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The title of this thesis Library Management System , which is nothing but the
maintaining of the library daily operations and having a track record of it. The main daily
activities of a library are keeping the track of the volumes present in the library, the
visitors per day, book borrowing system, the reference section etc.., Today most of the
libraries are using manual system for tracking the day to day activity i.e.., the file
management system which has major problems such as data redundancy, inconsistency,
security. eLibrary is a complete library solution make this complicated function look
much easier. The software is user-friendly, with user-definable preferences like Book
category and extensive and search facilities, huge library of periodical data to analyze the
trend of issue and receive of books The Library Management System is designed &
developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the library along with the students
details. The books received in the library are entered in Books Entry form and the new
student is entered in the student entry form. When the student wants to get the desired
book the same is issued on the availability basis to the student. The issuance and due date
for the returning of the book is also entered into the Book Issue form under third menu
Book Issue. The student has to pay the fine if any on the basis of no. of days delayed
deposit of the book in the library. Any education institute can make use of it for providing
information about author, content of the available books. It can be used in offices and
modifications can be easily done according to requirements from an end-user perspective,
the Library Management System Project consists of two functional elements : Admin
mode and User mode. User can check the book availability, they can search the books,
library staff can issue, receive book, and management can check the report. System will
store historical data. Management can anytime view the total book status, library card

Existing System :
In our existing system all the transaction of books are done manually, So taking
more time for a transaction like borrowing a book or returning a book and also for
searching of members and books. Another major disadvantage is that to preparing the list
of books borrowed and the available books in the library will take more time, currently it
is doing as a one day process for verifying all records. Fast report generation is not
Proposed System :
Proposed system is an automated Library Management System. Through our
software user can add members, add books, search members, search books, update
information, edit information, borrow and return books in quick time. Our proposed
system has the following advantages.
User friendly interface
Fast access to database
Less error
More Storage Capacity
Search facility
Look and Feel Environment
All the manual difficulties in managing the Library have been rectified by implementing
Hardware Specification :
Processor : Intel core i3 2100 CPU @3.10 GHz
: 2 GB
Hard Disk : 500 GB
Software Specification :
Operating System :
Front End
Back End

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit OS


Guide : Mr/Ms.
Students :

Yalamarthy Sai Geetanjali

Chellapilla Lakshmi Bhavana
Boppishetty Vineetha

1608 12 733 026

1608 12 733 033
1608 12 733 035