ir.Co.Pa) Agal master (Ec.Pt) (Cn.Cr.Sq) Aftinetrina (Fo.Ce) Agelacrinites (Ec.Pt) Agaronia Agno.Fo) Aimulosia (Hy.Rh) Agnostoglossa (Ar.Fo) Agglutisolena (Fo.Ve) Aglithodictya (Po.Ar.Ga.Am) (Mo.Ch.Fo) Ainacrinus (Ec.Sc) Ainia (Cn.Tr.Ch.Cr.Ga.Cl) Aipichthys (Cd.Ce.Ar.Oc) Agnomyax (Mo.Rh) Agathirses Agulhasia (Br.Aj) Aetholicotoxoiis (Ar.Ga.Ce) Aipichthyoides (Cd.Pa) Aelhotaxis Agatrix (Mo.Gy.Sl) Agastapleura (Br.Pe) Aiaiaspis (Ar.Po) Attinocrinus (EcCr.Re.Sc) Aerithyris (Br.Ce.Am) Agonisca (Mo.Pt) Aganaster Agnosiascus (Ar.Re) Aithriocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ga.Os.Eu) Aisenvergia (Bz.An.Pe) Agathammina (Fo.Ga.Ne) Aglaiocypris (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Un) Agathiceras (Mo.Ec.Be) Africoterebellum (Mo.Ar.Ag) Acquispirella (Mo.Ch) Agastophyliuni Agraulos (Ar.Tr) Aorctica (Mo.Op) (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Po) Aipetoceras (Mo.stus (Ar.Ar.Tr.Ar) (Mo.Ga.Ch.Tr.Bi.Ce.Ar.Mi) Altrollonia (Mo.Fo.Ga.Un) Acxitrophocrinus (Ec.Ga.Ga.Sc) Agriopoma Aguaraya Aethia (Ar.Tr.Un) Acsopus (Mo.Ag) (Ar.Ar.Os.Sc) Aguilerella (Mo.Ne) (Mo.CI) Agasso (Ar.Cr.Rh) Agastrocyathus (Po.Fo) (Mo.Ag) Acpystoma (Mo.Ma.Ar.Os.Ar.Ag) (Ar.Ar) Agerostrea (Mo.Co.Un.Ga.Pt) Aglaspella Aiptospira (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ve) Agnostocrinus (Ec.Mo) Agyrekia (Br.Ce.Nt) Aglaspis Airina (Ar.An.Tr.Nt) Agnioblastus (Ec.Os.Te) AgladrilHa (Cd.Cl) Agathistoma Agathocrinus (Mo.An.Cr.ssiceras (Mo.Bi.Pt) Aikenicythere (Ar.Os.Re.Ga.St) Afrobolivina (Fo.An.Bi.An) Acquispirilerina (Br.Ga.Tr.s (Fo.Nt) Agiyptorhynchus (Cd.St.Ce) Aernsquania (Pr.He.Te) Agapella (Ec.Cr.Ta) Agulhasina (Ar.Ar.Po) Aetiocetus (Cd.Ne) Agoniatites (Mo.Cr.Ga.Di) Afranticythereis (Ar.Bi.Ar.Tr.Am) AfoNstKhiton (Mo.Cr.An.As.Ga.Os.As.Fi) Aivtikiis (Cd.Tr.Bi.Ne) Ahmandiura (Ar.Un) Aioloceras (Mo.Cl) Agorophius (Cd.Ar.Sp) Aggomorphastraea Aggregopora (Bz.Pt) Aetostreon (Mo.An.Bi.Mo) Agnostotes (Ar.Ma.Ne) Agastograptu^ (He.Is) Ahrdorffia (Cn.Bi.Re.En) Aliacyathus (Po.Re.Ve) Ajchalina (Ar.Tr.Ch) Al'ghanella (Fo.He) Agriocetus (Mo.Ce.Rh) Al'er (Mo.Cl) Aka (Po.Cr.Me.Ar.St) Aetomacladia (Bz.Sc) Aetobatus (Cd.Os.Po) Aellnicrimis (Ec.Ce.Tr.St) Acsopomum (Br.Ga.Pc) Agathaniminoide.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Aj) Agaleus (Cd.Ne) Ainoceras A fori a Aglagalia (Ar.Ds) Aesincrinus (EcCr.Tr.Or) Agathiphyllia (Cn.Ta) Ailsacrinus (Ec.Ha) Agarhyncha (Br.Bi.As) At'rovolutililhcs (Mo.Pr) Aigialosaurus (Cd.Ar.Fo.Os.Ag) Acquipeclen (Mo.Os.Ch.My) Agelagma (Ar.Ga.Tr.Me.Pt) Aetoniylaeus (Cd.Ne) Agerina (Ar.Un) .Aj) Agkistracanthus Ainiktozoon (Pr.Ga.Sa) Ageria (Mo.An.Vc) Agassizia (Ec.Tr.Me.Ce.Ed.Nt) Aglaspoides (Mo.St) Aidarella (Ar.Ce.Co) (Cd.Bi.Nu) Agetolites (Cn.Pt) Aclhirhynchia (Br.Fo) Aglaii rides (An.Ga.Po) Afraster (Ec.Ar.Pa) Alriscrobs (Mo.Ar.Ma.Pt) Agraiiiatia (Br.Os.Cr.Br) Aglaoglypta Aipoceras Alricogryphaea (Mo.Os.Fo.Ag) Airtonia (Br.Pt) Aelea (Bz.Sc) Agnostogonus (Ar.Na) (Mo.Ta) Afghanospiril'er (Br.Ga.Ve) Ajacicyathus (Po.Ca) Alrocyiheridea (Ar.Ma.Ag) Akademiophyllum (Pr.Cl) At'rtx:ornulina (Mo.Os.Tr.Pl) Aitilui (Ar.St.Po) Aelheia (Br.Fo.An.Ch.Eu) Agostocrinus (Ec.Ce.Hy.Pa) Agathotonia (Mo.Bi.Ce.An.Ce.Cr) (Ar.Ma.Ar) Aizyclla (Mo.Ga.Pol Agncsia (Mo.Tc) Agassizocriiuis (Ec.Go) Aguayoaster (Ec.Tr.Gy.Go) Agastrioceras (Cn.Sa) Afghanocare (Ar.Ar.Ga.Di) Atliniptyxis (Mo.Os.Os.Fo.Fo.Sp) Agonus (Cd.Os.Ga.Pu) Agnostaridis (Ar.Ce.Ed.Ag) Ajiikuzella (Br.My) Ageleodus (Cd.Ar) Agasoma (Mo.Ce) Aclhcodontus (Cd.Go) (Ar.

Hd) Alliatina (Fo.Fo) Alcithoe (Mo.Ch) AUeiolepis (Cd.Pe) Akatchania (Br.Po) Allodesnia Albaillclla (Ac.Sp) Akopos orliynchia (Br.Po.Nt) Alisina (Br.Ce.Un) Alectrion (Mo.Ce.Ce) Alasonia (Po.De.Ax) ."Xlcaldops (Ar.Te) Allelepidotus (Cd.An) Alcira Alispirifer (Br.As.St) Aldaniopirifer (Br.Ce.Os.Nt) Aldanotlieca (Hy.Eu) Aktuboclymenia (Mo.Cl) Aldanaspis (Ar.Gr) Albansia (Ar.In) Alloclionites (Mo.Gr.Fo) Alloeyrtium (Ac.Po) Aletograptus (He.Ru) (Cn.Gy.Ar.Bi.Or.Os.Gr.Ce.Ru) Albrunnicola (Ar.Ga.Pr) Aligena (Mo.Di.Al) Alloceratites Alaskospira (Br.De.Os.Co.Ga.Sp) Aktjubocheilus (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Ce) Akatopora (Bz.De.Sp) Aktinorbitoides (Fo.Os.Ce.Ch) AUantospongia (Po.Ne) (Mo.Tr.'\lcidiella (Mo.De.Ce.St) Algericeras (Mo.Ga.Ra.Ph) Alethynoceras (Cn.Ar) Aleomorphella (Fo.Cr.Co) Aldrichia (Mo.Ne) Albertelloides (Ar.Os.On) Alconeraeyathus (Po.Sp) Algerites (Mo.An.Eo.Re.Ca.Ne) (Mo.Pl) Alcoveria (Cd.Eu) Aliehovia (Br.Pf) Alloceras Alaskoceras (Mo.Ar.Pt) Allionia (Ec.Sc) Akadocrinus Alaiophyllum Alaoceras I I .An) .Ar.Ds) Alaskacoscinus (Po.Ar.Ir.Ma.Ca) Alderina (Bz.Gy.Na) Akburunella (Mo.Ob) (Pr.Ce.Ce.Ve) Aknisophyllum (Cn.Co) Aliculastrum (Mo.Na) (Mo.Ga.Ce) (Mo.Li.Ar.Alimbella (Br.Ar.Gr.Tr.Tr.Ne) Alispiriferella (Br.Te) Allobuchia (Mo.Un.Ce.An) Aliofusus (Mo.Ar.Ar.ln.Ce.Ga.Ph) Alipunctifera (Br.In) Alcimocrinus (Ec.Ey) Alieonehidium (Br.Pe) Akiyoshiella (Fo.St) Ala (Br.Os.Ec.Or) Allatheca (Hy.Pa) .Ce.Tr.Ve) Akera (Mo.Sp) Allanicytidium (Ec.Ar.Cr.Ar.Ph) Alkenopterus (Ar.Nt) Allochiton Alaskozygopleura (Mo.An.Un) Aldania (Pr.Ru) .Ca) Alexandronaiiiilus (Mo.Ec) Alaskaspongia (Po.Sp) AlalopriKliictus (Br.Tr.An.An.Tr.Pt) Aldingia (Br.Ar.Fo) Alalcomenaeus (Ar.Fo.Pt) Alatoconus (Cn.Ne) Akmilleria (Mo.Ga.Ru) Albebarania (Ec.Pt.Ce.St.Ga.Na) Allocrinus (Ec..Ce.Bi.Ar.Ce.Nt) Allocystites (Ec.Un.Bi.Te Akroceras (Mo.Ga.Ir.En) Alataucyathus (Po.St) Akiubinskia (Mo.Po) Alcxandrites (Ec.Gr) Albieonus (Cd.Fo) Aldanolina (Mo.Ce.Hy) Aldanella (Mo.Bi.Di) Alcidellus (Mo.Co) Alithyris (Br.Un) Aliomactra (Mo.Tr.Pl) Albumares (Tr.Os.Fo) Alanisia (Ar.Bi.Ec.Pa) Aleodonta (Mo.Am) Alisea (Cd.Am) Alatiformia (Br.Ar.Ar.Pt) Alaskabolbina (Ar.Fo.Po) Aletoceras (Mo.Os.Pf) Alleynodictyon (Po.An.Ma.Os.Tr.Co.Ga.Ga.Bulletin 363 368 (Ec.Ar.Un.Co.Os.Ch.Fo.Ce.Ce.Ce.Mi) Alaba (Mo.Fo) Albireo (Cd.Tr.Ra.Bi.In) Allantopora (Bz.Sc) (Ar.Fo) Aldanospina (Pr.Os.Nt) Alethodontus (Cd.Or) Alabamina (Fo.Po.Po) Alatothyiis (Br.An.Te) Aldanolreta (Br.•\lbertoceras (Mo.Ce) Alinkioduncanella (Cn.Sc) Alectis (Cd.Ar.Un.Ar.Go) AUanoceras (Mo.Ar.CI) Alisocrinus (Ec.Ds) Aktugaia (Pr.Ce.Os.Co.Ar.Sc) Alalacythere (Ar.hi) Alloiteaucoenia (Cn.Os.Ve) Akkermites (Ar.Ar.Ga.Ne) Alleynia (Cn.An.Ce.Os.Li) Albertechinus (Ec.Pt) Alectryonella (Mo.Cl) Aksopora Aksuglobulus (Po.Fo) AUoeentrotus (Ec.Ga.Ga.Pa) Alectona (Po.Ch) Allanetes (Br.Fo.Ac) Akantharges (Ar.Sp) Aletes (Mo.Di) Alatonhiilctina (Br.Bi.Os.At) Aktastioceras (Mo.Ar.Cm) Alekseevaella (Br.Ar.Am) Allocylhereis (Ar.Me.Pt) Alligaticeras (Mo.Un) Alleinacin (Mo.Fo.Ma.Cr.De.Ga.Te) Aktubites (Mo.Fo.Ar) Aliodonax (Mo.Se) Alainaspis (Cd.Br) Alariopsis (Mo.St) Allocrioeeras (Mo.Ce.Sp) Aktugaiella (Ar.Tr.An.Os.Cr.Pt) Aliquantula (Br.Ga.Un) Alabina (Mo.Ar.Tr.Pt) Allenypterus (Cd.Cr.Tr.St) Albertella (Ar.Ac) Alciola (Cd.Ch) Alabaminiiides (Fo.Ga.St) Alberticoryphe (Ar.Ce.Pt) Algomella (Mo.Nt) Alekseites (Mo.An.Ce.Ga.Pt) Allagecrinus (Ec.Go) (Cn.Pt) Alexenia (Br.Os.Sp) Algerina (Ar.Un.El) .Co) Allograptus (He.Se) Alaionema Aldonaia (Ar.Nt) Aldaniles (Mo.Rh) Alceste (Ar.Pf) Alispira (Br.Ar.Am) Allocryptaspis (Cd.Cr.Mo) (Cd.Ta) Alepisaurus (Cd.On) (Mo.Mo) Aktassia (Br.Ve) Alachtherium (Cd.Ho.Ar.Go) Alcymene (Ar.Tr.Am) Alanites Alekcinella (Ar.Ar) (Cn.Ne) Akagophyllum Albertaprion (An.Ca) Albanites (Mo.Ar) Ahtaria (Br.Pt.St) Alakolites (Ar.Rh Alloberyx (Cd.^liger (Mo.Tr.Hc.Pa) Albula (Cd.Un) Allocotoceras (Mo.Nt) Akidograplus (He.Go) (Mo.Am) Allodesnius (Mo.Px) Alia (Mo.Or.Ar.In.Pe) Alepes (Cd.Pe) Allanella (Br.Di) Allocoenia Alatacavellina Allocoeniopsis (Cn.Hc) Alt'redina (Fo.Fo.Tr.Or) Alabusherothyris (Br.Bi.An.Ga.Ce.Ce) Aigherella (Cd.Ra.Sp) Alfcldftes (Mo.Os.Ru) Akiyosiphylliim (Cn.St Algaroda (Mo.Mo) Alloeatillocriiuis (Ec.Ce.Ce.Li.De) Allocosniia Alatalebcris (Ar.Ru) Alakiria (Mo.Cr.In.Mo) Alalaurus (Ar.Os.Nt) (Mo.Ne) Alliatinella (Fo.Ga.Co) Alifera (Br.Gy.Ch) Albertellina (Ar.St) Akelina (Br.Ce.Os.Fo.Co) Alievium (Ac.

Ga.Fo.Ga.Ne) (Mo.En) (Cd.Fo) Amblacrinus (Ec.Fo) (Ar.Pt) AloNculum (Po.Fo.Ga.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Or) AkK'olytoceras (Mo.'\meranella Alpinophragmium (Fo.Nt) Alti\asum Allosycocrinus (Ec.Cy) Allotropiophyllum (EcEc.Hy) Amarassites Allomorphina (Fo.Go) AllozygocrinuN (Ec.Bi.Pt) (Ec.Pa) (Po.Ve) Alutelia (Ar.Pe) Allumeltoceras (Mo.Re.Tu (Ar.Am) Allaosajanis (Ar.Ar.Ne) (Ec.Os.Li) Altaethyrella (Br.Os.Fo.Sp) (Mo.Fo) Alzadasaurus (Cd.Th) Allasterella (Fo.Te) Aliniles (Mo.Rh) Altiocculus (Ar.Aj) (Br.Ga.Ga.Sc) Al/onella (Fo.Ga.Ga.Te) (Fo.Ve) Alpinophyllia (Cn.Go) Amblysiphonelloides (Po.Sp) (Ar.A COMPENDILM OF FoSSIL MARINE ANIMAL GeNERA: SEPKOSKI 369 Allolteausmiliii (Cn.s (Ar.An.St.Di) (Mo.St.Tr.Sc) Ambonychiopsis Ambostracon Ambothyris .St) .Te) Amekichilus Alpicidaris (Ec.Ce.Tr.Ac) (Mo.Cr.Cr) Amerirostra AKopiK'rinus (Ec.Ch.Fo) AlcKulatia (Ar.Ru) Altudoceras (Mo.Pt) AlpinothalatTiia (Po.Ga.Ga.Oc) Aluta (Ar.Bi.An.Ce.Ru) (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Fo) AInialoceras Allotrioceras Almascy Ilium Almerarhynchia (Cn.Pa) Amallheocrinus (EcCr.Di) Altunella (Br.Rh.Os.Ga.Mi) Allaeorthis (Br.\lleniognathus (Cd.Po) Alveolella (Ar.De.At) Amanses Amaraphyllum Allomnia (Ec.Po) Ambonolium (Ar.Sp) Allosmerus (Cd.Fo.Or) Alloptychites (Mo.Cr.Ec.Fo.Vc) .Fo) Amauroceras Amauropsina Amauropsis Allupleuron (Cn.Co) Amandaraia AllolepiJotus (Cd.Os.Ar.Nl) Alveinus (Mo.Alternatus (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ec.Ph) Amandophylluiii (Cn.sidolella (Bz.Bi.Pt) Alloslrophia (Mo.Hy.Ce.Ar) .Cr.Ga.Ga.Pa) Alocospira (Mo.Ne) Alsalites (Bz.An.Os) Altistoma (Fo.Nt) Akicaxis (Mo.Co) (Ar.Ce.Fo) Alwynia Alwynopora Alwynulus (Ar.Fo.Cr.Ar.Bi.Ce.Ga.Un) Amerigobolbina (Ar.Ar.Fo.Fo) Ambonychia (Mo.Sl) (Cd.Ch.Pt) Amberleya Ambicocrinus Ambigostrea Ambikella Ambipleurus Ambitropus Allopiloceras Hum Allosaccus (Po.St.Tr.An.Os.Sc) Allaopellis (Ar.Cr.Pa) (Cd.Ph) Amblypneustes Amblypterina Amblypterus Amblysiphonella Alurites (Mo.Os.Cl) Altitudella (Ar.Ar.Am) Amerycina Amesopleura Ametoria (Br."Xmbocoelia (Br.Ct) Allaipecteii (Mo.Mo) .Po) (Cd.Ec.Fo) Aniecephalu.Ce.Ar.Ct) Alpiniies (Mo.Ch.Ga.Ru) Amarsupiocrinus (Cn.Ce.Cr.Cr.Tr.Ma.Un) Alpenachitina (Fo.Ve) Allaecypris (Ar.Tr.Ce.Os.Sp) Allotoxasler Altrix (Mo.Ve) Alphacyalhus (Po.Tr.Cc) (Mo.Pt) Amathia (Bz.Ve) .An.Mo) Amblyacrum Amblycranium Amblypgus (Mo.Am) Amalda Amalgamoporous (Mo.Ar.Pa) (Mo.Di) Alwynella (Br.Re.Ambozone Ambrolinex itus Ambtonia Ambulocetus Amecephalina Alosa (Cd.Co) Ambardella (Br.Ga.Mlaeslrophia (Br.Tr.Rh) Alutera (Cd.Pt) Alveolocyathus (Cn.An.Po) (Br.Co.Go) Aly.Co.Bi.Os.Ar.Re.Os.Ps) Americardia (Mo.Ch) Altaja (Cn.Tr.Rh) Alpillina (Fo.Or) Amaltheus (McCe.Nl) Amechilus Amecystis Alpenoceras (Mo.Mo) Allonoma (Bz.Bi.Ru) Allomactra (Mo.Pt) Alocopocythere (Ar.Os.Pt.Tr.Bi.Altajaharpes (Ar.Ar.Fo) Americare (Ar.Bi.Tr.Ec.Ma.Ta) (Mo.Ga.Tr.Ar.Ve) Ambonorthella (Br.Ne) I (Br.Ct) Alloiiia (Pr.Ru) (Mo.Sc) Amaea (Mo.Ga.Ar.Bi.Ce.Ce) Allha (Ar.Os.St.Fe) Amauropsona Amaurotoma Ailoprosal locrinus (Ec.Ar) (Ec.Un) Alpinoscris (Cn.Ru) Amaura Anonychia (Mo.Un) .Os.Fo) Alokistocare (Ar.Ar) Alloihrissops (Cd.Ce.Cl) Altomarginuia (Mo.Gy.Ar.Ar.Fo) Allosocrinus (Ec.Os.Ga.CI) Alveosepta (Fo.Pe) (Br.Cr.Se) (Mo.Pf) AIniohadiles (Mo.Ho) (Cd.Rh) Altinerina (Fo.Sp) (Ec.Fo) Allaiophv (Cn.St.De.An.Te) Allopora (Cn.Fo) Altaicyathus (Po.Ambocardia (Mo.Fo.Hy.Pa) Alveolinella (Fo.Ce) (Mo.Os.Fo.Ga.Am) (Mo.He) (Mo.Ar.Ga.Fo.Ar) (Hy.Ne) Alveolina (Fo.St.Cr.Hy.Hm) Altaicornus (Hy.Ar.Un) Alveolophragmiuni (Fo.Tr.Bi.Fo.Am) Alveocyclammina (Fo.An.Fo.Te) (Mo.An.Nt) (Mo.Fo.Ce.Bi.Ce.Pc) Alloplicatella (Br.Gy.Gy.On) (Cd.Ru) (Mo.Ce.He.Ph) Amelacanthus (Cd.Os.Sp) (Ec.Bi.Ce.Ar) Altshedata (Bz.Os.Nu) Alveolaria (Bz.Sc) Alomataspis (Ar.De.De.Bi.Ka) Amarophos Allomorphinclla (Fo.Amaurellina (Mo.Fo) Alopias (Cd.Fe) Amekicythara (Mo.La) Alveopora (Cn.St) Ameghinomya (Mo.Ar) Allorhynctioidcs (Br.De.Ne) (Ec.Ce.Ce) (Ar.Ch) Alvinia (Mo.•\ltajella (Br.Or) Alula Almaena (Fo.Sp) ( Pr.Ec.Pt Ahania (Mo.Sp) Ambocythere Amboglossa Ambolostoma Ambonlepidos (Ar.Tr.St.Os.Fe) (Mo.Li) Altiplecus (Br.Am) Aluverina (Bz.Pt) AliKoncha (Mo.Os.Fo.Tr.An.Hy) Alokistocarella (Ar.Ga.Fo.An.Pe) (Mo.St) AUernifenestella (Bz.Cl) Ainalgamoprus (Bz.Pt) (Br.Pt) Alveolites (Cn.Fo.Ar.Pt) .Fe) Almorhynchia (Br.Bl.Fo.Fo) Allorhynchub (Br.Ar.Ga.Ut) (Mo.Ch) .Rh) Aluveroceras AInitia (Mo.Pr) (Ec.Ga.Nt) Allopagus (Mo.Ch) .Ci) (Bz.Sp) Allophyllum Altaspiratella (Mo.An.Go) Aluvarua (Cd.Ce.Bi.Ly) Alveovalvulina (Fo.An.Sp) (Br.Os.Ga.Nt) Americaspis (Cd.Ar.Ar) .Ar.En) (Cn.Te) Allomera (Po.Po) (Mo.lr.Os.Ar.Nt) (Mo.

Pt) Amphotonella Amplectoproductina (Fo.Nt) Ammagnostus Ammatophora Ammoastuta (Ar.De.Fo.Ce.Te) Amphorometra Amphorosteus Amphoton Amiiioscalaria (Fo.Tr.Am) Ampherislocriiius (Ec.Os.Sp) Ainplexopora (B/.Tr.Gr) (Ar.CI) Aniphililcs (Cn.Ar) Amphipcras Amphiperca Amphiphora Amphiplecia (Cd.Mo) (Mo.Pa) (Ar.Fo) Amicula iMo.Ra.Ga.Ve) (Ar.Fo.s.Tr.Bi.Ga.De.Ac) Amphistegina (Fo.Bulletin 363 370 Ameura (Ar.St.Sc) Amphistrophia (Br.Sp) Amphitryon (Ar.Ru) (Cn.Fd.Os.Li) Ainplexocarinia (Cn.Ar.Pt) Aniphissites (Ar.An.Ne) (Mo.Fo) AmphicUnodonta Amphicoryna (Fo.Ar) (Ac.Gy.Ce) (Mo.Ra.Ag) Amphiaraus Amphiastraea (Cn.Ga.Ch) Amphiaulastrea (Cn.Ga.Ru) Ammotium (Fo.St) Ampuloide.Pf) Amphicostella (Ar.Pt) (Mo.Fo.Tr.Sc) Aniphiropalum (Ac.Pn) Amijiella (Fo.Fo) Amphiblestrum Amphibrachium (Ac.On) Ammonellipsites (Mo.Pf) (Cd.Tr.Na) Amgaspis Amginia Amginocrbia Amginouyia (Ar.Un) (Mo.Fo.Fo.PO Amiclla (Ar.Os.Ga.Fo.Fo.Am) Amiienirhynchia Amocnnspiriler (Br.Os.De) (Cn.Rh) (Mo.Op) (Br.Ar) Aminodiscella (Fo.Ar.Fo) Amphilichas (Ar.Os.An.Sp) (Ec.Tr.Na) Ampyxclla (Ar.Bi.Os.Po.De) Amniobaculoides (Fo.Nt) (Br.An.Mo.Pt) Amplogladius (Mo.Ve) Amphoracrinus Amphoracrocrinus Amphoracystis Amphoratheca Amphorella Amphorellina Amphorithalamia (Mo.Go) Amonilea Amonohexacrinus Amonolis Amoraster (Mo.Os.Ar.Ce.Nt) (Cn.Ce.Co) Ampelocriniis (Ec.Ga.Fo) Aminobaculites (Fo.Os.Mo) (Ec.Tr.Ra.Fo) Amphiclina (Br.Ru) (Ec.Fo) Amphiieberis (Ar.Co) Aniphiplccta (Ac.Nt) (Mo.Fo.Gr.Os.Sq) (Ar.Ga.Ar.Or) (Br.Ru) (Mo.Ga.Ga.Os.Fo) (Ar.Fo) (Ac.Mo) (Fo.An.Cr.Bi.Cl) Aniphislrophiella (Br.Ra.Fo.Fo.Sa) Amphidesma (Mo.De.Fo.Cl) Amphisoriis (Fo.An.Ve) Aniphithalamus (Mo.Pf) Ampullclla (Mo.Sp) Amiantis Amphistichus (Cd.Fo) Aniphikegelites (Ar.Rh) Aniphipclla (Br.Ar.Fo) Amplexus Amnestostroma Amnicythere Amniopora Amoebinelia Amoebites Amocboceras (Po.Fo) (Bz.Fo.Pa) Ammodiscus Ammodytes (Fo.Os.Ga.Cr.Ar) Ampliura (Ar.Ga.Go) (Ar.Fo.Fo.St) Amiskwia (Pr.Fo) Amphicrinus (Ec.An.Sp) (Mo.Pa) (Fo.Ga.Ne) Amphistephanites (Mo.Sc) Ampiexograplus Amplexoides Ammovertellina (Fo.St.Fo) Amphodon (Cd.Tr.Ta) Amphiocoelia (Mo.Sa) (Ec.Di.Ga.Ce.An.Sc) Amphitomaria Amphitomella (Fo.Am) (Mo.Po.Nt) (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Fo) Amphichaena (Cd.An.Os.Cl) Ampulonatica Ampurocrinus (Mo.Fo.Sp) Amphitremoida (Fo.Re.Di) .Fo.Nt) (Mo.Po) Amphiporclla (Bz.St) (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ce) Ainpullospira (Mo.De.St.Fo) Amphicythere Amphicytherura Ammonicrinus Ammonitoceras Ammonoceratites Ammopalniula (Ec.He) (Mo.Fo) He.Os.Re.Ga.Ar.Pt) (Mo.Pa) Ampletochilina (Ar.Tr.Ne) (Mo.St) Amphimorsoniella (B/.Po) Ammonia (Fo.Ga.Pt) (Ec.Fo.Fo) Amphitriodites (Ec.Bi.Po) Amphinerita (Mo.Gr) (Cn.Fo.Un) Amphisella (Ar.Ga.Pr) (Ec.Tr.s (Ar.Ve) Amphisphaera Amphissa Amiaspis (Ar.Me) Amphorachilina (Fo.Sp) Aniniomaryiniilina (Fo.Ga.Sc) Ampulliglabclla ( (HcEc.Tr.Ga.Cr.Pa) Ammobacularia (Fo.Bi.Nt) (Pr.Ve) Ampyx (Ar.Nt) Amphipora (Po.Os.Ar.Ra.Ml.Ch) Ammoelphidiella Amnioglobigerina (Fo.Fo.Fo.Cc) AmplicolpuN (Cn.Sc) (Mo.Tr.Ne) Ar.Ch) Amphitoxotis (Ar.Fo.Cr.Ar.Am) Amphiscapha (Mo.Ga.Os.Ne) Amiopsis (Cd.Fo) (Ar.Fo) Aniphicetus Amphitriscoelus (Mo.Fo.Tr) Ammovolummina (Fo.Tr.Bi.Ga.An.Ma.Bi.Ve) Aniphitrochus (Mo.Ra.Ce.An.An.Ra.Bi.Fo.Gy.Tr.Ra.Am) (Mo.0.Os.Fo) AEiiphijanira (Mo.Ec.Un.CI) Amplosipho (Mo.Fo.Fo) Amphilectella (Po.Pa) Amiclocracens (Br.As) Ampellatocephalina (Ar.Ce.Op.Op) Amphistylus (Ac.Fo) Amphigraptiis (He.St) (Mo.Op) Amploslonia (Mo.Fo) Aniphimcandra Amphimcniuiii AmphinKirphina (Fo.Tr.Fo) (Br.Cr.Bi.Po) Ainplexiphyllum (Cn.Pr) (Fo.Fo.Nt) (Ar.Fo.Sq) Amphistium (Cd.Bi.Po.Sp) Amissopeclen (Br.Ar.Cr.Nt) Amphiiiplus (Ec.Tr) Amphipsalidocrinus (Ec.Fo.Fo.An.Fo) Ampezzamilda Ampezzoella Ampezzogyra Ampezzopleura Ampezzoscala Ampezzotrochus Amphekepubis Amphelia (Cn.An.Sp) Amphizona (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Fo) Amphigenia (Br.Po) ( Br.Ar.Cr.Cr.Ec.Ga.Os.Hi) Ammocycloculina (Fo.Ne) (Cd.Sp) (Mo.Fo) Aniphicervicis (Fo.Ho.Cm) Amphigeisina (Ch.As) (Ac.Sp) (Po.Eu) (Ar.Li) (Cd.Pe) (Cd.Op.Tr.Bi.Fo) Amphicyrtoceras (Mo.Li) Amplexizaphrentis Ammotrochoides Amniotrophus Ammovertella (Fo.He) (Bz.Fo.Un.ln) Amphiope (Ec.Fo) Aniphictene (An.Un) Ampakanites (Mo.Fo.Nt) Ainphipoanoceras (Mo.Na) Ampullina Ampullinopsis (Mo.Ce.As) Ammodiscoides (Fo.Os.Te) Amniolagena (Fo.He) (Mo.Li.Fo) (Cn.Bi.Pt) (Ci.Co.Ar.Ga.Tr.Ga.Fo) Amphicyc'lia (Ac.Nt) Ampullasler (licSo.Ga.Ta) (Fo.Ga.Fo.ln) Aniphcrislus (Cd.Am) Amphiophiura (Ec.Ga.Ce.Co) ( ( Fo.Ce.Rh) Ampthilha Ampulla (Mo.Pr) Ampakabastraca (Cn.My) Amphipsamnius Amphipyndax (Mo.Cr.Di) (Fo.Cr.Am) Amphidonte (Mo.Gr.As) Amorena Amoria Amorphognathus Amosina Amotapus Amotapus (Ec.Co) Ammosiphonia Ammosphaeroidina Ammospirala (Fo.Ce) Amicus (Ar.Fo.

As) Anahuacia (Ar.Od) Anastrophognathus Ancyrocrinus (Ec.Ga.Tr.Co.Ptl Ananias (Mo.E!) (Mo.At is (Br.Ce) Andciscnolina (Fo.Fo.My) (Mo.Pt.Os.St.Co.Cr.Am) Ampyxinella (Ar.Ga.Tr.An.EI) Analomites (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Ce.Ce) (Mo.Am) Br.Rh) .Pf) Ancistrolepis (Br.Pt) Anakinetica (Br.Ph) Amurolhyris (Br.Ce.Ce.Co.Mi) Anduliisiana (Ar.Te) Analoma Andersenia (Fo.Te) Ananorites Anchispirocychna (Fo.Sc.Ec.Nt) Anastomoceras Anastomopora (Mo.Or) (Bz.Ru) Anaptychius (Br.Po) Ainussium (Mo.As) Anagaudryceras (Mo.Pt) Ananterodonta (Mo.No) Ancistrorhynchia (Br.Am) (Mo.Pe) Ancyrochitina (Fo.Or.Ce.Am) Ancheilotheca (Hy.Ol) Anaconularia (Cn.Ar.Un) Aiidanuiokia (Fo.Ga.Ga.Fo) Amussiopccten (Mo.Cr.Ar) (Mo.Ce) Anagymniles (Mo.Tr) Ancilla Ani\gdalella (Ar.Rlu Analectis (Cd.Tr.Ar.iria (Mo.St) Analytoceras (Mo.Tr.Di) Anchicrinus (Ec.Pf) Ancistrosyrinx (Mo.Ar) Ancylocidaris (Ec.Nt) (Cn.Ga.Tr.Ga.Av.Fo.Bi.Ar.Tr.Tr.Co.An.Ne) Amygdalophylloides (Cn.Ga.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 371 Ampyxiii (Ar.Ec.Ce) Analropites (Mo.Un) Anaiimya (Mo.Li.Fo.Ce.Sa) Amykidon Amyssodropa (Cd.De) (Ar.Ar.Ru) Analox (Ar.Am) Anatipopectcn (Mo.Tr.Os.Os.As) Anahanuilina Anavirgatites (Mo.Tr.Rh.Co) Anacithara (Mo.Un.Bi.Th) Anabarilellus (Tr.St) Anabolotreta (Br.Cm) (Mo.Co) Anachronistes (Cd.Or) (Mo.Cr.Tr.Go) Andesiles (Mo.Ce.Sp) Ancyrolepis (Cd.As) Anahopliles (Mo.Rh) Amygdalophylluni (Cn.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Ch) Ancillista Amygdalophyllidiuni (Cn.In) Ani\drola\is (Cd.Ce.Ar) Anatina (Mo.Fo.Ga.Tr.De) Anchoa Anchomasa Anchura Amydaicornus Am\dropt\chus (Mo.Un.Ne) Anamesoceras Anamesocrinus (Ec.Ce.An) Anaspyroceras Anabariles (Tr.Ar.Aj) Ancillotoechia (Br.Ar) Ancistrocrinus (Ec.Ds) Anchigonites (Br.Ar.Ar.Ci) Anipyxina (Ar.Os.Ce.Bi.Ar.Co.Rh) Anapetopsis (Mo.Re.Ar.Dc.Tr.Sc) Anarrhichthys (Cd.Ga.Ce.Ce) Anaulocidaris (Ec.Hy.Cr.Fe) Ancylostrophia (Br.Rh) Ancolioceras (Mo.Or) Amsleroceras (Mo.Bi.Cti Analiferopsis (Ec.Ce.Rh) Anabacia (Cn.Ch) Anchffia (Mo.Pa) Amzasskiella (Ar.Li.At) Anderssonoceras (Mo.Or) AmurodictN a (Bz.Ar.Tr.St.Ce.Co) Anaptopora (Bz.Pl) Anapachydiscus (Mo.Bi.Ar.Ga.Co.An.Ce.Am) Anatrypa (Br.Cr.Hy.Ce) (Mo.Am) Anazyga (Br.Pa) Anapliomerella (Ar.Tr.Am) Ancoracrinus (Ec.Cd) Anaphragma (Bz.He.CI) Amuletiim (Mo.Am) Anaxenaspis (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ga.Fo) Anacopodia Anadara (Ar.Mt) Andemantaslraea (Mo.As) Anagymnotoceras (Mo.Ch.Ar.Cr.Cnl Analitopsis (Ar.Ga.Ch) Anacaenaspis (Ar.Ph) Anataphrus (Ar.Ph) Ancillarina Aniygdalocosla (Br.Ar.Ce.Ch) Ancyrodella (Cd.Bi.Re) Anartiocrinus (Ec.Os.Ga.Os.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Pt) Anarhynchia Anarosaurus (Cd.Gy.Ce.Ar.CI) AmyL'lina (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Be) Ancienta (Pr.Ac) Andersonites (Mo.Ce.Hy) Anasirenites Ancorellina (Br.Ga.Ml.Ce) Ancyropyge (Ar.Re.Pc.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Ru) Anaptyctocyathus (Po.Co) Anachis (Mo.Fo) Analesta (Tr.Te) Anapteris (Mo.Ce.Ce.As) Ancyrodelloides (Cd.Ce.St.Fo) Anaethalioi) (Cd.Ra.Ce) Ampyxoides Amquia (Ar.At) Anarthropora (Bz.Sp) Anbuliina (Mo.Ar) Anchiopsis (Ai-.St.Ar.Ar.In) Anathyris (Br.Fo.CI) Ancistrocrania (Br.Un) Anaximander (Ar.Ph) Anchiopella (Ar.Rh) Ancistromesus (Mo.Am) Analicinella (Fo.Ce) Anatsabites (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ch.Ce.Ce.Co) Anabaricornus (Hy.Ce) (Mo.Ar.Am) Anabarella (Mo.Am) (Mo.Am) Anaflemingites (Mo.CI) Anacharsis (Cd.Ru) Anarcestes (Mo.St.Bi.Ga.Ce.Ce.Te) Anazola (Mo.Ga.Un) Anceps (Mo.Ne) Anabaia (Br.Ar.Ce.Ph) Andangul.At) (Bz.Ce.Pt) Anartiocystis (Ec.Pr) Ancalocrinus (Ec.An.Hy) Anapagurus Anapepta (Ar.Pt) (Ar.Ar.Pe) Analocaspis (Ar.Pt) Anderkenia (Mo.Co.Ne) Analibetites (Mo.Ph) Amiiropectcn (Mo.Ce) Analala\ (Cd.Os.Am) (Cd.Bi.Tr.Pt) Anadyrclla (Br.Ne) Anarhichas (Cd.Bi.Mo) Anisiienoides (Cn.Cr.Ga.Ho.Od) Anacleoniceras (Mo.Si.Ce.Ga.Tr.Ce.An) Ancistroceras (Mo.Gy.Ne) (Mo.Co) (Cd.Pl) Andenothyone (Ec.Cr.Ce.Ar.St) Anaclitacanthus (Cd.Bi.Ve) Anabaraceps (Ar.Fel Ananaspis (Ar.Nt) Anabarochilina (Ar.Fo) Andalucinetes (Br.Ga.Bi.Ce.Ne) (Hy.Sp) Ancyrognathus (Cd.My) Ancilhna Aniygdalocvslites (Ec.Di) Anabalhron (Mo.La) Ancalagon (Pa) Anisdenina (Br.An.Ce.Ce.Tr.Li.Ne) (Br.Bi.Re) Analolepsis (Cd.Nt) (Br.Ac) Anivgdalum (Mo.Ar.Or) Amygdaloihei-'a (Ec.Ar.Ta) Anaklinoceras (Mo.An.Un) Anatreta (Br.Ar.Tr.Ac) Anastrophia (Br.Ma.Tr.Tr.Ga.Ch.Ne) Anathyrella (Br.Mt) Anarconcha (Mo.CI) Anclyoceras Anabaraspis (Ar.Hc) Anascaphites (Mo.Ce) Anderssonella (Ar.Co) Anacheinirus (Ar.Ar) Anisdenostropiella (Br.Ga.Mo) Anchistrocheles (Ar.Ga.Tr) Anakrusa (Ac.Te) Ancillopsis (Mo.Ce.Os.Os.Sc) AnadesnuKeras Anadoxides (Mo.Sa) Anabaria ( Anasibirites Ancoradella (Cd.Ga.An) Anastes Ancorhynchia Anculosa (Mo.Ga.Ga.Ne) Amsassia Amsassipora Amsdcnclla (Po.Co) Anarchocrinus (Ec.

Tr.Ve) Anoinalocardia (Mo.Tr.Ce.Sp) Angolosaurus (Cd.Bi.El) Anodomaria Anepheloceras Anhuiconus (Mo.As) Angulus Angustaeva Annoceras Annotocyathus Annuliconcha (Ar.Tr.ls) Anisonotella (Ar.Sp) Angullongia (Po.Ce.De) Anglicornus (Mo.Fo.Am) Aniabrocliiis (Br.Bi.Pt) Anechocephalus (Ar.St) Anolcites (Mo.Os.Ce.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Ce.Fo.Ga. Tr.Aj) Anemetocrinus (Ec.Ru) Ankinatsytes (Mo.Hi) Aneuretoceras (Mo.Ar.On) Andrazella (Cn.Os.Os.Ga.Nt) Ankumia (Ar.Bi.An) Anhuiella (Pr.Pe) Andrejella (Fo.Cl) Angyomphalus (Mo.Ra.Rc.Ra.Pt) Andreioceras (Mo.Cl) Angusticardo (Mo.St) Angusticornus (Hy.Tr) Ankhelasma (Cn.Ar.Pt) Fo.Ga.Or) (Bz.Bi.Hy) Annulocyathella (Po.Bi.An) Anisoceras (Mo.Ce.Bi.Bi.Ce.Ce.Ce.Po.Ar.Pt) Anisarcestes (Mo.Ar.Ar.Fo) Anemocephalops Anemocephalus Anemonaria (Ar.St.\r.Ba) Anomaloglossa Anomalograptus Anomalokellia Anglidiscus (Ec.Fo.Li.Cy) Anfedatia (Mo.Te) Anodontopsis (Mo.Ch.Nt) (Mo..Am) Ankyloceras (Mo.Si) Anonialorthis Angotia (Fo.Ml.Na) Anomalinoides Anomalisipho Angarocaris (Ar.Or) Annuloceras (Mo.Bi.Ce.Nt) (Cn.Ar.Cr.Cc) Anguisia (B/.Ac) Anisaser (Ec.Di) Anisomyon (Mo.Li) Angliaecytheridea (Ar.Sq) Anisosiren (Cd.Tr.An.Bi.Cc) Ankoura (Ar.Po) Anisograptus (He.Pt) (Ar.Tr.Tr) .Bi.Ga.An) (Mo.Ce.Fo) Angulogerina (Fo.Ph) Angiosuchus (Cd.Ce) Aninionithyris (Br.Bi.Gr.Ve) Angulospira (Mo.Fo) (Mo.Bl.Ce.Ga.Ar) Annulopatellina (Fo.Ar.Ec.Ed.Ve) Anidanthus (Br.Te (Cd.Li) Anguipecten (Mo.Ce.Un) Anisactinella (Br.Bi.Pf) Anisotrypa (Bz.Ne) Angranoceras Anisotechnophorus (Mo.Bi.ln) Anodontia (Mo.Po) Angustiochrea (Tr.Os.Pa.Fo) Aniscstoma (Mo.Tr) Anguineila (Mo.Pt) (Hc.Fo.Rj) (Mo.Ga.An.St.Ga.Mi) Annea (Cd.Os.Ve) Angiospirifer Anglagnostus ( .Fo.Ce.Ch) Anisocoenia (Cn.De.Co) Anobasicrinus (Ec.Tr.Na) Angulogavelinella ( Annectocyma Annepona Androsina (Fo.Pl) Andrarina (Ar.Bi.Te) Angarella (Br.Bi.Sp) Anomactinella (Br.Bulletin 363 372 Andicula (Mo.Cc) Andromeda (Ac.Sp) Angaraspis (Cd.Ce.Re.Os.Pc) Andreaea (Po.Na) Angelinoceras (Mo.Ac) Anebocylhereis (Ar.Ce.Am) Angulodus (Cd.Bi.Ce) Anomalesia (Br.Ve) Anetoceras (Mo.Mo) Aneurychilus Anictosphaera (Fo.Am) Anechocrinus (EcCr.Ne) (Mo.Fi) Anisocorbula (Mo.Tr.Ve) (Br.Go) (Cd.Cr.Ne) Anglaspis (Cd.Ma.Ce.Ac) Angustiphyllum (Cn.Ci) Anomaloceras Anomalocoelia Anomalocrinus Angelopora (Bz.Is) Annunziopora (Bz.Fo.As) Anomalomya (Mo.Sl.Pr) Anomaloria (Br.Li.An) Annulocyalhus (Po.Os.An) (Cd.Cr.Gr) (Mo.Li.Po) Anomalot'usiis (Mo.Ru) Anomalopleuroides (Mo.Co.St) Anhuiceras (Mo.Fo) Androgynoceras (Mo.Ce) (Bz.El) Andrusovicardium (Mo.Ga.Re.Ga.Fo.Pe) Annachlamys (Mo.Pt) Andrewsiphius Angulocrinus (Ec.s (Ar.Fo.Pt) Angulaticeras (Mo.Sp Anisocriniis (Ec.Ru) Annulofrondicularia ( Aneniatina (Mo.Bl.Fo) Anechophragma (Br.Pt) Ankitoka/ocaris (Ar.Oc) Andriopora (Cd.St) Anomalopsis (Cd.Or) Anisochilina (Ar.Sp) Annamitella (Ar.Ri) Anisotremus (Cd.Bi.Rc.Aj) Anisicyrtis (Ac.Gr.Fo) Angaria (Mo.Nt) Andobolus Andonia Andorina (Br.Ce.Gy.Eu) (Mo.Cl) (Br.Pt.Ar) Anomalotoechus Andiceras Aneurystoma Anfaceras I Ar.Ar.Cr) Anisopleurella (Br.Ch) Angulodiscus (Fo.Ga.Cr.Ne) (Mo.Fi) (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Fo) (Ac.Ag Fo.Co) (Bz.St.Ga.Hy.Os.Tr) Anisotrypella (Bz.Bi.St) Ankylophorus Ankystrorhynchus Andreaspira (Br.An.Ve) Angulotreta (Br.Th.St.St.Fo) Angaricyathus (Po.Ga.Tr.Ml.Ar.Li.Aj) Anelotreta (Br.Tr) Anguillospira Andivaugonia (Mo.An) (Cd.Ag) Anisocardia (Mo.Ga.Ga.Sc) (Fo.An.Aj) Aneisohealdia (Ar.Un.Ar) Angustothyris ( Annulofungia (Po.Di) (Cn.Fo.Bi.An.An.Bi.Le) Angeliphyllia (Cn.Sc) Anisocidaris (Ec.Fo) Anningella (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ar.Sa) Anomalodiscus Anomalodonta (Mo.Re.St.Ra.Ar.Ne) .An.Ar.Fo.Ar.Ds) (Mo.Sc) Angulatoblastus (Ec.Ve) Annulocibicides (Fo.Ch.Ce.Pt) Angusticardinia (Br.Anguilla Andinacaste (Ar.Fo.Re.De) Angularia (Mo.My) (Br.Fo) Anotia (Mo.Me.Pt) Andreolepis (Cd.Na) (Mo.Ph) Anguilloides Anditrigonia (Mo.Ec.Ve) Anebolithus (.Ce.Bi.He) Angulatostroma (Po.ln.Os.Na) Anisophyllum (Cn.Tr.Sa) Anglonautlis (Mo.Ce) (Ar.St.Li.Hy) (Mo.Ar) Anisastraea (Cn.Os.Ru) Annaecoelia (Po.Tr.Tr) (Ar.Pt) Annulinectes (Mo.'\nisocyanius (Ar.Sc) (Mo.Gy.Sc) Anomalocystites (Ec.Fo) Br.Ga.Cr.Ra) Angelina (Ar.Ce.Pt) Andrusella (Mo.Ga.Fo.Pt.An.Ph) Anguillavus Andinodesma (Mo.Ve) ( Br.Sq) Angixhitina (Fo.Ce.Tr.Fo.Os.Bi.Pa) Angullophyllum Angulobracchia Anguloceras (Mo.Ch) Anisopyge (Ar.Ro.Pt) Anisocerasites (An.Tr.Tr.Am) (Mo.Fo) Annectina (Fo.Ve) Angastobactriles (Mo.Te) Anolotichia (Bz.Ce.Sp) Anomalinella (Fo.An.Sa) Anodontoplcura (Mo.Bi.Am) Anomalocaris (PnDi.Pt) Anhuiaspi.Bi.De.Am) (Mo.Ce.Pt) Anhelkocephalon (Ar.Ga.Ma.Pt) (Ec.Pt) Anisodonta (Mo.De.Os.Re.Mi) Angioblastus (Ec.Os.Po) (Mo.Tr.He.El) Annamitia (Ar.Fo.

A Compendium Anomastraea of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 373 .

Os.Op.Ce.Os.He) (Mo.Os.Re.Gr.Nt) (Ec.An.Sc) Aptyxiella (Cd.Ce.Ce.Te) Apsorroceras (Mo.Ct) Aphelotreta (Br.Sp) Apateopholis (Cd.Ta) Aphrophyllum (Cn.Tr.Ph) Aquitanophyllia (Cn.Or) (Mo.Ar) Aptychopsis (Ar.Ar.Ru) (Cn.Ec.Os.Ga.Ce.Bi.Tr.Sc) Arabatia (Br.Nt) Aphelesia (Br.An.St) Araeopleura (Mo.Cr.Li.An.Pa) Aphylkini (Mo.Ce.Ve) Arachnoides (Ec.Sp) Apocoeha Apocopodon (Cd.Ar.Ga.Ce.Pf") Mo.On) Apringia (Br.Ga.Ce.Ph) Apurocrinus (Ec.Cr.Cr.Gy.Ar.Ga.Ne) Apsilus (Cd.Ma.Ch.Re.Rv) Apaloe\ there (Ar.An.Av.Pr) Apatognathiis (Cd.Ar.Ru) (Cn.Sp) Apateodus (Cd.Ct) (Po.An.Ce) Apioceras Aptilechinus (Ec.scus (EcEd.Pt) Arachnolasmclla (Cn.Ps) Apoxypetalum (Ec.As) Apioceras (Mo.Pf) Arachnocrinus (Ec.An.An.Pc) AponiateMa (Br.Ac) (Mo.Ar.Pe) ArabeMa (An.Ve) Aplocus Aplocyathus Aplodinotus (Mo.Cr.Co) Apionicon (Ar.Rh) Apocyathus (Pr.Gr.Co) Apatobolbina (Ar.Or) Apographiocrinus (Ec.Pt) Arachnopusia (Cn.Rh) Aprionodon Apsendesia Apatohclla^ (Ar.Sc) Aphelaeceras Apocalymene (Ar.Bi.Ar.Cr.Te) Aphelaspis (Ar.Os.Co) Apocladophyllia (Cn..Cc) Apleuroceras (Mo.Re.Tr.Os.Pt) Apiocrinites (Ec.Po) Aporolepas (Ar.Bi.Os.Ar.Op) (Mo.Ve) Apricardia (Mo.Cy) Apsilingula (Br.Pa) Apicaria (Mo.Na) (Cd.Ma.CI) Arachnioplcurus (Ec.St) Araeopoma (Cn.In) Apsopehx (Cd.Sp) Aplysinofibra (Po.Re.Sc) Aptycholathyrus ( Aphaea Aphanaia Aphanepygus (Mo.Ar.Ve) Aporrhais (Mo.Ph) Apolynielis (Mo.St.Po.Ro.Rh) Arachnastraea (Cn.Nt) Applinocrinus (Ec.Sc) Aphelakardia (Mo.Ga.Ga.St.Aj) Araeodelphis Aphnidina (Mo.Am) Apatotervia (Bz.Li) Apiotoma (Mo.Ar.Os.Ar.Tr.Os.Di) (Mo.Rh) Aplustrum (Mo.Os.CI) Aphrikanecy there (Ar.Ga.Pt) Araeopora (Cn.Sp) Aplococeras Aptocyathclla (Po.Tr) (Mo.Li) Apianurus (Ar.Aj) Apertirhynchella (Br.An.Ga.Ic) Apiotrigonia (Mo.Bi.On) (Cn.Pt) Apterrinella (Fo.Sc) Apulites (Mo.Al) Aphyctoceras Appalachignathus (Cd.Ba) (He.Al) Aphrosaurus (Cd.He) Aporosoeyathus (Po.Os.CI) Aphnelcpis (Cd.Ar) Aphroelasiiia Aporlhophyla (Br.Ar.Tr) Apsocalynima (Br.Bi.Gy.Ce.Is) Aplousina (Bz.Tr.Po) Apodactylocrinus (Ec.An.Ar.Sl.Aj) Apertauroria (Fo.Un.El) Arabia (Ma.Ac) (He.Ar.Ce.Po.Os.Tr.Sc) Aplexura (Ar.Tr.St) Apatorthis (Br.Ps) Apertostella (Bz.Ar.Ce) Aquilonites (Mo.Rh) ApatDkephaloides (Ar.An.Ga.Hi) Aphroidophylhim (Cn.Ru) Aposolcnoplcura (Ar.Ne) Br.Ca.Rh.Ci) Aracodactylus Aphroealhstes (Po.Pe) Arachnophyllum Aphragnius Aphraxonia (Br.Pf) (Cd.Bi.De.My) Arabcllites (An.Nt) Arachnocystitcs (Ec.Ec.Fo) Aplocoma Aptocyathus (Po.Os.Rh.Tr.Am) (Mo.Ch) Aquilofusus (Br.Ar.Na) (Mo.PO Arachniogniptiis ApheiHirthina Apogonoceras Apogonoides ArachniophylUim (Cn.Pf) Arachnidium (B/.An.Pt) Apiocypraea Apaliikephalus (Ar."Xponiodoeia (Ar.Bi.Ec.Cr.Bulletin 363 374 Apalcloschizocy there (Ar.Pf) Apolloiiorthis (Br.Ga.St) Aplosphecion (Po.Ru) (Bz.Os.Ce.Te) Araeosoma (EcEcEt) Aphragmites .Co.Fo) (Cd.Rh) Aphia Aphlebospongia (Cd.Ta) Apollon (Mo.As) (Po.An.Po) Aphrosalpinx (Po.Ce.Fe) (Cn.As) .Or) Arachnokisma Aphractus (Mo.Ga.Tr.Or) Apistoconcha (Pr.Ce.Gr) Apsidognathus (Cd.Ne) Apatiichillna (Ar.Os.Tr.Cr.Nt) Aphelocythere (Ar.Rh) Aptychodon (Cd.Ga.Tr.Ce) (Mo.Pr) Apatoboliis (Br.Ce) Apsotreta (Br.De.Li.Ga.An.Cc) Apsidoceras (Mo.Mi) (Cd.Ro.An.Re.Ne) Apolectus (Cd.Te) Apoplanias (Ar.Ar.Eu) Aphelecrinus (Ec.Ri) Araeocrinus (Ec.Os.Ar.Nt) Araeoncnia (Mo.Li.He) (Mo.Tr.Un) Aquitanastraea (Cn.Am) Aracana (Cd.Ne) Aplosmilia (Cn.CI) Apocrinoceras (Mo.Tr.Ru) Appendicysta (Ar.Ce) (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Ca) Apatornis (Bz.Ar.Co.Fo.Sa) Arabicella ( Aphelognathus (Cd.Ce.St) Apralhia (Ar.Ch.Li) Apiograptus ApatoiiKirpha (Br.As) Aphelolepis (Cd.Po) Apieilirelki (Br.Te) (Br.De.Nt) (Cd.Hi) Aphanoinena Aphanoptyxis Aphanotaenia Aphaurosia (Br.Ch) (Cn.Ga.An.He.Os.Hi) Apatokephalina (Ar.Ru) Aphrophylloides (Cn.Pt) Apycnodi.Ga.Pt) Apogon (Cd.Co) (Ec.Eu) Aphelaster (Ec.Ar.Tr.Ca) Apatokephalops (Ar.Pe) Apousiella (Br.Ar.Ar.Pt) Aplophyiha (Cn.Ga.As) Apiocystites (Mo.Ru) Apothyris (Br.Co.Ce.Ru) Aphanites ( Cd.Ec.An.St) Apatopygus (Ec.An.Ru) Apopiopegma (Mo.Co) Apiocardia (Mo.Ce.Or) Apletosia (Br.Tr.Cr.Ru) Aporlhophyhna (Br.Li.Ga.Bi.Ma.An.Ar.Os.An.An.He) Aplotaspis (Ar.Ce.Co.Ec.Ca.Os.Se) Apodasmocrinus Apoderoceras Apodosia Aphelotoxon (Ar.Sc) Aptyxis (Mo.Ar.Te) Apheloides (Ar.CI) Aphetoceras (Mo.Ga.Gy.Tr.Cr) Arabica (Mo.Ac) Apehsniiha Apemiphyseter (Cn.Cr.Na) (Mo.Tr.Go) Apheathyris (Br.Or) Arachnoidella (B/.Cr) Apatoskenidioides (Br.Go) AplopsaniEnia (Cn.Ec.MkIn) (Mo.Od) Appisania (Mo.Ds) Arabitrigonia (Mo.Gy.Bi.Ar.Te) Aphera (Mo.Ey) Aperisplriler (Br.Ar.Cr.An.Bi.Ga.Ru) Apopentamcrus (Br.Ar.Ru) Aphciiorthis (Br.Fo.Gr) (Br.

At) (Ar.An.In) Archicypraea (Mo.Hy) Archecamp (Ac.PD Arcopagiopsis (Mo.Be) Arccythyris (Br.Ru) (Mo.Tr) Archierato (Mo.Bi.Ml.Nn Archaeolepidotus (Cd.As) Archaeoconus (Mo.Ci) Archeosolenocera (Ar.Pt) Archaeodoryderma (Po.Ra.Fo.Bi.Ch.Os.Un) Archegonus (Ar.Tr.Fo.l.Ra.Ey) Archarenicola (An.Co) Archeocosta (Ar.Tx) Arcopsis (Cn.Te.Ar.Ae) Archaeonectrus (Cd.Ga.Ar.Ci) 1 Ar.Ga.Is) Archicorys (Ac.Ra.Ar.Hy.Ra) (Ar.Ar.Nt) Arau/ia (Cd.Go) Archaeogeryon Archaeognathus (Cd.Ga.Ra.Go) Arcavicula (Mo.Bi.De.Bi.Pa) Archaias (Fo.Go) Archaeosepta (Fo.Bi.Ch.Di.Pt) Arambiiuriiia (Cd.ON.De) Arborea (Cn.Fe) Archaeops Archaeopus Archaeopyramisa (Ac.Sc) Arcanoceras (Mo.Pt.Cr) Archaeolynthus Archetypum (Ac.Bi.Ml.Ro.Nt) Araxilevis (Br.Ec.St) Araneiles (Mo.Ya) Araneatrypa (Br.Sp) Archaeomaene (Po.Pt) Archaeosniilia (Cn.Li) Archaeoscyphia (Po.Ca) Arcomytilus (Mo.St.Ra.Fo.An.An.Ce) Archaeophis (Cd.De) Archiretiolites (He.St) Archaeolafoea (Cn.Ar.Gr) .Fo.Cr.St.Ru) (Mo.Cm) Archiasterella (Pr.An.Os.St.Sp) Arb«rohindia (Po.Fo) Archaeocryptolaria (Cn.St) Archithelphusa (Ar.Ch) ArandaspiN (Cd.Na) Arakacvclla (Fo.Ne) (Pr.Ar) Arcocyathus Archacalveolina (Fo.MKDe) Archeochonete.Vc) Archacodelphis Archegonaspis (Cd.Ec.In) Arcestes (Mo.Di) Archecyrtis (Ac.In) Arbacia (Ec.Te) Archaeophyllum Archaeoplax Archaeopraga (Mo.De) Archegocystis (Ec.Pt) (Cn.Te.Pe.Ra.Mt) Archaechinus (Ec.Sc) Archaeoconiilana (Cn.sarina (Br.Sc) Arcinella (Mo.Ce.Li) Archocyrtium (Ac.Ar.Fe) Araxoceras (Mo.Ar.Re (He.Ta) Archaeocrinus (Ec.Nt) (Mo.Un) (Cn.Ed.s (Br.Op) Archimedes (Bz.Va) Araiopleura (Ar.Ph) (Ar.Sp) (Ar.Bi.Fo) Archaeotreinaria (Pr.Cl) Archaeopharetra (Po.Pr) Aramichthys (Cd.An.Gr.Na) Araksalo>ia (Br.Bi.Li) Archaeorthis (Br.ln.Pa) Arayina (Mo.Cn) Archaster (Ec.A CoMPENDii'M or Fossil.Fo.Ml.Fo) Archaeo/aphrentis Arcopaginula (Mo.Ar.Na) Araspirit'er (Br.Ce.Co.Os.An.Ve) Archaeglobigerina (Fo.Pl) Archaeofenestella (Bz.Os.Po.Te.Ec.Fo) Arcoscalpellum (Ar.Go) Arambourgichlhys (Cd.Ra.An.lo) Archaeochitosa (Fo.s (Ec.Fo) .Te) Archaeocaris (Ar.De.Ce.Po.Po) Archaeosepia (Mo.An.Se) Archestrumus (Ac.On) Aratella (Br.Ml.Ra.Ve) Archaecyclus (Fo.An) Arbuscula (Po.Di) Aralocardia (Mo.Ce.Po) Araxathyris (Br.Ce.De.Ho.Hy) Archaesphaera (Fo.Ga.Po.Tr) Archaeophyllia (Cn.Ol) Archaeotriakis (Cd.Eu) Architectonica (Mo.Hy) Arapahoia (Ar.Sp) Area (Mo.Ir.Tr) Archisymplectes (Nt) Arbia (Ec.Un.An.Ph) Archaeaspis (Ar.Gr.Hy) (Pr.Sp) Arcochiton (Mo.Te) Archaeospongoprinum (Ac.Pt.Tr.So.Ma.Ce) (Ac.Ar.Ar.St.So.Hy.Re.Bi.Dr) Araiophyllum (Cn.Mo) Archaetaxocrinus (Ec.De) Archivesica (Mo.An.St) Aragonia (Fo.Co.Un.An.Te) Archaeolasmogyra Archaeolepas Archeocuneocy there Archeocydippida Archeolimulus (Ar.Fo) Aratanea (Br.Bi.Fo) Arcluiiosteges (Br.My) Archiacina (Fo.Po) (Po.Hy.Ho) Archaeocidaris (Ec.De.Ch.Gr.Po) Archaeopetasus (Pr.De) Srancosiistronia (Ct) ( Ar.De) Archaeus (Cd.Tr.He) Arbizustrophia (Br.os.Mo) (Cd.Sp) Archaeotritrab.St) Archaeophiomusium (Ec.Ch) Aratideclhes (Ar.Re.Bi.Pe.Ne) Archaeagnoslus (Ar.Tr.Pt.Op.Ce.Hy.Na) Arakcspongia (Po.Os.St) Archaeocypoda (Ar.Tr.Ar.'\rchaephippus (Cn.PD Archaeodiclyoniitra (Cd.Ml.He.Ar.Os.St.St) Aragonella (Fo.Mt) Archaeoanlennularia (Cn.Un) Archiacoceras (Mo.Fo.Ar) Arehaeocarabus (Ar.Or.Os.ls) Arcoperna (Mo.Ra.Os.Ml.Pc Archiacia (Ec.Fo.Eo.Fo.Ar.Rh) Archaeomeson (Bz.Sq) Archiniediella Araxopora (Bz.Is) Arcitheca (Pr.An.Ml.Os.Ce.Ir.Ga.Na) Aratrocypris (Ar.Rh) Archaeoniscus (Ar.Ar) Archaeosemaruis (Ac.Sp) Arcopagella (Mo.Sp) Archaeophiala (Mo.Fo.Ps) Archicladium Archiclimacograptus Aratoechia (Br.Me.Sp) Archodus (Cd.Bi.Se) Archohelia (Cn.s) Archaeocyathiis (Po.Fo) Arcoplasma Arthae>x:alypU)crinus (Ec.Ch) Arathecus (Hy.Ec.Rh) Archaeometra (Ec.As.Re.Ce) Archaeospira (Mo.Os.Ir.Ga.Cr.Sc) Archinacella (Mo.s (Ac.De) Archaeohagiastruin (Ac.Ra.MI.Ec.Cr) Archinacellina (Mo.Ce.Pt) Arco.Ru) (Cd.Ve) Arbortxrladia (Bz.s (Cn.Li) Archelon (Cd.Or) Archoceras (Mo.Ar.Ml.Ve) Archaediscus (Fo.In) Arconiya (Cn.Cr.De.Vc) Archaeichnjum (Cn.Xi) Araratella (Mo.Ci Archaeonectris (Cn.Ce.Bi.Os.Fo.Ag) Archaeosycon (Po.Cr.Fe) Archendoceras (Mo.Ra.Ra.Ph) Archaeoprion (An.Sc) Arapsopleurum (Br.Ar) Archicythereis (Ar.Ar.Gr.Ar) Archaeonianta (Cd.Un) Archaepyrgu.Ta) Arcelinithyris (Br.Ve) Arceodomus Archaeosphaeroma (Ar.Un.Na) Araiostrotion (Cn. Marini- Animal Genera: Sepkoski 375 Araeostcus (Cd.Ml.Ar.Po) AraneoarapUis (He.Gr) Arbacina (Ec.Fo) Archaeotrypa Arcopagia (Mo.Fo) Archanibona (Br.Ra.Co) (Mo.Sc.Co.Os.Te) Archaeosiniliopsi.Cr. In) Arcobelus (Mo.Pn) Archaeodictyota (He.Fo) Archophiactis (Ec.Hy) Archecyrtuni (Ac.Ga.Re.Tr.Ec. In.Ca) Arastra (Mo.Na) Archegonaster (Ec.Sp) Archnosphaera (Ac.Sc) Archypora (Cn.Ar.Na) Araripichthys (Cd.pn Archacocliiiilinia (Fo.Ga.Fo.Ar) Archeeucyrtis (Ac.Ra.Pt) ArcacMhere (Ar.Ra.

Tr) Arenipiscis (Cd.Pl.Ce.Un) Arctochonetes (Br.Ne) Arestorides (Mo.Bi.Os.Ce) .Ma.Tr.Fo.O.Pt) Argella (Br.Ec.Argoviihyris (Br.Sp) Arctinuras (Ar.Ce.Bi.Ar) Aristophyllum Arctom\alina (Mo.Fo) Ariosoma (Cd.Am) Arizonella Arctosirenites (Mo.Ml.Nt) Ardennea (.Ch.Os.s.\rgilloberyx (Cd.Un.Ar.Fo.Arkonaster (Ec.Ce.Tr.Ph) .Os.Bulletin 363 376 Arctacanthus (Cd.Ar.Mt) Argoliles Amiatites (Mo.Re) Ardaennella (Ar.Ce) Arenosiphon (Fo.Ar.Pt) .Po) Aristozoe (Ar.Ph) .Un) Arctotis (Mo.Sp) Aristoptychites (Cn.Ar.Am) Ardrossania (Mo.Po) .Os.Os.Ar.Ar) Arctocephaliles (Mo.Ce) Arcticcranius (Mo.Os.Go) (Mo.Ph) Ariaspis (Cd.Os.Ci) Arculicythere (Ar.Pu) Arctipora (Bz.Ce.Ce.Ar.Po.St) Arenagula (Fo.Ar.Co) Arenodosaria (Fo.Ar) (Ec.As.St) Arenoturrispirillina (Fo.Ar) Aatispira (Br.Gr) Arctica (Mo.Ph) ArLioprionites Argentinaster (Ec.Op.St I .G\.Fo) Arisphinctes (Mo.Pl.Ga.Ce.Ce.Fo..Di.Tr) (Ar.Os.St) .Ga.Tr.An.Ci) Areella (Br.Ca) Ardeam\a (Mo.Am) Arenigomya (Mo.Ce.Ce.Ve) .Fo) Aristoceramus (Mo.Po) Aristozoe (Ar.Ar.An.Ce.As.Ac) (Ec.Pt) Arctonielon (Mo.Cl) (Mo.Ce.Ce.BI.Ar.Ar.Ar.Tr.Ce.Ar) Arietoceltites (Mo.Ar.Tr.Os) Arites (An.Arenonionella (Fo.Sp) .Ce.Or) Arcticopora (Bz.•\rgillichthys (Cd.Cr.Ga.Sp) Argorhynx (Br.Nt) Arctoceras (Cd.Ce) Arpadites (Mo.Gr.Nt) Amoglossus (Cd.Op.Argyromya (Cd.Go) ArclostRmia (Po.Ar) Argopecten (Mo.Am) (Mo.Bi.Po.Ar.Ce.St 1 Argyrocetus Amioceltites (Mo.Ph) Areniconulus (Fo.Nt) (Mo.In) Arcloth\ris (Br.St) .Ar.Te) Aroonia (Pr.Ce) .Ga.Ce) .Re.Argonauticeras (Mo.Ce.Argopora (Bz.Un) .Ce.Nu) (Mo.Al) Arkanites (Mo.Pt1 Arenicola (An.Argentiniceras (Mo.Arestoceras (Mo.Ar.Li) Arenobulimiiia (Fo.Ar) (Mo.Ce.Ce) (Mo.Fo) Aristoceras Arciohedra (Br.Tr.St.Fo) ArdiiHlus (Cd.Argunaspis (Ar.Fo) Arisaigaster (Ec.Cr.Sc) Aristoceratoides (Mo.Ar.Pt) Arctogymniles (Mo.Am) Arenorbis (Ec.Os.Bi.Ga.Ce.Arkoceras (Mo.Oc) Armatobalanus (Ar.Ce.Fo.Argenticytheretta (Ar.Fo) Aristocaris (Ar.Ce.Ga.St) Aristocystites (Ec.Si) .Tr.\rgocheilus (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Fo.Or) Aristerostrophia (Mo.Amioceras Ardn>ssac> athus (Po.Ru) .Tr.Ru) .Br) Arkarua (Cn.Ga.Hi) I (Mo.Os.Fo) Ariomma (Cd.Te) Argillochelys (Cd.Amiotites (Mo.•\reostrophia (Br.Ch.Or) Arcturellina (Mo.Ce.Ga.Arisostoma (Mo.Te) Arenoparrella (Fo.Sp) Argalista (Mo.Ta) Arcuaiothyris (Br.Amaudielia (Fo.Ve) Arenaciarcula (Br.Ps) Arctomeristina (Br.Tr.Bi.Pfi Argyripnus (Cd.Ce) Arenovidalina (Fo.Ph .Fe) Arenogaudryina (Fo.Ce.ln) Arechia (Cd.Tr.Os.An.Ve) Arginula Arktikina (Br.Pt) Aricoceras ( Arcthoplites (Mo.Bi.Fo) Arcullaca (Mo.Ar.Bi.Cl) Arctomeekoceras Arctopl> chiles Mo.Ar.Ce.Am) Arcticah nienc (Ar.Pn) Arduennella (Ar.Ce.Am) (Mo.Mo) (Mo.Ch) .Fo) Aristaluta (Ar.Arkonoceras (Mo.Re.Ar) Arctopraluluni (Mo.Ce.Amheimograptus (He.Gr.Ce.Pt) Amaudia (Mo.Bi.\n..Bi.On) Armalites (Cn.Bi.De.Bi.Dr) Arikloedenia (Ar.Bi.Bi.Ph) .Nt) Arossia (Ar.Fo.Th) Arenomya (Mo.Bi.Ce.Gr.Am) Aretograptus (He.Am) Aremella (Mo.Ma.Pa) Arcticlam (Mo.As.Ga.Os.Te) Arduspiriter (Br.In.Sp) Arcualla (Br.Rh) Arianites (Mo.lr.Pa) Argoviaster (Ec.Bi.As) Arctomercaticeras (Mo.Ce.Ce) Armillopora (Bz.Op) Arius (Cd.Go) Aivtohungarites .Go) Arctosomus (Cd.Ar) Argenocythere (Ar.Pf) Arcticoceras (Mo.Ne) Argonauta (Mo.Argilloecia (Ar..Pa) -Argutastrea (Cn.Te) .My) Ariadnaria (Mo.Ta) Arctolirolites (Mo.St.Un.Argyrosomus (Cd.Fo.Ar.Ce) (Mo.Or) Argobuccinum Armagnosms (Ar.Ce.Ce) (Mo.St.Os.Ga.Fo.Os.An) Arctipeltis (Ar.Ar) Argyropelecus (Cd.Ar) Arionthia (Br.Pt) Arcullina (Br.Ar.Ga.Ct) Areia (Ar.Bi.Fo.Ch) Arcuoblastus (Ec.Ar.Sp) Amienina Amienoceras Armenocrinus Armenostoma Arcuolimbus Arcy/ona (Ar.Cr.Ce) Arctonenia (Cd.Ce) (Mo.ArgNTXipeza (Mo.Fo.Ar.Sp) Argyrotheca (Br.Os.Os.Ar.•\rgentina (Cd.Argentiproductus (Br.Pt) Argosirenites (Mo.Un.Am) Aiviiles (Mo.Pt.Fo..Fo.Am) Aristoharpes (Ar.Ce.Bi.St) Arjamannia (Mo.Ga.Gr) Ardiviscus (Br.Ar.Ga.Ce.Tr.Ar.Tr.An.Ga.Os.Ph) Arionoceras (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Ce) Ardmosleges (Br.At) .•\rgentopyge (Ar.Po) .Te) Amaudaster (Ec.Ce.Os.Ar) .Ag) Arcuaria (Ar.Fo) Arietites (Mo.Po) .Am) (Fo.An.De) Aristonectes (Cd.Ve) .Fo) Arisaigia Arctireta (Br.Ar.Ce.Hc.Ar.Ar) Arienigraptus (He.Ph) Arkacrinus Arctostrea (Mo.Pf) Aromasithyris (Br.Le) Arctophyllum (Cn.Nt) Aristokainella (.Ru) (Mo.Fo) Armstrongia (Po.Ca) (Mo.Is) Armathyraster (Ec.Pt) Arginopsis (Mo.Ph) Arene (Mo.Di) .Ce.Ce.Ga.Pl) Arctangia (Cn.Sc) Arellanella (Ar.Te) Arieticeras Arcticalosia (Br.Bi.Ce.My) .Os.Or) Areopsammia (Cn.Bi.Go) Arciilaria (Mo.Tr.Op) Aristerella Arctocephalus Arenorthis (Br.St) .Ce.A^rgodiscus (EcEd.Op.Os.Oe) Arciialula (Mo.Os.

MI.Un) Articulina (Fo.Tr.Am) Artimyctella (Br.De) Anhroclema (Bz.Os.Ar.Sc) Arthricocephalites (Ar.Fo) Artioceras (Mo.Be) Articalosia (Br.Po) Asaphinella (Mo.An.Am) (Mo.Ar) AnuNchisma Aruduce (Ec.Tr.Ar.Ar.St.Sp) Asijatheca (Hy.Li.Bi.Pt) Asperophyllum Asperopora Arsiriina (Ar.Os.Ce.Bi.Cr) Asciocythere (Ar.Un) Aspidodiadema (Ec.Po) Aspidograptus (He.Os.Co) Ascensovoluta (Mo.Am) Artichthyocrinus (Ec.Fe) Ascograptus (He.As) Aspidaeglina (Ar.Pt) Asterias (Ec.Nt) Asterigerinoides (Fo.Ve) AnoMrobus (Ac.Hc.Bi.Ch.Sc) Arthabe rites (Mo.Ra.Pf) Astartopsis (Mo.Pc) Anhrorhachis (Ar.Am) Anchodella (Bz.Fo) Aspa Aspasmophyllum (Cn.Tr.Bi.St.Tr) (Mo.Pt) Astartellopsis (Mo.De) Arthrophyllum (Mo.Va) Ascaulocardium (Mo.Bi.Fo) (Br.Co) Arriba/ona (Mo.ln) Astegosia (Br.Hi) Aseptella (Br.Sp) Asaphiiioides (Mo.As) Aspenites Arraphus (Ar.Cr) Aspinosella (Br.Ga.Ce.Sa) Asperoconus Arroyocrinus (Ec.Ce.Ga.Fo) Asa Asanoina (Mo. In) (Cn.Nt) Artisirus (Ac.Pe) Asselodiscus (Fo.Pt.Ph) Aspidiscus (Cn.Co) Ascetocrinus (Ec.Op.Tr.Os.An.Ve) Aspidopora (Bz.Fo.Mo) Ascetopeltis (Ar.An.St.Pt) Asperlinus (Br.Na) Asima (Cd.Ve) Asperdaphne Arrchinella (Ac.Re.Bi.Re) (Ar.Ar.Fo.Ar.Ru) Asteriospongia (Po.MI.Bi.Ve) Artoslrobium (Ac.Ce.My) Anhropoma (Bz.De.St.As) Aspeluindia 377 Arqo\iella (Ar.Ag) Ascocystites (Ec. In.Os.saphopsoides (Ar.Bi.De) Aninksia (Mo.Cl) .Ne) Aspidocarpus (Ec.Ar.Pt) Aspidopholas (Mo.Bi.Ar.Bi.Ce) Ascalobos (Cd.Gy.Ce.He) .Na) Ascopora (Bz.Po) Askeatonolucidum (Mo.Tr.eras (Mo.Sp) Aslagena (Ar.Tr.Rh) AssercuHnia (Cn.Ra.Ec.Ce.Se) Astarte (Mo.Fo.Ra.Fo.Bi.Ne) Aspidostoma Aspidotheca (Bz.NtI .Ci) Astartila (Mo.Pt.Pt) Astartopis (Mo.Cr.Ce.Ra.Ir.As.Pt) Asterigerinelia (Fo.Bi.Cr) A.Ce) Aslerigerinata (Fo.Ce.Bi.Or) of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski Asaphechinus (Ec.Os.Cr) Ascolatirus (Mo.Cr.Fo) Aspidogaster (Ar.Ce.Bi.Tr) Arthroptcrus (Cd.Pr) Astaristrophia (Br.Va) Arthabcria (Mo.Am) Anhrilica (Mo.St) Astenaspis (Ar.Eo.Or.Po) Askcpasma (Br.Tr.Fo.Cl) Aspidoceras (Mo.Ve) Asperiscala (Mo.Os.Ar) Asaphocrinus (Ec.St.Ar.St.Ph) Anospiriter (Br.Pa) Asteracmea (Mo.Ve) Artophormis (Ac.Ar.Un.Ga.As.In) Assatkinella (Bz.Ga.Fo) Ar/elella (Mo.Sp) Asilhichus (Ar.Bi.Te) Aspella Asapliellina (Ar.Ra.Ra.St.Po) Aseptagypa Aseptalium (Br.Os.Na) Asteracanlhus (Cd.Ph) Aslcrigerina (Fo.Fo.Am) Asperocare (Ar.Tr.MI.Ch.Tr.Pt) Anhrosty (Bz.Sa) Ascoporella (Bz.Ve) Asperilla Arrecloalatus (Ac.Ru) Anigesia (Mo.Fo) Asoella (Mo.Ra.Tr) Astartemya (Mo.An.Li.Tr.St.Tr.He.Fo.PI) Ascopeltis (Ar.Tr.yalhus (Po.Tr.St.On) Asperconella Arrazoc>pris (Ar.Ce.As) Anedius (Cd.Mi) Arthricocephalus (Ar.Pt) Asaphiceras (Mo.Fo) Ascosyrinx (Pr.PI) Aserotaspis (Cd.Ar) Arthrasler (Ec.Ce.Pa) Aspidaster (Ec.Ce.Eu) (Mo.Fi) Asioproductus (Br.Un.Cr.Di) Aspidastraea (Cn.Fo.Fo.Ve) Anophormis (Ac.Ga.Fo) (Fo.Po) Asaphellus (Ar.Fo) Arpaoceras lus (Bz.As) (Cd.Fo) Asanonella (Fo.Fo) Asonospira (Fo.Ve) Arlokcphaius (Ar.As) Aspidorhynchus Aspidostephanus ArthrDstyloecia (Bz.Cr.He) (Mo.Ga.Ce.Ce.Ga.As.Gy.Tr.Fo) Aspidothyris (Br.Tr.Ga.Cr.Pt.Pl.Cr) Ascodictyon (Bz.A Compendium ArpagDiius (Cd.Ac) Ashtarotha (Mo.Ag) ArteriiKcras Asarotus (Cd.Un) Aseptirhynchia (Br.Asaphiscus (Ar.Na) Asiatolrigonia (Mo.Ga.Ce.Pa) Asaphopsis (Ar.Ce.Ne) (Cd.Ne) (Mo.St) Arrhoges (Mo.Fo.Cn) Aschemocella (Fo.Ch) Ascitellina (Mo.Cl) Asapholytoceras (Mo.Sp) .Un) Arthrolrypa (Bz.Bi.Sp) Anurix.Asaphoceras (Mo.Co.An.Tr.Ec.Ga.Tr.Po) Aspidocrinus (Ec.Os.Or) Ascionepea (Ar.Sc.Ar.Pr) Aspidura (Ec.Na) Asineops (Cd.Ve) Anoperina (Ac.Cr.Ce) (Mo.Rc) Askctaspis (Cd.Ar.Ve) Asklepi(x.Op) Articheilus (Mo.Os.Cl) Anitella (Ar.St) Ascoliella (Fo.Ca.Os.Ce.Ch.Pc Aspidichthys (Cd.PI) Aseptonetes (Br.Sc) Asaphus (Ar.Os.Un) Astacus (Ar.Pt) Astele (Mo.Tr.Rh) Astacodes (Ar.Asaphis (Mo.St) Assilina (Fo.Cy) Arthriiacantha (Ec.Bi.Ra.Th) Asteractinella (Po.Cr.Tr.Pa) AryballiK-rinus (Ec.Gy.Fo.BI.St.Ce.Ar.Bi.Tr.Ra.Tr.TrAs) Asiarhynchia (Br.Nt) Arreciocrinus (Ec.O-s.Ct) Aspidosteus (Cd.As) Asbestoceras (Mo.Ga.Pt) Asketomorpha (Mo.Ce.As) Aspidagnostus (Ar.Ch) (Mo.Rj) Ascoceras (Mo.St) Articularia (Fo.Fo) Anifactella (Ar.Cr.Rh) Astartella (Mo.As) Asphinctites (Mo.De) Aniotreia (Br.St.Gr.St) Astacolus (Fo.Fo.Ve) Ascetoleberis (Ar.Ga.Aj) Asiocephalus (Ar.Ga.Fo.Ve) Astandes (Mo.Di Arthrochiics (Cn.Bi.He) Aryslidiclyon (Po.Os.Na) Asialepidotus (Cd.Or) (Po.Tr.Fo) (Mo.Te) ArtiiKeraloides (Mo.Co) (Mo.Ru) Arrythniocricus (Po.Na) Asiatella (Ar.Ar.Re.Bi.Os.Ce.Cr) Aspinoceras (Mo.Bi.Ar.Mo) Askeplosaurus (Cd.Ar) (Mo.Gr.Ar) Asaphoon (Ar.Ca.Fo.St) AniKapsa (Ac.

Po.St.Tr) .AcAc) Atdabanella (Ar.Po) Astrhelia (Cn.Or) Asteronyx (Ec.Se) Astrorhiza (Fo.At) Astreptoscolex (An.Ga.An.Ax) Atergatis (Ar.Fo) Astroproetus (Ar.Sp) Atdabanithes (Hy.Ce.St.Fo) Astrocriniles (Ec.Fo.Ar.At) (Cn.Li) Ataktaspis (Ar.Ar) Asteroblastus (Ec.Fo.Cr) Astraeofungia (Cn.Aj) Astroides (Cn.Tr.Ar.Ax) Atelodictyon (Po.Gr) Asterocalyx (Po.'\tokacrinus (Ec.Fo.Ar.Ar.Pc) Astroviellina (Bz.Sc) Asymmetricythere (Ar.Et) Asturiphylkim (Cn.Sc) Asymmetrina (Fo.Ar) (Mo.Os.Ru) Astromma (Ac.As) Atacamichthyss (Cd.Fo) Asterosmilia (Cn.Or) .Ph) Astropegma (Po.Ga.Or) Atheresthes (Cd.Bc) (Mo.Ce.Sp) Astraeophyllum A.Re) Atamarcia (Mo.Ne) Athrophragnia (Bz.Ce.BLFi) Ataphrus (Mo.Os.Gy.Ra.Ar) Astraraea (Cn.Os.Fo) Asteroceras (Mo.Fo) Atelecyclus (Ar.Mi) Asteroptychius (Cd.Fo.Os.Ga.Ar.Ne) Astraborthis (Br.Fo) Athyris (Br.Ga.St.An) Astroccntrus (Ac.Ar.Ra.Te) Atlantobellcrophon Astrobolia (Po.Di) Asthenosonia (Ec.Sc) Atalanlia (Mo.Fo.Nt) AslreptDceras (Mo.Sc) Atactoporelia (Bz.He.De.Ar.Hy.Ar.De.Tr.Po.Ca) Atelestocrinus (Ec.De.Ru) Astua ( Br.Ar.Sp) (Ec.St.Ec.Py) Astraeuconiis (Po.Cl) Astracliira (Ac.Te) Asterospongia (Po.Ar.Ar.Ce.Ct) Astrophacus (Ac.Ne) Asturorthis (Br.Di.Ra.Sp) Astralites (Cn.Fo) AteMkaniara (Fo.Ar) Asymploceras (Mo.Rh) Astieridiscus (Ar.Ar.Hni) Astroentactinia (Ac.Or) Athyrisinopsis (Br.Ed) Ataxella (Fo.Po) Astraspis (Cd.He) Astyris (Mo.stropygauius (Ec.Ec.De) Asterotumulus (Po.Tr.Di) Atlanta (Mo.Ec.Ar) Astriclophyllum (Cn.Pl.Fo) Alehthyris (Br.Re.Sp) Atilia Astrangia (Cn.Cr.De.Ga.Ce.Rh) Astrosestrum (Ac.Ec.Ga.Tr) Atlanticythcre (Ar.Co) (Cn.Ar.An.sonella Astreopora (Cn.Ra.s.Sc) Astrorotalia (Fo.An.Po) Athyrhynchus (Br.An.Tr) Atlantoceras (Mo.Ce.Fo) Astrolaiiipus (Ec.Hc) Astrogyra (Cn.Sc) Atactocrinus (Ec.Ac) Astutorhyncha Astya Astycoryphe (Br.De.Ar) Asteiocoiuis (Cn.An.Ec.Fo.Rh) AstraeotTKirpha (Cn.Sp) Atalacniea (Mo.Cr.Aj) Astrovidictya (Bz.St.Aloma (Mo.Cl) Astrococnia (Cn.Hy.Ar.Ga.An.Ml.Di.De.Fo.As.He.Cr.St.Fo.Fo) Astropentagnathus (Cd.Ec.De.Tr) Athabaskia (Ar.Or) Asterophrag m na (Fo.Pa) .Cr.An.Pl.De) ANterolepidina (Fo.Ec.Ga.Sc) Ataxocerithium (Mo.Fo.Sp) Atira (Mo..Ru) Athecastraea (Cn.Ec) Atlantochelys (Cd.symmetrochonetes Asymmetrocrinus (Br.Ru) (Po.Ec.Sc) Asthenospongia (Po.De.Ch) Atjehella (Ar.Ch.Di) Astroleiiinia (Po.Ph) Aiaclopoia (Bz.Hc.Fo.Op.Sp) Atavograptus (He.De.Tr.Sc) Ataxoorbignyna (Fo.Pt.Ce) Astrococcus (Ac.Ne) Asterodi sphy 1 1 i Astraeospong ill in Br.St.Os.Pn) Astiericeras (Mo.Rc.An.Ga.He) (Mo.Ra.Ar) Astylospongiella (Po.Ar.Tr.St) Asterorotalia (Fo.Cc) Asterorbis (Fo.Fo) Asterocystis (Ec.Sp) Atelospatangus (Ec.Hy) Asterohedbergella (Fo.Cr.Ma.Ra.Sp) Asterostoma (Ec.Ar.St.Ly) Ateielasmoidea (Br.Gy.Ru) Ataclosia (Br.Cl) Asterosalpinx (An.Fo) Astronesthes (Cd.Ch) Astroccriuin (Cn.Ga.Ga.An.An.Ch.An.Atn) Astrodapsis (Ec.Sc) A.Co) Ateleocystites (Ec.Tr.Ce.Ce.Gr.Ar) Astrononion (Fo.Sp) Astrostylopsis (Po.De.Fo.Li) Astrosclerida (Po.Ec.Pt.Re.Li) Athrodon (Cd.Py) Aslrocladia (Po.Ca.Li) Atactoloechus (Bz.St.Sp) Ataxiocyathus (Po.Sp) Ateleopus (Cd.0.An.An.Ca) (Fo.He.Os.Ga.Li) Astrocystites (EcEd.Os.Fo) Astropecten (Ec.Ve) AsleroaivhaediNCiis (Fo.An.BLFi) Ataphropsis Asierobillingsia (Cn.Am) Asterocidaris (Ec.Am) Astroviella (Bz.Ga.Ar.Ar.Tr) Allantida ( Astriclypeus (Ec.Tr.Co) um (Mo.Ga.Fo) Astroconia (Po.Ga.Po) Athanatoceras (Mo.Ec.An.Ca.Na) Athyioihvnchia (Br.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Cr.St.Fo) A.Cc) Atlasaster (Ec.Sc) Alacama (Bz.CI) Ataxioceras (Mo.An.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Pr) Athleta (Mo.Ce.Am) (Mo.Li) Ataxophragniium Ataxotrochus AsterotlerjTius (Cd.Bi.St) Athyrisina (Br.Rh) Asthenocormus Asihenophyllum (Cd.Sp) Astylospongia (Po.Ga.Tr.Fo) Asierocyclina (Fo.Ra.Cl) Athyrisinoides (Br.Ax) Atelesopora (Bz.Go) Athenaegis (Cd.Ls) Asturoceras (Mo.Fo.Ph) Astroporina (Po.Ch) Atlanlidosteus (Cd.St) Asterosteus (Cd.Bulletin 363 378 Asteio:imniiirii.Bi.An.Co) Atocetus (Cd.Ar.Fo) Atlanticocoeiia (Br.Pt) Astraca (Mo.Fo.Ta) Alagma (Bz.Os.Ce.Px) Atelelasma (Br.Pc) Atkin.Tr) Asyrinx (Br.Or) Astylomanon (Po.CI) Alactoporidra (Bz.St.St) Atelaspis (Cd.Os.An.Bi.Tr) Athabaschia (Br.Nt) Asterocyathus (Po.Am) Atherina (Cd.Fo.Cr) Athabascacrinus (Ec.Rj) Astrolithium (Ac.Ce.Fo.Li) Athlopecten (Mo.Fo.Am) Alactolituola (Fo.At) Astcrohelix (Mo.Ar.Os.Pt) Asturieila (Ar.De.Ar.Te) Astralochoma (Bz.Pr) Atelestegastus (Br.Ir.Ml.Ar) Asympliylotocchia (Br.Li) Athlocrinus (Ec.La) Asteropyge (Ar.Di) Astrocyclia (Ac.Na) Alactus (Ec.Ru) Astrocrinus (Ec.Pt) Asthenotoma (Mo.Ar.syrinxia (Br.Rh Athabaskiella (Ar.At) Astoceras (Mo.Co) Aslhenopsis (Ar.Fo.St) Atherinopsis (Cd.Os.Co.Ra.Nt) (Cn.Mo) Asthenoceras (McCe.De.i (Fo.Sp) Astralium (Mo.

St) Auriptygma (Mo.Ph) Augurites Aulocytheridea (Ar.Tr.Sp) Auri sella (Pr.Ar.De.Pt) Aulacosphinctoides (Mo.Ho.Tr.An.At) Aulatornoceras (Mo.At) Aulastraea (Cn.An.Ce) (Mo.Gr) Aulacera (Po.Cr.Or) Austiniceras (Mo.St) Aulacoceras (Mo.Ce.Os.Ru) Auristomia (Mo.Li) Atrapocrinus (EcCr.Fo.Op.Am) (Mo.Mt) AuUicostrepsis (Mo.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 379 AloiiUKcras (Mo.Te) Aurelianaster (Ec.Ar.Fo) Aluria Aulites (Br.Os.Ar.Sl) Aulocricus (Po.Fo.Pa) Aulospongia (Po.Ar.St) Aulolepis (Cd.An.Po) Alsabites Aulica (Cd.Bi.Li) Aurikirkbya (Ar.Is) Audicmisina (Fo.Ar.CD Aulacosia (Po.Nt) Alterdagia (Ar.Cl) Aulacopsis (Ar.On) (Cd.Nt) Alrypellina (Br.Oiil Aui-klandirhyiKhia (Br.Ec.Un) Aulacorphora (Br.Pe) (Cd.Re.Te) Aurelianella (Mo.Gr) Aliipocrinus (Ec.Po.An.Li.Ar.Ga.Or) Aulokiininckophyllum (Cn.Bi.Nt) Aulotortus (Fo.Cr.Eu) Austinella (Br.Ar.Sp) Aulechinus (Ec.Ar.Pt) Auloporella (Cn.Li) Aulostrotion (Cn.Ar) Alrypoidea (Br.Bi.An.Ga.Ta) Atresias (Mo.Ce.Ga.An.Ca) Aulacodigma (Ar.Ga.Ar.An.Co.Ga.ln.Co) Aiilicina (Mo.Ar) .Uii) Aulaciimyella (Mo.Ar) Auritama (Ar.Na) (Mo.Os.Cr.Am) Auricularites (Mo.Ar.On) Auccllina (Mo.Pe.Li) Austinocrinus (Ec.Fo.Ne) Aulina (Cn.Ga.Am) Atracura Alraktoprion I ametacoceras Auiophyseter (Cd.Ar) (Mo.Cr.Bi.Ce.De.Ar.Ga.De.Aj) Austracuculiaea (Mo.Am) Aulocyclus (Po.Ta) AlratlDsella (Cn.Ar.Tr) Aulosoma (Po.Sc) Auriculatella (Ar.Ds) Alrypella (Br.Ar.St) Alrypina (Br.Gr.Ne) (Mo.An.Is) Auchenaspis (Cd.Cc) Aulocopina (Po.Ar.Fo) Auslinoceras (Mo.Ma.Ru) Aulacopleura (Ar.Ds) Aiilacatrypa (Br.Cr.Pt) Aulocystis (Cn.Ar.Au) Aulonotreta (Br.Ce.De.Ar.At) Aulastraeopora (Cn.Sc) Auriculospira (Mo.Li) Austosinia (Ar.Pe) Alrypopsis (Br.Co) Aulacothyroides (Br.Os.Tr.\ulaconaulikis (Mo.Ar.Mt) Aulopora (Cn.Ga.Am) Aulostomus (Cd.As) Atlungaia (Po.An.Ar.Sc) Aukides (Cd.Cr.Ga.Ar.Ce.Tr.De.Rh) Auseria (Mo.An.St.Ec.Hy) (An.CD AlomodOMiia Atopacamhus Atopasaphus (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ce.TrPt) (Br.Ta) (Ar.Cc) Aulacoparia (Ar.Ce.He.Au) Atractotrema Aiilacophyllum (Cn.Tr.Ma.Nl) Aurina (Mo.Os.At) Au (Mo.CD Atopoceras (Mo.Nt) Aiilacosphinctes Aulostomoides (Cd.Be) (Cn.On) Auiophyseter (Mo.Ne) (Cd.An.He) AlopiKoenia (Cn.Ce.Cc.Cr.Ce.Au) Aulacofusus Alractocrinus {Ec.Fo) Atrochaetetes (Po.Ta) Aussites Aiyphocrinus (Ec.Os.Ra.Ar.Fo.Co.Cc.Mo) Auroria (Fo.Ta) Alopechinus (Ec.Ce) Aiilochiton Aubertianella (Ci.At) Aulaicocidaris (Ec.At) Aulohelia Atopodonia (Mo.Ir.Tr.Ec.Os.Ar.Ce.De.Ne) (Cn.Ds) Aulocetus Austerum (Mo.De.Ta) Aulacoteuthis (Mo.He) Aulostegites (Cn.Pt) Auchenopora Auchmerella (Bz.Sp) Auloclisia (Cd.Ce) (Cd.Os.An.Po) Atopocephala (Cd.Un) Atuillina (Fo.At) Aulacothyropsis (Br.Co) Aulopopsis (Cn.Os.Th.Ch) Aulocopium (Po.Os.Ap) Atrypinopsis (Br.Cc) Auliscocyathus (Po.BLSp) Ausia (Cn.Ce.He.Cc.Eu) (Mo.Me) Atrypunculus (Br.Ru) Alrimitra Aulacostephanus (Mo.Sc) Alraktus (Mo.Os.Ru) Atopiigrapliis (He.As) Augea (Mo.De.Ar) Aturoidea (Mo.Tr.Os.Gr.Lr) Auliskocrinus (Ec.Or) Aulosteges (Br.Pa.Ga) (Cd.Pa) Auliela (Ac.Au) (Mo.Ci Auriala (Mo.Ce.De.Bi.Ph) Aulacomya (Mo.Ce.Ar.Tu) Auricolispina (Br.Os.AI) .Pe) Atratebia (Ar.Li) Austinvillia (Ar.As) (Cd.St) Atremacrinus (Ec.St) Atractosoecia (Bz.At) Aulasimoceras (Mo.De.Ec.Bi.An.Fo) Auloconus (Fo.An.Ce.At) Aulaxinia (Po.Go) (Mo.Un.Sp) Aulie (Br.Os.De.At) Aulactis (Ec.Ar.Ma.Ar) (Ec.Au) Atractopvge (Ar.De.Ar.Ga.Te) Aulozoa Aupouria Atropicario (Ar.Ce.Pl) AiidaxKtoccras (Mo.Am) Aulostylus (Cn.Ve) Aulacella (Br.Cr.He) Attinopora (Bz.Go) Aurigerites (Ar.Ga.Ne) Adenuatella (Br.Ga.Pr) Aiilacopleurina (Ar.Ly) Aiops (Ar.Ru) Aubignyna (Fo.Ar.Ce.An.In) Altiliosa (Mo.De.Ga.An) (Mo.Pl) Aulocopella (Po.Ce.Tr.Ta) Atractosella (Po.Pt) Aulacodiscus Aulophax Aulophyllum Atractites (Mo.Po.Ru) (Cd.Pt) (Po.Ga.Nel Aulopus Aulorhamphus Aulorhynchus Aulacopleunim (Mo.Oe) Aureocrinus (Ec.Rh) Aulocrinus (Ec.Bi.Tr.Ga.Fo) Aulocaulis (Cn.Ar) Alys (Mo.Ma.Ct) Atopostronia (Po.Ar.CD Aulacognathiis (Mo.Ru) Atrina (Mo.Tr.Po.Ga) (Mo.Ga.Fo.An.An.Pr) Aulosmilia (Cn.Bi.Ar.Ga) Atribonium (Br.Na) Auloprotonia (Br.An.An.Ga.Hs) Atrypa (Br.Cr.Fo.Rh) Aiilacospongia (Po.Pa) Augustoccras Aulodesocrinus (Ec.Ce.Ce) Aulacothyris (Br.Ey) Aurila (Ar.Fo) Aulocystella (Cn.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Ta) (Cn.Na) Auloblasius (Ec.Ce) Aulodomus (Po.Os.Ga.Pa) Atrythyris (Br.Os.Gy.Ac.Ga.St.Ta) Airopatenocetus (Cd.Ma.Pf) Aulograptus (He.Ne) Aurilobus Attenuata (Mo.He.Ga) Atrela (Mo.Ma.Li) Aiopolanis (Cd.At) Aulakolepos (Pr.Ne) (Mo.Na) Auricularia Alrypinella (Br.An.Bi.Nt) Atryparia (Br.Bi.

Ar.An.St) AustrociK'hIis (Ar.Ga.Rh) Babinocystis (Ec.Ar.Ce.An.Ga.Fo) Avonothyris (Br.Pt) Babinka (Mo.Gr) Australosia (Br.Ar.Ce.Os.An.Os.Bi.Ga.Cr.Ga.Ru) Australirh>nchia (Br.De) BaLtrellaria (Bz.Bi.Pt) Azyricyathus (Pr.Ga.Li) Austialolepis (Ar.Am) Australobuchia (Mo.Te) Australocoelia (Br.Ce.Un) Auslrocardiuni (Mo.Co) Bactrospira (Mo.Tr.Cl) Austrocolomia (Fo.Ga.Po) Austropleuropholis (Cd.Ga.Ar.Rh) Austroscalata Australispira (Br.Ga) Australoneilo (Mo.Ar.Ga.Ga) Axius (Ar.Ec.Nt) Awhea (Fo.Os.s (Mo.Ga.Ne) Baclrognathus (Mo.Ru) Australobollia (Ar.Rh) Australaster (EcAs.El) (Mo.An.Bi.An.An.Fo.Ph) Avicularca (Mo.Ce.Ne) Axophyllum Axopora Auslraloconularia (Cn.Os.Ba) (Mo.Ga.Un) Azalois (Cd.Ru) BaL'ulocystites (Ec.Ar.Ar) Aviacypris (Ar.Nu) Avesnella (Fo.Nt) Aiislniharpa (Mo.St.Ch) Austrochoristites (Br.Ci) Axiodeaneia (Br.Un) Australospirifer (Br.Os.Ve) Avimactra (Mo.Ru) (Cn.Co) (Ar.Or) Axinolobiis (Mo.Mi) (Cn.Go) Baclrynium (Br.Bi.Gr.Sp) Avitolabrax (Cd.Bi.Ce.Tr.As) Avicenia (Cn.Pf) Bactrites Austroclavus (Mo.Os.Fe) Aversovalva (Ar.Os.Aii.Mo) Australopyge (Ar.Sp) Backhausina (Br.Ga.Mo) Austriellula (Br.Ru) Australicythere (Ar.Ga.Ce.Ml.Tr.Sp) Australoecia (Ar.St.Ce.Am) (Mo.Ve) Axinura (Cn.An.Ar.Bi.Sc) Australofenestella (Bz.Ne) Avoceras (Mo.Ce) Austrospirifer (Br.Rh) Australonema Avellana (Mo.Sp) Avicularium (Mo.Ml.Sc.He.Ga.Mi) Austrotrilhna (Fo.St) Axiphoria (Cn.Ca) Austromegabalanus (Ar.Ga.Ph) Avalonia (Ar.Mi) Australocystis (Ec.Ve) Bacinella (Pr.Pt) Austrovenu.Nu) Avascutellum (Ar.Po) Austrotrilon Axosniiha (Cn.Ga.Co) Australosqualodon (Cd.Ar) Aviculomonotis (Mo.Ne) Australolaxispira (Mo.Un.Po) Austrophycis (Cd.Os.Ar.Ve) Baculites (Mo.Ga.At) Austrosassia (Mo.Pu) Austromitra Axiopolina (Fo.El) Bactritinilmus (Mo.Tr.Nt) (Cn.Ce.Un) Austrosphaera (Mo.Bi.Ar.Ar.Sp) (Mo.Fo) Australiarcula (Br.Ce) (Mo.St) Australopsis (Ar.Mt) Babylonites Austrobalanus (Ar.Ve) Baculina A^lstrolilhc^ (Mo.Ne) (Cd.Tr.Bl.Ce.De.Co) Auslrocypraea (Mo.Ve) Australoportlandia (Mo.Pa) Austroteuthis (Mo.Bi.Te) Austromytilus (Mo.Pt) Babylonia Austroaporrhais (AcRa.Ci) Aviculoviilsa (Mo.Ar.Fo) (Cd.Ar) Baclrotheca (Hy.Nt) Aviculopinna (Mo.Os.Te) Austrirhyncliia (Br.Ag) (Br.Ru) Azamella Azor Averianowograptus (He.An) (Mo.Ga.Os.St) Aviculocardium Aviculocephaloconus (Mo.Cr) Austrodrillia Axelella (Mo.Fo.Pt) BabyloneMa Austrisaturnalis Aviculoperna (Mo.Ce.Ga.Ve) Axuolites (Cn.Bi.An.Po) Azygocrinus (Ec.St.Ga.Ce) (Mo.Ar.Pt) Austrothyris (Br.Ne) (Mo.Th) Austrochitoii (Mo.Ga.An.Bi.St) Avichlamys (Mo.Se) Axinopsida (Mo.Ar.Ar.Pf) Bactridiuni (Bz.St.Nt) Avonia Avonina (Br.Ar) (Cn.Cr.Gy.Bi.Au) Axonoceras (Mo.Ai-.Ga.Tr.Ne) Axinola (Mo.Fi) Avilionella Baccispongia (Po.Ph) Austrodosinia (Mo.Ta) Azygograptus (He.He.Ag) Bactropora (Bz.Mt) Axiothea (Cd.Pt) Babina < Austriacopsis (Mo.Bi.Or.Ar.Gy.Ta) Australokaskia (Ar.Pr) AviculoMma (Mo.Bi.Pt) Azyrtalia (Po.Ga.Pc) Axoclisia Australina (Br.Ne) (Mo.Pt) Baclrocrinites (Ec.Ar.Tr.Fo) Baclronella (Po.Bi.Ar.Ru) (Cn.Am) Austronoplia (Br.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Hy.Ne) (Mo.Nt) Ayalaina (Fo.Bi.Ar.Am) Azygidiuni (Br.Tr.St.Pt) Australops (Ar.Ga.Gr) Azorica (Po.Ru) Australithax (Cd.Ca.Po.Bi.An.Ve) Babelispirillina (Fo.Pt.Bi.Co.Tr.Bulletin 363 380 Australanthus (Ec.Ne) Avitelniessus (Ar.Ar) Axymene (Mo.Ga.He) (Mo.Or) Auslriihedra (Br.Tr) Axoporella (Cn.St) .Ce) Australophyllum (Mo.Pt) Babukella (Br.Eu) (Mo.Ph) Aysheaia (Lo) Australoniya (Mo.Sp) Axolithoph>IIuni (Cn.Os.Ve) Axocricophyllum Axocyathus Axogaster Australispongia (Po.Bi.In) Austroceratilcs Avisyrinx (Br.Sc) (Mo.Bi.Bi.At) Aiistrotoiiia (Mo.Ma.Bi.Ne) Axolasma (Cn.Cl) Bactroceras (Mo.Bi.Nt) (Mo.He.Th) AutoloxoHchas Avalanchurus (Ar.Cr.Fo.Ar) (Mo.Ve) Axagnostus (Ar.Am) Austnimacoma (Mo.Te) Baclrocylhara Auslrocominella Awateria (Mo.Os.Ce.Bi.Ar.Gr.Ce.Tr.At) Austroscintilla (Mo.Bi.In.Th.Ph) Aveyroniceras (Mo.Un) Austriocaris (Mo.Ar.Fo.Fe) Austrotrophon Axotrochus (Cn.Os.Ar.Ce.stroworthenia (Mo.Ce) Austroblastus (Ec.Th) AuslrolepidoUis (Cd.Pr) Au.Bi.Au) Austroclupca (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Os.Bi.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Ve) Babakovia (Ar.Co) Aviculomya Aviculomyahna (Mo.Fo) Azumapecten (Mo.Ar.Os.Ne) (Mo.Sc) Australoharpes (Ar.Go) (Cn.Ar.Tr.Ga.Ar.Di) Austrofusus (Cn.Ne) Axinulus (Mo.Ve) Br.An.Ga.An.Bi.Rh) Aviculopecten (Mo.Co.Bi.Li) Australopolypora (Bz.Fo.Co) Australiceras (Mo.He) Australosutura (Ar.Di.Cr) Australosonius (Cd.Fo) Australostrophia (Br.Ga.De) Australimoosella (Ar.Bi.Po) Azorinus (Mo.Fo) Axoprtinuni (AcRa.Fo.Ch) Austrocidaris (EcEcCi) Avitoluvarus (Cd.Bi.Os.Bi.Pt) Bacchites (Mo.Cn) Austrotrigonia (Mo.Ne) Bactroptyxis Axclia (Cd.In) Babella (Mo.An.Hy.Fo.Ga.Ma.Ga.Ga.Tr.

As) Bajarinovia (Br.St.Te) Baptornis (Cd.Ch) Baggatclla (Fo.Ve) Barrealispira (Mo.Ar.Te) Barkerina (Fo.Ce.Ar.Fo.Ce) (Cd.Fo) Balantiostonia (Bz.Os.Os.Ma.As) Barrosina (Ar.Ce.Sp) Bakeroceras (Mo.Bi.Pt) Balashovia (Mo.Or) Barrandeocarpus (Ec.Tr.Tr.Fo.Os.Fo) Balticoceras (Mo.Ce.Hi) Banffella (Fo.Am) Baissalosteges (Br.St.Fo) Bairdia (Ar.Os.Ax) Barbieria (Ec.Ga.Pe) Bajgolia (Cn.He) Barskovia (Mo.Tr) Barrandeocrinus (Ec.He.Or) Baltoniodus (Cd.Ma.Ar) Bandelium Barrychilina (Ar.Bi.Ce.Bi.An.An.Ga.Fo.De.La) Balticoporellina (Bz.Fo.Os.De.Di) Banftia (Pr.Fo.Sl.Os.Ar.Am) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.At) Bairdiella (Cd.Gr.Ce.Ly) Barbarofusus (Cn.Ga.EI) Banastella (Bz.Ce.Ba) Balanocidaris (Ec.Os.Bi.Mi) Barbaestrophia (Br.Bi.Os.St) Bamardina Barnea Bairdiolitcs (Ar.Ce.Ga.Tr.Di.Po) Bakonyithyri> (Br.St) Balticella (Ar.Sa) Bailiella (Ar.Sc) Badouceras (Mo.Ga.Aj) Balatonspira (Br.EI) Barrandeolites (Po.Ar.Fo) Balangia (Ar.Bi.Os.Pt) Mum (Cn.Me.Pt) Barnumia (Ec.Ce.Di) Bagrasia (Br.Ma.Ce.Am) Bajkaloceras (Mo.Ru) .Ce.In) Balantionella (Po.Co) Barrandia (Ar.In) Baksan(<phyllia (Cn.Or) Balanus (Ar.Pt) Barcarenichthyes (Cd.Un.Li.Fo.Ga.Pf) Balkanites (Mo.Ga.Rh) Baleiichthys (Cd.Fo.Tr.Fo.MI.Cr.Or) (Cd.Pa) Barnesoceras (Mo.Hy) Bailya (Mo.Ar) Badiotella (Mo.Nt) Badainjarania (Br.Un) Bamyaniireras (Mo.Ba) Bajacythere (Ar.Tr.Sc) Baffincythere (Ar.Ce.Bi.Ar.Hy) Balance rinus (Ec.In.Pa) Barrandecirrus Baitalites (Cn.St.Ci) Barbatulella (Br.Ce.Po) Balkoceras (Mo.St.Os.Ne) Baliactis (Ec.Po) Balanocystites (Ec.Tr.Os.Pt) Baikitoliies (Cn.A COMPENDIl'M OF FOSSIL MARINE ANIMAL GENERA: SEPKOSKI 381 Baculogypsina (Fo.Tr.Gr) Bajanerila (Mo.Os.Tr) Barrandeoceras (Mo.EI) Barrettia (Mo.Ar.Is) Barbadiastrea (Cn.Ar.Ar) Bakevelloides (Mo.Sl.Un) Bailielloides (Ar.Ga.Ce) Barleeia (Mo.My) (Mo.Ar) Baikonuraspis (Ar.St) Bartethusa (Ar.An.Ta) Baluchicardia (Mo.Os.Ga.Ch) Barbarothyris (Br.Ar.Fo) (Fo.St) Bapingaspis (Ar.Un) Bairdianella (Ar.Po) Balizoma (Ar.Fo) Badiotites Balaenula Banlamia (Cn.Ga.Gy.Ec.Re) Barbourinella (Fo.Ne) Bainella (Ar.St) Balatonites (Mo.Pc) Barella (Pr.Li.Pal Balowella (Ar.Ce) (Cd.Fe) Barroisiceras (Mo.Os.TnPh) Barkolia (Br.In.Tr.St) Baltoeurypterus (Ar.Ar) Balticopora (Bz.Tal Balds (Mo.Ce) (Cd.Te) Barklyella (Ar.An.Ml.Ga.Pt) Balaenotus Bannerella (Fo.Os.Fo) Bairdiohealdites (Ar.Bi.Ga.Os.Fo) Bacukigypsinoides (Fo.Pl) Barroisella (Br.An.An.Fo.Eu) Barrandeoph\ Bajanorthis (Br.Nt) Barbotella (Mo.Ar.Ma.Ga.Ce.An.Ce.Or) Baggina (Fo.Pt) Bandaiaspis (Ar.ln) Baculiipi>ra (Bz.Na) Balatonia (Po.Ar) Balvia (Mo.Ar.Tr.St.Pa) Barrandina (Br.Ve) Bagotum (Ac.Ic) Baeopleuroceras (Mo.Ce.Sc) Bandoproductus (Br.Hi) Bajolla (Bz.Sc) Barbarella Baaenoviella (Mo.Ta) Balinula (Mo.Cr.Ar.Os.Cr.Mo) Bajaichthys (Cd.Eu) Bairdites (AnOs.An.Fe) Balaena Banis (Mo.Po) Balticoporella (Bz.EI) Bairdoppilala (Ar.Ga.Cr.Ru) (Mo.Ph) Balistes (Cd.Ga.Os.Mi) Baltuganiicaris (Ar.Ca.Os.Os.Pa) Barbatia (Mo.Ta) Bajanhongorella (Br.Go) Barremites (Mo.Bi.Re.He) Baerocrinus (Ec.Pr) Baelenia (Fo.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Co) (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Fo.De) Bakunella (Ar.Fo) Balantioselena (Mo.My) (Mo.Ar) Bajiella (Ar.In) Bambusoceras (Mo.Pl) Barnesella (Mo.Ce.Un) Barcoona Barehamia Bailongjiangella (Br.Po) Balkhania (Fo.Ar.Ec.Ce) Balaklionia (Br.Po) Balistomorphus (Cd.Bi.Ar.Fo) Balacrinus (Ec.Cr.Ga.Ga.Tr.Tr.Ga.Li) Bagongshania (Ar.Ar.An.Ta) Balticeras (Mo.Un.He) Barentsia (En) Bainbridgia (Cn.Fo) Bailiaspis (Ar.Ma.Ra.Sp) Barbosaia (Mo.St) Balanophyllia (Cn.Ga.Po) Barocospira (Mo.Fo) Bartonia (Mo.MI.Po) Bandyella (Fo.Ar.Ve) Barbarorthis (Br.Spl Balaenodon Badainjaranspis (Ar.Ar.Bi.Cr) Barroisia (Po.Ar.Av.Ar.St.Ce.Ar.Cy) Barrandeograptus (He.Am) Barrandeites (Mo.Ci) Baptandon Baptopora Baeorhynchia (Br.Os.Bi.Os.An Baltoceras (Mo.Sp) Bairdops (Ar.Ar) Barkeria (Mo.Rc.Ag) Baronnites (Mo.Ar.An.Ar) Baisalina (Fo.Bi.L'n) Baltonotella (Ar.Cn) Baikalocyalhus (Po.Gy.Fo.Nt) Bairdiocypris (Ar.Fo.Tr.Li) Bajiugania (Br.Ce.St.Pt) Balcorcania (Ar.Fo) Baltagnostus (Ar.Rh) Balanocoiicha (Br.Os.Fo.Ce.Ar) Bagnorthis (Br.Tr.As.Fo) Balantoides (Ar.Pt) Balaenoptera Bankia Bankivia (Mo.Tc) Bandellina (Mo.Ce.Sp) Bananogmius (Cd.Ce) Bailuganella (Fo.Pr) Balearocrinus (Ec.Te) Bagginoides (Fo.Tr.Ar.Po) Balnibarbi (Ar.Me) Ballardina (Ar.Fo.Fo) Balabania iMo.Sc.Ce.Co.Ne) (Bz.Os.Pa) Bakonyia (Mo.Ce) (Cd.Pt) Balearites (Mo.St) Bagenovia (Mo.On) Barbierella (Mo.Pt) Balderia (Ar.Po) Balkhasheconcha (Br.Ce) Barbigodithreca (Cn.Pt) Bancroftina (Br.Or) Barroisucaulus (Mo.Ce.Fo.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Am) Bakevellia (Mo.Tr.Ar.

Ar.Pt) Batschykicyathus (Po.Ch) Beitaia (Br.Na) (Mo.Os.Ce.St) Basclikiriiia (Ar.Ve) Bathyurellus (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ve) Balhybenibix (Mo.Hs) Bathystoniella (B/.Be) Bathrocalpis (Ac.Fo.Pf) Ar.Rh) Bathyclides (Mo.Ne) Beecheroscapha (Ar.Ru) Balhroioniaria (Ac.Tr) Bejrutella (Br.Tr.Bl'lletin 363 382 Biirlraiiiella (Fo.At) Baslindoceras Batosloina (Bz.Ga.Tr.Re Beella (Fo.Eu) Balhyuriscellus (Ar.Ar.St.Te) Basscttina (Ar.Ce.Ch) Basterotia (Mo.Na) Bayfieldia (Ar.He.Os.Bi.Tr.Or) Bartrumia (Mo.Re) Bechleja (Ar.Ar.LI) Bayania (Mo.Bi.Cr.As) Bathylagus (Mo.Ce.Ec.Ag) .Is) Bathyurus (Ar.Ga.Ne) Basocephalus (Ar.Am) Bathyocos (Ar.Sc) Balhyarca (Mo.Ra.An.Ph) Beisselia (Mo.Tr) Bekena (Ar.Ga.Co) Beckerhealdia (Ar.Ru) Balrachoides (Cd.An.Ce.Ce.Nt) (Cd.Or) (Mo.Ar.Ga.Ct) Baschkirites (Mo.Tr.An.Co) Bcerichthys (Cd.St) Balangophylliim (Cn.St) Bebhacanthus (Cd.Rh) Beckwithia ( Basleocrinus (Ec.Sc) Balhosella (B/.De.Pr) Bathygadus (Cd.Ar.An.Ce.Tr.Bi.Ga.Na) (Mo.Ve) Bathytoma Bathytormus (Mo.Os.Cl) Baueria (Ec.Tr.An.Am) Barytellina (Mo.An.Gy.Cr.Po) Beaniceras (Mo.Ga.Co) Beichuanella (Br.Ch.Os.Eu) (Cd.Ga.Un) Basilissa (Mo.Ne) Batosloinella (Bz.Go) Bathycoenia (Cn.Hi) Baryspira (Mo.Ma.He.Bi.Tr.Ce) Bathynotus (Ar.Mi) Batissa (Mo.Ce.Rh) Baskaniiceras (Mo.Ag) Beatamoosina (Ar.Di.Ve) Balhraspira (Mo.Cr.Ce.Ch) Bavarilla (Ar.Un) Basslerldiscus (Ec.Sy) Basilirata (Ar.Ar.Ce) Basilicorhynchus (Br.Tr.Nt) Barylasma Barymactra Barymepton (Cn.Un) Basslerocystis (Ec.Ar.Me.Bi.Ce.Tr.Os.Tr.An.Co) Beichuania (Mo.Ga.Ve) Bateroboceras (Mo.Pa) Bathronocrinus (Ec.Ch) Bekoma (Ac.Tr.Ga.Ph) Bazardarella (Br.Os.Os.Gy.Ta) Barycrinus (Ec.Gy.Os.Ru) Bathycheilus (Ar.Op.Te) Barzellinia (Br.Os.Ar.Ar.Bi.Ar.Ed.Sc) Bdelloidina (Fo.Bo) Beachia (Br.Ar.Ga.Ar.He) Baterospirifer (Br.St) Bedicella (Ar.Ch.lln.Sl.Am) Bashkortoceras (Mo.Ma.Ph) Bartschella (Mo.Rh) (Br.Po) Basidechenella (Ar.Go) Bathydiscus (Ar..Bi.Pe) Baturria (Br.Ga.An.Pe) Hclaiiskicniuis (Ec.Tr.An.Ec.As) Bassleroccras (Mo.Fo) Balcridiuni (Br.St.Tr.Na) Batchaliella (Ar.Cr.Un) Baumgartneria (Ac.Rc.Ct) Bathycrinus (Ec.Ta) Basilicus Basiliella (Ar.MI.St) Bathericrinus (Ec.MI.Ga.Ce.Tr.Gy.Ra.Rh) Basslerella (Ar.Ru) Bathysonia (Cd.Ar.Pr) Beichuanrhynchus (Br.Ar) Baylea (Mo.Me) Balherocystis (Ec.Nt) (Mo.Me.Rh) Basslcrites (Ar.Tr.Ne) Bathysynactites (Ec.Me) Balalleria (Ec.Cr.Eo.De) Basilitrona (Mo.Po) Bassina (Mo.Ce.Aj) Bcia (Mo.Fe) Bathycythere (Ar.Pr) Basseaster (Ec.Ra.Go) Bathyrhyncha (Br.Os.La) Bedeva (Mo.Sc) Bauxia (Mo.Bi.Ga.St.Po) Bathyclupea (Cd.Tr.Po.Rh) Bathygalea (Ar.Un) Bathyuri scops (Ar.Fo) Bascomella (Bz.Ar.Di) BatosioiiiclHna (Bz.Hi) Barytichisma (Cn.At) Basleophyllum (Cn.Pa) Bathyuriscopsis (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Nt) Beigongia (Ar.Ne) Bassozetus (Mo.Tr.Os.Te) Baslropia (Mo.Ar.Ly) Basiliola (Br.l'o.Bi.Ra.Fo) Bassius (Cn.An.Nt) Barycypraea (Mo.Pt) (Ar.Ar) Bayleia (Mo.De.Gy.Ta) Batyraspis (Ar.Ph) Bai ychilina (Ar.Ga.Tr.Ar) Bdellacoma (Ec.Os.Ch) Basterotella (Mo.Gy.Tr.Pf) Basslederella (Bz.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Os.Po) Batilhiria (Mo.Ar.Ve) Beiliupora (Cn.Ve) Batohtes (Mo.Hy) Batavocythere (Ar.Sc) Balhropyramis Baykonaroceras Barypliylluni (Cn.Ar.Tr.An.An.Ta) Bassotrochus Batocara (Ar.Cr.Ph) Balhotheca (Po.Pr) Beeknianoceras (Mo.Sc) Beania (Bz.Ce.Ar.Co) Bathysquilla (Ar.Re) Beckmannia (Br.Bi.Is) Becharocrinus (Ec.Os.Cl) Bathniosniilia (Cn.Ml.Fo.Fo.An.Me) Basilosaurus (Cd.Ru) Bayleites (Mo.Pt) Battagha (Po.Os.Ci) Beaussetia (Po.Ga) Beatites (Mo.Ga.Ar.El) Batillona Beikcdamaspis (Ar.As) Beecheria (Br.Ga.Pol Batrachopora (Bz.Ar) Baiysmilia (Cn.Os.Ne) Batequeus (Mo.Os.Hi) Beisselinopsi.Os.As) Bathylasma (Ar.Ve) Batopora (Bz.Pr) Bcheniotops (Cd.De) Bassleratia (Ar.Bi.Ne) Bathybalva (Cn.Ga.Ch) Bashkiriella (B/.Ar.Fo) Becsia (Br.Fo) Bassinaria (Mo.El) Bauneia (Po.Ce.Nt) (Cn.Ga.De.Tr) Bckkeroincna (Br.Ho.Hi) Bathnioceras (Mo.Ly) Basleoceras (Mo.Ta) Bassipterus (Ar.Ta) Baryphyllia (Cn.St.Po) Bathyuri scus (Ar.Gy.Sp) Bathycyalhus (Cn.Ve) Beedeina (Fo.An.Ar) Bathymyonia Bathynomus Bathynotellus (Ar.Ar) Bayleoidea (Mo.Mo) Belssclina (B/.Sp) Bauchioceras (Mo.Os) Beaumontia Beaumontopcrca (Cn.Ch) Beecherella (Ar.Pt) Becksia (Po.Cl) Bathysiphon ( Fo.Tr.Nt) Bayanoteuthis (Mo.Cl) Baryhelia I ites (Cd.Cr.St.Gy.Ga.Bi.An.Ci) (Mo.Ce.Ce.Bi.Po) Bassethullia (Mo.Nt) Bathynotus (Ar.Fo.Te) Bashkiria (Br.Am) Barunkhuraya (Br.Ga.An.Ru) Bathyuriscidella (Ar.Op) Batocrinus (Ec.Ga.Bi.Ba) Bckieniishes (Pr.Tr.Os.Pf) Bdellodus (Cd.Cl) Bayhaium (Cn.Os.Cr.Na) Baryconitcs (Mo.Os.Tr.s (Bz.Bi.Tr.

Am) Beloiloceras (Cd.Os.Ga.Ce.Br) Bellefonlia (Ar.Fo.Am) Beleninolcuihis (Mo.Co) (Mo.Be) (Mo.Ar.Sp) Bcllinurus (Ar.Tr.My) (Mo.Rh) Bclosepiella (Mo.Pa) Benthomangelia (Mo.MI.Ce) (Mo.Ph) Belone (Cd.Go) Belopicndium Belopienna (Mo.Ga.Tr.An) Bemhosema Bettonia (Ar.Co.Ar.Se) (Po.As) Bezanconia (Mo.Os.Tr.Os.An.Ru) Belenincllocaniax Bclemnitella Belemniles 1 ia Belemnobatis (Cd.St) (Ar.Ar.Ga.Tr.Ve) Benthopecten (Ec.Pt) Belloliva (Mo.Pr) Besania (Cd.Fo) Belosteus (Cd.Nt) Benoistea Berycopsis (Cd.Se) Bergalarai (Br.Be) (Mo.Co.PI.Ar) (Mo.As) Belemnosiroma (Po.Ar) Benesovella (Ar.Ce.Os.He) Beraua (Mo.Op) Bestjubella (Ar.Ga.Ce.To.Co.Ce) (Ar.Ce.Ga.Os.Me.St) Bcmaspis (Ar.Pt) Belemnacanlhus (Cd.Ga.Ce.Os.Xi) Benlhamaspis Bentharca Benlhesicymus (Ar.Un) Bellimurina (Br.Go) Beleninosclla Belgrade(iph\ Hum llimi (Ac.To.Ec.Tr.An.Sp) Belopiera (Mo.Ce.Ga.Os.Ar) (Mo.Li) Bernia (Ar.De.Tr.Ds) Beltanelliformis Bermudezella (Fo.Be) Belonisia (Po.Ga.Pt Bermude/inella (Fo.Pt) Bevanopsis (Ar.St) Benacoceras (Mo.Tr.Ce.Ga.Ga.Se) Bembexia Bembicium Bembicosoma Bernoullius Belemnoziphius (Mo.Os.He.Mo) (Mo.Pa) Belonechilina (Fo.Cc) Beyrichoceratoides (Mo.ln.Ga.Ga.He) (Cd.Os.De.Ga.Ga.Ce.Fo.i (Bi.Pt) Belemnella Belospirula Berggrenia (Fo.Cr.Pt) Bendenius (Cd.Bi.Os.St.Ir.Tr.Ce.Os.Pf) Berriasella Bemella (Mo.Ma.Tr.Ar) Berlieria (Mo.Ce.Ne) Bethanyphyllum Betraccium Bellucina (Mo.So) Beltanelloidea (Cn.Ma.St.Bi.Fo) Bellaspis (Ar.Ga.Os.Ce.Po) Besairecidaris (Ec.Cl) (Cn.Ce.Ce) (Mo.Ve) Besselodus (Mo.Am) Berryteuthis (Mo.In) Belliscala (Mo.Re) Bensonia (Ar.Ne) Berdanopis (Ar.My) (Mo.Ce.Os.My) Bellaxinaea (Mo.Br) Bellifusus (Mo.Bi.Ce.Ru) Beugniesastraea (Cn.Be) Bensonastraea (Mo.Cy) BcrgcroliTnhus (Ar.St) Bembridgia (Mo.Ce.Ve) Berthelinella (Fo.Fo) Bclemnocysiitcs (Ec.Ga.Pt) Beyrichia (Ar.Ce.Ga.Rh) Beloceras (Mo.Tr.Fo) Bellaspira (Mo.Ce.No) Betterbergia (Br.Te) Bcringius Belemnilomimus (Mo.Ch.Ra.Nt) Benihesikymc (Cd.Fo.Ga.Se) Bergeronielius (Ar.Ra.Un) Berycopsia (Cd.Ce.Tr.Ce.Os.Fo.An.Rh) Beyrichona (Ar.Ma.Pt) Belhckell.Co) Benxiphyllum (Cn.Ce.Pr) Berybolcensis (Cd.Sc) Berthelinopsis (Fo.Cr.Ne) Benthocrinus (Ec.Fo) Bergamia (Ar.s (Mo.Un) Bekilninma (Mo.Te) Bergsiroemograptus (He.Pt) Beniieeras (Mo.An.Ga.Os.Am) Bellaclalhriis (Br.Fo) Bellatara (Mo.Ga.Ce) Bertillonella (Ar.Tr.Be) Beitanacyalhus (Po.Aiil Belo\ (Ar.Pa) Berthelinia (Mo.Nt) (Cn.Ml.Ce.An.Tr.An.Ne) Bendemacoma (Mo.Un) Beluhulaspongia (Po..Nt) Berounella (Ar.Br) Bella/ona (Mo.Sa) Bellastraea Beneckastraea (Cn.Ar) Beleninocrinus (Ec.An.Ar.Ce.Al) Besla Bellocaris Benthocardiella (Mo.Ce.Ce) Beyrichiana (Ar.Po) Beryx (Cd.Tr.Os.St.Mi) Beyrichites Bcloplaxus (Mo.As) Bennviaspis (Ar.Se) Benxiocera.Sp) Berkutaspis (Ar.Pa) Beyrichoceras (Mo.Ce.Nt) Beneckeia (Mo.Os.St) Belemosis (Mo.Ga.Os.Ce.Am) (Mo.Ar) Bclorussiella (Fo.Tr.Fo.Be) (Mo.Ru) Bevahites (Mo.St.Me.Pr) Beudantiella (Mo.Cr.Am) Beyrichiopsis (Ar.Ac) (Cn.Pa) Beleiitclla (Br.Ml.Ta) Betyokites Bel(x:rinus (Ec.Tr.Rj) Belowea (Ac.Be) (Mo.As) Bendeia (Mo.Ga.Is) Bentoceras (Cd.Bi.An.Ga.Am) (Mo.Pa) Belonostomus Belophos (Cd.Ce.Ar.Os.Be) Berabichia (Ar.Os.Hd.Be) Belothyris (Br.Os.Ar.Ar) Bengtsonia (Pr.Sp) Benueites (Mo.Os.Ar) Belosphys Bergeronites (Ar.Ce.Tr.Ce.De.Gr) Belcmnilina (Mo.Ch) Berardiopsis (Cd.Ne) Berthelina (Fo.Ar) Bergoceras Bclotelson (Ar.Pe) Bernaya (Mo.Ru) Beryllia (Ec.Fo.Os.Fo) Bclubulaia (Po.Ru) Belodina Beogradopln (Cn.Os.Od) Berkhia (Mo.Pt) BelemniK'aniax (Mo.Hc) Beraunia (Mo.El) Benthocomectes (Cd.He.Nt) Beyrichocrinus (Ec.Os.Mi) Berycomorus (Cd.Nt) .Os.Ce.Gr.Ga.Ru) Bcllomalia (Ar.As) Belochlhus (Ec.Ce.Ce.Po) Bellerophon (Mo.As.Fo) Belemnopsis Beltella (Ar.Ce.Am) Belodella (Cd.Ar) Beyrichiella (Ar.An.Be) Bergstroemognalhus (Mo.Ar) Beyriehidiscus (Mo.Po) Bclcutoccras (Mo.Ar.Ga..A CoMi'iiNDiiiM oi- Fossil Makini Animal Genera: Sepkoski 383 Bclanlsca (Cd.Tr.Co) Bcloleuthis (Mo.Na) Beroides (Mo.Ch.Go) (Cn.Ac) Bermudezina (Fo.Ga.On) Beothuckia (Ar.Co.Pe) Bellinuroopsis (Ar.Ce.Am) (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ra.Fo.Fo.Bl.Ne) (Cn.Pcl BeK>iussipora (B/.Ce.Ce.Am) Beudanticeras Belocurtu (Mo.Ce.Bi.Or) (Cd.Tr.Pm) (Cd.Se) Bergeroniaspis (Ar.Pa) Belonidium (Mo.Pa) Bercutia (Pr.Xi) (Mo.Se) Berenieea (B/.Pc) Berbericeras (Mo.Ce.Te) Bellaspiclclla (Ar.He) Berrosiceras (Mo.Hs.Nt) Beletnnospongia (Mo.Ce.Rul Bembrops (Cd.Be) (Mo.An.Fo.De.Ne) Bensonocythere (Ar.Co) Belloceras (Ar.Ar) Beschevella (Br.Ga.Ce.Tr.Co) Belliceps (Ar.Tr.Ce.Nel BcloNcpia (Mo.Se) Beret ra (Mo.De) Beshtashella (Mo.Po) Bellerophina (Mo.Xi) Berolinella (Ar.Be (Cd.Ga.Po.Nt) (Ac.Me.PI.Ne) (Mo.

Ar.Gy..Ar) Bifodina Biapertorbis (Fo.Cr.IrKa) Bilobissa Bicrcnucula (Mo.Or) Binodina Bit'arilaminclla (Fo.De.Os.ina (Fo.Tr.Gy.Po.Or) Bikocrinus Bimuria (Bz.Ba) Bilaminella Biconcava (Fo.St.Cc) Biltnerites Bicupularia (Bz.Fo) Bifoveoceras Biaurina (Ar.Cc) Bilotina Bicrisina (Bz.Ar.Li.Ar) Bignotella Bicarinalina (Br.Fo.Pt) Binoculites Biematella (Br..St.St.Os.Pa) Bihenduloceras Bicia (Br.Fo) Biolgina Bifariostroma (Po.St) Biorbis Bifaxaria (Bz.An.Os.Ar.Ar.Pa) Bimuropora Bidemalus (Br.Po) Bilobatia Bicoronipora (B/.Nt) Biparletata Bitissurinclia (Bz.St.Ch) BimoniHna Bicuspina ( Bideirella (Ar.Bulletin 363 384 Bhimaites (Mo.Re) Bihendulirhynchia Bichilina (Ar.Ch) Billingsella Bicornipyge (Ar.Fe) Bilinia Bicorbula (Mo.Cc) Bingeria Bidjinc'lla (Ar.Fo.Cc) Bilobia Bicoscinus (Po.Li.idii)crinus (Ec.Ch) Biphyllum Biflabellaria (Bz.Sl.Nt) Bigotina Bicatillus (Mo.Tr.An.Ar.Fo.Ch) .Os.Cc.Nt) Bigotinella Bicavea (Bz.Ta) Biglobigerinella Bicarina (Mo.Fo.Pa) Billingsaria Bicomifera (Bz.Tr.Gy.Ga.St) Bigenerina Bibradya (Fo.Gy.Un) Bilinguites Biconvexiella (Br.s Bidiaslopora (B/.Li) Bigotella Bicarinella (Mo.Pt) Binkhorstia Bienella (Ar.Ga.Nu) Biloclymenia Bicrenula (Mo.Cl) Bija Bicingulites ( Bickmoriles (Mo.Ga.Bi.Fo) Bighornia Bibucia (Cn.St.Bi.Ob) Bihenilhyris Bii.Nu) Biloculinella Bicrisia (Bz.Ar.Ar.Ch) Bigalea Bibatiola (Br.Co) Binneyites Bienvillia (Ar.Un) Biformispira Biarrit/.Fo.Tr.Ac) Binodella Biernallum ( Br.Cc) Biplanata Mo.Bi.Bi.Fo) Bifossularia Biasterigerina (Fo.CcAm) Bifiustra Biangiiluria (Mo.Sp) Bilingulogavelinelki Bitorbis (B/.Fo.Os.Tr.Gy.Pt) Biturcium Biavicularium (Bz.Un.Ga.Fo) Bilaterocoenia Biconostrophia (Br.Hi) Billingsocystis Bicorniicythere (Ar.Sp) Binatisphincte.Ch) Biovicella Bifericeras (Mo.Pt) Bigotites Bicepsirhynchia (Br.St.Cr.At) Bilecicrinus Biconulitcs (An.Ar.Ga.Tr.Un) Billingsites Bicornucopina (Mo.Fo) Bioistodlna Bifarina (Fo.Fo.Ar.Rh) Bihaticrinus Biceratops (Ar.Ce.Gy.Fo) Bifolium Biarea (Br.Sp) Binodaspis Biernatia (Br.Ar) Biturcanimina Biaverla (Ar.Am) Bipallicyathus Bifida (Br.Os.My) Billcobbanoceras Bicornella (Ar.Fo.Pa) Billiemia Bicornellina (Ar.At) Biparctis Bilidoscala (Mo.Cc) Bigotinops Bicella (Ar.Fo) Biokovina Bifarinella (Fo.Tr.Te) Br.

A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 385 Bivonia (Mo.Od) Boeckelericanibria (Pn) Boletechinus Blackwelderioides (Ar.Pt) Boiinaria (Ar.Pa) .Ne) Biibbichlhys (Cd.Ce.Pa) Bonnaspis (Ar.s (Ar.Ar.De.Pr) Bohviproetus (Ar.Pf) Bolboparia (Ar.Or) (Ec.Fo.Oe) Bolliella (Fo.Fo) Blasdnoidea (Po.Ru) Bolaspidella (Ar.Pt) Bixlenbenderia (Ar.Tr.Co) Bobbixlus (Cd.On) (Mo.Bi.Co) Biidcniella (Ar.Pl) BoliUispirifer (Br.Tr.Am) Boicyrus (Cd.Ar.Pa) Boonderclla (Br.PlRh) (Mo.My) Boops (Cd.Fo) Blastochaetetes (Po.Ag) Bdkispidcllu.Pa) Bonneterrina (Ar.Tr.Fo.Ga.Os.Sc) Boiotremus (Mo.Tr.Ne) Boeckaspis (Ar.Tr.Tr.Ml.Os.Ce.St) Bolojerea (Po.Pa) Bohemilla (Ar.Fo) Bolivianaspis (Ar.Ph) Boheniaster (Mo.Fo) Bod\le\skites (Mo.In) Bohoma.Fo.Pr) Blastammina (Fo.Gr) Bollandoceras (Mo.Pt) Boesites (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ar.Ce.Co) Bogimbailites (Cn.Mo) (Mo.Mo) BoHviacrinus (Ec.Ar) BiK:kia (Ec.De.Pa) Bohemiproetus (Ar.De) Bolgarithyris (Br.Ga.Bi.Fo) Bohaispiropsis BoHvina (Fo.Fo.Ga) Bonnia (Ar.Ar.Ol) Bobasalrania (Cd.St.Ga.Tr.An.Tr.Tr.Tr.Ga.Tr.Pt) Boikothalamia (Po.Pt) Bolospongia (Po.Os.Ur) Bolivinella (Fo.An.MLDe) Boheinop\ge Bohemoscolex (An.Ne) (Cd.spi.Os.Co) Bodenia (Ar.Pa) Bonnotelki (Mo.Ly) Blandicephalus (Ar.Tr.Ph) Bohemiaecystis Bolivinellina (Fo.Cr.Cr.Ce.Ce.Pr) Bonniella (Ar.Am) Bogotacrinus (Mo.Ta) Bolbopisthia (Ar.r.Ce.Ar.Tr.Bo) Blaculla (Ar.He) Bolicrinus (Ec.Bi.An.Or.De) Blowiella (Fo.Pa) Boldella (Ar.Eo.Pr) Blastulospongia (Po.Tr.Rh) Boicinetes (Br.Os.Ch.Ga.Or) BixJiK'cras (Mo.Ph) Blasicrura (Mo.Fo) Blackwelderia (Ar.Ru) BiHlicceras (Mo.Pa.Tr.Ga.Bel Boltenella (Mo.Ar.Nt) Bodrakella (Br.Tr.Fo) Blaslocystis (Ec.Fo) Blastosmilia (Cn.Sc) Bohemirhynchia Bohemites (Mo.Os.Ar.Ru) Bombur (Ar.Hy) Bolbozoella (Ar.Po) Blackdow nia (Mo.Cr.Co) Bodeurina (Cn.Tr.Pt) Bondonella (Ar.Ga.Go) (Cd.Ar.Bi.Li) Blothroc) aihus (Cn.Os.Tr.Pt) Bodzenlina (Ar.Pt) Bonellitia (Mo.Fo.Os.Tr.Os.Fo) Blastocerina (Mo.St) Bojothyris (Br.Os.Un) Bolbocara (Cd.Un) Bolbipriniitia (Ar.Cr.Cr.Os.Sp) Blairella (Mo.Os.Bi.Tr.Ga.Ar.Ga.Tr.Pt) Boeckops Boehmiola Boehmoceras (Ar.Or) Boli\ inoides (Fo.Pa) Bolbocephalus (Ar.Tr.De.Pa) Bollandites Blayacina (Ar.Ne) Bolinichthyes Blairocrinus (Ec.Ne) Blandiaspis (Ar.Cl) Boiomytilus (Mo.Ph) Bogushella (Fo.Eo.Os.Tr.Os.Os.Pt) Blennius (Cd.Pa) Bleshidium (Br.Os.Ph) Bixlianus (Cd.Os.Nt) Bolivicrania (Ar.Ve) Bolinus Blakeoeeras Boggsia (Mo.Ta) Bohtesia (Po.Bi.Ar.Pf) (Ar.Ar.Tr.Os.Rh) Blothrocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ar.Ce.Fo) Bojodouvillina (Br.Co) Bobiesipora (Bz.Cl) Bontaea (Mo.Ce.Ne) Blolhrophyllum (Cn.Rh) Bolcanguilla Biwaella (Fo.Ga.Os.Pt) Bojocoryphe Bojocyclus (Cn.Ta) Bohemiella (Br.Fo.Ar.Pa) Bi)binella (Br.Os.Fo.Go) (Mo.Tr.An) Blabe (Cd.s (Ar.Gr..Or) Bollandia (Ar.Er) BUiuntiella (Ar.Un) Boolclasma (Cn.Fo) Blela (Mo.Nt) Bohaispira (Mo.Ph) Bonniopsis (Ar.Co) Bomina (Br.A.As) Bolivinopsis (Fo.Ce) Boeu\ia Bogdanoceras Bolis (Cd.Ga.He.Li) Blainiopsis (.Ve) Boettgeriola (Mo.Pa) Bly>kavomena Blysmalophyllum (Br.Fo.An.Fo.Fo.Ru) Bojarkaella (Fo.sniops (Ar.Tr.Li.Mo) Blanodalnianites (.Po) Bolloceras Bliichius (Cd.Ca.De.Eu) Bolbibollia (Ar.Ce.As) BoUandocrinus BoMia Blepharipoda (Ar.Cr.Ar.Li BiHJtiphyllum (Cn.PO BiKlospjra (Mo.Tr.Pt) Boldia (Fo.Cc) Bojosculelluni (Ar.Rh) Bolkarina (Fo.Fo.Ga.Or) Blant'oridcera> (Mo.Ru) Bolboztx.Ph) (Mo.Pa) Bolb<icha.Te) (Mo.Sp) Bonata (Cn.Pe.Ve) Boloria (Br.De.St.Pt) Boeckhia (Mo.Ta) Bolboporites (Ec.Fo.Os.Pt) Boiidare\ ites (Ar.De.Tr.St) Bomburites (Mo.Li) Blosyropsis (Ar.My) (Mo.Os.Am) Blumerbachiuni (Bz.Po) Booralia (Br.As) Bolma (Mo.Ce.As) Bogoslovskya Bohtheca (Hy.Tr.Ph) Blagraveia (Mo.Tr.Fo) Blaslinia (Po.Ga.Os.Os.Tr.Nt) (EcAs.Am) Bolidium (Po.Fo) Blasloidocrinus (Ec.Sc) Bolbocrinus (Ec.Tr.Go) (Mo.Ce.Ga.De.Ce.Os.Ce.Mo) Blainia (Ar.An.Pa.Tr.Tr.An) Blefuscuiana (Fo. (Ar.Ml.Fo.Nt) Boliosteus Blancia (Mo.Mo) Boli\ inita (Fo.Tr.Re) BlvMagnoNius (Ar.Ar) BliK-hmanella (Br.Op.Fo) Bohenioharpes (Ar.Fo.Ga.Tr.Ca.Pa) Bonnemaia (Ar.Cl) (Ar.Tr.Ar.In.Te) (Ec.Pa) Bonneprimites (Ar.Ve) (Mo.Pa.Ga.Pe) (Ar.Fo.Pa) Bochianites (Mo.Pa) Bolliaphores (Ar.Os.Ce.Pe) Bohemura (Ec.Re) Bohemobolbina Bohemograptus (He.Os.Tr.An.Pr) Bomakellia (Cn.Di) Bohemicocrinus (EcSt.Pt) (Ar.An.Cr.On) (Mo.Os.Pr) Blasiolepas (Ar.Un) Boonderooia (Po.Pe) Bolbina (Ar.Am) Bolbineossia (Ar.Cc) Bolbiliihis (Ar.Fo) Blouniia (Ar.Pc) Bolaspis (Ar.ln) (Cn.Fo) Bolto\skoyelia (Fo.Ga.Ce.Pa.An.Ar) Boletzkyidae (EcEc.Bb) Boki'Npidlna (Ar.Ce.An.Fo.Tr.Co) (Ec.Cr.Os.Tr.Ci) (Br.Un) Bohlenatia (Ar.

Na) Brachycythara (Mo.Fo) Botroclonium (Po.Rh) Braehyosteus (Cd.Tr.Pt) Bournonia (Mo.Ch) Borcalicornus (Hy.He) .Ra.Na) Brachycyathus (Cn.St) Brachypterygius (Cd.Ac) Brachydeirus (Cd.Gr.Ar.Pr) (Cd.As) Bourgueticrinus (Ec.Cm) (Mo.Ac) Boroalarges (Ar.Os.Ci) Borkinia (Mo.Un) Bdrnhardliceras (Mo.Sp) Bostrichopus (Ar.Fo) Botryceras (Mo.An.Ru) Brachythyris (Br.Sc) Biirkopleiira (Ar.Rh) Brachyopterus (Ar.Gr) Borciiincctes (Mo.Ga.An.Or) Bracln Bostrychoccras (Mo.Ar.Fo.Ve) Bi)rncniannaspis (Ar.Ru) Botlnrionia (Br.Mt) Brachydomoceras (Mo.Ga.lc) Borovilchella (Ar.Un) Boiicotinskia (Br.Te) Brachidontes (Mo.Th) (Cn.Tr.Ce.Tr.Ga.Ga.Bi.Te) Bouchardiella (Br.An.Me.Ce.Ar) (Cn.Os.Os.Tr.Ru) Brachauchenius (Cd.Li) Bozorginiella (Fo.Ne) Botryocampe (Ac.Un.Os.Tr.Or) Brachiomonocrinus (Ec.Pt) Brachyschisma (Ec.Ar.Ar.Pt.Ga.Ce.BI.He.Od) Boucaulticeras (Mo.Sc) Boreas (Bz.Bi.Ch.Pa) Botliriocidaris (Ec.Os.De.Ec.Ar.As) Bounyongia (Ar.Os.u) Brachyprion (Br.Pt) Bowdenatheca Bowdenia Bowenelasnia Borcobolbina (Ar.Mt) Brachydeuterus (Cd.Bi.My) Brachynotus (Ar.Tr.Un) Biircalaspis (Ar.Os.Ar) Bracliytomaria (Mo.Ce.Ce.Nu) Botulobolbina (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Gy.Pt.Pt) Boticum (Br.Ga.An.Ar) Borichlhys (Cd.Ag) Bothriaspis (Cd.Ve) Boucotia (Br.Tr.Ra.Ph) Brachyrhi/odus (Cd.Ne) Bosiira (Mo.Re.An.Ce) Boriesia (Mo.Fo) Boreadorthis (Br.Tr.Hy.Eu) Borniola (Mo.He.Ar.He.Li.Ga.Fo.Bi.Pl.Ne) (Mo.Am) Bowdenagaza (Mo.An.De.Ga.Te) Brachymeandra (Cn.Cr.An.Sp) Bosquetia (Ar.Ar.An.Pf) Borina (Mo.Bi.Ar.He) Brachycythere (Ar.Ra.Ch.Cl) Boicalia (Ar.Hi) Bracliyspirifer (Br.Ar.Re.Eu) Boreoceras Botryllopora (Bz.Po) Botholeca (Po.Sp) Bosquclina (Ar.Tr.Bi.Fo.Ar.Te) (Br.Ce) (Mo.An.Os.Pa) Borodiella (Ar.An.Bi.He.Ce.Gy.Po) Bowanophyllum (Mo.De) Bornia (Mo.Be) Boreolepis (Cd.Ga.Ch) Bothryopneutes (Ec.Nt) Brachysoecia (B/.Mt) Brachylepas (Ar.Ar.Ed.Am) Boiichardia (Br.Od) Brachysiphon (Fo.Ra.Fo.Ir.Os.Me.Ar.Li) Bracebridgia (Bz.Ra.Bulletin 363 386 Boothaspis (Cd.Pe) Bolhus (Cd.Fo.Sc) Borlhaspis (Ar.Tr.Te) Brachymetopus Brachymimulus Brachymylus Bornliliolmaspis (Ar.Rc) Boucekites (Ar.Ga.Ar.My) Borsonella Bouleiccras (Mo.Os.As) Boiicotstrophia (Br.Os.Ga.Po) Bovicornu BrachythyrinelUi (Br.Se) Brachaelurus (Cd.Bi.Un) Brabbinthes (Po.Ar.Fo) Boucolspira (Mo.Ce.Ph) Bordenia (Cn.Po) Botsfordia (Br.Ar.Pl.An.Ru) (Po.Pa) Botryopyle (Ac.He) Brachisolaster (Ec.Bo) Brachysphingus (Mo.Ar.An.An.Pa) Bottonaecyathus (Po.Cy) Brachyaspidion (Ar.Ma.Ec.Bo) Bdwiaiidia (Cn.Ga.En) (Mo.Po) Bouleia (Ar.Os.Ar.Am) Botulopsis (Mo.De.Os.Ar.St) BrachiatusmiHa (Cn.Pt) Botulina (Mo.Re) Brachycycloceras Boreosomus (Cd.Bi.Lo) Boreiolhyris (Br.Tr.Tr.Po) Borestus Botryostrobus (Ac.Bi.Ar.Cy) Borciospira (Br.Cc) Boshchekulia (Ar.Bi.Os.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Te) Botomelhi (Ar.Sp) Bosniella (Fo.Is) Bopoina (Ar.Nt) Botryocyrtis (Ac.Ce.PrI Bolliroleninia (Po.Tr.Vc) Boucotella (Br.Ar.Aj Brachionichthys (Cd.Sp) Brach\ ph\ Ma (Cn.Os.Or) Bothroclisia Bozshakolia (Br.Mt) Boreas ina (Bz.Ps) Borealis (Br.Ce.Bi.Pt) Borsonia (Mo.Cr.St.CI) Boubeithyris (Br.Pe) Bothroehlaenia (Po.My) Brabeocrinus (Ec.Pt) Boreocomitas (Mo.Ch) Bothrothyris (Br.Os.Or) (Mo.Os.Sc) Boreosculellum (Ar.Tr.Sl) Bourgctia (Mo.Na) Borelis (Fo.Os.Ru) Bosquetella (Br.Os.Sc) Boreoscala (Mo.Os.Ra.Cl I ttinia (Mo.Na) Brachycytheropteron (Ar.Pt) BoreadoLumara (Br.Tr.Ga.He.Li) Borchgre\ ingkiiim (Ar.Cr.Na) Brachybelus (Mo.Ch.Ar) Ec.Ce.F.Ph) Botiila (Mo.Or) Bonihardtina (Br.Ar.Bi.Ar.Am) Brachyrhynchus (Cd.Sc) Boiodinia (Fo.Nt) Bosnites (Mo.Tr.St.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Ph) BniiL-ia (Ar.Pe) Bothrostegiimi (Br.Bi.St) Bowmania (Ar.Ne) Bouleigmus (Mo.Ce.An.St) Borogolhus (Ar.Ar.In) Brachythyrina (Br.Pn) Brachiograptus (He.Li) Bothi'oeonis (Cn.Ne) Boreotrophon (Mo.Ar.Bi.Tr.Fi) Borlhaspidella (Ar.Ru) Botrioides (Ar.Re.Tr.Ph) (Ar.Fo.Bi.Nt) (Cn.On) Borissia (Mo.Hy) Bolliroplicina (Cn.Va) Boreloides (Fo.Os.Ar) Brachydelphis (Cd.Ds) Boreichthys (Cd.Cr.Ga.En) BracKopterella (Ar.Ca) Brachiocrinus (Ec.Ar.Rh) BothrophylluMi (Cn.Ga.As) Boultonia (Fo.Sp) Botocyathus ( Po.Ar) Botryosella (Po.Fo) Boutillieria (Mo.Bi.Fo) Boriia (Br.Ar.Ls) Borelasnia (Cn.He.Un.Th) Bovicornellum (Pr.Cr.Gy.Pt) Brachiospyris (Ac.Ar) Borocyathus (Po.Ce) Bouvierphyllum Brachystoma Brachystomia (Mo.Co) Brachiospongia (Po.Un) Bowanorthis (Br.Ga.Tr.Ph) BcHliiiKorliiiki (Mo.Me.MI.Fo) Brachyseris (Cn.Aj) Boiicotides (Br.Ga.Ar.Co) Botryodictya (Po.As.Pt) Bostryclavus (Ec.Pa) Brachyhipposiderus (Ar.Pt) Borissiakoceras (Mo.Pe) Brachyparcion (Cd.Oc) Boicalirhynchia (Br.Pa) B<itryocella (Ac.Re.Ga.Li.Ce.Un) Borgerscottia (Ar.Th) (Mo.Ce.Am) Brachymeris (Mo.Na) Brachycerithium Boreomeekoceras Botryocrinus ( Brachycoenia (Mo.

Fo) Brevisulcina (Ar.Ga) Branchioplax (Ar.Pa) Bronsteiniana (Ar.Po) Brevikiles Broctus (Ac.Pr) Broeggerolithus (Ar.An.Bi.Os.Pt) Breviacanthiis (Cd.Ga.Ec.Me) Browneella (Br.Ce.Co.Di.Un) Brocchinia Bracica (Cn.To) Brephocharieis (Ar.Os.Co) Breileenia (Br.Eu) (Cd.Le) Brouzetia Branikia (Br.Ph) Bre\ilabiatus (Mo.Mt) Broeggeria (Br.Ar.Sp) Bridegeina Broweria Branislavia (Mo.Ac.Am! Brilonella (Mo.Tr.Os.Ml.Bi.Os.Os.El) Bruclarkia (Mo.Ce.An.Ar) (Mo.Os.Nt) Brasiliclla (Fo.Am) Brevicardium (Mo.Cr.Ru) Brongniartella (Ar.Tr.Tr.Rh) Bradleya (Ar.Eo.Tr.Nt) (Cd.Ar.Di) Breviphillipsia (Ar.Tr.Sp) Brychiocrinus (Ec.In) Brama (Cd.Fo) Brocchitas (Mo.Sp) Bryantodus (Cd.Os.At) (Mo.Ar.Di) Brunnirhyncha (Br.Ec.As.Cl) Braiesopora (Bz.Ce.Ce.Ec.Os.Pe) Bronicella (Cn.PI.Be) Bi'ochoadmones (Mo.Tr.Rh) Brevicocerus (Mo.Ol) Bre\ iniicula Broeckinella (Fo.Co) Brei/hops (Ar.St) Braderiipia (Ar.Ga.Pf) Brevitermierella (Ar.Cr.Sp) Brychaetus (Cd.Os.Pt) Breviseptum (Br.Sp) Bruniastarte (Mo.Po) Bramkanipia (Mo.Tr.Os.Pt) Bredyia (Mo.Ce.Os.Ce.Ga) Brissomorpha (Ec.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 387 Brachylrema (Mo.Tr.Rh) Brasilia (Mo.Ar.Li) Brcgmacerinia (Cd.Fo.Ce.Ar.An) Bridgeoceras (Mo.Os.Tr.Ps) Biunsia (Fo.Au) (Mo.Os.St) Brissopneustes (Ec.Or) Breviphyllum (Cn.Ar.Bi.Ar.Tr.Os.Cl) Brembcxlus (Cd.Cr.Ar) Briscoia (Ar.Ar) Brevimaeandra (Cn.Ce.Ar) Branchiocaris (Ar.Fo) Briseocrinus (Ec.Or) (Mo.Os.De.An.Ga.Sp) Brutonia (Ar.Ec.Pf) Briantia (Cn.Os.Un) Brostopora (Bz.He) (Cd.Te) Bramkainpella (Fo.Or) Brevidorsa (Ar.Nt) Brencklcina ( F'o.Ga.Tr.Nt) Brancasaurus (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Ta) Brevaxjna (Fo.Bi.Br) Brunsiella (Fo.Pf) Brevisiphonella (Po.Ga.St.Ec.Fo.An.Ra.Go) (Mo.Tr.Ro.Ce.Te) Bradt'oriiirhynchia (Br.Ar.Fti.Nt Brevispirifer (Br.Py) Bristolia (Ar.Ch) Bradyphylliim Branneroceratoides 1 (Br.Bi.Ra.Aj) Brevibelus (Mo.Ft)) Bri/alina (Fo.Pa) Brevicamera (Br.Ol) Brydonella (Bz.Di) Brochosogenys (An.Pl.Ca) Brianellium (Ac.Ar) Brevilamnulella (Br.Ne) BrannercKeras Bridgerocrinus (Ec.Am) Brevitermierella (Ar.Co) Bramoides (Cd.Sp) Brutopisocrinus (Ec.Tr.Tr.Ca.Ce.An.As) Bruntonichlhys (Cd.An.Ml.Sc) Breviatiactites Brochina Bractocyalhus (Po.Pa) Branchiolambrus (Ar.In.Ru) Bromidocrinus (Ec.Ce.De) Brianispongia (Po.Tr.Un.Pe) Brochodora (Po.Fo) Bramertonia (Mo.An.Ru) Brightonicystis (Ec.Os.Ec.s (Ar.Re.Os.Ar.Sc) Bioeckina (Fo.Co) Bronaughocrinus (Ec.Os.Pt) Brisaster (Ec.Fo.Os.Co.Fo) Bradyina (Fo.Tr.Pa) Brochocarina (Br.Os.Os.Am) Brianurus (Ar.Ar.Tr.Fo.Ce) (Mo.Ar) (Cn.Ce.Ec.As) Brahcylyrodesma (Mo.Am) Brookesena Brooksina Branchiocarcinus (Ar.Ru) Bromidella (Ar.Pa) Brocchia CAr.Or) Braclcolcptaena (Br.Na) Bradocryphaeus (Ar.Cc) Breviseptophyllum (Cn.Cl) Bruennichometra (Ec.Pl.Re) Bromidocysti.Ce.Bi.Ar) Brcbina (Fo.Nu) (Mo.Am) B radon 111 a (Ar.Po.Tr.Tr.Ar) Brochidium Braclhelia (Cn.Os.Ar) Brunonia (Mo.Os.As) Briarocrinus (Ec.De) Briantelasma (Cn.Fo) Brachy/yga Brackebuschia (Br.Cm) Brightia (Mo.Ga) Branchiostegus (Cd.Or) Brisingclla (Ec.Pe) .Cr.De.Ce.Ar.Ec.Ps) Brewericeras (Mo.Pt) Braunosteus (Cd.Co) Brightonia (Ec.Ec.Fo.Ec.Ph) Braimreella (Ar.Rh) Branmehlia (Cd.Ga.In.Ga.Cl) Brushenodus (Pr.Li) Brosme (Cd.Tr.Ce.Tr.Ga.Fo.Sp) Brunswickia (Ai-.Ga.Pt) Bramus (Ec.Os.Ob) Broeggeroceras (Mo.Ce.Ga.St.An.Sp) Bryantodina (Cd.Ec.Mo) Brouwerites Brandysia (Br.Re) Bronteopsis (Ar.An.An.Fo) Brutaspi.Sp) Bronnothyris (Br.CnDs) Bregmacerov (Cd.Li.Ga.Ga.Ar.Ne) Bractcchlainys (Mo.Ga.Di) Bradoria (Ar.Un) Brevitheca (Hy.Bi.Mo) Breviredlichia (Ar.Pl.Fo) Bradyfallolaspis (Ar.Sc) Brevibolbina (Ar.Re.Tr.Co) Bridgeia (Ar.Co.Bi.Ga) Brissopatagiis (Ec.Am) Bruetia (Mo.Un) BiacytroL-hiis (Cn.Un) Bronteus (Ar.Ve) Bransonia (Mo.Ch.Pe) Brodieia (Mo.Re.Cr.Ce.Fo) Brniiosaurus (Cd.Fo) Brassicicephalus (Ar.Or) Briartina (Ar.Go) (Mo.Os.Ru) Brotula (Cd.Ce.Ga.Pa) Brahimnrlhis (Br.Fo.Cr.Ce.Fo) Breviorthonota (Mo.Un) Brahmaites (Mo.Li) Bradtorilia (Mo.In) Bred(x:aris (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Ar.Gy.Hy.Ar.St) Breviarca (Mo.Or.Mol Breviphrentis (Cn.Ot) Brei/osteus (Cd.Li) Bradyospira Brevipelta (Br.Ar.Fo.Ml.Ga.Ar.Ae) Brissus (Ec.Bi.Ph) Brissopsis (Ec.Hy) Brodekoceras (Mo.St) Brindabellaspis (Cd.Cr.Tr.Go) (Hy.Ar.Am) BievisL'utellum (Ar.Fo.Ve) Brarhyclasma (Cn.An.Ph) Broughia Branddysops (Ar.Ga.Am) Brissolampas (Ec.Pa) Brannerion (Cd.Fo) BrasilioproduL'tus (Br.Cr.Hi) Bridegeites (Mo.Rj) Brochechinus (Ec.Ec.De) Breynia (Ec.Am) (Mo.Sp) Brookula (Mo.Pa) Brockocystis (EcRh.Ru) Brosmius (Cd.Un.Di) Brahniacrinus (Ec.Fo.Op) Brancoceras (Mo.Ph) Bronnimannia (Fo.Nt) (Mo.Fo.Ve) Brochopleurus (Ec.Sp) Broovalia (Cd.Eu) Bradfordoceras (Mo.Un) Briiwneichthys (Cd.Ml.Ce.s (Ec.

Nt) (Mo.Un.Tr.Sp) Burtinopsis (Cd.Te) Buchiola (Mo.Co) Buxtonia (Br.Rh) Bulbosulculus (Ar.Nt) Bufina (Bz.Ne) Bussonastraea (Cn.Fo.Ne) (Mo.Ce..Be) (Mo.Ar.Ce.Me) Bufonariclla (Mo.Os.Ce.Xi) Bynguanoia (Br.Ar.Nt) Bullalveolina (Fo.Ph) Bulbocyslis (Ec.Or) Bulbus (Mo.Ar.Fo.At) Bullata (Mo.Ra.Ir.Re.Cy) BuL'hanosleus (Cd.Ce.Ga.As) Burgundia (Po.Ph) Bulaiaspis (Ar.Ga.Me.Ga.Bi.Sp) Bullerichthys (Cd.Rh) Buccinanops Buliminellita (Fo.Cr.St) Burenoceras (Mo.Tr.Ga.Cr) Buchozia (Mo.Ve) Bykoviella (Fo.Tr.Fo) Burrqnoceras Buliminoides (Fo.Os.Au) Bunodella (Ar.Fo) Buluniella Fo.Ar.Di.De) Buenellus (Ar.t-'o.Fo.Fo) Buliminella (Fo.Ce.Tr.Ar) Bundonhachochaeta (An.Ch) Burijites Bubupeltina (Ar.Pr) Bucknianina Bullsia (Ar.Un.Os.Fo.Nt) Budaiceras (Mo.Cr.Pa) (Pr.Ar.Bi.Fo.Fo.Ga.Ma.Os.St.Fo) Burrirhynchia (Br.Na) Bucerobolbina (Ar.Tr.Ce) Bucequia (Br.Os.Fo) Bulimina (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Ch) Bursacrinus (Ec.Fo) Bullaluta (Ar.Ph) Bulbusoides Burovia (Br.Fo.An.Po.St) Budnianella (Ar.ln) Bynumina (Ar.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Tr.Ce.Gy.Bi.Os.Ce.Os.Bi.Ga.Ga.Ce) Bullarina (Br.De.Cr) Burgessochaeta (An.St) Buddhailes (Mo.Un) (Mo.Th) (Cn.St) Busycon Busycoptypus Buchiproetus (Ar.Ce) (Ac.Ce.Mo) Buchncrina (Fo.Po) Biirmirhynchia (Br.Un) Buccella (Fo.Fo) Burmesia (Mo.Pr) Bulnibarbi (Ar.Ce) Busulcata (Br.Tr.Ga.Na) Buchiceras (Mo.Ar.Nt) Bumhamia (Cd.Ga.Ar) Bullina Busnardoites (Mo.Ct) Buchanoceras (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Pt) Byramia Byronia Byronoceras (Mo.Bi.Ce.Fo.Tr) Bulovia Butovia (PrCr.Os.Ar) Buskia (Bz.Gr.Ch) Bukowskiites (Mo.Ga.Ar) Buluniella Butovicclla (Mo.De) Bulahdelia (Br.Ga.Tr.Tr.Na) Bueningia (Fo.De.Be) (Mo.Tr.Os.Ne) Buria (Bz.An.Ga.Ga.Am) Buxlonioidcs (Br.Be) Bulbipora (Bz.Ce.Ar) Burtinella (Mo.Nt) Burdigalocrinus (Ec.Un) Buzasina ( Bucchelia (Mo.Ga.Ru) (Mo.Os.As) Buckmanilhyris (Br.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Un) BundcnhaLhiellus (Ar.My) (Mo.Os.Ph) Burckhardtia (Mo.Ce.Ga.Co) Buglossidium (Cd.Fo.Tr.Tr.Bi.Ga.Fo) Buclowitcuthis (Mo.Ch.Be) (Mo.Os.Eu) Bunyerichnus (Cn.Ce.Pl.Bulletin 363 388 Brylyella (Ar.Pl.Fo.Os.Fo) Burrinijucosteus (Cd.Ce.Po.Pa) Burseolina (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Os.Me.Pt) Buftalopierus (Ar.Ph) (Hy.Ra.Ph) Bulbosclerites (Ar.Tr.Pa) Burckhardites (Mo.Po) Bynumia (Ar.Nt) Bulimorpha Bursachitina (Fo.El) Bungarlius (Cd.Sc) Bumastoide.Fo) Bulliopsis (Mo.Ga.Ce) Buregia (Ar.Ga.Or) Bullia Buskopora (Bz.Fo) Burlingia (Ar.Ga.An.Fo) Buekkella (Ar.Ar) Bryochelys (Cd.Me.Pf) Bucconia (Mo.Re) Burgessia (Ar.Ar.Am) Bumastus (Ar.Ph) Bucerella (Ar.Bi.Ar.Pt) Bucanotheca Bucardiomya Bucardium (Hy.Ga.Ar.Sl) Bynumiclla (Ar.Co) Buvignieria (Mo.Os.Bi.Na) Bursata (Mo.Pa) Buryella (Ac.Pa) Bryograptus (He.Re.Bi.MI.Ce) (Mo.Pr) Bullulodictyon (Po.Pa) Bullatimorphites (Mo.St) (Mo.Me.Hy.Pl.Ru) Buttsina (Ar.Am) Bucania Bucanoides Bucarniph> Hum Bucanopsis Bucanospira Buccinaria Biiccinofusus Buccinopsis Buccinorbis Buccinulum Buccinum Buccitriton Bulla Bucherina (Fo.Tr.Ve) Bulimactaeon (Mo.Gr.Ga.Ga.Ar.Ut) Buchanathyris (Br.Nt) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Un.Fo.Ar.Ar.Ne) (Po.Ga.Xi) Buxtoniclla (Br.Tr.As) Bucksella (Ar.Un) Bubnot'tiella (Bz.Am) BufocerauruK (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Os.Ch) Bulbaspis (Ar.Ga.Ce.At) Bulbobuccicrenata (Fo.Ce) Burriera (Mo.Fo.Cm) Byrsolopsina (Ar.Mo) (Mo.CI) Bullacapsula (Mo.Po.Cc) Bubovicus (Mo.Tr.Pt) Bulbochitina (Fo.Bi.Ga.Co) Bulbobaculites (Fo.Ce.Un) (Br.Ga.Ar.Rh) Bulamicrusta (He.jn.Fo.Gy.Hy) Bucanella (Mo.Am) Buscotypus (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Fo) Bulogites Butkovia (Br.Pnj Burdikinia (Mo.Or) Budaia (Cn.Fo.Fo.Tr.Ga.Pl.Ar.Or.Ga.Pt) Bullopora (Fo.Ch) (Ar.An.Ra.Ga.Os.St) Budashevaclla (Fo.Tr.At) Biichotrigonia (Mo.Po) Bunloxia (Br.St.s (Ar.Pe) Buchicrinus (Ec.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Hy) (Mo.Fo) Bunaia (Ar.Ce.Ph) Bulbophragmium (Fo.Fo) Burithes (Mo.Pt) Buchlcrotcras (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Sc) Buchia (Mo.Pt) Bumastides (Ar.Tr.Fo.Ga.Ga.Tr.Un) Bvalbardilcs (Ar.Ga.Pa) Bullatella (Ar.Gy.Gy.Ar) Bykovacina (Fo.Bi.Fo) Buntonia (Ar.Pa) Bullaeferum (Ar.On) .El) Bryopa Bryorhynchus (Mo.Po) Bungoella (Mo.Tr.Cr.Ar.Ch) Burmeisterella (Ar.Fo.Xi) Bylgia (Ar.Ne) (Mo.As) Butlsoceras (Mo.Fo) Busuanga (Ac.Pa) Bulbihaslula (Mo.Ar) Buccicrenala (Fo.Tr.Pa) Burnetiella (Ar.Pt) Biiltonellodes Burbonella (Cd.In.Ga.Ar.Re) Bunodes (Ar.Os.Ga.Te) Bulvankcripliylluni (Mo.Ta) Bubnot'tiopsis (Ar.Fo.Ce) Bunburyiceras (Mo.Fo) Burtinia (Cd.Ne) Burtonops (Ar.Pt) ButanchiNlc (Ar.Mo) (Cn.Am) Bullopsis (Mo.Is) Bullolhyris (Br.Bi.Di) Burmeisteria (Ar.Fo) Bursa (Mo.Ga.Pt) Butakovicyathus (Mo.

A Compendium Byssocardium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 389 .

As) Cambroblastus (Ec.ln) Campy iocy there Campy loprion Calvezina (Fo.De.Ph) Callyodon (Cd.Cr.An.Tr.Ar.In.Cc) (Ec.Ar.Sp) (Cd.Ga.Ol) Cakiphylliiides Calophyllum Calopora Calorebania Calorhadia Calostylis I I (Fo.Eu) Caloxanthus (Ar.Ar.Sp) Camarnia (Mo.Ed.Ne) (Cn.Rh) Calmonia (Ar.As.Gr.Ec.Un.Tr.Tr.ln) Campylacrum (Ec.Pt) (Pr.Ru) Calyxdendrum Camagueyia (He.Rh) Campodus (Cd.De.Nt) (Mo.An.Bi.Hy) Canipiosalpinx (An.Bi.He.Tr.Ce.Un.Tr.Ne) Cambroclavus Cambroconus Cambrocrinus (Pr.Ne) Calvadosiella (Mo.To.Os.Ga.Gy.St) Calocidaris (Ec.Ta) CalMcvenus (Mo.Un.Pe) CalmiussiphylUim (Cn.Fo.Ga.Cr.My) Calloporella (Bz.Arl (Bz.Ga.Se) Callhropclla (Po.Or) Calvetina (Bz.Fo.Nl) Cambria (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ra.Ca) (Ar.Tr.Ds) Callorhinus Calycoblastus C'allorhyiKhus (Cd.Am) Calyptolepta (Br.Ly) Cambrunicornia (Ar.Arl Cambrioconus (Mo.Pf) Camarophorelia (Br.St) Camptonectes (Mo.St.Ly) (Po.Tr) Calycotubus (He.Ho) (Po.Po) Calveziconus (Fo.Sp) Calliipterus (Cd.Li) Canibrotiibuliles (Pr.Cr.Ma.Spl Calycocoelia (Po.Ve) Calymenella (Ar.Ga.Gy.Un) (Ac.Na) Calyptrella Calocyrtoceras (Mo.Sa) Cambrotubulus (Tr.Un) Calvinella (Ar.Pr) Calyptrina (Pr.Ga.Tr.My) Calyptocuscinus (Po.St.Ar.Ml.Cr.Ga.Cr.Pf) Calymmatina (Po.Bl.Mo) Calolomus (Cd.Ga.Ec.Ch) Calvustrigis (Br.Ar.St.Ch) Caniarotoechiodes (Br.Ta) Camarium (Br.Ne) Camarophorina (Br.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Na) Calyptraphorus (Mo.Ne) Cainarocarcinus (Ar.Ve) (Br.Ar.Ar.Os.Pl.Eu) .Ca) Cameroceras Camerogalerus Calocephalites (Ar.LJn.Ra.He) Calodiscus Cakiphos (Br.Ph) Calyptocoryphe (Ac.To.In.He) (Mo.Po) (Cd.Ar.Ce.Nt) Campylites (Mo.Os.Ch) Camarospira Camarothyridina Camarotoechia (Br.Cm) Callosphaera Callopoma Br.Ch.He) (Cn.Ph) Camdenidea Cameleolopha Callucinella (Mo.Ch) Calpidium Calpidopora (Bz.Ar.Rh) Cambropachycope (Ar.In) Campy loccphalus (Ar.In) (Ec.Bi.Ar.Ar.Ru) (Mo.Bi.An.Li) Callucinopsis (Mo.Pe) (Mo.Sp) Cambrospira Cambroirophia Calycoceras (Mo.Un) (Ar.Eu) Calvenurris (Mo.Tr.Ly) Cammingella (Ar.Bi.Mi) Callusaria (Mo.Ve) Cambrocassis (Pr.Hyl Camerothyris (Br.Ra.Ar.Gy.In.He.Ru) Calyptaulax (Ar.Ar) Calycospongia (Po.Pa) Camptostroma Calva (Mo.Ir.Ga.Ar.Gy.Sp) Calycocrinus (Ec.An.Re.Ra.Re) Callotrypa (Bz.Fo.Se) Calycanthocrinus (Ec.Bi.Sp) Calocyclas (Ac.Nt) Camptochiton (Mo.Os.Cm) (Mo.Ce.Bi.Pa.Ca) Calvaenloliuni (Ec.Ch.Ga.Ci) Calyptoria (Br.In.Sp) Campanelle Campanellula Campanile Campanilopa Campanulithus Campbelloceras Campbellodus Campbellospira Campendoceras Campichia Campilius Calotrophi)n (Mo.Ch (Br.Ga.Tr.Rh) Campropallus Calpiocrinus (Ec.En) Calocaria (Ar.Mo) Calpmenella (Ar.Ga.Ca) (Mo.Ml.Ve) Cambraster (Ec.Ly) (Hy.Sc.Na) (Mo.Or! 1 (Br.In.Sa) Campages ( Calyptroides (Mo.Tr) Calvirhynehia ( Calloporina (Bz.Bi.Hy.ln.Pa) CallospiriCenna (Br.Ga.Ph) Camellaspongia (Po.Os.Sc) Camarocrinus (Ec.Ar.Ar.Am) Calybole (Ar.Ar.Ar.Ch) Calvipelta (Ar.Ce.Ve) Calymene (Ar.Fo) Br.Nu) (Cn.Rh) Camponaxis Camponeila Campophyllum Camposcala (Bz.Rh) (Ar.Ga.ln) Campylorthis (Br.Ca.Tr.Sa) Caniarspoides (Ar.Eo.Nt) (Ar.Rh (Ar.As) Canibrophyllum Callopora (Cd.Ga.Ce.Ag) Calyptropsis (Mo.St.Rh) Calpensia (Bz.He) (Pr.De) Camptoceratops Calpionelliles (Ci.An.Ar.Ga.De) Camarophorinclla (Br.Ga.Ml.An.De) Calostylopsis (Mo.Ch.Sp) (Mo.An! Callotrochus (Mo.Po.Ar) (Ar.Nt) (Ar.Ga.Tr) Camarelasma (Br.Ru (Cn.Ra.Ar.Ne) Calpionellopsis (Ci.Tr.Ga.Co.Li) Calvina (Bz.Ru (Cn.Fo.Rh) Caloceras (Mo.Me.My.Bulletin 363 390 Callopegma (Po.Ca) (Cd.Ca) (Mo.Gr.Ve) Calyinenesuni (Ar.Co) Ciillophoca Calvinaria (Br.In.Pe) Camptocrinus Camptocythere Calpurna (Mo.Ga.De.Tc.Tr.Ga.Gy.Fo.Ar) Camptochlamys (Mo.St) Calyptactis (Ec.Te) (Mo.Li! Caniena Camenella Canierapora Callytharrella (Br.Ph) Canibrctina (Mo.Ga.Os.Tr.He.St.Ar.Os.Ch) Cambrooistodus (Cd.Un) (Ec.Pt) (Mo.Tr.Un) (Cn.Os.Nt) (Ac.Ph) Camerisma (Br.Ma.Ce.Os.Tu) (Ar.Ga.As) Campyloceras (Mo.Ce.Pt) (Mo.ln) (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Tr.Sc) Cambridiiim (Mo.Th) (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ga.Mi) (Bz.Fo) Canibrogeorgina (Pr.Nt) Calymenidius (Ar.Gy.Ra.Pr) Cambrupodus Cambropodus Cambrorhytium Cambroscutum Calliipleus (Cd.Te) (Mo.En) (Mo.In) (Mo.in.Pl) (Cn.Ca) Cambarus Cambodgia Cambraechmina (Ar.Un.He) Camerella (Br.Vo) Calpichtrna (Fo.in.Ce.De) Camaraspis (Ar.An.Ar.He) (Fo.Ar) C"aniptolithus (Cn.Ph) (Pr.Po.Sp! Calpionella (Ci.De.An.Te) (Po.Pt) Calthalotia (Mo.Fo) (Mo.Ga.Am) Cambrotrypa (Cn.In.As! Camptoalatus (Ac.Fo) Cambromedusa (Cn.Pt) Calpitaria (Mo.Bi.Nt) Camerophorina Cameroptychium Camerospongia Camerotheca Calocycloma (Ac.Po) Callucina (Mo.Gy.Ga.Pt) Calyptogena (Mo.Am) (Mo.Tr.Or) CalodisL'ulus (Mo.As) (Bz.Cm.De.Na) Calyptraea Calocycletta (Ac.An.Ch) Cambrocyathella (Po.He.Ra.Bi.Un.Ar) (Mo.Os.Tr.

Ch.Os.Os.Hs) Canavirila (Br.Bi.Pr) Candeina ( Fo.Bi.Bi.Ar.Co) Carapez/ia (Br.Rh) Cardiarina (Br.Ce.Ce.An.Fo) Caprina (Mo.Os.Ga.Bi.Ml.Ml.Fo.Cy) Canadolis (Mo.Ra.St) Canda (Bz.Os.Ga.Ra.De) Canavarites (Mo.De) (Mo.Ra.St Capnodoce Capnophyllum Capnuchosphaera (Ac.Ami Capillapora (Bz.Ar) Cantharocrinus (Ec.Gr.Ra.An.Bi.La) Canadoceras (Cn.An.Bi.Cr) Cardabia (Ec.Ar.Ac) Carcharodon (Cd.Bi.Ga.He) Cardites (Mo.An.Ph) Canthylotreta (Br.Ar.Cr.Ar.Bi.Mo) Capulus (Mo.Sc.Pr) Cancellothyris (Br.Bi.Bi.\r.Ru) Capulacmaea (Mo.Te) Cancellina (Fo.De) Canalipora (Bz.s.Fo.Ar) Caninoslrotion (Cn.Cy) Carcineretes (Ar.Cr) Cannartus (Ac.Nl) Capelliniella (Br.Ds) CannanJNCUs (Ac.Ar) Carditella (Mo.Ch) Carcinaspides (Ar.Ru) Cancellaria Capillirhynchia (Br.Bi.Co.Ga.De.La) Canadia Canadiphylluni (An.Pe) Carcinoplax (Ar.De) Canaxarella (Mo.Pa) Carbactinoceras (Mo.MLDe) Caprinella (Mo.Ch.Hs) Cancelloceras (Mo.Ru) Capsicocrinus (Ec.Oh) Canningella (Ar.Nt) Cardiolopsis (Mo.Ar.Sp) Cardiniferella (Ar.In.Te) Cardiastraea (Cn.Tr.Gy.Ra.Ct) Cancellariella (Mo.Fo) (Mo.Bi.Bi.Os.La) Cardiomorpha Cardiomya Cannartidiufn (Ac.Bi.St) Cardicarnia (Mo.Cal Cantharus (Mo.Ar.Bi.Ve) Cardiolampas (Ec.Sp) Carbonella (Fo.Tr.Cr.Sc) Canadospira (Br.Ar.Ar) (Mo.Ce.Ar) (Mo.Ga.Ml.Ru) (Cn.Sc) Cancellospiriter (Br.Ch.Ar.Os.Sp) Capilloniesolobus (Br.Na) Carcinocarcinus I.Ml.Pf) Cardiophyllum (Pr.St.Fo) Carditellopsis (Mo.Ar.Cr.Bi.Ar) Carbosesostris (An.Nu) Caninia Capsospongia (Po.Ra.Sp Caproberyx (Cd.Aini Capillarina (Br.Ga.Ml.Re.Re.Ce.An.Fo.Ve) (Ac.Ct) Canadocystis (Ec.Bi.Bi.Ga.Cr.Ar.Eu) Canavaria (Mo.Un) Caranx (Cd.Pa) Cardinioides Cancris (Fo.An.La) Canadaspis (Ar.Os.Am) Carbonocoryphe ( Carditomanlea (Mo.Hi) Cardiobeleba (Mo.Ne) Carcharocles (Cd.Ml.Na) Carapus (Cd.Sp Carbonoproetus (Ar.Ne) (Ac.An.Ga.Sp) (Bz.Os.Hs) Canningius (Cd.La) Cantioscyllium (Cd.Ar.Cl) Canalitatus (Br.Pf) Cardiopelta (Ec.Pr) Canisellia (Ar.Pr) Caninophyllum (Cn.Bi.Hi) Cardinocrania (Br.Ds) Caninella (Cn.Ze) Cardiograptus (He.Ra.Nt) Canupora Canutrypa Canutus Capedopecten (Mo.Ve) Cancilla (Mo.Ph) Cardiaphyllum (Cn.Di.Na) Capsacythere (Ar.Ga.Os.Ar.Ve) Cantabricaniles (Mo.Cy) Cardiolaria (Mo.Hi) Cardioecia (Bz.St.Bi.Go) Capillithyris (Br.An.Cr) Carcinoplacoides (Ar.Bi.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 391 Campylosloma (Ec.Pr) Cancyella (Mo.Ve) Cancer (Ar.Ch.Ce.Po) Cardiola (Mo.Pa) Camurophyllum (Cn.Ar.Ru (Mo.Gr) Canesium (Ac.Rh) Cardiarachnidium (Bz.Ca) Canadaptcraspis (Cd.Sp) Carangodes (Cd.Bi.Fo) Capillispirit'er (Br.Ar.Ec.Po.Bi.Rh) Cancrixanlho (Ar.Li.Ar.Rh) Cardiothyris (Br.Rh) Capillimya (Mo.Po.Hi) Cardinirhynchia (Br.Bi.Ar.Pf) Cardiotaxis (Ec.Pt) Capsella (Mo.Ar.Di) Cantalum (Ac.Gy.Ph) .Na) Cardioceras (Mo.Sp) Cardinalia Cancrinella ( Br.Ne) Capistrocardia (Mo.St (Cn.Ra.Fo.De) Caprabolbina (Ar.Pt) Carcinocrinus (Ec.An.Os.At) Cardisoma (Ar.Ce.Cc) (Ac.Ec.Cr.Pn Cantharidella Carboprimita (Ar. Canaliscala (Mo.Cc) Canepina (Mo.Ar.Fo Caprinuloidea (Mo.Po) (Cd.Ce.Ph) Caniuropiscis (Cd.Me.Ca.Fo.Pc.Ml.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Ra.Am) Candispi liter (Br.Ga.Co) Cardiniopsis (Mo.Anil Canlrainea Carcharopsis (Cd.Ar.Ru) Carcicocaenia (Cn.He) Carabocrinus (Ec.Ec.Bi.Ar.Tr) Carcinosoma (Ar.Sp) Cannobtitrys (Ac..PI) Carboninia (Mo.An.Ve) Candinia (Mo.Ve) Cantabncites (Mo.Ac) Cardita (Mo.Ve) Canopixonus Canopium (Mo.Li) Cardiolinka (Mo.De) Canarium (Mo.Ga.O.An.Ar.Os.Pt.Na) Carbonarca (Mo.In) Carbocyrtina (Br.Os.Ga.Ne) Capillirostra (Br.Pt) (Bz.Op) Cardirhynchus (Ar.Gy.My) Cardilia (Mo.Ve) Cantabriella (Br.Ra.St) Cardilona (Mo.St) Cardiella (Mo.Ml.An.Ga.Un) Candona (Ar.Ar) (Cn.Pl) Cantharulus Carchariolamna (Cd.Ch.Sa) Capriocornites (Mo.Ga.Ca) CardioMta (Mo.St.Bi.Sc) Cardioserra (Ec.Sp) Cardiaster (Ec.Un) (Mo.Ce.Ve) Cani>trumella (Po.Bi.Bi.Pa) Cancrinos (Ar.De) CamibiuN (Cd.Fo) Capricomognathus (Cd.Pl.An.s (Cd.Ph) Cannapiira (Cn.Mo) Carcharhinus (Cd.St.Bi.Oc) Carcharoides (Cd.Fo.Ml.Sp) Carantophyllum (Cn.Te) Capillonia (Br.Ta) Caracharias (Cd.Bi.Ce.Ce.Oh.Bi.Li.Pr) I Ar.Ch.Bi.Cr.Br) Cardiocystites (Ec.Ze) Cardiodictyon (Lo) Candorbulina (Fo.Os.Ru) Cardinia (Mo.Cr.Nt) Cardioniantea (Mo.Cl) (Mo.Bi.Ru) Cantharidus (Mo.Ch.Ve) Cancrisiella (Fo.Ch.Bi.Ve) Cancrinelloides ( Br.Co) Canlrillia (Mo.Ve) I i I Ar.Co) Caratrypa (Br.Tr.Ch) Caprinula (Mo.Ga.Te) Carcinus (Ar.Ar.Sp) Carditaniera (Mo.Eo.Ma.Ga.De) Caplinoplia (Br.Go) Cancelrana (Mo.Un Capros Caprotina Caprovesposus (Cd.Ar.Ami Capillicyathus (Pr.Li) Capellineosuchu.Ec.Tr.Ru) Capsulocyathus (Po.MLDe) Cannosiomites (Cn.Ne) (Mo.Sp) Carangopsis (Cd.Ce.Ec.Hi) Cardiocardita (Mo.Pr) CanisiriKrinus (Ec.

Fe) Cartorhium (Br.De) Cassianospira (Br.Ml.Os.Ga.Ve) Carinachites (Mo.Sc) Carinaknightina (Ar.Ar.Fo) Carnidia (Mo.Cr.Nt) (Ac.Cc) Carinatothyris (Br.CI) (Po.As) Carrickia (Ar.Sp) Caridosuctor (Cd.Os.St) Carolia (Mo.Nt) (Cn.ln) Carinoconus (Fo.Re.My) Casterolimulus (Ar.Po) Carpocanopsis (Ac.Na) Cassiano/yga Carinirerella (Br.Li) Cassidirostrum (Br.At) Carpenteroblastus (Ef.Ar) Carinophylloccras (Mo.Nt) (Mo.An.Bi.Ar) Casterocythere (Ar.Pt) Casquella (Br.Na) Carixia (Fo.Re.Fo.Pt) Carinator (Mo.En) (Mo.Ar.Pe) Catacephaius (Br.Or.MUTa) (Cn.Fo) Carinacca Carol inapecten (Mo.In.Li) Caretta (Cd.Ar.Be) (Mo.Os.Te) Carpilius (Ar.Ar.Ar.Ga.De.ssidulinita (Fo.Ru) Carydiopora (Bz.Na) Carterocliaena (Mo.Ar.Ru) Ca.Ga.St.He) Carneithyris (Br.Fo.Ce.Ar.Ve) Carpenteria (Fo.Ac.Rh) Carinocranium (Ar.Rh) Cassianastraea (Cn.Bi.Sp) Carinatrypa (Br.De.An.An.El) Caribbaster (EcEc.Mo) Castericystis (Ec.Or) Carpocanarium Carpocanistrum (Po.Ne) Carolastraea (Mo.At) Carpilodes (Ar.Ta) Caryosphaera (Ac.Na) Cassidclla ( Carinobiilbina (Ar.Ga.Ga.Fo.Sp) Cassianothalamia Carinil'er (Bz.Ar) Carinalinella (Br.Ve) Camalpia Camarvonia (Mo.Bi.Un) Casierius (Mo.Ar.CI) Carinoclymenia (Mo.Os.Sp) Cassianocirrus (Mo.An.St) Caryocystites (Ec.My) Carinai.Ve) Caryorhynchus (Br.Ma.Bi.Bl.Re.Nt) Carinitheca (Hy.Me) Carinaropsis Carinomphalus Carinowaagenophy 1 1 ii m An At) Fo.Te) Catacoeloceras (Mo.Ra.El) Cassipelia (Mo.Fo) Carinokoninckina (Br.Pe) Carolirhynchia (Br.Ga.De.Os.Ga.Bi.Li) Carinacyathus (Po.Pt) Caspimactra (Mo.Sp) Carta (Po.Fo) Cassiope Carinonautilus (Hy.Ce.Fo) Carinodrillia (Mo.Cr.Pt) Carotites (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Pa) Castanopora (Bz.Nt) Cariiuiriychia (Mo.AiTi) Cassis Carinophylloporina (Bz.Bi.Hd) (Mo.Po) Carlclausus CarycKorbula (Mo.Na) (Br.Ar.He) (Mo.Sq) Cassidulinoides (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Te) Cassianilda (Mo.De.Ru) Caseoceras (Mo.Bi.Pt) Carminiidonla (Mo.Re.Pr) Cardium (Ar.Te) Caryospongia (Po.Fo.Cr) Carsosauriis (Cd.Tr.Ne) Carniodus (Cd.El) Cassidulus (Ec.Tr.Po) Carnicoleus (Mo.Hy.Fo.Cn) Carolinites (Ar.Sa) Cassubia (Pr.Ar.Ce.Ax) Carinella (Cd.Os.Fo.Sp) Careliopsis (Mo.Ga.Co) Carpinaria (Br.Ga.Pa) Castellaroina (Br.Bulletin 363 392 Carditopsis (Mo.He) Carinaria Carpathichthys (Cd.Ml.Fo) Carinolilhcs Carterella (Po.De.Ra.Bi.Gy.Am) Cassigerinella (Fo.Ra.Ca) Carinokloedenia (Ar.Na) Carlloceras (Mo.Ec.Ne) Carsothrissops (Cd.Ch) Cassandra (Cd.Ra.Ce.Sc) Cardobairdia (Ar.Tr.Sp) Carnicoleus (Pr.Xi) Carlinastraea (Ar.Ce.Li) Cataceranius (Mi>.Fo) Carpopenaeus Carpospongia (Po.Os.Bi.seyella Caribeanella (Fo.Sa) Caribosiren (Cd.Os.Ce.Rh) Castruin (Ac.Ph) Carimhiaphylluni (Cn.Bi.Na) Cassidaria (Mo.Re.Le) Caseodus (Cd.Pt) Cartersoceras (Mo.Ra.Ru) Carydiuni (Mo.My) Cassiopella (Mo.Fo.Ru) Carubacgutes (Pr.St.Bi.Di.Ru) Caryocrinites (Ec.Po) Carringtonia (Br. Carphites (Po.St) Cassidulinella (Fo.Ga.St.Ax) Cassigerinelloita (Fo.Pt) Caryoblaslus (Ec.Ar.Tr.He.Eu) Caribbella (Ar.De.Ro.Co) Carinotachylasiiia (Cn.Bi.Pt) Casmaria Caspiaza (Mo.Fo.An) Carpocystites (Ec.Pt) Carniaphyllum (Cn.Os.Fo.He) Caribachlamys (Mo.Sq) Carrulhersella (Cn.Li) Cassinoceras Carterina (Fo.Fo) Caryocaris (Ar.Te) Carlopsdcrinus (Ec.Ce.Os.Fo.Nt) (Ac.Ar) Carpicyatlnus (Po.Os) Cassianella (Mo.Tr.Rh.Po) Carnegiea (Po.Os.Cl) (Ar.De.De.Bi.Fo.Ga.Ga.Rh) Casteropora (Bz.Pa) Carota Cassianaxis Carinaniala (Ar.Di) Cassidiceps (Cd.Os.Os.ypa (Br.Ra) Carinotropsis (Mo.Ga.Mo) Caryogyps Caryonianon Caryona (Br.Fo) Cassianochaetes (Po.Ce) (Cn.Co.Os.Fo.Ra.Re) Cassianoides (Mo.An.Ce.Sc) Caricula (Br.Na) Cassidelina (Fo.Cr.Ct) Carlinia (Br.Ar.Na) Carinoceras (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ce.Fo.Ra.Di) Cassianebala (Mo.Gy.MI.De.Ma.Ar.Di.He.Ch) Carinovalvia (Ar.Ed.Os.St.Bi.Aj) Carolinochelys (Cd.An.Sc.Ch) Casterclla (Mo.Cc) (Ac.Ch) Carneyella (Ec.Ch.Ga.An.Rh.So) Caritodcns (Mo.Ga.Bi.Ar.Ar.Si) Carnites Casimiria (Mo.Po) Caruichlhys (Cd.Am) Carmon (Ar.Ml.Me.Un) Caryophyllia (Cn.Rh) (Mo.Os.Or) Carpocanium (Ac.St) (Cn.Aj) Cassianopora (Bz.Mo) Cassideus (Ac.Bi.Ga.Pt) Carpatothyris (Br.Ax) Carinatina (Br.Nt) (Mo.Sp) Cassowarioides (Mo.Os.Ce.Pa) Ca.Fo) CarinDdictya (Bz.De) Cassianostroma (Po.Ar.Fo) Carincidens (Cd.Ce.Co.Bi.Ar) Caryosmilia (Cn.Hs.Ce.Ar.Po.Ce.Pa) Carpocrinus (Ec.Ga.Ga.Ar.An) Caribiclla (Mo.Fi) Casteroceras (Mo.Hy) (Mo.Ga.Gy.Ne) (Cd.Fo) Carinocylhereis (Ar.Bl.An.An.Ga.Ga.Bi.Li.Pa) Cars tenia (Mo.Re.Co) Carolifrinus (Ec.Fo.He) CarinaMarte (Mo.Ar.Ga.Ga.Ar.Sc) Catacoraites (Ar.De) Cassidina (Mo.Fo) .An.Os.Co.Co) Casieroides (Cd.Nt) Caricella (Mo.Os.Is) Caseispongia (Po.Pt) Cassidulina (Fo.Ne) Carubaknighlina (Ar.Fo) Cai"ini)bairdia (Ar.Bi.Ga.Mo) Caspiella (Fo.Ra.Nt) (Mo.Ph) Carthaginites (Mo.

Va) Caveacus (Pr.Ne) Centrophorus (Cd.Pf) Caucasella (Mo.Fo) Celieporella (Bz.Tr.ln) Ceiyphia (Po.Ce.Ag) Cavalisinurostrum (Br.Ru) Centrobotrys (Ac.Ta) Celdobolus (Br.Nt) Cenoceras (Mo.Ga.Te) i 1 (Br.Ar) Cayogoceras (Mo.Ch) Ceocypea (Br.Ar.Hy.Se) Ceramisia (Br.Ce.Po) Catinula (Mo.Ce.Ar) Cavernolites (Hy.Os.On) Caucasoproduclus (Br.Ve) Ceramastcr (Ec.El) Ceidmonea (Bz.Sc) Cellonina (Fo.Os.Ar) (Cd.Ce.Gy.Ra.Tr.Cr.Ar.Co.Cc) Cephalograptus (He.Ra) .Ar.Ce) Cauliculo^pongia (Po.Ce.Pa) Centrorhynchus (Br.Ar.Ch.An) (Mo.Pa) Cenomanocarcinus Cenorhynchia Cenosphaera Centauropyge Cavusgnathus (Cd.Te) Calulloceras (Mo.Eu) Catenicella (Bz.Or) Centriscus (Cd.Pt) Centroceras Catillicephala (Ar.Ca.Ga.Pt) Cedar V leoceras Centrolepis (Cd.Cl) Cedarapis (Ar.Li.Ga.An.Ch.Sp) Cephalotropis (Cd.St) Cellar! nella (Bz.Pf) Cavusonella (Po.Ga.Ey) Celtanoplia (Br.Na) Catonia (Ac.Bi.Sp) Cenomanasler Cenomanella (Ec.Or) (Cd.Ch) Caypullisaurus (Cd.Ra.St) Cephaloxenus (Cd.Is) Caianiostoma Cavhithis (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ra.Ve) Cenodiscus Calaraquicrinus Cavilabium Cavilasma Cenolarcopyle (Ac.Ar.Or) (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ra.Ar) Cavilentia Calasigaloceras (Mo.Fo) Ca\ ilucina Cavispongia Cataslroboceras Caviumbonia Catateuthis (Mo.He.St.An.Ar.As.Ar.St.Ds) (Mo.Ph) (Bz.St.Ce) Cellaria (Bz.Tr.Co) Centroonoceras Catuniella (Ar.De) (Ar.Ar.An.St) Centronella (Br.Os.Pf! Caucasicus (Ac.Tr.Sq) Caucasina (Fo.Fo) Cephalodiscus (He.Cc) Catopygus (Ec.Ar.Ra.Tr.As) Cedarellus (Ar.Ru) Cavernella (Bz.Sp) Catapleura (Mo.Bi.Li.De.Cr.Ce.Ds) Cavopleura Cata/iina Calazone (Mo.'\l) Cavussurella (Ar.Ce.Ru) Catcniiscala Ceata (Bz.Va) CalaschiMiiu (Mo.Ba) Catillocrinus (Ec.Nt) Caulaspis (Ar.Ls) Celmus (Ar.Ar.Ce.Ce.Ar) Centronea (Bz.Ta) Cayutoceras (Mo.Gr) Caulophacus (Po.De.Ta) Caudiles (Ar.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Oc) Cent]olitoceras (Mo.Ch.De.Ce.Ce) Cavanechinus (Ec.Nt) (Cn.Os.Ra.Ec.Ag) Caumoniisphincles (Mo.Cl) Cephalopyge Cephalopyramis Cauloiriphora (Mo.Be) Cavolina (Mo.Ca.Pt) Celleporina (Bz.Rh) Caucasites (Mo.He.Os.Pr) (Ar.Pl) Cementula (An.Os.Re) Caucacrocrinus (Ec.Ce.Hy) Cenocrinus (Ec.An.Ga.Os.Ch) Cepatia (Mo.Rh) Cellarinidra (Bz.Ds) Cedaria (Ar.Tr.Sp) (Ec.Re.Ra.Cr.Ca) Cedulia (Br.Ch.Ph) (Ac.Ra.Po) Cederstroemia (Mo.Pt) Centrocythere (Ar.An.Sl.Am) Caladoxides (Ar.Di.Ga.Os.Ga.Te) Cellepora (Bz.Ch) Ceolinella (Po.St) Caudriclla (Fo.Cc) Celtencrinurus (Ar.Cc) Celtoconcha (Mo.Ce.As) Cellicyathus (Po.Ec.Gy.Ga.Co) Centiacanthus (Cd.Un) Centropterus (Cd.Tr.Ar.Gr.Ga) Catenispongia (Po.Ga.Gy.Cr.Pt.Bi.Ar) Cata/\ga (Po.Go) (Mo.Ce.Os.Ru) (Mo.Ir.Ac) Centropleura (Ar.Bi.Br) Calenolonia (Mo.Am) Celatoconus CMo.Ga.Ma.Gy.Ga.Ve) Cathetocrinus (Ec.Un.Ga.Ga.St.As) Centristella (Cn.Ce.Ne) Cedarina (Ar.Sp) Celechovites (Ar.Cc) Celsifornix (Br.Tr.Ce.Po) Centriocrinus (Ec.As.hi.Re.Ac) Centropygus (Ec.Ca) Caucasiproductus (Br.Sc) (Br.Ce.He.Ch) Caytonidea (Ar.Pt) Centrocyrtoceras (Mo.Os.Aii.Ch) (Ac.Ga.Os.An.Ch) Centrostephanus (Ec.Ph) Centrastraea (Cn.Di) Caucasothyris (Br.Fe) Cenisella (Mo.Ga.Ce.Cr.Ga.Mo) Catenipora (Cn.Th) Calatonocrinus (Ec.Tr.Nt) Celechopora (Cn.Ch) Centrorizoceras (Mo.St.Cc) Centroberyx (Cd.Ch.Os.Ly) Caula!<trea (Cn.Ce) Cavaria (Bz.Pf) Cavarinella Cavasptmgia (Ac.Os.An.El) Calilon (Mo.Fo.Po) Centriconus (Mo.St.Sp) Centrocardita (Mo.Gy.Bi.Ra.Te) Catoraphiiuiceras (Mo.Rh) Celtoides (Mo.Ce.Mo) Cepola Ccrabonusoides (Cd.Ga.Os.Li) Cellulipora (Bz.Cr.Ce.Cr.Na) (Pr.Ta) Centropristis (Cd.Os.Ph) Caznaia (Ar.An.Cy) Cavellina (Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 393 Cataetocrinus (Ec.Pe) Ceramella (Bz.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Os.Po) Celleporaria (Bz.Nt) (Mo.As) Cava (Bz.Os.Rh) (Ac.Ga.Fo) Celidocrania (Br.Un) Caulaspina (Ar.Pt) Calaspydrax (Fo.Ml.Na) Cephaloraphidites (Po.Cr.Ar.Fo.Ve) (Mo.Nt) Celox (Mo.As) Celaeceras Centrophoroides (Mo.Ec.St) Cecrops (Ac.Tr.Nt) (Cn.Ch) Centrosqualus (Cd.Am) Celonocrinus (Ec.Sp) Celtocrinus (Ec.St.Sq) Cauca>orhynchia (Br.Cl) Caveola (Mo.Ch! Centrolarphyceras (Mo.Os.Ec.Na) (Mo.Mo) Ceragnostus (Ar.Ar.Am) Cekovia (Ar.Tr.Sq) Calurus (Cd.Bi.Am) Cavilinga Calasolenopleura (Ar.Sq) Catyrephoceras (Mo.Pa) Catixolla (Ar.Na) Caiamarcaia (Mo.Ce.Rc) Cavernisa (Mo.Gy.Gy.Fo.Sc) (Ar.St) Cellana (Mo.Pa) Cenodiscaella (Ac.Ca.Di) Centrifuga Catenariopsis (B/.Ce.Ne) Ceciliaphyllum (Cn.Ly) Cenomanina (Mo.Na) (Mo.Ne) Cenellipsis (Ac.Na) Cathaysia (Br.Cc) Centronelloidea (Br.lc) Centrifugus (Mo.Ce.Tr.Cr.Fo.Gy.Sp) Cataclotoechus (Cn.Ce.Bi.Tr.Tr.Ar.St) Centropomus (Cd.In) Caiella (Mo.Os.Mo) Celebeles (Br.Ar) Cephalites (Po.Ra.Pt) Centrocyrtocerina (Mo.Po.Cr.Tr.Sp) (Ar.Sp) Cedocamia (Ar.Ar.Gy.Ar.Ar.St..Ra.

Nt) (Mo.Ar.Ph) Celolheriuni Changxingia (Cd.Pt) (Ar.De.Ac) Cetorhynchus CerauniKochlis (Mo.Cr) (Ar.Nt) Chalmasia (Mo.An.eras (Mo.Nt) Ceratonuras (Ar.Nt) Chalilovella (Fo.Cc) Chaganella (Br.Pt) Ccroniola (Mo.Ga.Se) Ceralobiilbina (Ar.Tr.Ph) Cliabactoceras (Mo.As.Sp) Changninocrinus (Ec.De.Fe) Ceratocephala (Ar.Ne) Ceratoblasius (Ec.Od) Ceritella (Cn.Fo.St.ln) Ceratocypris (Ar.Pt) Ccrauhnella (Ar.Pr) Ccraliipsammia (Cn.St.An) Cetorhinus (Cd.De.Tr.Ds) Ccralothccia (Cn.Tr.Ma.Ve) (Mo.Od) Ccrmataspis Ceratopea (Mo.Fo.Tr.Ph) Chaceia (Mo.Po.Ra.Nt) Chalcidichthys (Cd.Pr) Cermatops Ceminella Ceratophyllia (Cn.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Ci) Cerithideopsilla (Mo.Ru) (Cn.St.Ce.Ta) Ceratiles (Mo.Ce.Ar) Ceriocysta (Cn.My) (Cd.Bulletin 363 394 Ceramograptus (HcGr.Cl) (Ar.Tr.Un) Ceratoconcha (Ar.Ve) Chanciaopsis (Ar.Eu) Ceratopeltis (Ar.Ta) Ceratiix:aris (Ar.As) Ceralospyris (Ac.Pt) Ceratocyrtis (Ac.Nt) (Mo.No) Chaetetella (Po.Os.Ga.St) Ceraloikiscuni (Ac.Ve) (Ar.Tr.Or.Sc) Chaenomya (Mo.Tr.Ta) Ceralia (Mo.Ce.Ly) Chaetodon (Cd.Ar) (Ar.Cy) Ccrauroides (Ar.An.Ph) Ccrithiuni (Mo.Ce) Ceriodictyon (Po.Fo) Ceratoichthyes (Cd.Os.Ra.Ph) Chaenogaleus (Cd.Tr.Bi.Pc) Ceraurus (Ar.Ve) Ceratoleperditia (Ar.An.Rh) (Mo.Os.Al) Cercomya (Mo.Pt) Ceratolamarckina (Fo.Na) Cerithioclava Chalcidophyllum (Cn.Un) Ceraurinus (Ar.St) Ceralocancris (Fo.Ne) Cessipylorum (Ac.Or) Cestobrissus (Ec.Ra.As.ln.Ga.Ar.Ta) Ceratarges (Ar.Tr.St.Bi.Pt") Ceralobairdia (Ar.Pt) Ceratobulimina (Fo.An.Go) Ceraloscopus (Cd.Ga.Ar.Ga.Li) Cerithopsina Ceralolithus (Ar.De.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Os.Pa) Ceronocare (Ar.An.Tr.Ce.Bi.Nl) Cetoiheriomorphis Changshania Changshanoccphalus (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Nt) Chalaropegma (Po.Be) Ceratoconus (Mo.Pt) Cestites (Pr.Nt) (Mo.Ar) (Ar.Ce.Co) Ceratoscopelus Certonardoa (Ec.Os.Va) Changhsingoceras (Mo.Ga.De.Cc) Chaeturichthys (Cd.Fo) Ceriphylluni (Cn.Ve) Ccrcrithyris (Br.Ga.Re.An.Bi.Os.Fo.Ve) Chamishaella (Ar.My) Ceramoporella (Bz.Ar.Be) Ceratocyathus (Cn.Os.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Po) Ccrioelasma Chaetopleura (Mo.lr.Ml.Te) Chaetasterina (Ec.Re) Cerithiodemia (Mo.Nt) (Mo.ln) Changjianggouphylhim Changkiuoceras (Cn.An.Os.Os.Tr.Cy) Cerauromeros (Ar.Co) Ceratocara (Ar.An.St.Tr.Tr.Ru) (Mo.Ph) Cerastoderma (Mo.Ga.La) Changqingia Changshabaella Changshaispirit'er (Br.Ph) Ccrithiscala Ceratomyopsis (Mo.Un) Ceratodictya (Po.Cc) Chaeletipora (Po.An.Co) Cerithiocyga Chalfontia (Ar.Sl.St.Fo) Chancelloria (Pr.Fo) Cerithiopsida Chama (Mo.Bi.Ru) Chaetetes (Po.Am) (Po. Cerarchocyrtium (Ac.Sc) Cemuolimbus Ceralophyllum (Cn.Ga.Bi.Ma.Sp) Cerithiomorpha (Mo.Cr.Ce.Ga.Ce.Ar.Aj) Ccratococnia (Cn.Tr) (Ar.Ph) (Po.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Ph) Chablaisia (Fo.Ma.ScI Cerithideops Chakasskia (Ar.Ca) CerasmiKTinus (Ec.Bi.Sp) Ceratreta (Br.As) Cerithiopsis Ceratoniya (Mo.Ru) Ceratocystis (Ec.Bi.Ce) (Cd.Ga.Tr.Sp) CcralDslreon (Mo.Bi.An.Fo.Ch.Cr.Sp) Cerauriniuiii (Ar.Ph Mo.Nt) (Mo.St.Os.Os.Ga.Ma.St.Ma.Ga.Tr.Pa) Chaniplainopt)ra (Bz.Ce.Fo) Ceresiosaurus (Cd.Os.Ga.Fo) Ceramopora (Bz.Co) (Cd.Tr.Fo) Cerioporella (Bz.Ma.Ce) (Cd.Tr.Re.Hn) Ceraloiheca (Hy.Os.Ga.Bl.Ce) (Mo.Li.Mo) Cereiophyllia (Cn.Fo.Tr.Od) Ceristella Chainodictyon (Bz.Ru) Chagrinia (Cd.He.Am) (Ar.Tr.Nt) Chalaiabelus (Mo.Sc) Ceterhinops CeraCpbel(x.Cl) Chadwickoceras Chaeniorhynchus Chaenocardia Cerasina (Br.Fo.Ar.Mi) Ceratoccphalina (Ar.He.Ru) Chaetetopsis (Po.Un) Cerithinella (Mo.Tr.Bi.Le) Cerithiopsidella (Ar.An.Bi.St.Bi.Ga.An.Tr.Tr.Ph) Chancia (Ar.Tr.Ce) (Cd.Fo) Champsodclphis Chanasia (Fo.Pa) Ceriopora (Bz.Pt) Ceratiipyge (Ar.Sp) Cercidocrinus (Ec.Nt) Chamaesipho Chamelea Chametrachca (Ar.Ga.Li) Ceriaster (Cn.Pt) Ceratolrochus (Cn.Li) Ceratocratia (Ar.Ce) (Fo.On (Br.Pt) (Ar.An.Un) Championodictya (B/.St.Po) Cerithidiuni Chalaroschwagerina (Fo.Fi) Ccrioheterastraea (Cn.Po) Chamiiussetia (Mo.My) Ccrullia (Mo.Va) Ceratammina (Fo.Un.Ph) Chacomurus ( Ceramurus Ceraoslroma (Cd.Ga.Ta) Cerobcrliiiclla Ceraloproetus (Ar.St.El) Ceraniophylla (Bz.Tr.In) Cerithideopsis (Mo.Tr.Fo) Ceratocrinus (EcCr.Ru) Ceroberlina Ceraloporella (Po.Pt) (Cd.Bi.Fe) Changia Changicyathus Ccralosioma (Mo.Cr.Ga.Os.Ga.Un) Champlainia (Ar.Od) Cerithidea Chakassicyathus (Po.Fo.Tr.Cl) Cerithiella Chalarostrepsis (Mo.Tr.Os.Na) Cervella (Bz.Ec.Sc) Ccratopsis An At) ( Ar.Po.Ra.An.Ga.Ga.Ru) (Mo.Os.Ra.Nt) Chalasiocranos (Pr.Os.Cc) (Cd.Fo.Os.Pa) Changaspis (Ar.Ce.An.Tr.Bi.Ci) Ceratolichas (Mo.Ph) Cetolheriopsis Changtangclla (Br.As) Cershiites (Ar.Pt) .Sc) Chaetosalpinx (An.Un.Fo.Cy) Cerauropeltis (Ar.An.De.Os.Sc) Cestocrinus (Ec.Bi.Os.As) Chanda (Cd.Co.Cr.Sc) Cerithina (Mo.Nt) Ceriocava (Bz.Ch) Ccromyclla (Mo.De.Ar.Pt) Cerithioides ChaliiTiochonetes (Br.Ce) Chaivella (Ec.Tr.Ax) Cerberatrypa (Br.Ga.Pt) (Mo.Ga.Ch.

Nt) (Br.Sp) Cheiracanthoides (Cd.St) Chaltennnia (Br.Os.Os.Os..Ga.Or) Chartroniella Chelidonocephalus (Ar.Am) Charisphyllum (Cn.Bi.Pt) Cheiopteria (Mo.Os.l-'o) Chaohuceras (Mo.Fe) Chelonia (Cd.Gy.Co) Chernobaculites (Fo.Cl) Cheilotrypa (Bz.Ar.Bi.Pl) Chaiiopsis (Cd.St) Charleuxia (Cd.Fo.Pa) Chiella (Ar.Ga. Ac) Charonia (Mo.Sq) Chianella (Br.Eii) Chaiinopioclus (Ar.Go) Chaulistomella (Br.Po.Ba) Cheiloceras (Mo.Ce.St.Unl Chibapsetta (Cd.Ar) (Ar.Os.Rul Cheilonella (Bz.Rul Chengkouia Chenia Cheniothyris (Br.Ph) Chiastolus (Ac.Li) C'liaohusaurus (Cd.Os.Go) Chaunax (Cd.St.Cr) Chenxianoproductus (Br.Tr.De.Ar.Pe.Cr.Tr.Fo) Charactocerina (Mo.Fo.Ar.Fo.Os.St) ChaUonia (Mo.Ga.Ce.PLPt) Chankacyathus Chanoides (Po.Nt) Cheramus (Mo.Sc) Charitopsis (Cd.Re.As.Po) Chiastosella (Bz.Ec.Os.Ch.Ce.De.Ga.Os.Ac.An.Ne) (Mo.MLDe) (Mo.Os.Ga.Tr.Re.Os.Fo.Pa) Chevallieria (Mo.Os.Ci) Chihsiaphyllum (Cn.Ce.Pa) Charybdis (Mo.Ar.Ch) Chelocrinus (Ec.Th) Chesacardium Chesaclava Chesaconcavus Charenlia (Fo.An.Am) Chariaster (Ec.Ce.MLDe) Cheloniceras (Mo.Po) Checontonoimis Chepuloceras (Mo.St) Chile (Br.An.Tr.St.Ce.Tr.Ar.Ce.Ac) Chesatrophon (Mo.Ch) (Cd.In.Tr.Ch) Cheirostephanus (Cd.Go) Chernyshinella (Fo.Gr.Os.Pr) (Po.De.Ce.Te) Chiastoclonella (Po.He) Chanos (Cd.St) Chauvetia (Mo.Cr.Te) Chelyconus (Mo.Os.Tr.Fo) Charactcicrinus (Ec.Tr.Nt) Chepultapecia Chapmanites (Ar.Ec.Fo) Chcdevillia (Mo.Ar.Ar.Os.Ne) (Mo.Ru) Chasmatopora (B/.Fo) Charactophyllimi (Cn.Ch) Chernyshinellina (Fo.Ar. Ac.Ga.Rh.An.Ta) Charixa (Bz.Ch) Chazydictya (Bz.Tr.Hs) Chionaspis (Ar.Ne) Chengkoiuispis (Ar.Bi.Ne) Chclyophorus (Cd.Rh) Chevalieria (Cn.Lo) Chencunia (Ar.Fe) Chelonechinus (Ec.Ga.Re) Cliaoina (Br.Ch) Chelonibia (Ar.Ag) Chieagooceras (Mo.Ga.Pa) Charionoides (Br.Pe.Ra) Cheiruroides (Ar.Un.Gy.Os.Ar.Ga. Animal Genera: Sepkoski 395 (Ar.ls) Chelolia (Mo.Ga.Eu) Chamiodiscus (Cn.Ga.Tr.Pf) Cherkesovaena (Br.Le) Charixa (Bz.Os.Ntl Cheilopora (Bz.Ar.Ru) Cha.Am) Chilidortliis (Br.An.Bi.Ar.smocarcinus (Ar.Ar.Os.Ic) Chauvelicystis (Ec.St.Li) Chemnitzia (Mo.Pt) Charieniocrinus (Ec.Os.Ac.Ed.Re.A Compendium C'hantiViinyTlia C'liangN anyrhynchus of Fossil Makini.Pa) Charadrcum (Mo.Co) Chasmaloporina (Bz.Te) Cheirothyropsis (Br.My) ChauttoLiraspis (Ar.Pt) Chaoaspis (Ar.Rh) ChauMochiloii (Mo.Rh) Charassocarcinus (Ar.Pt) Chichia (Cd.Ga.Ch) Cherubicornea (Br.Ph) Charltonilhyris (Br.Ve) Charchaquia (Ar.Chi Chilara (Cd.Ar.Li) Chamia (Cn.Bi.Ga.Os.Ar) Chesapecten (Mo.Ne) Chilobolbina (Ar.Tr.Oe) Chevroleperditia (Ar.Ch) Chihlioceras (Mo.Co) Cliapadella (Br.Ve) Chelediscus (Ar.Ve) Cheltonia (Mo.Rh) Chevalierismilia (Cn.Ar) Chilianshania (Br.St) Chapinella (Br.Ds) Cheilohorneropsi.Ga.Hi) Chavsakia (Mo.Nt) (Cn.EI) Chapmanina (Fi).Ba) (Cn.Tr.Ar.Os.Os.De.Sp) Cheirocrinus (Ec.An.Gy.Ci) .Po.Me) Cheilea (Mo.Is) Cheiracanthoides (Cd.Gy.Gy.Pt) Chesathais Chariocrinus (Ec.Bi..lr.Rh.Pf) Chidleyenoceras Chasmalaspis (Ar.Tr.Fo) Characodoma {B/.Pn) Chart ixardium (Mo.Or) Chelyposuchus (Cd.Fo.Bi.Ga.Pa) I I (Mo.Sa) Cheilospicata (Mo.Cc) Chekiangaspis (Ar.Tr.Te) Chelosphargis (Cd.Go (Cd.Go) Cheirocystis (Ec.Ne) (Ar.MLDe) Chelidozoum (Bz.Gy.Ru) Cheirocystella (Ec.Pr) Chelycypraea (Mo.St.Fo.Ga.St.Os.Te Chelmon (Cd.Re) Chaunograptus (He.Nt) Chalswonhia (Ec.Gy.As) Cheilosmilia (Cn.Ar.Cr.Ga.En) ChasmaziHin (Bz.Cc) Cheiropyge (Ar.Un) Chenella (Fo.Os.Ch) Chicoreus Chascothyris (Br.An.SlCo) Chenendopora Chcngjuangoconus Chaoiclla (Br.Ga.Eni (Ar.Ga.Bi.Ce.Ar.Rh) Chetaites (Mo.Ch) Cheilinus (Cd.Ta) Cheilocephalus (Ar.MLDe) Cheiloporina (Bz.Ch) Chaihamilhyris (Br.Nt) Charitoxotis (Ar.Re.Me.s (Bz.Sc) Charitosomus Cheirodopsis (Cd.Gy.Os.Pe) Chesapeakella (Mo.Re.Ce.Ga.Nt) Chelononia (Br.Ar.Ar) (Ar.Ch) Chartecylis (B/.At) Characloceras (Mo.Ga.Te1 Chavanicerithium Chaperia (Mo.Gy.Tr.Ar.Hi) Charltonina (Fo.Ce.My) (Mo.Cr.Ga.Ch) (Mo.Or) Chilidiopsis (Br.Or) Chatwinothyris (Br.Ne) (Mo.Sp) Chapmanii-ychereis (Ar.Go) Chaunactis (Po.Op) Chasmoiheca (Mo.Op.Al) Chiapasella (Mo.Tr.St) Chavanella (Mo.Ar.Ar) Chauliodus (Cd.Cl) Chesterella (Ar.Ve) (Ar.Ar) Chasmatoporclla (B/.Te) Chaperia (B/.An.Ce.SLFe) Chclodes (Mo.Sp) Chazyoceras Cheopsia (Ec.Gy.Am) Chiiengphoherus (Ar.Ce.Fo.St) Chelsonella (Hy.Rh.Fo) Cheirothyris (Br.Tr.Pa) Cheirothrix (Cd.MLDe) Chasmops (Ar.Ar.Ch) Cherskiella (Ar.Fo.Os.Ra) Cheirurus (Ar.Ar.Ph) Cheloniellon (Ar.Ne) Charionella (Br.Ar.Fo) Cheilosporites (Po.Cy) Chesasyrinx Chariocephalus (Ar.Ar.Pr) Chia (Cn.Ch) Chileutomia (Mo.Pa) Cheiropterasler (Ec.Tr.Or.Ar.Va) Cheilotomona (Mo.Sc) Chardonius (Cd.En) Chielasma (Mo.Nu Chejudocylhere (Ar.Os.St) Chelyopsis (Cd.In) (Fo.Mo.Ch.An.Co) Chiastodus (Cd.Te) Chiarumanipyge (Ar.

Ci) Chomatopyge (Ar.Co) Christitys (Mo.Mi) Cholopiliis (Ar.Co.Cr.Ar.Va) Chouteauoceras (Mo.Ce) Chilostomelloidcs (Fo.Ra.Tr.Un) Chrysolepi.St) Chilometopus (Ar.Ne) Chonotiiictcs (Br.Ce.Ga.Ci) Chrysalogonium (Fo.Am) Chrysalidinella (Fo.Co) Chitinolagena (Fo.Ce.An.Os.Ga.Bi.Ar) Choristitella (Br.Tr.He) Chirocentrus (Cd.Tr.Ga.Fo) Chonetella (Br.Bi.Ar.Os.Be) (Cd.Co.Ce.Tr.Ne) Chionopsis (Mo.lc) Chuangiella (Ar.Cc) Chimaera (Cd.Ma.Os.De) Chilopora (Bz.Ir.Pa) Chrysothuramiiiina (Fo.Ga.Fo.Aj) Chladdcrimis (Ec.St) Chlalhrus (Mo.An.Tr.Tr.Pt) Chilinoidolla (Ci.St) ChoriUa (Ar.Ga.Bi.Pc) Chondrocerithiuin (Mo.Un.Po) Chrysame Chirodella (Cd.Ci) ChiroMoma Chonecetiis Chuanbciphylhun (Cn.Ch) Chrustenopora (Br.Os.Sp) Choffatia (Mo.Bi.Am) Chiotites (Mo.Ec.Am) Chinacrinus (Ec.Ne) Chimela (Mo.Nl) Chonosteges (Br.Ch.An.Fo.Ve) Chomatomediocris (Fo.Ve) Chomatoseris (Cn.Ru) Chynislrophia (Br.Go) Chitralina (Fo.Fo.Fo.An.St) (Ar.In.As) Christophoceras (Mo.Cc) Chlupacispira (Mo.Co.Pt) Chirognathus (Cd.Co) (Br.Ol) ChinJanocarpos (Ec.Co) Chlorophthalmus (Cd.Co) Chouberticyathus (Po.Os.Ga.Au) (Mo.An.Ga.De) Chonostrophiella (Br.Ce.Ar.Os.St) Chilogucmbelina (Fo.Fo) Chorizopora (Bz.Bi.Tr.Fo) Choneziphius (Cd.Un) Chostophyllum (Cn.Rh) Choristites (Br.Sp) Chilomycterus (Cd.Fo.Ca) Chonetes (Br.Ar) Chlinocephalus (Ar.Go) Cholocrinus (Ec.Oc) Chlupacitoechia (Br.Tr.Cr.Te) Clilorostoma (Mo.St.El) Chuniola (Ec.An.He.Ce) (Mo.Go) (Mo.My) (Mo.Tr.Ar.Cr.Au) Choperella (Br.Tr.Te) Chrysodomus (Mo.Is) Chonopectella (Br.Co) Chlupacina (Br.Di) Chirodipterus (Cd.Fo) Chirocrinus (Ec.St) Chulanolenus (Ar.Ru) Chdiielasma (Po.Pr) Chilinutcuthis Chonetinella ( Chubbina (Fo.St) Chuangit'ormis (Ar.Di) Chrysocythere ( (Cd.Ce.Ar.Hx) Clioiiopectiis (Br.Bi.Ru) Choristothyris (Br.Ga.Ne) Ar.Ar.Ph) Chiniaiuister (Ec.Tr.Bi.Ga.Ce.St.An.Bi.Ar.Or) Chondrinouvina (Ar.Pt) Chitonotus (Cd.Ch) Chion Chione Chionelasmus Chiralithes Chirolhrix I Br.Pr) Christinapecten (Mo.Nt) Chlidoniopsis (Bz.Ch.Cl) Chonostegoidella (Br.Ar.Fo) Chirocentrites (Cd.Rh) Choniocardia (Mo.St) Chusciioph\lluin Chlamyddselachus (Cd.Ph) Ch(i)idraiilus (Bz.Ce.Mo) Choia (Po.An.Ar.Ce.Fo) Chloridella (Ar.Ga.Ar) Cholaster (Ec.Ar.Ar.Fo) Chilon (Mo.Re.De.Co) Chitinodendron (Fo.Au (Cd.Ar.Pt) Chionella (Mo.Ve) Chondranomocare (Ar.Cl) Chondrocidaris (Ec.Fo) Chiraluta (Mo.St) Chuscnella ( Chlaniydophylhini (Cn.Un) Chisiloceras (Cd.Ar.Os.Tr.Bi.Ce.Gy.s (Cd.Fo) .Ga.Tr) Chrotichthys (Cd.Ar.St) Chilodontoidea (Mo.Fo.Ce.Pa) (Cn.Sc) Choneloidea (Br.Ar.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Ar.ln) Christianella (Br.Ani) (Mo.Re.Ne) Chondroceras (Mo.Sc) Christinella (Bz.Tr.Ar.St) Chuniaziles (Mo.Di) Chlaniys (Mo.Tr.Co) Chondrocoenia (Cn.Ce) Chondrastaulina (Ar.An.Ci) (Ar.Fo) Choanoceras (Mo.Ar.Fo) Christiania (Br.Sp) Chilostomella (Fo.Os.Ve) Churanocyathus (Po.Gy.Fo) (Br.Cm) Choanodus Choanoplasma (Cn.Pt) Chittidilla (Ar.Ru) Christioceras Chionista (Mo.Ar.Os.Uii) Choiidroleulhis Chthanialus (Ar.Os.Sc Chrysoceras (Mo.Ch.As) Choristograptus (He.Ru) Chingua (Mo.Li) Chuangia (Ar.Fo) Chnaurocoelia (Br.Ce.Ar) Choreanoceroides (Mo.Fo.Os.Ar.Po) Fo.Pt) Chonopliyllum (Cn.Tr.Ga.Cr.Te) Chiniaeropsis (Cd.Os.En) Chilonorria (Ar.He.Fo.Ve) Chonaxis Chondagraulos (Ar.Nt) Chrysallida (Mo.Ar.Os.Ch.En) (Mo.De) Chilostoinina (Fo.St.Ml.Ar) Chiropinna (Ec.Ar.Tr.Ar.De.So.St) Chuanqianoproetus (Ar.De.St) (Mo.Cc) Chonespondylus (Cd.Ar) Chioceras (Mo.Ar.Tr.Os.Tr.In) Chrysostonia (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ve) Chomalaster (Ec.Rii) Clioiiopectoides (Br.Pt) (Cd.De.St) (Ar.Fo.Ga.Po.Os.Fo.Pf) Chiiizoon (Ar.Ce.Sp) Chivatschella (Br.Co) Chisnia (B/.Op) Chotecops (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Ds) Chondrociadia (Po.St.Ce) Chonellopsis (Po.Ch) Chonostegites (Cn.Gr.Ce) Chungkingichthyes (Cd.Ce.Ve) Choffaticeras (Mo.St) Chiloguembelitria (Fo.Ch.Cr.Fo) Chonetina (Br.Fo.Pe) Chippewaella Chondrenchelys (Cd.Ar.De) Chonostegoides (Br.Co) ( Mo.Bi.Co) Chitonaslrum (Ac.Ec.St) Chuchiaspis (Ar.Un) Chongichthys (Cd.Ar.Bulletin 363 396 Chilocyclus (Mo.Fo) Chlorodiella (Ar.Sp) Chonelipiistula (Br.Ml..Sp) Chiloscyllium (Cd.Ne) Chirona (Ar.Cr.St) Choristopetalum (Bz.Co) Chrysalidina (Fo.Op.Fo.Tr.Sp) Choristoceras (Mo.Tr.Fo.Fo.Tr.Ta) Chilodonta Chlidonocrinus (Ec.Fo) Chirospongia (Po.Ch) Chimaerothyris (Br.ln.Be) (Mo.Fo.Pt) Chromis (Cd.Un) Choiaelia (Po.St.Sa) Choubertella (Ar.As.St) Cianotremella (Bz.Ga.Ga.Ar.St) Chonostrophia (Br.An.Ds) Chondrodonta Chondronia Chondroparia Chondroplon Chondroslcus (Mo.St) Chuticeras (Cn.ln) Chotfatella (Fo.Ru) (Mo.Ve) (Cn.Ce.Ga.St) Chuangiopsis (Ar.He) Chuandianclla (Ar.Co) Chironiptrum (Ar.Tr.Ml.Fo.Gy.Ma.Ch) Chioneryx (Mo.Ar.Gy.Ml.Na) Clioniatodus (Cd.Ch.Un) Chorus Chosenia Chosonodina Chincnsis (Ar.Ce.Os.Ar.Ga.

A Cibaster Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 397 .

Te) Claviaster (Ec.Th) Clypeu.Os.Ru) Clinocythere (Ar.Ne) Cobbanoscaphites (Mo.Ga.Sp) Clidochirus (Ec.O.Fo) Clydonaspis (Cd.An.Am) Cloiocera.Cc) Clinopegma Claviticinella (Fo.Tr.Hd) Clypoproelus (Ar.Pa) Clypeola Clavofabella (Ar.Ed.Sp) Clisocolus (Cn.Pe) Closteriscus (Mo.Os.Or) Clydomphalites (Mo.Bi.Ph) Cliopteria (Mo.Ga.Ta) Cleiocriiuis (EcCr.Ce.Ga.Fo.Sc.On) Clytiopsis (Ar.Te) Clavicava (Bz.Ce.Pt) Closteroides (Mo.Cy) Clypidina (Mo.Sc) Clidastes (Cd.Bi.Ba) Cloudina (Pr.Be) Cleotrivia (Mo.Pt) Clionyssiceras (Mo.St.Ca) Clavulinopsis (Fo.Os.Ce.Ec.Ga.Bi.Na) (Mo.Pt) Clytoceras (MixCe.Ce.Bi.As) Cleistocrinus (Ec.Sc) Coccocyclia (Ac.MLDe) Cleidothaems (Mo.Re) Cloghergnathus (Cd.Ar.Ar.Pe) Clilendoceras Coalcomana (Mo.De) Clorinda (Br.Cy) Cnemaulax Cnemicopanon Cleiothyridellina (Br.Bi.Ho) Claviculacrinus (Ec.Or) Coahuilites (Mo.Os.Cr.Nt) Clinolobus Clavisparsa (Bz.Nt) (Ec.Ga.Pu) > (Cd.Ne) (Mo.De.Ne) (Cn.He) (Mo.Od) Clavidrupa (Mo.Pf) Clypeorbis (Fo.Os.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.De.Fo.Co) Cobcrcphora (Mo.Nu) Cleistopora (Cn.Bi.Ne) Cloacaspis (Ar.Ga.Bi.Se) Cliona (Po.Ne) (Mo.Ra.Os.Ce.Mo) Clavellot'usus Cliffia (Ar.Li) Cleistechiniis (Ec.Hy) Cnemidopyge (Ar.Po) Coanollonia (Mo.Ga.Cr.Bi.Bi.Ga.Ce.Ga.Ec.Os.Os.Bi.Po) Clavigellus (Ar.En) (Bz.Bi.Cc) Clypeoceras Clavodalejina (Br.Mo) Cobitopsis (Cd.Ca) Clypeaster (Ec.Ce.Fo.Ga.Co) Clidiophora (Mo.Ga.Co.Pa) Clibanarius (Ar.Os.Sp) Clisospira (Mo.Os.Cr.Fo) Clio (Mo.He.Di) Clioscapliites (Mo.Pe) Coccodentaliuni (Mo.Pr) Climacammina (Fo.Ec.Os.Ar.Ga.Cr) Clavibole (Ar.siophyllum Cnemidactis (Ec.St.s.Cc) Cliniacina (Mo.Fo.Ar) Clavulites (An.Pr) Clavus (Mo.Ne) Clifdenia (Mo.Ne) Clavelloides (Fo.Os.Sc.Am) Cleobiila (Mo.Un.Sp) (Ec.Ch) Clinocythereis (Ar.Fo.Ga.Li.Cr.Pe) Coccodus (Cd.De.Or) Clydoniceras Clinoclimacograptus (He.Ch) Coalingodea Clelandoceras (Mo.St.Ga.Gr.Sa) Clistoceras (Mo.Hi) Clelandia (Ar.Go) Cnesterium (Mo.Na) Clypeanthus (Ec.St.Ce.Ga.Ar.Co.Ve) Clivuloturris (Mo.Am) (Po.Ac) Cnestriella (Mo.Py) .Ru) (Mo.St.Ra.As) Cobboldiella (Hy.Cl) Clavidiscus (Ec.Ec.At) (Ar.Fo) Cliftonia (Br.Cc) Clinopista (Mo.Bi.Ga.Ce) (Mo.Tr.Ca.Fo) Clifdenella (Po.Ar.Fo.Ga.Po.Nt) Clavicosta (Mo.Pt) Clavilasma (Cn.Po) Claviporella (B/.Ce.Ce.s (Mo.Po) Cleistosphinctes (Mo.An.Sp) Cobbanites dementia (Mo.Sp) Cli.Ne) (Mo.An.Ga.Ml.Nt) Clonograptus (He.Ch.Tr.Os.CI) Cnestocythere (Ar.Ce.Tr.Ve) Clydonautilus Clavilithes Clinoceras (Mo.Ne) Closterocrinus (Ec.Co) Climacospongia (Po.Fo) Clinapertina (Fo.Bi.An.Ph) - Clcithranchiste (Ar.De.Ga.Os.Ce.Tr.Ain) (Mo.Fo) Clinopliylium Clavitubigera (Bz.Re) Clonopora (B/.Pe) Coccodiscus (Ac.Ga.Pt) Climacoconiis (Cn.Nu) Clavocerithium (Mo.Ar.Pa.Ar.Ar.Os.Fo.Ce.Fo) Clavulinoides (Fo.Pt) Clithriellum (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Fo.Ne) Clavatula (Mo.Cc) (Mo.Po) Clupea (Cd.Tr.Po) Clonosmilia (Cn.Fo.El) Clithroeytheridea (Ar.Gr.St.Tr) Clydagnathus (Mo.Gy.A.St) Climacoidea (Ar.Ar.St.Ga.Os.Ve) Cnemidiastrum (Po.Cr.Nt) Clavipholas Claviscala (Mo.Pt) Cliotrypa (Bz.Nt) Cloughtonia (Mo.Ca) Clavofabellina Clavulina (Fo.Is) Climacopoma Clustinia (Ar.Ga.St.Or) Clintiella (Ar.Ar.Ru) (Mo.An) (Mo.Mo) Clivospirifer (Br.An.Nu) (Mo.Bulletin 363 398 Clavaiclliis (Ar.An.As.Ne) Clinuropsis (Mo.Ga.Fo) Clinambon (Br.Fo) Cloudothyris (Br.Ce.Ca) Cliftonoceras (Mo..Fo.Ar) (Mo.As) Clidoderma (Cd.Ce.Ur) Cleiothyridina (Br.Pt.Ph) Clorindina (Br.Ce) (Mo.Ar.Fo) Cliocystiramus (Bz.Ec.Ce.Pa) Clconiceras (Mo.Ga.Po) Clymenia Clymenoceras Clymenonautilus (Mo.Co) Clavigerinella (Fo.Tr.Li) Cleionychia (Mo.Ga.Bi.Ec.Sa) Clorindinella (Br.Ga.Am) Clcithrolepis (Cd.Po.Pe) Clavidictyon (Po.Am) Cobelodus (Cd.Ec.Cc) Coccocephaiichiln Cletotylhereis (Ar.Ga.My) (Cn.Sp) Climacotrigimia (Mo.s.Ce.Ce.Ru) Clinocardium (Mo.Sq) Clorindella (Br.Nt) Clinopora (Bz.Tr.Am) Clavihedbergella (Fo.Ne) Clypeolampas Clypeolum Clypeomorus Clypeopygus (Ec.Gr) Clydonites Claviphylliim (Mo.De) Cleidochondrella (Mo.Ne) Climacoraphistoma (Mo.Po) Clitamboniles (Br.CI) (Mo.Gl) Cleodictya (Po.Ce.s (Ec.Os.Eu) Cluthia (Ar.Ta) Clistocriniis (Ec.Am) (Mo.Ar) Clcmalocrinus (Ec.De) Coccaster Clepsydrospongia (Po.Pa) Clinura Clavohamulus Clavstoma (Cd.Co) Clinurella (Mo.Os.Pe) Coccoderma (Cd.Pn) Closia Clavatorclla (Fo.Gy.Fo) Clinus (Cd.Ds) Climacograptus (He.Ml.Ce.Co.Cr.Ar.Ce.Nt) (Mo..Ga.Bi.Or) Cloudella (Br.Cl) Clypeina (B/.Cr.He.Or.Sy) Cleoprion (Pr.Ar.Go) (Mo.Gr) Clupavus (Cd.Rc.Fo.De.Ca) (Po.Ga.Ar.Gr.Pa) Clintonella (Br.De.Os.Ga.Ce.Ne) Clionitiles Clytiella (Ar.Ce.Am) Clistotrema (Br.Cr.Co) Clonocrinus (Ec.Ec.Go) (Cd.Cn) Cluniaster (Ec.Ha) Cluthoceras Clavigera (Br.Ar.

At) ColHnithyris (Br.Am Coignops (Ar.Ani) (Mo.Pa) Colacchilina (Ar.Sp) Coclocyprina (Mo.Ra.Un) Coelomeandra (Cn.An.Ec.St) CochlocriiKeras (Mo.Sc) Colcdium (Br.Ga.Pe) Coenastraea (Cn.De) Collatipora (Po.Ce.Po.Fo.Ra.Go) (Mo.Co) Coenocyathus (Cn.Sc) Collbatothuria (Ec.Sc) ColUgnonites (Mo.Ec.Gy.Ar.Ani (Mo.Fo.Co) (Mo.Ec.Ly) Colhgnonicardia (Mo.Be) (Mo.Ar) Coekispiropora (Bz.CI) Colomita (Fo.An.De.Ne) (Mo.Th) Collatipora (Po.Ve) Coleolella (Pr.Ru) Collarothyris (Br.Cc) Collonia Codiopsis (Ec.St.Ca) Coelocaulis (Bz.Od) Coclocladiclla (Po.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Os.Ec.Sc) Colomiellia (Ci.Bi.Os.Gr.An.Ar.Na) Codoceras (Mo.Fil Coelosphaeroma (Po.Fo) Coenostroma (Po.Ru) Collotia (Mo.Na) CiK'kerellites (Cd.Ar) (Ac.Ce) (Mo.Pa) Coloradoscaphites (Mo.Os.Tn Colaplomena (Br.Go) Cochlioceras (Mo.Te) Colonograptus (He.Pll Coelogasteroceras (Cd.Cyl Coenocystis (Ec.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Nl) (Mo.Un.Fo.Te) Cochiolepis (Mo.Gy.De.Ch) CiK-culina Coelodus Colina (Mo.Ch.Os.Nt) Collosphaera (Ac.Ce.Rh) .Ch) Collibolbina (Ar.Ce.Gr) Coelocera.Fo) Coekizone Codonophyllum (Cn.Ai Coeloderocera.Ga.Pa) CtK'hlodesma (Mo.An.Ga.s (Mo.Tr.Pt) Coekiscapha (Mo.Os.Po) Codiacystis (Ec.Rh) Colpcnlolium (Mo.Sc) Cocoarota ( Fo.Pa) Codinella (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Po.Ph) Coekx.Li) Collina (Mo.Ra.Ch) Coekilasma (Cn.Bi.Bi.As) CiKhliconus (Mo.On) Coelostylis (Cn.Ly) Colhclypeus (Ec.Sp) Coelolepis (Cd.Ar) (Mo.On) Coleokiides (Pr.Pa) Collemataria (Br.Ve) CiK'CdIarcus Coccolurnac i ii in CiKculinella i Cochleochilus Cochlespira Ciichlespireila Ciithlespiropsis I Codakia Codalucina (Mo.Pt) Collyropsis (Ec.BI.Am) Colophonodon Colophragma Ci)elochilina (Ar.Ar) CiKioceras (Mo.Ga.Pt) Coeloconia (Po.Ce.Pt.Fo) Colosia (Br.An.Ce.Bi.Os.De.Bi.Ga.Rh.Tr.Bi.Te) Ciielocladia (Po.Gr.Rh) Collumatus (Br.Ha) Colaptoconus (Mo.Os.Rh) Coleolus (Pr.Gy.De.Ho.Pe) Colapterochiton Colossaspis (Ar.An.Ga.Ax) Colonammina (Fo.An.St.Ch) Collyrites (Ec.Ga.Ec.Ar.Ar.Ce.Ch.Ce.Ce.Ml.Am) Coenobita (Ar.Ar.Cc) Ci >c h Ic tc roceras Coekigraptus (He. At.Fo Coekiscyphia (Po.Ve) Coenaspis Coelenleratella (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Un) Collarina (Bz.Ml.Ar.Ce.Tr.Ph) Coekisteus (Cd.He.Ar) (Mo.Ph) Colletostracia (Br.Gy.Ga.Cel Coekipleurus (Ec.Ta) Colombiceras (Mo.Ar.Bi.Ar) (Cd.Fo.Mo) Colettes (Fo.Ga.Os.Os.Ga.Ru) Cixli>ni)smilia (Cn.Li) Coleiconus (Fo.S(.At) Coeloteuthis Cixlonoconus (Mo.Ph) (Ar.Ar.Un.An.An.Ce.Ari (Mo.s (Mo.Nt) (Cd.Co.Ce.Ar.Os.Ar.Ce.St) Cochliodus (Cd.Ar.Na) Collabrina Cochlcarites Collapora (Bz.Ce) Codaster (Ec.At) Coelocorypha (Po.A Compendium or Fossil Marink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 399 (Ac.Sc) Colhgnoniceras (Mo.Os.Ar.Tr.Ha) Colaniella (Fo.Ce.In) Coelotrochus Codonotusiella (Fo.De.He) (Cn.Pa) Coelocyrtocera.Cr.Ce.Ec.Ga.De.Ga.Mo) Cocl(Koenia (Cn.Bi.CI Cixjjobolma Collura (Bz.An.Ch) Cix-hloceras (Mo.Ce.Cr.Be) Coleodus (Cd.At) ColHsboris (Ar.St) Colostracon QieiociK'hlea (Bz.Ga.Li) Coeloma (Ar.Te) Ccxliacrinus (EcCr.Am) (Mo.Bi.Ga.Ce) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ga.Fo.Sc) (Cn.Ar.Ar) (Mo.Vel Coekirliynchus (Cd.Un) Coeliocrinus (Ec.Fo) Colospongia (Po.Ar.Am) CoeliKhrysalis (Mo.s (Cn.Co) (Ac.Co.He.Ga.Ce.Tr.Am) Codonella (Ci.Fo.Co) Colossolacis (Po.Fo) Colpocoryphe (Ar.Fo) Coelocanthus (Mo.Ga.Si-i Coelocystis (Ec.Cc) Colchidites (Mo.Os.Ta) Coelodiscus Coleopora (Bz.Ce.De) Colliculus Cockbumia (Mo.Am) Colpantyx (Mo.Fo.Co) Coccophyllum CiKcopigja (Cn.Cr.Ga.Nel Coelonietra (Ec.Tr.De.Di) Coekistylina (Mo.Ml.De) Colomia (Fo.Co.Na) Coenites (Cn.Ga) ColHcyrtidium (Mo.Ds) Colneptunus (Ar.Di.Fo.Ph) (Po.Ds) Colly rolenus (Ar.De.Pr) (Cd.Ce.Ve) Coelosmilia (Cn.Os.Gr.An.Fo.In.Ar) (Mo.Ga.De) Colobinion (Ar.PhI Coelospira (Br.An.Ca) Cochlograptus (He.St) Colongina (Br.Ru) Coelastane (Mo.Ami Coelopora (Bz.Bi.Pe) Coelocladia (Po.In.Os.Ga.Pa) Colinella (Br.Ar.An.Ce.Co) Coilopoceras (Mo.Sp) Coeloterorhynchus (Br.Ml.Ga.Ne) (Cd.An.Ct) Collonista (Mo.Ga.Nt) Cokinia (Fo.Li) Coeioclemis (Bz.He.Ma.De) Colpichthyes (Cd.Ga.Co) Coccolepis (Cd.Ga.St.Inl Coekipis (Mo.Sc) Coelacanthopsis (Cd.An.Ar) Coelocrinus (Ec.Ph) Coleia (Ar.Ra.Nt) Coeloenellina (Ar.Cni Collectoceras (Mo.An.Ga.Ga.Nel (Mo.Ca.De.An.At) Colhsella (Mo.Gri Coeloptychium Coelopus (Ar.Un.Sp) CiielcKentrus (Mo.Fo) Colpitcs (Mo.Ml.An.Co) Coemansia Coenangia Coenaphrodia (Mo.ellites I (Br.Sc) Coloceras (Mo.Ce.Sp) Cookies lIus (Mo.Ce.St) Codonocheilus (Mo.Pt) Colobodus (Cd.De.Py) Coleophyllum CiKcoseris Coelogaster (Mo.Ce) Collignonastraea (Cn.Os.Ga.St.Di) Coelospirina (Br.Cr.El) Coelonella (Ar.Ve) CoUetosia (Bz.Ce.Gy.Ve) Coekiseris (Cn.CII Coelospirella (Br.Ce) Coel<x:erodontus (Cd.Ga.Ar) Coenothyris (Br.Am) Codechinus (Ec.Fo) Coelocaulus Coenoslella (Po.Ga.

De.Sc) Concinnithyris Colpomvii (Mo.An.Ga.Ga.Nt) Conoideocrinus (Ec.Bi.Sc) Comnuitia Condonella (Mo.Ve) Conispirifer (Br.St) (Mo.Re.Sc) Condracypris (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Sp) (ArTr.Po.Na) Conjectura (Mo.Sp) Confusastraea (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Sc) Condranema (B/.Ve) Coliibrella Complanophyllum (Cn.Ar) (AcRa.Ga.Di) (Ar.Le) Condrustella (Fo.Re.Ce.Am) Colveraia (Mo.Ag) Conescharellina (B/.Ga.Ga.Sc) Colymbosaurus (Cd.Ro.Ce.Ga.A.Cr.He) Comophyllia Comophylliopsis Comoseris (Cn.Fo) Concavatotruncana (Fo.Na) Colpotiara (Ec.Ga.St) Comaliamma Comanaphyllum (Fo.Ne) Conoclypus Conocochcaquca Conocoelia Conocoryphe Conocrinus Conocyathus Conodia Cominclla (Mo.Pc.Hyi Comasler (Ec.Ga.ln) (Cn.Un) Columbella Columbellaria Columbellina ColumhcllKipho Cominula Comiolocchia Comilas (Ar.Re.Ga.Re) Concinnispirifer ( Colpomphalus Commonozonispira Commulatophyllum (Br.Ru) Condylocrinus (Ec.Mo) Conicosmiiiotrochus (Cn.Cr.Ch) Confiroma (AcRa.Po) ( HcGr.Ce.Li) Coniatopenia (Po.Ce.Ru) Comelicania (Br.Sc) (Cn.Ru) (Cn.El) Comarmondia (EcCr.Hi) (Cd.Ru) (Cn.An.Nu) Conochitina (Fo.Os.Ur) Conicarcella (Ci.Nt) Columnocoenia Columnogyra Columnolasma (Ec.Di) Cotnluella (Ar.My) (Mo.Bi.Tr.Ce) (Bz.Ar.Tr.Ru) Comptonaspis Comptonia (Ar.Ga.Ar.An.Ch) (Po.Sc.Nt) (Mo.Fo) Columnaxon (Cn.Ga.Pe) Comalulina Combinivalvula (Ec.Fo.Tu (AcRa.Bulletin 363 400 Colpodecrinus (Ec.Gy.Tr.Re.An.Sc) Complexastraeopsis (Cn.Fo.Fo) Colpotoria (Br.Ca.Ga. In.Pa) Conoidacniaea (Mo.Os.Fo.Th.Hy.Pr) Conchoprimitella (Ar.Fo.An.Un) Compressoproduclus Compsaspis (Po.Tr.Fo) Columellogyra (Cn.Ce.Gy.Ar) Conilites (Fo.He.Ga.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Sc.Os.Ve) (Mo.Nt) (Cn.Sc) Condraoceras (Mo.Ga. Culumnaria (Cn. He) I (Fo.An.Ar.Ds) Compressidens Compressigerina Columbites (Mo.Tr.Ag) Colwellia (Mo.Pa.Ne) Complexodus Complexophyllum Composita Columbicrinus Colubrellina Br.Os.Ve) (Cd.Ga.Fo) Colpospira (Mo.An.Ar.Ce.An.Os.Or) Compsodrillia (Mo.Nt) Comaroceras (Mo.Sp) Conchidium Conchoccic Conchodon Conchodus Conchoecia Concholepas (Mo.Ac) CominisUi (Mo.Pr) Coninoda (Mo.Tr.An.Os.Cm) Conchicolites (Pr.Nt) (Mo.Os.Ls) (Cn.Ma.Nt) (ArTr.Ga.EcHm) Compacoleus (Pr.Bi.Cn) (EcEcCa) Comalopoma (Br.Bi.Ga.Bo) (Cn.Sc) Compsomyax Compsonema (Mo.Pa) (Br.Ar.Pt) (Ec.An.Ar.An.Fo) (Mo.Hi) Conarothyris (Br.Ru) Concavella (Fo.Sc) Condylocuna Condylopyge (Mo.Re.Cr.Tr.Co) ConicorbitoMna (Fo.Te) (Ar.Gy.Sc) Columastrea (Cn.Cr.Va) Coniproetus (Ar.Cr.Ta) Comus (Mo.An.Sp) Confusastraraea (Cn.Fo) .Ga.An.Ga.Nt) Compagicrinus Companteris (Br.Ph) (Ar.De.Ar.Fo) Columna (Po.Ga.De.Ne) Conicospirillina (Fo.Fo) (Cn.Ar) (Mo.Ar) (Cn.Ve) Coluniactinastrea (Mo.An.An.Pa) Conobelus Conocardium Conocaryonima Comanthocrinus Concavicaris (Ar.Ve) Coniculospongia (Po.Na) (Fo.Tr) (Br.BI.DcUn) Columnaphyllia (Cn.Ar.Sc) (Cn.Te) Connagnoslus (Ar.Pl (Po.Sc) Columbarium (Cd.Cl) Colposlomia (Mo.Ar.Co) (Cn.Ne) Conchoprimiles (Ar.Ru) Comptaluta (Ar.Aj) Conispongia Conitubus (Po.Os.Ga.Ne) Mo.Ar.St) Coniscala (Mo.Co) Comanchia (Ar.Ar.An.Sq) (Ec.Sc) Columenoceras (Mo.Mo) (Mo.St) (Mo.Ar) Conoides (Ar.St) Ar.Sc) Compositocyathus Compressidens (Po.Fo) (Mo.Po) Colpophylli.Ar.Un) ColumiKistroma (Po.Na) (Br.An.St) Condylocardia (Mo.Me) Connectoproductus (Br.An.An.An.Me) Colpospongia (Po.An.Os.An) (Cd.Ga.Ar.Pa) Conodiscus Conoglobigcrina Conchoprimitia (Ar.Ar.Tr.Ga.An.Cr.Ru) Compositella Columbcllopsis (Mo.i (Cn.Te) Condomyra (Ar.Nt) (Mo.Bi.Ga.Cm) (Mo.Fo.Rh) (Ec.Ga.Ne) Conaspis (Ar.Ga.Ga.Sc) Compsaster Compsocephalus Compsocrinus (Ec.Bi.Tr.Cr.Os.Ps) Conbalhclla (.Nt) (Mo.Ph) Columnotheca Conactaeon Conannulolungia Colus Conarchnium (AcRa.Co.Ar) Coniferina (.Ce) Conipressiphylluni (Cn.Li) (Ec.Bi.Ga.Pc.Ca.Rh) Conlinoceras (Mo.Bi.An.Un) Columni>p(>rella (Cn.Ca.St) Coniasaurus (Cd.Ar) Coluzea (Mo.Ci) Conoclisa (Mo.Am) Conocerithium (Mo.Sc) (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Ne) ( Conarosia (Br.Ch) Comarocystites (Ec.As.s) Concavhithis (Ar.Ar) Colposigiiia Comophyllastraea Condonofusiella (Fo.Sp) ( Ar.Ga.Ce.Fo.Os.Aj) Confusiscala (Mo.Cc) Conocerina (Mo.Sp) Columellithyris (Br.Fo.Un.Ga.Bc) (Mo.Bi.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Ce.Cr.'Xr.Cn) Conodicoelites (Mo.Ar.Os.Ga.Ga.Rh) Concliolhyra (Mo.An.Ne) Conchopeltis (Cn.An.Li.Ds) Condylacanthus (Po.Fo.Os.Ph) Columellaespongia (Po.As) Connectaslrea (Cn.Mo) (Cn.Tr.Os.Sc) (Mo.Di) (Mo.An.Ne) Concavites (Mo.De.Ru) Conger Congeriomorpha Congorhynchus Congregopora Columbitrigonia (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ne) Concinnispira (Mo.Cm) Combophyllum Combusta (Cn.Pa) (Br.Sq) Columbocystis (Ec.Bc Cominicula (Mo.An.Di) Complexastraea (Cn.As) Colubraria (Mo.Fo.Co) Concavodonta Concavus (Ar.Pr) Comuquia Comura (Br.Fo.Ce.Sc) (Br.Ph) Conisia (EcHo.Ar.Or) (Br.Ar.An.Cr.An.f-o.Ga.As.De.

Ve) Conoininolia Coolinia (Br.Ru) Cordylocrinus Conospongocyrtis Cophocara Cophocetus Copia Copiceras (Mo.Bi.Ch.Ar.Os.Fo) Copidozoum (Bz.Pa) Cordyloblastus (EcBI.Fo.Os.Pl) Convcxastraea (Cn.Fo.Ga.El) Coreanoceras (Mo.s (Mo.En) Conotheca (Hy.Ga.Te) Fo.Ar.Ar) (Mo.Sel Cooperoceras (Mo.De) Mo.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 401 Conoidoc\athUN (Pr.Un) (Hy.Ga.Sp) Coreospira Conotubigera (Bz.Ar.Ce.Li) Cornulites (Pr.Ga.Ne) Cornigella (Ar.Po) Contilheca (Mo.Ho) Corniculina (Mo.Fo) Conularina (Cn.Un) Conopolus Conopora (Ar.Ve) Corburella (Mo.Ne) Cornucardia (Mo.Bi.Or..Rh) Corcorania (Ar.Pr) (Cn.Aj) Conorbitoides ( Coosia (Ar..Ne) Conorbis (Mo.Or) Conradostrea (Mo.Ar.Fo) Cooperuna (Ar.Os.Ne) Coosella (Ar.Ar.Gr.Ne) (Mo.Or) Cornuodus (Cd.Li) CornucoqLMmba (Ar.St) Corbuloceras Conophillipsia (Ar.Cn) Conularia (Cn.Co) Conulariopsis iCn.Tr.Be) (Mo.Ta) Cooperithyris (Br.Th.Ca.Ga.Cr.Bi.Pa) Cordubiceras (Mo.Sc) Conokephalina (Ar.Ga.Aj) Conorotalites (Fo.Ph) Conopoteriuiii (Cn.Ar) Corbina (Ar.Os.Nt) Coralliophila (Mo.Fo.Te) Cornikloedenia (Ar.Un.Ar.Sc) Cooperellopsis (Mo.Ga.Ar.An.Hy) Conlradouvillinia (Br.Cr.Sc.Pa) Copanognathus (Cd.Ani) CopioMoniella (Mo.Po) Constileioceras (Mo.My) (Mo.Ct) Corbis (Mo.Me) Corbulipora (Bz.Ga.Os.Go) Corniiloculina (Fo.Hy.St) Cordapeltis (Ar.Os.Pa) Cuntignatindocrinus (Ec.Ga.Bi.Fo) Copelandella (Ar.He.Ce.CI) Cornovica (Ar.Co) Conulus (EcEc.Ir.Ch) Cooperea (Br.Ce.Fo) (Ar.Ra.Cp) Corineorthis (BrAr.Ru) Corallidium (Po.Ec.Ga.Os.Po.Fo.Ve) Cornulina (Mo.Tr.Bi.Pt) Conslantina (Ar.Te) Corallidomus (Mo.Ga.Ga.Tr.An) Coopericystis (Ec.-\r.Fo.Ve) Conolichas (Ar.Re) Coosina Coosinoides (Ar.My) Conophyllia (Cn.Ve) Conorhytis (Mo.De.Ne) (Cd.Te) Cordatella (Fo.An.Ve) Conomedusites (Cn.An.Cy) Corbulamella (Mo.Ve) Conometra Conominius (Ec.Bi.Unl Cooperidiscus (Ec.Ga.Ga.Un.Cr.On) (Mo..Ga.CI) Coquimba (Ar.Re.Ar.Ve) Conopiscius (Cd.Bi.Ch) Cooperatia (Ar.Bi.Cc) Copleicyathus (Po.Pt) Corbicularia (Br.Po) Cornuaspongia Cornuboniscus Contortella (Mo.Ga.Pt) Cordilleracyathus (Po.Co) Corbicula (Mo.Tr.An.Fo.Ga.He) (Mo.Tr.Fo.Os.Ar) (Mo.Ne) Convexopecten Convexothyris (Br.Bi.Fo) Cononiitra (Br.Or) Copytus Coquandia (Ar.Sc) Copiellintra (Ac.Pa) Conlcmniscala (Mo.Bi.An.Ga.Or.Sp) Corechinus (Ec.Mo) (Ac.Ac) Copidocatomus (Mo.Fo.My) Conomurex Conopeum (Mo.Cr.Fo) Cooperrhynchia (Br.Gy.Bi.Ar.Ve) Corbulomima (Mo.De) Conotomaria Copidens Conotrela (Br.Tr.Ga.Ce.Go) (Mo.Ra.Bi.CI) ConolriKhaniniina (Fo.Rh) Cordatomyonia Cordiceramus Conorbinella (Fo.Ci) Copicyntra (Ac.Ne) Corbariastraea (Cn.Cr.Tr.BLSp) Corasler (Ec.An.On) (Mo.xicaris (Ar.Sp) Conosphaera (Ac.Sc.Gy.Pa) Coptochetus (Cn.Ve) Conokigena (Fo.Cn) Conulariella (Cn.Cr.My) (Po.Ce.Pr) Conuloblastus (Ec.Cr) Conus (Mo.Li.Ga.Cr.Re.Sp) Cornuscutelluni (Ar.Ce.Na) Cordylodus (Cd.La) Cornuspira (Fo.Bi..Pa) Coptocampylodon (Mo.Pt) Cordiopsis (Mo.Tr.Pt) Cornuproelus (Ar.s (Ec.Ga.Ec.Ra.Nt) Coplothyris (Br.Gy.Ar) Coriandria (Mo.Ma.Ce.Ar) (Mo.Ar) Cordobicyathus (Po.Ho) Corax (Cd.Fo) Conve.Ar.De.Cy) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Tr.Bi.Cr.Cr.Ph) ContDcrinus (Ec.Sc) Copelandia (Ar.St) Coralliochama (Mo.Fo.Gy.Ce.Os.Bi.Os.Cr.Os.Mo) Cornucrinus (Ec.Ne) Coripia Conspicillum Cornellites (Mo.Is) Cordania (Ar.Pr) Cooperella (Mo.Or) (Fo.Ce.Pt) (He.Tr.Cr.Ar) Copicyntroides (Ac.Tr.Ed.Cn) Coral locera.St) Cooperina (Br.Da) Conslellaria (Bz.Fo (Mo.Tr.Bi.Pa) .Ga.An.Ar.Ce.Ve) (Ar.An) (Mo.Po) Conlracienus iMo.Cn) Corallospondylus (Mo.Da) (Cd.SlCv) Coptosipho Corniculinoides ( Conslellalospongia (Po.Ve) Conorboides (Fo.Th.As) Conoteuthis (Mo.Ne) Conuber (Mo.Hs) Conotoma (Mo.An.Fo) Conora Conorbina (An.Fo.Ar) Coremagraptus Corematocrinus (Ec.Fo.Sc.Ra.Ce) (Cn.Cn) Convoluticeras Corbiculopsis (Mo.Po) Cordieria (Mo.Co.Os.Bi.Te) Corbiculclla (Mo.Ce) Coprolithina (Fo.Un.Rh.Ra.An.St.Pl.St) Corbula Coollarocrinus (Ec.Ga.Li) (Mo.Bi.Co.Am) Conosmilia (Cn.Fo.Bi.Cm) Cookia Cookobryozoon (Mo.Na) (Br.Hi) Cornuella Contusotruncana (Fo.Ga.Ga.Nt) Conradoceras (Mo.Os.Bi.Cn) Corallium (Cn.Bi.Ca.Fo) Coriothyris (Br.Pr) Coptodiscu.Ce.In) Conolrochus (Cn.Tr.Sp) (Ec.Pt) Cordiula (Mo.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Ec.Os.Sc.Ve) Conlonophylluni (Cn.Tr.Tr.Te) Consonopsis (Ar.Te.Ch) Coreocaris (Ar.St) Conolithes (Mo.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Ne) Cornulitella (Pr.An) Consobrinella (Mo.Bi.Ga.Pt) (Bz.Ml.Ch.Fo) Coralliophaga (Mo.Co) Conostichoceras Coreanocepiialus (Ar.Di) Copodus (Cd.Bi.He) Coptostoma Cornicythereis (Ar.Sc.An.Pt) Coprinoscolex (Er) Coriops (Cd.Cn) Corallistcs (Po.Sc) Corbicellopsis (Mo.Sp) Corellicarcinus (Ar.Bi.Pt) Cordispira Conoredlichia (Ar.Nt) Coracophos (Mo.Mo) (Mo.Nt) (Bz.

Pe) (Cn.Tr.Ar.BI.Rh.Na) Cornwallalia Corocalyptra I (Cd.Fo.Ga.Ce.Ph) (Cn.Ch.Nu) Coronocrinus (EcCr.Rh) Corythnielissa (Mo.Ce.Na) CoryeUites (Ar.Cc) Coryphaenopsis (Cd.Bi.St) Costellagerina (Fo.Ga.Ar.Na) (Mo.St) Costatispirifer (Br.Cr.Bi.Ph) Coskinon (Fo.Gr) Corythueeia Coronopsis (Mo.Nu) Corphalia (Cn.Ga.Cc) Costellacesta (Mo.St.Ag) Coscinodiscus (Po.Tr.Ga.Gy.Ls) Cosjuvia (Cn.Sp) Costatia (Ar.Pt) Corylocrinus Cornutoviim (Ac.Nt) (Mo.Or) Coscinoplycta (Po.Fo) Costidlscus (Mo.Fo) Costellamussiopecten (Mo.Pa) Corynella (Po.Ani) Corynostylus (Bz.Ga.Li) Costazia (Bz.Ar.Sc) Costaella (Mo.Bi.He.CI) Costatheca (Hy.Bi..Sp) Corosaurus (Cd.Gr) Costa (Ar.Ga.Ne) (Ec.Ca) Costaveenia (Ar.Fo.Am) Cortinia (Mo.Ga.Sp) Cornutoenlolium (Mo.Ph) (Cd.Po.Ga.Os.Un) (Mo.Rh) (Ar.Na) Cosma.An.Ga.Ga.Ec.Na) (Mo.Ga.He) Coronites (Mo.Fo) Comigatagnostus (Ar.O.Tr.Oc) Costaledopsis (Mo.Re.Te) Coroniopsis (Mo.EcDs) Coscinospira (Fo.Ar.Os.Cc) Co.St.De.Ve) Corthya (Ec.Ch) Corrugatella (Fo.Ch) Costatoria (Mo.Pt.Ar.Pt) Corrugatimediorostrum (Br.s.Bi.Fo.Ch) Costachonetes (Br.Po) Corrosina (Fo.Ch) Coryellites (Ar.St.Ra.Or) Coryellina (Ar.Fo) Corrugopora (Cn.Aj) Costellipitar (Mo.Ar.Fo) Coryphostoma (Fo.Pt) Corticulospongia (Po.Ar) (Cd.Tr.At) Corralio (Po.An.Fo) Coscinocyathus (Po.El) Costacranaena (Br.Gy.No) Coscinella (Bz.Un) Coryssochiton Costalocrinus (Ec.Ar) Costinorella (Br.Ar) Costaticella (Bz.Ar.Sp) Cortinella (Mo.He.Os.Ga.Bi.Mo) (Ec.De.Ar.Ne) Coryphopterus (Cd.Os.Tr.An.Ne) Corynotrypa (Bz.Co) (Ec.Se) Cosmetalepas (Mo.Ch) Costellaria (Mo.Cr.Ar) Costiferina (Br.Na) Coskinolina (Fo.Ar.Ra.Gy.He) Coroceras (Cd.Rh) Cosmogoniophora Cosmogoniophorina Cosmolepis CosmoHthes Corymbopora (Bz.Fo) Coscinodu.Ar) Costileioceras (Mo.Ru) Costicaniptonectes (Mo.Gr.Or.Ma.Rh) Corvinopugnax Corwenia (Br.Bi.Ta) Corymboporella (Bz.Ne) Corsochelys (Mo.St) (Ec.Mo) (Ar.Fo) Costaegera (Ar.Ani) Coscinaulus (Po.Ga.Ce.St) Cortezorthis (Br.Ce.Hs) Costaglycymeris (Mo.Pt) Corrugopectcn (Mo.Ar.Fo.Pt) Cosmetocrinus (Ec.Cl) Coroniceras (Mo.Ce) (Ar.Po) Coronatica Corynoidcs (He.Rli.Ar.Fo.Na) Cosmacanlhus (Cd..Cr.Bi.St.Os.Gy.Gy.Ce.Rh) Cosniiolithus (Cn.Un) Costispinifera (Br.Sp) Corophiidae (Ar.Pt) Corsania Cosciniipleura (Bz.St.Rh) Coscinoecia (Bz.St) Corum (Ac.Ar.Ch) Cosmonautilus Cornwallia (Br.Ar.Ar.Mo) (Mo.Pl.Pa) (Mo.Ce.Ta) Costipellagiella (Mo.Fo.Ca.Pa) Coroniscala Coryphyllia (Cn.St.Cy) Costentohum (Mo.De.Fo) Cortiniscus (Ac.Pl) Cosmetoilon (Mo.Bi.Cc) Costaclymenia (Mo.Li) Costellispirifer (Br.Fo.Ra.An.Pt) Cortina (Ac.Gr.Ga) Costacopluma (Ar.Os.CI) Cosmoptychius (Cd.He.Ar.Ha) Coscinocyathella (Po.Os.Ta) Coscinophragma (Fo.Ph) Cossmannea (Mo.Tr) Corralia (Po.Os.Ca) Costayella (Fo.Un) Corymbospongia (Po.Re.Os.Re.Ar.Bulletin 363 402 (Mo.Sc.Gr) Costacallista 'Mo.Os.Ar.An.As) Coscinospongia (Po.Cr.An.Bi.He.Na) Coronodus (Cd.Pa) Coronipora (Fo.Fo) Costifera (Fo.Nt) (Mo.Co) Cossmannella Cossmannia (Mo.St) Corynites (He.Ly) Costatoblaslus (Ec.Cr) Costatoleda (Mo.Po) Corylispirifer (Br.Re.St) Corrigotubclla (Fo.Ra.Gy.Os.Rh) Corticiuni (Po.Ra.St) Costanoplia (Br.Pf) Costaecara (Ar.Bi.CI) Costiniitoceras (Mo.St.Os.Tr.Fo.Cy) Costatrypa (Br.Ga.Ly) Costeliarina (Br.Nt) (Mo.Bi.De.Ce.Bi.Bi.Ch) Costisorthis (Br.Pt) (Cd.Ml.Re.De) Coronidmonea (Bz.Ar.Ca) Costatumukis (Br.ln.Ga.St) .Re) Coscinotrypa (Bz.Fo) Coscinocyathellus (Po.Bi.Ga.Ch) Coscinopora (Po.Ne) Costalosiella (Br.An.Ci) (Ac.Li) Cosciniimi (Bz.Os.Fo.De) Corumbella Corunegenys (Cn.Ve) Corocrinus Corynexochides Corynexochina Coronakirkbya (Ar.Bi.Am) Coryphaenoides (Cd.Fo) Costicrura (Br.Re.Bi.Tr.s (Cd.Ch.Co.Os.Pa) Cosmocerithium Cosmochelys Cosmocrinus (Mo.Ar) Coskinolinoides (Fo.Bi.Ra.Am) Corvaspis (Cd.Ga.Me) Cosa (Mo.Ar) Corunncephalus (Ar.Ci) Coscinaraea (Cn.De.smoniya (Mo.Ar.Co) Cossniannica (Mo.Pt.Gr.Ce) Cornwallis Corynecrinus (Ec.CI) Coronocyathus (Cn.Ar.Ani Coryslus (Ec.Co) (Ac.Un) Corysoceras (Mo.Cr.Un) Costeina (Mo.Cr.Fo) Costelli rostra (Br.Re.Ar.Ar.Os.Os.Fo.Fo.Sc) Coryssognathus Coronocystis (Ec.Bi.Pa) Corynexochus (Ar.Nt) Corycephaliis (Ec.Me) Cornuticella (Bz.Go) Corveolepis (Cd.On) Costagyra (Mo.Gy.Ch) Corysodon (Cd.Co) Corythocrinus Coronograptus (He.Ch) (Ar.Ra.An.Ce.Pt.Ce.syrinx Costigcrites (Ec.Pt) Coronochilina (Fo.Ho.Pa) Cornutobairdia (Ar.Ar.MI.Bi.Pa) Coronura (Ar.Ru) Costirhynchia (Br.Ho.Sc) Costatiella (Ar.Pe) CosmophiUne (Mo.De.Eu) Coronula Cornutellii (Ac.Bi.Ce.Sp) Corticospongia (Po.He) Coronalosia (Br.Fo.St) Coronia (Mo.Fo.De) (Ac.Ra.Pl) Coscinophora (Br.Ve) Coronaoceras (Mo.Ph) Coscinarina (Br.Ne) (Cd.Ru) Cosciniopsis (Bz.Ar.Bi.Un) Cosmatites Costigerviiha (Mo.An.Fo.

Tr.Ru) (Mo.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Os.Pt) CoIIreaiicorys (Ec.Pt) Creonella (Mo.Bi.Ar.Ce.Ch) Craspedopora Craspedops (Ar.Fo.Bi.Tr.Ch.Ne) Crassatina (Mo.An.Cr) Crassotornoceras (Mo.In) Colteroceras Crassatellopsis (Mo.Os.Ar.Bi.Gy.Ac) Crateniophylhim (Cn.Os.Cy) Crassiconcha (Mo.At) Crenaleya (Ar.Ae) Crassostrea (Mo.Ch) (Mo.Ga.Li.Ga.Pa) Mo.Cr.Ne) Cotylacrina (Ec.Ga.Ar.Ce.Ch) Craterophyllum (Cn.An.Mo) Crassipunctatrypa (Br.Pa) Cratispirit'er (Br.Me.An.Te) Crassopleura (Mo.Pt) Crassidonta (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Pt) Cowlitzia Crassimurcx ( Crenipectinella (Mo.Ga.Cm) Creniceras (Mo.Or) (Ar.Ar.Cr.Ne) Mo.scala (Mo.Tr.Sp) Crassispirella (Mo.Os.Ar.In.Me) Crepidula (Mo.Oe) CrantKcras (Mo.Ga.Os.Pe) Cranosina (Mo.Pt) Crassophrentis (Cn.Bi.Sp) CoMdcyrciia (Mo.Ve) Craspedocrinus (Ec.Ga.Sc) Crepidosoma (Ec.An.Ru) Cranaena (Br.Po.Bi.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 403 ("osti>plrjrer (Br.He) CraspedophyMia (Cn.St) Crateropora (Bz.Am Crassicyclus (Cn.Sp) Crepicephaius (Ar.Ar) Coltaldia (Ec.Ce.Ga.Ga.Sc) Crenulazone ( Craginia (Mo..Ta) Crassislella (Cn.Cy) Crepichilella (Ar.Go) (Mo.Te I Mo.Ce.My) Crassifimbra (Ar.Re.Bi.Ga.St.Cr.Si) Craspcdargcs (Ar.Ce.De.An.Dal Craspedopyxion (Ar.In) Craterocrinus (Ec.Ce..Ve) Cremides (Mo.Bi.Bi.Am) Crenistriella Coxesia Crassiproetus (Ar.Am) Gratis (Mo.Nt) Couloiiniania (Ar.Sp) Cosiopriinites (Ar.Ar.Gy.Be) (Mo.Ve) Cotton a (Mo.St) Cravenechinus (Ec.Bi.Ru) Cramxephaliles (Mo.Gy.Ve) Crenispirifer (Br.He) Crania (Br.Ta) Crenamussium (Mo.Ar.Ar) Coxiella (Ci.As) Crassumbo (Br.Po.Ru) (Mo.Bi.Mt) Coxliellina (Ci.Pf) Covracythere (Ar.Tr.Pt) Crenidens (Cd.Bi.Bi.Pt) Cotleaudia (Ec.Pt) Cremacrinus (Ec.Po.He) Cosloanachis (Mo.Mt) (Mo.Cc) Crenulipora (Cn..An.Os.Na) Craterellina (Ar.St) Craticularia (Po.Pt) Cotylahindia (Po.Ga.Ga.Di) Crassiceras (Mo.Am) Coupale/ia (Cd.Pr) Crenisutura Coxiconcha (Mo.Sp) C'ranocriiius (Ec.Ce.St.Sp) Cowloniceras (Mo.Ca) Crenaturricula (Mo.Tr.Ta) Craigheadia (Ar.Li) CrassicoUaria (Ci.Os.Ec.Gy.Fo) Coitreauiles (Mo.Os.Ce.Op.Sp) Crassi.Ce.Ce.Nt) Crassadoma (Mo.Ar.Bi.Nt) Crassilina (Cn.An.De.Pa.Gy.Rh) CosUikloetlenia (Ar.Bi.Ru) Crenetocerithiiun (Mo.Am) Cratoselache (Cd.Fo) Crangopsis (Ar.Go) Crepicephalina (Ar.Ch) Crenalolorica (Mo.As) Cotonopsis (Mo.Go) Costula (Bz.Ce.Ce.Or) Crassohornera (Bz.Pt) Cradeocrinus (Ec.Pf) Courtessolium (Ar.Ch.Un.Au) Crenatella (Fo.At) Crawfordina Cothonion Crassacythere (Ar.Po) Cottreauaster (Ec.Bi.Po) Crassimarginata CreniUmula (Mo.Ar) CoMiK(>in.Ct) Coslonia (Ar.Ga.Ve) CraltorKKeras (Mo.Oii) Com ispiritcrina (Br.Ga.Ga.Va) Crassiaheohtes (Cn.Bi.In.Un) Cratorhynchonella (Br.Ar) (Bz.Os.Po.Ga.Un) (Bz.Ga.Li.Nt) Crenolepis (Cd.Nt) Crassodiscopora (Bz..Mt) Couloniceras (Mo.An.Ar.Cc) Crenulilimopsis (Mo.Ec.Ls) Costistricklandia (Br.ha ( Craspedobolbina (Ar.Ce) Couthouyia (Mo.Ce.Ne) ( (Br.Ne) Craspediles (Mo.Ar) (Bz.Ga.Ve) (Mo.Ac) Crateraster (Ec.Cl) Crateroceras (Mo.Ph) Crassatelhtes (Mo.Os.Bi.Tr.Am) Crassiplanuhtes (Mo.Cy) Cremastoglottus (Ar.Pa) Craspedodiscus (Mo.St.Ve) Craspedochilon (Mo.Ga.Ga.Os.He.Ga.Ne) Crassatella (Mo.Tr.An.An.Ag) Craspedostoma (Mo.Ne) Crenostrea (Mo.Fo) Col y Use us (Po.Tr.Se) Cravenia Cosiracheiriiriis (Ar.Ar.Po) Crebriscala Cothumicclla (Cn.Ar.Mo) Costistegcs (Br.Sp) Crenotrapezium (Mo.Ce.Ar.Am) Craterastraca (Cn.Os.Li) Crateroseris (Cn.Sc) Ciisiilriiiiciella (Br.An.An.Ar) Cowiella (An.Bi.Ga.Ch.Tr.Fo.Bi.Ga.Cr.Pt) Craniops (Br.Ru) Crepidacantha (Bz.Ch) Crenipecten (Mo.Ne) Cratochelone (Cd.Ec.Co) Crassaliina (Bz.Ph) Crassilasma Crenilabium (Mo.Ru) Ciisiislrophonicna (Br.Cp) Crataegdcrinus (Ec.Cl) Crassispirit'er (Br.Ce.Pa Craspedona (Br.Po) Cratospirifer (Br.Cr.Ar.Bi.Am) Crassicellopora (Bz.Bi.Da) Crenilabrus (Cd.Bi.Am) Crenatula (Mo.Ds) Cuthurnocystis (Ec.Tr.Cr.Pf) Crassatrypa (Br.Pe) Coxites (Fo.Tr.Ne) Crenulostomina (Fo.Ph) Crenaverneuilina (Fo.Ar.Ce.Ve) Cremnodinatus Cremnorthis Crenabohna Cottopsis (Cd.Ag) Cravenoceras Costulatoslyliolina (Mo.Bi.Ar.Cc.Gy.Sp) Cninodus (Cd.Sp) Crassiatractites (Mo.Ch) Coslislrophonella (Br.Ar.As.Ar.En) (Mo.At) Creniturbo (Mo.Ga.Os.Gy.Cr.Ey) CoNtosN rmila (Mo.Ar.An.Ru) Crenulites (Cn.Ch) Coslokidderia (Mo.Pt) Cowperesia (Mo.Fo) Crassispira Crenomytilus (Mo.Ph) (Bz.ln.Ch) Cravenites (Cn.Ar) Craigella (Br.Fo.Ar.Ve) Cremnoceramus (Mo.As.Ar.Un) Craspedographylus (Ar.Sl) Craspcdalosia (Br.Fo.Pt) Craniella (Po.He.Ar.Go) (Mo.In.Ch) Craniscus (Br.Un) Crassicoscinus (Po.Pt) Craniotreta (Br.Nt) i Br.Ml.Bi.Un) Cravenoceratoides Cotaglaanostus (Ar.Ve) Crassinella (Mo.Cr.Pa) Crassimarginatella (Mo.Ga.Ga.Ga.Cr.Ar) .St.Ne) (Mo.Ga.An.Ne) Cotylederma (Ec.Li) CraspedeMa (Br.Ce.Aj) Crenella (Mo.Tr.Ec.Re.Ph) Crassatelhna (Mo.Li.Ch.Tr.Os.An.Gy.Ga.Cr.Va) Crepidophyllia (Cn.Sl) Cranopsis Crateromorpha (Po.

Ch.Fo.Fo) Ciurispina (Br.Pe) Cronyphyllum (Mo.Tr) Cribroelphidium (Fo.Ci) Crioceratites (Mo.Ru) Cribellopsis (Fo.Te) Cribricellina (Bz.Co) Crustuloides (Mo.Gy.Un.Tr.Fo.Cr) Crossiskenidium (Br.Fo.Tr.Fo.Gy.Na) (Fo.Ce.Nt) Cretolanina (Cd.Ph) Cretatriacanthiis (Cd.Bi.Cy) Cricocyathiis (Cn.Ga.Cr) Creseis (Bz.Fo) Crolanium (Ac.Ec.Ar.Am) Cribanoerinus (Ec.Ra.He) (Mo.Ar.Sp) Cribrilina (Bz.Ml.Hy.Or) Crusoia (Ar.Ga.St.Ce.Ra.Tr.Fo) Cromus (Ar.Am) Cretiscalpellum (Ar.Ph) Crinobrachiatus (Ec.Ch) Crisleliariopsis (Fo.Ch) Crispispongia (Po.Sc) Cribropullcnia (Fo.Ne) (Cn.Ch) Cristagnostus (Ar.Ca.Sc) Crossea (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Fo) Cromyosphacra Cromyostaurolonche (Ac.Ha) Cribralina (Fo.Gy.Ra.De.Ph) Cribrohamkenina (Fo.Fo.Hi) Cribrospira (Fo.Te) Cribrendoecium (Bz.Ga.Ar.Cr) Crucispongia (Po.Ga.Fo) Crista (Cn.Cc) Crucicornina (Ar.Te) Crossotrema (Mo.Ph) Crestoconus (Mo.Fo.Cr.Ne) (AnOs.Go) Crossorhinus (Cd.Ce.Nt) Cryptoborsonia (Mo.Ph) Crypolucina (Mo.Oc) Creseis (Mo.CI) Cribrolinoides (Fo.Fo) Cromyodnippa Cromyodruppoearpus (Ac.Ch) Cristalloella (Mo.Or) Cretirhynchia (Br.Rh) Cribrilaria (Bz.La) Crisiella (Bz.In) Crinistrophia (Br.Fo) Crininieaminus (An.Po) Crumillospongia (Po.Ar) Crespinella (Fo.Rui Crucivirga (Ec.Cr.Th) Crinerocrinus (Ec.Cr Cryphaeoides (Ar.St) CrotalocephaHna (Ar.Ar.In) Crurirhynehia (Br.Cr.Ar.Pl) Cryoturris (Mo.Sp) Cryptanisocritius (Ec.Cr.Ga.Cr.Tr.Fo) Cryptaulia (Mo.Tr.Ds) Crotalocrinites (Ec.Sq) Crinocidaris (Ec.CI) Cryptacaiithia (Br.Fo.Ar.Fo.Fo.Nt) Criiciphyllum (Cn.Sp) Cryptatrypa (Br.s (Ec.Fo.De) Crinoeaulis (He.Br) Crickites (Mo.Tr.Ra.He) Cruricella (Br.Fo) Croncisigcnys (An.Ga.Ga.Fo) Crinisaria (Br.Fo.Ra.Fo.Ta) Crisia (Bz.Cc) Crucicephalus (Ar.Fo) Croixana (Ar.Ar.Fo.Me) Cri.Ra.Re.Os.Cr.At) I Cribrorolalia (Fo.Sl.Fo) Cromatrypa (Br.Pt) Cryphaeu.Tr.Os.stipluma (Ar.Ch.Te) Ciibroparrella (Fo.Cr.Ac) Crurithyris (Br.Nt) Cri brosphaeroides (Fo.Eu) Cryptechiiuis (Ec.Fo) Crommium (Mo.Fe) Crosseola (Mo.Fo.Po.Fo) Crittendenia (Mo.St.Os.Fo.Ch.Ph) Cretaceoniurex (Mo.Ra.St) Cryptoberyx (Cd.An.St.Ga.Ho.Cc) Crucilobiceras (Mo.EcUn) Crozonaspis (Ar.Nt) Cristaeleberis (Ar.Uii) Crownopora (Bz.St.Un) Ciicosia (Br.Te) Cribroturretoides (Fo.Ph) Crucimedusina Cribellopora (Bz.Fo) (Ac.Nt) Cryphops (Ar.Ar.Gr.Sp) Cribricyathus (Pr.Te) Crossoceras (Mo.Tr.Hy.Cr.Cr.CI) Crossbitheca (Hy.Bi.Aiii) Crubus (Ac.Ch.Pa) Crimella Crossognathus (Cd.Tc) Cribrospongia (Po.Sp) Cretodus (Cd.Os.Na) Cryphina (Ar.St.Fo.He.Ml.La) Crisidmonea (Bz.Fo.Sp) Cristigerina (Cd.Hy.Fo) Cronia Cryptobairdia (Ar.Ho.Bi.Li.Fo.Ar.Ar) Creseentilki (Ar.Os.Os.Or) Crescenlicv there (Ar.Cc) Cruciella (Mo.Ve) Ciicosaurus (Cd.Gy.Co.Cr.MLDe) Cruralina (Br.Ve) Cribrogenerina (Fo.St.Gy.Ne) Cribrogoesella (Fo.Ce.Ar.At) Cryphiocrinus (Ec.Cc) CrueibuUini (Mo.Os.In.Cc) Crucella (Ac.Gy.Ga.Po) Cribrolhalamia (Po.Ar.Cc Crucibrissus (Ec.Ga.Bi.Fo) Cribella (Bz.Sp) Cryptaulax (Mo.Ag) Cruratula (Br.Ec.Ch.Sp) Cribroapertunita (Fo.Po.Un) Cribraria (Mo.Cc) CrucilocuHna (Fo.Sp) CrotalocephaHdes (Ar.Te) Criocardium (Mo.Tr.MLDe) Crustopora (Bz.Sp) Crossoura (Ar.Ci) Crisiona (Bz.Ve) Crisidia (Bz.Ar) Crepis (Bz.Ga.An.Ar.Fo) Cristodus (Cd.Tr.Bi.Ce.Sp) CribropleurosKiinella (Ac.Ar.Hy) (Cn.St) Cryptoblastus (Ec.Sa) Cribrorobulina (Fo.Ga.Ar) Crepispisula (Mo.Fo.Ce.Ch.Ci) Crepipora (Bz.Fo) CrisuHpora (Bz.Ph) Cribrolentieulina (Fo.Ch) Crislicoma (Br.Os.Ra.Fo.Or.Ga.An.Ve) Crozonorthis (Br.Ga.Ga.Sp) Cretocardia (Mo.Na) Cretitanais (Ar.St.Gr.Ce.Fo) Croneisella (Fo.Nt) Cricocrinu.Fo.St.Sp) Cryptangia (Cn.Cr) Cretascyninus (Cd.Fo) Croniyocriiius (Ec.Un) Creusia (Ar.Ph) Cribronodosaria (Fo.Ga.An) Crossalosia (Br.Ga.La) Crisinella (Bz.Ne) .Un) Cribranopsis (Fo.Os.An.Tr.An.Bi.He.Fo) Cryptainphorella (Ac.CI) Cretaceratina Cretachlorodus (Ar.Fo) Cristiferina (Br.Tr.Ch) Crisposcala (Mo.St.Ar.Ap) Cryptheha (Cn.Fo) Cromyoinma (Ac.Cc) Crimites (Mo.Bulletin 363 404 Crepipatella (Mo.St.Fo.Ph) Cribrohemisphaeroides (Fo.Pt) CribnibhiNtus (Ec.Tr.Tr.BLSp) Cricocosmia (Pa) Crossata (Mo.Cc) Cruziturricula CribrogloburotaUa (Fo.Ga.Po) Cretoxyrhina (Cd.Rh) Crioceras (Mo.Mi) Cribrostonioides (Fo.Fo) Crispus (Pr.Ar.BI.Fo.Aiii) Cruasiceras (Mo.Ar.Un) Cretorectolobus (Cd.Fo.Os.Ch) Cricodiclyum (Bz.Ve) Cribrononion (Fo.St.Gy.Un) Crestjahitus (Hy.Di) Crisisina (Bz.Pt) Crussoliceras (Mo.St.St.Fo) Cristafrons (Ar.Ga.Ra.Bi.Am) Cribroconcha (Ar.Ru) Cryplobalistes (Cd.Hy) Crinisarina (Br.Os.Ga.Di) Crossostonia (Mo.Po) Crinitograptus (He.Nt) Crespinina (Fo.Gr) Crotalocephalus (Ar.Fo) Crossacanthia (Br.Cr) Cristatodus (Pr.De.Fo.Ar.Oc) Crisina (Bz.Ar.Bi.Fo.Fo.s (Ar.Fo.Re.Fo) Crocodilaeinus (Cd.He) Croneisites (Ec.

Ce.Ch.Nt) Crypuiseptida (Fo.Nt) (Cn.Ar.Pt) Cuneoceratina (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Sc) Cryptoclidus (Cd.Co.Po.Ga.Ga.Ar.Os.An.Ar.Cr.Na) (Cd.Ve) Ctenoceras (Mo.De.Ce.Pe) Cumularia (Mo.Pf) Cupressocrinites (Ec.Co) CubtONulcus (Ar.Tr.Ch) Cunearca Cuneaster Cuneatopora Cryptomella Ctenopristis (Cd.Po.Ch) Curtaslrum (Cn.Ne) (Mo.Os.Ph) Ctcnacanihus (Cd.Nt) Cryptorhytis Cubanina (Fo.Sp) Cuctienophylluni (Ar.As) Ctenophoraster (Ec.Ce.Pa) Cunctocrinus (Ec.Ra.Fo) Cryptopora (Br.Ch.Bi.Gy.Ce.Pa) Culicia (Cn.Ph) Cuneolina (Fo.Sc) Cucullipora (Bz.Cl) Cunitoceras (Mo.Ru) (Mo..Bi.Bi.Ga.Os.Ce.Bi.Pl) Cuniculinella (Fo.Bi.An.Sc.Rh) Cuphosolenus (Mo.De) Culmicrinus (Ec.Pt) Ctenosciaena (Cd.Te) Cubestana (Mo.Ar) (Ac.Bi.O-s.Am) Cupidoliva (Mo.Ga.Pt) Cuneolinella (Fo.Po) Cryptoihyhs (Br.Bi.Ar.Co.Pe) Ctenocephalus (Ar.Px) (Mo.Ar.Ar.Os.Bi.Cl) Cryplospirifcr (Br.ls) Ctenognathichthys (Cd.Sc) Cryplochiton (Ar.Ce.Ds) Cryptolichenaria (Cn.Os.Ar.Px) (Bz.St) CunnoMtes (Cn.Pa) Ciicullaea (Cn.Ru) Cryptogoleus (EcEd.Br) Cuifastraea (Cn.s (Mo.Fo) Cuparius (Br.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Os.Ch.Eo.Rj) Cuneicardioceras (Mo.Tr.BKFi) Cubanothyris (Br.An.Or) Ciibanirhynchia (Br.Ve) Ctenochonete.Os.Re.Ve) Cryptolarancium (Ac.Pt) Cudmorella (Br.Ne) (Cd.Or) Culmia (Mo.Ra.Mo) Cumberloceras (Mo.St) CucuIIograptus (He.Cr.Ar.Sp) Cunavella (Mo.Ga.Os.Li) Ctenilyria (Mo.Ar) Cryplolithus (Ar.Ra.Ph) Cryptolepis (Cd.Cl) Cuciillaria (Mo.Fo) Cubaochetoceras (Mo.Fo.Bi.Ar.As) Ctenopomichthys (Cd.Ga.Pa) Ctenodontella (Mo.An.Ar) Curiaspis Crypiotrela Curionia (Mo.Ve) Cry ptodicty a (Po.Ar.Ga.Bi.Ar) Ctenorbiloides (Fo.Bi.Fo) Curetia (Mo.Ch) CubitoMilcus (Ar.Ga.El) Cryptoderaspis (Ar.Te) Cryptocephalus (Ac.Ce.Ar.Os.Na) Cubit'enestella (Bz.Sc) Cryptorhynchia (Br.In) Cryptospira (Mo.Rh) Cryploporella (Br.He.As.Pt) Cumingia Cumingsoceras Cryptoglena (Bz.Bi.Ga.HcAs) Cryptocarida (Mo.Tr.Ru) Cienalosia (Br.An.Bi.Re.Ar.Eu) Cuneigervillia (Mo.Fo) (Ar.Ce) Curfsina (Ar.Os.MI.Ve) Cteniopleurium (Mo.Os.Ga.Te) CrypttKaris (Ar.Ch) Cultellus (Mo.Fo.Ct.De.Os.Pe) CryptDrthoceras (Mo.Po) Cryptophragmus Cryptophy lliis (Po.Nt) Ctenoptychius (Cd.Ar) Cursina (Fo.St) Ctenoscolex (An.Un) Ctenocystis (Ec.Nt) (Br.Ce.Ar.Po.My) Cryptopecten (Mo.My) (Mo.s (Br.Bi.Os.Pt.Gr) Ctenognathodus (Cd.Cr.Po.Mymenia (Mo.Ce.Sp) Cubiceps Cubiculovinea (An.Bi.Te) Cuphotiler (Mo.Ra.Os.Bi.Rh Cubacula Cubanaster (Ec.Pt) Cry ptonatica (Mo.An.Os.Bi.Ec.Tr.Ve) Ctenopora (Bz.Ga.Ga.Cr.An.St.Fo.Ar.Pa) Cuneamya (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Tr.Rh) CrypioMomclla (B/.Re.Ar.He) Ctenurella (Cd.An) Cuersithyris (Br.Ne) Cryptosiphon (An.Cr) .Pe) Cuneirhynchia (Br.Or) Ctenocriniis (Mo.Ve) Culicocrinus (Ec.As.Pa) Cuifia (Cn.De.Pl) Culnienaspis (Ar.Rh) Cryptonella (Br.Se) Cupuladria (Bz.Ga.St.He) Cryptothyrella (Br.Gr) Curteocrinus (Ec.Sp) Cuccoccras (Mo.Rh.Gy.Me.Aiiu Cuburbita (Fo.Pt) Cuna Cunanax Cryptolepas (Ar.Pt) Cryptocordieria (Mo.Nu) Cumminsia (Cn.Sc) Ctenocheles (Ar.Nt) Cupitheca (Pr.Bi.Ar.Re.Fo) Cryploplax Ctenothrissa (Cd.Po.Cc) CtenodonUi Cumniingella (Ar.Ps) Ctenocardia (Mo.Ve) Ciena (Mo.Fo.Fo.Ar.Tr.Sc) Cryplomactra (Mo.Ag) Cryptocoelia (Po.Ga.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Li.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 405 Ctenaspis (Cd.Mo) Cr\ptoi.Re) Ctenodentex (Cd.Bi.Po.Nt) CryptoschlMiia (Ec.Pa) Cupulocrinus (Ec.Bi.Sp) Ctenoides (Mo.Tr.Os.Tr.An.Rh) Cterocardia (Mo.Am) Cryptopiyxis (Mo.Li) Cryplosula (Bz.Os.Go) Cryptobrani-'liia Cryptocapsa Cryptoconus Cryptomya I (Br.Gy.Ne) Ctenoberyx Ctenobolbina Ctenobolbinella (Ar.Co) (Mo.Cr.Ve) CryplopliKus (Mo.Cl) Cryplotexaniles (Mo.St) Cultriopsis (Mo.Un.Ar.Co.Pl.Am) Ctenopterus (Ar.Ve) Cucullaearca (Mo.Cl) Cryptoconchus Ctenochelys (Cd.Ce.Ve) (Ec.Ce.En) Ctenobactrite.Hi) Cryptograptus (He.Fo.Ve) Cuniculocystis (Ec.Ba) (Mo.Pt) Cupulina (Po.Ca) Cualabaea (Cd.Na) (Mo.Bi.Os.Co) Cryptotaxis (Cd.Fo.Go) Ctenocephalichthys (Cd.Sc) Cryptochorda (Mo.Ar) Curriclla (Ar.Bi.Co) Cunningtoniceras (Mo.Te) Ctenopyge (Ar.An.Ce.Ne) Ctenocolpus (EcEo.Bi.Ct) (Mo.Co) Cryptocriniles Cryptocycloceras (Mo.Ce.Pr) Cryptoglytopleura (Ar.Pa) Cupiilocorona (Ec.Ga.Gr.Bi.Pt) Cucumaltina (Po.Fo) Cienactis (Cn.Co.Bi.St.Nu) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.An.Sp) (Mo.Pa) Ctenostreon (Mo.Po) Cryptonerita (Mo.Ch) Cryplostcphanidium (Ac.Fo) Cuneocorbula (Mo.Gy.Fe) Cupularostruin (Br.Ta) Ctenonotella (Ar.Ct) Cuneus (Mo.Gy.Ga.Fo.Pt) CryptiK'iielopis (Mo.Ga.Os.Ce.Chi Cubilostrea (Mo.Pf) Cuneocythere (Ar.Ph) Cryptolithoides (Ar.Bi.Br) Culipagnostus (Ar.Cn) (Ec.Co) Ctenoloculina (Ar.Cl) Cupaniella (Mo.De.Gr.Go) Cryptoporocyathus (Po.Ne) Cucumarites (Ec.Ga.Bi.Rh) Cteroclymenia (Mo.Os.Ne) Cryptocoenia (Cn.Tr.Ga.Bi.Un) Ctenoconularia Culumbodina Cumberlandina (Cd.Ci) Ctenokoninckina (Br.Cr.Un) (Br.

Bi.Tr.An.An.Bi.Ar.Ar) Cyalholheca (Ec.Ce.Cy) CurviroMrLini (Mo.Bi.Gr.Sc) Cycloforina (Fo.In) Cyclothone (Cd.Po) Cyclamniina Cyclampleriuni (Ac.Bulletin 363 406 Curticiu (Br.Ga.Ml.Ph) Cyclolobus (Mo.Ru) (Cn.Ga.Ed.An.An.Ce.En) (Mo.An) Cycloscala (Mo.Fo) Cyclotheca (Mo.Sc) Cyclolberis (EcEc.Nt) Cyanaphylluni Cyanocyclas Cyanoplax Cyathaxonia (Mo.Ve) Cycloclenia (Po.An.Un) Cyclograplus (He.Sc) Cuvierina (Mo.De.Ve) Cyalhclia (Cn.EcCi) (Cn.F.Pt) (Ac.Tr.Fo.Rj) Cycloptychius (Cd. In) Cyclothyris (Br.Sc) Cyclocrinus (Ec.Or) (Mo.An.Or) Cyclorbiculinoides Cyathactis (Mo.An.St) Cyathophylloides Cyclognathina (Ar. In.EI) Cyathocyslis (Ec.Sc) (Br.Bi.An.Bi.Ed.Bi.Ga.Pf) Ciiyanaspis (Ar.Ta) Cybellela (Ar.Fo) (Cn.Ml.Ra.Cy) Cyclospongia Cyalhocriniles (Ec.Ml.Ar) Cyathodonta (Mo.Fo) Cycloceltites (Fo.Na) (Mo.Pt) Cyclothyca (Mo.Ce.De) Cyathotrochus (Cn.Ve) Cycloplectoceras (Mo.Ga..Cc) Cyclina (Mo.De) Cyclosiinncta (Mo.Co) Cybcloides (Ar.Fo) Cyclopagnostus (Ar.Ar.Un) Cyclindrocyathus (Cn.Bi.An.An.Fo.s (Mo. In.Bi.Bi.Sc) (Br.Fo) Cyclindroclavulina (Fo.lisia (Ec.Sc) Cyclozyga (Mo.Re.Ar.Ar) (Cn.Ph) Cycloloculina (Fo.Bi.Cy) Cyalhospongia (Po.Fo) Cyclophaenopora (Bz.Ar) Cyathosmilia (Cn.Sc) Cyclopella (Bz.Sc) Cyclodostomia Cycloes (Ar.He.Ml.Ga.Ar.Po) Cyclobathmu.Nt) Cyalliidiuin (Ec.Ru) (Cn.Ve) Cyclocarcinides (Ar.Ce) (Mo.An.Sp) Cycloperiella (Bz.Sp) Cyathaxonella Cyclocites (Bz.Me.Ar.Ga.Fo) (Fo.An.Ga.Po.Li.Fo) Cycloxanthops (Ar.Pt) (Fo.At) CyathiKoenia (Cn.Tr.Ar) Cyathodictya (Po.Ga.An.Ru) (Mo.CI) (Mo.St) Cyclope Cyclopeclen Cusnia Cyciastcr (Ec.Ra.Fo.De.Ga.Ce.s Curtitheca (Hy.Pa) (Ar.De) Cycloputeolina (Fo.Un) Cutchisphinctes (Mo.An.Un) Cybcluius (Ar.Ne) (Cn.Sc) Cyclolites (Cn.Cr.Tr.Li) Cyclolen/ellina (Ar.Ru) Cyclosphaeronia (Ar.Is) Cycladigcra (Br.Fo) Cyathaspis (Cd.Pa) Curtirhynchia (Ar.Ga.He) (Cn.St.Ga.Ar) (Ar.Ac) Cyclolitopsis (Cn.Fo) .Cr.Fo) (Ar.Ga.Fe) Cuspidaiia (Mo.Ar) Cyclopterus (Cd.Pt) Curtohibolilcs (Mo.Tr) Ciiyaniceras (Mo.Re.Cy.Gy.Tr.Ar) Cycladicama (Mo.He.Sc) Cyclogeorgina (Pr.Ga.Os.Ph) Cyclastrum (Ac.Fo.Rc.Os.Fo.Ch) Cussetoslrea (Mo.Fo.Os.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Ed.Ve) Curvitriordo (Ec.Ce.Xi) Cyclobactrites Cyclopsinella (Fo.An.Or.PI) Cyclobalis (Cd.Mo) (Mo.Ar) Cyathocylindrum (Cn.Fo.Ru) (Po.As) Cyclocardia (Mo.Oi) Cybele (Ar.Cy) Cyc lost re me la (Mo.Un) Cycloturbo (Mo.Bi.An) (Mo.CJa.Pt) Cyclochlamys (Mo.Am) Cyclinella (Mo.De) Cyclospira (Br.Ce.Un.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Ve) Cyathophyllia (Cn.De) Cyclophyllopsis (Cn.Ly) Cyalhocidaris Cycloconcha (An.Sc) Cyclolampas Cyclotron (Ar.Ch) Cyclocolposa (Bz.Sc) Cyalhochitina (Fo.An.Gy.Ds) (Ar.Tr.On) Cuvilliera (Bz.Hy.Tr.Ar) (Mo.Os.Bi.Th) Cyclicopora (B/.Li) Cyclorisniina (Mo.Bi.Ph) Cyclocystoides (Ec.St.Gy.Ne) (Fo.De) Cycloholcus (Mo.An.Ph) Cyclomactra (Mo.Ta) Cuvillicrina (Fo.Ru) (Mo.Ve) Cycloporidiuni (Cn.Nt) Cyalhophyllum Cyathophyscus (Cn.Ph) (Cn.Os.He) Cyclostromella (Mo.Pt) (Fo.An.Fo) Cycloceras (Mo.Fo) CiirtdsziKillnis (Cd.Ce.Ce.My) Cyclotrypa (Bz.Ve) Cyclinorbis (Mo.Sc) Cyamodus Cyamops (Cd.Re) Cyclocyrtonclla (Mo.Ga.Tr.Ch.Sc) Cycloprosopon Cyclopseudedomia (Ar.Tr.Ml.Ga.Cr.Ce.Bi.Aj) Cyclocorysles (Ar.Tr.Po.Sc) Cyclostomiceras (Mo. In) Cycloserpula CyalhtK.Is) CyalhiKTicus (Po.Fo.Ma.Fo.An.An.Ga.Fo) Cycloponia (Cd.Ml.Bi.Bi.Os.d) Cyclocyrlendoceras Cyclostrema (Mo.Ag) Cushmanidca Cushmanina (Ai.An.Ce.St.Fo) Cyclantharia (Br.An.Sp) Cyclites (Mo.Sl.Un.De) Cyclobacia (Cn.Ve) Cycloporella (Bz.Cy) Cyclociypeus (Fo.Ru) Cyclocyathus (Cn.Cr.Fo) Cycloscena Cyathoceras (Cn.Or) (Mo.Tr) Cyamidia Cyamiomactra Cyamocarcinus Cyamocephalus CyamoLylheridea (EcEc.Se) Cycloconchoides (Mo.Bi.Mo) Cycladophora Cyclagnostus (Ar.Be) Cyathophylliopsis (Cn.St.Or) Curvostrea (Mo.Os.Sc) Cyclopora (Bz.Eu) (Mo.Ml.Tu) Cyclothyrcus (Ar.EcSp) Cyclopellalia (Mo.Os.Sc) Cyclodynienia (Mo.Ag) Cyclomedusa Cyclomolops Cyclomussa Cyclomyonia Cyclonema Cushniania (Fo.Am) Cycledomia Cycleryon (Ar.Pt.Go) Curtoceras (Mo.Ce.Fo.Ga.Fo.Nt) (Cn.Cy) Cyclopyge (Ar.Co.Ve) Cyclorbiculina (Fo.Ml.My) Cyclastraea (Cn.Ed) Cyclolina (Fo.Ar.Te.Pr) Cyclocancer (Ar.Bi.An.Ed.Fo.Rh) Cyathoscris (Cn.Ga.De) (Ar.Ra.Bi.MI.Ph) Cyclolorenzella (Ar.Cc) Cyclorisma (Mo.Or) Cycloseris (Mo.Os.Tr.Sc) Cyclocoelia (Br.Ce.Bi.Tr.Bi.Cl) Cyclocyalhella (Po.An.An.An.Rh) Cyathus Cybantyx (Ar.Fo.Ar.Ve) (Po.Ce.Ch) Cyclopites (Mo.Fo.Na) Cusacrinus (Ec.Be) Cybclopsis (Ar.An.Ve) Cuspicorbiila (Mo.St.Fo.Aj) Cyclostomaria (Mo.An.Tr.St.He.Fo.Co) Cyclolituite.Is) Cyclostremiscus Cyathopacdium Cyathophora Cyalhophycus (Cn.Tr.Ch) Cyclostigma (Po.Fo.Ga.Ve) Curvalella (EcHo.Re) Cycloflabellum (Cn.Pt) Cyclorhynchia (Br.Sc) Cyclotellina (Mo.Ru) (Cn.Ar.Ru) Cyclorbitopsella (Fo.

Ce) (Mo.Fo.Nl) Cymatograplus (Hc.Ve) Cyrenodonax (Mo.ln) (Bz.Ce.Eo.Ml.Ar.Nl) (Mo.Ml.Ne) Cypridopsis (Ar.Os.No) Cypricardella (Mo.Ph) Cyrbasiolreta (Br.Or) Cyranoia (Br.Be) Cyrba.Fo) Cypridella (Ar.Sp) Cylindrosmilia (Cn.Li.Ar.sia (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Nl) Cylindritella Cylindriibullina (Mo.Pe) Cypridinella (Ar.Fo.Os.Ar) (Mo.Ru) (Cn.Ce.Ce.Ne) Cymia Cyphonochekis Cyphonotus Cyphoproetus (Mo.Ce.Na) (Mo.Or) Cyproplerina Cylicioscapha (Mo.CyJ Cymbalop»)ra (Fo.Ce) (Mo.Ls) Cyrtiopsis (Br.Ce.Fo) Cypridcliina (Ar.Ne) (Cd.Am I Cylindriscaia (Mo.Tr.Nl) Cymbithyris (Br.Ga.Pr) CyrlochelUN (Mo.Ch.Ga.Ve) Cylichnania Cylichnopsis lindracaiitluis (Mo.Ne) Cypricardiles (Mo.sina (Mo.Ga.Cm) Cyrtiorina (Br.Bi.Tr.Co.CI) Cyphaspis (Ar.Ar.Ga.Ga.Ne) Cypro.Un) Cypridina (Ar.Sl) Cyrlochilus (Mo.Po.Ga.My) Cylichiia Cymbiocrinus (Ec.Ce) Cynibionitcs (Ec.Gr.Ra.Tr.Ga.In.An.Fo) Cyphdeis (Ar.On) Cyllndrites Cylindritopsis Ilia Cymakra Cymatelasma Cymatella Cymatiella Cymatium Cymatoceras Cymatochiton CymaliKlus (Mo.Ar.Gy.Ga.Sl.Ar.Sp) Cylismilia (Cn.Ga.Nl) (Mo.Ce.Pr) Cyrloballoceras (Mo.Ra.Ar) .Li) Cyprosis (Ar.Pt.Sl) Cyrtalosia (Br.Ga.Am) Cyphonella Cyphoniscus (Bz.Be) (Mo.CI) Cypridodella (Cd.Rh) Cypellia (Po.Ml.Na) Cyniaclymenia Cymahopliles (Mo.Ga.En) Cylinder (Mo.On) Cypricardinia (Mo.On) (Mo.Ga.Al) Cy (Cd.Sl) Cyrlenlaclinia (Ac.Re.Sc) Cyrlella (Br.Os.Fo) Cypellospongia (Po.Ra.Bi.Os.Ce) (Br.Sc) Cyphastraea (Cn.Os.Pr) Cyrlisphaeraclenium (Ac.Sp) CyliiKeras (Mo.Rh) Cyrtochiles (Pr.Cr.Ga.Nl) (Mo.Sc) Cyrtocyprus (Ar.Ch) Cyrloceras (Ar.Ga.Ar.Sp) Cylindrolhcca (He.Cc) Cyniscella Cyrtia (Br.Os.Ru) Cyndalia (Br.Co) Cynibiola (Mo.Ga.Ri) (Mo.Bi.Ar.St.Rh) Cylindroclaxulina (Fo.Ar.Cr.As) Cyrtoceralites (Mo.Ar.Na) (Mo.Ma.An.Tr) Cyrtoclymenia (Mo.Bi.Ce.Ar.Nl) Cynodelphis (Cd.Ce.Bi.Ch) (Cd.Ve) Cypraeerato Cyrlodechenella (Ar.Tr.Os.Ce.Sp) Cylindrophynia (Po.Ar) Cyrtocrinus (Ec.Os.Ga.Ic) Cyranichlhys (Cd.Ra.Ga.My) Cymatoica (Mo.Ar.Ne) Cypholalosia (Br.El) (Ar.An) Cyllene (Mo.Tr.Ac) (Mo.Ra.Mo) (Mo.En) Cylindrophylluni (Cn.Nl) Cyrtocalpis (Ac.Ga.Ar) Cypraeoirivia (Br.Ar.Na) Cyniaccras (Mo.Bi.Bi.Cl) Cyiiibia (Ar.Ar) Cyrloliles (Mo.Ga.De) Cyrlocheilus (Ar.Mo) (Po.Pr) Cyrtiphaeronemium (Ac.Ne) Cyrenobalissa (Mo.Ga.Un) Cyprilepas (Ar.Ve) Cyplendoceras (Mo.Re.Ch) Cymidia Cymoceras (Mo.Sl) Cylindnmiilra (Mo.Te) (Mo.Sp) Cylindroslslus (Cn.An.Sp) Cylindrotrocholina (Fo.Os.Ga.Ta) Cynocercas Cynopodius (Mo.An.Te.El) Cyllenina Cyphocrinus (Ec.Ga.Tr.Ga.Fo.Os.Ne) Cynocerina (Mo.Fo.Os.Ra.Bi.Ga.In) Cypraeorbis (Mo.Cr.Am) Cypelometra Cyphaspides (Ar.Eu) C> nibibtrophcodonla Cymbiles (Mo.Sl) Cyrtocapsa (Ac.Ne) Cypraeogemmula (Mo.Cy) Cyrlocyathus (Cn.Sc) Cyrlina (Br.Ce) (Mo.Be) Cynoscion (Cd.Os.Ar.Nl) (Mo.An.Ce.Ci) Cylk'hnella (Mii.Ne) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.An.Ce) (Ec.Ar.An.Ga.Nl) (Mo.De.Ar.CI) (Mo.Fo.Ce.Cr.My) (Ec.Rh) Cyprella (Mo.CI) Cyphomenoidea (Br.Ar.Nl) (Mo.On) (Mo.Po) Cylichnalys (Mo.ls) Cypholrypa Cyphoxis Cypraea (Cd.Ce.Ar.s.Cr.Sci Cymoproductus Cymosmilia Cymostrophia (Br.Ce) CylindriKhilina (Fo.Sp) Cylindriiphy (Cn.Ga.Ce.Ga.My) Cyilrocrimis (Ec.Ar.O.Cr.Ce.Nl) (Mo.Bi.Cr.Pr) Cymalonaulilus (Mo.Di) (Cd.Ga.Go) Cyrolexis (Br.Ga.Ce.Ga.Ce.Ve) Cylichnina Cyproglobina (Mo.Sp) Cyiindrnlciithis (Mo.Pe) Cyrlinaella (Br.Ce.De.Ar.Gr.Ch.Sl) Cyprimcria (Mo.Nl) Cyrlodaria (Mo.Os.Ga.Nt) Cyrtodiscus (Mo.Ga.Ro.Ga.Sl) Cynendoceras (Mo.Aii.ls) Cynaclinoceras (Mo.My) Cylicoopsis (Po.Bi.Ne) (Cn.Am) Cyphoma Cyphomena (Br.Ve) Cyrlograptus (Hc.Am) Cypholerorhynchus (Br.Na) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.My) Cylicoirrinus (Ec.He.Te) Cyrenopsis (Mo.Ga.A Compendium oi- Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 407 C\cliis (Ar.Sp) CylitK-rinus (Ec.Ce.Fo.Ph) Cymalonola Cymalopegma Cymattiphos Cymatorhynthia Cymatosaurus Cymalospira (Cd.On) Cylindropora (Bz.Ve) (Br.Ax) (Mo.Cr.Ar) (Cd.Li) Cynisca Cyrthoceratites (Mo.Pf) Cypraecassis (Mo.Sc) Cynobaclrites (Mo.Ph) CymbaKipiMvlla (Fo.Di) Cyrlobolia (Po.Ce.Cy) Cymbaloporellci (Fo.ln) (Mo.Bi.He.Ma.An.Ru) (Mo.Ar.Nl) (Ar.Sl) Cynocapsella (Ac.Ce) Cypraeopsis (Mo.Nl) (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ga.Ga.Po) Cyrtometopus (Ar.He) Cymabolbina (Ar.Sp) Cylindrotruncatum (Mo.De) Cypraedia (Mo.Rc.Bi.Ce.Ce.Ga.My) C> JoiUK'i'phaliis Cjdonocrlmis (Ar.Ga.De.Tr.Gr) Cymalosyrinx (Mo.Os.An.Fo) (Br.Ve) Cyrtogomphus (Mo.Ne) (Cn.Ce.Fo) Cymodoce (Ar.Pf) Cyrlinoides (Br.Ga.Ce.Bi.Ly) Cyrtinopsis (Br.Ga.My) Cynodonia Cynodonlula Cyrlogoiiiphoceras (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ar.Un.Or) Cylindrocolaniella (Fo.Ga.CI) Cymbidium (Br.Me) Cymatoga CymatogaMer (Ar.Bi.Nl) (Mo.Pa) (Mo.Un.Fo.Ne) Cyphinioides (Ar.Ga.lnl Cymbiuni Cymbochlaenia Cynibophora Cymbospondylus Cymbricia Cymbularia Cymella Cymenorhytis (Br.Ar.Ga.Tr.He.

St) Cystothyris (Br.Am) Dalliella (Mo.Ce.St) Cystispina (Ar.Ar.O.Pe) Cyltaroplasnia (Cn.Cc) Dactyloteuthis (Mo.Cl) Cyniilolibia (Mo.Tr.Ar.Ne) Dagmaraephyllum (Cn.Hc.My) (Mo.Po) Cytocrinus (Ec.Ac) Dalniasiccras ( Cystostroma (Po.St) Dalmanellopsis (Br.Ga.Ar) Cyrtospyioceras (Mo.Sl.As) Dallilhyris (Br.Tr.Sc) Dalnianiturus (Ar.St.Ta) DactylocDcnia (Cn.Ce.s.Os.Po) Dagyspirifer (Br.St.Sp) Cyrtorizoceras (Mo.Ga.Bi.Pr) Cytheropterina (Ar.Gy.An.Ta) Dactylites (Po.An.An.Ar.Ru) Dabashaniles (Pr.Pl) Cyrtopleiira Cylherellina (Ar.Os.Ar.Ar.Cr) Cystelasma (Cn.De.Cc) Cytheretta (Ar.Cy) Dacryopora (Bz.Fo) (Ar.Li) Dallina (Br.Ar.De.Or) Dacrydium Dacryomya (Mo.An.Gr.Be) DalmanoplnlliMii (Cn.Pr) Cyrtosteus (Cd.Da) Daliiianiles (Ar.Fo) Cyloracea (Po.An.Te) Cystoblastus (Ec.Ga.Mo) Daixites (Mo.Sl) Dactylocephalus (Ar.An.El) Cystauletes (Po.Pr) Cytheroniorpha (ArOs.An.Po) Dagysorhynchia (Br.Mi) Cyrtonellopsis Cystothalamiella (Po.Ta) Dabashanella (ArOs.stothalamia (Po.Te) Cystodendropora (Cn.Sq) Cyslihalysites (Cn.Gy.Li) Dakaria (B/.Tr.Bulletin 363 408 (Mo.Ce.An.Os.Tr.Ve) Daharella (Po.Po) Dabashanospira (Br.Pa) Cyrloniscus (BnAr.Fo.Ch) Dalelina (Ar.Ce.Ei) Dalnianiopsis (Ar.An.Uc.Aiii) Cylherissa (Ar.Fe) Dactylotreta (Br.Mi) Cyrtoslropha (Mo.Ar.Tu.Sl.Bi.Sl) Dactyosachites (Pr.Gy.Sp) Cyslicyathus (Po.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Ch) Cystasler (Ec.Mt) Dalejocystis (Ec.Po) Dailyatia (Pr.Ru) (Cn.Ar.De.Cy) (Mo.Cc) Daixina (Fo.Ve) Daidia (Mo.Ga.Tr.Ga.Po) Dailycyathus (Po.Co.Ce) Dalaia (Br.St.Po) Dainila (Fo.An.Bi.Ar.Aj) Cyrtosymbolc Cyrtosymboloides (Ar.Ar.Os.Sp» Cytherocardia (Mo.Ve) Dalejina (Br.An.Pr) Cytheridea (Ar.Cr.Ru) (Cn.Tr) Daihuaia (Ar.Ca.Rh) Cystisella (Bz.Ar.Ce.Po) Dainitella (Fo.Ml.Ar.Bp.St) Cystiphyllum (Cn.An.Os.Ntl Cylherissinella (Ar.Cc) Dalerhynchus (Br.An.De.Bi.Li.Or) Cyslolonsdaleia Dactylopogon (Cd.An.Mo) Daitingichthys (Cd.Ce.De) Cyrtovaginoceras Cytidocrinus (Ec.Ai) Cythcronia (Ar.Os.Tr.Da) Cytheralison (Ar.St.Os.Ca) (Cn.Ga.Os.Tr.Cy) Dactylocrinus (EcCr.Ar) Dalecarlioceras (Mo.Po) Dagmarita (Fo.Fo.Gr.Pa) Daclyloptcrus (Cd.Ac) Cytharella (Mo.Ca) Czarnockia (Cn.Nt) Cystoccrium (Po.Le) Cystiramus (Bz.Fo) Cystacythcreis (Ar.Tr.An.Fo) (Mo.An.Po) Daira (Ar.Ce.Ph) Cyrtosiceras (Mo.Bp) Cysticonophylluni (Cn.Rh) Cyrtonolreta (Br.Fo.An.Bi.Ly) Dallitcsta (Mo.Os.Ph Cystophrentis (Cd.Ta) Cythereis (Ar.Nu) (Bz.Tr.Os.Ar.En) (Mo.Sl) Dactylioceras (Mo.Te) Cystocanlrilla (Cn.Ch.Ol) (Ar.Re.Co.Ta) Cyslispongia (Po.Ct) Dalalias (Cd.An.Os.ArRh) Cyrtoproetus (Ar.Un.De.Ne) Dallarca (Mo.Or) Cytheropteron (Ar.Sc) Dallocardia (Mo.Un) Dabasacanthus (Cd.Ch.PI) Dagnachonetes Dagnoceras Daguinaspis Daguinaspis C\rtopora (Bz.Ce.Ru) (Cn.Sa) Dallonella (Ar.Pl.Ze) Cysticamara (He.Os.Bi.Hc.Os.St) Cyrtopinna (Mo.Ru) Cyrtonowakia Cynonybyoceras Cyrtophyllum (Mo.Ce) (Ar.Ce) Cylherelloidea (Ar.Ma.Ru) Cyttoides Dakosaurus Dakoticancer (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Pt) Cytlieriopsis (Mo.Ar.Nt) Cytis (Bz.Os.Tr.Po) Cyrtonella Cystilophophylliim Cystipaliphyllum Cystiphorolites (Mo.Po) Cyrtospirifer (Br.Os.Ar) Cyrtorostra (Mo.Ra.Ar.Ru) (Cd.Fo.Ga.Am) .Ru) Czekanowskites (Mo.Po) Dagmarella (Fo.Ru) Dactylosmilia (Cn.Os.Ru) Dacryoperella (Mo.Tr.Po) Dahomeya (Ar.Bi.Li.Os.Os.Sc) Dalinuria (Br.On) Cytheridella (Ar.Co.Ru) Dactylocalyx (Po.Po) Cystodyles (Cd.Ds) Cyrtonotella (Br.Te.Rh) Dac'tylotalycites (Po.Os.Os.Fo.Cr.Te.Ga.Os.De.Ly) Dattylidia (Mo.Sl.Fo) Cyrtolhoracoceras (Mo.Rh.Te) Cystitrypanopora (Cn.So) Cystiphylloides (Cn.Da) l')alinanitljui (Ar.Re.Po) Dahaiella (Ar.Os.Ce.Ac) Cythere (Ar.Tu) Dactylocystis (Ec.Ru) Dalejodiscus (Br.Bi.Ce.Bi.Os.Po) Dainella (Fo.Os.Pr) Dacicardiuni (Mo.Ce.Sa) Daleielki (Ar.Cr.De.Ar.Fo.Mt) Cytherella (Ar.Po) Daharina (Mo.Ve) Cystodicfya (Bz.De.Ch) Daclylaraea (Cn.An.De.Un) Cystolyriclasma (Cn.Ph) Cystophora Dactylosaurus (Cd.Ar) Cyslistroma (Po.Os.Ar.Pr) DaLlylidella Daljanolites (Cn.Di) Dalnianella (Br.Os.Pe) Dadocrinus (Ec.MLDe) I Mo.Un) (Ar.Ru) (Cn.On) Cytherodon (Mo.Gr) Dactylogonia (Br.An.Ce.Ph) Cystopiirella (Bz.Ve) Cyrtospira (Mo.Or) Cystograplus (He.Te) Daedalocrinus (Ec.Li) Dallinella (Br.Os.St.Re.Tr.Ar.On) Cystihcxagonaria (Cn.Bi.Cr.Cr.Fo.Oi) Cythara Daghanirhynchia (Br.Go) Cystanimina (Fo.Ph) Cysloiiialochilina (Ar.Pe) Daedalichthys (Cd.Ru) Dala (Ar.Cy) Cy.Me) CyrtDpleuriles (Mo.An.An.Is) CyllarDcrinus (Ec.Cr.Cy) Dactyliosphaera (Ac.Po) (BrAr.Mo) Dakeoceras (Mo.Di.Nt) Cystitrypa (Bz.Fo) (Cn.To.Ed.Fo) Cyrtothyris (Br.Bi.No) Dalnianitoides (Ar.Os.Ga.Cia.Sp) Dalejeproelus (Ar.Ru) CyslostiLtopoius (Bz.Hs.Ar.Te) Cytherura (Ar.Sp) Dalligas (Br.An.Tr.Ce.Os.Ar) Cytherois (Ar.Ru) Dactyloptcna (Cd.Ce.Sa) Dalniatichthys (Cd.An.

Am) Delosia (Ar.Ph) Decorella (Ar.Li) Danella (Br.Re.Ph) Dapedium (Cd.Os.Ce) (Cd.Tr.Tr.Fo) Decurella (Bz.Os.St) Decoroproetus (Ar.Na) Danaphos (Cd.Co) Deadwoodia (Ar.Nt) Decoritheca (Mo.Bi.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Go) Declinognathodus (Cd.Cc.Ru) Dceruska (Mo.Bi.Ce) Dastilbe (Cd.Fo.Fo.Ar.Pa) Dalpia/ella (Mo.Fo.Ce.At) Deiloceras Dapalis (Cd.Un) Darmulhia (Cd.Ce.Th) Decurtella (Br.Hy.Bi.Se) Daytonia (Ar.Ce.Tr.Ce) (Mo.Sc) Deckerellina (Fo.De.Ph) Deiradovclavus (Pr.Ar) (Mo.Ce.Tr.Unl Deceptioncyalhus (Po.St) DeHandrella (Ac.Go) (Hy.Am) Darellia (Mo.Tr.Bi.Tr.Ce.Tr.Ce.Ar.Ce) (Mo.Aj) Danubisphinctes (Mo.Myl (Mo.Tr.CcCo) Dclphinosaurus (Cd.Po.Ar) (Fo.Fi) Delheidia (Cn.Os.Ce.Bi.Bi.Am Daucina Daucinoides Davichthys (Cd.Ce.Os.Pt) Delphinavus (Cd.Tr.Rh) Defordia (Po.Ce.An.Os.Ar.Fo.Rh) Damonella (Ar.Tr.Os.Ru) (Cd.Fo.Nll Decazella (Cd.Ce.Ga.Ra. An At) Dedzetina (Br.Pt) Dayia (Br.Ar.Or) Danan/huangaspis (Ar.Pf) Dasysaria (Br.Ce.Pa) Del'ranciopora (Bz.Fo.LInl Daronia (Mo.Op) (Mo.CI) Darvasiceras (Mo.Bi.Am) Deinoceras (Mo.Fo) Deflandrecyrtium (Ac.Ba) Delphinopsis (Cd.Re.Re.Ga.Fo) DeHandrellium (Ac.Pr) Deloia (Ar.Tr.Ma.Ru) Decipia (Mo.Ph) Deiphon (Ar.Bl.St) Deganiella (Ar.Ma.Hi) Dclocidaris (Ec.Ce) (Cd..Hs.Pt) Decoroscutellum (Ar.Ar.smosmilia (Cn.Tr.De) Decadocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ci) Darvasia (Br.Pt) Deiroceras Daradasler (Ec.Vll.Os.St.Fo.Ce.Ce.Sp) Danatinia (Cd.Cr.Ga.Co.Tr.Ag) Dardanula (Mo.Ru) Delepinoceras (Mo.Ch.Ga.Pt) Darendeella (Mo.Ce.Re.Sc) Delectopecten (Mo.Tr.Bi.Ne) Debarina (Fo.Ar.Ra.Ag! Darjella (Fo.Bi.Ch.My) (Mo.Ce) (Cn.Pf) Delgadella (Ar.Ar.Ce.Ve) Debnikiella Delagnostus (Ar.St) Daviesiella (Br.Rh) (Ar.Ga.Fo) Dekayia (Bz.Ph) Darwasophyllum (Cn.Am) Deacybele (Ar.St) Defrancia (Cn.Hy) (Mo.Sc) Deckcrella (Fo.Fo) Decaphyllum (Cn.Pr) Dclocrinus (Ec.Ce.Pa) Darvasiies (Fo.Ec.No) Daraelites (Mo.Nu) (Mo.Pt) Decemoblastus (Ec.Ec.Ma.Ar.An.Pa) Deliablastus (Ec.Co) (Mo.Ar.Hy.Fo.Ce.Ar.As) Danubiella (Fo.Ce) Dasmiopsis (Cn.Ar.Co.Hi) Decanieros (Ec.An.Cr.Os.Fo.CI) Delecticeras (Mo.Tr.Ga.St.Ca) Dapsilodus (Mo.Fo.St.Cc) Damesiies (Mo.Fo) Dechenellurus (Ar.Rj) (Cn.Ra.Ce.Od) Datta (Mo.CI) Decipula (Hy.An.Sq) Daranyia (Br.Ce) Dehornella (Po.At) Decus (Ar.Ch.Am) Decaheliocoenia (Cn.St) Dariellina (Fo.Ce.Ce.Ar.Ac) Dekayella (Bz.Pt) (Br.Tr) Davidsoniatrypa (Br.An.Pa) Davidsonella (Br.An.St) DecU\olithus (Ar.Os.Os.St.El) Decurtaria (Bz.Ar) Dalangia (Br.Go) Dariopsidae (Fo.Os.Po) Davidsonia (Br.BI.Fo) Deianira Daonella (Mo.Ar.Or) Degrangia Danubites Dawsonia Dawsonoceras Dawsonocerina Dehmicystis (Ec.Bi.Os.Ce.Pf) Dayongia (Ar.Cr.En) Dechaseauxia (Mo.Pt) Dasyconus Dasyostoma (Mo.Fo) Delphinites (Mo.Os.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 409 Dasyalosia (Br.Ce.Fo) Decapterus (Cd.An) Decoriconus (Cd.On) Da\ idsonina Daviesiconus (Fo.Sp) Dandja (Cd.Th) Davoustia (Br.Pa) DanaiK'eras (Mo.Pa) Dasbergixeras (Mo.Cc) Danoceras (Cd.Pr) Dardanus (Ar.Pr) Delops (Ar.Ce.Sc) Deckera (Ar.Ch) i Damiriclla (Ar.Am) Da.Ar.De.Pt) Daphnella Da/hucrinus (Ec.Pt) Dampiclrigonia (Mo.Ar.Tr.Sp) Deefgella (Ar.Or) (Mo.Ani) (Fo.Fo) (Ar.Ic) Daphniles Daphnobela .La) Daviesina (Fo.Un) Deiracorallium (Cn.Cr.Pr) Damaoella Damesella Damesia Damesiceras (Ar.An.Tr.Ru) (Ec.Di) (Mo.Tr.Ce.Hm.Os.Ve) Delosiles DasciiKrinus Delphinapterus Dasmia (Cn.Mo) Deiradoceras (Mo.Ph) Deiracephalus (Ar.Ax) (Mo.Fo.Ce.Tr.Tr.An.Tr) Darbya (Mo.Ce.Sp) Dellea (Ar.Ac) (Cd.Pt) Deha (Mo.Bl.Bi.Ag) Degeletticyathus (Po.Os.Ph) DartdiKKeras (Mo.Bi.Ar.Del Deania Dearbornia (Cd.Os.As) Deirosaurus (Mo.Ca) Deanaspis (Ar.Os.Sp) Dechenella (Ar.Cm) Delepinea (Br.Tr.Pl.Ce.Na) Dccipilitcs (An.Ce.On) Dawsonelloides (Br.Bi.Gy.Ce) Decatopecten (Mo.Sp) Daxatina (Mo.HcHc) Decorites Damaiaoaspis (Ar.Ce.Ma.Bi.Os.Ar) (Ar.Tr.Di) Dapaloides (Cd.Fo.Sp! Daneplicatula (Mo.Os.Nt) Decacystis (Cn.Sc) Dannevigia Dawania (Ar.Pf) Dayiceras (Mo.Ga.Ce.So) Danzania Danzikoceras (Br.Os.Tr.An.Tr.Se) Davinirhynchia (Br.Aj) Dellcana (Ar.Uc) Dalmaiites Dalnia Dasyceras Damalichthys (Cd.Os.Fo) Decorospira (Mo.Ne) (Cd.Fo! Decaschisma (Ec.St) Decoropugnax (Br.Pt) Deceplrix Delocare (Ar.Pl) Dcirosteus (Cd.Ga.Tr.Na) Daxia (Fo.Pt) Dartonaspis (Ar.Tr.As) Dasyatis (Cd.Uc.Pt! Danoceras (Mo.Ar.Fo.Am) (Mo.Eu) (Ec.Ca.Tr.Fo) Dclphinodon Dasomctopus (Ar.Pt) Deckeroceras (Mo.Cr.Co) Dalpiazia (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Li.Ar.Pl) Dechcnelloides (Ar.Ga.Ml.An.Ci) Delaria (Ar.Trl Darcinia (Mo.

An.Sc) IXnIrolubus (He.An.Pt) Dentacodina (Cd.Gr) Dentallopoma (Mo.An.An.Ne) Desmostronia (Po.Tr.Gs.Na) DensiphN Ikim (Cn.St) Deltospirifer (Br.Sc) Dcntitercbra De.Ly) (He.An.Mo) (Cd.Pt) (Po.Ma.ssa (Mo.St) Dendraraea (Cn.De.St) Deltadechenella (Ar.Cm) Dentalina (Fo.Am) Dendroconus (Mo.Ce.Ra.Ar.Pt) Dcndrocircus (Ac.Ds) (Ec.Am) Dcndrasler (Ec.Ga.So) Dcpaocrinu.An.Bi.Os.Te) Dcltaclavus (Pr.Ca.Cr.Sl) Derrhias (Cd.Rh) Dcnisonodus (Cd.Pt) Dermosmilia (Cn.Cc) (Ar.Cl) Dcntoccras (Mo.Ar.Cr.Ar.H.s (Ec.St) Dcndrosniiha (Cn.Ph) Dentahtrya (Bz.Or) Dcndioclonella (Po.Cr.Ta) Dereta (Br.ls) (Cd.An.Ce.Cl) Desorina.Fo) Deltacrinus (EcCrDsi Dcnella (Ar.Pf) Desmepora (Bz.Ce.Ta) (Po.An.Ga.Sc) Denloglobigerina (Fo.An.An.hi) Deshayesites (Mo.Ru) Derventina (Fo.Pt) Deshayesia (Mo.Aj) Desmeplagioecia (Bz.Ph) Dcllachaiiia (Br.De) Ucndrocyslites (Ec.Pa) Deniare/ites Dentahnoides (Fo.Ar.Sp) Dendrozoum (Cn.Bi.Re.St.Sc) Doltarhynchia (Br.Ga.Fo.Ne) DermoMiiiliopsis (Cn.Ne) Dendroecia (Bz.De.Tr.Gr.Ch.Ga.Ga.Ar.St) Deusscnia (Mo.De.De.Pa) Desmoscaphites (Mo.Bi.Fo) (Mo.Ch.St) Derstolida ( Deltoceras (Mo.Sc) rx-ltcntosteus (Cd.Ga.Pt) Deltacephalaspis (Ar.Tu) Denebola Deneechinus (Ec.Ar.Gr.An.Po) Desmoporella (Cd.Cr.Ga.Ga.El) Deltoptychius (Cd.Ar.Ne) ncntospirilcriEia (Br.Pl.Bi.Os.St.Aj) Desertospira (Mo.Ec.Ga.Ar.Ga.Nt) (Mo.An.Ph) Dendrostronia (Po.ln) Derbyina ( Deuterospira (In.s.An.Sp) (Br.Ec.Pt) Desmediaperoecia (Bz.Bi.Nt) Desmocoenia Desnioderma Desmograptus Dcndracis (Cn.Kh) Dcncmarkia (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Os.Ru) Dereconchia (Mo.Pl) Dentiscala (Mo.Tr.Ed.Ch) Dcndoslrca (Mo.Ar) Desmatophoca Desmechinus Demirina Democrinus (Fo.An.Os.Ch) Deltadiscus (Ec.Te) (Mo.Sp) Dentalinella (Fo.Fo) De (Mo.Ra.Al) Dendrospyris (Ac.Ar) Dentilasma Desmocladia (Cn.De) Depressiscala (Mo.St.Ru) (Cd.An.Ag) Denticuhphoria (Br.Hs.Un) Dendrostella (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Ar.Ta) IX-liacoleus (Pr.Cr.De) .Sc) Dcltliyris (Br.Ga.Fo.Am) (Po.De.Re.Sc) Derbyia (Br.Ne) Deltocyathus (Cn.An.Tr.Ar.Fo.Sc) Dcltarina (Br.Gr.Sp) Desinospyiis (Ac.Ga.Ch.Sp) Derolytoceras (Mo.Cl) IX-ntriiiiitra (Mo.De.Na) Dcntonia (Mo.Ve) Desmorthis (Br.Ce.Pt) Dermomurex (Mo.Fo.Ar.Nt) Deltoidonautilus (Mo.St) Dermochelys (Cd.Pr) Dengalosia (Br.Pr) DermatoMroma (Po.Ca) Demirastrites (He.An.Cr.Fo.Ho) Derbyoides (Br.Cl) Dcnticuhtes (Mo.Na) DesmophylluMi (Cn.Sp) Desniidocrinus (Ec.Bi.Cr.Ar.Tr.Cr.Ar) (Mo.Ga.Ga.Na) Dcndrocrinus (Ec.Bi.In) Dermosastraea (Cn.Na) Dcntachiles (Pr.Ey) Dcrmaster (Ec.Tu) Desniostylus (Cd.Co.An) Dcspujolsia Dcndrofavosites Depasophyllum Dcprandus Dcsquamatia (Br.Tr.Re) (Cn.An.Bo) Dcntatocoscinus (Po.Sp) Densalvus (Br.Ce.Sc) Dcnayphyllum (Cn.Ma.Ta) (Cn.Gr.Ch) Deminuciila (Mo.Am) Deltopecten (Mo.Ga.Cr.Sc) Dercetis (Cd.Co) Desioceras (Mo.An.An.Sc) Dcntistyla Desnioinesia (Br.Sc) Densiphrenlis (Cn.Bulletin 363 410 Dendrophyra (Fo.Am) Deltina (Ar.Ru) Dentimargo (Cn.Aj) Denticrinus (Ec.Fo.Ar.Os.An.Ne) Dentibhistus (Ec.Fo) Delphyotlontos (Mo.Cc) Demonedys (Br.Ch) Dcnayclla (Mo.Ca) (Cd.Rh) Desmiodus Desmoceras Denariocrinus (Ec.Ga.St) Dcndrocyalhus (Cn.Ph) Dentiporella (Bz.Ga.St.Ar.Ce.Pe) Dermoseris (Cn.Ar.Un.De.Ch.As.An.Fo.Ga.Bi.Os.Ra.Tr.Di) Uesorella (Ec.Rh) Deningeria (Po.Fo.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Pt) Desinidopora (Po.Sc) Derbiocrinus (Ec.In) Densocyalhus (Po.Fo) Desistrophia (Br.An.Un.Ar) Deltoideum (Mo.Ne) (Cn.Li) Denloparaparchites (Ar.Sc) DcnckniannitCN (Ar.Ce) (Cd.Ar.So) Deocrinus (Ec.Ph) Dengyingoconus (Mo.Ar.Ma.Re.BI.Ce.Ar.Fo.Po) Dciidiohclia (Cn.Pl.Sc) Uendrastraea (Cn.Op) Ueltacystis (Ec.St.Nt) Deslongchampsia Desmacriocrinus Dcntalinopsis (Fo.Ga.Go) (Mo.Is) Denguiria (Mo.Cc) Desmatochelys (Cd.Fo) Dentokrithe (Ar.De) (Ar.St) Dereimsia (Ar.Pt) Densonella (Ar.Ar.Cl) Dctterniania (Ar.BI.Ga.ln.Cc) Demeterops (Ar.l ii.Tr.Un) Dendrocystoides (Ec.Ma.Tr.Ne) Delianiya (Mo.Gy.An.Ce.Ar.Sl) Dentex (Cd.Ec.Nt) Dcstonibesia (Ec.Ce) Derivatolites (Cn.Ce.Ce.Ce.Ph) Dermatopsis (Cd.Na) Dercetoides (Cd.Sy) Denlicclex (Mo.Re.Ax) Dendrilina (Fo.Os.Ch.An.Tr.Os.Tr.Ar.Ta) Densastroma Densepustula Densigrewingkia Dertonia Mo.Cm) Dcltacare IX'Iphlmilopsis Dclpliinus 1 tiicy matoceras Dciidriiphyllia Br.Sc) (Cd.Al) (Ar.sniophyllites (Mo.Re.Ar) (Cd.Cc) (Ec.Di) Dcndrogyra (Cn.Di.Os.Fo) Deinbabaspira (Mo.Ec.At) Dondrograptus (He.Fo) Desmopora (Po.Ru) (Cn.Cr.De.Sc) Derbyella (Br.Pt) Dennantia (Mo.He.Te) Desmochitina (Fo.Ru) Desatrypa (Br.Nu) LX'ntaliuni (Mo.Ga.Ma.St.Be) Deltoblastus (Ec.Cc) Dcmoulia Dcnaca Denaecyalhus Denagnostus (Mo.An.Fo.Ho) Dentaloscutellum (Ar.Tr.Fo) Desmatelesia (B/.Bi.Sc.Al) Dcltodus (Cd.St) Deuteronectanebos (Pr.Rli.Ne) [X-iKlrohiilmia (Cn.An.Te) (Ec.

Animal Genera: Sepkoski .A DoNConcina Compendium of Fossil Marini.

An.Sc) Diniorphoteclus (Mo.Bi.Al) Dinaspidella (Cd.Ra.Ce.Na) Diclrichia (Mo.Ce.Fo) Diegosmilia (Cn.Cr.Ir.Sl) Diheliclera (Br.Ar) DicMianosaukia (Ar.Os.Te) Dimeroceras (Mo.Pt.Na) Dicnstina (Ar.Gr.Tr.Gr) Dilobella (Ar.Gy.De) Digonella (Br.Co.Ir.Te) Dictyotoxolis (Ar.Ce.Ar.Pa) Dinopleryx (Cd.An.Os.Sc) Dictyonalhyris (Br.An.Pt) Dictyocephalus (Ac.Na) Diclyopsella Dictyopselloides Diclyoptychus (Cn.Gy.Ph) Didcroceras [Jihiilkorhynchia (Br.Ce.Ar.Ce) Dictyosycon (Po.Gy.Pa) Dightonia (Bz.Gr) (Fo.Re) Dimorphina (Fo.Li) Didymcsella (Bz.Fo) Dictyonella (Br.Go) Dictyoniles (Br.He.Bi.Gr.Sc) (Fo.Gr.Ph) Diniorpi\ocella Dimorphocellaria (Mo.Am) Dictyoretmon (Bz.Re) Digitophylliles Dimorphoslylus (Bz.Ga.Rh) Dimorphinites (Mo.Te) Dimya Dimyodon Diclyothyris (Br.Fo.Sl) Diecithalamia (Po.Pt) Dinobolus (Br.Gr.Pt) Dicystoconcha (Br.Be) Dictyol'a\us (Po.Mo) Dimidus (Cd.An) Dinocystis (Ec.Cy) Diclyotomaria (Mo.St.Os.Ar) Dictyostrophia (Br.Ce.Ce.Ra.Ir.Pa) Diesiosphecion (Po.Fo) Digitaria (Mo.Ch) (Mo.Po.Cr.Sp) Dictyoceras Dictyoclosioidea (Br.Au) Dielasma (Br.An.In) Didyinocyalhus (Po.Bi.Ce) (Bz.Tr.Ec.Pt) Dimegelasma Dimelasma (Br.Ar.De.Re) Digitolabriim (Mo.Ru) Dnuiphylluni (Cn.Gr.Li.Ed.Gy.Ec.Cr.Un.Ar.Ga.Ho.Ce) Dilatocrinus (Ec.Ce.Li) Dictyokathina (Fo.Fo.On) (Cn.Po.Sc) Dictyospongia (Po.Ce.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Gr) Di Ionia (Mo.Ar.De.Ga.Pt) Didonlogastcr (An.Tr.An.An.Ar.Bi.Ce.Nl) Dinocardium (Mo.Te) Dimerocriniles (Ec.Pe) Diedrothyris (Br.As) Dinichlhys (Cd.An.Pe) (Cn.Sc) Dictyomitra (Ac.Ar.Uc.Co.As) Diminovula Dictyot'avosiles (Cn.An.Rh) Dictyocloslus (Br.Di) Dieiyoconoides (Fo.Pt.Am) Dictyonema (He.Ta) Dienipterus (Mo.Fo.Ar.Br) (Hc.Ga.Te) Dimeropygiella (Ar.Un.Na) Dientomochilus (Mo.Fo) Dienope (Br.Fo.Ru) (Cn.Ce.Ar) Dikclocephalites (Ar.Fo) (Bz.Ar.Sp) Didymolis (Mo.Ce.Bulletin 363 412 Dictyobolus (Br.Ph) Oinarella (Br.Ga.Te) Dimeropyge (Ar.Po) Dimensionaequalirostrum (Br.Ra.Ra.An) Didianema (Mo.Tr.Ar) Dikeloccphalopsis (Ar.Ml.Sp) Dicyclina (Fo.Os.Ar.ls) Didymilcs (Mo.Bi.Li.Ds) Diclyopora (Cn.Ga.Br) Dinarispira (Br.Ar.Os.Ph) Dikcloccphalus (Ar.Ga.Ve) Didymelasma (Br.Pr) Diclyocoryne (Ac.Li) Didyiiiaspis (Cd.Ve) Dimorphoceras (Po.On) Dimorphites Diclyonina iBr.Fe) Digilariopsis (Mo.Te) Dietyophimus Dictyophylon (Ac.Ar.Ar.Na) (Mo.Ar.Tr.Ch (Mo.Ce) Dicyclocidaris (Ec.Pa) DicslDlhyris (Br.Ra.Ar.Os.Ar.Tr.In) Diniorphcilepis (Cd.En) (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ar.Ce.Ar) Dinoscolites (An.As) (Ar.Ar) Digonophyllum Digonus (Cn.Gy.Ch) Dictyospyris (Ac.Bi.Ce) Dimorpha (Po.Tr.Pl.Po) Dimorphotoceras (Mo.Fo.Sl) Dierisnia (Br.Sc) Diclyomitrella (Ac.Ce.CI) Dictyoconiies (Mo.Ga.Os.Cr.Li.Am) Dililcs (Hy.Ar) Dignoinia (Br.Cia.Ce.Rc.Ar.!) Ditfingia Diclyoprora (Ac.Ga.De) DieMoccras (Mo.Tr.Bi.Le) Dindymene (Ar.Ce.Ar.Pe) Uimerella (Br.Bi.Ra.Rh) Dictyocoelia (Po.An.Pl.Ga.Ru) Didymograplcllus (Hc.Ar.Gr) (Mo.Ce) Dilatilabrum (Mo.Fo) Digrypos (Ar.Ar.Os.As) Dinariles (Mo.Bi.Aj) Dillerilcs Dindniylosumia (Cd.An) (Cn.Ar) Dimidia (Pr.Ar.Ra.Sa) Diclyopodium (Ac.Na) Dillerium (Mo.Ga.Ra.Nt) Diduc'tylum (Ac.Tr.Ve) Dimorphoplites (Mo.Ru) Dimorphocoenia Dimorphocoeniopsis Dimorphoconus DitTusolasma (Cn.An.Or) Dilophaspis (Ar.An.Or) Didymoparciuni (Br.Li) (Mo.Ce.Ra.Pl) Dikcnaspis (Cd.Ce.As) Dinomagrapius Dinesus Dingus Didrcpanon (Ar.Ce.Ch) (Bz.He.Sc) (Pr.Na) Digilosmilia (Mo.Ar.Pli Dinnirphcigrapuis (Hc.He.Fo.Tr.Tr.Te) Dimorpliaraea (Cn.Ar) Didymocyrtis (Ac.Fo.An.Ru) (Ar.Ar) Dinorthis (Br.Rh) Dinelops (Cd.Te) Dieuryocrinus (Mo.Li) Dimarzipecten (Mo.Fo) Ditunliles (Mo.Ar) Didwudina (Ar.An.An.Or) Didymothyris (Br.Sp) Diercspongia (Po.Nt) Dimorphastraeopsis (Cn.Ar.An.Fo) Dielasmella (Br.Mo) Dictyothyropsis (Br.An.Co) (Cn.Ce) (Cn.Ph) Dimorphastrea (Cn.Sc) (Mo.Rii) Dinioiphcifungia (Cn.Fo) Dielasmina (Br.Ar.Ce.Ch) Diniorphomeandra Dimorphophylha Diclyorbitolina (Fo.Sc) Dimeroclymenia (Mo.De.Ce.Te) Dictyocaris (Ar.Nt) Diniorphosmilia (Cn.Li.Ch) Diclyocyalhus (Po.Hi) Digenopora Digenuoceras I (Mo.Sl) Digiiiocylhere (Ar.Cr.He.As) Didlnuicar (Mo.Pt) Dictyothurilcs (Ec.Sl) Diebelina (Ar.Os.Ar.Ru) (Cn.Ar) Didymosphaera (Po.Ml.De.Ph) Dikclokcphalina (Ar.Ve) Dimorphoseris (Cn.Li.Pa) Digoria (Cd.Fo.Co) Didymoccras (Mo.Pa) (EcCr.Go) (Mo.Ce.Sc) Dictyorhabdiis (Po.Go) Dictyoconella (Fo.An.At) Dinaxis (Mo.St.Na) Difticilicrinus (Ec.An.Sc) Dictyopype (Cd.An.Ar.St) Didymograplus (Hc.Nl) Dimitobeius (Mo.Sc) (Cn.Ca.Ce.Ci) Dihelice (Mo.Te) Digonoclisia Dinacrocrinus (Ec.Re) Dietrichiella Dimorphoceraloides Diclyopleurus (Ec.An.Pr) Dictyoconus (Fo.Tr.Pe) Dilalobactrilcs (Mo.Ph) .Os.T.Os.Te) Dinardocrinus (Ec.Ch) Dilophosina (Br.Bi.Sp) Dihogniochilina (Ar.Ra.Uc) Dinnniischus (Pr.Ar) Dicneria (Mo.An.Gy.Fo.Sp) Dielymella (Ar.Tr.

Rul of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkosfg 413 .An.'hilus Diplochonc DipjiK-idaris Diploclema Oiplocoenia Diplix-uncha Dipl(x.A Compendium Dinostrophinx Dinoiocrinus Dino/iphius Diochthotera Diodoceras Diodochoceras Diodon Diodora Diogniopteron Diomedeoidcs Dionella Dionide Dionidella Dionites Diopairaites Dioplotherium Dioratiopus Dioristella Diorocetus Diorthelasma Diorugoceras Diorychopora Diotis Dioxycaris Dio/optyxis Diparelasma Dipentaspis Dipharus Diphuicrinus Diphyllospira Diph\ph\llum Diplacanthograptus Diplacanthoponia Diplacmoceras Diplacodus Diplaclura Diplagnostus Diplanus Diplaraea Diplasioceras Diplechinus DiplesiiKcras Dipleura DipicuriteN Dipleurodonta Dipleuropyge Diploaspis Diploastrea Diplobelus Diplobiastus Diplocava Diplocercides DiplcK-haeteles Dipl(H.-onula Diplocrinus DipliKTlcniopsis DipliK'ienium Diplocyalhellus (Cn.

Pa) Divisosphinctes (Mo.St.Ne) Dishelopora (Bz.Pa) Disphciiia (Br.Ec.Te) Disphylluni (Cn.On) Discotrochus (Cn.Cc) Dobrogelina (Fo.Os.Cc) Uittmaritcs (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Pr) Dolabra (Mo.St.Re.Os.Os.Ph) Dolichosaurus (Cd.Ve) Dolichocrinus (Ec.Ca.Ve) Doiichocyathus (Pr.Tr.Os.Fo) Dollochelys (Cd.Ce.Hy.Cc) Dolichopteron (Mo.Ga.Ce) DitrupuUi (An.Mo) Dolicrassea DispUidocriiuis (Ec.Cc) Djiirjuriceras (Mo.Ga.Am) Dochmocardia (Cd.Eu) Disparigonya (Ar.Ga.An.Ru) Ditromasler (Ec.An.Ar.Nt) Discors (Mo.Cr.Me) Dolichoblastus (Ec.Os.Re.Bi.An.Po) Dislichophyllia (Cn.Te) Disphyllia (Cn.Sp) Doliodelphis (Cd.Bi.Ls) Dolicholatirus (Mo.An.Ga.Gy.Ga.Ar.Ce.Ga.Ac) Divalucina (Mo.Co.Hd) Dolborella (Ar.Nt) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ar.Bi.Rh) Dixonella (Br.Cr.Li.Ar.Ra.Ce.Fo) Discosorus (Mo.Ve) Dollymae (Cd.Pt) Discolubigera (Bz.Cc) Ditypodon (Mo.Fi) Discovibracella (Bz.Ce.Ce.He) Distobolbina (Ar.Se) Diura (Ar.He.Os.Sp) (Bz.Ga.St.Li.He) (Mo.Te) Uncslrina (Br.Ga.Ga.Or) Discotropitcs (Mo.Ag) DiscouveiiTieUikis (An.Hy.l)a) Dogdoa (Br.St.Nt) Dispotaea Dmitria (Br.Mo) Dilracnclla (Po.Po.Pa) Discotomaria (Mo.Ga.Ru) Discosphinclcs Ditaxiporina (Bz.Ce.Ce) Dollocaris (Ar.Gy.Am) Dolllusia (Mo.Re.Ax) Dixiphopyge (Ar.St.Ar.At) Doliodiis (Cd.Ru) Doiichomocelypha Dolichophonus Disolcnia (AcRa.Se) Dt)lei'oides (Br.Sp) Dolerobasilicus (Ar.Re.Gy.Ce.Nt) Dnoslrites (Cn.He.Cr.Ga.Aii.Ch) Doividocyathella (Po.Or) Doliiitiis (Hy.Am) Doellocosmia (Mo.Is) Dissosioma (Mo.Os.Bulletin 363 414 Discorotalia (Fo.Tr.Rc.St) Dodecaactinella Dolomitella (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Sp) Discoscaphites (Mo.Ve) Dolichobrochus (Br.Un.Pt) Disopontocypris (Ar.Ch) Distyrax (Ar.Sc) .An.Cr.Tr) Dittosaria (Bz.Ga.He) (Mo.Cr) Disculina (Br.Ga.Ar.Sp) Discosaurus (Cd.Ar.Ar.Ce.Po.Li.De.Un) Dokidocyalhiis (Po.Un) Disculcina (Ar.Pl) DiscoMroma (Po.Un) (An.Aj) DiscDsphinctoides (Mo.Ce.Sp) Diversipora (Bz.Re) Dolocytheridca (Ar.Ch) Dncslroceras (Mo..Tr.Os.Pe) Disiilcatella (Br.Pa) Discosmilia (Cn.Ar.De.Pe) Discotectus Discotheca Discotoma Dislefaiiclla Distcginopora (Ar.Ve) Distomodus (Cd.Re) Discolruncatulipdra (Bz.Ar.Ga.Tr.Pr) Dolichoscapha (Ar.Eu) (Mo.Fo.Sp) Doliocriniis (Ec.Co) Dislansescharella (Bz.Hy.St.Am) Uilhccodcndmm (He.Ch) Dolgeiiloma (Ar.He) Divaricospongia (Po.Ga.Gy.Te) Divaricella (Mo.Ar.Nt) Distriactis (Mo.Ce.As) Discotreta (Br.Ch) Dohmophyllum (Cn.Ho) Dolichosina (Br.Pa) Dodecaceria (Mo.Gr.Nt) Dolerocriniis (Ec.Bi.Ga.Ac.Pl) Dolieila Disporclla (Bz.Gy.Ga.Nt) Diversiphylluiii (Cn.Tr.St.Ch) Divaricosta (Br.Tr.Ax) Divarikellia (Mo.Rh) Dolichometopsis (Ar.Ga.Gy.As) Uobrodgeiceras (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Pt) Disculus (Mo.Ar.Ar.An.Ac) Doleroceras (Mo.Gy.Cr.Ru) (Mo.Ce.Tr.Th.Nt) (Ec.Bi.Sc) Disulcinoides (Ar.Cr.Ds) Dissochilus (Mo.Ve) Distet'anaster Dobrogeites (Mo.Bi.Ga.Fo.Fo.Tr.Aj) Discospirina (Fo.Am) Doliocassis (Mo.Ce.Ch) Divalinga (Mo.An.Fo.SP) Doloresella (Br.Os.Sc) Docoderma Docomphala Dolomena Dislichopora (Cn.Co) nisllLhonicanilia (Cn.An.Ve) (Br.Pe) Distichites (EcEc.Ar) (Mo.Ch) (Mo.Cr.An.Ce.Os.Gy.Ve) Dolloptenis (Cd.Ga.Os.Ec.Ma.Co) Disjectopora (Po.Ar.Gr.Dc.Bi.St.Mo) Di/ygopleura (Ar.Di) Ditaxia (Bz.Bi.Ga.n) Dixonia (Ec.Fo.Ga.Fo) DiscosiphonelUi (Po.Cc) Ditaxipora (Bz.Ds) Discotropis Dilrupa (An.Ga.Pr) Discosparsa (Bz.Ps) Distorsio Doescherina (Hy.Am) Dolocythere (Ar.Cr.Bi.Pa) Dohaia (Fo.Gr) Dolichopterus (Ar.Pa) Displienoceras (Mo.Ar.Ce.Sc) Dilrclus (Mo.Pt) Disfotrypina (Bz.Or) Discolrypa (B7.Ps) Uisparilia (Mo.Se) Dolerolenus (Ar.Am) (Mo.Ml.Cc) Dohmiella (Ar.Po) DislichoMabc-llum (Cn.Ar.Gy.Tr) Dolgaia (Ar.Sp) Dizygocrinus (Mo.Co.Pa) Divaricardium (Mo.Fo.Ph) Dogiehna (Fo.Tr.Tr) Dittopora (Bz.Fo) Dilhyrocaris (Ar.Ch) Dobrogimactra Dobrowlania (Mo.Ve) Dolichoharpes (Ar.De.Os.An.Nu) (Cn.Un) Disokela (Mo.Os.Tr) Ditrabs (AcRa.Bl.Ce.Re.Sc) (Po.Ga.Po.St.Ru) Di/oniopsis Dolichiipis (Mo.Co) Doescherella (Br.Ec.Nt) Dispirilcrina (Br.Ta) Doiiognalhus (Cd.Ce) Dolerorthis (Br.Ar.Tr.Spi l^ogdathyris (Br.Nt) (Po.Tr.F.An.Tr.Po.Bi.Fo) Dolicho/ygus (Br.Nt) Dmitrispiriler (Br.Rh) Discosella (B/.Ar.Am) Distriatoslylus (Mo.De.Rn) Di/crina (Fo.Pcl Dogoriclla (Ar.Me.Hy) Discoscala (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Ar.Li) L')ltlcliia Dcikophylhmi Discolectonica Dlloccholasma Dolabella (Cn.PLAc) (Mo.Ce.Am) Dolichorhynchops (Cd.Bi.Os.Bi.Sq) Disparistromaria (Po.Co.Re.Nt) (Ac.-Sq) Distichoceras (Mo.Bi.Te) Discradisca (Br.Ce) Dissoria (Br.Ce) Doliosaurus (Cd.Ce.Ar) Dokinidcephalus (Ar.Sp) Dolatocrinus (Ec.Po) Diversograptus (He.Ar.Sp) Dolichoscaphoides (Ar.Tr.Ve) Dixieus (Ec.Ac) Ditrcta (Br.Ve) Dolichoagnostus (Ar.Ch) (Bz.Fo) Distoloccras (Mo.An) Ditomopyge (Ar.Bi.Sc) Docidoceras (Mo.Ga.Hy) Disla/cris (Ar.

Po) (Mo.Ga.Ve) DroiTiia (Ar.Ga.Ne) Diinaldina i (Ar.Co.Ar.Eu) Drepanocheilus (Mo.An.Pc) Di>rycrinus (Ec.St) Dordoniella (Ar.Fo.Am) Dracius (Br.Bi.Go) Drosdoria (Po.Ar) Dosiniopsis (Mo.Ce.Os.Ar.EI) Dosinorbis (Mo.Ce.Tr.Bl.Ar.Na) Dongiovannia (Mo.Un) Drotops (Ar.Nci Dorsoscyphus (Br.Is) Douvinella (Br.Ru) (Ac.Sp) Drepaniiroides (Ar.Hi) Dorsina (Mo.Ve) Droharhynchia (Br.Ar) (Mo.Rh) Drilluta (Mo.Co) Domeykos (Cd.Ph) (Br.Ch.Os.Bi.IpoiK-Iki (Mo.Ra.Hy.Fo.Ar.Ph) Dorlodoiia (Cn.Fo) Dorsoplicalhyris (Br.Po) Doubichites (Mo.Ar.St) Diirocidaris (Ec.Ra.Li.MI.Ga.Ga.Me.Ar.Ce.Pt) DoliisL-llu (I'o.Aii.MI.Or) DorsopUiniles (Mo.Ce) Driiidwilsonia (Mo.Or) Duashnoceras (Mo.Os.Ru) Doublatia (Ar.Pa) Doi'udia (Fo.Ar.Po) Doiivillinella (Br.Or) Dorsanum (Mo.Ne) Donax (Mo.Ga.Ds) Dorippe (Ar.Tr.An.Hy) Donaldiella (Mo.Sp) Drevermannia (Ar.Ra.Tr.En) Dorylonchidiuiii (Ac..Os.Co) Drillia Dombaritcs (Ac.Ce.Pa) IX.Bi.Ga.Sp) (Mo.Am) Doroihia (Fo.Tr.Pr) Drosdovia (Po.Ar.Bi.Ar.Ci) Drilonereisites (An.Ra.Ve) Ductina (Ar.He) (Ar.Go) Doryagnostus (Ar.Os.Go) Drepanoconcho Drcpanodus Domerginella (Mo.Ar.Os.Go) Dosinella (Mo.St) Doryphacus Dorsplegma Dorypyge Dorypygella Dorypygina Dorysphaera (Ac.Bi.Nt) Druppula Doricylhereis Dowhatania Dowlingoceras Doxander Drydenius (Cd.Fo) (Mo.Ce.MI.Ac) Dryptoscolex (An.Ar) Doniechinus (Ec.Bi.Bi.Ve) Dorytreta (Br.Os.Fo) Dorispina (Ar.Ce.Cr.Rh) Dongbeiispirifer (Br.Ph) I .Nt) (Fo.Pt) Donacophyllum (Cn.Os.St) Drepanella (Ar.Pr) Dombuschia (Ar.Os.Tr.Po.Sp) DorNdruppa (Ac.Re) Donacoceras (Mo.Te) Drilonereis (An.Ce.Os.Ar.Ce.An.Ga.Ce.Ar.Oe) Doliislcitna iMo.Ne) Donella ( Br.Tr.St) Diuppocarpus (Ac.St) D<irsisinus (Br.Ra.At) Dorsetcnsia (Mo.Or) Dualina (Mo.Nt) Doralocytherc (Ar.Tr.Hy) (Mo.Ra.Na) Doralodus (Cd.Ar.Eu) Donellina (Ar.Bi.Ar.Ra.Sp) (Ar.Te) Dubertretia (Mo.Ve) (Ac.Eu) Donel/ites (Cn.Ce.Eu) (Ac.Un.Os.Fo) Donmacythere Donophyllum Doraclatum Dorashamia (Ar.Sp) Drepanoistodus (Cd.Ne) Dracolychnus (Po.De) Dubaria (Br.Ar.Ct) Douvilletoma (Mo.Pt) DofNimgatia (Br.Pt.Ra.St) Druppastylus (Ac.Go Dorvillea (An.An.Ga.Ce.Ru) Draborthis (Br.Pa) l)c>iiiaN/c\ iLClla (Ar.Fo.Re) Dominicotrochiis Doryderma Dorydictyum Domokhotia (Br.Fo.Ra.Li) (Cn.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ar.Ar.Re) Dosinobia (Mo.Se) (Ar.Ra.Os.Ce.Tr.Ec.Tr.Os.Pa) Dos ma (Ar.Ga.Ar.De) Dongshania Dongshanoceras (Ar.Ar.St.Pt) Dryorhizopsis (Fo.Ar.Sp) Doremalaopsis (Ar.Ga.De) Donispirifer (Br.Rh) (Ai.MI.St) (Cn.Na) Dorudon (Cd.Co) (Br.Ag) Duartea (Br.Ar) Drabodiscina (Br.Ru) Dorsolepis (Cd.Tr) Dubrovia (Cn.Al) Donetzoceras (Mo.Co.Ta) Diirsolineviius (Hy.Rh) Drahanostrophia (Br.Op.St Drahanorhynchus (Br.Os.Ma.Pl) Dorsoserpula (An.An.Pa) Douglasocaris (Ar.Un) (Ar.Ga.As) (Br.Tr.Sa) Donibarocaiiites Doryblastus (Ec.A COMPENDIUM OF FOSSIL MARINE ANIMAL GENERA: SEPKOSKI 415 Diiliirlhoccras (Mo.Ec.Go) (Mo.Ve) Droniiopsis (Ar.De.Sp) Druganirhynchia (Br.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Po) Douvilleiceras (Mo.De) Dordonophyllia (Cn.Ve) Drymocrinus (Ec.St) Duhius (Pr.Cr) Dtiriojugatus (Hy.Ce.Ra.Os.Sp) Dortopteras (Ar.Ce) (Mo.Co) Drevooella (Cn.Bi.Bi.Rh Dosidicus (Mo.Ve) Drimys Drobna Dongbaella (BnAr.Fo) Drepanelhna Drepaniota Domaloceras (Mo.Fo) Donacopsis (Mo.Ne) Doryconthidiuii) (Ac.Po.Ga.Ar.Pt) Dorcadospyris (Ac.Ra.Ve) (Cd.Tr.Eu) DDiiitrontia (Ec.St) Dubioleptina (Br.Ve) Droltus (Ac.Ci) Drabovia (Br.Co.Hy.St) Drummackina (Br.Ar.Mc.Ga.Ag) Drepanochites (Pr.Ga.Fo.An.St) Dorcadungula (McBi.Or) Dubarechinus (Ec.Fo) Drabovinella (Br.Hy) Drahomira Drakonoceras Dreissenomya (Mo.Cr.Pr) Diinacosmilia (Cn.Ce.Po.Un) Dosiniopsella (Mo.Fo.Ce) Drepanites Dombarigloria ( Mo.MI.Tr.Po.Sp) (Cd.Sp) Doreckicrinus (Ec.Tr.De) Drabia (Ar.An.Am) Drepaiiaspis (Cd.Tr.Hy.Ce.Bi.Tr.Ne) Drachiclla (Ar.Ar.Ca) Doryccras (Mo.Un.Ta) Dosina (Mo.Pt) Douvillinaria (Br.An.Ce.St) Douvillaster (Ec.De) (Mo.Tr.Ga.Ce.Fo.Ec.Te.He.Co) (Po.Sp) Drepanopyge Drepanorhyncha Drepanura (Ar.Cr.Ga.Od) Donalosia (Br.Ra.Ra.St) Drumoceras Drupa (Mo.Bi.Ly) Dubhglasina (Ar.An.Te) Drepanaster (Ec.On) (Mo.Sp) Drevennia (Fo.Ar.Rh) Doraleuthis (Mo.Na) Douvillina (Br.Ga.Ce) Dozyia (Mo.Ar.Bi.De.Ve) Droiiiilites (Ar.Ce.Me.Sc) Douvillinoides (Br.Po.Pa) (Mo.Os.Sc) Diiminina (Ar.Sp) Drilliola (Cn.Am) Drulanta (Ac.Sp) Dresbachia (Ar.Ar.Mo) Drepanopterus (Ar.Sp) Dostia Droogerinella (Fo.Pt) Drewerelasma (Ar.St) Di"uppatractus (Ac.Bi.Ra.Ce.Cr.Ec.Ar.Te) Douvilleia (Mo.Ar.Sc) (Ar.MI.Ga.Pa) Dorydiscus (Ac.Te) Dosinia (Mo.Ru) (Mo.Nt) Drumaspis (Ar.Ar.Tr.Pa) Dorikranites (Mo.Po) Drabovaspis (Ar.Ar.Di) Ducdonia (Cn.

Pa) D/.Hc) Dyschrestia (Br.Sc) Dyrosaurus (Cd.Go) Eccentricosta (Br.Pt) (Cn.An.Tr.An.Pr) Durvilleoceras (Mo.Fo) Diirrciioya (Mo.Ce.Os.An.Os.Pf) Durotrigensia (Mo.Tr.Pt) Dylremacephalus (Ar.Un) Eastonastraea Diilankarella (Br.Sc) .St.Aj) Dyslactospt)ngia (Po.Ma.Cr.Ce.He.He) Durga Durhamella Durhamina (Mo.Ne) Dysprosorthis (Br.Fo) (Mo.Ga.Tr) Eboraciceras Duncania (Cn.Ce.Tr) Eccliseogyra (Mo.Fo) Dysorisluo (Br.Ph) Diinderbergella (Ar.Ce) (Cn.Ru) Duplipeclen (Mo.Am) (Cn.Ar.Nu) Echicrinus (EcCr.Fo.Pa) Ebianella (Mo.Ar.Ptl (Cd.Fo) Ouplicristatia (Ar.Ne) Duncanosmilia (Cn.Po) Eatonia (Br.Fo) Eastonoides (Cn.Pa) D\stactclla (Mo.Ca) Duplocarinia (Cn.Pa) Duibianella (Ar.Pf) Duperieria (Ec.Go) Dybowskiella (Bz.Fo) Dunbarula (Fo.Fo.Os.Os.Os.Tr.An.Nt) Dunnicrinus (Ec.Os.Os.Bi.Te) Dudlcyaspis (Ar.Rh) Echinaster (Ec.Os.Fo.Tr.An.So) Echigophylkim (Cn.Os.Ca.Ga.Ne) Dundrylhyris (Br.Ga.Th) Echinarachnius (Ec.Cy) Eblanaia (Fo. 111.Bi.St) Echinauris (Br.Ph) DuineganiKeras (Mo.Fo.In) Dysidea (Po.Nt) Duvalia Eatonioides (Br.De) Earlandiella (Fo.Tr.Fo) Dysnoetocella (Bz.Fo.Ca) Eastmanalepes (Cd.CH) Duerleyoceras (Mo.Ce) Echininus (Mo.Ar.St.Fo.Ra.Fo.Ne) Dvorakia (Cd.Ar.Ar.St) Dunleilhoceras (Mo.Fo) Duibianaspis (Ar.Tr.Fo.Ce.CI) Duplophyllum (Cn.Un) Ebetallites (An.Ce.Fo.Eu) (Mo.Sp) Echinaria (Br.El) Eccoptochiloides (Ar.Co) Dysnoctopora (Bz.Nt) Duniasclla (Mo.Un) Dutkevichites (Fo.Rh) Earlandinita (Fo.Co.Ar.Ga.Ga.Os.As) Dushanophrentis Easchmidtella (Ar.CI) IJ/hinsetoceras Echincllopsis (Cn.Bi.An.Sp) Earlandia (Fo.ieduszyckia (Br.Ga.Ec.Tr.Ar.Ar.Ec.Ce.St) Eamesiella (Mo.Fo.Ve) Dudu (Ar.Fo) Eastonia (Cn.Bi.Am) Dyscrilothyris (Br.St) (Ec.Pl.Ce.Ac) Echidnina (Po.Bo) Dyscritellina (Bz.Si) Eastmanosteus (Cd.Ru) Dybowskites (Bz.Ph) Ebianotheca (Hy.Sc) Dyocibicides (Fo.Ml.St) Dutkevichella (Fo.El) Dunedinites (Mo.Be) (Bz.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Rh) Dumblea Dumnonia (EcEc.An.St) Duiikeria (Mo.He) (Mo.As.EcHo) Dysondonta (Mo.An.Ar.Pt) (Bz.Ce.Ma.Ce.hulfoceras (Mo.An.Ru) Ebocotrochus (Cn.In.Ar.Ar) Dusignathus (Cn.Bltlletin 363 416 Ductor (Cd.Fo.Is) Duplella (Fo.Ml.Ar.Ar.Hi) D/hebaglina (Br.St.Re) Dunhillla (Po.Ch) Ebala (Mo.Ga.Ph) Dutrochus Eatoniella (Mo.Rh) Mo.Eu) (Mo.Un) Dunbarella (Mo.Tr.Ce.Pl.Eu) Dyscritoceras (Mo.Un) Dunkleosteus (Cd.Ce.Ru) (Ac.Ar.Na) (Mo.Ar.Ma.Nt) Duringia (Ar.Bi.Fo.Or) Echigoiiui (Fo.Ar.Di) Eccyliopterus Duostoniina (Fo.On) Dyscritella (Bz.Fo) Eastonerius Dulanocrinus (Ec.Na) (Mo.Ru) Dzhulfites Echinimathilda (Mo.Ce.Nt) (Mo.Ce.Ar) (Mo.Ce) Dyreaspis (Cd.Ga.Tr.Cr.Or.Gy.Ce.Na) Duryeella (Br.Fo.Ar) Dyscolia (Br.Bb) Dumortieria (Mo.Fo) Dysnoetopla (Mo.Bi.De.Ga.Cr.Ga.Ch) Echeneis (Cd.Ru) Diilkumella (Ar.Rh) Dulunomya (Mo.Di) Ebrayiceras (Mo.Hm) Duvergiera (Mo.An.Am) Dusa (Ar.In) Dunbarinella (Fo.Un.Pl) (Po.De.Hs) Dyt'rondicularia (Fo.Ec.Sp) Duiania (Mo.He) Dungulia (Cn.An.Bi.Pt) Dystactocrinus (Ec.U.Ar.Gy.St) Eccentrotheca (Pr.Fo. hi) Echelus (Mo.El) Ebenaqua (Cd.Ce.Fo) Eboroziphius DuncaiKKlema Dimcanopora DLincanopsammia (Bz.Am) D/hangirhynchia (Br.Cy) Dymia (Fo.Fo) Dutttmia (Ar.Gy.Ga.An.An.Ga.Ar) Dukhania (Fo.Pt) Ecblastesia (Po.St.An.St) Dupliporocyalhus (Po.Sp) Echinirhynchia (Br.Ce.Cr) Eccaparadoxides (Ar.Pf) Duidrythyris (Br.Ce.An.Ru) (Cd.Ve) Dulcineaia (Mo.Bi.Ga.Fo) Duslia (Ar.Un) D/.Co) Ebalia (Ar.Ga.Li) Dyscheiloceras (Mo.As) Echinariella (Br.Tr.Tr) Eccoptochilc (Ar.An.Ga.Ar.Sc) (Po.Am) Duncaniaster (Ec.As) Echinanthus (Ec.Os.De.Os.An) Duotingia (Ar.Ru) Dyeria (Mo.Pa) Dutoitella (Ar.Ar.Os.Ar.St) Diiplora (Ar.Ce.Fo) Ebrayia (Cd.Te) Dusisiren (Cd.Ce.Te) Ecchmadictyon (Po.Po.Te Eccuhoniphalus Duddecimcdusina (Cn.Tr.Am) Dziruhna (Br.Ar.Ca.Tr.St) Eburoceras (Mo.Pt.Ar) Eboroceras (Mo.Ar.Ds) Echinalosia (Br.Ph) Dunderbergia (Ar.Un) Duplexibollia (Ar.Co) Echidnocephalus (Cd.He.Bi.Am) Dwortsowaecrinus (Ec.Ce.Fo.As) (Cd.Cr.Po) Dwightoceras (Mo.Os.Ga.De.Tr) Eburnopsis (Mo.Ch) Ecdyceras Duotaxis (Fo.Ar.Re.Ar.Od) Durranella (Br.St.St.St) Durangilcs (Mo.Fo.Bi.Fo) Dwykia Dyasma (Mo.Sc) (Cn.Me.Bi.Tr.Re.Ec.Ce.Mo) Dutkevitchia (Fo.To.Tr.Ar.An.Fo.Te) Dyoconia Dyocopanon Dyoidophragma Dyoros Eburna Eburneopecten Eburneotrochus (Br.Ta) Dynatoceras (Mo.Hi) D/haprakoceras ( Echinasterella (EcAs.Sc) Duncanella (Cn.In.Ru) Dystrowia (Cd.Fo.De) Dunnintina (Ar.Go (Mo.Fo) Dybovvskinia (Cn.An) Ouplicaria (Mo.Or) Diinbarites (Mo.Ce.Pa) Dysplanus (Ar.Bi.Pl.Ce) Earlachitina (Fo.Am) (Mo.Un) Durinia (Ar.Ce.Os.Ru) Dylicospirit'er (Br.Ph) Dunsoplerus (Ar.Ph) Dushanirhynchia (Br.

A Compendium Ech of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 417 .

Xi) Elopopsis (Cd.Tr.Fo.De.Ne) iasopora (Bz.Ac) Elpinella (Ar.An.Sc) kania (Br.Bi.Pl.Pli) iorhynchus (Br.Ti.i (Fo.Pt) Elvinoides (Ar.Cr.Li) aeocyiiKi (Mo.Ga.BI.Os.Fo.Tr.No) El.Ax) Elrathia (Ar.An.Bi.Pr) ankaspis (Ar.As) (Cn.Ar) lipsostrenua (Ar.An.Ar) (Mo.Po) .Tr.Pl.Ru) Elcutherocrinus (Ec.Ne) genus (Ec.Ct) Elliptoidea (Mo.Sc) lipsolingulina (Fo.In) linoceras (Mo.Os.Ar.My) (Ar.Te) (Cd.An.Ar.Ce.Ch) Elciitherouaris (Ar.Ch) (Cd.Os.Ml.Ar.Tr.Li.Ar.De.Pt) liottella (Br.Di) Elofsonia (Ar.Ce.Ga.Os.Co.Cl) (Ar.Ga.Ar.Sp) Elminius (Ar.Ec) Elrathina (Ar.Tr.Ru) Elysastraea (Cn.Or) leriprion (An.Ar) lipticoblastus (Ec.An.Cc) ictognathus Elliptotellina (Mo.Tr.Ani) (Hy.Sp) lipsoxiphus (Ac.De.Fo) Elliptoglossa (Br.Un) .Ar.BL.Ga.Tr.Eu) (Bz.An.Sp) has.Ar.iphoceras (Mo.Sp) Embryocrinus Embryotoxotis (Ar.Os.L (Br.Fo) (Br.Ce.Cr.As) ibatocrinus (Ec.Tr.Co.Ciii) kanaspis (Ar.Or) lipsocyathus (Cn.Ce) Emarilcs IcusDceras (Mo.Cml ivina (Br.Ga.ln.iMii.Ra.Sp) Elsonella (Mo.Sc) Elymocaris (Ar.Li.Co.Fo.Hy) lipsoceras (Mo.Pt) (Bz.Pe) EUiiMiiatium (Mo.Pt) nchiis (Br.Tr.Sc) Eni.An.Ne) (Mo.Tr.inospina (Pr.Fo) Elvinia (Ar.Cl) Elliplophillipsia (Ar.Fo) Eniarginoconus (Mo.Ce.Ga.Tr.Rc) liptocephala Emeidus (Ch.Ce.Pt) (Mo.Tr.Pr) Iculhcrocentrus iinelUis .Pt) Embaphias (Cd.In) lips()dimorphin.Fo) (Ar.Ar) E-^Icrgella leganliscala (Fo.Tr.Gy.ic.Tr.Ph) leria (Ar.Nt) Elopoides (Cd.ingatanileus (Ar.Ar.Ar.Ho.Os.El) (Mo.Fo.Hy) (B/.Ani) iiclla (Fo.Ar.Bi.Lisenia (Cn.St) aphopora (Bz.Ec.Tr.Fo.Rii) lassonia (Br.Po) Elphidioides (Fo.Ph kanoceras (Mo.smerespongia (Po.i (Mo.Ve) lipsocoenia (Cn.Pc) E lea E lectra E lectroma E lectrona (Bz.Tr.Ar) lesmerina (Ar.Tr.Tr.St.Bi..Sc) Elrathiella (Ar.Nt) Elliptoverinelus (Mo.Li.Eu) Elops (Cd.Co) E .Co) Elouthcrocrania (Br.Pt) Elleganella legantaspis leganliteras Eleganlilites ( 1 Ar.Ar.Sc) la (Br.ictinia (Po.De) Elliptocyprites (Ar.Os.My) lesmeroceras (Mo.ls) EUopetalichthys (Cd.Nii) lipsocristclhiria (Fo.Fo.As) Elongatinileus (Ar.Os.Re.He.Fo) (Cd.Ga.BI.Ch.Ol (Ar.Ch.Ca.Hy.Nt) LI: isTna (Po.Tr.Tr.Li.Ar.Nt) (Mo.Fo) Elylhina (BrAr.Un.Os.Sc) kia (Ar.Tr.Ce.Ce.Bi.Pt) lipsoccph.Ar.An.Gy.ita (Br.Ch) lipsastcria (Cn.Li) Elobiceras (Mo.Ch.Bi.Fo.Pr) lipsoslylus (Ac.Ph) liottina (Br.Fo) Emanuclla (Br.He) lipsella (Ar.An.Tr..Cl) Elliptostrophia (Br.Tr.Sc) ivella (Br.Po) (Po.MI.Sc) .Ca.Hy.Bulletin 363 418 .Tr.Nt) lipsoidina (Fo..Po) (Mo.Os.Ar.Po.Ga.Fo) Ely\ (Ar. In.Ch) Elongata (Mo.Ps) (Ar.Fo) Emarginulina (Mo.Ce.Ga.Sp) Enibolosia (Br.An.Pt) Eleganlula (Mo.Ar.Ve) El.Lii imata (Mo.Ac) (Cd.Di) lipsoMiiilia (Cn.Tr.An.Ru) Elpezoe (Ar.St) Elpisoceras (Mo.Ac) lipsolaphrus (Ar.Bi.Tr.Cr.Te) Elcutherokomma (Br.My) (Ar. He) E asmopliDra E lasmophyllia E asmophylluni E asmosaurus E asmostoma E lasmolhyris E atioriella E alius E Iburgia E Idenosteus E Ider E Iderra E donia E donidia (Cn.Th) Elpistoichthys (Cd.Li) Elot'sonella (Ar.Tr) (Cn.Sc) kanisca (Br.Gr.Am) Elyaspis (Ar. ( Ar.Fo.Co) (Mo.Li) Elphidiella (Fo.Un) le.ichychil()n (Mo.Po.tella (Fo.Ga.Sp) lipsuella (Ar.Os.Me.Fo.Pa) (Cd.Ce.Fo) lipsoidclhi (Fo.Ra.iloides (Ar.Ar.Os.Sp) Ellsworthoconus (Mo.Pt (Mo.Pt) Elmosaurus (Cd.Pa) lipsiiglanduliiia (Fo.Co.Ci) (Cd.In) igmoloxus (Cd.Ce.Cr.An.Fo.Cr.Os.Sp) EUsaspis (Ar.Pt) (Cd.Sp) Elenamarginia (Ar.Pa) Elrodoceras lipsidium (Ac.Ga.Ce.Tc) ioscrolis (Ar.Go) lipsopolymorphina (Fo.Ar.Uni it.Ar) k.MI.My) (Mo.Me) (Po.Te.Tr.As) Embolophyllum (Cn.Fo.Fo.Pt) Ellisina E .Cr) (Br.Pt) Elviraspis (Ar.Ph) iva (Br.Di) E dredgcops (Ar.Gy.Gy.Cr) Elpasocrinus (Ec.El) Elphidium (Fo.MI.In.Tr.Re.Ga.Ar.Di) (Pr.Ly) ignius (Mo.Ar) Eleganuculan.Fo) (Cn.Sc) Emballothcca (Hy.Pt) lipsocephalus (Ar.Ps) latrivia (Mo.Sc) Elegestolepis (Cd.Pt) Ellisella EU: isnialiinus (Po.Sp) Elongobula (Fo.Pa) .Sp) lipsoidastraea (Cn.Os.Co.ln) Elephantaria (Cn.Sl.Ar.Ar.Bi.Cc) lips.Rc.Co) lipsobulimina (Fo.Tr.Cl) ['Iciitherospira (Mo.icTiiuis (Ec.Un) (Ec.Pt) Elliptoseris (Cn.An.Ga. ismorLingia (Cn.Os.Fo) Emarginula Elcphantoceras (Mo.Ra.Pt) lipscchinus (Ec.Am) E lasmogyra E asmoicrea E aMiHinciiia (Cn.Fo.Sp) Elmaria (Br.Fo.Ca.Rh) Ellisonia (Mo.Fo) lipsoscapha (Mo.Co) icicola (Ar.Un) E asmocoelia E asmocoenia E asmodecles E asniDcliis (Po.An.Te) licea Elpidocrinus (Ec.Sp) Elcphanlancllum (Mo.Ga.Sp) Elegesta (Br.isinaspis (Ar.iciaticcras (Mo.He) lesicrusta (He.Di) icrinus (Ec.Fo.Rh) Elonichlhys (Cd.Ga.Sp) Enibavsgnalhus (Cd.Fo) Elymospirifer (Br.Ce.An.An.Pt) lesmerelasma (Cn.

Sp) Enallopsammia (Cn.Ga.Ga.Th) Endotebanella (Fo.Os.Nt) (Br.Bi.Tr.Te) Emperoceras (Mo.Fo) Enosphinctes (Mo.Fe) Endostokesoceras (Mo.Ce.Pt) Enantiosloma (Mo.Ar.El) Ensia (Ar.Cc) Enallopora (Bz.Ph) Enteletella (Br.Di) (Mo.Ra.Na) EmiluN (Ac.Ce) (Mo.Os.Un.Op.Ga.Bi.An) Entomoconchus (Mo.Os.Ce.Ru) Endospiroplectammina (Fo.Ar.Ci) (Ar.St.Ne) (Cd.Ru) (Mo.ln) Enfrlniiraspis (Ar.My) Enhydritherium (Cd.Di) Endocycloceras (Mo.Bi.Ph) Enigmonia Enischorhynchus Emeraklella (Ar.Ga.Pt) Entolium (Mo.Ga.An.Nt) (Mo.St) Hoacteon (Mo.El) Entacanthus Enallhclia Enlactinia (Ac.Un) Endiataenia Enoplonotus (Ar.Bi.Ga.Fo.Ve) Empheresula Empleconia (Cd.Os.Ne) (Cn.Ne) Enchixlrospirifer ia Enaliarctos (Mo.Cr.Na) Enignialitcs (Cn.Ta) Endiatrachelus (Mo.F<i) Entimoceras (Mo.Ar.Ba) (Mo.Ru) Ennucula (Mo.Ec.Fo.Ra.Ar.In.Os.Gd) Endeodiadema (Ec.Mo.Fo) Enteletes (Br.Fo) Entogonites (Mo.Ga.St.Fo.Ve) Eniplnca (Po.Bi.Sp) Engraulis (Cd.Sc) Enallophrentis (Cn.An.Di) Entapium (Ac.Ce.Am) Entomonotis Engorthoceras (Mo.Cl Enophrys (Cd.Fo) Entelelina (Br.Spl Endianaiilax Enoploclytia (Ar.Ci) Endamplexus (Cn.Un) Encicellaria (B/.Ph) (Mo.Ce.Tr.Fo.Ec.Na) En.Bi.Ar) Encrinus (Ee.Ga.Os.Pt) (Cd.Ta) Endiatoma (Mo.Ar.Bi.Ca.Sc) Endosacculus (Ar.Te) Enteropleura (Mo.De.Di) Enoploceras (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ma) Engoniophos Engonoccras (Mo.Or) Enlomaspis Enlomaster Enayites (Mo.Ai) (Bz.Cr) Empodesma (Cn.Os.Ga.St) Enaliosuchus (Cd.Am) (Cd..Ce.Ec.Fo) Entemnotrochus (Cn.Pr) Entacanthadus (Br.En) Endoaspis (Ar.Ch) Enida (Mo.s (Mo.ln) Entoprimitia (Ar.Ne) Ensipora (Bz.Ar.AI) Enhydriodon (Ar.Cr) Endoplegma Endops Endoptygma (Po.Pe) Endothyranopsis (Fo.Gy.hthys (Cd.Ar) (Ar.An.Un.He.An.Fo) Engclia (Ec.Ma.Cr.Ve) Emuella (Ar.Pt) Enseosteus (Cd.Ar.Ls) Enaliomis (Mo.Ma.rinuroides (Ar.Re.Sc.ln) Eoacidaspis (Ar.Ptl Endocostapecten (Mo.Di) Ensiculus (Mo.Ec.Ce.Ru) Enclyclomphalus Enigmaconus (Mo.Sc) Endo.Or) Enallothccidea (Br.Bi.Ca) (Cd.Bi.De) Emmonsia (Cn.Tr.ln) Eiiiersonia (Mo.Ca.Fo.Co) (Cn.Ce.He.An.Tr.Ec.Ar.Po) Enchiileuthis (Mo.Pt) Enc'helyolepis (Cd.Am) Endocostea (Mo.Bi.Ar) Enantiosphena (Br.Ce.Os.Ca) Entomo/oe (Pr.PI) F.An.Pl.An.Ar) (Mo.Fo.En) Enoploura (Ec.St.Tr.Fo.Ci) Entactinosphaera (Ac.Ph) Ensiphragnia (Bz.Ar.Ta) Eoacrochordiceras Encope (Ec.Un) EncrinuNlcr (Ec.Un) Enoplophthalmus Enoplostomella Enoplosus EnimriL'hella (Ar.At) Entolioides (Mo.Sp) EnalliKoenia (Cn.Ra.Ru) Ensis (Mo.Mi) Emmrichops Empedaspis (Ar.Ar) Enygmophyllum (Cn.Or) Enailosia (Br.Tr.Ne) (Cd.Ga.Cc) Enallopneustes (Ec.Ml.Os.Cc.My) Enchelurus (Mo.Cr) Emsurella (Ar.A CoMPENDR^M OF F-ossii.Fo.Sp) Entalina (Mo.En) Ennosvia.Tr.Ce.Os.An.Tr.St.Ca) (Cd.He) (Ar.Or) Enammocephalus (Ar.Ra.Tr.Ru) Endopachychilus (Mo.An.Cl) Endospiriter (Br.Ru) EnanliDsphenella (Br.Me) Ensio (Mo.Pt) Emsurina (Ar.Ce.Ce.ln) Hncriiuirus (Ar.Tx) Endrea (Br.Ga.Ga.Re) Endoplanoceras Ensisolen (Mo.Ve) Ensitheca (Hy.An.Ar) Emperocrinus Emphasia (Ec.s.Os.An.Un.Ga.Ce.He) Endolobus Endolophia Endomargarus (Mo.Te) Endoteba (Fo.An.Pt.Os.Go) Enascocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ph) Engenella (Br.Te) Encriiuirclla (Ar.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Ve) Enaela Endoplectoceras Ensitellops (Mo.Ch) (Cd.Ar.Ne) Endymionia (Ar.Sc) Emililcs (Mo.Os.Tr.De) Enimclii.Pf) (Ec.Ca.Cr.Tr.Tr.St.Pt) Emerilheca (Pr.Te) Enichaster (Ec.Tr.Pt) Endochernella (Fo..Sc) Endorioceras (Mo.Ml.Ph) Enkclbergia (Mo.An.Po) Endodiscosoru.Ec.Am) Engina Entomella Enchelion (Cd.Ga.Bi.Cr) Eniersonius (Ar.Bi.Pl.Bi.Nu) Emileia (Mo.s) Emmonsiella Enimonsoceras (Cn.Ce.Bi.Ar.Os.My) Enchodus Enchosloma (Cd.Am) Endelocrinus (Ec.Ce.Enil 1-ni.Oc) Enigmatichthys (Cd.Ce.Un.Pt) Emeilhyris (Br.spis (Cd.Os.Cr.Tr.Pt) Enaulotungia (Po.Os.Gy.He) (Mo.Cr. Marink Animal Genera: Sepkoski 419 Enieiella (Ar.Re) Endothecium Endothyra (Fo.Pe) Fnimonsaspis (Cn.siferites (Po.Os.Fo.Bi.Pt) Enatiodentalina (Fo.Pt) Ense (Br.Ce.Ru) Entelophyllia (Cn.Av.Bi.Pe.Sp) Entsyna (Ar.Li) EncoiliKcras (Mo.Fo.Or) Entomope (Mo.Cl) Enigmalosia (Br.Bi.Pt) Enalinicnc (Mo.Pe) (Mo.St.Ph) Hnniskilienus (Cd.An.Sp) Endostatfella (Fo.Ga.Ar) Endolriada (Fo.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Tr.An.0.Sc) Ensipteria (Mo.Ar.Ga.0.Ga.Fo) Entalophora (Bz.Ga.An.Av.Fo.Tr.Pti Endotriadella (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Ma.An) (Cd.Fo) Endothyranella (Fo.Fo) Entalophroecia (Bz.Pt) (Cn.Ru) Enantiaspis (Ar.Fo.Ce.Or.Fo) Enterolasnia (Cn.Ar.Se) Emeithella (Pr.Ga.Ce.Sp) EnalliKTinus (Ec.Fo) Entelophyllum Enantiomorphina (Fo.Pt) Endoceras (Mo.Ar.Ce.He) (Mo.Ar.Pe) Endothyris (Br.Hs) (Mo.Ph) Endopachys Endophyllum (Cn.He) (Mo.Cl) Entomoprimitia (Ar.Un) (Mo.Ce.ndiaplocus Enoplocoelia (Po.Ce) .stoma (Po.Ar.Di) (Ar.Di) Enanliosircon (Mo.

St.Ve) Eolaballa (Br.Ar.Am) Eoantipiychia (Br.Sc.De) (Mo.Po) Eoheteroceras (Mo.Ne) Eohastigerinella (Fo.Ve) Eodalnianella (Br.Tr) Eolaminopiasma (Cn.Te) Eoheteropora (Bz.Li) (Mo.Tr.Pt) Eoceraloconcha (Ar.Ce) Eobothus (Cd.De) Eocaris (Ar.Fo.Ce.Ce.Fo) Eogorgia (Mo.Ce.Ne) Eoescliaropora (Pr.Ci) Eocicerocrinus (Ec.Ar.Pa) Eocopea Eocoryne (Po.Co.Go) Eocarcinosoma (Ar.Ds) Eoeponidella (Fo.As) (Ec.Ar) (Mo.Ce.Ce.Fo.Ga) Eocryphops (Ar.Os.Ce.De.Li.Co) Eogaleropygus (Ec.Fo.Ar.Tr.Ds) Eobrachythyris (Br.Fo) Eolasiodiscus (Fo.Cr.Pn) Eocytheridea (Ar.Ar.Am) Eodreverniannia (Ar.Tr.Tr.Ce.Ar.Bi.Cn) Eogaleus (Cd.Sq) Eolepas (Ar.Ga.Fo.Br) (Ec.Os.Fo) Eolasnia (Ar.Ar.St) Rodyscritella (B/.Ce) Eocottus (Cd.Os.Ar.Sp) Eoendothyra (Fo.Ph) Eokaolishania (Ar.Os.Tr.An.Ar.Ga.Ee.Ce.Eo.Fo.Hi) Eokainaster Eocephalites (Mo.Ar.Am) Eoleperditia (Ar.As.Be) Eocytherella (Ar.Po) Eohemithiris (Br.An) (Mo.Te) Eocyphiniuin (Ar.At) Eocerilhiiim Eodiorthelasma (Br.Mo) Eoderoceras Eocamptonectes (Mo.Fo.Fo) (Ar.s (Mo.Os.Gr.Ga.Tr.Pe) Eoccrnina (Mo.Or) Eohippotha (Bz.Ag) Eoklocdenia (Ar.Bi.Os.Un.Ar.Ve) Eokrefftia (Cd.Sc) Eoglossophyllum (Cn.Ce.Fo) Eoconuloides (Fo.Ar.Fo) Eofabiania (Fo.Rh) Eobuntonia (Ar.Ta) (Br.Ph) Eohollina (Ar.Ce.Fo) Eoainpliistrophia (Br.Me.Pa) Eobactrites Eocymalium (Mo.Pf) Eocithara (Mo.Fo) Eochonetes (Br.Ne) Eolagena (Fo.Sp) Eocyrtosymbole (Ar.Ru) Eoasaphus (Ar.As) Eocramatia (Br.Tr.An.Co) Eoastarte (Mo.Ga.Ar.Ce.Co) Eoendothyranopsis (Fo.Fo.Ch.Os.Pe) Eoforschia (Fo.Ar.Ho.Os.Co) Eodicera.Ml.Be) (Mo.Ur) Eoagnostus (Ar.Ar.De) Eodictyoptychus (Mo.Ri) Eocatenipora (Cn.An.Os.Pa) Eohecticoceras (Mo.Cr.Ne) Eoeugnalhus (Cd.Ce.Pr) Eogunnarites (Mo.Fo) Eogaudryceras (Mo.Cr.Ma.Ce.In) Eolconaspis (Ar.Ml.Os.An.Ce.As.Fo.St.Or) Eofietcheriella (Cn.Ta) Eodictyonella (Br.Am) Eocalcinus (Ar.Re) Eolimea (Mo.Ce) Eodinoholiis (Br.Am) Eolaca/ella (Br.Os.Po) Eofusulina (Fo.Fo.Os.Ci) Eodiodon (Cd.Am) (Mo.Ml.Gr) Eoasianites (Mo.On) (Mo.Un) Eoglossinotoechia (Br.Os.An) Eoindoerinus (Ec.Tr.Tr.Go) (Cn.In) Eobrachythyrina (Br.Os.As) Eoharpa Eoharpes Eobronteus (Ar.Fo) Eoleptoceras (Mo.Sp) Eochelodes (Mo.Ch) Eodalmanitina (Ar.Ag) Eoanimosphaeroides (Fo.Ta) (Br.Os.Am) Eodindymene (Ar.Co) Eocephalodiscus (He.Eu) (Ec. In.Ca) Eoanguilla (Cd.Tr.Ce.As) (Ar.Ar.Ga.Li) Eokaolaia (Ar.Tr.Ac) Eoglobigerina (Fo.Tr) Eocrioceratites (Mo.An.Ch.Ar.Ar.Nt) Eogryphus (Br.Ta) Eochoristitella (Br.Pa) Eocystites (Ec.Cc) Eocaudina (Ec.Fo.Fo) Eochuangia (Ar.Ga.Po.Ro.Ce.Fo) Eobucania (Mo.Tr.Fo.Ce.Os.Ar.Os.Is) Eogloborites (Tr.Os.Cy) Eohmulus ( Ar. In) Eohalysiocrinus (Ec.Bulletin 363 420 (Ec.Te) Rochilina (Ar.Go) Eocrassina (Mo.Fo.Os.Pe) Eocomatula Eoconcha Eoconchidium Eoconchoecia Eoconodontus (Cd.Cl) Eocarniodus (Cd.Bi.In.Ce) Eodmitria (Br.Ne) Eobromidella (Ar.Ar.Fo.Ec.El) Eolamprogrammus (Cd.St) Eoglyptograptus (He.Ce.Os.An) Eocypraea (Mo.Ce.Os.Bi.Pt) (Bz.Ar.Sp) Eokosovopeltis (Ar.Go) Eoaulostomus (Cd.Hi) Eoischyrina (Mo.Co.Bi.Ce.Cm) Eofletcheria (Cn.Di) Eohydnophora (Cn.Px) Eoactis (Ec.Tr.Tr.Te) Eoconulus (Br.Eo) Eodesmoceras Eodevonaria Eodiadema Eod aphrag moceras Eodiaphyodus (Mo.Am) Eobuglossus (Cd.Os.Op) Eochorisliles (Br.Tr.Rh) Eoaraxoceras (Mo.Sp) Eoectenolites (Mo.Ml.Bi.Am) Eoholocentrum Eohornera (Cd.Fo) (Br.Pf) Eochclone (Cd.Sc) Eocarcinus (Ar.Sp) Eocanites (Mo.Ca) Eoannularia (Fo.Sp) Eocyrtolites (Mo.Os.Ar.St.My) Eocheiurus (Ar.Ce.Fo.Pa) Eocameroceras Eocamptocrinus (Mo.Tr.Ce.Am) Eocoelia (Br.Nt) Eodiscus (Ar.El) Eoinachoides (Ar.Od) Eolabroides (Cd.Ve) Eognathodus (Cd.Ar.Ga.Cc) Eocalliostoma (Mo.Un.Ga.Pn) Eoeyrtoceras Eohalobia (Mo.Ph Eographiodactylus (Ar.Gy.Ce) (Cd.Tr.Os.An.Os.Ph) Eodon Eodonax (Mo.Re.Od) Eoclarkiiceras (Mo.Os.Tr.Fo.Ar.Tr.St) Eoisotelus <Ar.Li.De) Eodallina (Br.Tr.At) Eofallotaspis (Ar.PII (Br.Sp) Eocypridina (Ar.Os.Ar.Pf) Eotistulipora (Bz.Fo) Eoapatokephalus (Ar.Os.Pt) Eohowellella (Br.Ce.Ch) Eodouvilleiceras (Mo.An.Le) Eoclavatorella (Fo.MI.Pa) Eodontopleura (Ar.Ar.Co.Am) Eobeloceras (Mo.Fo) Eolales (Cd.Nt) Eocristellaria (Fo.Me.Pt) Eochaunactis (Po.Th) Eochetoceras (Mo.Cr.Ce.Po) Eocytheropteron (Ar.Ga.Pt) Eocythara (Mo.Nt) Eoguttulina (Fo.En) Eodanubites (Mo.Me) Eogymnites (Mo.TnPr) (Mo.Ce.Ci) Eocialhurclla (Mo.Bi.Pt.St) Eoanaslri)phia Eobelemnites Eocallista i (Ar.Ga.Fo.Ga.Bi.Pt) Eocoelopoma (Cd.An) Eoaquapulex (Ar.Fo) Eobiernatella (Br.Am) Eogonioloboceras Eoallanta (Mo.Ga.Or) Eokirkidium (Br.Te) Eokarpinskia (Br.Cr.Ce.An) Eoconularia (Cn.St) Eohyattoceras (Mo.In) .Ar.Nt) (Mo.Bi.Pr) Eolactoria (Cd.St.Ar.El) Eoelniopterus (Cd.Pa) Eocetus (Cd.Pa) Eodrilla (Mo.

Pt) Eotrigonia (Mo.Fo) Eoporpita (Cn.Fo.Ec.Rh) Eostichomitra (Ac.Pa) Eostegostoma (Cd.Li.Or) Eosalmo (Cd.Cr.Pt) Eoscrupoeellaria (Bz.Ne) Eontia (Mo.Se) Eotomopteris (An.Tr) Eopinclada (Mo.Fo) Eomonarachus Eomonotis Eomunidopsis Eomuracna (Ar.Ml.Ch.Sp) Eoorodus (Cd.Le) Eopsiloceras Eostaffella (Fo.Ar.My) Eoplicoplasia (Br.Fo) Eosehistoceras (Mo.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Co) Eosipho Eolissochiinetes (Br.Ga.Os.Or.Sp) Eoprodroniites (Mo.Fo) Eothinites (Mo.Hi) Eostrophalosia (Br.Ml.Or) Eothesbia Eoparaph(irhynchu> (Br.Mo) Eoscobinella (Mo.Ce.Go) Eothecidellina (Br.St) Eoplectus (Cd.Ce.s (Br.Ey) Eopcclen (Mo.Sp) Eosomichelinoceras (Mo.Ch.Bi.Ve) Eomanta (Cd.Ar.Ar.Co) Eostaffeloides (Fo.MLDe) Eospiriferina (Br.Ve) Eoprotraehyceras (Mo.Po) Eoschizophoria (Br.Fo) Eopalorbilolina (Fo.Hx) Eorobergia (Ar.Bi.Ma.Ga.Hy.La) Eoplatax (Cd.Bi.Os.Ar.Pu) (Cd.Ne) Eolomatella (Ar.Ar.Ar.Pf) Eoplectodonta (Br.Or) Eostrotion (Cn.Fo.Ar.Ma.Ec.Os.Pt) Eorhipidomella (Br.PI) Eosphargis (Cd.Ga.Fo.Os.Ce) Eosyringothyris (Br.Pf) Eosiren (Cd.Ce) Eoparisocrinus (Ec.De.Ch.Po) Eomyrophis Eomyrus (Cd.Ar.Ph) F.Ar.An Eoredlichia (Ar.Si) Eoscutella (Ec.Fo Eoreticularia (Br.Po) Eoscaphelasma (Br.Ga.Ac) Eoparaparchiles (Ar.Ph) Eospongia Eosqualodon (Po.Nt) Eoproductella (Br.Tr.Tr) Eothele (Br.Ga.Fo) (Mo.Re) Eostrophomena (Br. i u in .Tr) Eonnclophum (Cd.St) Eosolen (Mo.Cl) Eotissolia (Mo.Li.St.Ce.As) Eostella (Ec.Ph) Eophycis (Cd.Ce.Fe) Eotomaria (Mo.Ds) Eopuftinus (Cd.Tr) Eomyelndaclylus (Ec.ArSt) Eonavicula (Mo.Op.Ar.Ct) Eosalenia (Ec.Ro.Fo) Eophssema (Mo.Ar) Eoplacognathu.Ar.Ce.Ga.Oc) (Ar.Am) (Mo.Bi.Ce.Os.Ar.Co.Ne) Eothuria (Ec.As) Eostylodictya (Ac.Bi.Os.Or) Eonodosaria (Fo.Or) Eorotundracythere (Ar.Nt) Eostropheodonta (Br.An) Eoquasiendothyra (Fo.Ar.Ar.Or) Br.Ga.St) Eothinoceras (Mo.Ch.Un) Eosphaeroma (Ar.Bi.Ce.Go) I (Cd.Ce.Os.Pn) Eomoelleritia (Ar.Os.Ar.Go) Eoparaliisulina (Fo.Ch) Eoniathilda (Mo.Ar.Pt) Eopteridium (Ar.St) Eonalivkinia (Br.Bi.Se) Eosiphonalia (Mo.Py) Eoprotelops (Cd.Fo.Bi.Bi.Os.St Eopolychaetus (An.Os.Ga.Nt) (Mo.St) Eopolydiexodina (Fo.On) Eophylliles .Ch) Eothynnus (Cd.Os.Fo) Eoscaphites Eothalassoceras (Mo.Os.Bi.Sa) Eotebenna (Mo.In) Eohttonia (Br.Bi.Pr) Eospinus (Cd.Po.Co.Nt) Eophasma (Nm) Eoscutuni (Ec.Cr.St) Eoplacostegus (An.Fo.Ph) Eoscutelkim (Ar.Os.Ga.Pf) Eopeyeria (Cd.Ve) Eops (Ar.Tr.Ar.Sp) Eonovitatus (Hy.Ga.Ar.Bi.Ga.Os.St) Eosemicosci n (Bz.Pf) Eophacops (Ar.Te) Eopaijcnborchella (Ar.Fo) Eosotrematorthi.Ve) Eospirifer (Br.Ce.St) (Mo.At) Ei'tniodon (Mo.Ne) Eosolarium Eomadrasites (Mo.Os.Ce.Ce.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 421 Eoliotina (Mo.St) Eosoconus (Mo.Os.Ce) Eonotidanus (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Nt) Eostenopora (Bz.Co) Eotibia (Mo.Fo.Um) Eotrimeroceras (Mo.Os.Ce.Co) Eoorthis (Br.Ve) EopilldiiKTJnus (Ec.Os.Aiii) Eoplicanoplia (Br.Tr.Os.Or) F.Un) Eotetragonites (Mo.Ce.To) (Mo.Ce.Fo.Pr) Eostephanella (Ar.Ce.Sp) Eonieretrix (Mo.Os.Ph) Eopteria (Mo.Am) Eopachydiscus (Mo.Os.Ph) (Mo.Pt) Eosigmoilina (Fo.Pa) Eoplatanista (Cd.Po.Os.Di) Eotaphrus (Cd.My) Eopsetta (Cd.Tr.Ce.Is) Eomarliniiipsis (Br.Cr.Go) (Cd.Ch.Go) Eosehizodus (Mo.Fo) Eostoniias (Cd.St) Eospinatrypa (Br.Ar.Ga.Gy.osericoidea (Br.On) Eosturia (Mo.Ve) Eoprosodacna Eoprosopon (Ar.Te) Eopinnacrinus (Ec.Fo) Eosagenites (Mo.Bi.My) Eoptychoparia (Ar.St.Ar.Ar.Te) Eosolariella Eoniaclra (Mo.Se) Eoophthaliiiidium (Fo.Ar.Am) Eosaiirichthys (Cd.An) Eoptychia (Mo.Rh) Eotorpedo (Cd.Fo.Os.Bi.Ma.Tr.Li) I Br.Fo.Tr.Fo.Ar.Un) Eosophragmophora ( Eomarginitera (Br.Ar.Cr.s.Ne) (Mo.Fo) Eolrigonodon (Cd.St) Eotoiirnayella (Fo.Ra.Ar.Ar.He.EI) Eopalelliocrinus (Ec.Ce.Pt) Eostenoporella (Bz.Cr) Eosaukia (Ar.Ac) Eolophotes (Cd.Ac) Eotextularia (Fo.Os.Ga.Or) Eomaorislrophia (Br.Tr.Na) Eoranella (Mo.Tr.An.St.Fo.Tr.Ve) Eopleurotoma (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ar.Sp) Eomesodon (Cd.Op.Fo.St) Eonomia Eonomismoceras (Mo.Ar.Te) Eoniegastrophia (Br.Os.Bi.Ga) Eoseptaliphoria (Br.onla|^sllTlella (Fo.Fo) Eosynanceja (Cd.Ru) Eorizoceras (Mo.Ve) Eoserranus (Cd.Pf) Eotrapc/ium (Mo.Tr.As.Ar.Os.An) Eopugnax (Br.Ec.Ar) Eopholidoslrophia (Br.St.Fo.Re.Su) Eotetraodon (Cd.Po.Cl) Eothyrstites (Cd.Hi) Eoproetus (Ar.Sp) Eostrophonella (Br.Ar.Ar.El) Eospirigerina ( Eomiltha (Mo.Ch.CI) Eoschuchertella (Br.MLDe) Eoptychaspis (Ar.Cr.Ec.Ce) Eospondylus (Ec.Ra.Ga.He) Eopachydiclya (Bz.Li.Si) Eolu\arus (Cd.Bi.Os.Ar.Av.Os.In.Re) Eomobula (Cd.St) Eosemionotus (Cd.Th) Eoparalegoceras (Mo.Ga.At) Eomegalodus (Mo.At) Eoradioliles (Mo.O.CI) Eosinica (Mo.Po) Eosurcula (Mo.Ra.Ar) Eorupenia (Fo.St) Eonapora (Ac.s (Cd.Ce) Eosiphonotreta (Br.Na) (Cd.Fo.Ce.Rh) Eoschubertella (Fo.Ce.Os.CI) Eoshumardia (Ar.Tr.Am) Eophiura (Ec.

422 Lolriiiuclcus Bulletin 363 .

Tr.Mo) Erislaviles (Mo.Ar.Ce) .Ar) Eubrochis (Po.Os.Ch) (Bz.Am) Erylus (Po.Tr.Sc.Na) (Ac.Re.Ru) (Mo.Pe.Ch) (Mo.Cr.Os.Fo) EriMiiai.Nu) Esseigania (Ar.ssexella (Cn.Ne) (Mo.Gy.St.Cr.St.Un.Ce) (Mo.Tr) Euchasmella Emogia (Br.Ar) Estraingia (Ar.Ra.De) Esci>rncbo\ ina (Fo.Am) (Mo.Os.Ra.Na) Euactaeonina (Mo.Ga.Ga.Co) Esopoceras (Mo.Am) Etheridgella (Ec.Cr) Euagassiccras (Mo.Ga.Fo.Ar) Etheripecten (Mo.Ce.Ha) Eucecryphalus (Ac.Ar) (Mo.Rh) Euciphoceras Errina (Cn.s (Mo.Ml.Ce.Ga.Ga.Ga.Po) E.Ga.Ce.Ce.Br) Etalloniella (Po.Oh) Errolosleus (Cd.Ga.Os.Ga.Ml.Os.Pt) Euclia (Mo.Ml.Tr.Bi.Tr.Ch) (B/.Th) Erquitaia (Cd.As) Etheridgia (Po.St) Estonocysti.A C()mi'i.Nt) Etalia (Mo.Ce) Erkosonea (Bz.Co) (Hy.Un) Eucentrurus (Cd.CI) Espaiiocririus (Ec.Ne) (Bz.Re.Pt) Eucratea (Bz.In) Esmerakiina (Ar.Ph) Euaspidoceras (Mo.Na) (Ac.Ce.Ra.Co) (Mo.Ar.Cr.Ch.Ga.Ch) (Mo.Rh) Estonirhynchia (Br.Tr) Etea (Mo.Ga.Pt) Erraticodon Estonioceras Euchrysalis (Mo.Ar.Uni Esthonioporina (Bz.An.Me) Erymnaria (Br.Gy.Os.Gy.Ce.Po) E.Ar) Eucoroniceras (Mo.Un) Eubalacna Eriphylopsis (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Aj) Eucycloceras (Mo.Tr.Ta) ErymncK-eras (Mo.El) Eucallista (Mo.Ra.Pl.Cr.Ce.Ml.Os.Ve) Erymarella (Mo.Ce.Bi.Na) (Ec.Ar.Gr) ErugalDcyathus (Po.Ci) Errhynx (Br.Gr.ni5H'm or^ Ftissii Makini-: Animal Genera: Sepkoski 423 Eriphia (Ar.Na) Eryma (Ar.Ce.De) (Mo.Nt) Eryon Escasona (Ar.Cr) Esthonocrinus (Ec.St) Esocelops (Cd.Na) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ch) Estlandia (Br.De.Ne) Eripleura (Ar.Di.St.Ve) Ethelocrinus (Ec.Re) Eubuliminella (Fo.Tr.Ra.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Ga.Ar) Eucalathis (Br.Un.Ar.Ga.Pt) E.He) Eriquius (Cd.Sp) Enratencrinurus (Ar.Ga.Er) E.Co.Ar.Fo.Pl.Ho.Ar) (Mo.Ga.Lo) Eryciles (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ve) Etheridgaspis (Ar.Pt) E.Mo) Erromenosleus (Cd.Ne) Erugonia (Mo.In) Euclathurella Erronea (Mo.CI) Euconia Erycinella (Mo.Or) Eucalycoceras (Mo.Re.Gy.Nt) Euaptetoceras (Po.Ml.Hy.Ar) Euconchitina (Fo.Te) Eucyrtidium Etyus (Ar.Ch) (B/.Am) Ethmopin (Po.Ve) Eucraterellina (Ar.Ma.Os.Sc) Eucochlis Erugocenlrus (Cd.Ga.Bi.Fo) Eubaciilites (Mo.Bi.Tr.Bi.Po) Euchitonia (Ac.Un.Os.Cr.Am) (Mo.Hy) (Cn.Or) Eshelmania ( Eubostrychoceras Eriplxclia (Mo.Bi.Aj) Eucycloidca (Mo.Cr.Ec.s (Ec.Am) Eucythere (Ar.sthoniopora (Bz.Cr.He.Ce.Co) Ermoceras (Mo.St.Pt) Eucopia (Ar.Di) Escharopora' (B/.Bi.Bi.Ro.Ac) Eubrochus (Po.Ga.Ar.Am) Erisocriniis (Ec.Pt Eucymba (Mo.Ch.Ce.Na) Eritropsis (Mo.Tr.Ro.Am) Espella (Br.Pc) Eripnilcra (Br.Ly) (Mo.Nt) (Ac.Ma.scoftieria (Cd.Pa) Etallonasteria (Cn.Ve) Eucominia Euconactaeon Ervillia (Mo.Bi.Rh) Ethmocardium Ethmocoscinus (Po.Ce.CI) Eucypraedia Etrumeus (Cd.St) Eucrassatella (Mo.Ri) (Mo.Os.Ch) (B/.Aj) Esmeria (Mo.Rh) Eucetotherium (Cd.Ds) Eucalyptocrinites (Ec.Ce.Aj) Eucryptocaris (Ar.Gy.Re.Ce.Ch) Erymastacus (Ar.Tr) Eucheilopora Erphyllum (Pr.Ce.Ce.Ve) Erismodus (Cd.An.Ag) Eucytherura (Ar.An.Pt) Eucladocrinus (Ec.He) Eucoronis (Ac.Aj) Etallonia (Cn.Ga.Ga.Ga.Tr.Ga.Rj) Estonaeeratella (Ar.Ar.Nt) (Cn.De) Eucyclomphalus (Ar.Ga.inu> (Po.Tr) Eubela (Cd.Gy.Fo.Hy.Ce) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Os.Co.Am) Eubiodectes (Cd.Ta) Euchasma Emiella (Cn.Ch.Ga.Co.Ta) Estoniops (Ar.Te) Erisnialina (Br.Bi.Ar) Etacystis (Pr.Ds) Eristenosia (Br.Po) Erymnocerites Eschariccllaria Escharifora E.He.Ph) Eucidaris (Ec.Ar.Ce.Ve) Eselaevitrigonia (Mo.En) (B/.He.Ce.Ca.Ar) Erycinopsis (Mo.Fe) Eucheilodon Erosaria (Mo.Nt) Esthoniporella (Bz.Bi.Ma.Am) Ethmocyathiis (Po.Ph) Estonielasma Euchondria (Mo.Te) Esperites (Po.Am) Eudea Esconiles Eudecacvthere (Ar.Sp) Eucatillocrinus (Ec.Ga.Os.De) Etisus (Ar.Os.Ne) (Mo.Or) Euchilotheca (Mo.Ch) Etrema Eucymatoceras E-scharendoccras Etremopsis Etringus (Cd.Pt) Eskimoceras (Mo.De) Etheridgina (Br.De.St) Eubranoceras (Mo.Ar.Ml.Oh.Nt) Erraticornus (Cd.Ga.Ml.Os.Ch) Erycina (Mo.Eo) Eucharitina (Br.He) Erismacanlhiis (Cd.Ph) (An.Cy) Euconospira (Mo.OM.Am) Eriptvchius (Cd.schrichiius Euagnostus (Ar.skimaspis (Cd.CI) Eucyrtidiclkim Etymothyris (Br.Bi.Sq) Eucycloscala Escharacytheridea (Ar.Ml.Bi.Pt.Ch.Ct) Eucyclus Escharclla (B/.He.Ve) Ethalia (Mo.Cc) Essoidea (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Ga.Gy.Cc) Esilia (Br.scharina Escharipora lliiin Ar.Ar) Etmopterus (Cd.Rh) Erlangbapora (Cn.Ga.Ga.Di) Eucladia (Mo.Pl.Ve) Etherella (Bz.Sc) Euclimacograptus (He.Ga.Ar.Gy.Ne) Ertangia (Ar.CI) Euchelus Erquelinnesia (Cd.Am) Esthonia (Mo.St.Re.In) Erixanium (Ar.An.Ve) lisciimasia (Cn.Po) Esericera.Ar.Po) Etoctenocystis (EcCt.Ra.Ce) Eucystis (Ec.Ta) Estea Eucharodus (Cd.Re.Am) Eriphyla (Mo.Ar.Ce.Po.Ce.St.An.Os.Bi.De) Eucyrtis Escharoides (Mo.Bi.Am) (Mo.Di.Ml.Cr.

Bi.Sp) Eulyra (Bz.Pt) Eugabrielona Euomphalopterus Euomphaliis Eurycarpus (Ar.Ce) Eumorpholites (Hy.Me) Euorthisina (Br.De.Ne) Euhoinaloceras Euphemites Eurydiscites (Po.Tr.Be) (Mo.Ic) Eurylhyrhombopiira (Bz.Ne) Euplectella (Po.Ar.Ce.Ar.As) Euporosleus (Cd.Fo) Euglossodus (Cd.Cr.Ce.Os.Cr) Euhelia (Cn.Tr.Tr.Ha) Euryentmema Euhoploceras (Mo.Ps) Eugnathides (Cd.St) EueriMX-'iinus (Ec.Ve) Euryliuni (Ar.Cy) Euonchonolina (Ar.Te) Eudesicrinus (EcCr.Ce.Ga.Pt) Europura (Bz.Pc) Eulyloceras (Mo.Ne) Eurypelalum (Ec.He) Euryslrolos (Bz.Ml.Ar.He) (Mo.Cr.Os.Be) (Mo.Ch.Ru) Eulirna Eupriiiiilia (Ar.Ga.He) Hurystichthys (Cd.Be) Euplica (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Ta) Eumcdlicottia (Mo.Ga.Ga.Ml.Uc.Pa) Eulachychiton (Mo.Am) Euphyllia (Cn.Gy.Tr.Cy) Eudesiles (Br.An.Sc) Eurypyrene Euloma (Ar.He.Ar.Ml.Ch) (Mo.Eu) Eulimcnc (Mo.De) Euryitycythere (Ar.Ar.Bi.Os.Ne) (Cd.Pa) Euryphylluiii (Cn.Pt) Euryri/oceras (Mo.He.Am) Eurysaurus (Cd.Ph) Eunicites (An.Ce.Bi.Ch.Un) Eudimerocrinus Euhoplites Euphemitopsis (Mo.Ch) Euniarcia (Mo.Po.Di) Eumorphattaea Eumorphoceras Eumorphocorystes Eumorphocrinus Eumorphocystis (Ec.Eu) Eulindcrina (Fo.On) Eulimastoma Eulimella Eulomclla (Ar.Asl Eupachydiscus Eurycormus (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Ar) Eurudagnostus (Ar.Pt) (Br.Bi.Eu) Euryalox (Mo.Ma.Cc) Eumelabolotoechia (Br.De.Ar) Eurytorus (Mo.Un) .Co) Eurypneustes (Ec.Pt.urystomites (Mo.Ml.He) (Mo.Ve) Eurekia (Ar.Ce) Euphyllon (Mo.Nt) Euprognatha (Ar.Pt) Euryentome (Ec.Sp) Eurystomella (Bz.Te) Eulithola (Cn.Sc) Eurymya Euidothyris (Br.An.Ga.Ve) Eudiscoceras (Mo.Os.Ce.Ga.Cr.Ce.Ga.Sc) Eiiphemitella Eurydike (Mo.Sc) Eupatagus (Ec.Ce.Re.Ar.My) Biiomphaloceras (Mo.Ve) Eumetadrillia Eurhinosaurus (Cd.Ce.Am) Euklocdenella (Ar.Fo) Eupleura Euryochetus (Mo.Ga.Uc) Europisthia (Ar.Bi.CcCe) Euomphalopsis Eurycare (Ar.Ce.Ce.Ls) Euryoblastus (Ec.Cr..Re.As) F.Pt) Eudolatiles (Ar.Ga.Ce.Ca.De) Eumelula (Mo.Te) Eudictyon (Po.Pl) Eurete (Po.Eu) (Mo.Ar.Am) Eurekaspirifer (Br.Rh) Eugonocare lAr.Os.St.Di) Eurysina (Br.Ar.Pe) Euonychocrinus (Ec.Ga.Pa) Euryplax (Ar.Rh) Eurhinodelphis (Cd.Am) (Mo.Ce.Bi.De) Euprioniodina (Cd.Cr) Eumclopias (Mo.Tr.St.Sp) Eurydictya (Bz.Mo) (Mo.Cr.CI) Eurycolporhynchus (Br.Sp) Eurhomaica (Mo.Po.Ne) (EcSt.Ph) (Mo.Pt) Eugyriopsis (Cn.Fo.Os.Ce.Ce.Ga.He.Ce.Ce.Ml.Pa) (EcCr.Cia.Go) (Ar.Pt) Euptera (Mo.Ar.Ga.Di) Europicardium (Mo.Ga.Pe) Eulieiningitcs (Mo.Os.Ec.Te) Euloxa (Mo.De) Eurypterus (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Sc) Euparthenia (Mo.Ne) (Cd.Be) (Mo.Am) (Mo.Am) Euptychocrinus (Ec.Ce.Eu) (Mo.Bi.As) Eurysalcnia (Ec.Fe) Eurckapcgma (Mo.Bulletin 363 424 (Mo.Bi.Go) (Mo.Ga.Or) Eurycleidus (Cd.Ar.Se) Eupsammia (Cn.Ar) Euepinhysia (Po.De.Ga.PhI Eiinaticina (Mo.Tr.Ca) Eurhodia (Ec.At) (Ar.Ce.Ar.St.Os.Ph) Euptychoceras (Mo.Ce) Eurynotoides (Cd.Pt) Eurysites (Br.Ps) Eulophoceras (Mo.Nt) Euriclanculus (Mo.Pc) Eugyra (Cn.Mi) Eurissolina Eurites (Mo.Di.Bi.Ga.Th) Eumitrocystella Eudesia (Br.Ar) (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Sc.Sa) Eulomina (Ar.Po.Fo.Fo.De) Euritina (Bz.Pr) Eumitra Eudesella (Br.Or) Euraclinclla (Br.Ch.Hc.Bi.De) Euroceras (Mo.Rh) Euloxoceras (Mo.Ce.Ar) (Mo.Ar.Bi.Tr.Am) Euniorphotis (Mo.Ga.An.Po.Os.Fo) Eiirekaholbina (Ar.Co.Ga.Tx) Eurychilina (Ar.BI.Os.Tr.De) Eugeneodus (Mo.Sp) Eulepidina (Fo.Po.Pa) Euglyphella (Ar.Eu) Eurycephalites (Mo.Pt) Eurycheiiostoma (Fo.Ar.Bi.Ar.Nt) Eurypthyris (Br.Ar.CI) Euninella (Mo.Ne) Euleptochiton Eupleuroceras Euryocrinus (Ec.Fo) Euprotomus (Mo.An.He) Eurydesnia (Mo.Ag) Eudoxochiton (Mo.Ar) Euryarthra (Cd.Ga.Re.Ec.Os.Am) Eugeniacrinjles (Ec.Ce.Ne) Eunice (An.Os.Ca) Eurythyris (Br.Nt) Eunema Eurostina (Ar.Tr.He) (Mo.Am) (Mo.Te) Euloxostomum (Fo.Ce.Eu) (Mo..AI) Eulichthys (Cd.Te) Euphylloceras Eurymyella Euisculites (Mo.Os.Cr.Ga.Nt) (Mo.Am) (Mo.Ga.Co) Eurypholis (Cd.Sa) EulcplDrhamphus (Mo.Ce.Ga.Ga.Ar.UnI Euptychaspis (Ar.Ec.Un) Eudolium Eudoxina (Mo.Te) Eunictria (Br.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Am) Eurycaraspis (Cd.Ec.Ga.Ml.Is) Euphenax Euphylax (Ar.Cr) Eudoceras (Mo.Ga.Tr.Go) Euroatrypa (Br.Ga.Ga.Tr.Ce.Pc) Eupachycri[Uis (Ec.Go) (EcCr.Bi.Os.Os.Gy.Os.Ar.Ga.Pa) Eudmetoceras (Mo.Mo) Eurocyamus (Ar.Ce.Ce) Eurytellina (Mo.An.Me.On) Eunatica Europrotaspis (Cd.Po.Ma.Rj) Eulistulina (Mo.St.Ga.Ph) Euprionoceras (Mo.An.Sp) Eunemop.Ga.Ec.Mo) Eurynoticeras (Mo.Pa) Eupinacoceras (Mo.Ce.Fo.St.sis (Mo.Nt) Eurorthisina (Br.Ga) Euprimiles (Ar.Os.Vc) Eupycnodontc (Mo.Am) Euryprion (An.Ed.Eu) Euryamphipora (Po.Po) (Mo.Pl.Ca) Euleraphe (Po.Pa) Euryspirifer (Br.Sp) Eurysoria (Br.Tr.Ga.Ar.Ml.Ne) Euhvdrodiskos Euliystrichoceras Eudechella (Ar.

Ar.Na) Fabella (Mo.Sc) Exigraptus (He.Tx) Evvekoroia (Ar.Ph Ezoniicuhina Eutactostomiuni (Po.Ci) Eusthenopteron (Cd.Am) Falcalodonta (Mo.Cc) Fahraeusodiis (Cd.Ds) Everticyclammina (Fo.Gr.Tr.Or.Ce.Pt) Euscenariuni (Ac.Cy) Exochopora Exochops Exochorhynchus (Po.Bi.Cr.Nt) Evolutononion (Fo.Li) Euspirocrinus (Ec.Fo) Ezhuangia (Ar.Cr.Cr.Po) (Ec.St.Di) Falciterella (Mo.Os.Co) Evianella (Ar.Hal Exochocrinus (Ec.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Ve) Eiithlipsurclla (Ar.Pa) Exterocrinus (Ec.He) Ewaldocoenia (Cn.Bi.Nt) (Cd.Am) Euzkadiella (Po.Ce.De.Ga.Cr.Mo) Euslephanella (Ar.Po) Exlinella Falcalus (Cd.Ar.Li) Evolutinella (Fo.Fo.Rh) Exodictydia (Po.Ec) Exoniilus (Mo.Os.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 425 Evalea (Mo.Ce.Ru) Exotornoceras (Mo.Ce.Or) Expelloboliis (Br.Co) Eustypocystis (Ec.Am) Eusyringium (Ac.Fo) Extrania (Ar.Ga.Oe) Falcispongus (Ac.CI) Evenkorhynchia (Br.Ga.Ne) (Cn.Ar) (Mo.Gy.CI) Eushanlungoceras (Mo.Os.Ce.Co.Pt) Exidomonea (Bz.Rh) Exputens (Mo.Ga.Ar.Nt) (Mo.Ac) Evencodus (Cd.Ne) Fainella Eutumliies Faksethyris (Br.Fe) Fagesia (Mo.Ce.Sc E\cnkiella (Cn.Ga.Ph) Evenia (Mo.Os.An.Mo) (Bz.Ga.Rh) Fabulaspis (Ar.Mt) Eusiphonella (Po.Ga.Os.An.Am) Exilifrons FaksephyUia (Cn.Or) Eviaksia (Cn.Tr.Fo) Eustenocrinus (Mo.Os.Fo.Or) Experihngula (Br.Ch) Fadaiella (Mo.CI) Euslhenotrochus (Cn.Na) Evropeites (Ar.On) Eygalierina (Fo.Pr) Euxinocythere (Ar.Ga.Ac) (Mo.Ga.De) Faliles (Ar.Sl.Te) Eu/one (Mo. Fabifenestella (Bz.Bi.St.Ga.Ga.AI) Exsculptina (Fo.Ar.Re.Oh.He.Fo) Exiliiheca (Hy.Cc) Falcimylilus (Mo.Os.Cl) Euziltelia (Po.Fe) Euthymipcclcn (Mo.Fo) Euthymella (Mo.Ve) Euthyrachis Exceplothyris (Br.Ce.He) Exophthalmocy there (Ar.Fo) Exsulacrinus (Ec.Ph Exochoceras (Ec.Sc.Sc) Eutylus (Mo.Gr) Failleana (Ar.Na) (Bz.Nl) E\enkinorthis (Br.Ce.Bi.Ar.Ce.Sc) Fabagella (Mo.Cr.Tr.Fo Eymekops (Ar.Ga.Bi.Bi.Pc) Excellichlamys (Mo.Ve) Eusmiliopsis (Cn.Ar.Rh) Exileloceras (Mo.An.Tr.Ra.Fo.As) Eustrombus (Mo.Os.Nl) Evlanoceras (Mo.Rh.Ga.Os.Ne) Falanapis (Ar.Ga.Ga.Os.AI Evagyrolheca (Br.Fo) Exlessia (Mo.Di) Euthria Exallias (Cd.Am) Eutrichiurides (Cd.St.Ar.An.Fo.Ar) (Mo.Ar! Exochoecia (Bz.Os.An.Ne) Exogyra ExomiUopsis Euscobinella Evechinus (Ec.Ex) Falafer (Br.Tr.Nt) Exatrypa (Br.Pa) Eyinarella (Mo.Sc) E\ lania (Fo.He.Gy.Pa) Exotica (Cn.Ce.St) Euvola (Mo.Pt) Exiloidea (Mo.An.Ch.Eo.Na) (Ec.Ga.Mt) Euzonosoma (Ec.Ce.Pf) Faberolasma (Cn.Cr.Na) Evarnula (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ne) Evelynella (Mo.Bi.Pf) Fadenia (Cd.Co) Eutrigia (Cd.Os.Pf) Excavatorhynchia (Br.Ce.Li) Euscalpellum (Ar.Ph) Falcodus (Mo.As) EvoK ocassidulina (Fo.Ra.Bi.Fo) Euthynnus (Cd.My) Exilitusus (Mo.Co) Fabiania (Fo.Di) Eusagenites (BrXi.Pt) Eutrochocrinus (Ec.Ce) E\ anidisinurostrum (Br.Nl) (EcCr.Un) Exellia (Cd.Bi.Ar) (Mo.Oh) Ewingella (Ac.Os.Ci) Evansaspis (Ar.Os.Cr.Tr.Ru (Mo.De.Nt) Faciura (Ar.Ga.An.Nt) Falcatoproetus (Ar.Sy) Eu/aphleges (Cd.Ar) Eustrobilus (Po.Ce.Pl) Excalibosaurus (Cd.Te) Euuvigerina (Fo.Tr.Go) (Cd.Ga.Tr.Sc) Evenkia (Cd.Ec.Mo) Exilia (Cn.Ga.Co.Be) Eusthenoceras (Mo.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Po) Evencoceras (Mo.Pt) Euspirocrommiiini Evermanella (Cd.CI) Falciteriila (Br.Ce) (Mo.Ga.Os.Ar) Euxinita (Fo.Te) Exoconularia (Cn.Si.De.Ar) .Ne) Exanthesis (Po.Nt) Faciverniis (Lo) Exechonella (Bz.Bi.Nu) (Mo.Pr) Exastipyx (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Os.Eu) Eutretocystis (Mo.Ly) Faberophyllum (Cn.Pr) ExcKoetoides (Cd.Cr.Pt) Fabulina (Mo.Ic) Fabularia (Fo.Co) (Mo.Ta) (Mo.Ce.Ml. Fabanella (Ar.St) Exechestoma (Mo.Os.Cii) Eurytreta Euryzone Euseila Eusemius Eulhyslylus Eutinochilus Eutomoceras Eutrephoceras I I An At) I I Falconoplax (Ar.In.Fo Ezilloella (Mo.CI) Faberoceras (Mo.Ga.Os.Tr.Co) Evagena (Ar.Ar.Ga.Fo.Un) Eulhynotus (Cd.An.O.He) Evianovia (Ar.s.Ra.Ca.Op.Or.Ch.Bi.Ru) Euthriolusus (Mo.Mo) Ewekorolaxis (Mo.Bi.Ar.Os.Ph) Eulaxocriniis (Ec.Nt) Fabalicypris Eutclecrinii*.Po) Exaetocrinus (Ec.Li.Ga.Bi.Cr.Ne) (Mo.An.Ga.Ga.Li.Te) Facilediclyon (Po.Ch) (Mo.Fo) Eustomia (Mo.Ga.Ar.Bi.Cr.Ca.Co) Exosipema (Mo.Fo.De.Ga.In) Extentitheca (Hy.Pr) Falcitornoceras Evactinostella (Bz.In) Exoriocrinus (Ec.Po) Euthemon (Ec.An.As) Euxinella (Br.Am) (Mo.Go) Euspilopora (B/.Co.St.Li EvactinoporU (Mo.Fo.Pt) Exechocirsus (Mo.Ar.Cl) Evanescirostrum (Br.Pn) Extendilabrum (Mo.Ga.Pt) Exostega Eusmilia (Cn.Tr.Fo.Ga.Fo.An.Tr.Ra.Li) Euspira (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Rh) Ext'enestella (Bz.Tr.Rh) Exocyrtoceras (Mo.Ar.Ga.Sl.De.Ce.Me) Evesthes (Cd.Os.Ce.Co) Eusloma (Mo.Ce.Ce.He) Exocrinus (Ec.Pf) Exochella Falciclymenia (Mo.Ru) Euthydesma (Mo.Fo.Os.Cr) E\enkina (Br.Fo.Cy) (Ar.Ho.Tr.

Di) Fayettevillea (Mo.He) Favelloides (Ci.Ve) Ficheuria (Mo.Am) Favulella (Ar.Ce.Ec.Ga.Po) Favartia (Mo.Pe) Favitopsis (Cn.Ce.Ru) Felica (Mo.Ga.Fe) Falsicalenipora Cn.He) (Mo.At) Fascipericyclus Fenestepora (Bz.Gy.St) Famatinolithus Ar.St) Fenestraspis (Ar.Ar) Fasciculina (Br.Tr.De.Tr.St) Favosichacletes (Po.Ru) Favria Ferroholus (Br.Ci) Fallolaspis Ar.An.Go) Faseiculiconcha (Mo.Ra.De.Fo) Fautor Fengzuella (Br.Tr.An.Fo) Fascizetina (Br.Ch) Falsostyliola Mo.Bi.Os.Fo.Ar) Falsurgonina Fo.In) Faluniella Mo.Po) Fascivelvata (Mo.Ce.Ma.Fo.Ar.Ar.Hy) Mo.Ec.Ga.Re.Or) Felsinotherium (Cd.Bi.Fo) Fengjiachonia (Mo.He) Fibuloptyxis (Mo.Ce.Ce.Sp) Faorina Ec.Ve) Felinotoechia (Br.Co.Ar.Pa) Fascistropheodonta (Br.Ru) Favistina Ferganella (Br.Ce.Re.Ar.Am) FasciculiamplcMis Cn.Po) Fehamya (Br.Fo.Ec.Am Favositella (Bz.Ne) Fensiangia (Pr..Ga.Pa) Fasciculipora (Bz.An.Ne) (Mo.Ch) Favites Fergania (Mo.Li.Ru) (Cn.Oni Fibula (Mo.Pe) Favocassiilulina (Fo.Fo.Ar.St) Fanichonetes Br.An.Li) Falunia Ar.Ce.St.Sc) Fascicostella Br.Ga.Cc) Felixiuin (Po.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Fe) Falsatrypa Br.De.Bi.Li) Farnhamia Mo.He) Faujasina (Fo.Ne) Fasciseris (Cn.An.Ne) Falsoplanulina Fo.Am) Mo.Un) Ficariastraea (Cn.An.Os.Pa.Ne) Feurtillia (Fo.Ga.St.Ar.Ga.An.Go) Faniathalaiiiia Po.Or) Fibulistrophia (Br.He) Fayoumaster (Ec.Ce.Fo) Faseifera (Br.Fo.Po.St.Ar) Ficopsis (Mo.Ar.Pt) Felixaraea (Cn.Li.Po) Ferayina (Fo.De.Ga.Ar.Na) Ferrax (Br.Ga.Fe) Falsicolus Fascipora (Bz.Tr.Li.Sc) Fezzanoglossa (Br.Or) Fanulodiscus Ec.Ga.St) Fasciatiphyllia Cn.Fe) Fenestellata (Bz.Pl.St.Ta) Fernandezaster (Ec.Fo) Fauraster (Ec.Fo) Fastuoscolex (An.Os.Ec.Ec.Ac) Feilelia (Po.Ar.Rh) Falsogaudryinella Fo.St.Ch) Fibulaster (Ec.Os.He.Ec.Ga.Po) Fenestri rostra (Br.Na) Favusella (Fo.Ga.Ce.An.Ar.Ra.Pa) Favilynthus (Po.Cc) Femerensia (Ar.Ar.Or) Fenestricardita (Mo.Ar.Ca) Fengtaiella (Ar.Cy) Ferenepea (Ar.An.Ec.Sp) Fasciculitubus (He.He) Farabopliyllum Faraudiella Fascioplex I I Fascicosia Br.He) Fedorowskiella (Cn.Sc) Fchlmannites (Mo.Bi.Or) Felixastraea (Cn.Ra.Ca) Fenestrulina (Bz.Os.Me) Ferrya (Cn.An.He.Cy) Fernglenia (Br.Gr.Ce.Fo) Feruminops (Ar.Nt) .Ve) Faxsephyllia (Cn.Ar.CI) Farrcopsis Po.Ru) Favicella (Bz.Ru (Cn.Fo) Faujasia (Ec.Go) Fibrosopecten (Mo.Pt) Fantus Ac.Po.Aj Fascieulophyllum (Mo.Ra.Am) Fascine wellipecten (Mo.Re) Fasciculus (CD Felsinella (Fo.Sc) Feiiestrapora (Bz.Li.Si) Fallotia Fo.Fe) Falsifusus Mo.Aj) Favosites (Cn.Ga.Ru) Fibulella FartuUini Mo.Ar.Am) Fenesium (Ac.Tr.CI) Fascianella Ar.Ar.Ru) Fellius (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Os.Eu) Fasciculieardia (Mo.Fo.Pt) Feneoniana (Mo.De.Sc) (Cn.Fo) Ferganoproductus (Br.Ar.Bi.Phi Fenestrospongia (Po.Re.Li) Falsopalimila Fo.Ta) Ferralsia (Ar.St.Cc) Felixigyra (Cn.Ar.Ar.Ar.Fo.Ar) Fenestrellina (Bz.Ce.Ar.CI) Fallaxopiodiictus Br.Ga.St.Pa) Fallocyalhus Po.An.Fo.Fo) Fatocephalus (Ar.An.Ce.Tr.Ve) Falsotruncana Fo.Bi.An.St) Famennelasma Cn.Un.Fo.Sc) Ferganoceras (Mo.Or) Fa via (Cn.An.Mo) Ferestromatopora (Po.Nt) Po.ls) Favrella (Mo.Nt) libulina (Ec.Ee.Fo.Fo) Farisia Mo.Nt) Fenestrocyathus (Po.Fe) Falsipollex Ar.Ce.He.Sc) Fallagnostus Ar.Ar) FalsdgLittulina Fo.Ar.St.Tu) Fellaster (Ec.Ga.Ve) Falsocythere Ar.An.Ga.Ta) Fasciphyllum (Mo.Ar) Faloriella Fasciolaria (Bz.Aii.As) Faveolebris (Ar.Fo.Ec.An.Os.Fo) Fallotella Fo.Ac) Favriella (Mo.Bulletin 363 426 Falkosites An.Ga.Am) Faxxia Ftynnonia (Br.Fo) Fascigera (Bz.Bi.Pt) Fenestrosyrinx (Mo.Bi.Sp) Fansycyathus Po.An.Fo.A.Ed.Fo.Ha) Fenesteverta (Bz.St.Os.Tr.St.Sc) Farbesiceras Favulina (Fo.Ph) Falsobentonia Ar.Go) (Cn.Sc) Fallalicella Ar.Sc) Ferecetotherium (Cd.An) (Cn.St) Fax (Mo.He) (Mo.Fo) Ferrythyris (Br.Ir.St.Os.Bi.Ne) Ferrogyra (Mo.Ga.EcSp) Cn.Am) Fibuloptygmalis Fascitonia Br.An.Pa) Falloliceras Mo.Ar.Po.St.Po) Fastigastocythere (Ar.Ph) Fayettoceras (Mo.Bi.Fo.Gy.Va) l-ibularia (Ec.Ph) Fardcnia Br.Ce.s.Fo.Sc) Fallucosleus Cd.Nt) Farrea Po.Ga.Os.Fo.St.Ma.Ga.Rh) Fangxianites Pr.Tr.Or) Felaniella (Mo.Ce.Pt) Fania Po.Os.De.Cc) Fenestralia (Bz.En) Mo.CI) Famiccras Fedorowskicyathus (Mo.Tr.Na) Favosyringiuin (Ac.An.Or) Farquharsonia Ec.Ar.An.Fo) Faniatinoithis Br.Ce) Faniaxonia Cn.Ga.Pt) Famcnella Ar.Sp) Fanninoceras Mo.Sp) Fenxiangella (Br.Ga.Rh) Feilongshania (Ar.Fo) Fastigiella (Mo.Un) ledora (Bz.Ag) Fasciculinopora (Bz.Nt) (Mo.Bi.Os.Rh) Fallaciles Mo.Di) Fallaxispirit'er Br.Os.Te) Farcus Ac.Ne) Mo.St) Faseieuloceras Fellerites (Ar.De.An.Fe) Falsocibicidcs Fo.Ru) Fenestella Falospongia Mo.Pt) Farra/ia Mo.

St.Ce.Se) Flabellipecten (Mo.Nu) Fistellaspongia (Po.Rh) Foegia (Mo.Ce) Fictoacteon Fictonoba Ficuloniorpha Ficulopsis Fissurellidea Figularia (Bz.St) Flabellocephalus (Ar.Fo.Cc) Flabellamminopsis (Fo.Or.Fo.Fo.Os.Ve) Flectoconularia (Cn.Bi.Ho.Un.St) Filosina (Mo.St.Po) Fletcherviewia (Mo.Pt) Fieldospongia (Po.Cr.Fo) Flosculinella (Fo.Un) Filogranula (An.St.Os.Ga.Ne) Flabellinella (Fo.He.Ly) Flowerites (Mo.Ar.Me.St.Ga.Ga.Fo.An.Os.Gy.Os.Os.Ve) Filites (Bz.Ls) Finmarchinella (Ar.Pe) Flexanulus (Po.Ph) Finlayella (Mo.Po) Fikaites (Mo.Cy) Flemingites (Mo.De.Po.Cy) Flindersicthys (Cd.Sc.Gy.Ed.Ga.Re.Is) Filisparsa (Bz.Ce.Bi.Ta) Fissobraclites (Ec.At) Fistuliporidra (Bz.Ls) Flexifenestella (Bz.Fo.Ar.An.Ar) Folliceps (Ar.Ga.Un) Filifascigera (Bz.Ar.In) FiNsix.Or) Floweroceras Fimbriaria (Br.Cy) Flabellammina (Fo.Gy.Eu) Fontannesia Fissodus (Cd.Bi.An.Ar.Ar.Ga.Sp) Flexicalymene (Ar.Ce) Follicalena (Po.Se) Fimbrinia (Br.Am) (Mo.Pt) Fletcheripecten (Mo.CI) Fissilunula (Mo.Un.Ga.Ce.Or) Fischerina (Fo.As) Floyda (Mo.In) Foerstediscus (Ec.Am Floweria (Br.Ca.Ve) Flemmingia (Mo.Cr.Cc) Fistuliramus (Bz.Ne) (Mo.St.St) Fishericrinus (Ec.Cr.St.Gy.Cc) Fistulogonites (Br.St.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Os.De.Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 427 Fissoclphidiiini (Fo.Or) Floribella (Mo.Cl) Ficus (Mo.Pa) Filcxirilla (Mo.Fo) Flucticularia (An.St.Fo) Foersteotheca (Hy.Tr.Ga.Cl) Flectcherithyris (Br.Fo.Ga.Ar.Am) Flemingostrea (Mo.Fo) Fistulipora (Bz.An.Ce.Rh) Fitzroyella (Br.Ve) Flabellispongia (Po.He) Flaccivelum (Ar.Ar.Ce.Ce) (Mo.En) (Mo.St.Ru) Fomichivella (Cn.c.Pe) Flintiiiella (Fo.Ga.rinocythere (Ar.Te) Flustreila (Bz.Sc) Foerstecystis (Ec.Ru) Fissoccphalus (Ar.Li) Flabeliulirostrum (Br.Cc) Flustrellaria (Bz.De.Ed.Ga.St) Fissurella Flexathyris (BrAr.Sp) Flagellophyllum (Mo.Gy.Am) Fistuliporella (Bz.Ra.Bi.An.Ga.Di) Fiorella (Ar.Pc.St.An.Ar) (Mo.Rh) Fletcheria (Cn.St.CI) Fistulimurina (Po.Po) Fletcherilhyroides (Br.My) Fidera (Mo.Cy) Flexus (Ar.Nt) Fistheriella (Mo.Is) Finlayola (Mo.St.Sc) Flemingopsis (Ar.Po.Bi.Ru) Follmannia (Mo.Cl) Flabellothyris (Br.St.Ca) Fidelitella (Ar.Ar.Bi.De.Fo.Os..Ce.Gy.Ga.Ph) Flelcheriella (Cn.Bi.Fo) Floridiscus (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Sc) Filicrisina (Bz.Nt) Flabellocyclolina (Fo.Ci) Flobertia (Ar.Ar) (Bz.Ar.Os.De.Fo) Filograna (An.Ru) Foersteoceras (Mo.Cc) Fistulotrypa (Bz.Fo) Flexicolhcamara (He.Ar.Ar.Scl Flustra (Bz.Ce.Bi.El) Filicava (Bz.Fo.He.Bi.Ch) Fistuliphragma (Bz.Ph) Fissuricella (Mo.Sp) Fluctuaria (Br.St.Cy) Flexopteron Fit'eocrinus (Ec.Ch) Filiramoporina (Bz.St) Fistulobalanus (Ar.Or) Firmacidaris (F.Un) Fissilobiceras (Mo.Pt) Flabellisphinctes (Mo.Hy.Or) Flabellotrypa (Bz.Bi.Ce.Te) Fonlanelliceras FissiH-vthere (Ar.Ch) Finksella (Po.Os.PI) Fischcricardium (Mo.Ar.Ar) Fimbriatella (Mo.Nt) (Cn.Fo) Filopecten (Mo.Pa) Flagrospira (Fo.Ta) Flexoptychites (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ce.St.Fo) Filiconcha (Br.He.Tr) Foerstephyllum (Cn.Fe) Flabellimutilis (Ar.Am) Filiatrypa (Br.Cy) Flindersipora (Cn.Os.Po) Floripatella (Mo.Ce) Fistularioides (Cd.Sp) Fistulacanta (Bz.Ce.Ce.Cy) Flexuocythere (Ar.Pa) Fissurisepta (Mo.De) Fletcherina (Cn.St.Am) (Mo.Ce.Rh) Flourensina (Fo.Ga.Pt) Flosculus (Po.An.Ce.Li) Fistulicanta (Bz.Am) .Ac) (Mo.Ar.Te) Fohaster (Ec.Tr) Finiclymenia (Mo.Ga) Flexopecten (Mo.Ce.Sc.Cc) Fistiilisponga (Po.Ar.Pc) Fimbrispirit'er (Br.Fo.Ag) Filicrisia (Bz.Fo) Flori metis (Mo.Am) Fieldingaspis (Cd.Te) Flabellopora (Bz.Hy) Ficldaspis (Ar.Ar) Foliomena (Br.Ta) Fomichevia (Cn.Cy) Floridina (Bz.Ch) Filigreenia (Br.Rh) Floridinella (Bz.Ga.St.Ar.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Fo.Ar.Fo) Flexaria (Br.Ar) Fischerella (B/.Ch) Finkelnburgia (Br.Ga.Fo) Flemingia (Ar.An.Po) Flacilla Foerstellites Finospirifer (Br.Un) Finlayina (Fo.He.Gy.Ch) Flugopterus (Cd.Ve) Flabellum (Cn.Pt) Fissispongia (Po.St.Ar.Pa) Foerstella (Po.An.Tr.Bi.Bi.Cy) Floria (Cn.Ar.Ta) Filicea (Bz.Cn) Folina (Mo.Ar) Flectospira (Fo.Os.Pt) Follicrinus (Ec.St.Fo) Flabetheca (Pr.St) lieldui (Pa) Fistularia (Cd.Fo.Cc) Fistulocladia (Bz.Hy.Ar.Ga.Os.As.Fo) Folioceras (Mo.Ve) Flabellitesia (Br.Fo.Hy) Flaxentia (Mo.Tr.Ga.An.Ln) Flatlopia (Mo.De.Po) Fijnonion (Fo.Ve) Folia (Mo.Os.Os.Aj) Fontannesiella (Mo.Pt) Fomitchella (Pr.St.Pe) Fissidentalium (Mo.St.Ar.Di) Fimbria (Mo.Bi.Se) Flabellirhynchia (Br.Tr.Sp) Fissirhynchia (Br.Ar) Flexicorbula (Mo.Ta) Firmicoraus (Hy.Cy) Flickia (Mo.Fe) Fidespirifer (Br.Bi.Ce.Ch.Ar.Bi.Ec.Bi.Co) Fistiilamina (Bz.St) Fimbriothyris (Br.Ce.Fo.Gr.Cy) Flexihydra (Cn.Ga.Ga.Os.Nt) Folhciicullus (Ac.Nt) Fissurina (Fo.Ch) FIcxicKnienia (Mo.Bi.An.St) Flabellocyrtia (Br.Fo.Gy.Ce.Po.Ga) Flexispinites (Mo.Sp) Flabeliosmilia (Cn.Ce.Cy) Flexiostroma (Po.

Fo.Gy.Ar.Fo) Fusiptyxis (Mo.Ar) Fusichonetes (Br.Ne) (Mo.Ta) Fusitron Fracloccramus (Mo.Bi.My) Freneixostrea (Mo.Pr) Fortipecten (Mo.Ga.Rii) Fiisarchaias (Fo.CI) FroiidiHiKi (Fo.Po) Fiisirhynchia (Br.Tr.Ho.Di) Forillonaria (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Fo) Frambocythere (Ar.Ci) Frondovaginulina (Fo.An.Fo.Fo.Pt) Furcahthiis (Ar.Ph) (Po.Ml.Ve) Fuscibuccinum (Mo.Tr.Fo.Na) Fredericksia (Br.Bi.Li) Frechites Fungiastraea (Cn.Pt) Frechastrca (Cn.Pt) Furcaster (Ec.Fo.Sc) Foreiiuincllina (Ac.Co) Fomianhelcna (Ac.Os.CI) Frigidocardium (Mo.Co) Forschiella (Fo.Fo) Fossirichtorina (Ar.Rii) Fungia (Cn.Ve) Forbesiaster (EcAs.Ce.Nt) Fournierella (Mo.Fo) Fungocystites (Ec.Ga.Nt) (Mo.Ain) Forsia FresvilHa (Mo.Ce.Os.Op.Ce.Fo.Ph) Frigichione (Mo.Ch) Fulgerca Foratiscala (Mo.Ga.Ph) Fulgoraria Forator (Mo.Rh) Forreria (Mo.Ga.Pt) Fiindinia (Mo.Bi.Cc) Forchhammeria (AnTr.Ra.My) Fromeophylliim (Cn.Sp) Fungiacara (Mo.An.Nt) Frankiella (Br.Ga.BI.An.Ga.Ar.Ph) Furacopyge (Ar.Ce.Ga.Fo.Hll Frogdenites (Mo.Eu) Foordiceras Frammia (Ar.Pa) Forluiiella (Br.Pa) [ryxellodontus (Cd.scnkoina (Fo.Os.Sc) Forenuinella (Ac.Ar) liiclocpicythere (Ar.Fo) Forskaelena (Mo.Rh) Fournierechinus (Ec.An.Fo.Ce.Ps) Euro (Cd.An.Co) Fusitoma Foveola (Br.Po) Fransuasaccyalhus (Po.Fo.Ar) Fiisella (Br.Fo) Fulcrella (Mo.Nal Freiastarte (Mo.As) Fuscocardium (Mo.Tr.Ce.Ec.Gy.Co) Fusitriton (Mo.Ct) Francopora (Ar.De.My) (Mo.Am) Fur.Te) Furnishina (Cd.Ar.Li) Fuchouia (Ar.Ar.Tr) Furcitella (Br.Rhl Fritchaspis (Ar.Tr.Fo) Fresnosaurus (Cd.Ar.Nu) Fungophyllia (Cn.Ar.Fo) Fusiguraleus Fossoporella (Cn.Bi.Tr.Cc) Freixiahna (Fo.Bi.Ga.Ce.Ol) Funis (Mo.St) Fossatrivia (Mo.Po) Fujispira (Mo.Ne) Forthocrinus (Ec.Bi.Am) Fusiaphcra (Mo.Tr.He) Foulonia (Ar.Ce.Po) Fuchungopora (Cn.De.Ar) (Mo.Am) Frenula (Br.Bi.Ph) Fukangichthys (Cd.Co.Tr.Ph) Frondipora (Bz.Tr.Os.C.Cc) Fusiproductus (Br.St.Ar.My) (Bz.Cr.Ga.Bi.Os.Co.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Aj) Freneixita (Mo.An.Hi) Froiidina (Fo.Ne) Fulpia (Mo.Fo) Forteyops (Ar.Os.Cr.Ga.Po) Fiisitiirris Fragiscutum (Ar.Sc) Fordaspis (Ar.Ga.Tr.An.Os.Bi.Rhl Frencrinuroides (Ar.Sc) Ford (Br.Ga.Ga.Ar.Bi.Nt) (Mo.St.Ga.Ga.Ce.De.Ch) Foricula (Bz.Aj) FuscinulHna (Ar.At) Fromentclligyra (Cn.An.Bi.St) Fremontella (Ar.Ce.Am) Fraiikites Fulgurofiisus Forbescythere (Ar.Sp) Fossaphyllia (Cn.Ba) Funiscala (Mo.Co.Ga.Tr.Or) Foraripora (Bz.Fo) Fusimitra Fossuliles (Mo.Ta) [rondicukiria (Fo.Ce) (Ar.St) Fosterclla (Ar.Gy.Pt) Fuciniceras (Mo.Fol Frescocyalhus (Cn.Ga.Tr.Am) Furcirhynchia (Br.Pr) Fuscoscala (Mo.Rc.St) Fulguroficus Forbescieras (Mo.Ar.Vc) Fuhrbergiella (Ar.Ve) Forbesiocrinus (Ec.Sp) FiinginclUistrea (Cn.Ne) (Mo.An.Ga.Bi.Ve) Fossacallista (Mo.An.Ch) Fusitcuthis (Mo.Ec.Fo.Tr.Ga.s.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Rii) Inisispira (Mo.Sp) Fourtaunia (Ec.Tr.a.Mt) Fordilla (Mo.Tr.Ga.Ga.Ce.Ne) Funginella (Cn.Ar.Po) Fiisoidclki i Ilia Fossarius (Mo.Sc) Forma (Br.Mo) FrinaHcyathus (Po.Ar.Ne) Frenguelliella (Mo.Bi..Ra.Oe) Forolina (Po.Po) FrankUnella (Mo.Na) (Mo.Ga.Am) Frumcntclla (Fo.As) Fossopora (Cn.An.Ga.Nt) Formonia Formosarhynchia Formosocyathus (Ar.An.Nt) Frl//ellus (Ec.Ta) Frondiculiiiata (Fo.Tr.Vc) Fiingochitina (Fo.Ga.Bi.Rii) Fusifcrclla (Po.Fo.Nt) Francovichia (Ar.Sc) Fusicoceras (Mo.As) Fusicellaria (Bz.Fo) Fusimilis Fossulastcr (Ec.Nt) Foveoleberis (Ar.St) Frenguelliceras (Mo.Ne) Fossariopsis Frognaspis (Ar.An.Fo.Tr.Ph) I'liglcria (Mo.Ga.Ce.Ne) Fossundecima (An.Ce.EcSp) Friirionclla (Bz.Fo.Ga.Li.Sp) Frcdcnia (Mo.Bi.Ga.Pt) Forinosulus (Mo.Am) Fungiacyathus (Cn.Pa) Fortowensia (Mo.An.Ne) (Mo.An.Bi.Ar.Bi.Ph) Freja (Mo.Am) Fusiturriciila Fragilicyalhus (Po.Vc) Frithjotia (Ar.St) Forresteria (Mo.Fo.Pa) Forschia (Fo.Fo) iiisispirifer (Br.Or) Fossalrypa (Br.Nt) Fossacypraea (Mo.Fo) Fusinus (Mo.Ga.Pa) Francocaris Fulcriphoria (Br.Ga.Ph) lYosliclla (Ar.Ce.Ra.Os.Sp) Fremontia (Ar.Nt) Fuscinites (Ar.Pt) Friginatica (Mo.Os.Pr) Frcmontoceras (Mo.An) Francesita (Fo.Co.Ol) Fungulodus (Cd.Ce) (Mo.An.Li.Bi.Gy.Nt) Fromentellia (Cn.Re.Nt) .Mo) Frechiella (Mo.Fo.Os.Co) Frechella (Br.Vc) Fuscinipyge (Ar.Bi.Ve) Foramenella (Ar.Hi) Forcepia (Po.Re.Sc) Furnishiiis (Cd.Va) FrankUnoceras (Mo.Ga.Ar) Fiisoliciila Fragum (Mo.Ch) Frombachia (Mo.O.Bi.Di.Ar.Di) Fulvia (Mo.Ga.Po.Sa) Fransonia (Mo.Bi.Sc) Foremanina (Ac.Tr.Ar) Fricdhergia (Cn.Ne) (Mo.An.Ce.Pa) Foordites (Mo.Re.Os.Ne) (Mo.Ga.St.Be) Foveaprimitclla (Ar.Tr.Ra.Sc) Fiisiella (Fo.Ey) Fruchvvirlhia (Cn.Os.Nt) (Mo.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Ca) FungcUa (Bz.lr.Nt) (Br.Os.Ar.Bulletin 363 428 Fontbotia (Fo.

Fo) I (Br.Am Gastropolus (Ar.Fo) Gaidropsarus (Cd.Ch) Fusuconchariiim (Pr.Te) (Mo.Os.Tr.Pr) Gastroplites (Mo.An.Po) Gabanellia (Cd.Fo) Gaudryina (Fo.An) Gaieodina (Mo.Cm) Gattendorfia Galealathyri> (Br.Fo.Cl) Gangadharites Gaslrocrinus (Ec.Fo.Pr) Gaulhiericeras (Mo.Sp) Ganoessus (Cd.Go) Gagaticeras (Mo.Bi.CI) Gaudryanella (Bz.In) Gansserina (Fo.Os.Sc) Ganiella (Bz.Fo.MLDe) Ganorhynchus (Cd.Ce.Ca) Garniericeras Fuxianhuia (Ar.Mo.Ve) Gagaria (Ec.Fo.Re.Hs) Gardnerella (Mo.Di) GaleiKiinopsis (Mo.Cl) Gadomus Gammarus Gammascolex Gadus (Cd.Ne) Galeraster (Ec.Am) Gavelinella (Fo.Ve) Gandinella (Fo.Os.Ga.Ce) (Cn.Fo) Galeropsis Gari (Mo.Bi.Pt) Gallagnostus (Ar.Ca.Ar.Nt) Gaspelichas (Ar.Fo) Gabrielsocyathus (Po.Ch) Galbagnostus (Ar.Gr.Cl) Gattenpleura (Mo.Ga) Gandakasia (Cd.Pe) Ganxiella (Mo.Ec.Os.Sc) Gallitellia (Fo.Cr.An.De.Os.Ar) (Mo.Li) Gadella (Cd.Ce.Se) Garanliana (Mo.Tr.Cr.Hy.MLDe) (Mo.Ce.Ar) (Bz.Ve) (Mo.Ol) Galloceras (Mo.Re.MLDe) Galeaspis (Ar.Ga.Sc.Ce.Cr.Fo) Galeopsis (Ar.Co) Gacella (Br.Un) Gaudryinopsis Galcodaria Gaulocrinus (Ec.Pa.Pt) Gannibeyrichia (Ar.Ve) Gaudryinella (Fo.In) Galeroclypeus (Ec.Os.Ml.Co) Garraconularia (Cn.Fo.Nt) Fylgia (Mo.Ve) Fusulinella (Fo.Ar.Ga) (Ar.Tr.Fo.Ar.Ga.Te) (Br.Nl) Gaoqiaioella (Cn.Fo.Gy.Pa) Fulhystylus (Mo.Pr) Galeanella (Br.Un) Ganella (Fo.Fo.Os.Bi.Cn) Gabbioceras (Mo.Cl) Galathea Gangamophyllum Gaslrodetoechia (Br.Fo) Galeoatagypa (Br.Ce.Fo.Hs) Gastroammina (Fo.Un) Gargasiceras (Mo.Ir.Pel Ganopristis (Cd.Ga.Po) Gasconadeoconus Gasconadia Gasconsia Gasconsoceras Gashaomiaoia Gacina (Br.Bi.Ar.Ar) Galeasler (Ec.Ve) Gabonita (Fo.Or) Gadila (Mo.Ga) Galenopsis (Ar.Ph) Gangshanoceras (Mo.Os.Po) Garramites (Mo.Os.Sc) Gavialinum (Cd.Tr.Tr.Re) Galliennithyris (Br.Fo.Ce.Bi.Fo.Ce.Ve) Fustiaria (Mo.Os.Tr.Ga.Sl) Gaslreochrea (Tr.Ga.Sl) Ganolytes (Cd.Ga) Gamizyga Gammacythere Gammadiscus (Mo.Or) (Mo.MLDe) Galaxea (Cn.Tu) Gapparodus (Ch.Aj) Gamonedaspis Gamonetes Gamopleura Gamphalosia Gampsurus (Ar.Fo) Ganloudina Gannania (Ch.Ga.Os.Ph) .Ga) (An.Fo) Gastrochaena Galahetes (Ar.Pl) (Fo.Ce.Fo) Galeoccrdo (Cd.Sc) Galericulus (Mo.Ba) (Br.Ce.Bi.Ce.Am) Ganbirretia (Ec.Fo.Ph) Gasterosteus (Cd.Sc.Ar.Ce.Ce) Gastrobelus Gaimardia (Mo.SO Gamachignathus Gamagyangnella (Ar.Ar.Sa) Galeixlea (Mo.Sc.Ru) (Ar.St.Pr) Gauthieria (Ec.An.Ec.Cr) .Ec.Ec.Bi.Hs) Ganodus (Cd.Fo) Gabriellus (Ar.Ce.Cy Gasteroclupea (Cd.Sc) Gamniarocrinites (Ec.Bi.Nl) Gapeevella (Ar.Am) Galliherina (Fo.Cr.Ch.Th) Gastranopsis (Mo.St.Ar) Gardineroseris (Cn.Ar) Galwayella (Fo.Sc) (Ar.Ce.Ch) Galeatellina (Br.He.Tr.Hs) Garanlella (Fo.Ar.As) Garniella (Ar..Co.Ru) (Mo.Ga.Fo.Gy.Cy) Gaslropella (Bz.An.Tr.Ph) Gallowaiina (Fo.Tr.Pl Galeolaria (An.Di) Gaudryella (Cd.Am) (Mo.Ga.Ce.Po.Ga.Os.Tr.Ar.Hc) Gaslrodorus (Ar.Hc.MLDe) Gasirioceras (Mo.Ar.Fo.Ca) Garnbergia (Cd.Ve) Gatrarium (Mo.Ga.Fo.Ce.Ar) Gabrielona (Mo.Ce.Tr.Os.Rh) Galaliceras (Ar.Cr.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 429 Fusoterebra (Mo.Ch) Galerites (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Ga) (Ar.Ar.Go) (Br.Fo) Gastrochaenopsis Galalaestrophia (Br.Fo.Nl) Gardinerichthys (Cd.Os.In) Galicornus (Hy.Pa) GaveUnopsis (Fo.On) (Mo.Pe) Galliaecystis (Ec.Ir.MLDe) Gansuella (Mo.An) Gagarinicyathus (Po.Un.Sl) Gaslrana (Mo.Tr.Os.Os.Fo.Os.Ve) Gaudryinoides (Fo.Tr.Ch.Cl) Gadilina (Mo.Os.Ch.My) (Mo.Od) Gaurocrinus (Ec.Co) Fusus Galerosaukia (Ar.Ga.Ga) Gaetanoceras (Mo.Gy.Os.Sc.Os.Pe) (Cd.Am) Fytea (Mo.Ce.Nl) Gargania Fustichitina (Fo.Am) Galene (Ar.Tr.Fo) (Mo.Rj) Gaudryceras (Mo.Ec.Pa) Gatagacyalhus (Po.Ch.Fo.Un) Gadiculus (Cd.Bi.Ga.Nt) Gaotanaspis ( Gauriles (Mo.Aiiil Galliaecytheridea (Ar.Ec.Ce.Ar) Gabelia (Po.Or) (Mo.Ec.Ga.Sp) Gastrosacus (Ar.Fo) Galeropygus (Mo.Hy) Garnierisphinctes (Mo.Ph) Galeograptuji (He.Tr) (Mo.Am) Fusulina iFo.An.Cr.Ce.Bi.Ag) Garnotia (Mo.Ar.Ga.Ne) GaMagnostoides (Ar.Ga.Cy) (Mo.Po) Gaspespongia (Po.Te.Un.Ce.Hs) Gabriceraurus (Ar.Ar.Ce.Ag) Ganinella (Ar.Ec.Nl) Gaotania (Ar.Bi.My) (Cn.Sl) Ganesa Gastroconus Galateacrinus (Ec.Nt) Galeus (Cd.Ar.Ga.Am) Galeola (Ec.Ga.Ag) Garnuella (Ar.Fo) Galloredlichia (Ar.Go) (Mo.Th.Ho) Gargantua (Mo.Li) Gabillytes (Mo.Fo) Garum (Mo.Be) (Mo.Ce.Ec.Fo) Galeoocorys (Mo.Ma.Tr.Ar.Am) (Cd.Re) Garumnaster (Ec.Am) Galbanites (Mo.Os.Bi.Fo) Garryoceras Gablonzeria (Cn.Fo) Gauthiosoma (Ec.Ga.Pa) Gaslerocoma Gasterorhamphosus (Ec.Tr.Fo.Os.Go) Galcatella (Br.Ne) (EcEc.Te) Garraspongia (Po.Ar) (Cd.Ca) Gaofengophyllum (Fo.Be) Gaspocyrtoceras (Mo.Ce.Ce.Fo.Ec.In.Sa) Galenocaris (Ar.Ga.

Ce.Ar.Gr) Geopeltis (Mo.Ds) Giganthaspis (Cd.Ar.Ne) Gerrcs (Cd.An.Na) Geolcomia Gibberostrophia (Br.Pl.Gy.Un) Geoteuthinus (Mo.Pl.Ce) (EcCr.Ga.Se) Gervilletia (Mo.Fo) Gervillcioperna (Mo.Ar.Re) Gibbula (Mo.Bi.Ne) Gerronodictyon (Po.Ar.Ac) Gibbirhynchia (Br.St) GeitoriDgraptus (He.Ch) Geraocrinus (Ec.Un) Ciilbertsonia (Mo.Ve) Geragnostella (Ar.Nt) (Mo.soriacula (Ar.Ga.Ne) Geraldinella (Ar.Te) Gerbeckites (Ar.Te) Gcmmollaroialla (Br.Te) Giganostrea (Mo.Os.Fo) Gegenella (Br.Ga.Le) Geisopora (Bz.Ar) Gerthia Gilbertina (Cd.Ga.Bi.Di) (Cd.Ar.Fo) Genmuiliva Gerothyris (Br.Ce.Bi.Pa) Gcntilia (Ec.Os.Br) Gelidorthis (Br.Po) Gerlus (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ca.Sp) Gigasbia (Fo.Pa) Gelenptron Geleorhinus Genabacia Genaxinus Gendrotella (Cd.Na) Gigantorhynchus (Br.Os.Mi) Gigantogonia (Mo.Cl) Gheorghianina (Fo.Re) (Cd.Ar.In) Geisonoccras (Mo.Bi.De.Am) Gharbouria (Cd.Fo) Gigantopora (Bz.St) (Ar.St) Gilbertharrisella (Mo.Bi.i)sta (Br.Un) Gemnuilii.Ve) Gibberlebeis (Ar.Os.An.Tr.Fo.Os.Cr) Gibbochonetes (Br.Co.Pt) Genicularia (An.Os.St.Pt) Gillatia (Ar.De.Ml.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Cr.De) Germariceras (Mo.Ec.Op) Giandites (Ar.Os.Sp) Geisonocerina Geodiopsis (Po.Te) Gentoniceras (Mo.He) Geroldicrinus (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ce.Rh) Gemmcllariicarcinus (Ar.Ph) Gemmcllaroceras (Mo.Ch.Re) .Po) Geocyathus (Po.Op.ameda Ga/daganites Gazimuria Gazolapodus (Mo.He.Fo.Ce.Aj) Geryon (Ar.Sc) Geinitzella (Bz.Un) Georgia (Mo.An.Ga.Ar.Un) Gelidorthidina (Br.Sp) Gigantoproductus (BrAr.Ar.Ce.Pt) Gemma (Mo.Bi.Sq) Geisonoceroides (Mo.Ch.Os.Sp) Gemaspira (Mo.Gy.Ml.Nt) Geminella Geminospira (Bz.Pt) Ciillastraea (Cn.Pa) Ocinilziiia (Fo.Bi.Ne) Cjcrmanonaiitilus (Mo.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Te) Gcosaums (Cd.Is) Gemelliporidra (Bz.Ve) Gervillciogoma (Mo.An.Os.Fo.De.Fo.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Cr.Tr.Gy.Ag) Gibbospirifer (Br.Ga.Re.Ar.Os.Os.Os.Ar) (Cn.Bi.An.Ar.Cr.Rul (EcCr.An.Ch) Gibbomodiola (Mo.Ga.Ca) Geyerophyllum (Cn.Ch) Gemmacrinus Gemmanella Gemmarcula (Ec.Ve) (Mo.Tr.Pt) Gemellipora (Bz.St) Ciigoulella (Ar.Ca) (Ar.An.Os.Or) (Mo.Or) (Cd.Ar.Ag) Gibbonuciila (Mo.Gy.Un) Gerkispira (Br.Gr.Py) (Ar.St) Gcbia (Ar.Hy.Bi.Os.De.Tr.Gy.Ga.Ar.Bi.Te) Gibberula Gelagna Gelasene Gelasinostoma (Mi).Bulletin 363 430 Gaynaplis lluni Gazacrinus (Cn.St) Genyonemus (Cd.Am) Gerodia (Ar.Ce.Fo) Gergovia (Mo.Os.Ce.As) Gibbaster (Ec.Mt) Gazza (Cd.Rh) Georgioceras (Mo.Ga.Ed.Mo) Geyerella (Br.Ra.Os.Di) (Mo.Ru) (Cn.Nt) Georgethyris (Br.Ve) Gerkeina (Fo.Nt) (Fo.He) Gcbeckcria (Ar.Ne) Gevreya (Po.Tr.Ru) (Cd.Ar.Ce.As) Gibbechinorhinus (Cd.Ru) Gefonia (Br.Ga.Pt) Gervillella (Mo.Os.Or) Geodites (Po.Sp) Gibberuhna (Ar.Cr.Ce.Ar.Gr.Ch) Cerastes (Ar.Bi.Os.Bi.Ve) (Cd.Ar.Pf) Ghirobocyathus (Cn.Ch) Geratrigonia (Mo.Po) GigantostyMs (Cn.De.Sa) Gegania (Mo.St) Gerrhynx (Br.Os..Ce.Bi.Nt) Gibberulus (Mo.Ar.Pt) (iilberlliirricula (Mo.Ar.Pa) Geisina (Ar.Ar.Re.Pt.Ch) Geoffbondia (Mo.Ce.Ce.Gr) Geukensia (Mo.Po.Ce.Nt) Genevievella (Ar.Tr.Pt) Ga/.Gy.Fo) Gigantoptems Gigantopygus Geniniaterebra (Mo.Gy.Hy) Georgina (Mo.Bi.An.Pe) (Br.Ve) Gellensia (Ar.Fo) Geranocephalus (Br.Un) (Cn.Po) Geniculograptus (He.ln) Genkaimiirex (Mo.Aj) Gibbaspira (Mo.Ch) Geresia (Pr.Os.Ga.As) Gibberella (Ar.Ar.Ec.Pa) Geritilapsis (Ar.Sc) CierubieMa (Ar.Bi.Sc) (Fo.Ga.Ga.Te) Germanaslerias (Ec.Bi.As.Os.Sp) Gigi (Ac.An) Geniculifera (Br.Te) (Mo.Rh) Gigantielavus (Ec.Ar.Or) Geodia (Po.Os.Sa) Gigantothyris (Br.Ga.De) Genota (Mo.Fo.Tr) Gigantocyclus Gemerithyris (Br.Bi.Ae.Os.Ga.Bi.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Ml.Ph) Gervillaha (Mo.St) Ge.An.Cia.Po) GeiUiniKeras (Mo.Ne) Gigantopecten (Mo.Bi.Ve) Geragnostus (Ar.Rh) Gertholites (Cn.Ar) Gemellides (Fo.Nt) (Mo.Re.Ta) Gilbert socrinus (Mo.St) Gelidicella (Cd.To.Na) Gemimila (Mo.Bi.Ga.Tr.Pa) Gephyroberyx Gephyrophora Gephyrotes Gibboconcha Gibbodon (Bz.Ce.Ph) Gctfenina (Ar.Ce) Gdowia (Ar.De.ln.Ru) (Cn.Nu) Geltena (Mo.Gy.Am) Gigantospongia (Po.St) Gerolsteinites (Br.Ptl Gemelliporella (Bz.Am) Gibbithyris (Br.Os.Am) Geniculicyathus (Po.De) (Cn.Ar.Ga.Fo) Geocoma (Ec.Co) Gerviiha (Mo.Bi.Fa) Gennaeocrinus (Ec.Li) Gcmmuloborsonia Gempylus Gemuendenaspis Gemucndina Gcmuendolepis (Mo.St) Gevanites (Mo.Nt) Genuclymenia (Mo.Pt) Geniculatus (Cd.Mc.Ce.Ch) Gibbolucina (Mo.Pf) Gerronostroma (Po.Op) Gibba (Ar.Pri Gigantocapulus Gemelliporina (Bz.Pf! Gigmpeitis (Ar.Orl (Bz.Ga.Os.An.Ar.Bi.Un) Geyeronaotia Getfcnites (Ar.Ch) Gerassimovia (Br.Ce.Fo.Ne) Geyeroceras (Mo.Po) Gigantoeypraea (Mo^Ga.Pt) (Cd.Ar.Sc) Gemmellaroia (Mo.Tr) Genypterus (Cd.Mt) Geloina (Mo.Ga.Gy.Ga.Os.Rh) Cjignouxia (Po.Tr.Pf) GeniculoriKlearnites (Br.

Fo.Ve) Globotnincanita (Fo.Ar) (Br.Co) Globorosalina (Fo.Sp) Ginkgospongia Ginospina (Po.Ar.Fo) Globuligerina (Fo.Fo.Rel Glaphyrina Globixenus (Mo.Fo) Glabralcllina (Fo.Ga.Pu) Gleboceras (Mo.Ca) Glibertia (Mo.Fo.Ml.Ce.Gl) Girtypeclen (Mo.Ce.Go) Glaucono)T)ella (Bz.Ar.Ar.Am) Globiella (Br.Nt) Glabellacylhere (Ar.Ce.Nt) Glabripeclen (Mo.Os.Te Glendonia (Br.Te) GlacsMierella (Ar.Re.Os.Ve) Globigeritria (Fo.Ag) Globanonialina (Fo.Ch) Globodrillia (Mo.Eu) Glandulinoides (Fo.Ce.Re.Pt) Gisilina ( Br.St) Globigerinella (Fo.Fo) Glomocystospongia (Po.Cl) Glandiilopleurostomella (Fo.Fo) Glassina (Br.Fo.Sp) Glimmatobolbina Gloassamyophorous (Mo.Go) Globochemella Globoconusa Girandia (Ar.PI) Glabrocingulum (Mo.Or) Globosoproductus (Br.Fo.Cl) Globocri]ius (Ec.De) Globigerinita (Fo.Fo) Glonialveolina (Fo.Cc) Glabrichonetes (Br.A COMPKNDIIM OI- Fossil.Ec.Fo) Giraldiella (Br.Fo) Girtyopora (Bz.Sp) Giraftospyris (Ac.Cr.Fo.Ru) Glenotremites (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Cl) Globoritubulus (Hy.Br.Fo.Gr) .Ga.Un) Glaphuriiia (Ar.Pf) Glandulina (Fo.Ga.Un) Globorilus (Hy.i (Po.Pr) Glezeria (Ar.Rh) Glabhchonctina (Br.Ma.Fo) Girtyoporina (Bz.Co.Os.Ar.Pt) Glaukosocrinus (Ec.Me.Ar.Nt) Glabella (Mo.Tr.Sp) GlaCNseria (Ar.An.Ce) Glayderia (Pr.Co) Globigerina (Fo.Fo.Fo.Am) Gladig(>ndi)lclla (Cd.Bi.Un) Glaphyocrinus (Ec.Fo.De.Po.Fo.Or.Fo) (Pr.Ce) Globulocerithium (Mo.Go) Globoblastus (Ec.Ho) Globulina (Fo.Os.Am) Globotissurella (Fo.Ve) Gipsella (Ar.Rh.Ds) Globoendothyra (Fo.Pc) Glamocites (Mo.Sp) Gissarophyllum (Cn.Po.Fo) Glochinoiiiorpha (Mo.Fo) Globalor (Ec.Fo) Globigerinoita (Fo.Cm) Globotetrataxis (Fo.Ga.Ar.Fo.Pe) Girarde\ ia (Fo.Fo.Fo) Globalrypa (Br.Pe.Tr.Ar) Glaphiirclla (Ar.St) (He.Fo) Girtycoelia (Po.Fo) GisMKrinus (Ec.Pt) Glendella (Mo.Un.Pt) Globivalvulina (Fo.Am) Globorotaloides (Fo.Ml.Fe) Glans (Mo.Fo) Glochiceras (Mo.Bi.Or.St.Un) Globostroma (Cn.s (Fo.Cr.Fo) Giraliarella (Fo.Sp) (Fo.Fo.Ar.Cr.Ce.Ce.Fo.Fo) Gilinoiiropora (Bz.Fo.Fe) Glaucosoma (Cd.Fo.Fo) GirvanicyMis (Ec.Fo.Un.Po) Glaphiirochilon (Mo.Gr.Ga.Bi.St) Gispyrella (Mo.Fo.Fo.Fo) Globulocystites (Ec.Ne) Globacrocrinus (Ec.Tr.Fo.Fo.Tr.Se) (Ar.Ce.Os.Ar.Un.Cr.Ch) Glaphyorthis (Br.De.Bi.Ag) (Mo.Or) Globithyris (Br.Nt) Glenisteroceras (Mo.Fe) Glauderia (Ar.Tr.Os.St.Ra) Globigeritioides (Fo.Bl.Tr.Un) Glaphyrites (Mo.Ar.Fo) Gincbis (Mo.Fo.Fo) Gilsonicaris (Ar.Ar.Sp) Globosobucina Globosochonetes Globosograptus Gisortia (Mo.Fo) Gjelispinifera (Br.Rh) Globitiiorphina (Fo.Fo) Girvanagnoslus (Ar.Sc) (Br.Bi.Nt) Globomorpha Globonema Girtyoceras (Mo.Ga.Fo) Gilarra (Ar.Tr.Bi.Fo.An.Fo.Fo.Ne) Globisimmi (Mo.Fo) (Mo.Fo.Nt) (Pr.Fo.Ga.Ga.Fo.Ar.Fo) Girvania (Mo.Fo) Gillclli.Nt) Ginclla (Ar.St) Globusia (Ar.Ga.Ce.St.Fo) Gillidiu (Cd.Ac.St.Mo) Globispiroplectamtiiinha (Fo.Cr.Un) Globigerinatella (Fo.Sp) Glenodictyum (Po.Bi.Co.Ve) Giraliapecten (Mo.Ph) Glaucocrinus (Ec.De) Globigerinelloides (Fo.Hi) Globozygia (Mo.Li) Glaessncri[ia (Cn.Ga.Hy.Po) Globospirillina (Fo.Ar.Fo.Fo.Ne) Girardotia (Ar.Cl Gleviceras (Mo.Th) Globorotalia (Fo.Te) Gladiobranchus (Cd.Ml.Pt) Glassia (Br.Ce.Am) Globotruncana (Fo.Sa) Glaphyraspis (Ar.Ec.Fo.Ce.Ch.Or) Glarichelys (Cd.Bi.Ar) Globidens (Cd.Cr.De.Fo.St) Globicephala Globulirhynchia (Br.He) Glenocythere (Ar.Te) Ginsburgia (Cd.Fo) Gilliodus (Cd.Ec.Pr) Globirhynchia (Br.Fo.Ra.Fo) Glabralella (Fo.Ce.Ar.Pc.Fo.At) Globiilipora (Bz.Fo.As) Globulaspis (Ar.Fo) Girlasia (Br.Ga.Te) Glauconiella (Mo.Ar. MARINE ANIMAL GENERA: SEPKOSKI 431 Gillciiiviniis (Ar.Ar.Ce.Fo.Ar.Co) Glatziella (Mo.Tr.Pr) Globiotiiorpha (Mo.Os.Br) Glansicystis (Ec.Re.Os.Ar.Cr.Ga.St) Glaucolithites (Mo.Fo.Pa) Globoturborotalita (Fo.Rh.Fo.Fo) GlabrophysixJoceras (Mo.In) Girtyella (Br.Os.Fo.Fo) Giordanella (Ar.Ch) Globocardium (Mo.Pt) Globicuniculus (Fo.Ar.Na) Glaphyrocystis (Ec.Fo.Ga.Ar) Globigerinatheka (Fo.Oc) Glaphurus (Ar.Fo) Gillechinus (EcEc.Fo) Giraliasier (Ec.Fe) Globoquadritia (Fo.Tr.Fo.Ar.Fo) Gilledia (Br.Fo) Giadioscuium (Ar.St.Fo) GilmiKTinus (Ec.Ga.De.Ga.Os.So) Glenaraea (Cn.Od) Glabcragnostus (Ar.Mo) Globularia (Mo.Gl) Girtyspira (Mo.Rh) Ginginclki (Ar.Fo) Globigerinopsoides (Fo.Dci Gladioslropliia (Bi.Pa) Globotruncanella (Fo.Ce) Globigerinoidesella (Fo.De) Globigcrapsi.Ag) Glazewskia (Br.Fo) Gissarina (Br.Tr.Fo) Globigerinopsis (Fo.Go) Globorotalites (Fo.Fo) Gillicus (Cd.Hs.Ch.Ar.Tr.Ce) (Mo.Nt) Glebosoceras (Mo.Ga.St) Girvanopyge (Ar.Pr) Glabropilumus (Ar.Tr.As.Sq) Globulospinella (Fo.Cr.At) Globocassidulina (Fo.Pr) Globispirifer (Br.Hs) Glassoceras (Mo.Ar.Ce.Ar.Pf) Globoreticulina (Fo.Bi.Fo.Os.Bi.Ar.Fo) Gitolampas (Ec.Ga.Nt) Ginglymosloma (Cd.Fo.Rh) Cilobobulimina (Fo.Mo) Glaucochelone (Cd.Ml.Pe) Glauconia (Mo.Sii Globic<incha (Cd.Ar.Ga.Fo) Girvanaster (Ec.Un.Tr.Fo.Fo.Fo) Gitonia (An.Po) Globampyx (Ar.Os.

Na) Glottidia (Br.Po) Glyptaspis (Cd.St) Gomphacanthus Gomphechinus Glycera (An.Ce.Fo.Ec.Aj) Gongyloblastus (Ec.Pa) Goiiipholiles Glycymeriila (Mo.Rh) Glyptochiton (Mo.St) Glypliilhyreus (Ar.Fo) Glossella (Br.Nt) Glyptoactis (Mo.Bc.Ga.Di) Gonatocyrtoceras (Ar.Co) (Cd.Ga.Pt) Glossinoloechia (Br.Sa) Glyptozaria (Mo.Re.Os.As) Glyptocyphiis (Ec.Ar.Am) (Mo.Co) Gombcrellus (Ac.Fo) Glyptacrothrele (Br.Ne) (Mo.Ag) Glyptoria (Br.Pa) Glyptodynomene (Ar.Ga.Bi.Bi.Ce.Tr.Go) Glossinulina (Br.Bi.Ra.Ph) Glyploinetopus (Ar.Ve) Goesella (Fo.Li.Fo.Ca.Pa) Gomphocystites (Ec.Pt) Glypterina (Br.Ce.As) Glossocardia (Mo.Os.Li.Bi.Bi.Po) (Ec.Re.St) Glyphopcltis (Ar.Ph) Glomospiroides (Fo.Fo.Ce.Os.Fo.Po) Goleomixa (Br.Tr.Eo.Hc.Ne) (Ec.Bi.Ga.Bi.Ru) Glyptogatocythere (Ar.Tr.Ac) Gobius Gobraeus Glossadon (Cd.Cc.Po.Bi.Os.BLSp) Glomodiscus Glomospira (Fo.Ve) Glyptarpites (Mo.Os.Bi.Tr.n) (Br.Os.Bi.Rh) Glyptotonularia (Cn.Ne) Glytospirifer (Br.Bi.Os.Fo) Glyptomena (Br.Fo) Glyptarca Gloria (Ar.Un) Glyptoleda Gombeoceras (Mo.Os.Aj) Glyptechinus (Ec.Ce.A.Nu) (Cd.Un.Hy) (Mo.Co) Glyphodcla (Mo.Fo) Gmehnniagas (Br.Ec..St.Or) (Cd.He) (Ar.Sc.Am) Glossus (Mo.Bi.An) (Ar.Bi.Tr.Ce) (Mo.Ve) Glyptocrinus (Ec.Ne) Gnaltacyalhus (Po.be.Pt) Glorianella i Glyphiditcs I Glyptolepis inella (Cd..Pe) Clyplorhynchia (Br.Di) Glycymerella (Mo.Co) Glyptoglossella (Br.Ph) Golcondella (Ar.Os.Di) Glycynieris (Mo.Bulletin 363 432 (Cd.Ar.Os.Fo.Ec.Br) (Br.Hy.Os.Un) Glossites (Mo.Ph) Glyptotoma (Mo.Ga.Li.Pt) Gomphina (Mo.Tr.Te) Gl\ ptosteges (Br.Cy) Gomphomarcia Gomphonchus Gomphopages GI\ phanotiiis (Cd.Ce.Ar.Gr) Goliathites (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Rh.Na) Glosseudesia (Br.Ga.Rh) Gonambonites (Br.Pt) (Mo.s Glomotrochol na (Fo.Ar) Glyptoploiira (Ar.Mo) Golasaphus Golcoeythere Glossoceras (Mo.Ve) Glosshypothyridina (Br.Ra.Op) Gomphoceras (Mo.An.Ph) Gochtia (Pr.Rhi Goldfieldia (Ar.Cn) Gogoella (Ar.MI.As) Glyptoxoccras (Mo.Rh) Glyptochrysalis Glossinuliihynchia (Br.Po.Pt.De) Goleocrinus (Ec.In) Glossaulax (Mo.Cr.Te) Glyptoceras (Mo.Te) Gobiella (Mo.Di) Goldringia (Mo.Ce.An.Sl.Ph) Glyptoconus (Cd.Ra.Me.Ce.Cr) Glossoleptaena (Br.On) Glyphioli)biis (Ar.Ve) Gomphinella Gomphiles Glyptophidiuni (Cd.Os.Ar.Di.Ga.Os) Glypticus (Ec.Bi.Li.Co) (Ar.Os.Ca) .Co.Bi.Fo.Ar.Pe) Goliathyris (Br.De.Ar.Os.Or) Glyphailhrus (Ar.Sc) Glossoidaspis (Cd.Am) Goethemia (Mo.Os.Ar) Glyptoplcurclhi (Ar.Ce) (EcCr.Fo) Glyptagnostus (Ar.An.Un) Glossograptus (He.Tr.Go) Glyptospira (Mo.Fo) Glyptambon (Ar.CI) Glossophylliim (Cn.Hd) (Cd.Ar) Glyptopleuroides (Ar.Rh) Glyptoconcha (Mo.Bi.Ch.Un) Glyphaspis (Ar.Pn) Goestlingella (Ac.Ar.Am) Glyptomaria (Mo.In) GlyphaNpcllus (Ar.Ph) (Po.St) Gnathoberyx Gnathodus Gnathophis Gnathorhynchia Gnathosaurus (Mo.Ar.Ce.Li) Glyptohchx (Ar.Am) (Mo.Gr) Glyptocystites (Ec.St) Glyptodendron (Mo.Fo.Cn) (Po.Te) Glyplostromoides (Po.MI.De) Glyptoslyla Cjlyphocyphus (Ec.Ci) Glyplopora (Bz.NtI Glyptias (Br.Ar) Glyptopicurina (Ar.Sp) Glyphea Glyptosphaerites (Ec.As) (Mo.PLAr) Gnorimocrinus (Mo.Ar.Tr.Bi.Tr.Fo) Glypotocidaris (EcEcPh) (Fo.Te) Glyptugypa (Br.Ec.Tr.Ds) Criyphotiirris (Mo.Rh.Ph) Gogia Gogiura Gogoceras Glossinulus (Br.Co) GlyDtidiiade'ilia (Ec.Tr) Gloripallium (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ce.Tx) Gloriosocyathiis (Po.Ar.Ve) Glynimalobolbina (Ar.Li.Ar.St) Glyphitculhis (Mo.Pe) Gondohna (Br.Ar) (Cd.Ce.Mo) Gnidiella (Mo.Sc.Un.Un) (Fo.Pt) Glyphopneustes (Ec.Ar.Rh) (Cd.Ar) (Br.Ce.Am) Gnomohalorites (Ar.Tr.Un) Glycymerita (Mo.Li) Glyptocephalus (Cd.Ga.As) Glyptorthis (Br.Bi.Pa) Glyphisaria Gondolella (Cd.De) (Ec.Te) Gongrocrinus (Ec.Os.Pe) Gonathyris (Br.Un) Glossocrinus (Ec.Ar.Pt) Glosia (Mo.Co.Sc) Glottoptychinites (Mo.Bi.Sp) Gondwanella Goneplax Gongrochanus GlypliDstomclla (Fo.Gr.Cr) (Mo.Ar.Fo) (Cn.CI) GlyptocysteUa (Ec.Ce.Bi.Ve (Mo.Or) GiyptograptLis (He.Os.Or) Giinamispongia (Po.Po) Goldfussitrypa (Bz.Ga.Ph) Glyptometopsis (Ar.Ar.Ar.O.Ar) Glyptotrophia (Br.Ag) Glomospirella (Fo.Fo) Glyptambonile.Cl) (Mo.Ga.Rh) Glossopleura (Ar.Rh) Glyplochelonc (Cd.Po) Goiiibertiphyllia (Cn.Os.Ce.Ga.Fo.Li) Goliathiceras Glossorthis (Br.Co.An.Am) Glossothyropsis (Br.MLDe) (Mo.Po.Un) Glubokoevella (Fo.Tr.Ce.Ac.Nt) Glyphoslonia (Mo.Pa) Glyptopoiinis (Cd.Ac) Glomospiranella (Fo.He.Pu Glyptocythere (Ar.Re.Ve) (Ar.Pt.Di.Pa) (Hy.Na) Glossomorphites (Ar.Ne) Gonatodus Gonatosphaera Gondaconularia Gondekia (Cd.Ar.MI.Ve) Glycobtrys Glyptonychia (Mo.Ce.Ar.s.Ar.Tr.Ec.Cr.Or) GoTianiclla (Pr.Fo.Pt) Glycydonta (Ac.Cr.Ar.Pt) Glyptoscepiron (Cn.Bi.Gr.Ar.Na) (Mo.Ar.Os.Ve) Glycerites (An.Pa) Cioiiipholcpis (Cd.Os.Di) Gonatocaris Glyptosphaeronites (EcDi.MLAr) (Mo.Ec.Ga.Tr.Ar.Ch) Gog (Ar.St.Rh) Goldtussastrea (Cn.Bi.Cr.Ac.Te) Glossolrypa (Bz.Fo.Ar.Ar.Re.

Os.Ce.Rh) Ciollandochiton (Mo.Go) (Mo.Hy.Rh) Gothocrinus (EcCr.Av.Mo) Golhograptus (He.Aj) Gracilotoechia (Br.Pa) (Br.Sp) Goniothyropsis (Br.Os.Co.Sc) Gotodonta (Mo.Ar.Ga.Ar.Po.Fo.Ce.Os.Nt) Grandagnostus (Ar.Bi.Pr) Goniada Goniagnostus (An.Re) Goniotr>pa (Bz.Ve) Grammothoa (Bz.Ar.CI) (Mo.Os.Ar.Te) Gourdonia (Ar.Ru) Goniocyclus (Mo.Ga.Ce.Ve) Gonolkites (Mo.An.Pa) Goniocidaris (Ec.Na) (Mo.Ga.Go) (Mo.St.Ci) Goreauiella (Po.Bi.Pr) Gouldia Gouldoceras Granocardium Granoconus Granosolarium (Mo.Nt) Goryunovia Gosavia (Mo.Os.Or) Gracilocyathus (Pr.Sa) Goticaris (Ar.Ce.Ta Graculavus (Cd.Ve) (Mo.Te) Golula (Ar.Bi.Am) Goniopiyxis (Mo.Un) Grandaxinea (Mo.Gy.Bi.Os.Te) Goupillaudina (Fo.At) (Ar.Tr) (Ec.Tr.Hi) Gorjanskya (Br.An.Ve) (Mo.St) Goniophorus (Ec.Bi.Ph) Goslinophis (Cd.Ga.Pl.An.Rh) Gnniosigma (Ec.De) Gorskyella (Mo.Cy) Gorgonichthys (Cd.s (Cn.De.Ec.An.Os.Gr.Pa) Grandiproductella (Br.Ac) (Mo.Or) (Mo.Ch) Goniomya (Mo.Ar.Pe) (Bz.Te) Gonioglyphioceras (Mo.Cl) Grandalveolites (Cn.Tr.An.Nt) Goniocladiella (Bz.Fo.Bi.Bi.Go) Gorystrophia (Br.Cr.Sp) Gimiosteus (Cd.Ga.Ru) (Cn.In.An.Ph) Goodalliopsis Gracilipurpura (Mo.Hy) Gorgostrophia (Br.Ct) Gracilites (Mo.Ga.At) Granatodontus (Cd.Ce.St) Goniograptus (He.ln) Gonioleloides (Ar.Cl) Gonioclymenia (Mo.Os.Tr.Or.Ce.Ex) Gorbachikella (Fo.Pl.Tr.Ar) Gonioc\poda Goniodoslomia Goniodromites (Ar.Bi.St.Ar.Am) Gracilisphinctes (Mo.Sc) Gollandellites (Mo.Sa) (Mo.He.Tr.Ve) (Mo.Pt) Cjouctina (Mo.Sp) Gradiella (Mo.Ph Granula (Mo.He) Gorskyite.Sc) Grainrnorhynchus (Br.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Am) Gracemerea (Ar.Ce) (Mo.Ve) Goniolelus (Ar.Nt) Gracilignathicthys (Cd.Os.Li) Grambergia Gramella Graminospongia Grammanotosoecia Grammascosoecia Goronyosaums (Cd.St) Gonioseris (Cn.Fo) Grantonia (Br.Rh) Gonioloboceratoides (Mo.Ar.Ce.Li.Ar) Goniophrys (Ar.Ec.Ce.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 433 Gongylospongia Gongylostonyx (Po.Sp) Grantlandispira (Hy.Ec.Ar.An.Bc) Gmingjunspirifer (Br.Ce.Bi.Bi.Cr.Os.Bi.Ar) Goniolhyris (Br.De) Gordonoceras (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ga.Ce.St.Sa) Granobrissoides (Ec.Os.Sq) (Mo.Ga.Bi.Or) Goniopora (Cn.St.Bi.St.Bi.Gr.Ec) Goniasma Gonzalezaster Graciliala (Mo.Pt) Goniorhynchia (Br.Tr.Am) (Ar.St.Bi.Ag) (Br.Ar) Goni(iph\llum (Cn.Riu Gollandella (Ar.Tr.Te) Grandidiericeras (Mo.Ec.Di) Grantitheca Gonioleulhis (Mo.Ce.St) Grabella (Mo.Ml.Ga.Sp) (Mo.Pf) (Ar.Cc) (Bz.Pt.Gr) (Bz.Sc) Goniopygus (Ec.St) Gourmya (Mo.Ce.Ne) Grammechinus Grammoceras Grammolomatella Grammoplecia Gonioloboceras Gosaviaraea (Cn.Ve) (Mo.Gr) Grandaurispina (Br.An.Ph) Gotlandochitina (Fo.Ar.Bi.Po) Goniocomus (Hy.Ar.Re.Eu) Grandifavia (Cn.Po.Tr.Bi.Ga.An.Ga.Ar.Ce.Cl) Gorizdronia (Cn.St) Gracianella (Br.Ta) Grammatodon Grammatodonax Granimatorcynus (Cd.Ec.Ga.An) Goossensia (Mo.Bi.Ml.Re.Co) Goniastrea Goniatites Goniatogyra Gonilia Gonimyrtea Goniocardium Gonioceras Goniochasnia Goniocheila Goniocylichna Goniocylindritcs Gonionotites Goniophora Goniophoria Goodallia j (Ar.St.Nt) .Ce.Rh) Goniochirus (Ar.Di) Gosseletia (Mo.Ec.A Gracilopora (Cn.Ga..Ntl (Ar.Ce.Ga.Ar.Tr.In.Pr) Gougerotia (Mo.Os.Ve) Gordonifungia (Po.Ne) Gonioirema (Br.Ga.Ar) Graffhamicrinus (Ec.An.Nl) (Mo.An) (Mo.Pr) (Mo.Un) (Ar.Pr) GotUindechiniis (Ec.Bi.Or) Graftonoceras (Mo.Ec.Or.Ta) Gonioconcha Goniocora (Mo.Tr.Go) Goshoraia (Mo.Ga.Ce.Ch) Goniocladia (Bz.Cr.Ce.Tr.Hy) (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Bl.St) (Mo.Ga.Mo) Gosseletina (Mo.Pt) Granimysia Granimysioidea Gonionautilus (Mo.Ar.Ga.Co) Gothicispira (Mo.Ce.Am) Goodradigbeeon (Cd.St) Graniannella (Ar.Cr) Gordonicyathus (Po.Sp) Gotatrypa (Br.Pa) (Cd.Ga.Pt) Goniarina (Br.Ra.Ce.Ce.De.Th) Grabauphylluni (Cn.On) Gorbyoceras (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ra.Os.Ce) Goniocranion (Cd.Go) (Mo.Pl) Grandicornus (Hy.Ra.Pt) Goniacardia (Mo.Tr.Ce.Ga.An.Or) Gracquina (Ar.Ec.Be) Goniospira (Mo.Bi.Pf) Gori sella (Fo.Cc) Goniogyra (Mo.Bi.An.Na) Gramannicythere (Ar.Ml.Ar.Ga.Ch Grandioculus (Ar.Fo) Goniocrinus (Ec.Po) (Cn.Ru) Gongylothorax (Ac.Pa) (Po.He) (EcEc.Ne) Gollandites (An.Ga.Fo Graciloceras (Mo.Ag) Gonostoma Gonysycon Graciella (Ar.Ml.Ch.Hy.Pl.Ph) (Cd.Ve) Gracilitheca (Hy.My) (Mo.Ce.Ta) Goniochele (Mo.Ar.Sc) (Mo.Ga.Ga.Ar) Gracilispira Goodrichthys (Cd.Ce) Gorjanovicia (McBi.Cr) Goycoia (Ar.Cy) Gorgansium (Ac.Sc) Gorgonoceras Gorgonophontes Gorgospyris (Ac.Ga.Ph) (Mo.Ce.Ar) (Cn.Cc) (Mo.Re.Ve) (Mo.Ve) (Mo.Ar) Granatocrinus (Ec.Ne) Goodhallites (Mo.Cr.Ml.Os.Ph) Gonionaedyceras (Mo.Nu) Grandirhynchia (Br.Nl) (Ar.Ga.An.Ta) Goniophorina (Mo.Ar.MKDe) (Mo.Na) Goniporus Gonodactylus (Ar.Ey) Grandiarca (Mo.Fo.Nl) Gonioiclina (Ar.Pa) Grandostoma (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Po.De) Gortanipora (Bz.St) Gonzagia Gracilechinus (Ec.Nt) Goudkotfia (Cd.Nl) Granularapis (Ar.

St) Guidonia Graleloupia (Mo.Pe) Gioomodiscus (Mo.Pt) Guizhouia (Mo.On) (Mo.Ce.Bi.St) Ciunteria (Fo.Gu) Gunaspis (Cd.Os.Mo) Graphularia (Cn.Ce) Guangdangina Guangdongella Giiangjiayanclla (Br.Ne) Guizhovella (Br.Ca.Tr.Ds) Gruinantaspis (Cd.Tr.An.Tr.Ga.Ar.De) Gruendelella (Ar.Fo) Grundelella (Ar.An.Bi.Os.Po) Grapliiatlaclyllis (Ar.Na) tjujaralella (Ar.Rc.On) Granulinu (Cn.Ar) (Mo.Fo) Giaphcplcuius (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Os.Po) Grossouvria (Mo.Sp) Gra^irhyIKhia (Br.Sc) Grorudia (Br.Re) Gubkiniella (Ar.Am) Guebhardia Graphiocrinus (EcCr.Ta) Griiiisdalcinella (Fo.Am) Graptocarcimis (Ar.Os.An.Bi.Os.Fo) Guanziyaopora (Cn.AiL.Na) (Cn.Ta) Granulirhynchia (Br.Po) (Mo.An.Re.Se) Guembelites (Mo.An.Ga.Fo.Ta) Gravicropsamma (Cn.An.Fo) Gritfithidclla (Ar.Am) Guettardiscyphia (Po.Da) Graptoblastus (He.Ga.An.Co) (Cd.Co) Grigeli-s (Fo.Ru) Guembehtriella (Fo.Ar.Am) Grewgiphylluni (Cn.Ce.Pt) Guenibehtrioides (Fo.At) Guichiella (Mo.Fo.Ga.Bi.Ta) Graysonites (Mo.Ga.Cr.Ce.St) Grazosteus (Cd.Mi) Graptocythere (Ar.Pt.An.Rh) Gruniantia (Br.Fo.Ne) Gravesia Grundensia (Mo.Ml.Am) (Mo.An.As) Guberites (Ar.Pt) Guicyrtia (Br.Os.Cn (Mo.Bi.Na) Graptolodendrum Graptopora (He.Pr) Guangshunia (Br.Un) (Mo.Pa) Guizhoupeclen (Mo.Fo) (Cn.Ce.Re) Gianulidiclyiini Granulifeiellu (Fo.Ani) (Mo.Ve) Greenops (Ar.Os.Pt.Ph) Gryphaelignius (Mo.St) Griesbachites (Cn.An.He) Graptodictya (Bz.Nt) Gruntallina (Br.Fo.St.Di) Grypocrinus (Ec.Ga.Pa) Graptoblastoides (He.Ce.Fo) Cirilhta (Fo.Ce.Di) Gubleria (Br.Co) (Mo.Ca.Sc.Ga.Ar.Bi.Ga.Ar.Ar.Tr.Ar.Po.Tr.Gr.Fo.Ar.Fo.Os.Nt) Grinnellaspis (Ar.Os.Ti.Ph) .Pa) GraiiLilolahiiini (Mo.Os.Pa) Graptiis Groenlandibelus (Mo.Ru) (Mo.Ce.Os.Rh) Grinionei.Ra.Ar.Ru) Grenprisia (Ec.Pl) Grasia (Ec.Cl) Guancenshania (Ar.Fo) Ciuangyuanoceras Granulit'crclloides (Fo.Ds) Gujocardia (Mo.Ar.Fo.Re.Sp) Ciiippyella (Fo.Fo.An.Ga.Ga.An.Ce) Groenlanditcs Guenibelitria (Fo.St) Gresslya (Mo.Ce.Di) Guerichiphylluni (Cn.Ce.Bi.Fo.Dc.Pl.St Graphidula Grippia (Cd.Sp) Guiidarina (Cn.Nt) (Mo.Bi.Ar.De.Ar.Bi.Fo.Gy.Pt) Guizhouchaetetes (Po.Os.Ga.Sc) Cishcha (Mo.Ce.Po) Guildingia (Mo.Ph) Guandacolilhiis (Ar.Te) Guizospira (Mo.Ar) Grayiceras (Mo.Bi.Ce.Ar) Gunningbliuidella (Br.Di) Gubkinella (Fo.Anil Groenwalha (Ar.Pt) Grayina (Br.Ar) Graptacme (Mo.Ar.Ani) Gryphochiton (Cd.Un) Grossa.Po) Guaxa (Br.Tr.Py) Gulcihnitcs Greenwoodella Gryponautilus Gulielmina (Mo.Hs) Graplogeitonia (Cn.Un) Cirotriania (Mo.Pl.Ci) GryphcUina (Mo.Fo) Graphoscyphus (Po.Nt) (jriphocrinus (Ec.Bi.Cr.Fo.Ne) Graphiuricthys Graphiurus Gregariella Gregorioiscala Grypophylluni Cjrzcgor/cwikia (Ar.Ani) (Mo.Fo) Guangyuanaspis Guangyuanella (Ar.Fo.s (Ar.Tr.i (Ar.Ar) Grccnticldia (Br.He.Fo) Groenlandophylluni (Mo.Ce.Ar) (Mo.An.Fo) Graphoceras (Mo.Bi.Ru) Guleiniiceras Gregoryceras (Cd.Ma.Ani) Gumbycyathus (Po.Fo) Grinisbyoccras (Mo.Os.Ec.Os.Sp) Granulitlorina (Mo.SL) Gryphacoslrca (Mo.Bi.St) Gunneropsis (Ar.Os.Tr.Sp) Grypoceras (Mo.Cr) Grossouvrites Guettaria (Ec.Pt.Ce.Aj) Gregorycocnia (Cn.Ani) Gryphiswaldcnsia (Ar.Gr.Te) (iriphodictya (Po.Gr.St.Ce.He.Pl.Tr.Ce.De) Grossotubenella (Po.Ce.Sp) Cjuraleus (Mo.Ar.Cr.Am) Gumbelastraea (Cn.Po) Greenlandoccras (Mo.Ve) Guexella (Ac.Rii) (Br.Ar.St) Gravia (Ar.Ce.Pa) Gryngwinkia Gryphaca (Mo.Tr.Cr.Ta) Cirilhna (Fo.Po) Guhsania Guichenia Graptoporella (Bz.Be) Guerichicaris (Ar.Bi.Tr) Gravestockia (Po..Ne) Groebericera.Ec.Rh) Gruenewaldia Gruenewaldtia (Br.Sp) Gravesicerithium (Mo.Hc) Grekoffiana (Ar.Ce.An.Hy.Tr.Os.De.Bulletin 363 434 Giaiuilari.Ch) Gruendelicy there (Ar.Ga.MI.Ta) Guerangeria (Mo.As) Gunnarites (Mo.Ar) Giielphinacella (Mo.Ca) Gnissoptcriis (Ar.Os.Fo) Gumina (Mo.An.Gr.Ce) (Cn.Ph) Guettardicrinus (Ec.Ce.Ga.Ru) (Mo.Ag) Graviscalpelluni (Ar.Pr) Gubbera (Cn.Me) Griphognathus (Cd.Bi.Po) Grewingkia (Ar.Ve) Gruniiphyiha (Cn.Ec.Fo) Graphiocomassa (Mo.Ph) Cjrypodon (Cd.Tr.An.Fo.lc) Gublerina (Fo.Cr.Sp) Guineana (Mo.Ru) Guistrophia (Br.An.Ar.Os.Ar.Ce.Os.Ar.Ce.Ch) (Mo.Ic) Gualtieria (Ec.Ce.Ar) (Ar.Ce.Nt) (Cd.Os.Od) Gunnarclla (Br.Po) Cjuadakipia (Po.Am) (Mo.Pe) Gryphoca Guizhoustriatopora (Cn.s (Mo.On) (juangyuanoceroides (Mo.He) (Cn.Ar) Gryphus (Br.Sc) Guildtordia Gravellina (Fo.Un) Grossipterus (Cd.Ml) (Mo.Am) (Bz.Gy.Fo.Ha) Gravicalymcne (Ar.Ce.Pt) Guizhoudiseus (Ar.An.Ar.Pl) Griphasaphus (Ar.lr.Na) (Cn.Os.Ar.Ru) Graptocainara (He.Ga.Bi.Pt) Grendelius (Cd.Os.Tr) Guichenocarpos (Ec.Ec.Ce.Fo.Sc) Gsollbergella (Fo.Ar.Ru) GranulDchlanns (Mo.Ve) Guihnospirifer (Br.Ar.Ai) Groessensia (Cn.Mi) Graptoveniiis (He.Ga.An) Guerietiina (Mo.spis (Cd.Pr) Guangxiispirilcr (Br.Cl) Groenlandaspis (Cd.Eu) Guerrericeras (Mo.Po.Pt) Guitarra (Po.Me.Ca) (Mo.St) Guerichiella (Ar.Fo) Griffithides (Ar.

Ma.Ga.Un) G\\\nia (Br.Fo.Pt) (Po.Ga.Fo.Pa) Hallipterus (Ar.Kii) Giis.Ce) (Cd.Sc) Hadrosteus (Cd.Pa) GyriKlDma (Mo.Cr.Al) Haastina (Mo.Ec.Nt) (Mo.My) (Mo.Ve) Halecopsis (Cd.Fo.Ar.An.Ar.Pt) Halicalyptra (Ac.Os.Na) Gyrolepidoides (Cd.Sp) GymiKelus (Cd.Ha) (Cd.Pt) Halloceras (Mo.Ga.Os.Cr.Tr.Os.Ar) Hacrctocrinus (Ec.Co.Pe) Hadriania (Mo.Py) Hagabirhynchia (Br.Co) I G/heloceras (Mo.Si) (He.Ce.Gr.Ar.Ed.Li) Hahazimania Haibowania GuIIuniiimi (Mo.Fo) (Cd.Ph Halla (An.Cy) (Ar.Sp) (Mo.My) Habrosium Habrostroma (Po.Ar.Ch) (Br.An.Fo) HadiciphylluMi (Cn.Ce.Te) Halianassa (Cd.Di) CJutticriiiiis (Ec.Ce.Fo.Fo) Gwyniella (Br.Bi.Tr.Sp) Gymnodiadema (Ec.Os.Os.Ma.Ac.Tr.Bi.Fo.Bl.Py) Hadyrhyncha (Br.Ru) Habrocythere (Ar.Gy.Hi) Halidictyum (Ac.Te) Haidingerites Ciin nia (Cn.Fo.Ve) Hainbergia (Cd.Di) Hadnericambna (Pn) Halloporina (Bz.Ra.Ce) (Ec.Ra.Ma.Ru) Gyrocythere (Ar.Fo) Gymnocrinus (Ec.Rli) Halistylus (Mo.Fo.Li) Gyroidinoides (Fo.Ga.Fo) Gyninura (Mo.Fo.Co.Os.Ph) Haeuslerella (Fo.Ce.Ar.O.Gr) Habonucuia Habrobrochu> Habrocephalus (Ar.Ha) Gymnosarda Gymnoscopelus Gymnoslomix Gymnoloceras (Cd.Ne) Gymnodiscoceras G\ iiiiiocraplus Gymiiophyllum Gymnopiiies (Mo.Bi.An.Ga.Sa) Hadrohybiis (Ar.Tr.Sc) Gyinnagnostus (Ar.Me.Os.Re) Gyroma (Mo.Os.Ec.Os.Nt Mo.An.De.OI) GsaloccraN (Mo.An.Ce.Ar) Hallidaya (Cn.Ar.Ga.Fo.Os.Pt) Haimeicyclus (Cn.Ar.Ar.De.Ra.Ct) Gyrotropis (Mo.St) Gyropleiira (Mo.Nt) Gyrosina (Br.Cr.A CoMPENnii'M OF Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski Gyroncma 435 (Fo.Aii.Os.Ga.Os.Un.Rh) Hallolheca (Hy.Ag) Gyrovalvulina (Fo.Na) Hainosaurus (Cd.Po.Li.Ar) Gypiduloides (Br.Ga.Ar.De) (Mo.An.Ce.Pa) Gyrixrystis (Ec.Os.Va) Haliotiomorpha Gypidulina (Br.Ec.Na) Gypsina (Fo.An.Nt) Haimesastraea (Cn.Ga.Di) Gyropeltus (iiilnicclhi (Fo.Sp) Gypidula (Br.Ar.Ce.Ar.Hni.Un) Hagenowella Hagenowia Hagcnowina GyT'oplacostcus (Cd.Bi.Ru) Gyrothyris (Br.Gr) Gyrometopus (Ar.Go) Gymnocidaris (Mo.Ga.irella ( Ciustabilicriiuis Gyiiinites Gyninoi-erilhium Gyrispongia Gyroceras Gyroceratites Br.Or) (Mo.Ar.Tr.CI) Gyrolepis (Cd.Cr.ls) Haliphormis (Ac.Co) Halkieria (Pr.Sc) Gyalophyllum Gyaloplasma (Cn.Anii Gyrostrea (Mo.Fo) (Ar.Po) Halice (Ar.Ra.Ce.Ga.Ce.Nt) Gultulina (Fo.Fo) Hadrocrinus (Ec.Cr.Pe) Hadragnostus (Ar.On) Halionimura (Ac.Sp) (An.Ne) Haliotis (Mo.Pt) Hacobjanella (Mo.Ps) Haddonia Hadimopanella Hadoceras (Fo.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Ga.Bi.Bi.Rh) Hallia (Cn.ln.Pa) HalioniiT(a (Ac.Ar.Od) .Os.Ed.Si) Gyrineum (Mo.Ar.Gy.Sq) Gyracanthus (Cd.Cy.Ar) (Mo.Sc) Gyrosoria (Br.Cl ( HatlroncL'lor (Cd.Sq) Haasia (Ar.Ar) HageTHnvinella (Bz.Fo) Hacggochilon (Mo.St) Halicyne (Ar.Be) Haimasiella (Fo.Nu) Halia (Mo.An) Hadrodontina (Cd.Cr) Hallirhoa (Po.An) Mo.Pl.Ce) Gymnotrachelus Gymnotropites (Cd.Cy) Habelia (Ar.Ar.Rh) Hallinetes (Br.Ga.Sc) Gymnarus Gyninentome 1 Gylhemon (Mo.Ga.Ar.Fo) (iiillasclla < liiiit'iLskicUa (Cii.Pf) Gypidulella (Br.Op.Hs) (Fo.Ly) Hadrodiscus (Ec.Rh) Halliella (Ar.Cr.Ce) Hacobjania (Mo.Fo) Haenlcinia (Mo.An.Co) Hallaster (Ec.Re.Nt) (Ec.Ce) Halilucites (Mo.Ar) Gyrgalhella (Ar.Rh.Fo) Haematosaurus (Cd.Ra.Bi.Pa) I (Ec.Hi) Haglastrum (Ac.Re.Tc) Gyrosteus (Cd.Ec.As.Ar.PI) Halichondrites (Po.s.Ra.De.Fo.Cy) Gyrodcs Hadrotorhynchiis (Br.Sl.Fi) Haliphiiebus (Mo.ls) Haljulia (Cd.Ce) (An.Pe) Hadranderaster (Ec.De.At) Gyrixlus (Cd.Fo) Hallopora (Bz.MI.Cr.Ce.Ga.Ga.He.Os.Ar) Hadrotreta (Br.Ra.Tc I laercticotaxocrinus (Ec.Oe) Gyroconulina (Fo.Pa.Pe) Hadroblastus (Ec.Cy) Gyroscala (Mo.Li.St) Gyroidina (Fo.Fo.Un) Halesium (Ac.Fo.Rh) Gyrixlendron (Cn.Nt) (Po.He) Haliclona (Po.Fo) Hallocrinus (Ec.Ce.Eu) Gyriiidinella (Fo.Os.Po.Pr) Halec (Cd.Nt (Mo.Ru) Hallatia (Ar.Te) Hallicystis (Ec.In) Gyroptychius (Cd.Fo.Na) (Cn.Sp) Halenia (Fo.Ga.Fo) Hainiesiphyllia (Cn.Fo) Hadromeros (Ar.An.Ar) Hacquetia (Cd.Ce.Ma.Cl) Halina (Po.Ci) Hadrorhynthia (Br.Hm) Habanaster (Ec.Tr.Nt) Gypospiriter (Br.Ce) Halitherium (Cd.Tr.Ph) Halkyardia (Fo.Rul (Cn.Re.Gr.Ec.Eu) Gyroclymcnia (Mo.Am) Habroichthys (Cd.Nt) (Mo.St.Os.On) (Mo.Te) Haimeina (Bz.Pl.Rh.Ra.Po.Ce.Ce.Pa) Haimea (Ec.Sp) CiiilliconiiN (Mo.Mo) Hulisaurus (Cd.Hy.Co) Hagnocrinus (Ec.Fo.Pl.CI) Hallograptus (He.Pa) Haerella (Fo.Cr.Te) Haileyia (Mo.Pt.Ag) Haliophis (Cd.Re.An.Ga.Os.Ar.Ch.He.Tr) G\ runacdyceras (Mo.He.Ce.s.Fo) Gyroselenella (Br.Os.Tr.Ar.Hy) Gyroniles (Mo.Tx) Haliodictya (Po.Po) Hadrosia (Br.Aiii) (Br.0.As) Haliodictya (Ac.Ar.Ga.Ga.Tr.Tc) Gyrospira (Mo.Sp) Hadrochthus (Ec.CI) Hadrocystis (Ec.De.Ac) Hallina (Br.Fo.Tr) Gvronchus (Cd.Pa) Hadrodelphis (Cd.Fo.Ar) (Mo.

Li) Harperopsis (Ar.Po) Haplophrentis Harrisoceras Hamptoniella (Mo.Nt) Harpidium (Br.An.Ac) (Mo.Li.Ce.Un) Haplistion (Po.In) Hamusina (Mo.Os.Fo.Th.Ly) Harpa HarpaboUia Harpacodus Hamarodus Hamashania Hamaloconus (Cd.Sc) Hanusia (Ec.Ga.In) Haplosphaeronis (Ec.Ga.In.Ce.Sc) Harpago Harpagodes Hamburgia (Br.De) (Ar.Te) Halysioerinus (Ec.Ra..Pt) Haniwa (Ar.In.Pl.Co) Hapalopleura (Ar.Re.Fo.Os.Po.Ar.CI) (Ar.Mo) Hanimati)slroma (Po.Os.Hy) (Mo.Sp) Hartwellia (Mo.In) Harginisulcus (Ar.Rh) Hansotreta (Br.Me.Ga.In) Haplacanthus (Mo.Sc) Harpohildoceras (Mo.Ga.Pt) Halomitra (Cn.Am) Hanimaiocythere (Ar.Pt) Haplaraera (Cn.Tr.Ce.Fo.Di) Harttites (Pr.Tr.Os.Bi.Tr.Ne) Halysicyathus (Po.Ar) Hanivella (Ar.Cc) Hamptonina Hamulina (Br.Cc) Harrehcrinus (Ec.De.Cl) Hamacantha (Po.Ph) Harmatia (Mo.Os.Tr.Os.Ma.St) Haplocochlias (Cd.Fo.Ce.As) Haptaphyllina (Cn..Co) Hastigerina (Fo.Ce.Tr.Or) Harrycaris (Ar.Ce.Or) Halorites (Mo.Tr.Fo) Harmostocrinus (Ec.Pa) Haplocephalopora (Bz.Tr.Po) Harpillaenus (Ar.Fo) Harfordia (Mo.An.Ce.As) Hardouinia (Ec.Po) Hapsiceraurus (Ar.Co.Os.Ch Hanburia (Ar.Fo.Ar) Haplopoma (Bz.Un.Pt) Hamites Haplocetus Harpides (.Un) Hapalorbis Harpactoxanthopsis (Ar.Fo.Ac) Harknessella (Br.Rh) Hansenisca (Fo.Co) Harmeriella (Bz.Ve) Hanaiborchella (Ar.Ga.Ce.Os.Ne) Haminoea (Mo.De.In.Oa.Nt) (Ar.Cr.Se) Haploscaphites (Mo.Rh) Hanshuiella (Mo.Os.Nt) (Cd.Os.Ne) Halorellina (Br.Gy.Fo.Ta) Hanzawaia (Fo.Fo) Harrelhcnnus (Ec.Ac.-\n.Ch) Hameaschmidtella (Ar.\n.Ct) Halysites (Cn.Am) Harpidella (Ar.Pr) Haplobolbina (Ar.Ce.Cm) (Mo.Ds) Hanusatrypa (Br.An.Co) (Mo.Pe) Hamlinia (Mo.Ar) Hartungia Hanacproductus (Br.Tr.Ar.Ca.Ga.As) Harpaetocarcinus (Ar.Ac.Co) Haplophragmium (Fo.He) Hartshillina (Ar.Ph) Hastatellina (Ar..Nt) (Mo.In) I Mo.Bulletin 363 436 (Mo.Pa) Hanaispira (Mo.An.Ch.Ga.Pt) Hardistiella (Cd.Ga.Ce.Am) Harttella (Br.Tr.Bi.Ag) Hanaicythere (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Cr.Ga.Ar.Tr.Ga.Hi) (Ar.Ph) Haplograptus (He.Ami (Mo.Tr.De.Ce.Tr.Am) Harrytoombsia (Cd.Po) Haplothecia (Cn.Tr.De) (Mo.Os.Pt) Hainlingella (Br.Am) Harpes Harpesoides (Ar.Pa) Haplophylloceras (Hy.Ce) Hantkeniceras (Mo.Sp) Harpoceras (Ar.Bi.Os.An.Gr.Am) Haplopiyxis (Mo.Sl) Haplospiriler (Br.Ru) (Mo.Ce) Haplocrinites (Ec.Po) Hamiroproetus (Ar.Ar) Hapsidocare (Ar.Ga.Ne) Hallstadtia Hanielites (Mo.Bi.Un) Haplolcpis (Cd.Pa) Hapsidopora (Bz.Tr.Fo) Harmatosia (Br.Mo) Hamarilopora (Cn.MI.Eu) Haloanus (Mo.Fo) Halloysia Hamiliceras Hamulinites i Hanaites (Ar.Cr.Am) (Mo.Htl I (Ar.Pa) Hartshillia (Ar.St.Os.De.Tr.Aj) Hanlkenina (Fo.Ph) (Cd.At) Harmeria (Mo.Gy.Ar.Ar.Am) (Mo.Ta) Halochitina (Fo.An.Hy.Ce) Hardyia Haloginella Haniwoides Hankaxis Hanleya Hannaoceras Harengula (Cd.Pr) Hamiloides (Mo.Ga.De.Ce.Ne) Hardyoides (Ar.Gy.Tr.Ce.Am) (Mo.Fo.Li) Harpella (Mo.Ce.In.Ce.Ne) Hastagnostus (Ar.Nt) Haplotrypa (Bz.An.Pa) Halorelloidea (Br.Ce) Haptoph\llum Hardaghia Hallucigenia (Lo) Hanilepis (Cd.Co) Hammatoceras Hammatocnemis Hammatocyclus (Mo.He.Pt) Hamulispinctes (Mo.Ne) Hamacuna (Mo.Cl) Hanimia Haniodus Hampilina (Bz.Ce.Nt) Hanetia (Mo.Sp) Harpagofututor (Cd.Ga.Ru Hanchungolilhus (Ar.Tr.Ar.At) (Cd.Os.Cl) Hardieopterus (Cn.Gy.Cc) Haplophrag m na (Fo.Pa) Harpula (Mo.As) Hardmanoceras (Mo.Cr.Bi.Or) Hanaibursa (Mo.Ru) (Mo.St.s.Ph) Hanostaftella (Fo.Ch.Pa) (Cd.Tr.Fo.Cr.Ph) Haploprimitia (Ar.Tr.Ga.Ce.Nt) (Mo.Ch) (Ar..Ds) Harpidoides (Ar.Ce.Ga.Fo) Harriotta (Mo.Un) Hapsiphyllum (Cn.Fo.Po.Po) Haplolasma (Cn.Nt) Hamatolenus (Ar.Ga.Ch) Haploceras (Mo.Po) Haplovoluta (Mo.Ce) (Mo.An.Fo.Ml.Arl Hapiospira (Mo.Fo.Ce.Fo.Ar.Ami (Mo.Te) Hamusella (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Tr.An.Ce) Haplistionella (Po.Go) Haplohelia (Cn.Ga.Tr.Ar.Fo) Harringtonina (Br.Ar.In) Haplophragmoides (Fo.0.Fo) Hastigerinoides (Fo.Fo) Harrisianella Haniptonia (Po.CI) Halonympha (Mo.Ar.Po) Hanaiceralina (Ar.Pt) Hamulus (An.Os.Ami Haplodiacanthus (Ac.Ar.Pt) Hasligcrinella (Fo.Sl.Tr.Fo) Haresiceras (Mo.Ch.Os.Ga.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Ar.Fo) Hasligerinopsis (Fo.Nt) Halysitastraea (Cn.Pe) Halobia (Mo.Ar) Hapsi/aphrentis (Cn.Un) Harpoceratoides (Mo.Fo) (Mo.Fo.Ec.Am) Halorella (Br.Ru) Harpophylloceras (Mo.Ph) Hammatopsis Hammatospira (An.Os.Eu) .Po.Bi.Fo) Hastimima (Ar.Di.Ph) Haplocytheridea (Ar.Ru) Haruspex (Mo.Pt) Hammanopyge (Ar.Ga.Me.Rul I Hanchiangella (Ar.St.Cr.Am) (Mo.Ar.Te) Haplentactinia (Ac.Ga.Ch) Harlnianina (Po.Ce.Ga.Ca) Halogetocrinus rEc.Tr.Ga.Po) Haoella (Fo.Ra.Te) Haploplcuroceras (Mo.Ta) Hapalopegma (Po.An.Cr.Ve) Hapalocrinus (Ec.Cy) Hastacypris (Ar.Sc) (Cn.Ce.Ce.Arl HaploocLia (Bz.An.St) Haplojrfiragmella (Fo.Ar.Ce.Ar.Ga.Ga.Tr.

A Compendium Hastina of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 437 .

Ce.Ce.De) Hensonia Hensonina (Fo.Nt) (Mo.Po) Hemislerias (Mo.Gy.Ec.Ce.Ce) Hercosestria (Br.Ce.Ce) (Bz.Ce.In.Pf) Hcplastylis (Po.Ed.Ec.De) Hemicidaris (F.Os.Be) Heptranchias (Cd.Ga.Cr.Po) Mo.Rh) Hcloraphinia (Po.In) Hemiaechmindides (Ar.Hx) Hemiciinus (Ec.Ga.Pa) Hercothyris (Br.Ec.Ph) Heniistreplacron (Fc.Nt) Hcininiollocrinus (Fc.Pe) Heniibrachiocrimis (Ec.As.Ga.Ga.Ba) Hemicyclammina (Fo.Co) Hemitocchia (Br.Cr.Pt) Hennigopora Henningsmoenia Henningsmoenicaris HennDcquia Hornibashkirella (Bz.Ra.Ce.Ar.Ve) Henadoparia (Ar.Os.Ml.Eu) (Ar.St.Am) Hemiliaris (Ec.Ce.De.Pa) Hemilytoceras (Mo.Tr.Fo.De) Hemicoseiniopsis (Bz.Tr.As) HcniipcLien (Mo.Ri) Hemityelopora Hemicyprideis (Bz.Gy.Os.St.CI) Henaniodus (Pr.Am) Heptanema (Cd.Ve) Hemipristis (Cd.Tr.Gy.Te) Hercolepas (Pr.Po) Hemicosmophylluni Heiiiipl\clu)ceras (Mo.Os.Ar.EcSp) Hcmilhyropsis (Br.Sp) Hemitetragonites (Mo.Cr) Hemikaolishaiiia (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Pl) Hemileurus (Br.Pr) Hemigarantia (Mo.An.Ce.Ph) HcrcvMocvllicre (Ar.Fo) Hcnieaschnidlellu (Ar.Ne) ( Mo.Ce.Un) Hercodon (Mo.Aj) Hercostrophia (Br.Ce.Ce) (Mo.Bi.EcHs) Hepaiinulus (Ar.Tr.Os.Ca) Hepatus (Ar.Pe) Henodus (Cd.Te) Hcmilcplon (Mo.Ru) Hcmieridotrypa (Bz.Fo.Cr) Hemiaster (Ee.Ce.Os.Co.Pa) Herninajas (Mo.Os.Pt) Hcmiacirsa (Cd.Ce.He) Hemidiinax (Mo.Bi.St) Hercocyrtoccras (Mo.Na) Hcmilecaniles (Bz.Pr) Hcriiichoanella (Mo.Fe) Hcmipcdina (Ec.Di) Hemicytheridea (Ar.Te) Hcniirhainpluis (Cd.Rh) Hemicyclonosta (Mo.Fo) Hernicerithiimi Hemiplasmopora Hemiplax HemicheiiDpus Hcmiplcthorhynchus (Br.Be) Hcmitrochiscus (Mo.Sc) Hepatiscus (Ar.Re.Pt) Hemicosiiiites (Ec.Na) (Mo.Ar.Na) Hemirobulina (Fo.Os.Fo) Hercoceras (Mo.Sa) Hcpatclla (Ar.St.Tr) Hengestites (Mo.Po) Homibanandia (Ar.Po) Icmisiringocephalus Mo.Gy.i (Bz.Ho.Na) Hcinilanipronitcs (Cd.Op) Hemisyntrachelus (Mo.Fo) Hercynobolbina (.Po) Hemitoma Hcloriiiiziiliiin (Ac.Cy) Heniiaulacopli> Ihiin (Cn.Os.Hm) Helodus (Cd.De) Hemiconus (Mo.De.Ca) Hemipiloceras (Mo.Ga.Am) llcnii(luiraiiiniina (Fo.On) (Mo.Bi.Ar.Ro.Am) Hcmiparacytheridea (Ar.Nt) (Ar.Ar) (Ar.Fo.Rh) Hemiulrichostylus (Bz.Fo) Hcnilthvlus (Ec.Un) (Mo..Ve) Hemistyliis (Bz.Ec.Ga.Ar.An.Ch.St.Ar.Ce.Rh) Hentigia (Ar.Ec.Fo.Ar.Ga.Bulletin 363 438 Hcloclciii.Os.Fo.c.Cr.Ga.Ec.Bi.Am) Hemsiella (Ar.Ch) Hemicytheria (Ar.Ph) Hercocrinus (Ec.Ml.Tr) Henrieia (Ec.Cr) Helvetoglobatruncana (Fo.Sp) Heminematopora Hemingwayella Hengnania Heniastoma (Bz.Pc) Hemiaspenites (Mo.Fo) Heiiiithalaniocyathus (Po.Os.Ar.Bi.Un.Tr.Or) Heptabronteus (Ar.EI) Hciiilplcuroloiiia ( Heosomocelypha (Br.Ce.Na) Heniidiscus (Fo.Te) Heptaloculites (Ar.Cy) Hclothi)liis (Ac.Ve) Hcmiseplella (Bz.De.Ml.Cc.Cr.Un.Am) Heniiarges (Ar.Rh) Helodiadcniii (Ec.Fo) Heniilhecella (Mo.Fo) Hemicorbicula (Mo.Hm) Hcniistreptocriniis (Fx.Ar.Ce.Fo.Po.Ce.Ar.Am) (Mo.De) (Ar.Os.Na) Hcmicythere (Ar.Ce.Au) Hcmilistrona (Mo.Cr.Fo.Al) Heracrinus (Ec.PO (Mo.Bi.Ve) Hemitrypa Helvetella Hemitrypella (Bz.Bi.Ap) Hercochitina (Fo.Am) Herbslia (Ar.Os.Co) Hemlebenia (Fo.Ch) Hemipronites (Br.Ce.Ma.Hm) Hemipneustes (Ec.At) Hemiscyllium (Cd.Gy.Cy) Hemirliodon (Ar.Ne) (Cd.Tr.In) Hemiindocrinus (Ec.Cr.Sl.An.Ce.Ml.Ch) Hemisimoceras (Mo.Ar.Ce.Os.En) Hensonella (Pr.Cr.Ec.Se) Heniiphragmoceras Henryhowella (Ar.Pa) Hemigordius (Fo.Ne) Hcmilliiris (Br.Ra.De) (Ar.Ch.Cl) Hemitissotia (Mo.Ch) Hercophyllum (Cn.Rh) Hercynclla iMo.Po) Hemisiiiittina (Bz.Ar.Os.Co) Hemicosniorthoceras (Cn.Fo.Di) llemihaploceras Hemilhyrsites (Cd.Cr.St.He.Ne) .Tr.An.Cr.Ar.Ax) Hemicricus (Mo.In) Heniihoplites (Mo.Ce.Ec.Ce) (Mo.RIi) Hemiptychina (Br.St) HcTiiiluMilinella (Fo.Ma.Un.Pf) Helodopsis (Cd.On) ncniiplilaclclla (Bz.Pa) (Fo.Fe) Helveticosaurus (Cd.Ce.Oc) Herangirhynchia (Br.Ta) (Mo.Na) (Cd.CI) Hereoglossa HeinidiNcella (Po.De) HeiTiibaeulites (Mo.St.Un) Hemicystites (F.Tr.Am) Hercosia (Br.Or) Heniirhahilorhynchus (Cd.Os.Ce.On) Hemicytherura (Ar.Os.Ce.Fo) Hemiliroeeras Hemizyga (Mo.Bi.St.Ce.Os.St.Fo) Hemisaurida (Cd.Pl) HcmlbcloitDceras (Mo.Fo) Heracloceras (Mo.Ga.Ml.Po) Hemisphaerocoryphe (Ar.Ne) Hemiporites (Cn.Re.Ch) Heraultipegma (Mo.i (Bz.Fo.Li) Hcmikrillic (Ar.Ch.Po) Hemisquilla (Ar.Ga.Bi.Na) (Cd.C.Ve) Hcmidiadema (Ec.Fo.Ch) Hercantyx (Ar.Rh.He) Hercoglossoceras (Mo.Fo) I (Br.St.Ga.Fo.Pa) (Ar.Os.Pa) Henierocoeles Hcminiaclra (Mo.Ch) Henricellum (Po.An.Ar.Sp) Hcniicalypleius (Cd.Fo.Ds) Hemicyclaspis (Cd.Os.Un) Hcmichonetes (Br.Po) llemisphaeranlhos (Ec.Cy) Hemipliragnia (Bz.Ch.Ra.Tr) Hemisurcula Hercorhynchus ( Hemicurylac (Ec.Po) Hemicara (Ec.Fo.Os.Op.Os.Li) Heniinaiitilus (Mo.Ar.Ml.MI.Bi.Ci) Hcmigymnia (Ec.Cc) (Cn.St) HemilaDrina (Ee.St. Is) Heinisphaeraniniina (Fo.Ch.Ec.Te) HcmituMis (Mo.Ml.St) Hciiiiplicatula (Mo.Ma.Os.Os.Ru) Heniioon (Ar.Ga.In) Hemicellaria (Bz.Am) Hclopoi.Gy.Os.Re.Ce.Ga.Fe) (Br.Co) Heraclites Hemicryptocapsa (Ac.Nt) Hematites (Mo.St) Hemiriisulina (Fo.Tr.Ar.

Ta) Heterothrissa (Cd.Nt) Hcqiclocclus Cd.Cy) Hcsperiinomiella Br.Fo.Cc) Hcrgottclla Fo.Ml.De.Pa) Heleropecten (Mo.Ch) Cn.St) Heterodiadema (Cd.Ce.An.Ch.Ami Heterocoenites (Cn.Cli.Os.Tr.Ar.Me) Heterosalenia (Ec.In) Hcroldina Ar.Nt) Heterocyprideis (Ar.Ce) Heterochiton (Mo.Os.Os.Ve Heterocrinus (Ec.Cm) Hespcrosircn Cd.Nt) Hespcromena Hesperonomia Br.Pl.Ma.Ra.Pa) Heteroconopeum (Bz.Rh) Heterolepidoliis (Cd.Sp) Hesperocirrus Mo.Ar.Hm) Hesperilhyris Br.Co.Tr) Hesslorella Ar.Sp) Hesperocystis Ec.De.Ru) Hexagon ites (Mo.Ne) Mo.Tr) Heslingtonia Mo.Ra.Un) Ik-rilschioides Cn.An.Pe) Hetcromychus (Br.Po) Heterillina (Fo.Ar) Heleropclalus (Cd.Ga.Sp) (Mo.Ht) Mo.Ar) Heterogyra (Cn.De.Ami Heterocoskinolina (Fo.Os.Fo) Heterochilina (Ar.Bi.Un) Heterostinia (Po.St.Ce) Heteroceras (Mo.St) Hetcropis (Mo.Sp) Heronallonia Fo.Rh) Heterohaplooecia (Bz.My) (Cn.Ar.Tr) Hespcraster Ec.Or) Hcterolasma (Cn.Re.Ar.Te) Heterorthina (Br.De.Ch.Ru) Hetciastraea (Cn.Nt) Hexadoras (Ac.Ar.Le) Heterostella (Po.Ar.Bi.De.Pa) Heterocythereis (Ar.Gy.Or) Mo.Ph) (Ac.Cr.Ar.Fo.Bi.Ph) Heterostrea (Mo.Am) Herznachites Mo.Li) Heterogyrella (Mo.Ne) Hescheleria Cd.Ce.Si) Helerornorphina (Fo.Ma.Os.Sp) (Mo.An.Ce) (Ec.Or) Hcrmalopoiclla Po.Arl Heteiocaninia (Cn.Sp) Heterocidaris (Ec.Ml.Di) Hexapetalum HexaphylMa Hexaplex Hesslandona Ar.Bi.Gy.Ga.Os.He) Hcsperocoelia Po.An.Or) Hormania Mo.An.Ch.Ce.Sc) Hesperorhynchia Br.Mi) (Cd.An.Sl) Heterohelix (Fo.Fo.An.Ve) Hcromia B/.Sa) llcniiaUiNlrmiKi Po.Me.Sp) Hexagonella (Bz.Ec.Ar.Cc) Heterobrochus (Br.Ce.Bi.Os.Rh) Hexangulaconuhiria (Cn.Ar.Ga.Bi.Ch) Hespererato Mo.Ga.Ml.Pt) Hesslandiles Ar.Ga.St.Fo.Li) Herrigocvlhere Ar.Sc) (Mo.Ru) Heterosestrum (Ac.Ce.Ch Helerophrentis (Mo.Ar.St.Bi.Mo) Heterodontus (Cd.Po.Aii.An.Ga.Ra.Tr) Hcrnodia Bz.Ra.Fo) Heterocaryoii (Ar.An.An.Ce.Tr) Heterocyathus (Cn.Bi.Ve) Hexacrinites (Ec.De) HesMiiiara Ec.Sp) (Mo.Ce.Sp) Heteroporella (Bz.Ec Heterospira (Mo.Bi.Un) Heterocrisina (Bz.Riii Hetcrastridium Heteroraphidites (Po.Ne) Heterostomella (Fo.Oil Hclcractaea lAr.My) (Mo.Ne) Hesperibalans Ar.An.Ce.Co.Ec.Sp) Heteroschizodus (Mo.Sc) Heterotrypa (Bz.Ar.Ve) Hesperosia Br.Fo.Fo.Ar.An.Ga.Ec.De.Ar) Herreraslor Ec.Os.Fo.A Compendium of Fossii.Vc) Hcleialosia (Br.He.Na) He>>peri)pora Bz.Po.Fi) Hcrnandc/asicr EcEe.Ec.Ar.Fo.Ct) Hen/ina Cd.An.Ml.Cc) Hcrgctalr.Hy.Fo) Hexalasma Hexaloncharium Hexalonche Hexameroceras Hexanchus HcivMiolopis i lore Herpetopora Hespcroceras 1 (Ac.Ne) Heterosteus (Cd.St.All 1 Icleraria (Br.Am) Heterospongia (Po.Ho) Heterastcr (Ec.Te) Helerosculpotheca (Pr.An.De) Hexaporites (Bz.Ar) Heterodelphis Hcspcrinia Br.Ds) Heterocerithiopsis Heterospongophy Hum (Cn.Ga.Ar.Hiii) Hetcropliolas Helcochitina Fo.Ar.Ga.Cr) HermaiDslriimella Po.An.Po.Bi.As) Hexacanthopora (Bz.Ga.Me.Or) Heleromacoma (Mo.Tel Heterodiscus (Mo.Ra.Cc) Hexaglaiiconia (Mo.An.Fo.As) Hcrkimeroceras Heterdoiuoides Hcterorthella (Br.De.Tr.Os.Cr.Gy.He) Herpolitha Mo.Gy.Ga.Ml.Bi.Or) Hetcrolampa.Os.Ru) Hexapus Hcxapyramies Hexasaturnahs (Ac.Ec. Marinf: Animai Genera: Sepkoski 439 Cd.Sp) Heteroschisma (Ec.Rh.Ra.De) HetcrophN Mia (Cn.Vc) Heleractis (Bz.De) Heterotrigonia (Mo.An.St.Bi.St.Ch) Heterosaurus (Cd.ls) Heroiixalia Mo.Ga.Ec.Gy.Gy.Bi.Ne) (Ac.Ch.Sp) Hosperorthis Br.Po) Hctcropedina (Ec.Ru) (Ar.Hx) Hcpcrotrophia Br.Tr.Su Hcterma (Ar.Ch) Heterolepa (Fo.Po) (Mo.Cn) Hessenhausia Br.Sp) Heterobrissus (Ec.Xi) (Cn.Am) Hespcromis Cd.St) HeteroblastUN (Ec.Ra.Nt) (Cd.Sp) (Cn.sammia (Cn.Cl) Heterocyclopyge (Ar.Thl An.Ga.Av.Os.Fo) Hexaheliocienia (Cn.Ec.Os.Ga.Te) Hcteronietrii (Ec.St.Cr.Se) Hertleinitcs Mo.Ru) (Ac.N pa Br.Cl) (Ac.Ma.Ar.Or) Hcriiuinitcs Ar.Sc) HerilschiclUi Cn.Te) Hctcronodosus (Mo.Ve) Heteroceiitrolus (Ec.Ec.Li) HerpcUKTinus Ec.Fo.Ce) (Cn.Ar.Pt) Hertha Ec.Eu) (Cn.s (Ec.Chi I Iclerantyx (Fo.Pa) HeicrclaMiia (Br.Ca.Sc) Heterostrophus (Cd.An.Ch) Heterophylloides (Cn.Fo) Heterotorpedo Hcrzogina Mo.My) (Ar.Ra.Ci) Heterocystites (Ec.Ar) Bz.St.Pt) Heterospaeroma (Ar.St) Heteroaspis (Ar.Fo.Ru) Herpetop«ma Heterocetus Heterostegina (Fo.Ds) Heterotrema (Cd.Ce.Ar.Ga.Po) Hespcriclla Mo.Sc) Hesslandella Ar.Bi.Ht) (Mo.Un.Ra.Cr.Ht) Hexacromyum (Ac.Bi.Sp) Heterop.Bl.Po) Heterocithaia (Mo.Cr.Fo) Heteropora (Bz.Cc) Heterotrichina (Ci.Hi) Hexachorda Hexacladus Hexaclymenia Hexacontium Hexacorbula Hexacosta Hesperiturris Heterodonax (Mo.Le) Hcterociidiis (Mo.Sc) Heteioptygmatis (Mo.Rh) Hesperidclla Ar.Re.Ec.Fo) Helerorthis (Br.ls) Helerophaulaetis (Cn.Os.Bi.Ma.An.Ml.Sc) Hexactinella (Po.Ga.Ht) llcrclla Mii.An.Ec.On) (Cd.On) Mo.Cm Heterocoenia (Cn.Na) .Ch) Heterotissotia (Mo.Bl.Os.Fo) Herrmannina Ar.Sp) Hesionites Heterocrypta (Ar.Ec.He) Heterolimulus (Ar.Ru) Br.Sc.Ar.Rh.Fo) Hexagonaria (Cn.

Na) .Bulletin 363 440 Hexaspyris Hexastylarium Hexastylostroma Hexastylus Hexatarsostinus Hexelasma Hcxianella Hexismia Hexites Hexitheca Heymonsicambria Heyuncunoceras Hezhangophyllum He/hiniphylliim Hiaiilopora Hialclla Hialobairdia Hialiila Hibbaidella Hibbardia Hibbertia Hibberlopterus Hibernicoceras Hibcrnodonta Hibolites Hiceles Hicksia Hidaella Hidascutellum Hidina Hiemalora Highgalclla Higiimaslra Hijitrigonia Hikelaster Hilarisirex Hilberia Hilda Hildailes Hildaphillipsia Hildebrandia Hildoceras Hildoceratoides Hildoglochiceras Hilgardclla Hilgardia Hillacpora Hillaxon Hillites Hillius Hillnicria Hillophyllum Hillyardina HillLTmaiinella Hilicrmannicylherc HillKl Hinialairhynchia Himalayites Himalayosaurus Hinianliiccras Hiinaiildtiia Minialclla Hinialliyris Himavatites (AcRa.

Pa) Horiopleura (Mo.Ga.Tr.Tr.Pl) Hopora (Bz.Ho.Ol) Homalophyllum Hoplolichas (Ar.Tr.MI.Ph) Hoplocrioceras (Mo.Na) Mo.Ar.Na) Hoinoadclphoceras llomiocrinus (Ec.Ce.Tr) Holcospirit'er (Br.Gy.Am) Hollina (Ar.Be) Hoplotropites (Mo.Li.Ar.Os.Ac.Pe) Molmia (Ar.Gr.Me.Tr.Da) (Mo.St.Ra.Re) (Ar.Cr) Homaliipleon (Ar.Ga.Am) HoUvtHJus (Cd.Ar) Hoinodictya (Ar.Br) (Ac.MI.Ce) Horizostoma Hormathospongia HdliKrypuxapsa (Ac.Pr) Homotelus (Ar.Po.Sc) Holynetes (Br.Ec.Fo) Holocus6i6 Holodictyon (Cn.Pt) Holasaphus (Ar.Gr.Os.Fo.Ch) lliillandiles (Mo.Sp) Hormerella (Bz.St) (Mo.MI.Tr.Ru) (Po.Os.Ce.Tr.Os.Ar.Gr) Homocystites (EcRh.Bi.Pr) Homacanthus Homagnostoides Homagnostus (Ar.Pa (Br.St) Holdenia (Ar.Fo) Hoplocrinus (Ec.Ar.Ar.Cr.Tr.An) Hoplichthys (Cd.Cr.Ag) Hoplitoides Hollardielia (Br.Ec.Fo) Holecty pus (Ec.Gr.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 441 Hotfniannia (Mo.Di) Houmochilina Hoki>Jon Hokumiia (Ar.Am) Holmesella (Cd.Or) Homaliarhynchia (Br.Ce.Ds) Hofkorina (Fo.Co) Homoeosolen Homoeospira Holcocrinus (Ec.Fo) Hol/bergia (Mo.Ce.Ch) Hol(H.Cn) Homcokiesowia Homeorhynchia Horiostomella Hiijoconularia (Mo.Pl.Ta) Homalopoma (Cn.Ce.Or) HiiUK'cnirus (Cd.Pa) (Ec.Ph) (Mo.Pt) Hologyra (Mo.HcHe) .Bi.Co) (Cn.s) Homerites (Mo.Cr.Rh) Holtedahlina (Br.Am) Holotricharina (Br.Sp) Homocrinus Homoctenowakia Homoctenus (Cd.Os.De.Po) Holotrachelus (Ar.Sp) (Ec.Sp) Holteria (Ar.Os.Bi.Cr.Ce) HolmitheL-a (Hy.GrCr) Holocrinus ( 1 " ( Ar.Sq) Homeoarchicorys Homcdcardiorhynchiis Homcoceratopsis (Ar.Ce.Cr.An.Ga.Eu) Homaloleulhis (Mo.Sp) Holcodiscoides Holoreliolites (He.Go) Homoceratoides (Mo.MI.Na) Hoideuliina (Mo.Br) Holmipterus (Ar.Sc) Holkeria (Fo.Ce.Ru) Hoplodus (Cd.Ce.Na) (Mo.Ph) Holosalenia (EcEc.Fo.Fo.Ch) Hiiplostethus (Cd.Ga.I.Ct) Homalophyllites (Cn.Ce.Os.Ar) (Cn.An.Ph llokopncustes (Ec.Rh) Hiirioceras (Mo.Am) Holorhynchus (Br.Tr.Gy.Nt) HiiliKcphalina (Ar.Ho) (Ac.Or.Ce.Gr) Homarus (Ar.Pt) Honialoiiotus (Ar.Os.Ch) Honioeaster Hulasler Holopea Holophagus Holopliragma HolciibcluN (Mo.Sc.Le) Homotrypa (Bz.Ar.Fo.Os.Pt) Holynocrinus (Ec.Re) Hopkinsina (Fo.Ec.Os.Op) Hiillardosieus (Cd.Br) Homelys (Ar.Te) Holynatrypa (Br.Rh) Hoplitoplacenticeras (Mo.An.Ma.Ce.Ce.Ar.Ra.Li) (Ec.Pl) (Br.Os.Fo) Holcorhynchella (Br.Os.Ch) Holosteus (Cd.Ce) (Ar.Ga.Tr.Le) Holoeciscus (Ac.Ce.Os.Na) Hiime\alaria (Br.Ar.Tr.Ce.Sp) (Cn.Hy) Holmdalia (Ar.Ar.Ch.Li) Hoplocheilina (Cd.Os.Ce.Sc) Hofkerina (Po.Ar.Nt) Holdenius (Cd.Spl Holothuropsis (Ec.Ra.Os.De) Hiilcolyloceras (Mo.Cr..An.Am) (Mo.Fo) (Cd.Ar.Ho) Holzapt'elia Hopkinsinella (Fo.Cr.Pl.Am) (Mo.St) Homotrema (Fo.As) Hoplopteryx (Cd.Tr.Bi.Ce.Hi) HolcK'oelia (Po.Cr) HomaloNtega (Bz.Ch.St) Hontorialosia (Br.Ce) (Bz.Fo.Po) Hiilacanthopora (Cn.Am) Hollardina (Br.Al) Homonotichthys Homophyllia (Cd.De.An.Ch) Hdlmanclla (Fo.Fo.Ar) Holyoakia (Ar.In) Holcopocythere (Ar.At) Honeoyea Honggulosma Holcotrochus (Cn.Pt) (Ec.Ce.Os.Di) Homoceras (Mo.Am) (Mo.Co) Holcodiscus (Mo.Ru) (Mo.Ar) Hoploparia (Ar.Di.Os.MI.Ar.De) Horderleyella (Br.Sp) (Mo.Fo.An.Tr.De) Holcolissoceras (Mo.Ol) Hdnialiipyge (Ar.Ga.Gr) Homoiranognathus (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Ari (Mo.CI) Holopus (Ec.St.MI.Pa) (Po.Ds) Hopkinsiana (Mo.Ta) Holonema (Cd.Pt.Li) Holmophyllum (Cn.Fo.Na) Hoplocardioceras (Mo.Po) llolcophv lloceras (Mo.As) Holcoplychites (Mo.Pl.Rh) i (Mo.Os.Co) Homolrypella (Bz.Ac) Holcorhynchia (Br.As) Hoploscaphites (Mo.Tr.Fo) Holodipterus (Cd.Ph) Holubaspis (Ar.Ec.Os.Tr.Nt) (Ec.Ga.Ra.Ph) Holconaulilus Holostegopora (Bz.Sa) Holocysliies (Ec.ryl<Kanium (Ac.Ca.Os.Ca.Tr.Tr) HolcospDngia (Po.Ar.Am) Holosia (Br.Sa) Homolopsis (Ar.An.Ag) Hoplites liollardia (Ar.Tr.Ar.Ce.Ce.Ru) Homaspidella (Cd.Br) Hiilmiclla (Ar.Ar.Sp) Holcacephalus (Mo.Tr.Li) Holmiccras (Mo.Ce.Gy.Tr.Ar.Ce.Gy.Ph) Holzapfeloceras (Mo.He.Tr.Os.Gr.Ce.De) Hopolichoides (Ar.Pe) Homolodromia (Ar.An.Tr.Ce.Os.Ex) Homaphrodites (An.Am) Hdllandina (Fo.Ga.As) Homorhynchus (Cd.Am) Holmintholepsis (Cd.Pt) Holcothyris (Br.Os.Ce.Go) (Fo.Al) Holograptus (He.Gy.'\ri Homocythere (Ar.Tr.An) Holmograptus (He.Tr.Co.Ce.Ce.Sa) Hoplocetus Hollinella (Ar.Gy.Rh) Homomya (Mo.Ve) Hoplobrotula (Cd.St.Gy.Ar.Os.Cr.De) Hiilmicrusta (He.Un) Hopiitaechmella (Bz.Ce.Am) (Br.Sc) (Cn.Ru) (Bz.Eu) (Cd.Am Hoplikosmokas (Mo.Cy) Homoeospirella (Br.Pt) (Mo.An.Rh) (Mo.Fo) Homalina Homaloceras Homalocrinus Homalodora Homalohedra (Fo.Go) HoriDograptus (He.Ar.Cr.Re.Ar.Fo) Holia (Ar.Rhl Hohedahlites (Ar.Be) Holopterygius (Cd.Cc) Holcocarcinus (Ar.Ph) Hoplunnis (Cd.Ce.Fo.Bi.De) Holoptychus (Cd.Ec.Pl) Holoporella Homoeoparonaella Homoeopetalus Homoeoplanulites (Ec.Hs) Holaslcrella (Po.Ar.Ch) HoliKcntrites (Cd.Cr.St) Homotreta (Br.Ce.Ra.Ta) (Bz.

Ar) Hubertoceras (Mo.Re.Cc) Hubeipora (Bz.Un.Bi.Un.Ph) HoroUigium (AnOs.Pa) Hyalina (Mo.Cr) (Bz.In) Huxleyia (Mo.Ce.Fo) Howellitubus (An.St) Hyattites (Mo.Ce.ln.Os.Pr) Hyalospongia (Po.Pt (Ec.Sp) Huenella (Br.CI) Hucho Huckea (Ar.Na) Hyalotragos (Po.Ce.Ta) Hoskingia (Br.Ch.Ho.Ar.Pt) Hunanopecten (Mo.Pa) Hou/eaiiia (Mo.Ac) (Mo.Pe) Hustedia (Br.Nt) Hupelisuchus (Cd.Re.Ax) Hupeolenus (Ar.Li) lIsUUTll (Ac.Ar.Ar) Hubciella (Fo.Os.Ru) (Mo.Os.De.Ve) .Co) Hormospiingia (Po.Sp) Hybocystites (Ec.Pt) Hoyacrinus (EcCr.Pa) (Ar.Fo.Kh) Ai.He.St) Hunnanoc'ephalu>- (Ar.Ar.Gr.Am) Huhalanka (Ar.Un) Hyboaspis (Ar.Ra.Pt) Hunanilcs Hyaloloechus (Bz.Ec.Pe) Huayunophylluni (Cn.Ru) Hiiangshandoiigia (Ar.Ch.Ar.Os.Pa) Huishea (Pr.Tr.Ce.Rel Hottingcrina (Fo.Ar.Fo) Hudsonelpidia (Cd.Tr.Tr.Ar.2kili.Ve) Hyaloderma Hyalonemia Hyalopecten (Mo.Cr.Na) Humilogrit'tithides (Ar.Di) Hungaia Huanghuaclla (Ar.Rh) Huanoproetus (Ar.Cr.ln.Ar) Huenellina (Br.Ds) Hungariella (Mo..Ga.Ce.Os.Ac) (Cd.Os.Ce.Ra.Fo.Tr.Tr.Pt) Hudlestonella (Mo.Ve) Hyalosielia (Po.Ru) Hundwarella ( Huaiighiiachangoceras (Mo.Ar.Ey) Huainanella (Pr.St.De.Bi.Bi.Co) (Cn.Po) (Cn.An.Ce.As.Li) Ho/madia HunancMa (Mo.In) Huntonia (Ar.Ce.Fo.Ce.F(i.Ce.Ec.Fe) Hsiichuangia (Ar.So) Houzeaiiina (Bz.Ct) Hyalorisia Hoyenella (Fo.Po) Huiaihecerina (Mo.Tr.Am) Huangshandongoconus (Mo.Co) Hupehclla (Ar.Fo.Ar) Houlongdongella (Ar.Ar.Ar.Pt) Hyaltoceras (Mo.De.Ne) Howellella (Br.Os.Pa) Hupecyathus (Po.Pt) (Br.Th) Hovvelluella (Ar.In) Hunnebergia Hunnegraptus Hunosaurus Honicra (Bz.Hs) (Ar.Go) Huronia Houdasia (Mo.Uni Hungarogeisina (Ar.Phl Horniosinella (Fo.Ar.Te) Huddlella (Cd.Bi.ln.Tr) Hyattidina (Br.Ce) Huaiyuanclla (Pr.An.An.Un) Hunanopora Hunanoproductus Hunanopyge Hunanospongia (Po.Pl.Ce.Os.Po) Hyalinea (Fo.Pl) Hyastenus (Ar.Ra.Li) Huroniclla Honisuiidia (He.No) Hospitella (Fo.MI.Os.Os.Fo.Re.Ag) Hotlingeiella (Fo.Ct) Hungarella (Ar.Gr.Tr.Os.Nt) Howchinia (Fo.Tr.Aj) Hosieocrinus (EcCr.Un.Tr.Tr.As.Ce.In) Huso (Mo.Tr.MkDe) Huaibcia (Ar.Pr) llun.ln.De.Sp) Hulingsina (Ar.Ga.Fo) Humiliworthenia (Mo.Po) HuiiiclUi (Ec.Tr.Os.Ce.Pa) llybonoticeras (Mo.ln.Ce.Re.Ce.Os.En) (Mo.Sp) Houmengia (Ar.Tr.Ru) (Ar.Am) Hunyuenoceras (Mo.Ar.Pu) Hupeidiscus (Ar.Ar.As) HornioKinia (Mo.Os.Tr.Se) Huniaella (Br.Or) Hulterstadia (Br.Fo.In) Huyella (Mo.Gy.Un.Un) Huangia (Cn.Ar) (Mo.Fo) Hulenites (Mo.St.Ga.Bi.Tr.lilhvs (Cd.Ar.Sp) Hunkydora (Mo.Ne) Hui/enodus (Pr.Cr.Ga.De.Sl) Huniikiria (Mo.Ar.En) (Ac.Sp) Huainania (Ar.Di.Tr.Tr.Ga.Ga.Na) HunanoL'lionctes (Br.Os.Ru) (Cn.In) Hungarispira (Br.Fo.St) Hourqia (Ar.Ar) (Cn.Ga.Sa) Hupetyalhellus (Po.Bi.Th) Hybodus Hybolophus (Cd.Po.Pc) Hvbostenoscisma (Bi.Po) Houscolex Housia (An.Tr.Gr) Hourcquia (Mo.Ga.Ga.Li) Howittia (Br.Ga.Ga.De.MkDe) Hustedtiella (Br.Pt) Hostimex (Br.Nt) Hoyoceras (Mo.Ca.Hy) Hungaritcs (Mo.St.St) Hubert schenckia (Mo.Ar.Go) Huamiaocephalus Huananaxonia (Ar.Bulletin 363 442 HoriiKiniya (Mo.Ra) Hotlingerila (Fo.Am) Hupeia (Ar.Tr.An.Tr.Po) Hulettia (Cd.Ce.Ar) Hyaloscala (Mo.Ch.Fo.In) Huttonechinus (Ec.Ce) Huttoniella (Ar.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Co.De) (Cd.Cr.Ps) Hueneichthys (Cd.Un) Hunieia (Ar.He) Hsiiaspis (Ar.Fo.Mtl Huantraiconella (Ar.Ar.Ar.Pr) (Po.An.St) Huntonella (Ar.Sp) Hunieoceras Howseia (Br.Or) Hyalocrinus (Ec.Bi.Tr) Hunsrueckaster (Ec.Fo) lloriiuncmiina Hubcinella (Mo.Ar.Bi.Os.Ce.Os.Ar.Ar.El) Hutsonia (Ar.Rv) Howelloidea (Br.St.Ac) Houiblaslus (EcBI.Sl) Hyas (Ar.Po) (Cd.Ce.Pu) Horiiibrookella Hubciproduclus (Br.An.As) Huishuites (Mo.Hy) (Mo.Eu) Hustedograptus (He.Fo.Nt) (Mo.Fo) Huatangia (Br.As) Hybocladodus (Cd.Ru) Huanglingella Huanglongophyllum HiHiershanophv Hum (Po.Ga.Ce) Hungaritheca (Br.Pt) Howchinclla (Fo.Ch) Hujiagouella (Mo.Me.Fo) Hukasawia (Ar.Pa) Hubeispira (Mo.As) Hwaania (Mo.An.In) Hyalocylis (Mo.Ce.De) Huaiheceras (Mo.Or) Hyalinonetrion (Fo.Ru) Hudsonoceras Hudsonospongia (Po.Pa.Ar) (Ar.Tr.Pe) Hussakotia (Cd.Un.Ga.Am) HyboL'helus (Mo.Ce.Ec.Re.Ar.De) Hormosina (Fo.Fo) (Mo.Ar.Cy) Humilichlhys (Cd.Bi.Ve) Hupea (Ec.Ct) Huangophylliini (Cn.He.El) Horridonia (Br.An.Bi.Ru) Hyattechinus (Ec.Tr.Pt) Hunanoccras (Mo.Fo.Ar) Hyboclypus Hybocrinus (Ec.Fo) Hudlestonia (Mo.Ar.Ga.Am) Hyala Howeina (Ar.Un) Hivspes (Ar.Pt) Hughniilleria (Ar.Go) (Mo.Fo) Howellites (Br.Rh) Hudsonaster (Ec.Fo) Huasha (Ac.Sp) Humboldlochaeta (Pr.El) Hunanophrentis (Cn.EcCI) Horriticiclla (Ar.Me) (Mo.lc) Hurdia (Pr.As) llyborhynchella (Br.In) Mungioklcs (Ar.Ga.Fo) Hudsonella (Po.Os.Os.

Ga.Ch) Hyostragulum (Cn.Ed.Aj) Idahoia (Ar.Pt) Hypsopatagus (Ec.Po) Hydiioseris (Cn.Pr) Hydraiimisauriis (Cd.Fo.Fo.Ph) (Cd.Ch.Ce) Hypcchinus Hypelasma (Ec.Am) Hypsiclavus (Ec.Ra.Si) Hypolopliiles Iberihomola (Ar.'or.Is) (Mo.Cr.Me) Hystriciola (An.Fo.Cr.Ch.An.Ce.Te) Hypothyra (Po.Ar.Os.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Po) Hyporosopora (Bz.Av.Bi.Ne) (Cd.Ed.f-o) Hyperoblastiis (Ec.Fo.Bi.Bi.Ru) llymenaclura (Ac.He.He.Ce.L(in.A Compi.Ce.Cl) Ichthyoletes (Cd.Os) Iberites (Mo.Cl) Hypodema (Mo.Ga.Ca) Iberolepis (Cd.Ar.Os.Ds) Hylodecrinus (Ec.Be) Ibotrigonia (Mo.Am Hvrcanltes (Mo.Ce.Hy) Hypothyridina (Br.Ec.Tr.Un.Hc.Ar.Fo) Hydriocrinus (Ec.De) Hydroides (An.Ma.Re.Ce.Pt) Hyrokybe (Ar.As.Ar.Cl) Hyporhamphus (Cd.Ga.Ce.Rj) Icriiicarcinus (Ar.Cr.St.St) Hystricurus (Ar.Eu) H\ dnophorabac Hydnophorarea i a (Cn.Hy) Hystrigaster (Ec.Tr.Ra.Ar.Cl) Hystriyasterias ( Hydreionocrinus (Ec.Hm) lacra (Mo.Pt) Ichthyodectes (Cd.Hy.Lm Hyperobokis (Br.Hy) Hypotetragona (Ar.Am) Hysterolites (Br.Cl Hypomphalocirrus (Mo.Ag) Hypoxytoma (Mo.Gy.As.Cc) Ibukiphyllum (Cn.Ga.Gy.St) Hypagnostus (Ar.Ar.Or) Icrioma (Ac.Sp) Hyposaurus (Cd.Tr.Hy.An.Cr.Sc) Hyperoglyphc Hyperoparia Hyperopias Hyperprosopon (Cd.De.Ec.Os.ni)ium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 443 H\<.Tr.Hi) Hyperacanlhus (Mo.Re.Os.Pf) Hysterohowellella (Br.Pa) Hypsopygastcr (Ec.Os.Ve) Hydnophiira (Cn.Ce) Hystriculina Hydrallniania (Cn.Ar) (Mo.Fo.Am) Hypoturrilites Ichthyoceras (Cd.Ch.Mo) Hydrixlamalis (Cd.Nt) Icthypriapus (Cd.Pe Icriodella (Cd.An.Sp) (Mo.Pt) Hysteroceras (Mo.De.Ce) Idalina (Fo.De) Hyporamminila (Fo.St) Ibanocrinus (Ec.Ml.Co.St) Hykeliphyliuni (Cn.Ce.Ps) (Br.lnoi.Ct) Hyponeatrypa Hypophylloceras Hypoprion Hypopsia Hypopygunis (Ec.Sc) (Cd.St.Pt) Hyolithellus (Pr.Ic) Hypengonoceras (Mo.Am) Ichthyococcus (Cd.Fo.Ce.Ca) Ibexocrinus (Ec.Co) Hypocassis Ec.Os.Pt) Hypotrichina (Ci.Co) Hypcrbathoides (Fo.'ri.An.Ga) Hypothelica (Ar.Fo.My) Iberirhynchia (Br.Ch.Pf) Hysteroconcha (Mo.St) Ichthyorachis (Bz.Cl) Hydriodictya (Po.Ga.Os.Os.Ar) Hypsipleura (Mo.Cr.Te.MI.Cr.Cr.Ar.Hc) Hypoleiorhynchus (Br.Bi.Cl) Hypergoniatiles HypkKVathus (Po.Mo) Hydrotribulus (Mo.i (Mo.Sp) Hyposalenia (Ec.Ds) Icriodus (Cd.Ar.Ce.Ph) H>di.is (Po.Hy) (Cn.Co) Hyperamminoides (Fo.Ce.Hy) Hysterolenus (Ar.Ra.Pt) Icelinus (Cd.Cm) Hypcrgonia (Mo.Tr.I.Tr.St.St) Ibexaspis (Ar.Sa) Icanodus (Cd.Ch.Fo) I .Go) Hypliotheca (Hy.Pe) Hyponiesus (Cd.Ar) (Ec.Mo) H\i.Fo) Hyparpadiles (Mo.In) Hymeniastrum HymeniKuris Hymenocephalus (Ac.Fo) Hypsocormus (Cd.Sc) Hyphopliles (Mo.My) Iberomea (Br.Ec.Ce.Sa) H\ pcrderoceras (Mo.Re) Hypodiadcnia Hypodicranotus Hydroconus HydriKsaspedota (Cn.At) Iberocrinus (Ec.Po.Ch.Ar.Bi.Tr.Os.Sp) Hydnoieriiia (Po.Re) (Cd.He.Nt) (Ar.Hy) Iberithyris (Br.Hl-.Tr) Hypolinoprodiictus (Br.An.Cl) Hygophum (Mo.Pt) Ichnospongia (Po.Ce.Li.Hy) Idaeumocrinus (Ec.De.Ce) Hypselocrinus (Ec.Ce.Re.Ar.Cr.Ve) (Cd.Fo) Hypocrinus (Ec.Nt) Ichthyosaurus (Cd.Ga.i (Fo.Sc) (Br.Os.Hy) (Cd.Ec.Tr.Ch.Fo) Hypsobatis (Cd.Rh) Ichlhyotringa (Cd.Ga.Ch) Hydractinia Hypisculites (Br.Un) Hyotissa (Mo.Re.Am) Hystricopora (Bz.Ta) Hypotodus Hypolrema (Mo.Ar.Sp) Hyperstrophema Hyphanloceras (Mo.Co) Hyperchilarina (Ar.Po) (Cn.Sp) Ichnusocyathus (Po.Li) Ichangia (Ar.Rh) latella (Ar.Bi.Ph) Hylacobatis (Cd.Bi.Bl.Bi.Ps) Hypocladiscites (Mo.Cr.Ve) lanthinopsis (Ar.Pe) Hypanis (Mo.Pa.Co.Ag) Hypsiptycha (Br.Re) (Cd.Pa) Icaunhelia (Cn.Ve) (Ar.Fe) (Mo.Pa) Ihdinuingiilus (Po.Ma.Co.Os.CV) Hypermecaspis (Ar.Ce.Os.Cr) Hystricocythere (Ar.Cia.Sc) H\phantosoma H\phanto/yga Hyphasmaphora Hydnopliyllon (Cn.Os.Pf) Hypoxynoticeras (Mo.Am) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Os.Al) H\pcramtnina (Fo.Sc) Hydnophoronieaiidraiaca (Cn.Ch.Sc) Hydiuipliyllia (Cn.He) Hydrania (Fo.An.My) (Cd.Ph) lapetognathus (Mo.s (Mo.Ic) Hyperagnostus (Ar.Hy.Ar.Tr.Is) Ichthyosarcolites (Mo.Os.Nt) (Cd.Rh) Hsdropessum (Cd.Ga.Hy) Ichthyokentema Hypapriietus Hypselentoma Hypseloconus Ichthyolaria (Fo.Rh) Ichiyamella (Ar.Ce.Aj) Hypacanthiipliles (Mo.Re) (Ar.Hi) Hypseloterorhynchus (Br.Os.Ga.Sc) Hyphasinopora (Bz.Re.Tr.Ph) Hyolithes (Hy.Bi.Cr) Icanotia (Mo.Fo.Os.Sc) (Cn.Tr.Cr.Hy.Bi.Se) Hypolciphodoii (Cd.Tr) Hymedesmia (Po.Pr) (Mo.MI.Sp) Hyrsinobolbina (Ar.Cr.As) (Mo.Re.Ca) Icthyocrinus (Ec.Co.Pa.An.Os.Nt) (Mo.Os.Rh) Ichthyornis (Cd.Te) H\ drotheritsaurus (Cd.Ch.As) Hypcrli<K-era.Ph) Hystricoceras (Mo.Po.Os.Pe) (Ar.Py) Hypacanthus (Cd.Ar.An.Ec) Hypselonetes (Br.Sc) Hynniphoria (Br.Hy.Ce.Po.Li) Hyrtanccrinus (Ec.Os.Os.Fo) Hypsocrinus (Ec.Ce) Hydroporocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ec.He.An.Ar.Ar.Bi.Ec.Ga.Ar.Cr.Tr.Fo) Hypsomyonia (Br.Ve) Hystrichopsydrax (Ec.An.Tr.Ec.Sp) Icriospathodus (Cd.La) Ichnopora (Bz.Cr.Am) Hyplerita (Mo.Sp) Hyperbolixhilus (Ar.Sc) H\dnophori)seris (Cn.An.Am) Hydnodictya (Po.Pf) Hysleraster (Ec.An.Tr.

444 Idamea Bulletin 363 .

Ce) (Mo.Fo) schnochiton (Mo.An.Re.Os.Tr) sfarispira (Mo.St) Injilctieldia (Ar.Bi.Ani) renechinu-s liilracoronia mrapora (Bz.He.Ga.Ce.Po) siticyathus (Po.Or) Iniiixyle (Cd.Ne) (FcFo.An.Ca.Pt) ranognathus (Cd.Os.Te rifera (Cd.Te ntranoditcs renita (Fo.Sp) shniiella (Ar.De.Fo) psiphyllum (Cn.Ar.Rh) scafusus (Mo.Sp) Inocentnis (Cd.Gy.Or) liilurca (Br.Ar.Fo) (Mo.Mo) Insculptarenula (Fo.Tr.Pt) ntodcsma (Mo.Sc) Inoceramus (Mo.Bi.•\r.Ce.Ve) ranoblastus (Ec.Pr) Insignia (Bz.Ru) sispongia (Po.Un) ntornites (Ec.Ar) sbergia (Ar.Ar.Ph) rhirea (Br.ln) ranoceras (Mo.Cr.At) schyrinia (Mo.Pf) Innapora (Cn.St) sitiiheca (Hy.Re.Ce.Ps) Instiiella (Br.Tr.Pe) rgislella (Br.Ce.Ec.St) raqicythereis (Ar.Tr.Te) ouea (Po.Ga.Po) sastraea (Cn.Pf) Inglisella nversiula (Bz.Fo) Iniopsis (Cd.Fo.Tr.Ne) (Ec.Ga.Cr) sechinus (Ec.Pa) nvertrypa (Br.An.Sp) insulicorypha (An.Fo) rridinites (Cn.In) Iniotoma (.Sp) nxertospira (Mo.Ne) ovvoceras (Mo.Tr.Ec.Pt) Innaechia (Br.Ar.Bi.Ar.Tr.Po) saster (Ec.St.Tr.Os.He.Ch.Pt) (Cn.Po) sanda Inobolia (Po.Li) ran nc la (Ar.Ch rianoceras (Mo.Sc) Iniella (Ar.Ax) Inlopteryx (Cd.Ne) Inlraclypeus (Ec.Cr.Go) Inichthys (Cd.Co) Inocaulis (Cn.ls) Inouyella (Ar.Tr.At) ronella (Cn.Ra.St) ravadia (Mo.Ru) sehca (Mo.Ar.Ar.Fo.Bi.St) ridostrophia (Br.Ce) Insolentia (Mo.De.Tr.Bi.Cr.Br) orubaella (Ar.Po.Li) nversella (Br.Ar.De.Pt) othia (Mo.Fo) ntoceras (Mo.Bl.St.Pt) owaphyllum owarhynchus owaspongia (Po.An.Co) shigaconus (Ac.Ar.Pt.Pt) sahelinia (Ar.Fo.Ph Innuilclla (Br.Ar.St.Fo.Li) Intcrsmilia (Cn.Re.Re) schyrhiza (Cd.Fo.H.At) rinites Iniathyris (Br.Ec.An.Pt) oscion (Cd.Ch.Os.St) n\ertina (Br.St) ranaspis (Ar.In.Ds) rus (Mo.Ga.Ds) rvingelloides (Ar.Un) Iniermediacrinus (Ec.He) schyrotoma (Ar.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Pr) shatherium (Cd.An.Hy) n\ersoceras (Mo.Ru) quitosia (An.Ar.Hy.EcHs) (Mo.Ce.Ta) i)homia (Ar.Ce) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Os.Rj) Inoyellaspis (Ar.Ec.Ch.Pf) sastrocoenia (Cn.Os.Fo) sistius (Cd.Fo.Pr) ranophyllum (Cn.Co) shpella (Ar.Ga.An.De.Ve) sculitoides (Mo.As) owanella (Fo.Li) Inopinatarcula (Br.•\r.Ga.Ch.Cni) Inouyops (Ar.Er) ocrinus (Ec.Bi.He) Insoliphyllum (Cn.Po.Fo) owacystis (Ec.Fo) pherron (Br.Fo.Ce.s (Br.De.Go) Intcrproelus (Ar.Aj) InicMxIictyonella (Po.Ga.Tr.An.St) nyoites ru sella (Mo.Bi.St) ranaspidion (Ar.Sq) IniL'xodictyon (Po.Os.Tr.Co) (Br.Gy.Ar.Ch) sacia (Cd.Tr) sehadia (Po.Pt) redalula (Mo.Os.Ar.Tr.Pt) owatrypa (Br.Ga.He) rboskile.De.Rh) schyrophyma (Ar.Ru) schnoptygma Inouyina (Ar.Fo.Se) serosaurus (Cd.Ar.Co.Ph) onoscopus (Cd.Ag) olaea (Mo.Fo) Inliilaster (Mo.Bi.Ar.s) shigaum (Ac.Tr.Sp) Insulipitra (Po.Ga.Li) schadiuni (Mo.Os.Ne) pmorella (Bz.De.In.Ip) nyocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ar.De.Pr) Insignicomus (Hy.Si) Instltina (Br.Ce.Nt) sitiella (Mo.Go) shnula (Mo.Ga.Ce.Ga.De.Ar.Ch) rinaecyathus (Po.Ec) Insolentitheca (Fo.Tr.St) raidiiia (Bz.Ca.Ch.Fo) ru (Br.Pa.Ma.Ga.Hy) ophon (Po.Ce.Os.El) Ingcniilolus (Po.Pt) Iniopera (Cd.Cr) phiana (Mo.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 445 lnllatohc>lJ\ inclla (Fo.Os.Ar) ntratubospongia (Po.Ce.Ar.Ar.Mt) Inordinatosphaera (Fo.Ce.He) saiaux (Ar.Ar.Tr.Sc) Iiioceramya (Mo.Li) otina (Br.Sc) raqia (Fo.Un) raniaster (Ec.Go) redalina Inllalomonotis (Mo.Pa) nzeroceras (Mo.Tr.Co.On) (Mo.Eu) Inslitifera (Br.Ar.Ce.Fo.Hy) rinoceras (Mo.Cr) renothyris (Br.Ar.Pt) Inkrylovia (Cn.St) nversaria (Bz.Ne) Inopema (Mo.Aj) Ingolitotheca (Mo.Tr.Tr.Or.Or) I .CI) ranoleesia (Ar.Ne) Iniiuyia (Ar.Tr.De.On) sehyrodonta (Mo.Hy.Ro.Ve) Iniproductus (Br.Tr.Cci iitrasporeocoelia (Po.Ami sarcicella (Mo.Ml.Pa) InlejiKeras (Mo.On) rinia (Ar.Te) liiriiiidlbulipura (Bz.Ma.So) schnacanthus (Cd.Ce.Ga.Rh) odictyon (Bz.Ani) rregulatopora (Po.Tr.Po.Rh) liilundibulops (Mo.Ri) Inquisitor (Mo.De.Ga.Ar.Bi.Po) nvoluta rregulariaspis (Cd.Fo.An.St.Tr.Ga.Nt) (Cd.Hy) phiculus (Ar.Ar.Ar.Ve) Inisylthere (Ar.Rh) phigenia (Mo.Gy.Pt) Ingria (Br.Ra.Ec.An.Ne) Inlcralia (Ar.Ip) n\olutina (Fo.Pe.Ip) nxolutaria rregularina (Fo.Hy.St.As) shimia (Br.Pt) nversithyris (Br.Ar) (Cd.Ga.Pr) Inodia (Po.Ch.Pe) Iniegricardium (Mo.Ce) nxoluticeras (Mo.Rh) onicythere (Ar.Hs.Go) rvingella (Ar.Ce.Ce.Tr.Bi.De) sculites Insignilisinuriistnini (Br.Mt) otrigonia (Mo.Ac.As) Innitagnostus (.Ne) (Hy.Pt) nvolvina (Fo.Ga.Rh) schyodus (Mo.Ar.Ga.Os.Bi.Pt) sis (Cn.In) Iniexlum (Po.

Bi.Rhl Issedonia (Br.BULLliTIN 363 446 Isjunniiclina (Br.Ca) Itararella (Mo.Pt) sot ry pa (Bz.Ar) Isjiiniincllu (Br.Ga.Ga.MLDe) Janusclla (Ar.Li) Ivia (Ar.Os.Bi.Ar.An) Jacqherraania (Cd.Un.Os.De) Janschinella Isotclus (Ar.He.Ce) Jaculella (Fo.Re.Sp) Jakutoproduclus (Br.Go) Ivanotliyris (Br.He) Janiopsis (Mo.Tr.Ve) Itliyektyphus (Ar.Fo) Isocalillocrinus (Ec.Gr.Un) Japonoconger Issafeniella (Ar.Pa) Isocrassina (Mo.Co.langiidaspis (Ar.Rh) Ivdelina (Fo.La) JaekeHcrinus (Ec.Po) Islipiu (Mo.Pn (Cd.Ar.So) isopodites (Ar.Ce.Po.Ce.Ce.Pa) Janischewskina (Fo.Od) Jakutochonetes (Br.Is) Ithycythara (Mo.Os.Ce.De.Or) Isopetaluin (Ec.Cl) Isodomclla (Mo.Ar.An.Di) I .Ar.Ar.Nt) (Mo.Cr.Re.Ar.Ft)) Isselicrinus (Ec.Os.St) Isohoplitcs (Mo.Pe) Jangziceras (Mo.Un) Isoprusia (Ar.Tr.Ve) Ithycephalus (Ar.Bi.Ar.St) (Cd.Ve) Japelion (Mo.Bi.Is) Ivoechiton (Mo.Tr.Bi.Se) Isorthoceras (Mo.Rh.Ga.Eu) Isocolus (Ar.Ga.St) Ivanovipecten (Mo.Te) Jaciiticorniis Isobylhocypris (Ar.Ru) Janiesclla (Br.Ob) Janograptus (He.Le) Italogeisina (Ar. hi) (Mo.Am) isoponia (Br.Pa) I/uus (Cd.Ds) Istreites (Cd.Ar.Tr.Bi.Tr.Ga.As) Ixacanthus (Cd.Ga.Ga.St) iMihoiiKiceras (Mo.Sp) Ivanoviella (Br.Cr.Tr.He) Janassa Isopneustes (Ec.He) Jaregoceras (Mo.Bi.Ar.Ce..Ed.Fo) Jangiidacyathus (Po.uniia (Mo.Gy.Gr) Isospira Iwaispirifer (Br.Nl) Jaanussonia (Ar.As) Iteacrinus (Ec.Pa) Japonisalurnahs (Ac.Ed.Bi.Os.Ga.CI) Islandicllu (Fo.Am) Jaekeloptcrus (Ar.He) (Mo.Fo) Isorthis (Br.Co) (Mo.Pa) Isograptus (He.Ar) Istriloculina (Fo.Ch.Cr.Hy) (Hy.Ve) Isocyprina (Mo.My) Isniidaster (EcFcHs) Isliophorus Jacquesia (Mo.Pa) Janeia (Mo.Ca.Cl) Jaekelotodus (Cd.Bi.Sc) Ivara (Mo.Ch) Isobunlonia (Ar.Ar.Co) Jagolucina (Mo.Ce.Ds) Isiirus (Cd.Un) Isophragma (Br.Os.Be) (Mo.La) Jadammina (Fo.La) Isocrania (Br.He) Jakutiochrea (Tr.Tr.Tr.Os.Re) Jaccardiclla (Mo.Sc) Ivanovites (Pr.Ec.St.He) (Po.Sp) Isospinalrypa (Br.Os.Ce.Pt) Japhanicyathus (Po.Bi.Re.Fo.Pl.Po.An.Os.tic.Os.Os.Po) Itia Jahnocrinus (Ec.Hy.Aj) Isopristcs (Mo.Or) Ivshinagnostus (Ar.Tr.Nt) Jacksonaster (Ec.Bi.Os.He.Or) Jaanussonites (Br.Ds) Ixogyra (Cn.Os.Te) Isphairamella (Bz.Ra.Ga.Os.Rh) Jamischjewskya (Ar.Sp) Isaria (Ar.Gr) Iiiliusina (Fo.Sp) Janopecten (Mo.Aj) Isohabrocythere (Ar.Fo.Ga.Ol) Janxihthus (Ar.Os.Fo) IsDarca (Mo.Ch.Ar.Le) Janiomya (Br.Un.Ce) Janthina (Mo.Is) Jacobella (Ar.Co) Isonema (Mo.Rhl Isocythereis (Ar.Ar.Tr.Ga.Ch.As) Jaekelocarpus (Ec.Li.Os.Ga.Ga.Ar.Cr.Po) Isumithyris (Br.Ag) Janita (An.Bi.St.Am) Jacobulus (Mo.Am) Ivanovaecrinus (Ec.Ar.Os.Un) Janospira IsDtcloides (Ar.Ac) Jacksonarca (Mo.Bi.Ce.Pa) Jaekelocystis (Ec.Am) (Cd.Fo.Bi.Li.Os.Ec.Os.Sp) Israclaria (Br.Ga.Nt) (Cd.Ch.Fo.Ar.An.ls) Ividella (Mo.Cr.Fo.Or) Isopsetta (Cd.Un) Ityophoriis (Ar.Ru) Janenschites (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Fo.An.Hy.Pn) Iveria (Ar.Ce.As) Jakutobolbina (Ar.Ve) Isocrinus (Ec.Un) l/.Or) Japonites Issafenia (Ar.Tr.St) Isorophus (Ec.Pt) Jagorina (Cd.Os.Tr.Aj) Ispharina (Mo.Po) Isurichlhys (Cd.Rh) Isselia (Mo.Bi.Tr.Ve) Isurolamna (Cd.Sp) Isoraphinia (Po.Ar.Ar.Ne) Isorophusella (Ec.Bi.Tr.Ne) Jagonoma (Mo.Ta) Jacobites Ismailia (Fo.Te) Isognomon Isogomphodon Isogramma (Mo.Nt) Isotomocrinus (Ec.Ac) Ilhacadictya (Po.Ar.Cr.Fo) Jakutocarinus (Po.Pe) (Mo.Ch.Re) Jablonskyia (Po.Ar.Ga.Ml.An) (Br.Tr.Mo) Jakutostrophia (Br.Ec.Ar.Ar.My) (Mo.Ve) Japanithyris (Br.Pt) Jacutohtus (Hy.St) Italoptygmalis Jaekelometra (Ec.Ve) Iwayaspis (Ar.Me.Pe) .Ar.Rh) IsochiMictes (Br.Ar) Issolites (Cn.Ch.Ma.Sc) Jannpccten (Mo.Un.Hy) Isocardia (Mo.Ph) Isniidites (Mo.Os.Ph) Isoallagecrinus (Ec.Pt) Isotancrcdia (Mo.Bi.An.Bi.Pt) Isoxys (Ar.Mi) IsoL'hilina (Ar.Ga.Ve) Itleria Jaisalmeria (Br.Ce) Islorinus Jacquicrtia (Ec.Cr.Ce.Po) Ivanopleura (Ar.Fo.Tr.Cy) Izumicardia (Mo.Or) Ivshinaspis (Ar.Os.Hy) Janacus Isophyllia (Cn.Am) Isnienia (Br.Ca) Itruvia (Mo.Te) Lstieus (Cd.Tr.Gr.Ne) Ispliaraella (Ar.Cr.Fo) Jakutus (Ar.Cm) Isoclavcs (Pr.Ga.Ar. In.Pt) Janius (Br.Ml.As) Ixa (Ar.Pl) Itonielania Jakutella (Br.Ar.Od) Ivdelinia (Br.Ar.Ar.Fo) Isterites (Mo.Fe) Ixoides (Ar.Tr.Fo) Jaculina (Bz.Fo.An) Isdphyllastrea (Cn.Sp) Ivanovella (Fo.Al) Ivshinella (Br.Ce) Isyrakopeltis (Ar.Un) Janiceps (Br.Ga.Cr.Ma.Pl) Jamoylius (Cd.Ar.Ve) Ivdelinella (Br.St) Isoniicrasler (Ec.Ce) (Cd.Bi.Ar.An) (Mo.Tr.Sl.De.Ar) Ivanovia (Cn.Me) Isovella (Br.Ds) ISOLOIUS (Cd.An.Cr.Ce.Re) Jagatiella (Ar.Fo.Pe) lyouella (Ar.Is) Ivdelephylliiin (Cn.Hc.

Pa) Jintingophyllum (Cn.EI) JonotLis (Ar.Un.Ce.Ar.Pa) Jyxialla (Cn.Os.Tr.Ol) (Ar.Un) Jasperoceras (Mo.Go) J.Po) Jes'inellina (Br.Mia (Ar.Ar.liliiimartinia (Br.Ar.Tr.Ar) Jivinella (Br.Sa) JfaniiL'lia (Ec.Li) Joleaudichthys (Cd.Ar.Sp) Jiangsuia ( Jo\ellanla (Mo.Os.Tr.Cr.Li) Josepha (Mo.Ph) Juresanites (Mo.Or) Junjagiana (Mo.Tr.Nt) Kadiskoblastus (Ec.Co) Juramegalodus Jellinekites (Mo.Ol) Ja\anclla (Ar.De) .Un.Am) JaMiv (Ar.Nt) (Mo.Bi.Fo.Ani) (Mo.Cr.Li] Jolietoceras (Mo.Pr) Jixinglingella (Ar.Tr.Ce.De) Jingguella (Ar.Po) .Ga.Ce.Ce.Ce.Fo) Jiliiiia (Br.In.Ce.Me) (Mo.Ce.Os.Ru) Juliacorbula Jeanneticeras Jipuproductus (Br.Ce.Br) Jaton Jimboiceras (Mo.Sp) Jordanopora (Bz.Sp) .Tr.Ce.Ar) Jiagouceras (Mo.Or) Jungersenichthys (Cd.Ar.Ba) Juslium (Ac.Ar.Rj) Jereopsis (Po.Bi.Co.Li) Johnsoniatrypa (Br.Ar.To.Bi.Ml.Po.Ml.Di) Jiangsucephalus (Ar.Un.Ga.Pt) Jiangjunshania (Ar.BI.Sl) Joviles (Ar.On) Kadraliproductus (Br.Un) Jordanocaudina (Ec.Bi.Un) Jascollella (Fo.Ce.Tr) Kablikia (Ar.Pt) Jetina (Ar.Bi.Ga.Bi.Te) Jesonia (Mo.Aii.Ar.Nt) Jcrea (Po.Nu) (Cd.Bi.Te) Jumudontus (Mo.Co.Ce.Ce.Os.Cl) Jiideoberyx (Cd.Tr.An.Pl.Ar.Ra.Ce) Jauberticeras (Mo.Sp) liidaiella (Ar.Ar) .Un) Junetusina (Ar.Hy.Te) Jeronia (Ec..Os.Tr.Os.Tr.Tr.Am) Jugalicyathus (Po.Pa) Juvavites .Pt) Joaiiigsjamotes (He.Ae) Juraiina (Br.St) Jereina (Po.At) Jurella (Fo.He) Jimpolilia (Cd.Ca.Os.Un) Jereomorpha (Po.Nu) Jeletzkyteuthis (Mo.Nt) Juresania (Br.Un.Pt) .ludomia (Ar.Po) Jimbacrinus (Ec.Ce) Jetwoodsia (Mo.Os.Mo) Jelel/kiella (Mo.Os.Ta) Jouannetia (Mo.Nt) Jonesina (Ar.Se) Kabyaipecten (Mo.An) Jo\ iatrypa (Br.My) (Mo.Ml.At) Kadyella (Ar.Ph) Jenkinsonia (Ar.St) Juaboceras (Mo.He.Pt) Jousseemea (Mo.Po) Joachimilites Junghuhnia Jegorovaia (Ar.In.Ce.Tr.Pt) Jcnkinochitina (Fo.Bi.Co) Jiangdaspirifer (Br.Ta) Jillua (Cn.Co) J.Ga.Pt) Johiimartiiiia Jurapseudes (Ar.Ce.De.Ga.Ho.Ga.An.Tr.Os.Re.Ta) Jenneria Joliriognathus Jurassicardium (Mo.Tr.Ani) Jimbokranion (Ar.Sp) Jiidabella (Ar.Ga) JcHerMinia (Ar.Re.Tr.Ml.Ga.Pa) Juvenix (Ar.Ce.L'ii) Iiiddiceras (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ar.Uii) Jiibileia (Ar.At) Junggarochondria (Mo.Rh) Jianfengia (Ar.Ru) Julia (Mo.Fo) .Hs) Jonesea (Br.Pa) JcJria (Mo.De.Bi.Os.Or) Jonesoceras (Mo.Rh.Sp) Jerjesia (Mo.De.Am) Jiangshaniiilus (Pr.Ga.Ar.Po) Jujubinus (Mo.Uniiala Jeanvogericeras (Mo.Ga.Pa) Jasperia (Ar.Os.In) Jujuyaspis (Ar.Ce.Tr.Na) Jeromelichenoria (Ar.Hi) Jolonica (Br.Cl) Judomiella (Ar.Ga.Ce.Li) Johntempleia (Ar.Ce.la\ alius Jogjacarlanus Jessievillia (Ar.Un) Jinonicella (Mo.Ch.Co) Jobileticosciiius (Po.Ce) (Mo.Ec.Os.Tr.Ml.Tr.EcPh) Jipaolasma (Cn.Hi) Juranomia (Mo.Pt) Jordanites (Ar.Sp) Jurassicorbula Jcrcia (Br.Ne) Kabukiia (Ar.Bi.Bi.Am) Joanaecyathus (Po.Os.Os.Pt) Josephclla (An.Ne) (Cd.Ga.Ce.Ar.In) Juglandocrinus (Ec.Hy.Os.Os.De.Ga.Bi.Ga.De.Ce) JohnsonaChyris (Br.Pt) Jonesia (Ar.My) Kachpurites (Mo.Bi.Fo) Jereica (Po.Ar.Te) Joanellia (Ar.Ce.Te) Jiangsharidlitcs (Cn.Co.Tr.Os.Pr) .Ar.Ch.Hi) Kadaroceras (Mo.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Go) Jereminella (An.Tr.Te) Juvavaionautilus (Mo.Pa) Kabanoviella (Br.Fo.Ce) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.liiiieiiiicMius (Ec.Pt) Jugosocythereis (Ar.Un) Josephulus (Ar.Ce.En Kaesleria Jiguliconcha Kaeveria (Fo.Ce.Bi.Os.Fo..Ar.Ar.Pt) Jiclingia (Br.Bi.Ga.Po.Bi.Tr.Ve) Jonesella (Ar.Pa) Jimcnites (Mo.Po) (Br.Aj) Jiiiciinella (Ar.Pt .Ly) Judeichthys (Cd.Ce.iauoii\a (Po.Fo) Ar.Aj) Jupileria (Mo.Ar.Ar.Bi.Ru) Jianchuania (Mo.Am) Jisuina (Br.Ce.Ar) Junggaroblastus (Ec.Se) Joldagiroceras (Mo.Tr.Po) Juveniles (Mo.Or) Kaawatina (Mo.Ds) Jelelzkytcs (Mo.Or) Juriietella (Ar.Am) Jiangsuaspis (Ar.ilclla (Ar.Gr.Tr.Tr.ln) Jezercia (Br.Os.Fo.Ar.Un) Joachimoceras (Hy.Os.St) Jurassiphorus (Mo.Nt) (Ar.A Compendium of Fossil M arinh Animal Genera: Sepkoski 447 J.Li) Johnstrupia (Mo.Ga.Un) Jianghania (Po.Ar) Ja>cca (Pr.St) .Pt) Joufia (Mo.Ar.Mv) Jolvia (Br.Li) Jiliiiospiriler (Br.Fo.An.Am) (Mo.Fi) JeHreysina (Mo.Nt) Jkella (Br.Pn) Jurobatos (Cd.Mo) Kabatarina (Ar.innathyris (Br.Pt) Jiangnania (Ar.My) (Mo.liianognathus (Cd.lima (Po.Ce.Ce.Bi.Co.Ar.Ir.Trl Jincella (Ar.Mo) (Mo.Os.Ph) Kabylites (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ce.ir\ iselUi (Fo.Ve) Jenningsina (Mo.Po) Ja\ea (Ar.Or) Johnsonetes (Br.Ce.ln) Jouaniceras Kachathyris (Br.Ar.Ar.Gr) Jiuiocrinus (Ec.Pe) Juvavella (Br.Or) Jonesites (Ar.Te) Jellia Joannites (Mo.De.Rh) Jaworskk'lla (Mu.Ce.Ga.Un) Kabakovitchiella (Cn.Cr.St.Tr.Bl.Am) Judicarites (Mo.Ch) Johannaia Juraphyllites (Mo.St) Juvavellina (Br.Ar.Pt) JcanliHiisclla (Ar.St) Jiangxilcpus (Cd.Hy) (Mo.

Tr) Kapua (Mo.shaniella (Ar.Ce.Or) Karlwaageites (Mo.Cr.Tr.Ce.Ar.Sp) Karadagella ( Kathpalmeria (Ar.Tr.Os.Po) Kasachstanodlscus (Fo.Ce.Ce..En) Kaninospiriter (Br.Ce.Ra.Th) Kallirhynchia (Br.Tr.Ga.Ma.Ce) (Mo.Pe) Kalranophyllum (Cn.Po.Te.Cr.Ce.Ar.Am) (Mo.Cl) Karaisella (Fo.Fo.Ce) Katronia (Ac.Fo.Pr) Kalliclccthes (Ar.Pa) Kayatia (Ar.Ca) Karpinskia (Br.An.Bi.Ve) Kangxianospira (Mo.Po) Karginella (Ar.Sc) Kasakhstanella (Bz.Un) (Ar.Tr) Kaparachlamys Kaplex Bi.Fo.Ve) Kaliinnasphaera Karaburunia (Fo.St) Kaufmannia Kaunhowenia Kaluginella (Cn.Ra.Ar.St.Os.Ga.Go) Kavesia (Br.Pa) Kainops (Ar.Bi.Go) Kanabinocrinus (Ec.Ce.Bi.Ar.Ce.Ar.An.At) Kathemacanthus (Mo.St.Fo) Kar.Un) Karlasier (EcEcCI) (Mo.Tr.Sp) Katacanites (Mo.Gy.Os.Di) Karoceras (Mo.Go) Katoblastus (EcBl.Os.Ar.Po) Kailangata (Mo.Ac) Kayina Kayoceras (Mo.Nt) Kawcka (Mo.Ar.Aj) Kaiyangites (Pr.Fo) Kathina (Fo.Pr) Kawanamia Kamerunoceras Kameschkoviella Kamlacus Kammcrkaroccras Kamoica (Mo.Ar.Pt.Pt) Katastrophomena (Br.Th) Kamajcythereis (Ar.Tr.Tr.Li.Ga.Ce.Ph) Kanabiccras (Mo.Ar) Kasachia (Mo.As) (Bz.Ce.Ac) Kaufniannella (Ar.St) Kailiceras Kaniniella (Ar.Ci) Kaljolasma Karadagithyris (Br.Os.St.Ar.-\n.Os.Ce.Ta) Katoptychia Kalloclymenia (Mo.Gr.Fo.Ar.St) Kailia (Ar.Tr.Ar) (Mo.Cr.Ce.En) Kansanella (Fo.steniceras (Mo.LI) Karalchaslraea (Cn.Co) Katarocrinus (EcCr.Am) Kampholophus Kamptoclymenia (Cd.Rh) Br.Ds) Karagandoides (Ar.Ve) Kaoli.Te) Kathrynia (Ar.Os.Fo) Kapal (Mo.Ce.Un) (Mo.Fi) Kangapaya (Mo.St.Ce.Ar.Po) Kazachstania (Ar.Ar.Ce.Sp) Kashmirites (AcRa.Pt) Katoporus (Cd.Te) Kayserella (Br.Ar.Tr.Fo) Kayutoceras (Mo.Tr.Ph) Karlslcineila (Ar.In) Kantollum (AcRa.Ml.Pt.Fo.Pt) KateWsia (Mo.Tr.Pt) Kakigia (Ar.Bi.An.Pt) Kaltatocyathus (Po.Am) (Mo.Tr.De.Ar.Fe) Kardailites (Mo.Am) Katunia (Br.Na) Kaipingoceras (Mo.Ar.Ph) Kaneharaia (Mo.Fo) Katosira (Mo.En) (Ar.On) Kayseraspis (Ar.Sc) Katzeria (Mo.Fo.Ce.Fo.Os.Ce.Ru) Kanakaia (Fo.Na) Kalosha (Fo.Tr.Ajl Karauibiiliis (Po.Pt) Karinutatia ( (Ar.Pt.Br) Kassinius (Ar.Ar.Tr.Ce) Kansuella (Br.Eu) Karamalccras Katroliceras KalkistnicDii (Cd.At) Kaurnella (Mo.Tr.Pt.Ga.Sp) (Mo.St) Kalyplovalva (Ar.Re.Pa) Kalayiildia (Mo.Ga.An.Sc.Ve) Kaplicona (Br.Rh) Karagemia (Cn.Ce.Ar.Ar.Nt) Kaschkadakia (Mo.Pt) Karaniaites (Mo.Os.Go) Ar.Ga.Or) Kawina (Ar.Po) Karelosteus (Cd.Pa.Tr.Am) Karaclymenia (Mo.Na) Kahlerina (Fo.Bi.Ce.Ce.Ce.Ru) (Mo.Ce.Ce.Ga.Fo.Ar.Ra.Pr) (Ar.Fe) Karakulina (Br.Pa) Karavankiiui (Br.Ch) Kasovobolbina (Ar.Ve) Kar.Pt) Katunioides (Mo.Pa) (Ar.Bi.An.Di) Kakahiiia (Mo.AcCl) Kalevipora (Bz.Os.Fo) Karapadites (Mo.Fo) Kahlerosphaera ( Br.Ga.Ph) Kaninia (Ar.St.Co) Katageioceras (Mo.Te) Kalochitina (Fo.Fo) Kayserops (Ar.Ru) Kaotaia (Ar.Pt) Kalitvclla (Br.De.Am) Kafanella (Ac.Os.Cl) Kathleenella (Ar.Gr) Karathele (Br.Ar.Tr.St) Kaolishania (Ar.Tr.Ce.Oc) Katatona (Ar.Cy) Kangilioptera (Mo.CI) Karrerotcxtularia (Fo.Fo) Kaiparapelta Kansaerinus (Ec.Ma.Am) Kazachstanoblastus (EcBl.Ar) Kalvariella (B/.Fo) Kasatchaspis (Ar.Tr.At) Kannirana (Fo.At) Kayseria (Br.Ve) Kalbyella (Mo.As) Kamptokephaliles (Mo.Bi.Pa) (Br.Ae) Karagandoceras (Mo.Fo.Ce.Tr.Fo.Nu) (Mo.Fo) Kalininospongia (AcRa.Ga.Am) Kalrolites (Mo.Ph) Kankatodus Kankopora Kanoshia (Cd.Tr.Am) Karliciiim ( (Br.Ce.Tr.Un) Kakisaphylhim (Cn.Fo) Kazachiphyllum (Cn.O-s.Nt) Katherinella (Mo.Os.Pa) .Fo.Sp) (Po.Te) Kassinina (Ar.Am) Karinadomclla (Ar.An.Pt) Kawalepsis (Cd.Tc) Kanipella (Mo.Ar.CI) Karataspi.St) Kaisalia (Cn.Te) Kainella (Ar.Fo.On) Karadzharoceras (Mo.Fo.An.Fo) Karreria (Fo.Li.Nt) Kalloclictyon (Bz.Ga.Nt) (Mo.He.Pa) Kaskia (Ar.Rh) Kalpidocrinus (Ec.As) Kashiwara Kailuanoceras (Mo.Pl) Kajnaria (Br.Ch) Karangatites (Mo.Ph) Kassabiana (Fo.Tr.Ce.Un) Kansasteuthis (Mo.Am) Karrcriclla (Fo.Ar.Sp) (Mo.Pt) Kallholiioceras (Cn.Ar.Ce.Tr.Nt) Kansius (Cd.Nt) Kangvarella (Fo.Po) Kawasakiceras (Mo.CI) Kassina (Ac.He) Karboiis (Br.Nu) Kazakhoceras (Mo.Cl) Karnotrela (Br.Po.Re.St) Kasyricyathus (Po.Nt) Kasakhstania (Br.Ce.Pt) Kasetia (Br.Ga.Ga.Bi.Ar) (Mo.Os.Ar.Bulletin 363 448 Kangarina Kangilacyathus (Ar.St.Os.Fo.Te) Katharina Kalentera (Mo.Un.Ce.Pt) Kaibabella (Mo.Bi.Ar.Fo) (Cn.Fi) Kallimorphocrinus (Ec.Ga.Tr.s (Ar.Cr.Fo) Kassinella (Br.St) Kalamopsis (Fo.St) Kalpinella (Po.Ne) Kawhiarhynchia (Br.Co) Kaitoa (Mo.Bi.Fo.Ru) Kalloprion (An.Nel (Cd.Ce.Fo.Hi) Kalpinograplus (He.Di) Kathwaia (Ar.Am) Karpaticlla (Br.Ga.Or) Kamtschatarclos (Cd.Sp) Kahua (AcRa.Tr.Ce) Kaimenella (An.Ar.Tr.sieneis (Ar.Ce.

Sp) Kelestoma (Bz.Re.Ar) Kellelia (Mo.Li) Keramosphaerina (Fo.Hy) (Cn.Os.Po) Kikaiarca (Mo.Me.Fo) Kierechinus (Ec.Pa) Kiaeria (Ar.Pr) Kimina Kmimerosaurus (Mo.Ce) (Cd.Ar.Fo.Fo.Bi.An.Pr) Keiehousaurus (Cd.In) Keraiaeeras (Mo.Po.Po) Kilbuchophyllum (Cn.Ga.Ce.Po.CI) Kingiles (Mo.Os.Eu) Ka/akhsianotiibukis (Pr.Pe) Kingaspis (Ar.Ce.To.Os.Nt) (Cn.St) Ketyna (Ar.Ru) Kjmbleia (Mo.St) Ka/akhstaniu Kepplerites (Mo.Am) (Mo.As) Keilhiella (Ar.Te) Kheraiceras Kinderlania (Ar.Cl) Keeleaspis (Ar.On) Keiloriles (An.Ce.St) (Cd.Ar.An.Am) Kindleina (Br.Aj) Keyserlingites Kimberleyichlhyes (Cd.Pa) KeencKardium (Mo.Os.Re.Pa) Khairkhania (Mo.Ir.Am) Keyserlingina (Br.Ml.Le) Kingmaina (Ar.Ar.Ru) Kikaithyris (Br.Ir.Sp) Khasagtina (Br.Po) Kenzicana (Mo.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera.Ar) Kielanopora (Bz.De.Pt) Kcpingophyllum (Cn.Os.Ri) KelleriKcras (Mo.Mi) Khetella (Mo.Ar.Ga.Ce.Eu) Kedrp\ pthyris (Br.Ve) Kiesowia (Ar.Ag) Kimopegma (Mo.Od) Kilianina (Fo.Ec.Tr.Pe) (Ar.Ru) Kheraites (Mo.Li.Ce.Ta) Kielcephyllum (Cn.Ml.Fo) Kerfornecaris (Ar.Ce.Ma.Te) (Po.Co.Pr) Kermadysmea (Cn.Co) Khankaspis (Ar.Ga.Ve) Khangaestrophia (Br.Sc) Kierionopsis (Ar.Ru) (Cn.Ra) Kijoceras (Mo.Eu) Keithia (Ar.Ru) Kikhocythere (Ar.Ce.Gr.Un) Kereia (Mo.De.Un.Ce.Ce.Ve) Kazelia (Ar.Ce.Ar) (Mo.An.An.Ar.Pl.Ar) Keilostoma Ketemecornus (Hy.Pt) Kazakhstaniles (Mo.Ch) Keyserlingia (Br.Ar) Kielcepora (Bz.Tr.Ar.Ro.Fo) Kiangsuaspis (Cd.St.St) Kindbladia (Ar.Ce) Khasaghia (Br.An.Ce.Ar.Ku) Kinaschukoceras (Mo.Os.Fe) Keratothyris (Br.As) Khatyspytia (Cn.Ly) Khvalyniles (Mo.Tr.Fo.Gy.An.St.Pt.Ga.Be) (Mo.Go) Khmeria (Cn.Ta) Kemeroviana (Ar.Ac) Kimberella (Cn.Gy.Ls) Kielciella (Ar.In) Kellawaysites (Mo.Ga.Po.Aj) Keijella (Ar.Ce) Kingenella Kenlrosia Kinghiria (Br.Pt) Kendal lina (Ar.Ne) Kcndrichihys (Cd.Te) Keimanelasnia (Mo.Os.Ce.Ve) Keriocyathus (Po.St) Kinioceras (Mo.ln.Tr.Ar) Kiaeritcs (Cn.Ar.Or.Os.Os.St.St.An.St) Kiaeroccras (Mo.Te) Kericserella (Br.Ta) Kellia (Mo.An.Ce.Os.Am) Kidjasocyathus (Po.Ar.At) Kijacyathus (Po.Pl.De.Ec.Te) Kidderia (Mo.In) Kepisis (Ar.An.Ar) Kazarchimedes (Bz.Ar.Ce.St.Pe.Am) Kiaeropterus (Ar.Sp) KineUna (Br.Ta) Kingoceras (Mo.Ch) Khelatheea (Hy.Ce) Keniuckia (Cd.Tr) Keeneia Keriogastrospongia (Po.Un) Kiehnensus (Pr.Rh) Kingcna (Br.Ru) (Mo.Th.Tr.Ve) Khaltinaea (Po.Un) Kinderkaella (Mo.Mi) Kegeliella (Ar.An.An.St) Kimberia (Cd.Po) Kerygmachela (Pr.Mi) Kewia (Ec.Go) (Mo.Pt) Kenlland(Keras (Mo.Bi.Co) Kelamelia (Br.Tr.Ar.CI) Kepinospira (Mo.Sp) Kcnlrospondylus (Ec.Ce) (Mo.Ga.St) Kenseyiiceras (Cn.Ga.He.Ar) Khemisina (An.Rh) Kielcensia (Mo.Tr.Pa) Kennardia (Pr.In.Ce.El) Kiangsiella (Br.Pl.Ru) Kiaeroiites (Cn.Me.On) Khodalcvichia (Br.Bi.Ce.Te) KcnironclCN ( Khumerspira (Br.Un.Pa) Kerocythere (Ar.Pt) Kerbinella (Ar.Ho) Khaltinella (Ar.St) Ka/.No) Kerpina (Br.De) Ketiella (Ar.Ga.Pt) Keijicythere (Ar.Tr.Tr.Fe) Kephrenia (Ec.Tr.Ar.Nt) Kindleoceras (Mo.Pr) Kenelasma (Cn.Te) Kettnerites (An.Ce.Fo.Os.Pl.Tr.Ta) Kinishbia (Mo.Hy.ania (Po.Di) Kingopora (Bz.Cl) Kimatothyris (Br.Ce.Bi.Ce) Kcokukia (Br.Cc.Po) Kijacus (Ch.Os.Ra) Kindbladochiton (Mo.Po) Kertaster (Ec.Am) Keralion (Mo.Pt) Kazanskyella (Mo.Ce.Ar) Kerforneidictyum (Cn. Sepkoski 449 Ka/akhoi-lynienia (Mo.Pt) Kendzhilgithyris (Br.Pl.Ve) Kerionammina (Fo.Tr.Ta) Kielanoprion (An.Pt) Kechenoliske (Fo.Tr.Tr.Re.As) Kerberites (Mo.Pt) Kimaspis (Cd.Re.In) KimiHtes (Cn.Ce.Ce.Bi.Pt) Kcniriddon (Cd.An.Ph) Kiaclymenia (Mo.Aj) Kazelina (Ar.An) Kellneriles Khangailites (Cn.Fo) Kilianella (Mo.Os.An.Di.Ru) Keenaea (Mo.Sp) Kijanella (Ar.Ci) Kindlella (Ar.Fo) Kelaeno (Cd.On) Kenophyllum Khinganospirifer (Br.Ar.Ar) Kiangyousteus (Cd.Tr.Di) Keepingia (Mii.Ar.Bi.Ml.Po) Khasaklia (Po.Ar.He.Ar.As) Kekenodon Kettneraspis (Ar.Po.Ki) (Fo.Ta) Kimognathus (Cd.Po.In.An.Ce) Kiaeromena Kiaeromphalus (Br.Fo.Os.Ar.Ar.Sp) Kelusia (Br.Ce.Ar) KelleriL-yalhus (Po.Ne) Keriophyllia (Cn.Ne) Keyserlingophyllum (Mo.Ce.Bi.Tr.Ta) Kingaspidoides (Ar.Eu) KiUanocaris (Ar.Un.Bi.Ru) (Mo.Tr.Un) Keriocoelia (Po.Ar.Ma.Ce) Kholbolchonia (Br.Hi) Kellellina (Ar.Ce.Un.Ar.Bi.He) Kellibmokia Kelliella (Mo.Bi.Ve) Kieiania (Ar.Po) Keriophylloides Kierocystis (Ec.Tr.Ma.Ce.Ar.Ce.To.Tr.De) Kingstonia (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ec.Tr.An.Ar.EcCa) Kiaerograptus (He.An.In) Kazellina (Ar.SP) Keslingiella (Ar.Rh) Kenella (Bz.Un) Kina (Ec.Ga.Ec.Ce) (Mo.An.Os.Ps) .Cr) Kechikacyathus (Po.De.Op.Pa) Kegelites (Ar.Am) Ketophslloides Ketophyllum Kettnerammina (Mo.Ce) (Cn.Ar.Nt) Kclloggia Br.Re.Ac) Kclanella (Pr.

450 Kinkaidiu Bulletin 363 .

Fo.As) Kozurella (Ec.Rh) Kosnux-eras (Mo.Tr.Ar.Fo.Ag) Kraussina (Br.Am) Kotisopeltis (Ar.Os.Os.Co) Kryptophaneron (Cd.St) Kurakithyris (Br.Or) (Po.Pc) Ko/K>ski.Tr.Tr.Hy.Nt) Krejcigrafella (Br.Tr) Krausellina (Ar.An.My) (Mo.Sp) Koryschisma (Ec.Hy) Krama (EcEd.Ac) Krolina (Ar.Ap) Kuljumbina (Ar.Pf) Koolcnia (Ar.Ho.Fo) Kozhimiles (Mo.Ka) Krebsia (Mo.Bi.Ar) Kurnubia (Fo.Fo) Koopioonocrinus (Ec.Ga.Ch) Kotlaia (Br.In.Ag) Krasnopeevacyathus (Po.Bi.Pt) Kophiiwceras (Mo.En) Klenoura (Ar.Os.Go) (Mo.CI) Kozlowskitubus (He.Am) Korobko\clla (Fo.Fo.Fo) Krithe (Ar.Cr.St.Ar.Ru) Korilacus (Pr.Tr.Te) Kunklerina (Fo.Ta) Kuiperiana (Ar.Po) KiipticNAli.Ce.Hi) Koloracythere (Ar.Cc) Koptiira (Ar.Re.Ga.Rh) Kolysex (Br.Bi.Hy) (Cn.Tr.lr.Ta) Kulorginella (Br.Po) Koroxinia Korshunovicyathus (Po.Tr.In) Kurtomarginifera (Br.Hy) (Mo.Ar.Li.Po) Kuamaia (Ar.Ra.Pl.Is) Kulparina (Pr.Pt) Kuresaaria (Ar.Pt) Krumbeckiella (Mo.Ar.Os.De.Po) Kunthia (Cn.Tr.Li) Kujandaspis (Ar.Un) Krachia (Br.Bi.Ar.Fi) Krikoumbilica (Fo.Ga.Go) Kiiluyitheca (Hy.Te) Krumbeckia (Mo.Ch) Kunyangotheca Kuonamkicornus Kupcnga Kossmatella Krotovia (Br.Pf) Kotykanites (Tr.Ar.Co) Ko/louskinia Kuibisia (Cn.Ce.Hi) Kvesanirhynchia (Br.An.St) Kosirium (Br.lii) Kraikchania (Mo.St) Kutchithyris (Br.Bi.Fo.Os.Ar.An.Tr.Ce.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Ru) (Cn.Cc) Kushanites (Mo.Mo.Os.Ph) Kuglerina (Fo.Ar.Ci) Kuehnia (Mo.Ar.Po) Kunyangella (Ar.Ce.Mo) (Ar.Aj) (Mo.Re) Kulorgina (Br.An.Na) Kurnubiella (Mo.Sc) Kuroshioturris (Mo.St) Kummerowia Kumpanophylhun (Ar.Bi.Co) Ko/kn\skiellina (Br.Ve) Krausella (Ar.St) Kowalaephyllum (Cn.Am) Kri/istrophia (Br.Ar.Rh) Kossmatia Kossmaticeras > Kiitralaria (Hy.Re.Ain Krimargyrotheca (Br.Ce.Ru) Kutchirhynchia (Br.Os.Ce.Fo.Am (Mo.Os.Na) Kundatella (Br.Tr.An.Ce.An.Ami (Mo.Aj) Kiiarnbyella (Bz.Li.Ar.Ne) Koloceras (Mo.Fo) Krattaspis (Ar.St) Ko/.St) Kuhlia (Cd.Ar.CI) ko/lowskia (Br.Rh) Kueichovvella (Br.Os.Tr.Or) Korutichthys (Cd.Bi.ispis (Ar.Or) Kuangxiastraea (Cn.Pe) (Mo.Tr.Tr.In) Kiiplicniuis (Ec.Bi.Co) Ko/lowskiella (Br.Ar.Hi) Kuraspis (Ar.Tr.Tr.An.To.Sp) Kungaella (Br.Os.Nt) (Mo.Ce.Cr.Bi.Hy.Rh) KuKimbella Kulyambopeltis (Ar.Go) (Hy.Ci) Kosovoceras (Mo.Ar.Un.St) Kugdatheca Kugcloccras (Mo.Bi.Na) Korovinella (Po.Ce.Ar.Nu) Kutorgoceras (Mo.Bl.Ca) Krempelinella (Ac.Ru) Korythoceras (Mo.Un) Kruseicnema (Po.Ce.Ar.Go) Kunlunia (Br.Di) Krykyloceras (Mo.Ta) Kronosaurus (Cd.Bi.Tr.St) Kunmingaspis Kunmingella Kunradia Kunshanagnostus Kunshanaspis Kosmoclymenia (Mo.Hi) Kushlukia (Cd.Iii) (Ar.St) Kotuites (Tr.Tr.Ci) Kuvelousia (Br.Cr.Fo) Koscoviellina (Ar.Ag) Kransia (Br.Ac) Kucichouphylluin (Cn.Pt) Koraipsis (Ar.Go) Kullervo Kordecyathus Kullingia Koreniagraptiis (He.An.Sp) Kuhnastraea (Cn.In) Kuriziella (Mo.Ar) Kosoraspis (Cd.Ar.Os.Bi.Pt) (Hy.Ar.Tr.Ar.Pa) Krimella (Cn.In.s (Ec.Sc) Koolcniclla (Ar.Aj) KralTioceras (Mo.Ce.Re) Kosoidea (Br.Am) (Mo.Ir.Gy.Pa) KullmannophylluMi (Cn.Ru) .Am) Kotyloireta (Br.CI) Ko/lowskiocystia (Cn.An.Ce.Bi.Gr.My) Kozlenia (Br.Pa) Kreyzstella (Ac.Tr.Ps) Kosovopeltis (Ar.Fo) Koielnyoceras (Mo.Un) Korjakirhynchia (Br.An) Kuanchuanella (Mo.Os.Fo.Sp) Kuia (Mo.Ru) l (Cn.Or.Tr.Hy) Kiiskinolextularia (Fo.Os.On) Kozlowskites (Br.Sl.Ar.Or) Ksiazkiewiczia (Cn.Pt) (Mo.Gy.A CoMPr^NDiuM OF Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 451 KiHiiiwarriii (Cd.Un) Kophindcrinus (Ec.Ne) Kolujella (Br.St.En) Kozahuria Kutsevelia (Fo.Sc) Korobkovitrigonia (Mo.Ce.Ar.Bi.Te) Kotysium (.Pt) Kronothoa (Bz.Re) K usbas.Ar.huchinella (Br.Ve) Kul'engocera.Fo) Kristinella (Cn.Ph) Kurtinia (Mo.Ce.Tr.Hy.CI) (Ar.Ru) Kurzgunia Kotujotreta (Br.Ga.Ve) Koolcnicllina (Ar.Ph) Korobko\ia (Mo.Fo.Tr.Ar.Me) (Cn.Pe) KormagnDMella Komiagnostus (Ar.Un) Koiakaia (Mo.Tr.Ar.Gr.Dc) Kraltia (Ar.Ru) (Mo.s (Mo.Ce.Ru) (Ar.En) Ku/minaella (Ar.Os.Os.Ar.Ac) Kuanyangia (Ar.Fo) Kungejophyllum (Cn.Hy.Ga.Ce.In.Pr) Korilithes (Hy.Ce.Li.An.Te) Kumnieloceras ia (Ar.Ce.In) Kulmiella (Ar.Re.Ar.Sp) Kugleria (Mo.An) Kuehnitcs (Ec.Pt) Kueichowia Kueichowpora (Cn.soph y Kdtuyicoscinus (Po.Ag) (Ar.Re.Br) Kurobechelys (Cd.Po) Kumbiopsammia Kummelia Korobo\ (Ar.Ar) (Bz.De) Kutatissites (Mo.Sp) Krinocrinus (Ec.Tr) (Br.Tu Kukersella (Bz.Tr.Ga.At) 11 u m (Cn.Ce.Tr.Ar.Ho.Rh) Kranaosphinctes (Mo.Tr.Fo.Os.Ar.Or) Kumatostephanus Kumatrigonia Kumbella Korobkoviella (Mo.Ar.Ch) (Ar.Mi) Ko/lowskispongia (Po.In.Ce.Os.Un.Re.Ar.Ar.Ce.Ar.Po) Kosmcrnioceras Kritorhynchia (Br.Tr) (Br.Ce.An.Ce.An.Os.Am) (Mo.Pt) Krattorthis (Br.Or.Ar.An.Ar.Ra.An.Am) (Br.Or.Cr.Ku) Kounamkiles (Ar.Un) Kiiskindbigenerina (Fo.An.Re.Ac) Kroemmelbeinella Kroemmelbeinia (Ar.Mo.Os.St) Kujandina (Ar.

Pf) Laemonema (Cd.Cc) Labioporella (Bz.Os.Mi) Labiostria (Ar.VIo.Os.Ar.Ga.St.Fo.Fo.De.As.Fo) Laevigatocrinus (Ec.Tr.Fo.Sp) (Mo.Sp) Kyamodes (Ar.-Ar.Re.Te) Lacunarites (Br.Fo) Laccinum (Mo.Jir.Ne) He.Ne) (Ar.Rh) Lagenaconularia (Cn.\ll.Ce.Be) Labiocrinus (Ec.Te) Lacunoporaspis (Ar.Ar) Laccochilina (Ar.Ch) Kysylschinopora (Bz.Bi.Tr) (Mo.An.Ga.Os.Fo) Kynogymnodon (Cd.Cr.Os.Ga.Os.Au) Laetifautor Laevella Labrospira (Fo.Gy.Ve) Labrocuspis (Mo.Rh Lahillia (Mo.Fo.Ta) Laeviselica (Mo.Pa) Lacriforma (Mo.Pt.Ce.Gy.Li) (Cd.Di) Lacuna Lagarozoum Lagena (Bz.Ce.Ar.Ve) Laevityphis (Mo.Fo.Ta) Laeviconulus Labyrinlhoccras (Mo.Ar.Fo) Lagarodus Lagarograptus Kyraster (Ec.He) Laganoclymenia (.Ce) Ladogilina (Br.Ar.Ru) Laev iprosopon (Ar.Ra) Labechiella (Po.Rh) Lacazina (Fo.An.Px) .Tr.Co) Ladogilinella (Br.De) Kyarocyalhus (Po.Te) Kymbecyalhus Kyminoceras Kyndalyna Kyphocephalus (Po.Fo.Or) Lahilleona (Bz.Os.Fo) Labechiellata (Cn.Ar) (Mo.Ec.Hs) Laevicarcinus Labrus (Cd.Ch.Rh) Laiocochlis (Mo.Pa.Mo.Ga.Ga.Fo) Lajanaster (Ec.An.Bi.Bi.Ce.Nt) (Mo.St.Ga.Ga.Gr.Am) (Ec.Ch) Laevispirifer (Br.Ga.Pr) (Fo.Tr.Li) Labradoria (Ar.Cr.TnAs) Laeviterebrum ( Kymatothyris (Br.Sp) Lacunosella (Br.Ga) Lajonkairia (Mo.Rh) Labeceras (Mo.Fo.An.Ch) Kyreocrinus (Mo.Rh) (Cn.El) Lacinia (Mo.De.Hy) Lakaspis (Ar.Pa) Laevipatagus (Ec.Th) Laevigaterhynchia (Br.Os.Fo.Sp) Labrisomus (Cd.Ar.St.Ga.At) I Lamarckina Lamarmorella Lambagnathus Lambdarina Lambcriceras Lambenechinus Lambenella (Cd.Fo.Cr.Go) (Fo.Ce.Gy.Fo.Un.Ga.Gy.Ar.Pa) Laccocrinus (Ec.Fo) Laevihastula Kuantoella (Fo.Ga.Ai.ln) Laevidentalina (Fo.Sp) Kymagnostus (Ar.ln) Laevidentalium (Mo.Or) Laceratus (Pr.Nt) (Mo.Cl) (Fo.Ch) Labala (Br.Aj) Lachnostoma Lachryma Lachrymula (Br.Ar) Laciolina (Mo.Fo) Kyambyella fBz.Bulletin 363 452 Kwangsia Kwangsiphyllum Kwangsirhynchus (Br.Ve) Labis (Mo.Di.De) Kygmaeoceras (Hy.Sli Ladadiscus (Ar.Ga.Nt) Lagenipora (Bz.Ct) Labyrinlhidoma (Fo.Fo) Kyrtatrypa ( Lacunaria (Mo.St) Lacumaria (Mo.Co) (Br.Fo.Ru) Lacunina (Mo.Pu) Lae\ istrombus (Mo.Fo.Cc) Laccophylluin (Cn.Ga.Os.Re.Ch.Gr) (Fo.Ar) (Mo.Mo.Li) Laevitomaria (.An.Ur) Laculina (Ec.Ru) (.Ga.Rh) Lagynopora Labiostrombus l^dogieila (Br.Pt) Lambela-sma Labyrinihina (Fo.Bi.Ga.Ga.Un.Ac) Labyrinthochilinia (Fo.Pf) Laevicardium (Mo.Nt) Kymataspis (Ar.Nt Ladogiodes (Br.Mo.Cr) Kystodendron (He.Or) Lagenicyathus (Pr.Re.Li.Ga.He) Kweichowlepis (Cd.Rh) Lacunella (Mo.Pt) Lacorsalina (Ar.Ar.Or.Tr.Nt) LagenoglanduHna Lagenorhynchus Lagenosypho Laggani (Pr.Ar.Bi.Fo.Ag) Lacertasterias (Ec.Nt) Kyrshabaktella (Br.Ph) Lambeoceras Lambeophyllum (Cn.Ec.Ci) (Bz.Nt) Lagenanmiina (Fo.Ec.Li) Lacunaerhynchia (Br.St.Bi.As.Fo.Pf) (Cd.Ga.Ar.Fo) (Fo.Tr.Os.Ec..Ve) Labyrinthites (Cn.Ps) (Cd.As) Ladogia (Br.Cl) Kysylagathophyllum (Cn.Ar) Laeogyra (Mo.Si.CI) Kyphophyllum Kyphopyxa Kyphosida (Cn.Nt) (Mo.Sc.Ga.Ar.Ne) Laevitrigonia l.Gy.Ga.Sc.St) Ladoronia (Fo.Ar.Ar) (Mo.Ph) (Ec.Ar.Ch) (Mo.Am) Lacunospira Labechia (Po.Ma.Cc) ( Mo.Ga.Is) Kwangsisaurus (Cd.Ar.Rh) Laioporella (Br.Ga.Li.Fo.Nt) Laevithyris (Br.Ar.Ga..Pt) Laevibuccinuin Labroiaxis (Ec.Ar.Li) Lacosteina (Fo.St) Labyrinthotuba (Pr.As) Labrodon Labrophagus Labrosavelum (Cd.Ar.Nt) Lagonoecia Lagowites Lagunitus (Mo.Tr.Sc) fCn.Bi.An.Pa) Lambdodus (Cd.•\r.Mo) Laceripora (Cn.Ga.Gy.Re.Re) (Ar.Rh) Kyphoclonella (Po.Fo) Laballa (Br.Ce.Ar.Bi.Fo) Laffineina (Fo.Am) Laevicordia (Mo.Sp) Lagynocystis (Ec.At) Labyrinthus (Pr.Cr.Li.Ru) Lacrimula (Bz.Nt) Lageniocrinus (Ec.Ar.Fo.De.Ru) (Mo.Ga.Fo.Vll.Os.Bi.Ga.Fo.Pf) Laculatina (Fo.Ce) (Bz.Ce.Pf) Laethoprusia (Ar.Os.Fo) (Cd.Cr) Laevirhynchia (Br.Ch) Lacema (Bz.Mo) Laccoprimitia (Ar.Pt) Ladjia (Br.As.Fo) Laevicyphoinena (Br.Os.Fo) Laevicirce (Mo.Tr.Ga.Po.Ve) Laboceras (Mo.Mi) Ladogi fornix (Br.Ne) Laevinerinea (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Cr.Ne) (Mo.Os.Od) Lamanskya (Br.Tr.TnPt) Laevorhynchia (Br.No) Lacazinella (Fo.Pl.Bi.Tr.Cr.Nl) Labiostrella (Ar.Ar.Li.An.Li.De) (Mo.Sp) Labriproductus (Br.Cn) ( Mo.Cy) Ladatheca (Hy.An.Ga.Tr.Bi.Fo) Laevibaculus Labrostrea (Mo.An.Rh) (Br.Rh) Kylixocrinus (Ec.Cr.Pa) Laeviranina (.Fo) Lactarius (Cd.Ar) (Mo..Aj) Lagonibelus (Mo.Fo.Ec.Tr) Lacunites (Br.Ru) Lacazella (Br.Ga.Ar.Fo.Cl) Lae\ ipeneroplis (Fo.Ru) Ladaecyathus (Po.Ga.Or.Co.Ne) (AnMI.Fo) ( Fo.Ar.Fo.Rh) Lai ma (Br.Ar.Pa) Lagenochitina (Fo.Fo) Kyphomopisthia (Ar.Ve) Lamarckella (Ar.Ch) Ladinotrochus Labiosloma (Fo.Fo) Ladinula (Mo.Ag) Lagnea (Fo.Ce.Ar.Ce.Cr.Ar) (Mo.Fo) Laevichlamys (Mo.He) Kylonisa (Bz.Fo.Fo) Br.Ch) Laganum (Ec.Fo.Gy.Nt) Labridens (Mo.

Ar.Os.Bi.Ph) Lasaeoneaera (Mo.Co) Lamnaespina Lamnimargus Lamontopterus (Br.Eo.Ch) Lanieria (Ec.Ec.Ra.De.Sp) Lankesterina (Fo.Ar.Ra.Ne) Lapradella (Br.Fo.St.Bi.Cl) Lamellomeandra (Cn.Ar.Po) Latericriodus (Cd.St.De.Sc) Langdaia (Ar.Os.Ch) Lamelliconus (Fo.Re.St.Ar.Sp) Lanarkopora (Bz.Rh) (Br.Ls) Lamellospira (Mo.Ra.St.Ec.Op.Ar) Langshanthyris (Br.Fo) Laterignathus (Cd.Pt) Lanarkia (Cd.Ga.Ho) Lateralatirostrum (Br.Pa) Laminononion Laminoplasma Laminopora Laminurus (Fo.Sc) (Ec.Ar.Cr) Laternula (Mo.Un) Lamellaerh\ nchia (Br.Or.Fo) Laterophores (Ar.Ga.Hy.Ch.Bi.Un) Laticornus (Hy.Ax) Landanichthys (Cd.La) Lapidaria (Ar.Os.Fo.Tr.Ga.Ca) Lamprolithax (Cd.Os.Cy) Larcidium (Ac.Ra.Hy) Lampanyctus Lampasopsis Lampichthyes Lampris Lamprocyclas Lampropellis (Ar.Ph) Lasaeina (Mo.Ga.Bi.Ga.Na) Lapidopiscum (Ac.Tr.Di) Larus (Cd.Pa) Lasanius (Cd.Sp) (Bz.Bi.Pt) Lapworthicrusta (He.Fo) Lampleroblastus (Ec.Fe) Larcospira (Ac.Ce) Lapworthella (Pr.An.St) Laneites (Ar.Os.Sc) (Cd.An.Os.An.Ar.Ar) Laperousecythere (Ar.Sp) (Ar.Ph) Lasiograptus (He.Cc) Lampangella Latnpanyctodes (Br.Ec.St) Lathamella (Br.Cr.Ph) Lamoiiia (Cn.Rh) Laticlypus (Ec.Fo) Lamina (Fo.Na) Lapworthura (Ec.Tr.Fo.Nt) Laosia (Br.Gy.Ve) Landcrcyathus (Po.Bi) Lamellokoninckina (Br..Re.As) Laterispina (Br.Cr.My) (Cd.To.Fo) Lamelliconchitlium (Br.Fo) Lamellosathyris (Br.Tr.Hi) Latiarca (Mo.Se) Latiflexa (Br.He) Laterostomella (Fo.Fo) Lamptcrocrinus (Ec.Nt) Lanceomyonia Lanceopora (Bz.Nu) Landyia (Ar.Ga.Un) Lamprixlomina (Mo.Ar.Fo) Langsonella (Mo.St) Langgonbole Langgoni Langkawai (Br.Un.Ce.Ce.Na) Laterophyllia (Cn.Ch) Lampanella (Mo.Ra.Ve) Lamelliphorus (Mo.As.Pa) Lathyrulus Lapeirousella (Mo.Os.An.Pt) (Ar.An.Ml.Ca) Latentifistula (Ac.Ga.St.Me.Ar.Ar.He.Eu) Lannacus Lanopora (Bz.Ir.St) Langtonia (Ar.Ar) Larimus (Cd.Rh) (Ar.Pf) Larnacantha (Ac.Ch) Lampadasler (Ec.Tr.St.Co) Larifugula (Ar.Cr) Laticrura (Br.Ci) Latikingaspis (Ar.Pf) Lamcispinifera (Br.Ar.Os.No) Lamellacratia (Ar.Te) Lasiotrochus (Fo.Ar.Sc) Lanchangjiangia (Br.Te) Lamptonium Lampusia (Ac.Cc) Lamottopora (Bz.Cr.Ec.Un) (Cd.Ne) (Ac.Ga.Nt) Laratheca (Hy.Fo.Tr.Sp) Lanarkopterus (Ar.Oe) Latiendothyra (Fo.Ve) Lamellastraea {Cn.St) Latere schara (Bz.Ch) Larma (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ce.An.Bi.Ma.Gr.Ar.Sp) Lamellaeoporella (Cn.Hs) Lantschichites (Fo.Sc) Laminatia (BnAr.Ch) Lamna (Cd.As) Latiaxis (Mo.Ve) Lamellofungia (Cn.Bi.Fo) Lasiocrinus (Ec.Sp) Latinewaagia (Mo.Fo) Langvophorus Langyashania (Ar.Pe) Landeroceras (Mo.Po.Ve) Lamellistmma (Po.Ne) Lalicephalus (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Th) Larcopyle (Ac.Ga.Ta) Lanceoloboceras (Mo.Fo) Lampnityrtis (Ac.Ec.Ed) Laqueoceras (Mo.Ce.Fo) Lampadosocrinus (Ec.Ed.Re) Lamtshinopora (Bz.St) Lanceolatites (An.Ra.Ta) Lantern arius (Ec.Ga.Ar.Co.Na) Laqueus (Br.He.Fo) Landinia (Mo.Ar.Gy.Os.An.Rh) Lasiothrix (Po.Cl) Laornis (Cd.Un) Lalicarinina (Fo.Cl) Lasaeokellya (Mo.Sp) Lamelliconcha (Mo.Pt.Fo.Os.Co) (Br.Nt) Lapeirousia (Mo.Bi.Rh) Larkinia (Mo.Fo.Cc) Lamolloceras (Mo.Tr.Ce.Hil Latiala (Mo.Gr) Lamellosia (Br.Fo.Sp) Laniellala (Po.Me.Ar.Or) (Ar.Fo) Lascoa (Cn.Pr) Lasiodiscus (Fo.Di) Laqueoserpula (An.Tr.Ar.Hel Lateroflustrellaria (Bz.Av.Ar) Larrazetia (Fo.Ra.My) Lapazites (Ar.Gr.Fo) Lamprodoma Lapparia (Mo.Ar.Tr.Tr.Po) Latiastrea (Cn.An.Sc) (Mo.Os.Sp) LatiboUvina (Fo.Te) Latit'usus (Mo.Po.Bi.Fo.Un) Laterocavea (Bz.Sp) Lambertona Lambis Lambropsis (Ec.St.Ru) Lasiocladia (Po.Cr.Nt) Lanecrinus (Ec.Pa) (Mo.Ar.Ra.Sc) Langenhemia (Cn.My) Lantus (Ac.Ce.Eu) Lasanocrinus (Ec.Bi.Ar.Tr.Go) Larium (Br.Fo.Ar) Lamellaria (Mo.Pt) Lanipustula (Br.Rh) Laterotubigera (Bz.De.An.Bi.Ce) (Mo.Fo.Os.Bi.An.Ga.An) LaminiK'yathus (Cn.Bi.Ra.Tr.Pt) LasmosniiUa (Cn.Li) Lamellopora (Po.An.Ta) Lanicyathus (Po.La) Lankacythere (Ar.En) Lantern ocrinus (Ec.Pa) Lampadena Lampadocorys (Cd.Se) Lamellophyllia (Cn.Nt) Lancastria (Ar.Gy.An.Ar.St) (Ar.De.Ve) Lamellinucula (Mo.Ce.Gy.An.Ra.Os.Fo.Gy.Cr.Fo.Ar.Bi.Ra.Ga.Ec.Or) Lamplerium (Ac.St) Langenosolenia (Fo.Sp) Latiphyllia (Cn.Ec.Os.De) Lancedellia (Mo.St) Lapasnia (Br.Cr.St) (Ar.Pt) Latentidiota (Ac.Bi.Ar.Fo.Av.Tr) Lanthanaster (Ec.Ga.Am) Latiendothyranopsis (Fo.Ga.Eu) Lardeuxella (Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 453 Lambertiaster (Ec.Ar.Na) Lapillocystites (Ec.Ve) Lasaea (Mo.Co.Cl) Lamellorthoceras (Mo.Sc.Eu) Lariosaurus (Cd.Po.Os.Ne) (Mo.Ra.Sp) Langeites (An.Nt) (Cd.Sp) Larnacalpis (Ac.Sc) Langella (Fo.Bi.Ga.Sp) (Cn.Ra.Fo.Ar.Sc) .Ve) Latebina (Ar.Hs) Laocaetis (Po.Tr.Ce.Fo.Ch) Laterotecatia (Bz.Un) Laterocea (Bz.Po) Latanarcestes (Mo.Po) Lanceolites Larispirifer (Br.My) (Mo.Os.

In) Lecanospira Lciolaiiibrus (Ar.Fo.Am) Leionucula Latispiril'er (Br.Li) Leiodcrmatium Leiodon (Cd.Ta) Leiolichas (Ar.Po) Lekiskochiton (Cn.Ca) Leiostrototropis (Ar.Spl Lecanites (Mo.Cr.Ce.Re) (Ec.Li) Ledahia (Ar.Co.Tr.An.Ec.Tr) Lecobasicrinus (Ec.Me.Bi.Ec.Os.Ce.Fo) Leiostraca (Mo.In) Lebclocrinus (Ec.Nu) Leiospongia (Po.An.De.Cr.De.Ga.Cr.Ar.Bi.On) (Mo.Pl.Ce) Laurieoptcrus (Ar.Bi.Ar.Ly) Laurenlaspis (Cd.Ch) Laubeocrinus (Ec.Os.He.Nu) Leioseptathyris (Br.Ai.Re.Pt) Lenaella (Mo.Mo) Leeporina (Bz.Ph) (Cd.Ce) Leiodorella (Po.Bi.Nt) (Po.He.Fe) Lekythionia (Bz.St) Lecanoaspis (Ar.Ne) Lechites (Mo.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Po.Tr.Te) Lenargyrion (An.Ar) Leioclema (Bz.Am) (Cd.Li) Latiprodiictus (Br.Nu) Leioscutellum (Ar.Pe) Laliuin (Ac.Tr.Tr.Cr.Pt) Legunien (Mo.Pt) Leiorhinus (Mo.Am) Lekocrinus Laxit'enestcIIa (Ar.Tr.Un) (Mo.ia (Ar.Ce) Leiopteria (Mo.Gy.Or) Laubclla (Mo.Tr.Cl) Leiopedina (Ec.Ce.An.Sc) Lecythioscpoa (Pa) Leiorhynchoides (Br.Ve) Lecompteus (Mo.Ce.Os.Tr.Tr.De.Pf) Leiosolenus (Mo.Ga.Ce.Rh) Latusastrea (Cn.An) Latitacnia (Mo.Sa) Leiophyllites (Mo.Os.Ar) Lefortia (Ec.Un) Lembitsarvella (Ar.Cr) Lembicus (Cd.Ly) Leiothyridina (Br.An.Co) Lecythociiris (Ar.Tr.Ir.Ce.Ra.Os.Ar.Un) Leiolepismatina (Br.De.Pa) Laytonia (Cd.Un) Ledella (Mo.Ce.Gy.Pt) Latilrigonia (Mo.Ch) Laxograptus (He.Os.Ph) Lazulkinia (Br.Bi.Cr.Gr.Bi.Nt) Leanchoilia (Ar.Bi.Ph) Latirolagcna (Mo.Ar.De.Fo) Leibolheca (Hy.He.Pt) .Ar.Li) Lemintina (Mo.Cl) Leioria (Br.Li) Latisiphu (Mo.Os.Go) Leiostegina Laugia Leella (Fo.Ga.An) (Po.Cr.Ar) Leda (Mo.Sp) Latisagcceras (Mo.Ml.Mt) Leioproductus (Br.St) Leioprimitia (Ar.Ar.Ax) Laugeites (Mo.Ce.Tr.Or) Latircellichia (Ar.Hd) Lecythiocrinus (Ec.Ce.Tr.Ne) Lecathylus (Mo.Ar.He) Leconychia (Mo.St) Lalonotoechia (Br.Tr.Fo) Leiagnostus (Ar.Is) Leiocyphus (Ec.Me) Leiosella (Bz.Ce.St) Leiochaetetes Lebedictya (Po.Sp) (Mo.Ca.Ph) Lekythoglena (Bz.St) (Po.Or.Cc) Laxispira ( Lehmanotus Lehua (Mo.Cr.Ne) Lawrenceoceras (Mo.Bi.Cr.Ga.Pr) Lejopyge Lekanophyllum Lavenachiton Leguminocylhereis (Ar.Cl) Lednevia (Cd.Pt) Leiodus (Cd.Am Leangella (Br.De) Latirus (Mo.Nu) LatirliNiichia (Br.OI) Ledina (Mo.Re.Sq) Lenastella (Po.Ga.Ue.Tr) Leiostracosia (Po.In.Tr.Ey) Leioshumardia (Ar.Ar.Cr.As) Lembonax (Cd.Tr.Nt) LatrunLulia (Po.De) Leiofllyncllu^ (Br.Bi.Bi.ln.St.Li) Latomeandra (Cn.Nu) La/ithyris (Br.Nt) (Ar.Ch) Ledopsis (Mo.Ce.Ve) Leimit/.Ag) (Ar.Tr.Ag) Lebctoteras (Mo.De.En) Leiocoryphe (Ar.Fo.Bi.Te) Leinzia (Mo.Bi.Sp) Leiobienvillia (Ar.Di) Leguminella (Ch.Or) Lebcsconleia Mo.Te) Leinia (Po.Di) LcmMiscolittorina (Mo.Tr.Na) Lecocrlmis (Ec.Cc) Laudimocrinus (Ec.Cr.Ed.Pr) l.Tr.Ce.Bi.Eu) Legonotus (Cd.Ga.Ve) Ledidocidaris (Ec.Co) Lefroyella (Po.Ga.CI) Laxoseptabrunsiina (Fo.De.Nt) Leiocarenus (Po.Sa) Leiodysodonta (Mo.Mt) Lauleldochitina (Fo.Os.Am) (Cd.Co) Leedsichthys Leiostegium (Ar.Rh) Latvius (Cd.Bi.Ar.Tr.Gu) Leiochonetes (Br.Ar.Nu) (Cn.Eu) (An.Ar) (Mo..Rh) Lecanopleura (Ar.Os.De.Me.Bi.ciognathus (Cd.Rh) Leconteiceras (Mo.Ml.Ar) Leekhamptonia (Mo.Ga.Gy.Ph) Latocaniurus (Cd.Sp) Lechritrochoceras Leiopathes (Mo.De.Nt) Laurelocrinus (Ec.Ga.Gr) Lcibaclla (Pr.Un) (Mo.Am) Leiophyllum (Po.Pa) Lebonichthyes (Cd.Ar.St.Li) Lemuroceras Lenacarc (Mo.Cl) (B/.Tr) Lenadiscus (Ar.Ce.St.Am) Leedsia (Ar.Fo.Pl) Lecfedites (Cn.Hy.Cr.Ar.An) Leiehncyella (Ar.Ga.Bi.Os.He.Os.De.De.Os.Bulletin 363 454 LatiploLUs (Br.ArRh) Laubeia Lecythocrinus (Ec.Pt) Latouc'heia (Ar.Tr.Hy) Lcbctodiscus (Ec.Re) Leconteites (Mo.In.Os.Ar.Ce.Ce.Pt) Laubenfelsia (Po.Os.Ar) (Mo.Ec.Ca.Pa) Lenalitus (Hy.Tr.An.Ch) Laxoendothyra (Fo.On) (Cd.Ec.Sp) Laureloceras (Mo.Sl.Pa) Latona (Mo.Tr.Ec.Cl) Leiorhynchoidea (Br.Ph) Laurentoscandodus (Cd.Ga.Ec.Os.Bi.Nu) Leiosoecia (Bz.Re) Lcbcdiorthis (Br.Ar.Bi.Sc) Lecomptella (Po.El) Lehmaniceras (Ec.Cl) Leiocyamus (Ar.Un) Leioceras (Mo.Po.Pf) Latiroslrauis (Mo.Ga.Am) (Mo.St.Am) Leiochonia (Ar.Xi) Lcislingites Lauzonella (Ar.Pt) Lembulu^ Lemdadella Lemennocrinus Lead la (Mo.Ar.Ci) Lembitites (Ar.Ch) Lazella (Br.Li) Lenaspis (Ar.Fo.Po.Ce.Ce.Ch.Ne) Legrandclla (Ar.Re) Lccanocrinus (Ec.Te) Laubriereia (Mo.Co) Laumontoceras Leeites Leiostomaster (Ec.Pt) Laudonia (Ar.Ne) Lecanopyge (Ar.Ce.Ga.Bi.Am) Leiopyrga Latouchclla (Mo.He) I (Ar.Pa) Lazariella (Mo.MI.Cr.Ar.Ar.Ve) Lavaloceras (Mo.Ga.Ma) Leiotrochus Lautoconus (Mo.Tr.Ta) Lemonea (Po.Ru) (Mo.Pa.Pt) Leioechinus (Ec.Os.Ba) (Mo.Co) Lecanella (Po.Bi.Ag) Lekythopora (Bz.Ve) Leiopecten (Mo.Os.Ce.PLAr) Lecointriceras (Mo.Tr.

CI) Lepidocoleus (Pr.Ps) Lentigo (Mo.Os.Un) (Mo.cniocvlliere (Ar.Ve) (Po.St) Leptaenopyxis (Br.Bi.Ga.St) Leptomitus (Po.Ec.Fo.Ga.St) l.Fo) Lept<icolpus (Mo.Ar.Ga.Os.Ar.Pt) Lemiculina (Fo.Ne) Leplaenopoma (Br.Ne) Lenticularis (Mo.Ar.Ce.Re.Al) Leptophyllon (Cn.Ne) (Mo.An.Ve) Leptolepides (Cd.Am) Lepralina (B/.Ga.Ci) Lcpidophyllia (Cn.Ga) Leptelasma (Cn.Os.Rh) Lcpidocalix (Ec.Pt) Lepidosemicyclina (Fo.St) Lcpicylhara (Mo.Ed.Fo) Leptobolbina (Ar.Ar.Os.Li.Ce.Bi.Nt) Lepidorhynchia (Br.Ec.My) iMo.Ar.Am) (Mo.Ar.On) (Cn.Pl) Leptolima (Mo.Os.Pt) Lepidospirifer (Br.Ar.ls) Leptestiina (Br.Am) Lenliceras (Mo.Ru) Lenalheca (Hy.Ne) (Mo.Ly) Leptocottus (Cd.He.St) Leoliles Lepitiles (Mo.Is) Leptocaryorhyncus (Br.Pt) Lei)lasma (Cii.De) Lcpcrdilia (Ar.Rh.My) (Mo.Ga.Or.Ce.Pf) Leptochonetes (Br.Ne) Leptodelphis (Cd.Pa) Leplaena (Br.Ne) Lepidocrania (Br.Eu) (Mo.Rh) Leothlamys (Mo.Ar) Leperdiiella (Ar.Am) Lenneocrinus (Ec.Mo) Lepidocyclina (Fo.St) Leptoceratoides (Mo.Sc) Lepteviella (Mo.In) Leptella (Br.Ce.Os.Gy.Os.Po.Cl) Lepidocottus (Cd.De.Ag) Lcnticoccltites Lepidoph\lliopsis (Cn.Sc.Sc) Lenzia (Br.An.Ar.Bi.Ar.Un) Lenlicorbula Leonardoceras Lepetopsis (Mo.He.Po.Sp) Lepidotrigla (Cd.Li.Or.Ar.Bi.spis (Ar.Ec.Ga.He) Leptathyris (Br.Pc) LepadtKystis (Ec.St) LeiuKDCi-hia (Bi.An.Sp) Leploconus (Mo.Ne) Lentitheca (Hy.Sp) Leptodesma (Mo.Nt) Leptolacis (Po.An.Ar.Li) Leporicypraea (Mo.Ec.Ne) Leptopilus (Ar.Tr.Sc) Leptocyathus (Cn.Va) Leona.Nt) Leniipecien (Mo.Bi.Ca) Lepidasterella (Ec.Co.Ch.Aj Lepidocystis (Ec.Ga.Sc) Lepiconus (Mo.Po) Leperditelloides (Ar.Tr.Tr.De.Pu) Leplastrea (Cn.Pt) Lepidotrochus (Mo.Ce.He) Leopectcn (Mo.Te) Lepidogobius (Cd.Un) Leptalosia (Br.An.Po.Os.Ar.Ga.Ec.Rh) Lcnocyalhus ( Po.Ec.So.Ar.Ga.Pt.Rh.Ar.Pa) Leptadrillia (Mo.Ar.In.Pt) Lepidaster (Ec.Po) Leocrinus (Ec.Fo) Leptocidaris (Ec.Os.Ve) Lenodus (Cd.Pt) Lepidotus (Cd.Ne) Leptesthes (Mo.St) Lepochites (Pr.Os.Pe) Lentidium Lepidorhombus (Cd.Ar.Ma.St) (Mo.Ec.Un.Ec.As.Ce.Os.Bi.Li.St) Lepetclla Leplacnomenclax (Br.Bi.Ar.St) Lenticulinella (Fo.A CoMPENDii'M oi" F(«sii Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 455 l.Ar.Ar.Ve) Leptophyllaraea (Cn.Rh) Leptogonium (EcAs.De.Ar.Sc) Lepidenteron (An.Li.Fo) Lepidopus (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Ph) Leptophyllastraea (Cn.Ga.Pa) Lepidocycloides (Br.Fo) Lepidorbitoides (Fo.St) Lonita (Ec.Ey) Leplechinus (Ec.Ar.In) Leptodontella (Br.Am) Lepidomena (Br.Pc) Leopoldia (Mo.At) Lentilla (Mo.Co) Lepidodiscus (Ec.Ne Leplagonia (Br.St) Lenica (Po.Ex) Lepidites (Mo.Co) (Mo.Os.Po) Lepeta (Mo.Ar.Pr) Leptochondria (Mo.Ga.Ga.Pu) Leplaleoceras (Mo.Ed.Sc) Leptomphalus Leptomurex Lepidactis (Ec.In) Leptodus (Br.Rh.Os.Li) Lenobeliis (Mo.St) Leptocheilopora (Bz.Fo.Ch) Lenticidaris (Ec.An.Pa) Lepidion (Cd.Bi.Rh) Leptobolus (Br.Os.Fo.Bi.Bi.An.Ru) Lepocrinites (Ec.Ar.Pl.An.Ga.Pa) (Cn.At) Lentigodentaliiim (Mo.Or) Lepidospongia (Po.Rh) Leproconcha (Mo.Ar) Leptocystis (Ec.epidocardia (Mo.St) Lenolla (Mo.Os.Fo.Am) Lepidaspis (Cd.Po.Di) Leptellina (Br.Ar.MI.Ga.MI.Ga.Sp) Leptophoca Leptophragma LepidaNlerina (Ec.Ey) Leplenibolon (Br.Ga.An.An.Ma.Rh) Lenolhyris (Br.Ar.Ce.Tr.Ar.Ch) Leptolcpis (Cd.Pt) Lepadolepis (Cd.An.Pf) Leptoceras Lenolropites (Mo.Go) Leptaxinus (Mo.Po) Lepidoconia (Ec.Ar.Ce.Le) Leptestia (Br.Ec.As.Sc) (Cd.Ce.St) Leploniithrax (Ar.Rh) Leptocoelia (Br.Ar.Pl) l.Ce.Ve) Leptelloidea (Br.Li) Lenicyamidia (EcEcCl) Lcpidochitona (Mo.Sc.St) Leptopecten (Mo.Gr.Ga.Sc) Leptochirognathus Lepidopleurus (Mo.Os.He.Bi.An) Lepsiella Leptomactra (Mo.Ne) Leptochilon (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Pa) Lennukella (Ar.St) Leptomussa Leptomya Lepton (Cn.Ga.Bi.Ne) Leptomitella (Po.Co.Ar.Ar.tMiatcIki (Ar.Di.Le) Leptaenisca (Br.Bi.Sc) Lcpidechinoides (Ec.Os.Eo.Ar.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Ma.Sc) Leoeephalus (Ar.Gy.Re.Ac) Lepthoplites (Mo.Sc) Leplochilodiscus (Ar.Sc) Lepidechinus (Ec.Am) Leptophyllia (Cn.Bi.Rh) Leplobrachites (Cn.Ve) (Mo.Be) Lepidoproetus (Ar.Ce.Bi.Ve) Lepas (Ar.Cr.Hy) (Mo.Ce) Lepidoleptaena (Br.Os.Ey) Leptechioceras (Mo.Po.Os.Gr) Leonotus (Cd.Bi.Bi.As.Ga.Pn) Leplocleidus (Cd.Ru) Lepisosteus (Cd.Pt) Leporimetus (Mo.Sc) Lcpideslhes (Ec.Se) Leptocythere (Ar.Os.Sc) Lepidorthis (Br.He) .Ci) Lepsithais Leptomaria (Mo.Bi.Fo.De) Leontiella (Br.Am) Leptonotoceras (Mo.Po) I^epiducentrus (Ec.Ce.Ar.Ce) Lecxiia (Ec.In) Lepophidium Leporemax Leptoides (Ar.Im) Leplocardia (Mo.In.An.An.EcEy) Leptegauana (Mo.Hy.Cr.Bi.Cl) Lepidozona Lepismatina (Br.Pa) Leplaenoidia (Br.Tr.Nu) Lenitrophon (Mo.Be) Lepidocyclus (Br.St) Leonardophyllum (Hy.Op) Leplograptus (He.Os.Se) Leplodonta (Br.Od) (Cd.Bi.Or) Leplocoelina (Br.Ve) Lcniechinus (Ec.Te) Leplecodon (Cd.

Bulletin 363 456 Leptoplastides Leptoplastus Leptopleurus Leptopora Leptopoterion Leptopriniitia Leploprion Leptoptcrygius Leptoplygma Lcptiiria Leptorima Leptosalenia Leptoscapha Leptoschisma Leptoscopus Leptoseris Leptoskelidion Leptosocyathellus Leptosocyathus Leptosolen Leptosphinctes Leptospira LepUistega Leptosteus Leptostrophia Leptostrophiella Leptostyrax Leptosurcula Leptotetragonitcs LeplDteuthis LeptcUhyra LeplDthyrellopsis Leptothyropsis LepKitrigonia Leptotriticites Leptotrypa Leptotrypella Leptozone Leptozyga Lepyriactis Lercarella Lercarilubus Lermontovia Lernella Lerouxia Leshanella Lesleya Lesliella Lesperonia Lessnikovaca Lestidiops Leslrodus Lesueurilla Lethamia Leihops Leuconia Leucorhynthia Leucosia Leucosilia Leucosyrinx Leucotina Lcuco/onia Leufroyia Lcukadiolla (Ar.Pt) .Tr.

Tr.Mo) (Mo.Sp) (Mo.Rh) Lipsanocystis (Ec.Un.Me.Tr.Ga.Un) Lirellaria ( Linguchuangia (Ar.Li.Ga.En) Linstroemoceras (Mo.Ar.Tr.Fo.Ob) Linthia (Ec.Li) Lioparia (Ar.inisirophina (Br.Ar.Ga.Pa) Linobrachiocrinus (Ec.Pe) Lingukainella (Ar.Li.Am) Liraria (Br.Ne) Liriplica (Br.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Ar.An.Ar.Na) (Mo.Ga.As) Lirosceles (Cd.Os.Na) Lingula (Br.Te) l.Ne) Liosotella Limbit'era Liosphaera Limbimiirina (Br.Os.Tr.Pa) Liomolgocrinus Lirasyrinx Liromytilus Lironoba Br.Hy) (Mo.Ga.Ve) (Mo.Os.Ga.Bi.Tr.Tr.Ar.Am) (Mo.Os.De) Liraplecta (Br.Fo.Bi.Cr.Bi.Co) Lioconcha (Mo.Ga.Ce.Tr.Fo) Linterella (Br.Tr.Pt) Linoproductus (Br.An.Sc) Linearia (Cn.Ar) Lipinellina (Fo.Tr.Tr.Ml.Tr.Ac) Linuparus (Ar.Ar.An.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 457 Limbella (Br.Li) I.Ru) (Mo.Te) Liocerithium (Mo.St) Liiiiaxis (Mo.Cl) Liochlamys Lirastrombina Linguagnostus (Ar.Va) Linter (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Ac) I.Me.Li.Tr.Bi.Sp) Lingulapholis (Br.Ag) Liocium (Mo.Bi.Pt) Linochone (Po.St) Liiigyuniles (Br.Li.Pt) Limopsis (Mo.Cr.Ar.Pt) Liparoceras (Mo.Ga.Ar.Ra.Cl) Liospiriferina (Br.Li.Ce.Ml) Liptodendron (Cn.Li.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Ve) Lirellarina (Br.Ar.Co) Lirobittiinii (Mo. In) Lisbonia Linguopugnoides (Br.As) Limea (Mo.Os.Eu) (Mo.Ga.Pr) Liracassis (Mo.De.Ga.Ga.Ga.inomera (Mo.Li.Pt) Linoporclla (Br.Ar) Liinbinariella (Ar.St) (Br.Tr) Lisaniella (Ar.St) Liroceras Lingulclla (Br.Or) Liotella Limpeina (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ar.Rh .Tr.Xi) Linotaxis (Bz.Cr.Ne) (EcCr.Ar.Bi.Ar.Rh) Lioberus (Mo.Ce.inguithyris (Cd.Ce.Rh) l.Fo.Ga.Ml.Nt) Linsleyella Liparocrinus (Ec.Li.Sc) Lingulocyslis (Ec.Ve) Liriospyris (Ac.Ga.Rh) Lipmanium (Ac.Ch) Liostracina (Ar.Nt) I.Te) Ar.Ar.Pt) Lirophora (Mo.Fo) Linsdallia (Mo.Un) ( Liocyma Liodesmus (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Tr) Liotrigoiiia (Mo.Ga.Li) Liokootenia (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ga.imipeLlen (Mo.Sp) LinguacK menia (Mo.Ru) Linxiangxiella (Br.iopcplum (Mo.Po) Linucula (Mo.Ce.Bi.De) Lippsina (Fo.Fo) Lioniphalus (Mo.Fo.Li) Liolilhax (Cd.Ce.Ve) Liocalymene (Ar.Tr.Bi.Ar) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Ar) Liiiuilonlc-.Pr) Lipuites Lineastmma (Po.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Li) Lioporida (B/.Go) Liocoelia (Br.Co) Lingulops (Br.As) Liriamnica (Ar.Cc) Lingularia (Br.Ar) Linonema (Po.Pt) Lirosoma Lingulodiscina (Br.Li) Liocarenus (Mo.Li.Pe) Liinoplera (Mo.Na) Lindinella (Br.He) Liothyris (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ma.Ar) Linevitus An At) Br.Ce) Lirocingula Lingulelkureta (Br.Ne) Liocare (Ar.Pa) Linnarssonia (Br.Tr.Tr) Liniulus (Ar.Tr.Ga.Ar.Ga.Ar.Li.Nt) (Mo.Sp) Lipopora Lindistarnia (Ar.Pr) Liociemella (Bz.Fo.As) I.Ga.St.Tr.St) Liothyrella (Br.St.Pa) Lipanteris (Br.Hy.Ve) (Mo.An.Ce.Ar.Fo) Lindstroemia (Cn.Ar.Tr.Fo) Linckia (Ec.Xi) Linsayella (Ar.Sp) Limburgina (Ar.Bi.St) Liotia Linuilltclla (Ar.Ne) Lingualornoceras (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Mo) (Mo.Rh.Pt) Linocrinus (Ec.Gr) Linoprotonia (Br.St) Linnarssonella (Br.Nt) I.Ar.Ga. Linglingella (Mo.Tr.Nt) Lindstroemella (Br.Tr.inguiasma (Br.Ve) Liobole (Ar.Fo.Ml.Ga.Nt) Liraspirifer (Br.Re.De.Ga.Ce.Ga.Pt) Limneria Linograptus (He.iolophops (Ar.Bi.Hy) (Mo.Ps) Lisania (Ar.Ve) Lingatrypa (Br.Fe) Liotina (Mo.Rh) Linguisaukia (Ar.Pa.Hy.Bi.Ra.Bi.Bi.Ga.Ne) (Hy.As) Lipinella (Fo.Pr) Liocneniis (Ar.Fo) Liopleurodon (Cd.Fo.Ce) Linostrophomena (Br.Fo) Liopislha (Mo.Hy) Lingulipora (Br.Bi.iosolenopleura (Ar.Ga.As) Liodonax (Mo.Pe) Linopyrga (Mo.Ga.Li) Lioglyphostonia (Mo.Tr.Ar.Li) Liostracinoides (Ar.Tr.Te Br.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Li) Lioleptaena (Br.Fo.Me.Bi.Ar.Li.De) Liracraea (Mo.Gr.Ec.Ce.Pt) Liralingua (Br.Cl) LiiiL'hengoceras (Mo.Li.Cl) Liostracus (Ar.As.St) Lingshanella (Br.Ve) l.Li.Ar.Ar) Lioceratoides (Mo. (Ar.Ce.Ar.Ce) (Mo.Li.Li) l^ioparella (Ar.Ar. In.Bi.He) Liostrophia (Br.St) Lioteuthis (Mo.Sc) Liorichita (Mo.Rh.Li) Lioharpes (Ar.Os.St) Liobolina (Ar.Ar.Bi.Ga.\r.Rh) Liopella (Ar.Un) (Mo.Os.Ne) (Mo.Li.Ce) Liraniia ( Liocaris (Ar.An.Fo) Linderina (Fo.St.Ar.St) I I irniilatys inatella Lindstroemopliv Hum Linctia Linga (Hy.He.Te) liiiipidograptus (He.Po) Linochitina (Fo.Ne) Lirotheca Lingulogavelinella (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Am) Liricamera (Br.Ga.Ac) Liosphinctes Limbinaria (.Ar.Nt) Linguaphillipsia (.Tr.Ga.Bi.Os.Ce.Ar.Ph) Lirodiscus Lingulepis (Br.Tr.Ph) Lirularia (Mo.Ve) Lingulob(>lus (Br.Ga.Am) (Mo.St.Ar.Xi) Linotrigonia (Mo.Tr) Liratilia Linguapriietus (Ar.Co) Lingulosmilia (Cn.Ph) Liratomina (Mo.Po.Ga.Ar.Pt) Liripora (Bz.Ph) Lirachiton Liocarcinus (Ar.Gr.Gr) Liostrea (Mo.Bi.Nu) Lippistes (Cn.Ar) Lingulonndosuria (Fo.Pt) Lischkeia (Mo.St) Linaresia (Fo.Ac) Liospira (AcRa.Li) Liumcsus Lirofusus Lingulibolina ( Lingulinu (Fo.

Ra.Tr.Tr.Na) Lobiochrea (Tr.Fo) Lissoberyx (Cd.Os.Ar.Ve) Loboidolhyris (Br.Ar) (Mo.s Lobosphinctes (Mo.Un) Lilhatiacuis (Ac.ituotuba (Fo.Ce.Sc) Litvolasma (Cn.Ra.Na) (Mo.Bi.At) Lithophylax (Ar.As) Lissatrypoidea (Br.An) Lissoceratoides Lithostrobilis (Po.En) Lissothyris (Br.Ce.Cr.Pt) Livia (Ar.Ml) Llandeilochiton (Mo.Ar.Po) Lispidecodus (Hc.Ml.Ci) .Ar.Bulletin 363 458 Liscombea (Cn.My) Lissoceras (Mo.Cc) Lilhelius (Ac..Ce.An.En) (Cd.Li.Os.Ta) (Ec.Pt) Lissocoelia (Po.Fo) Litharacopsis (Cn.Ra.In) Lithocarpiiun (Ac.Ga.Tr.Nu) Lobendoceras Lobianchia (Mo.Na) Liscombispongia (Ac.Ce.Ml.Ga.Ar.Ml.Po) LocuHbairdia (Ar.Sc) Litavkaspis (Ar.Ce) Litoceras (Mo.Rh) Lissotesta (Mo.Pt) Litho.Cr.Te) Lisogorites (Ar.Ml.He.Ga.Fo.ituotubclla (Fo.Am) Litocephalus (Ar.Ru) (Cn.Os.Tr.De) Lithorhadia (Mo.Ra.Gr.Fo) Lochkovella (Ar.As) Lobolytoceras (Mo.Na) Loculicytheretta (Ar.Na) Livonia (Mo.Rh) Litogyroceras (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ph) Litavina (Mo.Am (Mo.Ar.Pt) I.Fe) Lithocalamus (Mo.Nt) Lobosoecia (Bz.Rh) Litocrinus (Ec.Sp) Liujiangolepis (Cd.Tr.Un) Lobosocythereis (Ar.Ar.Pt) Lituonelloides ( Fo.Ml.Ra.Fo.Go) Litagnostiis (Ar.Pt) Lithomitra (Ac.De.Tr.Bi.Li) Lithotractus (Ac.Ra.Li Lobites Lissochilus ( Lithostrobus (Ac.An.Na) Locuhpora Locuhlhcca Lissapiopsis Mo.Mt) Llanoella (Br.Tr.Os.Sc) (Hy.Ru) Lissocoelina (Br.Ra.Ar.Co) Lithapium (Ac.Cc) (Cn.Ga.Ga.Na) LobophylHa Lobopsamniia Lissosia (Br.Sc) Lissotestella (Mo.Ga.Tr.Tr) Lobosiphon (Mo.Os.Pt) Litocothia (Br.Ra.Ru) Lockportia (An.An.Ga.Nt) Lobothyris (Br.Ce.Ar.Ne) Ljaschenkovites (Mo.Rh) Lilhophysema Lobantale (Mo.Bi.Am) (Mo.Ph) Lissajousithyris (Br.Fo.En) Uthochytris (Ac.An.At) Lithophaga (Mo.As) Littorinolacuna (Mo.Fo) Lochriea (Cd.Ce.Ac) Litaspis (Ar.ivcringia (Br.Ce.Fo) Lochmocereus (Cd.Ga.Po.Po) Lissotreta (Br.Ar.Ce.Ar.Ar.Tr.En) Lissodus (Cd.Ar.Tr.An.Ce.St) Locuhcyathus (Po.Cl) Lithostrozionoides (Cn.Ce.Ir.Bi.Pt) Lithacoccras I.Ne) Litiopa (Mo.Ce.Sp) Llanoaspis (Ar.Nu) (Mo.Ar.Ax) Lissocardia (Ar.Ta) Lixatrypa (Br.Te) Lissomuricopsis (Mo.As) Lithocrinus (Ec.Ar.De) Lissoclynienia (Mo.Ml.Ag) Littorniscala (Mo.Or.St) l.At) (Po.Na) Liza (Cd.Tr) Loboseris (Cn.Ag) Lithoconus (Mo.Ra.Pt) Lissanucula Lithomespilus (Ac.Ar.Te) Listroteuthis (Mo.Atii) Listroa (Ar.St) Lithostrotionella Lobocarcinus (Ar.Na) Lobocoraliium (Cn.De.Bi.Ta) Lobopterus (Cd.Te) Litagnostoides (Ar.An.Ne) Lispodesthes (Mo.Na) Llanoaspidella (Ar.St.Ds) Loboiiotus (Ar.Ga.Ar) Litschkovitrigonia (Mo.Sc) Lissorhynchia (Br.De) Lloydolilhus (Ar.Bi.Ce.De) (Cn.An.Pt) l.Br) Lissospira (Mo.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Tr.St) LiligiclUi (Mo.Pt.Pe) Lithotrochus (Mo.Mo) Lissopecten (Mo.Or) Littorina (Mo.CI) Lissella (Br.Pl.Bi.Ra.Bi.Os.Or) Lochkothele (Br.Ar.Pl.Os. In) Lituohpora (Fo.Nt) Lobotornoceras (Mo.Ar.Ar) I i (B/.St.Fo) Lochniaeosmi ha (Cn.Na) Loboarochiton Lissochlamis (Mo.Tr.Sp) Liujingnia (Ar.Sc.Pe) Lissalrypella (Br.De.Os.Tr.Te) Lissomarginit'era (Br.An.Sp) Loborina (Br.Ga.Pe) Loboidothyropsis (Br.An.Pf) Llandovacaste (Ar.Ga.Cc) Listraspis (Cd.Ar) Lobatula (Fo.Os.Fo.Na) Ljaschenkovia (Br.An.Bi.Po.Ra.Ce.Fo) Lochnianaspis (Ar.Na) I.Ga.Am Lissonites (Mo.Ar.Sa) Ljubimovella (Ar.Li.Os.Sc) Lissidium (Br.Am) Lithornithium (Ac.Ce.Po) Lithobotrys (Ac.Te) Littorinopsis Lobothyroides (Br.Sp) Lispoceras Lithodomina (Mo.Na) Lixouria (Ar.Ce.Ce.Ce.Ga.Tr.Sp) Litiiyapeclcn (Mo.Os.strotion (Cn.Cr.Co.St.Pe) Lilhopoma (Mo.Ar) Litotrigonia (Mo.Te) Lithomelissa (Ac.Nt) Lithognathus (Cd.Is) Lithocyclia (Ac.Ar.Ra.Pt) Littorinidc.Tr.Ru) Lobobactrites (Mo.At) LIthophyllon (Cn.Ac) Lisogoragnoslus (Ar.Na) Llanoceras (Mo.Ar.ockhartia (Fo.Ga.Ar.Nt) Lobokosmokeras Lissonia (Mo.Sc) Lobograptus (He.Ce) (Mo.Os.Co) Lobopyge (Ar.Pt) I-i\arclla (Ac. In.Ne) (Mo.itophylluni (Po.Hi) Livvia (Ar.Ce.Ar.St) Litothyris (Br.Os.Sc) Lobalocrinus (EcCr.Os.An.Ga.Ar.Bi.Tr.Ch.St) Litilpetalichthyes (Cd.Ra.Ga.Ar) Lithopera (Ac.Ed.Co) Lithancylus (Mo.Po) Lisgodus (Cd.Bi.Ra.Ga.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ma.Fo.Ce.Ce.Ce.Fo.An) Lissochonetes (Br.Ga.Am) l.Am) (Mo.Po) Lilhiopcrna (Mo.Ag) Lituitcs (Mo.An.Ar) Lithisthis (Mo.Ra.Pt) Lituola (Fo.Ra.Tr.Gr) Lissoleptaena (Br.Nt) (Mo.De.Sp) Ljudmihspirifer (Br.Pf) Liskeardia (Mo.Ce) Lissulrypa (Br.Bi.Pa) LilhiiUis (Mo.Ra.Te) Littoraria (Mo.Fo.Na) Llanocetus (Cd.El) Lissarca (Mo.Tr.An) Locularia (Bz.Ar.Ct) Lithotrotionoides (Cn.Ar) Lobocyclendoceras (Mo.An.Ar) Litoptychius (Cd.De) Litogaster (Ar.De) Lissopsis (Ar.Bi.Ne) (Bz.Sc) Lobocephalina (Ar.Br) Lithopora (Po.Ch.Li) Lissostrophia (Br.Am) Lithocampana Lithocampe (Ac.ocuhbolbina (Ar.St) Lobomelocrinus Lobomesenteripora Lissopleura (Br.Bi.Ga.Po.St.Cr.Ce.

Ga.Gr.Os.Op.ThI (Mo.Pt.Tr.Pa) Longianda (Ar.Ve) Lopholasma (Cn.Bi.Ga.As.St) Longidorsa (Ar.OLulocuvala (Ar.Ci) (Mo.Fo) (Ac.Pa) (Mo.Fo) Loomberaphyllum (Cn.St.Ve) Lonchocrinus (Ec.Bi.Ve) Lonchodina (Cd.Tr.Cr.Pt) Longithyris (Br.An.Ar) (Mo.Ga.De) Li)eniniclella (Mo.Fo.Tr.Ca) Lomatiphnra (Br.Un) .Tr.Cr.Rh) l.Va) Lorieroceras (Mo.Ma.Se) Lophophrentis (Cn.Po) Lopingoceras (Mo.ophoclenella (Ar.Ne) (Mo.An.Tr.Or) Logocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ce.Ch.Te) Lophiostronia (Po.Pt) Lonsdaleia (Cn.Un.Te) Lophosaukia (Ar.An.He) Lophoconcha Lophoconus (Ac.He.Me) Lophonema (Mo.Tr.Sa) Loliginites (Mo.Ra.Ga.oc/yella (Br.Te) Loisthosloniata (Fo.Ce.Ra.Po) Lophospyris (Ac.He) Lordorthis (Br.Ar.Cr.Po) Lovarina (Ar.Sp) Loripinus (Mo.Tr.Na) (Cd.An.Pt) Lordshillia (Ar.Or) Loligosepia (Mo.Tr.Un) Longaevus Longchaeus (Pr.Ve) Loreleiella (Br.Gr.Ra.Pt) Lorica Lomalorthis (Br.Cy) Lophoblastus (Ec.A COMPENDIIM OI Fossil.As.Ar) Lophoranina (Ar.Cm) Lonchocephalus (Ar.Ra.Pa) (Ac.He.Ar.Oe) Lophoprothyris (Cn.Cl) Lonsdaleiastraea Loilemia (Br.Or) Lorenzinia (Cn.Te) Longitubus (An.Fo) (Ar.Ce.Gr) Lophocarinophyllum Lophoceras Lota (Cd.Ar.Ru) (Cn.Cr. MARINE ANIMAL GENERA: SEPKOSKI 459 l.Bi.Ce) Loparia (Mo.Bi.Ne) Lorioloceras (Mo.Ce.Na) Loganellia (Cd.Ar.Os.Ar.As) (Cn.Po) Loutriella Longiapertina (Fo.Pr) Lopholobites (Mo.Ma.In.Sc.Ml.Co.oganclla (Br.Cr.Tr.Ce.An.Fo.Li) Lorangerella (Br.De.Bi.De) Longiclava (Cn.Rh) Londinia (Ar.An.Hy.Ga.Os.Ct) Lophioturris (Mo.Un.St) Loperia (Br.Ph) (Cn.Pt) Lomatiiicyathus (Pr.Ec.Ce.Os.Ce) (Mo.Or) Longoconcha Loddercna (Ar.Pt) Lophobalanus (Ar.Sc) Loganoceras (Mo.Os.As) Longusiirbi-i (Ar.Tr.iK/yceras (Mo.Ml.Ne) Lombardia Lomia Lomirosa (Pr.Ar) Longiproetus (Ar.Ch) Lotharingella (Br.Cm) (EcEc.Te) Loparella (Ar.De) Logania (Cd.Sc) Loriolaster (Ec.Or) Lopeuloma Lopha Lophamplexus (Cn.Cr.Fo) Longobarditoides Lophophyllidium Lophophylluin l.Ar.Os.Ga.Eu) Locipyge (Ar.MI.In) Lomatopisihia (Ar.PI) Lophiiis (Cd.Na) Lou/a (Ar.Os.Lo) I.Pa) Loganopelmides (Ar.Po.Am) Locblichia (Fo.Ar.An.Ar.Tr.St) Loniasulcachites (Pr.Ga.Pal Longicyalhus (Pr.Ru) Lomi)nt>sst>vella (Mo.Un) Lompoquia (Cd.Ga.Pt) Lophiokephahon Lophiostomus (Cd.Os.Co) Lomatobolbina (Ar.Lo) Loriolometra (Ec.Un) Longaeviceras (Mo.An.Un) (Ar.Ga.Or.Ar) Loren<^iella (Ci.Tr.Onl Longxianirh) nuhia (Br.Pe) Lonchidium Lonchidon (Mo.Bi.Px) Loriolella (Ec.Re) [.Or) I.Ce) (Mo.Os.Ce.Ru) Longiocrea (Tr.Po) Lovcenipora (Cn.Am) Lophocochlias (Mo.Ru) Lophocynis Lophocytherc Lophodentina (Ar.Th) Longstaffia (Mo.Tr.Bi.Ml.Ve) Lorrettina (Ar.Ag) Loncodelphis (Cd.De) Loganellus (Ar.Ga.Pa) Lophoholcus Lophokloedenia liHlanaria Longimaclra (Mo.Ga.Ru) LoereiUheya (Ar.Ce.Tr.Co.Ra.Tr.Pt.Am) Loriolipedina (Ec.Po) Lophoclema (B/.Pf) Loriculina (Ar.Os.ophocorys (Ac.De.Ga) Lonchtisaccus (Pr.Pa) (Ar.St) Loriolithyris (Br.Ne) (Mo.An.Bi.Os.Ar.Pr) Longispina (Br.Ar) (Mo.Ne) Lophaster (Ec.Pl) (Ar.Pa) Looneyella (Ar.Po) Longjcerithium (Mo.Os.An.As) l.Ga.In.Dc) Longlinophylha (Cn.Bi.Am) Lophidiaster (Ec.Pr) Loriolicrinus Lonaspis (Cd.Na) Louisella (Pa) (Ar.Pa) (Mo.Tr.Ru) Loricella (Mo.Ml.Ru) Loftusia (Fo.Fo.Cy) Lotocrinus (Ec.Ce.Ar.Nt) (Ar.De.Nu) Lottia (Mo.PI) Lophiodolus (Cd.Te) (Cd.Pt) Lorenzinites (Cn.Ar) Loganograptus (He.Ar.Ci) Loripes (Mo.Ar.Cr.Am) Lonchistium (Cd.Rh) Loligo (Mo.Cr) Lophogaster (Ar.Cc) Lodderia (Mo.De) Lophosmilia (Cn.Ce.Co) Lophocrinus (Ec.Os.Te) Lopadophorus (Po.Ar.Ce.Bl.Ce) Lophdchelys (Mo.An.Na) Lotzeites (Mo.Rh) Lophospira (Mo.Tr.Sa) Lopasnia (Br.In) Lophar (Cd.Ce.In) Lophocetus Lotagnostus (Ar.Cr.An.Cr) Lopatinia (Mo.Sp) Longobardites (Cn.Rh) Lonchograptus (He.Os.Pt) Lomacetus (Cd.Ami Longidaonclla (Mo.Os.On) Lophelia (Cn.He) Lophosteus (Cd.St.Cc.Ru) (Hy.Ml.Ru) Lopingia (Br.Cr.Ga.Th) Longulatus (Mo.Ma.Ar.Ec.Cl) Louisettita (Fo.Ar.Ce.Sp) Lophoraninella (Ar.Rh) Lopadiocrinus (Ec.Os.Ar.Tr.Hm) (Ec.An.Na) Loganopeltis (Ar.Ar.Cr) (Mo.Te) Lopanella (Po.St) Lokius (Ar.Ar.Te) Lophopanopeus Lophophaena Loenlhyris (Br.Ru) (Mo.Ar.Nt) Lotosoides (Ar.Tr.Cr.okutella (Br.Fo.As) Loganiella (Po.Co) Lophocardiuni (Mo.An.Ra.Ru) Lophotheca Lophotichium Lophrothyris (Br.Ht) Lophophyllia LolTa (Ac.Si) Loriolia Lomsucaspis (Ar.Os.Ce) (Cd.St) Lorensella (Ar.Ma.An.Am) Longdongshuia Longduia (Br.Ga.Cr.Po.Bi.Fo.Gr) Longyuanella (Ar.Fo) Longiscula (Ar.Os.CI) Lopochites (Pr.Ra.Ar.Os.At) Lonsdaleoides (Cn.Pt) Lonsda (Po.Cr.Os.An) Lopholepsis (Bz.Os.Os.As) Longtanella (Ac.Bi.Ru) Losvia (Br.Pt.Re.Sc) (Cn.Ml.Ar.Co.St) (Ar.Pt) Lonchodomas (Ar.An.Ce.Po.

Ve) Lunalcpis (Cd.Pe) Luxocrinus (Ec.Li) .Ve) Lvrodobankia (Mo.Os.Pn) Luolishania (Lo) Lyosoma (Mo.Tr.yrickisma (Cn.StI Lunatia Lycopterocypris (Ar.Po) Lunacrania (Ar.Ce.Ga.Ph) Luanquella (Br.An.Os.Pf) Loxonepea Loxophragma Loxophragmus Loxoplocus Loxoptychodon (Ar.Ga.Ga.Mi) Lutima (Ec.Ar) (Mo.St) Lunulacyatlius (Po.Tr.Bi.My) Loxotoma Lucapinella Lucerapex Lucideslea Luciella Luciellina Lucina Ar.Ar.Bi.Ve) Lupopsyriis (Cd.On) Loxolilhax (Cd.Ly) Loxoconchella (Ar.Ga.Am) Lyonsia (Mo.Li.Ga.Mo) Ludwigia (Mo.Tr.Po) (Po.Ga.Tr.PlPe) Lycophron (Ar.MLDe) Lunella (Mo.Ga) (Po.Ga.Bi.Ar.Ga.EcEy) Lugalella (Ar.Un) Lyriomyophoria (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Pt) Ludlordina (Br.Ar) (Bz.Li.Sa) Lunachites (Pr.Os.Ba) Lucinoma Luciploma (Mo.Ac.Un) Lunulazona Lyonia (BnAr.Os.Bi.Bi.Eu) Lycettia (Mo.Tr.Ru) Lunucanimiiia (Fo.Bi.Os.Li) (Mo.Go) Lyrischapa (Mo.Po) Lumectaster (Ec.Ar.Am) Lyrioceras (Mo.Pt) Lychnodictyiim (Ac.Ve) Lunalriella (Fo.Gy.An.Tr.Tr.Pt) Lyrapyge (Ar.Op.Un) Lovenilampas (EcEcCa) L(jgtonia (Fo.Am) Lutcsvillia (Ar.Bi.Un) Lyopsetta (Cd.Pa) Luot'uia (Br.Tr.Ga.Ce.Os.Fe) Ludvigscvella (Ar.Fo) Lutkevichinella (Ar.Re) Lygdozoon Lygisma Lyidium Loxotaphrus Liinpolia (Br.Tr.Ne) Lucinella (Mo.Tr) Lunaspis (Cd.Ar.In) Loxocaiida (Ar.Ar.Ve) Ludvigseniles (Ar.Ar) Lunalica (Mo.Aj) Lynaspis (Ar.Ne) Ludictyon (Po.An.Re) (Ar.Un) Lunaria (Br.Te) Lyiiophyllnm (Cn.Re.Pt) (Mo.Ce.Fo) Lunolenus (Ar.Na) (Cd.Co.Bi.Pr) Liitercila (Br.Ar) (Mo.Fo) Lunoglossa (Br.Te) Loxoglypta (Mo.He.Ru) (Cn.Cr) Luisichlhys (Cd.Ga.As) (Br.Ar) Lyecoceras (Mo.Nt) Lyriocrinus (Ec.Os.Ga.Mo) Lubowastraea (Cn.Ar.Na) Loxocorniciilum Lumectospongia Limacephalus Loxocrinus (F.As.Un.Li.Os.Or) (Mo.Ch.EcSp) (Mo.Os.Ne) (Mo.Mt) Loxochoanella (Mo.Bi.Cl) (Mo.LipIra (Mo.Po) (Ar.Bi.Os.Rh.St.Te) Luhocrinus (EcEo.StI Lyopora (Cn.Pe) (Bz.Tr) Ludbrookia (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ph) Loyolophyllum (Mo.Fo) Lymnorca (Po.Ar) Luplicrella (Mo.Ga.Di) LoxocaalUiiii (Mo.Ce.Ve) Lusatiops (Ar.Bi.Ve) (Ar.Tr.Ar.St.Un) Lychniscaulus (Po.Fo) Lydiphnis (Mo.Ve) Loxocaspia (Ar.Ga.Bi.St) Lutraria (Mo.Di) Luhops (Ar.Ga.Ga.CI) I.Di) Luciter (Ar.Po.Ma.St) Lublinophyllum Lunulites Lyonicrinus (Ec.Bi.Cc.Pr) Lyrodictya (Po.Am) Loxocontha (Ar.Pr) Lymnorella (Po.To.Fo.Ne) Lyria Lucinaxiiuis (Mo.Ar.De.Po) Lukatiella (Pr.Fo.Ra.Fo.Ru) Lunulacardiurn (Mo.Tr.Ac) Luxella (Ar.Fo.Ga.Tr.Os.Bi.Ne) Luojiashania (Ar.Fo.Ce) Lunanoceras (Mo.Px) Luxilites (Cd.Ga.Ga.As) Luaspis (Ar.Ga.Ve) Luria (Mo.Me) Lyelliceras (Mo.Un) Lycetliceras (Mo.Ar) Lydiaspis (Ar.De) I.Am) Lyratellina (Mo.St.In) Luyanhaochiton (Pr.Ve) Liiphcriiim (Ac.Ra.Bi.Ar.Os.Li) Loxostoniiini (Fo.On) Loxocylheic (Ar.Pt) Lyriopcctcn (Mo.Pt) (Mo.Os.Ce.Tr.Am) (Fo.Cr.Nt) Lublinella (Ar.Ve) (Mo.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Nt) Lunarca (Mo.Os.An.Pe) Lutetiaster Lovenicystis (Ec.An.Bi.Ra.Pt (Cd.Tr.Ac) Lyriochlamys (Mo.Tr.Pf") (Fo.Ga.Th) (Mo.Ar.Pf) (Mo.Rh) Lycophoria (Br.Un.Rh) Lugoviella (Pr.Ph) Liibrzankiella (Ar.Po) Loxisonia Luhotreta (Br.Ar.Ce.He) (Ar.Tr.Ch) Lunuloceras (Mo.Nt) Lyriaspis (Ar.Cr.Ar) Liiotdiolingia ( Lyralichas (Ar.Nt) (Mo.c.Rh) Lyrodesma (Mo.Cr.Ne) Lyrockidia (B/.Re) Lueila (Ar.Bi.Os.Ar) Lutctia (Mo.Tr.Pr) Lutetiarcula (Br.Fo) Luniulicardia (Mo.He.Tr.Ra.Ga.Ve) Lupilschia (Cn.Ce.Or) Luniprisma (Ar.Bi.Ve) Lurgiticoma (Br.Na) Lyre id us (Ar.Po) (M(i.Sc) (Mo.Na! Loxotlus (Cd.Os.Bulletin 363 460 Lovenechinus (Ec.Pt) Luciniola (Mo.Ce.Bi.Po) Lovetcheniia (Mo.Ce.Ga.Po.Ce.Os.Ve) Lowenslamia Lowoceras (Br.Os.Pt) Lunularia (B/.Pt) Luidia (Ec.An.Os.Os.Ar) Lyconectes (Cd.Tr.Os.Ca.Nt) (Mo.Nt) Loxopiyxis (Mo.Cy) Lychnothyris (Br.Sl) Lusitanichthys (Cd.Ce.Ce.Ph) Loxo Loxobidens Loxorhynchus Loxostomina Loxostomoides (Ac.Fo.He.De.Sc) Lyrianella (Mo.El) Lyckholmoceras Lycodopsis Loxonema (Mo.Ce.Ph) Luphcrites (Mo.Ce.Ar) Lutema (Mo.An.Tr.Co) Lunatciaiiiita (B/.Ar.Bi.Po) Lumbriconereis (An.Os.Pt) Loxoceras Lumbriconereites (An.Os.Ve) Luponoviiia (Mo.Ru) Lucinisca (Mo.Go) (Mo.Ca.En) Lumbrifopsis (An.Cr.Pe) Luxuridacna (Mo.Hi) Luhaia (Br.Ta) Lucapina (Mo.Os.Bi.Bi.Tr.Bi.Pt) Lychnocanium Lychnocanoma (Ac.Ga.Bi.Re) Luvula (Ar.Ch) Lyncina (Mo.Pa) Lusampa (Ar.Bi.Ga.Po.Ga.MI.Os.Tr.Bi.Ar) (Cn.Gy.St) Lusitaniles Lyrocardiuni (Mo.Ve) Luppovella (Mo.Ga..Ve) (Mo.Vc) Luisiella (Cd.In) Lychnoceras (Mo.Te) Lovenia (EcEcSp) Luganoia (Cd.Eu) Luyanhaoia (Ar.Ga.Un) Luvar(js (Cd.Bi.Un.Bi.

Tr.In) Macrodiceras (Mo.Os.Ml.Or) Maccoyella (Mo.Bi.An.Ga.Ga.Sc) (Ar.Te) Macrodontacanthus (Cd.St.SP) Lytoceras Lytocrioceras Lytodiscoides Mo.Am) (Ar.Te) ^1achino^aunl^ (Cd.Tr.Un) Lysogorella (Ar.Rh) (Ar.Ga.Fe) (Br.Ar.As.Bi.Un.Ar) Maoropneustes (Ec.Bi.'\r) Madoia Madonia (Br.Ce.Ga.Am) (Mo.Ch) Machairagnosius ( (Cd.Pt) Macurdablastus (Ec.Pt) (Ar.Bi.Ar.Ch.Ga.Li) (Cd.Ar) (Po..Ch.Bi.De) Matoletia (Cd.Pe) Lysigypa Macluritella (Mo.Cr) Matropomoides Macropora (Bz.St) Macrodentina (Ar.Eu) (Mo.Cn) (Mo.Ne) Lysiosquilla (.Re.Ru) Macrocephalites Mactrodesma (Mo.Os.Di Macrogrammus (Ar.Os.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Ve) Macrochlamis Macroc Delia (Mo.Tr.Gr.An.Na) Maccullochella (Cd.Ec.Ne) MaccriKlus (Cd.St) Maendroseris (Cn.Os.Ce.Os.Ga.Bi.Rii) (Ar.Am) Macrocrinus (Ec.Te) (Cd.Rh) L>ropecten (Mo.Mo) Mactropsis (Mo.Di) (Cn.Ce.Os.Sp) Macalia Macaliopsis (Mo.Ve) Macrotheca Macrotoxus (Mo.Os.Ta) Ar.Ca) (Br.Tr.Am) (Mo.Pe) (Ar.Pt) .Ce.In.Ne) (Mo.Py) MaccoyiKeraN (Mo.As) Lyropora (Bz.Ve) (Po.Ga) Lysocysiites (Ec.Bi.Pr) (Cn.Ptl Mackenziella (Mo.Ar.Os.Go) Maeilentos (Cd.An.Ic) (Br.Cr.Bi.Tr.Bi.An.Ve) (Mo.Ar.Ce.Te) Machomya (Mo.Te) Machaeroioechia (Br.Os.Ga.An.Ga.Un) (Mo.Rh) (Br.De.On) Maemia (Br.Bi.Ga.Sc) (Ar.Po.Ce.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Pt) Maendrostylis (Cn.Pf) Macromesodon Macromphalus Macron Macelloura (Ar.Pe) Macraster (Ec.Fo) Macoma Macomona Lysidium iBr.Pl.Ve) (Mo.Bi.Pl.Tr.Eu) (Mo.Ar.Gr) (Mo.Ce.Os.Re.Rh.Pt) (Mo.Ce.Am (Ar.St) Macridiscus (Mo.Pc Lytvophyllum (Cn.Aj) Macropterygius (Cd.St) Macroscaphites (Mo.Pe) Maennilicrinus (Ec.In.Ar..Ch) Magasella (Br.Os.Re.De.Ne) Lysactinella (Po.In) Macroscenella (Mo.St.Sc) Machaeracanthus (Ar.Tr.Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 461 Lyrogoniatites (Mo.MI.Te) (Cd.He) Madrepora Maduiya Madygenia Maeandramorpha Macandrograptus Macandropoiydora Maelonoceras (An.On) (Mo.Pr) Macarix'rinus ( Ec.Sc) Macandrevia (Br.Ar.Ce.Ch) Lyrolepis Lyromangelia (Mo.Bi.Po) Mabella (Br.Ps) Machaenxlonax Machaerognathus (Mo.Bi.Pt) Macrocystella (Ec.Ar.In) Macropyge (Ar.Mc) Macrosemius Macrosinus Macrosolen Lysagoroceras (Mo.St) Mactromyopsis Mactrona LytogN roeeras (Mo.Po) Madiella Mabellarca (Mo.In.Ce.Bi.Pu) Magdoceras (Mo.Sp) Magadania Magadiceramus Magadina (Br.Tr.De) (Br.Ga.Ga.Sp) Macrozafra Lysiogyrus (Mo.Li) Macrodostomia (Mo.As) Lywcea Maakina (Mo.Pa) Macroaulostomus Macroblepharum Macrobrochus (Po.Gy.Ec.Cel Mactromya (Mo.El) Mackenzia (Mo.Ga.Pr) Lyivolasma (Cn.Ar.Ce.Ec.Ds) Lysaretides (An.Ne) Maclcenziecyathus (Po.Ga.Po) (Mo.Os.'\m) Lyttonia iBr.Fo.An.Un) Maclurites (Mo.Ga.An.Sc.St) Machaerotolella Macropipus Macroplata (Br.Mo) (Hy.Ve) Macrourogaleus (Cd.Rh) Macropoma (Cd.Hy.Pt) Macroniscus (Mo.Po) Madarocephalus (Ar.Ga.Ne) Mackenziephyllum Mackenziurus Mackerro\ia Mackinnonia (Mo.Ar.Ma) Lyrosurcula Maclurina Lyroiyphis (Mo.Sc) Macandrewia Macandrcw iles (Po.In) Lyroschizodus (Mo.Bi.Hi) Madigania (Mo.Ve) Lysis (Mo.Ph) Macrosarisa (Ar.Ve) (Mo.Ce) Maddock.Cr.Ga.To) (Mo.Nt) (Cn.Ar.My) Madaraspis (Ar.Ar) Mactrinula (Mo.Cr.Bi.Ce.Tr.Ve) Lyticoceras ( Macrocheira (Mo.Ru) Macronotella Macgeopsis (Cn.Ga.De.Sp) Magadinella (Br.Bl.Ar.Os.Sc) (He.Bi.Di) Madiganella Mabiania (Pr.Ve) Macrotrigonia (Mo.Ve) Macrodomoceras Macrodon Macrodonax (Mo.Tr) Macoploma (Mo.Po) Lyroporidra (Bz.Ru) Macrocypraea Macrocyprina Macrocypris Macrocyproides (Ar.An.Bi.Bi.Am) Lyropurpura (Mo.Ph) Macroporaster (Ec.Fe) (Cn.Un) Lytospira iMo.Bi.Eo.Ac.Co) Magas (Br.Rj) Machaeraria (Br.Ve) Lythoph\llum (Cn.Re.Bi.Ch.Bi.Gy.Bi.Ec.Bi.Os.Ve) Lytheoceras (Mo.Ar.Bi.Li) Macrodontella (Mo.Rh) Madarosia (Br.Cr.Co.Ar.Os.Un.Mc) (Mo.Ar) Macrodiadema (Ec.Am) Macrurella (Mo.Ga.Ar.Ag) (Mo.Li.Nt) (Cd.Ml.Tr.Go) Macrocaris (Ar.Bi.St) (Ar.Po.Ve) Lytohoplites ( Mo.He.Ve) Macrostylocrinus (Ec.Ce.Ce.Un) Maccoya (Ec.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Ve) Macrocliirifer (Cd..Pt) (Cd.Ac) Macroporina Macropotamorhynclius (Bz.MLDe) Mactromeris (Mo.Cr.Tr.Ve) Madracis (Cn.St.Pa) Maenioceras (Mo.Eu) Lysella (Fo.Li) Macruronus Macrypsilon Mactomyella Mactra Lytechinus (Ec.Ve) Macropleura (Br.Co) Magaretti (Bz.St) Macrodelphinus (Cd.Ga.Ga) (Ar.Tr.Un) Macrophthalmus (Ar.Ce.Ec..-\n.Am) (Mo.Ds) (Cd.Ga.Ce.sella (Ar.Ml..Ar.Ve) Mactrellona (Mo.Am Macroculites (Ar.Bi.Ru) Macropygella (Ar.Os.In) (Cn.Os.Ne) (Mo.Tr) Maclarenella (Br.De.Ma.Ce.Nt) Madagascarites (Mo.As) Lyroporella (Bz.Os.'\n.Nt) MaL-repistius (Cd.Un) Mabianoconullus (Cn.Ar.Gy.An.On) Macnamaratylus (Ec.An) Macropetalichlhys (Cd.Ar.Fe) (Ar.Ar.Te) Macrocallista (Mo.Tr.As) (Cd.Ar.An.Po) Madariscus (Cd.Ve) (Br.Bi.Tr.Bi.Ma.Bi.Ey) Macroloxoceras (Mo.Co) Macronoda Macgeea (Cn.Ce.Os.

In.Ar.An.Cr) Maoricrypta (Mo.Tr.Cr.Ar.Nt) (Mo.Gy.Ce.Os.Ve) Makaira (Cd.Bi.Di) Magnolia (Mo.Ce.Ar.Pf) Manchuroccras Maorites (Mo.Co) Maiaspis (Ar.Tr.Ce) (Mo.Po) Malayaspira (Fo.Ga.Li) Mantikosocrinus (Ec.Co) Mannopyge Mannosocmia (Ar.Di) I .Cr.Ga.Tr.Os.Pt) Mannschreckia Manoloviceras Manorella Manosia Magnosia Magmimbonclla (Ec.En) (Mo.Ar.Tr.Ce.Cr.Pr) Mandolina Mandorovciia Maquoketocrinus Maragnicrinus (Ec.As) (Ar.Ga.Ne) MalaiiKrinus (Ar.Nt) Manespira (Br.Or) Mantellina (Mo.Os.Ce.Na) Malungia (Ar.Tr.Tr.Fo) Malayomaorica (Mo.St) Malongella (Ar.Ru) (Cn.Pt) Mancikellia (Mo.En) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Os.In) Mamnialodon Mammilla Mammites Majungaclla (Ar.Ce.Os.PI) Magniventra (Br.Pt) Mamayocaris Mambrinia Mamelohindia (Po.Ar) Makiyama (Br.Ph) Manicriniis (Ec.Pt) Malzella (Ar.Ce.Ar.Ir.Fo) (Ar.Li) Manicina (Cd.Cr.Ve) Maladioidella (Ar.Sc) ManchurtK-ephaliis (Ar.Bi..Co) Mamillopora (Bz.Ce.Pr) Malumispongium (Po.As) (Ec.Te) Maligncocrinus (Ec.Os.Ne) Maori mactra Maorimonotis (Mo.Nt) Magnilatcrella (Mo.Ga.Tr) Malagaslrigonia (Mo.Ce.Ne) Manuaniceras (Mo.Tr.Ve) Maorithyas (Mo.Eo.Ar) (Mo.Nu) (Mo.Mo) Mangiliella (Mo.Un.Ar.Bi.Pt) Manzanclla (M6.Pt) (Mo.Tr.Os.Bi.Pt) Malayites (Mo.Ar.Ce.Fo) Malvut'undus (Mo.Am) Majathoca (Hy.Ar.Ar) Magharina (Mo.Un) Malletophy chitcs (Mo.De) ManiiconiiN (Mo.Ga.Am) Malguzaria (Ar.Po) Mapingtiehia (Br.Mo) Magnaccphalus Magnalica (Ar.Pc.Os) Manliella (Cd.ln) Magncsoina (Fo.Ga.Pt) Maitaia (Mo.Fo.An.An) Maiotcuthis (Cn.Co.Os.Ar.Ga.Ce) (Pa) (Ar.Tr.Or.Cl) Magiliis (Mo.St) Malinouskiella (Po.Ce.Bi.Rh) Maikhanclla (Ar.Os.ln.In) Mamutinetes Manacyathus Manzanospira Manzonella Man/onia Maoricardium MaoriLolpus (Pr.Cr.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Te) (Po.Ga.Re) Mansina Mansuyclla Mansuyia (Po.In) Manulica (Mo.Ga.Os.In) Mantelliana (Ar.Pt) Maori rhynchia Maori scaphamier MalacDcottus (Cd.Bi.Po) (Fo.Tr.Pa) (Mo.Ce.Ga.Pr) (Ar.Ma.Tr.Tr.Ce.Tr.Os.Pe) Magnicanalis (Br.Ga.Ce.Tr.Sp) (Mo.Tr.He.Tr.Ne) Maghrobcis (Ar.Un) (Ec.Ch) Manupecten (Mo.Fo) Mallotus (Cd.Ls) Mahoningoceras Maiandrocyathus (Mo.Pt) Mancosiceras (Mo.Te) Manitoulinoceras Magnea (Mo.Po) (Mo.Pa) Mangelia Mangcroceras Magharilhyris (Br.Pa) Manietothyris (Br.Ce.Nt) Maldcotaia (Ch.Os.Ce.Bi.Tr.Ch.BI.Ar.Pt) Mandjina Mandocylhere Mapania Mapanopsis (Ar.At) Mugellaniu (Br.Ne) Malladaites (Mo.Ag) Manipora (Cn.Tr.Pt) Malvinella (Ar.De.Or.Tr.Pt) Mallagnostus (Ar.On) (Mo.An.Bi.Ru) (Cd.He) (Ar.Pt) Mansuyphyllum Manta (Cn.Ar.ln) Mantelliceras (Mo.Gy.MI.De.Ce.Ar.Ar.Sp) (Cd.Tr.Os.St) Maltoniceras (Mo.Pr) Magnicapulus Malluvium Malnina (Mo.Ga.Nt) (B/.Ga.Po) Manticoceras (Mo.Nt) (Mo.At) Maghrcbflla (Mo.Cl) MandaliKeras (Mo.Pt) (Ar.Ga.Pt) (Cn.Fo.Ce) Manjoceras (Mo.Ce.Fo) Manaia Manamboliles Manatus Manawatawhia (Mo.Un) ( Br.Pf) (Br.Bulletin 363 462 MagelUi (Br.Ar.Ch) (Mo.Ob) Malluviospongia (Po.Os.Bi.Pt) Maja (Ar.Ar.Ce) Mandawacy there MandeKlamia Maori vetia Maolianshanis Maolunia (Mo.Rh) Makridinirhynchia (Br.Os.Os.Or) Maniceliis Magicostrophia (Br.MI.Un) Malinaspis (Ar.Ph) Maichclina (Fo.Pa) ( Br.Fo.Ce.So) Majiashanella (Ar.My) Maidipingoconus (Mo.Am) Maikoitaphylluiu (Hy.Ne Maladioides (Ar.Fo) (Ar.Co) (Mo.Am) Maori irigonia (Mo.Ar) Majkopella (Br.\r.Te) Malerosteus (Cd.My) Manticrinus (Ec.Gy.Or) Malchiblaslus (Ec.As) Mancorus (Mo.Eu) (Mo.Te) Malwirhynchia Malykania Mulykanotheca (Br.Fo.St.Mo) Maishucunconus (Mo.Un) Magniplicatina (Br.St) (Ar.Ar) Malurostrophia (Br.Ru) (Mo.De) Malladaia (Ar.Am) (Cd.Cr.Bi.Po) Mammoides (Ar.St) Malacopygaeus (Cd.Ar.An.In.Bi.Fo.BL.Tr.Cl) Maizassionis (Ar.Ar.Fo.Ma.Ga.Ne) Maoritomella (Mo.De.MI.Pt) Mangkcluia (Br.Te) Mantoushania (Ar.Nt) Majoceras (Mo.St) MankL'n/iclla (Mo.Ta) Malleia (Br.Fo.Pt) Maorislrophia (Br.Sc) Magila (Ar.Ca.Ma.Ga.Te) Malea (Mo.Cr.Ru) Maminka (Mo.Ar.Os.St) Makarakia Makarskiana (Mo.Co) (Mo.Ga.Cr.Nt) Maorielasma (Br.Ar) Magniiinnia (Ar.Ce) (Cn.Go) (Mo.Ar.St) Malocyslites (Ec.Bi.In.Bi.Un.Tr.Ce.Ve) Malinclla ( Br.Pt) (Br.Ga.Ga.Bi.Ga.Ve) Makiyamaia Maklaya (Fo.Bi.Ar.Ph) Maitaia ( Mansiella (Ar.Ch) Mallelia Manilouoceras Magnederella (Bz.Bi.Ga.Po) (Mo.St) (Ar.Cr.Am) Maladia (Ar.Ga.Di) Malayanoplia (Br.Si) (Mo.Tr.Ga.Am) (Fo.Or) Maniillodus (Pr.Tr.Ar) (Cd.Nt) Manticula (Mo.Tr.Pl.Ar.Am) Mahaiclla (Ar.St) Mansuyites (Ar.Ar.Ar) (Bz.Pt) Malongullia (Ar.ln.Ne) Malloproduclus (Br.An.ln) (Mo.Te) Ar.Nt) (Ar.Am) Manillocrinus (Ec.Cl) Maikoitia Majiangia Majiaobaph\ lluni (Fo.Os.Fx.Bi.Fo) (Br.Bi.Ar.Ce.Tr) Mandalacystis (Ec.Am) (Mo.Ar.Rh) Manchuriella (Ar.An.Ce.Os.

Os.Ga.Ml.Ar.De) Matsumotoa (Mo.Am) Margarella Mariusilites (Cn.Un) Marieita (Fo.Mi) (Po.Eu) Marginasler (Ec.Bi.Ar.Ce.Eu) Mastoblastus (Ec.In.Re) Marrella (Ar.Ce.Ar.Un) (Br.Pa) Marekolithus (Ar.Or) Murlolites (Ar.Po) Marianarnna (Mo.Os.Te) Marginara (Fo.An) Marywadea (Ar.Sp) Mattajacyathus (Po.Ar.Bl.Bi.An.Ar.Oe) Marginalosia (Br.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Fo) Matanzia (Fo.Fe) Margoplanitia (Ar.Cr.Am) Marwickara (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Cm) Mastodictya (Po.Pt) (Cn.Ec.Pa.Ar) Mariania (Ec.Ne) Marimoum (Ac.In.Un) Marssonella (Fo.Ml.Os.Na) Marw ickcythereis (Ar.An.Bi.As) Mastophyma (Po.Ar.Os.Ta) Marginirugus (Br.Pt) Mareda (Ar.Fo.Ne) (Mo.Cl) Marlenites ( An.An) Marginiihealdia (Ar.Ru) Maslinella (Fo.Pf) Marginotimoriles (Ar. Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 463 Martinoltiella (Fo.Ly) Mataninella (Ar.Pt) Massyla (Mo.Po) Martinochinus (Ec.Ce.Sc) Maritiinella (Ar.Ar.Ce.Op.Ga.Os.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Fo) Marsupites (Ec.Fo) Marssoniella (Bz.Pa) Margarasireopsis (Cn.Sp) Mathurifusus (Mo.Ma.Un) Marginopora Marginoproductus (Fo.Ui) MatherelUna (Mo.Ar.Gy.Po) Marshallena (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Hi) Margosirea (Mo.Fo) Marsupiocrinus (Ec.Pt) Marwickia Maryodiscula Maryonychia Marcusiipora (B/.Ct) Marinurnula (Br.Ga.De) Maretia (Ec.Os.Fo) Marshallia (Po.An) (Mo.De.Am) (Mo.Ar.Os.Ar.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Fo) Marsupina (Mo.Fo) Marocella (Mo.Bi.Ph) (Mo.A Compendium oi Fossii.In.Or) Mariella (Mo.Fo) Matherocladia (Bz.Cr.Nt) (Mo.Sp) Matronella (Ar.Eo.As) Mastodictyum Mastophorus Marginicinctus (Br.Cr) Mathoceras Martinicythere (Ar.ls) Martiguesia (Fo.Os.An.Fo.Ar.Pa.St) Marginorthis (Br.Re.Fo) Marginospongia (Po.Ar.Ar) (Mo.St) (Ar.Ga.Ne) Martinocarcinus (Ar.Os.Fo.Ga.Os.Ga.Pa) Mariccras (Mo.Oe) Margaritiprodiictus (Br.Ar) (Bz.Os.Gy.Ne) Marginoiruncana (Fo.Go) (Mo.An.Os.Te) Matheronia (Mo.In) Mark a mi a (Br.Sp) Mariothia MarcvaKala (Mo.Ce.Ga.Po.Po) Marticia (Mo.Ne) Marchia (Mo.St) Marrolithus (Ar.Fo.Ir.Un) Mascarananda Mashania Masiaposites (Mo.Gy.Ar) (Mo.Nt) Mariacassia Maninichthys (Cd.Ar.Ga.Ce.Sc) Marginovalia (Br.As) Marionltes (Br.As.Va) Margaritfs (Mo.Ce.Fi) Marginalia (Br.Ce) (Cn.Os.Nt) Mathericrinus (Ec.Fo.De.Fo) Mataxa (Mo.De) Matheropora (Bz.Ne) Matania (Ar.Ce.Fo.Pa) Margaritropites Markocyathus (Po.Ra.Nt) Marquezina Marracanthus (Cd.Po) Mathoceratites (Mo.Os.Nt) Martiniopsis (Br.Rh) Mastigactis (Ec.Ve) Margobairdia (Ar.Ce.Ga.Ar.Gr.Bi.Tr.Fo) Marvacrassatella (Mo.Ar.Os.Cr.Li) Marslatourella (Ar.Gy.Ga.Ar.Fe) Marhoumacrinus (Ec.Pa) Marrolithoides (Ar.Po.My) (Mo.Sp) Mathilda (Mo.Ru) Matsutrypa (Bz.Un) Murtinssonopsis (Ar.Ga.Ga.Ch) Marginaria (Bz.Ce.Ga.Os.Ga.Fo) Marjumia (Ar.Pe) Martinothyris (Br.Ga.Li) Vlarginisulcus (Ar.Cr.Te) Mastigospira (Mo.Op.St) Marshallana Mastosia (Po.Cr.Ga.Bi.Tr.Ar.Pt) Marti ne/icancer (Ar.Fo.Pa) Mariaturricula MarbiKleia (Mo.St) Mastaster (Ec.Fo.Rj) (Po.Go) Mariasalpinx Maralhiinochiuis (HcCr.An.Ce) (Mo.Ne) Marjumicystis (Ec.Ga.Cl) MargiKTinus (Ec.An.Un) Mastakhella (Mo.St.In) Mastigophorella (Bz.Or) (Ar.Fo) Marlinssonia (Ar.Oe) Marphysaites (An.Bi.Fo.He.Or) Marsipella (Fo.Nt! Maternoceras Marginulinila (Fo.Bi.Fo.Ct) Marinduqueia Marinopccten (Mo.St.Mo) Martinia (Br.Ga.Ne) (Mo.He.Ga.Pa.Te) Masonites (Mo.Ve) Marc kg rati a (C'd.ln) Margineulima Marginia (Ar.Un) Mariochrea (Tr.Ac.Am) Martinieila (Br.Cc) Matejkia (Cn.Ml.Ga.Ar.Os.Hy) Margniohcaldia (Ar.Os.Fo.Ec.Eu) Mastigograptus (He.Tr.Hy) (Mo.Ve) Marianoceras Maralhonites (Mo.St) Marshallites (Mo.An.Sc) Maritimithyris (Br^^.Ch) Marosichthys (Cd.Ag) (Mo.Op.Ch) Marisaslruni (Cn.Ch) Maternella (Ar.Gy.Tr.Fo.St) Marsdenius (Cd.Bi.Tr.Ga.Cr) Mariannaclla (Br.Pa) Martinssonozona (Ar.St) Mannolatella (Mo.St.De.Ve) Marcharella (Br.He.Tr.Sp) Martinophyllum (Cn.Am) Matanoleptodus (Br.Tr.Ce.He) Mariima (Mo.St) Marssonopora (Bz.Te) Maryvillia (Ar.Ga.Ga.Fo.Mv) Marginulina (Fo.Os.Ch) (Mo.Ar.De.An.Cr.Ga.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Pa) Mastoceras (Mo.Ce.Ce.Ne) (Mo.Or) (Ar.Tr.Fo.Ce.Sc) (Cn.An.De.St) Marklandclla ( Mastigobolbina (Ar.Os.Os.Gy.Ar) Markitoecliia (Br.CI) Mariasvcltia Maratia (Ar.Ga.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Ve) MarcuMiilictNon (B/.Un) MargarDsmilia (Mo.Mo) Matherella Marginulinopsis (Fo.Ta) Massilina (Fo.Po) Matarchia (Cd.Li) .Ec.Tr.Pa) Marshallaria Masty gocercus (Cd.Am) Margachiiina (Fo.Os.Ar) Mariottia (Mo.Ga.Pr) Marginella (Mo.Pa) Marcaisia Margarelta Margaritaria Margarilolla Margaropliyllia Marmarostoma Br.Ar.Ar) Mastigocrinus (Ec.Sc) Mastigophiura (Ec.Cl) Mastopora (Cn.Bi.Ch.In.Li) Marginifera ( Br.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Fo) MargaraMraca (Cn.Ve) Marinauris (Mo.Aj) Mariac"i>lpu> Mariadrillia Marialusus (Po.Ga.Ga.Fo.Ch.Ar) Mastigophora (Mo.Ar.St.Tr.Me) Martesia Matheria (Mo.Ga.Po) Marcia (Mo.Na) Masloviella (Ar.

Ne) Medusinites (Cn.Te) Ma/apin (Cn.Ar) (Cd.Ce) Mcnaniaraspis (Cd.Pl) Mcmurdodus (Cd.An.Fo) Megadiceras Megadisocosorus Mattsechinus (Ec.Un) Meandrospira (Fo.Bulletin 363 464 Matlaspongia (Po.Ga.Cr) (Mo.He.Sl) Medaeus Medeela (Ar.Sc) Megacidaris (Ec.Sc) Megacardita (Mo.Pl.Ec.Ve) Mcleodea (Cn.MI.Ve) Mayomyzdn (Cd.Pl) Megambonia Megamyonia Mayncina (Fo.Or) Ihini (Mo.Bi.Ec.Sp) Mclearniles (Br.Un) Megalatractus (Mo.An.Ce) Mcqucenoceras Meadovviownel la Meandraraca (Mo.Sp) (Cn.Ar.Nt (Mo.St.Ga.Ec.St) Mediraon Medisemicoscinium (Bz.Sp) Mecynodon (Mo.St.Os.Fo) Megactenopetalus (Cd.St) .St.Bi.Mt) Megaporocidaris (Ec.Fo) (Ec.Ar.Ar.Ce) Megapoinu.As) Maurenia Mauria (Cn.Tr.De) Maurolicus (Mo.Po) Megalneusaurus (Cd.As) Mediaster (Ec.St.Fo) Meganterella (Br.Pr) Medessia (Br.Ce.Cr) Mcgarhiza Megasalopina (Cn.Ph) Megadunderbergia Megaglossoceras Megagraulos Mandril (Mo.Fo) (Ec.Ec.Pe) Megasphaera Mcgasphacroceras Megaspinochonetes Megasqualus Megastcges Meandrophyllla (Cn.Ar) Megastoinella (Fo.Ga.De.St) Meandrina (Cn.Me) (Ar.Ec.De) Meandrospongia (Po.Ar.Bi.Ga.Ar.Un) (Br.St.Nt) Mauryna (Mo.Ga.Am) Mayiella (Ar.Ar.Cc) (Hc.Be) (Mo.Ar.CI) Mazodus Mazohydra (Cd.Bi.De.Cr.Ls) Meandroria (Cn.Tr.Ta) Mecophrys (Ar.Bi.Ma.An.Ne) Mediocytherideis (Ar.Ar) Mcgachonctes (Br.Am) Mediopsis (Fo.Bi.As) Maydenella (Br.Ch.Fo) (Ar.Ma.Pt) (Mo.Ru) Megapalaeolenus (Ar.Nt) Megaptera (Cd.An.Hi) Megalocardia (Mo.Ma.Re.Hi) I Mediargo (Mo.Ec.Ar) Meeria (Ar.An.Ar.Sc) Megacantlioporina (Bz.Ga.Mo) (Ec.Tr) Megalytoceras (Mo.In) Megapitaria (Mo.An.Cc) Megalithistida (Po.St) Mega.Ga.Os.Os.Or) Meandrostia (Po.Un) Mauisaurus (Cd.Ce.St) Mcdusytcs Mcekechinus Meekella Meekia Meekoceras Meekopinna (Mo.Ar) Mayaites Maychella (Bz.An.Pt) Matuta (Ar.Pt) (Cn.Ar.Pt) (Br.Pl.Re.De) Megalaspides (Ar.Fo.Bi.Fo.Ve) Megapneustes (Ec.Sc) (Mo.Un) Mclearnia (Mo.Ar.Ph) Matthevia (Mo.Bi.As) Mauithoe (Mo.Tr.Hx) Mcekospira (Mo.Sl.As) Megapteropsis (Cd.Ar) Mecoliotia (Mo.Ga.Sc) Megagrypha Megakozlow skiella Mauispirifer (Br.Nt) Megalograptus (Ar.Ne) Mediterraneotrigonia (Mo.St) Megapleuronia (Br.Ga.Ga.Bi.s (Cd.Bi.Ga.Op.Am) Medoriopsis Megantocrinus (Ec.Ar.Nt) (Cn.Ce.Pe) Medocechinus Medocia (Fo.Ga.Nl) (Mo.Ar.Hi) Maithewcyathus (Po.Uc.St.Cy) Megapronorites (Mo.Ar.Li) Mauritsina (Ar.Tr.Ar.Tr.Ga.Ar.Co) Mclcarnitcsella (Br.Sp) Ar.St.Mt) Mecraster (Ec.Bi.Od) Mcgacanlliopora (Bz.Sp) Megaloplax Megalops Megalopsis (Cd.Fo.St.Ne) Mecloudius Mecochiria (Ar.On) (Mo.An.Ga.Te) Mazapilitcs (Mo.Ce.Fo.Bi.Ca) Meandrastrca (Cn.Ta) Meekoporella (Bz.Ga.En.Ch.Ne) (Mo.Ps) Medusaeph\ (Cd.Cr.Po.Un) Maurea (Mo.Ly) Matutella (Br.Ac) (Mo.Re) Mediterranirhynchia (Br.An.Ga.Ci) Meekopora (Bz.Sp) Mazzalina (Mo.Bi.Fo.Ec.Sp) (Cn.Eu) (Mo.Fo.Ve) Megaloraphium (Po.As.Fo) Medlicottia (Mo.Am) (Br.Os.Fo) Megalopterus (Cd.Pe) Megaloceras Mauryella (Ar.Mo) Maylisoria (Fo.St) Megapetalus (Ec.Ps) (Cd.Tr.Os) Mecochirus (Ar.Ar.Rh) Mediocris (Fo.Nt) Mecynoecia (Bz.MI.Tr.An.Fo) Meandrt)pora (Bz.Cy) Megapraeconia (Mo.Un.Ga.Sq) (BrAr.Ca.Fo.Ch.Ve) (Pr.At) (Br.Pa) Megalocypraea (Mo.Ar.Ce.Ec.Ce.Ru) Medoicinia Meganteris (Br.St) Mayeria (Mo.Ce.Go) (Mo.Cr) Megascyliorhinus (Cd.Ru) Megalaspidella (Ar.Ce.Fo) Megaloniphalus Maximites Maxwellia (Mo.Fo.Cy.Bi.Ax) llimi (Br.Bi.Te) Megangulus (Mo.Bi.Cr) Medipsia (Fo.Hy) Medusaster (Ec.Un.Ci) Mcandripotra (Po.In) Mcandrella (Mo.Ar.stomia (Mo.Fo.Os.Ar.Ru) Megalomoidea Megalomphala Maxillirhynchia (Br.Ce.An.MI.MI.Bi.stroma (Po.Li) (Ar.Tr.Sc) (Mo.Os.Fo.Tr.De) Megalaspidicus (Ar.Ar.Hi) I la Mauric'ia Maussenetia (Mo.Ar.Ne) (Mo.De.Bi.Rh) (Mo.Fo) Megaderaion Megaderbyia (Br.Fo.Sc) Megadesmus (Mo.Mt) McandnilDculina (Fo.He) Megalaspis (Ar.Ce.Ga.Hy.Ci) Mclellania (Ar.Ey) Megaplectatrypa (Br.Bi.St) (Mo.Fe) Megalosia (Bn.He.Sc) Megacucullaca (Mo.He) Meandropsina (Fo.Ch.Bi.Va) (Po.Ce.Ho) Meandrospiranella (Fo.Ga.Fo) Mayaolhyris (Br.Os.Pc) Maychellina (Bz.Na) (Ar.Di) (Mo.Sp) Megalelasma (Mo.Aj.Tr.Ve) Maurotarion (Ar.Ce) (Mo.Ps) Meandro\oltzeia (Cn.Tr.Tr.St) (Br.Tr.De.An.Cr) Megalodon (Mo.Pa) Meandrosmilia (Cn.Ve) Mccloudia Mcewanella (Fo.Ne) Meandrostylis (Cn.En) Megabalanus (Ar.Nt 1 Mediapora (Bz.Ec.Fo.An.Ga.Bi.Ce.Me.Ec.De.Ce.St) (Cd.Ta) Megacrcnella (Mo.Pa) Medianella (Ar.Cal Medinophyllum (Cn.Co) MausKinia Mawsonicoscinus (Ar.Cy) Megaphyllites Mazzettia (Ec.Ce.En) Mcga.An.As) Maulisia (Cd.Un) Mecynoceras (Ec.Ar.Ve) Megaliocrinus Mauri tanaster Mauri tia Megalisania ( (Mo.Re.Ga.Os.Or) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.St.Ci) (Po.Te) Mediospirit'er (Br.Tr.Os.ln.Ne) (Po.Po) Megalonoda Medionapus (Mo.Tr.Ce.Ch.Ga.

Ae) Menabonites (Mo.Os.Bi.Fo.Bi.In) Merisca (Mo.Od) Meiianopora (Cn.Ce.He.Fo) (Ec.Tr.Un) Meristocrinus (Ec.Menidia (Cd.Pe) Meisterella (Ar.Li) Merabatis (EcEc.Ce) (Po.Ve) Membranipora (Bz.Aj) Merehna Meiocardia (Mo.Se) Meidiichthys (Cd.Os.Ve) Melanophylluni (Cn.Ga.Nt) Mentzelioides (Mo.In) (Bz.Ar.Ta) Melanoslrophus (He.Os.Sc) Menophyllum Menopygus (Cn.Co) Melopetasus (Pr.An.Ve) Meitodia ( Melvilloceras (Cn.Tr.Ga.Ec.De.Re) Merlingina (Fo.Cr.In) Meringosoma (An.St) Meidamonella (Fo.At) Ar.St.Ar.Os.Os.Am) Melittosphaera (Ac.Tr.Ec.Tr.Ce.Ve) Meilanoceras (Mo.Bi.Ch) Merlia (Po.Po) Mo.Bi.Bi.Am) Meringaspis (Ar.Pa) Mclanella (Mo.Ga.Po) Meridensia (Cd.Fo.Ce.Un.Os.Bi.Ca) (Cd.Nt I .St) Melaxinaea (Mo.An) Mercedescaudina Mercenaria Mehlina (Cd.Mo) (Mo.Ga.Os.Te) Mellevillia (Po.Ce.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 465 Megastrophia (Br.Ar.Gy.Ve) Menuthionauths (Mo.Hy) Mekynophrys (Ar.Ce.Ve) (Cd.PI) Melalhrokerion (Fo.Ar.Al) Melonis (Fo.Bi.Sll Melbacrinus (Ec.Ch) Menomonia (Ar.Ar.Ar.Sp) (Ar.Ar.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Pf) Megatyloceras (Mo.Po.He.Ec.Me.Sp) Merocidaris (Ec.Bi.Ar.Ar.Pt) Megastropiella (Br.Tr) Melila (Ar.Bi.Spl Megaxinus Megayoldia (Mo.Ci) Megastylia (Po.Bi.Os.Ar.Ga.Bi.Pt) (Mo.'\n.Rh) Melonanchora Melonechinus (Ec.In) Mellitella (Ec.Ar.CI) Menuthiaster (Ee.Ec.Pa) (Cd.St) Menistocorphye Meniscophyllum Meniscopora Menneraspis (Ar.St) Melongena (Mo.NtI (Mo.Ec.Ar.Co) Meristelloides (Br.Or) Meishuengella ( Memoria (Ar.Tr.Ce) Melliteryx (Mo.Os.Ce.Go) Menticirrhus (Cd.Mo) Meioceras (Mo.An.Ga.Ga.PLAr) (Bz.Bi.Nu) Merocanites (Mo.Tr.Pt) Melanophyllidiuni (Cn.Me) (Ec.Os.Bi.Am) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Ru) MelanoMeus (Cd.Ve) (Mo.Ga.Ga) .Ci) Melatolla (Fo.Tr.Os.Os.Bi.Ph) (Cn.Ga.Ce.Ga.In) Merciella (Br.Pa.Ce.Gol Merebolina (Ar.Un) Meristella (Br.Un.Ar.Ce) (Mo.Ru) Merlewoodia (Cn.Ar) i (Cn.Ar.Me) (Mo.Fo) Mennessieria (Mo.Ar.Ga.Ec.Gy.Ce.Gy.Tx) Meneghiniceras (Mo.CI) Menocidaris (Ec.Am) (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Gy.Ce.Ce.St Br.Me.Ru) (Mo.Ce.Ce.Sp) Meneghinella (Ar.Ru) Meniscoceras (Mo.Co) Melocrinites (Ec.Ce.Hs) Meghystrichosphaeridiuni (Pr.Sp) Mellarium Mentzeliopsis (Br..St.Nt) Megaischernysi.Aj) Merluccius (Cd.Tr.Ey) Mepygurus Megommatocythere Megousia Megumatrypa (Ar.Ga) Melaraphc (Mo.Ml.Po) Melonella (Po.Un) Menabites Merignacia (Mo.Ch) Mericella Meishucunella (Ar.Pti Meristina (Br.Ce.Ce.Cr.MLAm) Menthafonia (Mo.Sp) Mene (Cd.Ne) Mercaticeras (Mo.Re) Melchioriles (Mo.Os.Tr.Te) Megistolepis (Cd.Bi.Tr.schisma (Ec.Am) (Cd.Ar) Menocephahtes (Ar.Cc) (Br.Ve! (Br.Ga.Sp) (Ar.Re.De.Nt) Menneroctenia (Mo.Os.Me) Megasurcula Meleagrinella (Mo.Ch.Ar.Ch) Meretrissa Meioceras Membraniporella (Bz.Un) Merocrinus (Ec.Ce.Am) Meginoceras (Mo.Bi.An.Cr.Ch) Meretrix Meisenia (Mo.As) Merista (Br.Co.Re.Ga.Os.Ga.Ga.Tr.In.In.Ve) Melkanicyathus (Br.Mo) Meonia Meotolima Megistosloma Meglopterorhynchus (Mo.Ga.Po) Melonites (Mo.Po) Mephiarges (Ar.Ga.Fo.Os.Pr) Meikeloceras (Mo.Po.Un) (Mo.Pt) Merlangius (Cd.Pt) Menoeidina Menola Melicerlta (Bz.Ar.Os.Or) Merismoconchu (Mo.Pa) Merlinia (Ar.Ga) Melanoraphia (An.Ne) (Mo.Po.Os.Os.Sp) Megislocrinus (Ec.Bi.Un) Melanogrammus (Cd.Pt) Meliceritella (Bz.Tr.Ga.Ar) Meliceritites (Bz.Ar.An.Bi.Ch.Ra.De.Fo) Melanostylus Mennerella (Ar.Ga.Bi.Am) Megerlina ( Mellita (Ec.Gr.Ne) Menniscocrinus (Ec.CI) Melaloma (Mo.Nt) Melanioptyxis Melan«t'urcata (Mo.Re.He) (Mo.My) (Br.Cl) Menuthiocrioceras (Mo.Ar) Melamphaes (Cd.Ho.An.Ga) Menippe (Ar.Ve) Mercierella (An.As) Mellopegma Meoma (Ec.Ve) (Mo.Fo.Gy.Cr.Fo.In) (Br.Ar..Pe) Melrosia Mercimonia (Mo.Gy.El) MembraTiacyathus (Po.Fo) Melosia (Mo.Ec.Te) Br.Ph) Meri story gma (Br.As) Megathura (Mo.Bi.Os.Na) Megislaspis (Ar.Sp) Megerlia (Br.Ru) (Ar.Tr.Ru) Megath>ris Megatrigonia (Mo.CI) Merocythere (Ar.Di) Meneviella (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Ec.Ar.Ce.Cc) Menoparia (Ar.Fo) Mcnnespiriter (Br.Ne) Mennericyathus (Po.De) Merklinia (Mo.EI) Mehesella (Ar.Ch) Merica Meishucuchiton (Mo.Spl Melanonus (Cd.As) Melapium (Cn.Ne) (Mo.He) Meristo.En) Merklinicardium (Mo.Ar.Me) Melanognathus Meaatehennus Mcgaleuthis Br.Te) Merismopteria (Mo.Ar) Membraniporina Memicryptocapsa (AcRa.An.Te) Melikerona (Cn.Br) Melanatria ( Menaspacanthus Menaspis Mendacella Mendathyris Mendolaspis Mendosina Mendospidella Melanchlenia (Ar.Ga.Ve) Membran poridra (Bz.Sp) Menestho (Mo.An.Ar.Pt) (Ar.Hy.Pt) Meristosomo (Ar.Li) (Br.Pt) Melagathiceras Melagraphia (Mo.Me.Ch.On (Br.Tr.Nu) Menuites (Mo.Na) Mericoceras (Mo.Ce.Ga.Al) Merisiospira (Br.Cr.Am) (Br.Tr.Be) (Mo.Ar.An.He) (Cn.Un.Os.Sp) Mentzelia (Br.lic\\ ia I Melithaea (Cn.Ar.Cr.Ce.Ta) Meitanovitus (Hy.

Co.De) Metadoliolina (Fo.Cr.Co.Ir.Am) Mesolaria (Ec.Po) Merrillina (Mo.Am) Mcsoniphaliis (Ar.An) Mesosaurus Mesoscalpclium (Mo.Ar.Ga.MI.Ce.Pa) Metabrograptus (He.Ar.Ce.Ce.Co) Mesoda (Cd.Ch.Ce.Bi.Tr.Au) (Ec.Sc) Metacoceras (Mo.Ar.Ce.Di) Mesotrochactaeon (Mo.Os.Ce.Ar.Gr) Metaprioniodu.Ce.Ce.Bi.Co) Mesomiliha (Mo.Ar) Mesociynienia (Mo.Pii) Metactinoceras (Mo.Am) Mesol^)ph^ldu^ (Cd.Bulletin 363 466 (Mo.EcSp) Mesocystis (Ec.Ce.Tr.Tr) Metalytoceras (Mo.Bl.Ma.Mo) Mesiuicjuaceras (Mo.Ag) Mesenteripora (Bz.De) Mesodiceras (Mo.Tr.Re) Mcsolissostrophia (Br.Tr.Fo) Messinella (Ar.Ga.Ce.s) Mclarnioceras (Mo.Cr.Ce.Co) (Cd.Ce.Ce) (Mo.Am) Metamelon (Mo.Ce.Ce.Sc) Mesopleura (Cn.Fo.Ga.Nt) Metanomocare (Ar.An.Py) Metaperimestocrinus (Ec.Gy.Fo) Mesopriisopon (Ar.Cr.Ce.Co.Pe) Metapliomcrops (Ar.Tr.Ta) Metacarniles (Mo.Sp) Mesorbitolina (Fo.Tr) Metalia (Ec.Bi.Bi.Ga.Tr.Pt) Metacymbites (Mo.Ar.Ph) Mesopalaeaster (Ec.Bi.Bi.Un) Metaleiolichas (Ar.As.Ac) (Mo.Ec.Na) (Mo.Ch) Metahedenstroemia (Mo.Be) Metakletes (Po.An.Hy) Melabolocrinus (Ec.Ce.Fo) Melagravcsia Mesocallista (Mo.sovallupus (Ac.Ce.Tr.Fo.Tr.Ru) (Mo.Ne) Mesodesma Mcsodiadcma (Mo.Re.Or) Metaffinocrinus (Ec.Ve) Mesonea (B/.Re) Mesotrypa Mesotrypina (Bz.Me.Ce.Ce.Go) (Mo.An) (Ar.Ga.Tr.Ce) Metalisania (Ar.Ga.Pc) Mesoteutliis (Mo.Pl) Melaporinus (Ec.Nu) Mesocndothyra (Fo.Ve) Metadagnoceras (Mo.Ph) Mesoglauconia (Mo.Ce) Meladictya (B/.Po) Merulina (Cn.Ce.Hs) Metapakieoneiio (Mo.Sl.Od) Metaphragmoceras (Mo.Re) Mesileia (Cd.Ce) Metaindocrinus Mesocladiscites (Cd.An.Os.Sp) Metanephrops (Ar.Fo.Hy.Tr.Ce) Metarnienoceras (Mo.Ch.Ac) Mesolobus (Br.Ar) Mesodiomitcs (Ar.Bi.Os.Os.Ce.An.Ga.Ga.Cr.St) Metaderoceras (Mo.Xi) Metacamarella (Br.Fo.Ta) (EcEc.Cr.An.Po) Metapatocera.Ta) Mcstognathus (Cd.Fo.Ce.Ar) Mcrophriciis (Br.St) Metacalymene (Ar.Tr.Cc) Mesorhoea (Ar.Cr.Ce) Metakieospira (An.On) Mesogena (Mo.Gr.Tr.Os.Oc) Mesosaccella Metaeutelecrinus (Ec.Am) (Mo.Rc.Cr.Ds) Mcsolepis (Cd.Ph) Metapronorites (Mo.Ce.Ru) Mctamsassia (Po.PI) Mesolimulus Mesolinga (Ar.St..CI) Metakootenia (Ar.Cr) Mesammina (Fo.Nt) Mctabelemnites Metapkicenticeras (Mo.Co) Mesoleptostrophia (Br.D.Tr) Metallagecrinus (Ec.Ce) Mesaktoceras Mesoplica (Br.Ch.De.As.De) Messaoiidia (Ec.Ca) (Cd.Ho.Ga.Ar) Metaconulus Metacrinus (Ec.Tc) Mesononiia (Br.Ci) Melabovvniaiiia (Ar.Pe) Metacerilhium (Mo.Pt) Mesorhytis Metadoxides (Ar.Am) Mcsodcntalina (Fo.MI.Ec.Tr.Py) (Bz.MI.Ce.Ce.Co.Ce.St) Metaeanthina (Ar.Ph) Mesokylix (Cn.Sc.Ar.Un) Metalegoceras (Mo.Cc) Meropalla (Ar.Gr.ScCn) Mesotrigonia (Mo.Bi.Co) Metapeltoceras (Mo.Tr.Ce.Am) Mesospira (Mo.St.Sp) Mesosehubertella (Fo.Cl) Mesotremaster (Ec.Go) Mesopu/osia (Mo.Bi.Ce.Bi.Di.BkSp) Metabolipa (Br.Am) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ce.Tr.Ci) Metagraulos (Ar.Ar) Mesotreta (Br.De) Mesturus (Cd.Nt) Melasculellum (Ar.Tr.Ga.Os.Ga.Ce.Os.s (Cd.Ce.Hi) Mesovalvata (Mo.Cr.Go) Mesocoelia (Mo.s Mesotavosites (Cn.Sp) Mesohiboliles (Mo.Ce.Ra.EI) Metapilekia (Ar.Am) (Mo.Os.Sl.PI) Metaredlichioides (Ar.Ar) Metabaltoceras (Mo.Pe) Merospiril'er (Br.Pt) Mesoneritina (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Un) Mesoblaslus (Ec.Ve) Mesosinioeeras (Mo.Po.Ic) Merriamites Mesochasmoceras Mesochiloloma Mesochione Mesochiton Mesotaxis .CI) Melapolyniorpliina (Fo.Tr.Ce) Mesomorpha (Cn.Bi.Ve) Metaclimacograptus (He.Bi.Ce) Mesotaphraspis (Ar.Ce.Nt) Metaharpes (Ar.Am) (Mo.Ci) Me.Na) Mctasigaloceras (Mo.Cc) Metacryphaeu.CI) (Bz.Tr.Bi.Ar.Un) Mesoneilo Mcloperix (Ar.Cr.Nu) (Cd.Gr) Metasibirites (Mo.Ar.Tr.Fo) Meladiscus (Ar.Pt) Mesostomaria (B/.Ta) Metahamites Metahaploceras (Mo.Ce.Li) Mesoconularia (Cn.Ga.MI.St) Mespiloeysliles (Ec.Ac) (Mo.CI) Merriamia (Cd.Ce.Sp) Mesonopora Merriamasier (EcEc.Cr.Ce.Pe) Metaptychoceras (Mo.St.Cn) Metaspyroceras (Mo.Ce.Ga.Co.Ce.Ct) Mespilocrinus (Ec.Ga.s (Ar.Ce.Am) Mesoceras Mesocetus (Mo.No) Mesodouvillina (Br.Se) McMX'kipea (Cd.Nu) (Mo.Po.Mo) Metacromyocrinu.Am) (McGa.Am) Mesalia (Mo.Ve) (Mo.Pr) Metahoplites (Mo.Co) Mesopepliim Mesophol idostrophia Mesophyilum Metacytheropteron (Ar.As) Mesodmodus (Cd.On) (Mo.Tr.Ma.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Ar.Cr.Fo) Mesolasnia (Ar.An.CI) MesDgaudryceras Metaacidaspis (Ar.Ar.Fo.St) Metaealillocrinus (Ec.Ce) Mcschcdea (Ac.Pa) Metaconuhiria (Cn.Di) Mesosolenia (Cn.Be) (Mo.Ar.Ra.Co) Metapadia (Mo.Bc) (Cd.Ma.Ma.s (Ec.Ne) (Mo.Is) Metacrocrinus (Ec.Ar.Ve) Mesouralina (Cn.Am) (Br.Ce.An.Am) Mesohaliiia MetabkislUN Metapkisia (Br.St) Metacypris (Ar.s Mesolites (Cn.St.Ma.Ce.Nt) Mesoplodon (Cd.Ds) Mesodema (Ar.Ph) Melari/ocera.Cy) Meladimorphoceras Mcscalites (Mo.Co) Mesoleras (Cd.Fo) Mesotiirrilites (Mo.Ve) Metacanites (Mo.CI) Mesobeloceras (Mo.Or) Memcna (Mo.Sa) Metanothosaurus (Cd.Re.Ce.Am) Meladinarites (Mo.Fo) Mesetaia (Ar.Am) Mcsogalathea (Ar.Ce.Nt) (Mo.Ce.

A COMPENOUM Metasquulodon Meiiissuria Melasterocyslis Melastrnmatoceras MelaMvliolina MelasyciKrinus Melathyrisina Mctalibcliles MeiaiisMilia Melavermilia Melaxia Metaxytheriiim Meiayuepingia Meielipora Metengonoceras Meteoraspis Metephippiorthoceras Methabocrinus Metholectypus Metichthyocrinus Metinyoites Metisaspina Meiisaspis Metoiecx.rinus Metyacyalhellus Mexicaprina Mexicardia Mexicaria Mexicaspis Mexicella Mexicoceras Mexicotrtx-haetaeon Meyendorftina Mcyerella Meyeria Me/ocrotalus Me/ounia Mialsemia (Cd.Ma.eras Melopacanthus Metopasler Metopixetus Metopolichas Metopotropis Metoptoma Melonhis Metorthonema Metoxynoliceras Metracolposa Metradolium Meirarabdtnos Metrioceras Metriolepis Metriomphalus Metrionaxon Metriophylium Metrioplexus Melriorhynchus Melrocrypla Melrolyloceras Melschnikowia Melula Metulella Melussuria Meiuthartx.Ce) Ol Fossil MARINE ANIMAL GeNERA: SePKOSKI 467 .

468 Micropylepora Bulletin 363 .

An.Ce.Ar.Ar.An.Fo.Ga.Ar) (Ec.Co.Di) Mollia (Bz.An.Tr) (Bz.Ar.Ce.Ar.Bi.Un.Or) (Br.Ce) (Mo.An.Te) Monachiopsis Monachocrinus Mislostigma (Mo.Ce.Bi.Bi.Ga.Ga.Ar.Bi.Bi.Un) (Cn.Ce.Ga.Eu) Mojsisovicsites (Ar.On) (Mo.Ga.Pu) Mithracia Modiolatus Modiolina (Mo.Ar.MLDe) (Ar.Ne) (Ec.Cl) Hy.Ma.Pa) Mongolitubulus (Pr.Sp) (Mo.Rh) (Br.Be) Monachus (Cd.Bi.Os.Ph) Mirorthis (Br.Sc) Moleculospina (Po.Ga.Ar.Am) Mirlolaminatus (Mo.Ar.Go) Mirilingula (Br.An.Mt) Monadoblastus Monadotoechia Monetaria Mitnnia (Mo.An) Mojczella (Ar.On) Moesiloculina (Fo.Ra.Nt) Moniellocrinus (Ec.Mi) Mogoktella (Br.Ta) Mitraria Modiomytilus Mongoliopsis (Br.Fo.Gy.Ce) (Mo.St.Ar.Pa) Mojscaroceras (Ar.Ga.Ce.Cr.Ru) (Mo.St.As.Tu) Monilispongia (Po.Pt) Mitrodendron (Cn.Ne) (Mo.Os.Eu) Mississippina (Fo.Ga.Ga.Un.Os.Bi.Or) (Mo.St) Mollisonia (Ar.Bi.Ch.Un) Mizuhopecten Mjandymoceras Mjoesina Mnemoceras Mollocrinus (Ec.Bo) (Br.Bi.Bi.Fo.Cc) Modiolodon Mitoclemella (Bz.Ne) Moerella (Mo.Ga) (Po.Mt) Mitra (Mo.Hy) Molongcola Molongella Molongia Molophyllum Molopophorus (Br.Ve) (EcBl.Se) Mnestocylichnella Miseia (Mo.Hi) Moeschia (Br.At) Monia (Mo.An.St.Ar.Sc) Mobula (Cd.Ce) Misislella (Cn.Te) Mitroceras (Mo.Ce.Ce.Mo) (Mo.Go) (Bz.Ru) (An.Ne) (Mo.Mi) Moelleritia (Ar.Ne) Moeckovvia (Ar.Ho.Na) Modiodonta Milchellaspis (Ar.Os.Ch.La) Mochlopliylluni Missisquoia (.Pr) (Br.Mo) (Mo.Cl) Miyagipecten (Mo.Te) Molengraatia (Po.On) Mojsisoviczia (Mo.Ec.Ec.Sp) Milratoma (Mo.Ce.Nt) Mongolitesta (Pr.Nt) Milchellella (Br.Ar) (Mo.In) Milrella (Mo.Ce.Bi.Bi.Na) (Mo.Mo) Monasterium Moncharmontia Monelasmina (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Ne) Moiropsis (Ec.Ph) Modiolarca Monalaria (Mo.Ra.Bi.Li) Miriproetus Mirisquamea Mirochiliticus Miroclymenia Miroelasma Mitrellotaxis Mitrellotuiris Milreola Mitridomus Milrolumna Mi\iK(>nus (Ec.Fo) Miyakoceras Miyakosimilia Miyakothyris (Mo.Tr.Ca.Mt) (Mo.Ga.Is) Moerckeia Mitrilhara (Mo.Bi.Ce.Ga.MI.Bi.Go) (Cn.Pr) Mixogonaria Mixomanlicoceras Mixopterus Mixosaurus (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Ce.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Pt) Mokattamia (Mo.Cr.In) Moelleria (Mo.Co.Tr.Ga.Mt) Mongoliella (Br.Sp) Mochella (Ar.Pt) Mirosphincies (Mo.Os.Cc) Modiolopsis (Mo.Fo) (Br.Sc) Mohrensternia (Mo.Ra.St) Modiella (Mo.Rh) Mitrax (Ar.In) (Mo.An.Ar) Molukkana Molukkia Molva Molybdocyathus (Mo.Mt) (Mo.Ga.Bi.Re.Ga.Am) (Mo.Ly) Mixixretus (Cd.Bi.Ga.Fo.Un.Cr.Ga.Ve) Mitrocaprina (Mo.cn Moderatoproduclus (Br.Fo) Mnestia (Cn.Rh) (Fo.Ce) Misteia (Mo.Ga.Ce) (Mo.Ve) Monitorella (Mo.Ag) (Ch.Ve) Mixtusdictyon (Po.Os.Ar.La) Moisseievia (Br.Na) Mirilcntia (Mo.Ga.Ar.Fo) Modelia (Mo.Co) Mobergella (Pr.Os.Am) Mitrocysiella (Ec.Cri (Br.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Cr.De) (Mo.Fo.Sp) Mita (Ac.Au) (Br.Po) (Cd.Fo) Moanasaurus Moapocrinus Misikella (Cd.Sc) Mojc/alepas (Pr.Ce) Mixastraca (Cn.Ga.Ce.Ar.De.Ga.Re.St) Miscellosmilia (Mo.Sq) Misellina (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Ga.Cr.MLDe) (Mo.Ce.Mc) .Ce) (Cd.Cl) Miscellanea (Fo.Pt) Mochtyella (Cn.St.Ar.Ru) iMo.Ma.Ce.Mt) .Ar.Or) Mitorthoceras Modiolus (Mo.Ma.Ar) Milhracites (Ar.Bi.Nt) Mixtacandona (Ar.Un) Moffitites (Mo.Ne) (Cd.Pe) Mongolocarpos Mongoloceras Mongoloclema Mongolodictya Mongolodiscus Mongolodus Mongolorhynx Mongolosia Mongolospira MilrocvMites (Ec.Pa) Monilea Moira (Ec.Pt) Mongolirhynchia (Br.Or.Ar.Ch) Mirua (Br.Hi) (Cd.Un) Mirula (Mo.Un) Modestospira (Mo.Bi.De.Ar) (Ec.Ar.Ga.Sc) (Cd.Ce.Bi.Ph) (Mo.St.Ga.Me.St) Mitracalpis (Ac..Un.Ve) MiKKlema (Bz.Ar.Mo) (Mo.Ec.s (Mo.An.Ne) Mongoceras Mongoliacus Modiolusia (Mo.Ar.Or) (Pr.Ne) (Mo.An.Un.Ma.Ch.Sl) Modiolaria Monaster (Ec.Co) (Mo.Ph) Misrichthys Missouricrinus (Ec.Ga.Be) Mixtipecten (Mo.Rh) Monilinretusa (Mo.Te) Molaria (Ar.Bi.Bi.Le) Moenocrinus (Ec.Ne) (Cn.Li.Ne) (Mo.Po.Ic) Mojsisovicsteuthis (Mo.Di) Mitrodrillia Moierina (Ar.Ar.Ar.Ca) Mistproductus (Br.Am) Mirojuvavites iCn.Ce.Modocia (Ar.Pt) Mola (Cd.Ga.Ga.Sp) Monilipsolus Milsukurina (Cd.Cr.Ga.Fo) Mitrocrinus (Ec.Cr.Sp) Moniliopsis Mitromorpha (Mo.Ga.ArSp) (Cn.Tr) Mirifusus (Ac.He.Ce) (Br.An.Ne) Modesta (Cn.St) Monacanthites (Mo.Tr.Fo.Mt) (Mo.Ar.Te) Mixosiphonocera.Cy) (Ar.Pt) Molinicola (Mo.Px) ModesteJla (Br.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 469 (Cn.Co) Mojczatheca ( Mojczatrypa (B/.Ir.As.Na) Modiomorpha Mongoliolites (Cn.Ca) Mistia (Ec.Os.Ar.Mi) Mogoliella (Br.De) Modulus (Mo.Tr.Ru) (Cd.St.Sp) Monitilora (Mo.Tr.Bi.St.Un.Co.Ce.Ce.Ce.Ga.Ga.Am) Modiolula (Mo.Sl) (Br.St.Po) Mojsvarites Mirocetus (Cd.My) Moltkia Misolia (Br.St) Mokotibasler (Ec.Os.Ce.Ar.Nt) (Mo.An.An.Orl (Mo.Ma.Bi.An.Hd) Mironovella (Fo.

Ce.Te) Monoclimacis (He.Fo.Ch) Moravammina (Fo.Ps) Moxomia (Ar.Cl) Morula (Cd.Un) Moyacanthus (Cd.Hi) Monsteraphyllum (Cn.St) Motyris (Mo.St.Ga.Fo.Am) Moutoniceras (Mo.Fo) Moorea Moore tieldeila (Br.Pa) (Cd.Cl) Montia (Mo.Pa) Monoiis (Mo.Un.Ma.Pa) .Ga.Gr.Ca) Moremanoceras (Mo.Un) Monoschi/.Nt) (Cn.Mo) Moncibolina (Br.Gy.He.Ar) Morocconites (Ar.ln.Ch) Monophoraster (EcEc.Pa) Morycastraea (Mo.ablastus (Ec.Ve) Morkhiivenia (Ar.Fo) Morphasniopora Morphastrea Moiphoceras (Mo.Sp) Monorthis (Br.Ar.Ga.Os.Bi.Me.Ly) Moyerclla (B/.Ga.Sc) (Ec.Ga.Nt) Monosera (Ac.Fe) Morum Moniimerclla (Br.Gr) Monticlarella (Br.Ta) Miinoporclla (B/.Gr.Ar.St) Mrassiella (Mo.Ga.Tr.Un.Ar.Bl.Ga.Tr) Moretia (Po.Ce.Fo) Monocostodus (Cd.Cl) Mooreoceras (Mo.Ne) (Cn.Tr.Ct) Moiniirypella (Bz.Os.Ce.Rc.Pt) Monocyclastraea Monodonta Monogonoceras Moniipleura Muiioplex (Ar.Ga.Ne) Monotaxinoides (Fo.Cl) Momidiadetna Monodiexodina Monodilepas (Ec.Ec.Or) Moorilheca (Hy.Bi.Co) Monticiilipora (Bz.An.St.Bi.St.Cc) Montsenetes Montyoceras (Mo.Ar) Morone Morosa Morosyringium (Ac.Ra.Os.Di) Moridunia (Mo.Tr.An.Tr.Pt) Moraviaturia (Br.Ar) (Mo.Go) Moscovicrinus (Ec^Cr.Ne) Morania (Mo.As) Monspeliensina (Fo.He) Monoccratopora (Bz.Ga.Ce.Ce) Movchovitschia (Ar.Fo) Morrisipecten (Mo.Cr) Monsardithyris (Br.St.Fo) Morgania (Mo.Po.Ar.Fo.Ar.Pr) Monophyllites Mopalia (Mo.Os.An.Ch) Morccispongia (Po.Gy.Na) Monoptygma (Mo.Or) Mortoniceras (Mo.Li.Ga.Hc.He.Fo) Mosquella (Br.Ml.Na) Moniicladodiis (Cd.Sc) Moiphotropis (Mo.Os.Cr.Fo) Morcauoceras (Mo.Nt) Monoccntris (Cd.Dc.Nl) Monnieria (Mo.C-h.Ph) Moiioccrina (Bz.Ar) (Mo.Os.St.Ch) Montecari.Po) Monomyces (Cn.Li) Moorellina (Br.Ob) Monticulirera (Br.Ga.Ne) (Cn.Re.St) Morrisithyris (Br.Rh) Mortensenaster (Ec.Os.Bl.Po) Monorakos (Ar.Ce.Ar.Po) Monoceratella (Ar.Co) Motuipophorus (Mo.Or.Pn) Moiill'onia (Mo.Po) Montastrea (Cn.Pt) (Cn.Fo) Mortensenites (EcHo.Ma.Po) Monoccratina (Ar.Sc) Morphorhynchus (Br.Ar.Am) Br.Sc) Mormula (Mo.Ar.CI) Morchiella (Mo.Bl.Fo.Ga.Hd.Sp) Monstrocrinus (Ec.Sa) (Ar.Sp) Mostlerclla (Ar.Bi.Ne) Moroteiithis (Mo.Fo.Ga.An.Rh) Moimdacus (Ar.Te) Morkhovenicythereis (Ar.Ra.Bi.Ga.Co.Os.Eu) Moquellina (Br.Re.Ga.Ru) Morgatia (Ar.Ta) Mosasaurus (Cd.MI.Sp) Mora\ostrophia (Br.Tr.Sc) Monocycloides Monocyrtoceras (Ec.Ar.St.Hi) (Mo.Ph) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.My) Morenicyalhus (Po.An.An.Bi.Tr.Ga.Ac) Munlipoia (Cn.Ar.Ce.An.Ga.St.Ar) (Ar.De.s (Ar.Pr) MoMtospIra (Mo.Te) Mosquoceras (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Os.Ru) Motina (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ar.Cl) Monostychia (Ec.St) Monohriichiocrinus (EcCr.Or) Mosaeleberis (Ar.Re.Cr.Pn) Moorephyllopohna (Bz.Ar.Bi.Ga.Ce.Tr.Pt) Monolrypa (Bz.Bulletin 363 470 Monkaspis (Ar.Os.An.Tr) Moretarva (Ar.Ce.Os.Fo) (Cd.Nl) MiinlforUila (Mo.Pr) Mostlerium (Ac.Ar.Tr.Fe) Monoeonvexa (Br.St) Morozovella (Fo.Or) Moravophylluni (Cn.Ve) Moriniirhynchus (Br.Gy.Aj) Moutonithyris (Br.Te) Mimoliopleura (Ar.Fo.Os.Cr.Sc) (Bz.Te) Moretiella (Po.Ne) (Mo.Sq) Mononotella (Ar.Na) Moraviirus (Ar.Sp) (Mo.As) Morrowcrinus (Ec.Cr) Monocuphus (Mo.De.Sc) (Cn.In) Monsella (Bz.Ar.Ma.Tr) Morozoviella (Bz.El) Moiirelina (Br.De) Monodon (Cd.Fo.Li) Montaciila (Mo.Ph) Moravocoryphe (Ar.Os.Cr) Morunella Monomitopus (Cd.Rh) Moro/ovapora (B/.l.Ar) Mooreinella (Fo.Ce.Sc) (Mo.An.De) Moronaster (Ec.Os.Po) Mosathoa (Bz.An.Ph) Mdnobluslus (Ec.Ar) Monodcchella Monodechcnclla (Ar.Co.Nt) Monosulcatina (Ar.Pt) Monochirus Monocirsus (Cd.Ar.Ec.Am) Monograptus Monolene (He.Ra.Me.Os.Nl) (Mo.Tr.Gy.Ce.Pr) Montsechiana (Fo.Ce.Bi.Nt) Moskovia (Po.Ce.i.Aj) Moschoglossis (Ar.Sp) Morionclla (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Os.Bi.Ar) Morrisiceras (Mo.Sc) Monticyathus (Cn.Ch) Montczuniella (Ar.Rh) Monnpteria (Mo.Cl) Monlanablastiis (Ec.Gy.Xi) MiHMiiina ( Monospinitcs (Pr.Ga.Am) (Ar.Os.Pt) Monodentella (Mo.Ch.Op) Moorites (Ar.Po) Morganella (Br.Ga.Fo.Am) (Fo.Ml.Ar) (Br.An.Pt) (Cd.Te) Mortieria (Po.Ne) Moravilla (Br.An.An.Ce) (Mo.Pd) Miinlanclla (Br.Ar.Ch) MunlicLillphyllia (Cn.Tr.De) Miinllivallia (Cn.Fo.Ce.Gr) Mooreocriniis (Ec.Ga.Ar.Tr.Cl) Moorowlpora Moosina Moolwingeecyathus (Po.Sp) Moiuichcilus (Ar.Sc) Moiioniuchiles (Mo.Is) Monlipariis (Fo.An.Sp) (Mo.Br) Monlanaria (Mo.Te) MiniodeMiiDpora (Bz.St.Ce.Gy.Li) Moorevillia (Cd.Am) (Mo.Ga.Tr.Ga.Tr.Ar.Bi.Sa) Miirchellastraea (Cn.CI) Mopsea Moselopterus (Ar.Os.Rh) Mosiierella (Cd.Li) Moyerokania Moythomasia Monsmirabilia (Ar.Co.Os.Pl) Morenocctus Morenosaurus (Cd.Ly) (Mo.Ce.Ar.Cr.Ec.Os.Ga.As) Moiuforlella (Fo.Pl) Morea (Mo.Po) Morrowites (Mo.Th) Mortonella (EcEc.Ar.Ta) Moundocrinus Mourlonia Mourlonopsis Moussonella Monotherium Monotlu ra (Cd.

Ar) Mycctoseries (Cn.An.Bi.Bi.An) (Br.Sc) Myoproetus Myopsolenus Myoplerygius (Ar.Li) Musculiopsis (Mo.Ga.At) Myadoropsis Myagropora (Mo.EcSp) (Mo.Co) (Cd.Ce.Tu) Mullisolenia (Cn.Os.Nt) (Cn.Ve) Muiiditiclla (Ec.Fo.Te) Muellerina (Ar.Ga.Hc) (Mo.Pr) Mullizonopora (Bz.Ve) Mulinia (Mo.Ce.Ar.Ve) Mullilubigera (Bz.Nt) Muliius (Ar.Sp) (Br.Ve) Myophorigonia (Mo.MI.Tr) Mullithecop{)ra (Cn.Li) Murrayoceras (Mo.Ce.Tr) Murrayinella (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Ml) (Mo.Po) Myalinopterella (Mo.Fo.Hs.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Ga.De.Te) Murihikurhynchia (Br.Bi.Sp) (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ne) (Fo.So) MuirwooUella Muirwoodia (Br.He.Ar.Cr.Fo.Ve) .Ro.Co) Murgella (Fo.Os.Li.An.Ru) Miicroclipous (Br.Te) M\ ophoricardium (Mo.Ga.St) Myllocercion (Ac.Os.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Gy.Fo) Mursiopsis (Ar.Sc) Muilus (Cd.eras (Mo.Ga.Ar.An.Mt) Mucrospirifer (Br.Ce.Sc) (Cn.He.De) Myadura (Mo.Fol Mupus (Cd.Te) Murchisonia (Mo.Ce.Sc) (Cd.Pt) (Cd.Co.De) Myalineila (Mo.Ph) (Mo.Tr.Fo.Sc) Mumiclla Mumma.Sp) Muscochitina (Fo.Ne) MultiHdella (Fo.Re.Ch.Ch) Mylloconotreta (Br.Ph) Myobradypterygius Myocaris Multiloqua (Po.Aj) Munida (Ar.Cc) Musculus (Mo.Po) Myoconcha (Mo.Ph) (Cd.St.Pa) MurchisoneJla Mycetophylliopsis (Cn.Cm) (Cd.Ga.Tr.Po) Muraenosaurus (Cd.Fo) Muiidocephalina (Ar.Re.Bi.De.Re) Musicrinus (Ec.Fo) MurphitNs (Mo.Bi.ln.Go) Murciella (Fo.Te) Myelastrum (Ac.Cc) Muricotrochus (Mo.My) Multiconus (Mo.Spl (Cd.Ch) Myophorella Myophoria Mullispirina (Fo.St.Pt) Myalina (Mo.Ar.Ar.Fo) Munhella (Br.Ar.Ru) Muricopsis Myliobatis Multicavea (Bz.Ce..De.My) Mslinlclla (Fo.Ar) (Cd.Aiiil Munijia (Ar.Cc) Murjukiana (Br.St.Or) Myllita (Mo.Ar.Bi.Ro.Re.Sp) Muniericcras (Mo.Ps) \Uiellfrilhalamia (Po. Animal Ggnrra: Sepkoski MrasMK'Natliiis (Po.Bi.Bi.Gy.Ve) Myinda (Ar.Ce.Bi.Fo) Murengoloclema (Bz.Ga.Os.Bi.Li.Ve) Muricanthus Myindella (Ar.Bi.MI.Ce.Se) Mylomyrus Mylostoma Multit'ascigera (Bz.Ar.Ac) Multicrescis (Bz.Di) MuUicrisina (Bz.Bi.Ch) (Cn.Aj) Mundastcr MrliiUiia MiiiKJilia Mstlkhituiccras (Mo.Ce.Fo) Musculina (Br.Tr.Ve) Muitisiella (Po.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Pl.Os.Pl.OI) Mustelus (Cd.Os.Ne) (Mo.Ac) Myodakryotus Myodethyrium Myoforceps Multiplyxis (Mo.Or) Murinopsia (Bz.An.Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Makini.Ar.EI) Muricoglobigerina (Fo.Ds) Mulccodcns (Mo.De) Myomphalis (Ar.Cc) Murmur (Cd.Po) (Fo.Ga.St) Mursilia (Ar.Bi.Fo) Mycocrinus (Ec.St.Os.Ch) Mussisi'ilia (Cn.Hc) Mursia (Ar.Mt) Multiridgia (Br.Fo.Ax) Mycerosia Mycetaraea Mycetophyllia Muellerodus (Cd.Cr.An.Vel Murguithalamia (Po.An.Ch.As) Mulletia (Mo.Ph) MultioiModiis (Cd.He) Murravia (Br.Fo.Bi.Bi.Sc) Mucrospiriferinella (Br.He.Pa) Myonia Myopholas Multispinula (Br.Os.Ar.Ar) Miicrodactylites (Mo.Bi.Pt) Mucronella (B/.Pf) Muriceras (Mo.Nt) (Cn.Ph) Muconalia Munidopsis (Ar.Ga.An.Pf) Myapalmula (Mo.Sc) Murilerella (Br.Re.Bi.Os.Tr.Ce.Ra.Pt) Mya (Mo.Ce.Tr.MI.St.Aii) Mycedium (Cn.SuCc) Murtiella (Ar.Pl.Ga.Cc) Murotriton Myobarbum (Mo.De) Munieratrypa (Br.Ar.An.Ta) Murthya (Ar.An.Po.Ga.Co.Ar.As) Muiimiides (Mo.Ac) Mslinia 471 Mulationclla (Br.Fo) Mykosmilia Mylacanthus Myledaphus (Cn.Re.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ch) Miinseyella (Ar.ameroi.Ds) (Ar.spis (Bz.Sl) Murexsul Murgeina (Mo.Ve) Multicorhynchia (Br.Rh) Myllitella (Mo.Tr.De) Myona (Mo.Ar.Bi.Cr.Bi.Mulliphrayma (Bz.He) Multicolumnaslraea (Cn.Sc) Muenstcrella (Mo.Fo) MiienMeroceras (Mo.Bi.Ga.Fo) (Mo.Pt) Muricassis (Mo.Bi.Gy.Eu) Murrindalaspis (Cd.Ga.Bi.Ec.Fo.Cc) Murravechinus (Ec.Ds) \lutu->hatK'lla (Fo.EI) Muilii.De.Bi.Os.Ce.Pf) Murex Myctophum (Cd.An.An) Muliitarites (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Na) Multicostclla (Br.Ar) Multipocula (Po.St.Ga.Ri) (Br.Nu) (Ar.Fo.Fo) Mygallia (Mo.Cr.St.Tr.lc) Multigalea (Bz.Bi.Am) Myagrostoma (Mo.Ho.An.Or) Myadcsma (Mo.Fi).Co) Murrayina (Ar.Ar.Os.Be) Muroserpula (An.Ga.Tr) Multispiriler (Br.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Te) Myochama (Mo.Mt) Myophoriopis Myoplusia Mullivasculaius (Po..Or) Mychostomina (Fo.Cr) Mugil (Cd.Ta) Musculista (Mo.Ml.Os.Bi.MI.Pa) Mulliscptida (Fo.St.Ch.Ga.Os.Bi.Fo.Ac) Musashia (Mo.lc) .Fo) Myelodactylus (Ec.Ar) (Mo.Ga.De.Ph) Mucophylluni (Mo.Ph) Miinitlieites (Ar.My) Muiroceras (Mo.Bi.Pt) Mucronaspis (Ar.Gy.Po) (Mo.EI) Multiprion (An.Os.Ar.Tr) (Mo.Re.St.Ve) MiichatlOLvatluis (Po.Ne) (Cd.Or) Myloceras (Mo.Fo.Ph) Muliisparsa (Bz.Ra.s (Mo.Ar.An.Po.Ar.Sc) Muenstcrites Murchisonicera.Ar) Myliusia (Po.Pt) Mui.Na) Murexiella Myeinocystites (Ec.Bi.Fe) Mycterosuchus (Cd.Ar.Ve) Multicarinophv Hum (Bz.MI.An.Os.De) Myot'ossa (Mo.R>iiina (Fo.Ar.Bi.Te) Muticlla (Mo.Ga.Pe) Murania (Po.Ce) (Mo.Cc) Mussa (Cn.Ca) Myopugnax (Br.Rh) Murinella (Br.Sp) Muraena Muraenesox (Cd.Rh) (Mo.Fo.

Co) Naquetia (Mo.Fi) Nataliella (Cn.At) iPo.lc) Nannobelus (Mo.En) Mylilaster (Mo.Ga.Ma.Os.Ne) Nathorsthia ( Naclocrinus (Ec.Ve) Nalivkinicyathus (Po.Or) Nanatrypa (Br.Pr) Nanaochlaniys (Mo.Ch.Ar) (Mo.Sc) Nagyella (Ar.Ml.Ve) Naka/.Tr.Cl) Nalivkinaria (Br.Ag) (Mo.An.Bi.Cu) Nassicola (Mo.Tr.Ar) (Ec.En) Namuropyge (Ar.An) Nanahughmilleria (Ar.Mt) Nankinolithus (Ar.Ar.Ph) Mylclla (Mo.Rh) Najaceras (Mo.Ch) Nanambonites (Br.Ga.Un.Ce.Fo) (Ec.Pt) Myxinikcla (Cd.Pt) Nanchangosaurus Nanchengella (Ar.Nt) Mystrophora (Br.Am) (Mo.Ch.Ne) (Mo.Os.Gy.Cr.Eu) Narcopterus (Cd.Pt) Nanianoia (Ar.Ce.Pt Nanopitar (Mo.Po) Naptile (Ar.Di) Nannopterygius (Cd.Ru) Myrsopsis (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Bi.Ve) Nalivkinia (Br.Tr.Or) Mytilidesmatclla (Mo.Ar.Ne) Nahecaris (Ar.Pf) Mytiloceraniiis (Mo.Ru) (Mo.Os.Mo) Naso (Cd.Rh) Naanchangasaurus (Cd.At) Narindechinus (Ec.Ce) Nadalina (Cn.Ar.As) Nassauoceras Myurella Nannarnoria (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Tr.Ga.Sa) Nanacythere (Ar.Un.Cr.Mt) Nainalia (Cn.Ga.He.Ce.On Nainbeetella (Ar.Pt) Nanisocetus (Cd.Gy.Pt) Nacclla (Mo..Ce.Ma.Ar.An.Bi.Or) Nanothyris (Br.Pl) Nathorstites (Mo.An.Ru) Nanocarpus Nanocrinus Myriophyllum (Cn.Te) Mysterium (Po.Cc.Ar.Mt) Nanicrinus (Ec.Ga.Ve) Myristica (Mo.Bi.Te) (Br.Ml.Fo.Aj) Naos Napaeana Napora Namaia (Ar.Pt) Nassarius Myttonia (Ar.Ce.An.Bi.Os.Ra.De.An) (Mo.Re.Bi.Am) (Mo.Fo.Ve) Naevhithis (Ar.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Sc) Nagatophyllum (Cn.BI.Nt) (Mo.At) Mysia Mysidae (Mo.Mt) Naiilingella (Mo.Re.Ma.Ml.Ml.Fo) Nassaria Mylilops (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ve) Nalivkinella (Cn.Po) Naiiograptus (He.Ra) Nadiyella (Ar.Tr.Bi.Ar.Os.My.Sp) Nanshanophv Hum (Cn.Ga.Cr.Ga.Ar.Bi.Tr.Nt) (Mo.En) Nansenia (Cd.Pt) Naricopsina (Mo.Bi.Mo.Nt) Nannoconus (Pr.Pt) Mytiloidcs (Mo.Ar.Ch.Tr.An.Bulletin 363 472 Myoscolex (Pr.Pa) Naiinodicila (Mo.ln) .Ar) Narthecoceras (Mo.De.Ne) (Mo.Pe.De.Pt) Myriospiriler (Br.Po) Myrtillocrinus (Ec.Cr.Or) (Po.Ce) Natica Nadiastrophia (Br.Ch) Myra M>rakeena Myrcne Myriacamhus (Ar.Un.De) Naedyceras (Cn.My) (Mo.Bi.Gy.St) Naricava (Mo.Pt) Nanillaemis (Ar.Tr.Ar.Ga.Pr) Nannopyrgula Nannostephanus Nannovascoceras Nannubasa Myriastiches (Ec.Mt) Nanggulania (Mo.An.Rc.Na) (Mo.He.Ve) Myriapora (Bz.Ne) Nannaslacus (Ar.Cr.Cl) (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ce.atothyris (Br.Li.Pt) Nanicella (Fo.Os.Se) (Mo.Ce.Ly) Naivs (Mo.Bi.Tr.Ar.Br) Nahannicephalus (Ar.Bi.Bi.Te) Nantaiiclla (Br.Bi.Bi.Tr.Ce.Cl) Myzostomites (An.Un) Mysidiella (Ar.As) Nanlingia (Ar.Bi.Ga.Rh) Naoides Myrtucina (Mo.Ca.Ne) (Mo.EcEy) Nagatoella (Fo.Ce.Ga.Nt) I (Mo.Un) Nannocardioceras (Mo.Pa) (Cd.Ga.Ve) Nal<anotrigonia (Mo.Un) Myotreta (Br.Ce.Tr.In) Nathorstclla (Mo.Hel Namnetia (Mo.To) Mystriophis (Cd.Ru) (Cn.Os.My) Nannites Nassoviocrinus (Ec.Ph) Nairiella (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Tr) Nanukidiuiii (Br.In) Nannolithax (Cd.St.Ec.Un) Nabarredia (Br.In.Os.Ne) Nassichukites Myiirellina (Mo.Ar.Cr.Ve) Najdinothyris (Br.Co) Nasocephalus (Ar.Gr) MyriDporina (Po.Gy.Ga.Am) Natalophyllum (Cn.Bi.Ar.Os.Mt Naiikat (Br.Ga.Os) Najadospirifer (Br.Ru) Nabaviclla (Po.Ar.Po) Narcine (Cd.Ce.Ga.Tr.Bi.Bi.Ar.Nt) Narynella (Br.Pt) Naefia (Mo.Ax) Nahannagnostus (Ar.En) Nastosia (Br.Po) Naniiirhynchia (Br.Nt) Nanorthis (Br.He.Ru) Mysella (Mo.Nt) Mystrocephala (Ar.Bi.Li) Nairites Nanospira (Br.Ly) (Ac.Pt) Myrio/oum (Bz.Pt.Bi.Tr.Ga.Rh) Mytilon (Mo.Os.Ar.St) Nannolytoceras (Mo.Ar.Un.Tr.An.Di.Fo) Nasepia (Cn.Ce.Ar.Sp) Nahannia (Ar.Ga.Ru) (Cn.Ga.Ar.Pt) Naradanithyris (Br.Bi.Na) Nassa Myliloperna (Mo.Os.Os.St) Nannocetus (Cd.Na) Myslicoceras (Mo.Nol Narona Mylilarca (Mo.Bi.Ic) (Mo.Pr) Narayania (Fo.Ne) Myslerioceras (Mo.Re.Pa) Myrmecidium Myrmeciophylum Myrmecioptychium Myrmirhynx MyroLonger (Po.Ce.Mt) (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Ce.Bi.Ga.Co) Myriophyllia (Cn.Bi.Fo.Rh) Nassovia (Ar.Bi.Bi.Bi.My) Nanno (Mo.As) Nannopeltis (Ar.Ce) Natella (Mo.Fo.Er) Mytiliscpta (Mo.Pe) Myrleopsis (Mo.Ch) Nagaproetus (Ar.Ar) (Po.Ar.In) Nagaoella (Mo.Ne) (Mo.An.Ga.St) Nannoblastus (Ec.Nt) Nacca (Mo.Ga.An.Cr.Ar.Pt) Nanogyra Nanohalus Nanonavis Myripristis (Cd.Ga.Me.Ve) Naraoia (Ar.Gr.Pe.Pt) Nankiiiella (Fo.Bi.Ar.Be) Nasutocrinus (Ec.As) Nassarina Mytilus (Mo.Ac) Nadotia Nannopora (Bz.Ne) Myxilla (Po.Ta) Nabiaoia (Br.Ga.Ce) Nasonirhynchia (Br.An.Arl Nanopsis (Ar.Rh) Myrtea (Mo.Ga.Ce.Ce.Cl) Nannolepis (Cd.Sp) Nanurocythereis (Ar.Os.Bi.Na) Ar.Tr.Ch) Nahanniaspis (Cd.Rj) Mystriopora (Bz.Er) Napulus Mysidiiptera (Mo.Fo) Mysticocrinus (Ec.Am) Naticarius (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Ar.

Ar.An.Ar.Bi.Ce.Fo) Nekhoroshevia (Br.Bi.Ro.Ru) Neoanomocerella (Ar.ScCn) (Mo.Am) Naupygus (Cd.Fo.Bi.Ma.St.Or) Nemetia (Mo.Ce.Ce.An.An.Pt 1 Br.Pa) NeoclavuHna (Fo.Ga.Am) Ncmiana Nebularia (Mo.Co) (Mo.Fo.De) Nemuniella (Ar.Pt) (Po.Pt) Neocramatia (Br.An.Bi.Os.Na) Nematoporella (Bz.Ec.Tr.Cr) Neoceras (Mo.Re.Go) Neocrania (Br.Ve) Neocantrilla Nawnites (An.Ce) Nebris (Cd.Sp) (Bz.Or.Ce) Neoarchaesphacra (Fo.In) Neocatillocrinus (Ec.Os.Ru) (Mo.Os.Sc) Nebrodiles (Mo.Ch.As.At) Nebroceras (Mo.De.Bi.De.Cr.Fo) Neilsonia (Mo.Cl) Nematoplychius Nematosalpinx (Po.Ga.Ru) (Ec.An.Cl) Neaeromya (Mo.Sp) Neocrassina (Mo.Go) Nefocoenia (Cn.Ar.Ar.Ar.Pa) Nemocardium (Cn.Bi.Po) NeocoiuiTinaria (Mo.Ra.Bi.Rh) Neobislrialites (Mo.Ph) Navicularina (Ar.Cr.Bi.Fo.Ce.Po) Nekvasiknella (Br.Fo) Nejdia (Mo.Gy.Li.Ga.Un) (Cn.Am) Neniatotrypa (Bz.Os.Cm) Neocaudites (Ar.Fo) Nebrashacrinus (Ec.Ce.Tr.Sc) Navispira (Br.Va) Neobairdia (Ar.Ga.Os.Ce.Me.Os.St.At) Nematinion (Po.St.Te) Neobactrotheca (Hy.Po) Neklioroshoviella (Bz.Or) Nehalemia (Ec.Bi.Tr.Tr.Bi.Mo) (Br.St) Nebenothyris (Br.Gr) Neocatopygus (Ec.Ml.Am) Necromites (Cd.De.Pt) Neobothriocidaris (EcEc.Fo.Pt) Neobolus (Br.BrI Neimongolella (Br.Co) (Mo.Po) Neancyloceras (Mo.St.Li.Phi Nematifera (Bz.Xi) Natoba (Ac.Hi) Naxilepis (Cd.An.Cr) Neochonetes Neocirpa Nebespecha (Ac.Bi.Ga.Os.Ar) Neocobboldia (Ar.Th) Neoamphissites (Ar.Nt) Natraglia (Ac.Ga.Nt) Nehanniaspis (Ar.Ar.Ar) (Mo.Di) Neocrioceras (Mo.Pl.Ga.Gy.Ca) Neamphitomaria (Mo.Ce.Bi.Fe) Neoclypites (Cn.Os.Tr.Pa) Naiipliella (Fo.Po) Naulia (Mo.Fo.Te Neobythites (Cd.An.Ol) Neocaprina (Cn.Sc) Necrocarcinus (Ar.Ca) (Mo.Os.Gr.Pa) Ncmoceralina (Ar.Ce.Pa) Neoconularia Necrogammarus (Lo) Neoacarinina (Fo.Ce.Ce.An.An.ln) Neoalbaillella (Ac.St) Natlandia (Cd.Ga.Un) Nekvasiloveia (Br.Ac) Necroieuthis (Mo.Pe) Neoclissiophyllum Nebraskiles (Mo.Os.Nu) (Mo.Co.Rh I I (Cn.Oc) Nemesa (Br.Ce.Ce.Tr.An.Pt) (Br.Fo.An.Ra.Cr) Neocassandra (Cd.My) Neobelemnella (Mo.Li) Nayadina (Bz.Os.Ce.Pal Neocardioceras (Mo.Ar) (Ec.Un) Neaxon Nematocrania Nematonotus (BnLi.Ar) (Mo.Ar.Fo) Neocrinus (Ec.Ru) Neocybium (Cd.Ce.An.Rh) NeocoeUa (Br.Po) Natitaria (Mo.Ra.Pf) Nematrochus (Mo.Am) (Bz.Am) Neobouchardia Neobrachyelasma Nautilus (Mo.Ce.Am) Negaprion (Cd.An.Bi.Un) Neobeatricea (Po.Te) Neoagnostus (Ar.Cr.Pa) Neocrimites (Mo.Tr.Ru) (Mo.Fo) Neocucullograptus (He.Fo) Nayunnella ( (Bz.Be) Natinus (Ar.Ve) Neilonella Neobeyrichia (Ar.Na) Nekevvis (Mo.Os.Ar.Ca) Ncoacrocephalites (Ar.Ce.Ru) (Mo.Ar) Neocomites (Mo.Os.Na) Neilo Neobernaya (Mo.St.Ru) (Cd.Cc) Neochetoceras (Mo.Un) Neoaparchiles (Ar.Ce.Fe) Neocavitella (Cd.Ne) Neobrunsiina (Fo.Op) Naviculina (Ar.Fo.Bi.Ne) Nemistiiim Neocola Neocoleodus Naticonema Naticopsis Natiria Nauiellipsites Ar.Ar) Neobibohtes (Mo.Cr.Na) Neitheops (Mo.St.Co.Fo.Rh) Neckajalia (Ar.Nu) (Mo.Ga.Ag) Nebrius (Cd.Bi.Ce) (Cn.Ar) NeoconophyIHa (Cn.Am) NecKK-aris (Pr.St) Necronectes (Ar.Ra.Ac) Neochilonorria (Ar.PI) Neoathleta (Mo.Ta) Nellia (Bz.Os.Po.Fo) Neocosmoceras (Cn.Ga.Ga.Os.Os.Am) Nealrypa (Br.Ar.Ds) Neaguites (Fo.Bo) Nauiiloceras (Mo.Cr.Ar.Fo) Na\ arracN Ihcro (Ar.Au) (Br.Ve) Neclosaunis (Cd.Ce.Ce.Am) Necrateria (Ar.Tr.Pf) Negebites I Neocolumbites .Ce.Cr.Ce.Os.Ch) (Ar.My) Na/arovella (Ac.Un) Neltneria (Ar.Os.Sc) Neoarchaeocrinus (Ec.Pr) Nemodon (Mo.At) Neliella (Bz.Is) Nefophyllia (Cn.Na) Naustia ( Neithea (Mo.Ch.Fo.Os.Ga.Ve) (Cd.Pt) Nehdentomis Nehedia Neobelinuropsis (Ar.Fo) Neeyambaspis (Cd.Tr.Os.Sc) Neoarchacdiscus (Fo.Ac) Neithelia (Mo.Ag) Neocraspedites (Mo.Gr.He.Ce.Gr) Neoaspongophs Hum (Cn.Ru) Necklandia (Mo.Ar.On) Nearoporomya (Mo.Cr) Neocatacrinus (Ec.Ce.De.Ne) (Cd.Po) Necpaliphyllum (Cn.Ne) Negramithyris (Br.An.Ph) Navoites (Cn.Po) Nemrac (Mo.Tr.Co) Neaxonella (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Os.St.Sp) Nematopora (Bz.Ch) Neocalmonia Neocamtocrinus Nawenia (Mo.At) (Mo.De) Neoaganides (Mo.Os.Rh) Neobuhmina (Fo.Ne) Nelltia (Mo.Ce.Fo.Ra.Os.Pfl Nelumbia Nelumbifolium Nemacanthclema Nemacanthopora Nemacanthus Nemagraptus Nemaster Nemataxidra Nemataxis (Po.St.Un.Tr.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 473 Negevodus (Cd.An.Os.Ly) Neocarpenteria (Fo.Re.Li) Neochilina (Ar.Fo) Navarella (Fo.Cr.Ce.Nu) (Mo.Am) (Mo.Bi.Ch) Neocladiscites (Mo.MJ.Fo.Sa) (Ar.Ga.Pt) Neocribrella (Fo.Os.Os.Go) (Mo.Ch.Ve Neckajella (Ar.Un) Neocaeniopsis (Cn.Ga.Te) Nautiloculina (Fo.Ce) Nebidella (Ar.Ve) Neocoenia (Cn.Re) (Cd.Fo) (He.Co) Neanthias (Cd.Bi.Tr) Neoburmesia (Mo.Gy.Os.Ar.An.Bi.Pa) Neocraterelhna (Ar.Sp) Neiloides Neoberounella (Ar.Ar.Ar.Fo.Ar.

An.Gr) Neoredlichia (Ar.FcFo) Ncophricadolhyris (Br.Fo) I .Cl) Ncoproetus (Ar.Ta) I Fo.Ce.Am) Neodiversograptus (He.Hy) Neospalkodus (Cd.Ce.Pt) Neoselwynoceras (Mo.Ce) Neohimavalites (Mo.He) Neosciadiocapsa (Ac.Se) Neorthoceras (Mo.Ce.Am) Nediiyliaiiincna (Ar.Na) (Mo.Fo.Po) (Ar.De.An) Neorhombolepis (Cd.Fo.Ce.Ce.Fo) Neoprotencrinus (Ec.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Tr.CI) Neopronorites (Mo.Ce.An) Neostlingoceras (Mo.Ce.Xi) Neoptyxis (Mo.Fo.Os.Am) Neorotalia (Fo.Ag) Neosichuanoceras (Mo.s Neopilumnoplax (Ar.Co) Nconloliuni Neogondolella (Cd.Ce.Bi.Fo) Neo.Am) (Mo.St.Ce.Cr.Na) Neooetonaria (Ar.An.Ne) (Ar.Ta) (Ar.Ve) Neomisellina (Fo.Fo.Ce.Co) (Cn.Os.Ar.Os.Me.Ce.Ru) Neoprobolium (Ar.Ce.Ca) NeostrepU)gnathodus Neoimbricaria (Mo.Bi.Os.Ce.Am) (Ec.Pe) (Br.Pe) Neoshumardites (Mo.Ce.Ta) Neomegak-idon Neometabolipa (Br.Be) (Mo.De.Co.Ce.Ec.Li) Neopharciceras (Mo.Bl.Ph) Ncocylhcrideis (Ar.Ce.At) Neoplatycephakis (Cd.Cl) Neogastroplites Neomiodonoides (Mo.An.Po) Neokeyserlingophylliim (Cn.Fo. Is) Neophylloceras (Mo.De.An.Ec.Ce.Go) (Mo.Tr.PI) (Ar.Ga.Ra.Po) Neokoninckophyllum Neokunmingella Neokyphophylliim NeolagaiHim (Ec.An.Ce.Ce.Ce.Po.Am) Neogaulhiericeras (Mo.Ce.PkPe) Neostatfella (Fo.Bi.Hi) Neorhombopora (Bz.Ce.Ar.Gr.Co) Neosirenites (Mo.Os.CI) Neodichocrinus (Ec.Pt) Neopachycormus (Cd.Bi.Ce.An.Ci) Neoprotrachyceras (Mo.Cr) Ncotlctcheriella (Cn.Re) Neoeponides (Fo.Pe) NeostringophyMoides (Cn.Ve) Neorumphia (Ec.Cr.Os.Te) Neopycnodonte (Mo.PI) Neodelthyris (Br.Tr) Neololigosepia (Mo.Fo) (Mo.Or) Neogriflilhides (Ar.Os.Pa) Neogloboquadrina (Fo.Go) Neo.Tr.Bulletin 363 474 Neoisorophusella (he.Pa) Neolobites (Mo.An.Sp) NeofascicDsta (Br.Os.Os.St) Neocysliphyllum (Cn.Po.Pf) (Mo.Ru) Neopkitylaiehuni Ncocyriina (Br.Fo.Po) Neoshirakielia (Ar.Fo.Co.Nt) (Mo.Ag) (Cd.Am) Neoretzia (Br.Fo) Neomicrorbis (An.St.Ce.Po) (Cn.Os.Go) (Mo.Or.Ce.f-o.Ce) Neodimorphoceras (Mo.An.Sp) Ncoharpoceras (Mo.Te) Neoniphytiia Neoschruidtella (Ar.Tr) Ncoglobator Neomonoceralina Neomorphoceras Neomorphotis Neoglobithyris (Br.Ce.Os.Ce.Ra.Bi.An.Fo.Mo) Neolepas (Ar.Ru) (Cd.Ar.Am) Neodiscocyclina (Fo.Ar.Pu) Neosilesitcs (Mo.Fo) Neopauxilliles (Hy.Ce.Ar.Ce.Ga.Mo) Neocypricardinia (Mo.Cr.Ec.Ce) Neogypidula Neogyroidina (Br. Ed.Bi.Ne) Nciipandcrodus (Cd.Li Neospiriler (Br.Os.Fo.Ar.Ga.Ma.Ar.Sp) Ncokjacrina (Br.Ve) Ncocyprideis (Ar.Co) Neohalecopsis (Cd.Mo) Neometacanthus (Ar.Ne) Ncocyrlolites (Mo.De) Neokaipingoceras (Mo.As.Fe) Neoeridotrypella (Bz.Ho) Neoschi/odus Neoschizophoria (Mo.Se) Neoleiuiculina (Fo.Ma.Rh) Neotbrdilla (Mo.Te) Neoreteporina (Bz.Ar.Di) Neolioceratoides (Mo.Fo) Neolimulus (Ar.Ga.Am) Neostrabops Neoicdceras Neoplioca (Cd.Fo.Pr) Neopalaeasler (Ec.schubertella (Fo.Os.Pt) (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Go) Neoglyloxoceras (Mo.Ce) Neopelalichlhys (Cd.Gr.Gr) Neoliothyrina (Br.Ga.Am) Neopagetina (Ar..At) Neohedinaspis (Ar.En) Neopianorbulinella (Fo.Pe) Neoiraqia (Fo.Ce.Co.Os.Pa) NeocytherelUi (Ar.Gl) Neoglyphioceras (Mo.Fo) Neot'usulinella (Fo.Ce.Am) Neoguadalupia (Po.Ce.Ci) (Br.Fo.Sp) Neosyringopora (Cn.Ar.Se) Neokenloceras (Mo.Ce.Cc) Neoeridocampilus (Bz.Pt) Neodiiinatoceras (Mo.Tr.Fo) Neoloeulicyallius (Po.Or) (Mo.Go) Neogolhograptus (He.Ce) (Mo.Pol Neoseniantis (Ac.Ir.Cr.Fi) NcoglaphyrilCN (Mo.Ce.Ne) Neoproraster (Ec.Hi) Ncodrepanella (Ar.Gr.ln) Neoklocdciiella (Ar.Ce.Bi.Co.Pt) Neophrecytherc (Ar.Os.St.Ce.Ph) Neorhynehuia Neoroemeria Neofusiiliiia (Fo.Go) NeopcUa (Po.Fo) Neoelcnograptus (He.Bi.Ph) Neojanacu.Fo) Ncohitidia (Po.Os.Ar.Mi) Ncokigeniocrinus (Ec.Fo.Co) Neogoniatites (Mo.Am) (Mo.Fo) Neokarpinskia (Br.Sp) Neodexiospira (An.PI) Neospongophylloides Neohiboliles Neopericyclus (Mo.He) Neodiscosorus (Mo.Ar) Neoprimitiella (Ar.Pe) NeopalipliNlkiiii (Cn.Ga.Co.Tr.squak)don (Cn.Ce.Pr) Neodadocrinus (Ec.Ai-.Ve) Neomiodon (Mo.Go) Neolepton (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Fo.Fo.St.Ga.Fo..Am) Neopeltis (Ar.Ru) Neosimnia Neoguralcus (Mo.Ar.An.Me.Ar.Am) Ncogeoceras (Mo.Un) NcoparadaincHa (Fo.Am) Neopkitycrinus (Ec.Go) (Mo.Po) Neoseombrops (Cd.Ga.Ga.Bi.Os.An.Sp) NeoUitiriis (Mo.Pa) Neopiiealilera (Br.Fo) NeosolenopleureUa (Ar.St) Neopleurolusia (Mo.Pt) Neopercis (Cd.Ce.Ml.Gr) Neograhamites Neocycloceras Neocylindritcs Neiicylindrus Neocynialoceras (Mo.Ga.Po) Neoschisnui (Ec.Ce.Am) Neollahcllina (Fo.Ve) Neoptychites (Mo.Os.An.Am) Neorbitolinopsis (Fo.Fo) Neomicroceras (Mo.Bi.Gr.Bi.Bi.Pt (Fo.Ta) Neognathodus (Cd.Am) NeomuUioislodus Neomultithecopora Nconerinea Neonesidea (Cn.Co.Am) Neopulchellia (Mo.Ar) Neoretenoa (Bz.Tr.Na) Neolissoeeras NeoradioMtes (Mo.Os.Ce.Ru) (Cd.Os.Ce.Ru) Ncoinoceramus (Mo.Cr.Ar.Os.Ce) Neocylhere (Ar.Ar.Tr.Ru) Neopopanoeeras (Mo.Tr.Po) Neostrophia (Br.Rhl Neomanlicoceras (Mo.St.Co) Neophol idophoropsis (Cd.Tr) Neomanlelliceras (Mo.Bi.Ar) (Mo.Ar.Or) Neogaimardia (Mo.Na) (Ar.Ce.De) Neokibograpliis (He.Or) Neo.schwagerina ( (Mo.Ec.Fo) Neosaynoceras Neoscalpellum (Mo.ln.Am) Neohoploceras (Mo.Tr.Ce.Hy.Ga.As) Neospirigerina (Br.Am) Neophlycticeras (Mo.Ar.Ce.Fo) Neogloborilus (Hy.

Ru) Neseuretus Neovermilia An.Ru) Nericiaspis Neolacnicophaliis Ar.An.An.Pl) Nerilrema Neoulrichia Ar.Ne) Nevadatubulus Neptocarcinus Ar.Fo.NtI Nelsepoye Nepasitoechia Br.Os.Ba) Nephrolepidina Fo.Cr.Ve) Nervophylluni Neovcnericor Mo.Ma.Or.Po) Nervolites Neovenerella Mo.Ha) Po.Pa) Nerophis Neouvigenna Fo.Th) Nerinella Noiitheriuni Cd.Ru) Neritopsis Neolrsplasma Neolsilrella Ar.Os.Rh) Nettastoma Nepea Ar.Ra.Bi.A ringostninia C()mpi:ni)ii'm oi Fossil Po.Or) Nevadaphyllum Nephlhea Cn.Ml.Ce.Fo.Cl) Nevadotheca (Ar.Un.Tr.De) Nevadella Nepiunagnostclla Ar.St) Ncricia Ncolahiiliiria Cn.An.Tr) Neritoplica Neotrochaciacon Mo.Eu) Neptunoceras Neuqueniceras Nevadites Nevadoceras Ncvadocoelia Nereidella Br.Ta) Nessariostoma Ac.Ag) Nevadia Neptunea Nevadisculites Neplunochelys Mo.Po.Cr.Ar.Tr.Ga.Ac) Neritoma Neotrigonia Mo.Or) Cd.Ce.Ru) Netschajewia Neo/eacrinus Ec.An.Ra.Re.Tr) Neritina Neocreta Br.Ce.Ar) Nevadophyllites NcreiKrinus Ec.In) Neuropora Nephropora Bz.Ga.MI.Bi.Ch) Nereidavus An.An.Ce) Mo.He.St) Netrocytheridea Neo/aphrentis Cn.Or) Nevadocrinus Nereina Mo.Ga.Bi.Ga.De.Fo) Neurograptus NephriM)ides Pr.Fo) Nerthastraea Neovallupus Ac.Ga.AI) Nevadaspira Nephlya Cn.Po) Neu mania Nephranomma Ar.Na) Nevadaecystis Ncphrotheca Hy.Tr.Ve) Neotremalopora Bz.Os.Bi.Gy.Ce) Cn.An.Pt) 475 .Cl) Netschajewiana Neozeba Mo.Se) Nesides Neovvellerclla Br.Li.Os.Ca) Nerineopsis Neothlipsura Ar.Ar.Ar.Ph Neumaloceras Nephranops Ar.Fo) Nerinea NciUhCLidella Br.Os.An.Po.Rh) Nesobornia Neowormsipora Neowrangellium Neoyanguania Cn.St.De) Nevadabolbina Nephrophacra Fo.Ru) Neumanella Ar.Aii.Ce.An.De.AI) Nevadalhula)iiia Ncpolilla Mo.MI.De) Neusticosaurus Nephropsis Ar.Vc) Noridomus Cn.Bi.Fo.Te) Nerinoides Neolibetites Nerila Neolrape/iuni Mo.Ar.Po) Nerineoptyxis Neolhyris Br.Ph Neumayrithyris Nephriticeras Neuquenenitrigonia Nephriticerina Mo.Ve) Nervostrophia Cn.Fo.Ba) Mo.Ch) Neuroporella Nephrops Ar.Ru) Nerinatiea Neothailandina Fo.Ar.Pt) Nettastoniella Nepheliospongia Po.Sp) Nerthebrochus Neoveenia Ar.Ar.Tr.Ce.Tr.Nc) Mo.Ra.Pa) Neritra Nc<v'»\ NcotcmiiopliN Hum Neritaria Neritoptyx Neouddenites Mo.Pt) Noricodus Ncotapcs Mo.Na) Netastoma Br.Un) Neuburgella Neovcpresiph\ Hum Nephelispongia Nephelophyllum Nephokirkos Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski Netzkaina Cn.Fo) Nevadacrinus Nephrospyris Ac.Tr.

Bi.Nt) Ninaspis (Ar.Tr) Nodomorphina Nodonchus Nodonenia Nodonychia (Mo.Bl.Sc) Nipagcroceras Nisiturris Niso Nitidavcnus Nilidella (Ar.Bi.Fo) Niimella (Ar.Ga.Ne) Noradonta Niiibina (Ar.Nt) Nilidus (Po.Cr.Ga.Fo) Nordispirifer (Br.Ar.Ar.Ga.Os.An.Sp) Niotha (Mo.Ec.Pa) Nochoroicyathus (Po.Ne) Nodophthalnudiuni (Fo.Fo.Ga.As) Nina (Cn.Os.Ga.Fo) Ningqiangsclcritcs (Pr.Co) Niveria (Mo.Ga.Ce) Norwoodia (Ar.Ga.Go) (Mo.Ce.Fo) Nonioneiiina (Fo.Ga.Ma) Nitoricornus (Hy.Ce.Ga.An) (Cd.Os. In.Ne) Noramya (Mo.Fo) Normanieythere (Ar.PI) Noritus (Mo.Fo.Eo.Ga.Bi.Na) Niobidcs (Ar.Ga.Ar.Fo) Normalograptus (He.Ce.Ar) Notacirsa (Hy.Ma.Di) NodoboHvinella (Fo.Cl) Noelaspis (Ar.Nt) Nitkovicepdra (Cn.Hy) Nisostomia (Mo.Fo.Ar) Noladusla (Mo.Os.St) Noixodontus (Cd.MkDe) Norites NippoiiDiiiarcia (Mo.Bi.He) Nodosoclymenia Nodosohophles (Mo.Ce.Ga.Bi.Bi.Tr.As) Nolfophidion (Cd.Co.Li) Ningquiangophylluni (Cn.Cr.Fo.Ar.Fo.Tr.Tr.Ar.Tr.Co.Ce.Ar.Fo) Norcottia (Fo..Ve) Nodulipora (Po.Bi.Sp) Nodognathus (Cd.Ga.As) Nodasperodi.Ce.Ar.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Ar.Ce.Tr.Ar) (Ar.Ga.Ga.scus (Fo.Ga.Ar) Notacanlhus Nilidocare (Ar.Ar.Tr.Ar.Tr.Or) Nomismoceras NingbingcUa NinghuaphylKim (Br.Aj) NoHchuekia Nomadinis (Ec.Ce.An.Co) Nonparaclocrinus (Ec.Tr.Fo) (Fo.Tr.Ac.Tr.Ec.As) Nodiscala Nopora (Ac.Cy) Nodihttorina (Mo.Co) Nordiodus (Mo.Pt) Nitanoceras (Mo.Ga.Pa) (Ar.Ra.EI) Niviconia (Br.Ce.Po) Norina (Ar.Cc) Nonionella (Fo.Ar) Nodophyllum Nodoprosopon (Ar.St.Ga.As) Nix (Br.Co) Nipponicorbuia (Mo.Am) Nodulus (Mo.Fo.Ac.As) Noditerebra (Mo.Tr.Tr.Rh) Nipponitrigonia (Mo.Nt) Noetca (Mo.Re.Pt) Norfordia (Po.St) Noetlingites (Mo.Os.Tr.Ob) Nomgoliella (Mo.Fo) Nordella (Br.Fo) Normannitcs (Mo.Ce) (Ac.As) Nodisureulina (Mo.Ce.Fo.Sp) Nodochernyshinelki (Fo.Fo) Norasphus (Ar.Tr.Ga.Bi.Ru) (Cn.Po) Nordastrea (Cn.As) Niobraratc-utliis (Mo.Pt) Nostrpcyathus (Po.Ce.He) (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Ta) Noellingaster (Ec.Fo.Nt) (Cd.Os.An.Fo.Ga.Ce.Tr) Nodosarella (Fo.Bi.Po) Niptcraxis (Mo.Te) Nodelea (Bz.Ar) Nordenskjoeldia (Mo.St) Niutousliania (Br.Cl) Norrisia (Mo.Nt) (Mo. In) Ninella (Mo.Bi.Ru) Norinia (Ar.Hy.Ra.Un) Nipponocrassatella (Mo.He) Noetiopsis (Mo.Ga.Pa) Nonix (Ar.Fo.Or) Nodolibetites (Mo.Rh) Nodoinvolutaria (Fo.Bi.Pr) Noetiella (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Co) Nileus (Ar.Fo) Noridiscites (Mo.Os.Hs) Niphadus Nipponarges Nipponaspis (Po.Os.Os.Ca.Fo) Ningiuiiuiphyllum Nodelia (Br.Tr.Ph) Nolagogus (Cd.Co) Nolaniceras (Mo.Ne) (Mo.As) Nipponolimopsis (Mo.Un) Nochoroiella (Br.Ar) Nocturneilla (Br.Am) Nonurocythereis (Ar.Fo) Nordospira (Mo.Bi.Ga.Bi.Ce.Fo.Sp) Nordathyris (Br.Bulletin 363 476 Nileoides (Ar.Pt) Nisusia (Br.Ga.Rh) Nodoblastus (Ec.Pt) (Ar.Fo.Tr.He.Ce) Nodiocoeloceras (Mo.Ve) Noetia (Mo.Te) Nodobaculariella (Fo.Bi.Li) Nodocosta Nododelphinula Nordia (Ar.Ce) Nolasaphus (Ar.Ce.Ce) Notabilitus Nitiditteilina (Mo.Ta) Nostoceras (Mo.Se) Nolesthes (Cd.Cy) (Mo.Ar.Bi.Os.Am) Northia (Mo.Ar.Am) Nipterella (Po.He.Pa) Nolelops (Cd.Ar.Ve) (Cn.As) (Fo.In) Nodibeyrichia (Ar.Rh) Nipponithyris (Br.Fo) Nordiceras Nipponaslcr (Ec.Ru) Niorhynx (Br.Ga.Un) (Mo.Fo) .Os.Op) Ninibia Nobililella (Ar.Un.Fo.Tr.Gr.An) (Mo.Ar.Un) Nitidiscala (Mo.Fo.St) Nonionelleta (Fo.Os.My) Nodogordiospira (Fo.Fo.Rh) Nodaea (Br.De.Pa) Nino/iphius (Cd.Te) (Mo.Hc) Nodotelracdra (Ac.De.Tr.Aii.As) Nixonella (Ar.Hy) Noetlingia (Br.Os.As) Nodipecten (Mo.Ra.Ar.Tr.Ec.Ve) Nodosageceras (Mo.Fo) Nordenskjoeldaster (Ec.Am) Nilobia (Mo.Ce.Ar) Nipponites (Mo.l.Ve) Nobiliasaphus (Ar.Tr.An.Ec.Nt) Nostolepis (Cd.Fo) Ningqiangolites (Cn.Fo.Ga.Co.Fo.Cy.Ar) Nisaclis (Mo.St) Nogamiconus Nogrobs (An.Ga.Pe) Ningkianiilithus Ninglmigothyris (Br.Ce) Nipponocalymene (Ar.Un) (Mo.Os.Bi.Tr.Am) (Cd.Ar) Nortonechinus (Ec.Ar.Po) Niobella (Ar.Fo) Norochihna (Ar.Pa) NiptcroL-rinus (Ec.Os.Ru) Nodambichilina (Ar.Fo) Norri sella (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Tr.Ru) Nodiceps (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Nt) Nonsukozona (Ar.Ce) (Cn.Os.Ar.Ar.Ta) Nodelhini (Fo.Ar.Ga.Gr) Nipponsienopora (Bz.Sp) Norwoodella (Ar.Fo) Nondia Nonion (Br.Ls) Nipponitys (Mo.Ce.Fo.Pa) Nodobairdia (Ar.Os.St.Ru) Nodosarchaeiiiseus (Fo.Hc) Nodosaria (Fo.Un) Nordotoechia (Br.Po.Fo) Nordophiceras Nipponitella (Fo.Ce) (Mo.Hy) (Cd.Ar) Niobrara (Cd.Tr.Fo.Cr.Sp) Nonacteonina (Mo.Sp) Nipponirhynchia (Br.Fo.Pe) Nolanoplia (Br.Po) Niobe (Ar.Pt) Nophrecythere (Ar.Uc.Ar) Norella (Br.Ph) Nodophthaimiicy there (Ar.i) NodosineMa (Fo.An.Ne) Nodospira (Mo.Hy.Co.Na) Nippomiphyllum (Cn.Un.Cr) Nodobacukiria (Fo.An.Fo.Sa) Nodosinelloides (Fo.An.Pr) Nodogenei'ina (Fo.He) Ninocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ce.Ac.Fo.Ga.

Ca) Nothostephanus (Mo.Pt) Nudispiriferina (Br.Ar.Bi.Ar) Nolocyathus (Cn.Ar.Ce) (Cd.Ga.Ne) Nutricola (Mo.Cl) Notoscopelus (Mo.Li) Notoscabrotrigonia (Mo.Pr) (Fo.Bi.De.Bi.De) Nucleolites (Ec.Po) No\iponia (Ar.MI.Ga.Fo.Op) (Mo.Ar.As) Nucia (Ar.Bi.Bi.Fo.Ne) (Ar.Fo) Notopeplum (Mo.St.Pa) NottKimis (An.Ar.Bi.An.Am) Notopus Notorhynchus (Cd.Fo) Nursallia (Cd.Py) Noionucuia (Mo.Os.Fo) Novaspis (Ar.Nu) NoUK-allisia (Mo.Pe) Nummoteclus Nummulites Notolimea (Mo.Fo.Ga.St) Nushbieila (Br.Pl.Ar.De) Nuculopsis (Mo.Eu) (Cd.Nu) Noloblaslus (Ec.Cr.Ar.Bi.Ac) Notopaphia (Mo.Ga.Cc) Nuclearia (Mo.Sa) Notogenota (Mo.Ga.Fo.Ga.Bi.My) (Mo.Rh) Novakella (Ar.Cr.Ar) Notoceras (Mo.Ar.Ce.Te) Nudarchaediscus (Fo.De) Nothia (Fo.Ar.Sc) Nucites (Mo.Ru) Notoplanulina (Fo.Ne) Nucleatula (Br.Ar.Cr.Ga.Ne) Nucilobus (Ar.Hx) Nucleopygus Nucleorhynchia Notosaria (Br.Pt) Nucundata (Mo.Fo) (Br.Os.No) Notopoides (Ar.Os.St.Os.Po.Bi.Bi.Cr.Fo) Noiolepis (Cd.Bi.Cn) Novakina Novakotheca Nudivagus Nudobrissus Nudonychocella (Mo.Bi.Or.Ve) Nudymiella Nugnecella Nuguschella (Bz.Di) Nolhokuvclousia (Br.Nt) Nuculana Nuculavus Notoaphelaspis (Ar.Os.Po.Ar) Novobolbina (Ar.Hx) Nucleopsis (Mo.Ec.My) Nudangarita (Mo.Nt) Nuculodonta Nuculoidea (Mo.Cl) Nololuponia Nozeba (Mo.Vel Notostrea (Mo.Te) Nudauris (Br.Ru) Numericoma (Br.St) Notomithrax (Ar.St) Novo/emelia (Br.Ce.Sp) Nuculoma Notobotula (Mo.Pt) Nowakia (Mo.Ga.Rh) Notiocetus (Cd.Ch) (Mo.Bi.Os.Go) Notogrammatodon (Mo.Sp) (Cd.Ar.Pe) Nothaphrophyllum (Cn.Ar) Nowakites (Mo.Am) Nuratadictyon (Po.Sp) Noliobdlus (Br.Bi.Pe) Niicinella (Mo..Ga.Fo) Notohaliolis (Mo.Ar.Cr.St) Nummicrinus Nummocalcar Notogoneus (Cd.Hy) Nudymia (Br.Ar.Te) Nothorlhis (Br.Os.Ec.Li.Ga.Nu) (Mo.Or) (Br.Os.Tr.Nu) Notinjs (Mo.Rh) Nucleospira (Br.Ar.Ve) Notolrivia (Mo.Fo) (Fo.Ar.Rh) Notochlamy (Mo.Fo.Tr.Fo.So) NothiKeras (Mi).St) Nurataella (Br.Un) Noloconularia (Cn.Li.Nt) (Mo.MI.Ve) NoliK-heli)ne Nolocypraea laster Nuculoceras (Br.Ar.Ar.Or) Notidanodon (An.Ce.Ar.Sc.Re.Ne) Novitella (Po.Go) (Ar.Fo) Nucleata (Br.Cm) Novathaca (Mo.Ga.Or) (Ec.Pa) Niimidiaphyllum (Cn.Nu) Notocaris (Ar.Os.Cr.Ar) Novoameura (Ar.Ar) Nowracrinus Nozamichthys (Ec.In) Notiiparniella (Br.Go) (Mo.Ga.Ar.Ec.Pa) (Mo.St) Nototrigonia (Mo.At) Nucha (Po.Pt) Notovola (Mo.Or) (Ec.Os.MI.Tr.MI.Bi.Ar.Ps) Notopoeorystes (Ar.Ga.Tr.Fo.Go) Novixitus (Ac.Nt) Noloconchidium Notocondrbina (Hy.Ch.Ga.Bi.ln.Ce) Notoscaphidia (Br.Ec.Ar.Nu) (Mo.St) Notoplax Nucleatina (Br.Hy.BI.Te) Notobalanus (Ar.Ar.Ve) Novitatus (Hy.Mi) Nototeredo (Mo.Ec) NoKK-hione (Cd.Bi.Pa) Notoseila (Cd.Bi.Bi.St.Ce.Ce.De) Nubecularia (Fo.Nt) (Mo.Te) Nothosaurops (Cd.Bi.Ar.Fi) Notospirifer (Br.De.Bi.Ma.Ce) Nothozoe (Ar.St) Notolosia (Br.Ce.Nu) (Mo.An.Ca) Nothrites Notorthisina (Br.De) Nothocephalites Notopetalichthys (Cd.Ga.Ml.MI.St) Nucunella (Mo.Bi.De) Nucleolina (Ar.Ec.Nu) Noliochonetes (Br.At) Nolomclla (Mo.De) Nucleocrinus (Ec.Ph) Noliocatillocrinus (Ec.Po) Nolocycloceras Novellinetes (Br.Bi.An.Po.Os.Ru) NottxJonax (Mo.Sp) Nothosaurus (Cd.Nt) Nothophylluni (Cn.Ga.Bl.Nt) Nurochonetes (Br.My) (Mo.Ar) (Fo.Na) Nummoceras (Mo.Bi.Tr.Po) Nummoloculiiia (Fo.St) Notosceles (Ar.Ga.Pt) (Fo.Fo.Fo.Ar.Ne) Nudista (Ar.Fo) .Ne) (Mo.Os.Mo) Notolimopsis (Mo.Tr) Nudechinus (Ec.Au) Novocypris Novogladites (Ar.Os.Or) Notoplejona (Mo.Bi.Nu) (Mo.Sp) Notocidaris (EcEcCi) Notovoluta (Mo.Ce.Po) Nothosporadoceras (Mo.Fo) Notocetus Nototliyris (Br.Ar.Ce.Ga.De.Va) Numella (Mo.Pa) Nummodiscorbis Nummofallotia Notolampas (Ec.Or) Nucula (Mo.Ne) Nuguschia Nullamphiura Novichuskia (Cn.An.De) Noliocrinus (Ec.Tr) Nucleurus (Ar.An.Ar.Ar.Nt) (Mo.Ch) (Br.Ga.Os.Cr) NoliK'ratcr (Mo.Ar.Ac) Nottx-ytherc (Ar.MI.Fo.St) Notoplagioecia (Bz.Da) Nunnacrinus (Ec.Pa) Nucleusorhynchia (Br.Bi.Fo.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 477 Noihamusium (Mo.Fo) (Ar.Re.Ga.Bi.Ra.Bi.Bi.As) NoUKriniis (Ec.Ru) Notopeltis (Ar.My) Notostrophia (Br.Ar.Ma.Sp) (Bz.Mt) Notostomus (Ar.Ar.Ci) Notosinister (Mo.Os.Re.As.Sp) (EcOp.Ar.Ds) Notoscapha (Ar.Ar.MI.St) No\ (Ec.Gy.Ar.Li.Nt) Nudirostralina (Br.ln) Notorotalia (Fo.En) (Mo.Cr.Fo.Fo.Sc) Novella (Fo.Ve) Nucella (Mo.An.Pa) Nuria (Br.Ar) Notoleplaena (Br.Te) Nothopindax (Br.Bi.Ga.Th.Ar.St) NoUKorbula Novalesia (Fo.Ce.Fo) (Ar.Ce.Bi.Ve) Notoscrobs Nuculites Notoacmea (Mo.Ga.Am) (Mo.On) Notophyllia (Cn.Nu) Nubialba (Br.Tr.Am) Notothyrina (Br.Ar.Fo) (Ec.MI.Eu) Nouria (Fo.As) Notosia (Br.Ch.Ve) Notocytharella (Mo.Ga.Ar) Notocarpos (Ec.

De.Ga.Pr) Oblusoconus (Mo.Gy.Un.s (Ar.Am) Odontopolys (Mo.Fo) Oceidentoschwaperina (Fo.Te) Ocystias (Cd.De) Odonteabolca Nuttallides (Fo.Os.He.He) Oblisicornus (Hy.Os.Nel Oehotoeeras (Mo.St) Obcivothyris (Br.Ca.Gr) (Mo.Sp) Oedolithax (Cd.Po) Odontodiscoceras (Mo.Pt) Oehlertia (Mo.Po) Oelandoceras (Mo.Ar) Nyege (Br.Am) Obesaria (Br.Ar.Ar.Os) Oceanodroma (Cd.Eu) Obolella (Br.St.Ce.Ci) Ocruranus (Mo.He) Ocorthis (Br.Tr.Rh) Oeciophylloporina (Bz.Va) Nuttallla (Mo.Tr.Ta) Ochesaarina (Ar.Hy.El) (Jblileraspis (Ar.ln.Ga.Ce) Oderoeeras (Mo.Co.Bi.Ne) Obesacapsula (Ac.Co) Oelandia Obliquisylthis (Ar.As.Sp) Oaniaruia (Mo.Ve) Oeahna (Ar.Li.Te) Oclolympamini (Ac.Ar.He) Oehlerlicrinus (Ec.Hs) (Cd.Pt) Occultocythereis (Ar.Po.Ph) Obinautilus (Mo.Bi.Os.Pa Ocypode (Ar.Ar) t)blic|iiathcca (Hy.Ch.St.Ga.Ce.Co.Ch) (Mo.Ca) Odontopleura (Ar.An.He) (Mo.Ec.Fo) Ocloheliocoenia (Cn.Sc) Nyaya (Ar.He.Pl) Oepikiles (Br.Ch.Cr.Ga.Ga.Tr.Ce.Ar.An.Pa) Oecotraustes (Mo.St) (Ar.Or) Oeinebrellus Oecoptychius Oberhauserella (Fo.Ani) Odobenus Odonotrypa (Mo.Fo) Occhisacy(herei.Tr.Tr.Ga..Li) Obriinia (Mo.De.Na) Ockerella (Ar.Pa) Obliquipccten (Mo.Ce.Am) Nybelinoides (Cd.Os.Gr) ObloiigipriDti (An.Fo.Os.PO (Bz.Mo) Obliquina (Fo.Ce.Fo.Ta) Oepikella (Ar.Nl) Odoardia Oestophorus (Cd.Sc) Oenopota (Mo.MI.hi.Un) Oblilacylhcreis (Ar.Ma.Ce.Ch) (Bz.Ca) (Ar.Pa) Octonaria (Ar.Ve) Oehetoclava Odontospirifer (Br.Ta) Oepikaluta (Ar.An.Ce.An.St.Pt) Odarovithyris (Br.Or) Oedalmia (Cn.Di) Ocenebra (Mo.Os.Os.Pa) Odontoiiiaria (Mo.Ga.Cr.An.Ar.Ga.ln) Oedicybele (Ar.Co) Oedorhachis (Ar.An.s (Ar.Or) Oedeniatocidaris (Ec.Os.Bi.Bi.Li) Ocuhpora Oeulomagnus (Ar.Ob) Oculina (Cn.Ar.Bi.En) Oertliella (Ar.Fo) Ocinebrina (Mo.Ce.An.Tr.Ar.Po.De) Oepikinella (Br.Cr.Am) (Mo.Po) Obscurclla (Br.Ce.Fo.Ar) Obcilorugia (Br.Fo.Os.Pt) Oc(obolbina (Ar.s.Ar.Cl) Occulocytheropleron (Ar.Ra.Bl.Tr.Ru) Nyella (Ar.Ar.Bi.Co) .He) (Mo.Ga.Os.An.Ga.Sp) Oenerorthis (Br.In) Nyniphaluciiia (Mo.Cr) (Mo.Tr.Gr.In) Ohlorlio (Mo.He) (Mo^He.Ar) (He.An.La) Oft'ella (Po..Ma.Ac) Obhcarina (Mo.Bi.Tr.Un) Obturamcntella (Br.Rh) Ochina/ochiton (Mo.Pl.Pc) Odontocephalu.In) Nyclocrinus (Ec.Ne) Nybyoceras (Mo.Ga.Bi.Gr.Sc) Nyalamurhynchia (Br.Un) (Cn.Os.Ar.Am) (Mo.Eu) Oeulagnosiiis (Ar.Tr.Un.Ex) Oclobriini (Po.Os.Rh) Odessites (Mo.Ne) Nultallinella (Fo.Rh) Ochescapha (Ar.Ph) Oblusella (Mo.Sc) Obex Obcxomia (Mo.Pa) Odontophyllum (Cn.Ml.Tr.Nt) (Mo.De) Obisatitella (Ar.Fo) Odontionella Nuttallina (Mo.Ph) Oclotieniacis (Cn.Or.RhJ Oeeultocystis (Ec.Cl) Odontobasis (Cd.Sc.hi.Ga.Ce.Os.Po.Ri) Obornella (Mo.Od) Nyhaninella (Ai.Ec.Mi) Odontocyathoides (Cn.Po) Odontochile (Ar.He) Oanduella (Bz.Sp) Nymphastcr Nymphograplus Nymphorhynchia (Ec.lii) OdoiUaster (Ec.Os.Nt) (Mo.Ar.Sc) Oejieniyra (Ar.Ch) (Br.Ga.Pa) Ohrucheviaspis (Ar.Ar.Po) Octatormentum (Ac.Pa) Oehlertella (Br.Os.Fo.Po.Ec.Ce.Ce) Obsulclirhynchia (Br.Hy) Ocuiichasmops (Ar.Mo) Obnixia (Br.Li.Ar.Fe) Oanduporella (Br.Ne) Obdlopsis (Br.Ar) (Cd.He) Oelandodus (Cd.Me) Oelandiella (Mo.Ml.Co) Oblongarcula (Br.Pr) Odontofusus (Mo.St.Gy.Os.Pil Nyclopora (Cn.Ar.Ro.Pa) (Cd.Ga.Os.Ar) Oeiilospongia (Po.Cr.Te) Oculeus (Ar.Ca) (Bz.Os.Ph) Nuttallus (Fo.Fo.PO Octillaeniis (Ar.Os.Rh) Oft'adesma (Mo.Oc) Octamerella (Mo.Am) (Mo.Ce.Cr) Ochotochlamys Ochotorhynchia Odostomia Odoslomidea Oecematobolbina (Br.Pr) Oepikila (Mo.Un) Obtusicostites I Odontaspis Oecoptychoceras (Br.Pr) Oboedaliles (Hy.Ne) Odontogryphaea (Mo.Ar.Ph) Nuxocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ar.Ph) Oc(obronleus (Ar.-Xr.Ga.Un) Oehetes (Ec.Te) Oertlispongiis (Ac.Ph) Oepikina (Br-AnSt) Obolrita (Ar.Li) Oculinella (Cn.Cy) OtTaster (Ec..Hy.Pt) Oanduellina (Bz.Ga.Fi) Oehetochilus Odontorhytis (Cd.Ga.Am) (Mo.Te) Oepikium Oepikodus Obrulchevites (Mo.Os.Nl) (Mo.Rh) Odindenia Oesia (Pr.St.Ce) Oblada (Cd.Ga.Ac) Ocellaria (Po.Na) Oelandograptiis (He.An.Os.Ra.Bi.Ga.Sp) Obsoletcs (Fo.Ag) Oenochoacrinus (Ec.Pa) Obolus (Br.Li) Odontogriphus (Pr.Cr.Os.Ne) Oeciducrituis (Ec.Ml.Ne) Nymphaeoblastus (Ec.Ce.Ga.Hel (Mo.Fo) Odetia Oeselaspis (Cd.Ga.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Me) Oelandocaris (Ar.Pt) Octomedusa (Cn.Ra.Li.Po) Octosyllhere (Ar.Pt) Oenonella (.Ph) Odaraia (Ar.He.He) (Cd.Pl.PI) Ochetoeeras (Mo.Tr.Cr.Ga.Tr.Ph) Oenonitcs (An.Hy) Oetonarielhna (Ar.Ra.Gy.Av.0.Os.As.Tr.Ar.Nt) (Bz.Po) Odontocyalhus (Cn.Fo) Octithrissops (Cd.Li.Ar.Fo.Bulletin 363 478 Niitricuki (Mo.Tr.Ar.Ar.Os.Di) Oedisoma (Ar.Un.Os.Ag) Ohliaspis (Cd.Os.Ne) Odostomella Nyuella Oehotathyris (Br.Ce.Px) Ochetosella Ochelosellina Odontoturbo Odoratus (Mo.

Ga.is Ot'n>eotrochus Ottncria Ogbinia Ogbinoptira Ogctx-ephalus Ogilbia Ogilviastraea Ogilviella Ogilvilasma Ogilvinella Ogiva Ogivalia Ogivalina Ogivia Oglu Oglupes Ogmasaphiis Ogmoconcha Ogmoconchclla Ogmodirus Ogmoopsis Ogmoplecia Ogmusia Ogyginus Ogygiocarella Ogygiocaris Ogygites Ogygitoides Ogygoceras Ogygopsis Oharaia Ohioaspis Ohiocaris Ohioceras Ohiix'rinus Ohnopora Ohuiis Oidalagnostus Oidaloproetus Oikozeletes Oina Oinochoe Oiophylliles Oiosia Oistoceras Oistodella Oislodus Oislotrigonia Ojlemyra Okalhyris Oketaella Okinawanoarca Okinawavoluta OklahomacrinuN Oklahomacyslis Okopites Okribites Oklavites Okulitchicyaihus Okulilchina Olangocoelia Olbia CoMi'iiNDU (Mo.A Offleya OI'l1e>ixcr.Be» \i oi Fossil M ARiNiE ANIMAL Genera: Sepkoski 479 .

Ec.Eii) Ophiocrossota (Ec.Os.An.Ce.Tr.Op.Tr.Ma) (Mo.Op) Optoturris Onychochilus (Mo.Hy) Ophionuisium (Ec.St) Oostrombus Ootomaria Ootomella (Mo.Ga.Tr.Un.De.Fo.Ar.Rh) Oniscitlia Oochiton Ooiiocarcinus (Cd.Nt) Opipeuler (Ar.Un) (Mo.Ve) Oncosarina (Br.Di) Onychaster (EcOp.Ga.Nt) (Mo.Tx) Ophionaulilus Orania Onychodiclyon (Lo) Ophiopetra Oraniceras (Mo.Op) Oracanlhus Oiiychocrinus (Ec.Pt) Onyxites (Mo.Ce.Ar.Fo.Pt) Onoba (Mo.De) Oosthuizenella (Ar.Ga.Os.Ga.My) Opisthocoelus (Mo.Mi) Oolopygus Oonendnccras Oonia (Po.Ce) Ophiocnida Oppligera (Po.Tr) Ophthalmapseude (Ar.De.Ds) Oolitella (Fo.Re.Rh) (Br.Op) Optivus (Cd.Sp) (Jnychopygc (Ar.Op) (Ec.Tr.Op) Opleghathus (Cd.Ch) Ophiodon (Cd.El) Operculina (Fo.Di) Ophisurus (Cd.Aj) Oocorys (Mo.Bi.As) Oiicotoechus (Po.De) Orbinaria (Br.Co) Ophiopinna Oratoceras (Mo.Ar.Ag) Onuphis (An.Ct) .Op.Fo.Cr.Os.So.Gy.Tr) Oosterella (Mo.Ar) Opisopneustes (EcEc.Op) Opsiiiiasaphus (Ar.Bi.Ec.As) Onuxodon (Cd.Ga.Op) (Cd.On) Ophryotrocha Ophrystonia Ophlhalnioplax (Ar.Li.Am) Onychodus Onychophyllum (Cd.Am) Ophiacantha (Ec.Ar.In) Ophioerinus (Ec.Tr.Fo.My) Opalia (Mo.Pii.Bi.Ph) Ophiodermella (Mo.Sp) Onychopleivlla (Ar.Sp) Onycopygc Onymagnostus (Ar.E!) Operchaliosteus (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Co) Opertochasnia (Mo.Ph) (Cd.Sc) Opsupharus (Ar.Os.Fo) Ophiurocrinus (Ec.Tr.Eu) Orbignycrinus (EcCr.On) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Pl.Un) (Mo.Bi.Ma.Ce.Tr.Fo.Sp) Oiieotodus (Cd.Po.Ce.De) Oplophorus (Ar.Op.Ec.Or) Ophidion Ophigraptus (He.Am) Ophiolancea (Ec.Ce.Li) (Mo.As) Orbiculoidea (Br.Op.s (Cd.Ag) Ophisthoproctu.Op.Ga.Po) Opsithrissops (Cd.Ar.Op) (Ec.An.Cc) Opeamorphus (Po.Os.Ml.Go) Orbiculit'ornia (Ac.Op.Bl.Re.Ce.Or) Ophioxenikos (Ec.Ga.Ar) (An.Ar.Ml.Op.He.Cr.Bi.Ar.Os.Ls) Opabinia (Pr.Li.Op) Orbicoscinus (Po.Ar.Re.Op.Ga.Ar) Ophiceras Opisthotrigonia (Mo.Ce.Ar) Orbiblastus (Ec.Fo) Ophryaster (Ec.Co) Onychia Onychocella (Pr.Cy) (Mo.Eu) (Mo.Ac.Li.Ce.Ya) (Mo.Ac) Ophiurella (Ec.Hs) OncDtoceras (Mo.Os) Orbiculopecten (Mo.Ga.Ph) Ophiraphidites (Po.Ar) Opimaria Opimilda (Mo.Fo.Sc) Ontariocrinus (Ec.Ga.Am) Opikatia (Ar.Bi.Op.Pa.Or) Ophiosema (Ar.Am) Onopordumaria (Br.Ga.Sa) (Mo.As.Ac) Oocerina Ophiura (Ec.Os.Ne) Opimocythere (Ar.Po) OnugDrhynchia (Br.Tr.Go) (Mo.Cr.Nt) Ophiiirina (Ec.Bi.Op.Gy.Fo) Orbignyna Orbignyopora (Fo.Pf) Ongleya Opertum (Fo.As) Ophidioceras (Mo.Gy.Ml.Cl) (Ec.Os.Ce.Op) Opsiconidion (Br.Cl) Ophioceras Oppenheimopecten (Mo.Tr.Ve) Ondadiplocteniopsis (Cn.Ar.He.Ly) Opaliopsis (Mo.Op) Orbicoelia (Br.Op) Orbignya (Mo.Fo) (Fo.Cr.Ar) (Cn.saurus (Cd.Os.Ta) Orbignygyra (Cn.Ac) (Ar.Gy.Ra) Opiotoptera (Mo.Os.Ne) (Cd.An.Ga.Ch.Li.Op) Orbiculothyris (Br.Ce.Fo) (Cd.Op.Tr.Bi.Re.Po) OiKiisella (Po.Pt) Ophthalniosaiirus (Cd.Op.Ga.Ga.Op) Orbicyathellus (Po.Nt) (Mo.At) Onega (Ar.Uii) Opisthoplax (Ar.Ch) Ophioglyphoida (Ec.Ar.Ce.Rh) Ophioeoma (Mo.Ne) Opisthomyzon Opisthonema Opetio.Os.Ga.Tr.Ot) (Bz.Os.Op) Opsiocrinus (Ec.Ga.Pr) Onestia (Mo.Or) Opistopteryx (Cd.Op.Ga.Po.El) Oiinicalyinene (Ar.Op.Ml.Os.De) Onnizetina (Br.Pt) Onychocellaria (Bz.Ru) Ophiopsis (Mo.Gr.Te) Opisconidion (Br.Sc) Ophtlialmidiuni (Fo.Fo.St.De.Pa) Opella (Mo.St) Oopsites (Ar.Re.Sc) (Bz.Or) (Ec.Eu) (Mo.Ar.Aj) Onychoplecia (Br.De.Bi.Scp Opisthoptera (Mo.Di.Fo.St) Oncophora Oncorhynchus (Po.Va) Orbignyana Orbignycoenia Ooliticia (Mo.As) Opiiiolilanos (Ec.Or) Ophileta Opoa (Ar.Op) Ophiocten (Ec.Aj) Onychoselache Onycholreta (Cd.Op) Opisthotreta (Br.Bi.Ce.Op) Orbicyathus (Po.St.Br) Onychoceras (Mo.Tr.Ma.Tr) Onnia (Ar.Ce.De.Aj) Oocystis (Ec.Os.Ve) Oneirophanites (EcHo.Tr.He.Ne) Orbiasterocyathiis (Po.An.Bi.Me.Nt) (Ar.Ph) Opikella (Br.On) (Cn.An) Orbiculopora (Br.Op) Opisthornithopora (Bz.Ne) Opsiosoryctocephaliis (Ar.Cr.Pt) Onitshoceras (Mo.Ce.Ve) Opcrtorbitolites (Fo.Li.Op.Op.Bi.Pt) Onciitechnionus (Ar.Ce.lc) Orbipora (Bz.Nt) Ophiletina Oppelia (Mo.Rh.Pa) Orbirhynchia (Br.Os.Ga.Ls) Opis (Cn.Ac) Onuphionella (Pr.St.Pn Oiiniella (Br.Rh) Ophiurioeoma (Ec.Bulletin 363 480 Oncoparcia (Ar.Os.Nt) Opiphyllum Oncousoecia (Bz.Ct) Ophiotrigonum Orbiciilatisiuroslruiii (Br.Pa) Onilhochilon (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Na) (Ec.Sc) Opcchiiius (Ec.Os.Co.Op) (Ec.Po.Fo) Opelionella (Po.Ly) Orbignyclla (Bz.Op.Ra.Ce.Di) OpsidiscLis (Ar.Ar.Pt) Ontocetus (Cd.Co.Fo) Opissaster (Ec.Bi.EcCa) (Mo.Ch) Onkogrypha Ophiaulax (Ec.Re.An.An.Hi) Oolina (Fo.Ar) Opisoma (Mo.Fo) Opiithaltnipora Oonoceras (Ec.Ru) (Mo.Ar.Ac) Onkospira (Mo.Pa.Ne) (Mo.Ch) Ophiodesia (Po.Op.Ga.He.Os.Eu) Ophiolhrix (Ec.St) Ophilyroceras Oppelisi'ilia (Cn.

Fo.Sp) Omatanomalina Ornategulum (Fo.Fo.Ar.Fo.Ru) OrthiKardium (Mo.Re) Orthoptychus (Mo.Ce.Or) Orhomaius (Ar.Ce.Ac) Ortliovcrtella (Fo.Eu) Ordovizona (Ar.Sp) Orthodesma (Mc.Fo.Sp Ortholhetina (Br.C.Ar.Ar.Ar.Ga.Ce.Pt) Orcofabella (Ar.Or) Organoceras (Mo.Ho.He) Omatothyrella (Br.Pc) (Cd.Am) Orthoccltites (Po.Ar.Ru) Ortholites (Cn.Rh) Orthopsis (Ec.Tr.Pa) Ornithoprion (Cd.Aj) Onhaster (Ec.Ar.Ps) Orthorhyncula (Br.Nt) Ordoniya Ordosia (Ar.Ve) Orthurus (Cd.Fo) Ornithopecten (Mo.Ar) Orthonaria (Ar.Hx) Orthotetes (Br.Po) Ornatolhyris (Br.Bl.Ar.Fo) Ornioceras Orthodochmioceras (Mo.Ar.Ec.Ch.Ml.Ly) Orthonotacythere (Ar.Od) Orthostrophia (Br.Ac) OrUn (Ar.Li.Fo.Ce) Ornatoptygmatis Orthomyalina (Mo.Fo) Orlhildaites ( Orthotrinacria (Fo.Un) Orriella (Ar.Rv) (Ec.Ga.Te) Orthochetus (Mo.Fo.Se) Orionina (Ar.Ac) Ornithaster (Ec.Fo) Orcinus (Cd.Ce.Fo) Ornatophyllum (Cn.Sp) (Ec.Ph) Orthocypris (Ar.Fo) Orthogonocrinus (Ec.Fo) Ormistoniella (Ar.Ar) Orthocycloceras (Cn.Ar.Fo.Te) Orbula (Ac.As) Orthoretiolites (He.Ru) (Mo.De.Nt) Oretia (Mo.Te) Orthopleura (Br.Pt) (Ar.Os.Tr.Ga.Bl.Bi.Tr.Tr.Bi.Ch.Po) Orthocarina (Br.Or) Orbilestella (Mo.Gr) Orenburgella (Br.Os.Ce.An.Ce) Oreisator (Ar.Fo) Ormathops (Ar.Phl (Ar.Fo) Ormastralium (Mo.Gy.De) Ornamentaria (Mo.Ce.Ar.Am) Oresiiacanlhus (Cd.Te.Gr.Fo.Ga.Bi.Pa) Ordinalus (Po.Pt) Orectoloboides (Cd.Ly) Orbitolites (Fo.Ar.Ar.Po) Oibltolinella (Fo.Ar.Ve) Onhobairdia (Ar.Fo) Orthaulax (Mo.ln) ia I Orbitopsella (Fo.Sy) Orospira (Mo.Ar.De.Or) Orinella (Mo.Or) Orthoptyxis (Mo.Or) Orbitolina (Fo.Fo) Orbitremites (Cd.Fo.Ar.Ga.Eu) Onhospirifer (Br.Pa) Ornithella (Br.Pt) Orthocrinus (Ec.Ar.Tr) Oriclalia (Fo.Sp) Orthoslomia (Mo.Os.Ar.Pc) Orbiiocyclina (Fo.Co) Orthosurcula (Mo.Te) Orthidium (Br.Ec.As) Orionoides (Mo.Ml.Cy) Orthoceras Ortonella (Mo.Oc) (Mo.Tr.Fo.Os.Ne) Orthopora (Bz.Pr) Oilhodiscus (Po.Fi) Orthorhynchuloides C-tr.Fo) Ornatoporta (An.Or) Orienlothyris (Br.Os.Os.Ec.St) Orientina (Fo.Ga.Orl Ortholropia (Br.Ce.Po) Orthoyoidia (Mo.Or) Orthotetoides (Br.Vc) Orilhostella (Fo.Gr) Orbitulipora (Bz.Ga.Ar.Or) Orectospira (Ar.Se) Orthomorphina (Fo. Un) Orbiloplax (Ar.Fo.Fo) Orlo\ irhynchia (Br.De.Ar.Ch.Ar.Ar) Ori>kania (Br.He.Os.Ar.De) Orthochilus (Mo.Os.Bi.Sp) Orthonybyoceras Ordovicia (Ar.An.Hi) Orodes Orodus Orometopus Orophocrinus Orophosaurus Orospheciom (Po.Tr.Ar.Ga.Ml.Or) Orthotichia (Br.Ru) Orechina (Ar.Fo.Pr) Ornamentaspis (Ar.In.St) Orienscllina (Br.Tr.Crl Ornothyrella (Br.Li) (Mo.Ar.Bi.He.Bi.At) Orlmannia (Po.Ga.Te) Orthonota (Mo.Ho Orlhisocrania (Br.Ar.Tr.Bi.Sp) Orthidiella (Br.Fo) Ormistonella (Ac.Ce.Fo) Orthocidaris (Ec.St) Oridorsalis (Fo.Ra.Os.Fo) Orbulina (Fo.Nt) Ortmannispongia Oriosioma Orulgania (Br.Li) (Cd.Fo) Orlo\iella (Ar.Rh.Rh) Orthocyathus Orbitokathina (Fo.Fo) Oriocrassatella (Mo.De) Orria (Ar.Co) Ornatus (Po.Ar.Fo.In) Orbitoclypeus (Fo.Po.Ar.Ga.Os.Ptl Oro/oe (Ar.Ga.Re.Fo.St.Bi.An.TnRe) Orthogoniuni (Cn.Ac) (Mo.Tr.Ga.Fo) Orilhopsis (Ar.Se) Orbithele (Br.Po) Ordosoceras (Mo.Bi.Ga.Fo.Fo.Bi.Am) Orthotheca (Hy.Tr.Di) Orbiloides (Fo.Re.Ga.Li) Oilhosphinctes (Mo.Os.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 481 Oibilammina (Fo.Ar.Te) Orienlurus (Ar.Ra.St) Orientospira (Br.Pa) Ornithothyris (Br.Sp) Orthella (Fo.Am) Orbitoproetus (Ar.Am .Ch.Am) Orphanaspis (Ar.Ce.Ch) Ornaticannula (Ec.Crl Orectodictya (Bz.Fo.Cr.Ho) Oriundogutta (Ac.Ar.Fo) Origostrophia (Br.Ga.Te) Orientospirifer (Br.Eu) Orthophyllum (Cn.Ar.Or.Ar) Ordovicina (Fo.Tr.Na) Ornatoclymenia (Mo.Os.Os.Ar.Nt) Orbilella (Mo.Nt) Orocystites (Ec.Ar.Fo.Ne) OricUKara (Ar.Ma.Fo.Ce) (Mo.Nu) Orionaslraea (Cn.Ga.Ml.An.Os.Ec.Po.In.Sp) Orestites (Mo.As) Orthoidea (Br.Ar.St) Orecopia (Mo.Ar.St) Orientalina (Ar.Pa Orlhaspidoceras (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ar) Orthostrophella (Br.Fo) Orthacodus (Cd.Fo) {)rlo\ icavina (Ar.Bi.De.Gr.Os.Cl) Orthograptus (He.Ch.Pt) Orthoconus (Mo.Tr.Co) Onhotetella (Br.Nt Orthogarantiana (Mo.Cl) Orthokarstenia (Fo.Os.Te) Orthonema (Mo.Or) Orthotrigonia (Mo.Ra.Fo.Fo.Ce) Orostaurs (Ac.Bi.Sp) I I Mo.An.Ar.Po) Orthocormus (Cd.Fo.Ta) Orcadia (Fo.Ga.Fo) Orthothyris (Br.Ga.Te) Orbulinoides (Fo.Ce.Fo.Sp) Orthopristis (Cd.Ar.Ce.St.Eu) Ornopsis (Mo.Ce.Ce.Os.Sp) Orthoconorca (An.Po) Ortliolina (Br.Ac) (Mo.Li.Un) Onhiella (Br.Ar..Rh) Orestia (Mo.Nt) Orthothrix (Br.Tr.Os.Tr.Bi.Ce.Rh) Oreochima (Cd.Or) Orthotoma (Br.Mt) Orbitolinopsis (Fo.Cr.Pa) Ornatospira (Mo.He.Or) (Mo.Ar.Ra.Fo.St) Onhis (Br.Pt) Orthopelta (An.Or) Orienticyalhus (Po.Hi) Orecyla (Po.Po.Te) Orthonychia (Mo.Rh) Orlhambonites (Br.Fo) Ornatoleberis (Ar.

St.Bi.Ce.Ch.Ve) Ozarkocoeha (Po.Ga.Ve) Ouijjaiiia (Ar.Ar) Ozakiphylliim Otarion (Ar.Ga.Ch) Ovum Osangularia Osbiirnoslylus (Bz.Os.Bi.Os.Co) Olohoplites (Mo.Ce.0.Os.Rh) (Mo.De.Co.Nt) (Ar.Ce) (Mo.Bi.CI) Oxiosia (Br.On) Otopora (Mo.Ce.Bi.Or) (Fo.Cr.Ar) Oxystele (Mo.Tr.Ph) Oxyacrum (Mo.Pa) Owenella Owenirhynchia Owenites Owenoceras Oxfordoceras Oxinoxis (EcPc.Pt) Ovalveolina (Fo.Ar.Os.Ar) Oxyparoniceras (Mo.Bi.Co) Ovactaeonina (Mo.Cr.Tr.Un) Oyonnaxastraea (Cn.Ol) (Mo.So) Oxytiis (Hy.Sq) Osteolepis Osteomya (Mo.Os.Ga.Rh.Ce.Ar.Ar.Pr) Overloiiiina (Br.Un) Ovatia (Br.Ec.Tr..Be) Ostrea (Mo.Sc) (Ec.Pt) Osllingoccras (Mo.Ar.St) Ozarkispira (Cn.Ar.Co) Otatara (Mo.Eu) Mo.Ce) Otionella (Bz.Ma.Os.Ml.Rh) Oryctocaic (Ar.Or) Otcnaspclla (Ar.Ve) Otollonia Ovulocystites (Ar.Tr.He) (Bz.Sl.Ce.Am) Osceolia (Ar.Os) Olusia (Br.Ar.Bi.Ds) Ovlatchania Orycteiocetus (Cd.Ce.Ru) (Mo.Ar) Otiawina (An.Ce.Ar) Ovalilheca (Hy.Os.Am) Ossiania (Mo.Rc.Ar.Os. Tr.Del Oxyperas Oxypleurorh) Oxyprion OMionia (Mo.Os.Li) Ovidiclla (Br.Os.Ve) Ostcorachis (Cd.Ga.Ar.El) Otukaia (Mo.Ga.Ce.Cc) Otraczetia (Ar.St) Ozarkina Olarionella (Ar.iiiiles (Mo.Fo) (Mo.Ce) ( ( Mo.Pl.Ci) (Cd.Pt) Oxyagnostus (Ar.Uc) Oxyptcria (Mo.Po.Tr.Pr) Overtonia (Br.Li.Co) Otodus (Cd.An.Bi.An.Sc) Oxynocrinus (Ec.Ga.Pt) Ovatipsa Oxytropidoceras (Mo.De.Or) Oxydi.Am) Osirconclla (Mo.Tr.Ph) Ovalospira (Br.Tr.As) Otomitla (Mo.Tr.slograplus (He.Ar) (Mo.Ag) Oslogonites (Br.s.Co) Oulophyilia (Cn.Po.Co) Otoceltites Oryctiiccphalina (Ar.Un.Pt) Ospriasolen (Mo.Ce) Oxynotus Oxyosteus (Cd.Te) Ovaluta (Ar.Ce.La) Ovulactaeon (Mo.Ce.Ar) Oxycypraea (Mo.Un) Osoinia (Mo.At) Oxyspira (Mo.Eu) ( . hi) Ovulopsis (Mo.Ar.Co) Oxynauliliis (Mo.Te) Oxythyreus (Ar.Ce.Co) Ourikaia (Ar.Os.Pr) Ovicardiiini (Mo.Ch) Ovalastrea (Cn.Ce.Ph) Oxygonioceras Oxygyrus Ospia (Cd.Ga.Fo.El) Oulodus (Cd.Sc) Oxymeris Oxynaspis (Mo.Di) Br.Nt) (Mo.Ar) (Cd.Li.Ce.Ar.Am) Ovalaslraeopsis (Cn.Hy.Ac) Oshunia (Cd.Rh) Ottoseelaxis (Bz.An.Ar.Ra.St) Overtonaspis (Cd.Tr.Un) Ovinotis Orusia (Br.Ce.Gr) Otloino (Mo.He.Co) Otoceras (Mo.Ar) Olarionidcs (Ar.Po) (Br.Ga.Go) Otekmaspis (Ar.Ga.Fo.Bi.Ga.Pt) Ovatoquasillites (Ar.Bi.Bi.Se) Ottawella (An.Ar.Th.Uc.Ga.Na) (Mo.MI.Hi) Otostonia (Mo.Bi.Am) Orygmophyllum (Cn.Ca) Ozarkoconiis (Mo.Ph) Otiawacrinus (Ec.Ec.Gy.Ce) Oulangia (Cn.Sp) Oryctoderma Oryctomya Orygmaspis (Fo.Bi.De) Ostreaviciila (Mo.Bi.Tr.Po) Ovoceras Ovocerina Ovocytheridea Ovornina Oryctocephalops (Ar.Ds) (Cd.Or) Ottoia (Pa) Oxybeloceras O.Rh) Ottadalcnites (Br.Ga.Ga.Ar.Tr.Nl) Ovilia (Mo.Rh) (An.Pt) Ovatoconcha (Mo.Ce.CI) Ostenocaris (Ar.Po) Oxygonaspis (Ar.Ga.Tr.scites (Mo.Nt) Osmerus (Cd.Nt) Osiracion (Cd.Sc) (Mo.Gr.Po.Ve) Oxyjulis (Cd.St) Oxytoma (Mo.Fo) Oxyteuthis (Mo.Bi.An.Tr.Fo) Otopleura Osbotnoccras (Mo.Po) Oxyuropoda (Ar.Co.Bi.Li) O/arkodina (Cd.Ain) Ovulechinus (Ec.Ar.Ce) Oi yclDccphalilcs (Ar.Am) (Mo.Ch) (Mo.Ga.Ph) Oxyrhi/ium (Po.Nt) Oxycerites (Mo.An.Co) (Mo.Hy) Otapiria (Mo.Eu) OxopFecia (Br.Hy) Olarozouin (A\r.Bi.Os.Os.Ce.Sp) Osmeroides (Cd.An.Ga.Ne) Ossicrinus Ostariostonia (Cd.Os.Os.Ce.Ne) O/arkphna (Mo.He) (istomya (Mo.Sp) (Mo.Ce.Am) Ovulaster (Ec.Ar) Osculipora (Bz.Sp) Osculigera (Mo.An.Ga.St) Oxintoceras (Mo.Be) Osculocystis (Ec.Tr.Un) Otaria (Cd.Hy.C:h.Fo.St.Rv) Oustechnius (Ec.Pa) Olhneiocrinus (Ec.Ce.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Am) Oxytornoceras (Mo.Te.Am) Osiiiotoxotis (Ar.Ca) Ovatoscutum (Cn.Ch) Ovalipes (Ar.Bi.Ar.Ec.Fo.St) Ottcnbyaspis (Ar.Th.Ar.Am) Osteocrinus (Ec.Di) (Ar.Os.Am) Osleopygis (Cd.Am) Oudardia (Mo.Go) Ostrcola (Mo.Ce.Pt) Ovaticeras (Mo.Am) Osmarella (Br.Os.Ne) Oslodictyon (Po.Ga.Bi.Tr.Pt) Oxylenticeras (Mo.Ec.Ga.Pt) Ovatathyris (Br.Ar.Fo) Oloites (Mo.Ce.Gy.Pt) Osircinella (Mo.Or) Osilinus (Mo.Gy.Ra.Pl.Bi.Ve) Ouaka (Ac.Ce.Li) OtarorlniKhia (Br.Na) Ostenia (Ar.Cr.Ma.Ga.Os.Os.Tr.Ce.Pa) Ouachitaia (Ar.Tr.Ce.As) Otospiriler (Br.Cr.Go) Mo.Co) Otocythere (Ar.Po) (Ar.Cr.Os.Cc) Otiiscaphites (Mo.An.Ce.Ar) iK'hia (Br.Ga.Go) Osekaspis (Ar.Sc) Oslhimosia (Bz.Sc) OtaricUa (Br. In.Rh) Ovic'lypciis (Ec.Ph) Ovalarca (Mo.Bulletin 363 482 Orulg.Ga.Ga.Rv) Oulastrea (Cn.Tr.Ar) Ostracoberyx (Cd.Ga.Nt) ( Orvikuina (Cd.Pa) OuaiTiouia (Mo.Di) Osorioichthys (Cd.Ce) (Ac.Un) Ovirissoa (Mo.Am) Ovalocephahis (Ai.Bi.Ru) Otoniphalus (Fo.Tr.Ce) Oryctocephaliis (Ar.Ga.Ar.Ce.Re) Oxynoticeras (Mo.Fe) Oxycolpella (Br.

Bi.Tr.St.Gy.Hi) Pahlenella (Br.Ve) Paenebeltella (Ar.Ch.An.Bi.Tr.An.Os.Be) (Mo.Pel Paijenborchella (Ar.An.Ta) (Cd.Ch) Pagodea Pagodia Pagodina (Mo.Tr.Ta) Pagellus (Cd.Ph) Pabianocrinus (Ec.An.Ey) . Animal Gknrra: Sepkoski O/awuinelUi (Fo.Ga.At) (Cii.Ml.An.De) Pachyhexanchus 0/iKlo<.Pt) Pagrus (Cd.Ta) Paehydon Pachydomella Pachythecalis (Cn.He) Palachemonella (Fo.Pr) Pachysalax (Po.Ce) (Cd.Pa) Pachycymbiola Pachysphincles (Mo.An.Ar) (Mo.Fo.Or) (Po.An.CI) (Cn.He.Sc) Pagetia (Ar.Te) Palaeastraea (Cn.Am) Pachy sty lostroma (Po.Ve) Pachystrophia (Mo.Fo) PachNhelioplasnia O/ius (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ce.My) (Mo.Os.Sa) Pachyniagas (Br.Ce.Be) Pachythercella (Bz.Fo) Pachydictya (Bz.Bi.Un.Ar.Ce.Ar) O/.Ar) (Mo.Ce.Ml.Pf) Pachyrachis (Po.Pt) Ozotrachelus (Po.Am) (Mo.Bi.Co.Ga.Ce.Bi.Ar.Po) Pachypleurosaurus (Cd.Ga.Bi.Ne) Pachystelliporella (Cn.De) Pachyredlichia (Ar.Fo) Ozourina (Fo.CI) Palaeastacus (Ar.Nt) Pachyseris (Cn.Co) (Mo.Tr.Li) Pagodula (Mo.An.Ce.Bi.De.Am) (Mo.Sp) Pachastrella (Po.Ne) Pachygyra (Cn.Ca.Am) Pachecoa (Mo.Sp) Pagetiellus (Ar.Un.Li) Pachyrizodus (Cd.Sc) Pachypteria (Mo.Bi.On.Ly) PagLiristes (Ar.Hc.Po) Pachytheca (Po.He.Cm) Pachyduvalia (Mo.Un) Pachyphyllia (Cn.Os.An.St.St) PalacanthoHthus (Ac.Ta) PachydcMiuiceras (Mo.Tr) Pac a 111 hoc \ there (Ai-.Tr.An.Te) Pacitrigonia (Mo.De.Sp) Pachydiadema (Ar.Am) Paciphacops (Ar.Pu) Pachyclynienia Pachycoenia I (Ar.Di) Pagea (Ar.Fo.Ch Palaearaea (Cn.Am) Paivinia (Ar.Am) Pachythrissops (Cd.Cc) Paladin (Ar.De.Ne) Pacyoncus (Ac.Fo) Palaeaster (EcAs.Os.Li) Pachytilodia (Po.Re) Pagurus (Ar.Tr.Bi.Pa) (Ar.Li) Pachylocrinus (EcCr.Bi.Ch.Bi.He.Gy.Ga.Fo.Nt) Paianocrinus (EcCr.Bi..Pf) Pachycardia (Mo.Li) Paehus (Ac.Sc) Pachystomaria (Bz.Ac) Pachydomelloides (Ar.Ga.Ph) Padagrosites Pachdyptes (Cd.Ga.Ta) Pachylasnia (Ar.Ga.De.Os.Cr.Me.Re.Sc) Pachyglossclla (Br.Ar) Padunoceras (Mo.Ar) Pachydera (B/.Ce.Ga.Bi.Ta) Pachy thurammina (Fo.Os.Ce.Go) Pacipecten (Mo.Le) Pachyaspis (Ar.Ar.Pt) Paalzowella (Fo.Ve) Paladmcte Pachydomella Palaeacanthaspis (Cd.No) (Mo.Bi.Tr.Ce.Fo.Sc) Palaeacmea (Cn.Fo) Pachylyroceras (Mo.Ga.Sl) Pachylepisnia (Po.A CoMPr^Noii'M OF Fossil Marinf.Li) Paiderocrinus (EcCr.An.Ph) Paeckelmanella (Br.Ag) Pachycardium (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ph) Palaeatractus (Mo.An.Ph) (Po.Am) Pagetides (Ar.Li) Pachychelys (Cd.Cy) Pachydesma (Mo.An.Fo.Co) PachygaleuN (Cd.Ce.De.Tr.Nt) (Ar.Ga.Ce.Ce.Un) Pacihciirus (Ar.Ar) Pachyceras Pachyproetiis (Ar.Ca) Pachythyris (Br.Ag) Pachycardioceras (Mo.opiira 483 Pachytrissops (Cd.Pc) Pachyrisma (Mo.Ar) Paenula (Ar.Ga.Re) Pachylites (Cn.Am) Pachykellya (Cn.CI) Pachycan/licula (Cn.'hiUis (Mo.Am) Pachypictonia (Mo.Ar.Fo.Ga.Ma.Ra.Ml.Ve) Pachyplax (Br.Ar.Re.Os.Pr) Pagodospira Pachycidaris (Ec.CI) Pacinonion (Fo.Sc) Paiutitubulites (Pr.Av.De.Ce.An.Ar.De.De.Un) Pachycranium Pachycraspedon (Ar.Fo) Pachylytoceras (Mo.Ce.Pl.Os.Ce.As) Pachyniura (Po.Tr.Ci) Pachysyrnola (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Un) Pachycoscinus (Po.Sc) Pachysolenia (Cn.Ce.Hy.Ce.Sc) Palaeantedon (EcCr.Ci) PaciMcor (Mo.Po) Pachythaerus (Mo.De.Ch) Pachysceptron (Cn.De) Pachymytilus (Mo.Os.Ve) Pacilicocoelia (Br.Bi.Sp) Pachopsites (Ec.Ph) Padragosiceras (Mo.Tr.Ar.Di.As) Paehycythara (Mo.Po) Pachydendron (Cn.Eu) (Po.Os.Tr.Ve) Ozora Ozospongia (Br.Mo) (Bz.Po) Pachycrommium (Mo.Cr.Li) Pachyperna Pachyphloia (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Pc) Pachy vascoceras (Mo.Un) Paeckeimannopora Paedumias Paegnium Pachyascus (Po.Ec.Ch) Pachy striatopora (Cn.Hi) Palaechinus (Ec.Eu) Pakrioceras (Mo.Ru) Pachyerymnoceras (Mo.Cr) Paichiashania (Ar.Bi.Ce.Os.Ho.Os.De) Pachylavosiies (Cn.Li) Pachyrismella (Mo.Gy.Cr) Pachyteichisma (Po.Tr.Cm) Pachendoceras (Mo.On) Pachynion (Po.Ta) PachttK-eras (Mo.An.Ci Pachypsechia (Po.Pt) Pachyblastus (Ec.Tr.An.Po) Pachycyathus (Cn.Ta) Pacimonotis (Mo.Ag) Pachycaudiles (Ar.Aj) Pachyrissoina (Mo.De.Fi) Pachyosteus (Cd.Ca.Po) Pachycalix (Ec.Hi) Pacymoorellina (Br.Bi.Ec.Bi.Hy) Pachythecopna (Cn.Ga.Ce.Pr) Pachydiscus (Mo.Pl.Tr.Ar.Ve) Pahvantia (Ar.An.Tr.Ar.Ta) Pajanites (Ar.Os.Hx) (Mo.Tr.Ta) Palaeacis (Cn.Pt) (Cn.Re.In) (Mo.Bi.Ra.Ly) Palacorona (Ar.Co) Pachydiscoides Pachyleichopora (Bz.Bi.An.Pt) Pachycalymnia (Fo.Ta) Pakridictya (Bz.Pt) Pachyopis (Mo.Bl.Ol) (Ar.Ta) Pachycctus Pachypoterion (Po.Sc) Pachytraga (Mo.An.Na) Pachyocrinus (Ec.Ce.Rh) Pachymelon (Mo.Sc) Paijenborchellina (Ar.PoI Pachyniegalodon (Mo.Am) Pachypora (Cn.An.Ga.CI) Pachycolhon (Po.De) Pachycormus Pachycorynea (Cd.Ra.Fo.De.Os.Hel Pachyomphaliis Paenaequina (Ar.Ch) Pakistania (Mo.An.Li.An.Ml.Ga.He.Gy.Am) Pachyteiithis (Mo.An.Th) PachaiKDiliynchia (Br.Ta) Pachyphragma (Cn.Fo) Pagecrinus (EcCr.St.Ne) Pachycladina (Cd.Os.Ga.Ch.Sp) Pachymya (Mo.El) Pachymylus Pachymyonia (Cd.

Tr.Re.Ani) (Mo.Ar.La) Palaeiilithostrotion (Cn.An.Ce.Os.Is) Palaeocrinus (Ec.Oe) Palaelophacmaea (Cn.Ml.Bi.Ch.An) Palaeoscyllium (Cd.Ga.Ho.De.Tr.Ru) Palaeophis (Cd.MI.Hy) (Mo.Sp) Palaeonucula (Mo.An.Ru) Palaciibates (Cd.Pa) Palaeospinax (Cd.Ma.Al) Palaeoscenidiuni (Ac.Ml.Ma.Ml.Py.Pf) (Cd.Ml.Op.Nu) Palaeomanon (Po.Li) Palaeopleurosaurus (Cd.Sp) Palaeoconularia Palaeocorax Palaeocyclus Palaeocypraea i lus .Ar) Palaeoneilo (Cn.An.Li.Bi.PI) Palaeosulcochites (Pr.Pt) Palaeopsephaea (Mo.Ca) (Cd.Re.Fo) Palaeoschada (Po.Ph) Palaeolucina (Mo.Ml.La) PalaeolentLis (Ar.Py) Palaeoholopiis (Ec.An.De) Palaeobranchiosloma Palaeokylix Palaeoporites (Cn.In.Ml.|uilla (Ar.Ch.Li.Po) Palaeopalinurus (Ar.De.An.Cl) Palaeomya Palaeomylus Palaeomyra Palaeomynis Palaeocrisidia (Bz.Sl) Palaeocythcridea (Ar.Pl.Ga.Ar) Palaeomoera Palaeomolva (Cn.Mo) (Cd.Po.Os.Ch.Ru) Palaeoni.Ta) Palaeodoles (Ar.Os.Ml.He.De.Pel Palaeomiliolina (Fo.Ru) Palaeorhynchus (Cd.Ra.St.Ce.Ce) Palaeograpsiis (Ar.Os.Nt) (Ec.Ec.Ce.Os.Pp) Palaeostauroncnia (Po.Bi.Sp) Palaeocardia (Mo.Ce.Bi.Bi.Or) (Cn.Er) Palaeobolus (Br.Bi.Po.Bi.Ra.Pt) I Palaeocorbula (Po.An) Palaeoinussa (Cn.Bi.Fo) Palaeohypotodus (Cd.Ra.De I Palacos(.Fo) PalaeiKvlheridella (Ar.Os.Os.Un.Ch.Cm) (Mo.Nt) Palaeosolen (Mo.Fo) Palaeospirifer (Br.My) Palaeothalomnus (Ac.Hy.Fo) Palaeodus (Cd.Ca) Palaeophragmodictya (Po.La) Palaeolenides (Ar.Bi.De) Palaeofavosipiira (Cn.Cr) Palaeocrangon (Ar.An.Sp) Palaeodromites (Ar.Ta) Palaeophoca Palaeniysis (Ar.Pu) Palaeodaclylophora (An.An.Eo.Sc) Palaeophyllites Palacobalistum (Cd.La) Palaeoplatoda (Cn.Oc) Paiaeonectris (Cn.Bi.Pt) Palaeolenus ( Palaeoreichelina (Fo.Fo.Hy.Fo.Ga.Cr.Pt.Ar.La) (Mo.As.Sc) Palaeobalanus (Ar.Hy.Ch.Ne) Palaeocarcharias (Cd.Os.Os.Ml.Gr.De! Palaeosolemya (Mo.Nt) Palaeosigma Palaeoctopus (Mo.In) Palaeokazachstanites Palaeopolycheles (Ar.Fo.De.Or) Palaeoschmidtlles (Br.Pt) Palaeopteria (Mo.Ar.Pe.An.Un) Palaeocystites (Mo.Fo) Palaeophocaena (Cd.Tr.Ch.Ml.Te) Palaeosaccus (Po.Pa.Ch.Ml.Ve) (Cd.Ce.Ml.Eu) Palacopedina (Ec.Fo) Palaeocardita (Mo.Ch.Li) Palaeobelemnopsis (Mo.Ga) Palaeophonus (Ar.Au) Palaeohydatina (Mo.Sc) Palaeobothycrinus (Ec.Ls) Palaeochaeta (An.Eu) Palaeostoma (Ec.Oc) Palaeocentrotus (Cd.Ta) Palacocoryne (Bz.Pa) Palaeoniunidopsis (Ar.Un) Palaeodasyalis (Cd.Co.An.Bi.Ve) Palaeosatunialis (Ac.AnSp) Palaeolycus (Cd.Nt) Palaeodictyota (He.St) Palacodiadcma (Ec.Pe) Palaeomillepora Palaeoschisma (Mo.Sp) Palaeophoberus (Ar.De) Palaeophynia (Po.EcEy) Palacopercichlhys (Cd.Ru) (Ec.Fo.An.Pt) Palaeocarcharodon (Cd.Fo.De) Palaeophillipsia (Ar.Pa) (Mo.An.Eo) Palaeofusulina (Fo.Sp) Palaeopemphia (Ar.He) Palaeocuma (Ar.Fo.Ga.Ml.Ga.Cr.Pl) Palaeolituonella (Fo.De) Palaeo.Ne) (Cd.Ce) Palaeololigo (Mo.Pe) Palaeosteu.De) Palacostylus (Mo.Ml.Pa.Is) Palaeoatherina (Cd.Go) Palacopalacniim (Ar.Os.Ml.Ce.Fo.Fo.De) Palaeoscolex (An.Ml.sco (Mo.Ra.Ma.Ve) Palaeoscomber (Cd.Os.Nu) Palaeosmilia Palaeocucuinaria Palaeosolaster (Ec.Sc) Palaeobalaena (Cd.Cp.Sq) Palaega (Ar.Ga) Palaeoschi/ophoria (Br.Pa) Palaeoplesiastraea (Cn.Re.Nu) Palaeospiroplectammina (Fo.He) Palaeocyltus (Cd.ScCn) Palaeogadus (Cd.Ax) Palaeoglossa (Br.Po.Is) Palaeoentoliuni (Mo.Ch.Os.s (Cd.Pt) Palaeostclla (Ec.Sc) Palaeocancellaria (MD.Ce.An.An.Ra.Mi) (Mo.Pt) Palaeoscorpius (Ar.Ct) Palaeohomarus (Ar.Ec.Po.Ch.Fo) Palaeopagurus (Ar.Ar.An.De) Palaeolima (Mo.Hy.Sp) Palaeocetus (Cd.Re) Palaeoaplysina (Po.Bi.Pt.Ci) Palaeohelia (Cn.Cr.Po.scolecida (An.So) Palaeocyathus (Cn.Sc) (Ar.Os.Pl) Palaeophiioniedes (Ar.Pt) Palaeophiura (Ec.Ra.Os.Li) Palaeophreatoicus (Ar.Pt) Palaeobigencrina (Fo.Fo.Sp) Palaeochoristites (Br.Ml.Ra.Di) PalaeDcnlelophylliim (Cn.Sp) Palaeobotryllus (Pr.Di) PalaeopcntaLhcle^ (Ar.De) Palaeophyllia (Cn.Pr) Palacoiextularia (Fo.ln) (Cd.Ph) Palaeogaleus (Cd.En) Palaeoniscum (Cd.Ce) Palaeopinna (Mo.Sa) Palaeophyllum (Mo.Ma.De) Palaeopcrca (Cd.Sa) Palacodiscus (Ec.Ve) Palaeoleptoslrophia (Br.My) Palaeopelyx (An.At) Palaeogoniatites (Mo.He.Os.St) Palaeopsammia (Cn.Ce.Op) (Ec.Bulletin 363 484 Palaedaphus (Cd.Ga.Sp Palaeocollonia (Mo.Tr.Ru) Palaeonubercularia (Fo.Ce) (Cn.Ta) Palaeocanipa (Cd.Ml.Cu) Palaeonephrops (Ar.Ml.Cp) (An.De I Palaeoslatlella (Fo.Bi.De) Palaemon (Ar.Ar.Pt) Palaeorhi ncodon (Mo.Tr.Ar) (Ec.Ph) Palaeocorolites (Cn.Ar.Hy) Palaeoephippium (Ac.Re) Palaeopyramidium (Ac.Ga.Oc) (An.Pt.Ml.De) Palaeospond\ (Cd.Ta) Palaeotctraphyle (Ac.Po.Eu) Palaeocoma Palaeocomaster Palaeoconcha Ar.Mt) Palaeocyclendoceras (Mo.Ar.Bi.Os.Ph) (Cn.As.St) Palaeorhaphis Palaeocarpilius (Ar.Ce) Palaenigma (Cn.Py.Bo) Palaeojerea (Po.In) Palaeoceras (Mo.Ml.Ce.Ga.De.TnPl) Palacophichihys (Cd.Os.Ne) Palaeolenella ( Ar.Li.Cr.Sc) Palaeoaphrodite (An.Ml.Ze) Palaeopecten (Mo.Bi.De) Palaeostrophomena (Br.Bi.In) Palaeocycloceras (Mo.He.Ra.Cc) Palaeonarica (Mo.Li) Palaeoisopus (Ar.Os.Pt) Palaeolanais (Ar.St.Op.An.Fo) Palaeorubus (Ac.Hy) Palaeoldhamina (Br.Li) Palaeomunida (Ar.Ml.Sp) Palaeodecarad u ill (Ac.Li) Palaeosceptron (Cn.Ga.Ec.Po) Palacopantopus (Ar.Ga.De) Palaeoscurria (Mo.

Ch) Pantokratoria (Po.An.Fo) Paiiiirophylluni PapilloMrophia (Br.Gy.Ce.Fo) Palaeoypsilus (Ec.Bi.Un.Sc) Paprothites (Cd.Ba) (Ar.Bi.Ne) PaleiKenosphaera (Pr.Un) Pannellaina (Fo.Ce.An.Fo.Os.MLDe) Paliniropus (Cd.De.Ga.Hy.Te) Palaeothunnus (Cd.Ga.De) Pandaspinapyga (Ar.Ce) Palaeotrinierella (Br.Al) Paleoclenophora (Ct) Pantophyllum (Cn.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Fo.Sp) Panomya Paleoastroides (Cn.Ph) Paphies (Mo.Hi) Papillicalymene (Ar.Ve) Paleoniarcia (Mo.De.Pr) Paphia (Mo.Tr.Ar.Fo) Panderodus (Cd.Un.Pt) Pamirotheca (Br.Ch.Ve) Palconierus (Ar.Fo.Po.Ru) Panderia (Ar.Rul Palliolum (Mo.Co) Palaeura (Ec.De) Palmatohindia (Po.Te) Palcopupa (Cd.Hyl Paliniphyes (Cd.Aj .Pt) Palelpidia Palmenella (Ar.Pt) Paleoxiphosphaera (Pr.Ve) Paleyoldia (Mo.Li.Fo) Panormella (Mo.Fo.Ml.Ar.Pr) Palelialia (Mo.Pe) PaleiKhiridota (Ec.Ga.Bi.Ce.Pt) PaleoMrophia (Br.Go) Palcostraba (Mo.An.Bi.Co.PO Palermocoelia (Po.Bi.Tr.Ar.Ph) Palumicorbuia (Mo.Ga.An.Fo.Sp) Panarchaegonus (Ar.Op.Cr.Os.An.Bi.An.Fo.Pl.Ce.Ne) Panderina (Br.Ca) Pantophilus (Cd.Bi.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 485 Palaeothea (Ar.Bi.Ve) Paleolina (Pr.Bi.Fo) Palorbitolina (Fo.Sc) Palliseria (Mo.Ar.Pt) Paleolossus (Ar.Di) Pamiroseris (Cn.Rh) (Mo.Go) Pamirothyropsis (Br.Ph) PalaeozNgopleura (Mo.St) (Mo.Ic) Pandaglandulina (Fo.Tr.Os.Bi.SuTr) Palmericyathus (Po.Rh) (Cd.Ve) Palcowuagia (Mo.Os.Un) Palmoconcha Palmoxytoma (Ar.Gr.Nt) Pandorinellina (Cd.Os.Na) Palmatolepis (Cd.Ar) Paleogaudryina (Fo.Cl) Pantellaria (Br.As) Palmatophycus (He.An.In) Pamirothyris (Br.Ar.Ma.Ar.Xi) Palpebralia (Ar.Ma.Ec.Ru) Palorbitolinoides (Fo.Ce.Pe) Paniiroiellus (Ar.Bi.Me.Hy) (Cn.Bi.Os.Ra.Ml.An.Cl) Palastreopora (Cn.Bi.Pe) Pammegetherhynchus ( Palaeoiritidus lAc.Fo) Papillina (Mo.Ga.Co.Tal Palnieraster (Ec.EcCi) Panormida (Po.Ga.Eu) Paluriles (An.Ho.An.Re.Ga.Ho.Ga.Sa) Palpebrops (Ar.Na) Pallaimorphina (Fo.Ar.Di) PaletKOMa (Ar.Ru) (Po.Bi.Ce) Panchione (Bz.Ce.Tr.Fo) Panturichthys (Cd.Sp) Paleschara (Bz.Li) Panenka (Mo.Ax) Pamirorhynchia (Br.Fo.EI) (Mo.Bi.Fo.Ac (Mo.He) Paliiicraspis (Ar.St.Th) Paquettoceras (Mo.Ce.Fo) Paleoalvolites (Cn.Co) Pangoa (Mo.Po) Paleocythere (Mo.Os.Po.Tr.Ch) (Mo.St.Un) Panis (Mo.Co.Bi.Or) Pantanellium (Ac.Ec.Or) Paleoalvania (EcHo.Ar.My) Palaeotripus Palaeotrochactaeon Br.St.Ra.Co) Palehomola (Ar.Pa) Palmerocrinus (Ec.Po) Paltodus (Cd.Po.As.Li) Paleunema (Br.Fo.Fo) Paoshaneila (Pr.De) Po.Co) Palangaria Pallacera (Mo.Be) Pampoecilorhynchus Palaeotringa (Mo.De) Pancheilopora Palaeotroctes (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Co.As.Ga.Ga.Os.Tr) Palasteriscus (Ec.Av..St.Os.St) Paleiipsephurus Pamiropora Papodina (Br.Un.Mo) Palaeoziphius iCd.Ma.Pt) Pandoracrinus (Ec.Ph) Paleopatellina ( Fo.Ve) Paleoplenderina (Fo.Ga.Oc) Palmerinella (Fo.Av.De) Palus (Mo.Nt) Paliphyllum (Cn.Di) Palaeoxanthopsis (Ar.Ar.Os.Nu) Paniiroslronia (Po.Ce.Re.Sp) Paleuphemites (Mo.Ga.Co) Paleolimulus (Ar.Rh) Pappocctus Paleosphaeronilcs (EcDi.Ce.Tr.Fo.Ce.An.Ag) Pallcchioceras (Mo.Tr.Re) Paleogrypophyllum (Cn.Fo) Pal inula (Fo.Ce) (Mo.St) Palicites (Mo.Ta) Palneroslephanus (Mo.Un.Pl) Palliolatella (Fo.Tr.Pa) Palermiles (Mo.Tr.Po.Vel Paltaopite.Fe) Pamphagosirenites (Mo.Ne) ) Paleoatactoechus (Bz.Po) Panitheca (Hy.Ph) Papyridea (Mo.Fo) Paokannia (Ar.Ce.Ml.Me.Bi.Cr) Papillicardium (Mo.Co) Papiliophyllum (Cn.Ax) Papyriaspis (Ar.Po) Paleoparadoxia (Cd.De) Pandanocrinus (EcCr.Eu) Papillatabairdia (Ar.s Paphirus (Mo.Ps) Paleixliclyoconus (Fo.Sp) Pamirochaetctcs (Po.Fo.Os.Ne) PaleopncUNles (Ec.Ar.Mc) Pandorella (Mo.Py.Ar) Palibacus (Ar.Se) Panderichthys (Cd.Aj) Panopea Panopeus Paleobrachselurus (Cd.Sc) Panxinella (Ar.Os.Ph) Palastraea (Cn.Tr.St) Paliurus (An.Ar.Ce) Palinurus (Ar.Ve) Palaeotuba (Cn.Sp) PaleiKhiton (Mo.Ce.As.De.Tr.Gy.Re.Co) Palocyathus (Cn.Nt) Panderpora (Bz.Am) PanuTnia (Ar.Ap) Palnieroceras (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ru) (Ar.Ec.Ne) Palella (Ar.Ga.Ga.Fo.Px) Palmidophoca (Cd.Co) Palasierina (Ec.Am) (Mo.Fo Pamirella (Bz.In) Palnierius (Ec.Ra.Sc) Palmcrhytis (Br.Ar) (Mo.Os.Pr) Palaeotrochus (Mo.De.Fo.Ph) Paldiskites (Br.Ch) (Ac.Po) Palmicellaria (Bz.Ga.Or.Ar.My) Papillalunaria (Bz.An) Paleol'aN osites (Cn.Am) Papiliolinu'i (Br.M\ (Mo.An.Fo) Pamirina (Fo.Da) Palinurina (Ar.Tr.Bi.Or) Palaskensis (Mo.Cr.Ma.Bi.Au) Palmettaspis (Ar.Pt) Pantosaurus (Cd.Fo.Co) Paleolusimitra (Mo.He) Pallioc\praea (Mo.De.Cy) Palcononiles (An.Te) PaleiKonus (Mo.Ne) Palomelon (Mo.Ne) Panxiosteus (Cd.Bi.Bi.Ar.Ml.Ta) Papillocyathus ( Paleopolymorphina (Fo.Ga.Pa.Li) Palmadusta (Mo.Ce.St) Paleomonsmirabilia (Ar.Rul Paleonereites (An.De.Fo) Pandora (Mo.De.Te) Palaeothrissum (Cd.Pf) Pancornus (Mo.An.Ce.Ol) Pantoioceras (Mo.Nu) Panacoma Panamurex Palhemiaster (Ec.Ml.Os.Li.Ax) Paleoctenodiscus (Ec.Po.

Ar) Paracon noceras (Mo.Sc) Parabeniasella (Mo.Eu) Paracraspediles (Mo.De) Paracadoceras (Mo.An.Ph) PaiabumaMlides (Ar.CI) Ar.Ar) Paradiabolocrinus (Ec.Ar.As) Paracolocrinus (Ec.Go) (Mo.Cr.Po) Ar.Pt) Paraclytiopsis (Ar.Ce.Am) Parachuangia (Ar.Cr.Am) (Mo.Ar.Fo.Po) Parabolinoides (Ar.In) Paractocrinus (Ec.An.Os.Ce) (Mo.Ci) Paradagmarita (Fo.Ga.Ec.Ar.Ne) Paracytheroma (Ar.Os.On) Paradechenella ( Parabursacrinus (EcCr.Mo) Paracanlhodus (Pr.Hi) Puracanoptiini (Ac.Os.Pl.Ar.Ru) (Ec.Po) Paracrocephalites (Ar.Os.Os.Cr.Un) Paracavellina (Ar.Li) Paradinarites (Mo.Pt) Paracromyoerinus (Ec.Bi.Os.Tr.Tr.Cr.Pa) Pa raba id ac y pii s (Ar.As) Paracerithium (Mo.Fo) Paradiceras (Mo.Pt) Paraaplysinotihria (Po.Pt) Paracolumnaria Paracytheridea (Ar.Ga.Ru) Paraconger (Cd.Gr.Ce.CI) Parabylhocythere (Ar.Ar.An.As) Paradelograptus (He.Co) Parabcllelontia (Ar.Po) Paiabouchekius (Ar.Po) Parabolryocrimis (Ee-.An.Pa) Paraclathurella (Mo.An) Paradanubitcs Parabuthaiuisleus (Cd.Ar) (Mo.Os.Po) Paradicidia Paracanthoplites (Mo.Co) Paracybeloides (Ar.As) Paraceralites Paractenoloeulina (Ar.EI) I\iiaber\ \ (Cd.Sc) Parabdbinoides (Ar.Am) (Mo.Sc.Pt) Paracorbicula (Mo.La) Parademonedys (Br.Co) Parabolinella (Ar.Ce.Gr) i (Ec.Pl.Os.Cr.Ce.Cr.Tr.Tr.Ga.St) Paracalamus (Cd.Ce.Ru) Paracoskinolina (Fo.Ce.My) Paracleistoceras (Mo.Os.Os.Pa) Paracomposita (Br.Cn) Paradelocrinus (Ec.Tr.Am) Paiabasilicus (Ar.Sp) Paracydoseries (Mo.Ml.Ne) Paracytheromorpha (Ar.Cr.Bi.Pe) Paradainella (Fo.Os.Ar.Te) Parachonetes (Br.As) Paraceraurus (Ar.An.Os.Ce.is (Mo.An.Ru) Paracremacrinus (Ec.Ce.Fe) Paracyathus (Cn.Ce.Os.Po) Parachoristites (Br.Fo.Po) Paraboliceratoides (Mo.Pt) Parachariiia (Cn.Li) Paracardiuiii (Mo.Sc) Paracalnuinia (Ar.Ar.Fo.Ce.Ac) Parabairdianella (Ar.An.Tr.Mo) Paraarctica (Mo.Me) Paracroerinus (Ec.Co.Na) Paracosmelocriiius (Ec.Ir.Hi) Paraconchidium (Br.Os.Co.Na) (Cd.Sc) Paracyprideis (Ar.Ne) Paracymbites (Mo.Ce.Tr.Fo) Paracordylodus (Cd.De) Paracythere ( Parabolinites (Ar.Di) Paracannia (Cn.Ce.Sc) Parabuxtonia (Br.Fo) Parabelopellis (Mo.Cr.St.ln.Co.Os.Tr.Os.Bl.Ar.Ce.Bi.Pa) Parachasnialcipora (B/.Ra.An.De) Paraballiycheilus (Ar.As) Parachirognathus (Cd.Tr.Ph) Paracuariceras (Mo.Ph) Paracorniceras (Mo.St) Paradimeroccras Paracapillithyris (Br.Ve) Paracedaria (Ar.Am) Paraaldenella (Mo.Cl) Paracomitas (Cn.Pt) Paraclythia (Ar.Ds) Paracytheretta (Ar.Os.Co) Paradentalium (Mo.Te) Paracotylederma (Ec.Ce.Tr.Cr.Go) Paracyclendoceras Paraberounella (Ar.Ph) Parabailiella (Ar.Ce..Ce.Ce.Tr.Sc.Cy) Parad morphoceras (Mo.Ce.Ru) (Ec.Cr.Ar.De.Re) Paraeenlrophorus Paracryphaeus (Ar.Ru) Paraceltiles Paracrothyris (Br.Os.Tr.Sc.Am) Paracidaspis (Ar.In) Paracosta (Ar.Ce.Ar.Go) Paradisphyllum (Cn.Am) Parabolbinella (Ar.CI) Parabcv (Mo.Cr.Un.Po) Parabolbozoe (Ar.Ar.Po) Paracoosia (Ar.Li.Os.Os.Fi).Fo) Parabrachycllasma (Cn.Tr.Fi) Paracythereis (Ar.Am) Paradcrbyia (Br.Tr.Os.Tr.Cl) Paraconularia (Cn.Li.Ta) Paracarinachites (Pr.Sp) Paracongroides (Cd.Ce.Cr.Bi.Ar.Pc.Cr.Ru) i i allies I i He.Nt) Paracucumarites (Ec.Ds) Paraacantholhyris (Br.Am) (Mo.An) Paradakeoceras (Mo.Po) Paiabolinopsis (Ar.Co.Ce.Ce.Ph) Paracyclostomiceras (Mo.Os.Ar.Ce.Br) Paracidaris (Ec.Cc) Paiaacrochordiceras (Mo.Tr.Os.Sl.Pr) .Am) Parachaiinoproetus (Ar.Ce.Ce.Ch.Ce) Paracti noceras (Mo.Tr.Tr.Mc.Te) Parabat'lriles (Mo.De) Paracystis (Cn.Ce.Fo.He) Parabanandia (Ar.De.Ar) Parachonus (Cd.Sc) Parabehavites (Mo.Tr.An.Ph) Paraconcavus (Ar.Po) Parabdiiceras Paraclidochirus (Ec.Fo) Parabournonia (Mo.Os.Na) Paiabiloliuni (Br.An.Od) Paracladiscites Paracymatodus Paracymbiocrinus (Cd.Tr.Am) Paracarriithersclla (Cn.CI) Paradichocrinus (Ec.In.Rh) Paracassidulina (Fo.Pr) Paracybantyx (Ar.He) Paradiscoccras (Mo.Ga.Co) Parachonetella (Br.Fo) Paracrescis (B/.St) Paracyclammina (Fo.Ce.Pe) Paracaudites (Ar.Ce.Po) ParabnrsDnia (Mo.Ce.Ve) Parabclosteus (Cd.Os.Ci) Paracydonocrinus (Ec.ln) Paracra\ cnoceras (Mo.Os.Tr.Ce) Paracalillocrinus (Ec.Cr.l'n.Hc.St) Paracalycoceras (Mo.Cm) (Mo.Tr.Ho.Aii) Paracenoeeras Paracrurithyris (Br.Cc.Ph) Parabekidina (Cd.As) Paraconradoceras (Mo.Bi.Pa) Paraclausasiraea (Cn.Ds) Paracrioceras (Mo.Ce.Am) Paradinobolus (Br.Cn) Paradcltocyathus (Cn.Tr.Ve) Paradeningeria (Po.Ne) Paracomatula Paracytherois (Ar.St) Paracyclas (Mo.Ce.Os.Ce) (Mo.An.Tr.St) Paraconiilaroides (Cn.Gr.Ce.On) Paracyprinotus (Ar.Te) Paraconiiiiinia (Mo.Po) Paraceratoconus (Mo.Od) Paracymatoceras (Mo.Sp) Paracytheropteron (Ar.Ce.Ce.Ec.Tr.Am) Paraclimacograptus ( Paracystiphylli>ides Parabolina (Ar.Hi) Paracraniops (Br.Po) Paraboubeilhyris (Br.Po) Parabouleia (Ar.Os.Am) Paracostanoplia (Br.Cr.Ml.Am) Paradasyceras (Mo.Sa) Paracypris (Ar.Ce) Parabolbina (Ar.Ce.Bi.An.Ir.Am) Paracorax (Cd.Ce.Os.Fo.En) (Cn.Sp) Parabaiiiella (Ar.Bulletin 363 486 Pat|iiicricer.Go) Paiacaprinula (Mo.Ar.Ga.Os.Ar.Pt) Paracodaster (Ec.Pr) Paracralieularia (Po.Pe) Parablackwelderia (Mo.Ra) Paracunnolites (Cn.Ga.Bi.Th) Parac'irculus (Ar.Am) Paracoscinus (Po.Pa) Paraceratitoides (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Cr.CI) Paraaiilina (Cn.Ch.Ce.Ce) PanicarcinoMinia (Ar.EI) Parabrissus (Ec.Pe) Paracaligclla (Fo.

Ch.Pa) Parallelelasma (Br.Fo) Paragonasler (Ec.Ce.Cr.Tr.Ce.L'n) Paragoceras (Cd.Hy) Parailsanella (Mo.Ru) (Cd.Ar) Paiadona\ (Mo.Fo) Parahousia (Ar.Se) Paradygella (Br.My) Paraglauconia (Cd.Am) Parad«xtH.Ce.Gr) Paragloborotalia (Fo.Or) Paraglossinulus (Br.Tr.In.Os.Sc) ParaglohoriluN (Tr.Ar.Ce.Ar.Fo.Ce.Ce.Be) (Mo.Vc) Paraglyptoplcura (Ar.Ar.Ce.He) Paraliospira (Mo.De) ParatisMirina (Fo.Am) Parallelora (Br.Fo.Ce.Cr.Ru) Parat'eneslalia (Bz.Os.Bi.Ch.Tr.Pt) Paralepismatina (Br.Fo Paraguembelites Paraleperditia (Ar.Fo.Ar.Pt) Paramblypterus (Cd.De.Tr.Te) Parahalobia (Mo.Bi.Or) Paragaleus (Cd.Os.Co) Paradoxiella (Fo.Cr.Gr) Parakritlie (Ar.Ru) Paralytoceras (Mo.Gr.Ce) Paramarshallena Parakidograptus (He.Fo.Ce) Paraipichthys (Cd.Fo) Parahelicoprion (Cd.Fo) Parahsuuni (AcRa.Po) Paraenshia (Ar.Ce.Ar.Gr.Ce.Ar.Ce.Si) Paratavella (Ci.CI) Paralejurus (Ar.Os.Sp) Parahomalonotus (Ar.Ch.Pa) Paralcidia (Mo.St) Paragazacrinus (Ec.Ce.Tr.Ch.Fo.Cr.An.Ce) Pai"aglohi\ al\ ulinoides (Fo.Fo.Re) ParagaNlriiKeras (Mo.Te) Paralichthys (Cd.Pr) Parahoplites (Mo.An.As) Paragaudryina ( Fo.An) Paradoxipecten (Mo.Ce) Paralusus Parahyolithes (Hy.Tr.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 487 Pariiilistichiles (Mo.Ga.Tr.Pa.Ru) Parahollinella (Ar.Bi.Go) Parajonesiles (Ar.Ar.Os.Po..Fo) Paradi>\eL'hlnus (Ec.Ne) Paragraulos (Ar.Te) ParadiixoMoina (Ar.An.St) Parafrithjotia (Ar.Tr.Pa) Parallelodon (Mo.Tel Paragraphiocrinus (Ec.Ru) Paragnathites (An.Tr.Ar.Pe) Par.Sc) Paralepis (Cd.Bi.iaptu> Paragulalhea Paraglans ( I .Ar.Ce.Am) ParagallL-ndorfia Parajurcsania (Br.An.Pa) Parack>lcri>illiis (Br.Pl) Paralucinella (Mo.Pt) Paraheplranchias (Cd.An.Ce.Tr.St.Tr.Sp) Parahibolites (Mo.Po.Ve) (Mo.Ain) ParaglVL-eriles (An.Be) Paralithostrotion (Cn.Li) Paradiinharula (Fo.Ce.Ce) Paraleptodus (Br.Fo) Parakionoceras (Mo.Ar.St) Parageyerella (Br.Ar.Am) Paradrydeiiius (Cd.Eu) Paralevisia (Ar.Ar.Ar.Eu) Paralabamina (Fo.Ec.Pa) Parahystricurus (Ar.Ar.Ds) Paragoniozona Paraldingia (Br.Ar.Go) (Mo.Ma.Se) Paradoxia (Mo.Hy) ParaLinatoceraN (Mo.Uc) Paralogoniscus (Cd.Sp) Parafrondicularia (Fo.Sp) Parahastites Paraleptoceras (Mo.Am) Paraendoceras (Mo.CI) Parajauberiella (Mo.n.At) Paramarria (Ar.Ce.Ga.As.In) Parahomoceras (Mo.Ga) Parahemiptychina (Br.Os.Eu) Paraleptostrophia (Br.Mo) Parairvingella (Ar.Se) ParaeL'hinorhinus (Cd.Bi.Ol) Parahexacrinus (Ec.Am) Paralitogaster (Ar.Bi.Os.Po.Ce.Bi.Am) Paramalungia (Ar.Eo.An.Co.Or) Paradri lonereigenys (An.Ce.Ce) Parala/utkinia (Br.Os.Po) Paralenticeras (Mo.Os.Cy) Paraipciphyllum (Cn.Os.Po.Po) Paralhederella (Bz.Cr.Ar.Bi.Go) Paralbertella (Ar.Fo.Mo) Paralitherium (Cd.Pa) Parahai-pes (Ar.Os.Po) Paralyttonia (Br.Nt) Parakingasidoidcs (Ar.Os.Ce.Ar) (Mo.Os.Os.Co) Paratalk)taspis (Ar.Gr.Tr.Ce.Fo.Pt) Parahelicampodus (Cd.Pt) Paragalenis (Mo.Tr.An) Parakoldinia (Ar.Ar) Paraexophthalmocythere (Ar.Or) Paraglossograplus (He.Ra.Tr) Paraeucypris (Ar.Te) Paramblysiphonella (Po.Ga.Ar.Tr.Or) PiiKKlislichophvlliin) (Cn.Os.Bi.Os.An.Os.Po) Paragassi/iKTinus (Ec.St) Paraendolhy ra (Fo.Ce) Paramarginatia (Br.Tr.Os.Fe) Parahildaites (Mo.Ga.Pt) Paramacrocypris (Ar.Va) Paralbula (Cd.Ce.St) Parafusulina (Fo.Po) Parakunmingella (Ar.Ce) Paralepidosteus (Cd.Ce.Tcl Paragnalln>dus Paralaeospira (An.Os.Fo) Paraesa (Mo.Pt) Hc.Uc.St.As) Parallelostroma (Po.Ma.Bi.St) Paramansuyella (Ar.Ne) (Ar.Pn) Paraeosoplythoparia (Ar.Os.Al) Paraechmiiia lAr.Rh) Parako/lowskiella (Ar.Fo.Cc) Paraeoliscus (Cd.Mo) Paraformichella (Mo.MLDe) (Mo.Ch.Bi.Pr) Paralorenzella (Ar.Fo) Parahippa (Ar.St) Parakarpinskia (Br.An.Os.Os.Os.Pe) ParaHctcharia (Cn.Pa) Paraleptomitella (Po.Ce.Co) Paraeoleperdilia (Ar.Pa) Paralabalia (Br.Ga.Po) Parahesperornis (Cn.An.Po) Paraheteraster (Ec.Rc) Paragogia (Ec.Ar.Ar.Ve) Paralegoceras (Mo.Ce.li\ crM>i.Po.MI.Ve) Paraheritschioides Paralioclema (Bz.Mi) ParagingK mostoma Parakellncrilcs (Mo.Cr.Fo) Parakorilithes (Hy.Ce) (Mo.Pal Paragrittithides (Ar.'rinus (Ec.Os.Ru) Paragymnites (Mo.Sp) Paraenianuclla (Br.Fo.Ar.Fo Parajuvavites (Mo.Ar.Fo.Sp) Parado\aph\llia (Cn.St) Paraeofusulina (Fo.Oc) (Mo.Ar.Pr) Paraleolichas (Ar.Os.De.In) Paraloxoceras (Mo.Tr.Eu) Paralobites (Cn.Bi.St.Ar) Paralollicin-'ullus (Ac.Tr.Go) Paraganides (Mo.Fo) Parahughmillera ( Ar.Po) Paragouldia (Mo.Po) Paradolphia (Mo.Fo) Parahealdia (Ar.Tr.Sp) Paralisaniella (Ar.Ph) Parakrithella (Ar.Ce.Fo.Cr.Ga.Go) Paradoxiitliyris (Br.Pa) Paraglobivalvulina (Fo.In.Ce.Sp) Paradoxides (Ar.Tr.Un) Paralcnorthis (Br.Sq) Parahalomitra (Cn.Ve) ParagammariKrinites (Ec.Na) Paralleynia Paralusulinclla (Fo.De.St) Paramarginit'era (Br.Hy.Ar.Na) Paraglyptobairdia (Ar.Gr) Paramartesia (Mo.Ce.Ec.Os.Tr.Fo) Parakingena (Br.Di) Parakansuella (Br.Ru) (Mo.Pt) Paralepidotus (Cd.Av.Co) (Mo.Pa) Paramammites (Mo.St) ParagariciKTinus (Ec.Os.Ce.Po) Paradoiiialoceras (Mo.Fo.Co) Paradrilla (Mo.Me.Fo.De.Pl) Paragonatodus (Cd.Tr.Ph) Paragrenocythere (Ar.Ca) Parainoceramus (Mo.Go) Parallelopora (Po.Enl Parahauerites (Mo.Le) Paraduplophyllum (Cn.Hx) Paralingulina (Fo.Le) Parahemingwayella (Ar.Os.Os.Ne) (Mo.Os.Ce.Tr.Ph) Parallelodus (Mo.Ch.

Gr) Parapokornyella (Ar.Ce.An.St) Paramya Paramylostoma (Mo.Rh) Paranisocrinus (Ec.Fo.Co) Parapolytremacis (Cn.Gr) Paranileus (Ar.Ce.Ce.Gr) Paramesbula (Cd.Ru) Paraorthograptus (He.St) Parapoliella (Ar.Os.Ga.Gr.Ar.My) Parapercis (Cd.Ce.Tr.Ch.Te) Paraplectronoceras (Mo.Cy) Paraonychoplecia (Br.Po) Paramegalaspis (Ar.Na) Paramixogonaria (Cn.Ce) Paraplatax Parameekella Paraplatycosta (Ar.An.Bi.Tr.Na) (Mo.Ec.Co) Paramobergella (Pr.Ce.Ar.Ga.Pe) Pardnomoiodon (Cd.Un.Un) Paramesolobus (Br.St) Paramicmacca (Ar.Os.In.Ar.Gr.Ar.Am) Parapholidostrophia (Br.Ar.Bi.Ce.Cr.Bi.Pf) (Br.Ml.An) Parara.Tr.In) Parangularia (Mo.Ce.Am) Paraprionodu.Ce.Ce.As) Parapisocrinus (Ec.Po) Parapilekia (Ar.Bi.Ce.DI) Parancsidea (Ar.Ne) Paraoligorhyncha (Br.Pa) Paramooreoceras (Mo.Na) Paranorellina (Br.Co) Paraplesiograulos (Ar.Ne) (Cd.Pa) Parapronorites (Mo.Sp) Parantiptychia (Br.Ce.Am) Paraorthotetina (Br..Hi) Paranothosaurus (Cd.Tr.St.Ph) Parapopanoceras Paranioltkia (Cn.In) Parapodocapsa (Ac.De) Paraphtonia (Mo.Ce.Po) Paraorthacodus (Cd.Tr.PI) Pararhincodon (Cd.Ce.Ra.Go) Parapalaeobates (Cd.'\r) Parapemerocrinus (Ec.An.Cc) Parananniles (Mo.Ar.Fo) Paramemzelia (Br.Ar.Os.Ar.De) Parareticularia (Br.Ar.Ar) Parapeltoceras (Mo.Ce) Paraniysis (Ar.Os.Ar.Pl.Th.PI.Ce.Ce.Sc) Paramichelina (Cn.Pe) Parapunctella (Ar.St Parapavona (Cn.Pt) Paraplesioteuthis (Mo.Ar.Po) Paraplatyschisma (Mo.Cr.He) Paraniodiola (Mo.Un.Oc) Paranogmius Paranomia (Cd.Tr.Ru) Parapholas (Mo.An.Tr.Pa) Paraproetus (Ar.Tr.Pr) Paramphipora (Po.El) Parapribylites (Ar.Pf) Paranacyathus (Po.Am) (Mo.Ru) Parapatoceras (Mo.Ar.Rh) Paramunseyella (Ar.Ar.As) Pararachnastraea (Cn.Am) (Mo.La) Paraplagiura (Ar.Ga.Cr.Ch.In) Parapholidophorus (Cd.Ch.Te) Parametacoceras Paraoliganisus (Ar.Pf) Paranisopleurella (Br.Ar.Re) Parangarenga ParapiliK-eras (Fo.Sp) Paranudirostralina (Br.St) Pararania (Ar.Ph) Paramplexoidcs (Cn.Os.Ce.Nn Parapinnixa (Ar.No) Paraplatythyris (Br.In) Paraostenia (Ar.Ce.Pt) Parapygaeus (Cd.Co.Fo) Parapinacoceras (Mo.Rh) Pararaphispira Paranditrigonia (Mo.senia Paraneistrolepis Pararcestes (Mo.Co) Parapristopoma (Cd.Cr.Pa) Paramomiculifera (Br.Ce) Pararhenanoperca (Cd.Fo) Paraplicanoplia (Br.Ce) (Mo.s (Cd.Ml.My) Paranumia (Ar.Gr.Ce) Paranereites (An.Ca) Paranacystis (Ec.Fo.My) Pararaconus (Mo.An.Os.An.Fo) Paraphillipsia (Ar.Ne) Paraphyllites (Mo.Ce.Tr.Pf) Parapuzosia (Mo.Sp) Paranicklespora ( Bz.Pr) Parapriniitia (Ar.Bi.Os.Ar.Be) Paraprothyris (Mo.Pn) Pararineceras (Mo.Os.Pf) Paraniphicriniis (Ec.Tr.Pr) Paraquataia (Bz.St.Tr.Sl.Mo) Parapachyaspis (Ar.Pa) Paraplethopeltis (Ar.Mil Paraperrinites (Mo.Un Pararhy nchospirina (Br.An.De.Pc) Paranietelipora (Bz.Ar.An.\r.Os.Tr.Ds) Pararhactorhynchia (Br.Cl) Parariscus (Ar.Fo.Os.Te) Paramegateulhis (Mo.Am) Paramytilarca (Mo.Pa) Paraplectograptus (He.Ce.Rj) Paranassa Paranautilus I (Mo.Sc) Pararchaeocrinus (Ec.Ce.St) Paranoritoides (Mo.St.Tr.Ta) Paraophthalmidium (Fo.Rh) Paraplagusia (Cd.Ce.Eu) Paranecrixrarcinus (Ar.Os.Le) Parapachytraga (Mo.Cr.St) Paraparchites (Ar.Mo) Paranotacythere (Ar.Bi.Ar.Or) Pararaphisloma (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ph) Paraphyllogyra (Cn.Re.Os.Gr) Paramelocrinus (Ec.Or) Parapleurosmelia (Cn.Ga.Pt) Paraplacocoenia (Cn.Ce.Na) Paraphillipsinella (Ar.Po) Paramegaliocrinus (Ec.Po.Ce) Parareichelina Paranguilla (Mo.Bi.Pt) Parapulchratia (Br.Ce.Os.Os.Pt) Paraplicatifera (Br.Os.An.Pa) Paraolenoides (Ar.Po) Parapeishania (Ar.Rh) Parapla-socri nu.Co) Paraniorea (Mo.Sp) Paranorclla (Br.Cr.Os.Gr.Pa) Paranaia (Br.Fo.Co.St) Paramicrocheilinella (Ar.Ce) (Ac.Ga) Parapassaloteuthis (Mo.Cl) Parapygus (Ec.Sa) Paraplacites (Mo.Ar.Rh) Parapleuropholis (Cd.Sc) Pararhipidium (Br.lr.Ar.Cr.Un.Po) Parammatoceras (Mo.Ga.Tr) Paraphragmites (Mo.Am) Parapuractaeon (Mo.Os.Ce.Sp) Parananlingella (Fo.Ar.Ar) Paraquadrithyris (Br.Bi.Bi.Am) Paraptychopyge (.My) Parapelagiella (Mo.Os.Ce.Ch.Or) Parapallasiceras (Mo.Sa) Paraparchitella (Ar..Re.Bi.Ce.Os.Ga.Ph) Pararedlichia (Ar.s (Ec.Ga.Cr) Parapirimela (Ar.Ga.Mo) Paranowakia (Mo.Os.Os.Ce.As) Paranorwoodia (Ar.As) ParamuirwDOdia (Br.ln.Os.Di) Paranorites (Cd.Os.Pl) Paramphisile (Cd.Ch.Tr.Bi.Rj) Parapoulpus (Cd.Be) Paranoviportia (Ar.Pt) Parametaria (Mo.Ml.Na) Paramonopleura (Mo.Cr) Paraplacuna (Mo.Ra.Ce) (Mo.Ar.Tr.Tr.Ar.Ar.Bulletin 363 488 Paramecynoceras (Mo.Na) (Mo.Ml.Ne) Parapaltodus (Cd.Da) Paraplectogyra (Fo.Tr.Pt) Parapontoparia Paramoelleritia (Ar.Un) Parandiceras Paraphorhynchus (Br.Pc) Pararaja (Cd.Tr.Ar) Paramegalodus (Mo.Ar.Po) Paranclyoceras .Tr.Ga.Os.Ma.Te) Paraphaseolella (Ar.Ce.St) Paraplacodus (Cd.St) Parapalebralia (Ar.Rh) Paraplegmatograptus (He.Tr.Ch.Os.Ar.Ar.En) (Mo.Ar.St) Paraolenus (Ar.Os.Ar) (Mo.Os.Ga.Go) Parapyxion (Ar.Tr.El) Paramerista (Br.De) Pararetiograplus (He.Pt) Paraorlovia (Ar.Tr.Ce.Os.Un) (Cd.Cr.Ce.Pt) Pararhiphaeoceras (Mo.Ps) Paramesolepis (Cd.Pt) Paraplatyrhomboides (Ar.Tr.Ce) (Mo.Os.Ru) Parapugnax (Br.Hi) Parapalaeoceras (Mo.Pt) Paraplesiobalis (Cd.An) Pararenicola (Pr.Mo) (Mo.Cr.An.Ne) (Mo.PtI Paraperiomma (Ar.

Ga.PI) Paralhyridina (Br.Ce.An.Ra.Ar.Os.Me.Pa) Parateudopsis (Mo.Aii.Ce.Ga.Os.Bi.Ta) Paratrochamminoides (Fo.Ce.Fo.An.Os.Tr.Fo.Ga.Ru) (Mo.Fo.An.Os.In) Paratissotia (Mo.Eo.Ds) (Cn.Ne) (Mo.De.Tr.In) Parathisbites (Mo.St.Os.Re) Parasa\ noceras (Mo.Hi) Paratsunyiella (Ar.Pt) Parastenop<Kcras (Mo.Cl) Parasi phonoph y I (Ar.Ph) ParaschizocN there (Ar.Ga.Ar.Am) Parathysanophv (Cn.Ce.Ph) Parasimpknyxis (Mo.Ar.Te) Para\ aginoceras (Mo.Or) Paralhv asira (Mo.Tr.An.Te) Paraw ocklumeria (Mo.Os.Ar.Ce.As) Parasqualodon (Cd.Ec.Ax) Paraturbo (Mo.Gy.Pf) Parasyngenochilus (Bz.Sc) Parazygograptus (He.Am Paratermierella (Ar.Ce.Sc) Paratrinucleus (Ar.s (Mo.Ce.Cr.Sc) Parasquatina (Cd.Os.Fo) Parcnliles (Mo.Bi.Ta) Paralrachytoectius (Bz.i (Fo.Po) I'aratibites Parentcletcs ( Paraspiriler (Br.Cc.Go) Parastrophinella (Br.Os.Ec.Ar.Co.Os.Ch.Ce.Fo.Te) Parazolophyllia Parasmilia (Cn.Go) Parasilesiies (Mo.Ce.Ce) (Ar.Pf) Paratungusella (Ar.Os.'\l) Parasyrinx (Mo.Ce) Parastriatopora (Cn.Sc) Para\ inciguerria (Cd.Cr.Me) Parawelekindellina (Fo.Nt) Paratarpon (Mo.An.Os.Tr.Ce.Ar.An.Ne) Para\inella Parascopelus Paravirgatites (Mo.Ta) Parastringocephalus (Br.Ve) Paratornocera.Cl) Parastcgnammina (Fo.Fo) Paraserratognathus (Cd.Am) Pareops (Ar.In.Sp) ParasoleniKeras (Mo.Fo.Li) Parathiiianiminites (Fo.An.Os.Am) Paraseraphs (Mo.Ce.Ru) Parentactinia (Ac.Po) Parasturia Paraucellina (Mo.Cl) Paravascoceras (Mo.Fo) Paichmania (Ar.Os.Ca) Parcxophthalmocythere (Ar.Ga) Paremhatia (ArOs.Gy.Tr.Os.Rh) Parazebinella (Mo.Ce) ParclhmophyliuEii (Po.St) Paratzuchiatocnemis (Ar.Ac) Pareuryalox (Mo.As) Parasabcllidites (Pr.Bi.Go) (Mo.Ce.Pe) Paraturrilites (Mo.Ta) Parawentzelella (Cn.Sc) Paratriebelina Pararolalia (Fo.Ce.An.Fo.Ru) Paratelratomia (Br.Pt) Parasolia (Cn.An.Ce) Parechelus (Cd.Ar.Os.Pt) Parayoungia (Ar.Ga.Am) Parazonoph) Hum (Cn.Ar.Ce.Fo) Parathura)nmi]ia (Fo.Sa) Paras trenoceras (Mo.Ce.Ch) (Cd.Ru) 1 1 ia Parasmithiphsllum (Cn.Ru) Paralriasina (Fo.Hi) Parastromateus (Cd.Ce.Tr.Eu) Paraungerella (Ar.Ch.Ar.Or) .Cr.Ta) Parazeacrinites (Ec.Go) (Mo.Sp) Parastroma (Mo.Ar) Parascytalocrinus (Ec.Pt) Paraviviana (Mo.Gr.Am) Paratancredia (Mo.Ml.Fo.Ce.Pa) Parasulcatinella (BnAr.Ar.Cr.Fo) Paredrioplius (Ec.Ru) Paralrachinotus (Cd.Cr.Ar) Parataxodonta (Ar.Cr.Gr) Parasolenopleura (Ar.Ve) Parawarburgella (Ar.Ga.Go) Parctallonia (Cn.Ga.Tr) Pareuchcliis (Mo.Li.Os.Ta) Paratroplion Parasarcinula (Cn.My) Paraschmidtella (Ar.Ne) Parayakutoceras (Mo.Ed) Paraspelaeum (Po.Ce.Ru) Parathecidea (Br.Sc) Parastauria (Cn.Am) Parastraeoi'orpha (Cn.De) Paraschistoceras Parastrophonella (Br.Pa) Paraspiritcrina (Bn.Po) ParaMerophrenlis (Cn.Cr.Ra.Tr.Ce.An.Cl) Paratalarocrinus (Ec.Aj) Para>Ielliporella (Cn.An.Cr.Fo) Parasynarcualis (Cd.Rh Br.Ar) Parascenella (Mo.Tr.Ce.Ce) (Cd.Ar.Os.Cc) Paratirolites (Mo.Ga) Paravesicocaulis (Po.Ce.Or) Pareuloma (Ar.Riil Paratextularia (Fo.In.Bi.Ce) Parasaturnalis (Ac.Fo) Pareunia (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Ce.Os.De) Parawestonoceras (Cn.Ch) Parasphy racna (Cd.Ce.Fo.Tr.Fo) Parasoraeopora (Cn.Ec.Cr.Fo) Parasalenia (Ec.Ce) (Mo.Ec.An.De.St) Parascomhrops (Cd.Ce.En) Paraschuleridea (Ar.Ce.Fo) Paratrachyccras (Mo.Os.An.Ec) Parastriatoporella (Cn.Am) Para(rib(inium ( P.Re.Os.Mo) Paravulvulina (Fo.Os.Pa) Paratemnograptus (He.Po) (Cn.Ga.Sp) Paratikhincll.Te) Parenchodus (Cd.Te) Paratropites (Mo.Cl) Parasibiriles Paraterebra (Mo.Bi.Aii.As) Parasynastraea (Cn.Fo) Parazophocrinus (Ec.Ga) Parasageceras (Mo.An) Parasorites (Fo.Os.Pt) Parasphacrorthoceras (Mo.Am) ParaspidcKei^s (Mo.Di) Parastorbergclla (Ar.Ce.Ci) Parasociophy Hum llimi Br.Go) (Mo.Ce.St.Sp) Parengonoceras (Mo.Cl) Paralorleyoceras Pareora (Mo.Pr) Paraseptopora (Bz.Ga.Ce.Ga.Na) Paralreta (Br.Os.Ve) Parellisina (Bz.Os.Gr.Ce.Ce) Paraterebella (An.Ce) Parepisoilia (Cn.Am) Parastromatopora (Po.St.Ru) Parashergcildopsis (Ar.Ce.Tr.Po) Paratriakis (Cd.An.Ar) (Cd.Pt) Parevenkaspis (Ar.Ar) Parastephanocriniis (Ec.Ga.Pe) Parascoceras (Mo.An.De.Ce.Tr.An.Cc) Parevianoceras (Mo.Bi.Po.Aii.Pt) Parathetidites Pardailhania (Ar.Os..Cl) Paratrelaspis (Ar.Ga.Ce.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 489 Paramioceras (Mo.Ce.Cl) Paraszechuanella (Ar.Tr.Fo.Pt) Paraschizodus (Mo.Ce.Al) Paraspidites (Mo.Pe) Paratvmolus (Ar.Ed.An.irhabtlocitiaris (Ec.An.Ce.Am) Paraschwagerina (Fo.Am) Paraschart\ mites (Mo.Ma.Am) Paratrisopterus (Cd.Ar) Parasauv agesia (Mo.Re) PaniNlachyocrinus (Ec.Di) Parashuniardites (Mo.Ce.Ce.Ce.Tr) Paralremaloccras (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Bi.Un.Ru) Paraslicria (Mo.Po) Parasycocrinus (Ec.Po) Parawentzellophyllum Parashivaella (Ar.Tr) Parastylonurus (Mo.Am) Parathecosmilia (Cn.Th) Parazyga (Br.Os.Am) PaialitDorocidaiis (Ec.Sp) Paralretocycloecia (Bz.Nt) Parastane (Mo.Sp) Paraspinobairdia (Ar.Fo.An.Sc) Paratexanites (Mo.Cl) Pareocrinus (Ec.Ce) Parathyrisina (Br.Os.Ce.Fo.St.Ce.Ph) Parastcr (Ec.Ar.Hei Paratetradium (Cn.Sp) Paratichlh\s (Mo.Fo) Parasemionotus (Cd.Nt) Parasleia (Ar.ln) Parastrophina (Br.An.Ga.Fe) Parataphrus Parawedekindia (Mo.Tr.Pf) Parcthelocrinus (Ec.Ar.Fo.Am) Parascutclla (Ec.Ar) ParastenodiscuN (Bz.An) Paraspiliccras (Mo.Co) Paratarrasius (Cd.Tr.

Go) Parvilux Paterula (BrJ.St.Ch Parulocriniis (Ec.Ve) Partschiceras Patanacta (Cn.Os.Ce.Ga.Os.St) Panispinus (Cd.Ar) Parorthocrinus (Ec.Ga.Fo) Parkinsonia (Mo.In) Parisis (Cn.Fo.MI.Po) Pariphiculus (Ar.No) Pastrikella (Fo.Pl) Parthenina (Mo.Pt) Patelloida Parmephrix (Br.Ch) Paronastrara (Cn.Am) Parvirhynchia (Br.Ra. In) (Mo.Bi.Fo.Ce.Rh) Parvisipho Patrocardia (Mo.Am) Paridium (Ac.Tr.Ct) ParmulopliDra (Mo.Ce.Dc.Ho.Bi.Pa) Patelliocrinus (Ec.Sc) Partretocycloecia (Bz.Pr) Paua (Mo.Se) Passya (Mo.Ga.Bi.Ce.Pr) Patagonacythere (Ar.He.Ru) Parobeisselina (Bz.Ar) Patanophyma (Po.Ce.Rh) Patriaspirifer (Br.Ga.In.Ga.Li.Pa.Ne) Pattersonoberyx (Cd.Ce.He) ParypheUa (Br.Pt) Paroecotrausles (Mo.Pa) Patellacythere (Ar.Hi) Parvivoluta (Mo.St.Ch) Parvicuspis (Ac.Ce.Hy.De) Particoma (Mo.Fo) Patagorhynchia (Br.Te) Patulula (Ac.Sp) PatelJastra Parkaspis (Ar.Hy.Pt) Paronasier (Ec.Ra.Ra.Ce.s (Ar.As) ParvuMles (Mo.LIn) I i .Ce.Cl) Pasternakevia (Ar.Ne) Parthenope (Ar.Bi.Os.Cr.Ne) Parormoceras (Mo.Fo.Ga.My) (Mo.Co) Paronaiia (Cn.Pa) ParreUina (Fo.Pt) Parutahconus (Mo.Pa) Paterophyllum (Cn.Sp) Paropsitcs (Po.Ce.Ga.Ne) (FcHo.Os.Hy.Tr.Ce) Paroistodus (Cd.Bi.Tr.Po) Palellipora (Bz.My) Patagonibelus (Mo.Cr.Or) Parodiceras (Mo.Rh) Pauciclla (Ar.Ar.Pt) Paronaella (Mo.Tx) Parphorcs (Ar.Ar.Xi) Parinodiceras (Mo.Cr.Pa) Patellopsis Parmicorbula Parvaxon Parvicardium (Cn.Os.Pr) Paromoeopygma (Br.De.Ve) Paterimitra (Pr.Ra.Na) (Mo.Ar.Am) Paucicrura (Br.Co) Parviscala Patro (Mo.St.Cr.Un) Parvispina (Mo.Be) Patellovalvulina (Fo.Hy.To.Pa) Parisocrinus (Ec.De.St.Ve) Paterorthis (Br.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Ce) Parryoceras (Mo.Cc) Parvaltissimarostrum (Br.Nt) Pariconchopriniitia (Ar.Pt) Paroxynoticeras (Mo.Mi) Parmularia (Bz.Ba) (Mo.Ga.Me.Sp) Parvirota Patriocetus (Cd.Am) Paronaula (Ac.Pe) Patellinella (Fo.Ce.As) Patrognathiis (Cd.Os.Ga.Cr.St.Am) Pasaichlhyes (Cd.Bulletin 363 490 Pariceratina (Ar.Gy.Cl) Patella (Mo.Pt) Paucijaculum (Ch.Gy.La) Paryphorhynchopora (Br.Co.Cr.Tr.Cl) Partisania (Fo.Gy.Ar.On) Parvohallopora (B/.Fo.Ph) Patronaspis (Ar.Or) Parvicingula Patenaria (Bz.Os.St) Paucico.Na) Paropsonema (Cn.He) Pasythea (Bz.Bi.An.An..Fo.Os.Os.Fo) Patelliconus (Mo.Po) Parisurus (Cd.Fo) Parksia (Po.Os.MI.Bi.Br) Paryphoceras (Mo.Rh) Patagocardia (Mo.-Xr.De) Passaloteuthis (Mo.Fo) PatulibracchiiMii (Ac.Pa) (Mo.Ga.Pa) Pasitheola (Mo.Pn) Parvularugoglobigerina (Fo.Ga.Fo.Fo.Tr.Fo) Pascoeites (Mo.Ra.Tu) Patsyella (B/.Ce.Sp) Paterina (Br. In) Parkeria (Cn.Ga.Ec.Ar.Ga.Pt) Paromalonicna (Br. In.MI.An.My) (Mo.An.Nt) (Mo.Ds) Particeps (Ar.An.Ve) Pattersonia (Po.Ve) Parvikirbya (Ar.Ce) (Cd.Am) Parvimitra Patholites (Hy.Am) (Po.Ce.Ne) (Ec.Hy.Ce.Ch.Ch.Pr) Pateroperca (Cd.Fo.Un) Parietiplicatum Parribacus (Ar.Ga.Be) Parisangulocrinus (EcCr.Am Parillaenus (Ar.Ci) Patellula (Ac.Gy.Ma.Ar.Cc.Ar.Bi.Pa) (Mo.Ve) Parindocrinus (Ec.Ar.Rh) Patellispongia (Po.Li) Parvioctoidus (Cd.In) Patuxentrophon (Mo.Be) (Ar.Co) Parsimonia (An.Tr) Pattalophylliopsis (Cn.EcCl) Parvigena (Ar.Cr.Ga.Fo.Li) Parodontoceras (Mo.Mo) Parkula (Hy.Po.Os.Or) Parvicidaris (Ec.Os.Ar.Br) Paroniceras (Mo.La) Parunicinella (Br.i.Sp) Parviviana Pattersonichthys (Cd.Am) Parthanosaurus (Cd.Ce) (Cd.s (Ec.Sp) Paroertlispongus (Ac.Ga.Ax) ParuvancMa Parvacmea (Mo.Sp) Parniorthis (Br.Fo) Parinorthina (Br.Ar.Ar.Ma.Co) Parurgonina (Fo.An.Bi.Fo.Pa) Parmulechinus (Ec.Ce.Na) Parrelloides (Fo.Ga.Fo.Ph) Partulida (Mo.Ch) Parvilucina (Mo.De) Palinopecten (Mo.Hy.Re.Am) Parinvolutina (Fo.An) Parisochilina (Fo.Tr.Ce.Li) Parleria (Cn.Ve) Pariocrinus (Ec.Ar.Bi.Ga.Or) Pan nod us (Cd.An.Ra.De) Patagiosites (Mo.Go) Partubiola (Mo.Bi.Os.Ar) (Mo.Co) Patellilabia Parkesolitlius Patellina (Fo.Cr.Am) Parvochlamys (Mo.Ra.Bi.Co.Bi.Po) Parphia (Fo.stella (Br.St) Parvancorina (Ar.Bi.Ra.Ar.Ar.Tr.Sc) Parooceriria (Mo.Bi.Bi.St) Parvicorbus (Ac.Cr.Fo) Passalocrinus (Ec.Ga.Ec.Rh) Parisastraea (Cn.Fo) Paskentites (Mo.Bi.Cc) Patagospyris (Ac.Ru) (Mo. In.Fo) Parthirhynchia (Br.Ch) Parinotus (Mo.Un.St) Parvisetia (Mo.Ct) Paronclla (Mo.Fo) Parinomya (Mo.Os.Tr.Am) Parichthyocriniis (EcCr.Ra.Be) Parietobalaena (Mo.Ar.Ga.Hs) Parvitiibiis (He.Sc) Parvivenus (Mo..Co.De.Li) Parisoceraurus (Ar.Fo.Ga.Cl) Parulrichia (Ar.Gr.Hy) Parvacytherei.Ve) Patellostium Parmophorella (Mo.Hy) Parvamussium (Mo.Os.Cc) Parmula (Br.Ac) Paryfcnus (Ar.Ar.Hy) Parodospongia (Po.Fe) Parleiosoecia (Bz.Cl) Parspaniocrinu.Di) Passendorferia (Mo.Bi.De.Ph) (Mo.Ce.Os.Sp) Parvithracia (Mo.Ga.Pt) Pattalophyllia (Cn.Sp) Parussuria (Mo.Sc) Parophrys (Cd.Nt) Patrocardia (Mo.Ce.Na) Parisiella (Mo.Si) Parviilonoila (Pr.Ga.Bi.He) Patavichthys (Cd.De.

Bi.Ph) Pecchiolia (Mo.Hm) Peltocaris (Ar.Sc) (Cn.Tr.Os.Fo.Pt) Pavloviceras (Mo.Ru) (Mo.Ro.Ol) Pelagiarctos (Cd.Fo) Pegusa (Cd.Sa) Pcctunculus (Mo.Tr.Nt) Peipiaosteus (Cd.Nu) Pedicularia (Mo.Ec.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 491 PaucipiiJia (Lo) Peculator (Mo.Tr.Fe) Peculicephalina (Ar.Ce.Cr.Ac) Pemphix (Ar.AnOr) Pedomphalella (Ar.Ce.Tr) Peltomorphites (Mo.Tr.Os.Pr) Pennospiriferina (Br.Os.Di) Pavonaria (Mo.Cl) Pennyella (Ar.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Pe) Pavlovecina (Fo.Ce.MI.Tr.Pt) Pemphocystis (Ec.Os.Ds) Pa/iella Peishania (Ar.BI.Cr.Rh) Pembrostrophia (Br.Rh) Pedioceras Peltoceratoides (Mo.Mo) (Cd.Os.Fo.Po.As.Ne) (Mo.De) Pegmavalvula (Mo.Os.Os.Os.Ar.Cr) Penetrantia (Bz.Ca) Peniculocrinus (Ec.Po) PauUinaria (Mo.Un) Pavoninoides (Fo.Ga.Bi.Ds) Paurinclla (Ac.Bi.De) Pavonina (Fo.Ar) Paulbronnimannclla (Fo.PO Pelanechinus (Ec.Nu) Pelekysgnathus Pentablastus (Ec.My) (Cd.Po) Penoperculoides (Fo.As) Pegmatreta (Br.Pt) Penniretepora (Bz.Ga.Be) Peltoperleidus (Cd.An.Nt) Pentaceros (Cd.Fo) Pcctinoceras Pelecyora (Mo.Sp) Pedinodcchenella (Ar.Di) Penitella Pearylanditcs Pelagosaurus (Cd.Tr.Os.Co.Ve) Pendeograptus (He.Rh) Peiragraptus (He.Bi.Cel Pedinocrinus (Ec.Ri) Pedinothuria (Ec.Tr.Hy.Ph) Pelanodiadema (Ec.Bi.St.Av.Ce.Bi.Ci) Pedinopariops (Ar.Ar.Ar.Bi.Bi.Ce) Peismoceras (Mo.Rh) Pedinopsis (Ec.Fo.Di) Pentactinella (Br.Ne) (Mo.An.Ce) (Cd.Ec.Pt) Peneroplis (Fo.Pt.Pf) Pegmaticula (An.Rh) PeMcephalus (Ar.Tr.Re.Gr) Penicillicrinus (Ec.Tr.Tr.Fo.Go) Pcciinaria (An.Nt) Pedinocephalites (Ar.Ar.Ar.Ch) Paiilinea (Mo.Ce.Ve) Pelidocrinus (Ec.Ar.Fo.Ar.Cr.Ga.As) Peltabellia (Ar.Al) Peltopleurus (Cd.s Pellecrinus (Ec.Fo.Se) Pemphigaspis (Ar.Gy.Tr) Pedavis Pellucistoma (Ar.Lo) Pelagiella (Mo.Li.Cr.Or) Pensarnia (Mo.Fo) Pedderelasma Pelmatopora (Bz.Ar.Ec.Or) Paurocidaris (Ec.Gy.Os.Un) Peleicostella (Br.Po) Pectinia (Cn.Ain) Pentacoenia (Cn.Pa) Pavlovites (Cd.Ru) Pavora Pcilinia (Mo.Ne) Pelitlina (Ar.Pa) Relates (Cd.Ga.Am) (Mo.Ma.Pt Paurogastroderh> nchu^ (Br.Hy) (Cn.Ga.Sl.Fo.Te) Pempheris (Cd.Ar.Nt) Pelocetus Paulinclla (Br.Ne) (Mo.As) Peloriops (Ar.De.Ga.Di) Pennastroma (Po.Gr.Pt) Pelycobolbina (Ar.Fo) Peipesuchus (Cd.Tr.Bi.Ne) (Mo.Fo) Pegocrinu.Ar.Fo.Un) Pellasimnia (Mo.Pe) Peloneustes (Cd.Ga.Ar.Bi.Ar.Ga.Pl Pelonomia (Br.Po.Di) Peltoceras Paurorhyncha (Br.Ce) Pauliniles (Aii.Po.Et) Pennaia (Ar.Pe) Penioii Pealerina (Fo.I-'o) Pedatopriscu.St) Pedasiola Pcllax (Mo.Tr.Sl) Pecuhieilhsris (Br.Ar.Nt) Paucispinauria (Br.Ce.Cr.Te) Pelecanoides (Cd.Sl) Paulocrinus (Ec.Os.Po) Pchcaspongia (Po.En) Payuella (Br.Al) Pennipora (Bz.Fo) Peichiashania (Ar.As) Peneckiella (Cn.Tr.Ma.Ar.Fo.An.MI.Ce.St.Cr.Ar.Am) (Mo.Gr) Pavonitina (Fo.Nu) Pcctinucula (Mo.Re.Ce.Am) Pegidia (Fo.Ce.Ch) (Bz.Ds) Peachiicaris (Ar.Ce) (Mo.Pn) Peneauia (Mo.Ru) Peelerophon (Mo.Ga.Ph) Pellocare (Ar.Te) Pedicythere (Ar.Ga.Ph) Pchelincevella (Mo.Da) Pavopsanimia (Fo.Ra.Fo) Paulonia (Br.Cr) Pennahia Peasiella (Mo.Ve) Pensacola (Ar.Os.Am) (Mo.Cr.Cr.He.Ga.Pt) Penicillus (Mo.St) Pedanochiton Pellatispirella (Fo.Tr.Po) Paulina (Fo.Pl) Pavlovia (McCcAm) Pegaster (Ec.Tr.Os.Ga.On) (Mo.Fo) Pelturina (Ar.Ec.Cl) Penarosa (Ar.Ar.Cc) Pectenoproductus (Br.An.Sc) Pectorhyncha (Br.Co.Pr) Pellichia (Br.Fo) Paucislrophia (Br.Os.Fo) Peetzatrypa (Br.Ce.Fe) PcLlidolon (Ar.Ar.Cl Peltacrinus (Ec.Ac) Penhsioceras (Mo.Eu) Pedina (Ec.Ga.St) Pa\ lo\ iteuthis Pegmathyris (Br.Ar.Bi.In.Ml.Ce.St) Peachella (Ar.Ce.Ec.Os.Pr) Paiilntropiles (Mo.Bi.Ps) PauliKaris (Ar.My) Pedinaspis (Ar.Am) Paurorthina (Br.Fo.Ho.Os.Os.Ga.Ch) (Cn.PO Pennoceras (Mo.Bi.Fo) Pelagoceras (Mo.Cr.Pf) Pect(x.Un) Peltocystis (Ec.Po) Pelodelphis (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Pt) Pelargorhynchus (Cd.Sc) Pelecocythere (Ar.Ga.Fo) Peltura (Ar.Be) (Ec.Fo.Or) Pedipes (Mo.Pa) (Mo.Fo.Pt) Pavloviella (Ar.Pa) Peltolytoceras Pauxillilcs Pedrogopora (Bz.Tr.As) Pelosina (Fo.Ar.Ar.Fo.An.Po.Gy.s (Ec.Ct) Payradeautia (Mo.An.Sp) Pavobeisselina Pavolunuites Pavona Paxula Peclincxionia .ylhere (Ar.Fo) Pegophysema (Mo.St.Fi) Pcclinula (Mo.Ta) Peniculauris (Br.Ar.In) Paiinipegnia (Mo.Ph) Paucipiira (B/.Co.Di.Sp) Pectinatites (Mo.Sl) Pelaspis (Cd.Po) Pegma (Mo.Bi.Os.Ar.Os.Ce.St) Peclen (Mo.Cr.Ma.Pt) Pelicaria (Cd.Ne) Penaeus (Ar.MI.Di) Pedinocephalina (Ar.Be) (Bz.Ec.Ce.Ga.Co) Pegmarhynchia (Br.Te) Pellatispira (Fo.Am) Pavasiehphylluni (Hy.Ga.Ce.Bi.Cl) Paulckclla (Mo.Am) Pelecocrinus (Ec.Re.Sp) Pedinocephalus (Ar.Ga.Co) (Mo.Mi) Paumrthis (Br.Gr.Tr.Pt) Pentacrinites (Ec.Tr.Ml.Cr.St.Fo.Pe) Pegocomptus (Mo.Gy.Tr.Fo) Paiicispinilera (Br.Co) (Cn.An.

Bi.Cr.Ch.Ce.Ar.Tr.Tr.Ar.An.HcHe) Perniosoina Pcrampliala Permospiriler (Br.Ce.Li) Penlapakicopv con (Ar.Na) Peraclc (Mo.Ar.St) Perakia (Br.Cr) Pernerocrinus (Ec.Ce.Pe) Pcntasphaera Peridalejina (Br.He) Pericosmus Perkinsoceras (Mo.Pt) Permonautilus (Mo.Ey) PcrnomvtiUis (Mo.Gy.TIi) Pcriphacclopora (Cn.Ph) Pcrncraspis (Ar.Ru) (Cd.Cl) Pcntlandina (Br.Bi.Cr.Co) (Mo.Se) Peregrinicyathus (Po.Ar) Perissothyris (Br.Ar.Sc) Penlagona (Ar.Sp) Peregrinellina (Br.EcSp) (Mo.Ds) Pentagonodiscus (Mo.Un) (Mo.Ga.Tr.Fo) Penzhinothyris (Br.Sp) Pentephyllum (EcBl.Cc) Perissocytheridea (Ar.Na) Peplosmilia (Cn.Tr.Fo.Ce) Pemaneimis (Cd.Ar.An.Pt) Permophorus (Mo.Ga.Ce.Cl) Perissopliomera (Ar.Os.Na) Pentagonia (Br.Go) (Mo.Ar.Os.Mtl Peralocytheridea (Ar.Ce.Ar.Or) Perliproetus (Ar.Di) Perisphinctes Pentagonalia (Ar.Pr) Perispyridium (Mo.Ga.Ga.Os.An.Ce) (Cd.Co) Penlagnostus (Ar.Os.Ar.Fo) PercevalicrinuN (Ec.Se) Pentameroides (Br.Sl.Nt) Penlalastrum Periallus (Br.Te) Perissolax (Mo.Sp) Peritritoechia (Br.Ar.Bi.Bi. In.Ag) Perexigupyge (Ar. In.Cc) Pernerina (Fo.Re.Sp) Perimestocrinus (Ec.Bulletin 363 492 (AcRa.Fe) Perioidanoceras (Cd.Pr) Pemasieria (AcRa.Ch) Pcrnerites (An.Ga.Go) (Ec.Pe) Periaulax (Ec.Ce) Pergamidia (Mo.Pt) Peritrophon Pentaprion (Cd.Rh Perischocidaris (EcEc.Ce.Ar.Tr.Pt) Peratos (Br.Bi.Fo.Ml.St.Sp) Perleidus (Cd.An.Ne) (Mo.Ar.My) Pernericirrus (Mo.Sp) Perigeyerella (Br.Os.Cl) Peridipsaccus (EcEo.Bi.Fo.Sp) (AcRa.Ga.Rh) Perischodomus (Ec.Ru) (Cn.Tu) (Mo.Na) Peonza Peotoconus (Mo.St.Os.Os.Ar) Pcrcultazonaria (Fo.Ga.Ve) Pentechinus (EcEcTe) Periechocrinus (Ec.Ga.Po) PcriploEiiya (Mo.Ga.On) Permoceramus (Mo.Fo) Perlpteratocyathus (Pr.Pt) Pericentrophus (Cd.Tr.Ga.Pt) Perissocoelia (Po.Ve) Periphragella (AcRa.Na) (Mo.Sc) Perioura (Ar.Pa) Pergensella (Bz.Ne) Pentremoblastus (EcBl.Ar.An.Tr.Pt) Peripleurites Pernioyoungiella (Ar.Be) Pcriploma (Mo.Cr.Co.Bi.Sp) (EcAs.Ph) Pentamerella (Br.St) Perniianella (Br.Ga.An.Ar) Perimecoceras (Mo.Ga.Pe) Pericarinata Peiilaniplexus (Cn.Ce.Li) Pentagonochilina (Ar.Nt) Permodomatoceras (Mo.Te) Periglypta (Mo.Ch) Permasyrinx (Br.Bi.Tr.Ce.Ce.Mtl Pentactinocapus Ar.Os.Ga.Ar.Un) Pentithyris (Br.CcEn) Pentaramicriniis (Ec.Ga.Po.Os.ls) Pcriporosclla (Bz.Pt) Pentececrinus (Ec.Cr.Pe) Peri aster Perissoptera (Mo.Bi.Ce.Am) (AcRa.Ph) Perna (Mo.Pe) Peribrissus Perislernia (Mo.Fo) Porniobrachypus (EcCr.St) Permochiton (Mo.PD Peripora (Bz.Pt) Permolcioclenia (Bz.Ce.Ur) Pentedium (EcEc.Ar.Aj) Perischodory (Ar.EcSp) (Mo.PD (Mo.Mo) Perniiocrinus (Ec.At) Periployniya (Mo.Te) Peritresius (Cd.Ne) Pcripeltopleurus { Pcripcioceras Permopolycope Permopora (Ar.Po.Bi.Tr.Cr.Ve) Perniicoia (Br.Sa) PciUopcina (Mo.Ce) Permundaria (Br.Go) (Mo.Cr.Tr.Sp) Perimecocoelia (Br.Tr.St) Periloculina (Fo.Ga.Ph) Peponocyathus (Cn.St.Pt) Pentactura Peregrinelloidea (Br.Pt) Peristedion (Cd.Se) Peritrimerella (Br.Ru) Perichonetes (Br.Po) Pemagrammysia (Mo.Os.Li.Te) Peringiella (Mo.My) Perachcilus (Cn.Ar.Pt") Pcripristis (Cd.Ml.Ar.Tr.St) Pcratobelus (Mo.Ar.Ne) Pcntamerus (Br.Ne) Permartella (Mo.Pt) Perichlamydiuni (AcRa.Sp) Pcraspataiigus (EcEcSp) Pcriplcctum (Po.Rh) Perischoclonus (Ar. In) Pcriodon Pcrniotcneslclla (Bz.Ar) Pergensia (Bz.Nt) Penlalina (AcRa.Ml.Cr.Po.Ar.On) Permolicloclcrna (Bz.Tr) .He.Sc) Peripaedium Permophricodothyris (Br.Bi.Tr) Pepilaxontrinus (EcCr.Ar) Pcrcalates (Cd.Nt) Periseris (Cn.De.Cr) Pephricaris (Ar.St.Ta) Pcrmorlholestes (Br. In) Periarchus (EcEc.An.Ar.Pe) Perneritrochus (Mo.Bi.Ar.He) Permoteulhis (Mo.Bi.Ph) Periacanthus (Ar.Tr.Ce.Ce.Sp) Perimera (Po.Ce.Go) (Mo.EcSp) (Mo.Pe) Permoceras Penlremitidea (EcBI..De) Perissodonta (Mo.Al) Periglyptocrinus (Ec.Ph) Pcrnoceras Peregrinella (Br.Tx) Periommella (Ar.Ru) Pericarinoceras (Ec.Ag) Periplocetus (Mo.Ar.Sp) (Po.Ey) Pentaditrupa (An.Px) Peridionites Pernianoniia (Mo.Sp) Pentameroceras (Mo.Sp) (Mo.Nt) (Mo.Ar.Fi) Perimecturus (Ar.Ar) Pcriomnia (Ar.CI) Perigastrella (B7.Tr.Ag) Pereiraea (Mo.An.Re.Cl) Pericyclus (Mo.Ga.Te) Pcntlaiidella (Br.Pm) Peraspis (Ar.Sp) Pepta (Mo.Ar.Eu) Percostoma (Cd.Bi.Cr.Ar.Pt) Pemremites (EcBl.Nt) Pentagonoceras (Mo.Py.Ma.Pa) Peratagnostus (Ar.Pl I Peristerothyris (Br.Ar.Fo.Rh) Periphacna (Cd.Os.Os.Ar.Ec.Cl) PerditDcardiiiia (Br.Ar.Ch) (B/.Bi.Pa) Peremocrinus (EcCr.Sl.Gy.Ar.St.St) Penzhinella (Br.Mo) Permaster (EcAs.Ar.Ce.Or) Perirehaedulus (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ar.On) Peribositra (Mo.Or) Pentaphyllia (Cn.Ar.Ne) (EcBl.Os.Sp) Perfodiastopora (Bz.Cc) Perissocrinus (EcCr.Os.De.Ce.St.Nt) Pentamerifera (Br.Ar.Cc) Perissitys (Mo.Pt) Pericleites Perittoblastus Pentaplyxis (Mo.Ga.St) Peritrochia Pentaphyllum Periclaria (Mo.Tr.Cl) Permodiscus (Fo.Tu.Ce.Li) Permochonetes (Br.Cr.

Ar) Phanassvmetria (Ar.Tr.Ne) Phacops Phacorhabdotus Personopsis (Mo.Ga.St.Uc) (Mo.Ce.Ra.Am) Pelaloblastus (Ec.Fo) Perrierina (Mo.Tr) Petalocystites (Ec.Ma) Ptendericonus (Fo.Os.Gr) Peyrotia Peqilexostronia (Po.Bi.De.Ce.Pt) Phacodiscus (Ac.An) Periinochacia (An.Ar) Peronoph\lliini (Cn.s (He.CI) Petiostioma (Po.Ve) Phaenoporella (Bz.Pe) Perustrombus (Mo.Tr.Ph) Personopsella (Ar.Sa) Phalagnostus (Ar.Na) (Mo.Ga.Ve) Petigopora (Bz.Ch) Phacelepismilia (Cn.Ce.Ar) Petrochirus (Ar.Ag) Pelalodontia (Mo.Am) Phalangocephalus (Ar.Ar) Petalodus (Cd.Av.Bi.Os.Fo) Perrarisinurostrum (Br.Bi.Fo.Ra.Ag) Pet rod us (Cd.De.Or) Peronidella (Po.Ve) Petrasma (Mo.Ga.Ch) Phaedrysmocheilus (Mo.Ml.Pu) (Mo.He) Peytonoceras Perplicaria (Mo.Ch) Pesaia (Ar.Ga.At) Petrosites (Po.Ec.Sc) Persicitheca Peterygocytheresis (Ar.Ch.Bi.An.Ve) (Ac.Cr) Perulithes (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ph) Pelalobrissus (Ec.Ne) Petricola (Mo.Os.Fo.So) Phaenocalpis (Ac.Uc.Is) Petchorina (Fo.Bi.Ec.Sp) Petryoceras (Mo.Fo.Pa) Petaloporella (Bz.St) Petalope (Po.Fo.Ve) Phalarodon (Cd.St.De) Petersia (Mo.Fo.Li) Petrolytoceras (Mo.Ga.Pt) Pcroniceras (Mo.Ce.Ru) Pcronellites (Ec.Ar.Pr) Phacopidina (Ar.Ga.De.Sp) Persikima (Hy.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 493 Pernopeclen (Mo.Ps) Perouvianella (Fo.Ta) Phaetonellus (Ar.An.Tr.As.Tr.Tr) Petilclercia (Mo.Ce.An.Re.CI) Perryus (Ar.De) Phalcocythere (Ar.An.Ga.Ga.Bi.Bi.Bi.St.Ne) Petalopora (Bz.Sc) Petalotrypa (Bz.Ph) Pcriinella (Ec.Fe) Petroria (Br.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Ga.Pt) Pelropegia (Ec.Cr.Ne) (Mo.Ci) Phaceloorthis (Br.Ic) Pervinquieria (Mo.Ar.Ra.Ga.Ca.Tr.Rul Petalocrinus (Ec.Or) Persacanthus (Cd.CI) Pexidella (Br.An.Os.Pt) Pessosaurus (Cd.Ga.Ar) (Mo.Gy.Ch.Sp) Pcriinoceras (Mo.He.In) Petigurus (Ar.Ve) Pelalocardia (Mo.St) Pettcroceras (Mo.St.Ag) PeruniKrinus (Ec.Fi) .Ve) Petshorospirifer (Br.Pe) Peyerus (Cd.Bi.He.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Eo.Aii.Go) (Mo.Cc) Persephona (Ar.Ar.Sc) Perse (Mo.Bi.Po) (Bz.Or.Pa) Phalacrocidaris (Ec.Ml.Ra.Sp) Petasmatherus (Br.Os.Cr.Os.Ar.Na) Pethopecten (Mo.St.Bi.De.Av.De.Ar.An.Ga.Tr.Tr.Ec.Sp) Peronopora (Bz.Hi) Peyeria (Cd.Bi.Nt) Petkovicia (Mo.Tr.Go) (Mo.An.Tr.Cl) Petalaxis (Cn.Ch.Fo) Perrierithyris (BnAr.Pt) Pelrophyliiella (Cn.Tr.Cr.Sp) Perspicillum (Ar.St.Nt) (Mo.Ar.Bi.Tr.Tr.Ne) Petasmaria (Br.St.Pt) Pesnastylus (Bz.Te) Peruficus (Mo.Nt) Phacelostylophylluni (Cn.Un.Ml.Po) Perrinites Persicula Perusiella Pcnivispira Porvertina I (Ar.Hy) (Mo.Tr.Re.He) Petraliella (Bz.Nt) Pettersia (Mo.Ru) Phaenoblastus (Ec.Ar) Petraphyllum (Cn.Po.Ve Petalorhynchus (Cd.Ru) Perrona (Mo.An.Rii) Phacosoma (Mo.Ve) Phaenoscenium Phaenoschisma Perunaspis (Ar.Ar.Ru) Perryspirifer (Br.Uii) Pexiphyllum (Cn.Ha) Peromelissa (Ac.Bi.Ce.Rh) Phacelloplasma (Cn.Os.Di) Petrocrania (Br.Sl) Phalangium (Po.Ra.Ru) Phalaropus (Cd.Os.Ag) Petrafixia (Mo.Ce.Cr) (Bz.Rh) Petalopleryx (Cd.Li.Ml.Cl) Phalangites (Ar.St) Pernostrea (Mo.Ga.Am) Pelronella (Cn.Ga.Pa) Petraica (Cn.Sc) Perrinoceras (Mo.Vc) Petalambicriiuis (Ec.Ra.Ce.Am) Phacopina (Ar.Bi.Hc.Na) Pesterevatrypa (Br.Rh) Phacelocrinus (Ec.An.Na) Phacellopegma (Po.CI) Peronidia (Mo.Ce.Ga.Ga.Ce.Nu) Peruchilus Petria (Br.Na) Perulula (Mo.Rj) Perotrochus (Mo.Cr.Ga.Cr.Na) Peruarca (Mo.St.In.Re.St) Phacellophyllum (Cn.Ga.Ve) Perspicaris (Ar.Ec.Cr.Cr) Ptenderella (Fo.Tr.Cl) Pelalites (Pr.Gy.Bl.Te) Phacellastraea (Cn.Bi.An.Ne) Peteraurila (Ar.Gr.Ce.Pr) Perunauliluv Pelrisigmoopsis (Ar.Hi) (Ar.Ar.Ho.Ph) Personella (Mo.Fo) PhacelophylHa (Cn.Ar.Li) Petridictyum (Cn.Fi) Perucardia (Mo.Ca) Petraiella Phacostylus (Ac.In) Petruninaspis (Ar.Ar) (Mo.St.Ph) Petasotheca (Hy.Ru) (Cd.Ne) Petricovenica (Mo.Tr) Phacellocoenia (Cn.An.Nt) Petraster (Ec.Ce) Petrocrinus (Ec.Ga.Ru) Petrozium (Cn.Os.Ga.An.St.Po) Phacoceras (Mo.Ph) Persiopora (Bz.Tr) Phacopidella (Ar.Pe) Pfenderina (Fo.Cr.Tr.De) Pelroidistronia (Po.Pa.Bi.Ca.Ga.Ar.Ic) Petrosislroma (Po.Sc) Phalium (Mo.Bi.Un) Petraia (Cn.Ga.BI.Ca) Petschoracrinus (Ec.Ga.St.Cc) Pezantia (Mo.Ar.BI.De.Ph) Pcrvicacia (Mo.Ac.Ru) Peronopsis (Ar.Am) Pctalochonetes (Br.An.At) Petropoma (Mo.Li) Perritocrinus (Ec.Bi.Ce) Petasiforma (Ac.Po) Phacelopora (Bz.Na) Perucerithium (Mo.Ne) Pctromactra (Mo.De) Phalacroma (Ar.Ds) Petasmaia (Br.Ra.Cr) (Ec.Ha) Peronaea (Mo.Ac) Phalacropedina (Ec.Fo) Petalograptu.Ve) Phaenodesmia Phaenophragma Phaenopora Perulibalrachus (Cd.Os.Ar.Tr.An.Sc) Perrinia Petalothyris (Br.An.Bi.Ci) Peruniscus (Mo.Ph) Persimedusites (Cn.Ar.An.Ch) Phacotriactis (Ac.Ce.Ne) Petricolirus (Mo.Nt) Peshiatrypa (Br.Sp) Perssuakiella (Mo.Ar.Te) Petalostegas (Bz.Ch.Po) Pesaiclla (Ar.Nt) Perprimilia (Ar.Ba) Petrieolaria (Mo.UnI Petaloconchus (Mo.

An) Phlogocardia (Mo.Pc) Phrontis Philippotia (Br.Ce) (Po.Ct) Phenatoma Phcroncma Phoenixites (Mo.Rh) Phormograptus (He.Cr.Bi.Ce) (Cn.MLDe) Phorculus Phanocrinus (Ec.Os.Ar) (Mo.Os.Rh) Phragmosalpinx (An.Ga.Ani) Phorticuni (Ac.Ar) Phapsirhynchia (Br.Os.Ra.Pt) Pharniacichlhys (Cd.Bi.Fo) Phoebodus (Cd.Gy.Ga.MI.Cr) Phanerolcpida Philobrya (Mo.Am) (Cd.Bulletin 363 494 (Mo.Ga.Hy.Ve) Phormocyrtis (Ac.Ga.Ve) Phodeiieythere (Ar.Pc) Phthonia (Mo.Gr.Po.Tr.Ce) (Cd.Ar) (Cd.Fo.Th) Phonnediles (Mo.St.Tr.Un) Phoceana (B/.He) Philomedes (Ar.St.Ce.Me) Philhcdiclla (Br.Ar.Ga.Ga.Bi.St) Phialaspongia (Po.Ch) Phanerolinus (Mo.Ga.Or) (Mo.Di) (Br.De.Ne) (EcCr.Na) Pharetrospongia (Po.Pf) PhillipsocriMus (Ec.Ce.Os.Ce) (Cd.St) Pholidolcpi.Ph) Phlyctenophora (Ar.On) Pholidophorus (Cd.Ma.Bi.Mo) Phillibole (Ar.Ce.Ca.Ca) (Mo.Ani) Philoxenc (Mo.He.Ar.Oc) Pharaonastcr (Ec.Os.Ph) Phenacophragma (Fo.Ce.Pr) Phlyclocythere (Ar.Cr.An.Po) Pholidoloma (Mo.Ga.Ph) Phlyetiderma (Mo.Na) Pharcidoconcha (Mo.St) Phaseolella (Ar.St) Phoea Phocaena Phragmoceras Phragmocerina Phasoia (Ar.Co) Pholidopora (Bz.Hy) Phandella I Pharosioniina (Ar.Cc) Pharella (Mo.Os.Sp) Phoenicolepis (Cd.Co.Ar.St.Pe) Phragniolites (Mo.Ae) Pholadopsis Plircatura (Ar.Eii) Pliiloxenclla (Mo.Cy) Phasianella (Mo.Pl) Pholadomorpha (Mo.Am) (Mo.Mt) Phragmothyris (Br.Sp) Phi ops (An.Ce.Ru) Phorcynis (Cd.Li) Phrissospongia (Po.Ma.In) Phlycticera.Li) Philippliiarca (Mo.Pe) Phrynopora (Bz.Ru) Phocageneus Phragmodictya (Po.Ga.Bi.Pr) PhohdoplcLirus (Cd.Ce.Tr.Cr) Phaseliforina (Ac.Ar) Phlyseogrammocera Phoberodon Phractoporella (Bz..Po) Pliillipilcs (Mo.Va) Phelopleria (Mo.Pe) Phoracanthus Phanerotrenia (Mo.Sp) Philippinactinia (Mo.Os.Di) Phosphichthys (Cd.Os.Tr.Bi.Ne) Pholadomyocardia (Mo.Un) PhoMdosaurus (Cd.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Ag) Phragniosloma (Mo.Pl.Li) Pholadiiiea (Mo.Os.Be) Phlyctenodes (Ar.An.Bi.Sc) Phoidagnostoides (Ar..Ra.Ac) Phoias (Mo.St.Lyl Phormosella (Po.Ga.Bi.Pc) Phanerodon (Cd.Ve) Phlyclacniiini (Po.Ar) Phaneroptyxis (Mo.Li.Pc) Phlhanoncoceras (Mo.Ga.Ne) I'hanerostephanus (Mo.Os.s (Mo.Op.Ar.Cl Pliimocrinus (Ee.Ar.Ga.Ar.Ca) (Cd.MI.Ds) Phorcus (Mo.As.Ce.Re.Na) Phorniopora (B/.Cl) Phragmorlhis ( Phenacovolva (Mo.Di.Ne) (Mo.He.Co) Phocavis (Cd.Ph) Phragniostrophia (Br.Gy.St.ln.Ga.Cr) Phaxas (Mo.Ar) Pholido.Ga.Pe) Pliaulactis (Cn.Eu) Phonicosia (B/.Bi.Be) Phlyctia (Po.Ph) Phaiieroccias I'liillipsinella (Ar.Ey) Phricodoceras (Mo.Gy.Be) (Mo.Ve) Phlycticrioceras Phos Pharostoma (Ar.Re) Phaularpites Phocanella Phragmodus (Cd.Go) Phragmosiphon PhragmosmilMa (Cn.Ai Phlogoidcrhynchiis (Br.Go) Phohdiirhynchodon (Cd.De.Pa) Phosphannuliis Pharus (Mo.Tr.Na) Pharkidonotus (Mo.As.He.Pa) .Ga.Di) Phasianolrochus (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Nt) Phoenicitoechia (Br.Ar) Pliilyra (Ar.Tr.Ce.Ga.Os.Nt) (Pr.Ga.Ga.Am) (Mo.Ur) Ph<ilidophort>ides (Cd.W.Hy) Pholidocladia (Po.Am) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Bi.Ce.Ne) (Po.Pc) Phrygilocrinus (Mo.Os.Av.Ma.Rh) Phi line PhoUdcchinus (Ec.Ce.De) Phormospyris (Ac.Go) Phillipsia (Ar.Po) Phormostichoartus (Ac.Po) Phragniorisma (Mo.s (Cd.Ce) Pharciccras (Mo.St.Ch.Be) Phestioidcs (Mo.Os.Am) Phractopora (Bz.Li.Ph) Phreagena (Mo.Ce) Phragmophera Phragmophora Phragmopora Phcnacocyclas (Mo.De.Te) Phidolopora (Bz.Gy.Ga.Tr.Bi.Ma.Pr) Phohdophorislion (Cd.Ra.He) (Cn.Ce.Po) Photichthys (Cd.Rh) Phineus (Cn.Bi.Ga.Ma.Gr) Pharcidodiscus (Br.Ra.He.My) Phrcnophoria (Br.An.Ce.Ce) (Cd.Un) Pharaonella (Mo.Ar.Pt) Phococelus (Cd.Ml) Phasianochilus Phaulostephanus Phllippia Phlllipsastrca Phobetraelinia (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Tr) Br.Ce.Bi.My) Phragnioleuthis (Mo.Ve) Philhcdia (Br.He) (Mo.Ani) Phohdocidaris (Ec.Nii) Pholadella (Mo.Ch) Phillibolina (Ar.Ga.Ch) Phasianema Phragmactis (Ec.Un.Ar) (Mo.stcus (Cd.Os.Os.Ce.Ar) Pholidoctenus (Cd.Sp) Phlyctocystis (Ec.Ani) (Mo.Ve) Phocidaster (Ec.St) Pliloioceias (Mo.Po.My) Pholidostrophia (Br.Re.Bi.Gy.Ec.Ma.Bi.En) (Mo.Pt.Sp) Pharodina (Mo.Os.Ca.Ar.Ce.Ec.Ce.Ch.Bi.Nu) Phoidagnostus (Ar.Ga.Bi.Ar.Tr.Ar.Pr) Phohdophoretes (Cd.Ar.Os.Pc) Phryx Phlhanoloxoconcha (Ar.An.Tr.Ma.Pai Philoneptunus (Ar.Ce.St) Phanerosteon (Cd.Bi.Ar) Phocaenopsis Phragmocoelia (Po.De) Phosphutosaurus (Cd.Bi.Ga.Eu) Phoreotropis (Ar.Ph) Phlyctiscapha (Ar.Tr.Ve) Phlyctisonia (Ar.Ga.Os.Ch) Pholadoniya (Mo.Ch) (Bz.Cy) Phanerochidcrma (Po.Li) Phorocephala (Ar.Os.Hc.De.Ve) Phlebolepis (Cd.Cr.Ph) Phragniolrypa (Bz.De.Bi.Se) PhcnacozugiTiayerella (Br.Or) (Bz.Os.Ce.Os.Ve) Phosinella (Mo.Bi.Os.Ly) Pliilllpsoceras (Mo.Ra.Ag) Phragniosphaera Pheslia (Mo.Ru) Phohdophoropsis (Cd.Bi.Ga.Tr) Philbcrlia (Mo.Ce.Pm) Phialopcctcii (Mo.Pf) Phaselops (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Pc) Phillipaster (Ec.Ce.Ey) Phricodothyris (Br.Tr.Ga.Os.Os.Ec.Bi.Ga.Os.Be) PliauU)/ig/ag (Mo.Bi.Ar.Re) Pharetroliles (Mo.My) (Mo.

Fo.Sc) Piloricilla (Br.Ar.He) (Br.Cy) Phyllodus (Cd.Or) Physcmalaspis (Ar.Ru) (Cn.Os.Li) Pilocrinus (Ec.Gr) Pichynella (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Pt) Pinacites (Mo.De.Pe.Te) Pilamniina (Fo.Un.Hi) Pinzonella (Mo.Ec.Co) Piaziella (Ar.Ne) (Mo.St) Phyllobrissus (Ec.Pa) Pirania (Po.My) PikiphyHum (Cn.De.Sp) Phylloseriopsis (Cn.Rh) Pinaclymenia (Mo.Cp) Pinnixa (Ar.In.Am) Pilolepsis (Cd.Ve) Pichlcrella (Mo.Ac) Piltonia (Ar.Am) Pinguispirifer (Br.An) Pileconiis (Mo.O>.Ru) Pinacophylkim (Cn.Ph) Pilaniminella (Fo.Ce.Ra.An.Ls) Pionopleurum (Br.An.St) Pinacoplacites (Mo.Cr.Pr) PhyllcKheilus (Mo.Pt.Ce.Bi.Os.Er) Pictoscala (Mo.Os.St.In) Pipeltaria (Ac.Sc) Physogyra Physoida (Mo.Re) Pilotocera.Ve) Pilocystites (EcEo.Li) Piceaphyllum (Cn.Re.Sp) Phyllopachyceras (Mo.Tr.Cy) Piurorhynchia (Br.An.Cr.Ce) Pictolhyris (Br.Bi.Ga.Tr.He.St.Pt) Pinacognathus (Cd.Sc) Phyllodictya (Bz.Te) Picrocleidus (Cd.Ph) Pinnarctidion Phymaraphinia (Po.s (Mo.Te) PhysctKalyplra (Ar.Ca) (Po.DI) Pikiceras (Mo.Ga) Physelodon (Cd.Re.Ce) (Ec.Ru) Phyllacanthus (Hc.An.Fo.Ps) Pindosmiha (Cn.Ec.Sc) Piurorhynchella (Br.En) Phylatiellina (B/.Aj) Pimhcocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ph) Phygraea (Mo.An.Ga) Pilkiciiia (Mo.El) Pingiusapis (Ar.Mo) Piliohtes (Ar.Pf) Phymaplecia (Po.Ce.Ce.Nt) (Mo.Ro.Se) Pionoceras (Mo.De.Ar.Ce) Phyllocystis (Ec.An.Ar.Fo) Piniek)metopon (Cd.Ar.Os.Pt) Pinacotrypa (Bz.Ce.In) Phylloporina (B7.Ch) Physocalpia (Po.Bi.Ar.Cy) Pionorthis (Br.Fo) Phyllograplus (He.In) Pinaxiothyris (Br.Bi.Te) Pinichthys (Cd.Ec.Ta) PhylliKeras (Mo.Ar.He.Fe) Phymatopleura (Cn.Gr.Py) Pionolhyris (Br.Ma.Ec.Ce.Ar.Sc) Pianaspis (Ar.Os.Cc) (Cd.Cc.Ce.Fo.Ce) Phymopedina (Ec.Mo) PhylliKocnia (Cn.Cr.St.Ga.Ml.Ga.Os.Tr) Pipetta (Ac.Sp) Physogaleus (Cd.An.Rh) Pinacoceras (Mo.Li.Ph) Pinquigemmuki (Mo.In) Pinocetus (Cd.Un) Physocytlicre (Ar.Nt) Pinegia (Cn.Ch.In) Phytopsis (Cn.Os.An.Cr.Nt) Pinguitellina (Mo.Un) Phylaclerus (Ar.Sp) Phylloztxin (Cn.Ce.In.Ne) Piona.On) (Mo.Cr.Sc) (Br.Ar.An.Ce.Cs.Ar) Pinguaella (Br.Po.No) Physclorhynchia (Br.Ce.Ri) Phyniechinus (Ec.Cl) Phyllocrinus (Ec.St.Ph) Pileochiton (Mo.Un) Pipiograptus (He.Gr) Pllkcna (Br.Te.Pl.Ru) (Mo.Os.Ce.Ar.In.Gr.Os.Ma.Os.Pr) Pileohtcs (Po.Ar.Pt) Phyntcylhere (Ar.Cr.Ce.Tr.Bi.Or) Physalidopisthia (Ar.Ma.Ce.Bi.Ce.Pt.Ve) Phylaclella (B/.Hd) Phy>elcmla Phvseiocrinus .MkDe) Phynialoihyris (Br.A COMPENDIl'M OF FOSSIL MARINE ANIMAL GENERA: SEPKOSKI 495 Phycis (Cd.Re.Pf) PhylliKladiscites (Mo.Co.Ec.Ar.Ch) Physocardia (Mo.An.Gr.Pt) Phyllohelia (Cn.Ru) Phyllaspis (Ar.St.Co) Phyllodermia (Po.Ph) Pilcus (Ec.Ec.Fo) Pinnctoporella (Bz.Po) Pilograptus (He.Ca) Piallina (Fo.Hi) Phymotaxis (Ec.Fo) Pinctus (Ar.Ga.Li.Bi.Ca) Physospongia (Po.Ar) Pikaia (Cd.Ec.De.Am) Pinghuangella (Br.Sc) PilophyMoides Phyllangia (Cii.Fo.Sp) Physeogrammoceras (Mo.Ma.De.Ph) Pileochama (Mo.De.Pt) Phylelripes (Ac.Pa) I*iIcoliis (Mo.Ar) Pionodema Pionomena Physasler (EcEcSp) Pilcospongia (Po.Tr.An.AI) Physodoceras (Mo.Pe) Pilekia (Ar.An.St.Tr.He.Ga.Te) Physematites (Mo.St.Ar.Ce.Ga.Fo) Pinnocaris (Mo.Di) Pinna Phymaplectia (Po.Pe) Phyllosmilia (Cn.Bi.Ar.Sc.Li) Piersaloceras Pinnatispongia Phymalella (Po.Sc) Pictetoceras (Mo.Ce.Fe) Picta\ iechinus (Ec.Tr.Gy.Li) Piestochilus Pinnatopora (Bz.St.Fo) Pinnoxypridea (Ar.Pt) Phylloseris (Cn.Pt) Phyllonia (Br.Bi.Ac) Pinctada (Mo.Ciy.Tr.Sp) Pinegopora (Bz.Re.Nt) Phytogyra (Cn.Ar.Ga.Ne) Phymosoma (Ec.He.Ga.Bi.Gy.Cr) Pichiostroma (Po.Tr.An) PhylliKoeniopsis (Cn.Os.An.Ar.Sc) Pictonia (Mo.Tr.Li) Pidelocrinus (Ec.Ce.Ta) Physalaclinixeras (Mo.Ce.Po) Pinaria (Fo.Ra.Ch) Physioceras (Mo.Go) PiMdiocrinus (Ec.Pe) Pi Una (Mo.De) PhyllcK-hites (Pr.Sc) Phylliimitus Pictatella (Bz.Ar.Ps) PilUi (Ar.Pi) Physiciilus (Cd.St) Physemclla (Br.Ce.Po.Am) PhylKichilon (Pr.An.Ga.Pr) Physoseris (Cn.Sp) Physeier (Cd.Cy) Phylaclcllipora (Bz.Sc) Pictiformes (Mo.Po) Pileokiria (An.Li) Pieckonia (An.Di) Phygosaiirus (Cd.Os.Ve) Phyllyliiceras (Mo.Po.St.spis (Cd.Fe) PhymalDceras (Mo.An.Te) Phy llogyra (Cn.Ga.An.Ce.Ce) Piamaecyathellus (Po.Ph) Pictavia (Mo.De.An) Pichottia (Ar.An.Mt) (Cd.Ec.Cr) Pinegathyris (Br.Po) Phymolepis (Cd.Cr) Phyllopty choceras (Mo.Ce.Bi.Tr.Fo.An.De.Ma.Te) Piplomerus (Cd.Po) Phymatophyllum Pijpersia (Fo.Un) Pinnatulites (Ar.Ra.Ce) Phyllixlina (Mo.Ci) (Cn.Cp.Ar.Sc) Pilumnus (Ar.Am) Pihniipsis (Mo.Sc) Picounina (Fo.Ca) Pilophyllia (Cn.Am) Pietteia (Mo.Ph) Physotreta (Br.Ce) PiMararhynchus (Cd.Un) Ph\ lacHK-ephaliis (Cd.Rh) Pilkniiia (Ar.Ta) Pimelites (Mo.An.Sc) Picnotreta (Br.Fo.Ca.Am) Pictelia (Mo.Pa) Pileotrypa (Bz.Ar.Ce.Ar.CI) Pipedentalium (Mo.In.Os.

Ga.Ce.Bi.Te) Placometra (Ec.Cm) Planicardium (Mo.Ve) Pirper (Mo.Sc) Planocaprina (Mo.Ne) (Cd.scus (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Ga.St) Pisomaja (Ar.Te) Placophora (Cn.Ch) Plafkerium (Ac.Pt) Planoglabratella ( Fo.Pa) Placocyslclla (Ec.Tr.Bi.Fo) Pithanotaria (Cd.Fo) Plagiochasma (Ec.Ec.Na) (Cn.De.Se) Planispirina (Fo.Tr.Or) (Mo.An.Tr.Bl.Sc) Planaspis (Ar.Fo) Placiphorclla (Mo.Ho) Planuliiia (Fo.Or) Planoarchacdiscus (Fo.He.Ar.Os.Fo) Pithodclla (Bz.Ar.Hi) Placoparia (Ar.Ar.Ar.An.Sa) Planomiliola (Fo.Fo.Li) Planicardina (Br.Sl.Am) Plagiothyra (Mo.Pr) Placojerea (Po.De.Bi.Ga.Os.An.Sp) Planalveolilella (Cn.Fo) Pilhanodclphis Plagioholocentrum (Cd.Ta) Piratoceras (Mo.Ga.Sc) Planetophyllum (Mo.Na) Planorolalites (Fo.Sc) Planopulivinulina (Fo.Re) Pistosaurus (Cd.Pt Pityusina (Fo.Fo.Bi.Fo) Pisinna (Mo.Tr.Un) Plagiorhyncha (Br.Ve) Pisirhynchia (Br.Fo) Piscolithax (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Fo) Pisostrigilla (Mo.Ga.Fo.Ar) Pithonolon (Ar.An.Cr.Ga.Ce) Planacrocriniis (Ec.Or) Pirithyris (Br.He) Planitrochus (Mo.Pt) Planiinvoluta (Fo.Pa) Placocoeniopsis (Cn.Bi.Os.Os.Fo.Fo.Bi.Ga.Nt) Placochlaenia (Po.Ml.Bi.Rh) Planothcca (Mo.Fo) Planotcclus Pituriaspis (Cd.Ar.Di) Planonialina (Fo.Nt) Pirgos (Mo.Ce.Ce) Placopleiinis (Cd.Fo.Fo) Pisdurodon (Cd.Cy) Plagiocrinus (Ec.De) Plagiopora (Bz.Ar) Plagionium (Ac.Ta) Pisolina (Fo.Hi) Pisolampas (Ec.Or) Planogypsina (Fo.Pl) Planes (Ar.Pt) Piictia (Ar.Ta) Piratosaurus (Cd.Bulletin 363 496 PirasDcrlmis (Ec.An) Placotrochus (Cn.Sc) Planileberis (Ar.Fo) Plagiosmittia (Bz.Ga.Ra.Sc) Planispirillina (Fo..Nt) Placothyris (Br.Ph) Planogkibulina ( Fo.Ma.Pt) Planoendothyra (Fo.Ne) Placoziphius (Cd.Plil Planihaydenella (Br.Cr.Li) Planicellaria (Bz.Gy.Eu) Plagiobrissus (Ec.De.Fo.An.Bi.Po) Placogyropsis (Cn.Ve) Plagioecia (Bz.He.Ce.Pl) Planalvus (Br.Fo.Os.Fo) Planirhynchia (Br.Cr.Ar) Plantclla (Ar.Mo) Piratella (Ar.Ne) Placocystites (Ec.Ga.Os.Hi) Planospirodiscus (Fo.Bi.Sc) Planariomya (Mo.Po) Pirsila (Mo.Bi.Pl.Fo.Ra.Ar) (Mo.Ma.Ga.Pt) Pisanclla Placoscytus (Po.Ps) Placochelys (Cd.Ml.An.An.Ga.Fo.Mi) Planaxis (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ph) Planorbulinella (Fo.Fo.Pe) Plaesiacomia (Ar.Ch) Plagiophlhalmus (Ar.Cr.Rh) Placonella (Po.Ar.Fo) Pisulina Plagioceras (Mo.Bi.Pt) Planodouvillina (Br.Rh.Pa) Planoria (Ar.Pl) Planipjimites (Ar.Fo) .Ar.Ve) (Mo.Sc) Placoparina (Ar.Sc.Pa) Plagiura (Ar.Mi) Plancella (Br.Ce.Co) Plagiostoma (Mo.Fo.Bi.Fo) Pittsl'ordiptcrus (Ar.Ar) Plagioglypta (Mo.Sp) Pirena (Mo.Fo) Pistillachilina (Fo.St.Po) Plagiarca (Mo.Cr.Fo) Pisothalaniia (Po.Ar.ArRh) Placotrema (Po.Fo) Placuna (Mo.Sp) Planolimbus (Ar.Ph) Pirctella (Ar.Te) Placotelia (Po.Fo) Plagiostomoccras Planpyrgi.Fo) Pirotolhyris (Br.Ve) (Mo.Re.Eu) Plagioraphe (Fo.Fo) Pithocrinus (Ec.An.Fo.An.Fo.Pt) Piltella (Mo.Bi.Ce.Ar.Ca) Plagiolaria (Ar.De) Placunanomia (Mo.Cy.Ga.Ec.Ca) Planomedusites (Cn.Bi.Sp) Planoharknessella (Br.Ar) Pisioprion (An.Ar) PlanoUiteralus (Mo.He) Plananimatoceras (Mo.Me.Os.Un) Planularia (Fo.Po.Bi.Ar.Ar.Fo) Plsotrigoiiia (Mo.Fo.Me) Pithodca (Mo.Ga.0.Te) Planitivela (Mo.Mo) Plagionephrodes (Ar.Hy.Os.Cl) Placogyra (Cn.Sp) Pirgulia (Br.St) Placosmilia (Cn.Eu) (Hy.Ce.Os.Gy.An.Ar.Ga.Bi.Ve) Plagiostomclla (Fo.Fo.An.Ar.Cl) Placites (Mo.Os.Ml.Fo.Os.St) Placodus (Cd.Re.Ga.Bi.Ph) Planicollonia (Mo.Ar.Os.Ve) Placunopsis (Mo.Fo) Pisodonophis (Cd.Pa) Placocyallius (Cn.Fo.Ps) Plagiocardium (Mo.He.Fo.Ar.Ar) Pironastrea (Cn.Fo.Bi.Re.Or) PisUicythereis (Ar.St) Pitchlciia (Mo.Ec.Ce.Eu) Pisocrinus (Ec.s.De) Piriclymenia (Mo.Bi.Po.Ga.Te) Placopecten (Mo.Fo.Am) Pircnella (Mo.Re.Cr.De.Fo.Ma.Fo.Ne) (Mo.De.Ga.Pf) Placopsiliiui (Fo.Ne) Plakina (Po.Ar) Placophyllia (Cn.Ml.Bi.Ru) Piriproetus (Ar.De) Placoblastus (Ef.Ce) (Cd.De) Placoplerina (Mo.Pl) Planalveolites (Cn.Am) Placosema ( Planispina (Br.Ga.Fo.Ne) Plagioplychus (Mo.Ga.St.An.Ar.Po.Te) Piveteauia (Cd.Ml.PO Planorbulina (Fo.Ly) Planispirinella (Fo.Bi.Bi.Os.Ar.Pt) Planovatirosiniin (Br.De) Planospirina (Mo.Ce.Gy.Tr.Sc) Planikellia (Mo.Ma.Rh) Placamcn (Mo.Sc) Planatrypa (Br.Pa) Pirskenius iCd.Os.Cc) Planoproductus (Br.Ar.Hy) Pisania Pisanianura Pitar Pitarclla Ar.Tr.Ds) Placotriplesia (Br.Ve) Planolinderina (Fo.Fo.Ce) Planocoenites (Cn.Bi.Ml.Fo) Pitariiia (Mo.He) Placenticeras (Mo.Sc) Planetoceras Pirileberis (Ar.Tr.Nt) Placocoenia (Cn.Ch) Planothyris (BrAr.Li) Planisphinctes (Mo.Tr) Plaesiomys (Br.Os.Ce.Fo) Planozone Placentamiiiina (Fo.Tr.An.Ga.Ch) Pironaca (Mo.An.Re.Ar.At) Piretopsis (Ar.Po) Placidea (Ar.Gy.Ce) Placostegus (An.Ve) Pirocystellu (Ec.Os.Na) Placochelyanus (Cd.Pt) Planisciitellurn (Ar.Rh) Pisa (Ar.Fo.Ch) Pianospiritcs (Mo.Sp) Pirotella (Br.

Ca.Os.Fo) Plalychilella (Ar.Ar.Ga.Os.Fo.Fo.Rj) Plectorhynchella (Br.Fo) Plaslomiliha (Mo.An.Ar.Ar.Pl) Platsmena (Br.Ec.A COMPENDIIM OF FOSSIL MARINE ANIMAL GeNERA: SEPKOSKI 497 Planulinoides (Fo.Ca) Plalisptingia Mo.Tr.Sp) Plalyconcha (Br.In) Plectodermati um (Po.Ar.Ce.At) Plasmatiiceras (Mo.Pf) Pleoeuloma (Ar.Bi.Po) Plavskella (Ar.Ar.Fo) PlalyaNpi> (Cd.Ar.Os.Li) PlatybassJN (Mo.Ce.Fo.Ce) Plectinia (Po.Fo) PlatycariLTinella (Br.Li.Bi. In.Re.Ph) Platyscutellum (Ar.St) Plegmatograptus (He.Os.St) Plalyconus (Mo.Ch) Playfordites (Cd.Ta) Platycalymene (Ar.Cr) PlatipygUN (Ec.Co.Cr.Ta) Platyhexacrinus (Ec.Fo.Te) (Mo.Pe) Plectostroma (Po.Te) Plasmophylluni Plat> lacnius (Cd.Tr.De.De.Ga.Ga.He.Po) Plectocamara (Br.Pn) Platymerella (Br.Mo) Platytrochus (Cn.Ne) Plectrypops (Cd.Pa) Platyrhina (Cd.Ar) Plectriles (Cd.Pl) Platylithax (Cd.Te) Platit'erostroma (Po.Ar) Plecanium (Fo.Pt) Platysolenites (Fo.Di) Platylhalaniiella (Po.Ar.Ph) Platyhelia (Cn.Te) Platyniyoidea (Mo.Am Plectocretacicus (Cd.En) Plectonotoides Plalyceramus (Mo.An.Co) (Po.Tr.Pr) Platypleon (Ar.Ga.Ar.Ar) Plectoceras (Mo.Ta) Platylates (Cd.Ar) Platylhvris (Br^AnTe) Plectosyntrophia (Br.Be) (Ac.Ci) Plalyglossariorhynchus (Br.He.eras (Mo.MI.St) Platynoticeras ( Platillaenus (Ar.Pt) Plectasaphus (Ar.Bi.Tr.Bi.Sp) Plectorhinchus (Cd.Os.Fo.Sc) Platysiphon (Mo.Tr.Ne) Platyzona (Cd.Cr.Fo.Li) Platyorlhis (Br. In.Cr) Plectosolen (Mo.Fo) Platygoniatites (Mo.Os.St) Platyanl\\ lAr.Te) Plalycrinilcs (Ec.Me) Platyspirifer (Br.Ve) Platysiagum (Cd.Am) Platyla (Mo.Re.Li) Plectinella (Fo.Ar.Rh) Plebejochonetes (Br.Os.Os.Ar) Platyphoca Plectodonta (Br.Ra.St) Plectomillerella (Fo.Os.Ce.Ar.An.As.Os.Go) Plebidonax (Mo.He.Ar.An.Ar.De.Ce.Ga.Os.Ar.Ar.Po) Platylrochopsis (Cn.Ic) Plectoglossa (Br.In) Platygyra (Cn.Sc) Plectotreta (Br.Gr.Ar.Pt) Plalycythara (Mo.Fo) Plectonotus Plalyceras (Mo.Ga.Hy) Plaioiropites Platypeltoides (.Ar.Co.Ar) PIcctospira (Br.Ch.Re) Platyodus (Cd.Ba) Plalella (Ar.vsus (Ec.Na) Platyschisma (Mo.De) Plectofrondicularia (Fo.Pe) Plalycoryphe (Ar.Tr.Ga.CI) Pleesus (Ac.Co) Plectomediocris (Fo.Bi.An.Ar) PIcctotrophia (Br.Ly) Plasmadiclyon (Cn.Ve) Plalyctienia (Cn.Ce.Pe) Plaiycy Mites (Ec.Ce) Platyvillosus Plectotrochammina (Fo.Os.Ar.Ga.Fo) Plalycyathus (Cn.Ar.Pt) Playfordia Plegagnathus (Cd.Co) (Mo.Po) Plectronoceras (Mo.Co) Plalyglcna (Bz.Pf) Platylophocythere (Ar.Os.An.He) Plasnuiscolex (An.CI) Plaxocrinus (Ec.Ar.Ar.Ch) Plectorecurvoides (Fo.Ve) Planusclla (Ar.Cc.Ta) Platylepas (Ar.Fo.Pf) Plaiycyihere (Ar.Ch.Ar.Bi.MI.Sp) Platyrhomboides (Ar.Pe) Plectocion (Mo.Fo) PlalycarUia (Mo.Or) Plalycucc<x.Tr.Os.Ce.Bi.St) Platyterorh) nchus (Br.An) Plegiocidaris (Ec.Os.Fo.Ma.An.Fo.Nt) Plectelasma (Br.Ga.Pa.As) Plassenia (Po.Rh) Plalycosla (Ar.Sc) Plectascus (Po.Fo.Sc) Platyteichum (Mo.Or) Po.De.Ci) Plectina (Fo.Na) Plalychela (Ar.Ar.Cr.Ph) Plaiycylhereis (Ar.Fo.Ce) (Mo.Nt) Plectodina (Cd.Ra.Pa) Platygrammatodon (Mo.He) PlalyconiKeras (Mo.St) Platyselma (Br.Li) Plalyclymenia (Mo.Os.Cc) Platyosphys (Cd.Ch.De.Fo) Platyaxum (Cn.Ar! Platysomus (Cd.Gr) Platybolbina (Ar.Bi.Ce.Ar.Am) Plectifer (Ar.Or) Plectothyrella (Br.Sc) Platyworthcnia (Cd.An.Os.Ve) Platylichas (Ar. In) Platyharpes (Ar.Ce.Ar.Os.Pc.Tr.St) Plectochitina (Fo.St.Ma.Ph) Platax (Cd.Rjl Plectogyranopsis (Fo.Ma.De.Ec.Ar) Platyspondylus (Cd.Po) Plecteurette (Po.Ru) (Cn.Gy.Ar.St) Planuienia (Mo.Ce.An.An.Os.Pf) Plalychilina (Mo.CI) Platysuchus (Cd.An.Pa) Plalylenticeras (Mo.Fo.Tr.Gr) Plalonea (Bz.Tr.He.Ta) Platyleberis (Ar.Ph) Plectoconcha (Br.Fo) Platybri.Am) Plectofusulina (Fo.Ga.Te) Plalybursa (Ac.Ga.Ce.St) Plasmopi)ra (Cn.Pl) Plectomya (Mo.Ar.Sc) Plectambonites (Br.Ch) Platichlhys (Cd.Bi.Ph) Plalycephalus (Cd.Tr.Pa) Plectopyramis (Mo.Tr.Ga.Cr.Ph) Plalyacra (Mo.Na) Plalygcna (Mo.Rh) Plalychonia ( Platystrophia (Br.Os.Ar) Plat\rachella (Br.Pl) Plalyxystrodus Pleclrclla (Ar.Bi.Sc) Plectothyris (Br.Fo) Platanasier (Ec.Pl.St) PlalyacriKTinus (Ec.Ar.Be) (Mo.Os.Gr) .Tr.My) Plectoderma (Po.Ec.Co.Po) Plavecia (Cn.Os.Gr.Co.Hv.Ne) Platidia (Br.Tr.PI) Plalydiamesus (Ar.Ar.Ar) Platypleuroceras (Mo.Ar.Or) Plectorthis (Br.Or) Plectodinemagraptus (He.Ga.Ar.He.Gr.Pf) Pleclella (Br.Ar.Ar) Plectolites (Mo.Mo) Plectatrypa (Br.Fo.Co.Ce.Rh) Plectospyris (Po.De) Platyspinites (Pr.Ar.Ph) Plalyloechia (Br.Ca.Ly) Platyoptera (Mo.Ga. In) Plectodontella (Br.Cr.Ce.Ca) (Mo.Ce) Plectodiscus (Cn.Co) Platyodon Platinx (Cd.Ch.Ta) Platypterygius (Cd.As) Plasmoporella (Cn.Re.Co) (Mo.Sp) Plectograptus (He.As) Plectodon (Mo.Pt) Plaxiphora (Mo.Po.Br) PlalytundtHrrinus (Ec.Po) Plectoidothyris (Br.Fo) Plaiuispira (Pr.Bi.Un.As) Plasiaspis (Ar.Ra.Sc) Plectroninia (Po.Mo) Platypilina (Cd.Sq) Platyloron (Mo.Ch) (Mo.Ga.An.Pe) Plaiecarpus (Cd.Ga.Os.Ce.

Sc) Pk'iironiphakis (Mo.Ce) (Cd.Mol Plesiyuepingia (Ar.Rh) Plesicarinalina (Br.Ga.An.Ne) Phcarosirnm (Br.Ma.Ce) Plicanoplites (Br.An.Ch) Pleuristratoentactinia (Ac.Ce.St) Plesiopatagus (EcEcSp) Pleurodisiichites (Mo.Ar.Am) PlesiolepidciUis (Cd.Bi.Ani) Pk-lhopora (Bz.Te) Pk'uromysidia (Mo.Be) Pleurostoniella (Fo.Bi.Bi.Ly) PIcntaria (Mo.s (Mo.Ga.Sc) PIcurocornu (Br.Fo.Sc) Pleurochonetes (Br.An.An.Sc) Pleuroctenium (Ar.Ar.Ro.Hi) PIcurocora (Cn.Tr.Pt) Plckc.Ba) (Mo.Ce.Ch) Plesicicetus (Mo.Sp) PIcsioMiiilia (Cn.Os.Ga.An.Tr.He.Tr.Am) Plicatiterina (Br.Bi.An.He) Pleurothyrclla (Br.Na) PleioplygiiKi (Mo.Bi.Rh.Ga.Vc) Plesioturrilites (Mo.Pt) PIcsiomaKinella (Ar.Fi) Pleurinodus (Ar.nella (Br.Sc) Pleurogranimatodon (Mo.Te) Plesidcyprinclla (Mo.Ce.Pa) Pleurobelus (Mo.Rh) Pleuroploca (Mo.Ar) Plcuromya (Mo.Sc) Plesiocunnolilopsis (Cn.Ga.Ch) Pbcaliiderbya (Br.Bi.Ce.Sc) Pleurifera (Ar.Sc) PIcthosiphonia (Po.Ml) Pk'uroizrapliis (He.Re.Nt) (Mo.Mo) Pleuroceras (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Sc) Pleuromera (Po.Os.Ga.Ve) Plicalolingula (Br.An.Ar.Te) Pleurorthis (Br.Sc) Pk'uroliisia (Mo.Bi.Cc) Pleurophymia (Po.Am) Pleurostyhna (Cn.Hni) Pleuroacanthites (Mo.L> ) Mo.Ce.Li) Plicaloiina (Ar.He.Pt) Pleiocyphus (Ec.Cc) Pk'urophyllum (Cn.Ce.Cr.Os.Ar.Ar.St.Sc) Pleurocrinus (Ec.EcPh) Plcsiotissotia (Mo.Bi.Ar.St) Plesiolampas (Ec.As.An.De.Ar) Plesioparabolina (Ar.Ne) Plesiastrea (EcEc.Ru) Plethomctopiis (Ar.Un) PIclhobolbina (Ar.At) Pleuracme (Mo.Pe) Plcurodium (Br.Ar) Pleurorima Plesioastropecten (Mo.Ru PIctliopchides (Ar.Am) Plesiiicyprina (Mo.Ru) Plesiacanlhoides (Mo.Ar.Pl) Pleurodictyum (Cn.An.Eu) PIcia (Mo.Am) Pleurostoma (Po.Bi.Un) Pleurorthoceras (Mo.My) Plicaea (Br.Ce.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Nt) Pleuronea (Bz.Pt) Pleuropegma (Mo.Nt) Pleiiropyge ( Plesklielymella (Ar.Fo) Plesiocidaris (Ec.Ve) PlerainplcMis (Cn.Co) Pleurophorella (Mo.In.Pn) Plekonina (Br.La) PIcsiostylina (Cn.Ga.Rh Plcsiovascoceras (Mo.Os.Ma.Sq) Pleiironichthys (Cd.Li) Plethorhyncha (Br.Fo.As) Pleuronolus (Mo.De.Ph) Phcaloliosa (Mo.Bi.Ar.Rh) Plcsiotriton Pleuroncoceras (Mo.St) Plesiospilidiscus (Mo.Ce.An.Tr.No) (Mo.Te) Pleuropyramis Plesioacirsa PIcuralclla (Mo.Cr.Pt) Pleiirophyllia (Cn.Fo) Plesiocoenia (Cn.An.Ta) Plesiohamiles (Mo.Bi.Ra.Fo.Ga.Se) (Mo.Pa) Plicacoleus (Pr.St) Plesiomonllivallia (Cn.Ag) Plexituba (Cn.Pt) Plesioteuthis (Mo.Ar.Ta) Plicanoplia (Br.Ps) Pleurolininaea Plicatoceras (Mo.Am) Phcatokinina (Cd.St) Plesioptyjinialis (Mo.An.Cr.Ph) Pleuroschisma (Ec.Ar.Gr) Plicalilera (Br.Ga.Tr.Ve) PlelhoporeHa (B/.Or) Plesiocaryophyllia (Cn.Ce.Ec.Ph) Plicacesta (Mo.Am) PleiirolyUKera.Li) Pleuropodia (Cn.Sp) Plesiocerithium Pleurikodonta (Mo.Ec.Or) Plesioserranus (Cd.Tr.Ch.Os.Ga.Am) Pleuronectites (Mo.Cy) Plesiosiderastraea (Cn.Nc) PIcsiolhyreiis (Mo.Pe) Pleopliylliim (Cn.Ar.Tr) Plesiopiiina (Mo.Ar.Sc) Pleurocephalites Pleurostomelkiides (Fo.De.Ar.Ph) Plcnmia (Po.Sc) PknirolyriiUi (Bz.Sc) Plcsiacanllioceras (Mo.St.Ec.Ga.Am) Plcuronautilu.Ar.Ta) Plesiochelys (Cd.Sc) PlesiaMropcclen (Ec.He) PleiirohopHtes (Mo.Sp) (Cn.Ga.An.Bi.Ga.St) Plesiopcileidus (Cd.An.Na) (Mo.An.Ve) Pleurochorium (Po.Ga.Ca) Pk'iiroLVthere (Ar.Os.An.Ph) Plerodillia (Cn.Bi.Rh) Pieiirolonioides Plesiodiploiia (Cn.Ar.Re.Bi.Ga.Eu) Plenocaris (Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ga.He.Ce.Po) Pleurosaurus (Cd.An.Fo) Plesiocrinus (Ec.Bi.An.Ce.Ce.Ar) Pleurelasma (Br.Li.Ce.Ar.Tu) Picsioniegalaspis (Ar.Ma.Ce.Pt) Pleurophopsis (Mo.Li) Plesiastarte PIcsiaster PlesiDcelupsis I I Po.Ve) Plicatocyrlia (Br.Rh) PIcsiotylosaurus (Cd.Ce.Ce) Pleuriocardia (Mo.Tr.Ar.Os.Ph) Pkmrodapis Pk-urodcUa (Ar.BI.Sc) Plcurodiadeina (Ec.Am) (Mo.Ga.Ne) PIclhocardia (Mo.Tr.Ri) Pleolobites (Ar.Sc) Pleiiriiloniella Plesiodiplcteniopsis (Cn.Am) Pleurocystites (Ec.Os.Bi.Ce.Am) Pleuronodoceras PlcmiKicrinus (Ec.Te) Pleuromeris (Mo.Ga.Ce.Gy.An.Ga.ior.De) Plethodus (Cd.Bulletin 363 498 Plegmosph.Tr.Ar) (Mo.Ra.An.Ce.Ar.Bi.Po) Pleydeiha (Mo.St) Plesiosaurus (Cd.Ce.Os.Cr.Re.An.Ve) Pleurosiphonella (Cn.Bi.Bi.Ar) (Mo.Pc) PlicarcuUiria (Mo.Tr.Os.Os.Cr) Pleuropholis (Cd.An.He) Plesioc'occolepis (Cd.Ce.Bi.An.Bi.Ga.Ce.Lil Pknhopcllis (Ar.i (Ac.Rh) Plexodictyon (Po.Ar.Tr) Plesiofavia (Cn.Py) Plcsiothyris (Br.Ve) Plcurolomaria ( Plcsiodiceras (Mo.St) Pleurotexanites (Mo.Anil (Mo.Ce.Gr.Ga.Ph) Pleuroconcha (Mo.Rh) Pleuropinacoceras Plethoschisnia (Ec.Or) Plesioberyx (Cd.Pt) Pk'urophorina (Mo.St.Ar) Plcuraloma (Br.s Pleioplcurina (Br.Bi.Ar.Ar.As.Sp) Pleurosl^elidion (Fo.Ph) PIcicchinus (Eclic.An.Cc) Plciorylis (Mo.Rh) PIcsidphylliiTii (Cn.Bi.Ne) Plcsiophyllia (Cn.Ml.Ce.Os.Ga.Nt) (Ec.Ag) Pleuroschi/ella (Bz.He.Bi.Ar.Sp) PIcsiothainnaMcria (Cn.Ar) PlicatcMa (Mo.Pf) Pleuroliria (Mo.Ne) (Cd.Re.Br) Pleureterites (Mo.Rh.De.Nc) .Aii.Px) Plethospira Pleuropugnoides (Br.De.Ga.Sc) Pleurolucina (Mo.Ne) Plicatocrinus (Ec.Gy.Ne) Plesiotrochus (Mo.Pa) Pleurope (Po.Ga.Bi.Mo) Pleurolrigonia (Mo.Riil Plethopellella (Ar.As) Pknirodesnia (Mo.Os.Ga.Ce) (Mo.

Ce.Am) Polyacrodus (Cd.Os.Ce.St) Podabacia (Cn.Am) Podobursa Podocapsa (Ac.Ph) Podoseris (Cn.Bi.Rv) Polenovula (Ar.Ch) Poloniella (Ar.An.CI) Plicopiira (B/.Ce.Tr.Ne) Polydesmia Plochelaea (Mo.De.Cr.Sp) Plourdoslcii.Sc) Polonites Plicoiiypa (Br.Cr.Re.Re.Ci) Pojetaia (Mo.Ar.Tr.Ga.Ga.Cr.Pe) Podapsis (Po.Or.Li) Podoliceras (Mo.Ch) Poculisphinctes (Mo.Te) Polycertaspis (Ar.Tr.Os.Fo.Sp) Pnlctopora (Bz.Pf) Polyblastidium (Po.Ga.Ph) Plioplatecarpus (Cd.Os.Ly) Polaroplasma (Cn.Tr.Na) Pollachius (Cd.Ch.Rv) Polycylindricus (Bz.Ar.Go) (Cd.Fo.Ca) (Bz.An.Ec.Or) Pliimulitcs (Pr.Pe) Pliopontos (Cd.Sp) (Ac.As.An.Ga.Ta) Polycnemiseudea (Po.Sp) Poloniproduclus (Br.Pc) Pluiiimcricriniis (Ec.Ly) Pliendoceras Ptidocoronis (Ac.Li) Podocephaliis (Cd.Ec.Na) Polyascosoecia (Bz.Hm) Plocoastraca (Cn.An.Li) Pokornyclla (Ar.Li) Podolibolbina (Ar.Sp) Polycotylus (Cd.Ph) Pliomera (Ar.Ct) Plicoproductus (Br.Ce.Ra.Un.De.Li) Pododesmus (Mo.Bi.Bi.Fi) Pliothyrina (Br.Po) Pollicipes (Ar.Bi.Eu) Pliobolia (Po.Cr.En) (Cd.Fo.Tr.Ds) Polydactylus (Cd.Ma.Pe) Pneiimatoarthrus (Cd.Po.He.CI) Poliniciclla Plicifusus (Mo.Cr.Ci) Polycrinus (Ec.Pe) Pocillospongia (Po.Cr.Ar.St lluni .Po.An.De.Bi.Bi.Re.Po.Os.A 499 Compendium of Fossh.Ar.Ra.Li) Polyadelphia (Cn.Bi.Ch) Plinthokonion (Pr.Ra.Ga.Ar.Re.PO Polycystocoelia (Po.Ga.De.De.Ps) Pogonochitina (Fo.Pt) Plicotorynit'er (Br.Ce.Ar) Poliellaspis (Ar.Tr) Pliopedia Poecilodus (Cd.St) Podoliproetus (Ar.Va) Polinella Plicatula (Mo.Fo) Polydiadema (Mo.Ce) Pogonipocrinus (Ec.Un) Poliellina (Ar.Eu) Plii>b(iliopsis (Po.An.De.Ma.Ch) Polydeltoideiis (Ec.Sc) Pojetaconcha (Fo.Am) Polycyphus (Ec.Hi) Pliomerella (Ar.Ph) Podowrinella (Ar.Sl.De.Ar.Ar.Sq Poleumita (Mo.Tr.Coi (Mo.Fo Polychaetaspis (An.Ar) Polehemia (Mo.Ph) Podtscheremia (Br.Ca.Pt) Plumalina (Cn.Os.Ch) Plinlhicus (Mo.Fo) (Ec.Sc) Polycope (Ar.Cr.Li) Polonoceras Pliconacca (Mo.Go) Pliciscala (Mo.Sc) Polycoscinus (Po.Ve) Poccilasma (Ar.Ve) Podolites (Ar.Fo.Ce.Na) Polyastropsis (Cn.Ph) Podophthalmus (Ar.Ar.Ar.Gy.Ar.Eu) (Ar.CI) Pobum (Ac.In) Plicocyrtina (Br.Rh) Pliomerops (Ar.Co) PliciKoclina (Br.Rh) Poecilocrinus (Ec.Re.Ar.Ga.Li) Podolia (Fo.Pr) Poikilosakos (Br.Gol Polyedra (Po. Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski Plicalomorpha (Mo.Ar.Sp) PliKTostvlus Polenovia 1 Br.Ar.Cr.Ec.He.Ca) Podollites (Cn.Nt) (Mo.Sp) Pnicloporopsis (Bz.Ar.Ch) Pollicina (Mo.De.Rh) Pkinimcrita (Fo.Tr.Os.Ar) Polaricyclus (Mo.St.Tr.Fo) Pliobolhnis (Cn.Eu) Plicatoria (Br.Ch.Ar.Ga.Or) Polychasmina (Fo.Ce) Pkirigens (Mo.Gy.Hy.Nu) Polydiexodina Pkvocidaris Polydilasma PliictKonia (Po.Co) Plicatospiriferella (Br.Pa) Plicodendrocrinus (Ec.Ci) PlictK-yrtia (Br.De.Pl.-> (Cd.Ca.Ec.De) Polyconites (Mo.Sc) Pliegalella (Po.Tr.Fo) Pohph\ (Mo.Re) Plicatiimuilus (Mo.Ga.Pr) Polycidaris (Ec.Na) Polycephalopora (Bz.Os.Ar.Bi.Ch) Poecilomorphus (Mo.Ra.Ph) Polycneniidium (Ar.Tu) Ploioph\sops Polctaesella (Ar.Tr.My) Pliomerina (Ar.Ve) Pollia (Mo.An.Gy.Go) (Mo.Ru) Polyelasmoceras (Mo.Ch) Pollingeria (Pr.Tr.Ar.Pa) PlinthtKlermatium (Po.Rh.Nt) (Mo.Ce.Ce.Co) Plicalosyrinx (Br.Un) Polonodus (Mo.Ne) Plicochoneies (Br.Ac) (Ec.Tr.Mtl Plolosaiiriis (Mo.Pt) Pliosaurus (Cd.Ch.Un) Plicostricklandia (Br.Ro.Os.Bi.Mo) Plolocrim^^ (Ec.Ga.Pt) Pliimatalina (Po.Ar.Un.Ar.Os.St) Polinices Plicidiiim (Br.Co.Te.Pe) Plocostyphia (Po.Na) Polyceratella (Ar.Sp) PoL'ulicrinus (Ec.Ru) Plicoslropheodonta (Br.Ga.CI) Plionoptycherhynchus (Br.De.Cr.Fo.Pf) PolMaxis (Ar.Rv) Polusocrinus (Ec.Fo) Polydentina (Ar.Ce.Ar.Bi.St) Plicodcsonaria (Br.Ec.Sc) Polyactinella (Po.Tr.Ce.Te) Ploughsharella ( Poliella (Ar.Ci) Pliocardia (Mo.Ec.An.MI.Th) (Cd.De) Pliolanipas (Ec.Tr.Ga.RcAj) Pliomemides (Ar.Ph) Polycosmites (Ec.Ps) Plionema (Mo.Sq) Pogonias (Cd.Nt) Poirieria (Mo.Co) Plicoplasia (Br.Ch.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Ar.Ce.Sp) Plocezyga (Mo.Po) Plioirema (Cd.Ca.Ma.An.St) Pneumataphorous (Cd.In) Polycylindrites (Mo.Pa) Polychaetus (An.My) Podocyrtis (Ac.SP) PliKoncma (Mo.Ph) Polyentactinia (Ac.Fo) Politoceras (Mo.Ra.An.Bi.Ra.Hy.Ve) Plicobulla (Mo.MI.Fo.St) PociUopora (Cn.Co) Plicatostylus (Mo.Ho) Pliophloea (Cd.Pt) Plinthosella (Po.Os.Os.Nc) Pkimmerinella (Fo.Tr.St.Ga.Ar.Fo.Gy.Te) Pohlia (Fo.Ar.Cc) Plicieiia (Mo.Cy) Polyariella (Ar.Ne) Pojarkovella (Fo.Ga.In) Podolella (Br.St) Polydesniaster (Ec.Po) Polydora (Cn.Ce.Ph) Podothecus (Cd.Fo.Le) Pollex (Mo.Ga.Gy.Aj) Pnciimatocyihere (Ar.Os.Bl.Ga.Nn Pliiiiinieroceras (Mo.Ru) (An.Po) Plicatoiminis (Cn.Pt) Polyceratopora (Bz.Ru) Plicirhynchia (Br.Gy.Os.St) Podljassopra (Bz.Ne) (Cn.Os.De.An.Re.Cy) Plicocyalhus (Po.Nt) Poculicephalina (Ar.Os.Ga.Sp) Pliimaster (Ec.My) Polyendostoma (Po.On) PlocoMoma (Mo.Ga) Plicitheca (Hy.

Tr.Bb) Porcaconus (Mo.St.Ce.Pf) Porcauricula (Pr.Tc) Porolepis (Mo.St) Poly/^ygia (Ar.Sp) Porocypelha (Po.Ma.Or) (Mo.Ar.Sc) Polyplcclites Porkornya (Ar.Ar.St.De.An.Ce.Ca) (Cd.Am) Porocidaris (Ec.Co) Polytretia (Po.An.Ey) Polymoqihites (Mo.Ra.Fo) Pomatospirella (Br.Li.De.Co.Ce.Ce.Os.Pe) Polymesoda (Mo.Os.Ga.Pr) Poromitra (Cd.Pe) Ponderodictya (Ar.Ar.Am) Pornosis (Mo.He.Sc.Fe) Pompeckioceras (Mo.Nl) Porella (Bz.Ec.Ru) (Cn.An.Fo) Popenella Polygyreulima (Mo.Bi.St.Nu) (Cd.Os.Os.Os.Pt) Polysolcnia (Ac.Fo) Polylasnia (Br.Ra.Am) (Ar.De.Or) Poracanthodes (Cd.He.Os.Hs) Porefieldia (Po.He.De.Ch) Polyoscpia (Po.Co) Polygyrodus (Cd.Bi.Fo) Polysthides (Mo.Fo) Pe)lyplychclla (Ec.Co) Polystoma (Po.Sp) Polyschema (Po.Pt.Os.In) Porkornyopsis (Ar.Ar.Po) Poroplagioecia (B/.No) Polygonatium (Po.Un.Cr.Sq) Polygonocrinus (Ec.Ru) Polystomcllina (Fo.Sc) (Cd.Me) Porocystis (Pr.Ru) Polyosleorhynchus (Cd.An.Os.Ch) Polysiphon (Po.Pe) Polynemamussiiirn (Mo.Am) Porocponides (Fo.Ac) Polythyris (Po.He) Pomeromena (Br.Co) Polystira (Mo.Ma.Ce) (An.Sa) Ponocyclus (Mo.ln) Polyiiiorpharia (Br.Ra.Un) Poroplioraspis (Cd.He) Pontogeneus (Cd.Is) Polylophidiuiii (Po.Pt) Polymetmeglareosus (Cd.An.Ph) Polysiphonidia (Pr.Aj) Piilyptychodon (Cd.Co.Ga.Os.St.Ca.Rc) Pomiiopecten (Mo.Ac.An.Se) Porfirieviella (Cn.Co.Li.Ve) Porochonia Polyptychoceras (Mo.Tr) Pontocythere (Ar.Os.Sp) Polyspinopora (Bz.Ga.Ac) Porina (Bz.Tr) Popenoeum (Mo.Rh) Porocoscinus Polyrhipidiuni (Po.Is) Poramborthis (Br.Ch.Pt) Polyplacida (Ec.Ar.Am) Pomacanthus Pomadasys Pomahakia Pomarangina Pomaster (Ec.Ca) (Cd.As) Porambonitoides (Br.Co) Polystigmatium (Po.Ci) (Po.Co) Pomolobus Pomoria Pompeckia (Cd.Co) Polyscries (Cn.Ce.Ec.Cr.Os.Ce.St) Polytholosia (Po.He) (Mo.In) Pontistes (Cd.Ba) Polyphyma (Ar.Co.Fo.De) Polymorphina (Fo.Po.An) Poroleda Polysentor (Cd.Ga.Fo.Tr.De.Ga.Bi.Tr.Os.Os.He.Pa) Poraspis (Cd.An.Os.Pt.Fo) (Mo.Ar.Un.Fo.Pa) (Cn.Fo.Am) Poriferella (Po.Re.Tr.Hi) Porechinus (Ec.Ar.Ly) Polystylidium (Cn.Am) (Mo.Bulletin 363 500 Polyfenestella (Bz.Or) Poroarticuhna (Fo.De.Os.De) Polytaxicidaris (Ec.CIl Polyplcctus (Mo.Ar.He) Populsenella (Ar.Ga.Py) Polythecalloides (Cn.Pe) Polylopia (Pr.Sp) Polyipnoides (Cd.Cr.Pl) Porites (Cn.He) Pomatoceros (An.Ce) Polygnathoides (Cd.Li) Ponlobdellopsis (Cd.Un) Pontipalpebralia (Ar.An.Un) Pompeckjina (Mo.Ga.De.Os.Ce) Polyipnus (Cd.Br) Polysiphonella (Po.Li) Pondospirit'er (Br.Ar) Polymorphinella (Fo.He.Ph) Pomatotrema Pomaulax Pomerania (Mo.Ma.De.Un.Gy.Ph) Porkunites (Cn.Ey) Pt)panoceras Polygrammoteras Polytaxis (Fo.He.Sc) (Br.Ga.St.Ar.Po) Polyfistula (Ac.In.Nt) Polythecalis Popigaia (Ar.He.In.Fo.St) (Cd.Mo) Puniatodelphis (Cd.Tr.Ce.Os.Me) Poratites (Pr.Ar) Porarnbonites (Br.He.Nt) (Mo.Ho.Li) Popovia (Fo.Am) (Mo.St) Polythyra (Po.Fo) Polytoechia (Br.Ce.Ar.Po) Polygnathellus (Cd.Ra.St) Poriocidaris (Ec.He) Pontcixiles (Mo.Ma.Ce) (Mo.Ps) Ponipocciloihynchus (Br.Ne) Polyporella (Bz.Ne) PorceIHa (Mo.Cc) .Ga.Aj) Polyrhi/ophora (Po.Bi.Am) Pontocypris (Ar.Ce.Ga.Pl) Poroblastus (Ec.Nt) Porodiscus (Ac.He.Gy.EcSa) Polysiponciidea (Po.De.Co) Pomeraniotreta (Br.Os.Re.An.Os.Ec.Rel Polytremacis Porachistrum (Ec.Co) Polytremaria (Cn.Bi.Ec.Ed.Pe) Poporites (Mo.De.Ve) Polytryphocycloides (Ec.He.Ch.Ce.St) Polytylites (Ar.Ne) Polygyrina (Mo.Fo.Or) Porichthys (Cd.Sc) Ponticeras (Mo.Bi.Os.Pt.Ap) Polylophodoma (Cd.Ly) Polyrophe (Cn.Ce.Or) Polynielme (Cd.Ce.Co) Pomatocrinus (Ec.Fo.Ch) Piilyplacus (Ec.Sp) Pontocyprella (Ar.Ce) Poriceata (B/.Me) Porocyathellus (Po.An.An.Ga.Cc) Polyperibola (Fo.Ar.In) Polysalcnia (Ec.Ce.Ne) Porocrinus (Ec.In) Pontielasma (Br.Eo.Os.He) Popanites (Mo.Ec.Bi.Ta) Polypora (Bz.Un.Pf) Porcellana (Ar.Ga.Ru) Poniklacclla (Ar.In) Polyniixia (Cd.Ci) Polyplcctella (Po.Bi.Co.Mi) Poriagraulos (Ar.BI.Sc) Pontosaurus (Cd.Pt) Polypeltcs (Ec.Ch) Polysiphospongia (Po.Os.Gy.He.Pl) Pomatias (Mo.Ar.Ar) (Mo.Re.Gr.Po.He) Polyplacognathus (Cd.Ec.Li) Polygonaria (Cn.Fo) Pontophoca Pontopus (Cd.Gy.Mi) Polyinorphastraea (Cn.Fo.Fe) Pompeckium (Br.Cr.Fo.Pe) Pontivaga Poropcltaris (Ec.Ce) Poropellarion (Bz.Ly) Pompholigina (Mo.Ga.Tr.To.Go) (Mo.He.Ce.Fo) (Mo.An.Li) Ponderia (Mo.Un) Poricellaria (Bz.Ch) Polyphylloseris (Cn.Po) Polzbergia (Cd.Sp) Polyptyclutcs Pompeckjites (Po.Sc) Porometra (Bz.Ne) Pontohs Polygnathus (Cd.Os.Rh) Porom>a (Mo.Ce.Cl) Polysyge (Po.Re.Cl) Pi)lyrhi/i)dus (Cd.Nt) Polyteichus (Bz.Ar.Os.Pe) Pontisia (Br.Ru) Popofskyelluin (Ac.Ml.Sc) Pontinus (Cd.Os.Po) Polyplciiraspis (Ar.Am) Polygiinograpcus (He.Ma.Ar) Poriferaspis (Cd.Fe) Polysphinctes (Mo.St.Ma.Gy.Ec.Pt) Polylepidina (Fo.St.Re.

Po) Praenucula (Mo.Ra.Ar.De.MLDe) Praecaprotina (Mo.Hi) Praeorocrintis (Ec.Fo.Ec.In) Praeanomalodonta (Mo.Fo.Bi.Fo.ChI Praebarrettia (Mo.Os.Ce.Ar.Fo) Praenatica (Mo.Bi.CI) Praeheliosiaurus (Ac.Fo.Fo.Ar.Nt) Praecupulocrinus (Ec.Ce) (Mo.Is) Praeeuphronides (Ec.Fo) Praecyclothyris (Br.Sp) Praepilatina (Ar.Ga.s (Ec.De) Pourtalesia (Ec.Sp) Praecaudina (Ec.Fo.Bi.Fo) Praepeneroplis (Fo.Fo.-Am) Praeglobotruncana (Fo.Bi.Pt) Poweilisetia Praelacunosella (Br.Hi) Praeorbulina (Fo.Bi.St) Poularia (Ar.Ma.Fo) Praerangia (Mo.Fo) Pororaria (Ar.Ar.So) Praedaraelites (Mo.Ar) Praeglycera (An.On) Praehedbcrgella (Fo.Ami Praeammoastuta Praeamonotis (Mo.Fo.Co) Praelamellodonta (Mo.Ga.Un) PoUKcraN (Mo.s (Mo.Cr.Bi.Po) Posnerina (Ar.Ce) Praezabythocypris (Ar.Fo) Praesphaeroceras (Mo.Ml.Is) Praewenl/elella (Cn.Fo) Praemacrocypris (Ar.Ec.Mt) Ponlandia Praebulimina (Fo.Bi.Bi.Pr) Praeoxyteuthis (Mo.Ph) Pradochonetes (Br.Ga.Os.Bi.Bi.Bi.Ar.Os.Fo) Praetorreites (Mo.Ce.Pt) Praemytilus (Mo.Fo.Ar.Nu) Postglatziella (Mo.Ce.Be) (Mo.Ce.Ce.Te) Porphyrocrinus (Ec.Te) Praemonticlarella (Br.Tr.Hi) Porosphaera (Po.Te) Praecystamniina (Fo.Fo.Fo) Praebigotites (Mo.Ar.Ho.Ve) Praephacorhabdotus (Ar.Fo) Posidonia (Mo.Re) Praedicticrinus (Ec.De) Praecaprina (Mo.Ar) PortlockielUi (Mo.Cr.Hs) Praelacazella (Br.Ed.Po) Praecardiomya (Mo.Hi) Praemurica (Fo.Pt) Praenieroceras (Mo.Nt) (Cd.Fo.Po) Porostictia (Br.Fo.Fo.Os.Sp) Praelongithyris (Br.Th) Praevicula (Mo.Fo) Posteroprotocythere (Ar.Ve) Praehyalocylis (Mo.Bi.Os.Ra.MI.Fo.He) Pradocrinus (Ec.Fo) Praestomatia (Mo.Nu) (Mo.Rh) Pradoia (Br.Pt) PoMiomocera.Ga.Mt) (Mo.Fo.Ml.Bi.Po) Praeisselierinus (Ec.St) Praeundulomya (Mo.In) Praecubanothyris (Br.Bi.Fo.Po) Praedechenella (Ar.Ho.Am) Praemyonia (Mo.Fo.Arl Praeaucellina (Mo.Be) Posiconita (Br.Bi.Fo.Ar.El) Praesemicoscinium (Bz.Pt) Praesiderolites (Fo.Fo.Th) Pororhiza (Cd.Po) Potamidcs Potamidopsis Poiamodclphis Br.In.Ga.Ce.Fo.Pa) Praeorbitolina (Fo.Po) Praecaidium (Mo.Po.Ar) Praebullaheolina (Fo.Pt) Praemunseyella (Ar.Bol Praealseolina (Fo.Am) Praestrigites Polamomya (Cd.Ma.Te) Praesondylopecten (Mo.Op.Fo) Praelumbrinereis (An.Ce.Pt) Praechlamys (Mo.Ce.Ce.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 501 Poropteron (Mo.Un) Praeostrea Poseidonamicus (Ar.Fo) Praeglyphioceras (Mo.Ar.Rh) Postacanthella (Mo.Na) Praeidiostroma (Po.St) Poulsenella (ArTr.Rh) Praeradiolites (Mo.Fo) Postrugoglobigerina (Fo.Te) Pocerionella (Po.De.Tr.Fo.Cl) (Fo.Bi.Hi) Piiteriotrinile.Sp) Praerhapydionina (Fo.Ar.St) Praelepas (Ar.Fo) Porticulasphacru (Fo.Er) Praeophthalmidium (Fo.Vc) Praestylosphaera (Ac.Ga.Os.In.Fo) Praegibbithyris (Br.Ra.Ma.He.Ci) Porosphaerella (Po.Bi.As) Praeargyrotheca (Br.Bi.Po) Posneratina (Ar.Tx) Posacylhere (Ar.Fo) Praewoodsia (Cd.Ch.Fo.Pt) Praeatya (Ar.Ca) Poslendothyra (Fo.Fo.Pl) Praereticulinella (Fo.Fo.Fo.Ra.Ma.Am) Ponerius (Mo.Bi.Bi.Ml.Te) Praebs thoceratina (Ar.Rh .Re.Bi.Hi) Postepithyris (Br.Ar.Ar.Ce.St) Praelittorina (Mo.Os.An.Os.Po) Postibulla (Ec.Os.Fo) Postalia (Mo.On) (Mo.Cr.CI) Praepusa (Cd.TrPt) Praekurnubia (Fo.St.Bi.Ar) Porospongia (Po.Os.Nu) Ponoricia (Mo.Ml.CnMo) Praelobobairdia (Ar.Eu Porpitella (Ec.Dc.Fo) Praeschuleridea (Ar.Pr) Praerhaetina (Br.Pe) PotamoNJren (Cd.In.Ph) Pradesura (Ec.Si) Praegonia (Mo.Bi.Ar.Po) Porpoceras (Mo.Li) Prachorridonia (Br.Ar.Ce.Bi.Un.Te) Praematuratropis Portalia (Pr.Sp) Poterioceras Praegoniolhyris (BrArTe) Praetollia (Mo.Cr.Os.Ar) Praeexogyra (Mo.Bi.Pe.Tr.Go) (Mo.Ar.Te) Ponneulia (Br.Ga.El) Praeparafusulina (Fo.Pt) Praechrysalidina (Fo.Ph) Povvichthy.Ar.Fo) Posidonotis (Mo.Or) Praecanthochiton (Mo.Fe) Postligata (Mo.Ar.Bi.Ga.Os.Nt) Praeglobobulimina (Fo.St) Praewaagenoconcha (Br.Fo) Postfalloiaspis (Ar.Ce.Cr.Ce.s (Mo.Am) Posidoniella (Mo.Pt) Praeparkinsonia (Mo.Ch) Praebuchia (Mo.Ar.Tr) Praetinlinnopsella (Ci.Ne) Poulsenia (Ar.Pt) Praeangustothyris (Br.Bi.Ce.Bi.In) Praedeflandrelia (Ac.Go) Portentosus (Ar.Pa) Praeconocaryomnia (Ac.Pt) Praekogia (Cd.Ar.Ar.Ct) Pourtalocyathus (Cn.Ru) Poulpus (Ac.Am) Pdleriocerina (Mo.Fo) Portunus (Ar.Ce.Po.Rh.Ec.Pt) Praeconia (Mo.Bi.In) Porosorotalia (Fo.Ve) Posterodonla (Mo.Ga.Ga.Mo) Praesacella (Mo.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Fo) Portranella (Br.CI) Praedictyorbitolina (Fo.Te) Postestophoconus (Mo.Pa) Praectenodonta (Mo.Rh) Porosoma (Ec.Fo) Pradesia (Ar.Tr.Fo) Porluniies (Ar.Ar.As) Praelapeirousia (Mo.Am) Ponaginus (Ar.Bi.Sc) Praelacazina (Fo.Re.Fo.Bi.Ga.Os.Nu) Praepleurocystis (Ec.Ra.Ca.Po.Pt) Praemanambolites (Mo.Tr.Bi.Bi.Ph) Polidoma (Mo.Ca.Ce.Bi.Ar.De) Praemuniericeras (Mo.Fo) Praeneothyris (Br.Sp) Potamonaules (Ar.Bi.An.Po.Go) (Ar.Cr.Ga.Nt) Praecambridium (Cn.Ce.Po) Porthochelys (Cd.Te) Praepseudofusulina (Fo.Fo.Ph) Praestorrsella (Fo.Tr.Sp) Praeudesia (Br.Os.Os.Rh) Porterfieldia (Ar.Fo) Porosculellum (Ar.Am) Praegmelina (Mo.Ph) Portlandemys (Cd.De) Praegnanitenia ( Praethalamopora (Po.Os.Fo.Na) Praekaraisella (Fo.

Tr.Pa) Pristimerica Proceratopyge (Ar.Ar.Ar.Ne) Primipilaria (Br.Ga.Ar.Pt) Prelissorhynchia (Br.Ar.An.Ci) Probolaeum (Mo.Ca) Proagnoslus ( Prattognathus (Cd.De.St.Tr) Pristiphoca (Cd.Ar) Procarnites (Mo.Ce.Go) Priscella (Fo.Cl) Pra\ itoschwagcrina (Fo.Nt) Prasopora (Bz.Ma.De) Proboscidella (Br.Ar.Ce.Pt) Procardia (Mo.Os.Tr.Cr) Pristeroceras (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ce) Proboscisanibon (Br.Pr) Proavella (Bz.Fo.Ho.Ar) Probleniatoconites (Cd.Ce) Priotrochus (Mo.Fo) Probolichas (Ar.Tr.Pf) Probletocrinus (Ec.Sa) Prcdarw inula (Ar.Ga..Ar.ln) Prisogastcr (Mo.Cr.Pt) Pribylina (Ar.Co.Fo) Procalpurnus Pribylograptus (Hc.Di) Procephalaspis (Cd.Ce.Ga.Un.Ce.Ga.Rh) Prehousia (Ar.Os.Cr.As) Prcnaster (Ec.Sc) Precorynella (Po.Ne) Prionoclielys (Cd.Ra) Prcvcrticilliles (Po.An.Ce) (Mo.Pe) Priscolongatus (Ec.Ce.Os.As) Priscanermarinus (Ar.Ne) (Ec.An.Cl) Proabyssocypris (Ar.Tr) Prioinia Proadiista (Mo.St) Prcvolitans (Cd.Un) Prismatro (Mo.Ga.Cl) Pravitoceras (Mo.Ch) Prionotus (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Ph) Prionocycloceras Proapsidocrinus (Ec.Gy.Tr.CI) Prlsincnaspis (Ar.Co) Proallosocrinus (Ec.Po) Pranllliui (Br.Nt) Prattia (Bz.Ce) Priinaspis (Ar.St.Os.Cl) Prionopleurus (Cd.Ch.Pa) Prescoltaspis (Cd.Pa) Pristlograptus (Hc.Ct) Proacodus iCd.Ru) Procampanile (Mo.Pt) Prehcpatus (Ar.Os.Pt) Pribylites (Ar.Ce.As) Proboscinopora (Bz.Ci) Proaplophyllia (Cn.St) Pribylia (Ar.Am) (Mo.Gy.Pr) Primorevvia (Br.Ch.Am) Priscoehiton (Mo.As) PravDgnalhus (Cd.Ch) Proapatokcphaloides (Ar.Ht) Procerozigzag (Mo.Pa) Prepaeduma (Ar.Am) (Mo.Fo.Un.Pa) Pristinacca (Mo.Ar.Te) Prctlorianites Prionocyclus Proaroestes PrclUirianiloides (Mo.Ce.De) Proboscina (Bz.Ar) (Mo.Po.Ce.Ml.Sl.Ho.Tr.Os.Ch.An.De) Prionodon (Cd.Aj) Priseoligula (Mo.Ga.Fo.Bi.Am) Prioniodus (Cd.Ga.Os.Gr.Tr.Me) Pristiophorus (Cd.Od) Primitia (Ar.Os.Ce) (Cd.St.Ve) Proboscidina (Br.Co) Proampelocrinus (Ec.Co) Princetonella (Ar.Ch.Tr.Nt) Proccriles (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ml.Ch.Fo) Procerilhiopsis (Mo.Re.Ag) .Ce.Gr.Te) Praviislavlevia (Fo.Te.At) Primovula (Mo.Re.Di.Gr) Prismatophyllum (Cn.Ve) Proccrapex (Mo.Se) Pragncllia (Cn.Po) Prionothyris (Br.Ho.Fo.De.Ar.An) Prcniunseyclla (Ar.Ce.Pa) Pristlnosccptrella (Fo.Ta) Probowniaiiia (Ar.Tr.Tr.Tr.Ce.Tr.Pf) Proceralocephala (Ar.Fo.Ga.Co.St) PrcMrombus (Mo.Go) Pristiosonius (Cd.He.De) Proboscicaris (Pr.Ga.Ga.Pa) Priscularites (Ec.Os.As) Priniiticlla (Ar.Ar.Nt) Priscoficus Probolium (Ar.ln) Prenkites (Mo.Co) Prionoceras (Mo.Bulletin 363 502 Pragmotheca (Pr.Pe) Pranognalhus (Cd.Te) Proaigialosaurus (Cd.Ca) Prionorhynchia (Br.Re) Procarinaria (Mo.Fo) Primoriina (Fo.Ar.Ga.Ec.Nt) Priceaspis (Ar.Os.Ce.Cr.Co.Ce.Ga.Os.Ho.Ga.Rh) Prionopeltis (Ar.Se) Probillingsites (Mo.Os) Prega/acrinus (Ec.Ce) (Mo.Pr) Proccrolagena (Fe).Nt) Problematikum (Pr.Pr) Prininoeriniis (Ec.Fo.Pt) Procancellaria Priceila (Mo.Cy) Pricnc (Mo.Bi.Co.Os.Co) Prionechinus (Ec.Ce.Pt) Pristognathus (Cd.Ec.Ph) Proanisocrinus (Ec.Da) Priscomactra (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Un.Pa) Piasoporina (Bz..De) Probowmaniella (Ar.Pr) Priscosolenia (Cn.Ma.Ru) Prisliophyllia (Cn.Fo) Priscolusus Probolops (Ar.Ma.Fo) Pristiurus (Cd.Ca) Proatribonium (Br.Sp) Prionovolva (Mo.Bi.Os.Os.Os.Am) Proasaphiscus (Ar.Te) Probilacunaspis (Ar.Od) Pristes (Mo.At) Priiiiacoiuilariclia (Pr.Te) Proacirsa (Mo.Li) Prcsimoceras (Mo.An.Ar.Gr) Procerilhium (Mo.Ar.Ph) Prcthmophyllum (Po.Ce.Nt) Primitiopsis (Ar.De) Priscacara (Cd.Tr.Tr.Ho.Ga.Tr.Ce.Fo) Prionocheilus (Ar.Po) Prionoeycloides Proaracana (Cd.St.As) Prismodictya (Po.Cc) Priapulites (Pa) Priscophyseter (Cd.Go) Proanadyrella (Br.Rh) Prcshumardites (Mo.Re.Tr.Pt) Precaratopoiella (Po.An.Fo) Primitophyllum (Cn.Ph) Piicyclopyge (Ar.Bi.Ga.Ce.Ch.Ga.Tr.Ce) (Cd.Os.Ga.Rj) Pragsoconulus (Fo.Sa) Preangcria (Mo.Tr.Ga.Co.Cr.Sq) Prat Ilium (Mo.Ta) Primorella (Bz.Se) Proavites Premintreia (Cd.Os.Os.Os.Ne) (Mo.Ce) Probolarina (Br.Cc) Priacanthus (Cd.Ar) Priscaphander (Mo.Ch.Cl) Presbynilcus (Ar.Di) Prionodoceras (Mo.Ga.Ca) Pragoproetus (Ar.PD Priscopedatus (Ec.Pa) Prismatomoipha (Fo.Tr.Ce.Nt) Prismopora (B/.Am) Priniitiopsella (Ar.Cr.St.Ce) Proargentina (Mo.Ma.Nt) (Mo.Ph) Prcsuniatrina (Fo.Os.Ce.Po.Ce) Priinareila (Bz.Co.Sl.Ve) Prioniodina (Cd.Ch) Prionace (Cd.Co.Sp) Pristis (Cd.Nt) Piiiiiili\(ilhilipsurclla (Ar.ln) Primnoa (Cn.Ar.Bi.Ec.Tr) Priohybodus (Cd.Fo.Ga.Co) Prainlia (Ar.St.Ec.Rh) Probeloceras (Mo.Orl Printechinus (Ec.Fo.An.Fo) Prionites Proanipy\ (Ar.Cr.Pa) Probolionia (Br.Ce.Ta) Prionocidaris (Ee.Ca) PrancMis (Cd.Un) Picnantia (Bz.AI) Proaulacopleura (Ar.Ca.Ce.Tr.Cr.Os.Fo.Te) Priacanthopsis (Cd.Cr) Premanicrinus (Ec.Am) Prionodelphis (Cd.Pt) Priscopcdatoides (Ec.Ar.As) Prionolepis (Cd. Tr.Pl.Cr.Ce) (Mo.Co.Ce.Ch.Os.Am) Ar.Rh) Pristigenys (Cd.Cy) Procarinatina (Br.Tr.Nt) Pristodus (Cd.

Ar.Re) (Cd.Ne) Proliserpula (An.Nal (Mo.Pr) Prokopicyslis (Ec.Po) Progonioclymenia (Mo.Cia.Ve) Ar.Cy) Proleptolepis (Cd.Os.i (Ar.Pt) Prokaliapsis (Po. In Profuhia (Mo.Pe) Proticus (Mo.Pr) Prolationus (Mo.Ce.Tr.Sc) PriKonus (Mo.Po) Productellana ( Br.Ta) Progalliaecystis (Ec.Ce.Ta) Pronajaceras (Mo.Sl Prcidiiclina (Br.Am) Prolobites (Mo.Re.Po.Ch.Os.Ec.Ce.Tr.Tr.Ce.Pol Progonoceratites (Mo.Pt) Prix-oMaria (Mo.Co) Proetidella (Ar.Tr.Sl Proichangia (Ar.Co) PriKhorites (Mo.Gr) Procliviceras (Mo.Dc) Proendoceras (Mo.Os.Am) Prolyelliceras (Mo.Sc.Mo) Pronereites (An.Ce.Ds) Pronoclla (Mo.Co.Os.Ar. In.Cr.Ga.Sc) Prolobella (Mo.Un) Proholastcr (EcEc.Fo) Prixluctea (Mo.Os.Cr.Cr.Tr.An.CI) Prixieria (Cn.Ce) Proetina (Ar.Ce.Pr) Prohedinia (Ar. Animal Genera: Sepkoski I'mcoriilina (Br.Ga.He) Proneusticosaurus (Cd.Si) Promicroceras (Mo.Tr) Pnxlio/oplyxis (Mo.Am) Pnxyprina (Mo.Am) PrixJr(imop«>ra (B/.Os.Tr.Co) Prolotaria (Cd.Te) Promegalops Promelocrinus ProdactylicKcras (Mo.Ga.Nt) Proleptochiton (Mo.De.Ar.Pt) Pnx-raspcdiles (Mo.An.He.An.Sc) Proheliolitcs (Cn.He) Prolecanites (Mo.Tr.Ce.Ga.An.Cr.Cf) (Cd.Pol Progymnodon (Cd.Pl) Proninella (Fo.Am) Prixyathopora (Cn.Pe) Promediapora Promegalaspides (Bz.Ch.Am) Procopievskia (Mo.Eii) ProdiKlclloidcs ( Br.Ce.As) Prixycloliles (Cn.MI.Pa.Ml.Ce.No) PriKlromilcs (Mo.Pt) Profundialvania (Mo.He.Cr.Bi.An) Prixrucibulum (Mo.Ar.Os.En) PrcxJontochile (Ar.Am) Promyophorella (Mo.Ar.Am) Promonrlonia (Mo.Am) (Mo.Bi.An.Os.Ce.Re.Ar.Tr.Os.Bi.Or) Prochuangia (Ar.Po) PrographuUiriu (Cn.Cr) Procytheridcis Pr(Kythcri)pieron (Ar.An.Pr) Prokopicrinus (Ec.Po) (Ar.Ce.Ce.He) Pronechinus (Ec.Po.Ga.Hy) Progaleurus (Mo.Ma.Ar) PriHleshayesiles (Mo.Pt) Projovellania Pmchlonnlius (Ar.Sc) Prohecticixeras (Mo.St.St.Is) Prochcloniccras (Mo.Ne) Profallotaspis (Ar.Bi.Te) Promarginifera (Br.Ph) Prix-ymatoceras (Ar.Os.Tr.Cr.Ce.He) Prixylheridea (Ar.Pt) Pnxliacoryphe (Ar.He) Prohelicotoma (Mo.Ce.Bi.En) Projuvaviles (Mo.Os.Ve) Proleptophyllia (Cn.Pcl Prodiick-lla (Br.Sp) Proeryon (Ar.Os.Pt) Promyliobatis (Cd.Ce.Ce.Ma.Po) Prograyiceras (Mo.Pe) Produvalia (Mo.Sc.Cr.Ar.Un) Proindocriniis (Ec.Os.Pe) Proconiilus (Mo.An.Ce.St.Ga.As) Prohiingariles (Mo.Fo.An.Mt) Prixlonacosmilia (Cn.He.EcCi) (Mo.Bi.Gy.Am) Proconiiniila (Mo.Am) Prohedinella (Ar.Ce) Promathilda (Mo.Nit ProetocephaUis (Ar.Sl) PnicesM>baiali.Ph) Prixladocora (Cn.Ve) Prohexacrinus (Ec.Tr.Pf) Proclydiinaulilii>- Proelus (Ar.Ce.Ol) Prolcpidotus (Cd.Pt Prcxlanicssclla ( Prohaleciles (Cd.Bci Proidotea (Ar.Ce.At) Proharpoccras (Mo.Pa.Cl) Prokopia (Br.Ce) Prohydrocyon (Cd.De.Co) Prix'ladiscilcs (Ec.Bi.An.St.Go) (EcSt.As.Ce.PI) Pnihexagonaria (Cn.Ls) Prola/utkina (Br.Ho.Ne) Pr^xonodl>Iltu^ (Cd.Cc.Ma.Ar.Pu) Prodentalium (Mo.Sl) Procythereis (Ar.Ga.Am Progyrosmilia (Cn.Fo) Proliostracus (Ar.Ax) Prodcntalina (Fo.Ga.Ph) Proheliopora (Cn.Co) Profistulipora (B/.Li) ProuhoriNtitella (Br.Tr.An Profraiiiim (Mo.Pe) Promesus Promexyele Prixlarwinia (Cn.Ch) Prohinniles (Mo.Me) Prixythcrura (Ar.Tr.Se) Prcxothurnocystis (Ec.Cr.Tr.Ga.Po.Pr) Prolasiograptus (He.Od I I (Ar.Pr) Prohcxaclinella (Po.Ce.Ar.Tr) Progabbia (Mo.Ar.Ca) Prix-tothylacocrinus (Ec.Os.Ce.Os.Or) Promacriis (Mo.Ce.De.Mo) (Cd.Ce.PI) Proexenocrinus (Ec.Tr.CI) Progempylus (Cd.Nt) Proliospira (Mo.Sl Productorthis PriK-haiivelicystis (Cd.Bi.Ce.Cy) Prohiilolhuria (Ec.Fo.Te) Prohclicoceras (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Os.Ey) PnxJreissensia (Mo.Tr.Te) Prochmaniella (Ar.Co) PriK-heirichthN s 503 ProlKilopus (Ec.Ce.Ce.Hy) Prolobocrinus (Ec.Sl (An.Bi.Te) Procolpochclys (Cd.MI.Gr.Po) Promantelliceras (Mo.Ph) (Mo.Pf) Proluvarus (Cd.Ce.St.Re.An.Ec.Co) Progadilina (Mo.Am) Progalbanites (Mo.Ce) Pioclniidiiicriiuis (Kc.CI) PiwhliJiMiophora (Br.Se) PriKonchidium (Br.Tr.Eu) Promytilus (Mo.Ve) Progonambonites Progoneythere Progonechinus (Ec.Bi.Os.Ce.Re.Di Proleopoldia (Mo.Sq) Pro! aria (Mo.As) (Ec.Tr.Nal Proelopeltis (Ar.Tr.Cm) (Mo.Po.An.Sp) PriKolumbiles Proeurete (Po.Bi.Ar.Am) PriKlavidsonia (Br.Mo) Prixidaris Proetides (Ar.Ce.Sc) Prognathodon (Cd.Li) Profusulinella (Fo.Sqi Promacropyge (Ar.On) (Mo.Cr.Cr.Am) (Cd.De) Prokootenia (Ar.Ar.My) Prixliodon (Cd.Ch.Os.Tr.Sa) (Br.Sci (Br.Bi.Pr) Prokops (Ar.Pf) PriKClllN Prochanos Proconiaster I I I I Procyathcllus (Po.Am) Productus (Br.Eu) Procorallistes (Po.Tr.CI) Promartynia Prixythereltina (Ar.Ce.On Prohysteroceras (Mo.Tr.Bi.Os.Os.Os.Os.An) Proescuteila (Ec.Sc) Proetmopterus (Cd.Ph) Prixirevermannia (Ar.Tr.Bi.Ce.Ch) Proeuplectella (Po.Cll Proerbia (Ar.Ce) Promillepora (Po.Po) Progonoidea (Ar.Bi.Ar.Ru) Proniceras (Mo.Ce.Aj) Progeronia (Mo.Ip) .Pr) Prolates (Cd.Sc) (Ar.Ga.Tr.Cr.Ph) Pniclava (Mo.Ru) Prohalieore (Cd.Un) Promyalina (Mo.Ec.Ve) Proleymeriella (Mo.Fo) Prohauericeras Promopalaeaster (Ec.A C()MI'i:ni)U'm oi Fossil Makini-.An.Ce) (Ec.Fo.Ar.Ar.Ga.Ce.Am) Procdilia (Ar.

Pa) Prosaukia (Ar.Ec.Nu) Proscutum (Mo.Mo) Protheelia (Kc.Fo) Propora (Cii.Ga) Prophyllacanthus (Ec.ln.Pr) Prolhyris (Mo.Am) Propeamussium (Mo.Sp) Proteorhynchia (Br.An.De.Os.Sp) Prophaethon (Cd.Pt) Protatrypa (Br.Co) Prolerovaginoceras (Cn.Sp) Prosymphysurus (Ar.Or) Protanisoceras (Mo.Ar.Cl) Prosphingites (Mo.Te) Protacanthodes (Cd.Ec.Bi.Fo.Os.Ey) Proplychitoides Prosthenoecia (Bz.Sp) Protacanthodiscus Protetragonites (Mo.Ar.Ce.Ar.Am) Protarthraster (Ec.Ar) Protarabellites (An.Rj) ProsqualiKloii (Cd.Ga.Ar) Propercarina (Cd.CI) ProlhysanosloTiia (Cn.Ma.Os.Ga.Po.Ce) Proterebella (An.Fo) Proteoconcha (Ar.Ce.Pt) Propleroma (Po.Ce.Bi.Ec.Ch.Ce) (Mo.Ca) ProtacriKrinus (Ec.Sc.St.St) Propilina (Mo.Rh) Propriopugnus (Br.En) Proplerus (Cd.Am) Protengonoceras (Mo.Os.St) Propatokephalops (Ar.Os.Li) Prorcticularia (Br.Ga.Ma.Ve) Proroziphius (Cd.Is) Propalaemon (Ar.As.De.Pa) Pronucula (Mo.Tr.Ce.Ce.Ma.Am) Protethmos (Cn.Ce.Pt) Pronotacanthus (Cd.Pt.Ce.Ce.Ce) Proteomyrus (Cd.Ce) Prorsisphinctes (Mo.Go) .Nt) Protamphisopus (Ar.Ve) Prosiphonella (Mo.Pf) Propectinatites (Mo.Ce.Tr) Protaxius (Ar.An) Propriolynthus (Po.Tr.Ec.Cr) Prosolarium Protaxocrinus (Ec.Am) Propontocypris (Ar.Li) Protaraea (Cn.De.Pc) Protambonites (Br.Ce.Un) Protathyisina (Br.Os.Li) Protcusitcs (Mo.As) Proscala (Mo.Bi.Po.Ma.Av.Tr.Fo.Ar.Os.Ce.Ce.Os.Ru) Protathyris (Br.Ga.Sp) Propomaioceros (An.Me) Properisphinctes (Mo.Am) Prosumia (Ar.Ar.Am) Proteuloma (Ar.Op) Priissorclla (Br.Po.Ve) Protaulopsis (Cd.Ph) Prolerula (An.Ml.Tr.Am) (Mo.An.Tr.Ap) PriirDlrigonia (Mo.Bi.Go) Prorosniarus (Cd.Nt) Prose rranus Protarca (Mo.Rh) Prospiraxis (Cd.Nu) Prosaphites (Mo.Ve) Protautoga (Cd.Eu) Propellura (Ar.St) Protachillcum (Po.Pl) Prosopium (Cd.Am) (Mo.Bi.Os.Di.Rh) Prosimnia Protaspis (Cd.Tc) Protetraclis (Po.Ga.Bi.Ar) (Cd.Ce.Pr) Prospondylus (Mo.Ce.Am) (Mo.Pt) Proteoceras (Mo.Ga) (Mo.PO Prophyllocrinus (EcCr.De) Protelphidiuni (Fo.Po) Proterophyllum Proraslcr (Ec.Nt) Proterocidaris (Ec.Os.Op.Go) Protarpon (Cd.Li) Protemniles (Ar.Ar) Prosolenostomus Prolectoconorca (An.Ce) Prosthenodon (Mo.Se) Prososphinctoides (Mo.Te) Prostricklandia (Br.Ma) Prostachcoceras ( Proterocarcinus (Ar.Tr.Ar.Ar.In) Propustularia (Mo.Pr) Protanidanthus (Br.PO (Cd.Po) Protacanthoceras (Mo.Ce.Re.Re.Ve) Prosochasma (Mo.Tr.Ml.Ve) Pronorites (Mo.Ca.Fo) Proplanuliles (Mo.Os.Ga.Ar.Rh) Propinacoceras (Mo.Ar.Bi.Po) Propolcriocrinus (EcCr.Ve) Propeleda (Mo.Co.Ar.Ce.Ar.Pt) Protacanthoplites (Mo.Ce.Nu) Prolegulilerina (Br.An.Ar.Ce.Po.Pa) Proostrea (Mo.Pe) Proterocystitcs (Ec.Am) Proscorpius (Ar.El) Proplacenticeras Prosopon (Ar.Os.Os.Ce.Se) Prorcclella (Ar.Os.Bi.St.Co.Ch) Proteroctopus (Mo.Am) Protalochiton (Mo.Pt) Proschizophoria (Br.Pt) Priiperrinitcs (Mo.Ar.Ce.Po) Proscharyia (Ar.Li) Prosoptychus (Mo.Ml.Cr.Os.Oc) Propygope (Br.Pt) Proseliscothon (Po.Bi.Or) Pnipachastrella (Po.Ve) Protacodus (Cd.Ar.Ml.Go) Prosotopora (Bz.Fo.Pf) Proserrix'omer Protarchaegonus (Ar.Pt) Proterato (Mo.Am) Prosiceras (Mo.Eu) Proteorthis (Br.Ne) (Po.Tr) Prosopiscus (Ar.Am) Prothalassoceras (Mo.Nt) Proprislis (Cd.Ta) Prosphaeroidiiiclla (Fo.Ce.Pa) Protallinnella (Ar.Sa) Protclops (Cd.Mo) Prospira (Br.Po) Prosostoma (Ec.Bi.Ph) Protaconeceras (Mo.An.As) Protamblyptera (Cd.Pt) Prolegulorhyiichia (Br.Di) Prorasenia (Mo.Ch) Protentelia (Fo.Ru) (Mo.Be) Protemys (Cd.Rh) Mo.Ne) Prooneotodus (Cd.Tr) Prolaclinoceras (Mo.An.Os.Ga.Or) Propristiophorus (Cd.Ar.Ar.Ce.Bi.Tr.Ch.Ce) Prorokia (Mo.Ch.Ch.Ce.Bulletin 363 504 Pronoellingites (Mo.Ce.Os.Bi.Ce.Pa) Protanclyoceras (Mo.Ch) Propolynoe (An.At) Prophoca (Cd.Ce.Sp) Prophetilora (Mo.Ma.Ca) Prosocoelogeton (Mo.Un) Prososphinctes Protenaster (Ec.Gy.Sa) Prosogyrotrigonia (Mo.Ta) Prospectalrix (Ar.Tr.Os.Bi.Ga.Ce.Ce.Tr.Re.Si) Protacanthina (Ar.Sp) Protenodontosaurus (Cd.Ce.El) Prosagittodontus (Cd.Gy.Ce.Am) Proricephalus (Ar.Ar.Ce.Ci) Prosocoelus (Mo.Cr.Ma.Cc) Proteroconus (Mo.Ec.Pt) Prosauropsis (Cd.De.Ar.Ta) Propeniurcliisonia (Mo.Pl) Prorugaria (Br.Pl) Propopanoceras (Mo.Tr.Bi.Ar.As) ProrichtDlenia (Br.An.Or) Proporclla (Cn.Po..Os.Ce.Ce.Ga.Os.Bi.Ce.Cc.Am) Protagelus (Mo.De) Prophyllodictya (Bz.Pe) Prosmilia (Cn.Tr.St) Protagraulos (Ar.Sp) Proterocameroceras (Mo.Tr.Pr) Properiptychus (Cd.Ce) (Mo.Sc) Prorcnsselacria (Br.En) Prorasiomiis (Cd.Te.An) (Mo.Oe) Propervciiui (Mo.Py) Protanthias (Cd.Te) Propteridium (Cd.Am) ProrDninia (Ar.Ce.Ca) Proshumardites (Cd.Po.Se) Propilidiuni Prosolcptus (Mo.Am) Proparaparchites (AnOs.Tr.De.Sc) Protapes (Mo.Li.Co.Os.Ga.De) Proptychiles (Mo.Ga.Bi.Cc.Tx) Prophyseter (Cd.Bi.Nt) (Mo.Bi.Po.Ar.Ma.De) Proscandodus (Cd.Ce) Protactoclymenia (Mo.Am) Prosoponella (Br.llo.Pt) Proscinetes (Cd.Ar.Ur) Properotundirostrum (Br.Go) Prosipho Protaster (Ec.Ct) Protcxanites (Mo.Ml.Nt) Prostomaria (Bz.Os.Os.

Ce) Protoph rag inoceras (Mo.Ma.Os.Ce.Pn) Protoaulacoceras Protoglobobulimina (Fo.Pa.De) Protosurcula (Mo.Nt) ProUKOsta (Ar.Ga.Ga.Ru) Protocyptendoceras Protoperispy ridi u m (Ac.Pa) Protocalymene (Ar.Ar.Ru) (Mo.Ce) ProKKypraea (Mo.Ar) Prolobrissus (Ec.In) Protostega (Cd.Ho.Po) Protoencrinurella (Ar.He) (Cn.Ml.Un) Protolloydolithus (Ar.Nt) Protopora (Cn.Li.Os.Pt) Protorhamphosus (Cd.Ga.Ru) Protodouvillina (Br.Ma.Sp) Protodurhamina (Cn.Ma.Ga.St) Protocyathactis (Cn.Na) Protoclytiopsis (Ar.Sc) Prolocanites (Mo.Ga.Ga.Co) Prototoceras (Mo.La) Protoscutella (Ec.He.Th.Ru) Protoxyclymenia (Mo.Os.An) Protoecotrausites (McCe.Ar) (Cn.Fe) Protobalanus (Pr.Ar.Pl) Proiobus\Li)n (Mo.Ce.Ph) Protothurmannia (Mo.Sp) (Mo.St) (Mo.Re.Hi) Protospirialis Prouxrhoneles Protoma Protomacgeea Protomegalodon Protospira Protochiton (Cd.Ru) (Mo.St) Protosiren (Cd.Ga.Ga.St.Hy.He.Pc) Proioccrauroides (Ar.Ar.Po) Protophoeaena (Cd.An.Di) Protoxiphotractus (Mo.Ce.Ce.Ac.Te) Protohedinia (Ar.As) Protosphaerites (Pr.Ol) Protoscyliorhinus (Cd.Am) ProtiKymi)>tr<)phia (Br.Co) Prolobunlonia (Ar.Pc) Protomendacella (Br.Ma.Co) Protopterygotheca (Pr.St.Go) (Mo.Ar.Co.An.Ce.An.Nt) Protoginglyniostoma (Cd.Cl) Protocah ptaea Protolampas (Ec.Ar.Ru (AcRa.Ch.Ga.Fo.Ar.Un.Pa.Ta) Proloargilloeeia (Ar.De) Protojonesia (Ar.As) Proioarmstrongia (Po.Ta) Protorhyncha (Br.Nei Protospongia (Po.Tr.Or) (Cd.Ar.Fo) Prototegulithyris (Br.Ce.Or) Protoscolex (An.An.Ga) Priitobarleeia Protoheliolites (Cn.Bi.Cl) Prolopirula (Mo.Ca) Protoprioniodus (Cd.Ic) Protoscaevogyra (Mo. .Or) Protostichocapsa (Ac.Un.Ph) Protolamna (Cd.Ec.Ar.Mti Proto/aphrentis (Cn.An.Ch.Tr.Pe) (Mo.Sc) Protorthis (Br.Ve) Protokionoceras (Mo.Ve) Protopis (Mo.De.Ce.Si) Protiispinax (Cd.Am) Protoryctocephalus (Ar.Tr.Os.Ch) PriHDclupea (Cd.Ma.In) Protot'usus (Mo.St) Prototeguliferina (Br.Hi) Prolopilophyllum (Cn.Ar.Po.Ga.Ar.An.Os.Ar) Protothaea (Mo.Re.Ar.He) Protohalecium (Cn.Ce.Ve) ProtiKvclendoccras (Cn.Ve) Proioleucon (Po.Cc.Cel (Mo.Ch.Ce.Ch.En) Protonympha (An.Tr.Pt) Protoseris (Cn.Hy) Protoreticularia (Br.Po.Ar.Ar.Os.Os.St) Protolcplostrophia (Br.En) (Ec.Co.Tr.Or) Protorotella (Mo.Sq) Protiximex (Ar.Go) Proioarenicola (Pr.Bi.Ce.Or) Proiobrolula (Cd.An.Ce.St) Protosqualus (Cd.Oc) Protopsetta (Cd.Di.Co) Protoatlanta (Mo.Ce.Pt) Protoconus (Mo.Is) Protoceras (Mo.Co.Ma.Cel Protogusarella (Br.In) Prolomunida (Ar.Ph) Protopliomerops (Ar.Cr) Protoniella (Br.Ce.An.Sp) Protognathodus (Cd.Un) Protomegastrophia (Br.Bi.Ml.Ac) ProtiKypraedia (Mo.Pr) Protornoceras Protobrama (Cd.Ce.Ca) ProtiKaninia (Mo.Po) Priitophragmapora (Br.Fo) Prototryplasma (Cn.Ce) Protolopholus (Cd.Te.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 505 Protimanites (Mo.Ru I Prolixardia (Mo.Ne) Protoichthyosaurus (Cd.Ra.Po) Protonecrocarcinus (Ar.Si) ProliKvcliKcras (Mo.Os.Sp) Protoentolium (Mo.Ar.Pt) Prototrela (Br.Nt) Proiobalaena (Mo.Nt) (Br.El) Protolonsdaleiastraea (Cn.Ce.Os.Os.Ca) Protocrisina (Bz.Orl Protomya Protomyctophum (Cd.Ar.Bi.In.Ce.Nt) (Mo.Hy) Protocallianassa (Ar.Un) (Mo.La) Protosphyraena (Cd.Cc) PmtiKortezorth Prolixlolium i • s I .Po) Protoscaphirhynchus (Cd.Ir.Un.Un) Protosageceras (Mo.Am) Protopliomerella (Ar.Po) Protohyalostelia (Po.Os.Ar) Proiocystis (Mo.Di) Protonema (Mo.Un.Ar.Ga.Ph) Protolhcrium (Cd.Tr.Ch.Pl) Protolenus (Ar.Te) Protoretepora (Bz.An.Po) Protogamginifera (Br.Nt) Protosycon (Po.In) Protocaudina (Ec.Os.Ga.Os.Ac) Protocallithaca (Mo.Ru) Protonodosaria (Fo.Ce) Prolo/oe (Ar.My) Protoslylus (Mo.St) Protopresbynileus (Ar.Nt) Protopeltura (Ar.Na) Prototurbo (Mo.An.Cr) Protohesperonomia (Br.Ar) Prototyphis ProliKystites (Ec.rinites (Ec.An.De) Protomichelinia (Cn.Co) Protophites (Mo.Am) Protovallupus ProiocN there (Ar.Ga.Ga.Bi.Ec.Ar.Ce) Protowenclla ProtiK-ytheretla (Ar.Ru) Protosphaeroma (Ar.Ml.Os.An.Ca.An.Op) Protohopliies (Mo.Ru) Protoplatytes (Mo.Ob) Protohertzina (Ch.Un.An.Un.Ra.Ga.Te) PriitiKyathophylluni Protonoetia (Mo.Ac) Protoramulophyllum Protogrammoceras (Mo.He.Si) Hum Protoaulacoph) Protoaulopora Proiobactrites ProC(icarcinoph\ lluiii (Cn.Sp) Pnitobalistium (Cd.Ce.Ca) Protoskenidiodes (Br.Rji Protd/cuga (Br.Tr.St) Protopanderodus (Cd.An.Sp) Prolodiceras (Mo.Tr.Tr.Ph) Proloacanthc\ there (Ar.El) Protopallioluni (Mo.Tr.Tr.St) Protoplalyrhina (Cd.El) Protoconchioides (Mo.Ru) Protolenella (Ar.Ph) Protoslylifera (Br.Or) ProkKaris (Ar.Ne) Pr<H(x.Ga.An.Os.St.Ga.Or) Protowent/ellia Proiixlclphinus (Cd.Ar) (Br.Bi.Rh) Protobolus (Mo.Cy) (Mo.Ne) (AcRa.Au) (Cn.An.Ga.Re) Protogelcus (Cd.Ru) (Mo.Pt) Protopopanoceras (Mo.Ce.Pt) Protoshaleria (Br.Ec.Ch.Rh) Protopharetra (Po.Nt) (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Bi.Ml.Ar.Ca.Bi.Ch.Nt) (Mo.Os.Ch.Fo.De) Protostygina (Ar.Ph) Protoalbaillella (AcRa.Ce.Rh.Ta) Protostomias (Cd.Ph) Protolyella (Cn.Os.In.Ma.Hy.Am) Protorcula (Cn.Sq) Protodonax (Mo.Sp) Protoheterastrea (Cn.Ga.In) Prolix-etus (Mo.In) Protomelission (Pr.An.Os.Tr.Bi.In) Prologonacanthus (Cd.Bi.Ml.Ar.Ar.Fo.Re) Protocidaris (Ec.An.Fo) Protopsium (AcRa.Ec.Ml.Nt) Protopeneroplis (Fo.Nt) Protoxynotus (Cd.Bi.Tr.

Tr.Go) Prunobrachiuni (Ac.Ch) Pseudichangia (Ar.Sc) Psephodus Psephophorus (Cd.Pl) Pseudoarcopagia (Mo.Pt) Pscudamplexograptu.Os.Pt) Protropites Psammosipbiin (An.Ve) Psamathopalass (Br.Hy.Un) Protremadiclyon (Po.Ar.Ga.Ec.An.Ar.Un.Sc) Proxicarpilius lAr.Tr.Ce.Sc) Pseudarbacia (Ec.Ve) Pseudancistroccras (Mo.Va) (Cn.At) Proliiba (Mo.Gr.Os.Bi.Aml Psebajithyris (Br.PI) Pseudinvoluticeras (Mo.Bi.Co) Pseudactinoceras (Mo.Ga.Mo) Pseudoavonia (Br.Bi.Se) Psammosphaera Psammotaena (Mo.Ce.Pt) Proliirrilituides (Mo.St) Psalaspis (Ar.Os.He.Pf) Pseudedomia (Fo.Pr) Pscudamussiuin (Mo.Tr.Sp) Pseudobactriles (Mo.Sc) Psoudaspidites (Mo.St) Pro/euglodon (Cd.An.Na) Prolula (An.Ce.Hy) (Ac.Ec) P^cudaphelaspis (Ar.Na) Pseudoagathiceras (Mo.Am) .Ce.Un) Psammafoma (Mo.Cc) Proveedoria (Ar.He) Psammogyra (Cn.As) Psammaclinia (Cn.Bi.Tr.Bi.Ec.Ve) Proxicharonia Psettodes (Cd.As) Pseudoaptyxis (Mo.An.Ga.Bi.Os.Fo) Psammolingulina (Fo.scudarca (Mo.Am) Pseudoaniygdalophyllum (Cn.Am) Psaniniecbinus (Ec.As) Pseudoascopora (B/.An.Ce.Sp) Psanirniridpelta (Fo.In) PseudhoK)centruni (Cd.PI) Pseudholaster (Ec.Hs) Pseudoarctolepis (Ar.Sc) Pseudasaphis (Mo.Sp) (Mo.Hy) Pseudanoniocari na (Ar.Ga.Fo.Un) Pseudananchys (Ec.Ra.Ra.Ce.Pl) Pseudoacrocephalites (Ar.Tr.Ce.Ga.Fo.Bi.Ne) (Mo.De.Ec.Tr.Sp) Pseudagnostina (Ar.Gr) Pioliirritella (Mo.Am) ( Mo.Os.PI) Psenicubiceps (Cd.Pe) Prunum (Mo.Ec.Po.Sp) Psephosaurus (Cd.Cc.Bi.Pf) Pseudendoceras (Mo.An.Ga.Di) Protrachypora (Cn.Os.St) Psammocarcinus (Ar.Ve) Pseudaucella (Mo.Cl) Psephosthenaspis (Ar.Ve) Pseudoammodiscus Pseudoamplexus Pruvostina (Ar.Fo.Sp) Psephoaster (Ec.Fo) Pruvostastraea (Cn.De) Pscudarcclla (Ci.Te) Piolypus (Ar.Os.Fo.Fo.An.Ru) Pseudoaparchitcs (Ar.An.He.Bi.De.Fo) Psciidanlalis (Mo.Ve) Pseudaviculopecten (Mo.Nt) (Fo.Pt) Prolulitos (An.Ce.Bi.An.Tr) Psephaspis (Cd.ScSc) Pscudoaspidoceras (Mo.Pr) Pseudisastraea (Cn.Am) (Mo.St.Os.Ga.Bi.Am) Pseudoactinodictyon (Po.Bi.Ra.Nt) Pseudarislocystis (Ec.Te) Pseuda/ygograptus (He.Un.He) Pseudisocardia (Mo.Ce.Ga.Ce) Psarodictyon (Po.Tr.Ps) Psciidarthron (Ar.Va) Pscudobaculitcs Psanimocora (Cn.Ce) Psammodiilus (Mo.Ga.Di.Hs) Prinerruca (Ar.Tr.Po) Psaminobia (Mo.At) Psainmodonax (Mo.Bi.Ph) Pseudharpoceras (Mo.Hy.Ci) (Cd.Bi.Tr.Ar.Ru) (Cn.Ce.Ru) (Mo.Co) Psephaea (Mo.Gr.Pt) Priiiiocystiles (Ec.Ce) Pseudaetomoceras (Mo.Ra.Sc) Pseudamiantis (Mo.Tr.Or) Pseudoactinostroma (Po.Fo) Pscudaturoidea (Mo.Fo.Ce.Pl) Pseiidamniatoceras (Mo.Ga.Se) Psammolellina (Mo.Nt) (Cn.Tr.Ga.Fo) Pseudalops (Ar.Nt) (Mo.Ce.Sc) Psaiiimophax (Fo.Am) Pscudobaisalina (Fo.Ru) Prolunuma Proiiirboclla I Pruvoslinoides (Ar.Ve) Pscudhelicoceras Provcntocitum (Ac.Ce.Po.Ce.Nt) Prunopyle (Ac.An.seudentolium (Mo.Ve) Pseudoaulacothyris (Br.Gr.Go) Pscudobarroisiceras (Mo.Pa) Psalikilopsis (Ar.Tr.Re.Sl) Pryinneles (Cd.An.Pc) Pscudampiexophyllum (Cn.Pt) Proutella (Bz.Pn) Pseudisograptus (He.Un) Pscudarchuster (Ec.Fo) Pseudaphrodina (Mo.Ec.As.Bi.Fo.Am) Pseudoaganides (Mo.Ar.Ce.NU (Mo.Ve) Pseudai IspliiiKtes (Mo.Tr.Am) Prowillungastcr (Ec.St.Cr) Psaminalodendroii (Fo.Ml.Sp) Pseudhinialayites (Mo.An.As) Pseudoalliyrisina (Br.Sc) Pseudargentiniceras (Mo.Ta) Psammoiilirmilus (Ar.Tr.Gr) Pseudiianisopleiiiclla (Br.Bi.Fo) Pseudastarte (Mo.Ce.Ct) Psammohelia Psammoica (Mo.Bi.Ra.Pt) Pseuderichthus (Ar.Ve) Pscphidia (Mo.Ru) Pseudoantoqiiatoiiia (Br.Ve) Pseudavena (Mo.Ar.Po.Cl Pseudaganides (Mo.Fo.Fo) Psamrimc\athus (Cn.Bi.Ce.Tr.Ce.As.Pt) Psephechinus (Ec.Ce.Ag) Pseudoalbaillclla (Ac.Ce.An) Psamiiioconcha (Mo.Ci)) Psenes (Cd.An.Ec.Re.Ce.Ec.Ce.An.Ga.Ra.Un.Ra.Fo) Prouddenites (Mo.Ac.Ce) Protriacanlhus (Cd.Pr) Pseudanipyxina (Ar.Ti.Th.Ne) (Mo.Rh.Pt) Proxiuber (Mo.Ne) P.Te) Pseudoaurila (Ar.Me.St) Prozacanlhoides (Ar.Re.Ag) Pscudoalokistocare (Ar.Pt) Provisocyntra (Ac.Ve) PiDiriichiscolithus (Cn.Ga.Am) Pnitiachyceras (Mo.Po) Pscudoaclisina (Mo.Ne) Psalikilus (Ar.Sp) Primocarpus (Ac.Po.Pt.Na) Pseudechinus (Ec.Br) Provinciastraea (Cn.Ce.Bi.Bi.Ph) Pscudoau lophac us (Ac.De.Ce) Proveniella (Mo.Tr.Nt) (Fo.Ma.Ar.Ve) P.Ce.Am) Priiciimlepis (Cd.Tr.Tr.An.Ga.Bi.De) Psephosyllogus (Po.Ga.Ve) Psettopsis (Cd.An.Ce.Ch.As) Pscudaniplexus (Cn.Ta) Psammodiis (Cd.Ta) Pseudoasaphus (Ar.Ve) Protremasler (Ec.Na) Psammotrela (Mo.Am) Provcrmicularia (Mo.Ai) Pselioceras (Mo.Ga.Pt) Psathura (Mo.s (He.Fo.An.Ec.MI.Tr.Bi.Rh) Pseudalaria Pseudoaluco (Mo.Ar.Fo) Protrochocyathus (Cn.t-o) Pscudacantoscapha (Ar.Ve) Pseudarbacina (Ec.Nt Psephodernia (Cd.Ec.Ne) Pseudamaura (Mo.Bi.He) Pmximitra Pseudacesta (Mo.Ch.Ce.Bi.Os.Nt) Pseudacompsoceras (Mo.El) Prouktaspis (Ar.Sp) PseudallotropiophylhiTii Pseudoaniblysiphonella (Po.Pt) Pseudoacicaudus (Ar.Sc) Pseudarielitcs (Mo.Te) Psammiophora Psammobclla (Cn.Bi.Te) Pseudatrypa (Br.Un) Proxit'rons (Fo.Bulletin 363 506 Pnito/yga (Br.Ce) (Mo.Ve) Pseudaulicina Protulophila (Cn.Am) Piotriticilcs (Fo.Fo.Ra.Li) Pseudavicula (Mo.Ce.Ve) Pseudaspidoceras (Mo.Tr.De.Ar.Gr) Proxichione (Mo.Xi) Pseudastrorhi/a (Fo.Fo.Sp) P>eLidagnostus (Ar.Ga.Bi.Os.

Fo) Pseudocythere (Ar.Ce Pseud(x.Ro.Fo) Pscudocryptophyllum Pseudobulminella (Fo.Ch.Fo.St) 1'M.Ec.Rh) Pseudocylammina Pseudocymia (Mo.Be) Pseudoclelanida (Ar.Bi.Gr.Am) Pseudocycloseris (Cn.s.Nt) Pseudocampophyllum (Cn.An.Fo) Pseudogygites (Ar.Fo.Ce.Eu) Pseudogyra (Mo.Gr.Ce.Go) Pseudoepistominella (Fo.Co.Nt I (Mo.My) Pseudobeyrichia (Ar.Sc) Pscudobradyina (Fo.Ta) Pseudobryograplus (He.Tr.Ch.Ne) (Cd.Ec.Li) Pseudoconocardium (Mo.ythere (Ar.Ar.Un) Pseudofissurella (Mo.Ce) Pseudoglauconia (Mo.Fo.Fo) Pseudocorax (Cd.Co) (Cn.Tr.Fo.Ag) Pseudoeponides (Fo.Co) Pseudocyclopyge (Ar.Ce.Ne) Pseudoeucyrtis (Ac.Ar.Os.Gr.Fo.Sa) Pseudoclimacograptus (He.Bi.Ar) (Cn.Fo.Bi.i\ Pscudocla\ iph\ (Cn.Nt) Pseudogaleodea (Ar.Ce.Po) Pseudogerastos (Ar.Fo.Ti-.At) P^eudochrysalis (Mo.Sc) Pseudocardioceras (Mo.Te) Pseudochama (Mo.Bi.Un) Pseudocalvinella (Ar.Fo) Pscudobornhardlina (Br.Hs) P>eudobrissuN (Ec.Am) Pseudocarcinus (Ar.Li) PseudDclambites (Mo.Ri) Pscudobollia (Ar.Tr.Fo) Pseudodicoelosia (Br.Bi.Bi.Co) (Mo.Os.Me) Pseudocuspidaria (Mo.Ar.Fo.Am) Pseudodoliolina (Fo.Po) Pseudogibbirhynchia (Br.Ca) Pscudoegertonia (Cd.Pa) Pseudocominella (Mo.Os.De) Pseudocheirurus (Ar.Sq) l'soudocla\ us (Pr.Gr.Ve) Pseudodichograptus (He.Ce.Rh) Pseudofissurina (Fo.Ce.Fo) Pseudotrondipora (Bz.Tr.Fo.Ve) Pseudocyrtoceras (Mo.seudocyrtina (Br.Os.Tr.Fo.Sc) (Cn.Ne) Pseudocyrena (Mo.Ph) Pseudobythoi.Bi.Gr) PseudiKhernyshinella (Fo.Sc) Pseudoguetiardia (Po.Ar.Os.Fo.La) Pseudofavites (Cn.Fo.Av.Ph) Pseudoflemingites Pseudobuccinum (Mo.Ta) Pseudodicellomus (Br.-udi)bIothroph> Pseudiibradyphy Hum Hum Hum Pseudobulimina (Fo.Fo.O.Ct) Pseudoglaphyrites Pseudoceltiles Pseudodanubites (Mo.Tr.Ga.Po) Pseudocybele (Ar.Sp) Pseudocrecephalaspina (Ar.An.Ne) Pscudobrightia (Mo.Sp) Pseudogastrioceras (Mo.Os.Ga.Ar.Ce) (Mo.Co) (Mo.Sp) Pseudocataslroboceras (Mo.An.Tr) PscudiiLlathrochilina (Fo.Nt) Pseudogrypophyllum Pseudoguadalupia Pseudoguembelina Pseudodiplococnia (Cn.Be) Pseudoglytograptus (He.Di) PsfudiK-hoftatel la (Fo.Ph) Pseudodicoeliles (Mo.Tr.Ec.Fo) Pseudocrucella (Ac.Li.As) Psoudoi-Iaria (Mo.Ce.Na) Pseudogregoryceras (Mo.Pr) Pseudogloborolalia (Fo.Am) Pseudocrania (Br.Ar) (Mo.Nt) Pseudodielasma (Br.Fo.Ce.Bi.Ch.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Gr) Pseudoentomozoe (Ar.Ga.Ca.An.Ce.Ce.Pe) Pseudtxidaris Pseudodiloma (Mo.Sl.Ac) Pseudoffaster (Ec.Ru) (Mo.Fo) Pseudogalathea Pscudocamaropht)ria (Br.Ra.Fo) Pscudodidymotis (Mo.Ph) Pseudocosmoceras (Mo.Co.Ve) Pseudofavosites (Cn.Ga.Te) Pscudocibicides (Fo.Sc) PseudofusulineHa (Fo.Fo) Pseudodicoplella (Ec.Fo) Pseudocaly coceras (Mo.Fo.Ce.Ph) Pseudofurnishius Pseudocadoceras (Mo.Te) P\cudixhi>neles (Br.Os.Fo.Na) Pscudobolloceras (Mo.Po) Pseudogarantiana Pscudix-ancilla (Mo.Fo) Pseudocytherelta (Ar.Pr) Pseudofax (Mo.Li.HuloL'laviilina (Fo.Pt) Pseudogruenewalldtia (Br.Ru) Pseudocyproides (Ar.An.Os.Fo.Ga.Ne) Pseudocryptaenia Pseudofoordites (Mo.assidulinoides (Fo.Bi.Tr.Ce.Cn) Pseudofavia (Cn.Ga.Am) (Mo.Fo.An.As) Pseudoclanculus (Mo.Pe) Pscudobatoslomclhi (B/.Pt) Pseudodontornis (Cd.Ec.Os.Tr.My) (Mo.Sc.Na) Pseudocytherura (Ar.Ml.Pt) l'scudiibiili\ina (Fo.Te) Pseudoconularia (Cn.An.Sl) PseudodiLtyomitra (Ac.Co) (Cn.Fo.An.Os.Ga.Ro.Nt) Pseudtxrcnix-eras (Mo.An.An.Ce.Ga.Fo) Pseudocucullaea P>eudobythocypris (Ar.Cc) Pseudot'ulgur lc.An.St) Pseudoglomospira (Fo.Ec.An.Ar Pscudiicirsope (Ec.Os.Ar) (Cn.Ch) Pseudiidorlodotia (Cn.Sc) Pseudoeteraspis (Ar.Ar) Pseudodomichthvs (Cd.Ce.Ce.Ce.Fo.Fo) Psoudoceralina (Ar.Sc) Pseudoerbia (Ar.Ru) (Fo.Ru) Pseudogaudryina (Fo.Nt) Pseudocrinites (Ec.Fo) .Rh) Pscudocavellina (Ar.Ru) Pseudodictyophimus (Ac.Ar.Os.Po) Pseudogaudryinella (Fo.Fo.As) Pseudot'usulina (Fo.Bi.Po) Pseudogavelinella (Fo.Fo.Ve) Pseudogarnieria (Mo.Sp) Pseudofiecteria (Cn.Ar.Gr) Pseudocryphaeus (Ar.Or) Pseudogatheria (Cn.Ce.Fo) Pseudodigonophyllum (Cn.Ce.Pa) (Ar.An.Ce) (Mo.Ta) PseiidobreLhitcs (Mo.Ar.Ga.Pr) Pseudocassis Pseudocytheromorpha (Ar.Or) Pseudofusia (Mo.Am) (Mo.Bi.Ga.An.Ga.Ml.Pe) Pseudoexlinella (Ec.Po) Pseudodalatias (Cd.Os.Ce.Fo.Ru) Pseudocorbula (Mo.Ru) (Po.Tr.Pt) Mo.Ar.Rh.Fo) Pscudocardium Pseudocamiles ( Mo.Ga.Fo.Na) Pseudodechenella (Ar.Am) Pseudofavrella (Mo.Am) Pscudobrev icoceras (Mo.Tr.Ga.Ru) Psoiiilob.Or) (Mo.Os.Fo) Pseudocytheridea (Ar.Ar.Tr.Ro.Fo) Pscudoechinorhinus (Cd.Go) Pseudocardia (Mo.Bi.Ce.Kd) Pseudocolpomya (Mo.Tr.De.An.De.Di) Pseudoconchidium (Br.Mo) Pseudobolus (Br.Ga.Ce.An) Pseiidobelus (Mo.Fo) PsLHidobiyalca (Mo.Li) Pseudoglossothyris (Br.Ar.An)i Pseudocycloceras (Mo.Os.Am) Pseudochrysalidina (Fo.Fo.Fo.Te) Pseudoderbyia (Br.Ga.Ce.i I\oiklohcis--clm.De) P.i Pscudiibcloilina I'M.Chi (Cd.Ga.Fo) Pseudocamaraloechia (Br.An.An.Rh) (Fo.Ra.Ce.Un) Pseudoendothyra (Fo.Co) Pseudofabularia (Fo.Bi.Ga.On) Pseudoc<)stan>ria (Mo.Ga.Na) Pseudogomphoceras Pseudcigram matodon Pseudogrammoceras PseudiKhonophy Hum (Cn.Ru) Pscudoclymenia Pseudocobboldia Pscudococnia Pseudocoeniopsis (Cn.Ga.Po) Pseudodiartema ( Pseudoglossirotoechia (Br.Fo) Pseudobroeckinella (Fo.Fo.Bi.Ar.Ra.Ho.De.Ve) Pseudocystiphyllum (Cn.Ar) Pseudobrochidium (Mo.Po) Pseudogibbaster (Ec.Ra.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Ml.Ce.Fo) Psoudobcyrichiopsis (Ar.Fo) Pseudoberyx (Cd.Ch.An.Gr) Pseudoglyphea (Ar.Gy.Go) (Mo.Ce.Li.St.A COMPENDIl'M OF FOSSlI MARINE ANIMAL GeNERA: SePKOSKI 507 Pseudobasilicus (Ar.Hm) (Mo.Ar) (B/.Ar.Fo) Pseudocentrotus (Ec.Rh) Pseudochaetetes (Po.An.Ce.Fo.An) Pseudofrondicularia (Fo.Pa) (Mo.Ar.Ru) Pscudodouvillina (Br.Ec.Mi) Pseudoeuchasma (Mo.

Fo.Ar.Ar.Pa) Pseudolituotubella (Fo.Ar.Ve) Pseudoneoptychites (Mo.Ve) Pseudoperissitys (Mo.Ce.Bi.Os.Ra.Fo.Ru) Pseudophalacroma (Ar.Hl) Pscudokymalolhyris (Br.Fo) Pseudoisotrypa (Bz.As) Pseudomarginifera (Br.Fo.St.Fo.Li.Fo) Pseudohuslonia (Ar.An.Ro.Os.Or) Pseudoperissocytheridea (Ar.Ga.Pt) Pseudohysterolenus (Ar.Fo.Ce.Tr) Pseudolepidina (Fo.G)) Pseudomendacella (Br.Sc) Pseudomegalaspis (Ar.Fo.Sp) Pseudompalotrochus (Mo.Un) PscudolcpL'idilia (Ar.Ga.Fo.Un) Pseudoheliodiscus (Ac.Ne) (Mo.ln.Ce.Fo) Pseudoisurus (Cd.Sp) Pseudoliostracina (Ar.Rj) Pseiidomantelliceras (Mo.Te) Pseudolepton (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Os.As) Pseudometoptoma (Br.Pa) Pscudomyophorella (Mo.Ne) Pseudooneotodus (Cd.Ce.Ra.De) Pseudohaploceras (Mo.Ce.Ga.Ba) (Cn.Ga.Tr.De) Pseudokiesowia (Ar.Ce.Fo) Pseudolinthia (Ec.Or) Pseudominiella (Br.Nu) (Mo.Vc) Pscudokriihe (Ar.Ag) Pscudolabcchia (Po.Bi.Ar.Fo) Pseudoniyriophyllia (Cn.Fo) Pseiidohilsa (Cd.Bulletin 363 508 Pseudohagiastrum (Ac.Bi.Ga.Sp) Pseiidoironealla (Cn.Na) Pseudolaballa (Br.Pt) Pseudomiltha (Cn.Bi.Ce.Sp) Pseudomytiloides (Mo.Fo.Ce.Fo.Ce.Sp) Pseudoniscus (Ar.Ch.In) Pseudopalmula Pseudopanderodus Psciiddinvoluticeras (Mo.Am) Psciidokaiiiclla (Ar.Ga.Pf) Pseudoliva (Br.Fo) PsLHidolabaia (Br.Am) Pseiidohyperanimina (Fo.Am) Pscudomonotis (Mo.Ne) Pscudokionoccias (Mo.Os.Fo.Ga.St) Pseudopalaeoaplysina iPo.St) Pseudonautilus (Mo.F.Ar.Fo) (Mo.Ce.Tr.Co) Pscudolalirus PsL'udolcda (Mo.Pt) Pseudophaulacti.Ne) (Mo.Co) Pseudonudirostra Pseudohomeospira Pseudohoinera Pseudooides (Pr.Bi.Nt) (Mo.An.Be) Pseudolillia (Mo.Ce.Nu) Pseudolciuis (Ar.Os.Ar.Pr) Pseudohuangia (Cn.Am) Pseudohaureina (Fo.Ch.Bi.Os.Nt) (Mo.An) (Mo.Pt) Pseudohalorella (Br.Tr.Ax) Pseudohystricurus (Ar.Sp) Pseudomphaloeyclus Pseudonuicophyllum (Cn.Ar.Am) Pseudonodella (Ar.Di) (Cd.Ga.Co) Mo.Ne) (Cd.Fo.Ec.Cll Pseudolituotuba (Fo.Ce) Pseiidomorea (Mo.Bi.Bi.Tr.Xi) Pseudoheliastraea (Cn.Fo.An.Os.Ga.Os.Un) Pseudonodosaria (Fo.Ve) Pseudoolenoides (Ar.Po) Pseudoperissolax ( PsoudiikDssniaticeras (Mo.Tr.Ga.Go) Pseudoleptodus (Br.Am) Pseudokingstonia (Ar.Po) Pseiidolaca/ina (Fo.Ps) Pseudokyniatitcs (Mo.Fo) Pseudonuculana (Mo.Ga.He) Pseudopachydictya (Bz.Fo.Tr.Bi.Os.De.Ce.Ce.Ml.Sc) Pseudolioceras (Mo.Bi.St) Pseudonecrocarcinus (Ar.Ru) Pscudophichthyes (Cd.Os.Ar.Ce.Co) (Mo.Te) Pseudomicrocroplasma Pseudoperi sphi notes (Mo.Bi.Fo) (Cd.Fo) Pseudonietis (Mo.Am) Pseudopavona (Cn.Ce.Go) Pseudoirus (Mo.Co.At) Pseudopecten (Mo.Ec.Fo) Pseudonovella (Fo.Ne) Pseudomelatoma (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Fo.Fo.Tr.Ar.Li.Gr.Os.Li.Ar.Fo) Pseudojacobiles (Mo.Po.Ne) Pseudopemphix (Ar.Ar.Tr.Am) Pseudohastigerina (Fo.Sp) Pseudolepismatina (Br.He.Ga.Li) Pseudonieristina (Br.Ce.Fo.Fo) Pseudoleymeriella Pseudoneptunea Pseudohaslites (Mo.In) (Bz.Bi.Ne) Pseudopelraia (Cn.Tr.Ar.St) Pscudomiilceodcns Pscudophanasy nimctria (Ar.Rh) Pseudoleptellina (Br.Ve) Pseudopeltoceras (Mo.Fe) Pseudomenuites (Mo.Fe) Pseudolucinisca (Mo.He) PNCiidokatroliccias (Mo.s.Os.Tr.Co.Ru) Pseiidojcroa (Po.Ce.An.De.Ce.Bi.Pt) (Mo.Rh) Pseudopcrmorphus Pseudoperna Pseudokunmingclla (Ar.La) Pseudomera (Ar..Ne) (Mo.Ar) Pseudomonticulitera (Br.Pt) Pseudoparalegoceras (Mo.Os.Os.Fo.Fo) Pseudonucula Pseudohippula (Ar.Bi.De.St.Fo) Pseudoimperalgoria iPo.Pe) Pscudokalilerina (Fo.Ac) Pseudopeniniatites (Po.Fo.Tr.Po) PseudomonticlareUa (Br.Ga.Tu) Pscudophraymina Pscudophragmoceras Pscudophycis ( Fo.Bi.Sc) Pseudohexagonaria Pseudonerinea (Fo.Pe) Pseudomatthevia (Mo.Ce.Un.Sp) Pseudoisograptus (He.Am) Pseudoleptolepis (Cd.Bi.Os.Co) Pseudohydnoceras (Po.He.Ce.Ru) Pseudolunulites (Bz.Me.Ga.Ar.Ne) Pseudopantanellium (Ac.Sa) Pseudonematopora (Bz.Be) Pseudolituonella (Fo.Bi.Nu) Pseudohistiophoius (Cd.Co.Bi.Fo) Pseudolimea (Mo.Me) Pseudolingula (Br.Pt) Pseudoliomesus (Mo.Ar.Nt) (Mo.St) Pseudopelalichthys (Cd.De.s (Cn.Ga.Ga.Vc) Pseudomelania Pseudoparaparchites (Ar.Pt) Pseiitlomonoccralina (Ai-.Am) Pseudomaura (Mo.An.Ar.Am) Pseudoniercaticeras (Mo.Pa) Pseudopliorus (Mo.Tr.Ce.An.Ne) Pseudopara/yga (Br.Cr) Pseudohartlina (Br.Po) Pseudoischnucliiton (Mo.Cr) Pseudohypolophus (Cd.Ar.Fo) (Fo.Fo.Po) Pseudokoldinia (Ar.Sp) Pseudolonchodina (Mo.Am) Pseudopalellinella (Fo.Ce.Am) Pseudopachymytilus (Mo.Am) Pseudometula (Mo.Bi.Rh) (Br.An.Os.Ce.In.Pt) Psciulokadyella (Ar.Pt) Pseudopentagonia (Br.Ce.Pa) Pseudoheligmus (Mo.Ga.Ne) Pseudonodellina (Ar.An.Ga) .Fo.Rul (Mo.Ra.Ga.Pt) Pseudomurex Pseudomya Pseudomyalina Pseudomyoconcha Pseudomyomplialus Pseudomyona (Mo.An.Fo) Pseudophacoceras (Mo.Ar.Pt) Pseudonina Pseudohealdia (Ar.Fo) Pseudomuichisonia Pscudophasianus (Mo.Ga.Tr.Li) Pseudoninella (Mo.Os.Li) (Ai-.Po) Pseudoosterelia (Mo.Ga.Te) (Fo.Am) Pseudonomismoceras Pseudononion Pseudohiboliles (Mo.Nt) Pscudolamarckina (Fo.Tr.Pr) (Mo.Fo.St.Ce) (Mo.Pt) Pseudophillipsia (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Fo.Po) Pseudolyria (Mo.Ch) Pseudoolina (Fo.Pr) Pseudomarssonella (Fo.Ar.Na) Pseudohalorites (Mo.Ga.Or) Pseudoparreila (Fo.Pt) Pseudomesalia Pseudopedina (Ec.0.Am) (Mo.Re) Pseudomacrocypris (Ar.Ar) Pseiidolacuna (Mo.Ga.St.Bi.Pl.Eu) (Mo.Os.Ce.Sp) Pseudokingena (Br.Pa) Pseudomexicella (Ar.Ph) Pseudopatellinoides (Fo.Ve) Pseudopholidops (Br.An.Fo) Pseudolancastria (Ar.Ce.Fo) Pseudomalaxis (Mo.u) Pseudoptenderina (Fo.Gy.Ga.Tr.Ar) Pseudohelenina (Fo.Fo) Pseudohercynella Pseudoliotina (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Go) Pseudolissoceras (Mo.Ga.Fo.Ar.Ga.Os.Ml.

Ce.St) Pseudothurmannia (Mo.Ar.Vel Pseudoruttenia (Fo.Ve) Pseudoslderastraea (Cn.De.LI) Pseudotlmanla Pseudoptera (Mo.Fo.Fo) Pseiidosaturnalls (Ac.Os.Fo.Ma.Ar) Psoudoplaciinopsis (Mo.Gr.Os.Fo) Pst'lkliipis (Mo.PtI Pseudoroemerlpora (Cn.An.Ar.Gr.Fo.Ra.Pl) Pscudotrlplasia (Fo.Fo.Ta) Pseudostreptograptiis (He.Am) Pseudotrapezium (Mo.An.De.Ch) Pseiidurhyllclopllus (Mo.Ce.Am) Pseudopygurus (Ec.Tr.Pf) Pseudotrlvia (Mo.St) nodus (Ar.Riil Pseiidorhlna (Cd.Pa) Pseudoslderolltes (Fo.Am) Pseudosaturniforma (Ac.Ra.As) Pseudoseptlfer (Po.Ce.Ra.Fo.Fo.Bi.Ar) Pseudotextularia (Fo.Nt) Pseudostrophochonetes (Br.Te) Pseudostromatoporella (Po.Ca) Pseudoseriopora (Bz.Sf) PseudosqulIIa (Ar.Tr.Ce.Ga.Co.De.Am) Pseudoprotocy there (Ar.MKSt) Psciiilopiriinaca (Mo.An.St) Pseudoplectograptus (He.Po) Pseudoseliscothon (Po.Ga.Tr.An) Pseudoschwagerlna (Fo.Fo) Pseudotheocampe (Ac.BI.Re) Pscudosphaerodon (Cd.Nu) Pseudoptyocephalus (Ar.Ra.Tr.Ar.De.Am) Pseudoschlstoceras Pseudotetrapterus (Cd.Bi.Ec.Sp) Pseudopleiirophorus (Mo.An.Ce.St.Ta) Pseudostomatella (Mo.Os.TnPt) Pseudorugltela (Br.Pa) Psciuloplaiioy loll 111 Ilia (Fo.Fo.Ga) Pseudosleberella (Br.Nt) Pseudotermierella (Ar.Fo) Pscudoreichcllna (Fo.De) Psciiilopisania (Mo.Ar) (Ac.Bi.Pt) Pseudosepla (Mo.Ar.Po) Pseudoscytalia (Po.Os.Sp) Pseudotaxis (Fo.Co) Pseudoplegmalograptiis (He.Bi.Pe) Pseudosaynella (Mo.Pf) Pseudothetldltes (Mo.Os.Fo) Pseiidorotalla (Fo.De) Pseudoslgmolllna (Fo.BI.Un) Pseudosyrlngothyris (Br.ln.LI) Pseudotibetites P>eudopsamni(Ky there (Ar.Fo.Am) Pseudotrlstlx (Fo.Ch.To) Pscudorapa (Mo.Na) (Mo.Os.De.Ga) I I Pseudoplocoscyphia iPo.Ne) Pscudorhomblla (Ar.Tr.Ra.Sp) P>eudopolyconites (Mo.Tr.Fo.An.Ce.Ar.Re) Pseudotectus PscudopDrambonites (Bn.Ce.Fo.Ec.ln) Pseiidostauroeumltes (Ec.Ar.Te) Pseudosplrocyclina (Fo.lopi>lln>ph\ Hum (Cn.Ir.Ce) Pscudotrllocullna (Fo.Fo.Bi.Am) Pseudorhabdiiphylluni (Cn.Nt) (Mo.Ce.Rh) Pseudotribrachia (Fo.NtI Pseudosageceras (Mo.Ga.Li) Pseudosalenia (Ec.Ce.Ce.Po) Pseudoslphonella (Fo.Ar.Un.Fo.Fo.Ar.Am PseiiiJoplacuna (Mo.Tr.Se) PseudoplaLcmii.MI.Te) Pseudostylosphaera (Ac.Os.Fo.Ru) Pseudosaukia (Ar.Fo) Pseudoreophax (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Go) (Mo.Gr) Pseudorbiloides (Fo.Sa) Pseudosyringocnema (Po.MI.Tr.Ce) P>eudopygoides (Br.Fo.Fo.Sc) Pseiidolorlnia (Mo.Os.My) Pseudotemnocheilus (Mo.Fo.Ce.Gr.Or) Pseudostrophomena (Br.Ro.Ca) Pseudotrlticites (Fo.Fo) Pseudiirbiloiina (Fo.An.Ve) Pseudoraphiloma Pseudosinotectirostrum (Br.Ga.Un) Pscudopoulpus (Mo.Ce.Bi.Ce) Pseudopugnax (Br.Ga.Sp) Pseudoraniceps (Cd.Nt) Pseudoretiollles (He.Ar.Ml.Pr) .MI.Pe) Pseudosaxicava (Mo.Ta) Pseudorotella (Mo.De.St.As) Pseudotaphrus (Mo.Fo) Pseudospondylospira (Br.Co) Pseudosaracenaria (Fo.Fo) Pscudoredlichia (Ar.Ce.Ce.Bi.Ga.Co.St) Pseudoplatyceras (Mo.Fo) Pseudorayella (Ar.Ce) Pseudoprotathyris (Br.Fo) Pseudosphaerexochiis (Ar.Ru) (Mo.Fo.Am) Pseudotemperoceras (Mo.Ar.Ec.Ra.De.Fo) Pseudoslrenites (Mo.Pf) Pscudotltanoceras PseudDpygauliiN (Ec.Na) Pseudostenopoceras (Mo.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Fe) Pseudotlssotia (Mo.RI) Pscudopolylremacis (Cn.Sc) Pseudotoltes (Mo.Os.BI.St) PseuiloplaMiiopora (Cn.In.Ar.Ce.Fo) Pseudosorella (Ec.An.Or) Pseudoportlandia Pseudoscalites (Mo.Ce.Cc) Pseudotoceras (Mo.Fo) Psciidosolenlna (Fo.Pe) Psciidotoucasia (Mo.Ar) Pseudorthoceias (Mo.Fo) Pseiidorostranteris (Br.Fo) Psciidolrl Pseudorca (Cd.Bi.Tr.Te) Pseudoseris (Cn.Ar.An.HI) Pseiidorhlpidloiilna (Fo.Na) Pseudoporetieldia (Po.My) (Mo.Ce.Pr) Pseudoscopelus (Cd.Ga.Fo.Pf) Pseudotervia (Bz.Re.St) PseudoplesiagrauUis (Ar.Fo) Pseudosaratogia (Ar.De) Pseudostege (Bz.Ca) Pseudosetia (Mo.Hy) Pseudostylodlctyon (Po.Fo.Fo.Fo) Pscudotormentus (Ac.Ga.Ra.Ve) Pseudosyrinx (Br.Tr.Fo) Pseudotalllnnella (Ar.Pa) Pscudopolymorphina (Fo.Bi.Pt) Pseudoroemeria (Cn.Fo) Pseudoromlngeria (Cn.Ce.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 509 Pseudophyllites (Mo.Ar.Tr.Ga.Fo) Pseudotoxeuma (Hy.Ar.Os.Ce.Ga.PI) Pseiidoschloenbachia (Mo.Fo.Re) Pseudosonneratla (Mo.Ce) Pseudosyngnathus (Cd.Am) Pseudotexlularlella (Fo.Ta) Pseudostrepula (Ar.BI.Sp) Pseudosculda (Ar.Fo) Pseudotrigonograptus (He.Hi) Pscudoraninclla (Ar.Rh) Pseudoseptopora (Bz.Sp) PseiidopiKiphyllum (Cn.Ga.Ru) Pseudosplrlterina (Br.Ce.Fo.St.Gr.Nt) Pseudotoma Pseudopythina (Mo.Co) P>eudopkxe/yga (Mo.An.Inl Pseudosalteria (Ar.St.Gr) Pseudorthotheca (Pr.Ch Pseuiloliopiies (Mo.Fo) Pseudostrophalosia (Br.He) Pseudorak\erella (Ar.Gy.Ce.Sp) Pseuddlruncatclla (Mo.Ce) Pseudosolenopleiira (Ar.Os.Fo) Pseudoprionites (Mo.In) Pseudoprimiticlla (Ar.An.Ar.Nu) (Ac.Nt) Pveudiipolyniiirpliinoides (Fo.Ce.Nt) Pscudorhaelina (Br.HI) Pseudosanguinolites (Mo.Fo) Pseudolrupetostronia (Po.Ga.Ga.Ar) Pseudiipollicina (Mo.Ho.Gr) Pseudorthopsis (Ec.Fo.Sp) P>cudopo!ygnathus (Cd.Ec.Se) Pseudotlndaria (Mo.Ar.Ce.Tr.Ce.Fo.Ce.Gr) Psciidosphargis (Cd.De.Os.Os.Ar) (Mo.Am) Pseudoseriola (Cd.Cc) Pscudiippelia (Mo.cras (Mo.Ce.Ce.Pa) Pseudoschlzogonlum (Mo.Pe) Pseudostygina (Ar.Tal Pseudotlrolites (Mo.Ne) Pseudosimoceras (Mo.Ga.Fo) Pseudosweetognathus (Cd.Fo) Pseudopmbeloceras (Mo.Am) Pseudorhapydiotilna (Fo.Cr) Pseiii.Ec.Ce.Na) Pseudotealllocarls Pscudopolythecalis (Cn.An.Fo) Pseudostatfella (Fo.Bi.Vel PscLidorhl/ostomltes (Cn.Fo.Na) Pseudoscarls (Cd.Na) Pseudorlstola Pseudostlctoporella (Bz.He) Pseudosaukianda (Ar.Fo.Fo) PseiKkipolypleclus (Mo.Un) Pseudotechnophorus (Ar.Am) Pseudopu/osia (Mo.Os.Tr.Ga.Na) Pseudoproetus (Ar.Fo.Ph) Pseudotrltonlum Pseudoressertips (Ar.St) Pscikloplaiuilinclla (Fo.Ga.Ga.Ce) (Cn.Gr) PsciuloplanociKlolln a (Fo.An.Gr.Fo.Un.

Po.Aj) Psilohamiles (Mo.Ce.Po.Fe) Psilarius Pterochilon (Cd.Ca) PscudDlylostoma (Mo.Bl.In.Ar.Po) Pseudo/.Bi.Li) Psioidea (Br.Nt) Psilophylhtes (Mo.Bi.De) Psilichthys (Cd.Ga.Ga.As) Picrodonticeras (Mo.Rh) Plerinella (Mo.Tr.0.Ar.Ce.Ru) Pteraspis (Cd.Fo.St) Pseudowedekindellina (Fo.Co.Ra.Li) Psilonotus (Br.Pa) Pterocoma (Mo.Sq) Pterospira (Mo.Tr.De) Pterocliclus (Mo.Ar.Pc) Pterocyathus (Pr.Ga.Bi.Pe.Ne) Ptilodictya (B/.Pt) Pseiidoiiiicimilus (Br.Pt") Psiloria (Br.An.Ru) Pteroredlichia (Ar.Am) (Mo.Pt) Psciidouvigerina (Fo.Rh) Pterocorys (Ac.Fo.Bi.Ar.Nt) Pseudoxyperas (Mo.Bi.Fo) Pskovicrinus (Ec.An.He) Pterocoryphe (Ar.Gr.Bi.Te) Psi [onychia (Mo.Ce.St.Ma.An.Ga.Cr.Ga.Fe) Psilocamerflla (Br.Ga.Bulletin 363 510 Pseudolryplasma (Cn.Le) Ptoinaspis (Cd.Bi.Na) Pteronieris (Mo.He) Ptilonaster (Ec.Ce.Aii..Pa) Pterocephalops (Ar.Tr.No) Pteroperna (Mo.Ne) Pseudoyatsengia (Cn.Ne) Pseuduptonia Pterochaenia (Mo.As) Plerygocythereis (Ar.Ne) Pseudovvaribole (Ar.Re.Tr) Pseudoy angt/espi ra (Mo.Ce.Bi.Mo) Pseudoxybeloceras (Mo.Ce.An) Pseudowoodella Pseudoxenomyslax (Fo.An) Pterinocrinus (Ec.Tr.Am) Pleropclta (An.Be) (Cd.Pt) Ptilillaenus (Ar.Sl) Psilocalyx (Po.Bi.Cm) Ptiiognathus Psiiaxis (Mo.Cr) Psilocladiscitcs (Mo.Sp) Pseudowattonithyiis (Br.Ce.Fi) (Cd.Fo.Ve) Pseudo\ idrioccras (Mo.Bi.Re.Tr.Os.Un.In) Pterobranchites (He.Fo.Fe) P.Ne) .Sp) Psilosoien (Bz.Ce.Ne) Pterolcperditia (Ar.Cr) Psilacella (Ar.Li) Ptarmigania (Ar.Fo) Ptcraniniina (Fo.Ne) Pseudovomer (Cd.Ga.Hi) Psiiotissotia (Mo.Ce.St.Gr) Mo.Am) Pteronisculus (Cd.St) Pteromyrtea (Mo.Be) Psilocrinus (Ec.Ne) (Mo.ln) Psilocamara (Br.Am) Pteracontiodus (Mo.Pt) Pleronarctos (Cd.St.Ga.Cr.Nt) (Mo.Eu) Pseudovaricia (Mo.As) Pteroeides (Cn.Ga.Nt) Pterynolus (Mo.Pt) Psciidounilrypa (Bz.On) Pterocheilos Ptilocella (Bz.Ga.Sp) Pteridinium (Cn.Am) Pterograptus ( Ptilotrypa (Bz.Ga.Sp) Pteroplecta (Br.Pt) Pterotrigonia (Mo.CI) Pleropsella (Mo.Ar.So) Pteroloxa (Ar.Ne) (Ac.Pl) Ptarmiganoides (Ar.Pt) Plerospathodus (Mo.De.Sel Psilotrigonia (Mo.Am) Pterinopecten (Mo.Cc) Pteronitina (Mo.Ra.St.An.Rh) Psilosecos (Bz.Fo.Ag) Pterocodon Mo.De) Psilocochlis (Mo.Ar.Nt) Ptilotorhynchus (BrAr.Os.Co) Pterorytis (Mo.Ar.De.Pa) Plcmlytoceras (Mo.Ce.St.As) Pterodonta Ptilorhynchia (Br.Ce.An.Nt) Pteiocella (B/.Ve) PscudiHubithyris (Br.Ru) Pterocalpia (Po.Tr.As) Ptorochitina (Fo.As) Pterocanium Pterygia T Pseudi)>iinnanella (Br.Bi.Ga.Pt) Ptenoceras Pteroscaphites (Mo.Or) Pteronitella (Mo.Fo) Psilothyris (Br.Te) Pleroparia (Ar.Fo.Nt) Psioidiclla (Br.Tr.Rh) Psilocephalina (Ar.Ar) Psilomehssa (Ac.Ca) Pseudow anganella (Fo.Am) Psychopyge Psydracophyllum (Cn.Go) (Ar.St.Bi.Ga.Ch) Ptilotenestella (Bz.Tr.Ga.Ce.Hi) Pterygocephalus (Cd.Po) Ptoniatis (Mo.Bi.Hy.St.Ga.Bi.Bi.Tr.Cy) Psigraptus (He.Ve) Pscudolybithyris (Br.Fo) Pterinea (Mo.Bi.An.Cr) Psilocitharella (Fo.CI) Pterolucina (Mo.Bi.Bi.Pa) Pterocerella (Mo.Ga.Tr.Ga.Cr.Ch) Pterygochiton (Mo.Ph) Ptcropurpura (Mo.ygopleura (Mo.Ce) (Cd.Cr.Ce.Gy.Pt.Ar.Pt.Pa) PsL-iKlDiimbrina (Cd.Os.Co) Pterorhiza (Cn.Bi.Fo) Ptcrolabrella Plilotrypina (Bz.Ph) Pteromya (Mo.Ce.Nti Pseudowarthia (Mo.Ga.Op.Ce) Pterotyphis (Mo.Pt) Pterothrissus (Mo.Gr.Hc.Bi.St.St.Bi.Ga.ln) Pseudoy uepingia (Ar.Ru) Pseudovola (Mo.Ru) (Mo.Ce.Sp) Pteropora (Bz.Tr.Ne) Pseudovirgatitcs (Mo.Ve) Ptreliosocyathus (Po.Pe) Ptilotrigonia (Mo.Di) Pterotocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ph) Pseudulrichia (Ar.Ar.Ga.Co.Co) Ptilograptus (He.Pt) PsiliKoncha (Mo.Te) Pterigotheca (Hy.Ar.Fe) PsiliKara (Ar.Ce.Tr.Ca) Ptiograptus (He.Os.Ce) Pteronychia (Mo.Bi.Tr) Pterophrentis (Cn.Ra.Fo) Pterinoactinodesma (Mo.Mt) Pscikloiindispirifer (Br.Ga.Ga.Po) Pscudo/ygobolbina (Ar.Re) Pseudovirgula (Po.Ru) Psilokirkbyella (Ar.Os.Pt) Plerotoblastus (Ec.scudovidalina (Fo.Pt) Pterotheca Pseudowellcrclla (Br.Rh) Pterocardia (Ac.Co) Pteroscyllium (Cd.Ec.Os.Pt) Pseudovcrmilia (An.Cr.Fo.Ce) Pterolamiops (Mo.Na) (Ec.Po.TrPr) Ptereuhma (Mo.Bi.Te) Psilomya (Mo.Ch.Nt) (Cd.Pr) Psciidovacciniles (Mo.Pt.Tr.Os.Gy.Bi.Re.Am) PNOiitloliibina (Mo.s.Ga.Ar.Fe) Psilosturia (Mo.Co) Pterosphenus (Cd.Pr) Ptiloncodus (Pr.Ve) Ptychagnostus (Ar.Co.Na) (Cd.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Ra.Po.Na) (Mo.Ga.Bi.Bi.Os.Os.Ph) Pseudolupol ichas (Ar.Ve) Pterinopectinella (Mo.As) Pterygocythere (AnOs.Ar.Li) Pterpmus (Pr.Os.Ga.Ar.Nt) Pterocera Pterygometopus (Ar.Fo.Gr.Ch.Pt Hc.Ar) (Mo.Na) Pliloporclla (Bz.St.Hy) Pterostrophia (Br.Os.Ch) Pteronites (Mo.Sp) Pscudovcrtagus (Mo.Un.Cr.Er) Pterospiriter (Br.Tr.Da) Pseudivaphrciiuiides (Cn.Fo) Pterosireniles Pscudowanncropliyllum (Cn.Ar.Be) Ptcria ( Pseudowashitasier (Ec.Ne) Pseudo/onaria Pterocephaha (Ar.Gr.Ru) Pscudovcrruculina (Po.An.Ga.Bi.Ar.Ar.Tr.Am) Psciidowaagenia (Mo.Bi.Rh) Psilocephalinclla (Ar.Nel Psilotrachelosaurus (Cd.Os.De.Cr) Ptiloporina (Bz.Tr) Psiloceras (Mo.Ga.Co) Psiaoceras (Mo.Ar.Am) Pteroluter (Mo.Ar.Pt) Pterotrachea (Mo.

Tr.Os.Po) Ptythocerilhiiini (Mo.Ce.Ar) Piilaskierinus (Ec.He) (Cd.li.Am) Purpuroidea (Mo.Sp) Plychopotaniides (Mo.Pt) Ptychosyca .Ga.Ne) (Mo.Ba) Pulchrastele (Mo.Hc) (Mo.Ph) Piilchritima (Mo.Ga.Un.Ar.Ga.Pl.Po) Pyanomya (Mo.Li) Ptyss(x.He) Piiha (Mo.Ga.Ru) Punjabia (Mo.Bi.Fo.Ne) Punctomosea (Ar.Ar.shkinella (Bz.In) Putrella (Fo.Ga.At) Plychomphalina Piilleiiia (Fo.Ga.Ga.Nt) (Mo.Bi.Ga.Ds) I'iNchciilimelhi Ptythomphaius Ptychiisalpinx Ptychosphacra Plychospirina Ptychostolis PjychoMoma Ar.Ga.Nt) Plychopeltis (Br.Ru) Pulvinites (Mo.De) Putealiceras (Mo.hiles (Mo.Pl.Ga.Sp) Puzosia Pimclolira (Br.Ar) (Mo.Sc.My) Pupalonia l"i\i.Pr) Puruiana Ptychogyra (Mo.Rj) Puperila Pl\i.Ne) Puriana (Ar.Ch.Ar) (Mo.Ar) (Mo.El) Plychix-osmites (Ec.Os.Ce.Te) Ptygmatis (Mo.Ce.Sl) Puicherproetiis (Ar. Animal Ghnera: Sepkoski 511 Piycharcestes (Mo.De) Purella (Mo.Pt) Pullvillites (Ar.Ga.As.Nt) Putzeysia Piinctobolivinella (Fo.Ar) (Bz.Fe) Ptycholyloceras (Mo.Fo.Ta) Plylop«ira (B/.Sc) Pupillaea Pt\i.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Fol Piiyiiaria (Br.Ga.Ar) (Mo.MI.Ne) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Pa) Pychaspis (Cd.In) Plychoceras Piigilina (Mo.Tr.Os.Fo.Tc) Puiiclothyris (Br.Ar.Ga.Ga.Pt) Pusia (Mo.An.Ch.Ar.St) Pu.Ga.Ne) (Mo.Ce.Na) Piingitius (Mo.Ar.Os.Bi.liobcllcrophon (Mo.Or) Pulvinostrea (Mo.Ce) Punka Pupa ueaprislis (Cd.Di) Pugnelkis (Mo.Ga.Pt) PiiiKlaparchites (Ar.Nt) Ptychomya (Mo.In) PuiKlurellopsis Pyenoceras (Mo.St.Ce.Cr.Ar) Puneloschmidtella (Ar.Bi.Pt) PuLsellum (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ho.Anil (Mo.De.Ga.Fo) Puncti.Cr.Rj) Puncloprimitia (Ar.Gy.Ani) Pupillaria Puchoblastus (Ec.Os.Pt) Ptyciolhyris (Br.Ch) Plychncaulus (Mo.Ga.Ru) Ptyetodus (Cd.Ga.Va) PtycUxlopsis (Cd.Ga.Pt) Punctospira (Mo.An.Ga.Tr.Ch) (Cd.Ch.ispis (Ar.St) Pustularia (Mo.Tr.Ga.Ri) ['iiKiphonina (Fo.At) Punipagia (Mo.Sc) Pustula (Br.Ar.Cr.Re.Ar.Ar.Ar.Ve) Pvcnodonle (Mo.Os.Bi.Sp) Ptychopegma (Mo.ln.Nt) Piigilis (Br.St.hoh.Nu) (Mo.eras (Mo.Ga.St) Puricyiheretla (Ar.Sp) Pyenactoides (Cn.Ga.Nt) Ptychixlesma (Mo.inn|i|i\ lliiiu (Cn.Ar.Cr) ueahatis (Cd.Ga.Ve) Pullenoides (Fo.Ga.Ga.Fo.Rh) PuiiL't<ispirirer (Br.Ec.Ce) (Mo.Ga.As) iianospiiiler (Br.Ga.Am) Plychosyrinx (Mo.Bl.Cl) Pulehellia (Mo.Ne) Purpurina (Mo.Tr.seala (Mo.Ve) Piychixlus (Cd.A CoMi'i-Nnu'M (II Fossil Marini-.Ga.Ar) Piycholepis (Cd.Ga.Os.Fo) Pusiolina Ptychoparella (Ar.Nt) Plychoglyplus (Br.He) Punetiirella Pyenocalyptra (Po.Sp) (Ar.Os.Ar.Pr) l'i\ch.Fo) Puyseguria (Mo.Rh) Purpurellus Ptychodesia (Po.Ar) Puellina (Bz.Rh.An.Rh) Purpura Ptychocrinus (Ec.Tr.Ar.Sp) Pycnobasis (Bz.Bi.Ga.Po) Pusionella (Mo.Ar) (Mo.Nt) Purpuradusta PlychiKylindrites (Mo.Cl) Purpurocardia (Mo.Un) Punillaspis (Ar.Fo) Pusillina (Mo.Tr.Po) Plychochaeleles (Po.Ru) Plyctorhynchia (Br.Pt) Purisiphonia (Po.Ar.Bi.Ar) (Mo.Nt) Plychopteria iMo.He.ilructus liherieyathus (Pr.Tr.Ga.Fo) Pusillaster (Ec.De.St.Rh) Piignax (Br.Po) Pusula (Mo.Be) (Mo.Tr.Anil Pulchricapitus (Ar.Ph) Pycnodesnia (Po.Nt) Punclatrypa (Br.Am) Puppigerus (Mo.An.Li) Puanatrypa (Br.Ce.Rh) Punclspinatrypa (Br.Ar.Ph) PiiKillites (Ar.Nt) Plychoparopsis ( PiiKidis (Mo.De.Ga.Fo.Pa) Piilviclla (Ar.Os.Pt Punetella (Pr.Ro.Pt) Puniilindocrinus (EcCr.Ga.Nt) Pyenactis (Cn.Ml.Bi.Ar.Ar.Ar) Puruniiiella (Mo.At) Putilla (Mo.Ga.Ta) Puyiiiiiicaiida (Ar.Ga.Pr) Ptychomelopiis (Ar.Tr.iin.Pr) Puposyrnola PlychiK-aris (Ar.Am) (Mo.Pt) Pulsia (Br.Nt) Pimiiloeytheridea (Ar.Li.Nt) ri\i.He) Plykloplychion (Cd.Ga.Am) Plychoris (Mo.Re.An.Mo) Plychoirygon (Cd.Bi.Ar.Ar.Ne) Plychonialetoechia (Br.Ga) Pyenocrinus (Ec.Os.Fo) Pustulifer (Mo.Ga.Ga.Ce.li.He.MI.As) Piiyetlia (Ar.Pe) Puzosigella (Mo.Ga.He.Ce.Pt) Punetospirclla (Br.Sp) Pyenaspis (Cd.Ce.Ar.Ga.Ce) ii.Po) Pustulina (Ar.Ga.Tr.St) Pusillaboles (Ar.Sp) Pudoproetus (Ar.Aj) Ptychopyge (Ar.Ga.Ce.Ce) Pugnoides (Br.Ga.Nt) (Mo.Po) Putapacyathus (Po.Ve) PunetOLyrtella (Br.Tr.Ar) (Mo.Po) Ptychophyllum (Cn.Pa) Pyeinaster (Ec.Ch) Purdonella (Br.Fo.De) Plychophylloceras (Mo.Bi.Fo.St.Ar.Pt) Pustulopora (Bz.St) Plychoparoides (Ar.Ar) Puebloiles (Mo..Po) PiiL-liasiraea (Cn.My) Pustulatia (Br.Ar.Ga.As) Punelatiles (Ec.Pt) Plychozone (Mo.s.Ch.Be) Piicheiiquia (Mo.i (Ar.Ar.An.Ar.In) Putilovocrinus (EcCr.Fe) Puneturiella Pycnoclonella (Po.Pt.At) Pyenobrochus (Br.Os.Ch.Tr.Sp) Ptychocephalus (Ar.Ar) Punctatus (Pr.Rh) Pukhrilamina (Po.Sp) Piilleiiiatina (Fo.Ne) (Mo.Un) PlygmaLlmtn (Br.De.Cc) Piychopleurites (Ar.Cl) Pustulospirit'erina (Br.Ar.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Gy.Mo) PlytlMrigis (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Ga.Ne) Pusillagutta (Br.Un) Pusiulobairdia (Ar.Ar.He) I'lychocladia (Fo.Ar.Ar.Ce.Un.0.Os.Tr.Tr.Rh) Purmanarcoceras (Mo.Tr.Bi.Ga.Pt) Pustuloplica (Br.Ga.Cr.Bi.Pt.Os.Ce.Ce.Ne) Ptychoparia (Ar.Ce.Pt) Pulehratia (Br.Sp) Plychopleurella (Br.

Py) Pyrazella Pycnoidocoscinus Po.Fo.Bi.Ds) Pyrina (Ec.Di.Li) Quadricellaria (Bz.Pr) Pygocephalus Ar.Po) Pycnolithus Cn.Nt) (Ac.Tr.Ru) Qinghaispiriferina (Br.Tr.Fo.Sa) Pyramidalhyris Br.Sp) Qiannanophylluiii (Mo.St) Pyramidella Pyxiprimitia (Ar.Nt) (Mo.As) Pygmaeoconus Mo.Ra.Ga.Phi Qilianoconcha (Br.Rh.Os.Nt) (Mo.BL.Ga.Cr.He) Mo.Ga.Ru) Mo.Ga.Sp) Pytine (Ar.Sp) Pythonoceras (Mo.Gy.Fo.Bi.Cn) Pyramidoccras Mo.Ls 1 .De) Quadricollina (Ar.Fo.Is) Qiongzhounia (Mo.Os.Rh) Pyrgiscilla Qingyenia (Br.Fo) Pygurosuinia Ec.Ga.Sc.Sp) Pycnospongia Po.Ne) (Mo.Po) Pyrgo (Fo.Pa) Pyrocytheridea (Ar.Ec.Ga.Ar.Ga.Ch) Pycnodus Cd.Os.Ga.Bi.Fo) Mo.Gy.Tr.Ga.Ch) Quadratojavvorskiella (Mo.Fo.Ec.Ar) Pyrazisinus Pycnoidocyathus Po.Ra.Cr.Pt.Gy.Po) Pyranius Mo.Ne) Quadratiphyllia (Cn.Co.Ar) Cd.Tr.Un) Qilianopora (Bz.Ar.Po) Quadricarina (Mo.Ga.Po) Pygaster Ec.Na) Pyttstrigi.Ar.Os.Ar.St) Quadrolhcca (Hy.Ar.Ga.Ar.Ly) Quadritarius (Br.Pa) Pygorhytis Ec.Ec.Re) Quasiborelis (Fo.Ho) Pyrulella (Bz.Sp) (Bz.Os.Pa) Quadrochiles (Pr.An.Fo) Pygmochonetes Br.Te) Pyrgulina (Mo.He.Ne) Quadridigitahs (Ar.Ds) Pyrulinoides (Fo.Sp) Pycnosaccus Ec.Nu) Pygocaris Ar.Ar.Ga.Bi.Ra.StI Pyriporella (Bz.Ml.Ga.Ed.Ar.Os.Gy.Ch) Quadri.Pt) Quadrilhyrina (Br.Ga.EcDsl Pyropsis (Mo.My) Pyrocystites (Ec.Ar) Pygidiolampas Ec.Ar.ln) Qinlingophyllum (Cn.Os.Un.Bi.Fo.Ar.Se) (Mo.Ci) 1 (Ac.Os.Un) PyrausliKTaniuni Ar.He) Qinlingia (Br.Hy.An.Cc.Fo) Qiushougouceras (Mo.Ga.An.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Vel Pyriporopsis (Bz.At) Pyramina Br.Pt) Pygaeus Cd.He) Quadracythere (Ar.Pa) PyramihUistus Ec.Ci) Quadragnostus (Ar.Ec.Ar.Ht) Pygmaeocrinus Ec.Sp) Pygopistes Ec.Fo) Pyripora (Bz.Eu) Pyrenocrinus (Ec.Fo) Quadrimedusina (Cn.Ga.Ca) Pythina (Mo.Fo.Ga.Bi.In.Br) Pyrgocystis (Ec.Ar.Po.PLAr) Quadrorites (Pr.Ec.Go) Pyraniispongia Pyramistomia Po.Un) Quasibuntonia (Ar.Fo.An.Li.Ir.Ru) Quantoxocrinus (Ec.Ar.Co) Pyrogochonia (Po.Ce) Quadrinioq^hinella (Fo.Tr) Pyrenoturris Qingthyris (Br.Fo.El) Pycnotrochus Cn.Ca) Pygospalangus Ec.Pf) Pyrgolidium (Mo.Sp) Pyxipoma (Mo.Ce.Nt) Qalaraspis (Cd.Ar.Rh) Pycnosteroides Cd.Cr.He) (Mo.Ne) (Mo.Ar.Ca) Pyrulina (Fo.Py) Pyrgoma (Ar.Un.Cr.Ca) Pyrgopolon (An.Ga.Fo) Quadrosiphogonuchiles (Cn.St) Quasiavonia (Br.Sc) Ac.Li) Pyrgites (Pr.Nt) Qilianotryma (Br.Fo.Ch) Quadratonucula (Mo.Fo) Qinlingotoechia (Br.Bi.Ne) yiannanites Qiiangyiiania (Br.He) (Mo.Ar.Sp) Pycnostylus Pyrgoella (Fo.Mo) Quadrithyris (Br.Sp! Pyrene (Mo.Ag) Pygaulus Ec.De.St) Qiansispirifer (Br.He.Ar.Fo.Ta) Qiiadrostrca (Mo.Ra.Bi.Tr) Quasicravenoceras (Mo.Ar..Pa) Br.Un.Ra.MI.Te) Pycnopegma Po.Ne) Qiaotingaspis (Ar.Ne) Qingiiania (Ar.Ec.Cr) Quadrilia (Ar.Ra.Ga.Os.Sp) (Pr.Fo) Pyguropsis Ec.Te) Pyrospongia (Po.Ar) Pygorhynchus Ec.Ar) Pyrazus Pycnolepas Ar.Sp) Pyracneica Br.Tr.In) Pyrifusus (Mo.Ar) (Mo.On Oianbeilites (Cn.Fo) Quadrilobella (Ar.Sl.Sp) Pycnoria Br.Ga.Cr.Tr) Pygoconcha Pygodus Ar.Rh Pyricavea (Bz.De.Os.Fo) Qalaria (Fo.Fo.Tr.St.Tr.Go) (Cn.Ar.Ru) Pycnosterinx Cd.Pt) Quadrisonia (Br.Ga.Ga.Os.Di) Quadratotrigonia (Mo.Pt) Pyramidulina Fo.De.Ce.Nt) (Mo.St.Pt) Pyrgocythara (Mo.Ch) Quadrilatera (Mo.Re) Pycnomphalus Mo.An.Ar.Nt) Quadrochonetcs (Br.Ec.Ga..Bi.Un.Rh) Pygniaeoseistron Fo.Ec.Ar) Pyritonema (Po.Ga.Fo.Ca) Pyriiclia (Mo.Ar.Cl) Qinglongia (Br.Ga.Fo) Qingl<ouia (Ar.Ne) Qispiriferina (Br.Ar.Ta) Pyrenina (Fo.Ve) Pygecystis Pyrgotrochus (Mo.Ar.Sp) Pyxion (Ar.Ca 1 Pyruspongia ( Quadrinervus Pyguriis Ec.Bulletin 363 512 (Mo.Os.Os.Ar.Fo) Qianjiangclla (Br.Un) Pyramidelloidcs Mo.Ga.Ga.Cc) Quadraticephalus (Ar.Ec.Co.Tr) Pygocardia Mo.He.He) Quadrans Quadrapesus Quadratapora Quadfatia (Br.Ir.Ga.Tr.Cr.Rh) Quasicaris (Ar.Ve) Quadriremis Pyktes Mo.He) Mo.Cb.Ce.semicoscinium (Bz.Ca) Pyrgozyga Pygites Br.Ga.Fo.Sp) QuasiboHvjnella (Fo.Cr.Os.Gy.Ec.Fe) Pyloctostylus Ac.Ac) Pylostcphanidium Ac.Ga.s (Ar.St.Gy.Pt) Pycnopora Bz.Rh) Ec.An.Hy) Pyrainimilra Mo.Un) Quadrolaniiniella (Po.Ga.Arl Pyrgolampros Qiyangia (Mo.Ca I Pyrunculus (Mo.Ar.Ar.Bi.Ec.De.Ls) Quadratoproetus (Ar.Ml.Tr.An.Ar.Fo) Pyraniitoma Qijiangia (Ar.An.Te) Pyxidocyalhus (Pr.Sp) Qianomena (Br.Bi.Ch) Quadratobuliminella (Fo.Sp) PyrulofuMis Quadrimorphina (Fo.Os.Nu) Pycnosteus Cd.Cl) Pyraniisasteria Cn.Nt) Pythmenema Quadriscutella Pylentonema Ac.ln) Pygoltia Mo.Ne) Quadrijugator (Ar.ln) Pyramidina Fo.Sa) Pyrgiscus (Mo.Tr.Pa) Pygomalus Pygope Ec.Or) (Mo.Sp) Pyndaxocrinus Ec.Ce.Cl) Pyxidocrinus (Ec.Os.St) Pygmaella Br.Li) Pyrenomitra Qingshuihella (Ar.Ho) Quadratirhynchia (Br.Bi.Pr) Pyromaia (Ar.Rh) Qinghaiphyllum (Cn.Pa) Pygopyrina EcEc.

Po) Racvetina Ar.Pr) (Mo.An.On) Quondogia Quoyia (Br.Hy) Radioplica Po.Nt) Rabdacanlhus (Cd.Ca.At) (Po.De.Os.Cc) Ramipora (Bz.Po) Quydatflla (Fo.Ani) Radiocyclopeus Fo.Ve) Ranicella (Ar.Bi.An.Ani) Radnoria Ar.Tr.Un) Raetomya Mo.Dc.Tr.Rj) QiiasiiitcK'eras (Mo.Fo.Li) Radulopecten Mo.Ec.Hc.St) Quasiihambonia (Br.Fo) Rachiosoma Ec.St.Os.Pe) Ranisetia (Mo.Fo.Co) (Mo.Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 513 Quasicyclammina (Fo.Ar.Bi.Li.Cr.Ru) (Fo.St) Radotruncana Fo.Fo) Radulinus Cd.Pol Rackirhynchia Br.An.Fo.Ho.Po) Ramalmerina Ramavectus Quebctoceras (Mo.Li) Rangimata (Mo.Bi.Ce.Pt) Ramosites (Mo.Fo.Sp) Quasi\erheekina (Fo.St.An.Tr.Ec.Os.Tr.Ar.ln) Raltina (Bz.Ch) (Br.St.Os.St) Radicicyathus Pr.Fo.Tr.Ar.Mo) Rakusites (Mo.Ga.St.Ve) Quasiiregularina (Fo.Ar.Pl.Tr.Pal Rachyccntron Cd.Pl.Be) Radiothalamos Po.Anl Radonia Ar.Ga.Fo) Rahbahthalmia Rahouiarhynchia (Po.He) Quinnites (Mo.Ch) Quinqucremis (Ac.Cc) Quinquecaudex Quinquecosta (EcCr.Bi.Fo.Ph) Raltinella (Bz.Fe) Quasispiroplcctammina (Fo.Bi.Fo.Ar.Rj) Qiiasiniarlina (Br.De.Cc) (Fo.Ch) Mo.Bi.Ce.Cc) Ramacrinus (Ec.Un) Ramulina (Fo.Cy) Radiacoiidyla Mo.Bi.St.Ct) Quasilliles (Ar.Ra.Os.Fo) Radicanalospongia Po.Ve) Ranellina (Mo.Cl) Radiopecteii Mo.Un) Radiolites Mo.Os.Ar.Os.Cc) Rampartaspis (Ar.Tr.De.Nt) Rabanitina (Fo.St.Cr.Go) Radiastrea Rakhia (Mo.Bi.Li) Raineria (Cd.Ve) Radiograptus He.Os.Os.St) Quasilusiilinoides (Fo.Nt) Radiolichas Ar.St) Rangia (Mo.Un.Nt) Radstockiceras Mo.Os.Na) Radiatrypa Br.Ve) Radiocavaria Bz.He.Ru) Mo.Ec.Fo) Rachiosteus Cd.Pt) Random ia (Mo.Ar.Bi.Pl.Nt) Raniceps (Cd.Fo.Gy.Sp) Radiostroma Po.Di) Rainulophyllum (Cn.Li) Radiciphyllia Cn.Bi.EI) Rabeignathus Rafinesquina Br.Fo) Rudicipora Bz.Ta) Radiocyphus Ec.Ga.Os.Rh) Raina (Mo.Cy) Quinlingia (Br.Fo) Radiaxialia Pr.Os.Ce.Aii.Ar.Po) Raja (Cd.Ce) Quasiliiuotuba (Fo.Fo.EI) Radinista Mo.Fo) Raeta Bz.Fo) Quitalia (Ar.Os.Ce.Bi.Cl) Radiotrabeculopora Po.St) Ramofilisparsa (Bz.Bi.Cr) Raha (Br.Sp) Radiostuttelum Ar.Ax) Ramseyocrinus (Ec.Ne) Ragadinia Po.Ph) (Bz.Li.An.Ga) I (Br.Co) Quiriagiles (Br.Fo) Rabilimis Ar.Fo.Po) (Br.Fo) QuasiluMilina (Fo.Pe) Radialodonta Cn.De.Fo) Rackovskia Po.Pt.Ce.In) Raashellina (Ar.Fo.Al) Racemiguembelina Fo.Ph) Railtonella (Br.Ce.Sc) Radioconus Cn.Un) Quendreda (Mo.Po.Ca.Ga.Co.Ce.Tr.De) Raadshi)u\enia (Fo.Ar.Go) Quebecaspis (Ar.Cr.Fo.Fo.Tr.Rh) (Br.Tr.Nt) Ramellina (Cn.My) Ragozinia Mo.Tr.Hi) Ramiporidra (Bz.Os.Ru) Qujinolcpis (Cd.Fo) Quilmannites (Mo.Ru) Raibosammina (Fo.An.Cc) Qucnstedticrinus (EcCr.He.An.Fo) Raduloneclites Mo.In.Pa) Quasirolalia (Fo.Te) Ramina Ramiphyllum (Mo.Foi Rachaniephylluin Cn.Mi) Radiobrissus Ec.Ga.St.Tr.Tr.Fo.As) Radiotrypa Bz.Ar.Cl) Qui/houspirifer (Br.Ce.Bi.Am) Quasihermanites (Ar.Am) QuasipcloNU> (Ac.Pe.As) Quoiecchia (Mo.Go) Radiolus Ec.Cr.Ar) Rabienella (Ar.Ch.Sc) Ratanoglossa Br.Po) Rabienitcs (Ar.Sp) (Mo.Pt) Radimatrypa Br.Pl.Spl Radiaspis Ar.In) Qiiensledtia (Mo.Pt) Radulopora Ranella (Mo.Ph) Ramulinella (Fo.St Radiopyge Ar.Ar.Ce.Ga.Ec.De.Ru) Queraltina (Fo.Ve) Ramenta Ramesses Ramia QuenMedtiphyllia (Cn.Fo.Gy.Ce.De) Ramiporalia (Bz.An.Bi.Ar.Ml.Ve) Quasipctallcluhys (Cd.Fo) Radiotascigera Bz.Pt) Raancspongia (Po.Cr) Quenstedtoceras (Mo.Os.Bi.St.Pt) Qiiinqucnella (Br.Un) (Bz.Nt) (Cn.Sc) Randallia (Ar.Gr.He.Tr.Hc) Ramifer (Pr.My) Quisquc (Cd.Ce.Ai) Raimbaiitina (Ar.Bi.Bi.Ga.Ga.Hi) (Po.Od Rajorhina (Cd.Ph) Radiophyllum Cn.Ku) Radiniella Ar.Cy) Oiiiniocrinus (Ec.Ga.Li) Ramiporella (Bz.Ce.Un) Ramispongia Ramochitina Quinquecapsularia (Ac.Pa) Quasiulyploplcura (Ar.Os.As) Radiurus Ar.My) Raha Mo.Ce.Ga) .My) Rangea (Cn.Fo.Ch.St.Cy) Quidnipagus (Mo.St.Ar.St) Raincourtia (Mo.St.Ve) Rabicea (Cd.Ar.Ar.Fo.Sp) Radoceras Mo.Pe) Quasidavidsonia Quasicndothyra (Fo.Ch.Po.Ga.Pt) Raimondiceras (Mo.In.Fo.Fo) Racodiscula Po.Fo.Ar.Tr.Ra) Rabdastrea (Cn.Cr.Fo) Rananasus (Ar.Os.Ds) Quassisipho (Mo.St) (An.Ra.Li) Rangeroceras (Mo.Eu) (Cd.Fo.Ht) Rallacosta (Br.Fo.Cr.Bi.Pr) Ramusites (Ec.Ra.Ar.Cy) Quimalea (Mo.Ly) Ramovsia Ramovsina Quinqucloculina (Fo.Pe.De.Ga.He) Quebecia (Br.St) Ramphonotus Ramphoprion Ramphosus QuiricoboluN (Mo.Fo) Quepora (Cn.Hy.St.Pr) RaniLilocrinus (Ec.Ds) Radiolitella Mo.Sp) Radiomena Br.De.Os.Tr) Radotina Cd.Ph) Ramallichthys (Cd.Go) (Ar.At) Rakverella (Ar.Ar.Ac) Ramussenoceras (Mo.Un.Fe) Quasisirophonella (Br.Fo) Radiopora Bz.St.Pt) Randiccphalus (Ar.St) (An.Fo.Am) Ranapeltis (Ar.Ds) Quitaceira (Ar.Ne) Radicispongia Po.Fo) Quinquelithes (Hy.

Fo.Is) Reginacypris (Ar.Po) Rapopsis (Mo.An.Fo) Reifia (Cd.Os.Ca.Fo.Li) Rayonnoceras Reacalymene (Ar.Fo) Regnellicrinus (Ec.Eu) (Mo.Pr) Rebusum Reedella (Fo.Pt) Rariclla (Br.Os.Ar.Ce.Fo.Fo.ln.Ga.Ra.Sc) Reeftonia (Br.Sa) Reedocalyniene (Ar.Cy) Redpathoeeras (Mo.Bi.Fo) Reginea (Ar.Is) Redlichella (Br.Fo.Fo.An.Ar.Ar.St.Ed.Ce.Ar.Ar.Ar.Ce.Ls) Rectithyris (Br.Fo) Regnellicystis (Ec.Fo.Ce) Ratbiiria (Br.He.Or) Rectobolivina (Fo.Pe) Refrathella (Ar..Ar) (Mo.Tr.Fo.Ar.Fo) Rastellum (Mo.Ga.Ve) Reeftonella (Br.Fo) Reineckeites (Mo.Na) Rawdonia (Br.Tr.Ar.Ce.Ce.Os.As.Os.De) (Mo.Fo.Tr.Ga.Pt) Rcdstonea (Cn.Ph) Raphibeliis Rectella (Ar.Pa) Reimanelasma (Cn.Os.Un) Raphischisnia (Mo.Pa) Reineckeia Raulinia (Mo.Tr.Ne) (Mo.Ga.Ve) Remaniella (Ci.Sp) Recurvella (Mo.ln) Rejkocephalus (Ar.ln) Raslritcs (He.Un) Rasia (Mo.De.Ac) Redocia Rankenclla (Po.Ar.An.Pt) Rectitriordo (Ec.Di) Raphidiiiphoiiis (Mo.Fo) Rciiiianiphvllia (Cn.An.Po.Ca.Fo.MI.De) Raymondiceras (Mo.Bi.Am) Recticardo (Mo.Fo) Remesella (Fo.St.Fo.Hy) Reediella (Ar.Fo) Regubea (Ar.Nt) (Mo.Tr.Fo) Recianiuilus (Po.Ga) Reagenaspis (Ar.Fo) Rauniles (Br.Os.Ar.Bi.Os.Mo) Raiikiniaii (Cd.TrAs) PhaiKonillia (Fo.Po) Reedoconcha (Br.Cr.Li) Rarilenestella (Bz.Fo.Fo.Po) Reedsoceras (Mo.Gr.Am) Raphiophorus (Ar.Ga.Cr.Pt) Rectirhynehia (Br.Po) Reisocyalhus (Cn.As) Rcdkinia (Pr.Os.He) Rectosiipulina (Fo.Ec.De) Rectoseptagloniospirane (Fo.Fo.Ne) Rayinondaspis (Ar.Di.Bi.Os.Li) Raviirona (Mo.Fo) Ravicnops (Ar.Ga.Rh.Am) Rasmussenoceras (Mo..Fo.Ce.Po.An.Fo) Reichelina (Fo.Os.Tr.Tr.Tr.Ch.Ch.Tr.Fe) Rectochernyshinella (Fo.Hv) Rectocibicides (Fo.Pr) R a pan Recrosalenia (Ec.Pa) Ralcliltcspongia (Po.He.Na) Recilites (Mo.Te) Raphidocicliciis (Ac.Va) Relanus (Ac.Os.Os.Ga.Ce.Fo) Reinversella (Br.Or) Recurvaster (Ec.An.Po) Regispongia (Po.Or) Rectolournayellina (Fo.Ntl Rebeccapecten (Mo.Pl) Recurvina (Mo.Am) Rectocyclammia (Fo.Ve) Remesia (Cn.As) Rectigrewingkia (Cn.Di) Rarocyathus (Pr.Ar.As) Ranulai'ia (Mo.El) Reisvvigia (Po.De.Ne) Reetoseptatournayella (Fo.Fo.l Rcmesinietra (Ec.Fo.Ca.He) Recurvacanthus (Cd.Tr.Cr) Rectoclymenia (Mo.Un) (Hy.Fo.Ph) ReclseptOL-eras (Mo.Tr.Fo.Ca.Ph) Rapanecpliora (Mo.Re.Pt) Redoubtia (Pr.Ph) Rectospinella (Ar.Ru) Ranuiiculoproelus (Ar.Po) Redniondina (Fo.Fe) Reesidites (Mo.Eu) Reetigypidida (Br.Pt) Rectobairdia (Ar.Li.Di) Reetoelphidiella (Fo.Fo.Fo.Fo.Bi.Ce..Ne) Regalilima (Mo.Tr.Tr.Fo) Ravnostomia (Mo.Di) RecIaiiibitLis (Br.Or) Realeksella (Bz.Fo.Fo) Rcctolrachylcbcris (Ae-.Fo.Go) Redlichaspis (Ai.Bi.De) Raymondina (Ar.Am) Rauna (Ar.Cr.Un.Cr.Fo) Raoullius (Ac..MI.Am) (Mo.Fo) Reinianopliyllum (Cn.St.Hy.Ce.Re) Ranililbrmis (Ar.Ga.Cm) Raphispira Raphistoma Raphistdinina Rapliiloma 11.MI.Tr.Ce.Ce.Fo.C'r.Hy.Bi.Fo.Re) Ravozetina (Br.Ar.Os.Fo) Rectolrophia (Br.Tr.Ar.Po) Regulaecystis Rasellia (Ar.In) Recticostastraea (Cn.ln) Raiuuthis (Br.Ga.Nt) Rectuvigerina (F'o.Re) Recloplacera (Ar.Ar) (Mo.Tr.Sc) Raldiisiis (Mo.Os.Gr) Rcctomillcrella (Fo.Fo.Ds) Rarissimetus (Hy.Ro) Raymondicriiuis (Ec.Sp) Rectoeponides (Fo.Os.Fo) Rehbachiella (Ar. In) .Aj) Rcetodictyoconus (Fo.An.Fo.Ne) (Mo.Ce.BI.Pt) Rectogloinospira (Fo.An.Fo) Reichelinella (Fo.St) Raplianitcs (Mo.Bi.De) Rayniondites (Ar.Os.Fo) Rastelligera (Br.Ce.Ga.Sc) Rauscrina (Fo.De) Rectotormentum (Ac.MI.De) Raymoorea (Ar.Po) Redlichops (Ar.Pa) Rectiplanes (Mo.Bi.Bi.Re) Kaiiikothulia (Fo.Tr.Ani) Rectocornu.Te) Regina (Ar.Pr) Redlichina (Ar.Ar.Ga.Ph) Redoiiia (Mo.Fo) Rehacythereis (Ar.Bulletin 363 514 Ranidina (Ar.Sp) Reinholdella (Fo.St) Roctoiiaria (Ar.Ac) Ranilia (Ar.Ne) Renicra (Mo.Ga.Os.He) Raridiuiii (Br.MI.Fo.Fo) Reitlingerina (Fo.Re) Ranina (Ar.Pt) Rectocypris (Ar.Ph) Rectifenestella (Bz.CI) Regoria (Mo.spira (Fo.Fo) Rayniondalia (Ar.Ce.Mt) Rasetlicyathus (Po.Pa) Rasettaspis (Ar.Ne) Rectalloides (Ar.Mt) Rascnia (Mo.Spi ReL'tobuiiti>nia (Ar.Ra.Ga.Rh) (Mo.Ru) Ratlibiinopiin (Ar.Pr) Rccurvoides (Fo.Ru) Refle)ria (Br.Pe) Reissella (Fo.Po) Regulifer (Ec.Fo) Reiflingites (Mo.Ar) Rectoendothyra (Fo.Rh) Regardrella (Po.Aj) Reedops (Ar.Po) Rasl'acrinus (Ec.Pa) Rcdicirce (Mo.Po) Regnardia (Po.Or) Rccloepislominoides (Fo.Ar.Os.St) Rauscrella (Fo.Or) Raphiddiiema (Po.Ta) Raymondella (Ar.Bi.Pa) Raricardium (Mo.Fo) Raninoides (Ar.Tr.MI.Ve) Rasenoides (Mo.Re.Re) Raninclla (Ar.Ce.Ar.Be) (An.Tr.Fo.Pl Redlic'hia (Ar.De.Os.MI.Bi.Fo) Regius (Ar.Ru) Raullia (Po.Ga.Tr.Ne) Rectoavesmella (Fo.Pa) Reigiopsis (Ar.Tr.Ga.Fo) Regozara (Mo.Fo.Ce.De) Rayneria (Ar.Ar.Ga.Ra.MI.Sp) Reedolithus (Ar.Ra.Sp) Rawlinsella (Ar.Ar.Pt) Rectocythere (Ar.Fo) Rehniannia (Mo.Os.Tr.

Ph) Retelea (Bz.An.Fo.Sp) Reninoviliicchia (Br.Os.In) Retipilina (Mo.Pt) Releogiaplus (He.Go) (Mo.In.Ec.Nc) Rhabdochitina (Fo.Di) Ren/iceras (Mo.Sp) Rc-innila (Mo.Ve) Reptocerilites (Bz.Ce.Ga.Ga.Bi.Pt) Remopleurella (Ar.Sc.Ch) Reticulocosta (Ar.Fo.In) Rhabdochites (Pr.Ce.Cr.Nc) (Mo.Ar.As) Relctu]m)liis (Po.Ar.Fo) Reynesella Reptoliinites (Bz.Cc) Reticycloceras (Mo.Nt) Resserella (Mo.Gy.Ar.Cc) Retilaskeya (Mo.Ga.Ru) Repionodicava (Bz.Ar.Tr.An.Or) Retizafra Rhabdoconcha Rhabdocora (Mo.St.Co.St.Nt) Retichonetes (Br.Di) Retusocriniis (Ec.At) Reutterodus (Cd.Ar.Sc) Rhabdites (Mo.Cy) Ren/ium (Ac.Ar.Cc) Revalotrypa (Bz.Nt) Resscraspis (Ar.Ce.St.Pa) Rhabdocidaris (Ec.Ga.Ch) Reticuloharpes (Ar.Gr.Fo.St.Ph) Retiolitc (He.St.Os.Fe) Reubenia Reudemannicrusta Rcnmplciirides (Ar.Un.An.Ce) Reliculochilina (Ar.Fo) Retisacculus (Ar.Un) Reussia (Bz.Pa) Replelea (Bz.Os.Ra.Be) Resatrix (Mo.Po) Rcplaria (Bz.Fo.Ar.Os.Co) (Mo.Os.Ta) Renca (Mo.Cr.St.St) Repmanina (Fo.Pt) Retiles (Br.Ar.Aj) Retrorsichela (Ar.Te) Reticulatochonetes (Br.Nc) Resseria (Ar.Ve) Retiopustula (Mo.Os.Os.Ar.Cn) Reussiana (Ar.Fo) Reticulocambria (Ar.Ce.Gy.Gy.As 1 lluni (He.St) Reussoolina (Fo.Pf) Reptocavea (Bz.Ga.St.Gy.Ph) Revalocrinus (Ec.Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 515 Reminglonocetus (Cd.Os.Os.Fo.Ar.Bi.Po) Re\isylthere (Ar.Ce.St) Reuscholithus (Ar.El) Requienia (Mo.Tr.St.Fo) Reymenticosta (Ar.St) Relroplexus (Br.Gy.Ga.Gr.Re) Retrocypoda (Ar.Hi) Retinoda (Ar.Ga.Nc) Retcporollina (Bz.Po) RepKifascigera (Bz.Cr.Tr) Reophacella (Fo.Pt) Renibeyricliia (Ar.Co) Rensselandioidea (Br.Ce.Re) RetrtK-litendcKcras (Mo.Tr.Ga.St.Tr.Os.Cc) Reticulophragjiiium (Fo.Bi.Tr.An.Sp) Reticulipora (Bz.Be) (Mo.An.Cc) Retiniarginifera (Br.Fo) Revalopora (Bz.Vo) Reteporidra (Bz.Sl) Reticestus (Ar.Sc.Aj Reuentalina (Ar.De.Os.Sp) Reniondclla (Ec.Tr.He.Ch) Ret/iella (Br.Sp) Reussicoenia (Cn.Ec.St.Pe) Repiomulticlausa (Bz.Os.Fo.Nt) RcptiKlausa (Bz.Po) Revalocystis (Ec.Os.Fo) Reptomultisparsa (Bz.Ga.Bi.Sl) Rhabdit'erous (Mo.St.Po) Relicukiriopsis (Br.St.Sc) Ar.Cc) Reticulomedusa (Cn.Fo) Reticulina (Ar.Ar.De) Rcraspis (Ar.Tr.Ce.Cr) (Mo.Gr.Ch) Reticuloturris Reynesoceras Reptomullelea (Bz.An.Co) Reiaria (Br.De.De) Rhabdodenna (Cd.He) Reusella (Fo.Te) Reticulcoelia iPo.Sc! Reljculariina (Br.CI) Reteporidea (Bz.Sc) Renirsniilia (Cn.Un) Reticrisina (Bz.Mo.Ga.Gr.Bi.Un) Rctroceramus (Mo.An.Ar.Ph) Reticularia (Br.Fo) Reticuloceras (EcSt.Fo.St.An.Cc) Retccosciniis (Po.Ar.Hi) Reuschella (Br.An) Reticulaconularia (Cn.Po) Renngarlenella (Ar.Ar.Os.Ru) Resseropsis (Ar.Ar.Pt) Rhabdocrinus (Ec.Ar.Fo) Revssirella (Bz.Cc) Retroplunia (Ar.Te) Reticulatoconus (Mo.Cc) Reticulophrgnmides (Fo.Sc) Rensselaeria (Br.An.Fe) (Mo.Fo) Reymentella (Mo.CI) Renii/itcs (Ar.St) Rhabdotario (Cd.Ce.Ar.Ar.Tr.Ci) Resimopsis (Ar.Fo.Os.Tr.Ve) Relioph\ (Cn.Fo) Rensselaerina (Br.St.Os.Gr.Ga.Ani) Reliculinella (Fo.Cy) Reteocriiius (Ec.Sc) Reticulacella (Mo.Tr.In) Rhabdactinia (Po.Un) Rcsabulum (Mo.Sp) Reussicythere (Ar.Or) Koiiiismilia (Cn.Ax) Reveroides (Br.St.Tu) Reviya (Ar.Tr.Ar.Fo.Or) Reynesocoeloceras (Mo.Ar) Rhabdelasma (Cn.Bi.Ce.Ch) Resigia (Fo.Os.De) Rcniipyga (Ar.Ga.Un.Pe) Reophax (Fo.Fo.Ar.Pt) Rexea (Cd.Rh) Retepora (Bz.PI) Reniondia (Mo.In) Reussopsammia (Cn.Me) Repossia (Mo.Re.Am) ReplDinuIiicava (Bz.Gr) Retzia (Br.Cr.Bi.Ma.Am) (Mo.En) Rhabdocyclus (Cn.Ml.De) Rhabdofavia (Cn.Ch) Retzispirifer (Br.Or) Reticulocarpos Reversella (Br.Fo.An.Cc) Reticulogyra (Fo.Tr.Fo) Reniera (Po.Pa) Rhabdinopora (He.Tr.St.Tr.Sc) Rensselandia (Br.Fo.Os.Sc) Reiincnsisinilia (Cn.Or) Reticularia (Br.Ca.Pa) Reiiiopk'iiridiella ( Reiha (Mo.Sa) Retecava (Bz.Cc) Reussangia (Cn.De.An.Am) (Mo.Ce) Rcmisuvicrinus (Ec.Cc) Reticulopalmula (Fo.Cc) Reubenella (Ar.St.Cc) Reticuiograptus (He.Sc) Renniella (Ar.Cc) Retillamina (Po.St.Ph) Rcnithcca (Hy.Ch) Repteschariptira (Bz.Ar.Pa) Replcoskenidioides (Br.Te) Reticulatrypa (Br.Pt.An.St.Gy.As) Reteporina (Bz.Fo) Reticullina (Po.Ds) Retipirula (Mo.St.Ga.In) Resctocrinus (Ec.In.Sc) Reienoa (Bz.Os.Ce.Ce.Sc) .Ml.Cc) Retusa (Mo.Nc) Reliophyllia (Cn.Cl) Resserops (Ar.St) Reussiphyllon (Cn.An.Ar) Rhabdobelus Rhabdoceras Resegia (Pr.Hy) Keniilina (Fo.Ml.Fo.Bi.Pt) Retispira Rhabdocolpus (Mo.Pal Reticraticularia (Po.Ce.Di.An.Ru) (Mo.Pa) Reuschia (Cn.Fo.Tr.Ce.Go) Reversocypris (Ar.Cr.Un) Repladconella (Bz.Cc) Retifacies (Ar.Re.Os.St.Gy.An.Gr) Rhabdiodus (Cd.Or.Or) Resania (Mo.Pa) Reversoparaparchites (Ar.Rh) Rexithaerus (Mo.Sp) Reussiphyllia (Cn.Ar.Os.Ce) (Cn.Ch) Reniles (Mo.Or) Renaudia (Br.Ce.Ar) Reversascapha (Ar.Nt) Rhabdammina (Fo.Ir.Cr.Cc) Retrorsirostra (Br.Ar.Ga.Ar.

Pl.Te) Rliacolepis (Cd.Bi.He.Cr.Os.De) (Po.Ml.Ce.Os.Tr.Un) Rhizopsis (Po.Pl) Rhiphaeonautilus (Bz.Me.Re) Rhinoreedops (Ar.Li) Rhacochilus (Cd.Gr.As) Rhinobatos (Cd.Te) Rhinodipterus (Cd.Am) Rhinocarcinosoma (Ar.St) (Mo.Fo.Ar.St.Cy) Rhombobolivinella (Fo.Tr.Di) Rhodocrinites (Ec.Co.St) Rhinotreta (Br.Cr.Os.Di) Rhombicalvaria (Ar.Ce.Pt.An.Ce.Eu) Rhodalepus (Cd.St.RhJ Rharbichthys (Cd.Hi) Rhinophacops ( Rhombifera (Ec.Bi.Eu) Rhioidogyra (Cn.He) (Ac.St.Or) (Cn.Gy.Un.Rj) Rhodonaspis Rhodosphaera Rhodospyris Rhaeboceras (Mo.Fo.Os.Cr.Tr) Rhizoprionodon (Cd.s (Ar.Ta) Rhenopteru.Te) Rhinoderma (Mo.Os.Ch.As.Cl) Rhizostomites (Cn.Ar.Is) (Po.Pl) RhadiniK-y there (Ar.Ce.Pe) (He.Ml.Gy.Te) Rhomboidestoma Rhombopora (Bz.An.Ar) Rhomaleosaurus (Cd.Rh) Rhenanerella (Bz.Pf) Rhizopterion (Po.Re.Sc) Rhabdognathus (Cd.Pr) Rhizotetraclis (Po.An) Rhizocheton (Po.Ch) Rhipidiopora (Mo.As) Rhaeticonia (Cd.Tr.Ar.Fo) Rhadinites Rhenothyris ( Rhodesognathus (Cd.CnCl) Rhincodon (Cd.Me.Ta) Rheocrinus (Ec..Li I (Ac.Sc) Rhapidiiphy Rliabdopin (Cn.Gy.Ag) Rhipidophy Rhabdopleii riles (He.Ga) Rhomarchus (Cd.Re.Ml.De.Ga.Tr.Ga.Po) Rhiniopora (Bz.Ch.Co.Sp) Rhaphisiomella Rhabdopliyllia (Cn.He) Rhaela (Mo.Bi.Co) (Mo.Co) Rhenopyrgus (Ec.Sc) Rhenanoperca (Cd.Os.As) Rhipsites (Mo.Ce.Al) Rhipidothyris (Br.Bi.-\r.In) (Ar.Ch) Rhiphaeoclymenia Rhiphaeocyclus (Ar.Ar.Cy) Rhombina (Ar.Ch) Rhombampyx (Ar.Ra.Un) Rhizopoteronopsis (Po.Rh.Re.Ps) Rhaelavicula (Mo.Rh) Rhagasosloma Rhagnura (Bz.Be) Rhiphaeoceras (Cd.Cr.Ga.Ml.Ly) (Cd.Di) Rhipidocystis (Ec.Ru) Rhabdolomelra (Mo.Po.De) Rhenechinus Rhenocrinus (Ec.Bulletin 363 516 (Mo.An.Ve) Rhinocaris (Ar.My) Rhakisiella (Po.De.Te) Rhabdopiira (Bz.MlXe) Rhenanomya (Mo.Pf) (Bz.Sc) (Cd.On) (Bz.De) (Br.Pa) Rhabdolilhis (Ac.Na) Rhabdolynthus (Po.Ar) Rhoinbella (Mo.Ps) RhiniK-lavus (Mo.Os.Ce.Na) (Bz.Ra.Os.Os.Cr.St.Al) Rhamphegenys Rhamphexocoems Rhamphognaihus Rhamphonoslus Rhamphopyge (An.Go) (Mo.Fo) Rhaxelloides (Po.An.Pt.Ph) Rhocobairdia (Ar.Bi.Hy) Rhiibdolcpis (Cd.Na) (Mo.Bi.Ar.Os.Ce.Os.Cr) Rhampidoceras Rhapdoplcura Rhaphaocrinus Rhaphidograptus Rhaphidora Rhaphischisma Rliabdonelloides (Ci.St.Os.St.Ta) Rhipidognathus (Cd.Ly) Rhabdolelradiuiii (Cn.Eu) Rhogostomium (Po.Oc) (Ar.De.An.Os.Hi) Rhizophylloides (Cn.Co.Ce) (Ec.Na) (Mo.Ar.As) Rhechias (Cd.Fo) Rhinopoupinia (Ar.Li) Rhenania (Mo.St.Co) Rhabdoliles (Ec.Ar.Un) Rhachkicrinus (Ec.Te) Rhaetidia (Mo.Tr.Re.Ru) (Cn.An.Ve) Rhaptagnostus (Ar.Te) Rhaciorhynchia (Br.Cr) Rliabdcilndra (Cn.He.My) (Mo.Os.Ch) Rhadinopleura (Ar.Os.Ar) Rhipidogyra (Cn.De) Rhomboceras Rhombocladia Rhombocomiculuf Rhombocythere Rhombodictyon Rhacopora Rhacimnena Br.Ar.Gr.Gy.Sc.Gy.Ca) Rhabdomeson (Bz.Ar.An.Sc) Rhabdospimgia (Po.Hy.Di) (Ec.Ga.He.Ar.He.Os.De.Sp) (Ec.Re) Rhombodus Rhomboentomozoe (Cd.Ar.Ma.Fo.Tr.Rh) Rhipidocrinus (Ec.Pf) Rhenonema (Cd.Co) Rhadinoccras (Mo.Co) Rhenocystis (Ec.Gy.He.Ce.Fo.Ch) Rhenaster (Ec.He.Os.Li) Rhachisiognathus (Cd.Oh.Bi.Ra.An.Cr) Rhenops (Ar.Ed.Gy.Ar.Ma.Rh) Rhapydionina ( Fo.Ta) Rhipidomelloides (Br.Ru) (Cd.He.Co.Sc) Rliabdopilaria lliopsis Mum Hum Rhabdoplcuroides (He.Ve) RhiniK'ypris (Ar.Tr.Mo.Ve) Rhizodus (Cd.Ar.Rh) (He.Ru) Rhahdoiocochlis Rhegniaphyllum Rhegnopsis (Cn.Ph) Rhammaiopora (Bz.SuCc) Rhamphostomella Po.Ta) Rhectomyax (Mo.Ve) Rhinopiera (Cd.Cr.Ed) Rhodanicaris (Ar.Pt) Rhinocephalus (Cd.Pt.Sp) (Ac.As) Rhizammina (Fo.Ly) Rhabdotiiii) (Po.He.Fo) Rhipidosmilia (Cn.Ar.Ar.An.An.Fo) Rhabdosispongia (Po.Ch.Bi.My) Rhomboidella (Br.Ch) Rhinopora (Bz.Ce.Pa) Rhenothyra (Fo.Ph) Rhagosplecion ( Rhaiphialc (Mo.Gr) Rhipidodendrum (He.Sc) Rhaeliasiraea (Cn.Fo.Ar.In) Rhinoporella (Bz.Fo) Rhodesinella (Fo.De.Rh) Rhenosquama (Ec.Bi.Ar.Ec.Ar) (Bz.Ar.De.An.De.Bi.Fo.Tr.Ce) Rhizophyllum Rhizoplegma (Cn.Ga.He) Rhaetina (Br.Ch) Rhinosieus (Cd.Or) Rhapidothyris (Br.An.Ce) (Bz.Fo.Re) Rhebasia (Bz.St) Rhodanometra Rhodanopeza Rhodanospongia Rhadinichthys (Cd.Gv.Ga.Ey) Rhizostele (Po.Ne) .Po.Po) Rhacophyllites (Mo.Sc) Rhipidomella (Br.Pu) Rhizorus (Mo.Di) Rhadinocrinus (Ec.Pl.Ar) (Mo.Oh) (Fo.An.Cl) (Mo.Li) Rhairhiosoma (Ar.Am) Rhipidium (Br.Un) (Mo.Tr.He.Ch.Cs.Un.Or) Rhabdorbitoides (Fo.Mi) Rhizostromella (Cn.Gy.Ca) Rhabdouraca Rhabdus Rhabodosteus Rhacheopora (Ar.Ar) Rhamnaria (Br.Ra.Po) (Po.In) Rhaetoniegalodon (Mo.An.Cr.Sc.Ph) (Cn.Sp) Ar.Re.Fo) Rhactonhis (Br.Ga.Ch) Rhabdotubiis (He.Ch) Rhaxella (Po.Te) Rhipidoinena (Br.Po) Rhombedonium (Po.Cr) Rhomboporella (Bz-SuFe) (Ar.St) Rhenorensselaria (Br.Ch.My) (Pr.Ar) Rhaetinopsis (Br.Ho.De.De.Pt.Go) (Mo.Ar) Rhizothyris (Br.Hy.Ch) Rhizangia (Cn.Nt) Rhombaria (Br.Fe) (Pr.Or) Rhenostrophia (Br.As) Rhedensia (Mo.Di) Rhenogriffides (Ar.Os.Ce.Ga.Rh.Sc) Rhinochelys (Cd.Ce.

Fo.Ce.On) Rispolia (Ec.Ce.Pc) Robcrgia (Ar.Rh) Riograndella (Br.Sp) (Br.Nt) Rhynchodus (Cd.St) Ringiculella Rhopalicna (Po.Ga.Ce) (Mo.As) Rhynchospirina (Br.Pa) Rhynchorina (Br.Ch.Li) Rissoa (Mo.BI.Ga.Fo) Rhopostoma Rhoptrum RhymmiK-eras (Ec.Eo.Rh) Rictia (Br.Cc) Rhynchobatus Rhynchoceras Rhynchocerithium (Cd.Os.Os.Te) Rictocyma (Mo.Li.Pe) Riimilostoina (Cd.Os.Ga.Re.An) Rigbyella (Br.Fo.As) Riveroinella (Fo.Ce.Ga.Bi.Na) Rhynchonelloidclla (Br.Ro.Hi) Rhynthosircon (Mo.Ca) Richteria (Ar.Tr.Ar.Ar.Rh) Ridderia (Cn.Ce) (Mo.Bi.Ce.Nt) Richina (Ar.Bi.Po.El) Rhopalophyllia (Cn.Un) Rilalia (Ar.St.St) Rissopsetia (Mo.Fo) Rhynthotctra (Br.De.Aj) (Po.Or) Rhynchotrctina (Br.Go) Ribeiria (Mo.Te) Rioultina (Br.Rh) (Br.Un) Ripidiorhynchus (Br.Ar.Ce.Ma.Pa) Robertella (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ar.Nt) Richardsonella (Ar.Sc) Rhylirhynchla (Br.El) Rhynoleichus (Br.Cr.Ra.Al) Richlerarges (Ar.Ga.Am) Rhopalodictyum (Ac.Ce.Ga.St) Rhytimya (Cn.Os.Ar.An.St) Rionorhynchia (Br.Pe) Rimula (Mo.Fo.Ar.Tr) Rhyssoplax (Mo.Fo) Rhynchorthis (Br.Sp) Rhylialosia (Br.Ar.De.Pt) Rhysostrophia (Br.My) RissoiTiangelia (Mo.Rh) Rinialina (Fo.Bi.Os.Ar.As) Rhynchospirifcr (Br.Ce) (Mo.Te) Rhyssometropus (Ar.Tr.Ce) Ringifungia (Po.Ar.Sp) Rhytidolasma Ringiculopsis RhopaliKanium (Ac.Nt) Rhynchoferella (Br.Gy.Ce) (Mo.On) RhopalocystiN (Ec.Op.Bi.Ar.Pa) Risselloidea Rhynchodcrcctis (Cd.Ri) Ripleyella (Mo.Cc) Rislola (Ac.Or) Rigbyspongia (Po.Fo) Rhynthdlctraoides (Br.Pr) Rissocerilh)un) (Mo.Sp) Rimabollia (Ar.Os.St.De.Tr.Mo) Rhyncholrema (Br.Ra.Fo.Ne) (Mo.Rh) (Mo.He) Rhynchoncllina (Br.Cr.Ca) Rigaudites (Ec.Rh) Richihofenia (Br.Ar.Am) Riphaeoliles (Cn.Ce) (Mo.Rh) Rhopaloleulhis (Mo.Ne) Rolisonoceras (Mo.Ar.Pa) Rhynchonellopsis (Br.Rh Riniclla (Mo.Tr) Rhyssomytiliodes (Mo.Tr) Rhondellina (Br.Ph) (Mo.Hol Riasanites (Mo.Si) Risella (Mo.Ce.Rj) Riberina (Mo.Eu) Rioceras (Mo.Re.Ar.Ne) Rhytidoderma RhylidohopHtes (Po.Li.Ga.Os.Pr) Rissoina Rhyncholampas Rhynchomytilus (Ec.Bi.Di) Ribodon (Cd.Tr.Ga.Cl) Rhytistrophia (Br.Pt) Ridersia (Ec.Rh) Robcrtorthis (Br.Ne) Rhynchoptcrus (Mo.Ce.An) Richardsonoceras (Mo.Ra.Ga.Ga.Bi.Ga.Mc) Rhynobrissus (Bc.Rh) Rhopalosyringium (Ac.Or) Rhopalospongia (Po.Rh) Riniirhynchia (Br.Ec.Bi.Un) Richterelia (Ar.CII Rhytiodciualium (Mo.Ar) Robiis (Mo.Rh) Rictaxis (Mo.Nt) Rhynchoconger (Cd.Ch) Rimniyjimina Robinsonella (Br.Ec.Ar.Ga.Os.Po) Robcilina (Fo.Ga.Ch) (Mo.Tr.Os.Nt) (Mo.Bi.He) Ringiculina (Mo.Ma.Hd) Rhytiobeyrichia (Ar.Ne) Rinetrigonia (Mo.Li) Rhytidopilus Ringiculospongia Rhopalocoma Rhopakuonus (Ec.Os.Ac) Rhythmias (Cd.Ar.Th) Rhoptxriniis (Ec.Pl.Ne) Rhysomagis (Ar.Ar.Nl) Rhyssochonetes (Br.Ga.Po) Riniiilopsis (Mo.Ar.Ar.Ga.Ga.Ec.Aj) Rhynchoireta (Br.Pt) Rhombotrypa (Bz.Os.Tr.Fo.Ar.Pa) Ringinella Rhopalocrinus (Ec.Ce.Ar.Ar.Sp) Riniosodaphnelia (Mo.Re.Ar.Ar.Ce.Ra.Ra.Na) Rhytidophyllum Rhopalocoelia (Po.Ga.An.Os.Ar) (Mo.Ac) Rinaldoconchus Rhombostoma (Mo.De.De.Ce) (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Cr.Ar) (Mo.An.Ga.St.Na) Rhombotrypclla (Bz.Pt) Rineceras (Mo.Os.Ri) Ripisoecia (Bz.Ga.Ar.Ar.Rh) KIcinclla (Mo.St) Rinaldoinphalus (Mo.Rh) Rimouskia (Ar.Am) Ringiculocosta Rhopaloblastus (Ec.Sp) Rigideila (Ar.Fo) Rhynchopygus (Ec.Ar.An.Li) Rhytisia (Br.Ro.Os.Ru) (Mo.Sc.Ra.Ar) I Ringiculoptycha .Ga.Ho.Go) Rhytiophora (Br.Pt) Ri niacythcropleron (Ar.Ga.Pe) Ri/occras (Mo.Pt) Richleraspis (Ar.Li) Riasanospongia (Po.Ar.Ar.Ga.Ar) Rhombothyris (Br.Rh) Rimirhynchopsis (Br.An.Ga.Os.Ch.Fo.Ga.Rj) Rhysotreta (Br.Nt) (Mo.Mo) Roholiuni (Ac.Gy.Sc) Rhynchorinus (Cd.Ar) (Mo.Ga.St) Ripacubana (Fo.Hs) RhynchtKypraea (Mo.Ga.Ec.Li) Rhopaliies (Mo.Ga.Ap) Rivilhna (Ar.Sp) Rixator (Cd.Rh) Rimkinites Robcrtsonilcs (Ar.C}a.Os.Ce) Riorhynchia (Br.Ar.Ar.Ga.Nt) Kistnacrinus (Ec.As) Riscllopsis (Mo..Ru) Riuguhdrilha (Mo.He.Be) Rhytisoria (Br.Ce.Fo) Rhvselasma (Br.Ga.Ar.Na) Rhytisodon (Cd.Fo) Robcrtinoides (Fo.Pt) Rohiiloides (Fo.Tr.Ga.Nt) Kobcrtiolynlhus (Po.As) Rinconia (Ar.Pf) Ringicula Rhopalastruni (Ac.Ga.Ar.Bi.Ar.A Compendium of Fossil Marine Animal Genera: Sepkoski 517 Rhombopsis Rhombopicria Rhomboplervgia (Mo.Eo.Te) Rigauxia (Br.Ds) Rhynchonclloidea (Br.Ar.Ar.Ar.Bi.Os.Te) Rimmyjniima (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Ta) (Po.Ar) (Bz.Ce.Fo.Po) Rhynchocymba (Cd.My) Rissolina (Mo.He) (Mo.Ce.Aii) Richaidsonites Rishona (Ar.Go) (Mo.Ne) Rhynchonella (Br.On) Rhynchonhoceras (Mo.De.Ml) Richlcrina (Ar.Ec.Li) Rimosidocrinus (Ec.Os.Os.Ar.Tr.Po.Tr.Nt) (Mo.Cr.Ru) (Cn.St) Riyadhella (Fo.St) Ringsteadia (Mo.Ar.Cl) Robsoniella (Ar.Ga.Sc) Ringoceras (Mo.Pa) Robcrgiella (Ar.Vc) Ritcna Rhynchoptira (Br.Li.Sp) Rhytiprion (An.Ve) (Mo.Ga.Ga.Po) Rhync ho/on Rhyncora Rhynobolus (B/.Ce.Or) Rigbyetia (Po.Rh) Robcrtocyalhus (Po.Dc.De.Ar.Ce.

Tr) Rotamorphina (Fo.En) Roxania Rodcntilites (Hy.De.saccus (Ec.St) Rousseauspira (Mo.Ho.Nt) (Mo.Ar.Pr) Roudairia (Mo.s (Mo.Go) (Bz.As) Rostroconus (Mo.Tr.Li.Li) Roveacrinus (Ec.Vc) Rolunibiis (Ac.Bi.De) Rostellaria Rozkowskaella Rozkowskia (Cn.Bi.Ta) Rollandiana Rota (Ec.Ce.On) Rothpell/ia (Mo.Fo) Rosacilla (Bz.Me.Ga.Ce.Fo.Os.Co.Cl) Rossodus Rossopora (Cn.Co.Ve) Rostricellula (Br.Nu) Rotaia (Br.Bi.Fo.Gy.Os.O.Ve) Ros.Ta) Rothellina (Ar.Os.Be) Ruddcrina (Ar.Ru) RugaltaroMriini (Br.Ga.Os.Ga.Fo.An.Un) .Ro.Bi.Me) Rolundostrophia (Br.Mc) Rochefortia (Mo.In) Rozanov icoscinus (Po.Sp) Romundina (Cd.Co) Rotoporina (Mo.Cr.Pt) Rotadiscus (Cn.Ru) (Cn.Bi.Rh) Ruakituria (Fo.Rv) Rocheilhyris (Br.Ar.Go) Rojasia (Ec.RcAj) Rorespirll'er (Br.Tr.Ce.Po) Rossicocera.Ga.Sp) Rosseliana (Bz.Vc) Romingcria (Cn.Fo.Oh) Romanitcuthis (Mo.Po) Rosella (Br.Tr.Ar.Ar) (Mo.RcAj) (Po.Na) Rotalialinopsis (Fo.Eu) Romaniella (Mo.Rh) Rollmops (Ar.Fo.Ch) Rugatiscala (Mo.Os.Os.Po.Gy.Ar.Pt) Rudagnostus (Ar.Di) Rotuloidea (Ec.Ce) (Mo.Ga.Ve) Roseoporella (Cn.Fo.Te) Roxaniella Rodhocetus Rodinosmilia (Cd.Te) Romerodus (Cd.Pe) Roundyella (Ar.Rh) Rudirhynchia (Br.Pa) (Bz.Ar) Roxoa Roya (Mo.Am) Rotaliatina (Fo.Rh) (Mo.Fo.Ne) (Mo.Ru) Rogerella (Ar.Un.Ar.Sp) Ruegenella (Br.El) Riilycladium (Pr.St) Robustocyalhus (Po.Bi.An.Am) Rolandoniphaliis (Mo.Ac) Rossithyris (Br.ln.Fo.Bi.Ar.ln) Rontrippia (Ar.Ce.Te.Mc) Ruesticyrtium (Ac.Vc) Rosencllinclla (Po.Ce.Sp) Rotundracythere (Ar.Po.Ar.Ce.Fo) Rota.Fo) Riidolfocera.Ga.St) (Mo.Aj) (Po.St.Tr.Rh) Roglicia (Mo.Ce.Po) (Ar.Cl) Ruggicha (Ar.Nt) (Mo.Ga.Os.St) Rondocephalus (Ar.Nt) Ri)ngxiclla (Ar.De) Roncador Roncania (Cd.Ec.Li) Rochia (Mo.Nt) Rutispirifer (Br.Bi.Ch) Rowieyella (Br.Os.Ch.O.Ce.Ap) Rudanulus (Po.Po) Ropalonaria (Bz.Ar.Ar.Te) Rothina (Fo.Gy.An.Co) Riicalcbris (Ar.Ne) Rolundocyalhus (Po.Rh* Roperia (Mo.Ce) (Mo.Fo) Rohiiii (Mo.Un) Roveacrinoides (Ec.Ce.Un) Roselletona (Cn.Ac) Rothplcl/ella (Mo.Un) RiK-htex (Br.Bi.Bulletin 363 518 Robuslirhynchia (Br.Un) Roiula (Ec.Na) Roniingcrina (Br.Si) (Mo.Te) Rogueus Rohea (Ar.Po) Ruchholzella (Ar.Ra.Li.Bi.Ar.Cr.Fo.Re.Te) Rosobolus (Br.Li.Tr.Sp) Rudakilcs (Cn.Gr.IVIa.Ne) (Fo.Ph) Rowia (Ar.Re.Fo) (An.Ce.Ch) Rotalinoides (Fo.Co.Ar) Rostrocytheridea (Ar.Cr) (Br.Ce.Te) Robuslum (Mo.Ce.Sp) RiK'kallia (Ar.Fo.Aj) Rolleriles (Mo.Fo) Ruditapes (Mo.Ar) (He.EcSp) Rostrocerithium (Mo.Tr.Ga.Re.Pl.An.Ar) Roniingiiceras (Mo.Me) Rollia (Ar.Fo) Rudiscala Roloboceras (Mo.Ga.Sc) Rossiteria (Mo.St) Ronccllia (Ar.Fo) Roiometra (Ec.He) Rosalina (Fo.Ani) Roladiscoides (Mo.Cr.Ar.Ga.St) Rousselia (Mo.Te) Royasendia (Ec.St) Ropaloceras (Mo.Ml.Ga.Rh) (Cn.Ar.Ga.Ar) Rugatariiis (Ar.An.Co) Rozanoviella (Mo.Fo) Rufilla (Mo.Rv) Rochella (Mo.Fo) Ruedcmanniplcrus (Ar.In.Te) Ruedemannoccras Ruedemannograptus (Mo.My) (Mo.Ch) Rotalidium (Fo.s.Ce.Ra.Hi) Rochefortula (Mo.Pa) Rochaeva (Ar.Fo.Ar.Ta) Rossocyathella (Po.Hy) Rossiiles (Mo.Ar) Rostrospirifer (Br.Fo.Ce) (Mo.Ce.Hy.salites (Mo.Fo.Tr.Po) Robustopachyphloia (Fo.Ar.Oh.Ve) Rostrirliynchia (Br.Ml.Un) Roussanoffoccras RochalDi'liynchia (Br.Os.Re.Gy.Pl.Ga.Ta) Rossoceras (Mo.Ml.Ar.Ph) Rotopericyclus Riigatia (Br.Ec.Aj) RozaiKjvicyathus (Po.Fo) Ruedemannclla Ruedemannia Romaniccras (Mo.Rh) Rosenclla (Po.Os.Ag) Roltbslciis (Cd.Po) Rolfeia (Ar.Ar.Os.Os.Bi.An.Ga.RcAj) Robustocyathellus Ropoloncllus (Ar.Ce) Rossirhynchus (Br.Ar.Os.Ta) Rozdestvenskayites (Ar.Eu) Rolhella (Ar.Cc) Rouillicria (Br.Bi.De) Rostreiilima (Mo.De.Ar.Ga.Cm) Rostrocardia (Mo.Na) (Mo.Tr.Os.Ct) Rotundacodina (Cd.Fo) Rorringtonia (Ar.Bi.Ve) Robustoschwagcrina (Fo.Ga.Hy.Ar) Roemerella (Br.Pa) Rocmen)lites (Cn.Me) Ruellia (Mo.Ra.Na) Rudicardium Rudinia Rollieria (Mo.Am) Rowellella (Br.Tr.Ga.Ce.Ga.An.Os.Pf) Rotiphyllum (Cn.Cr.An.Ar) Rossaspis (Ar.An.Ve) Rubiesichthys (Cd.Se) Riigauris (Br.Nt) Rozmanaria Rozmaniella Rozonovia (Br.Ar.Ar.Am) Rolalipora (Fo.Cr.Ci) Rostellinda (Mo.Co) Ruggleriella (Ar.St.Ve) Rollierella (Mo.Ar.Fo) Rostranteris (Br.Nt) Rubracea (Ar.Ri) Rubroceras (Mo.Co.s.Ga.Li) Rotularia (An.s (Mo.Ar.Ce.Ce) (Mo.Hy.Ar.Fo) Roundya (Cd.Re) (Cd.Di) Romanites Rotasphaera (Ac.Xi) Rostroperna (Mo.Me.Ec.Ta) Rostellaca Rocmerus (Ar.Fo.Ar.ln) (Ec.Ra.Ga.Ve) Rotaforma (Ac.Sp) Roemeria RoemeripDra Rocmerispongia Roemerocrinus (Cn.Tr.Bi.Tr.Tr.Ar.Cl) Rugalolheca (Pr.Ga.Bi.Bi.Ph) Rotalia (Fo.He.Ar.An.An.Aj) (Cn.Rh) Ruatoria (Fo.Po) Ro